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Boldly Going Where No Man Dares to Thread – Caroline, Jacqueline, Kathy and Rosie are at a cosmetic place in Soho.  It is obvious from the blogs that Jac setup the whole thing since she plugged the store in her blog – And she dedicates her first 2 paragraphs to it without talking about anything about the show. Kathy says, “When we went to the benefit store in NYC, all of those childhood beauty parlor memories came flooding back when we walked in with everything pink and products all wrapped up in pretty packaging.” Perhaps this is where Kathy got the ideas for the pretty, pretty packaging of her cannoli kits… I just hope she always remembers to, “Leave the gun.  Take the cannoli.”  (Sorry, obscure “The Godfather” reference… Well, maybe not that obscure.) Jac said that this was her very first eyebrow threading and that she “loved it.” If only it was just that easy to get rid of all unwanted, wily, and straggly New Jersey housewives and husbands by just tying a single thread around the bunch of them and pulling hard.  I’d like to try it… Wouldn’t you?

Adorable Nicholas – As promised, I’m not going to say much about Nicholas – but I did want to include Jac’s clarification of what she means when she says, “recover” as it refers to her son and Autism.  Jac says, “When I say “recover,” I mean that I want him to recover all the skills he lost before he regressed, and I want to give him the tools he needs to make life easier for him in the future. By pushing him to learn new things, we reduce his frustrations.”  She further states, “We will never give up on Nicholas because we believe his signs and symptoms can improve with the right interventions. Our goal is to find the right interventions that will work for our child and remember not to get discouraged if something that worked for another child doesn’t work for ours. We just have to keep searching.”

Bitchy Richie – I’m telling ya… Richie had better thank his lucky stars that this particular Stars is NOT his wife because if I hadn’t killed him already, I would have killed him during this particular episode. Seriously.  His whole Neanderthalic attitude wherein he states, “I married a wife, not an entrepreneur” would be enough evidence for justifiable homicide as far as I’m concerned.  Perhaps you’ll disagree with me – but I totally believe one of my jobs is to encourage my spouse to reach the highest heights he wants to attain.  I don’t like Bitchy Richie’s attitude… I don’t like his delivery… I don’t think he’s funny.  Period.

Kathy blogs, “We made an agreement since he was working from home more that he would allow me to have all creative direction and he would take care of the business and financial decisions.”  Kathy does realize that she needs Rich’s input in new this endeavor since she has never launched a business and he has more experience in that area.  However, if my hubster had gone out without telling me and had purchased hundreds of boxes after knowing how important that decision was to me – I would have KILLED him. He may be a voice of reason to remind her of how roughly boxes can be handled while in transit… but Kathy knows how important packaging is to her targeted consumer. Can you guys say, “Communication and compromise?”  Yes, yes, I knew you could.  His flippant little comments continue to dance on my very last nerve.

Kathy delusionally says, “But I am lucky — he is so supportive that whenever I have an idea, he acts on it. As a matter of fact, he was constantly pushing me.” Sure, if your definition of “support” is “Pushing forward with your own agenda regarding MY business project even when you know it’s going to piss me off.” Yet, while it kills me to say it, but I think renting the commercial kitchen was kind of supportive of “Bitchy Richie.”  I suppose she can use it as a “test” kitchen but I wonder just how much time she will actually spend there.  Perhaps I’m just being cynical, maybe I’m not taking this whole venture very seriously, or it could be that maybe I just could not care less.  I’ll let you decide.

In a vain effort to defend Richie’s bitchiness, Kathy says, “So when Richie and I decided to go forward with my hobby and turn it into a business, we had to go through, as many do, business adjustments. I would have never went forward with this venture unless Rich was 100% on board.”  Right… It has always sounded to me like Richie was 100% on board with Kathy’s ideas… After all, we’ve never seen Richie embarrass Kathy during business meetings nor have we seen him make fun of her at all… NoooOOOOOooooOOOOoo.  Sheesh.  Caroline says, “Richie and Kathy are a great couple. He loves her to death and I think his bark is worse than his bite. Actually, I don’t even think he has a bite, he’s all talk!”  I still think he’s a Neanderthal.  Wait, did I just say that recently?  Well, it can’t be said too often, IPPHO.

Kathy says, “When I started on this show, I had no idea what would happen over time. I never dreamed that my love and passion for cooking and being a housewife would lead to anything like me starting a dessert business. I’m sure that many of the other ladies in the Housewives franchise feel the same way — all I can say is I feel blessed and grateful, and what’s really amazing is the fan support.”  Just shakes my head and sighs…

Should “Retreat” be Used as a Noun or a Verb? – Bravo’s telegraphing of upcoming storylines hit an all-time high when of all people Teresa alluded both to Caroline on the phone and to Rosie when she met her for their “Friendship Summit” at the bar that they all needed to go on a holistic therapy meditation retreat at some point.  Caroline blogs, “Rosie is all heart, and her frustration and hurt came through loud and clear as she spoke to her cousins. I think she managed to break the wall down a bit, good for her. Apparently there is talk of a retreat in the air, hold on folks, hold on!!!”  I personally think we all should use “retreat” as a verb…and get the heck out of here! Lolol!

Melissa says, “Rosie and Joe’s conversation was an eye-opener. No sex for six years, Rosie? We’re going to have to fix you up! Obviously, these two cousins have a lot in common. They’re passionate, love to laugh, have strong opinions and are not susceptible to brain washing. Rosie and Teresa’s conversation was very . . . loud. I do agree with something Rosie said — we should be lifting each other up, not bringing each other down. Clearly, we’ve got a lot of work to do.”  Duh…Clearly!

Hoboken = Hoes, Beaus, and Just Kens – In this episode, we found out that Albie doesn’t know what kind of girl he wants – I suggest a “hoe”; Lauren has a “beau” but doesn’t necessarily want to get married and have kids right now; and, Christopher doesn’t want to have any daughters, just sons because he doesn’t want to worry about them becoming “whores.” Melissa says of Christopher, “He cracks me up. He doesn’t want any kids? Famous last words! I bet he’ll wind up with five of them.”  Surprisingly, Caroline’s blog is mostly silent on these subjects.  Go figure.  The only thing she says is, “Lauren is still with Vito and both my boys are always keeping me guessing regarding their dating life. I think I like it better this way, saves me a lot of stress!” Yeah, I’d hafta be awfully serious about a boyfriend before I’d want them to meet Caroline. Caroline blogs, “Al is slowly but surely finding his comfort zone in Hoboken. He’s grown to love the apartment, but isn’t 100% sure that he’s ready to make the move. Neither am I, so for now, we’re just floating back and forth and one of these days we’ll make a decision.”  Well, duh – You have no choice but to get an apartment since you’re being run out of your house by farm animals, E-I-E-I-O!

Just a Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down – As you may remember, in Melissa’s blog last week, she said, “During their conversation at the gym, Joe stayed calm and just threw a little shade back at Teresa. And she freaked out, threw water, flipped a trash can and stormed out. He gave her a taste of her own medicine, and she did not like it.”  So, of course this week, Teresa responds tit for tat with, “Happy 4th of July week! Happy summer! I’m not gonna lie, I’m so happy right now. Things are so so good. (Maybe it’s because I finally got a taste of my own medicine. Had no idea I needed that so badly. Yum!)”  Seriously, that Mary Poppins really knows her stuff!

Teresa continues, “Seriously though, we are all in a good place now, and you’ll soon see how we got there. I’m sure we’ll still use our blogs to explain things on each episode and defend ourselves, but that was months ago and this is now. And right now, we’re all pretty happy. At least I am.”  I’m sure you “got there” because of some danged retreat that you mentioned twice in this episode.  Gag.  Perhaps this is your way of making sure that you get the credit now for being the one who initiated it even though it’s still some time off in the future… When was the last time you initiated a “Friendship Summit” with one of your castmates… Or when have you taken responsibility for anything you’ve said or done thus far?  (Crickets chirping…)…

The rest of Teresa’s blog is filled with her talking about things that are hot, why she loves the summer, humble brags, gratuitous fan appreciation (Kathy went overboard on that this week, too) and a couple of recipes… That’s it!  I couldn’t believe it, either!

Just When You Thought it was Safe to Stop Laughing – I’ve barely stopped laughing from the concept that Melissa is writing a marriage advice book called, “Love, Italian Style” when I burst into a whole new round of laughter because her new single is called, “Never Let Me Go.”  I mean, does she understand that many of us call her “MeGo?”  Or better yet… That we actually wish that she WOULD go?  But I digress… Mel tries to explain to us why she talked about her dad’s cheating on camera, “If at any point my mother said, “I forbid you to talk about it on camera or write about it,” you would not be seeing or reading a word on the subject. It would not have come up.”  The thing is Mel… You pretended to act like you were in a quandary of whether or not to mention it in the book – like it was a decision in which you were actively wrestling.  The on camera back and forth between you and Joe about including information on your cheating dad was just another example of why we just can’t take you seriously. You treat us like we’re idiots.  We see right through you… We are not your husband.

Saint Melissa tries to tell us that she’s never done anything to cause Teresa tension in her marriage.  Mel says, “Re: mind f—ing, I don’t take that back. I do think Teresa was up to something. She said things to Joe about me behind my back. Last year, it was that I would leave him for a richer man. This year, it’s that he’s pussy whipped. Anyone would look at this situation and think, “She’s trying to break them up.” Why does she do it? Joe and I have three kids. We have a life together. Why would his sister intentionally cause tension between us? I certainly haven’t tried to cause tension in her marriage. She said I controlled my husband. Why is she worried about that at all? I just don’t get it, and I’m fed up with the negativity.”  So are we, Melissa – So sit yourself down and “zip it.” It’s just so much fun to quote Milania – Mostly because she’s not my kid and I don’t have to take responsibility for teaching her what is appropriate and inappropriate to say to her mom.  She is entertaining, though… I mean, if these were lines that were being written for her in a sitcom I would be totally laughing… However, realizing that this is actually how she talks to her mom and that her mom doesn’t do anything about it… I dunno, it really scares me.  Seriously, would any of us have lived to see another day if we said that to our mom?  I didn’t think so… lol!

Mel also talks on and on about whether or not Joe is a “whipped” husband.  She uses the situation when Joe called Mel out on what she tweeted back to Teresa as an example of why he’s not a “whipped” husband.  I personally would not be surprised if he enjoys a little S & M, but I’m not going to go there. Nope, nope, nope!

And on that pleasant note… We bid these marvelous models of decorum and class adieu!  To you, and you and you!  See, I left you singing again… You’re welcome!  = )



Happy Birthday Chismosa and Iowagirl


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  1. Powell says:

    Good morrninnng. 🙂 TexasTart post some more Twitter pics. Those are fun to look at.

    • TexasTart says:

      Okay, Powell. Let’s see what they give me to work with today. The housewives and others I follow have been posting like crazy since July 3rd and I don’t think I had time to post any that day. Goodness knows there will be a ton more pics of Giudice girls swimming. They seem to be having a great summer though, with being taken to the beach and waterparks every weekend.

  2. Orson says:

    Second! And what Stars said!

  3. Nancy says:

    Happy Birthday Chismosa and Iowagirl. I hope it will be a great one. 🙂

  4. Have a great day, filling it with fun, laughter and love! Double birthdays on the blog are the best! Happy Birthday Chismosa and Iowagirl!

  5. Nancy says:

    Murray just won Wimbledon. The last time England won was in 1935 I believe.

  6. Powell says:

    OK. A few of you said Below Deck was scripted but it wasn’t bad. How dare those guys bring drugs on that boat. The Captain is totally responsible for the guests & crew. That was totally irresponsible.

  7. Rebecca says:

    Everytime Richie Wakile is mentioned on this blog, I feel an obligation to direct people to: That’s just in case someone wants to point out how good he is to his wife.

    • Powell says:

      I saw Sue tweets to Andy for him to look at Ritchie’s nasty tweets. And boston follows WakileMustGo.

    • lizzle says:

      Wow! I hadn’t seen all of those. You would think that he would stop after being called out like that. I think he must be drunk to be that impulsive. Some of the women said that they hadn’t even tweeted him and one wasn’t even online at the time. He just blasted them for no reason… or maybe because they aren’t fans of his. I don’t think he has it in him to be on a reality show. I think it is his wife that said something about “if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen” Maybe she is talking about Richie.

      BTW…I still don’t understand what Richie or Kathy do for a living. I think they 100% live off their Bravo paychecks.

      • Amalfi says:

        I am guessing here, but I think a lot of these women stay in bad marriages (Kathie, Caroline, Teresa) so they won’t lose the argument that their marriages are awesome.

        What a way to live.

        • Amalfi says:

          Jac is lucky anyone married her, and MeGo and Joey seem to have a mutual usury relationship.

    • AZGirl says:

      Richie is an asshole. What man would tweet this stuff? He is like a 50 year old middle school kid. His poor kids. Especially his daughter. She must be totally humiliated.

  8. Joymama says:

    Good gosh, how do you sit thru that show? Thanks for doing it 😊

    Richie picked out shipping boxes but Kathy still needs pretty packaging. Duh!
    If I got expensive, stale cannoli in an ugly box I’d send it back.

    I’m over the Manzo’s, the Laurita’s and the Gorga’s. O-ver. Milania, she needs her own show telling off the adults.

    Happy birthday, birthday peeps.

  9. Rebecca says:

    Happy Birthday Chismosa and Iowagirl! Break out some ice cream cake!

  10. ms molli says:

    Happy Birthday Chismosa and Iowagirl !!!

  11. TexasTart says:


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Iowa Girl! 😀

  12. TexasTart says:

    MTH thanks for jump starting the blog 😉 Stars blog of the blogs is normally on Sunday AM. And thank you Stars for the sacrifice! 😛

  13. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone! Thanks Stars for the blog. Happy Birthday Chismosa and IowaGirl!
    I rewatched last weeks NJ yesterday. Poor Kathy. Richie is an ass.

  14. HuskerHuny says:

    Happy birthday to IowaGirl and Chismosa. Celebrate big!

  15. Powell says:

    Does anyone watch Love it or List it on HGTV? I love this show. My mom & I watch it together most of the time. We were watching last night. I’ve never seen an epi where the designer Hillary can do everything the homeowner wants. It’s always that she needs more money, the job is more than 1st thought. Why do the homeowners always say “we gave you xx amount of money. How come its not enough?”. Were do these homeowners come up w/their budget? They don’t look into what it would cost to do what they want? It’s funny.

    • Powell says:

      And the homeowners crack me up when they have 1200 sq feet and expect 3 New rooms be added.

    • Mene Seela says:

      Oh too funny! I watch all of those shows. Honestly Love it or List is not one of my favorites because I find the List It guy difficult to like or listen to. The Love It lady … you are correct there is always etreme complaining by the homeowners until the big reveal. Property Brothers smae problem. The construction brother promises to build their dream livingroom-kitchen-bedroom retreat w/spa bath but runs out of money and only does one or two rooms.
      Income Property is hands down my favorite. Plus he’s cute and there aren’t so many faux whiney homeowners.

      • I watch both shows. And I too am always amazed at how clueless people are when it comes to a renovation budget! At least on Property Brothers the nitwits are shown exactly what their “wish list” costs right at the beginning And the realtor on LTOLI is very abrasive and condescending.

      • Powell says:

        I love the Property Brothers. Identical twins. So so handsome. But they always give the homeowners what they want. Sometimes they have to compromise on things like load bearing walls, open floor plans because of ceiling loads but they make it work. I don’t recall them not doing a room. I’m looking forward to Brother vs Brother. That should be fun. I love Income Property. Scott is another handsome guy. He knows his stuff. I like the 2nd one he does also. I want HGTV to do “after” shows. What happens on Income Property when the homeowners continue
        fixing up their part of the house. On Love it or Lust it I want to see if the homeowners bought they house or if they “loved it” did they finish the work. On Friday I did see House Hunters where they went back and showed later work done. One couple lived in their house for 6 mths & their best friends bought it because they did such a great job. They got $300k profit & bought another house. Another couple did their house and had a baby. I like to see what happened after the cameras have left.

        • windycitywondering2 says:

          ITA – I love when Tabitha does a follow up show. And I always wonder if the LIOLT list it folks 1)actually sell their current home 2)do they actually get the price they are quoted on the show and 3)and what house they actually buy!
          The credits make me believe that those shows are filmed in Canada – maybe the housing market isn’t upside down there.

          • Powell says:

            wcw my mom was saying last night she wonders where they are cause so many of the epis they have on coats & I said I think it’s Canada cause so many of the HGTV shows are filmed in Canada. Holmes on Homes, Candace’s shows- I can’t remember her last name but she’s had 2 shows.

            • Birdwoman says:

              I find that most people do not have any idea how much it will cost to renovate. It ended up costing us two times more than we thought and we put most of the kitchen cabinets in ourselves.

    • plainviewsue says:

      I love that show!!! I’ve never seen the ep where she can actually do it all!!

  16. TexasTart says:

    Not me! 😛

    • BB says:

      Didn’t he have to get a replacement for the LI Princesses?

      • windycitywondering2 says:

        That is what I read – maybe the LIPs are too toxic right now after that disrespectful photo shoot – Bravo Andy isn’t professional enough to handle that hornets’ nest. It would be interesting if he gave them the jackhole award…
        Jeff Lewis is usually pretty funny and is probably doing DandyAndy a huge favor!!

        • BB says:

          I doubt if Bravo renews this series (unless the ratings are huge). I don’t think it’s worth the headache for them.

          • windycitywondering2 says:

            LIPs is full of vapid, spoiled women who have done absolutely nothing with their lives – thinking of the opportunities their parents could have afforded them makes me sick. Bravo loves to do stereotypical shows – maybe this one will make them choose more wisely in the future….lol I crack myself up sometimes!!

            • Powell says:

              I watch it but wouldn’t be sad if it was cancelled. The only one I like really & feel bad for is the one w/the startup Kiss something. The lip balm on 1 end & the mint drops on the other end. That is such a good idea. I’m so mad at her father for telling her she’s not doing enough. I know she was like “I can’t wait to get off this boat”. I have a feeling if it becomes successful her father still won’t think it’s enough. The glass cozy? Um that was made out if fabric right? It WILL get wet just like a napkin. Back to the drawing board w/that.

              • Laineylainey says:

                It’s a bizarre product (the hanky)

              • Amalfi says:

                Watching Long Island Princesses is like watching a room full of single depressed Jill Zaaaarins.

                Why do people do this to themselves?

                • Powell says:

                  OMG Amalfi. I can picture them just like JZ w/their own Bobby bleeding his bank accts dry. 🙂

              • plainviewsue says:

                I like Joey as well. I think her idea is a great one. Why doesn’t that skank Erica who has no job and spends her days drinking invest in that ?

                I agree Powell. Nothing would be good enough for her father.

                I do like Chanel, except she’s so early Jill Zarin!!

    • Powell says:

      Not me! 😛

  17. TexasTart says:

    I have confirmed that Ana’s daughter Beba works for E! News. Cool beans. 🙂

  18. TexasTart says:


  19. melthehound says:

    Happy birthday to IowaGirl and Chismosa 😀

  20. TexasTart says:

    I hope they don’t leave Ana on the cutting room floor – this sucks. I am so curious what went wrong that she only went mid season and they may or may not show her. I guess Bravo has a verbal lock on this info to heighten the drama.

    • Laineylainey says:

      It’s just weird

    • windycitywondering2 says:

      I get that Marisol has to take care of her mom and therefore is a friend this season. My guess for Ana only filming half the season was that she couldn’t play nice with the other HWs and/or Bravo wasn’t getting what they wanted from her. Sadly, this franchise may be short on storylines.

  21. Powell says:

    I’m watching OC, the wedding dress epi. I don’t know if you all noticed but all the ladies carry their handbags the same. They carry them on their forearm. And they are all heavy. I was watching GMA a couple weeks ago & an orthopedic surgeon said that’s bad to carry a purse that way. If you look at celebs & rich women who carry expensive bags they carry them that way.

    • melthehound says:

      They have to make sure everybody sees what they are carrying 😉

    • Donna says:

      I always buy shoulder bags, switch shoulders often. I haven’t been able to find a small backpack that isn’t children’s sized straps.

    • I was watching same thing and still am baffled by Gretchen’s coat…was she naked underneath? Was she wearing anything? When did this become acceptable outside of a “meet you at a random hotel” kinda fling? Anyone???

      • Powell says:

        I think she was wearing a dress but didn’t want it seen since she was doing that talking engagement. She just wanted the people there to see what she was wearing. Whatever about the speaking engagement, I get that she wanted the dress just for that but to wear a red trench. I’ve seen her in black & beige trench coats. She could have worn one is those.

      • TexasTart says:

        IDK about this trenchcoat ‘style’ but does seem so out there considering where she wore it. It was Tamra who said in her og that G had no dress under the coat.

    • chismosa says:

      Powell every picture I see of Reece Witherspoon she has the huge bag at the crook of her elbow.

  22. lillybee says:

    Happy Birthday to both of the birthday girls.

  23. lulu says:

    Happy birthday CHISMOSA and IOWAGIRL!!!!!!!!!! Hope your day is wonderful!!!!!

  24. princesspindy says:

    Great Job Stars!!! LOL @ Caroline saying her boys are keeping her guessing about their dating lives, they are keeping us all guessing!!! You are right about meeting Caroline, that poor girl that was “dating” one of the sons, they are interchangeable to me…..she didn’t have a chance! And yes, I like the idea of wrapping a giant thread around the whole cast and yanking them of television!!!!

    Happy Birthday Chismosa!!!
    Happy Birthday Iowagirl!!!!

  25. Powell says:

    OK. I hate The Governor even more. I hope Michonne takes her samurai sword & stabs him in the other eye.

  26. zoekayla says:

    Hey everyone! I enjoy Sunday evenings this summer…I am watching HGTV Design Star, Princesses of Long Island, Resale Royalty, Ray Donovan, WWHL, Food Network Star, Family Tree, and the new Food Court Wars. A nice blend of junk tv, competitions, and quality comedy/drama. I’ve been reading the NJ blogs and the Big Brother blogs to keep up with those shows. I can’t seem to watch the shows themselves – the people in them disgust me, for the most part. On BB, there are good folks, and I may try again to watch. I always have my cell phone with me, so most of my time is spent on the FB page – I’m so glad we have that as well as this site!
    I’m glad I stopped in today to see some of my favorite commenters on here…going strong! Lynn would be so happy to see her page thriving. Kudos to all of you who are so loyal to the blog!

    • TexasTart says:

      Hello blog neighbor, zoekayla! 😀 Sounds like a good mix of summer viewing. Good to hear from you, hope you are well. I was over in Kyle yesterday for a cousin’s wedding at some enormous facility with dirt roads and an all wood this and that, Texas Old Town. It was a very casual and very Texas/Country style event. Actually the first casual wedding I’ve ever been to. Sunflowers were the flower. They had a mariachi band. Toasted with Sweet Tea in mason jars, in lieu of champangne. All bench style seating. The bride wore cowboy boots with her formal white gown…I’m sure has been done before and not just in Texas, but I’m just sayin’ – yee haw.
      Seemed like you had to walk 1/4 mile to get to the ceremony partly on this ruin-your-shoes-gravel and and the dust, gosh there was dust. The ceremony was OUTDOORS at 5:50 pm – It was 101 degrees! But it was actually not so bad, in a wooded area with a good breeze. The gravel pathways and the persperation factor was not so fun for all but the reception was indoors and very well air conditioned.

      I went a little off topic, way off topic tagging here and let my ADD take over. But a question for you folks – does every DJ at events like this blast their music to the point you can not speak or hear anyone? Maybe this is cool while you are dancing, but ruins the rest of the time to visit with family you don’t see often.

      • Powell says:

        TexasTart the DJ wouldn’t be doing his/her job if they didn’t blast the music. 🙂

        • TexasTart says:

          I know, it’s making me feel old to have this complaint, but time seems so precious to visit with people at times. Come to think of it people did start clearing out after the DJ started – I’d say half the crowd was outta there.

      • zoekayla says:

        Texas Tart…Sounds like you were at a great event! There are many beautiful locations for outdoor weddings around here. I was at one in Buda that was incredibly lovely – not so much the country feel as sort of “Austin-zen”.
        It has been hot here, but not as hot as last year or the year before. Two years ago, we had 69 straight days of 100+ degrees in Austin.
        Frankly, I dislike DJs, but since weddings are often for young people who love them, I guess they are here to stay. I was at a 40 year high school reunion last fall, and we had live music…fun to listen to, but we could not hear each other as we tried to catch-up. It was frustrating for sure!

        • TexasTart says:

          I might even know the place you reference in Buda…tried to rent a place there…can not remember the name but I ended up using a place at Ruby Ranch for the event. Ha, I had the same problem at my HS reunion the time it was at Stubbs BBQ..great music, but not great to chat with people you only see once in a blue moon!

    • Powell says:

      Is Food Court Wars w/Debbie -Mrs Fields? Cookie company she built & sold for a gazillion dollars. Love the oatmeal cookies.

    • lillybee says:

      and I am DVR Copper on BBC

  27. zoekayla says:

    And, Happy Birthday to Chismosa and Iowa girl! Feliz Cumpleanos! Sorry for the lack of accent mark and tilde.

  28. rabblerouser2010R says:

    HI everyone, In tonight episode I noticed something in the “First Look”. In the scene where Teresa’s parents come over to make sausages, (right before they cut to Richie and Joey at the driving range.).I noticed something on the counter….sprinkle cookies.

  29. cusi77 says:

    Happy Birthday Chismosa and IowaGirl! Enjoy your day!!!



    Thank you for Blogging the Blogs!!!!

  30. TexasTart says:

    Borrowed an item from Lydia…

  31. lulu says:

    Awesome blog starsy!!!!!! Remind me to never get on your bad side yikes!!!! ;). Lol

  32. AZGirl says:

    I watched the NJ episode with the real estate agent. She totally called out Mel and Joey on the materials they used building that monstrosity.

    • princesspindy says:

      I said this before but I LOVED the part where the realtor or someone with them said, “I wonder what else is cheap in this house” and they cut to Melissa in the living room, just cracked me up!!

  33. TexasTart says:

  34. TexasTart says:

  35. Amalfi says:

    Ugh watching Hospital Gate, yeah Teresa did make a big deal about it “let’s go to the hospital and ask my dad who was there” (lol… seriously) but sorry that Melissa is really a gross liar and a total fake snake.

    I am a glutton for punishment or I enjoy seeing the universe doing its thing by balancing the good and evil.

  36. Powell says:

    Hell on Wheels on AMC premiers Aug 10 2 hrs 9pm est. The actor that played Bohanan is back. He left to do Red Widow and now that’s cancelled.

  37. Powell says:

    I’m watching Oprah: Where are they now. Heidi Fleiss is on. She moved. To Vegas to of course start a brothel. She ended up taking over a former madam who died bird
    sanctuary. She does work w/Dennis something who had brothels already . She convinced him to buy land and he opened another brothel. I don’t see how women do it. I saw a few yrs ago on HBO Dennis had a show about his other brothel and a few of the ladies said they own several homes and land, so I guess if you’re gonna be a prostitute, call girl or whatever they want to be called I suppose you need to be the best to make plenty of money for your future.

    • TexasTart says:

      Didn’t get the bird santuary part, maybe it was a freakish auto correct. Powell, I watched that reality show on HBO about the people at The Bunny Ranch. Can’t recall for sure if that was also the name of the show, but regardless of all else Dennis Haas seemed like a good guy to his employees and a saavy businessman IMO. I don’t know why in the world he would partner up with Fleis though. That is surprising – it must be to help her out, his business was already world renown and sucessful.

  38. lillybee says:

    Too much must see TV on today.

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