Real Housewives of Orange County Blogs Blogged

Real Housewives of Orange County Blogs Blogged by BB

Well, guys, it’s Thursday as I’m writing this and four of the  OC ladies (and I use that term loosely) have posted their Bravo Blogs – Heather, Vicki, Lydia and Alexis.  Do you know what that makes Tamra and Gretchen?  LOLLYGAGGERS!  I don’t like Lollygaggers.  They need a good talking-to from the Durham Bulls baseball coach.  Here’s one of my favorite scenes from that movie (Caution:  You may see a bare “dupa” here or there.)

In other words, Tamra and Gretchen: You show up for the scenes, you shoot the scenes, you write a blog about the scenes.  Got it?

OK, that’s about the most entertaining thing on this blog.  The OC blogs are a snoozefest this week.  I think now that the reunion has been filmed, they are over it, just as most of us are, at least I am.  They are all short and sweet.


HEATHER says:  She didn’t want to rehash every moment of this week’s episode other than to say her experience on Malibu Country was phenomenal and Terry was nothing but supportive, helpful and loving. (He’s learned his lesson I think.)  Oh, and Tamra sticking her tongue on the ice wall was one of the funniest moments of the season for her.  She also wrote next week’s episode is fantastic and we won’t want to miss it. (It must be all about Heather.)

V is heidiVICKI gives us a rehash of what she’s already said about Lauri and her hurtful behavior and the possible motives for it.   Vicki also says she’s into cold weather sports and was glad to do something different, which they probably would never have done if Lydia hadn’t planned it.  Vicki had a good laugh when Tamra put her tongue on the ice wall and Heather was quite the trooper for going all the way to Canada for a half a day.

LYDIA says:  “I want to start off by addressing a few things from last week’s episode. I don’t take myself too seriously, which is one reason why I decided to do this show. I wanted to bring a lighter side to the drama and make people smile. Apparently, some of the viewers don’t share in my same sense of humor — particularly my “skiers are nerds” and “Americans don’t know where Canada is” remarks. I was being silly. Of course I don’t think all skiers are nerds and I know that most Americans do know where Canada is. This show is meant for entertainment.”  (Thanks for reminding us of that Lydia.  Now could you please tell your fellow cast mates?)  Lydia didn’t see any reason for her to comment on all the drama in the episode since none of it had anything to do with her.  Lastly, Lydia says, “Thankfully, Tamra only had to leave a little bit of her tongue in Canada and was OK! It was a classic moment and we all needed a good laugh. Tamra is a trooper and took one for the team!” (I think I would have preferred it if Tamra had left her whole tongue in Canada!)

L and AALEXIS says:  “There is one thing I know, and that’s skiing for three hours in freezing cold weather will work up an appetite! Walking into the chef’s room, it smelled so yummy and I couldn’t wait to eat! Then. . .we all sat down. That’s when the “awkard” set in! The dinner table was just plain stiff. There was silence, tension, and discomfort. My appetite was beginning to diminish while I waiting for the elephant in the room to be addressed. I remember thinking I wish we could just get it over with! Although I can understand why Lauri wanted to discuss all of this with Vicki, I think dinner was the wrong time. Luckily, it didn’t flare up as much as I expected and I did enjoy a few bites of the chef’s delectable filet!”  Alexis had fun watching Vicki snowmobiling and thanks Tamra for making their last night in Canada memorable.


Heather laffs at THEATHER says:  “Many of you who follow RHOC closely will know that we shot the reunion last week. It was intense and parts were down right shocking. The audience is in for an amazing season-ender and the reunion will certainly not disappoint!”  AND “As far as Lauri and all of her accusations are concerned, as well as the nonsense surrounding Gretchen and the sitcom Malibu Country. . .all will be revealed at the reunion.”

VICKI says:  “We taped our reunion show last week and I’m still licking my battle wounds. All I can say is “WOW!” You think I would be used to it after eight seasons but the answer is NO…I’m not.”

LYDIA says:  “We just filmed the reunion show which should air in a few weeks, and you can see where we all stand with one another.”

ALEXIS did not comment on the reunion.


VICKI says:  “Briana is doing great and anxiously waiting for Ryan to get his orders to come home from Afghanistan. They have an opportunity to Skype almost every day, which I know helps both of them out. She is an amazing mother to Troy who is nine months already and he has definitely won my heart over. I love him so much and am so thankful for him as he is truly a blessing.”

That’s it for this week – not much to it.



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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. TGIF. I’m so sleepy w/a migraine. Some kinda noise where my room is in the hotel. I complained. Let’s see what happens today. No sleep I thought the title was “Orange County blood”. 🙂 Have a great day.

    • Vegas Chick says:

      You must be tired because you are confusing OC with NJ…. oh, that’s right! There wasn’t any blood there either… just black stuff, lol.

      Hope that you feel better soon and they give you the Penthouse.

    • chismosa says:

      Enjoy your trip Powell. You’re probably cooler than we are here in NY! Lol

      Enjoy 🌸🌈✈🏊🍷🍹

    • AZGirl says:

      Enjoy your trip!

    • Laineylainey says:

      Well, that’s no fun! Feel better!

      • Kokuanani says:

        I caught the “preview” for the next episode last night. It featured Heather and Terry revealing that someone had “knocked on their door” and offered to buy their house. For SIXTEEN MILLION dollars!!!

        It then featured them looking at a vacant piece of property overlooking the ocean, where they can build their next extravagant spread.

        • cusi77 says:

          Kokuanani_ I missed the preview…. If the sold their house, I hope they don’t rehire the same decorator to do the new house… Bad taste, Hetherness, bad taste!

        • melthehound says:

          Isn’t the vacant lot overlooking the ocean where they started on the show? With Tamra as the RE agent.

    • Rebecca says:

      As a fellow migraine sufferer, I sympathize immensely. Take it easy today, my friend.

      • Catseye says:

        Me too. I had one too, when I first woke up. Luckily, I recently discovered another herbal remedy. It’s called “THUJA” and I originally purchased it to give to one of my dogs because she has a wart on her muzzle. When I read the label, I found out that it can be used for bad headaches, I tried it and it works. So much better than meds. I bought it from Amazon (for about $7-8) in tablet form, that you put under your tongue and allow it to dissolve.

    • Boobah says:

      Oh no! Hope you feel better, Powell!

  2. HuskerHuny says:

    No fun having a migraine! Hope all is better soon.

    • chismosa says:

      Husker how are your ears?

      • HuskerHuny says:

        I’m feeling some ‘gurgling’ which I’m guessing the water is shifting around a bit and the hearing improves. And then the water shifts again and closes right back up. I’ll see the dr. again on Tuesday to see if any progress is being made. I’m almost used to it now. It’s just hard to hear when there is more than one person involved in a conversation. I have to move my good ear from side to side. My neck is getting a great workout!

        • chismosa says:

          I’m glad you have SOME relief but this is crazy! You definitely need a good ENT who maybe specializes in ears— is there a specialist for ears I forgot /otolaryngologist?

          But that made me giggle I hate to say because it’s at your discomfort— of the episode where George on Seinfeld is dating a girl who only hears out of one side better so he can’t make a “move” on her on the couch– she was actually Meghan Mullaly from Will and Grace — I’m giggling. I’m sorry everything relates back to Seinfeld for me 🙂

          FEEL better and keep us posted 👂👂👂

          • HuskerHuny says:

            There is a specialist in town who I hear (ha!) is quite good. How long do I want to go on with this? I hope to have more answers after next Tuesday’s check-up.

            I’m a Seinfeld freak and that reference made me laugh. I think she was the girl who worked in the zoo where the ape spit on Kramer. My family does not go a day without a Seinfeld reference – not that’s there’s anything wrong with it!

            • chismosa says:


              Well there’s two episodes — 1 where George is dating a girl he tells he “loves” to but then learns she is deaf in one ear so tells her again– she works in the zoo. The one I was talking about is another one, a bit older, it’s when George dates a woman and goes to the funeral of her aunt or someone- and tries to get reimbursed for the flight ticket but needs to produce a death certificate. He also “double-dipped” chips at the wake/after funeral get together.

              Everything in life goes back to Seinfeld.

              Well feel better soon !

              • HuskerHuny says:

                Ah yes, the double dip episode with brother Timmy!

                My all-time favorite Seinfeld is the Keith Hernandez one. The first time I saw it, I was in the hospital just getting out of a three-day stay in ICU. I was laughing so hard I was in fear of opening up my stitches. The famous JFK/spitting/that’s one magic lugee episode.

                I have the Seinfeld Scene It game and no one will play with me. C’mon over Chismosa – I think I may have met my match!

  3. HuskerHuny says:

    Someone really needs to make a BIG move on Big Brother soon. Not enough conflict this year. I hope Judd uses his HOH week to make something happen, but I’m guessing he’s going to go with Ginamarie (who has to be in the top five of the most annoying houseguests ever), Aaryn (the most biggoted houseguest ever) and Kaitlin. At least America gets to vote on the third nomination this week. I’m practically 100 percent sure that Aaryn will win that vote. I think it would be great to put up Amanda and/or McCrae or Helen and Andy. Two strong couples that need to be separated before too long or they will go to the final three/four. I like all four of them, but a smart game player should see that they are too powerful together.

    The heat is on for sure! We’ve been kissing 100 for the past week. C’mon rain; that ‘D’ word (drought) is starting to be mentioned again. The corn and beans need ya! Happy weekend!

  4. cusi77 says:

    Thank you BB for Blogging the Blogs! I had a blast! Specially with Heatherness promise for the next episode! Haa! It will all be about her!!!!! Haha!

    Stay cool everyone and have a happy Friday (my Second favorite “F” word!)

  5. TexasTart says:

    “I think I would have preferred it if Tamra had left her whole tongue in Canada!” LOL, BB. And “It must all be about Heather!” She is SO predictable, right?! Thanks, BB!

    So true and so funny! Thanks BB!

    • TexasTart says:

      ha ha, just found that bottom line I thought disappeared! Powell, hope your head feels better soon so you can have fun – and get a new room if you can. Are you attending a family reunion?
      I guess JNNTJ is having a grand time in the OBX!
      TGIF everyone!

  6. vilzvet says:

    The hair tar is just hysterical, I have no words.
    Our friend Kristen Johnston just tweeted this (wonder what that’s about, it’s gotta be good):

    Now Jill Zarin’s new handle can be @BlockedByKJo

  7. VV says:

    So, the Wakakas are on a trip to Italy. I wonder if Kathy is on a dirt finding mission to get ammo for the reunion? Disguised or combined with a family trip. I wouldn’t put it past her. Kathy is very sneaky. Let’s not forget how she joined the show behind Teresa.

  8. ladebra says:

    Hope you feel better Powell!

    I am liking Lydia, and Alexis too this season. I still can’t watch a whole episode, but your blogs are the best BB!

    I saw this note today, and the original picture moved me so much, I thought I’d share . For you Chismosa, you might not want to click. Circle of life and all. I hope at my time, I have someone to hold me too.

  9. grandma deb says:

    powell, i’m so sorry about your migraine. i used have bad headaches daily and migraines weekly but since i found a wonderful doctor that uses botox for migraines i have a new life. she gives me botox every 3 months and my headaches are down to one or two during the entire 3 months. she has gotten me off caffine and excedrin which were just making it worse. i know it doesn’t always work but it was a true blessing for me. i hope you find relief soon. love, debi

    • Catseye says:

      True about Botox. I get it for wrinkles and the wonderful side effect is fewer headaches.

  10. VV says:

    Well lookie here. Something that Chianina and I can agree on.

    Holiday romance? Bethenny Frankel spends time with billionaire Warren Lichtenstein during a trip… via @DailyMailUS

    Bethenny and her billionaire “friend”. I hope Bryn is with Jason and grandparents whole her mom is jet setting to the French Riviera.

    • VV says:

      I misspelled my email ONCE AGAIN…Therefore no Sunflower.

      Chianina=chismosa ( autocorrect 👿👿👿)

      • TexasTart says:

        LOL, VV. Auto correct thinks the Chismosa replacement is a word? Well I had to look that up! Learn something new everyday. 🙂
        Chi·a·ni·na/ˌkiəˈninə/ [kee-uh-nee-nuh] noun, plural Chi·a·ni·ni.
        one of a large breed of beef cattle, originally of Italy, used also as a draft animal.

      • BB says:

        I was wondering who the heck Chianina was! Sure, they are just “friends.” There was an article in radaronline (I know, they are not that reliable) that Bethenny was looking to keep Brynn away from the Hoppys (grandparents) because the were apparently saying bad things about B in front of Brynn. I don’t think the Hoppy’s would do that. I used to be such a Bethenny fan. Not so much anymore.

      • Laineylainey says:

        I immediately knew who you were talking about and figured autocorrect was up to its usual tricks. Gave me a good giggle.

      • chismosa says:

        VV this is hysterical! I completely completely get when people mess my name up because its not a normal English word so please no biggie! 😘😘😜

        Chianina here!!!
        I read something about this on radar (yah I know – not a good source) and I’m sorry I think she was seeing this guy before the separation.
        She’s trash. I’m over her. This is SUCH bad publicity right before the show starts !
        Loving it …..

        • VV says:

          B was still married to Jason when she went to Hong Kong with Warren last year and tweeted this picture.

          bethennyfrankel’s photo

          • chismosa says:

            Yup VV, I totally totally think it can’t have been innocent.

            I wonder if this is something Jason can use in the divorce proceedings ???
            I mean there’s no proof of sexual stuff, but come on……


            • chismosa says:

              Plus if I may add— if I want to search online for all “mentions” ABOUT or TO Bethenny on twitter— is it true you think they edit it out so that only positive tweets are showing up about her?

              I feel like I read here that she uses some filter. …..
              I feel like there should be more Bethenny twitter bashing

              If such a filter exists, I’m sure Ellen’s producers are all over this

              • VV says:

                Remember Mauricio was getting hammered on Twitter for a few days last season and then one day all the tweets were positive just like that. A Miracle?! I think not!

            • VV says:

              Warren is ugly and we know B is coming from a place of ye$. In her circles, beauty can be overlooked by the size of a person’s bank account.

    • ramonacoaster says:

      Bethenny tweeted right before certain articles came out about Warren Lichtenstein & Bethenny not wanting Bryn around Jason’s parents.

      Bethenny Frankel ‏@Bethenny 18 Jul
      Every day a trashy rag threatens to print fictitious details abt my life to get me to spill. I don’t negotiate w terrorists so bring it.

      She will probably spill when her talk show starts so she gets ratings. That is, if anyone is still interested.

      • BB says:

        I think I read somewhere is one of the stipulations that Jason has put on the table in the divorce negotiations is that she will not talk about their marriage or have Brynn on her talk show. It will be interesting to see what the judge decides because I don’t think they are going to come to an agreement between the two of them. I don’t think Bethenny is going to like what the judge decides because she’s probably not going to get everything she wants.

        • VV says:

          That seems reasonable on Jason’s part because if she’s allowed to talk about it. She trash him at every chance she gets. IMO. She’s a control freak. I’m sure she’s steaming that she’s not able to get her way.

  11. VV says:

    It also typed whole instead of “while” 👿😡👿😡

  12. Nancy says:

    I hope Jill, not that Jill has some Nito with her as it looks like Brandi is getting a spin off.

  13. AZGirl says:

    I hope Powell is feeling better.

  14. Laineylainey says:

    I just saw another moniker for Joey: “Ms. Clairol”

  15. AZGirl says:

    Ok..royal baby on the way…I think Rebecca’s choice is perfect HRH Victoria Elizabeth Diana.
    If the Queen is the one who chooses the name I bet that Margaret after her sister may be included. Also there have not been a “Mary” since the Queen’s grandmother.

  16. Powell says:

    Hey all. I hope you’ve had a great day. I got up, went to eat breakfast & did someshopping. 🙂 Got a new room. After dinner I am chillaxing w/a drink. I will read all of your shenanigans.

    • Laineylainey says:

      Well good for you, Powellypooh!!! A new room! I had the day off, went to my aesthetician to have her remove the beef jerky…she took a lot of it off, I’m so happy. Much of the hyperpigmentation is gone. Still have little bits of jerky left…she is going to see me on .sunday morning to do a microdermabrasion. Yay!! It’s been a long beef jerky week. Went and got my hair cut and styled. I’m glad you’re chillaxing and hope the migraine is gone, gone, gone!!

    • AZGirl says:

      Good for you! I am jealous. shenanigans are totally on-going today. Kristen Johnson and JZ are at it.

  17. cusi77 says:

    I hope Jacqueline’s son Therapist watches RHONJ, for the sake of her son and could give her an honest advice to look for help for Herself first, in order to be a fit mother to Nicholas. Let him be a child, for God’s sake!

    • Laineylainey says:

      Cusi,he seems to be getting lots of professional early intervention which is a very positive thing. He spends most of his days away from her…and hopefully he witnesses only a minimal amount of Jac Daniels time…so, I think he’s going to be ok. Isn’t he just the sweetest looking little guy? They are still adjusting to the reality of the diagnosis, we can only hope that she will help herself too, (as you so wisely said) while she is working so hard to help her baby. I wonder how Ashley is doing, I hope she is well. Not much early professional intervention there, unfortunately. Still, I have hope for her, too.

      • cusi77 says:

        The boy is adorable! And loving with his parents! It breaks my heart that the cameras are in his face…

  18. AZGirl says:

    Pepper chewed the trim around by powder room door and I am not happy.

    • BB says:

      Bad Pepper, bad girl! One of my young doggies chewed the rungs of my kitchen chairs once.

    • Laineylainey says:

      Did she do that when you were gone?

    • Catseye says:

      I buy large soup bones for my dogs and cook the fat off of them in the crock pot with a piece of rosemary and a Bay leaf, then store in the fridge. I give a bone to each, whenever I’m going to be gone, usually helping my mother, for the day. It gives them something to do for a while and keeps them out of mischief. (Although they’re small they can still tear up my living room, pretty good when they’re bored).

  19. cusi77 says:

    Watching the rerun “When Joes collide” (Ep. 7) Caroline is in front of a Castle with her husband, after She runs over the Bridge… is that the same Castle where Teresa and Family are having their retreat? It really looks like it is… Bravo paid for… Why not? “But keep us away from craziness ” I can hear Caroline and Albert.

    • chismosa says:

      Cusi it can’t be— the place Caro spent her alloyed 1 ht/week with her husband was in Passaic falls or something with a “p” — Patterson? That is very New Jersey and they said that Al’s grandfather or whomever had helped to build it –/ they were no where near Lake George- which I think must be like 5 hours or so away ?

      • chismosa says:

        Allotted 1 hour per week with Albert.

        Ughhhh autocorrect!

        • cusi77 says:

          Thank you, Chismocita! (I can’t call you that name “Chismosa: without feeling I am offending you… Haa!) To be chismosa,, is not good… But in this case, we all are “chismoseando”! Gossiping? Yeah!

          • chismosa says:

            Yes that is what we do, and yes most people consider gossip to be bad but it’s NATURAL and I think we were doing it back in the caves and also as apes. Haha!

            It’s ok, call me whatever. 😘 Besito Cusita

  20. cusi77 says:

    Yeap! It is the same Castle!

  21. Nancy says:

    I wish I knew what he was singing about but this is a beautiful piece anyway.

  22. VV says:

    Froggy ( thank you Juicy for the name)

    officialkathywakile’s photo

  23. cusi77 says:

    I know… It seems to me that I don’t have more important thinks in what to think about, I am going to give my opinion in what Bravo has edited for us to watch and believe -Actually I have important thing happenng right now in my life. I am moving and I will be doing some adjustments in my life… mean while that happens (like next week) and I am living a little impasse, here I go:

    I admire Teresa for being hard worker, a good mother, daughter and wife. Kudos!

    BUT, sorry, I am not blind! She does not listen. She blames others and never takes responsibility when she is in the wrong. She is paranoid. She thinks everyone is there to get her. Perhaps…
    When people are talking to her, she seems to be just in her head and she does not “put her listening ears” (like my Judge Judy would say)… Does she have a learning disability? Perhaps, she really looks confused! Not understanding and IT IS NOT because she speaks Italian, she has two mother languages (like thousands or millions of people), she does the same when speaking Italian. Her brain does not process well what others say to her… she is in her thoughts.
    And with all her disadvantages, she works and is a loving mother to her daughters, brings the bacon home, loves her parents and believes Juicy has never cheated on her.

    Joe Gorga resents her sister for having the love of his parents -like IF his parents couldn’t love both their children.

    Resents Juicy for having the complete approval of his parents. Thinks his parents love more Juicy than him. NOPE. They love both in different ways.

    He was mad at Teresa when she became Real Housewife for two seasons and she was hanging with the Manzoids and Lauritas like family and never filmed with them and introduced them as her bother and his sister in law. They felt left aside. They resented her fame (not for being intelligent, but because she was funny, she the famous flipping table woman).

    They wanted to be in the same program and Melissa contacted Danielle, to give her ammunition to fight Teresa. They got into the program and didn’t share a word with Teresa, they started filming on Teresa’s back.

    Joey has to stick with his wife, as Teresa sticks with her husband. They are more than blood… they are ONE, they became one when they got married. So to try that her brother (Teresa) stick with his blood and not with strangers (Melissa) is to be delirious! He calling her scum was wrong… he just needed to tell her: Melisa is not stranger, Melissa is my wife, the mother of my children and she comes first! As much as JoeGiu comes first for Teresa!

    Enough to trying to figure out bunch of crazy people, with crazy script and crazy editing!!! Trying to make sense is useless.

    • Nancy says:

      Hi Cusi,
      When Teresa made that comment (sticking with blood) she was talking about Jacq
      not Melissa.

      • VV says:

        Yes, Cusi this “incestal” idea is all Bravo manipulation and their edit. The cut statements at the right time and splice them to look like somehow Tre has this thing for her brother. If you watch that scene again and closely listen you can tell she’s talking about Jac. Tre was talking about what happened at Posche and how Joey chose to believe Jac instead of Teresa that she had nothing to do with the “set up” of the bald guy.

    • Laineylainey says:

      Cusi it appears from reading your post you do have them figured out…however, your comment about tre being paranoid reminds of a line in be of my favorite movies: “It seems the paranoid sometimes are actually being followed,”. If you ever watch that movie, you will laugh at that line…because sometimes (as in the case of the main character in Bowfinger as well as Teresa Guidice) people really are out to get you.

      Also, I have wasted a lot of my brain cells on the RealHousewives and I now think that Tre will not leave the show because she fears that her brother would then not have a job. I think she loves him that much; that she will stay on so that he and mElissa can keep their livelihood.

    • Mrs Peabody says:

      I agree with all you said except the sticking with blood part, she was not talking about Melissa she was talking about non-relatives, ie wacky and clown, friends, strangers etc. I know Tre is not the smartest one on the show but I wonder how much of her confused look is editing too. I mean they can be saying one thing and they could very well be showing a clip of her before or after the conversation, I just don’t trust them anymore. Another think I noticed while rewatching the fight joeyg was grabbing JoeG by the balls during the fight and that is probably what JoeG was feeling not him biting him (and he could have been too for all I know). If you watch joeyg’s hands when they are fighting you can see him doing it. I think joeyg and his wife are very very jealous of Teresa, to the point that they hate her for all her luck with being chosen to be on the show. Can you imagine how jealous TSIL was when she found out tre got the show and she didn’t and then not to be included in any of the clips of the show. That hate and jealousy was in high gear and as always it was probably Tre’s fault they were never in any of the shows. How it must have ate at them.

      • Laineylainey says:

        So TsIL gets on the show and thinks…this is it, my chance to be the next JLo. Epic fail. Then what? Oh now she is going to write a book..”.but I’m writing a real book not a cookbook ” she preens. Do you ever wonder how low does it go? The intelligence quotient of Mr. And Mrs. Joe Gorga. How low? Mr. And Mrs. ” GORGA! GORGA! “. What you say? ” GORGA! GORGA! “. WHAT???? ” GORGA! GORGA! “.

        • cusi77 says:

          That is what she was talking about! No Melissa. Thank Goodness Melissa is not his blood…

          You know what else The GORGA, MALISSSSA GHORGHA, resents? Teresa was in Celebrity apprentice and she was loved by real Celebrities! Haa! I forgot to mention that!

          • chismosa says:

            Hi Cusita— Chianina here —- lol!!!–

            Good luck with your move- didnt you recently move to Chicago ? Forgive me if I’m messing it up.

            Yes, the problem that is the eternal issue is that we have JoGo being mad at Teresa for some ISSUES. Now, what is being presented to us on the show, via the editing is that it was the finale- the Strippergate/bald guy/ bravo’s producers-SET-UP that finale night where Jacq got the 411 on SOMETHING via texts by someone at production/Bravo

            What is being presented to the viewer is that Teresa supposeBLy set that up and Jacq, so far ( though she doesn’t talk about it this season thus far) is someone who supposedly told Melissa and Joe that Teresa was responsible. Jacq is either 1) an idiot and believes Teresa actually DID set something up herself or b) is under strict orders from bravo to continue the conflict by claiming she blames Tre for everything, this ensuring Mel and Jo believe that as well. For CONFLICT. For soap opera.

            The ridiculous thing is for those not on twitter & not on blogs (most everyone i know who watches this show- guiltily– dont know the truth like we all do!)who don’t know the behind the scenes machinations of Bravo and producers. And forget who gets good or bad editing – just for a storyline, conflict in general

            The fact that Jacq, Teresa, and all the others cannot put the blame where blame is due — BRAVO- is this 4th wall issue I always talk about.

            I think JoGo has longstanding issues with his SIL and especial BIL, and bravo is using that for the viewer to see a story
            Same with Tre having pent up issues at her SIL via the BIL (jmho)

            It’s a sad web they all weave on this show

            • chismosa says:

              JoGo has issues with BIL via sister is what I meant

              • cusi77 says:

                ITA. Love the 4th. wall and can’t blame where the blame is due… If they all hold hands and skipping to the fields, there is no conflict, nothing to use for Bravo.

                I do watch this garbage, without guilt! Haa!

                I am moving to Oak Park, Il. (10 minutes train to Downtown Chicago), Not far from where I live, but moving is always stressful. I am moving for the better. I’ll be great.

    • realhousewifeva says:

      It has been repeated by Teresa and others that Teresa was telling Joey to stick with her blood and not water when referring to him believing Jac over her about the Posch fashion show. Not Melissa.

      Teresa also did introduce her brother on camera during her house warming party in season 1 or 2. She has said they were at every party or function she had on camera..she cannot control what Bravo chooses to show or not show, but they DID eventually show it after her brother came onto the show. Most of the other housewives do not bring all their family and siblings onto the show. In all the franchises we barely see outside family for any of these women…why is Teresa bad for not wanting to bring her obviously trouble making crazy sister in law on camera? How anyone can think that what Melissa did to get on the show (contact Danielle, have her and her sisters posting on Facebook bad things about Teresa, etc) is okay is beyond my comprehension. Teresa was on the show first, it was `her` thing… the others should have just moved on and live their own lives but they were sooo fame hungry that they would do anything for spotlight, even destroy the family. The elder Gorgas hate Melissa and Joey for a reason, and I don`t think it is because Teresa tells them to.

      I will say that I do think both Joey and Teresa seem a bit slow, so I can agree to that. Why Joey gets away with it when he acts JUST like Teresa, again, I do not understand. He blows up ALL THE TIME. Calls her awful names, gets physical, is mean and nasty even when his sister is trying to be cordial…he is so awful and gets a pass. Weird.

      • VV says:

        Very good observation 👍😃

      • Amalfi says:

        I think Joey has been the best thing to happen to Teresa – even though (or maybe because) he is a total pig, as well as his wife.

        Joey generated a lot of sympathy for Teresa where before none had existed. (Kind of like how Teresa’s abhorent behavior toward Danielle made me feel sorry for that complete wacko… but she didn’t handle that as well as Teresa…she was a bitch right back and worse.)

        I am reminded of watching that Jackie Robinson movie last night (42, I think) when the Phillies manager kept harassing Jackie when he was batting calling him the n word over and over. At first his teammates just watched because not all of them liked Jackie either but by the end they were kicking the man’s ass and it made them firmly Team Jackie.

        Not trying to equate ignorance and prejudice that Jackie Robinson endured to Teresa’s troubles – she has it pretty good in comparison, but watching someone (even as formerly hate-able as Teresa get it non stop from her disgusting brother, wife and cronies) is enough to generate sympathy for a formerly unsympathetic character. So, really… Joey changed Teresa’s perception by audiences (not all for sure, but many — like me.)

    • cusi77 says:

      Awww… I agree BB, THIS is love!

    • TexasTart says:

      Too sweet and funny all at the same time, you can tell the humans, even though it was filmed, they really did not expect this much of an over the top reaction from the dog….love the part when the soldier asks the dog if he is okay, ha. I forgot to put earphones on when I started playing this and my dogs went totally nuts! One of them is still convinced something is up…like WHERE is that dog that was crying?!

    • VV says:


    • melthehound says:

      😀 Everyone in the house was lucky the dog can’t actually talk because ‘Bugaboo’ was spilling the dirt on all of them 😆

  24. AZGirl says:

    Off to Flagstaff and we are taking Pepper with us. Should be interesting. She hates other dogs and is timid around people. This is supposed to be relaxing. It will be good to see Second Born. I hope Pepper is nice to him.

    • princesspindy says:

      Maybe you should consider a muzzle…..a cruelty free muzzle……with sparkles…….

      • AZGirl says:

        We are home. She did pretty well. Started her on a muzzle collar at class Thursday night. Actually we had 2 meals out at dog friendly places and other than a few “charges” under the table she did well. Went for hike. She did bite Second Born when we introduced him but he was holding her leash at the end of the hike. Baby steps.

  25. VV says:

    I recently deleted a bunch of tweets from B tgat I had saved long ago. I was trying to put together a timeline from the summer to the divorce announcement but I deleted them.
    I’m sure B feels this billionaire is better suited for her. B is very plastic. I always thought she was embarrassed Jason’s parents and that they were not “sophisticated” enough for the circles she runs around with. Same with Jason.

    • Amalfi says:

      Jason provided his siring services and created a good looking baby for her to play with. Now he is hanging around instead of leaving like a good stud dog.

      Bethaney is such a hag, Poor Brynny.

      • VV says:

        Bryn Hoppy. Her father is Jason Hoppy. She looks like a Hoppy and was named after a Hoppy. You cannot get anymore Hoppy than that. B will forever be reminded of he Hoppy family. How hoppy can she be?

  26. Catseye says:

    Jill, You were asking about using coupons a few weeks ago. I know you are probably still on vacation, but in just in case you’re still checking in, I don’t know if I mentioned it before but, GROUPON is a GREAT way to save money. I’ve save on custom framing for my needlework, pizza’s, even one for ebay once.

    • Powell says:

      Catseye I’ve gotten a free Poppas John Pizza using Groupon. I also do Mypoints. I use the coupons, go thru Mypoints to shop Online at Nordstrom, Ann Taylor, many dept stores. You get points and they add up and you can get all types of gift cards. I love it.

      • Catseye says:

        Thanks! I hadn’t heard of that one yet. Also, ebay has a new ebay bucks/rewards program now. Every little bit helps!

  27. Powell says:

    Hey everyone. I hope you’re having a great Saturday. I hope you are being good. 🙂

  28. Powell says:

    I’m catching up. You all are cracking me up. Lainey’s New face is revealing its self. Good for you. You just might have to go on a date. 🙂

    KJ & JZ are doing keyboard battle. JZ shouldn’t mess w/a comedian. She keeps it up she will find out.

    I hope I didn’t miss a Birthday. If I did Happy Birthday..

  29. Laineylainey says:

    Do y’all remember when Gretchen was showing off a new hairdo last year? It was a pre-emptive strike. I think at the then unaired reunion (last year) Alexis outed her for wearing hair extensions and for having her Lips done. It was the year they were all on the “Alexis is fake! Alexis is a liar!” World tour with the full support of Andy Cohen. When in fact Gretchen had denied wearing hair extensions and had said on camera that her lips were looking fuller because of the lipstick from her beautee’ line. She knew that she was going to be outed on the reunion, so she cut her hair and made some kind of fanfare about The hair before the episode aired to soften the impact that was coming on the reunion. All of this to say that the Gorgas did the same. They knew the Gargoyle Grease was going to come out of hiding so he shaved his head and he unveiled his new cool, unassuming, honest, natural look on wwhl and Andy was right there to celebrate the Gorga Dome. Another pre-emptive strike. A genius move. Not.

  30. TexasTart says:

    The Giudice family got a German Shepherd.

    • melthehound says:

      I thought that she was afraid of dogs and, they already had 2 or 3 of them… Maybe the Manzo German Shepards and the Giudice dogs are the same dogs…

    • princesspindy says:

      That poor dog, the way the girls treat each other…..I hope it is a patient soul!!! LOL, can you imagine them calling her??? STELLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

      • chismosa says:

        Milania is going to freak the HE11 out of that dog.

      • Laineylainey says:

        What? LOL! Why all the pity for this puppy? Lots of dogs are raised by families with children. Most children are not quiet and serene…they are loud, playful, physical and energetic. Most puppies love that. At least the pups I’ve known. Certain breeds don’t love it, but I think, I THINK German Shepherd puppies are ok with kids. In fact I want a pet so badly, but I think adopting an older animal might be better since we don’t have kids anymore. A puppy or kitten would want more energy from us than we can give. That’s my thinking anyway. I could be wrong.

        • princesspindy says:

          True, but from what I have seen of these children the parents have little control over their actions, maybe they aren’t different when the camera is off, and the kids know they can do whatever they want in front of the camera without getting in trouble….but I have a feeling this dog is going to need a safe spot to “decompress” from these girls….who by the way, have no problem throwing each other around and dropping sisters on their heads…..but maybe it will be a wonderful thing for them…..will I be surprised if the dog shows up next year in a splint, no…..or if it goes the way of “snowflake” or whatever Taylor’s dog’s name was….. I could be wrong too!! 😉

          • princesspindy says:

            *are different*….Freudian slip???

          • melthehound says:

            That’s what a cage/crate is for.. Give the dog his own space.

            • Laineylainey says:

              My sons doggie was crate trained. He did great. The dog, I mean.

              • melthehound says:

                The Hound is crate trained as well.. The door always stays open for him and whenever he’s had enough of what’s going on, he just goes in there and lays down.

                • windycitywondering2 says:

                  The Huskys are the same – their crates are where they go when they want to take a nap, don’t want to deal with humans, etc! When I attempted to take their crates away – they were not amused!!

                  • melthehound says:

                    He doesn’t have to put up with much but the Hound is the same way. He simply knows, he won’t be bothered when he’s in there. Even if he’s trying to escape me, if he’s in his ‘room’, he’s left alone..

          • Laineylainey says:

            Wow…a splint? Really? The dogs I’ve seen in splints are the little teacups…they are so frail…but a German Shepherd puppy is pretty hearty. I think all tres kids are mature enough to practice some common sense. I Hope. I’ve known some pretty rowdy kids and their pets did just fine. The key as you said (sort of), is parental supervision. Our daughter was four when we got our kitten. If we hadn’t been vigilant she would have killed or maimed Aggie. Aggie scratched the crap outta her and we were constantly on her about being gentle. We chose the feistier kitten of the litter (there were nicer ones) because we had a four year old and we wanted the new kitten to defend himself as needed. So yes, i see your point and I do understand that kids can be dangerous to small animals, I guess I don’t see the Guidice puppy being in any greater danger than it would have been with my kids (when they were little)or any other children.

            • melthehound says:

              kitten to defend himself as needed
              That is the thing you have to teach the kids or they will learn the hard way. Animals, even the cute little kittens, will defend themselves and most animals have a warning before it happens. A hiss or scream in the case of a cat or a growl or even a snap of the teeth in the case of a dog.

    • Laineylainey says:

      German Shepherds are so pretty. And smart.

  31. TexasTart says:

  32. TexasTart says:

  33. TexasTart says:

  34. TexasTart says:

  35. TexasTart says:

    • Laineylainey says:

      The prettiest housewives in the franchise are the Miami ladies.

    • chismosa says:

      I’m going to miss Marisol and Ana and of course Elsa!
      I hope it comes out why Ana never signed on. I think Her highness Lea is behind that candelabra 💡💡💡

      • TexasTart says:

        ITA with the a ove.comments and to add that Ana said that we will find out later….when the time is right.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Maybe she has something bigger and better going on! just guessing,…as usual.

          • TexasTart says:

            I feel certain she does and that we will see her on TV again, however I got the feeling from reading her tweets and interviews that there must have been a falling out of sorts…I think it was an abrupt, unplanned departure from RHOM. She says it will become evident later.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Something to look forward to,…hope it’s not as anti climactic as things can be at times.

            • chismosa says:

              Agree with all of you—-

              Maybe a cooking show.
              Her boyfriend is a district/assistant DA, right? Maybe he didnt want her on that show? I’m just picking things from the air….
              I want to see them together he was so handsome. Love to see her find love again

  36. TexasTart says:

    IDK why she’s in Seattle, but she is in NMD territory!

  37. TexasTart says:

    • Laineylainey says:

      They are a pretty couple. The hair …that style is too severe for her, it looks good on a young face.

      • TexasTart says:

        That hair style is not good on her – that’s how her sister Kim would have hers.

  38. TexasTart says:

  39. Laineylainey says:

    TT, thanks for sharing those tweets and instagrams. Love ’em! Nene was looking for a hair salon in Seattle.

    • TexasTart says:

      You’re welcome. Seemed like a slow day here on the blog, so I thought I’d capture some housewives activities!

  40. TexasTart says:

    IDK what she was filming, she doesn’t say.

  41. TexasTart says:

  42. TexasTart says:

  43. chismosa says:

    Lainey how’s the beef? (Jerky)?
    Hope you look FAB! 💄👓💅👄

    I’m going to go to the health page now….. Have been meaning to

    • Laineylainey says:

      Much better! Having a microdermabrasion tomorrow morning to get the rest of it off!

  44. chismosa says:

    RIP Helen Thomas

  45. TexasTart says:

  46. TexasTart says:

  47. TexasTart says:

    I love this pic!!! If you’re not familiar with RHOBH this is her pool that appears to meet the Pacific ocean.

  48. TexasTart says:

    Kristen Wiig on SNL rerun is just as funny the 2nd time, she is hilarious. 😀

  49. TexasTart says:

  50. TexasTart says:

    How amusing…

  51. TexasTart says:

  52. TexasTart says:

  53. TexasTart says:

    That’s all folks, hope there was something of interest out off all those! Have a wonderful day & stay cool! 😀

  54. BB says:

    I could have done without seeing “Splits Richards” this morning (ugh). On my way out the door to church. Hope everyone has a great Sunday!

    • cusi77 says:

      Happy Sunday, BB! Send prayers this way! Love you, girl!

      • BB says:

        Just got back from church. Always sets a great tone for the rest of my week when I go. Recharges my spiritual batteries! Hope your move is going well, Cusi. It’s a pain, but I hope it’s to someplace better. Love you too!

      • Powell says:

        Happy journey Miss Cusi.

  55. Powell says:

    Hello everyone. Hope you’ve had a great weekend. On my way back. Sitting at Charleston Airport. I had lots of fun. I hope you all have behaved yourselves. 🙂

  56. Rebecca says:

    Pouring down rain! In Phoenix! Finally! Time for a teaposy to enjoy this!!!!

  57. princesspindy says:

    I tried again to watch RHOM but all of the women’s faces are so disconcerting and distracting….so much work, so odd, so boring, IPPHO….had to turn the channel….

    • Laineylainey says:

      You think their work is worse than the ladies from the other shows? They all look like that to me. Well…maybe not all. Caroline looks natural. Sonja and Ramona don’t look weird. Not sure who else…Atlantas not too overdone I guess.

      • chismosa says:

        I’m with you Lainey– the faces didnt look that overworked to me, except the one married to the plastic surgeon

    • BB says:

      I could never get into RHOM. I tried a couple of times.

  58. VV says:

    Love the name of Teresa’s new venture. BF does not own the monopoly on the word “skinny”

    teresagiudice’s photo

  59. not THAT Jill says:

    Hello everyone!! Finally home after 9 hours in the car-how’s everyone?? What did I miss?? (I read about the Brandi spin off -has it been confirmed yet??)

    • Laineylainey says:

      Hi!!!! You heard about Brandi’s alleged spinoff? It’s called “they’re suing me, so STFU”. Or something like that!

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Ha!! Perfect name!!!! Missed you Lainey!!

      • Laineylainey says:

        Awwwww! Missed you too! YOu’ll have to share some of the highlights from your trip, especially about the girls…did they have a good time?

    • BB says:

      How was your vacay?

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Hey BB-it was heaven!!! I have a question about OBX-when did it become a place for fox and deer??? I’m sure they have been there forever but this year we saw them nightly-and daily-right in our backyard-sometimes we would see a fox in the late morning-we never saw them in OBX until this year…it was kind of cool!!!

        • BB says:

          OBX has always been a nature place. I’ve seen deer but not foxes at my house. I’ve seen foxes in my VA neighborhood though! If you go down to the Wright Memorial at dusk can see many many deer gathered. I think it’s neat that you could see them in your yard. We saw a deer come down the side of our yard, and right down the street in front of our house a month or so ago.

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