Real Housewives of Orange County – Reunion – Part 1 of 3 by Stars99

Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Part One

By Stars99

Group Standing

There’s only one thing worse than Andy’s individual stilted greetings for each housewife – and that’s when he does it twice (something to look forward to further into the show)… Ugh… Each Stepford wife responded to his greeting with a dutiful, “Hi Andy”… Ack… Gag… Boy, this is going to be a long night… Fortunately, we find out that Heather has some “Champs on Ice” waiting in the wings.  I’ve got to say that I think that everyone really looks great this evening.  On TV, Vicki’s dress looked salmon colored – but her make-up was done so well and complimented it perfectly.  Alexis wore the exact shade of lipstick as her flattering red dress, and I loved it since I love matchy, matchy things (Project Runway’s Judge Nina Garcia would hate me for that).  Tamra wore a flattering pink dress and Heather wore a not always so flattering pretty cornflower blue dress.  Lydia breezed in with a flowing crinkled backless dress that looked stunning with her coloring.  However, Gretchen evidently misunderstood and thought she was auditioning for a new “Housewives on Ice” show so she’s wearing a frothy seafoam green outfit she borrowed from Michelle Kwan.  Awww, look, Lydia’s wearing a headband!  Andy makes Lydia do her wiggly, “Yeayah”… You can see some of their shoes in this pic, just in case you’re interested: 

ShoesAndy asks Vicki if her divorce is final? He’s surprised that it’s not.  Tamra thinks they’re actually going to get back together but Vicki just says they’re at a standstill.  The REAL truth comes out – they’re at a standstill because Vicki most likely will have to pay spousal support when and if it ever becomes final.  It will become final but I think it’s because Vicki’s waiting for Donn to marry Jeana or anyone else so she won’t have to pay.  Vicki will do just about anything to not to have to pay.  When asked if they would ever get back together again, Donn reportedly said, “When monkeys fly up my ass”… Although from how Vicki said it – it was unclear whether monkeys needed to fly up Donn’s ass or up Vicki’s ass.  As if that wasn’t unclear enough, then Vicki said that she didn’t think monkeys were ever going to fly out of Donn’s ass.  I’m confused… Are monkeys flying in or flying out? This is a VERY important question I need to have answered since monkey flying trajectory is crucial.  Everyone concludes that stranger things have happened in Orange County than the concept of Vicki and Donn getting back together.  I smell a wedding spin-off show!

When monkeys flyTamra was asked if she is going to throw Gretchen a bachelorette party since Gretchen “threw” her that infamous one in Mexico… Tamra threateningly responds, “Absolutely… but worse.”… Gretchen was longingly looking at Tamra as if she is still under the delusion that it would be cool to be Tamra’s best friend forever.


OOooOOOo … We see footage of the Mexico trip when Vicki hijacked Tamra and Lydia, who are completely innocent and pure as the driven snow, and spirited them away to “Andales.”  In Vicki’s talking head, she cattily says, “Good-bye, Gretchen.”  The footage also showed Vicki asking Tamra if she had said she was sorry to Heather or Gretchen.  Vicki then laughed hysterically and may or may not have left a silver dollar sized remnant on the nice comforter.

Andy asks Tamra if she trusts Gretchen as a friend. Tamra said, “No, no I don’t.”  Alexis looks very uncomfortable… I’m not sure why.  Andy asks Tamra why and Tamra is not sure that she should, “Go deep, so quick.”  Tamra said, “Just some inconsistencies and some lies.”  Tamra does miss having the friendship with Gretchen Kerrigan Hamill Witt, the famous ice skater, but she’s just tired of her double axels err… double speak.  Gretchen Kerrigan Hamill Witt says that she feels the same.  I take that to mean that Gretchen knows she’s inconsistent and that she lies through her teeth although she tries to explain otherwise.  By the way, I watched a great episode on ESPN, called “Nine for IX” on the double Olympic Gold winner and famous ice skater, Katrina Witt – It was kind of a biography, but it really got more into other aspects of her life as an East German athlete. They’ll probably air it again – or you might be able to find it online somewhere, but here’s the official link: There are several segments that showcase other female athletes and coaches.

Andy brought up the fact that Gretchen said in her blog she thought it was obvious that Vicki was purposefully trying to put a wedge in Gretchen’s relationship with Tamra.  Gretchen said that it was in Mexico when Vicki said, “My plan worked” – because Gretchen said that it showed Vicki had intent, “To hurt me or try to put a wedge between us or try to create some sort of, ‘anim… amun…’”… And while Gretchen stares off into space searching for the word, everyone on both couches in unison supplies the word, “animosity.”  Whew… it really does take a village to raise a village idiot.

Heather kind of stuck up for Vicki and said that the “My plan worked” statement sounded more like an off handed comment.  Vicki confirms the “irony” of it is that she, Tamra and Lydia were having so much fun while Heather and Gretchen weren’t.  Vicki says she had no plan but I think Vicki took great delight in wooing Tamra to the dark side just because she knew she could… lol.. Vicki thinks it was funny because she had been talking about going to “Andales” all week.  Heather chimes in that they were in Mexico (duh?), it was late, they had no idea how far away “Andales” was from where they were (isn’t that why we have paid limo chauffeurs – to figure that crap out?), and that they didn’t know if they were just going to go on a wild goose chase because they weren’t certain they were there anyway… Lydia took accountability and said, “It’s totally wrong what we did” but went on to explain that Vicki’s comment and what they did was just so spur of the moment that she doesn’t think it was planned. I think Vicki’s plan was to go to Andales and she didn’t care who or if anyone went along with her for that matter.

Someone named “Summer” from Dover, Delaware says, “Tamra is two faced, she tells Vicki one thing and tells Gretchen a totally different thing – is she afraid of both of them?”  Tamra insists that Gretchen started that rumor recently with her blogs and stuff…  Gretchen clarifies that Tamra was saying one thing to her but then doing another… and Tamra’s  only response was, “Well, you do the same thing” and then brings up something about how Gretchen said that Heather walked funny.  I dunno, but if I was Heather, I’d be wondering how I got pulled into this argument.  Gretchen says that she may say things to Tamra about the others – but that she always also says it to their face.  Tamra doesn’t think that’s entirely true and I really don’t either… but it’s Gretchen’s story and she’s sticking to it – and she wants us to know that it’s not just her story, but it’s how she lives her life… Rut roh, “Danger, Will Robinson, danger!”  Vicki immediately disagrees and Gretchen asks for a specific… Vicki instantly brings up that Gretchen said that Vicki had, “Banged 12 guys.”  Gretchen was reminded that she only told Vicki when she was specifically confronted about it at Whistler.

Then, as if this particular subject wasn’t already dead and buried… they bring up something from the 100th Episode show about Tamra matter-of-factly stating that Gretchen had cheated on her dying boyfriend (Jeff)… and Gretchen seemed surprised that Tamra would say that because she thought they had hashed through this subject and that Tamra had already apologized for judging her.  Isn’t it hysterical that Tamra’s new last name is, “Judge”… I dunno… I just thought it was “ironic.” Lolol…  Tamra knows what she saw… and she is still saying that she saw Gretchen sitting on a guy’s lap while Jeff was in the hospital. Tamra also said that Gretchen kissed him and Gretchen immediately denied kissing him.  She absolutely, unequivocally did NOT kiss him… at least not at that particular party.  However, it does come out that she had in fact kissed him… but that it was on New Year’s Eve… so I guess that doesn’t count?  She had to come clean on that because evidently there’s a picture of it… A cynic would deduce that perhaps that’s why she came clean – because there’s actual evidence!  lol… So, please, someone, anyone PLEASE tell me why you wouldn’t want to be with your fiancé on New Year’s Eve – ESPECIALLY when he’s in the hospital?  Why on earth would you kiss a guy with whom you had been previously romantically involved when your fiancé wasn’t around to show he was okay with it?   I would think they would just agree to not talk about this subject… I hate to think of Jeff’s kids having to continue to deal with this crap.  Tamra just says that she still doesn’t know all the facts about the situation…

Lydia brings Alexis into the conversation and asks her about a specific situation when she saw Gretchen sitting on the same guy’s lap and holding hands when they were at a party on a boat. Alexis explained that she didn’t actually see her kiss him – but their behavior could be interpreted that they were a “couple”… or not.  Alexis was not happy about being brought into this conversation at this point – because she’s sensitive to ganging up on people.  Her Royal Heatherness snottily tells her that just because more than one person has opinions about you that it doesn’t mean they’re ganging up on you or bullying you.

Gretchen telling storiesGretchen excuses her behavior by saying she acts this way with many of her guy friends. She turns to Heather and says that she has seen her kiss one of her guy friends thousands of times.  Heather agrees but also hastily adds that his wife is present and her husband is also present when it happens.  Tamra takes out some pictures of Gretchen kissing a guy while she had her engagement ring on her finger… and presumably while she was sitting on his lap, etc.  Tamra is pissed off because she has taken a lot of heat for her accusations.  Andy just wants to know if in Heather’s mind this was all resolved while Tamra and Gretchen were besties… or if it was just swept under the rug.  Tamra evidently uses the same broom she flies around on to also sweep stuff like this under the carpet.

EvidenceThere’s some discussion about whether or not Vicki hates Gretchen.  Vicki says that she hates the word “hate” and she wants the best for Gretchen and that she’s not jealous.  Gretchen balks at that and says to Vicki, “You don’t hate me but you send a text to Tamra and call me a “****.”  (I suspect that it was “C U Next Tuesday)  Her Royal Heatherness’ mouth dropped open.  Vicki says she hates the word, “****” and has never used it in her life.  Gretchen tells Tamra that she knows she did… Tamra tells Vicki that she did, in fact, use it.  Obviously, Tamra had showed Gretchen the actual text back when they were besties and when Vicki was on her pooh pooh list.  After Tamra confirms to Vicki that she had actually used the, “****” word… Vicki promptly says to Tamra, “Well, you probably made me say it.”  Everyone laughs.  I would laugh too if it wasn’t so sad.

There’s a question for Lydia, “You have a joyous, fun personality – but because of it do you think people don’t take you seriously?”  Lydia responds, “I think I’m a little brighter than people think I am.  I actually do think I’m a genius.”   She likes to be underestimated and then surprise people.  Andy says, “Genius?”  Lydia responds quirkily, “A genius, yeah!”  Lydia gets another question about how she calls herself, “The friendship whisperer” but with all the pot stirring Lydia does that she really should be called, “The spoon.”  Lydia explains that she doesn’t like all of the BS and that she kind of just thinks out loud.  For instance, when she asked if a formerly feuding couple (Vicki and Tamra) were okay now… she was just being authentic.

Alexis calls out Lydia on the fact that when the season first started that she downplayed Alexis’ and Lydia’s relationship with the others because she didn’t want to be lumped in with her Alexis since at that time no one really liked Alexis.  Alexis insists that they were good friends at the time… but then says they saw each other “a couple of times with their husbands or the kids” and had “several one hour conversations.”  Heather, who obviously has an issue with Lydia at the Reunion, turns to Lydia and asks if that was true.  Lydia kind of stammers out well, yeah, we saw each other a couple of times – Yeah, we were friends.  Her Royal Heatherness says, “That’s not what you told me.”  Lydia responds, “I definitely told you I hung out with Alexis a couple of times” – which is exactly what Alexis is saying.  Lydia feels that she was just getting to know Alexis and learning about her – but that they weren’t super close.  But now that she knows her more – she would respond differently to her since they are now much better friends – but they weren’t at the beginning.  (For inquiring minds and just because I was interested, I looked back to the recap containing the first meeting of Lydia and Heather and Tamra at a restaurant and Lydia told them she had only known Alexis for 3 or 4 months.)

Show and tellLydia was asked about why Heather wasn’t “A-List” enough to be on the cover of her magazine.  Lydia explains that there are a lot of people who decide who goes on the cover – but that they had approached her to be IN the magazine, not on the cover.  They chose to go with Marilyn Monroe and not Heather Dubrow for the cover and Lydia whips out a copy of said magazine.  Her Royal Heatherness’ nose got further out of joint when Lydia and Doug laughed that the notion that Heather had even asked to be on the cover.  Really, it was more like a snicker… It was so unlike my hearty guffaw when I saw that particular episode. Then Lydia gets called on the carpet for having a 10 page spread in the magazine but she quickly points out that she wasn’t on the cover.  Then, as if anyone should really have any say in who or what they put in their non-Bravo related magazine, Andy asks her why it was okay to put Lisa Vanderpump on the cover but not Heather Dubrow.  Lydia explained that it was because Lisa had been a contributor to the magazine for five years and had been going to all of their events, etc.  She was also going to be on “Dancing with the Stars.”  And I’m sure that owning a couple of businesses helped, too… According to Lydia, Lisa also had a higher rating on IMDb than Heather (IMDb = Internet Movie Database – And according to their website, their “STARmeter rankings” provide a snapshot of who’s popular based on the searches of millions of IMDb users. Updated weekly, these rankings also graph the popularity of people over time and determine which events affect public awareness.).  Heather thinks it was rude of Lydia to say that and she said that Lydia always throws in “those little digs.”  Well, honey, you’re the one who is picking at this scab – you should be ready for it when it’s torn off the nose from whence you’re looking down at the rest of the world.

Heather is ClassyWow… This is the “grill the new girl” portion of our program I guess because a viewer asked the inane question of why Lydia had no problem dancing on top of a bar and a taxi but she had a problem with strippers.  Lydia aptly explained that going out to a club and dancing with your girlfriends is totally different than seeing men get naked and dancing and putting their “parts” all over you.  Vicki totally agrees and backs up Lydia.  Lydia turns to Heather and says, “Heather, I know you have a different opinion, though.”  Heather evidently didn’t have a problem with Lydia’s decision to not stick around for the creepy strippers but she had a problem that Lydia made a comment the next day over breakfast, like “Well, I guess you guys are kind of classy.”  Her Royal Heatherness does NOT want to be judged for what Lydia thinks is okay for Her Royal Heatherness to do or not do… And Her Royal Heatherness is not going to judge Lydia.  Really?    Lydia says that Heather DOES judge her and that in Heather’s blog she blasted Lydia.  Heather tries to explain away her Royal Hypocriticalness by saying that what she wrote in her blog was… but Lydia interrupted her train of thought by saying that what she wrote was vicious, mean and mean spirited… Heather says she wouldn’t use the word, “vicious” but Lydia would use that word.  Tamra asks what Heather said in the blog and according to Heather she had lumped Lydia together with Vicki and Tamra in some of the things that they had done that evening – and Heather felt terrible and apologized to Lydia – which of course makes it all better, no?  This is the Reunion… All apologies go out the window, people!

More back and forth continues about how Lydia is clearly not over “it.”  Lydia attempts to explain the situation.  Lydia was joking at the breakfast table the day after the strippers were there and she had made one comment.  Months later, Heather writes a horrible 4-page blog about her.  Heather doesn’t want her to get all carried away because the blog wasn’t all about Lydia.  Lydia says, “Okay, Heather – If I said in passing, as a joke, one day to your face… something – and you can bring it up and you can write a 4-page blog…” Heather continues to say it wasn’t a 4-page blog… Lydia says, “Okay, so I laughed and I said a joke… Note to self: I shouldn’t hang out with Heather because those are things I do all the time.” Heather invokes the, “Just because you keep saying it – it doesn’t make it true” rule and insists that it wasn’t a joke but that instead it was a rude comment.  Lydia is confused about which comment Heather is talking about and snidely says, “Which one?  Which one are you referring to, Princess?” I completely die and I have to pause the show to give Lydia a standing ovation!  That was just so hysterical!  Heather screeches, “That one!” Lydia explains that she thinks Heather has an air about her and that Lydia’s not allowed to say anything but that Heather can say whatever she wants.  Lydia thinks it’s such a double standard and that it’s ridiculous.  Heather just doesn’t see it and thinks she apologizes whenever she does something wrong.  Lydia slingshots back to Heather, “Just because you keep saying it Heather, it doesn’t make it the truth.”  Evidently, Heather called Lydia to apologize for her blog comments – but her apology consisted of, “I’m sorry I wrote it.”  Heather thinks she’s very clear about that. I think it’s clear Heather doesn’t know the first thing about apologies.  Andy asks Lydia if she accepts Heather’s apology.  Lydia asks Heather if she’s sorry.  Heather dramatically says, “I said I’m sorry – Do you want me to pop a vain?”  Heather shoots Lydia a nasty look and Lydia says that she and Heather are obviously best friends now.

Andy makes another mock entrance into the studio and comes up behind each housewife and greets them again… I HATE it when he does it once… I DETEST it when he does it twice…KMN! (Kill me now!)

Lauri shows up and says that it’s good to be back… Everything and everyone is doing “just great” in Lauri’s life.  They show a picture of her grandbaby.  She makes a correlation of her son’s drug addiction and relates it to having cancer and says that he’s in remission.  I’m not going to comment further I’m so pissed off at that…  Andy’s remembrance of Lauri is that she used to be so soft spoken but that she came roaring back onto the show.  Lauri thinks it’s because after her 2nd marriage ended that she lost all confidence but since she’s been with George that she has regained it.

Vicki says the last time she had seen Lauri was just after Lauri’s wedding and everything was fine.  Vicki has no idea where all this stuff that transpired on the show this season came from.  Vicki brought up the 7 year old letter… You know the one written by George’s ex-mother-in-law saying that Vicki may or may not want to share the letter with Lauri but expressed that she was worried about Lauri’s relationship with George.  Lauri says that Vicki knew all about the court case, the divorce proceedings and the ugliness that ensued.  Vicki just didn’t know what to do about the letter so she asked Jeana what her opinion of it was… and that it was Jeana who allegedly shared it with others.  Vicki says the only person she showed the letter to at that time of time was Jeana.  Vicki says that she’s sorry about the frickin’ letter… and that she managed it wrong and that she should have gone to Lauri about it – but she thought she was through with this whole subject 7 years ago. 

Vicki DamnedTamra asks Lauri how the letter affected her life.  Lauri said people got a lot of misinformation – and that it was slanderous and hurtful.  It was super humiliating and embarrassing. She insists that George is a “Pillar of the community” and that it was horrible to have his name trashed like that – It was just wrong.  Vicki asks her, “What do you think you’ve done to me?”  Tamra says that what Lauri did to Vicki was on a whole different, HUGE level.  Tamra said that Vicki lost some major accounts because of what Lauri has been saying about Vicki.  Vicki insists that Lauri doesn’t understand what she did to Vicki’s life.  Lauri is sorry that she can’t change Vicki’s life.

Andy wants to get to the bottom of Lauri’s anger towards Vicki.  Vicki thinks Lauri’s mad at her because she thought Vicki had betrayed her.  However, Vicki never meant to hurt her.  Lauri said that Vicki was trying to sabotage their marriage.  Vicki insists that she never maliciously set out to hurt her but that Lauri went on public TV to maliciously hurt Vicki.

Gretchen reminds Vicki that Vicki had said some really hurtful things about Gretchen and about Slade before she even knew Gretchen.  Vicki reminds Gretchen that 3 years ago the two of them had a meeting of the minds on this subject and that Vicki had told her that she was sincerely sorry for hurting Gretchen. Gretchen doesn’t understand why it was okay for Vicki to say stuff about her but not okay for Lauri to say stuff about Vicki.  Vicki called Lauri out because she thinks Lauri is jealous of everyone’s fame and that she couldn’t handle not being a part of it.  Lauri says, “I’m not demeaning you, Vicki – I’ve only mentioned anything I first hand witnessed…”  Vicki questions the “first hand witness” So, like does that mean that Lauri witnessed Vicki having sex with multiple partners?  Lauri said, “Yeah, I saw you in bed.”  Vicki says that they were fully dressed and that the TV was on.  Even Alexis says that Vicki can be a wackadoodle but that she doesn’t think she’s a threesome kind of girl.  Lauri still maintains that she never said that Vicki actually had sex.  See, Lauri is the worst kind of snake… slithering through on verbal technicalities.  She absolutely implied but not stated in the most Captain Obvious kind of way that Vicki had sex.

One viewer tells Lauri shame on her for what she did to Vicki because Vicki helped her out when she needed it the most.  Lauri said that she was never actually employed by Vicki.  Lauri tried to explain that Vicki was kind enough to allow her to “hang her license” with Vicki since there is a mandatory 2 year waiting period before a new insurance agent can receive a direct commission payment from an insurance company.  So Vicki signed her paychecks… It may be that Vicki didn’t actually pay Lauri out of her own pocket… it’s still a little unclear to me.  Vicki tells Lauri that she used her office, used her phones and used everything. Lauri thinks that Vicki was compensated for that – I think it’s because Vicki makes a percentage of commission off of what Lauri makes.  Vicki reminds her that she’s the one who paid Lauri a paycheck.  But Vicki, if Lauri was 100% commission… what you were paying Lauri was the commission that the insurance company was paying for the selling of the policy.  You were just the middleman.  You allowed her to use your office and I’m sure you trained her… but I’m really not so sure about the “employer” mantel you’ve bestowed on yourself.  In fact, you probably made some money off of Lauri’s commissions, in the spirit of full disclosure. Dagnabit – you made me defend Lauri… now I’m cranky.

The discussion shifts to relationships. Vicki insists she isn’t jealous of people in a relationship – she just wants one herself.   Lauri says that Vicki didn’t want to include George in their after work activities. They talk about Vicki and her indiscretions and that she always liked to create girls’ trips without including the boys.  It was concluded that it was probably because when you’re not in a good relationship yourself, you certainly don’t want to be around other relationships.  As they talked about the indiscretions, they brought up that Vicki was guilty of the same thing that she’s accusing Gretchen of doing.  Vicki thinks the big difference is that she has admitted her indiscretions – but Gretchen has not.  Gretchen screeches, “Why would I admit to “sunthin” I’ve never done!”  I would like to remind Vicki that she’s only very recently, owned up to her own indiscretions. She should sit down and zip it, IPPHO.

Then they start talking about the whole Brooks vs the teenaged porn star saga.  Heather astutely points out that the story kept changing from moment to moment.  First, the story was that the girl was an underaged porn star… but then the story progressed and morphed into, “Well, maybe she’s over 21.”  Then Heather said there was some mention about a video… Vicki says she is done defending Brooks (Yippie!) but then Vicki, in a complete act of stupidity, turns to Lauri and says, “I have also been told by some of your neighbors that you were cheating.”  Lauri flatly denies it. Vicki says of herself that she’s a monogamous girl… but that when one person cheats – then the monogamy is over.  I’m not sure why Vicki tried to turn the tables on Lauri with the cheating allegation… Shall we remind Vicki that two wrongs don’t make a right… Not even with new math.  Then Vicki wants to know if Lauri is miserable in her own life and that’s why she needs to destroy other people’s lives.  Lauri assures her no…  Lauri wants Vicki to leave her alone.  Vicki said that she has left Lauri alone for the last 7 years.

Woo hoo… Part 1 is done and we’re pretty unscathed!  Only two more parts to go! 



In looking at the archives yesterday I noticed a few birthdays have been missed. Happy Birthday (belated) Zanne and NYCer


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  1. TexasTart says:

    Happy Birthdays to NYCer and Zanne! 😀

  2. TexasTart says:

    Good Morning and thank you for the blog MTH and Stars. I look forward to reading the OC reunion recap. I could only deal with portions of it, hubs giving me hard time as to WHY I would want to hear the sceaming and frankly they were all talking over one another so I changed channels! Also I didn’t get to see enough to understand why Lydia was in the hot seat.

    I especially appreciated the link to the video from Kjo…very touching and now I can understand she and Lynn had become friends.

    Also, I really enjoyed going back in time to read the chat the night that Bobby mentioned the blog on RHONY! Thanks to, I think it was MTH, BB and VV for making these available to be viewed. 🙂 (The links are in the last blog, if you missed it.)

    • Powell says:

      Good morning TexasTart. You’re also up bright and early.

    • Stars99 says:

      Hi Tart One – Yeah, I didn’t get why Lydia was sooOOOOoo in the hot seat right off the bat…. It seemed to me like they had bigger fish to fry but the good news is that I think that’s all they’ve got on her… so unless they bring her mom out she’s probably breathing a little easier that her major portion of the program is over. I also didn’t understand the screaming – although, to be fair, comparatively speaking it was tame. I still have nightmares from RHNJ’s reunion shows last year.

  3. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. You’re up early MTH. 🙂 It looks like it’s going to be a rainy day. I hope you all enjoy your Sunday.

  4. BB says:

    OK, I’ve only read the first couple of paragraphs and first, Michelle Kwan should be feeling very insulted right about now and I agree that monkey flying trajectory is very crucial. This needs to be straightened out – perhaps it could be the storyline for next season. Which is it, Vicki, monkeys flying in or out and is it yours or Donn’s butt? Burning questions that definitely need answering. Good for at least four of five episodes at the least. Now on to read the rest of the blog.

    • melthehound says:

      BB, we all know by now that the reunions set the pace for the next season 😉 The very idea they have them sometimes, is disappointing 😆

    • Stars99 says:

      I apologize BB… I love me some of my home girl Michelle Kwan and would NEVER want to insult her. I didn’t use her name as part of Gretchen’s new name of “Gretchen Kerrigan Hamill Witt” and I just didn’t her to feel left out. I would have used, “Sarah Hughes” but I wasn’t entirely sure my point would be understood. I would have invoked my least favorite skater’s name… but I refrained…lol… Did I tell you that my mother-in-law works with Debbie Thomas? I was shocked! Anyhoo… Yes, monkey flying trajectory is VERY important. I mean, seriously folks…lol

    • Laineylainey says:

      Yes, the whole flying monkey issue is hilarious.

  5. Powell says:

    I was reading yesterday’s blog. You all are crazy. You’re always cracking me up. “Holy crap on a cracker” MTH? You can come up w/’em. 🙂 And I’ve never heard of “wayback”? To pull up old webpages. I always learn something from youse guys. I’m glad you were able to go down memory lane w/our Lynn. Good stuff. 🙂

    • melthehound says:

      I can’t take credit for holy crap on a cracker… It came from one of the women on The Amazing Race (when Rachel was on) and was her way of swearing on camera without swearing 😉

    • chismosa says:

      I had never heard the jail/prison term “3 hots and a cot” until here discussing Teresa and Joe and then last week they used it on The Bridge. Lol

      Everyday ….. Learning something new 😉

    I was wondering, no one has ever asked Gretchen if she and Jeff had an “open” relationship. I think she constantly says “I was not cheating” because Jeff was well aware of her behavior. Jeff wanted some pretty arm candy and realized that Gretchen wasn’t in it for love, rather the love of Money. So, I think Gretchen is using a technicality here. Just my opinion.
    Also, did not like Alexis’ Jane Jetson dress…weird shoulders. Vicky’s dress was too short for her age. At her age the legs are getting spidery and patchy. Needs to wear something closer to the knee. As always, Gretchen was “over the top” and thought she was invited to prom. Heather’s cut out on the shoulders were odd, but I like that she dressed a little more conservatively (with this group that isn’t too hard!) and Lydia’s outfit totally fit her personality.
    I thought the season was pretty boring, but at least the reunion is exciting!

    • Powell says:

      Hey Story. That’s what I kind of believe. I have said we don’t know what agreement G &J had. So if they had some type of agreement then to her she didn’t cheat on Jeff. Remember when they had the ladies had the party & Jeff sent over the motorcycle as a surprise? J told G to go to the party. He was dying. Maybe he did tell her to go have fun all the time.

    • Stars99 says:

      That’s a great point, Story! It’s quite possible that Jeff also told her to “go out and have fun.” Caring for someone who is dying is really, really tough – and while it doesn’t appear that Gretchen actually had to do the physical “caring” for him and all that entails… She did have to walk through the process with him. I don’t have as many issues with her leaving him to go have fun sometimes – we all need a break. But I do have issues of spending a holiday apart from him – unless he wanted to share it with his kids or something. In light of all that Gretchen has said, I’m surprised that she didn’t just come out and say, “Jeff told me to” or something like that… but then again… We ARE dealing with Gretchen… lol

    • Rebecca says:

      It doesn’t matter how truthful a question toward Gretchen is, she’s going to deny, deny, deny.

      I liked that Alexis’ dress had some flair at the bottom. It was a nice touch. I HATED Heather’s blue eye makeup. It’s something a teenager would get in her first makeup kit and wear to teenage parties.

  7. ladebra says:

    Buenos Dias! Great blog Starzy. I liked OC this season, except Laurie. I don’t get why – even if I believed her, which I don’t – she felt compelled after 7 years to bring all this back up. Bitter, jelly, desperate, ungrateful. She did take the nasty stick away from Tamra though, so maybe it was job well done.

    • Powell says:

      Hey Ladebra. Being mad at someone for something so lame that happened 7 yrs ago was so darn ridiculous. It’s just another Bravo scraping the barrel for a story. If Lauri was so upset why didn’t she talk to Vicki the season she was going out w/George? She could have even talked to Vicki before she got married. Since she didn’t I think it was all fake.

      • ladebra says:

        Totally agree. It was made up, but it was mean spirited. If Laurie was desperate to be on TV she should have fought for a better script!

    • Stars99 says:

      Thanks, ladebra! I totally agree… Other than the obvious, “because I want back on the show” why on EARTH would Lauri bring up the letter about George at this point? I had no idea about it… and had never read it before this season. But NOW I’ve read it… NOW I know all about it… She did WAY more damage to George than Vicki ever did… PLUS Lauri just looks like a fool… IPPHO.

      • Powell says:

        Right Stars. It sounds like to me that Jenna emailed or blabbed it to a few select people and it was done & over with. Not only did Lauri bring it back up & embarrass George but shed embarrassed George’s daughters grandmother. So any fallout is all on Lauri.

  8. lulu says:

    Good morning!!!!! Oh starsy what would I do without you!!!!! Poor Gretchen with that unfortunate looking face. Michelle Kwan is more of a woman then Gretchen will ever be. Poor everyone picks on me Gretchen ;).

    I attempted to watch eat drink love and all I have to say is wow!!! This takes the cake on the absolute worst show Bravo has ever had. Epic fail!!! I created a list of bravo tv’s failures:

    1. Eat, drink, love
    2. Silicone valley
    3. Texas singles?? (That bad didn’t bother looking up the title)
    4. Nyc prep
    5. Gallery girls.

    • chismosa says:

      LULU you clearly



      Never watched 5 minutes of Long Island Princesses

      Pay attention puh-leaze! (Danielle!)

    • I LOVE COFFEE says:

      It’s bad.
      I don’t know how old you are and I’m not asking but when I watch that show I was like I must be getting OLD. This show is HORRIBLE. I was blaming my age of 50+

    • Powell says:

      Hey Lulu. How’s your 3 men doing? I haven’t watched EDL. I see I’m not missing anything.I was thinking about you & Mr. Lulu the other day when I saw the promo for a new show coming on A&E about stay at home dads. “Men” something. I can’t remember the title. It looks like fun. It doesn’t premiere for a few weeks & will come on after Duck Dynasty. Would Mr. Lulu be a stay at home dad? 🙂

      • lulu says:

        Hello Powell!!!!!! All of my men including the dog (male!) Are all well and keeping me very busy!! ;). DH was a SAHD for a few months while I worked before he found the job/relocated. He loved it and I suspect if given another opportunity he would again. Remind me when it comes on I’ll check it out.

    • Stars99 says:

      Smiles at Lulu… You’re right about Michelle Kwan… I love her! I didn’t mean to disparage her in the least…lol…. Bravo does need to figure out better programming, don’t they? They have been recently rerunning the “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” episodes which is how I found out about the network in the first place. Well that and “Inside the Actor’s Studio.” Can you say, “Jump the Shark?”

    • Laineylainey says:

      Hi lulu, I actually liked #’s 3,4, and 5

  9. jezzibel says:

    I’m kind of happy Lydia called out Heather….She so snobby and its like the other ladies don’t want to risk offending her holy heatherness. I don’t see the east coast humor/attitude in her I just see someone who is obnoxious, who can dish it out but can’t take it.

    • Rebecca says:

      i’d give Lydia $1000 to bring out some onion rings in part two.

      • Stars99 says:

        Rebecca – OMG… Wouldn’t that be awesome! During Vicki’s party that was filmed as this season’s finale… Vicki gave Terry some onion rings – even though they didn’t air that part of the show… I found a picture and included it as part of that day’s blog… they were both laughing so hard. Priceless!

    • Stars99 says:

      You’re so right, Jezzibel

    • Sasha says:

      Happy Birthday Zanne and NYCer!!!

      I’m glad Lydia called her out too. She is snobby and thinks that the world revolves around her.

      She is also quick to join the mean girl pack. She had no real reason to hate Alexis, but she joined in with everyone else.

      I bet more people know her from this show compared the this acting CAREER that she has had. I hat when she gets all Meryl Streepish.

    • Laineylainey says:

      ITA, Jezzibel!

    • Powell says:

      ITA Jezzibel. And Heather is snooty. In her mind she speaks better than the other ladies, is more intelligent, etc, etc. Let’s face it she is actually some of those things but its the fact that she puts out that vibe that she IS all those things.

      • Laineylainey says:

        Haha, as you stated “lets face it” up until now Heather was surrounded by idiots. LOL! I think she liked it like that.

    • toodybird says:

      I concur, jezzibel. My reaction to the call out was more like stars99. I cheered as if my team, down by 2, in the last game seconds, intercepted, threw a 3 point basket and won the game. Happy dance. I’m bookmarking this stars99 recap.

      Oh, golly, this is a great site!

  10. Nancy says:

    Apparently Michelle Kwan didn’t get the memo on NO GREEN skating dresses. I’m not sure how it got started but figure skaters are very superstitious so GREEN is a big no-no. Check out the
    next Olympics and count the number of green dresses out there.

  11. mimisfbay says:

    Now that was a fun read! Thanks!

    Oh, and thanks MTH for the link back to this site. After Lynn, gone but not forgotten, I just lost the link and I am happy to get my HW and,gag, BB blogs back.

  12. looneylucy says:

    I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday. The weather is perfection at a glorious 73 degrees here in my corner of the Midwest. Stars, your blog was a joy to read as I enjoy your snark so much.

    OT, as a FYI, today on QVC the Today’s Special Value is a Vitamix Blender on Easy Pay. I bought one in April, same price etc. Since then I have lost 24 lbs, half-a** trying. It is an investment, but I’ve spent more money before on things and have realized less rewards. As a post menopausal woman, losing the menopause weight has been difficult. Making fruit and vegetable smoothies has helped ease my cravings for carbs and sweets, thus the weight loss. I’ll go into in more tomorrow on the diet page as I have company coming in a few and need to fly. I just want to share with anyone hoping to eat healthier and to lose weight, this this thing is a gem. I’ve had Magic Bullets and every blender under the sun. The Vitamix is a powerhouse and will not grind down or burn out. (I’m not a rep. or being paid by Vitamix, btw!). Check out a presentation on QVC if you’re interested. I think they do a presentation once an hour. Will post more tomorrow on the diet page.

    • looneylucy says:

      Last minute thought..if anyone is thinking about a juicer, a juicer removes all the pulp from veggies and fruits, which is thrown away. The Vitamix pulverizes Ever-eee-thing, and you get all the fiber from fruits and vegs. Better than a juicer. As soon as I hit post I saw a graphic that the next presentation on the Vitamix would be at 4:30 EST.

      I don’t lie, cheat or steal. Feel confident that I’m not paid or a spokesperson for Vitamix!

    • Laineylainey says:

      I wish I could afford it right now. Please let me know the next time you see it on sale again. Congrats on your weight loss, that is wonderful!

    • Powell says:

      Bravo Lucy. Good for you. I hope you’re proud of yourself. Have fun w/your guests.

    • Stars99 says:

      Glad you enjoyed it, LooneyLucy… And thanks for your tip on the blender… We have been contemplating purchasing one! There’s nothing like honest customer reviews of items they purchased that really worked well for them! It’s great! Thanks for sharing with the class!

  13. VV says:

    I don’t watch RHOM…but last year when the ladies went to the Bahamas (I think) Audriana (the one from Brazil) didn’t travel with the cast. At the time, I questioned her status on the US ( after all we still don’t know if she’s is a Legal Resident, a Naturalized citizen) She showed up the following day at he island. I think, I think somehow she didn’t travel with the cast because she had to somewhere declare her marital status. I think upon arrival to the islands one must complete an immigration form ( I went there 6 or 7 years ago) If she had risked, filling out the form with her cast mates there was a chance they would have seen her Marital status because for every stinking paperwork that asks for your marita status she had to check mark Married…which brings me to Bravo as her employer HAD TO KNOW she was married.
    Now, she strikes a as an opportunist and a lier. I don’t believe for once that being a Catholic had anything to do with her not seeing herself as a married person. A good Catholic doesn’t live with her boyfriend and child.

    • Powell says:

      VV on the show she didn’t travel w/the ladies cause she forgot her passport & couldn’t get back in time to catch the same flight. I’m not saying what you said didn’t happen but I’ve never heard it.

      • VV says:

        I never bought the story that she “forgot” her passport. If she did forget it was intentional for the reasons I stated above. IMO.
        She’s a seasoned traveler. I doubt she forgot the most important document needed when traveling.

    • Powell says:

      Also I feel that she was being an opportunist about “I don’t feel married” cause she wanted to jump on the “I want a wedding spinoff” bandwagon. It’s just ridiculous.

      • Laineylainey says:

        But is she getting a spinoff? Or are they just going to work the wedding into the regular season?

      • VV says:

        That’s an interesting point, perhaps that’s the case. If she was married by the Catholic Church ( and we know this is her third marriage) only once. She needs an annulment (which are very hard to get) in order to marry by the Catholic Church again.
        I am not sure why she hid her marriage from viewers ( I think Bravo knew or they need to fire somebody on their HR Department……or perhaps Bravo helped perpetuate the lie. In time, we’ll know.
        Didn’t Fredric’s parent came to visit them last season? Was getting married part if the conversation via TH or any of the scenes?

        • chismosa says:

          I know the church she winds up marrying at is a Christian church but not catholic. I’m just praying she’s not a recruited LDS because they love to send their missionaries to the impoverished areas of s. America and other continents

          I’ve been to the Caribbean many times and never remember having to declare a marital status. But who knows ?

          • toodybird says:

            It is fun, though, to think about the RHO.. motives, production motives, past episodes, etc., and share our theories.

  14. ladebra says:

    You know, I don’t always read every post, and if this has been posted, I truly apologize, but I just saw it on twitter, and I couldn’t chance that you guys might miss it. If you haven’t seen it hope you enjoy

    • VV says:

      Thank you ladebra, no need to apologize. Yes, it was posted yesterday. It’s good you brought it up for those who missed it. It is a beautiful tribute to Lynn.

    • Laineylainey says:

      I missed it yesterday! Thanks LAdebra. So sweet.

  15. Powell says:

    OC reunion is on if you want to watch.

  16. VV says:

    The Star of RHONJ …………. Milania!

    teresagiudice’s photo

  17. BB says:

    Can I please vent here? Yes? No? Well, I’m going to anyway. Soooooo, after having a great weekend at the beach, I get back home and the first thing I do is call my mom. Guess what mom did today? Fell in church and broke her right wrist. My uncle, who goes to the same church, took her to the emergency room Now about two or three years ago, mom fell and broke BOTH of her wrists. Who took care of her while she healed? Why me, of course! That was fun because she could not do anything for herself with two broken wrists. Well, the emergency people splinted her up good, told her to call her ortho guy tomorrow and said she will surely have to have surgery to repair. This may be a good thing because her wrist never healed properly from the previous brake and now maybe the ortho guy can fix it properly once and for all. I was hoping that my mom’s health troubles would cease for just a little while since I just spent two months nursing her back to health after a 10 day hospital stay for pneumonia. She’s 80 years old. She didn’t even want to tell me about it after all I’ve been through with her and she knows I have to babysit Jack and can’t be two places at once. So she called my sister and told her she would just have to come up (she lives about 5 or 6 hours away) and take care of her after her surgery. Guys, my sister can’t even take care of herself and her husband is worse than she is. She doesn’t even get up most days until 1 or 2 in the afternoon and I really don’t think this is going to work out as my mom hopes. I know my mom was thinking of me, but I wish she had NOT called my sister, as this will end in my mom being disappointed in her and my sister feeling a little guilty (but probably not that much). My mom has the resources to hire someone to take care of her so that’s not an issue. I’m sure everything will work out OK, but I SURE WISH THIS HAD NOT HAPPENED! I went over there and washed up her few dishes she had left from breakfast before church, wrote a couple of checks to pay some of her bills. She’s not in that much pain and can pretty much do the basic things for herself, so at least I don’t have to stay over there with her and she can call me if she needs me. It’s when she has the surgery that she will probably need the help. OK, venting over. Thanks for being there, whoever is reading this. I feel a little better now.

    • Laineylainey says:

      I am reading it, BB. So sorry for your mom, and what this means for you. So..can’t your sis come to Moms to stay with her after the surgery instead of our mom traveling the 6 hrs to stay with sis?

    • melthehound says:

      Well… That’s a good vent and we don’t see that from you very often.. We, or I, wish it hadn’t happened either but on the upside, she has one good hand and perhaps doesn’t need a lot of help. She doesn’t sound like the type who becomes disabled when she gets a splinter.

      • JumpTheShark says:

        Good vent, BB. Many of us have faced similar situations with our folks, and we can feel your pain. As she gets weaker, you’ll get stronger; that’s just life (and it’s a b*tch, ain’t it?)

    • Nancy says:

      (((BB))) I can’t believe this is happening either. You just got her through the pneumonia not so long ago. I didn’t even know you had a sister. Maybe she will surprise both of
      you this time and do the right thing? I hope so. At least she doesn’t sound like she’s in too much pain but she will need someone post-op. Heck I can fly out there if you’d like. 🙂 Hang in there BB.

    • VV says:

      BB, things will fall into place. It’s in God’s hand. Vent away all you want. Prayers go out to your mother, you and your family.

    • TexasTart says:

      Hey BB, sorry there’s surely extra work in store for you 😦 And sorry you have a sister that’s no kinda of reliable help. Your Mom must have called her, as to not impose on you, but you know she’s 80 and probably should stick with reliable help – you! And yes, you have Jack, so gosh darnit if she can afford to hire any help, if only to fetch some food and some intermediate nursing, then do so. My gut feeling is to keep your sister out of it, eventhough I don’t know the background. Just knowing what you said is enough to think let’s save the flaky sister for when the chips are down and there is no way else to take care of.loved ones.

    • Powell says:

      Oh BB I’m sorry your mom is hurt. Poor thing. Oh boy. Your sis may not be as helpful but maybe its her time to help your mom too. Maybe your mom can hire someone & your sis can also help at times. I sympathize w/you though. I know you were like “not again”.You know you can always vent to us. I hope that felt good. I hope your mom will heal properly this time. Hugs to you and your mom.

    • lulu says:

      Oh no BB!!! Sorry to hear about your mom. Since she has use of one hand maybe minimal help. Like cook her meals in advance plate it out or ask her favorite restaurant to deliver her meals. You would be amazed how many will do this in certain circumstances. The rest cleaning can be done when Jack goes home. I hope all works out. Vent as often and as much and as long as you want.

      • BB says:

        Thanks everyone for your kind words. I feel better about it already. I know it’s a “take one day at a time thing” and it will all work out as usual. It helped to vent and it helped to see your responses. I’ll keep everyone posted on my latest “trials and tribulations.” Lol.

        • chismosa says:

          BB what VV said.
          Vent away! So sorry you have this and baby Jack and having just taken care of your mom recently

          Prayers for you xoxox

        • toodybird says:

          BB, we are not here to judge each other. We are here to judye those housewife attention whores. Yea! So may I share something with you using the pronunciation of a child I know.

          You just go on the ‘puter (pronounced pooter) and vent or you
          might ‘splode.

    • Stars99 says:

      Ouchie… so sorry this happened, BB… Hope the solution and treatment options are chosen wisely. It must be hard to be pulled in so many directions… It’s okay, we have plenty of super glue here… You just feel free to vent any ol’ time. = )

  18. not THAT Jill says:

    I just read that Lisa I followed Yolanda on twitter….
    Then I read this tweet from Brandi
    @BrandiGlanville: If un-following some1 on FB or Twitter is ur way of dealing with,really anything!! Especially friendships,Ur WEAK &probably crooked as f*ck
    (I changed the last word)
    People are asking if she is talking about Lisa but I haven’t seen a response yet…maybe so trouble in BH!

    • not THAT Jill says:

      That’s supposed to say Lisa UNfollowed yolanda

    • VV says:

      Jill, I saw that last night too because I heard rumors of a fight between Lisa and Yofo. I was trying to put a TL for the Puerto Rico trip. They got there on 8/1 according to Yofo, on 8/3 Brandi tweets Everybody be honest. On 8/6 Lisa Vpump tweets they are leaving.

      @YolandaHFoster: ❤Surround yourself with those who respect you and make you feel good!

      8-13-13 Yofo tweets:

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Brandi was back home with her boys on 8/4 so it must have been a short trip!

    • melthehound says:

      It is becoming very difficult for me to support Brandi… I told you on FB a few weeks ago, Jill, that you now had an ally (I think you were busy with family or out of town though at the time).. WTF is she babbling about now?

    • Laineylainey says:

      I guess I am old and old-fashioned but I don’t understand why grown ups use social media instead of speaking privately and directly with people who are standing right next to them. People they see. “Everyone BE HONEST”? Just turn to whomever this is directed and talk it out. But then we wouldn’t be talking about any if them here or anywhere…I thinki just answered my own question. They want us talking aout them, thinking about them…positive or negative, it’s in their (in this case, Brand’s) interest to tweet this jr hi stuff otherwise we stop thinking/talking/arguing/making teams, etc. about them. She uses twitter to play her own pr game. She is good at it.

      • VV says:

        The thing is Lainey…Lisa NEVER stopped following Yofo. Go to Lisa’s Twitter account. I put the link above and you can see that Lisa is still following Yofo.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Someone noticed it VV so maybe it did happen-I just read it a few minutes ago and by the time I checked she was following again. I believe something happened b/c of Brandi’s tweet-if I didn’t read Brandi’s tweet I would think the whole thing was made up. Brandi likes to add fuel to the fire and now the whole thing is taking off!

          • melthehound says:

            They must still be filming something. When does the show start?

          • VV says:

            Jill, if she had unfollowed her and started to follow her again. Yolanda’s name would be on at the top of the “Following” list and she’s not. Yofo’s name is 7 down if you count the last person that Lisa added and diwn. Yofo is followed by Mohamed and Brandi in that order. The last two people that Lisa followed were Gleb ( her partner in DWTS) and a Fan account for her and Gleb on DWTS. She only follows 20 people.

            • not THAT Jill says:

              Yes I understand that VV but something started the chatter and Brandi’s tweet seems too coincidental to not be about Lisa and Yolanda…it’s strange

              • not THAT Jill says:

                VV-I just went to my twitter and unfollowed someone from The 8th spot down on my list-I went back and refollowed and they are back to the same place-8th spot down in my list. Maybe if you refollow it puts them back in the list in the same spot.

                • VV says:

                  I’m gonna do your experiment but I’m gonna follow them again Tomorrow and see if it changes spot. The reason I know it changes spot because I follow and unfollow all the time and it changes spots.
                  I know Lisa stopped following Camille when they were at odds and even after they made up Lisa never follow her again.

              • VV says:

                PR? No I really don’t know. Something probably did happen in PR but these ladies have very string personality. If Yofo’s name was at the top of the following list then I think you are right but there are 7 other people after her. I know Lisa started following Gleb when they partnered for DWTS ans his name is next to last… So, is not possible….. There are fake accounts too maybe somebody got confused and started to spread the news.
                …………Maybe PR to create a buzz for the show.
                …………Maybe Lisa deleted everybody (cleaned up her Twitter) and started to add one at a time and when the other person checked Yofo had not been added.

                I checked immediately after I saw the article from Roxi’s site yesterday and Yofo was still listed.

  19. Nancy says:

    Lainey…This program will go down as one of the best ever. Everyone told her to hang up her
    skates and that her time was through after the 2002 Olympics.

    • cusi77 says:

      OMG! Amazing! I am tearing up with emotion… She is the best I’ve ever seen! TY, Nancy!

      • Nancy says:

        I’ve watched it a million times and I still tear up. There will never be another
        Michelle Kwan. 🙂

        • Stars99 says:

          Nancy… I totally remember watching this as it was happening… and I started crying about midway through… She had to overcome so much. When I saw her land that last jump… and saw the elated smile on her face… and the pure joyful abandon of her amazing step sequence just thrilled me to my core. She is truly amazing… Thanks for sharing this… And you’re right, there will never be another Michelle Kwan. Or Scott Hamilton…. or….

          • Nancy says:

            🙂 I’m so glad she is happily married now. We will be seeing a lot of her at the Sochi Olympics.

    • Laineylainey says:

      Well thanks for bringing me to tears today, Nancy! Brilliance, beauty, years of hard work, sacrifice, guts, all of it coming together at this one moment. It is humbling to witness hints of God’s glory.

  20. cusi77 says:

    Good afternoon Everyone!

    Thank you Stars!!!! I watched the Reunion… I understood 10%!!!! Thank you for Blogging it, I got to get the 90% and in your words it is much better than what those women can do!!! Yay! Thanks!

    • Stars99 says:

      Cuzi77, so glad I can help out… It is often hard to understand the points to their pointless arguments… especially when they insist on talking over each other. I have to often rewind several times to get it right… and even at that, I make more than my share of mistakes… lol

    • cusi77 says:

      VV_ He looks like he is tired of the paparazzi … who can blame him? Bryn looks adorable!!!!

      • VV says:

        He still wearing his wedding band.

        • Nancy says:

          Bryn is going to be tall. I think it’s time to take off the ring. It’s sort of weird at this point.

          • VV says:

            Remember, he’s catholic. Even if they divorced, in his eyes they are married. I do understand what you’re saying though.

            • Nancy says:

              He can’t be all that Catholic as he had sex before he got married.
              You can’t have it both ways.

              • chismosa says:

                Nancy my friends are FERVENT Catholics yet all had premarital sex. I don’t think they realize how hypocritical they all are and I never bring it up.

                I agree with you!

              • VV says:

                Yes, he sinned (ahem) but marriage is a union made by God.
                Not sure, I guess he wants to send the signal that she left him or perhaps, he’s waiting until divorce is final. Legally they are still married…..We can only speculate.

                • not THAT Jill says:

                  Maybe he just wants to look like the down and out sad sap that he is so he keeps the ring on so people think”poor poor Jason”….I’m over Jason.

              • djprincessc says:

                Totally agree Nancy!

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