Real Housewives of Orange County – Let’s Chat

Thank you everyone for your comments on today’s blog.. Continue if you wish or gather around for a different crapfest. Orange County is upon us.. Enjoy a few pictures below from Boston, put on your friendship bracelets, and have at you’re weekly chat about OC.





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170 Responses to Real Housewives of Orange County – Let’s Chat

  1. TexasTart says:

    I’m first?! And I’m not staying! Have fun! 😀

  2. boston02127 says:

    Does anyone watch American Ninja Warrior? It’s on at 8 on NBC. Luv it!!!!

    • Laineylainey says:

      Intriguing…let me see if my dvr will do its thing.

    • SoutheastVA says:

      You should see the original Japanese version on G4 tv. They are cray cray. But, it so much fun to watch everyone crash and fall into the dirty water.

  3. Nancy says:

    Hi Ladies. Laurie is such a snake.

    • cusi77 says:

      Instead of Lauri questioning Brooks’ questionable friendship, she should question her questionable daughter’s friendship! Is my question questionable enough?

    • boston02127 says:

      She thinks she’s being sly with her gossip. It must of slipped her mind when she was telling Tamra the story about Brooks that her daughter hangs out with strippers.

  4. cusi77 says:

    I put on my BFF Bracelet to come to chat y’all!!!

  5. Orson says:

    They seem to be warming us up with last weeks episode. I bet the new one will be a real craptacular crapticle.

  6. Nancy says:

    He going to eat your top/coat you fool~!

  7. Nancy says:

    That’s because he IS gay!

  8. AZGirl says:

    Ok! Got my bracelet and ready to roll with the OC

  9. boston02127 says:

    Tonight Vicki finds out that Brooks cheats or has a girlfriend. I don’t understand her. She holds the reins with every person and everything in her life. She did with Don, kids, employees, friendships. Why is she letting this skanky guy bother her?

    • Nancy says:

      “Love” does strange things at times.

    • chismosa says:

      she is desperate to have a partner/ boyfriend so she’s letting all the bad signs slide. She’s blinded by fear of being alone

      (i don’t watch the OC!) am i anywhere near right? ha ha

    • T-Rex says:

      No this post is a bit late, but IckyVicky is the kind of person that can’t stand to be without a man, in her last two relationships she cheated on her current man with the new man so that when she finally left she had a man right there to be with. Now that she is older and let’s face it even with the Plastic surgery she is not the most attractive woman she is in complete desperation mode and will latch on to anything with a kickstand that blows smoke up her arse about how great and beautiful she is, all the while he is double dipping with several other females.

  10. chismosa says:

    can anyone post if they see NJ rerunning? I am so annoyed they are not repeating it tonight and i didn’t dvr it last night AND for some reason it’s not on demand.

    • boston02127 says:

      They just did before OC.

      • chismosa says:

        sorry, i forgot to mention i meant to dvr that and i forgot- had to pick up my bro at the airport. Thanks Boston! They have a movie running later tonight instead of the regular rotations…. ughhhhhhhh
        i guess bc it’s July 4th-time.

  11. boston02127 says:

    Oh God, another Heather roll. Paaleeezzeee.

  12. cusi77 says:

    Suuuuure, they are calling her now that she is an OC Housewife, before that just her mom knew she was such a good actress.Lol. Good for her!

  13. Nancy says:

    Women can be so nasty to each other.

    • chismosa says:

      Nancy i just replied to you on the previous blog– i am BEEEEE-YOND about Pierce Brosnan’s daughter. What is wrong with people? Too scared of doctors ? I am just beyond.

  14. Kat From Ohio says:

    i like lydia

  15. boston02127 says:

    I could never go dress shopping like that. I’d be too overwhelmed. Best friend, ok. That crew…no.

    • Nancy says:

      Don’t bring anyone with you on the first day.

      • Amalfi says:

        I bought my wedding dress just me, myself and I. I had a picture torn out of a bride’s magazine. Asked to try it on. It was exactly what I wanted. Never tried on another and never asked anyone else’s opinion about it. lol… I think I did that all wrong.

  16. Nancy says:

    Alexis looks pretty.

    • boston02127 says:

      She’s the only normal looking one. She’s pretty and doesn’t wear the old ratty hair extensions.

      • Nancy says:

        ITA. IMHO she should get her implants taken down a few sizes.

        • JumpTheShark says:

          Sorry Alexis, you’re prettier than Tamra and Gretchen, so they don’t want you around.

        • Amalfi says:

          Those implant don’t look as horrifying now that she covers them up a bit this season. She looks lovely, even though it’s a little top heavy for outside LA.

          Whoever you hired as a stylist, Alexis, is worth every penny.

  17. boston02127 says:

    Not liking dress 1. At all.

  18. cusi77 says:

    Vicki is just the worst friend a woman can have… Tamra’s day BUT Gretchen is wearing a diamond ring! Now Vicki goes to make Alexis uncomfortable with that Gretchen’s comment not attending if her was there … who’s day will be ruined? The same she said Gretchen was ruining wearing a diamond ring… Let’s see how Vicki finishes doing THIS day HERS!

  19. boston02127 says:

    LOL……Gretchen’s face.

  20. Nancy says:

    That was a keeper Alexis!

  21. Nancy says:

    So Brook ened it.

  22. Nancy says:

    STFU Laurie.

  23. boston02127 says:

    Vicki isn’t a beauty queen but she’s not a horror either. I’m sure she can find another man.

  24. JumpTheShark says:

    He met her at a poke-her party?

  25. boston02127 says:

    Laurie has always looked dirty to me. Like her house would be dirty and her personal self.

  26. $25000/ says:

    I don’t think flandering is a word, Gretchen.

  27. lillybee says:

    Laurie is enjoying herself too much.

  28. Nancy says:

    Wedding dresses shouldn’t be sexy IMHO. Put the boobs away.

  29. cusi77 says:

    Go Gretchen! Now I am on Gretchen side!

  30. Nancy says:

    Gretchen is going down. Good!

  31. cusi77 says:

    Of course Lauri ! Two birds with the same stone! Vicki and Tamra! Lauri is not a good person…

  32. boston02127 says:

    Gretchen had to leave to do a speaking engagement.

    And I’m a rocket scientist.

  33. cusi77 says:

    What ? Vicki was crying with no tears?

  34. Kat From Ohio says:

    haha did you notice gretchen NEVER took off her damn coat?

    • Nancy says:

      I think it was a dress coat.

    • cusi77 says:

      Kat_That comment brought to mind a photo I saw of a gal opening her rain coat in front of two old men… I suppose she was wearing her rain coat and lip stick!

      • melthehound says:

        Great minds…. It looked to me like Gretchen just went to be a wet blanket.

        • cusi77 says:

          Hahaha! Yeah! In hopes to be chosen for That TV program… She was going to just…… open it!!!!

        • melthehound says:

          I don’t know… I was hoping she would but, I’m a self admitted dirty old man 😛 Actually, I think she was still in her PJs, wasn’t going to go, and just threw on the coat… Whoever said earlier, she’s resembling Joan Rivers these days, hit it.

  35. Nancy says:

    Poor Vicki.

  36. Kat From Ohio says:

    i bet lauri is disappointed because vicki wasn’t really that stunned or upset by her filthy gossip. vicki is many things but she’s smart. she saw that ambush for exactly what it was.

    • Amalfi says:

      Well, she made Vicki cry in the end, so there is a nice feather in her cap and she can call it macaroni.

  37. Nancy says:

    Good for Heather!

  38. lillybee says:

    I hope that the OC ladies do not embarass themselves themselves at this wonderful restaurant that I could kill to eat there.

    • Nancy says:

      Co-Sign. That was so embarrassing when they were in San Fran.

    • Orson says:

      Neither Alexis and Gretchen will be there, so unless there’s some sort of Laurie initiated Vicki casino, it could be quiet.

  39. boston02127 says:


  40. Orson says:

    If they’re broken up, then Vicky doesn’t own him and they’re both free to see other people. How can he be cheating on her? This is a Vicki issue. How did he do something wrong?

    • Nancy says:

      He had just broken up with her so he was seeing both of them at the same time.

    • cusi77 says:

      She has one standard for her and a whole another one for the rest of humanity! She is a Narcissistic person to the book!

    • melthehound says:

      I’ll bet Brooks would lose his mind if Vicki were dating a pre-twenties ‘pornographic star’

  41. boston02127 says:

    Does anyone remember Lauri’s kids names? Cuz I’m going over to The Dirty.

  42. Orson says:

    Oh, and Lydia must be a very petite woman; her eyes look HUGE to me. That can’t just be makeup, can it?

  43. Nancy says:

    I’m going to throw up.

  44. cusi77 says:

    What kind of food they were talking about?

  45. cusi77 says:

    “Colossally confused!” It is the phrase I was looking for my BFF bracelet!

  46. Nancy says:

    Is anyone going to watch Below Deck?

  47. not THAT Jill says:

    I was giving my girls hair cuts and missed the whole show…but I did just see Vicky scream at Laurie that she was a piece of trash…

  48. boston02127 says:

    Good night all. I’ve got to get up early for something really fun and that I’ve saved and saved for. So excited!!!! I’ll tell you guys tomorrow.

  49. Regarding Pierce Brosnan’s daughter. I’m not sure WHY the assumption has been made that she was not attentive to her health. You can know you have the gene and you can take all the precautions that you can, and you can STILL GET THE DISEASE AND DIE FROM IT. In fact a this appears to be exactly what happened with Charlotte. From the People magazine article an informed commenter shared:

    1. Yes Charlotte had the BRCA gene.

    2. Charlotte’s health had been constantly monitored since her mother was diagnosed 25 years ago and they found out her grandmother also died of Ovarian Cancer.

    3. The family was very proactive about it and Pierce as a long terms spokesman and a fundraiser for Women’s Health had all the available information. He’s spoken to Congress about Ovarian Cancer and was of the one’s pushing for the CA-125 test and insurance coverage back in the 90s.

    4. Charlotte was advised to have a hysterectomy before age 35 and she did so after the birth of her 2nd child. This was openly discussed at the time by Pierce in several interviews.

    5. Tragically, one can still get Ovarian cancer in all but name with the same symptoms and results even without ovaries and a complete hysterectomy. A hysterectomy greatly lowers the chance of this cancer but it’s not a 100% preventative measure.

    • Nancy says:

      I hear what you are saying but I would not have waited until I was 35.
      Due to the fact that there was a family history one would think she would have found
      out if she carried the gene before she was 35. I would have chosen my life over having
      children as one can adopt. I agree that it’s not a 100% preventative measure but it would have upped the odds.

    • BB says:

      Thanks for clarifying things Brigid. You can take all the precautions and preventative measures you want, but still get cancer. I get regular colon cancer screenings because of family history, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to get colon cancer.

    • TexasTart says:

      Interesting information, Brigid. Thanks for sharing.

  50. not THAT Jill says:

    Ummmmm did Gretchen say “flandering”? She gets dumber each week
    She is dumb….really dumb!!!!

  51. not THAT Jill says:

    Oh Mary Sue and Susan (the chefs who served the dumbasses lunch) catered the dinner party for Peggy back when anyone knew who the hell Peggy was….

  52. Nancy says:

    Night, night ladies.

  53. Laineylainey says:

    Harry Connick Jr is on David Letterman. I think its a rerun, but heres something i didnt know…He has a song out called LOVE WINS its a tribute to one of his musician’s daughter, Anna Grace who was shot and killed in the Newtown Shooting..Here’s the link for more info on this song and more info about the anna grace fund.

  54. lillybee says:

    Nite all.

  55. mm in oc says:

    Ok. Props to the photoshop pic of the cat with a friendship bracelet. Dont mean to sound like jacko but lol!

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