Real Housewives of Orange County

Real Housewives of Orange County – Season Finale – by Stars99

  Note:  Woo hoo!  We’re at the finale!  Yippie!  I’ve got to say that at least for me… this was a GREAT finale!  Not to give too much away – but Lydia gets all up into Slade’s grill and tells him off.  I mean really, could it get any better than that?  Gotta say I’m shocked at how much I’ve enjoyed this franchise this season – Sure it’s made me crazy and question my own mental health for continuing to watch… but overall… it’s just been really fun!  You guys have helped make it way too much fun for words!  Thanks so much!   I also need to give a big shout out to Mr. Stars99 because over the last several weeks he’s been operating the remote control for me so I don’t have to take my hands off the keyboard as I feverishly type the first draft of the recaps while painstakingly watching the show.  He always goes way above the call of duty and really does deserve combat pay for the zillions of rewinds and pauses he does – PLUS I can put my feet up on the couch all I want… lol (If you haven’t seen the episode, this will all make sense soon… just keep reading… lol) Thanks being part of this roller coaster ride this season… And we still have the reunion shows in which to look forward!  Woo hoo!

  ***WARNING*** I have chosen not to sensor this particular recap when I’m quoting people and their quote happens to include cussing… I was shocked and appalled at some of it… and I’ve included it so you get a complete picture of what actually happened since I know many of you don’t even watch the show anymore… but I’m so thankful you take the time to read about what happened… = )

Group ShotOkay, we’re back at Vicki’s house which has been transformed into a Winter Wonderland as homage to their recent Whistler ski trip.  But unlike the Whistler trip and I’ve got to admit that I’m shocked at it – but Lauri is nowhere to be found.  Seriously – I kept my eyes peeled cuz I just knew the gooberhead would show up… but nope! We can all rest a little easier, can’t we?  Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya, Lauri!

The rest of the housewives are sitting around a table talking about Gretchen before she gets there.  It seems like everyone has something to say and they’re talking about how Gretchen never says she’s sorry for anything and how she’s always late.  By the way, she’s late to this party, too… Color me so surprised!  Gretchen and Slade walk in and everyone suddenly goes radio silent and they all must be secretly wondering if Gretchen overheard their conversation as she entered.  Don’t worry you guys – I don’t think she heard anything at the time – but she will be watching this episode – so I don’t understand what the big whoop is…lol..  Gretchen is acting like everything is fine and this flips Tamra’s fig because Gretchen has been ignoring Tamra since the Whistler trip.  When greeting Lydia, Slade looks at her outfit and says, “Look at you – It’s like ‘Dancing with the Stars.” Lydia responds, “Thanks for the backhanded compliment.”  Then, in Lydia’s talking head she says, “Douche Lord speaks again!” I’m already on the floor laffing my fool head off.  I rub my hands together in gleeful anticipation of the night’s events….  In her talking head, Gretchen says that she felt that the entire vibe of the room changed when she got there… but really, how would she know? She JUST GOT THERE… Sometimes she just makes my head spin. 

Disking about GretchenBriana is showing off Troy to the other women.  Ryan is talking to Gretchen and Slade and giving them an earful about the amount of dirt he has on Brooks.  Ryan tells them that Vicki has no say regarding if Brooks is allowed at the house or not – because Vicki made an agreement when they first moved in… For some inexplicable reason Ryan decides to throw Vicki under the bus in front of two of her arch enemies of the group – I don’t get it, really.  Ryan is telling Gretchen and Slade that Vicki is trying to say that everything is perfect with Brooks and that he’s a great man – but that Brooks is not what he says he is.  Ryan likens him to a car salesman.  I personally think that’s an affront to car salesmen but then again I don’t particularly like Brooks.  In her talking head, Gretchen talks about Vicki and about her, “Banging 12 guys when she was married…” (Jibber jabber, jibber jabber.)  Gretchen says Brooks seems like a really nice guy – but Ryan has other thoughts.

Baby TroyLydia is introducing her Mom as a “stoner.”  Not so nice, Lydia… Tamra calls someone, “Sugar Tits.” It almost seemed like she called Judy that (Lydia’s Mom) but she wouldn’t have done that, would she? Perhaps her words were towards Vicki since she’s wearing a dress cut down to her navel.  It comes out that Judy is 64 years old…  In other news, Gretchen can’t handle eating a whole hors d’oeuvre because it’s too big for her mouth.  I think it’s quite possibly because her foot is permanently lodged there, but I digress.  Slade greets Terry and says that he will sit next to him, and calls him “Sugar Nipples.” I know… I don’t get it, either.  I just recap it as I see it… lol… There’s probably a Mel Gibson joke in here somewhere… but do I really need to go there? 

 Heather sits down with Gretchen and asks her why she isn’t talking to her.  Gretchen says that she’s hurt.  Gretchen feels like Heather was telling the others that she wasn’t offered a role in Malibu Country. KMN – are we REALLY going to talk about this again?  Heather thinks Gretchen is angry because she feels Heather threw her under the bus.  Heather clarifies she would never ever throw Gretchen under the bus with people in “the industry” because Heather knows Gretchen wants to be in “the industry.”  Gretchen says she does not want to be in “the industry” because she’s focused on her fashion and beauty stuff right now.  Gretchen tells Heather she doesn’t want to “compete” with Heather.  Heather bursts out, “Oh, there’s NO competition.”  Gretchen is confusing to Heather.  Gretchen feels like Heather sent her a “degrading” text.  Heather says she’s only asked Gretchen and Slade one time to come and support her (during the “Hot in Cleveland” filming) and that they were an hour late.  Then, they were too busy getting up from their seats to take phone calls and stuff to actually watch the taping.  Heather feels like she’s been a very good friend to Gretchen and Slade.  Slade says the only time they got up to leave is when they went to the restroom… And this, this is why I love these episodes, because of course they show us the footage of he and Gretchen talking off to the side about stuff while the taping is going on….lol… C’mon… haven’t you learned by now it does you no good to lie about stuff we have on camera?  It just confounds me.  Heather tells them that she left her children for 3 days last year to go to Las Vegas to support Gretchen and that her phone was in her purse the whole time.  Heather would have liked the same courtesy from them. 

 Heather continues, “For you to sit me down about “Malibu Country” and tell me I’m not a good friend…” Slade says, “I’m sorry you feel that way.”  Heather says, “You missed 3 out of 5 of my scenes…”  Gretchen and Slade are trying to make excuses and say irritating stuff while not taking any responsibility for their actions. Gosh, Slade really does qualify as a Real Housewife, doesn’t he?  “Not taking responsibility for actions” is like criteria #3 on the list of RH qualifications.  Heather says, “It may not have been your intention… but that’s what happened.”  Heather says Gretchen should be saying she’s sorry and that it was wrong – period.   Gretchen tells Heather, “I feel bad because you were obviously hurt by that.”  Her Royal Heathership wants to be clear and futilely attempts to explain the difference between apologizing that Heather felt bad vs. apologizing for the actions themselves.  Heather just wants Gretchen to own it.  Good luck with that!  Heather says, “When you’re wrong apologize… When I’m wrong, I apologize.”  Gretchen thinks the whole thing is a wash since they’ve both been at fault.  Heather is glad they talked about it and for some reason they hug it out. 

 oooOOoo Vicki has a present for Tamra…ooOOoo Could it be a friendship bracelet?  Oh, it is! Oholynightthestarsarebrightlyshining… Vicki, in what can only be described as a “friendship commitment ceremony moment” says, “I love you with all my heart… Will you be my best friend again?”… Since evidently, we’re still in Junior High, Vicki boasts that it’s a bigger bracelet than what Gretchen gave Tamra last year and that she, “Threw some bling on there, bitch.” In her talking head, Tamra tells us that she started the friendship bracelet thing but that now she’d much prefer “friendship shoes.”   

BFF V and TAlexis tells Tamra that she’s gotten close to Vicki and that Vicki has really missed Tamra and her friendship.  She even said that Vicki “yearned for her” which was a little odd to me, but I think she meant well.  Alexis, her husband, Jim, and Tamra start talking about Brooks and that Vicki probably just needs them all to leave her alone about Brooks. Then Jim, in a high and mighty way and not at all in a loving partner kind of way, says of Alexis, “I allow her to learn things the hard way… if my opinion isn’t invited then I try not to interject anymore.”  I don’t think he realizes what he’s saying half the time.  Tamra tells him that she thinks that Alexis is a really good person and Alexis wouldn’t love someone who isn’t a good person and using the “Transitive Property of Equality” deduces that therefore Jim is a good person.  Tamra says to Jim, “I apologize for ever judging you in any way… I prejudged you without getting to know you.  “You’re a tough nut to crack…but you’re a good person and I see why she loves you.”  A 7.3 earthquake was felt throughout California because all of our jaws dropped and hit the floor simultaneously at this apology.   I’m still feeling the aftershocks, but I do live near the epicenter.  Alexis tells us that she was madder at Tamra for what she said about Jim than for anything she had said about her.  Tamra’s words bring Jim to tears and Alexis is blubbering and wiping her tears off on Jim’s scarf.  “You’re ruining a $1,000 scarf” says Jim.  In her talking head, Tamra says, “Jim, did you seriously just price drop your scarf?”  This of course, is ironic – because it’s a perfect example of why people got so mad at Alexis in the first place.  The other women thought Alexis was really pretentious because she continuously told them about all the pricey material things they owned, etc. Not that any of the rest of them were guilty of the same thing, nooOOOooo! Lolol.

Alexis and JimGretchen is talking to Judy, Lydia’s Mom who tells her she has real fairy dust.  Gretchen asks, “What’s real fairy dust? Do you talk to fairies and they give it to you?”  Judy says, “Well, I do buy it from the store.  While this is going on, Terry is inexplicably mesmerized by what looks like big, honkin’ marshmallows… I’m not quite sure… The party continues… people are laughing… Lydia looks around and wonders aloud, “Where’s Mom?”

 Then you hear it… You don’t see it, mind you – but you hear exactly what is going on in another room.  The exchange is as clear as a bell… You hear Ryan’s booming, irritated voice, saying, “Why do you have your feet on the couch?”  Then Judy playfully responds, “If you don’t watch out…  I’m gonna fairy dust you and then you’ll be sparkly!”  Then Ryan, who is so not amused, and who chooses to be Captain Asshole in tonight’s “I kid you not” flurry of “infurryating” comments says, “Then I’ll throw you out if you don’t get your feet of my couch, I ain’t fucking around.  I don’t care how drunk you are, I’ll throw your ass out.”  Judy very politely says, “Excuse me sir, but I’ve had one drink and don’t piss me off.”  Ryan’s voice continues to rise, “I don’t give a fuck how many drinks you’ve had… I’ll throw you out right now and don’t think I won’t.” Judy understandably asks, “Who are you?”  And Ryan, because he really is acting like a first class jerk, says, “Do I need to tell you?” Then Ryan almost says that he owns this house…. But then backtracks and says, “I live here so I’m going to throw you out right now.” Judy says, “I should have known.”  Ryan snidely says, “You should have known… You want to leave?  It’ll happen like that…”  Judy says, “I’m sorry if I disrespected you.”  Ryan snottily says, “Oh, you’re sorry – that’s fine.”  Judy says, “But my feet hurt so I put them up.”  Ryan responded, “Well if your feet hurt – Go get a fucking massage.”  Judy politely asks, “Would you stop using the word “fuck”?”  I know, I know… I can’t believe it, myself!  But I heard it with my own ears and while I may have gotten a word wrong here or there – it’s pretty close to being word for word accurate.

A very shaken Judy walks up to hostess Vicki who was busy laughing and having a good time.  She began to tell her what had just happened… She told her that Vicki’s son had freaked out at her… Vicki was saying incredulously, “Michael did?” Then she figured it out and wanted clarification, “My son or my son-in-law?”  Judy wasn’t sure – but then Ryan joins them and proceeds to tell his own whitewashed version of the story.  He tells Vicki that Judy had her feet on the couch.  He went up to her and said, “Can you get your feet off the couch” – Vicki interjects to tell him that she’s Lydia’s Mother – Ryan doesn’t care and says, “I don’t care whose Mom it is – She disrespected the house, and I said, “Can you please take your feet down.” And Ryan, while looking at Judy said, “You didn’t – and you laughed at me… You said, ‘Who are you?’” Judy begins to attempt to correct him, “I didn’t say that then…”  Then Vicki’s bVicki and Terry laughingrother, Billy walks up and Ryan gives him a synopsis and says, “At the end of the day – You don’t disrespect people’s furniture.  Judy tells him that her feet were hurting and Ryan gets right in her face and says, “What did I tell you?” and he walks off.  Judy explains to Vicki that she thinks Ryan may have had too much to drink… Briana who is off to the side of the group explains that it’s a brand new couch.  Lydia walks up and is amazed at what is going on.  She tells us that her Mom is the sweetest, nicest person in the world – What could she have done to be kicked out of this party?  Lydia says, “I mean did she fairy dust the wrong person?”  Judy tells Lydia, “I’ve never been treated like that.”  Lydia decides that maybe they will just go.  Vicki tries to soothe Judy by rubbing her back – and Ryan yells at Vicki from afar, “Don’t hug her” and immediately Vicki takes her hand off of Judy’s back.  Ryan then spouts off some nonsense about how Vicki should, “Stand up for your family.”  Ryan, because he just hasn’t made enough of an ass out of himself yet, says, “We’re gonna throw her ass out – I’m not fucking around!”  Briana tells him to, “Stop, stop.”  Briana says she doesn’t know what happened – but that she’s just thinking that her Mom is going to kill whoever ruined her couch. (Wait – who said anything about ruining a couch? Judy didn’t spill on it or anything….)  Briana explains that Vicki treats her house like a museum – Everyone has to take their shoes off and that they can’t touch anything.  Ryan gets right in Vicki’s face and tells her that Judy disrespected Ryan.  Briana is telling Vicki that Ryan is, “Defending your house.”  Ryan tells Vicki that Judy was a bitch… and that she had said, “Who the fuck are you? Who the fuck are you?” and that he told her, “Bitch, I live here.”  I’ve seen some rewriting of history… but this is the craziest edition, ever!  

Lydia calmly tells them that they’re leaving.  Ryan continues his rampage, “Don’t talk to me like that…” Lydia tries to correct him by telling him what she heard about how things actually happened, but before she could say anything, Ryan said, “I’m sure it’s a he said/she said.”  No actually Ryan, we have it on tape. Shall we play it back for you?  Vicki tells Judy she’s sorry but then Ryan tells Vicki, “Don’t apologize for other people.” Omg.  Judy is walking through the door saying that she thinks she has to leave… and at that same time Ryan is coming through the door the opposite way and says, “You DO have to leave.”  Okay, let’s just pause for a moment… this is a guy who is going back oversees as part of the military.  I honestly can’t tell if he had too much to drink that night… or if this was evidence of PTSD or something… or if he’s just a controlling jerk. But I’m telling you, something is radically wrong – and the people near him need to intervene somehow whatever the situation – for everyone’s safety and health.  This was crazy, man… I mean way more wackadoo than our usual HW manufactured drama situations…

 Billy tells Briana and Ryan they need to “Cool it.” He tells them that it’s Vicki’s house and they should let Vicki deal with things.  Ryan says, “We pay rent here.”  Billy says, “I don’t care if you pay rent – it’s Vicki’s house.  If you guys want to leave – You can leave.”  Ryan rudely physically turns his back on Billy.  Undaunted, as they walk away, Billy yells at them, “You’ve got to stop this bullshit every frickin’ time… It’s gotta stop, Bud, it’s got to stop!”

Vicki talks to Judy and Lydia as they’re trying to leave.  Lydia tells Vicki that her Mother would never say that kind of thing – and Vicki says she knows she didn’t say it.  Lydia is crying because her Mom is so upset.  In her talking head, Lydia wonders why you would have a 200 person party if stuff is so important to you?  Vicki tells them that she doesn’t care about stuff – it’s all just stuff.   By now I’m screaming at the TV that Judy didn’t ruin or hurt anything at all!!!  Tamra tells Vicki that she should go and talk to Ryan.  Vicki tells her that she’s already tried.  In her talking head, Vicki says she is friends with Lydia and she’s worried that if she leaves like this – that Lydia will leave thinking that she can’t be friends with Vicki anymore because of this issue.  Vicki promises that if they will stay that she will banish Ryan to the bedroom.  Vicki really wants them to stay and to enjoy the evening and tells them so.   Lydia just wants her Mom to feel comfortable… Vicki apologizes.  Lydia doesn’t want her Mom to feel attacked.  Judy says she just wanted to rip his balls off… (Funny, no?… Well, unless you’re a guy, I guess….) Tamra tells her maybe she should have… Tamra lightheartedly says, “Why can’t we all go light up a doobie.” Everyone laughs… well, maybe not everyone.

Vicki comes back into the house looking for Briana and Ryan and asks her “Wine by Wives” business partner where her daughter is?  He tells her he thinks they went upstairs… Vicki says, “Good, they needed to…”  I’m inviting my guests back.  Billy comes up to Vicki and says that he’s tired of Ryan’s bullshit…. Tamra tells her she thinks Vicki should step up and put her foot down – this is HER house. Vicki is sure that Briana is embarrassed.  (Ummm, wrong-o…) Then Vicki tries to explain to us in her talking head that Ryan is under a lot of stress.  He is leaving his brand new bride and his brand new baby to go back to Afghanistan.  His stress level is at an all-time high…

Vicki tells Lydia that this is kind of thing is just not acceptable.  Vicki is really sorry and promises that Ryan is never going to make someone cry again in her house… Vicki tells her that she takes full responsibility for all of this. They talk about fairy dust and I have some suggestions of where Ryan should be fairy dusted, but fortunately I keep them to myself.  Vicki says, “Just pray for him, Briana and Troy…  Now, shoo, shoo! Go have fun!” 

“Ryan has crossed the line tonight,” Vicki says aloud as she’s going upstairs.  “When you’re in my home, you respect me and all women.”  Meanwhile, Ryan is busy spinning his web of lies to Briana about how Judy told him to, “Fuck off.”  Briana tells him that her Mom just didn’t know the whole situation… Well, Briana, neither did you!  Ryan says that Vicki went to Judy’s defense, and that there are certain factors that went off.  But before he could go any further Vicki walks in the door.  She asks them if they’re okay… Condescendingly Ryan says, “Yeah, we’re great.”  Ryan says he felt disrespected by a woman in Vicki’s house and that she went “to her side.” Vicki says that she doesn’t know what happened – but that all she knows was that Ryan was yelling at an “elderly lady.”   Ryan tells her not to say that.  Vicki says, “She’s 64 years old.”  Vicki says that it was supposed to be a nice party…  Ryan actually says, “And it was, until an entitled bitch sits there and got in my face.” In her talking head, Vicki says she’s had enough…  Ryan walks off and Vicki tells Briana, “I know it comes from a good place but it’s just his delivery that we have problems with.” Vicki tells Briana that he’s, “A loose cannon.” Briana tells her to stop saying stuff like that.  Vicki says that Judy didn’t do anything that deserves getting yelled at… Briana stubbornly stands by her man and justifies Ryan’s atrocious actions by saying, “He’s different than us” because he doesn’t take anybody’s crap. I’m sure she’s right – Ryan doesn’t take anyone’s crap because he’s so full of it himself!  At least in PPHO…

Vicki sits Briana down and talks with her about Brooks.  Now, I know this is the finale and everything is supposed to be tied up with a bow… but really? Why on earth would Vicki choose this moment to talk to Briana about this subject?  Lol… Vicki says, “At the end of the day, it’s my life” and she breaks the news that she and Brooks are going to start dating again.  Briana reaffirms her position that if Vicki wants to have Brooks come to the house, then she’s not going to be there and that she will move out.  Vicki’s attitude was kind of like, “Go ahead.”  Put a fork in Vicki cuz she’s done….done… done…

Heather tells Alexis that she wants her and her family to come over sometime.  Alexis is surprised their friendship has progressed that far and proceeds to get really giddy.  Her Royal Heathership says in her talking head, “Calm down, it’s just lunch. This is not the sisterhood of the traveling pants.” But no one is raining on Alexis’ parade.

Tamra and Gretchen have a big sit down conversation. O joy, O rapture.  Tamra says, “I feel we’re in a really weird place.”  Tamra told Gretchen that she wanted to meet with her last week but that Gretchen didn’t have time for her and that it hurt her feelings.  Tamra says, “As your friend, this is what I need from you – I need you to be honest with me.”  Wow, perhaps Tamra has been seeing a Dr. V of her own?  Gretchen thinks she has been honest with Tamra but that Tamra hasn’t been honest with her about her relationship with Alexis and Vicki.  Tamra is befuddled at why Gretchen would care about whether they all made up or not.  Tamra says, “Just because we’re friends – it doesn’t mean we share one heart.”  Gretchen says, “You can’t tell me one week how much you hate and despise them… and then the next week…” and you hear indecipherable Junior High gibberish from Gretchen that’s really not worth figuring out.   Gretchen brings up the wedding dress shopping day AGAIN… Tamra says that it was her “fucking day” and basically that she should have whomever she wants in attendance.  Then they talk about the “Malibu Country” situation once again.  Tamra reminds Gretchen that she had said, “I chose to be there for you and I turned down a role in a sitcom.”  Omg…Didn’t we already hash this out like 89 times? The bottom line is that Tamra just wants Gretchen to be honest with her.  Gretchen wants them to be honest about what they’re feeling and move on… They hug it out. Whew.  I almost lost it there…. But then I would have missed the beauty of what comes next…

Vicki VodkaVicki asks Gretchen to bring Slade over because Slade has inspired her.  Slade is there, and it looks like most of the cast is standing there, too.  Vicki says that Slade has been making fun of her for a long time.  Although Slade has called her, “Tupperware face” that Vicki is proud of herself.  Sure, she’s done some “tweaking.”  Vicki tells Slade that when you make fun of a woman’s looks it’s always hurtful.  Stupidly, Slade corrects her, “It CAN be hurtful.”  Vicki continues, “At the end of the day, I’m better and beautiful.”  Vicki soliloquizes that every day she is striving to be the very best she can be. She tells Slade that his comments about her resembling, “Miss Piggy” inspired her to create a bacon vodka line.  She hands Slade a bottle of, “Vicki’s Vodka” and says, “And you are going to have the very first bottle – in honor of “Miss Piggy…” In her talking head, in the most condescending and snarkily mocking way, Gretchen says, “Buy Vicki’s Vodka – at your local crap store.”  Gretchen suggests that perhaps they should have “Deadbeat Dad” vodka, too…  Actually, I’m all for it – If the proceeds go to pay for Grayson’s medical bills.  Slade says that Vicki makes just as many mean comments about him as he does about her.  Vicki says, “But not about looks.  Slade says, “No, it’s about my character.”  Slade tries to convince us in his talking head that he doesn’t attack women.  And because he’s been itching to say it all season, he suggests that Vicki should, “Put away your penis, quit being a dick and then maybe someone would treat you like a woman.”  Of course that was also in his talking head interview because Slade doesn’t have the guts to say it to Vicki’s face.  Vicki tells Slade to be careful of his tongue when he’s talking about women’s looks.  In a raised voice Slade says he doesn’t need to be careful of his tongue.  Lydia thinks that Slade just doesn’t get it…and how his words can hurt.  She again mentions that Vicki had plastic surgery on her face so she wouldn’t look like “Miss Piggy.”  Slade says he hasn’t treated Vicki any differently than she’s treated him.  Lydia chimes in that she hasn’t done anything to Slade yet he has treated her differently.  Slade insists that he complimented her.  Lydia calls, “BS – You were in the corner whispering to Gretchen that I needed to eat a cheeseburger.”  Slade tries to say that he had said she was skinny and looked like a ballerina.  Lydia disagrees and thinks that he didn’t say that but even if he did that it was only after she called him out on the cheeseburger thing.  Lydia turns to Gretchen and asks her point blank if Slade called Lydia a ballerina.  Of course Gretchen sides with Slade.  Lydia exasperatingly says, “Why do I even try with you?”  In her talking head, Lydia says that there is no real dealing with Gretchen and Slade.  She says, “I’m not going to be listening to his radio show any time soon…  I’ m not going to be carrying a “Gretchen Christine” tote any time soon, I can tell you that!”  Lydia tells Slade that he needs to take some responsibility for putting down women.  Lydia says, “I’ve never done anything to you – You can justify it with Vicki.”  Slade continues to pretend it wasn’t a putdown.  Lydia beautifully and pointedly says, “Screw you, it’s a total putdown.”  Alexis says that it crushed Lydia when he said that and that he should just say, “I’m sorry.  Slade said, “I did… I apologized to you.”  But Lydia is on a roll and says, “Dirty is dirty is dirty… and you’re dirty.”  Vicki goes one better and tells Gretchen that Slade is, “A piece of shit.” Vicki says that she has not spoken about Slade for over 3 years.  Gretchen thinks that Vicki is allowed to say whatever she wants about everyone else.  Vicki screams, “It’s hurtful… don’t you get it?  You’re a woman!”  Lydia continues to berate Slade and says, “Screw you… I believe you’re a jerk and you’re talking out of your ass right now… Your words affect women.”  Slade says, “And women’s words hurt me.”  Lydia says, “Your words hurt me – and you’re sounding so evil right now.”  Meanwhile, Vicki is saying she can’t stand Slade, that he’s disgusting, and that she wishes Gretchen good luck with him.

And because she’s sad she hasn’t been a part of the evening’s drama, Tamra tells Slade he needs to be a little bit more sensitive when it comes to women’s feelings.  But of course she and everyone else are just wasting their breath…  Now it’s time for their final comments of the season… Well, at least until the Reunion…lol

CheersVicki philosophizes, “This year has been definitely tough on relationships.”  Bravo tells us, “Soon after the party, Vicki broke up with Brooks.  Then got back together… then broke up again.  According to Vicki, “It’s complicated.” (I’m sure that’s her perpetual FB relationship status.)  Bravo further tells us, “Ryan is still serving in Afghanistan.  Briana and baby Troy are moving into their own apartment. Brooks won’t be allowed to visit.” I’m so surprised.

Heather summarizes the year by saying, “Marriage is not easy.”  Although they hit some bumps this year… she just wants to keep going and growing… Bravo tells us, “Heather did not reprise her role on “Malibu Country” because it was cancelled.  Her next role will be lead designer of the new Dubrow mansion.”

Alexis tells us that she never pictured herself ever being able to be friends with this group of women again or being as strong as she is.  She says, “I feel that in life there is no testimony without a test…”  Bravo tells us, “Alexis is still pursuing her acting career.  She has not run into Heather at any audition… or Gretchen.”

Tamra says she’s made a lot of changes this year – and that she just doesn’t want to be that person who explodes when someone says the wrong thing to her.  Bravo says, “CUT Fitness is open for business.   Eddie is relieved that money is finally coming in.  But Tamra isn’t telling him that she’s spending it all on the wedding.”  Right, as if her wedding isn’t being paid for by Bravo or being provided free or at a drastically reduced price by the vendors since it will be televised and they will get easy advertising.

Lydia tells us, “If you always live your life according to the convictions that you have – then you can never really go wrong.”  Bravo tells us, “Lydia and her Mother, Judy, are closer than ever.  Judy is not allowed to smoke pot in the house.  But she can put her feet on the couch anytime she wants.”  Yes, I stole this line for my intro… lol…

Do we really need to do Gretchen’s?  Okay, Gretchen says she’s experienced some of the toughest lows and some of the biggest highs of her life with Slade and their relationship.  Gretchen says that it’s helped her realize that they can get through really tough times and that nothing is going to get in their way.  Bravo tells us, “Slade’s radio station was bought by a Christian broadcaster.  Slade’s show was cancelled and the station won’t be playing Gretchen’s new single again.”  Thank, God!

Heather offers the final musings of the season, “This year has been interesting – it has been mercurial… It’s been exciting at times, upsetting a times – but that’s friendship and we will be able to move forward and it makes the good times that much sweeter.”  I think it’s a tad “ironic” that Heather uses a word that most of us will have to look up to know exactly what she was trying to say.  Here… let me save us all some time, “mercurial” means, “changeable, unpredictable, volatile, fickle, flighty, or erratic.”  You’re welcome!  = )  Oh, and by the way, the season is complete, because Terry FINALLY got his onion rings!

Onion rings


Happy Birthday Ramonacoaster


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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. It’s cool and rainy. The grass needs the rain but I don’t. Is it quittin time yet? 🙂

    From you alls comments on the chat last night I can’t wait to read Stars’ blog. You all have a great day.

  2. Powell says:

    Happy Birthday Ramonacoaster.

  3. vilzvet says:

    Happy birthday, Ramonacoaster!! After this recap can’t to see this ridiculous episode, yikes!

  4. NMH says:

    Excellent recap! I think based on that definition, mercurial is a very good word to describe it. Here are a few of my thoughts. I’m very glad that Lydia joined the show. She’s probably the first HW who fit in very well from the start. Usually it takes a season or two to get into the groove, but I thought she handled herself very well and I hope she’ll be returning. I also like the fact that she can stand up for what she believes and be able to think on her feet which is not a skill that they all have (Gretchen). I also hope that I never have to see Ryan or Slade’s ugly mugs ever again. It is not good for what ever Ryan’s demons are to be exposing them to the world. Love that Uncle Billy stood up to him. Sounds like there has been other stuff not caught on camera that hes been up to as Uncle Billy made it clear that he was tired of all the BS from Ryan that had been going on. Bravo needs to really let go of Slade. It’s really becoming sad what a hanger-on he’s become compared to season 1….actually didn’t he pay money to be on season 1? I guess he’s always been this way. Enough Slade already! Tamra has become tolerable since she’s making an effort to be more human this season (and rewriting her history). Gretchen I used to like but can’t anymore because of what she’s turned into with Slade. Vicki will always be Vicki, delusional and needy to the last, but I enjoy her on the show. Heather, I do think she’s a decent actress compared to any of the other wanna-be actresses (besides Nene) but she’s exactly what she complained Alexis and Jim were..pretentious. She’s just a little better at it than the Bellinos. Lastly, I can’t hate Alexis. She really is just harmless and you can obviously tell they both just want to be accepted into the group. I enjoy her because I like to see what nutty things she’ll do and say so I don’t mind if they come back next season.

    This was longer than I meant so ill stop there. Thanks again for the excellent recap.

  5. NMH says:

    Oh, and happy birthday to all!

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      ITA…loved seeing the change in Tamra..hope it lasts. I’ve always liked Alexis and her quirky twist on words, but I particularly loved Lydia. She is exactly what Alexis needed to keep herself relevant. Heather should get some of Lydia’s mom fairy dust sprinkled up her you know what..might loosen the broomstick handle that seems to be wedged up there.

    • ramonacoaster says:


  6. cusi77 says:

    Great Blog Stars99!!!! Thank you so much! This is the First Season of OC I’ve watched complete and it is thanks to your recaps that are great! Give my best to Mr. Stars99 for the zillions times he rewinded for our NoSoMuchGuiltyPleasure!!!!

    Happy Birthday RamonaCoaster!!! Enjoy your day Dear friend!!!!

  7. BB says:

    Thanks Stars for blogging OC this season. I enjoyed this season much better than last! Don’t watch Miami or NJ, so I guess I’ll have to wait for NY to start (unless BH beats them to it).

    • plainviewsue says:

      I heard BH is starting in November. No idea about NY.

      BB, I agree. I definitely enjoyed this season more than the last season.

      Last night’s finale was so good I am going to watch it again with sub titles.

      Except for Ryan. Scary scary out of control. I know Briana goes at Brooks at the reunion, but I cannot imagine how she can defend Ryan’s behavior. Unless she blames it on Vicki. Oh my mom hates it when you put your feet up on the couch. All good. Then maybe he should work on his delivery.

      I am scared for Briana.

  8. Great recap. Proud to say that I already knew what mercurial means. I like Heather and I love that she doesn’t dumb down who she is for anyone. It’s refreshing to have someone with a better vocabulary on these shows. Also gotta say that while I don’t care for Slade very much, frankly I see his point in the Vicki argument. Vicki is saying it’s worse to have your looks attacked than your character. Can’t say I agree with that. Also she did start it with him. And he’s doing no different than any of the others. The situation with Lydia is a whole ‘nother Oprah.

    As to the Ryan thing….anyone serving in our military, stationed overseas fighting for us while their family is here, gets a HUGE pass from me. In fact a stack of passes. I wish him and Brianna all the very best.

    • realhousewifeva says:

      Really? I actually think someone like Ryan should be closely looked at because there are far to many instances of soldiers who have behavioral or mental issues that are overlooked and they come home and end up harming their family or themselves. He should not be given a pass.

      • cdnfillie58 says:


        • Catseye says:

          Me too. I completely understand his level of frustration, but he has NO business acting the way he does.

      • Nope. What I mean is he gets a pass on me passing any judgement on him. He appears to have behaved terribly. But I’ve learned never to believe that the story I’m presented with by Reality TV is the whole story, even if they make it look like it is. Yes he definitely appears to have some serious issues and I hope they are addressed. But I’m not going to sit here and tear him apart. For the reasons I already gave above.

        • missusmc says:

          Agree with you. Sure, his behavior in that moment was scary, but we don’t know the back story, and we don’t know what really happened. His behavior doesn’t get a pass, but for me, I will not judge him.

          • shamrockblonde says:

            I have no clue why Ryan behaved the way that he did – was he drinking? did he already not feel well? had Vicki yelled at him for putting his feet up on the couch prior to the party? no clue at all – do I think he was out of line? of course I do – I just don’t know why he was out of line – I have to say, I also don’t like someone in our military being portrayed in this light, and in this light only – Brianna is being loyal to her husband, but something tells me behind closed doors, he got an earful – at least I hope so – if his actions were in any way related to PTSD, then I pray that he gets help, and that his wife continues to stand with him – if not, and it really is just bad behavior then I hope she smacks him upside his head and reminds him that he has a son to set a good example for – I won’t speak ill of him, as I’ve been known to behave badly in public and embarrass my family, but it was always dealt with in a quiet manner, and the only strangers that saw my behavior were the ones present for it – not excusing him, just trying to keep an open mind, that’s all – and Ryan – thank you for your service – even heroes have bad days –

      • mkvalle says:

        I agree. Ryan’s anger over such a little thing was scary. No pass for him. I do give a pass to Briana though. She stood by her man even though I believe she knew he was wrong.

        What the heck was up with Vicki’s dress? Didn’t she look in the mirror? She needed full body Spanx with that outfit, she had bulges on her thighs and waist. And I hate her fake eyelashes. More is not better Vicki!!! I do not like Vicki. She is mean and vindictive and definitely a hypocrite.

        I do like Lydia, I do, I do but I thought she was a little over the top in her argument with Slade. He did apologize for saying she needed to eat a cheeseburger but she had to bring it all up again. She’s very sensitive about her body image.

        • Rebecca says:

          LOL – I was totally thinking that last night. Spanx, VIcki, go get some Spanx on.

          • AZGirl says:

            I think she had on spanx. That dress was so unforgiving. Boobies everywhere. Alexis dress was perfect. She knows her boobies are large and needs to reign them in.

      • plainviewsue says:

        Completely agree. No pass. God bless him for his military service, but that gives nobody the right to yell, curse, etc. at anyone like that.

        Based on comments that Vicki’s brother Billy said, I think this is how Ryan acts often.

    • Rebecca says:

      I’m not going to give him a pass for his childish and profanity-filled tirade.

      He never “asked” Lydia’s mother to remove her feet because the furniture is new. He didn’t “ask” if he could get her an alternative solution. He not only yelled at an older lady, he lied about it. In Lydia’s blog she said her bother and sister-in-law witnessed the whole thing.

      No Marine I know – and I know quite a few, would EVER behave like that. They are the elite of the elite and have more pride and respect than that. Lydia’s mother is one of his countrymen that he swore to protect.

      He just made the Marines look like lying, abusive, bullies.

      • SoutheastVA says:

        I agree with you. I work with members of every service every day and the Marines are the most repectful. I got my first “yes ma’am” from a Marine years ago in my 30’s. I asked him to stop it but I was schooled that he had to show me the proper respect based on his Marine training. NO EXCUSE FOR RYAN. His superiors need to intervene to ensure he gets any help he needs. It would be a shame if his anger caused him to get physical with someone other than the enemy. Or, his temper may get his butt tagged by someone who won’t for being ” DISRESPECTED.”

        Happy birthday Ramonacoaster!

      • melthehound says:

        He just made the Marines look like lying, abusive, bullies.

        No, he made himself look like one.

        • Agreed. Also as I said above. I’m not excusing his behavior, I’m refusing to pass judgement. Ya know, kind of like a everyone’s been demanding for Teresa and Joe and their situation.

        • Rebecca says:

          I do agree with that. Perhaps its just sad then that we know where he works.

          I’m not judging “him” just his behavior in the episode, and it was really wrong and scary..

    • Powell says:

      But Slade keeps going back & forth w/Vicki like a teenage girl & its stupid. He needs to put on his man pants and stop acting like he’s one of the girls. He’s an idiot.

  9. Lulu says:

    Hello everyone!!!! Thank you Starsy your blogs have been highly entertaining!!!! loving me some snark on tuesdays!

    I know Ryan comes off as a douchebag potential wife beater. His reaction has been over the top but I do feel it comes from extreme stress. He probably does suffer from PTSD and should get help for it. It should be mandatory that any of our soldiers be screened for this when they return. That is a whole other matter. My heart goes out to Brianna that is tough I can only imagine what she goes through with her marriage. Just having a baby puts a huge strain imagine a war.

    Lydia is a keeper kudos for her for putting Slade in his place. Though his duck lipped fiance and himself will never learn. That is why they are perfect for each other.

    Love how Bravo has to mention “limited series” when announcing Tamra’s wedding special. I won’t watch and I know all here won’t either. She sealed her deal and no matter how much she tries to pretend that she is a changed women. She’s not that’s for sure. She’s just not that interesting to stand alone in her own series.

    • kokuanani says:

      Don’t you think Bravo’s been trying, over the last few episodes, to give Tamra a bunch of “good edits” — i.e., stuff that makes her look good, understanding, compassionate, not the horrid, trash-talking, slut that she really is? There’s been far less footage of her screaming and finger-waving. [And thankfully no bathtub sex.] All of this in an attempt to get people to watch that “limited series.”

      • lori says:

        No question Bravo told Tamra she had to become more likeable so people would watch her wedding special.

  10. turtletime! says:

    Good morning, and thanks stars for the fun recap!! Happy bday ramonacoaster!!!

    I hope someone Ryan reports to in the marines is aware of his anger issue, and gets help for him before he redeploys. It frightens me to think of him armed with assault weapons. He should not be serving in combat situations. What puzzles me is that he appears to have zero respect for chains of command. That should be fully drilled into him as a marine. He has been totally disrespectful of Vicki, from the minute he met her. He sat there with a big grin on his face when Brianna was breaking the news to her mom that they were married. He has zero respect for his elders, or for women. Scary.

    • ramonacoaster says:

      Thanks! I like your name! It’s what I’m gonna do tonight!

    • Catseye says:

      I agree about how disrespectful towards Vicki, Ryan has been. I seem to recall that he even called her a “bitch,” to her face, at one point. I suspect that Brianna has a lot to do with his attitude and true, he was WAY too smug, when they dropped the bomb about their elopement. I’m beginning to wonder if HE is as much of a gold digger as Brooks is.

      • Powell says:

        Hmmmmm! Good point about Ryan also being a gold digger. Never thought of that. “He ain’t nothin but a gold digger”. I replaced She w/He from Kanye West’s song.

    • thedesigndiva2 says:

      turtletime…ryans co’s wives watch hws and have commented whether or not he wears make up when he films…. some of his crew wanted to change his handle to housewife…I am pretty sure after last night he’s getting ” reviewed”….

  11. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone! Thank you Stars for the recap. I read that Ryan is on his 4th tour of duty. That is a lot for such a young man. Probably PTSD contributed to last night’s behavior. Ryan needs help big time. Billy (Vicki’s brother) really called him out and good for him. He needs to make sure his sister gets that boy out of her house. Brianna is in denial and needs to wake up.

    Love Lydia. Love the fact that Lydia’s husband did not interfere with her calling out Slade. Lydia’s husband knows she can handle herself and respects her. Really like them both.
    On the fence with Tamara. Not sure how long this will last. She is much prettier when she is nice.
    Alexis is beautiful. Jim is JIm.

  12. AZGirl says:


  13. Lola says:

    Did anyone catch when Doug says something to the effect of “Wow, a magical night ruined”..that cracked me up!! Ryan does have issues..being on the brink of deployment shouldn’t be an excuse for his behavior. I’ve seen a lot of people being deployed, my ex husband had to leave for Desert Storm..(with myself having orders to go a month after having my first born) during my first pregnancy which meant he would not be able to see his first born for months after she was born and although he could be quite the ass he never behaved in this manner.

    • Butters'Mom says:

      I heart Doug for that comment. He really gets his wife and that is such a nice thing to see on a HW show.

    • Catseye says:

      You really went through a LOT, defending our country Lola. Many thanks to you (and your ex).

      • Lola says:

        You are more than welcomed! lol..we had quite the situation when it came to Desert Storm. My bil was sent over there, my sil (his wife), my husband (who was the youngest sibling) and myself. We would never treat someone like that. Actually it was the opposite because there wasn’t a guarantee that you were coming back. One of our good friends suffers from PTSD and he’s a gentle giant, just can’t shoot fireworks on the 4th around him.

  14. trudie says:

    Was anyone else appalled that they called a 64 year old woman “elderly”?

  15. Sus says:

    Excellent recap Mel!

  16. Sus says:

    I wonder if Ryan will be disciplined by the Marines for his behavior. I hope he isn’t around any kids in Afghanistan. I don’t consider him a good ambassador for the US after that disgusting display. No matter what his problem is, it doesn’t excuse speaking to another human being like that. She didn’t murder anyone. She put her feet on the couch. When I saw the previews, I thought for sure she must have lit up a big doobie in the house. That was the only thing I could think of that could maybe explain his behavior.

    It really does seem like Vicki has been threatened with never seeing Briana and the baby again if she doesn’t put up with Ryan’s crap.

    This is mean to bring up but I never claimed to be nice. I think Briana’s quick elopement was all about her ex-boyfriend getting married and having a baby. Her elopement was only a few months after Kobe getting married. Also, I think Briana was pissed at Vicki and Don because of the divorce. The elopement was a Big F You to Vicki. Especially telling her on camera the way she did. I don’t think kids owe their parents a wedding but I do think kids should be sensitive to their parents feelings. It was unkind of Briana to ambush Vicki with the news on camera. It surprising to me because Briana never seemed to be unkind. I wonder about Ryan’s influence in that.

    • lulu says:

      Unless he’s an officer maybe a slap on the wrist.

    • Orson says:

      I can understand Brianna eloping. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Vicki would have turned into the worst Momzilla of the Bride the world has ever seen. On the other hand, she’d have done so much shouting and screaming at people during the lead up to the wedding that she’d have probably lost her voice by the time the ceremony came around.

    • Powell says:

      It was most definitely unkind of Brianna to do it on camera. Vicki looked like someone punched her in the stomach.

  17. windycitywondering2 says:

    Happy Birthday Ramonacoaster! Make the day one filled with laughter and love with the people you care about the most.

  18. WOW.. as a proud Mother of a MARINE… I was really shocked at Ryan’s continuing bad behavior…I do believe that when the CORP gets wind of this , there will be sanctions…and they will get wind of it…
    Ryan needs to go back and reread the CODES OF CONDUCT….. along with Brianna… a spouse of a Marine, she also has certain obligations…..

    Click to access USMCOutlineExcerpts.pdf

    hugs and peace

    • melthehound says:

      Diva, All I saw was an asshole. Not a U.S. Marine 😉

        I think Ryan will be getting called into his CO’S office soon….and it won’t be a slap on the wrist type of infraction….. being DISRESPECTFUL in PUBLIC is a major no-no… then add on top of that….to a woman and it was filmed….!!!!!!! The USMC does not take this lightly… I wonder if he even got permission to film……hmmmmmm

        hugs and peace

        • melthehound says:

          I am guessing you don’t watch the show, Teen Mom (2).. One of the characters, Janelle was seeing a service member. It seemed as though she had cleaned up her act and calmed down as a result. Then her ex BF came back into the picture and things went to hell from there. The two of them began to fight and one day it became physical. Her service-man BF was no longer on the show and he was bounced from service. I do believe he was a Marine. They (all branches) would probably have done the same thing. With Janelle, I could see someone losing their mind but for him to sign up for a reality show on MTV, was unbelievably stupid.

          • FROM NEWS OF THE FORCE..AUGUST 2012….
            The dramatic fallout between a U.S. Marine and a cast member of MTV’s Teen Mom 2 might result in his discharge from the Marine Corps. The Marine Corps confirmed that it’s considering administratively separating Lance Cpl. Gary Head, a warehouse clerk with the 2nd Battalion, 8th Marines. Head pleaded guilty on Monday to assaulting his ex-fiance and reality TV mom, Jenelle Evans, in a June domestic dispute that ended in both of their arrests. Head, 24, based at Camp Lejeune, N.C., hasn’t appeared on the MTV series and is not the father of her child, but the relationship drama has played out publicly via Facebook, Twitter and Evans’ personal blog. Head and Evans became engaged in mid-May, but just two weeks later Evans accused him publicly via Twitter of stealing a $300 necklace. “What Marine does that?” she tweeted. Evans, 20, called 911 on June 24 to report a domestic violence incident, but both were arrested and charged with possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia, according to E! Online. The charges against Evans were dismissed on Monday. After the Marine’s guilty plea to the assault charge, the judge entered a prayer for judgment against him, meaning in two years the court will revisit the case. If he hasn’t been in trouble by that time, he will not have to serve jail time. In exchange for the plea, charges of possession of marijuana, simple possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia were dismissed. The Marine Corps, though, isn’t done reviewing Head’s situation. In a written response to a Marine Corps Times inquiry, Marine officials stated that Head is not currently facing military punishment – be it court-martial or administrative. But “the Marine Corps is considering administrative separation due to a pattern of misconduct,” according to the statement. Head joined the Marine Corps in July 2009 and was promoted to his current rank in March 2011. He deployed to Afghanistan in 2011. His ex-fiance had a history of legal trouble before their involvement. Evans’ arrest following the June dispute landed her behind bars for the seventh time since 2010. Evans did not immediately respond to requests for comment, but posted this message regarding the judge’s decision on her blog on Tuesday: “Yesterday was an amazing day. I cannot stress enough how happy I was with the outcome. Gary admitted in court that he put his hands on me.” Head isn’t the only Marine involved with a reality TV star. The Marine Corps Times reported in May that Staff Sgt. Ryan Culberson had married into the Real Housewives of Orange County reality show on Bravo. Culberson wed Briana, the daughter of housewife veteran Vicki Gunvalson. Culberson’s advice for other Marines in the public spotlight: “Always remember you’re a Marine. Not really knowing the situation [regarding Head and Evans] I think you just need to make sure you steer clear of any drama that would make you look bad or bring discredit on the Marine Corps,” said Culberson, a joint terminal attack controller at Camp Pendleton, Calif. And as far as social media goes, Culberson said the more you put out there, the more people can misinterpret. “I think, unless it’s something positive, it’s just not a good idea,” he said. “Putting anything negative out there is only going to create problems.”


          • rabblerouser2010R says:

            There was a Marine here in Camp Pendleton who lost his sh!t in a road rage incident. The driver of the car was transporting his sister (a USM) to a doctors appointment as she became paralyzed from the waist down. The injuries Marine took a video of it which was posted on line and went viral, the offending Marine ended up being cited for the incident. Just looking at all the comments from the Lydia’s Bravo blog, and knowing how when Amber on Teen Mom was charged with domestic abuse can as the result of viewers reporting it. this will likely get back to Ryan’s CO.

            There is the video of the road rage Marine,,,

            • melthehound says:

              Fun stuff. Sorry but I don’t see this as a result of being in a combat zone like some of the comments are suggesting. I see it as the result of being another asshole. The longer the driver ignored him, the madder he got.

              • rabblerouser2010R says:

                Without any of us knowing who Ryan or the guy in the video was before their first deployment, we can only speculate if this is a form of PTSD or it’s just who they are but either way they need help before they end up hurting someone.

                Watching the video of Ryan is a lot lot worse than it sounded when I first read about in when someone was discussing the previews. When he was talking to Vickie and Lydia’s mom, right before he walked away…he looked like he was trying to restrain himself from hitting her.

                Not to mention the way Brianna and Vickie nerviously kowtowed around him has me concerned.

                It’s as if they believe he is a single thread away from snapping.

                • melthehound says:

                  My point is, I doubt that is an isolated incident. It looks like typical road rage to me and not everyone in that situation has been a combat soldier. Some people, are just hot headed assholes and he looked like one.

                  • rabblerouser2010R says:

                    Oh, about the marine in the video? I don’t know..from what I read about him he used to go to schools and be part of presentations on social and civic duty, so I would guess somewhere along the line he gave people the impression that is was amicable. I hope that it’s something that he can get treated for rather than it be just who he is, but you never know. 🙂

          • Powell says:

            MTH I didn’t know that. He was an idiot to sign up for the show and mess up his career.

    • Cityside says:

      I knew you would be here. Waiting for your take on this…….
      And you brought backup.


      • thedesigndiva2 says:

        CITYSIDE… it just frosted my azz last night watching his HORRENDOUS and inexcusable behavior… When my son died , I spent 10 days on base at MIRAMAR … getting to know the in’s and outs ……the USMC will not be turning a blind eye to this….. it may not make the PRESS as we know it..but I will be receiving any news thru my MILITARY feed… I can’t post what the comments are that are being said , as it is a secure site for Military families…but…Ryan is/may be in deep doo doo after this….. he needs to go back to basic training and learn the Rules of Conduct….. He was a most unbecoming officer for sure…..
        SEMPER FI….
        hugs and peace

    • ramonacoaster says:

      Thanks designdiva! hugs and peace to you too!

  19. realhousewifeva says:

    I`m no fan of Gretchen, but Heather is annoying as hell. She has the most pretentious, stuck up, holier than thou attitude. So over it.

    • kokuanani says:

      Thank you. I totally agree. Heather is such a snot.

      ANd I don’t even want to think about what we’re going to be subject to as they build their new house with the $16 million they’re getting for their “old” one.

      • Catseye says:

        She makes me sick. (I wonder if Terry ran and hid somewhere, as soon as all the ruckus started?)

    • Powell says:

      Heather is annoying as hell but she had a point to everything she said to Gretchen. Gretchen lying about HIC was.the last straw for Heather. Gretchen knows it wasn’t semantics or she interpreted the info about the potential role wrong. She wanted Tamra to feel grateful that she gave up an acting job to be at Tamra’s wedding dress shopping day. Gretchen’s big lie was basically for Tamra’s benefit and it blew up in Gretchen’s face so she tried to throw Heather under the bus by putting it on Heather that she didn’t know what she was talking about. Heather may not be a great actress but she knows how it works w/producers, casting, & offers.

  20. melthehound says:

    Happy Birthday RamonaCoaster 😀

    I went ahead and watched this morning.. I haven’t read the recap yet but I’m sure it’s spot on. What made me watch was the fact that Empress dusted off her HWs keyboard to chime in on a part of the show. I see that BB has linked that post above… It’s worth the read if you haven’t already..

    Ryan, Dude, all you had to do was ask the woman to take her feet off of the couch. I’ve been in a similar situation and that’s all it took. I asked, she did. It is a big giant baby that goes at someone like that and then in his recap of what happened, change things all up. It isn’t his house, as he would have us believe and it isn’t his wife’s house either. I think Vicki made a huge mistake ever agreeing to terms for them to move in. He can’t blame Vicki, his wife, or anyone else for his problems, he wanted the Bravo paycheck and this is what comes with it. No one made him sign on the dotted line. Dump at least a sawbuck in to Lydia’s douche jar. I only hope that while in Afghanistan, he’s taking his rage out on a few camel molesting savages.

    Slade, I don’t even consider you to be a man. You have a LOT of nerve calling Vicki ‘tupperware face’ while standing next to Gretchen. Further, ever calling her Miss Piggy is laughable too. Not because I think it’s funny to make jokes about what Vicki was born with but because twice we’ve been subjected to your girlfriend and breadwinner, squeal into a microphone with her caterwauling…. Your I know you are but what am I tactic should have stopped when your age hit double digits. It’s unfortunate for you that your age did, but your IQ did not.

    Lydia, get the phuck over it. I’m sure he isn’t the first one to look at you and say give that girl a cheeseburger. I said it the first time I saw you and so did many of the women here. The difference among many others, I’m not on the show where you have to build your platform to ensure your place on next season’s cast. There was no other reason for you to inject yourself into that conversation.

    Gretchen, Gretchen, Gretchen… Really? You have become the Kathy Wakele of this cast because you’re there for a paycheck and no one gives a shit what you have to say.. That is because you have nothing to say. We get it. You think you’re the star of the show. Your conversation with Heather was laughable. She may be a has been but you are a never was. Your fashionably late entrances to people’s events show what star power you think you have while, we all know, you have none. Your time on this show this season SCREAMS desperate woman and it isn’t attractive at all.

    Alexis… I’m glad to see you’ve kind of grown a pair, stood up for yourself, and told these people what you think. Whether anything has changed with them, remains to be seen but do, let the chips fall where they may, and say so long bitches if nothing does change.

    This being the only season I’ve paid any attention to at all, I find myself strangely liking the one you all love to hate. Tamra. Maybe if I tune in next season that will change but for the most part here, she actually seemed kind of fun. She has taken a get the phuck over it attitude that I kind of like.

    • BB says:

      Re: Tamra. I know you said you’ve only paid attention this season, but if you ever have the time or inclination, go back and watch the past couple of seasons, including the reunions. That’s all I’m sayin.

      • melthehound says:

        I believe all of you BB and I’m sure she’s done shit this season too. What I saw of her though, didn’t Seem that bad 😉

        • designernailsdiana says:

          She did get a bit of a good edit this season, but I’m still not convinced nor will I watch her limited THIRD wedding show.

    • ramonacoaster says:

      Thanks Jeff! Always love your comments!

  21. Powell says:

    If I could whistle through my fingers that’s what I would do for Mr. Stars for helping out his lovely wife and LynnFam. Give him a BIG hug from me Stars. He was a trooper. 🙂

  22. Powell says:

    Sletchen is lying. On the epi where Heather taped HIC Gretchen said on her TH that she was on the phone planning what she & Heather discussrd for Ts bachelorette & Slade was helping her. Now at the party Gretch says nothing about planning the party in her defense & Slade says he only got up once to go to the BR. Liars.

  23. Powell says:

    Everyone that watched last night did your jaws simultaneously drop when Tamra apologized to Jim? Thks Stars. I had to ask. 🙂

    • Powell says:

      Cuz my jaw dropped reading it. 🙂

    • lulu says:

      Say all that you like of tammie sue but she’s no fool. She understands that by alienating the audience with atrocious behavior gets you no where. Best guess she hoping like bethenny and kim her spin off takes off. Reality is she has no draw. I watched both for the babies especially kim her boys are adorable.

    • BB says:

      Tammy Sue finally “got it.” She wants to be the nice one now.

      • kokuanani says:

        And I’d wager this is part of an attempt to woo folks into watching her trashy wedding.

        • Powell says:

          Kokuanani Tamra can be as sweet as can be on the finale & at the reunion but she won’t woo me into watching her wedding. Not gonna do it.

          • lulu says:

            Powell have to make a pact here and now. You will not be wooed into watching tammie sues fifth wedding!!!!!!! Do not go to the dark side stay near the light ;). Can’t lose you powell!!!! 🙂

  24. Powell says:

    Well dang. The story is suppose to change as it goes down thru the chain but Ryan changed the story from one person, himself. I have said all season that Vicki should have kicked Brianna & Ryan out. Ryan is a loose cannon and does not respect Vicki. Cuz he’s changed a lightbulb here & there doesn’t make him lord of the manor.

    • Catseye says:

      Right. He pays a token amount for rent in a luxurious home (that I’m sure he only dreamed of, growing up) and all of the sudden, he’s “the man of the house). Jerk.

  25. realhousewifeva says:

    I think it was very telling when Vicki`s brother said that Ryan does this every single time. Tells a lot about him. It wasn`t just an isolated incident.

    Brianna was just so desperate for a man, IMO, she will put up with it

  26. I LOVE COFFEE says:

    Ryan telling Vicki to stick with family while he’s telling her worst enemies, slade and Gretchen, how bad Brooks is. Maybe the con Ryan can smell another con Brooks and that’s why he doesn’t like him. Ryan is no better than Brooks. Ryan was “prolly” scared Brooks was going to say “I OWN”

    I was so hoping better for Brianna. She went from a controlling mother to a controlling husband.

    Pay-backs are a bitch Vicki. You controlled your daughters life until she married and now her husband controls yours.

    • realhousewifeva says:

      ITA! Ryan hates Brooks so much because RYAN was the one who was supposed to swoop in and claim Vicki`s estate. This whirlwind marriage with Brianna was not out of love, IN MY OPINION.
      I honestly think he is exactly like Brooks, and I thought it since last season.

  27. Dwight Schrute says:

    Okay, I haven’t watched most of this season although I did see a clip of Ryan going off on Judy online.

    Can you imagine how he would have reacted if Adrienne Malouf had sat on the thing?

  28. ItzAngieDuh says:

    I absolutely agree that Briana is ‘salty’ over Viki & Donn’s divorce. Did anyone’s else catch Briana saying she didn’t want to be around ANYONE Viki is dating, ESPECIALLY Brooks. She is trying to control Viki & I would bet Troy is her bargaining chip. Ryan is a first class jerk-I appreciate his service but I don’t know him as a soldier. I know him as Viki’ SIL & he’s never respected her. Has no respect for women & I could not believe how he went after Judy. With Briana & Viki trying to justify his behavior, I’m guessing this isn’t the first time they witnessed this from him. Briana should pay attention to her own husband & stopped worrying about what Viki (her mother) does. Briana got son upset when Viki said Rtsn was a loose cannon. I was thought it was telling that Viki could scream & screech at Gretched & Slade, but folded into her self when attempting to confront Ryan. His behavior was horrible & totally unexpected, putting a damper on an otherwise fun episode. I also think Heather has a stick up her ass & is so savvy at pretentious that no one calls her on it. So nice of her to slum with these ladies & their little TV show. Thanks Stars for the recap & transcript of Ryan losing it. Happy birthday Ramonacoaster!

    • ramonacoaster says:


    • Mrs Peabody says:

      I caught that too when she said that to her mother. I remember thinking at the time she doesn’t want her mom bringing any men around not just Brooks. Who does she think she is telling her mom she can’t have a man over to her house. I have no doubts they use that baby to get their way. I think if Vicki wants her own life she had better not get to attached to that baby cuz she is going to have her heart broken. And I’d cut them out of the will.

  29. On a totally different topic…did anyone else hear Andy Cohen say on WWHL that they are doing a new contest on the Youtube channel? You post YOUR own Real Housewife tagline. So, I was hoping a few of you might share yours!
    I was thinking (cough cough)
    “I know who I am and so does Satan!”

  30. kokuanani says:

    Do you think there’s ever been any conversation — perhaps filmed and edited out — about how all the $$$ Slade’s spending on frivolities for Gretchen [her ring, the Rolls] could be going to pay for his son’s medical treatments?

    Gretchen made some throw-away comment during her “proposal” that the child’s medical costs were in the millions so, in effect, what would a few thousand or hundred thousand from Slade do to reduce that. I guess THAT’S their attitude now?

    In addition to whatever the child’s mother is having to pay for his treatment, I’m sure that the hospital is absorbing costs. I.e., Mr & Mrs. Taxpayer are picking it up. While I don’t mind my tax dollars going to this particular purpose [vs. bombs and guns], I realize FEWER of my, and everyone else’s dollars could go here, if Slade would only pony up a share, instead of pissing his $$$ away on Gretchen.

  31. I LOVE COFFEE says:

    Has Lydia’s mom been on tv before? She looks very familiar. Maybe she just reminds me of someone that’s been on tv.

    • melthehound says:

      She was on the show before… Don’t know about anywhere else but it wouldn’t shock me if she had…

    • I love coffee…. Lydia’s mom has that Dyan Cannon vibe about her..????

      hugs and peace

      • kit9 says:

        Ah! Nailed it! Diane Cannon. I tuned into just to see what happened with Ryan and was floored. His words and body language were consistent with wanting to actually throw down physically. Only with his target was a 64 year old woman tossing fairy dust and wearing a fuzzy white coat. It was as disgusting as it was just bizarre. Did you catch him telling her to F off as he walked past her? Jaw on floor.

  32. princesspindy says:

    Phantasmagorical job Stars!!! I had a long comment but it wouldn’t post….sigh…so I will just say that I think Ryan was a/an ________ (your choice of derogatory adjective) before he even joined the USMC!!! And (said last night on FB) his CO will hear of this, if he hasn’t already, it’s a small community!

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Yes, great Job stars,

    • Ryan was quite disgusting last night and I was sad that Brianna was defending his deplorable behavior…sounds like Brianna has some co-dependent issues of her own! Letting a man dictate who is allowed to put their feet on your mom’s furniture is pretty disturbing! and the way he reacted was way off base. Lydia’s mom never swore and was so laid back (literally!). Shame on him! Glad Vicky made her guest the priority rather than the peacock son-in-law!

      • Powell says:

        Brianna better wake up ASAP before Troy gets any older & before they have more kids. We shall see what Vicki & Brianna have to say about Ryan at the reunion. I’m sure it will be nothing but excuses.

    • Powell says:

      So Ryan forgot the show is taped and shown on national tv huh? Idiot.

      • chismosa says:


      • Mrs Peabody says:

        He probably forgot they were miced and their comments caught on tape even if they weren’t being filmed at the time. I think he is an abusive man and Brianna is just making excuses for him like all women in abusive situations do. I also think her and Vicki walk around on egg shells around him because there is no way that hasn’t happened before. Even earlier scenes in the season you can tell how controlling and disrespectful he is. He has very serious anger problems

  33. AZGirl says:

    @Diva: Thank you for your feedback on Marine Code of Conduct. I really hope someone does report this to his CO. He really needs help. This is not how a Marine behaves. They are respectful. Especially to women and elderly.

    • Nancy says:

      I had forgotten that Bobby Hull was a Blackhawk. He joined the team before I was
      even born.

    • windycitywondering2 says:

      Interesting choices. Hull is a hockey fixture and does a lot of charity events for the Blackhawks – on his 74th birthday was honored during the entire game. Ugh, Roenick was the Torres of his day!

  34. rabblerouser2010R says:

    Happy Birthday ramomacoaster.

  35. Nancy says:

    Happy BIrthday Ramonacoaster!!

    Great job Stars and Mr Stars. Not a lot of husbands would do what he did. 🙂

  36. AZGirl says:

    Waiting on a new dishwasher to be delivered and installed. Catching up on Interior Therapy. Love, love, love this show! Jeff and Jenni are so good. Zola is the “bomb”, Jillian Barbarie is a nut job. Her husband (soon ex-husband) is so hot.

    • chismosa says:

      SO hot….. And a marine no??? Sniper yes but forget which branch
      Divorced now!

    • Powell says:

      So they are divorcing? So sad. About 3 yrs ago her husband had a reality show “House Husbands of Hollywood”. It was funny. Him and several actors some fathers, some not. Jillian’s husband, Grant was the househusband alright. He had the HW role. He took care if their daughter, the house, cooked, cleaned, etc. Jillian was the main source of income but Grant did do things to bring income in also. Since the show went off they had their son so he took care of 2 kids until Jillian quit/was forced out of Fox. On IT she said something to the effect that he didn’t do anything around the house. I believe Jeff had her to a T when he said she is so used to receiving the Star treatment that she expects it at home. And the constant “when I bought the house”, “when I was single” remarks. I was like dang. All of that was 10-15 yrs ago & she’s still holding on to that. It’s sad they are divorcing. I don’t know what kind of husband she wants. Not saying Grant is perfect cause the divorce isn’t one sided.

      • chismosa says:

        Powell I didnt know he was on some show like that. Like Robin Thicke of a few years ago. Lol

        She always used to be made fun of on the Soup running around the set while filming LIVE so that’s what I remember her.
        He’s gorgeous and she looks fantastic for her age, but girl’s got issues.

  37. iceNfire says:

    Hello – My two cents. We have seen Vicki screaming disrespectfully since season one, FAMILY VAN! We have seen Vicki scream at family and friends in her own home, her daughters home, and her friends home, Just last week we saw her screaming at Ryan while she was getting her makeup done.Ryan! Ryan!. He has been living in Vicki’s home and ‘world’ for a year so maybe has just become accustomed to the screaming. Ryan has adapted to living in the Vicki-sized house – imo

    • BB says:

      I don’t agree. Ryan has anger management problems and it has nothing to do with being around the Vickster. I’m thinking he was like this before ever moving into Vicki’s house. IMO

      • iceNfire says:

        I agree and living with The Icki One who, imo is The Queen of Anger isn’t doing any of them any good

      • chismosa says:

        I don’t watch but from what you all said its also likely Brianna gravitated towards someone a little crazy because that’s what she grew up with and was familiar with. Shockingly it was someone not like her dad, which is odd.

    • VV says:

      Awwww. Tre and Juicy do make beautiful babies.

      • Nancy says:

        They sure do. Teresa was so beautiful back then before all the make-up etc.
        The one of them all together got me though. So sad.

    • VV says:

      Kids are resilient Nancy. I know what you mean but they are loved by Juicy’s family and the Teresa’s mother and father.

      Melissa is too busy with her singing career at your local Flea Market. Joey is to into himself. They are both too self-centered to care for anybody else. So, IF those kids need to be without a parent for sometime hopefully it won’t be for too long but they will be well taken care of.

      • Nancy says:

        They will be lost without their father IMHO. I hope he won’t be deported.

        • windycitywondering2 says:

          IMHO, that family will stay together wherever he ends up.

          • Nancy says:

            True but they absolutely adore their father. Hopefully Joey will grow up and fast to help them esp Gia.

            • cusi77 says:

              In Bravo I read a comment so cute! It is a grandma (72) who offers Teresa to take care of her girls… Awww… But most of the comments are just nasty and crazy….

        • melthehound says:

          IF he is deported, it’s likely his family will go with him… At least the minors. Gia will likely be an adult by then and will make her own decision as to stay or go.

  38. VV says:

    Tre sales. There is no doubt in my mind. Most gossip magazines, websites, TV, Twitter, and bloggers are dedicating a lot of time daily to her. Magazines are painting a very ugly picture of Teresa. Some sites are very cruel and Twittet is the worst. It seems like they are making Tre to be this monster that quite frankly she is not and neithet is Juicy…BUT it sells and that is what matter. It brings traffic to some sites and that is what matters. It gets tweets retweeted and that is what matter to some. In my opinion all this hate is cluttering people’s mind. I cannot believe some of the comments or maybe I can. Right now, everybody claims to know what is going, the truth is we don’t know. They write with such authority that their uncle’s friend cousin whose niece was married to their next door neighbor either was a retired Fed judge or a fraud expert or best attorney in the universe. I call it BS. Nobody knows. It’s all blah blah blah about Teresa and blah blah blah about Teresa apparently sells.

    • Powell says:

      No Tre & Joe weren’t/aren’t monsters. It started w/Joe making poor decisions for his biz, for his family or both & Tre probably went along w/it cause Joe probably told her is was alright. She believed in Joe and signed on the dotted line of financials & loans. I’m not excusingthem because its inexcusable. Whatever happens will happen but they do need to pay for making the decisions they made just like everyone else that’s faced w/what they are facing.

      • Nancy says:


      • cusi77 says:

        I know what you mean, Powel. There is another mentality about right and wrong in Teresa’s world is, whatever Juicy says and does is correct. I think in Lynn’s site must be The Giudices Documents and you can see that the signatures with both their names are just one hand signed…

        What I can’t understand, I just can’t is why people are attacking them. Trust the Judicial system and have some compassion for these people that opened (for money) moments of their lives for our entertainment … This is just like the Roman Circus and everyone shouting louder than the next to them, to give the Giudices to the lions! Jesus Christ!

      • VV says:

        I have stated from the beginning that if a crime was committed the somebody has to pay and we should let the courts decide. Everybody is innocent until proven guilty. It is certain that jail time will be paid. What I don’t understand is the non stop vilification of the Giudices and the everyday ill wishes and bottom line total hatred. It speaks more about the people doing it than anything else.

    • chismosa says:

      VV I was in complete utter shock she wasnt full cover pages of her old “contracted” tabloids. It’s like they forget about her. She only got a box in the corner. I found that so interesting and “””””telling”””””
      ALL of them!
      I’m no joking, I am in shock

    • melthehound says:

      They write with such authority that their uncle’s friend cousin whose niece was married to their next door neighbor either was a retired Fed judge or a fraud expert or best attorney in the universe.
      You must be carrying a 24oz framing hammer because you nailed it home with that one. Lots of psychics out there too.

  39. I LOVE COFFEE says:

    Maybe T is the master mind behind all of it.
    We don’t know for sure. I do believe J will try and take the blame for all of it. Don’t know if the FEDS will let him do it.
    Unless J put a gun to her head and made her sign the FEDS won’t let her get by with it. If she really wrote those cookbooks she NOT that stupid. We may learn a lot from this case. More than we ever needed to know. Time will tell.

    • I LOVE COFFE…. I think Teresa will use the ” injured spouse” defense…. I do believe that she will be held accountable for her part in this…. I’ve seen episodes on ID tv about a bookie in Texas and his wife turning a blind eye to his biz…. didn’t end well….. one can only play blind for awhile……jmho

      hugs and peace

  40. cusi77 says:

    The NJ Preview NOW!!!!!!!!!

  41. VV says:

    Saw a preview of RHOM. How the hell is Lea Black getting younger each new season? I mean I want to know who her doctor is. Her face is not becoming catified like Adrienne’s or Vicky. She looks very good!

    • chismosa says:

      VV I noticed this last year. It’s like she saw her 1st season and tacky dressing also and just did a whole 180.
      She came back with new face S2

      I’m going to watch it tonight. It’s on my demand already

      • VV says:

        I’m serious she looks better this new season. IMO. Let me know what you think.

        • chismosa says:

          She’s running with some new gals -Lisa who’s young and looking borderline cat-lady, and Joanna who is gorgeous (just on the outside though)

          So she probably set out to work

          I’ll let you know! Adriana’s skin looked better to me. She’s stunning. I can’t WAIT to see that wedding dress

          • Orson says:

            Isn’t Lisa the one who’s a walking advertisement for her husband the cosmetic surgeon?

            • chismosa says:

              Yes Orson and she’s far too young and has done way too much to her face
              She is so so pretty in her “old” photos

              JMHO M

            • chismosa says:

              Yes Orson and she’s far too young and has done way too much to her face
              She is so so pretty in her “old” photos


  42. TexasTart says:

  43. TexasTart says:

    • VV says:

      Do we know for sure if she was not allowed to leave NY & NJ or was this reported by the media and everybody ran with it without fact checking?

      • melthehound says:

        Some know it for certain, some don’t. Question is, which one do you believe? The answer comes down to the media outlet you trust the most. I don’t trust any of them so, I’m among those who do not know for certain what the terms of their bail are.

        • VV says:

          You are a wise man Jeff.

          • melthehound says:

            Thank you but No, I’m a phuckin idiot.

            • rabblerouser2010R says:

              Maybe I am being simplistic in my thinking, but when they ordered them to surrender their passports, wouldn’t it also have been made public if they weren’t allowed to leave the state? Not to mention, why would they be restricted on leaving the state of NJ, since it’s a federal indictment so no matter where they go…they Feds would have still have jurisdiction over them, so it’s not like they would have to deal with the State authorities to extradite them if they tried to set up camp somewhere else.

  44. VV says:

    This is why Teresa’s kids should not stay with the Joey and Melissa. I’m pretty sure this is Antonia on the pic and that is not a place for a 7 years old kid to be.

    Joe Gorga (@joegorga) tweeted at 8:08pm – 28 Jun 13:

    Having a blast at @TavernaOpaOrl!! (

    • chismosa says:

      Vv that’s a taverna which is a small greek restaurant. They likely had a live bouzouki band playing and they don’t have STRIPPERS as I know that’s what the connotation with the DEVIL/DEATH/ILLNESS/ PURE EVIL is— but belly dancers.
      If you read up about belly dancers they are not salacious in the least. I’m sorry you are inferring something about this that may not be.

      I grew up loving tavernas and you throw money to all the dancers — when my dad danced you throw to the men, when women, to women. It’s not degrading it’s a lovely beautiful cultural thing.
      Perhaps the middle eastern posters here can speak more to the belly dancing origins.
      I love it! I love tavernas – they’re family places and I have great memories of them! For this (and not everything else everyone likes to use the expression,) we can say Opa!

      I’m so happy they’re at a greek place and not run of the mill trattoria or ristorante. Broaden the horizons for the kids

      • VV says:

        Do they have children’s menu?

        • chismosa says:

          Some more Americanized ones here may, but just like we do in Greece- you expose your child to healthy fresh foods early. Less allergies and all that crap.

          Any parent should be able to navigate a menu appropriately for a child with or without a “child” menu, no? Or else your kid doesn’t learn about anything.
          And you don’t have business taking your kid out if you don’t know what the 16 allergies the typical American child has so that you’re ready to navigate through a menu appropriately. How bland to limit yourself and family. Yuck

    • Sasha says:

      They can’t stay with my boy Joey and Melissa because they’ll keep them out late having dinner???
      I thought it was going to be a pic of them pouring gas on small children and setting them afire.

    • realhousewifeva says:

      Listen, anyone knows I am not a Joey and Melissa fan and I DEFINITELY don`t think they should watch the Giudice girls…but chismosa is right about this. I take my kids to tons of Middle Eastern restaurants, and they don`t usually have kids menus because we raise our kids eating the same foods as us, lol. Especailly with Middle Eastern food, you can always get them falafel, hummus with bread, some chicken kabob and call it a day. I think the whole kid menu with Chicken Strips, Macaroni and Cheese or Grilled Cheese is a more Western thing. Just because a place doesn`t have a kid menu doesn`t mean you can`t take them there…what a way to limit your kids if they only eat off a kids menu their whole childhood (Although, this particular restaurant does have a 10 and under menu on their site).
      The Belly Dancer is a part of the culture, my kids have been to places that have had them as entertainment and I never thought I was doing a disservice to them, lol. I barely pay attention to them. It`s not like you go for that and just sit and watch the belly dancer. You go for dinner and they just happen to have them there at a certain time while people are eating and enjoying dinner. Not so serious.
      Although, of course Joey is most likely posing with the belly dancer because he is a pervert and sees boobs.

      I am willing to bet Teresa would take her girls to a place like this. Let`s not pretend that Teresa is raising her daughters to be Nuns. I have seen Gia on twitter and instagram, and I cringe sometimes to be honest. All that makeup and some of those clothes she wears, booty shorts while doing air splits, tiny bikinis… I have a 12 year old and she would never be allowed to walk out of the house like that, let alone post it on a public social media page.

  45. TexasTart says:

    And then Teresa tweets that Joe will be with her in FL. I am confused! Multiple news outlets said that they posted bail and were to stay in NJ and NY. What gives?!

    • Rebecca says:

      The news outlets and rags embellished the truth? Again?

        Joe Giudice, 43, who is from Italy and not a United States citizen, was released on a $500,000 bond secured by his father, Frank, and Teresa Giudice, 41, was released on a $500,000 unsecured bond.

        Joe Giudice faces possible deportation back to Italy.

        The couple also surrendered their passports and had all their travel restricted to New Jersey and New York.

        “They’re serious charges,” U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman said of the allegations against the Giudices.

        He added that 39 separate counts show a pattern of alleged fraud that lasted a decade.

        “They are alleged to have made false statements to the bankruptcy court and the banks that lent them money,” Fishman said


        • TexasTart says:

          Thanks, interesting about bonds secured or not, I presume that means the court thought he was more a flight risk. I don’t know much about legal process. Just wondering who is wrong about the no travel outside NJ & NY as Joe and Teresa are planninf to make an appearance in FL.

          • VV says:

            I read on Twitter the judge granted them permission to travel. I have to google to see if it’s true.

            • thedesigndiva2 says:

              got an answer from a bonding guy here…

              Can The Defendant Leave The State Or The Country While On Bond?

              You will have to get permission from the bonding office in writing before attempting to do so. If the court has given you direct instructions not to leave the state or country you must then get permission from the bail agent and the court before leaving. Otherwise you are subject to arrest.

          • I believe some conditions of a bond, do allow for you to travel in your scope of work.. for tre … it would be allowable because that’s part of her job… not too sure about joe… that would be stretching it…. prob may have to be approved by the Courts…of course tre could always claim he’s her security….. lol

  46. cusi77 says:

    I think in this IT Jenny looks about 4-5 months pregnant.

  47. TexasTart says:

    The other mystery is people are always commenting that Joe is driving – as if he is driving on camera without a license. Seems insane he would knowingly be filmed driving w/o a license while he is so heavily scrutinized in the first place…so I have assumed he got his license back. Does anyone have any solid info on this?

    • Sus says:

      Nothing solid here.

      I have heard of people getting a restricted license saying they could drive to and from work. I wondered if that is how he was driving on camera.

    • VV says:

      His license was suspended January 2010. That is 3 years and 8 months ago. I would think the suspension expired some time ago. IMO.

  48. Sus says:

    LOL – only Jeff Lewis could call a 3.5 year old a narcissist. Good for him for not going to watch the kid brush his teeth. I can’t stand parents like that. I don’t think children should be seen but not heard but I do think there can be a balance for dinner talk.

    • JumpTheShark says:

      Jeff Lewis was great! I love this show; wish they’d re-do my place.

      • Sus says:

        I love all the shows he’s on. He could decorate any room in my house. Even if something isn’t my style and I wouldn’t like it for my house, I always like what he does.

        • chismosa says:

          I’m behind 2 episodes. I don’t personally care for Jeff’s style, because he’s too modern for me- but yes I’d have him over any day to do anything just to hang with him and his short legs !

          • princesspindy says:

            Oh great, now I’m gonna notice his short legs and focus on that, lol!!!

            • chismosa says:

              He’s VERY long waisted. He’s stated that. It’s true. Notice him in shorts it’s jarring. Lol!
              He says be tailor everything.

              Like your avatar

              • chismosa says:

                He “tailors” everything. Ughhhhh

              • TexasTart says:

                Yes, loooong waist and short legs is so weird looking, I’ve never got used to it….never commented on it before either. As if he could change it, right?! There was a character called String Bean back in the Hee Haw days….I only know because my Grandma watched and would say “that pooor man”. That guy had even shorter legs I think.

    • Sasha says:

      Sus, I thought it was hilarious when Jeff said they were good and would not go watch the brushing of the teefus. I would have done the same thing.

    • Orson says:

      There are 3 year olds who are not narcissistic? Where?

  49. KTinCT says:

    Happy Birthday, Ramonacoaster 🙂

  50. TexasTart says:

    Stars! You da bomb! What a great episode and better than expected season for a franchise I had given up on. It was a pleasure reading your recaps. Thank goodness Terry finally got his onion rings! Thank goodness Tamra had to be decent (to get people interested in watching her gay wedding.) Wow, lots of surprises in the finale and lots of detail in your recap! I think you did have to spell out all the foul language and detail for it to make sense. With any luck maybe Gretchen’s ever-morphing face will reach the point we can’t understand anything she says and no one will have her..on TV at least. 😛

  51. Nancy says:

    I’d love to see Abby Lee Miller and Ryan go up against each other in an argument. lol
    Not sure who would win though.

  52. Nancy says:

    This is a little scary as he worked out everyday without fail. He’s doing well though.–‘get-regular-check-ups’–161430866.html

    • BB says:

      Brought to mind Jim Fixx. Remember him? An expert on running, wrote a book on it, and died of heart attack at the age of 52.

      • Nancy says:

        I didn’t know that. A lot of it comes down to genetics unfortunately. My dad passed
        away at 68 from heart disease, my sister just had heart surgery and I will be next.
        It’s not fair IMHO. It would be great if everyone could afford check-ups but that’s the
        case right now.

        • BB says:

          Check up? I knew a very healthy man (in his 50’s) who had gone to the doctor for a physical and gotten a clean bill of health (including an electrocardiogram) and had a fatal heart attack within a few days after that. Even if everyone could afford a check up, that doesn’t mean they would get them regularly or that a good checkup is a guarantee of anything.

      • Nancy says:

        Never mind BB. I just remembered who he was.

    • Catseye says:

      Nancy, have you (or anyone else here) ever heard of/used a product called Traumeel for pain? I’ve read about it on Amazon, people use it for themselves and their pets, it’s a Homeopathic remedy. I’m considering trying it for myself. The reviews sound promising.

      • Nancy says:

        Hi Catseye,
        No I haven’t but I’ll ask George when he gets home. I’m going to look it up myself as I’m
        open to any homeopathic pain meds. Thanks. 🙂

      • chismosa says:

        Catseye I was just reading about coconut oil for my dogs’ teeth. I believe you had told me about it for ears.
        It’s for everything! (Just not too much bc can lead to oily stools apparently)

  53. TexasTart says:

  54. princesspindy says:

    “Everybody beats at their own drum.” Teresa Guidice regarding Joey’s billboard.

  55. chismosa says:

    I’m sorry but why did they have to kill the huge python that killed the 2 kids in Canada?
    Couldn’t they have just tranquilized it and took it to an appropriate place?

    I’m not getting it

  56. Laineylainey says:

    Finally read the blog!!! So gooooood! I’m so glad I read it, as I have not watched the episode. I wonder how Gretchen can really be into Slade. I don’t believe her. It’s like they are just coworkers.

    • cusi77 says:

      Great comment Lainey, look below what I wrote.. Perhaps I made many mistakes that no one understand me…

  57. cusi77 says:

    My conspiracy Theory about Gretchen and Slade…

    I mention a couple of times last nigh during RHOOC Chat page:

    I don’t think that the whole party Gretchen “Prepared” to surprise sweet Slade… Did not happen when until after the finale we watched last nigh…

    Do you think that if Gretchen had so fantastic “Ideas” to propose marriage to Slade, she wouldn’t have spill the beans to Tamra? Or during the Winter theme party and make everything about her?

    They left the party in not speaking terms with any housewife… BUT they depend on RHOC annual paycheck! To ensure they were going to have another Season paycheck, they planned with Bravo this “Romantic” family Reunion… With Bravo edition e.v.e.y.t.h.i.n.g can happen… Gretchen was Tamra’s best friend forever, she could have mention what she was planning to do and invite her or.. not. They could have filmed the going in the limo “once again” and agreed to not tell the women they are engage… Do you think Slade was not going to tell Terry (His Best friend) What amazing thing Gretchen did for him? Not. in. a . million. years. he could have kept this event in their lives! JMHO.

    • cusi77 says:

      Engaged and Gretchen was the one who proposed to Slade! She can’t keep a secret…

    • Laineylainey says:

      Yes, I read this aNd totally agree with you! Neither of them can keep a secret!!! The fake engagement…couldn’t have been filmed in the timeline order of the episodes as shown. But we’re buffoons, right?

    • realhousewifeva says:

      I totally agree. Tamra said in an interview that she was at a weird place with Gretchen before her wedding because Gretchen had just gotten engaged and didn`t tell them about it or invite anyone. I am pretty sure Gretchen got engaged in April and it was announced right away in the tabloids…anyone know when Vicki`s party was? I do not think it is as cold as they were saying in Cali in April.
      It is another of Bravo`s manipulation.

      I also think Gretchen and Slade are together for the show, mostly. I think when Jeff died, Slade proposed an idea to Gretchen that not only would dating Slade keep her on the show, it would also give her a lot of controversial airtime (any publicity is good) AND it would make her not look like a gold digger. Win Win!

      Last season Gretchen didnt want to marry Slade because that was not part of the plan! She just needed him for her storyline. She couldn`t even stand him. Suddenly, Tamra gets engaged and gets a spinoff and Gretchen decides she is going to propose to Slade. Convenient.

      • cusi77 says:

        RHWVA- You nailed it! “AND it would make her not look like a gold digger” Wow! Isn’t that a great idea? I think that Gretchen can do better than Slade… He adores himself on TV. He wants too much to be on the show.

  58. Orson says:

    So, I suppose this reunion and next season it’ll be Gretchen’s turn in the barrel. Maybe next season all her castmates can have an intervention for her for her own good. Then she’ll realize how Alexis felt. I’ll be looking forward to the season where it’s Heather’s turn. Geeze, the woman probably needs the jaws of life when she has to break wind.

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