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By HydrangeaHussy

Thanks to BehindBleuEyes for the great recaps!  We’re now 4 weeks in, the drama is still revolving around the Adriana/Lea feud, and all of the ladies are still blogging.  I wonder if the ladies title their blogs or if Bravo does it for them?  Here’s what they had to say this week:

Marysol Patton

“Lea’s Duplicitous Behavior”

“At this point in the season my mother has now been in the hospital for two weeks and I am desperate for answers on what the future holds for her regarding life or death… Over the years when mom or I needed mental peace or answers to crisis we were living through, we would call the devout Buddhist that you saw reading my cards.”  I can’t say that I’m surprised that Marysol turned to a reader for guidance during this stressful time.  She’s been very opening regarding her belief in her mother’s abilities, as well as the abilities of others.  She tells us that we only saw a small portion of the very long reading, “which eludes to a negative energy that has put my mother in her condition.”  But she doesn’t comment on what I was shocked by – the fact that the reader alluded to a blond woman in her 50’s as the culprit of the black magic!  Despite the insinuations, I don’t believe for one second that Lea had anything to do with Elsa’s illness.

Marysol moves on to Alexia’s Venue party, which was full of “chaos, drama, insincerity, and posturing all taking place amongst our microcosm of a group.”  Marysol seems really hurt that Lea had not acknowledge Elsa’s illness, send flowers or a card.  However, the two women were not friends.  Marysol made it perfectly clear that she did not want Lea in her life, so I can understand some hesitance to contact Marysol’s family.  Especially since Marysol reacted so poorly to Lea’s hello at the party, “I’ve never experienced anyone touching me in such sarcastic manner.”

Finally, Marysol addresses Lea’s “duplicitous behavior.”  Lea stated, in this episode, that she doesn’t like confrontation.  Marysol has a problem with this because, last year, Lea accused Marysol of not confronting issues.  She brings up the Elaine debacle that happened at the shoe party, where Elaine chased Marysol around questioning her.  “When he confronted me I was mortified and frightened and yes I ran away from him (wouldn’t you)?”  The Elaine confrontation was embarrassing, but mostly for Elaine.  That was not the proper place for a confrontation, much like the Venue party wasn’t.  There’s a big difference between not confronting issues at all (Marysol) and not wanting a confrontation/scene at a friend’s party (Lea).  That isn’t really “duplicitous.”

Lea Black

“Lea Takes the High Road”

Another long one from Lea.  “I’d like to compliment Lisa and Joanna for having the courage to share the most private and intimate parts of their lives with the viewers. I find it genuine.”  I find Lisa’s struggle to have a baby genuine.  She & Lenny seem to have some trouble finding time to connect, which we can all relate to.  But I’m sick of hearing Joanna whine about wanting to get “banged.”

“Some people will do anything, including contrive stories for relevance, attention, or a story line.”  Lea goes on to give some insight into exactly who she’s referring to, “The “psychic” set up was as phony as the five year “engagement.”  I feel horrible for the family struggle that Marysol is going through, but she doesn’t seem to have much other storyline going on.

On to Adriana, “While talking to Lisa, Adriana took talking in circles to the next level. Did any of you get dizzy during the spin?”  That scene was repetitive & confusing to me.  Adriana repeats herself over & over, but changes the story every time.

Lea addresses the allegation that she was “talking bad” about Adriana and Frederic.  “Setting the record straight is not talking bad about people; … and if the facts or behavior is bad, that’s not talking bad about someone, that’s stating the facts to clear up the lies, and sometimes the bad behavior gets exposed.”  I have to agree.  It’s not slander if it’s true.  Adriana has only herself to blame for this mess.  If she had just been honest, it would have been over by now.  “[Frederic] has never said one nice thing about me. He keeps telling his wife all the ugly things he wants to do to me and threatens me. And he has the nerve to say I talk about him.”  We’ve always witnessed Frederic’s rants this season.  I’m not sure what exactly caused him to dislike Lea so much, other than what Adriana has told him about their encounters.

The Venue party.  Lea stayed out of the Romain/Frederic drama, stating “A party is to have a good time, not a wrestling match.”  Lea says that she was going “out of my way to be nice, friendly, and polite.”  Seems to me that’s exactly what she did, even when confronted.  “You could see they were all conspiring to bait me into a fight, but I refused to bite.”  You could definitely see Adriana & Ana trying to stir something up like high school mean girls.

She addresses Alexia’s accusation of hypocrisy.  “Being polite and not causing a scene with people even if you don’t like them isn’t hypocrisy, it’s simply being civilized and respectful to the host and their guests, and it’s called manners.”  I still can’t believe Alexia tolerated that behavior at her event.  I would have been mortified if my friends caused a scene like that.  “If I would have “snubbed” them, I would have been criticized for that. If I would have disagreed with anything any of them said, the hater pack would have piled on.”  Seems to me that Lea wasn’t going to win, no matter what she did.

“As I hugged Herman and asked about the Gala, he said, “We’ll be there.” So when I left and went to the Fontainbleu to arrange the tables and make the table assignments, I placed them at my table.”  Based on the previews for next week, there will be some drama regarding Alexia’s attendance at the gala.

Adriana De Moura

“Lea’s Emotional Lynching”

Adriana’s blog is pretty much a rant against Lea.  Lea has now reached the lowest she could go by going around town into businesses trashing my name! That is just gruesome!”  She’s referring to the conversation Lea had in the marble store, where apparently Frederic does a lot of business.  I re-watched the scene & Lisa was the one who brought up the issues.  The only people standing there were Lea, Lisa & Lea’s two designers.  Lea wasn’t going out of her way to gossip about Adriana & she didn’t trash-talk Adriana to a business owner.

“Every week she comes up with HER new reason why I didn’t disclose my marriage, completely ignoring MY true reasons for it.”  “When will the EMOTIONAL LYNCHING stop? “  Adriana is way to over-dramatic for me.  The reason there’s a different story every week is because Adriana tells a new one!  “when Ana said some things about her she disliked, she said Ana of was doing a character assassination of her. Well, now Lea is doing even worse to me and my family, and being the perpetrator of my character assassination!” I just don’t see the comparison.  Lea has talked about Adriana, Frederic & their marriage/non-marriage.  Ana took pot shots at Lea’s son & parenting abilities. (Note by NMD – I asked Ana about the socially inept comment, and she was addressing something Lea said about Ana’s daughters – it was misinterpreted to seem like it was about Lea’s son – that said – she did take pot shots at Lea’s age.)

Adriana goes on to relate the card-reader’s comments to Lea.  That’s pretty sneaky to me because the card reader was referring to “someone” and while it was clear to me that person was supposed to be Lea, not even Marysol came out & said it.  Adriana then provides a transcript of Frederic & Lea’s conversation, just in case you missed part of it.  Frederic was very aggressive during that exchange & I was a little uncomfortable watching it.  He accused Lea of saying that she gave Adriana money after Adriana & he began dating.  Adriana repeats that “it is not true!” and that Lea never gave her money.  She ends with a Martin Luther King, Jr. quote, which was intended for Lea, but seemed to be more applicable to herself than anyone. “Like an unchecked cancer, hate corrodes the personality and eats away its vital unity. Hate destroys a man’s sense of values and his objectivity. It causes him to describe the beautiful as ugly and the ugly as beautiful, and to confuse the true with the false and the false with the true.”

Lisa Hochstein

“Alexia’s Questionable Host Etiquette”

This week, Lisa gets right into it with “Marysol and the psychic: This scene was disturbing to me.”  Lisa found it disgusting that it was implied that “a blond woman,” presumptively Lea, “was doing black magic to contribute to Elsa’s accident.”  I also thought that it was shady.  I’d like to see the whole thing to know if the psychic really implied someone fitting Lea’s description was doing black magic or whether it was the magic of Bravo’s editing.  I’m leaning toward the magic of Bravo’s editing. “Furthermore I don’t understand why Marysol cares so much if Lea reaches out to her mother or not. From what I understand Marysol wants nothing to do with Lea, so why in the world would she want Lea to have any contact “or do right by her mother” if she wants nothing to do with her?”  Exactly what I said earlier – why is Marysol so hurt by someone she cut out of her life?

Lisa again addressed the night at Baoli.  We get it girl, you were trying to be a good friend & didn’t have all of the facts.  “I’m just getting to know all these women, so I don’t know everybody’s past and I certainly don’t dig to find out.”  Last season it Lisa didn’t seem to be digging much, but this season I’d have to disagree.  She seems to be the one who keeps bringing up the feud and searching for information.  I understand that she wants to know the truth, but just own it.  “Anyway I’m sick of feeling like a punching bag and having some of these women take digs at me for just trying to do what I felt was right. I’m done being a friend the best way I know how and going out of my way. I wash my hands of it.”  That is probably for the best!

She then gets around the sex issues between her & Lenney versus Joanna & Romain.  “I don’t think our sex life is as bad as Joanna and Romain’s.”  Very true!  Once every other month is just not healthy!  “I think when you’re married and you’re exhausted, you know that person is always going to be there so there’s no immediate rush.”  I think it’s very true that once you become comfortable with someone, the sex tends to slow down.  “I decided to miss the Venue party because there is one every month and at this moment in time I wanted to focus on my husband, since he was able to be home early that night.”  I was happy to see the two of them having fun together & putting their relationship first.  It can be hard when there’s so much other stuff going on.

“I was honored and very excited when Adriana asked me to be her bridesmaid.”  I was a little surprised by that as I don’t see Lisa as one of Adriana’s BFF’s.  I expected Marysol, Ana & Alexia to be asked first.  But Lisa has tried to stay out of the drama & be friends with everyone.  “Some of these women have said that I like to “stir the pot” or get in other people’s business, but it seems like they are being a bunch of hypocrites.”  To me, Lisa seems like a concerned friend, while some of the other women seem to be playing both sides.

“I thought it was very immature of Ana to get such joy out of making Lea uncomfortable when she went over to say hi to Joanna.”  No kidding!  Very high school mean girlish of Ana.  It’s amazing how much my opinion of her has changed.  “I was also shocked that Alexia got in Lea’s face and called her a hypocrite, especially in front of Ana. Lea didn’t go there to start any drama and all it did was make her feel uncomfortable. Not very good host etiquette.”  The party was not the time or place for the host, Alexia, to confront anyone or cause a scene.  It was just rude.


“Ana and Lea’s Hypocritical Behavior”

“All I can say is wowww about my Venue cover party.”  I’m not sure why she was shocked when it seems like she orchestrated the whole thing, then stepped back & did nothing to slow down the train wreck.  “I was a bit concerned because I knew they were all going and things could get ugly like they did.”  Sounds to me like she expected drama at her party but did nothing to prevent it.  Again, she says that Lea “didn’t want any kind of trouble or drama, but it was inevitable.”  It was not inevitable.  As the host, Alexia could have stepped in at any time.

“It was my party and I was not getting involved.”  Actually, the fact that it was your party is why you should have gotten involved & stopped the chaos.  I can’t believe that she, as a host, stood by while one of her guests was verbally attacked.  Then, she chose to insert herself & called Lea a hypocrite!  “I was aware of was the fact that Lea and Ana dislike each other to put it mildly, and that’s why I was in complete shock when I see Ana and Lea saying hello to each other and exchanging kisses! What? Seriously? They left me no choice but to call them hypocrites!”  I was in shock that Ana acted like a high school girl & walked over to purposefully speak to Joanna & exclude Lea.  Should Lea have just ignored the person standing in front of her?  Apparently, that would have been the more polite option according to Alexia.  Today, Bravo’s website asks “Is Alexia playing both sides?”  I think it’s a resounding YES!

Alexia addresses the fact that she was late to her own party, while her guests waited for her, but doesn’t seem too apologetic.  “Herman always wants us to be there first since we are the hosts, but it never happens that way. Sorry, Lea! LOL!”  She does compliment Lea and recognize that “Even though it was the night before her gala and she was extremely busy, she made it a point to attend.”  Based on the preview, it seems Alexia doesn’t plan to return that favor & tries to skip the gala to spend time with Team Adriana.

Alexia trusts Adriana & has chosen which of her lies to believe, “The only story I know and I’m believing is the one about her son Alex. It’s the only one that makes sense to me.”  That version just doesn’t make sense to me, but whatever.  “They had gotten married civilly so it was too late, but they decided to keep it to themselves and just tell people they weren’t doing it and never told Alex.”  I think Alexia has selective memory.  Does she not recall Season 1 when Adriana wasn’t sure if the relationship with Frederic would work?  One of Adriana’s excuses was that she didn’t “feel” married because there was never a church wedding.  As Alexia says, “they had gotten MARRIED civilly.”  That’s the big deal, she was married but telling people that she wasn’t.  “They lived together, the 3 of them under the same roof and as a family, married or not.”  So Alex had a problem with his mother getting married so fast, but was fine living with the guy “as a family?”  Like I said, just doesn’t add up.

Joanna Krupa

“Romain the Brown Belt Champ”

Let me start by saying again how tired I am of hearing Joanna whine about not getting “banged” enough.  I agree with the therapist.  It could be the fact that she talks down to him, calls him a woman all of the time, and has doesn’t seem 100% committed to the relationship as “my heart will always be in LA, the city that brought me success and made my dreams come true.”

“How can Adriana B.S. Lisa so much about this marriage? I hope Lisa is just being nice and not falling for this nonsense!  … She cannot be buying Adriana’s story that Frederic went alone to apply for a license.”  I’m not familiar with Florida family law, so I don’t know if that’s true.  But, leave it to Joanna to find out for us! From the Marriage License Bureau: “In order to become legally married in the state of Florida both bride and groom must apply for a marriage license in person. The marriage ceremony must be performed within 60 days of the issuance of the license. After the marriage ceremony, the marriage license must be returned to the Miami-Dade County Marriage License Bureau.”  So, in order for Adriana to have been married, she & Frederic went to the courthouse, applied for a license, had a ceremony, and returned the license.

On a side note: I did a little research on my own, since Adriana has claimed that they had to submit the license ahead of the religious ceremony.  In Florida, it is true that a marriage license must be issued prior to a marriage ceremony.  However, “All regularly ordained ministers of the gospel or elders in communion with some church, or other ordained clergy, … may solemnize the rights of matrimonial contract.”  The minister/clergyman then has 10 days to submit the license & certificate.  Which means this: Adriana’s religious ceremony, if conducted by ordained clergy, would have counted in place of the “civil ceremony” that she has implied was required.  I can’t figure out why she would have a civil ceremony & submit the license ahead of time if she was planning a big, religious wedding ceremony!

Back to the blog:  Joanna then addresses the issues between Romain & Marta.  “I was truly embarrassed that Romain didn’t show up because of a text message he read from my sister that was only for my eyes.”  Here’s my thoughts – first, Marta needs to stay out of Joanna’s relationship, and second, Romain cannot blame Joanna for the actions of her sister.  I found it incredibly disrespectful that he blew off such an important commitment because of something Joanna has no control over.

On to the Venue party!  “I didn’t want to go alone, so I begged Romain to go with me. He did, and boy did I regret ever going there”  She asserts that Frederic never made a public apology for his public comments, so Romain was still upset.  I’m still not sure what happened between the men, but they need to stay out of it.  The drama is unbecoming on the women, but it just makes them look ridiculous.  “Romain actually happens to be a US Gracie National Brown Belt Heavyweight Champion, so that should explain why he restrained himself, and I thank god he did.”


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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. TGIF. NMD you’re up early. You having trouble sleeping again? I
    hope you’re ok. Have a great day.

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      Surprised me, that’s for sure! Have a good day! 😀

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      Good morning Powell!!!!!!! Another loverly day!! Any chance did the catch the last episode of Mistresses??? Next week is the season finale. I think they are hinting at another season hopefully. I kinda like the US version better.

      • Powell says:

        Lulu I’m so mad at myself. I thought I had set my DVR to record but I didn’t and I missed not this week but the two weeks prior. So I will have to find the 2 epis before I watch this weeks.

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      Good Morning, Powellypooh and everyone else…have a great FRIDAY!!!

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    Thanks to Behindbleueyes and Hydrangeahussy for Miami!

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    FRIDAY FRIDAY… “Glampimg” this weekend with my sisters…Lord help me!! 🚐🍳🍻🍻🚬🚬🔥🔥

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  6. Powell says:

    Bethenny was on GMA. I think talking about a
    New advice book on quick makeup, how to juggle work & home, recipe tips, etc. I didn’t see the whole segment.

    • VV says:

      Did she talk about how to humiliate your in-laws in National TV? Or How to get cobwebs on your husband’s privates? How about over working your interns and paying them very little. I’m also interested in how did she get her toddler to say she wanted to be vegetarian. Also, need advice on how to give your daughter to your hair dresser in case you die even though you there are relatives on both Bryn’s side if the family that can take care of her.

      • HuskerHuny says:

        Amen VV! You said it all.

      • Rebecca says:

        Is the book title “How to Turn Off Potential Viewers of the New Expensive Talk Show That Ellen Degeneris Got You”?

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Perhaps she was too busy talking about how to become a millionaire by the time you are 40 or reasons why you shouldn’t stay in a loveless marriage with a mamas boy who has over zealous parents whose main focus is their son-who by the way has serious guilt about his departed brother. Or why you shouldn’t marry an under achiever who thinks he loves strong woman but really feels intimidated by them so he needs to drop them down a peg or two to make himself feel more manly. Or she could have talked about how annoying it is to be married to a martyr. Any of those things would have great!
        Interns never get paid much-some get paid nothing-and I have never met an intern(and I do know a few) who wasn’t over worked.

        • VV says:

          I never saw anything that you typed above but then again, that’s your perception. I did see however how she disrespected the elders. There is no excuse for that. NONE considering the Hoppy are anything that you implied. Sad what you wrote about the Hoppy family. That was a real tragedy, not the fairy tales that B talks about how she raised herself.
          One more thing I forgot, How can she come from a place of YES and yet continues to hold a grudge against her mother.

          *She had a partner help her become a millionaire. They split 50/50.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            She had a partner-ok-she still achieved her dream-I don’t care if she spilt with 20 people-people rarely get to see that kind of success.
            No one said what happened to the Hoppy family was not tragic-the worst pain anyone can endure is the loss of a child. I don’t know what I wrote that was sad? That Jason has issues being the surviving son? That’s not a dig at anyone-that is what it is.
            I didn’t see her being disrespectful-I saw her being uncomfortable. But let’s not forget the one main thing-they ALL signed up to be on TV-every one of them. Jason acted like it was a hardship-really dude? Didn’t you know anything about reality TV or the woman you asked to marry you?
            Bethennys MOTHER deserves to be held in contempt-the woman sold pictures of her own daughter to the tabloids and continues to say things about her that are just not necessary. With a mother like that I think I can understand why she holds a grudge.

            • HuskerHuny says:

              I will give, and always have, all of the credit in the world to Bethenny for surviving her childhood and then becoming the brilliant business woman that she is today. I was her biggest cheerleader. She turned out to be someone totally different than what I was watching on RHNY and on her shows.

              It takes two to tango and I won’t put the entire blame on her, but Jason did his best to give her room to be comfortable especially when it came to his parents. He didn’t force her to spend time with them knowing how much she didn’t want to. I truly believe after the marriage and the birth, it was Bethenny’s world and Jason had to live in it. Sounds harsh, but that’s what I believe. Bethenny wasn’t wired to be a part of a family like the most of us were. Trust me, it wasn’t always easy for me to be around my in-laws, but I did it without question because I loved my husband. It’s worked for 32 years, so we must be doing something right!

              So when I see that she comes from a place of yes, when at first I truly believed that, I am having my doubts now. She may come from a place of yes but only if that yes works for her. I wish her and Jason the best because only then can Bryn have a chance at a normal childhood and a normal life – Bethenny doesn’t want to make the same mistakes that were made by her parents, but I’m seeing history repeat itself as it now stands.

            • VV says:

              I’m not going back and forth here. I’m still witouth answer to my questions. I’m still looking and not finding any answer to my questions above. Sad but true.

            • Laineylainey says:

              Didn’t BF sell out her mom first, by bad-mouthing her on the TV? I don’t think her mom signed up for the TV. Oh, Hi Jill!!!!!

          • kit9 says:

            It was Bethenny’s idea, her recipe. It was also her in her decision to partner with Beam, recognizing that she could make more with a much reduced ownership with them than hanging onto more of a cut and staying with a smaller company. Her choice to go with Beam was a strategic decision that many might have been too scared to make–too scared to give up so much ownership, too risk adverse. So, she not only put herself in the position to attract a major distributor who recognized the brilliance of her idea of engaging a largely untapped market but then actually made the decision that would make SG break huge and make her very very rich. In other words, her becoming a millionaire was all her, imo. On Jason, I’m somewhere in between.

            I cringed watching her with her in-laws. Cringed. Just awful! But, I also saw Jason say on one hand that he wanted a strong successful woman role model for his daughter while whining about not being the major bread winner. As, for the divorce and who’s to blame, I have no opinion because I have no idea what’s really going on. Nobody knows what really goes on between two people in an intimate relationship except them. We only got a tiny glimpse. My guess is they both did things to contribute to the marriage failing and the continued apparent legal wrangling. I also still like them both. Bethenny, probably not as much as I did before but I still think she’s a good person.

            • VV says:

              I’m not arguing her success. Why is it that every time one questions Bethenny the first line of defense is always “she’s a millionaire”. I don’t get it.

              *She settled her case with her prior manager so we may never know the full story on the success of SGM.

              • kit9 says:

                My defense wasn’t that she was a millionaire, it was the she is fully responsible for her becoming a millionaire. And, we do know the story on the success of SGM. Bethenny used her exposure on RHNY to advertise her brilliant idea that ultimately resulted in a partnership with a major distributer. The manager never even claimed that SGM was his idea in any way(not the product or the idea to market it), just that he put her in touch with the man that would come up with a business plan that led to Beam. The issue was about a clause in her original contract giving him a cut of of deals he helped secure. He claimed, essentially, that because he introduced her to the advisor that put together the Beam deal, he deserved a cut of that deal, the amount of which was ultimately settled on. But, what he did is nothing more than any half-arsed manager would do and doesn’t entitle him with credit for SGM success. Nobody from Microsoft to Oprah did what the did without advisors along the way. I assure you Bill Gates wasn’t writing up his own legal docs when he was in that garage with Paul. He had lawyers, advisors, seed money, etc. The hard part is coming up with the idea/product. If it weren’t, every nerd who got a loan from a bank in the 90’s would be a billionaire.

          • chismosa says:

            VV read the local paper here that had her on the cover 🙄 😶😶😶 and it said that “after taking a bartending class” she had the idea for “cocktails”

            Whatever, screech, blah, blah, SCREECH SCREECH

            She was lame on jimmy Fallon. Trying to twerk like she’s 21.

            • Rebecca says:

              Sorry – but that’s complete bullshit. (Not you Chismosa.) We saw on the show that a bar already made that cocktail. All she did was bottle and brand it. It was NOT her recipe.

              • chismosa says:

                I concur

              • VV says:

                I don’t question so much her recipe but the marketing. “I” don’t think it was her idea . I think it was her PR people that talked her into marketing the drink. She was smart enough to see the potential. Remember she came into the show marketing muffins and healthy eating (bethenny bakes).

            • Laineylainey says:


        • lulu says:

          It takes two to make or break a marriage. My impression was that Jason was good enough for tv/ratings but not for real life outside tv. She sure traded up that’s for sure. I feel sorry for Bryn I can’t imagine being able to google/watch the trainwreck of her parents marriage. That is awful I hope the day she discovers her mothers true colors that she is with grandma/grandpa hoppy.

        • Cartwheels says:

          I do think that the Hoppys play a big guilt trip on Jason but not to the extent of making him do or go wherever they want. I always thought that was more of Jason’s doing than his parents. Jason was in no hurry to introduce Bethenny to his parents for as long as they dated and they had to find out about the pregnancy through Perez, all that never screamed like super close to me, it is funny that only after Jason felt threaten by Bethenny’s success and he tortured himself about not being successful and lashed verbally against her, that is when the visit to his parents became so frequent, once every other week for a newly married guy seems extreme to me, especially when they do not live on the same state.
          It doesn’t matter now because they were never meant to be together. Bethenny was never disrespectful to the Hoppys, she did clarify for them that there needed to be boundaries and they needed to be placed early on, but in reality the only that could had set boundaries was Jason and he decided not to do it. The decision on whether to live on another state should had never been brought up by Jason in front of his parents, that was a discussion that should had only involved both of them, Jason thought that he could put Bethenny in a corner and forced her to settle just because his parents were there and she let them all know that this was not the case, but again it doesn’t matter anymore.
          If I ever had any doubt that there are two Jasons under the same façade, I have no more doubts now, the way he is handling the divorce and his pity party of one with ring on toe, the hiring of the financial auditor to get as much money as possible, him requesting the apartment knowing that he didn’t put a penny to it, his shoving his friends and parents into an apartment when the tension is so high just to aggravate her tells me who the real Jason is, that Jason that was so careful to never be taped, the Jason that thinks he is perfect, the real one has a very ugly face.
          Bethenny is open about her flaws and owns her shortcomings, she knows she is not perfect and she never claimed to be, Jason on the other hand lives in his fairy tale land where he is the guy in shining armor, the perfect guy, the perfect son, the perfect father; if he needs to used his wife most awful fears as a weapon to prove he is right then so be it, if he needs to tell her that his daughter will grow to hate her, then it is okay because he is an outstanding guy so all should be forgiven.

          I am glad that despite the public backlash Bethenny decided to put an end to this charade of marriage, one year, three years, ten years, the time doesn’t matter, it was not going to have a happy ending for anybody so just might well be over. Now they both can go their merry ways and find happiness with new found awareness of who they are and what kind of partner do they want to have in their life.

          • windycitywondering2 says:

            Jason played mind games constantly with the”I am normal and you are not” crap, knowing that was Bethenny’s biggest insecurity issue. He also used his parents when he didn’t want to discuss an issue with his wife! The Hoppys were not disrespected when Bethenny wanted to set boundaries and I saw them actively working with her on their relationship in a positive manner as inlaws and grandparents – more so than their son.
            Jason and Bethenny were mismatched from the get go. He was very regimented in his beliefs and rules, while Bethenny was always trying to work on herself so that she would be an equal partner in their marriage as she felt damaged. Bethenny is a risk taker and Jason resented that and the success she achieved. She was always trying to get him to be a partner in the business, in whatever position that would make him happy. he choose not to be an equal partner. At the end of the day, Jason is acting like a trophy wife! He needs to move on, build his own life and create a home for the daughter they share. This could be a win/win/win situation if Jason would stop being a baby and man up.

            • chismosa says:

              He was quoooooooooooting her therapy-lingo/ book-lingo/ self-insecurity lingo baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack to her.

              When will people see that? He didn’t just get those words and decide to say them to her.
              Remember the executive producer

              V – word

              • HuskerHuny says:

                Big uh-huh on that one Chismosa – I’m nodding my head in agreement with you.

                • chismosa says:

                  I know — Jason, for all his big huge problems some see in him— he didnt come up with that phrase on his own

                  That’s the poor tragic Bethenny storyline of her life tag line.
                  She lived in nice upscale
                  towns here in long
                  Island and had a huge sweet 16 on the WATER.

                  Cry me a river 🎻🎻🎻

        • California35 says:

          Loved this!! Jill 🙂
          I see the stuff VV says also, but this is what i see the most. Maybe because i am on her side and am more investe in her than on the interns, the insecure and ex, etc etc. i was sad her marrieage didnt work out – but it is mire aas to stay together when both are unhappy.

          • Cartwheels says:

            I agree, if the reports about Jason are true and he did in fact moved three or four times out of the apartment before they separated, then there is no doubt that the marriage was doomed and at this point they were staying together just to keep appearances, maybe Jason thought that this could be a long term situation but it never is and it was meant to end. They both need to find someone more accord to their values and also their same gender role identity.

          • VV says:

            Bethenny appeared on 35 episodes of her trilogy TV reality. Jason appeared only on 18. Bravo is friendly to B. She is very close to Andy. Do you not think she had an advantage on how she was portrayed and/or how Jason was portrayed especially the last two seasons?

            • LaineyLainey says:

              The editing was definitely skewed in her favor.

            • chismosa says:


            • ladebra says:

              Editing doesn’t put the words in his mouth. So even if the editing was skewed, the editors didn’t make up Jason saying “You will die alone because you are damaged and no one will ever love you.”

              • VV says:

                Yes, editing can do when your comments are taken out of context or cut out and the full statement is made out something it was not. Chianina alluded to that on a comment above.

                • chismosa says:

                  That’s what China Moon meant. The first time those words were uttered were probably back when they were dating — and then in the spinoffs she was in therapy, etc- so they were arguing, etc.

                  Mayyyyyyyybe once he said it with him saying the preface “you’re the one who says ……” Edited out by exec producer.

                  Who knows. I’m just saying IMHO Jason didnt come up with that on his own jmho

                  • VV says:

                    Did you read on Allabouttrhw site how “allegedly” they are editing RHONJ season finale. TOTAL MANIPULATION. I think we don’t know how Machiavellian Bravo truly is with their shows.

                    • chismosa says:

                      No I haven’t – I don’t go there. So how has info spilled on the finale already ?this is so lame !!

        • MelTheHound says:

          I can’t stand Bethenny but Touche’, Jill..

        • Orson says:

          She could have talked about all the different forms of contraception that are available nowadays too.

        • Laineylainey says:

          Or maybe he was writing about how to get rid of the Cobwebs growing on his pickle.

      • lulu says:

        That!!!! :).

      • AZGirl says:

        That is it in a nutshell. When B said she would leave Bryn with the hairdresser that is when I decided that B was not playing with a full deck.

    • lulu says:

      What bugs me the most B complains about her mother “issues.” B worked hard an smearing both her parents name in the mud. So right or wrong her mother retailiated then B calls foul??? Sorry can’t have it both ways if you complain about a living person expect they will say something. B is a joke her “place of yes” should be renamed ” yes bethenny.”

      • lulu says:

        Btw she leaked the pregnancy news to Perez. You could tell her over the top reaction followed by that smirk “duping delight.”. Reality is why would Perez care about a nobody like her when he’s more interested in more well known people I.e Paris, Kardashian etc. Of course he would publish that golden nugget for free publicity. What a joke.

  7. Rebecca says:

    Does anyone else hear violins when reading Lea’s blog or the recap?

    “Some people will do anything, including contrive stories for relevance, attention, or a story line.”

    You mean like drudging up someone else’s marital status? And then gossiping about it to everyone you can get to be on camera with you? Is this her story line? Is Adriana the new Teresa? Is it Teresa’s fault?

    • Adriana dug her own hole with that one. I really don’t see how Lea is to blame, especially since Adriana’s storyline this year is her wedding when she’s been married for 5 years. She’s a nutjob.

      • Powell says:

        I really don’t see how Lea is to blame either NMD. Adriana’s lie has now become Lea’s lie if you follow Adriana’s
        15 stories. The only thing Lea has been trying to do is to get Adriana to tell the truth.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        YES!! THANK YOU!!!

      • Rebecca says:

        It is Adriana’s lie. So why is it Lea’s story to tell? It’s really not that big of a deal in the scheme of things. Lea wants to gossip and make herself look like a saint – but who the hell cares? Three shows in is too long to keep watching entire episodes around this.

    • MelTheHound says:

      “Some people will do anything, including contrive stories for relevance, attention, or a story line.”
      You have just described Every Single Housewife on these shows. Past AND Present.

    • T-Rex says:

      Nope, I think FakyLyingDramaDriana is the drama queen and making it all about how it’s hurting that she LIED AND CONTINUES TO LIE about the issue. Lea isn’t bringing the drama FakLyingDramaDriana is. All she had to do was say, yes we got married, but we didn’t say anything for the sake of her son, the end. But Nope she has stated publicly in numerous interviews that she wasn’t married because her name was misspelled(a lie), she wasn’t married because on Frederick got the license(a lie), she didn’t really get married(a lie), they didn’t file the document with the state of Florida(a lie). If you copped to issue from day one as yeah we were married, but only on paper issue is resolved. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig

      • LaineyLainey says:

        …and you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Your lie, no matter how much you protest, is still a lie. “Ok, I lied, sorry everyone. I’ve learned my lesson. You caught me.” How hard would that be??? Easier (for Adri, apparently) to keep using smoke and mirrors and shifting blame to try to make her lie,…not a lie. Kind of the truth?? It’s tiresome.

      • Powell says:

        And T-Rex isn’t it funny that she hasn’t mentioned anything about the misspelling on the marriage license?

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I hear an accordian. (jk)

    • chismosa says:

      Rebecca I heard a full orchestra. Queen Lea would never stand for just one instrument

  8. HuskerHuny says:

    I’m feeling happy, happy, happy – it’s Friday, Friday, Friday!!!

    But Big Brother is really making me sick to my stomach. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, they have sunk to new depths of horribleness (not a word, but it’s so bad I can’t think of anything else).

    Threatening violence on Elissa and calling her names that I don’t even want to think of much less say. The Exterminators – GinaMarie, Judd, Andy and Spencer – are truly hateful and nasty people. No other way to say it. And unfortunately, one of them will win $500,000. What’s even worse, they are all really bad BB players. For the most part, they floated to where they are now.

    McCrae is being quiet, which I respect. But he let Amanda totally shoot down his game and it’s too late for him to make any moves, unless he can win the POV and then HOH. The pressure is on him. And I really don’t like him either; I just dislike him less than the other four.

    I hope the jury votes to give all of the money to charity – no one earned it.

    Mid-90s for temps for the next few days. Going to be a hot kickoff tomorrow in Huskerland. GO BIG RED!!! Have a great weekend kiddies!

    • I try to separate game play from their vile personalities. I thought Andy was very bright in how he tricked McRae, but he is just as disgusting as Spencer and GM. McRae is the least offensive, but not playing well – blew his HOH and probably his shot to stay in the game. Is Judd as bad as the others? From what I heard they really went on an Elissa rant last night. They hated, hated, hated her. She was the only one left in the house that didn’t put up with their disgusting behavior and called them on it. I don’t think I’ll watch any longer. I couldn’t watch when Boogie played, and most of the remaining cast is no better (if that’s possible). Sigh. Survivor is about to start anyway.

      • HuskerHuny says:

        I don’t get to watch because of the Time Warner/CBS fight so I don’t know how Andy played it last night. But up until that point, all he’s done is float with one HOH under his belt. No big game play from him. And boy howdy, what a filthy mouth he had last night. He even threatened to hit Ellissa had she not left the house and I don’t think he was kidding. GinaMarie, Spencer and Judd were equally bad. McCrae was quiet, but he’s good as gone if he doesn’t win any POVs or HOHs. By the way, I got this all from Jokers. Kills me I can’t watch on Thursday nights, but at least I can read about it. It’s my hope that the jury votes to give the money to charity because this year has been totally disgusting and weak game play.

    • Powell says:

      Husker do you think CBS will do anything different for next season?

      • HuskerHuny says:

        I keep hearing that BB is getting huge numbers in the ratings even with these losers. Bottom line is money (ratings) speak, but if they bring in another group of nasty people like this bunch, I won’t watch and I hear others are as upset with it as well. If they would hire me to come up with next year’s houseguests, I could deliver them a winner for sure. Yeah – I’m that good! Ha!

        • Powell says:

          You could pick a winner huh? 🙂 I think the ratings boost is because of the controversy. I bet many non BB watchers wanted to see who the media was talking about.

  9. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone! Everyone is up EARLY this morning. HH thanks for the blog recap. I have never like Lea. I having trouble getting into Miami this season. Stupid storylines.
    Cooling down next week into the 90’s. Break in the heat and by the end of next week we are back into triple digits.

    • Cartwheels says:

      I don’t like Lea either. I know Adrianna lied but I think she mainly lied to herself, she married after a very short affair, freaked out that her son didn’t seem to accept Fredrick and so she backed off without getting divorced, she probably thought that being it was only a civil ceremony, the big wedding will come later, this situation ultimately only affected her and her son.
      What bothers me is the feeling that Adrianna is telling the truth about being Lea the one who reveal this secret. Why would any reporter go around court houses looking for a marriage license or certificate of a reality wannabe star who participates in a series that doesn’t even have good ratings?
      Seems to me that there was a tip from someone (Lea) and that is why Adrianna is so hurt, did Adrianna lied? Of course she did, did Lea knew before it was revealed that Adrianna was married? I think she did.
      I think that Lea not only knew but she is the one who tipped the press, she kept it a secret and we probably would had never heard about it if Adrianna continued being her lap dog but being that Adrianna dared not to defend her against Anna, then all bets were off.

      I am just not buying the innocent act Lea is putting. Doesn’t make Adrianna any less of a liar, but it does make Lea evil and manipulative.

      • lizzle says:

        Real housewives fans and bloggers dig up dirt on everyone. If it is public record… it will be found…by a fan and/or a blogger… just sayin’

        • lizzle says:

          I’m guilty of a hasty generalization… I apologize. I should have said “some real housewives fans and bloggers…..” and “there is a chance it will be found… by a fan and/or a blogger”

          Whew… I feel better now!

        • T-Rex says:

          Once I heard that it was possible she could have been married, I found the records in two hot seconds and I think posted them on the blogs once I found them. All it takes is one little button on a keyboard!

        • Powell says:

          Right. I think when there’s a new HW bloggers & fans want to know about the new HW.

      • T-Rex says:

        I have to disagree, that LyinFakDramaDriana got found out, by Lea dropping the information. If I remember the article, it was found out around the time she announced her engagement. The tip came from someone in the civil courts(as do many tips), not a HW, from what I remember reading. Lea didn’t know, I believe she would have NEVER given her that money, a place to stay, help with her son’s tuition if she knew she was married.

        • Laineylainey says:

          Adri has the attitude of “so what?”…like so many beautiful people who are unaccustomed to personal accountability. Lea gives off the vibe of someone who feels she’s been scammed. Not saying for a fact that’s what she’s feeling, but that’s what I pick up on. Been there. It’s hard to shut up about it when no one will validate your feelings. I think that’s why she won’t shut up about it. She’s been scammed and wants some, even a modicum of justice. Good luck with that , Mrs. black.

      • Powell says:

        Cartwheels Adriana’s lie didn’t just affect her & her son. It did affect Lea when Lea helped w/Alex’s tuition. Adriana even said as much that she thought the school gave her a break/discount however she said it. Adriana isn’t stupid. I don’t care if you go to a small private school, large private school, a community college or an Ivy League University, tuition is not free. You don’t get a break or discount. Adriana knew/knows that Alex received a scholarship or something. Lea was responsible for that. Adriana pretended to a friend that “I’m a single mother” & Lea helped her whatever way she could. Adriana also lied to Bravo & the viewers. For 2 seasons it was believed she was single. They had a civil ceremony & she didn’t feel married cuz it wasn’t in a church. Ok if true. Cuz Having a civil ceremony wouldn’t stop her for 1, 2, or 5 yrs down the road to still have a big ceremony & party. There are many ordinary people & many celebrities that do just that. Adriana lied to get something. Adriana continued the lie on tv to get a spinoff wedding. She perpetrated a lie to construct a storyline. In the last few franchise seasons, Cynthia, Kim, Nene & Tamra have all gotten their Bravo paid for weddings. Adriana wanted one too.

      • Laineylainey says:

        How is Lea evil? Sorry, I try and try to see what evil thing she does/did and I am not seeing it. I don’t think she is perfect, but I absolutely do not see what’s so evil about her.

  10. Obsessed with RH says:

    Not sure what the general opinion is here but I personally cannot stand Joanna. Her whiny, self-absorbed, nasty personality drives me crazy. My husband (shockingly) thinks she’s beautiful but her personality makes her ugly to me. Don’t get me wrong the crazy Brazilian and the rest of that group are no joy either but Joanna just infuriates me. She is CONSTANTLY complaining! It seems as though she never has anything positive to say and everything is someone else’s fault/she is the eternal victim. Give me a break!! She has no self-awareness and she can be pretty cutting/biting to Romain who she supposedly loves and adores. Curious as to others’ thoughts!

    • I can’t stand Joanna either – she seems so fake to me – I feel like her entire storyline – as awful as it is – is made up, and boring.

      I’m on the fence about Adriana. I think she’s genuinely messed up with her fake marriage – as opposed to completely fabricating things. What I mean is I think she hid the marriage for real from all her friends, not just for Bravo, so I find that somewhat disturbing yet interesting and intriguing.

      I like Lea well enough, and Lisa is still on my okay list. Marysol and Alexia are on the fence for me.

      • Obsessed with RH says:

        I agree with you about Adriana. I think there is more there than meets the eye and this whole marriage thing is just exhausting. I don’t even care at this point, I would just like them to stop talking about it.

        Lea has always struck me as someone who talks out of both sides of her mouth so I approach her guardedly. Marysol I actually really like, idk if it’s the whole mysticism/black magic/tarot card thing (I’m a Scorpio so I just love that stuff and am instantly drawn to it) or maybe it just seems like to me she is the most upfront. I don’t see Marysol as hiding anything.

        Alexia I really liked at first but she is a bit of a snake and seems to play both sides of the fence as well so again I’m not 100% certain on her.

        Lisa is just a ditzy blond and her storyline about having a baby is quite sad and I feel for her. Only thing I wish she’d do is cover her boobs a little more. That keyhole dress made it difficult for me to have the TV on…I was like her boobs are going to explode the skin is so tight!

        • windycitywondering2 says:

          LOL Lisa’s boobage has always frightened and fascinated me at the same time. Does she really think they look good? Does it hurt to shove too much boobbag into too small a location? So you have any idea what your feet look like? And the biggie – Aren’t you afraid they are going to blow up out of your chest?

        • Powell says:

          Obsessed the married lie is gonna be the whole season. Sorry girl. 🙂 what I want I for Adriana to tell the truth, apologize to everyone cuz she owes them all an apology & then move on to the next story. LOL on Lisa & the exploding boobs. Omg it does look like that when she wears that keyhole dress. Lenni may be a great plastic surgeon but he gave his wife boobs that are too big for her. I wonder if the implants have something to do w/her fertility issues.

    • Cartwheels says:

      I agree, Johanna is one of the main reasons why I can’t get into RHOM, just can’t stand her, she is such a nasty person when in reality she doesn’t need to be. I am not sure at this point why those two ever married but I hope they make it , they deserve to be together.

    • lulu says:

      Just for the heck of it google krupa without the r. 😉

    • Powell says:

      Nope. Don’t like her. I didn’t like her before HWs. I couldn’t ever put my finger on it but I just never liked her.

    • chismosa says:

      She has a sourpuss // Debbie downer// Brutta faccia on all the time.

      I agree !!!
      And it’s shady shady between her and Romaine

    • Laineylainey says:

      She, JoAnna is, IMO, breathtakingly beautiful. But a Very negative young woman. It comes off as haughty and ungrateful.

  11. We had such a big storm last night I was sure we’d lose power so I pushed the blog out in the middle of the night. It’s still raining, and I think it’ll be flooding soon – but off to work I go. What happened to summer????

    • California35 says:

      I hope you dont lose power and i am glad the storm is over. Thanks for thinking of us even on a storm 🙂

        Been busier than an….insert whatever here..
        supervising painting of the hotel..OMG… incompetent idiots…. slobs…unorganized… you name it…. also meeting with stucco contractors for stucco bands above windows…MEN ARE …insert whatever here…. love when they think I am just the red head desk clerk and insult my intelligence…OOPS.. just couldn’t keep my mouth shut and had to put them in their place…why YES ..I do happen to know what I am talking about and your installation method is INCORRECT… according to the code it MUST be done this way….. um…. why ?? because this is what I did for 24 yrs as a PROFESSION…. assclowns…lol
        Hotel has been packed the past 2 weekends..LABOR DAY was a blast…. had lots of folks in town for rodeo…YEEHAW…. nice to have all great guests on my shift…..
        busy with mr ford and doctor problems…. driving me insane… my tongue hurts from having to bite it so much lately… but you know the get more with honey….etc
        when I need to blow off steam , I go for a blasting ride in the truck with the tunes cranked…
        speaking of tunes…woke up to this playing in my head..ENJOY….
        off to read a ton of emails that I have neglected lately..oh well..too bad…
        YES.. we have been watching the HWS.. and mr ford WANTED to watch TAMS WEDDING..LOL he calls it a tragic comedy of errors…gives her 3 yrs MAX…. yep..thats my man….lol
        suffering thru MIAMI cause I love the scenery…plus…in my younger years partied down there….
        hugs and peace
        bbl if we aren’t busy at work

        • VV says:

          🎼 VIVAAAAA LAS DIVAAAAAASS!!! 🎶🎤🎧🎵

        • VV says:

          What’s on your Red Folder for Adrianna?

          • VV… here’s some good fodder from MIAMI…. I always wondered if A was collecting alimony from Roberto Sidi and maybe one of the reasons she lied about being married….. HMMMMM….. she really is a piece of work…and GOD.. I HATE LIARS….
            That whole ..well my name was spelled wrong..epic fail…she has held herself out as DE MOURA cause she felt it made her look classy…lol… lose the cl and she got it right…assy is more like it….
            read the comments on the first story..there is some good stuff there…lol lol

            hugs and peace


            • T-Rex says:

              And here is the article I remember seeing in January of 2013 regarding the issue, this is the one with all the lies, i.e. name being wrong, that they were the only two there, uhm yep but in Florida you can’t just apply for the license and get married on a “whim”, nope you have to wait 3 days, then come BACK to the courthouse and get married, then at that time sign and pay for the court to record the license. In my case we got married, and our “officiate” did not file for the marriage certificate we had to go back and file for that on Monday after we got married. I too think it was to garner spousal support from her former hubby. And note she was married three times before she married Fredrick, so with that many marriages she should know the drill by now!


            • Laineylainey says:

              Oh my word!!! I never thought of that, long because (possibly) she didn’t want her alimony checks to stop. I know we’re just guessing, but that would be bad.

        • Powell says:

          Assclowns. Haha. Give it to ’em Diva. 🙂

        • Powell says:

          I hope Mr. Ford is ok. Tell him keep it coming w/his HWs input. We have our MTH but I also love to hear what all of your husbands that watch even though they say they aren’t watching think.

    • Powell says:

      Ok. I know you’ve had times when you weren’t sleeping well. Good to know it wasn’t
      that. Where’s the summer gone? NMD that’s a sad question for me. If we could just go back to May. 🙂

  12. HuskerHuny says:

    BB watchers – can you just imagine what Candice, Jessie, Helen, Aaryn, Amanda and Elissa are talking about in the jury house right now? I wonder if there’s been a casualty yet.

    • T-Rex says:

      Have you also seen all this PR that’s been floatin like a turd out there about how AyrianAaryn is NOT a racist, and all of sudden some random dude comes in and says she’s not racist she took me to the Prom, oh and I’m black. Hmmmm, where were you a few weeks ago when she said all this crap, you could have made a fortune going on talk shows, giving interviews, etc, uhm, I don’t buy this new information. Just cause you have one picture, randomly shot, at maybe a dance, doesn’t make you a Prom date. Where are the pre-photos taken before the Prom, the Prom picture that everyone takes once at the Prom, under the cheesy canopy, nope all they have is just some sideways half posed picture. Nope EPIC.FAIL to whoever this PR team they have amassed to save AyrianAaryns career.

      • HuskerHuny says:

        I don’t care if she took Barrack Obama, Jackie Chan or Adam Lambert to her prom, she said the things she said and they were racist and homophobic. She said it and now she has to own it as well as her mother.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          ITA, your comment, though I agree with it, made me giggle!

        • Powell says:

          LOL Husker. I know u didn’t say it to be funny. ITA w/you.

        • T-Rex says:

          Oh HH totally hitting the HIGH FIVE button! I was trying to point out that what an EPIC.FAIL of a PR team they have since all they could muster to “prove” she has a friend of a different race was some random picture that could have been taken at any old party, they didn’t look to be on a date, or at prom, just two folks smiling for the camera. Just found it odd they would suddenly produce this information, weeks after the fact! I think after AryianAaryn did her exit interview with Julie Chen they realized that bitch is gonna take a fall since she clearly thinks she didn’t say anything wrong.

          • Laineylainey says:

            Yes, ITA EPIC FAIL!!!!

          • Powell says:

            I was just watching TMZ & they were talking about it & showed a pic. It looks like the prom. They guy is very cute. What was funny was Vance one of the TMZ employees. He’s black & said the only way he’s believing she doesn’t have a problem w/black people is if her prom date looked like Wesley Snipes. WS is very dark skinned. I thought his joke was kinda funny.

            • T-Rex says:

              I heard it was a “dance” not the prom, and there is one and ONLY one picture of them together, which is a skewed picture that has now been photoshopped. In Texas,as in Florida, and other states PROM is a BIG OLE DEAL! AryianArynn was NOT at prom with this dude, I guarantee there are REAL prom pics elsewhere with her date but she happened to be photographed near a boy not of her race, and they have paid him to state he was her date. Now, that is at stupid PR move because her actual date will sell his story eventually that she is a flippin liar because someone will out him as her date, and that guy right now is probably to distance himself from her.

  13. AZGirl says:

    OT: Attorney shows up at our office this a.m. for depositions in torn jeans, Dallas Cowboy shirt covered in coffee stains. I were paying $300 per hour I would have sent him home to change.

    • LaineyLainey says:


    • lulu says:

      Omg wouldn’t a professional appearance be a priority?? Did you say something I would have!!! Suit at the dry cleaners? Too much fun last night? Did you wake up in a strange place this morning? Lol

      What is the weather like in AZ scottsdale around Christmas? Lowest it gets? Trying to plan ahead for the boys clothing. Looks more probable that we will be relocating to your state.

      • AZGirl says:

        Good news! Weather temps adverage around 60 to 70. The nights are cold. Around 40 degrees and the last 3 winters have been bitter cold. Freezing at night Dec and January. But the spring is beautiful. 75-80 and 50’s at night. It is a great place to raise kids. So easy. Shoes are optional. 🙂

        • lulu says:

          I’m excited!!!!! I’m crossing my fingers!!!! Bye bye over 7 months of winter! Won’t miss below zero at all!

    • Powell says:

      Dang. Did he mow his lawn before he came too? Geesh. Put on some decent clothes while you’re working for your client

  14. windycitywondering2 says:

    The problem I have with RHOM is the lying and denying, the bad manners and all the freaking screaming Adrianna (and now Fredric) does – raising the volume doesn’t make what you are saying true – no matter how many trues you throw out there! The fact that good manners would have to slap Alexis, Adrianna, Marisol and Ana up side the head and they still wouldn’t get it! I really don’t care how much or where you got your education or how many languages you can speak – good manners are good manners and not using them erases all their other achievements. Lea gets the brunt of their vicious middle school mean girls club and it pissed them off that she can handle it. I don’t like being lied to by my friends either. Lisa, pound me like a chicken cutlet, can try to stay out of the drama but she will have to pick a side if she wants to play housewives Miami style. Joanna has never bothered me – she is a successful model and a product of that world (not as cray cray as Kelly Bensomeone) and enjoys her career and life! Her boyfriend is beautiful too and I don’t hate him either.
    I do enjoy the Miami scenery but I find myself lower the volume a lot with this franchise.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      It’s like you took the thoughts out of my head and posted them!! I also agree about all of those physically beautiful people you mentioned; they are so smart and possess wonderful qualities, but they are so very ill mannered and they’ve set out to create teams in order to hurt others (maybe only Lea),…and I find that such a turn off.

    • T-Rex says:

      WCW hitting the like button here! I am not watching but being here in Florida we see more info on the show, and I read the blogs. FaykLyinDramADriana by the way was a housekeeper in Texas, who got pregnant and married well, well more than a few times as it turns out. She was married once(some say twice, but once is all I could find) before marrying Mr. Sidi, the father of her son. Once divorced, she decided to become an artist, claims to have attended the Sorbonne, she never went to the Sorbonne, it’s been also noted, that allegedly her “modeling” career(which was before she was married) was more like an escort type of job(again allegedly), still trying to get the real info on that. So again, more lies coming forward, I hate a liar so you all know I am tenacious on finding skeletons on folks that continue to lie about their lives. For those that say we shouldn’t rattle those skeletons, uhm I didn’t choose to go on a reality show, and then start lying my ass off about my life, which turns out to be a lot of fiction.

    • chismosa says:

      Ho was a big screamer last year and hunting down people like Teresa and Jacq at the Brownstone.

      I know this means nothing to some – but some Latin people — some, not All — I know from experience – truly are loud. Take away the loudness and then I listen. Cackler Mrs McCackle also is super loud – she’s like the jackals/hyenas whatever from Lion King
      Not talking about lies, that’s a whole other bag of black beans – just the volume issue. Marisol is an anomaly I think due to her very subdued personality
      God I wish cackle hi-octave and Ho would go off and do a Style
      or WE program on their own. Cantstandya

      I’d take loud over cackle any day. My ears can’t take it!

  15. Powell says:

    Just happened live Aaron Hernandez pleaded not guilty to murder & gun charges. There’s still no bail at this time. This whole thing is such a shame. First if he murdered or was involved in the murder of his friend, second for him to be any way remotely involved/associated w/people capable of such acts & his supposed gang affiliation. He’s got a gift to play football. A gift that so many want & he’s now squandered his gift & his life.

  16. TexasTart says:

    • lulu says:

      Translation another flat season.

      • chismosa says:


      • Buttercream says:

        LOL! ..another flat season …. what? Surely you jest .. are you not looking forward to another trip like the one they took to St. Bart’s? With LuLu covering her tracks, Sonja in the garden, Heather in the Pool recovering from not inviting Pino-Ramona to her trip to London, and the Father-Daughter duo of which the female has fear of flying and all should be on their knees bowing to her spouse? Miami,I like the view, the fashions, the venues, not the feeling of being scammed/lied to by the HW who screams victim all the while she conned her true friends …
        Ladies, have a super duper weekend, enjoy life! 🙂

      • Laineylainey says:


  17. shamrockblonde says:

    this is totally off topic, but I want to share – the night before school, outfits were laid out, purses were chosen, new backpacks were sitting right by the door – all was well – and then Tuesday happened – it was pouring that morning sending the twins into near panic over their hair – mind you the bus stop is directly across the street from the house – they wanted me to load them into the car and drive across the street and wait for the bus there………and then of course, about five minutes before bus time, one of my little twin shamrocks decided that she wanted to use last years backback -last years backpack……you know – the one we have not seen since – last year? complete chaos ensued – down into the basement like a mini tornado searching for it – again new backpack waiting by the door…..I told her if she wanted to sit in the car she had to get in now otherwise she could run out in the dreaded rain to catch the bus – upon penalty of bad hair, she managed to get herself and her new backpack into the car and we made the long trip *giant eye roll* to the other side of the block and away they went

    then I went into the house to get myself out the door and we lost power – wet head, no power and the twins’ wallets sitting by the front door – they now have no money and I have no chance of getting my hair under control – grabbed the wallets and headed off to their school – I think the entire district was dropping off their kids that day!! – I had to park out in the boon docks hike to the school, sign up and offer offer ID and try not to drip over everyone – dropped off the wallets and then back home still without power – threw my hair up, got out of wet clothes and was about to head off to work when the school called…….twin number two decided she wanted her sneakers instead of sandals………………..

    back to the school with sneakers in tow – still pouring out – went through the whole parking thing again, got the sneakers dropped off and headed straight to work – of course by the time I got to work the sun was out and the rain was gone – when I got home that night, sneaker twin asked me why I dropped off the wrong sneakers – I guess my look gave me away – she immediately started saying that it was okay, they were fine, no worries, gotta go – and flew up the stairs –

    backpack twin asked Mr. Shamrock about last year’s backback….he said, come on, get in the car with me, we will head over to where the trash is dumped and look for it, because that’s where it is now – he got the same reaction that I got –

    another school year, and the drama lives!!! – who needs the housewives!!!

    *hugs entire board really hard*

    • lulu says:

      It doesn’t get easier………. sigh.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Oh my word. This was like reading Erma Bombeck, may she rest in peace. Love that woman,…I so get you, Shamrock!! So funny!!

    • Powell says:

      🙂 Shamrock you had a hard hard first day of school but I’m sorry that’s funny. I was picturing the look of sarcasm on your face while you looked for the backpack, drove across the street, & drove back to school w/sneakers. Boy oh boy are your girls lucky. The only thing my mom would have done is drive me across the street. Last yrs backpack? She would not have even entertained looking for it. Oh yeah she would have brought me my wallet. Sneakers? Heck no. You’re a good mom. 🙂

    • AZGirl says:

      Thank GOD I had boys. I would be a terrible mother to girls. If I had girls I would probably take them to a barber shop and cut their hair short and that would be the end of any “hair issues”. Wait……that is what my mother did to my sister and I. Yep. I would be a terrible mother to girls.

    • T-Rex says:

      OMG hugs Shamrock, don’t have kids but I was one once, and I definitely gave my parents a TON of eyeroll drama moments!

    • Buttercream says:

      I am starting a blog called “As the Campus Turns” for stories like yours for all to share!
      🙂 xo

  18. kit9 says:

    It really is mind boggling. He had everything. A new multimillion dollar deal and he is so young-just 23! His whole life ahead of him. Did you read that Rolling Stone cover story? It was a fascinating read….esp. the stuff about his family situation, his mother in particular. Jaw dropping. And, the potential legal issues just keep mounting. He’s also now a suspect in the murder of two other people! Just insane. The trial-if it’s televised-will be interesting because of the wealth of electronic evidence..pretty much video of nearly every step he took that night along with texts.

    In other football related news, seems Ryan Seacrest got roundly booed at last night’s opener. LOL!

    • kit9 says:

      Damn it! I was replying to Powell’s Hernandez post.

      • Powell says:

        No kit I didn’t see that article. The surveillance video will be hard for the defense to overcome. Why did he practically tear his porch camera down if he didn’t do anything wrong. HLN showed who they think is his friend that he’s alleged to have murdered mother in the courtroom. Poor lady was in tears. Just sad. I’ll read the link you posted. Thks.

    • Laineylainey says:

      I will have to find that article. Poor Ryan! Why did he get booed, I wonder? We’re his highlights off?

    • Laineylainey says:

      WOW! A great read. Hard to believe that he wouldn’t cherish and protect his gifts, the years of hard work…but that’s addiction for you. Cruel. Yes, it was his choice to partake in the first place, but it seems that after awhile, it’s not a real choice anymore. He’s been getting away with (literally) murder up until now. There is a chance he might still.

  19. Mene Seela says:

    What a wealth of great comments today!

    Jason & Bethenny … what a couple of screwed up people.

    All I can say is there was no room in a marriage for two penises. All the men I know get angry & depressed when they aren’t the top dog.

    Bethenny can be very mean. To everyone.
    Jason is shockingly spiteful in how he is handling the divorce, especially the apartment situation.

    • Powell says:

      Mene I just think they never should have gotten married. They should have lived separate and raised Bryn.

  20. TexasTart says:

    I can only guess this is for the dessert shop (?)

    • Mene Seela says:

      A dessert shop? I don’t even follow that show, yet I know Kathy will have a serious meltdown if Tre pulls off a dessert shop when that is Kathy’s specialty. Ha!

      I hope the property owner gets their entire lease paid in advance. In cash.

      • TexasTart says:

        I’m not sure, but I heard that mentioned. I believe she is trying to build brands, retail oriented things that her girls could carry forward….and I like that thinking, but under the circumstances, she should just nurture what’s already in progress.

      • Laineylainey says:

        Love your post Mene, about the meltdown and also about getting payment upfront. Funny stuff.

  21. Mene Seela says:

    No surprise here …. One of Kim Richards’ kids has mental problems.

    Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards has been dealing with the sad aftermath of one of her four children being taken on an involuntary psychiatric hold, which took place in July after neighbors spotted the young adult naked in the street and not making any sense, is exclusively reporting.

    Radar has chosen NOT to identify the adult child.

    Neighbors “called the police in July after Kim’s child was naked in the street, and talking gibberish. Kim’s child was deemed to be a danger to themselves, and to others, and was taken to the hospital and placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold,” a family source revealed to Radar.

    “This has stunned Kim and rocked her family. The patient was released after 72 hours and has been at home with Kim, and continues to get outpatient treatment, including the help of a mental health professional.”

    Paris Hilton‘s aunt has four children with three different men, ranging in age from 18 to early 20′s.

    It’s the latest setback in Richards’ personal life, after completing rehab in 2012 for an addiction to alcohol.

    Sisters Kathy Hilton and Kyle Richards ”have been a very strong source of support and comfort during this latest crisis. They may fight, but at the end of the day, are a very strong family,” the insider said.

    “Kim and their relative are being looked after, and will come through this. It won’t be easy, but they have each other, and that is all that matters.”

  22. VV says:

    Just saw a clip for next week NJ. As expected nothing new. Everything is still Teresa’s fault. That storyline is on life support…

    • chismosa says:

      VV I can’t STANDDDDD (ya) – just kidding — when shows do the “SCENE” and then……..

      “12 hours earlier”


      “2 days earlier”
      Crap! I hate that!!!!! I like linear. LINEAR please.
      Almost as much but not just, as Lulu’s boots 👢👢👢👢

      • VV says:

        I’m glad cuz I feel the same about you CHIANINA 💣. j/k
        I hope JNTJ is okay. We get carried away sometimes.

  23. AZGirl says:

    Why am I not surprised with Zimmerman’s wife’s comments. Jury screwed up.

    • AZGirl says:

      oops link does not work

    • Mene Seela says:

      Well I don’t blame her for being pissed at him. She was only 19 when they married 6 years ago. She was subject to a media circus. I’m sure it was his idea that she lied about their finances.

      After all that stress he’s running around being a jackass instead of taking care of his woman.


  24. AZGirl says:

    Depositions are done. Dallas Cowboy attorney almost left his backpack behind. Moron.

    • chismosa says:

      I saw that …. I think that Kenya’s assistant – I like him– he’s gay and apollo… Well — he WAS in jail/prison.

      You never know what words were thrown around. I always look at Apollo with a side eye 👀👀

  25. TexasTart says:

  26. AZGirl says:

    Monsoon storms moving in. Something Lulu and the governor are going to have to get used to. :0

    • lulu says:

      Monsoon!?!?!? I’m almost afraid to ask

      • AZGirl says:

        Better brush up! Monsoon season usually starts the end of June and can last through August/September. Officially Monsoon season starts when the “Dew Point” is over 35. This is when AZ gets its dust storms and rain. Which is a GOOD THING because you get relief from the heat of the summer. The dust storms can be scary but there is enough information on the local TV stations that provide you with information about how to drive through a dust storm. The rain is a relief and AZ kids usually run outside and play because it is so rare. Monsoon season is actually really fun. This summer has been a great monsoon season. Not a lot of dust storms but a lot of rain. Another great part of living in AZ.

  27. BB says:

    Sad news. Just got back from going with my daughter to the emergency vet to have her older dog put down. This is the dog she “inherited” from my aunt. The dog was about 13 or 14 when she got her and she’s had her for four years. She was old, it was her time, but very sad anyway. Now she can be with her original owner and her brother, who I inherited and lost a few years ago. So I came home and hugged my two doggies really hard. 😦

  28. Cusi77 says:

    Dear Friday:

    I’ve missing you since Monday…Haa!

    Hello everyone! Thanks for Blogging Miami Blogs! Elsa’s health (God Bless her) is the result of Elsa’s choices of living style. No black magic there… Just consequences and I wish her the best!

    Bethenny will be on Tv here in Chicago from next Monday. I don’t know the hour but I don’t think I have interest or time to watch her program, never watched any talk show. I prefer to watch old movies IF I will turn on the TV during the day. Judge Judy and The Golden Girls are my favorite programs to watch. RHW’s once.

  29. lulu says:

    Anyone catching jungle gold????? Omg that is scary!!

  30. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone! Stormy Saturday morning. Loving the rain.

  31. VV says:

    Somebody asks Andy:
    @Andy answer me why you didnt post teresa blog when she called bravo out by not showing her lift the horses leg?

    Andy’s reply:
    @Explicit211 don’t know abt the blog. Leg lift was hour later all had gone

    Plainviewsue adds:
    @Andy @Explicit211 So now RHONJ producers care about the chronological order!!!!???? It is really just too funny.

    Another person replies:
    @Andy @brienna92 @Explicit211 Tre could have walked horse on water and Bravo would have edited to make it to look like it was Caroline

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