Real Housewives Of Orange County – Cast Blogs Blogged 2

Real Housewives of OC Blogs: Tamra, Lydia and Heather

by BB

TAMMYTAMRA BARNEY JUDGE:  After Tamra tells us all about her wonderful wedding and invites us to watch it on TV this September, she says it’s been a while since she watched Monday’s episode but will comment on what stands out in her mind – the Salsa Party.  Looking back, Tamra can see Lauri really had an agenda to take Vicki DOWN.  Tamra had heard rumors of Brooks being out on a few dates around town, but had never heard he was paying a young girl.  Tamra regrets entertaining that convo with Lauri. At the time, she didn’t know about the other things Lauri was saying about Vicki and she finds it strange Lauri came back to try to ruin Vicki, yet was so nice to Vicki’s face.

About Cheeseburger-gate, Tamra says, “Slade making fun of Lydia being too skinny was not nice. He seems to have a pattern of making fun of women — not a nice characteristic in a man. Even if he was joking the part that annoyed me was his passive aggressive/reverse psychology. When he was caught he should have said, ‘I am sorry I was not trying to hurt your feelings.’ Instead he said things like, ‘We’re all fat and shouldn’t eat cheeseburgers, but you should.’ When she said you should[n’t] make fun of women he again made a statement like, ‘You’re a much better person than me.’ That kind of behavior drives me nuts. Take ownership for what you are saying and stop blowing smoke up her ass.”

Tamra explains the reason she asked Alexis to keep their reconciliation lunch between them for a while is because she wanted to get to know Alexis and bond with her on things they both have in common instead of what they don’t have in common, without any outside influences.  Gretchen made Tamra feel horrible about making peace with Alexis and inviting her to the wedding dress shopping day.  Tamra says, “I invited everyone to my dress shopping day because it was MY day and I COULD! I did not expect anyone to have a problem with it. Gretchen had no problem being at the Salsa Party with Alexis and even gave her a hug goodbye. I was so confused and even considered rescinding the invitation to make Gretchen happy. Gretchen was right, I was not extremely close to Alexis at the time — but I was trying to move on and get her more involved in the group of girls. I did not have drama on my mind. I had dress shopping on my mind.”

Tamra would like for us to believe the biggest difference between her and Gretchen is that she forgives, forgets and moves on.  She doesn’t hold grudges like Gretchen.  Wait, it seems to me that Gretchen was willing to forgive and forget what YOU did to her in the past and move on, so I’m not so sure I agree with you on that one, Tammy Sue.  Here’s my take on the subject.  Gretchen betrayed her friend Alexis when she made a pact with the devil and hopped aboard Tamra’s hate train last season.  Gretchen was even willing to paint Vicki as the main instigator on the issue of her cheating on her dying boyfriend Jeff instead of the real culprit, Tamra.  Now the tables are turning on Gretchen and she cannot understand why this is happening when she has done everything Tamra has asked of her.  Tamra and Heather have changed the game by making nice with Alexis and Vicki, leaving Gretchen out in the cold and looking like the selfish mean girl.  Not that Gretchen doesn’t deserve it, but seeing her BFF Tamra warming up to Vicki and Alexis has totally blindsided poor Gretchen.  And I’ll bet it’s killing Gretchen to see every one of the ladies slamming Slade about his cheeseburger remark in their blogs.  It almost makes me feel sorry for Gretchen – almost.

Tamra wishes Vicki and Gretchen could get along and it’s hard for her to be neutral.  Watch out, Tamra.  One day, you may be IT with the target on YOUR back.  I can see it now.  Gretchen and Vicki cackling like old crones behind your back and talking about YOU.

LYDIALYDIA MCLAUGHLIN:  Lydia decided to have a theme party once all the girls returned from Mexico.  Heather had already indicated she wouldn’t be coming if Alexis were there because it would just create another awkward situation and ruin the party.  Lydia, being the “friend-whisperer” she is, asked Heather if she would make one more effort to clear the air with Alexis. It worked, thanks to Lydia’s efforts, and all the girls were together at the Salsa party.  Way to go Lydia.  Without you, this group would still be a splintered mess.  I’ll bet Bravo is happy they hired you because having a group of women who don’t argue and create drama is what Bravo has wanted all along! (Insert eye roll here.)

Lydia Teaches G and Slade on adulthoodLydia’s take on Cheeseburger-gate: “We had barely begun the evening when Slade made his rude ‘cheeseburger’ comment to Gretchen about me. Slade’s comment and the whole situation upset and frustrated me on many different levels, which is why I think I got more and more upset.”  Lydia explains she was the hostess of the party, and the fact that Slade, who she doesn’t even know that well, whispered what she perceived to be an insult about her was not cool.  And he didn’t even say he was sorry and move on, but continued to try to explain all the reasons why there was nothing wrong with his comment.  Lydia says, “Don’t forget that we had just gotten back from Mexico where Gretchen was whispering sweet nothings about me in the limo. I’m more of a direct person and I don’t understand whispering about someone when they are right there. If he would’ve just taken ownership for his comment, apologized if it upset me, we could have moved on. . .but that didn’t happen.”

Lydia probably wouldn’t have been as upset at Slade’s comment if he already didn’t have a history of putting down women’s appearances in public.  She notes he has called Tamra too fat and he’s made fun of Vicki’s nose.  Lydia wants to know who died and made Slade the appearance police?  Lydia thinks that for Grethen to say she’s making a big deal out of nothing just showed her how insensitive Gretchen is.  Maybe love is blind, but Lydia can’t imagine her Doug ever acting like that.

HEATHER 2HEATHER DUBROW:  After Heather bids us Aloha!, wishes everyone a happy Father’s day, tells us how wonderful her husband is, and puts in a plug for Tamra’s wedding spinoff in September, she  finally gets to last Monday’s episode.

On the friendship summit with Alexis, Heather says, “Perception is a very interesting thing. Alexis and I both have very strong opinions about who is right, who is wrong, and who needs to make amends.”  It’s pretty clear who needed to make amends here and it certainly wasn’t Alexis.

Heather is not going to use this blog as a soapbox to convince us of her side and fill us in on incidences we didn’t get to see, because those moments are not germane to this discussion.  In other words, Heather really has no incidences to tell us about and therefore has no side.  She says no one wins in a situation like this unless you can come to a place where you can move forward.  Seems to me Heather had no choice in the matter because Alexis was going to be included in the girls’ events and if she wanted to be included and enjoy herself in the process, she had to get over it just like everyone else.

Heather says, “Fortunately, that’s exactly what happened for Alexis and me. I’m happy to report we danced, laughed and enjoyed each other this weekend at Tamra’s wedding! (Oh, and Jim, I have a video of you rapping at the reception! Could be a YouTube sensation!!!)”  Ugh, Jim rapping?  Please say it isn’t so.

Even though Heather doesn’t bring up the disgusting conversation her wonderful husband and Slade had about “rating” Lauri and Gretchen, I’ll bet the doctor got an earful from her in private.  Unfortunately Heather had to get back to the “Tarzan” swing on her vacation and doesn’t have time to further grace us with her presence.

That’s it for the OC blogs unless we hear from Gretchen.  Seems it takes her a little longer to write hers.  I’m guessing she wants to make sure she comes across clear and concise in her blogs when describing Vicki’s “indiscrepancies” and how she’s going to release her “wrath of furry” on her and such things.  I can’t wait for her to explain her current “bickerment” with Tamra.  Wait, bickerment is Tamra’s word, isn’t it?  I’m so confused!


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Actor James Ganolfini passed away yesterday, June 19, 2013 of a sudden heart attack at the age of 51. He was best known to me for his role as New Jersey mob boss, Tony Soprano, on the HBO hit, The Sopranos.


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254 Responses to Real Housewives Of Orange County – Cast Blogs Blogged 2

  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Happy Friday eve.

    I’ve been watching GMA & CNN tributes to James Gandolfini. He was a great actor & by celeb accounts a great friend that cared about people first. I feel sad for his wife and kids.

    AZGirl the fires seem to be getting worse. I hope you are ok & Kidrock Ice.

    Have a great day.

  2. NJBev says:

    Good morning, Powell, and crew!!!
    Great blogs today, BB!! I enjoyed them, and am thrilled
    there is no need to go waste my time on the actual blogs-
    it takes me forever to get through those things!!(one normal
    page seems to be spread out over 5, and I have trouble
    with the Bravo site)

    Initially, I thought that Lydia made a big to do out of nothing-
    (everything Slade says is, imo, irrelevant.) But reading the girls
    point of view I can see why she would have been irritated and
    decided to put him in his place.
    –and I am so over Gretchen.

    Beautiful day here in Jersey- RIP James Gandolfini,
    a fellow Rutgers Alum.

    • Powell says:

      I see from the news that the Gov is proud of JG & basically makes it JG day of remembrance in NJ. That’s great.

  3. HuskerHuny says:

    Good morning everyone! Ear is still plugged, but I’m feeling better and determined to make it through the entire day in an upright position. Wish me luck!

    Call’em out Lydia! Please keep up the good work concerning Slade and Gretchen’s habit of not talking to you in front of you. They are childish and act in a childish manner.

    Don’t care about Tamra at this point, but really, disinvite Alexis because of Gretchen? How do you even say that much less think it. I think we already know how the T/G friendship is working out.

    The fact that Heather cannot see or refuses to admit it, she is the most condescending women I think I have ever seen. The usage of the big words doesn’t impress me either Heath-baby – I know what they mean. Come down from the throne and mingle with us commoners. Try talking TO us, not AT us. You’re just not as smart as you want all of us to believe you are. If you were put in the company of women who actually have IQs, I’m not betting on you.

    It’s a great Thursday here, but a warm one. Looking forward to the weekend. It’s my family’s annual trip south to procure fireworks for the 4th of July (which this year will be July 2 at my house because of my daughter’s work schedule). Everyone’s invited for bar-b-que, beverages and a lot of exploding things. Just bring your lawn chairs!

    • NJBev says:

      I find it amusing that Heather felt it was necessary to “call out”
      Alexis on that trip last year because she felt Alexis was
      pretentious. All the while Heather is just as, if not more so, pretentious than

      • Catseye says:

        I wonder what Heather’s comments would be, if Jim Bellino was discussing Lauri vs. Gretchen’s bedroom skills with Slade?

        • HuskerHuny says:

          Have to agree with you there Catseye – Heather does seem to only call out certain people’s behaviors while others who do the same she ignores. I guess there’s the right way, the wrong way and then there’s Heather’s way.

        • Laineylainey says:

          She would have had a field day, if it had been Jim having that conversation w Slimey.

    • Powell says:

      I am so glad Lydia called Slade out at the party & sees how Slade & Gretchen roll. I really don’t know if Slade truly loves Gretchen. It’s been his constant goal to get an OC HW & he didn’t care how he did it. So I agree w/Lydia that for Gretchen love is blind & Gretchen has the nerve to talk about Vicki & Brooks.

      Heather gets on my nerves w/just being Heather. How many times has Alexis tried w/T, H, & G to move, past their perceived problems w/her? Many since last season. Heather only went to see Alexis at Lydia’s urging & wouldn’t have gone otherwise.

      I’m glad you’re feeling better.

      • Catseye says:

        I get the impression that BOTH Slade and Gretchen are just opportunists and will do ANYTHING, including getting married/having a baby to remain on the show.

        • Powell says:

          I agree & that’s sad. After all is said & done their life is not a reality tv show.

        • Powell says:

          I haven’t paid attention lately but Gretchen sold her handbags on HSN & I guess her makeup is still doing somewhat well. She hasn’t sold RE in yrs & I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t keep up her license. I’m sure for a few yrs she’ll get hosting gigs in Vegas but what else will she do when OC is over or she’s fired? She won’t get another reality show. And Slade has his radio show & I bet doesn’t keep up his insurance license. He may get other local radio but he also won’t get another reality show. What will he do?

          • HuskerHuny says:

            Once RHOC is kaput, the two of them will be also. Hopefully they get replaced first!

        • Laineylainey says:

          Right, Gretchen was even willing to be fake friends with tamra to stay on the show. After TamRAW came hard after Gretchen and Slade the way she did. Smh

    • chismosa says:

      HH- glad to hear you feel a bit better

    • HuskerHuny…have you tried doing “candle waxing” for your ear problem? There are specially made candles that draw the wax out from your ears very gently and it really works. You can Google it and find out more if you haven’t heard about it. But it could help. Hope you feel better. Ear issues are hard to deal with. Blessings!

      • chismosa says:

        I’ve heard that is very ‘fake’. That the wax that shows up is just from the candle itself

        Please correct me if anyone knows it to be worth it though!

        • Hmmm, I had not heard that chismosa…but I am sure everyone has a different experience with things. For me and a few people I know, it has worked. But it may be different for others. We are all such varied and complex beings aren’t we? If everything worked for everybody we would all be doing the same thing…right? LOL! 😀

          • chismosa says:

            You’re totally right MarDrag. I do think I want to try it one day just because I’m obsessed with clean ears. Who knows I may find a great difference?

      • HuskerHuny says:

        Wow – great minds think alike! I was just discussing candle waxing with a couple of co-workers a few minutes ago. Unfortunately, I have an infection in the ear. I do not have wax build-up (but my kitchen floor does!). We thought that waxing would not help my situation, but thanks for the idea!

  4. TexasTart says:

    RIP James Gandolfini

  5. Orson says:

    Chat tonight at 9 pm eastern.
    Be there or know the wrath of my furry!

  6. Kelly says:

    Good Morning…

    I wanted to say that James Gandolfini’s recent death made me think of Lynn. Sudden heart attacks are so tragic at a young age and they were only a few years apart. May they both rest in peace.

  7. Lulu says:

    Good Morning all!!! Definitely a better day albeit still stressed over the sudden packing which will happen who knows! Both boys are doing very well. My little Aiden is a 4am snuggler as in I will nonstop cry if you put me back in my crib. But will happily go to sleep snuggling mommy or daddy at that hour!! My 1st was too independent for us even as a newborn/infant.

    Sad about James Ganolfini RIP

    Wonder if Tammy Sue will give Eddie a baby? 🙂

    • boston02127 says:

      Tammy Sue & Eddie’s baby~~~~

      • Powell says:

        Boston you better start putting Warnings w/these pics. 😀 You are too funny.
        You remember Mia Farrow’s movie Rosemary’s Baby? We didn’t actually see the baby but you can imagine that’s what it looked like since we did the the father’s -the devil, eyes.

        • chismosa says:

          They tied that into Mad men this week.
          One of my fave movies ! (I loved Stepford Wives even more, waiting for an DVD release of it!)
          My mom remembers being scared to DEATH when seeing it when it came out in theaters with my dad. And they had put out warnings for pregnant women to not see it

          I was surprised at how not traumatized they were on Mad Men after the movie ended. I thought I heard women were like passing out at screenings :0

          • Powell says:

            I saw it on tv as a very little girl. I don’t remember if it scared me. I know it scared my cousin. He was chicken livered as my mom says. 🙂 I haven’t seen it for a few yrs now. It’s also one of ny fav films. I’ll be watching Mad Men this weekend am sure I’ll get a kick out of there reaction to it.

          • Orson says:

            I remember there was a lot of controversy when it came out. Later, I saw it on TV and wasn’t all that impressed.

            • Powell says:

              I get you Orson. 🙂 What I think is so good about it is Rosemary’s husband Guy’s pursuit to literally sell his soul to the devil so that he can have a successful career & he doesn’t care about what it will cost his wife. And those whacky neighbors giving Rosemary all those witches brew pills & drinks. And wasn’t that Roman Polanski’s last film he directed in the states before he flew the coupe for rape?

    • Powell says:

      Lulu I’m sorry you’re stressing about the inevitable move. Definite answers will alleviate some of that.

      The boys are doing well. That’s a good thing. You really can’t ask for more I guess. 🙂 I hope you’re still getting your rest.

      Well Tamra is 40 something but according to the news today women in their 30-early 40s are better fertility wise than thought because 100yr old data was used saying if you were in your early 30s you’d better worry. So Tamra even though I think she’s headed to late 40s may not have a hard time conceiving.

      • Catseye says:

        Except that I thought she revealed on Dr.Oz sometime last year that she had a type of uterine cancer and also removed her implants because she found a strange lump?

        • Powell says:

          I didn’t know that. But does a diagnosis of uterine cancer after recovery & remission if no ovaries were removed, does it mean you can’t get pregnant? IDK.

      • chismosa says:

        Powell when and where was this news released?
        I just watched Katie Couric about 2 days ago, new episode, had major fertility and endocrinologists there stating how terrible all chances are for women >35.
        Literally the endocrinologist said “Any baby born over 38 is a gift.
        At 45 almost all women are sterile”. I literally copied that from my notes and posted it here.

        I hope there is hope yet for those non-spring chickens 😦

        My mom had me at 37/38 and my bro at 39/40 so god willing
        it affects my chances through not sure that is genetic

      • chismosa says:

        So wait does this mean the COUNTESS can have a baby with Ross now too?
        Lol!!! 😱

    • Laineylainey says:

      Wow,Lulu…that old be stressful. Hopefully you will have more details soon re your move and your lease.

  8. turtletime! says:

    Good morning and thanks for the blog recaps! At first I thought Lydia was making a mountain out of a molehill taking on Slade’s cheeseburger comment. But as she said, she can take a joke—when it’s directed at her, not whispered right in front of her. Totally immature for a grown adult to whisper like that! And then there’s Slade’s history of mocking women’s physical appearance. Glad she called him out. Could someone please tell her she needs to correct her posture, tho? That’s not going to be good for her innards down the road, slouching like that.
    Heather, the psuedo-intellectual, again hinting at things that happened off camera with Alexis. I’d love to know more about it, but like BB said, maybe there really is no story there after all.

    • Powell says:

      Right don’t mention at all if it happened off camera & you don’t want to discuss it otherwise it makes no sense to the viewers & they will forever call your explanation crap.

    • mrs peabody says:

      this is a comment I found on the bravo log under heather’s blog

      “heather might have a bigger vocabulary than Alexis, but Alexis has the larger fan base…and Alexis writes her blogs from her heart, Heather writers her with a thesaurus..trying to impress viewers with her elitist choice of words. I am a college professor with a PHD in writing, her writing is so transparent, often using words out of context…I would give her a C at best”.

      Now whether the person is really what they say I don’t know but I liked what they had to say about Heather’s writing. I think Heather is trying to project something she is just not in real life. She may be married to a doctor but I think she is the only one around who thinks she is so special and smart. If she were all that smart why in the world would she line herself up with the tramp and the dumb one. If anything she should be lining herself up with Vicki, at least she is a businesswoman who has made something of herself.

  9. Powell says:

    Short and sweet OC blogs BB. Thks for cutting thru the muck. I wonder if Gretchen will do 5,6 etc pages. Or will she do one at all now that she’s read her castmates.

  10. melthehound says:

    Here is my take..

    Cheeseburger – gate…. If Lydia was offended by it for whatever reason, a man would have simply apologized and moved on. If she wanted to focus on it forever, then that’s her problem. Slade is not a man IMO, he’s a characture of one. I give her props, for being on a Bravo show (I don’t believe for one second, none of these newbies never watched, Yolanda), and talking directly to the offensive character right then and there. To me, Lydia looks too thin but, I don’t know her. He does, or at least his rentawife does.

    I don’t know who the first one to call Vicki Miss Piggy was but Slime has done it enough times, he should know better. I will also bet he’s the first to do it on the air, on the show, during a ‘standup’ routine (Did that ever suck).. Even if it was funny the first time (which didn’t think it was), there’s a limit and the joke has long ago expired. I think if he owes anyone an apology, it’s Vicki. I hope she is happy with her new nose and chin.

    Take some advice Slade, ole boy,, Don’t attack someone for the way they are born. They don’t have any control over that part of their lives.

    Heather is someone I have never liked and you ladies are right about her calling someone pretentious. Pot – Kettle – Black. I doubt she will ever admit that though.

    • Powell says:

      MTH I agree w/everything you said. Is Slade a characture or a cartoon character? 🙂

      Heather is pretentious in a pretentious manner. She tries to hide it behind class & education. I’ll take an upfront pretentious person like Alexis any day.

      • Contessa says:

        Agree with all of you. Heather thinks of herself as the East Coast sophisticate from NY, with her wardrobe, words, and attitude. I don’t think for one minute she really likes any of these women and thinks she is far above them…she is the ultimate East Coast snob. I had a gf that grew up in Buffalo NY and lives her adult life in Manhattan. You would think she never lived anywhere else. The first thing she says to new people is I’m from New York City, condo west side on the park – ad nauseum – Heather has that kind of attitude. Not sure I can truly portray this in words, it’s a feeling if you know someone like that. Heather made an ass of herself when she was talking with Alexis – downright mean and nasty in my book. Slimey Slade deserved what he got from Lydia, the conversation about the cheeseburger was not that big a deal, but I believe she nailed him for his past sins – which in my book were inexcusable. He is not mr. good looking. He looks dirty, unkempt, with the shadow and oily greasy hair. Half the time his clothing choices are pretty bad as well. I wonder if Gretched dressed her male counterpart? You all nailed it above big time.

        • AZGirl says:

          Good point Contessa about Heather. There is a girl I know that is constantly putting down our great state of AZ because she is from the upstate New York. She always complaining about how the schools here are so bad (which they are not) and that it is always sunny and never rains.
          I am just waiting for her husband to get transferred to the East Coast and she has her first power outage with her two young kids. No electricity, heat, water, snow piled up, stuck at home with two young children.

          • Powell says:

            Tell her to take her ass back to Upstate NY. It’s freaking cold up there in the winter. 🙂

        • Powell says:

          LOL Contessa. I’m getting your brain waves. As I was reading your comments I was thinking Slade’s hair is always greasy looking. He doesn’t even do 50s greaser well. 🙂

      • melthehound says:

        There was a time, when men who had that ‘shadow’ on screen were considered bums in the movies or shows (characters) unless they were soldiers in the heat of battle. Men with beards usually were the intellectuals. Rarely, that I can remember a regular Joe character having the 4 day shadow. When did that become cool? To me it looks sloppy (and yes, I look sloppy right now too but I’ll readily admit I’m lazy about such things).

        People who constantly brag about what they have as if it’s the only way to live (which it may be, for them) tell me all I need to know about them. (the GF stating where she lives to anyone with an ear).. A Long time ago in a land not so far away, I was engaged. The first time I took the girl to meet my parents, she told them about everything her parents had and what it cost. The first time I was at her home and met her parents, they told me how much the mother’s car cost. By the time we broke up, her parents were broke but still wouldn’t admit it. It was all about appearances for them. If they lived in the right zip code or the right kind of house, they were good to go.

  11. Good Morning Darlings!! A few moments to pop in and say hello. I have not read the blog or comments yet…but I see MTH has stepped in to give NMD a hand. Hope all is well….and thanks to both of you!

    Can’t wait to read this set of blog recaps BB. I don’t watch…but love to read the recaps…and I think it is hilarious that Tamra may be throwing Gretchen under one of the buses she drives over people. Didn’t we all see THAT one coming? Unless, of course, this was all part of the “what story line do we make up this time?” discussion around the negotiation table for this season. LOL! 😛

    I miss you all a lot…and hope you are faring well and holding up and feeling good/better. You are never far from my thoughts…and always in my heart!!

    Much Love, Light & Hugs to everyone!

    New post, “Thoughts For The Day”, is up at my place. Enjoy!

    • Powell says:

      Ooh MarDrag I love those pics on Thoughts for the Day. Very crisp & colorful. I hope you are doing well too. 🙂

      • Thanks Powell! Glad you enjoyed the blog! How are YOU doing BTW? You & Mom doing ok through your loss? Hope each day gets better & better! Hugs to you!

        • Powell says:

          We are doing ok. It’s just habit that I would say bye in the morn & hi when I got home to him. Every day I get ready to do it. When we it dinner or I’m hungry I would always ask him was he eating his dinner & every night I go to ask him. His cage is gone now so hopefully that will help me stop getting ready to talk to him. Thks for asking. 🙂

  12. Butters'Mom says:

    This will be another of my drive by comments during my lunch hour. Much love and appreciation to all the recappers (both for shows and blogs). You guys rock.

    I finally watched this week’s OC and NJ. I used to really like Gretchen her first and second year. Now it is just too much. What they hell has she done to her face? She used to look cute now she looks like a newbie drag queen who doesn’t yet know what make up works best and puts it ALL on at one time. And nothing against drag queens, I love them and think they can be so beautiful but you can tell when they are new to it. I had several in an apartment building I lived in a few years ago and you can always tell the newbies from the experienced.

    Plus you all are right it really is all about Gretchen. I am also sick of how she keeps saying she works so hard with all her businesses. Slapping your name on someone else’s junk and selling it on line does not a business woman make. And goddess help me but I am starting to like Alexis. Vicki is another one who has done some disturbing things to her face. Brooks is a conman, Tamra a bitch, Heather a pretentious prat. The new girl is growing on me and I like Brianna. I didn’t watch last year and I’m not sure why I’m watching again. Oy vey!

    NJ is just so much trash, again I’m not sure why I watch it. I don’t really comment on it here because I am a minority anti Teresa and I still like Caroline. But really all of them are getting on my last nerve. They need to all JUST GO TO SLEEP.

    Happy day to you all…

    • melthehound says:

      Butters’Mom, We watch because it’s trash. The sooner we admit that, the better off we’ll all be 😉 We watch because we want to see what kind of crazy they are going to bring next. Cool that you don’t like Teresa and still like Momz… I really can’t let myself get invested in liking or disliking any of them anymore. Arguing about people I don’t even know, arguing, had to be one of the most tiresome experiences of my entire life.

    • Catseye says:

      I’m watching the re-runs too and on the episode with Gretchen’s Tupperware party, I kept noticing a VERY pretty girl there, who looked familiar. I finally realized it was Sarah Winchester!!

    • Powell says:

      LOL you funny lady. 🙂 I’ve always liked Alexis just not some of her ways & I’ve never liked Jim. Jim is like one of those guys you see in the citywith a suitcase full of stolen wares & runs up to people trying to get them to buy something & giving their salesman schpeel. I don’t like Alexis talking about possessions but they all do or have done it & I don’t like it when they do it either.

  13. iceNfire says:

    Big Brother – HG will be revealed @ 12pm pacific time 3pm EST Go to> Shows->Big Brother…Today

  14. VV says:

    Saw a picture of Melissa’s dad on Bravo site. She DOES NOT look like her dad. Her sisters Kim and Lysa both look like him. Melissa does not look like her mom either. Is she adopted?

    • Powell says:

      Maybe she looks like an aunt. I’m told I look like one of my aunts.

      • princesspindy says:

        I look like my aunt too, the few times I saw my Dad’s mom she would cry because this aunt died when she was only 9 and my grandma would just hold me and cry….so sad.

    • VV says:

      True my sister does not look like me either, but she looks like my moms side of the family and could be my aunt’s daughter 😉
      I looked. Thank you ladies but Melissa does not look like her two aunts either. Her mom Donna and her sisters look very much alike, one of them could be a twin she’s so much alike.

      • Powell says:

        Oh well. There goes that theory VV. I was trying to help Mel out. LOL.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Family genes are a very curious thing-my daughter Annabelle looks exactly like my husband and not a thing like me-however her baby picture when put next to my older sisters baby picture are identical!! Very weird!! Maggie looks EXACTLY like me-same face same eyes(hers are a bit more blue) and she also looks EXACTLY like my niece-so much so that people think they are mother/daughter. Annabelle and Maggie look nothing alike-you would never put them together as sisters!!!

        • VV says:

          Thanks Powell

    • chismosa says:

      All the pictures they always showed of him on the show I thought they had the same nose and eyes ….but I guess that could be just me ?

      Hi VV!

  15. cusi77 says:

    Oh! I have never seen OC past seasons and I am surprised that Alexis used to call out on Vicki or Tamra and get her point of view get clear and well delivered. .. I thought she had been quiet and over sensitive always. She was strong… what happened to her? Then Vicki was ready to insult and easily feel wronged! Taking her toys and go far away! I feel that she should have left on that season because now she is like a falling star, in decadence… Lynne C. WhatsHerName entrance was shameful after seeing that she was spending money she did not

    Tamra was another person with Simon as a husband.

    Simon LOOKS controlling, seriously.

    Thanks For the Blogs!

    • Powell says:

      Well Tamra has just let her nasty flag fly, she had her team Heather & Gretchen and that’s why Alexis had been unable to cut thru the crap. Well Gretchrn can again be on the end of Tamra’s & now Heather’s mean words cause the tides are turning.

  16. Powell says:

    Trial updates:

    Jodi Arias. They were in court today in the judges chambers. The judge will make a final decision July 18th.

    George Zimmerman. The jury has been selected. 6 women- 5 white, 1 AA/hispanic. 4 alternates.

  17. Contessa says:

    Standing up and saying I am Contessa and totally addicted to Bravo trash TV…..I watch most of the crapfest. Do I need help? LOL!

    On a more serious note, I feel so bad about James Gandolfini – I am now re-watching the Sopranos on HBO and have always felt his performance of Tony was out of this world. He really captured the essence of the good and evil of who Tony really was. One of my favorite scenes was when his sister killed her fiancee for slapping her and Tony had to clean it up…Of course there were other scenes where he broke your heart, like when he murdered Christopher because of the drugs. It has been said James had a love hate relationship with his character. I feel truly bad for his son being there when his Dad died. I was basically his age when I lost my Mom and it is heartbreaking for someone so young to get such an intimate knowledge of death. It stays with you forever. RIP James and condolences to his family.

    • cusi77 says:

      Hello! I am Cusi and I am addicted to garbage Bravo gives to me. I accept it and I don’t feel guilty “Little poison don’t kill”… Haaa! I couldn’t come and meet you here without the dirt Bravo puts there on TV It used to be a guilty pleasure, now is just a pleasure..

      • Powell says:

        Cusi you saw I said I am smiling not bowing my head in shame. 🙂 Yes we like Bravo crap. 🙂

      • melthehound says:

        It used to be a guilty pleasure, now is just a pleasure..

        Same here 😀

    • Powell says:

      Contessa I’m right beside you saying that pledge so I guess I need help too. 😉

      JGs death is a total shock & I will miss his extraordinary talent. If he wasn’t Tony Soprano who could it have been? There are many great actors but IDK. He made the show. That’s why the other day I said if they ate still planning on doing the movie how can they now? I remember the scene you described. Tony loved his sis but also hated her as he did many people in his family. How about him sending was it Paulie to kill Adriana for talking to the Feds & trying to get her & Christopher in witness protection. That was so good. There are many, many memorable scenes.

      • melthehound says:

        It was Silvio that took care of Adriana. Took her for a ‘ride’ to the woods, drug her out of the car and killed her. Just like that.

      • mrspeabody says:

        I never have seen the show but I know what you mean as an actor making the show…..kind of like there will only ever been one JR Ewing or Marshall Dillon or Archie Bunker…..there are just some people who are meant to be the character and no one else could do them justice.

    • melthehound says:

      That scene was great… Richie was a complete dickhead. Even moreso than the rest of the characters. For Christopher, Tony couldn’t trust him anymore. I think it was the log through the baby’s car seat that did it for him. The character Tony seemed to be the type to do what he had to do to make his money and protect his own. Would kill at the drop of a hat. On the other side, he respected and tried to protect innocence.

      • Contessa says:

        You are absolutely correct about the scene with Tony killing Christopher – I forgot about the car seat. Also I believe he suspected Christopher was back on drugs and Chri did tell him right after the crack up. I loved the juxtaposition of both Sopranos – Janice could could rise to the occasion when necessary – definitely a Soprano at heart, with the makings of a female mafioso in her head. Do you remember how she got rid of Ralphie when she figured out Bobby would make a better husband? That was another terrific scene as well. James made the part his…he was quoted as saying he didn’t think he was good looking enough or suave enough to get the part. But looking back can you imagine anyone else playing that role? I also loved each and every supporting cast member – they were awesome as well. Carmella and Tony were very believable as a modern mafioso family.

        • melthehound says:

          Chris told Tony that he would never pass the drug test. Tony was always concerned about being sold out by him for a hit of heroin or cocaine or whatever he was on to begin with. Yes, I remember Janice throwing Raphie out of the house and remember what happened to Ralphie when he killed his stripper GF because she was pregnant but especially, after he lit the stable on fire (Pie Oh My).. They may have been believable but the character that always rubbed me the wrong way was Carmella (now that you mention her).. Too whiny self privileged for my liking (on the show). She loved being the queen of all the wives but always seemed pissed off by how she got there and everything that came with it. She married into the life but wanted to pick and choose which parts of it she would accept. It seemed like when everything was going right for the Sopranos, something would happen to screw it all up. They were never in the clear.

          I’m glad they didn’t cast the typical hollywood mobsters for the show. I do remember hearing though that the one who played Pauly, was at one time, the real thing or, connected somehow.

    • chismosa says:

      I feel TS had issues with women (look at his relationship
      with that wench of a mother and his sister!) in just the same way Don Draper struggles. It all boils down to relationships with opposite sex
      paremts. Jmho.

      (M. Weiner also wrote a bit for The Sopranos but had submitted his pilot script about Don Draper as an audition to be a writer)

  18. cusi77 says:

    A question: Gretchen’s fiancé left her money or not? Thanks!

    • Powell says:

      SHE said no. His estate was in debt so she didn’t get anything. But she got all the gifts & engagement ring he gave her.

    • Catseye says:

      Funny, I was just googling this–after I saw her on the re-run claim that “people think he left her 2.5 million, but he had all sorts of debts,” or something to that effect. According to what I came across, a Life Insurance Beneficiary CANNOT be held liable for the deceased debts, except if the beneficiary co-signed for them. So, as I suspected, that is yet another one of Gretchen’s MANY lies. I’ve also read elsewhere, that Jeff’s children were left quite a bit of money, so I don’t understand how that could be, if he really had all those debts that liar-face mentioned. Since it is my understanding that it would be the person’s estate, as in property and other assets, that would be sued by creditors.

      • JumpTheShark says:

        If Jeff was smart, Gretchen’s ring would have been CZ, and the motorcycle leased. No doubt he saw her true colors long before we did. I’m beginning to think the OC cast was pulled from the Playboy mansion.

        • Powell says:

          They wish they were in the PB mansion. Kendra, Holly & Brigit from Girls Next Door owe their careers to being in the PB mansion. 🙂

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        From what I have read and am speculating, Jeff had paten’s that were being leased by an automotive plant, so each year his estate would still earn income (even after his death) for the remainder of the agreement. I am guessing his children were given the rights to his paten, which is how their inheritance was valued and Gretchen received money from Life Insurance.

        I also read Jeff’s sister posted on a website and said that his kids couldn’t stand Gretchen and the only reason they agreed to be filmed with her after Jeff’s death was because they felt their father was painted to look like an old fool who got taken by a gold digger; they thought pretending they Gretchen was close with them would help repair his image.

        • Catseye says:

          I read that he had been married 5 times and was in the process of getting back together with wife #2, when he met Gretchen, who had sold him a house (I think it’s the condo she’s living in now).

          • cusi77 says:

            Lots of good stuff Girls! So Gretchen fits the mold of the “Girls next door” Hahaha! I read her estate is 3Millions? From putting plastic bags inside of plastic bags?

            • Catseye says:

              Gretchen’s parents aren’t exactly poor people either. They own/owned some type of motorcycle dealership. In addition to her inheritance from Jeff, it makes her all the more attractive to someone like Slade. And I remember reading that Jo’s parents had won the lottery in CA.

            • rabblerouser2010R says:

              And selling shit she bought at Walmart from e-bay for more money…because she thinks her dirty runners are worth more.

          • rabblerouser2010R says:

            I think Gretchen would have been his 5th wife. He was married to wife #2 twice and that is the one he had 3 children with (Gretchen said he had 3 kids but the dark skinned girl that was shown really not their child but one they were very close too) . But I might be off by in my numbers, I just remembered that the wife he had kids with, was the one the Gretchen banned from visiting him in the hospital.

            • Catseye says:

              If that’s true about her banning anyone from the hospital, it was a horribly selfish thing do to.

              • rabblerouser2010R says:

                She did. If I am correctly recalling the details, she even said it herself. She went to visit Jeff and found his ex wife there and demanded to know what she was doing there. The ex said that her son told her that he felt that Jeff was lonely and not being visited often enough but she (Gretchen) suspected she was trying to influence him about his will and estate and had her banned.

            • mrspeabody says:

              How can a girlfriend ban someone from the hospital, wouldn’t that be his next of kin that could do that… this case his kids. What legal right would Grethen have, unless she had a power of atty?

              • rabblerouser2010R says:

                She might have had power of attorney or possibly Jeff could have listed her as having authority for medical directive.

                Jeff’s kids did not live in the state.,so it more likely he gave that power to the person who was closest to him..

  19. HuskerHuny says:

    Big Brother definitely went for the 20 somethings this time around. I like a wider range of ages from mid-20s to 40-early 50s (Jerry from a past season was a bit old for some of those physical challenges). There are a couple of nerdy guys – maybe there’s another Ian. The girls seem to be pretty girls (translation – stupid; easily played). With the new MVP twist added this year, it looks like no one will be able to ride coattails and expect to stay in the game for long. Us viewers won’t let it happen! Can’t wait!

    • iceNfire says:

      I don’t think I like any of the females but hard to tell from one interview. I do see many cat fights in the near future. Voting your favorite for mvp might just put a target on their back…

  20. djprincessc says:

    Ok everyone I need your help. It’s a job related question.

    I have been thinking about going back to work in retail, I worked before at Coach (the designer handbags) and Bebe (the clothing store) I’m thinking about getting back into high end designer bags but theres an issue. I had a workmans comp lawsuit with my other employer Starbucks bc I hurt my back on the job and the case was settled in 2011 (April I think.)

    My question is, do you all think or know if having a workmans comp case on my record is going to hurt me with getting hired in a retail job? A few months after my case closed I had an interview with Tory Burch but ended up not getting hired (which was a first bc I had never NOT gotten hired for a job before) and I really wasn’t too bummed bc I had just gotten my real estate license and started working as a Realtor, but now I’m seriously thinking of going back into fashion/retail so at this point I would care if a company DOESN’T hire my because of the lawsuit.

    Can any of you give me some insight or answers on this?? 🙂

    • melthehound says:

      I can’t offer advice, just encouragement. You don’t have a criminal record (that you have told us about), you just filed and went after an insurance claim, which is what workman’s comp is. Unless you made a habit of doing so, I wouldn’t let it get in my way. Go for the job, be positive about it but, be prepared to be told no for any number of reasons. Simply convince then you are the right person for the job. Last job application I filled out didn’t have any spaces for such things so take a policy of if not asked, don’t tell.

      • djprincessc says:

        Nope Mel, no criminal record at all, one speeding ticket in my life is as much of a criminal I am. lol.

        Are we talking about the same thing though bc my case lasted 2 years, like I had to got to several doctors and had a deposition and everything. Is that the same as an insurance claim?

        But thank you for the encouragement bc that is my plan, if I am not asked I don’t bring it up, but on the applications it does have a section (from what I remember) asking if you have ever been involved in a workmans comp lawsuit. And unfortunately I had to check yes.

        Regardless I’m still gonna try 🙂

        • melthehound says:

          Workman’s Compensation IS insurance. You can actually buy it privately if you’re self employed, Some of my subcontractors carry it and have had to use it but, they are all self employed. They don’t work directly for me. It’s terrible that it took 2 years to get your WC case settled. It’s my understanding, that every employee has a dollar cost to a company and WC is part of that cost. I don’t think (and I could be wrong) that companies have to carry WC insurance but they do, to keep themselves from getting sued privately if something happens.

          Once again, I will say best of luck to you 🙂

    • iceNfire says:

      Isn’t workers comp case privileged between attorney/client doctor/client?

      • djprincessc says:

        No Ice, I wish! In California its public information. I remember my attorney saying this to me 😦

    • princesspindy says:

      I have a friend in HR, I will ask her, it might take a couple of days, but I will see what she says….I don’t know if there is a data base or whatever…

      • djprincessc says:

        Thank you PP, I would really really appreciate that! I just want to do the right thing. I know they do backround checks but I’m not sure if a workmans comp case would be the make or break in hiring a person.

        • princesspindy says:

          I messaged her, so we will see what she says, she’s pretty high up and very knowledgeable, she is not in retail but she would know what California law is….

    • TexasTart says:

      Hey djp, I have been HR for small companies and to my knowledge there is no way of knowing a potential employer had or was paid under workers’ comp….in the State Of Texas. I know laws vary state to state, so hopefully PrincessP’s friend is in CA. I had a claim myself and have never the need to divulge that, as well you are not planning on volunteering that information.

      I don’t understand this – how you say a workers comp. lawsuit? Theawsuit word is throwing me. Did you file claim with the state and perhaps they denied and you hired an attorney to make them pay?
      If so, this would be more a question if court records are accessable, or can be utilized in the State of CA in determining potential employees. Hmm don’t think I am much help – but some thoughts for you….

      • TexasTart says:

        Correct first sentence to potential employee.

      • djprincessc says:

        Ok so I’m horrible with this stuff so I’ll just explain what happened. I was at work one day and when I reached for some cups and stood back up I couldn’t move AT ALL. My back completely went out. I almost threw up from the pain. I tried to sit and then walk it off a little and couldn’t so I had to leave and went to urgent care, when they did the xray they saw I had suffered a severe muscle spasm in my lower back.

        Long story short the spasm lasted for a long time I think over 2 weeks and i was still in a lot of pain, so I had to see workmans comp doctors and had letters written about my absence from work so I got an attorney and finally had a back doctor tell me it was degenerative disc disease and it wasn’t going to go away and I would have to learn how to manage it. They found that bc of the constant being on my feet, and all the repetitive motions of bending and twisting and lifting really heavy things at work, was mainly the cause my back problem (I worked there for almost 8 years) anyway, after my final physical from my back doctor I think was when I had a deposition, met with Starbucks lawyers and my lawyers they interviewed me and sometime later I went to court and thats when my attorney worked everything out and settled with Starbucks. Like I said, I THINK March or April of 2011. And my case took 2 years to settle.

        Thats all I got for ya! I hope it made sense, its been a while so the events are kinda hard to exactly remember now.

        • Catseye says:

          I had a Workmen’s Comp suit in Cali that I had to hire a lawyer for. My benefits had been cut off while I was on State Disability, because I had to have a 4-level fusion neck surgery, and my union rep hadn’t done her job, more or less, so I was receiving bills from the hospital for surgery. I retired on disability for that and a lot of ortho issues 5yrs ago, but to my knowledge I would have give out that information, IF asked. I had an appt the State of CA Rehab a couple of years ago and I was told by the rep there that if I go on an interview, DO NOT come out and say that I am disabled. As far as I know, it’s against the law for them to ask that question. But I also don’t know that I could legally work in a similar field, considering the fact that I had that claim. Hope I’m not confusing you.
          But be sure, that you are physically able first of all, YOUR health is far more important than whatever job. Since you are a Real Estate Agent and the economy is perking up–do you REALLY want to take that chance? Have you thought of becoming a Notary Public to record documents, on the side, until things get better, since you’re already in the business? I took a 1 day Community College Class to learn how, you have to lay out about $1500 for everything you’ll need, but I think you can make that back in 1 or 2 loan signing package appointments. There’s a chance of the interest rates going up and I think people are going to get scared and start buying/refinancing houses again. (The same way they’ll line up at the gas station, whenever the price goes up 😛 ).

          • djprincessc says:


            I think I would be able to do the job, my back hasn’t been giving me problems like it was before and it hasn’t even gone out at all this year, and I think maybe once last year. Can’t even remember honestly.

            I do enjoy working as a Realtor but I am SICK of the stress and instability of the job. The market has changed so much this year, starting last spring actually and its just so beyond competitive, I actually just submitted an offer on Friday night got response Tuesday afternoon saying the price had been increased by 20k bc of all the multiple offers (this is the norm now) I’m tired of this as a primary job and would love to just do it on the side or for friends and family for extra money but really want the stability of a normal job. And you’re right interest rates have gone up to about 4.3% and according to our lenders we don’t know how much higher they are going to go. Everyone is nervous. lol.

            I have an open house tomaro and its my owned by my broker, not even on the market yet but either I or another agent will sell it over the weekend bc there are only about 11 homes for sale in this area( which is nothing) it will sell for at least 650k and is a 3 bed 1 bath, right under 1,000 sq ft. Just a little more insight to how crazy the business is right now.

            Thank you for the suggestions!! 🙂

            • Catseye says:

              I’m glad to hear that your back is okay, back surgery is the worst. Since you have a background in sales, maybe you should take that job you’re interested in and go to school, when you can, to ultimately sell insurance the way Vicki does? She seems to make a heck of a lot of money and when everyone else was getting hit financially, she was doing okay. Even if she DID have to take a loss on that 2nd house she had–at least it wasn’t a foreclosure or short sale like everyone else’s. I think Jeana even asked for a loan. Before I forget, what about Commercial Real Estate?

              • djprincessc says:

                Oh geez, no commercial real estate! The thought just makes my head hurt and its super hard to make any money! lol.

    • Powell says:

      DJP I’m sorry I don’t have any answers on this. I think you go for it since that’s what you like. Please keep your RE license up. There’s always something you can do in RE even if its part-time.

      • djprincessc says:

        Thank you Powell!! I agree and that is my intention! If I can just do a few deals here and there on the side in a year I would be a VERY happy Hello Kitty lover!! xoxo!!

  21. TexasTart says:

  22. princesspindy says:

    So my plan around 1 pm was to go work on my painting….so I went out to the backyard and sat down to check my paintbrush and I was sitting there, and what a nice breeze, the sun was shining and the waterfall sounded so pretty……so I said, “SELF, lets enjoy this the right way!” So I went and got my swimsuit on and played in the water swam 25 laps, laid out in the sun, sat on my raft and weeded some of my potted plants that are hard to reach except by raft and just relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful day!!! NOW, I have on my paint clothes and I will go paint for a couple of hours….life is not bad for a Princess!!! 😉

  23. princesspindy says:

    DJPrincess, my friend says “Absolutely NOT that information can not be shared with other employers!”

    • djprincessc says:

      Ok wait? So she’s saying that when I apply and they do a backround check that DOESN’T come up at all?? 🙂

      • princesspindy says:

        She is saying that when they contact your former employer that information can’t be shared.

        • djprincessc says:

          Thank you so much for asking PP! That reassures me, Idk why though I was told when they do the backround check it comes up. Thanks again at least I don’t have to be concerned with my employer saying anything about it if asked! 🙂

    • Powell says:

      Ooh that sounds good. 🙂

      I tell you I don’t remember a time when someone didn’t get their question answered. You all rock!

  24. TexasTart says:

    Interesting, djp. You need someone familar with CA law to know whether or not any of the court data can be obtained and used against you. Wonder if the attorney you used years ago would answer such a general question…
    Good luck!

  25. VV says:

    Okay, saw a commercial for an OC Special. I no longer watch OC, but I’m watching the special!!!

  26. Nancy says:

    dj…How long has it been since your settlement? I ask because it’s important when you’ve won
    a w/c case that you don’t return to a similar job too soon as you can be sued by the w/c carrier.
    I went through hell myself as I had a chronic problem (RSD) that was made worse by a w/c injury
    which made them 100% accountable. It took years and a very expensive attorney but I was more
    than happy with the outcome. Hope that made sense. I think your issue will come up for you when you have to explain why you quit that job. OT it is illegal in Calif for anyone to ask you what
    your disability is.

    • djprincessc says:

      Hi Nancy! It was closed it 2011, either March or April. I’m not worried about getting sued, my attorney told me that I was free to work in whatever profession I wanted as long as I felt I could handle it. When they ask my why I left Starbucks I always say, because I got my real estate license (which is true) as I was planning on quitting anyway. 🙂

      • Nancy says:

        Hi dj,
        I wouldn’t worry about this at all. As you said you have a reason for quitting that job.
        I would go for it as see where it takes you. You can always return to real-estate, right?

  27. Powell says:

    MTH are you watching The Hero?

    • melthehound says:

      I’ll record the next airing tonight and see what it’s all about. I haven’t seen it yet…

  28. lillybee says:

    Chat room time.

  29. Mene Seela says:

    Hey dj I hirer a lot of people and we just run background checks and I-9s through Lexis Nexis/First Advantage (same company now).
    We request Criminal Background by city, county and state. I don’t think civil would come up at all unless its something the employer specifically requests. For eample if you wre looking for a job in law enforcement, banking or home healthcare the checks would query different databases

    Just don’t worry about it. Focus on your interviewing skills.
    Good luck on your search.

    • djprincessc says:

      Hey thank you Mene! Like I said I interviewed with Tory Burch a couple years ago which is a huge brand so I’m not sure if specifically request it, I do remember on the application it asks if you ever had a workmans comp lawsuit. And again, since that was the FIRST time I ever didn’t get hired for a job and it was AFTER my case it worried me because then I started thinking that nobody would probably hire me.

      But you’re right and thats exactly what I am going to do focus on my interviewing skills and see what I can make better.

      Thank you again!! 🙂

      • chismosa says:

        DJ good luck to you. I worked a LOT of retail in my day, 40+ hrs a week while in college at the Gap and then they made me a manager
        It’s tough- but I think it’s all true what those who know above ^^^ said— I don’t think they can share that sort of info

        Tory Burch are a bunch of snobbies sometimes
        Good luck to you!!!!

        • djprincessc says:

          Hi Chismosa!

          Thanks! I know they can’t really SHARE the info bc thats illegal, but I wasn’t sure if when they pull the backround check it comes up. Thats more what I was worried about. Everyone has made me feel better though 🙂

          Oh trust me they’re ALL snobs! And I actually LOVE Tory Burch, lol. But I agree with you. Theres a new store opening up on Rodeo in Beverly Hills and thats the one I’m going to apply for since its the closest to me besides Century City. So I’m sure the snobs are gonna be at the peak of snoobiest! I’d have to move though a little closer bc the drive would get real old REAL fast! lol. But I can handle it and like I said, I’m ready for some stability career-wise now and also working for a corporation where theres tons of potential to grow!

          I will keep you posted thanks for your advice!! xoxo!

  30. vivaladiva831 says:

    So sad to hear about James Gamdolfini 😦

    YOU KNOW Gretchen is waiting to read everyone else’s blog before she posts hers.

  31. chismosa says:

    Did you hear Kim and Kanye’s baby’s name—?
    Is this a joke?

    North West ! Lollllll

    • djprincessc says:

      YES!! I’m with you!! That can’t be real! How can she think thats cool?? I mean I love weird names (I really do) but thats so cheesy and gimmicky to me!! That souncs like a boys name if anything, but I read they are going to call her Nori for short, and thats cute but if thats the case why not name her Nori?? You know this is ALL Kanye!

      • chismosa says:

        I don’t like how they do nicknames in that family. Like “Kiki” “koko” and whatever for all the sisters.
        Just like it annoys me no end how Giuliana Rancic refers to their baby as Duke when that’s the MIDDLE name. I don’t care for that

        It’s like people give “official” names but then try to use another name. A lot of famous people doing that these days. Yuck

        • BB says:

          I named both of my kids what I was going to call them – no nick names. And my daughter just named her baby what she calls him – Jack. If they are going to call their baby Nori, they should have named her Nori. Kim was on the tonight show or some talk show and said that Kanye came up with the name North, but she didn’t want to name her baby that. She said she would go with Easton (eye roll). I guess we know who calls the shots in this relationship.

        • Laineylainey says:

          I go by my middle name IRL. My first grade teacher did that to me and all the other kids with my very traditional, very common first name and said that from that day on we would be known by our middle names. We were not to write our full names or first names on any of our papers, etc. That was in 1965 and teachers could get away with crap like that. To this day, I and all of those kids (old people now haha) still go by our middle names. Well the ones who have found me on fb. Prior to mrs. Persky, my family called me by my full name. I guess its no biggie. Just something interestingish that happened.

          • melthehound says:

            Both my cousin and my nephew go by their middle names. Both are named after their fathers and they chose to stick with the middle names.

    • NJBev says:


      i heard early this morning(very early)
      Kayden Donde (Donda) West (after his mom)

  32. chismosa says:

    DJ, LAINEY– I’m DYING here with this game !!!!!

  33. djprincessc says:

    I just read Rachel Zoe is pregnant with her second baby, I hope its true! 🙂

    • chismosa says:

      My god! Didnt think she had the body fat for that. Wow

      Mark my words she probabably went to a fertility specialist like Teresa did to try and see if they could ensure the sex of this child.

      Maybe now Skyler is old enough for the haircut?

  34. Nancy says:

    MIA Heat repeated.

    • Nancy says:

      Sorry dj.

    • djprincessc says:


      • Nancy says:

        LOL George forced me to watch it with him. I told him he can call me when there is
        2 min left because it’s always tied. Sure enough I was right and didn’t waste 2 hours
        of my life! lol

        • djprincessc says:

          Lol. You’re smart Nancy!!!! I didn’t watch the whole thing either I kept flipping just to see the score and like you watched the last 2 minutes. Being a Laker fan I’m surprised I even did that! lol

          • chismosa says:

            DJ let me ask you — can you be from LA and NOT like the Lakers and maybe like the Clippers, for instance ??? Or do Lakers fans attack you for that?

            • djprincessc says:

              Ummmm Idk a lot of people from LA like the Clippers, more people just make fun about it though and call them bandwagoners. lol. I actually LOVE when the Lakers and Clippers play against each other bc they have a mini rivalry. It gets intense! I’d love them to play each other in the playoffs!!

              • chismosa says:

                I just heard that Blake griffin (Griffith?) is dating Kate Upton

                He is SO ugly and she is the most desired female right now. (I think her boobies are fake btw)

        • Laineylainey says:

          Hi nancy, I watched the last 7 minutes. Very disappointing. Spurs blew it, they had many, many, many chances to score to pull out ahead and then to tie it up for some overtime action. But NOOOO….that come from behind stuff can’t be done by every team. The Heat s great at that.

          • chismosa says:

            Lainey I was dying.
            Spurs just couldn’t beat that Miami team. I wonder what would happen if Lebron was not on there. He’s going to win them all for them EVERY YEAR

            • Laineylainey says:

              Yeah, until the next younger, stronger “lebron” comes along. He is amazing…understatement of the year, I realize.

      • chismosa says:


  35. Nancy says:

    Night, night ladies. Sleep well.

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