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Big Brother – My how the Mighty have Fallen by NMD

Ahhh – suddenly Big Brother has gotten interesting, with the pawns waking up and turning on the main alliance of 3AM (or Amanda, Aaryn, Andy, and McRae).

To be straight – most of this cast is disgusting.  GinaMarie, Spencer, Amanda and Aaryn have made racist and homophobic comments.  Amanda and Aaryn rely on meds to keep them less evil, but clearly Amanda has been off hers for a while, because she’s cray cray.  And Amanda and McRae are about the dirtiest and most disgusting showmance to air in all the seasons of BB.  Put simply, McRae stinks.  He doesn’t launder his clothes or shower – and he and Amanda have endless sex in the house – ewwwwwww.

Last week with Elissa in power, Amanda found her bullying and intimidation techniques falling on deaf ears.  Elissa literally laughed in her face as she targeted the 3AM alliance and send Aaryn packing.  Aaryn literally cried and whined her way through the week – this from a player who had been HOH 4 times and sent as many people packing.  Buckle up beauty queen – it’s gonna get a lot worse for you when you leave the jury house.  I hope you’re thinking long and hard about what Julie Chen said to you in your exit interview, and you are getting worried about fan reaction.  Heh.

Amanda thought she was oh-so-clever in trying to get Elissa to nominate GinaMarie.  That move guaranteed (spoilers coming – don’t read on if you don’t want to know what’s been going on) that when GinaMarie won HOH she immediately put McRae and Amanda up for eviction.  Amanda is so de-lus-ion-al that she actually thought GinaMarie would nominate Elissa.  Amanda seems to think everyone should play the game for HER to win.  FOOL!

GinaMarie nominated McRae and Amanda for eviction, and they folded.  McRae cried his way through an entire day in the house, staying in bed, and not saying a word.  That’s one way to lose respect of the house.  Doesn’t he realize that if he makes it to the end he needs votes?  He did manage to win POV – which means – unless he’s a complete idiot, he’ll use the POV on himself, and either Spencer or Andy will go on the block against Amanda.  It’s pretty safe to say that Elissa and Judd will vote Amanda out – and even if it’s a tie – GinaMarie does the tie-break so Amanda is gone.  But first, I’m sure the house will see her whining and crying and trying to manipulate McCrae to use the veto on her.

For viewers it’s been a treat – and has made an unbearable season almost bearable.  Almost.


Real Housewives of New Jersey

Blogs Blogged by Stars99


Melissa Gorga – “Hi, everyone!  Yesterday was a big day. I released my new single “Never Let Me Go” and I think it’s the best one yet!”

“The best one yet” – Well, your previous songs have set the bar of expectation really, really low… And you can’t fool me… Princess Pindy posted the YouTube video of you singing your new song and I had nightmares after watching it.  (Thanks a lot, Tiara!)  Ya’ll will be happy to know that Melissa really pushed herself vocally on this song more than she ever has before… cough… cough… cough… I guess we get to look forward to actual footage of her recording the song in future episodes.  KMN!  She also went to MTV’s Video Music Awards and had way too much fun for words.  She gushes on and on about Justin Timberlake… I wonder if Joe’s jealous… lol

Here’s Melissa singing when the track isn’t playing in the background.  I assume she was singing to the track when she was performing, but it didn’t get captured during the recording.  She’s really really bad – NMD

“And thank you, Joe, for planning a beautiful birthday weekend for me! I just wish I wasn’t sick. I felt pretty bad when I woke up the day we flew out. That was why I squeezed lemons down my throat on the plane — an old tip from my grandmother. A truckload of lemons wouldn’t have helped this time. The dry air in Arizona made my throat even worse. A single drop of water felt like swallowing glass.”

I bet if Melissa had used some magical lemons from Yolanda’s backyard her sore throat would have immediately gone away.  And just who in their right mind would squeeze lemon juice in its full strength directly onto a raw sore throat?  Aren’t you supposed to put the lemon juice into something else like warm tea so the citric acid isn’t applied directly onto your raw throat… That’s what I’ve heard my whole life… I mean imagine squeezing a lemon onto an open wound… Ouchie!

“My throat closed up. I couldn’t breathe. It was agony, like no pain I’ve felt in my life. Joe took me to the emergency room in Arizona and I wound up spending the night there on morphine. When you see me the next morning I had just gotten back from the hospital, that’s why I had the hospital bracelet on my wrist and I was just taking my first round of medicine. I thought it was strep, but it turned out to be a virus. The horse pills knocked it out in a few days and I started to feel better.”

I may be in the minority, but I do think she was actually sick. I’ve also been told to sit out in the sun for a small period of time when I have a cold… So that part of the show didn’t bother me too much, either.  It’s just that we’re talking about Melissa and it’s gotten really hard to believe anything she says.  Melissa goes on to blog about Tina, the energy reader and how she is generally skeptical of mediums.

Melissa writes, “Kathy and Rich got a lot out of what Tina had to say. Her words helped them open blocked doors. It was very moving. Not a dry eye in the room. If a medium can give people comfort, help them move forward and put aside past hurts, great.”

I was really surprised by Rich’s reaction – I think the depth of his emotion took everyone by surprise, including Rich.  He doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy that would want to let anyone see him cry – much less have it happen on national TV.

“I wanted to join everyone on the desert hike, but I wasn’t well enough. I have to admit, as horrible as I felt, it was nice to have time alone and just sit in the sun. Of course then you see me drinking water like it was nothing! LOL! Believe me, I had to psych myself up for each sip.”

It’s okay, Melissa… No one wanted to be around you, either.

Kathy Wakile – She blogs, “As for our travel to Arizona, we were lucky this trip: we had no delays while flying and we were with the initial group that arrived at Miraval. Wow, what a spectacular resort in the desert of Arizona — the skies and landscape were surreal. However, I think it was going to take a few days for us to decompress and get our Zen on. We were a long way from Jersey. I know we weren’t ready for Miraval, but was Miraval ready for us?”

No amount of planning could adequately prepare the state of Arizona for your arrival.  An official travel advisory alert should be released whenever you guys venture more than 12.6 miles away from your house.  It’s only fair – People need adequate warning so they can safely evacuate.

“The first night with the medium, Tina Powers, was so unbelievable. We were both very skeptical about mediums and talking to people in the afterlife. However we’re open minded and decided to see what would happen. You can imagine our surprise when Tina started to mention things that no one even knew about. Rich and I both have such deep relationships with people who have passed on and our strong connections came through. That moment when we communicated was life changing for me and Rich; all in that room felt the depth.”

I’m glad you guys got something positive out of the experience.  I personally think it’s a bunch of hooey most of the time.  The medium also didn’t say much that a very superficial “Google” search wouldn’t have easily rendered.  Kathy talks about how it’s been hard to watch their wedding video because it’s hard hear the voice and see the image of Rich’s dad, who has passed away.

“As for me with my dad, I learned he believed that I had the strength to stand strong and he knew I was getting big love and support from Rich and my kids. He did not worry about me in the love department or if I would be taken care of emotionally. Realizing that he heard me, that was a spiritual moment. I always knew my father loved me. But if I’m being honest, at that moment, I just wanted to hear it. I’m sure you all can understand. It is hard to describe, but I will be forever grateful for that experience.”

I dunno, Kathy… I’ve viewed this season and I’ve got to eggmit that I have serious doubts that Rich takes care of you emotionally.  But perhaps I don’t see the whole picture… Kathy talks about her how it’s been 11 years since her dad died,“and there isn’t a day that I don’t talk to him.”  Grief is such an individual thing… Different people grieve in different ways.  She tells us that her dad, even in his last days, wasn’t thinking about himself, but instead he was thinking about his children.  She calls him, “A true father till the end.”

Kathy talks about their trail walk that happened on the following day.  After she describes exactly what we all saw onscreen, Kathy blogs, “It was nice that Teresa heard what we all said and formed a circle by calling everyone up to embrace hand to hand together.”

Yeah, I was waiting for everyone to spontaneously break out into a rousing chorus of “Kumbayah.”  Me?  I was busy being a lil freaked out that everyone had seemed so casual about sitting right on the desert floor – Do you know what kind of creepy crawlies they have there?  Yikes!  (I love Arizona but I just don’t love their creepy crawlies…)…

“I know not all of you will have the ability or interest to experience these “alternative” therapies, but if you do nothing else, make an effort to evaluate your lives and see where the old wounds are hindering forward progress and try to see your way past them.”

There’s validity in her statements although unfortunately most people aren’t listening to anything Kathy has to say these days, since she’s bored them to tears over the last couple of seasons.

Teresa Giudice – “Hello Loveys” – Well, hello Thurston Howell, III!  After Teresa plugs her books she tells us that if we want the recipe for the Kale and Pancetta Bruschetta we saw her preparing on the show – She has posted it on her website:

“How funny was Gia trying to throw away my sparkly bikini? She’s so protective of me. All my girls are. Did you see Audriana chasing Gia to get it back? So cute!”

Protecting you from what?  The rest of us pointing and laughing? Or perhaps she’s just a normal teenager whose Mom embarrasses her beyond belief. It’s probably too far of a stretch for her to wish you would dress your own age because you’d never do that – but she probably wishes that you just wouldn’t dress her age.

“I missed them when we went to Arizona, but I was happy for the chance to hang out with my family and friends again. It’s been a long, hard road, but I’m really hopeful that we can stay in a good place.”

The others wished they had stayed, “in a good place” – And probably not at a Zen-like resort in Arizona, either. “New Jersey in the house,” indeed… lol.

“I was really happy after the Milania Hair Care party, because I felt like Penny had put the rumors about me being involved in any Melissa rumors to rest once and for all. Apparently, though, she didn’t. I guess no one could. My brother and Melissa are going to believe whatever they want to believe — even if dead people are telling them! The medium even tells them that there are other people who will meddle in your life and you have to stay strong as a family, just like Dr. V was saying. And still, they don’t believe it. How many people can tell them the same thing? At this point, Jesus himself could come down from Heaven and tell them I have never tried to “bring them down,” and they wouldn’t believe it because they are so desperate to hold on to their hate and anger.”

I see dead people and I see dead subjects that have been beaten to death.

“I do want clear up the Karma comment: I meant nothing by it, I certainly wasn’t referring to Jacqueline’s son, and I don’t even believe in Karma.”

Of course you weren’t talking about Jac’s son – That’s ridiculous IPPHO.  But to be fair… Your statement on the show demonstrates that you do believe in a type of Karma – The kind that believes your actions could potentially harm you, your children or grandchildren.  I recognize that you’re trying to clean up some rumors… but you need to own what you said.  She goes on to explain that she’s a Catholic and that, “Bad things happen to good people all the time. Life is a journey and you need to handle everything that’s thrown at you with grace, not superstition.”  So in case we can’t read between the lines – her current court issues are just a result of “bad things happening to good people.”  In her case, I think it’s because basically good people did some really bad things and are going to have to reap the consequences of their actions.  And yes, Teresa’s children will pay for them too, unfortunately.  She again tries to make it clear that she wasn’t talking about Jac and Nicholas. Honestly, there is so much I could say about Teresa – but I do not believe for one minute that she would wish ill on a child no matter who it was – I mean, seriously.  It’s ludicrous that she even has to respond to these accusations.

“What I was trying to say is an Italian phrase that doesn’t really translate well in English. It kind of means that you don’t talk about or worry about other people’s business because you should be worrying about your own. You shouldn’t judge anyone because you don’t know the details of their situation and you’re not supposed to know. I said “Karma” because honestly it was written all over that resort, they even had sweatshirts in the gift shop that said “Karma.” I didn’t mean Karma, because I don’t mean to sit in judgment of other people. It’s not how I live my life, and you’ll see how it all plays out.”

Okay, Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma chameleon… Now you’re just confusing me.  Without getting into a deep, theological debate – Simply put Karma is a term that some world religions use to describe the consequences of your actions and inactions – both good and bad.  If one believes in reincarnation – they might believe you could be “working out your Karma” in this lifetime for actions from a previous life or that you will be reaping benefits or suffering consequences of what you do in this life in a future life.  In no way does Karma mean to sit in judgment of other people…  Perhaps Teresa merely meant that she would like to tell us all to, “Mind your own beeswax” – Especially when it comes to her current courtroom drama situation.  It’s too bad Teresa wasn’t “worrying about her own business.”  I have a feeling that Karma is gonna bite her in the ass.  I think we can all safely agree that Karma indeed, is a witch with a “b.”

Caroline Manzo – “Hello from the Jersey Shore! Sorry for the late blog, I’ve been cooking up a storm and cleaning for the past week, which translates into having a blast with friends and family. Was it me or did we have some of the best one liners and facial expressions this week? When Joe Giudice claimed the rock was comfortable, I almost died laughing. Rosie’s expression as the medium spoke was priceless, and the conversation on the hike was predictably hilarious. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, when we’re together and everyone lets their guard down, the laughs are constant.”

Yep, you guys are h.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s…  Hardee har har har.

“What did you think of Albert and the bat? We were screaming our lungs out, it was flying all over the villa, and I was waiting for it to land on one of us. In typical Albert style, Al just grabbed a pillow and calmly swiped at it until it flew back outside. He drives me crazy sometimes, because he thinks he’s Superman; nothing rattles that guy, he never yells and rarely loses his temper. A perfect example was the bat in the villa. Apparently I married a super hero (in his own mind of course). I love him too, too much.”

The bat left because it sensed if he had bitten one of you guys that you would have given HIM rabies. No actually, the bat left because he too, disagrees with the casting of Ben Affleck as “Batman.”

“The scene with all of us burning our intentions was just the beginning of what turned out to be a very emotional week for all of us. I must admit that I was a bit hesitant as to how this crazy crew from Jersey was going to fare in the very zen atmosphere at Miraval, and I was pleasantly surprised in the end. Each of us participated in multiple activities, and when something was uncomfortable, we voiced our concerns and bowed out while the others did their thing.”

Miraval will never be the same.  They had to bring in an extra 1,000 pounds of sage to clear out the wonky energy after you guys left.

And that’s all they wrote, folks!  Stars99 is doin’ a happy dance because this week Jacqueline didn’t publish a “Manifesto” or “Crapfesto” as some of us call it!  Shimmy, shimmy to the left; shimmy, shimmy to the right!  Woo hooOOOooOOOOoo!


Happy Birthday Boston and WSL

Two of my favorite ladies!!



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  1. vilzvet says:

    Happy birthday, boston!! This blog would not be the same with you and your hysterical contributions.
    Happy birthday, wsl! Hope you’re doing great!

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    Good morning!!!!!!!! Happy birthday to Boston and WSL!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

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    Happy Birthday Boston and WSL! Hope all your wishes come true!🎉🎉🎊🎊

    I just really like your writing style NMD! And since CBS is blacked out for me, thank you for the BB blog! Hope everyone is having a fabulicious holiday weekend:)

  4. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. I hope you are still enjoying your weekend. Eat, laugh, play, but don’t eat too much. Have a great day.

  5. Rebecca says:

    Happy Birthday Boston and WSL!

    It’s “National No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day” so of course RHONJ is on tonight. Be back later!

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    Happy Birthday Boston!!! and WSL!!!

    The humidity in LV is stifling… had some thunder last night and about 2 drops of rain. #ugh

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    Good Sunday Morning Everyone! Thanks NMD and Stars99!!!

    Happy Birthday to Boston and WSL!!!! Have a wonderful day Ladies!!!!

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    Have a great weekend friends..I’m having a BBQ -just sent up 3 tents-it’s going to be rainy and humid…boofriggenhoo….party on people!!!! 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

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      Jill is it ME — or do you throw a BBQ like every week???

      Have a great time it’s gray skies all around me!
      But sometimes the best parties are the ones that are ‘messy’ in a way

  9. chismosa says:

    Stars thanks for the recap —

    ” No actually, the bat left because he too, disagrees with the casting of Ben Affleck as “Batman.”

    Thanks for putting that in. I fervently agree. 🐦🐧

    Wowsa WAcqjacqattack must be typing up a 16-18 pager for this week. Maybe to save up to address the ‘karma’ issue.
    LOVE boy George!!

    Ok take 2 this time:

    Happy Birthday BOSTON 🍀🍀 and WSL !!!

  10. VV says:

    Just watched a clip of RHONJ First Look. The horse whispere guy has Mel’s number down. It was about time somebody called her on it.

    • chismosa says:

      I’m JUST saying — I hope they show each and everyone’s horse thingy. This is very common in rehabs and stuff. I’m so happy to see horses ! 🐎🐎

      Discl: nOMG

      • chismosa says:

        I’m saying this because there are quite a few people holding things back – and probably nursing secret ulcers — so I hope we see them all —
        (Just wanted to give my reasoning)


      • VV says:

        I’m just happy he called Melissa “Manipulative” because I think he can see through her like many do. If they call the other ones on their antics, great. THE FACT he call Melissa specifically, brings a a big smile to my face. 👍😃😃😃😃

        NOTE: Maybe is a horse thing. He is horse-whisperer. Melissa is horsey face. He can read her kind 😋

        • chismosa says:

          It’s so funny—- forgetting her personality AT ALL //– I think of SO many other horse women— literally: Melissa Rivers, Chelsea Handler, Sarah Jessica Parker — I think just because she has an actual forehead that her sister in law lacked the chromosome for — she gets picked on for that??
          I don’t CARE personality wise — I don’t see horse at all!?! And I think everyone is ugly lol 🐴🐴

          Ok I’ll be back later vv…
          .. Crapolla later blech 😡
          I’m spinning a bit again.

        • Powell says:

          Ooh VV sounds good. I’ve never known anyone to call her manipulative to her face. How did she react to that?

          • VV says:

            I think Melissa HAD a miraculous recovery. Lets not forget she was dying hours earlier. (Antibiotics do work-so I’ll cut her very tiny little slack).
            I think she agreed to go to the Horse guy because in her mind it couldn’t be as revealing her true self as the other therapy sessions. WRONG!! That guy had her number since they all sat down. She tried to act all innocent and afraid (her typical manipulative ways) and he call her on it ( SH has the video ) In typical Bravo way, the video ended with that scene. You could see a little if her reaction. I wish they show Joey’s though but he’s so clueless anyways …

            • Powell says:

              Joey falls for her manipulative ways all the time. I wonder what the horse guy would call Joey?

            • lillybee says:

              Antibiotics do not work on viruses which is what Mel said that she had.

              Happy Birthday Boston and WSL.

              • VV says:

                I should no better than to cut her some slack. You are right, on her blog she said it was a virus. “I” “I” “I” personally think she faked and exaggerated her sickness in AZ because she is terrified of therapy and having a therapist see through her for the faker/manipulative person she is. She’s being peeled one layer at a time on National TV and people are calling her onTwitter.

        • Laineylainey says:

          Vv, so funny, horse whisperer, horsey, etc. neighhhhhhh

    • plainviewsue says:

      Not just Mel, but I loved when he gave it back to Richie!! Although I must admit that I did laugh out loud when Richie said this is the way to get the horses clean. But I loved how the horse whisper gave it back to him!! I found Rosie to be very touching.

      As for Chris and Jacq changing what Teresa said, shut up both of you.

  11. California35 says:

    Happy Birthday Boston and WSL !!!!

    Happy Sunday – everyone!!

    It is HOT in Southern California!

  12. VV says:

    Stars99 thanks for the NJ blog!
    I know you thin Melissa was really sick. I happened to think she exaggerated the sickness x10 because she loves playing victim. That video again lol. Thanks for posting.
    Teresa’s Karma comment WAS NOT ABOUT NICK. I think everybody knows that. Teresa trying to explain the Karma comment. Well, this is where she gets in trouble because we all know she is not very eloquent. Her explanation was a non explanation but I get what she tried to say …sort of.

  13. plainviewsue says:

    Happy birthday Boston and WSL!!!!! Hope you both have great days!

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    Happy Birthday boston! Hope you have a wonderful day!

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    Happy Birthday WSL! Hope you have a wonderful day!

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    TexasTart I read you worked yourself up to a headache in that heat yesterday. You alright today?

    • TexasTart says:

      Thank you, Powell. Got too hot again, I am okay, but I have to surrender any outdoor projects 😦

  18. VV says:

    Jeff, those kids are adorable. I was out and about yesterday and forgot my car battery charger so didn’t watch the videos until today.
    I’m sure a lot of headaches where outweighed by joy the brought to you. They will remember this summer in years to come with happiness and gratitude. You are a good uncle.

  19. Powell says:

    Well the only way Mel will ever go to the VMAs is to be invited. She’ll never be on the stage w/her own music. They won’t even use her music for elevator music.

  20. Sorry I traumatized you by posting the video Starzie……I just felt The People Had A Right To Know!!!

    It’s okay, Melissa… No one wanted to be around you, either. <<<<< THIS made me LOLOL!!!

    I sure wish that when my daughter was sick I had taken her to Arizona…MORPHINE, seriously,
    I call BS!!!!
    Or maybe they did it cuz she offered/threatened to sing for them and it was a sure fire way to get her to STFU!!!

    Hike in the Desert?? Seriously, PrincessPIndy would have also thought of a way to get out of hiking in the desert, thank you very much but no, hell no!!!!

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    Never let me go I can’t sing seriously!!!!!
    Never let me go autotune!!!!!!
    Never let me go jimmy choo

    Were any of these in mego’s new song??? 😉

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    Happy Birthday Boston and WSL 🙂

  23. Amalfi says:

    Oh that kale bruschetta recipe maybe the only worthwhile thing anyone writes about on their blogs.

    Also, Teresa, Ramona, Melissa, Tamra, Alexis and anyone else small enough to fit a bikini like that (and also Vicki and having the girls on display…on display..on display and Sonja and the french maid with no underwear ensemble) have ALL done more than enough to make their children gag. Nothing new here… we’ve seen it all (too much of it) before, ladies….

  24. Amalfi says:

    That song of Melissa’s was the single worst thing I have heard today…… owwwie my ears.

  25. lulu says:

    VV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot still singing. Woh oh oh oh oh oh All the single ladies!!! So after I sang “If you like it then you should have put a ring on it.”. DH proclaims that he did!!! 😉

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  27. TexasTart says:

    Happy Birdays to boston & WSL! 😀

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    Oh well, at least y’all know I meant birthdays…

    Thanks NMD and Stars for the blog today.

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      Happy Birthday Boston!!! (I wasn’t sure if it was today or on the 3rd after reading the end of the previous blog). Hope you’ve had a great birthday!!

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    Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a lovely weekend, especially our birthday girls! Texas Tart, I read about your headache. Keep on eye on that.

    My husbands mom is visiting. She has been here since Thursday. We went to see “we’re the Millers” funny, but yuck. Next day we went to the outlet mall (I hope I didn’t already post this) she bought three purses for herself and bought me one!!! And a wallet for LaineyGirl!! So nice. They were like 70% off, but still I’m excited with my first real Coach. Shi, shi, shi, shi, shi! Then we went to see “Blue Jasmine” now THAT is a movie. Please go watch it, Cate Blanchett is stellar in it. Andrew Dice Clay Is in it…he comes off kinda sweet (seriously!). Last night we went to see “The Conjuring”…we screamed, we then laughed – it was cathartic. LOL!

    Today we took her to Longhorn Caverns, we did the hour and 15 min tour. It was a good activity, cause it was nice and cool under the surface. So I’ve been popping in and out of here,…laughing a lot, commenting a little. So I’m making up for it now!

    • lulu says:

      Sounds like a lovely weekend!!! Laineylainey!!! Nothing interesting here just bought the governor’s birthday presents. Brought Aiden with nice to be able to walk out of the house and go! No charades or me begging a certain someone to sit in his car seat!! The day both grow out of those I will have a bat ready. Yes I will look like a mad women using a bat to destroy them bu its well worth it!! ;).

      • Laineylainey says:

        Oh Lulu, I remember those days so well. My second born was so challenging about what she wore, I kid you not, from the time she was 6 mos old she gave me such a hard time about clothing. When I knew I had errands to run with them..I would worry the night before and LOSE SLEEP about it. Dreading that first tear..once, I was so exasperated with her I filled a laundry basket with clothes from her dresser and socks and shoes and buckled her in car with the laundry basket next to her. PLEASE JUST CHOOSE SOMETHING! anything! Then you had my son, who was so easy…except for this, when we were with the playgroup on an outdoor outing, if he got the slightest bit hot, he would jump into any nearby body of water and say “mommy, I accidentally slipped in” whenI and all the other mothers saw him leap, jump, throw himself in with wild abandon. I never really got mad at him for that. I was kinda strict back then and I thought it was neat that he still had that childlike “go for it” attitude, he risked it all and just jumped in…I just remembered to have ziplock bags for the wet clothes and a fresh outfit after he got refreshed. The other moms just rolled their eyes, “oh what a surprise, Lainey boy fell in again.” Haha. Between he and his psycho little sister (the fashion plate)’, my car was full of their clothes and shoes…it used to stress me out when outsiders saw my messy car, but now it makes me laugh.

        It was such damn treat to leave the house sans my little angels. Yelling in the car like Vicki G…WOO HOO!

        The baseball bat as behavior modification, are so funny and sadly,I UNDERSTAND! The AZ boys kept AZ girl busy, too. She’s posted a couple of funny stories. 👬👫👫

      • Orson says:

        I’d try a squirt bottle before the bat. But that’s just me.

  33. AZGirl says:

    Home from Sedona. Thank you NMD and Starzy for the recaps. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOSTON AND WSL!
    I have a feeling that Mirival is still in recovery from the Jersey crew. I wonder if they gave them rooms way out of the lobby area. Some of the resorts down in Tucson are huge.

  34. I don’t know if anyone else is watching but I have been enjoying Cutthroat Kitchen.

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