Big Brother – Bye Bye Jessie

Leslie Lovett has been out of town for a wedding, but she’s returned with a double Big Brother blog.  NMD

Big Brother – Wednesday – Amanda’s Kool-Aid, Drink or die.

So we start off Wednesday night with Andy having no balls. As HOH he nominates some bearded ging and some annoying girl who’s still there. Otherwise known as Spencer & Jessie. No big move and he’s pointless with his noms. I love Andy and super happy he won HOH, he’s adorable! He’s my gingy!! But I feel like he’s completely useless.. Amanda pats Andy on the head, gives him a treat for being a good boy, and doing as his master says. Now KISS THE RING! And this pretty much sums up the whole episode. But I’ll keep going to entertain myself…I guess we do have the POV to look forward to.

Helen is upset Andy didn’t put up Mccranda, because she still thinks he’s closer to her than to Amanda. #facepalm Andy lies to the bearded ginger and to thunder thighs that they are both the pawn and are not the target. (red flag red flag red flag! Also, I dunno why each nom wouldn’t just approach each other and say ‘hey, did andy tell u you were the pawn? Oh shit, he did? He told me the same thing!’) Somehow, Andy, Mccranda, and Aaryn end up in the have not room together, scratch each others balls, make an alliance, and call themselves 3 a.m.  Helen, however, is still stuck on getting Amanda out soon. Andy, as the good ging puppy he is, runs to the godfather(Mccranda) and lets her know. So (oddly geniusly enough) Amanda thinks of a fake alliance between Mccrae, Andy, and Helen. So they will be “alliance members” and not target each other, hence, Helen wont target Mccranda’s peeps minus Aaryn. Mccrae delivers this scheme/alliance to Helen, and she takes it hook line and sinker. Secretly, I really wish Mccrae WOULD separate from Amanda and have someone else take her out for him, take his balls back, figure out how they function, and play his own game. Sidenote: Does anyone think this whole ‘Mccranda’ relationship will actually work outside the big brother house??

POV players are: My sassy ging, the bearded ging, thunder thighs, Rachel Elissa, Amanda the godfather, and Helen. Mccrae will host and does an irish jig in pirate pants on the coffee table in glee. As they powwow in the cockpitAmanda The godfather informs everyone if it is the counting/stay & fold competition that everyone must fold every time, every single time, no matter what happens, or what is on the line, what is said, what can happen, that they MUST FOLD! Except Helen, she can win. And if they do not, it will be a bloody dead horse head in the sheets. Also known as: Operation ‘Don’t let Jessie Win!’

POV Comp starts and it IS the counting game while staying or folding with your answer. The backyard is set up with spooky horror movie props. Bats, brains, eyeballs, garlic and more. 3 earned tickets (closest to the correct amount) wins the Veto! The game begins, and as Satan Amanda has demanded, everyone folds the first round, Helen stays in and earns a ticket. Hell, even Jessie folds, who wasn’t in on the plan ‘Operation don’t let Jessie win!’ Round two, counting brains (important to note*not USING one), everyone folds..besides Helen. And she earns her 2nd ticket. Only 1 more to go, and she wins the Veto, nothing entertaining happened, and I’m disliking this kool-aid drinking BB just a little bit more. Third round the houseguests count gold coins and everyone SOMEONE other than Helen doesn’t fold! Spencer gives the godfather the secret finger by ‘staying’ in the game. His number is closer to the correct amount which earns him a ticket, and eliminates Helen. HAHAHAHAHA I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off at Amanda being pissed. Thank you Spencer for some entertainment. (little entertainment, but damnit people I’m pulling at strings. Well actually Amanda is pulling their strings(and pouring the kool-aid), cuz they’re all poppets..but you get my point.) Amanda wont stop bitching about how someone disobeyed her commands on how to play THEIR game. GODFORBID spencer try to think play for himself! When HES on the block! #eyeroll With the plan ‘Operation Don’t let Jessie win’ gone to shit we end up with Andy, Spencer, and Elissa all with 1 ticket and down to the final question. Elissa folds..on the last question..and is no longer capable of winning the Veto..genius that one is. Andy is closer to the correct amount of garlic and wins the VETO! Good thing too, cuz he was pissing himself scared about having to get more blood on his hands and put someone else on the block if spencer won that veto. (what blood?? He has no blood on his hands putting up the bearded ging and thunder thighs. Seriously, these houseguests don’t even k now what game their playing..)

After Veto the godfather is planning out how she can find a horse, kill it, cut off its head, and leave it in Spencer’s bed to rot, for not folding during the Veto game. How DARE HE play the game. How DARE HE try to save himself. How DARE HE try to win Veto and take himself on the block. How DARE HE breathe my air. How DARE HE think he’s worthy of being here. What. A. Dick.

Helen’s fake alliance with Mccrae is shooting her in the foot. She mentions to him about possibly eliminating Amanda earlier rather than later. His balls drop(hah just kidding, no they don’t because he doesn’t have any anymore) He runs back to Amanda with this info, and she has sealed it in gold, blood, unicorn hair, & 3a.m. alliance that Helen will be the next one out next week.

Sidenote: Aaryn being a have not is an advantage for America. She disappears behind everyone, keeps her mouth shut, and doesn’t share any vulgar unnecessary comments. Thank you ms. Aaryn for volunteering to be a have not this week. The nicest thing you’ve done in the house and for America thus far.

POV ceremony is underway, Spencer’s ‘take me off the block speech’ sucks total balls. My bearded ging tells my cute ging he hasn’t done anything intelligent all week, and as I agree, COMPLETELY with him, not the smartest thing to say while on the block TO the HOH. Andy is told decides not to use the Veto. Either my bearded ging, or Jessie will go home Thursday night.

I am totally annoyed with this cast. I think it is truly the worst one yet. Besides allll the racial slurs, the disgusting comments, and ignorance, It’s not even entertaining. Everyone votes the same, everyone listens to the same people ‘with the house’ with the house’ blah blah blah! ‘Big Brother?’ It might as well be called ‘The Amanda Show’ or ‘Amanda the Godfather’ or ‘Amandas kool-aid, drink or die’ Am I just grouchy? Or is anyone else annoyed with it?


Thursday Big Brother –  Live Eviction & HOH Comp

Live Eviction night! Yaaaaay! Wooot Woot!! Well, I try to be excited, but to be honest its all kind of predictable once Amanda puts her foot down. Julie starts our Thursday night in a potato sack. She looks gorgeous otherwise! Maybe if the dress were in a different color? But her hair and make up look great! I love her hair down and flirty. (sorry, I’m going with what’s interesting here)

So Jessie & Spencer are nominated, and Jessie is reassuring with peeps that she IS the pawn. Of course they lie to her since she’s really their target. Jessie feels alone, that Elissa & Helen are leaving her out of their reindeer games. She runs & tells the ging in power, so he runs to Helissa and tells them to put on better poker faces! Up in HOH the girls talk about Judd(I miss him). And Helen throws Jess under the bus in front of Aaryn(HOH & part of 3a.m.), saying Jessie was trying to get Amanda out. When in all actuality it was Jess, Elissa, AND Helen. So Jessie goes on a rampage and calls Helen out to the godfather Mccranda. Helen is lying through her teeth deny deny deny. She really must be a political consultant…she’s good. Helen continues to talk and talk and talk to Jessie. I don’t get this, just let it be. Deny and walk away, but she keeps going back in for more with Jess. Outside the HOH room Jess & Helen talk, Jessie is speaking truth out of her mouth and Helen is playing victim, lying, back peddling, and getting louder so people can hear her ‘innocence.’ What really made me giggle here was BB even showing us the viewers a clip from last week’s episode of the exact convo Jessie is talking about. And it proves Jessie is speaking reality. Sorry Helen, you may be able to talk political mumbo jumbo to the houseguests, but we viewers see the truth. Liar pants!

Mccranda, Aaryn, Helen, and Elissa are all in bed and laughing at Jessie being the target. Jess sneaks up on the door pink panther style and listens in. She hears everything, that everyone’s been lying to her face  and that she’s the target with giggles following. Furious, jess decides it will be ‘operation bring the house down!’ Jess smokes outside and brings up to date Spencer & GM. Spencer does a dance in excitement and relief that he actually IS the pawn! Jess claims she’ll be lady like and blow shit out of the water this week  before she leaves. She begins by telling GM Arryn talks soo much shit about her. GM then takes that info and goes up to HOH (Operation bring the house down is underway..) and tells everyone. Aaryn throws a hissy fit she’s being talked about. And GM and Aaryn get into it. Honestly my head started spinning because they started just bitching in circles. GM kept making noises(talking), and Aaryn kept trying to walk away. GM keeps getting louder, Aaryn tries to walk away again. GM gets all New Yaawk and cocks the blue hat sideways (poor Nick) and shit gets real. GM turns on all the lights, wakes the houseguests and calls them all to HOH for her attempt to make complete sentences.  Jessie prances up to HOH with the best smirk on her face. GM tries to break down what just happened so lies wont get stirred or told wrong the next morning of what actually happened. Which I have NO IDEA what the crapness just happened, so her recap makes no sense either.

I really wish CBS would have shown more of Jessie’s wrath on the house. From reading the live feeds she went even crazier! She made bacon and talked about how awesome it was to the have’nots! Which is hilarious, I mean, we all know how AMAZING bacon smells in the a.m. and how MUCH it smells up the house! And when you’re restricted to only eat slop day in and day out you get grumpy, starving, and a little crazy yourself. So to have someone waft bacon in front of your face isn’t ideal. Also she went after Elissa, calling her Rachel’s Shadow all day. And she even went after Amanda, Aaryn, and Helen. It was some pretty funny stuff! I’m sad they didn’t show the hilarity of it all. Give me SOMETHING entertaining CBS come on!!

Moving on… Julie chats with the guests about missing Judd. And I wont even dignify the houseguests with my ears. I’m still sour about them getting him out. He was honest and the houseguests went paranoia crazy and thought he was lying about everything. HE WASN’T! auggh.. whatever. Sidenote: Helen is super annoying when talking to Julie. I wonder if that’s her political consultant ego coming out?

The Live vote begins, Jess and Spencer give their speeches…well Spencer just makes shout outs and birthday wishes to people. Seriously, has there been another set of houseguests as camera crazy as these guys? All the shoutouts, all the money talk, all the wanna be fame talk. It’s ridiculous.  So the houseguests vote as so: Mccranda, Helissa, Aaryn, & GM take shots of kool-aid, and kiss the godfathers ring as they make their way to the Diary Room and vote out Jessie. Again, Helen’s fake voice in her voting to Julie was soo annoying! All the fake shoulder moving and head jolting and double guns with her hands?? And just the words coming out of her mouth. PUH-LEEASE, you’re not that cool. Seriously. So just. Stop.

With that, Jessie is evicted out of the house and she hugs everyone on her way out. She talks to Julie about how desperate she was to find a friend or a showmance in the house and that she just kept getting the back seat to each side of the house. She was trying to hard to fit in. We all know those people, or witnessed those people in school growing up, or even WERE those people! Where they try too hard to fit in with the cool kids, then they just become annoying, a follower, and a wannabe. Jessie gets some good bye messages, but I cannot recall them..that’s how interesting they were… Jessie is excused and we have the HOH comp next!

HOH comp is a knockout game. They listen to a song and push if it is about a past HOH, POV, or VETO competition. I am rooting for Spencer! I think he would really stir some things up in that house and maybe not take his dose of Amanda’s kool-aid. GM beats Helen in the first round! Haha that just made me giggle. Spencer beats Elissa in round two(GO SPENCER!!). Mccrae beats GM. And everyone keeps hitting the buttons as if the more times you hit it the more likely it will be correct. Stop banging the buttons so hard people! Next round Aaryn knocks out Spencer with a correct answer. And there goes all hopes of anything entertaining for the week to come. We then have Mccranda against each other. Amanda wins(even though I’m pretty sure Mccrae threw it to her cuz we all know Amanda sucks). Final round is to Amanda and Aaryn. Amanda dazes out and I don’t even think she knows whats going on, Aaryn knows the answer but looks at Amanda, Amanda is thinking of butterflys and her pizza boy. Aaryn looks like she wants to throw it to Amanda but Amanda wouldn’t even press a button. So as the song comes to an end Aaryn kinda says f’ it and pushes the correct option, and wins HOH. Amanda comes back to reality and realizes she was just in a game, which she lost.

Whoopdi-freakin-do…Amanda Aaryn is HOH, she will lick Amanda’s shoes, take shots of kool-aid, and do as the godfather tells her. I really wish someone would just go against Amanda already! I mean, it’s just Amanda & Mccrae if they can buck up enough cojones and go against the godfather themselves.

Julie ends the show with an announcement! (Please let us vote Judd back in Please let us vote Judd back in Please let us vote Judd back in!!!!!) She says during next Thursday’s live show a Juror will return to the game! (VOTE JUDD BACK IN!!) That Candice, Judd, Jessie, and whoever is evicted next week gets to compete to come back into the house. #balloondeflated Compete. Compete?? Augh..I hope the comp is frog giggin! Team Judd!


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  1. vilzvet says:

    Oh man, I thought I had Lynn’s very last blog saved correctly but I went back to hit it and it just doesn’t work anymore. Guess I saved it improperly. Oh well…
    So looking forward to our trip to Venice Beach this week, but amazed that the West Coast weather is actually cooler than here on Long Island! But at least there is no rain in the forecast.

    • Boobah says:

      vilz – Have fun at Venice Beach! Can you believe the weather here on LI?! So nice and cool – LOVE it!
      Sorry about the last blog not being saved. That really sucks.

      • vilzvet says:

        Hey Boobah, whereabouts are you? KP here. At least it’s been gorgeous! I want to pack today because I’m so excited.

        • Boobah says:

          Oh, you are just outside NYC! Lucky duck! I’m about 2 hours east of you….eastern end of LI. Waaaayyyy eastern end. Lol! It has been gorgeous out.
          I can understand your excitement! When do you leave?

          • vilzvet says:

            No, KP as in Kings Park (mid-Suffolk). An hour from the city. Leaving Tuesday. My cousin who lives in LA is now outside our rental house taking videos for me. She said we are in for culture shock!

            • Boobah says:

              Oh – I got it now. I thought Kings Point. I am on the north fork – wine/farm country.

              Tuesday is right around the corner…so exciting. I bet the videos are gorgeous! You are going to have so much fun! Can’t wait to here all about it when you return. I would LOVE to go to VB – or anywhere in CA for that matter!

              Have fun!!!!

              • vilzvet says:

                Small world, we went to your neck of the woods last Monday for my mom’s birthday! Hit 3 vineyards: Baiting Hollow, Pugliese and to sit and eat we chose Laurel Lake! What a nice time we all had.

                • vilzvet says:

                  P.S. We are also going to be on The Price is Right on Tuesday the 27th!!

                • Boobah says:

                  That’s so funny! Small world indeed! Those are great Vineyards! So glad you had a nice time. I rarely get to your area and if I do go it’s usually to the mall. But I love that it’s more fast paced in your area. I swear I would not be surprised if transportation switched back to horse and buggy around here! But I shouldn’t complain, it’s very beautiful here… but I think a lot of LI is beautiful. We are lucky.

                • chismosa says:

                  Vilzvet I was at Baiting Hollow— with the rescued horses? On August 3!!

                  • vilzvet says:

                    Oh I saw the horses they keep there, would have loved to do the riding tour! We were there a week later. We have alot of Long Islanders here, heheh. And Boobah, we couldn’t think of any unique t shirts to wear so guess we’ll just be in street clothes. I’ll have Vil on my tag but my husband and son both have the same name so we’ll have to figure out what to do there.

              • chismosa says:

                Boobah my friend has a GORGEOUS house on the water – not sure what bay or sound that is— in cutchogue. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

                • Boobah says:

                  Oh, the waterfront houses are absolutely beautiful! I especially love when the property has a decent sized lawn and a trail to the beach with a small boat dock. Those always catch my eye.
                  You and Vilz will have to tell me the next time you come out – I’ll give you a real tour, including Sunflower farms. We can raise some hell and have some fun! LoL!!

    • VV says:

      Her website is not available anymore. I guess the renewal time came and went and I’m sure the company would like to collect their fee. It’s a shame a lot of good blogs and info there……All the memories 😦

      This is what you now get when go to her site.

    • kit9 says:

      You might be able to get it using the waybackmachine website.

    • plainviewsue says:

      Just checked to see if mine is still saved and it isn’t 😦

      VV have a wonderful trip. It sounds fantastic!

  2. HuskerHuny says:

    Just went to an estate sale and bought more junk that I absolutely don’t need, but really like. Sound familiar? No – I’m not a hoarder; I’m lazy!

    • chismosa says:

      Husker – did you happen by Kelly Bensimmon’s “estate” sale today??

      She was having it today. Hahahaha!

  3. HuskerHuny says:

    As for Big Brother, just give the $500,000 to Amanda right now. She is absolutely the worst player in BB history, but for some reason, the other stupid houseguests keeping bowing to her and are letting her call the shots. This season is so bad. I’m curious as to how past BB players feel about it.

  4. Mene Seela says:

    Oh my ….. I popped over to Tamara Tattles site. She’s had several real life run ins with Sheree Whitfiled over her blogs about Chateau Sheree. Sheree filed stalking charges but lost in court. Anywhos Chateau Sheree seems to be in foreclosure.
    The comments are hysterical …. Tamara comments
    “I feel bad for the churren. Where will they play now? In court she said they used to love to come over after skool erryday and play in da dirt and stuff but they were too afraid to play because I was blogging about the house. I guess it is back to the air mattress in the apt for them. Poor churren.”

  5. Powell says:

    Hello again everyone. It’s beautiful outside. I hope you all are enjoying it.

  6. melthehound says:

    Hey everybody… Sometimes when I think things are in danger of getting lost to internet time, as Lynn’s site has, I save the comments. That is, I copy and paste them and email them to myself. While I don’t have the actual blog, I do have the comments section from the 16th and 17th of last year, beginning with the usual good morning post from Powell at 8:30am Aug 16th, Chicago time. There were over a thousand comments that day, 1037.

    IF any of you would like to have them, (whether We get along or not), drop me a line at 2coolmel @ rolleiman dot com, and they are yours to remember and enjoy. (take the spaces out for my email address 😉 ). To keep your own info private, do it by email rather than posting your email addresses here. I don’t share stuff or stalk so you don’t have to worry about that 😉 I will also set them up on a page of my help blog, Jeff’s Place, and ask NMD to add that site to her blog roll for people to enjoy. I wish I had some of the other stuff that is now gone but, sadly, I don’t.

  7. melthehound says:

    Leslie, your first paragraph pretty much sums it up and has me rolling 😆 I couldn’t agree more except for one thing. I can’t stand Andy. He’s too much of an ass kisser for my liking.

  8. Nancy says:

    Charlotte Church all grown up with Josh Groban The Prayer

    • Noelle says:

      Wow! Amazeballs!!!
      Chills. Beautiful!
      How I adore Josh.
      Thanks Babydoll Nance for posting this. xo

  9. melthehound says:

    Does anybody know the date that the now infamous ‘hate blog’ comment was first made on RHONY? I have archive on the brain now and want to see the excitement of that night…or perhaps a link to that blog..

  10. TexasTart says:

    For what it’s worth, is still registered in Lynn’s name and paid up through 9/13/13. Which leads me to believe someone intentionally took down what was there.

    • melthehound says:

      That’s the domain, TT.. The site hosting itself is separate from that. She started LynnNChicago in late July or early August 2011.. That’s the time I really began reading and I remember her trying to find a new home for IHJZ.

      • TexasTart says:

        *smacks hand to forehead*
        Just because my domain and hosting are with the same company with the same renewal dates – doesn’t mean other people set theirs up like that!

        • melthehound says:

          Mine were different companies for awhile until one pissed me off. I told them to get bent and now I have the same company for both. Happens to be an Australian company.

  11. Nancy says:

    IF Teresa and Joe are found guilty can the IRS go after their retirement account?

    • TexasTart says:

      They have a retirement account?!

    • melthehound says:

      They can and will attach every penny the Guidice have earned or ever will earn until the fines are paid. The IRS is no one to fuck with.

      • BB says:

        MTH. I answered you above about the hate blog let’s chat blog.

      • Nancy says:

        The reason I asked is that they couldn’t get OJ Simpsons retirement money when he was found guilty on the civil suit.

        • melthehound says:

          That was a wrongful death suit, not the IRS or other creditors. It takes a court order if I am not mistaken to automatically take someone’s money from a bank, and all ‘they’ need, is a social security number so they can track where the money is (if it’s in a bank). Actual retirement account however, I don’t know.. As noted though, somehow I doubt that T&J have one specifically other than, savings.

          • melthehound says:

            I should probably add, that once OJ’s retirement money comes out of whatever trust it’s in (like our 401k accounts) and goes into a bank, the Browns, CAN get to it if they are still trying. Right now he’s in prison where he belongs though but for different crimes.

  12. Nancy says:

    BB…thank-you so much for finding that page re: Bobby and our “Hate” blog. I will never forget
    that night. I was screaming and jumping up and down. Emily kept looking at me like I was

  13. AZGirl says:

    Good evening everyone! I know that many of the posters are still in the funk of Lynn’s death a year ago. So much has happened. I loved the link to the last post where we unfortunately learned that Lynn had passed. It was nice to see all the wonderful post.
    Remember so much joy and fun were a product of her being here on earth. We really should celebrate and this blog existence is not only a tribute but a celebration of what Lynn started.
    I wonder what has happened to some that no longer post? Anyone have contact with WSL?

  14. VV says:

    Lynn’s daughter posted a video by Kjo about Lynn. I don’t know how to bring here as its on FB. I’m sure there is a way. It’s a short 2+ minutes video where she talks fondly of Lynn.

  15. chismosa says:

    I have a question— the fateful day that Bawwwby Z called out Lynn’s lovely site- was this the season with personality plus Cindy on?? When they went on the camels in Morocco??
    I.e. Jill’s last season???
    Just wondering ……. THANKS 👽

  16. VV says:

    Here’s the link from Kjo:

    kristen johnston (@kjothesmartass) tweeted at 9:42pm – 17 Aug 13:

    Proper link for Lynn’s video. I had just started twit & she got me tons of followers, many still pals!… … (

  17. chismosa says:

    Nancy —–

    They’re investigating into Princess Diana’s death again …..

    ????? ❓❓❓❓❓❓

  18. VV says:

    Is Bethenny transitioning from Red ( her colour trademark ) to Pink? Is this an effort to soften her image?

    • chismosa says:

      That was her trademark color?

      She probably is trying to soften her look 👎👎

      Plus she says she loves Pink — the singer. I think her theme song is a blatant Pink ripoff but thats just me…..
      I think she’s aiming to get Pink on her show. Don’t do it Pink!

    • Noelle says:

      The jig is up B.
      Good luck with your show. OY!

  19. JustNJ says:

    Watching Saturday night Live.
    The ex-Beatle is singing the song
    “My Valentine”
    I “know” his new wife. Quite lovely–
    Gonna have to change my name-
    So you won’t see this till tmro–

  20. VV says:

    @KimRichards11: Wonderful Wednesday!!☀🌙
    I had a Great Day Today!! 😊
    I had a great interview ! 🎥&
    Worked on My Jewelry Line!💎💍

  21. VV says:

    Blogs broken! Who did it? Things are posting out if order 👿

  22. Vegas Chick says:

    I just caught up on MDL-LA. Altman is a jerk and an embarrassment to the profession. I hope he is enjoying his 15 minutes.

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