Big Brother 15 / Those pesky rumors about New Jersey

Mean Girls Break Up

Big Brother S.15 – Eviction Night – Thursday by Leslie Lovett

Julie Chen announces for the first time this summer a woman will be going home, let the show begin! The ‘mean girls’ are all on the block! Regina George (Aaryn), Gretche Wieners (Kaitlin), and Karen Smith (Gina Marie) are all on the couch and are up for possible eviction tonight. Aaryn knows she’s the target and that she’s going to have to talk her way into staying. And by talk her way into staying, of course I mean throw her besties Kaitlin and Gina Marie under the bus. Judd brings to light that Kaitlin is more athletic and friendly than Aaryn, therefore , meaning she’d play a better game than Aaryn. Also that Aaryn will remain a racist target and always be going on the block while she’s still in the game. And so begins the mastermind behind switching the houses biggest racist target Aaryn to going out of the house to Kaitlin.

Aaryn is so desperate to stay she offers Helen that she’ll throw HOH or let Helen & Elissa have nomination power if she wins. Cady Heron Elissa is not on board at all and wants Regina George Aaryn gone no matter what. For better fuel to get this plan of Kaitlin out of the house, Judd drops the bomb that him, Howard, Spencer, Gina Marie, & Kaitlin all made an alliance. Judd claims it’s fake on his part, but the rest are taking it for all its worth. With this information out in the open to the rest of the house, something is about to hit the fan! (and I’m not talking about Gina Marie’s hair pieces) Elissa, determined to get Aaryn out of the house, confronts Kaitlin about her alliance with Spencer and Howard. Telling Kaitlin that she would rather her stay in the house over Aaryn, so if Kaitlin were to tell everyone she is NOT in an alliance with Howard and Spencer it would help her chances of staying in the house. Oddly, production Elissa was genuinely trying to help Kaitlin in order to get Aaryn out of the house. Mean while Aaryn overhears the entire conversation while in the bathroom. So then it becomes a game of telephone on fire!! Everyone is telling each other what they heard she said who said what said to who! So then an unofficial house meeting gets brought together in one of the bedrooms. Elissa confronts Aaryn and claims Aaryn is saying lies about Elissa. Aaryn then speaks reason and truth to Elissa, however Elissa is not listening to anything and saying Aaryn needs to get a life and that she never thinks of Aaryn. Is she even listening what is coming out of these peoples mouths?? Side note: anyone else think its humorous Elissa is in a blue hat? Is she channeling Nick for Gina Marie? Anyways, somehow Elissa is making me feel, dare I say it, sympathy, for Aaryn. Aaryn’s name got brought up and Elissa is denying it. This slight house meeting fizzled out with no closure and Kaitlin is still denying her alliance with Spencer and Howard.

We then go to the live show with Julie talking to the houseguests. Judd’s bear shirt got brought up and how everyone wears it around the house. (Funny how it became a big thing to talk about. You know where he bought that shirt? Walmart. He said so on the live feeds.) Back to the live show they show the houseguests a clip from their froyo eating contest and Gina Marie guzzling the frozen yogurt down her throat…well..(insert sexual innuendo here) she dominated that challenge. Returning to the living room Aaryn, Kaitlin, and Gina Marie give their speeches and we are off to the live votes! (I LOVE Aaryn’s shoes, those wedges are soo cute! Kaitlin looks gorgeous, and Gina Marie is definitely her own person! & deliriously in love with Nick.)

bb mean girlsWith a 9 – 0 vote, Kaitlin is evicted from the Big Brother House. She only hugs Gina Marie as she makes her way out the door to meet Julie. Kaitlin is annoyed that everyone lied to her face, yet she understands it’s a game and will get over it. I’m actually surprised she wasn’t more pissed. However, she blames her mean girl side all on Aaryn bringing it out in her. Honey, I hate to tell you, but Aaryn can’t bring out something that’s not already there. Julie then asks Kaitlin what the future holds for her and Jeremy. Kaitlin blows him off and says she’s going to Vegas!! In the good bye messages Helen is genuinely sorry, Candice sweet talks Kaitlin, Judd confesses his love for her, & Aaryn says Kaitlin would have been the strongest competitor.

Julie then says good bye to Kaitlin but I can’t stop looking at Julie Chen’s necklace over her top that already has embellishment around the neckline. Too much Julie, too much. Oh look! America gets to be MVP again! You think America will get confused again and vote for Elissa?

We then go into the HOH competition outside at the BB Casino! “Roulette Me Win” It is a crap shoot, literally. It is a large roulette wheel and the houseguests must roll a ball from the top of a ramp to land in the wheel. Largest number wins! The night before the houseguests were actually able to practice on a more ghetto version of this crapshoot. I don’t know how well practicing a crap shoot helps, but at least we got to see what the competition would be the night before! (even though we were all hoping for endurance) Andy scores 23, Mccrea 28, Gina Marie 3, Candice 27, Spencer 34(highest avail is 36), Aaryn gets a 36 (a perfect score), Howard 17, Jessie 2, Helen (who looks adorable in her pink peplum top!) scores 28, Amanda 1, and last but not least is Elissa who waits carefully for the wheel to spin around until she lets her ball roll. It was SUPER close and one slot short of hitting the 36 and she scores a 0. Aaryn is our new HOH this week! And the HOH key gets stuck in her hair as she hugs the house! I know Aaryn was my least favorite, and a house fav to go out of the house, but I’m actually kind of excited she won HOH. Keeps things interesting and changes up the house power.

So how does Big Brother want to distract us from Aaryn’s HOH win? Jeff Schroader! (Look America, something shiny!) CBS ends the show with Julie interviewing Jeff and gets his thoughts on the house. He doesn’t think Aaryn should keep her deal about letting Elissa & Helen choosing the nominations. He loves the MVP twist, and he is not quite ready to propose to Jordan! But it’s close and coming soon, just not yet, or anytime soon.  Jeff is pulling for Mccrea to do well in the house because he thinks Amanda is a good target infront of him. I agree, Mccrea is sitting in a pretty spot. He’s aligned with Amanda, but when things hit the fan, people blame Amanda, Helen, or Elissa, never Mccrea!  Big Brother ends with Aaryn as the HOH, Elissa upset, and Jeff Schroeder, CBS’ shiny distraction for America. We are MVP again this week, so we are deciding who goes up as the 3rd nomination! Who will you vote for?


Spoiler Alert for BB by NMD

Those of you watching BB and the live feeds know that Aaryn and America have already made their nominations and the veto has been won.   PS producers – this whole America votes for the MVP no wait America is the MVP is a colossal fail.  America is too busy or to laxy or too stupid to keep track of what they are voting for each week if you keep shaking it up like that – so who knows what the results mean.  Plus if their picks are already on the block – that means number three or four on the list go up.  Either toss the whole MVP twist or go back to having someone in the house being the MVP.

Anyway – here’s the spoiler part so stop reading here.  It looks like Aaryon is likely to be the HOH when a black cast member is evicted from the house.  And remember that the evictees go straight home and not to the jury house – so this will get a lot of press.  BB must be crapping in their pants right now hoping it doesn’t happen.  I don’t actually think Aaryon targeted the minorities – her nominations were the floaters and Helen seems to be controlling the house and HOH.  I predict the producers will do whatever it takes to switch things up – but we’ll see.


New Jersey and Rumors about Joey’s Past

I read a little bit on Lipstick Alley about the rumors someone is spreading about Joey. From what I read, anyone could have pieced together the various rumors that have floated throughout the years and presented them back.  I’ve heard bits and pieces of all of it over the years.  For instance, the rape allegations first surfaced in an email stoopidhousewives posted.  The Joey losing his parent’s home rumor has been around forever – although without the malicious intent angle.  I don’t for a minute believe Joey maliciously stole money from his parents to bankroll his lifestyle.  I could believe that they took out money to help him (against their home) and with the Great Recession and housing market busting, Joey lost the money.  It happened to so many people I know it’s hard to believe it didn’t happen to them.  Then Joey is stuck with the spec house and has to move in.  At least they didn’t lose it to the bank.

As for Juicy building an apartment without permits for the in-laws and getting busted – dumbass is all I have to say.  I actually just had a conversation about fools like this with my local city’s building officials.  A local restaurant next door to the building department was re-roofed without a permit – with the inspectors staring out their windows watching the work; a wetland was cleared at the foot of the hill of the home owned by a state inspector.  My point – if you want to do something illegal, don’t do it on camera where everyone can see.

Somehow other people are responsible for Juicy’s mess with the law on the alleged fake driver’s license?  That’s like saying Teresa is responsible for Bryan the Bulldog’s allegations about Melissa.  I call BS.  Juicy is responsible for his mess with the law.  No matter how severe it seems to us that they are going after him for a fake driver’s license, we have to remember that his license was taken away because of a DUI and he was allegedly driving illegally.  I have zero tolerance for drinking and driving.  Zero.

As for the rape allegations.  All I can say is ANYONE can start a rumor on the internet.  Then it starts to take on a life of it’s own.  The first rumor said anyone could find the charges if they looked.  I assume people looked and found nothing – so now there are rumors about who helped him expunge the charges.  On and on and on goes the rumor mill.  Shame on the person who is behind this – this is a man’s name you are ruining.

One final note – I recently had an eye-opening conversation about a slew of young men with rape charges on their record for having sex with someone under the age of 18.  If the girl is 17 and her parents place charges – even if the boy is just 18 and a steady boyfriend, it can be considered rape in some states.  The boy then carries the rape charge on their record, must register as a sex-offender, and will have trouble getting a job for the remainder of their lives.  The example I listed is the most extreme but let’s remind ourselves that even if Joey has a rape charge against him it doesn’t mean he should be demonized and punished for the rest of his life.


Happy Birthday ZoeKayla

(MarDrag’s b-day is Tuesday – my mistake)


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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning again everyone.

    • Rebecca says:

      Powell! Making banana cream pie this morning for my uncle’s birthday. This is favorite dessert that my Nana made for him. I feel so bad because his kids don’t seem to want to learn the family recipes. 😦

  2. plainviewsue says:

    Happy Birthday MarDrag!!!!! May it be a very happy & inspirational one 🙂

  3. BB says:

    Happy Birthday MarDrag! Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  4. plainviewsue says:

    As for the Lipstick Alley write up on RHONJ, I did find it to be very interesting reading. Heather, Teresa’s friend, had tweeted that it is mostly fiction with tidbits of truth. She also tweeted support for JoeGo, saying nothing that was written about him was true. I believe she is pointing out the rape accusation.

    Apparently, Melissa is having a hissy fit. Heather has tweeted that Melissa is crying, blaming Heather for the destruction of her family………………….yawn.

    Heather’s tweets give her take on situations. Her opinion. Yes, she has called out Melissa. For example, Teresa had called & texted Melissa several times re her diss of Juicy’s mom in her blog. Finally five days later she responded & her answer to Teresa was, “If she doesn’t want to be talked about, then she shouldn’t be on the show.” Yes, that’s how we respect our elders, you wench (that’s my thought, not Heather!). So maybe Teresa should go after Mrs. Marco in her blog? No, she won’t.

    Also apparently, Melissa was on the phone w/Gia and hung up on her. Don’t know more about that. Yes, of course, Heather tweeting that is going to make people think less of Melissa. But for two plus years. Melissa, her two hag sisters, her make up artist, and her new friend Jacqueline, have non stopped tweeted against Teresa.

    For me, the interesting parts of the article was the stuff written about Jacqueline, Caroline & Dina. Stuff that we had heard about. Again, who knows if its true. But the fact that Caroline constantly went after Teresa for being the reason Dina no longer speaks to her, when it is really Jacqueline, makes me crazy. They all know that Teresa wouldn’t say the truth, cos she won’t speak of Dina in any kind of bad light. It was Caroline who brought up what Danielle did at the season one reunion, with Dina sitting there, begging her not to bring it up. I do believe that Jacq was the source of all the information that Danielle got. But why does Danielle sit on this?

    Anyway, according to Melissa, she is the one that brings the fun back into tonight’s episode. Considering she is the one who took out the fun, it’s the least she can do!

    Heather had tweeted she watched tonight’s ep w/Teresa & it’s really good. We shall see.

    • Melissa got herself into this with her on-screen behavior over the last few episodes. She can blame Heather – but it’s the producers that edit the show and finally allowed her snide little comments to air. I can’t imagine Heather’s tweets having that much of an influence on public opinion.

    • Rebecca says:

      Heather wasn’t around when Joey was in college so she wouldn’t know if the allegations are true or not. Teresa’s family is certainly not discussing that at parties.

      HOWEVER, I saw at least three posters on other boards saying they DID see charges/court docs/sex offender record, whatever, with their own eyes. When they saw Joey get so out of control at the christening, they wondered how violent his past was.That info is now gone. I think Joey did have it expunged.

      If he was close to graduating, he was 21-22-23. He was old enough to know what statutory rape was He took out a horrible loan and his father lost his house, while I might add, he lives in a 15,000 SF house and a beach house. To impress his wife. He has extremely poor decision making skills. No wonder Teresa is worried about him.

      • I don’t believe the records were out there and didn’t make it to one of the blogs. Stoopidhousewives would have looked all over for them. If the records were expunged, it must have happened early on and before he joined the show, so the part about Al being involved makes no sense because they weren’t friends back then.

      • cusi77 says:

        I have not commented anything about the rumors (malicious rumors, if you ask me!) because those are not supported by any public records. One thing is to dislike Mel and Joey and another whole thing is to spread them as truth! Nothing in Public Records about this allegation and had has to stop!!!! JMH!

  5. BB says:

    On July 28th, 1973 I married a great guy. Can’t believe it’s been 40 years! Seems like only yesterday.

  6. BB says:

    To me, Big Brother has not been as fun to watch as past Summer seasons.

    • Me too. I refused to watch last year until Boogie was gone and then enjoyed the remainder of the season, so I have hope that I’ll get into it again this year.

      • BB says:

        That’s why I keep watching – hoping I will get onboard with something going on or latch onto team someone!

    • HuskerHuny says:

      I agree and I think it’s because there are so many unlikeable people – Aaryn, Ginamarie, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Amanda and McCrae (unlikeable because of association with Amanda). We didn’t really get to know Dave or Nick that well. Then you have Spencer who comes off as quite creepy. Howard has absolutely no game but seems to be a good guy. Candice is annoying. Judd is beginning to get on my nerves. Helen, Elissa and Jessie better begin to realize that if they want to run the house, they need to split up Amanda and McCrae and their mascot, Andy. No one is playing a very good game right now. Next year, BB needs to do a better job of picking the cast. These guys are so unwatchable and bring nothing to the show. Bring back the characters – Dr. Will, Dan, Evil Dick and someone likeable like Jeff and Jordan. A wider age range would be good as well. 20 somethings are just too willing to jump into their showmances and their general lack of maturity is boring.

  7. plainviewsue says:

    Heather Maclean ‏@HeatherMaclean 12s
    Finally a Sunday I don’t wake up sick to my stomach knowing RHONJ airs tonight. I watched the episode with Teresa & it’s GREAT. I cried. xx

  8. ladebra says:

    Happy Birthday MarDrag !!🎂🎉🎂🎉 Hope that you are surrounded by people that love and cherish you, and all your wishes come true!

  9. Nancy says:

    Happy Anniversary BB. I hope it’s a great one. xoxo

  10. cusi77 says:

    Happy Sunday Everyone!!!! Thank you Leslie and Nomoredrama!

  11. TexasTart says:

    Thanks NMD and Leslie for the blog today. I like your style of writing! 😀

  12. ladebra says:

    Great blog, Leslie 🙂 I have watched a couple 3or 4 shows of Big Brother this season, and one group did remind me of mean girls lol.

    • ladebra says:

      Thank you NMD for all you do to keep this blog going. You, along with Jeff and BB and Starzy, oy vey if I try to list everyone I will forget someone, but you know who you are !!

  13. Laineylainey says:

    Wow, Leslie! You are blogging again!? Awesome. I just read your PR blog from yesterday, great job!! I thought Helen should have gone home. As you called it the “brown gown” was awful…but I guess the judges want to see her try again, since SHE SAYS she’s so great…we will see! I am not a Big Brother watcher, but the recent press they’ve received makes me want to read the blog to keep up with their shenanigans. Thanks!

  14. AZGirl says:

    Happy Birthday Mardrag and a very Happy Anniversary to BB and Mr, BB!

  15. Sasha says:

    Happy Anniversary BB and Happy Birthday Mardrag!!!!

  16. Superfly says:

    NMD thank you for addressing the lipstick alley blog. I was amazed at how people jumped on it and started crowing about the “truth”. These are serious allegations about Joey and I believe if it were true the dirt would be found. Also, saying Al wiped it all clean was so funny to me, he didn’t even know Joey and I have not seen them form a tight bond. Truth is any of us can write a blog and present it as fact….anonymously. The viciousness on the page really made me consider leaving the group so I am relieved to hear common sense from you. Thank you for all you do and enjoy this cool Sunday in the Emerald City.

  17. melthehound says:

    Good afternoon everyone. Hope you’re all well. Greetings to the birthday people and the anniversary baroness 🙂

    Leslie, great writeup on Big Brother. I usually record it to watch later but haven’t been able to because my 7yo and 10yo charges are in day 274 of a fight over an iPod and won’t stfu, even though, they say they want to watch the show. Maybe it’s the dirty old man pig in me but I think GinaMarie gained a few fans during that frozen yogurt challenge showing her skills. Not me of course, I still think she’s a brash woman and needs to go. I am not invested in any of these people and I am still waiting to see Julie tell Aarian that she’s been fired from her job when she’s evicted. Jeff Schroder – Look America, a shiny object 😆 – Can’t stand that guy.,,. The only other season of BB I have seen was 13 and I thought he was a complete dickhead.

    I am the one who brought that rape (and other) allegation post from the lipstick website (I cannot believe I am reading anything with lipstick in the title)… I then complained that people were talking about what can be proven vs what cannot. To those who thought I was attacking them for that, you have my apologies, it wasn’t like that. Beyond this post, I will not be mentioning that charge again unless someone can come forward with proof. The story goes, the charge was wiped clean from any criminal type or even civil type record so, only if the actual ‘victim’ comes forward (doubtful after 3 seasons), it’s likely bullshit. That’s one of the most vile things anyone can have said about them even if it’s proven to be true. I won’t be counting their money either. It pisses me off when people do that with the Giudice’s so it isn’t right for me to do it with any of the others. There is plenty of other stuff to thrash the Gorga’s about during Crapfest 2013 so let’s stick to that. This other shit is just going to degrade this group to a team A vs team B, war like it did last year over people none of us know.

    With that said, brace yourselves for Crapfest 2013 Part 9 in about 5 hours from now. See you tonight at the chat 🙂 (may not actually participate but I’ll be reading and looking for the comments of the night 😉 ).

    • Superfly says:

      Can’t wait Mel, and just so you know I wasn’t talking about you in this post! Snark is good and you do it well!

      • melthehound says:

        Thank you Superfly… I hadn’t seen your post when I wrote this so I wasn’t really addressing it but, the entire group.

  18. Hello Everyone! I have been MIA lately…but someone emailed me to let me know of your birthday wishes today! THANK YOU!! Although my birthday is actually not until Tuesday 30th…I will take these wonderful wishes today and hold them close to my heart!! 😀

    You all are awesome and I miss you. I will try to drop in more often soon. Just know you are all never far from my thoughts and my heart.

    Wishing you Love, Light and Happiness…and sending Gratitude for my mention today.
    Hug to All!

    You can always still find me and connect over at my place!

  19. djprincessc says:

    I don’t understand the being offended or thinking its mean about the post from yesterday about the Gorgas?? Rumors are rumors, there are tons of rumors about ALL celebrities (not that these people are real celebrities, but they are on a show and in the public eye) I mean all you have to do is stand in line at the grocery store and read some HORRIBLE headlines about grade A celebrities or politicians. I don’t get the sensitivity to this topic? I actually read about the Joey Gorga and the rape and all that last year on famewhorgas. Is it true?? Who knows, would I be surprised if it were? No. Joe Gorga has flipped out violently a few times. Calling the blog and posters mean or malicious is kinda weird to me, didn’t Lynn start a blog titled “I HATE JILL ZARIN”??? Jill got SLAUGHTERED daily!! LOL. IDK maybe I just have thick skin and not a very sensitive person??

    • Nancy says:

      Hi dj. 🙂
      I think it was the rape issue. That’s a BIG one IMHO.

      • djprincessc says:

        Hi Nancy,

        To me its just another rumor. I’ve read that Lady Gaga was really a man and that there are pictures proving it, I’ve read that Angelina Jolie has aids, I’ve read that Kris Jenner beat her daughters when they were little and how many times have we all got/read that “Breaking News” alert online reporting that a celebrity has been killed or died??? And these are just a few obviously. All these rumors are bad but they are just rumors!

        Like I said I guess I’m just not a sensitive person in that way. lol.

        • djprincessc says:

          **I meant to include that obviously the celebrity being killed or died news was just a rumor!** lol.

        • Nancy says:

          You have a good point. This is a blog about the Housewives not English Literature. lol

          How have you been?

        • melthehound says:

          Rumors tend to grow legs and become truth in many minds. One example, Sarah Palin (not starting a political discussion here) seeing Russia from her porch… She never said that. It was a skit on Saturday Night Live while they were trying to point out what a moron she is/was. I am sure if Teresa, even fighting with her brother, heard someone say that, she would slap the taste out of their mouth.

        • chismosa says:

          I believe Kris beat// hit her kids.
          Kim was violent on-screen with her ex, and her sisters.
          I buy it. I don’t think Robert Trashian lied. Jmho! Lol

          • not THAT Jill says:

            For real?

            • chismosa says:

              Yeah kind of. She’s much tinier than her 7 ft tall husband but she did attack him and to him it was a fly swatting at her. He wasnt going to hit her back …..

              It’s just interesting in “the diaries” that it was pointed out that the mom hit Kim (allegedly)— I bet she was jelly of her — only and Kim on screen has hit others

              She hit Khloe years ago on screen with her bag, forcefully. When she had her old face

              JILL how was the JOVI!!!?!?!? Hope you had a blast !!! 💣💣🎆🎆🎆

    • Sasha says:

      Jill got slaughtered daily for behavior that we actually WITNESSED!

      • chismosa says:

        Heee heeee 😆

        I miss those good old days

        I wonder if WWH will be LIVE, I’ll be watching for Teresa in a purple dress, and real-time- weekend events jackhole-mazels. oh is handler Heather gleefully joining Ter in the clubhouse ???! Oh how fun!!!! 🙄 🙄
        I want to call in as a Heather Mac and get put through. Lolllls

        The mystery of Gia being at the clubhouse with the secret One Direction video. …… Sneaky. And Andy seems to have been tweeting nonstop about Italy.

        Sasha, our tickets are ready for the flight tonight. See you at terminal 4. Catch you on the flippy flip.

        • Nancy says:

          Wait for me. LOL

        • not THAT Jill says:

          I don’t even think Andy is it he USA!! H is posting pictures on Instagram of himself in Italy!!! Maybe he is coming home today-IDK but we shall see tonight!!!

          • chismosa says:

            Yah it’s all fishy– and this would go for ANY nj appearance tonight I don’t care who!

            MTH —-🔽🔽🔽🔽
            I say purple dress because that was what Tre had on during the odd Celebrity/ Holywood squares where she answered and Gia answered a question about something that was released THAT day.
            Why? I still don’t get it.
            So I’m looking for clues it was pre-taped —
            Just like on fashion police you can tell when they pre-tape a segment. If Tre has a soft purple dress with odd the shoulder flowy straps, and Gia ( and Heather of course) is with her, tells me they taped tonight early on.
            Just odd. This goes for ANY HW, not just Tre.

            • chismosa says:

              Odd== off the shoulder

            • melthehound says:

              I see… So it’s the Live part you are questioning. I question it too but I do believe that some of those are done live or at least taped the same day. Our PlainViewSue has gotten the shout out on the show for a twitter or a phone call (sorry, PVS, I don’t remember exactly but I remember mentioning it in the NJ blog last season).

              • plainviewsue says:

                It was a tweet for Carole RHONY!

              • plainviewsue says:

                When watching WWHL, if it says Live, it’s live. If it says all-new, it was pretaped.

                I did see the pix of Andy in Italy, but Heather tweeted she’s going w/Teresa, so I imagine it is live.

                • chismosa says:

                  I personally don’t trust the tweets of the stars— heather is a star now– because they can be under orders by bravo to say that to their adoring “fans”


                  But thanks for the 411

              • melthehound says:

                I meant mention it in the comments. I wasn’t blogging HWs before this season of NJ…

              • plainviewsue says:

                Tonight’s WWHL is pre taped. Andy is still tweeting pix from Italy. Also when I saw a promo, it said all new. My guess is Heather went with her last week when she was in town.

        • melthehound says:

          The Purple dress comments are lost on me. Why would it matter?

        • Sasha says:

          Chismosa, I already have my space suit on.

        • chismosa says:

          I was right. Notes handy!!

          I don’t know how to put a tweet into the comments here

          Handler Heather is going. Oh how cute and fun!!!!


          • not THAT Jill says:

            What’s your problem with Heather chismosa? Why does the woman make you Vomitvomitvomit….that’s a lot of vomit and for the record vomit is on my list of words that I hate to say…like moist and soiled….everyone has a hate word list right????

            • plainviewsue says:

              I don’t get it either Jill. But to each his own. I hate that word too, cos it makes me think of………….you know……….vomit! Yuck!!!!

            • chismosa says:

              It makes me VOMIT that she is not herself, she’s not her adorable season 1 trashbag case who can flip tables alone or antagonize Danielle alone. She’s not a real self anymore. All image all the time. Fake fake fake. Be real. Don’t recite scripts. Type one button at a time. You went to some college didnt you???

              It’s one of the reasons I really detest her.
              Stand up to WWH or to your blog or to your talking heads or to your tweets YOURSELF. What are you, 12? Oh no, that’s your daughter helping you along also solve family dilemmas!

              Jmho— obviously!!!
              Catch you all later on the red 🌓🌓🔴🔴🔴planet 😱😱😱😱

              Love ya Jill! You too Lainey…..

              Ciao for now —my ear is flaring up 👂thinking about TerE(AR)sa. Lol

              • Amalfi says:

                I like Heather better than the trash bags Melissa and Jac. Maybe they can swap cast members out next season.

          • Laineylainey says:

            Would you prefer that Tre had no allies or friends? Haha, maybe you shouldn’t answer that!! Isn’t there a song: “you’ve got to have friends…” Bette Midler sang it well.

            • chismosa says:

              She has a billion trillion followers and supposed “friends” – — she doesn’t need to be handled to coddle to them. Or does she? Hmmmm
              Melissa is enemy number let’s remember — all her fault!

              Ok ow I’m in pain. This is aggravating. Gotta go

              • chismosa says:

                Number 1.

                PE #1
                I meant

                • Laineylainey says:

                  I understood you. 😺

                  • Laineylainey says:

                    Admittedly, I understood what you meant to type…but I’m not sure what Melissa supposedly being “public enemy number one” (your words, not mine) has to do with my question about Heather being a friend to Teresa and the fact that this made you vomit. I think it’s nice that she has a friend like Heather. But I wonder (because I am of a suspicious nature) if she really is a friend and not an employee. I don’t trust these reality producers, etc.

              • Laineylainey says:

                Sorry you are in pain, kiddo. I, for one, hope she never goes back to the table flipping’ behavior, I found that to be a real turn-off. I realize its what put her name on the map, but i never liked that the media turned her into the darling of the show after that behavior. I hope she has grown up from those days. If, as you say, she is listening to people who give her good advice, I can’t find fault with that.

      • djprincessc says:

        You are SO right Sasha, because we haven’t witnessed horrible behavior from the entire cast of New Jersey or the several violent outbursts of Joe Gorga. RIGHT.

    • I have no issue with Mel posting the rumor on this blog. However, I feel that blogs that allow malicious gossip to be presented as fact are in danger of being sued, and I would remove that right away if it was brought to this blog. IMO saying someone has rape charges against them is malicious gossip. It is very different than commenting about someone’s behavior on twitter or on screen.

      The tabloids that print the horrible headlines do get sued. So do blogs.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        N,D-I was thinking about the issue of slander and suing and all that I wouldn’t be surprised if JoeG went after the LSA blog but what can happen to the blogger if the comments are the problem? Can the blogger be sued for the statements made by someone else?

        • I’m not a legal expert, but someone has to be responsible – so I assume they can go after the blogger.

          • djprincessc says:

            I was in no way talking about being sued, all I brought up was the “sensitivity” issue so to speak. I think this is real life and not everyone is going to place nice, say nice things or agree with you 100% of the time. And I think Mel was very clear yesterday and today when he said this DID NOT COME from this blog and everything was alleged. This blog isn’t the only place that has commented about the rape case or the Mazos paying off whoever. I’m over this topic…NEXT. lol.

          • Donna says:

            If the blogger doesn’t have ads doesn’t get money, it is considered a hobby, no law suit.
            If the blogger receives money from ads, it is considered a business, and can be sued.

            • Lisa Hochstein sued someone who commented on a blog. I think slander is slander – no matter if you make money or not.

              • lizzle says:


                It’s called Section 230 of the United States Decency Act… it is actually being challenged right now in Kentucky through Due to my knowledge of that case, NMD… you are better off not editing anything… as opposed to picking and choosing what you will moderate. is in trouble for haphazardly moderating the posts and making comments that could be taken as wanting more dirt. In the end, I bet the suit will get thrown out through appeals, because his website is covered by Section 230.

                But we all are responsible for what we say… so it is in everyone’s best interest to add allegedly. Something I forget to do sometimes… but I did it yesterday.. yay!

                From what I understand is that Lisa knew who was commenting… therefore she knew who to sue.

                There is irony in my post… clearing up rumors on why we can post rumors…. sorry, I had to say it.

                **when I say not moderating anything, that is not true. I would post your rules about no attacking other posters and no politics. That makes it clear as to what you are moderating.

  20. VV says:

    This is why I hate the b*tch. She takes every opportunity she can to dig at Teresa. She’s been doing this since season 1. Some people saw it then and some will not see it now either.
    (DISCLAIMER: By some people, I mean any Melissa fan except Chianina)

    @melissagorga: Love being down the shore & making sauce outside with family. #shorelife

    Original Message:

    Didn’t Teresa tweet about her new product a couple of days ago?

    • chismosa says:

      That’s me! Chianina!!!

      And yes I know she’s the devil but if Casa Gorga all grew up making
      sauce when younger, stands to reason Joey may want to as well.
      But I know, St Teresa holds the patent on the cooking. I get it.


  21. not THAT Jill says:

    I don’t believe the rape rumor about Joe Gorga-first b/c I don’t think their is a girl in the world who couldn’t kick his ass if he tried that sh*t and second b/c it would have been out as soon as his first season was airing. I remember it being discussed back then but it never really took off and now this Kung Fu person is bringing up all these old stories and putting a personal spin on them. I don’t buy it-none of the things that were said by KF are new or original-I don’t think KF has “inside info” I think KF is just a good storyteller. Gossip is gossip-it’s not ever pretty so I guess it’s all fair game. They knew the stories would come out and now they are coming out again and again-I wonder if this is what they signed up for-I mean they had to know that this would happen right?

    • VV says:

      I think this was put out by the Gorga camp so they can deny. They lumped all these stories with some that are true as to make people doubt if the other bad stories are true or not. Where are the docs? We need proof not “reliable sources”.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        It’s so strange that this Kung Fu person just busted out on LSA ,with all this-why that site? Why not one of the true HW sites? It’s so strange!!!

        • VV says:

          Truth always comes up sooner or later…There are too many savy people on the net. Remember years ago The Insider on Lynn’s blog….she would get emails from this person…that one fizzled. I can’t remember the Twitter handle NJ_ (something)

          • not THAT Jill says:

            I don’t think KF is a true “insider”…just a feeling I have b/c all the info was already known from other places and the things that weren’t know-like about Al Manzo helping JoeG seems like a lot of speculation.

            • melthehound says:

              I think the ‘insiders’ are all family members or cast members or production assistants. The people posting the ‘inside’ info usually have an ax to grind with one or more of the cast. In truth, I take inside information about the HWs as seriously as I do with un-named sources in the cable news ‘press’.

    • lizzle says:

      Sleeping with a woman that is too drunk to consent is also rape, although many college aged men don’t know that to be the case.

    • Putchka says:

      I know I’m persona non gratis around here. Still come to observe, though. Comment about a Lainey observation (love her, as well as Jeff)!.. I was married to a very good attorney and once said something like “That twerp would never rape me”! He advised me they usually have a gun, knife, rope, you get the picture. Changed my attitude towards that, bigtime.

      • Laineylainey says:

        Hi Putchka, thanks for the mention. I hope you’ve been well. I don’t recall you being persona non grata…whatever it was…it’s over!! Welcome back! Yes, it’s true what your hubby said..there are endless scenarios, unfortunately. 😟

  22. KTinCT says:

    Happy Birthday ZoeKayla 🙂

  23. AZGirl says:

    Happy Birthday ZoeKayla! Thank you NMD for all your hard work. I will not believe the rape rumor until I see documentation. As for Joey role in losing his parents home. Yes. He probably needed cash upfront for a construction loan. Parents took a loan out on the equity they had on their home.
    With a construction loan there is a balloon payment at the end. Normally, you refinance a spec and then pay off the construction loan and the sell the house at a profit. Market dropped 35% in 6 weeks. Appraisal came in low and he lost the parents cash that they contributed. How Mel and Joey have been able to live in a spec all this time baffles me.
    What ever happened to the shore house?

    • plainviewsue says:

      They still own it & Melissa tweeted a picture from it today of her family making sauce. Yeah, making sauce. With cans. You can’t make this up.

      Mel took the picture. My guess is she doesn’t help with the sauce. From cans.

      • plainviewsue says:

        I have never made sauce. Maybe you do make it with cans. I just remember Teresa making sauce for her family. There were tomatoes. There were no cans!!

        • Teresa made sauce to can/jar for the year. Unless I have fresh tomatoes from the garden, I would use canned tomatoes and paste and still consider the sauce home-made. It depends what was in the can I suppose.

          • Amalfi says:

            I agree with you NMD … but I don’t think most real cooks would get away with calling that homemade. 🙂 I think sauce in cans is supposed to be toxic… specifically tomatos in aluminum cans. Which is why I skip it all and buy jarred tomato sauce.

            • chismosa says:

              The real OTBs I know use tomatoes and tomato paste that comes in a plastic paste case and for the larger tomatoes– the cartons. That is what is used for all juices in Europe too

              Metal is bad

          • rabblerouser2010R says:

            My DH, MIL and her extended family also use tomatoes from a can,,,although it’s thought of as cheating. When her parents were still alive they used to press their own tomatoes. They also used to make their own pasta. My husband says he remembers when he was a kid, when they made pasta, they made these huge batches and it was every where….lying out on the tables, chairs, couch and bed to dry.

      • VV says:

        PVS, it doesn’t bother me much the “can” stuff. We know her family is anything but Italian when it comes to traditions. If she was going to use Tomato sauce from the supermarket, why not use your sister-in-law Teresa’s and help her promote it. Teresa promoted her Tomato sauce a few days ago. The timing of her picture? I find suspect. Didn’t Mel claim things were better?

        • melthehound says:

          I think the Gorgas answered that in last weeks episode. They clearly went after Teresa’s wallet by trashing all of her products. Sorry but I don’t buy the claim that things have improved in NJ.

        • cusi77 says:

          I mostly do my tomato sauce with fresh tomatoes from the supermarket, fresh basil, garlic and onion. For fast doing it I have Ragu made in Italy, so I am in the Teresa’s market for her Ragu sauce. I do put Extravirgin olive oil and tuna fish (in water) and over the pene pasta… Hmmm delicious! and inexpensive!

        • Laineylainey says:

          Mel could use a “handler”/good advice giver…her and Joey’s tweets are so transparently strategic and reek of “let’s do this to hurt Teresa or upset Teresa.” She would win over so many viewers if she would only resist from making these mean moves. It seems a bit obsessive. The reaction they get from Tre’s success is not to be inspired to do the same, but their reaction is one that tries to hurt her. It just makes me like Teresa more every time Mel or Joey pull this stuff. Well, maybe not LIKE, Maybe it just makes me sympathize with her.

        • cusi77 says:

          Great observation VV.

        • melthehound says:

          Mine comes from a can or jar of whatever is on sale. Add it to a pound or so of ground sirloin laced with garlic… Good eating…

  24. Sasha says:

    Happy Birthday ZoeKayla!

  25. Nancy says:

    This is the star of Doc Martin (Martin Clunes) In the show he hates dogs but not in real life.
    He wrote a book called…”It’s a Dog’s Life”

    • melthehound says:

      The entire series, I am wondering who is feeding the dogs, if the character hates them so much 😉

      • Nancy says:

        Apparently there are many stray dogs in the village that everyone takes care of.
        As soon as the director says “cut” he runs to the dogs and apologizes for being so mean.
        He said it was the worst part of playing this role. When we go down to Anguilla I was
        shocked to see so many feral dogs. Sad.

        • melthehound says:

          The sad part is the people who take these dogs as puppies and when they become dogs, decide they can’t deal with them…

          • Nancy says:

            True but the bigger problem is that they don’t get their dogs “fixed”.
            I always have mixed feeling about going down there due to the dogs as it breaks my heart.

            • melthehound says:

              That’s true as well but if the people can’t be bothered to house and feed them, I can’t see them giving any medical consideration, at all, including having them fixed. We can add cats and kittens into this discussion too.

  26. VV says:

    Have fun at chat. I will be late again Today. Hopefully, I can catch the last 30 mins. If not, then the rerun.

  27. not THAT Jill says:

    This link isn’t working NMD…is it just me???

  28. cusi77 says:

    The link is not working…

  29. Nancy says:

    Melissa truly is a devil.

  30. VV says:

    Link is not working! IT’S TERESA’S FAULT!!!

  31. VV says:

    I’m home early. Yay!!!!

  32. VV says:

    RHONJ is on!
    This is kind of irritating me…”

  33. not THAT Jill says:

    She is all piss and vinegar that Melissa-she wants to leave and never see his family again!!!

  34. melthehound says:

    The new one didn’t publish for some reason.. Try it now..

  35. VV says:

    I wonder how long this session really lasted.

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