Let’s Chat – Real Housewives of Orange County

Homestretch for this season of the Real Housewives of Orange County.  They just filmed the reunion – and are home licking their wounds.  I suppose Tamra’s wedding special will air before we completely lose interest.  Right now the news for OC is OLD news.  Tamra’s first ex has come out swinging, and they are in a full out twitter/tabloid war.  It seems that he took exception to people thinking he was the reason she tried to commit suicide all those years ago.  Laurie’s best excuse for spreading rumors about Vicki is some email sent years ago.  Gretchen can’t get over Vicki being a hypocrite.  I thought that was well established after Vicki excused Brooks when he didn’t fulfill his child support – after she was all over Slade for the same thing  Tonight we’ll see Heather and Terry look at lot to build a home.  They probably bought it a while back- say when we were showed it last year when Heather was introduced to the show.

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228 Responses to Let’s Chat – Real Housewives of Orange County

  1. Powell says:

    Hello everyone. It’s OC night. Well a whole lot better than NJ.

    • $25,000 says:

      Hi Powell! I am happy you are here.

      Almost every week this season I have been surprised by how much I am enjoying RHOC this season.

      • Powell says:

        Hi! Yes its pretty good this season but Gretchen is really grating on my nerves. She needs to stop w/the lies. And,Lauri. Shame on her for coming on to pick a fight w/Vicki & get Gretch up in arms about something that happened 7 yrs ago. If Lauri was made at Vicki then she should have talked to her about it 7yrs ago. It’s not even something that serious.

        • $25,000 says:

          Gretchen is soooo obnoxious this season!
          Lauri’s disgusting. She just wanted to be back on the show and made up a bunch of crap to make sure the producers would let her come back. I don’t really see how any of the women would want her to come back again next season. If she’ll do it to Vicki, she’ll do it to the others too.

    • Laineylainey says:

      Hi there!!!

    • Rebecca says:

      Good evening everyone! I made berry sangria for this. Who wants a drink?

  2. $25,000 says:

    Thanks for the thread NMD!
    Is anybody watching tonight? I think it’s going to be good.

  3. $25,000 says:

    Good Jill, I’m glad you are here too. I’m rewatching last week’s episode too.

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      Oh I’m glad you are watching last weeks too so I can ask you….how dumb is Gretchen?? Did she really believe her and Tamra were BFFs and Tamra would ever have her back? I mean really-it’s hysterical!!!!

  4. AZGirl says:

    Good Evening Powell, Jill and 25K. I just finished reading the FameGorga site which makes everything clear. Joey and Mel think Tre is behind the info on the blog. She is not. FameGorga was breaking the rumors about Bulldog and Mel in real time at about the time they were filming the castle fight. The timeline in on the site.

    I am so amazed at how vain Joe and Mel are. Really, they read the FameGorga blog and the posts and work themselves up into a frenzy. Who has that much time on their hands. Joey needs to get a job.

    • Powell says:

      Well I’m sure there are comments that Mel & Joey need to take seriously but they don’t so why are they believing that Tre has anything to do w/the blog? Cause they’re both idiots that really have nothing to do so they chose the past time of blaming Tre for everything.

    • $25,000 says:

      Hi AZGirl,

      What info on the Fame Whorgas blog are you talking about?

      I don’t think I’ve ever read that site.

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      That famewhorga gives me a headache!! So much to read and the font is soooo tiny-I get dizzy over there but I do read the really juicy stuff!!!

      • kit9 says:

        Word vomit. The only way to describe it. Oh, and batsh*t crazy.

        • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

          Hey kit….Brandi maybe getting a spin off…lets NOT watch together!!!

          • melthehound says:

            I hate spinoffs so I’ll not watch with you… Regardless of who they are for.

            • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

              I have to be truthful-I would watch. But then again I watched Kim’s spin off-both of them-so I have mental problem obviously.

      • Rebecca says:

        Jill, hit control + to make the font bigger. It’s worth it.

  5. melthehound says:

    Gretchen can’t get over Vicki being a hypocrite.

    That’s rich 😆

  6. Powell says:

    NMD I’m not even sure if I believe that Tamra attempted to commit suicide so I didn’t even think her 1st husband had anything to do w/why she would have done it. Lots of people suffer w/depression & many attempt suicide. If Tamra did I’m glad she didn’t for Ryan & her family’s sake. But if she did that’s not an excuse to treat people they way she has over the yrs. Cause she hurt at one time she’s allowed to hurt other people.

    • $25,000 says:

      Thumbs up! I don’t have an opinion on whether she tried to commit suicide or not, but I do believe she is trying to use it as an excuse for her bad behavior. I’m not buying that excuse at all.

  7. Powell says:

    Why do they need Assistants?

  8. Nancy says:

    Hello ladies.

  9. Nancy says:

    Do they live together?

  10. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    I forgot I watched the “First Look” of this episode when I was away…

  11. Nancy says:

    Don’t believe him Heather.

  12. Nancy says:

    Does anyone know how their studio is doing?

  13. boston02127 says:

    Who is Tamra kidding about the fitness studio? She was winded and complaining about walking when she was on the ski hill.

  14. Powell says:

    Well that scene just confused the hell out of me. Eddie said the last thing he wanted was to worry about a wedding. A wedding is not going to pay our bills. Don’t pressure me or something to that effect. Then he Saud if in 3 weeks there is no wedding planner I’m going to have a problem w/that, etc, etc, etc. Hmmm? WTF?

  15. boston02127 says:

    By the time T & E wedding is aired they’ll probably be split up.

    My little black heart will laugh & laugh & laugh.

  16. Nancy says:

    They have a weird mother daughter relationship.

  17. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    Vicky and Brooks….I’m over it

  18. Nancy says:

    This will be a painful lunch. 😦

  19. Powell says:

    Gretchen you’ve called Alexis so many names. Why in the hell should she make the first step when time and time again you’ve slapped her down? You stupid bit*h. I should steal Bs line. You stupid drag queen.

  20. Nancy says:

    I really don’t like Gretchen. She’s another Melissa.

  21. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    Gretchen is mean-like heartless mean. What happened to her? Being friends with Tamra was not a wise choice!!!

  22. boston02127 says:

    I can’t stand Gretchen. She’s always trying to pull off the wholesome act. I think she forgets that she was sandwiched between 2 gross strippers a few weeks ago. And who can forget her layout in The Dirty.

  23. Nancy says:

    What did Alexis do to her?

  24. Powell says:

    Mad & frustated w/Alexis about what Gretch? She sounds like Mel? Mad about what? She doesn’t even know why. She just.jumped on the Tamra bandwagon & “let’s bash Alexis” tour. Stupid drag queen. And I used to like Gretchen.

  25. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    Lydia is cute and look at her headband friend…this is too normal and gentle for a HW show!!!!

  26. Nancy says:

    Lydia is a little weird but I like her. This is what OC needed.

  27. $25,000 says:

    Alexis’ opening salvo: “glad you could make it”

    Gretchen’s opening salvo: “oh, you drinking already?”

  28. Nancy says:

    Bacon? Yuck!

  29. Powell says:

    So is Robert the one that Brooks & ultimately Vicki scammed?

    • $25,000 says:

      Yes, he’s the one who sued them.
      I’m not sure that Vicki was in on the scam, but I think she was definitely involved in the cover up.

      • Powell says:

        She’s an idiot. Does she know how that can ruin her biz rep? People have hard enough time believing in people in the financial industry these days because if so many Ponzi schemers. She could loose lots of clients that she’s built a relationship w/for many yrs over Brooks? Tell him to kick rocks and beat it.

  30. boston02127 says:

    Why Vodka? Vicki claims to be such a good business person. Why market something with so much competition out there?

    And OMG, The bloody piggy.

    Is it me? Am I normal?

  31. Nancy says:

    All these HW’s are delutional.

  32. boston02127 says:

    I’d like to let Alexis in on a little secret. If you pay the money for any type of lessons, they’ll take you.

  33. Nancy says:

    My ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. cusi77 says:


    FREE YOUR DOGS, LADIES AND GENTS.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gretchen WILL singgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!

  35. JumpTheShark says:

    Why is Gretchen allowed to EVER sing again? My God, haven’t we suffered enough? Would someone please strangle her with her vibrator cord!!!

  36. melthehound says:

    Oh No……………………! She’s not going to do it again… He’s just, almost, forgiven me for the last time I subjected him to her singing. Now she has a microphone in a studio.. Who the hell told her she had a voice worthy of recording?

  37. melthehound says:

    Riddle me this… Why is it, when Vicki, her daughter, and grandson were in the same room, talking about the brookes, the kid was the only one with a true WTF look on his face?

  38. Nancy says:

    A match made in heaven.

  39. Nancy says:

    I wonder what her IQ is?

  40. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    Good Lord,she sucks!!!

  41. boston02127 says:

    Gretchen meet Melissa.

  42. Powell says:

    Yeah ya get chills when you realize ya can’t sing.

  43. cusi77 says:

    This Brooks guy is running out of places to take Vicki and not being recognized he has been there with younger women!

  44. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    Someone needs to stop playing “lets hide Vicky’s hairbrush”….it’s getting old!!!

  45. lillybee says:

    Grethen makes Lulu sound good

  46. boston02127 says:

    Gretchen is so wishy washy.

    “I don’t want to marry him” while singing…..I’m ready to spend my life with you.

    She’s going to be 90 years old on the front page of the Enquirer Magazine.
    “Hag gives birth. Babies father runs for the hills”

  47. Nancy says:

    He has a good point.

  48. JumpTheShark says:

    Here’s a lyric: Babe, you banged a lot of broads, and I’ve been around plenty too…my heels may be round, but they have me running to you…my “eggs” are soft-boiled by now, may the docs and Lord mend your nads…

  49. Powell says:

    Vicki didn’t say “dating someone steady”. Vicki said “dating”. I don’t believe Brooks. Not that he’s dating whoever Lauri is talking about. Just that he’s dating cause he told her in three or four epis ago that he WAS dating.

  50. boston02127 says:

    Oh Vic. Who did you turn down?

  51. boston02127 says:

    Don’t strippers hook up with guys that throw money at them? How could Brooks get a stripper?

    Melissa, If you’re reading the blog could you answer this curious dilemma? Thx Mel.

  52. Powell says:

    So are Gretchen & Slade engaged? I don’t recall anyone here mentioning it.

  53. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    From Disgrazia via FB (she has a hard time posting here from her phone)…she wrote to me and Jeff and added this at the end…
    Please will one of you tell Lainey Lainey how funny and true her comments are too, and Rabble Rouser and everyone there, tell them I miss them and they rock. :D. ❤

    • Powell says:

      Aw. I miss Disgrazia

      • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

        She is always busy with the FB group and I think it’s easier to post over there on her phone-I miss her here too but I chat with her often on FB

    • Laineylainey says:

      Awwww! i love my little disgrazia! And now Lainey is all verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves. “Topic: The Holy Roman Empire was neither holy nor Roman nor an empire. Discuss.” (This quote is based on a famous comment by Voltaire.)

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      I love her. I see her from time to time on the friends of Lynn page on FB

  54. boston02127 says:

    I’m going to go walk my happy dog. On my happy street. Smell the happy fresh air. Then sit on my happy front stairs and talk to happy people who are nothing like OC creepers.
    BBL 🙂

  55. Powell says:

    Under the Dome is good tonight.

    • chismosa says:

      Powell I can’t TAKE the storyline with the Hispanic mayor’s son. Can he just KILL HIMSELF already. Ughhhhhhhhh

      Waste of time

      • chismosa says:

        This is getting way too melodramatic for me

        This is the song the girl hung herself to in Girl interrupted. Ugh

      • Laineylainey says:

        The Hispanic mayor?

        • chismosa says:

          Hispanic son of the mayor — put the word in the wrong spot.
          The sociopath/ borderline psychopath

          • Laineylainey says:

            The is Hispanic? I think he’s cute. Reminds me of my son.

            • Laineylainey says:

              The kid is…not “the is”

            • chismosa says:

              He’s cute he just looks NOTHING like his father. He could play the Cuban police-woman’s brother and I’d buy that. I loathe miscasting. I think I was a casting director in a past life.

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      I have to catch up!! I missed last week and I forgot about it tonight…I stink at remembering when my shows come on!!!

  56. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    Tamra on WWHL tonight…she didn’t know that the royal baby was born today…how can she not know that? It’s been on the TV and Internet all day long…she has her head up her…..

    • melthehound says:

      Hell, I didn’t even know KateM was pregnant. Then again, I’m not a royal watcher…

      • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

        Oh come on Jeff!!! I’m not a royal watch either but it’s been everywhere…you must be kidding b/c you know her name!! Kevin doesn’t even know her name but I bet he heard she had her baby today!!

        • chismosa says:

          I’m just SO HAPPY this will eclipse Kim Trash’s baby.
          I don’t care for the British family much because I’m not British (just live in a former colony 😉) but I wish them the best.

          • Nancy says:

            God save the Queen! I “heart” her but my mother was English.

          • chismosa says:

            So happy the baby did get to just fall into Cancer territory. Yay like dad and grandma.
            His rising sign and moon are fantastic too. This will be a SEXY prince you heard it here first.

        • melthehound says:

          Truthfully, Jill, if it wasn’t for this blog, I wouldn’t know who she is. I only read a few days ago that she was expecting.

          • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

            I believe you Jeff-but see you did know she had her baby…Tamra has her head up her …

            • Nancy says:

              It makes me sad that Diana isn’t here to see it. She would have been so proud.

            • melthehound says:

              Only because our PrincessPindy announced she had gone into labor 😉 I wish them luck with the kid, especially if QEII decides she doesn’t like the princess Kate after she pops a couple great grandkids or her asshat son, Chuck, for that matter.

  57. kokuanani says:

    I spent some time this afternoon in the local Barnes & Nobel reading Andy Cohen’s book. [Goes quite fast; is interesting.] Helped me understand why he’s so devoted to Vicki, Jill [although he’s finally broken up with her], Tamra and some of the other more repulsive “members.” I recommend checking it out, but I’d never pay money for it.

    • chismosa says:

      That’s what I would do too– not pay for it LOL!

      sounds interesting …..

      • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

        I got on my nook when it was on sale-I read it quick-in a few hours. It was interesting but I’m glad I didn’t pay full price like I did for Brandi’s book!!!

  58. lillybee says:

    Is Brooks really making Vicki chose between him and her daughter? What a nasty man!!!!

  59. Nancy says:

    Dang is Melissa ever getting slammed on the Bravo blog. Oh well…she had it coming.

  60. VV says:

    My only issue with this tweet from Kathy is that Richie, Victoria, and Joseph seem not to have the same issue as she does as they are constantly tweeting and posting pics.

    @KathyWakile: Hey friends on limited wifi read some of ur tweets from last nights #RHONJ, Ur all fantastic! Thanx for the love!

    Original Message:

    *credibility Kathy seems to run away from you.

  61. Mrs Peabody says:

    The reason joeyg hates is sister is because if he doesn’t he’ll never be able to have sex again with his wife. She’ll cut him off. That’s why he said when he fights with Teresa he goes home and has sex (or whatever it was he said about that). That’s his reward, that’s how she keeps him in line.

    • melthehound says:

      You know, that kind of brings sense to his statement that after he fights with his sister, he goes and has sex with his wife. I wonder what happens when he fights with his BIL? Oh Yes. He cries. Silly me. I forgot about that.

      • Mrs Peabody says:

        I guess he’d rather have sex than cry, that’s why it’s always her he fights with, oh and it’s probably safer.

      • ITA – sex and now his children (Melissa saying those are my babies too gave me an uneasy feeling) seem to be lil bro’s prime motivators.

  62. Rebecca says:

    How do you watch this show? Gretchen is vapid. Her eyes don’t blink, her lips don’t close, her face doesn’t move. Her brain obviously doesn’t work. You know how little girls play dolls and just shake them back and forth to talk to each other? Yeah, she’s like that.

  63. Orson says:

    1: No matter what you may hear, this is the truth: I am NOT the father of Kate Middleton’s son. There is NO way that could have happened.
    B: I have an idea for a Reality TV show starring our favourite, Jill Zarin. She could go around, miked up with a camera crew, to all sorts of red carpets or star studded parties and the like. She could walk up to celebrities, greet them and offer them hugs and the camera crews could tape the expressions on the celebs’ faces as they try to figure out “Who the hell is this woman?” Viewers could even make side bets on whether or not Security is called. Or on how she’ll work in a plug for her book or compression garments.

    • Nancy says:

      They did that to Simon Cowell. It was hilarious!

    • chismosa says:

      Orson I may be wrong but are you the person on here who explained that the British royals —- are all really German ethnically? (I am aware of the intermingling in Western Europe of royals down the lines of all the countries)

      Just trying to figure out where I heard this from. Not sure if wiki would let this info get through.

      • Rebecca says:

        It’s true. The Windsors have a strong German ancestry. Queen Victoria’s grandson was Kaiser Wilhelm.

      • Nancy says:

        That was me.

      • Orson says:

        It wasn’t from me. King George V changed the family name Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor, and the House of Hanover became the House of Windsor during The War To End All Wars. King George V, Kaiser Wilhelm II, and Czar Nicholas II were all cousins.

      • Nancy says:

        It all started when I asked why they used Beethoven’s 7th in The Kings Speech.

        • lillybee says:

          Actually it started with the demise of the “Catholic” Stewarts. They wanted a protestant monarch so claimed a German prince.

          • chismosa says:

            Ok yowsa^^^^^^

            Thanks all who answered!!
            Quite the history.
            Sorry Orson I confused you with someone else, maybe it was Called a Princess ? From a while back…. Hmmm.

  64. Rebecca says:

    Holy crap on a cracker. I can’t believe Gretchen complaining to Alexis that she should have offered support to HER for Slade’s son. I’m really insulted.

    I hate Bravo. First there are no Milania scenes, second I know they’re going to show Fredrik (I heart Fredrik) crying on camera, and now they’re giving Gretchen major screen time to piss me off.

  65. Laineylainey says:

    Guys, guys, guys!!! Laineygirl has an interview on Wednesday for the modeling show…The Face. What do ya’ll think? Is it a good show? If you pray,please pray for her that if this is the right thing for her, that she would be confident and able to make a favorable impression. I will keep you posted. Thank you.

    • Nancy says:

      With pleasure Lainey.

      • Laineylainey says:

        Thanks Nancyboo. I have never watched it…I’m almost afraid to since its REALITy. Maybe it’s not right for her…gosh I don’t know…

    • chismosa says:

      Oh my gosh Lainey, just saw this— AMAZING!!!!!!

      She may meet Naomi, queen of the supermodels !!!!
      Just make sure she doesn’t start dating Naomi’s boyfriend like the contestant from the Face is doing ….Naomi blacklisted her fashion career! Lol

      Congrats to you ! Prayers. 💊💊💉💉🙏🙏

  66. chismosa says:

    I hate Andy but I love that he believes that Harry is not Charles’ son—– neither do I!!!

    • shamrockblonde says:

      I beleive that Charles is the Father – Harry looks very much like Diana’s brother –

    • Catseye says:

      I agree. I have a personal theory that she even named him “Harry” as a clue to look at his HAIR–red just like one of her boyfriend’s. But hey, who could blame poor Diana–the way she was used by those horrible royals.

  67. Orson says:

    I hate Andy but I love that he believes that Harry is not Charles’ son—– neither do I!!!
    Ah, holy luann. All I need is that dirty rat bastiche getting another rumor started about me. With God as my witness, I am NOT the father!

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