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By – Stars99

Note:  Caroline was just way too busy patting herself on the back for picking up a horse’s leg to post a blog for us this week.  Teresa’s blog has STILL not been posted on but instead is available on her own website:

Now, I have no official information about why that happened… And this is pure conjecture on my part… I looked at Teresa’s previous blogs on her website and they really have nothing to do with RHNJ and are more about her products or her upcoming appearances, etc.  This blog was also posted on September 3, 2013 which means she had it completed in plenty of time for Bravo’s posting.  My best guess is that Bravo wanted it to be edited in order for them to agree to post it – and Teresa didn’t want it to be edited.  Good for her!  Their blogs are their blogs, in my opinion.  She didn’t slam Bravo… so I don’t get why they would care that she took some of her co-housewives to task over their actions?  Hmmmm…. Well, since NMD did a great job in commenting on Teresa’s blog earlier this week, I’ll try to keep my comments to a minimum (But honestly, we ALL know I won’t actually do that, don’t we?).  Since we can only post portions of their blogs and not the entire submission… If you want to read it in its entirety, please refer to Teresa’s website link shown above. 

Teresa Giudice – “Hello Loveys!”  Hello, Thurston Howell, III.  Teresa starts out by gratuitously advertising her book and food line, etc.

Teresa blogs, “Well, I loved this episode & I hated it. I loved it because I really loved the entire experience in Arizona. I love new things” Teresa appreciated everything about the trip, was tired of crying, and was looking for “good vibes and happiness.”  Really, with this crowd?  Good luck with that!  Ooom bop bop…good vibrations… bop bop… excitations… bop bop…(Raise your hand if you just sang along with the Beach Boys!)

Teresa writes, “I hated this episode though because you got to see everyone else’s full experience with Wyatt the Horse Whisperer except mine. I know they can’t show everything, but both my brother and I were able to approach the horse with openness and honesty, and he lifted his leg for both of us. For me, it was a really big accomplishment, and I’m sorry you didn’t get to see it. I’m also sorry that Melissa chose to speak for me on Twitter and say that we all regretted not opening up for the horse. I don’t regret it because I did open up! Why she alone didn’t is for her to explain…”

Okay, okay… we all know Bravo’s editors had fun with Teresa and Melissa on this one… While I do know that animals are amazingly intuitive and can completely sense when someone isn’t okay for whatever reason… They can also sense fear. Honestly, I believe that Teresa and Melissa were afraid of the horse – In fact, Teresa explains further on in her blog that she was afraid of it because she previously had a bad experience with one.  However, Teresa didn’t give up and kept trying with the horse until she successfully wooed him to pick up his leg – And yet, we didn’t see it.  Why?  One obvious conclusion was that we didn’t see it because Bravo thought it would somehow satisfy her critics, “See, see!  She’s so dishonest, even a horse senses it!”  I find it very telling that Bravo took that editing tact…  Perhaps they will not be doing Teresa any favors in future edits… Could it be it’s in light of her recent indictments?  Who knows?  Teresa is not happy and is now being more genuinely verbal in her blog, even if she’s not the one who’s actually doing the writing… Her newfound crankiness is a gift from her to us. Thank you, Teresa!

Teresa continues, “But one thing I’m not is a quitter. I like to push myself and learn new things about myself, and I didn’t want to give up. I did get the horse to lift its leg for me, I did scrape its hoof, and I was soooooo proud of myself afterwards!”

It always feels good to overcome your fears, doesn’t it?  However, I do think everyone on this show was a little too happy about having the privilege of scraping mud and excrement off a horse’s hoof.  See that crap?  That’s what ya’ll have been subjecting the viewers to this entire season!  It’s about time ya’ll cleaned up some of it… 

Teresa says, “I’m super bummed that some of the people that were there with me like Caroline and Kathy and Melissa, who saw me overcome my fear and work with the horse successfully, acted like I didn’t.  Everyone is afraid of different things.”

Yeah, it wouldn’t have cost her fellow castmates anything to divulge that kernel of truth in their blogs.  Perhaps Bravo still delusionally thinks viewers blindly believe everything we see.  If they didn’t let us see that it happened, then it must not have happened, right?  Again, I think this particular edit is very interesting.  I wonder how much trouble Teresa got into for posting her blog on her website?  Hmmm… And if you think that’s the whole story… Wait just a cotton pickin’ minute… VV was nice enough to share Bravo Andy’s tweets about this subject which appeared in the comment section of this blog a couple of days ago:  Andy was asked, “@Andy answer me why you didnt post teresa blog when she called bravo out by not showing her lift the horses leg?”  Andy’s reply, “@Explicit211 don’t know abt the blog. Leg lift was hour later all had gone.”  Okay wait… so did the others see Teresa pick up the horse’s leg or no?  Teresa said some of her castmates saw it… Andy says no… hmmm???  I dunno about you… but I think we’re gonna see that horse magically appear in this season’s reunion show.  I predict “it” will be really hitting the fan and as a result, there will be a whole lot of crap to clean off the horse’s hooves.

Teresa goes on to explain that Caroline was used to animals since she grew up on a farm.  She explains this particular challenge wasn’t hard for Caroline, but an upcoming challenge that had to do with high wire and heights evidently caused Caroline to have a meltdown.  It looks like we’ll see it next week…  Teresa blogs, “Heights are really hard for her. She was hysterical crying, and wouldn’t do it. I didn’t judge her or say she wasn’t opening herself up. I knew it was hard for her. I encouraged her, reminding her that I overcame my fear with the horses, and she could overcome her fear of heights.”

Okay, let’s get serious… Is Teresa really equating trying to pick up a horse’s leg to potentially falling to your death? Lolol… I mean, it’s not like they had to ride the horse – They just had to pick up a danged leg… but it was the psychological pressure that I think made things also so hard on Teresa and Melissa.  I think in addition to their fear of horses, they were thinking, “What will people say about how genuine I am and how open I am if I can’t do this?  Perhaps my own fear of falling has me kind of feeling sorry for Caroline in this situation.  But then again, I’m also not afraid of horses (I don’t mind heights… I just prefer not to plummet to an early death, thank you very much… I can do airplanes, aerobatics, roller coasters, high dives, etc… but peering down over the edge of a cliff into the Grand Canyon and being playfully pushed from behind… No thank you… lol…).

Tre continues, “For Caroline to say I’m just like Melissa, and that I’m superficial, says a lot about her character. She saw that I did open myself up to the experience, so for her to lie like that makes no sense to me. I thought we were there for healing, and I certainly didn’t belittle her for her fears. She was miserable the entire trip, fighting with Albert the whole time. And she has the nerve to say I didn’t embrace it? Disappointing.”

There is nothing worse than to be compared then equated to Melissa.  Well, unless you’re being compared to Caroline…  Teresa, you have to eggmit it could be construed that you’re a tad bit superficial… I mean there are 39 indictments against you and your husband that basically stem from you guys living way the heck beyond your means, no?

Tre writes, “You could see how into the whole experience I was when Jacqueline was up there crying and I ran up to give her a hug. I was just really happy the whole time, so happy we were all there to support each other.”

I know some people thought the hug wasn’t genuine, but I disagree.  I think it was spontaneous… and actually, Teresa risked being pretty vulnerable at Jac’s potential response… And that, my friends… was a very open and honest reaction which was way more meaningful to me than whether or not she picked up a horse’s hoof.

Teresa explains that after they were at the ranch for hours and hours her husband got up to go to the bathroom and on his way back, Milania called.  Teresa goes to talk to Milania on the phone to make sure everything was okay at home. Tre blogs, “I missed my girls! I can’t believe of all people that Kathy didn’t understand that, but I guess she and Rich have a limited memory for things. For Rich to talk about my husband delaying legal issues is insane to me. My husband cannot control the legal system, and Rich of all people knows this. Rich’s had his fair share of lawsuits and I would never comment about his behavior in them. Shameful.”

You can delay the justice system… it’s called, “A continuance.”  I dunno, but I really don’t get why Bravo didn’t post her blog.  She wasn’t vicious… They were more like digs… Mean, yes… but vicious? No.  I’ve seen way worse in the world of housewive’s blogdom… Surely it wasn’t published just because Bravo was cranky that she revealed their editing bias.  Color me shocked!

Melissa Gorga – She starts her blog by saying they are enjoying the last days of summer and that they’ve sold their house.  Whoa… Who was dumb enough to purchase that monstrosity that’s oh, so solidly built?  They’re going to rent for a while because they’re building a new home in Franklin Lakes.  Gee, who lives there again?  But wait… why didn’t they move to Hoboken?  Isn’t that where everyone from this franchise is going to live soon?  Well, except for Al.  Hey, did you hear Melissa has a book coming out?  ZZZzzzz.

Melissa blogs, “On to last night’s episode… This was a strange one for me.  I’m not going to sugar coat it, when I was told we were going to a spa resort in Arizona to celebrate my birthday, this is not exactly what I pictured. I don’t even think Joe quite understood what Miraval was.  Getting sick on top of it just made things worse.” 

I gotta eggmit, I thought it was that they celebrated Melissa’s birthday at a place like this.  Can you say “duck out of water?”  Yes, yes, I knew you could.  But seriously, how bad was it really?  Okay, so they had to live through listening to a psychic, banging drums, burning stuff, and picking up a horse’s hoof.  But they didn’t have to pay for it… And they have a pool – actually several pools… And food… And drink…  So, sit yourself down and quit yer whining.

“The activity with the horse was the first one where I felt well enough to venture out.  As I said that morning, I honestly did not want to do therapy and healing. Not that I didn’t want to heal our family, I just wanted to relax and for everyone to have a good time and enjoy our vacation. We had just done therapy at Lake George. We needed a break.”

Oh, cry me a river… Everyone else seemed to be having a good time… Every party needs a pooper and that’s why we invited YOU, Party Pooper!

“The horse therapy seemed to work for some and not for others. I was more than turned off by the “horse whisperer” sizing me up within a few seconds of meeting me. It seemed a little too contrived, but he seemed to break through to other people. Rosie, as always, hit me in the soft spot. Just love her to death. I didn’t know Albert had had such a rough childhood. I was happy to see him open up. He is truly a great man. Kathy and Rich seemed to have a breakthrough. I think everyone’s collective jaw dropped when Joe Giudice admitted to being afraid about his legal matters. Of course, Joe and I wish the best for the Giudices and their beautiful girls. Joe’s humbling moment really moved us. He really seemed to get a lot out of the stable-side therapy experience.”

Don’t you think most people can size up someone like you within a few seconds of meeting you?  It may take them a little bit of time to gather additional data to verify their original hypothesis… but really… I’ve been watching you for several seasons now and I’ve really not learned anything new about you except for how mean and nasty you can become and the crude levels to which your husband continually sinks.

Melissa continues, “I just wasn’t willing to go there. Part of it was skepticism about the entire idea of a horse being a Human Whisperer. Part of it was still not feeling great physically. But mainly, I couldn’t let down my guard. It would’ve taken a team of horses to kick down the wall I had up. Same thing with Joe and Teresa, apparently. Teresa and I were having fun together on the trip, but we weren’t at the point yet where we had enough trust to really open up. Some things can’t be willed. They have to come naturally. Pony steps…”

Oh, I see what you did right there… Using “pony steps” instead of “baby steps.”  Hardee har har har.

Jacqueline Laurita – She begins, “I’m so sorry I didn’t blog last week. I had very little downtime to do it, so I will just add my thoughts from last week into this week’s blog.”   Sigh.  Thanks for the warning.

Jac blogs, “I think most of you were wondering what I felt about Teresa’s “Karma” comment, so I will address that.”   Not really.  We just concluded you are batcrapcrazy with a side of delusional ignorance.

Jac continues, “I was a little sensitive to that “karma” comment, because Teresa had known that someone had said that about my son in a derogatory way in the past and it upset me. My thought process was this: if Teresa believed that if she hurt someone, karma could go back on her kids, then it is logical to think that she also believed that karma could go back on the kids of others who have hurt someone. Teresa had made it known to me that she felt that I had hurt her in some way, so why wouldn’t she feel that karma could affect my kids, if it was her belief it could happen to her own? Get it? Autism was one thing that she knew I was struggling with when it came to my child, so that is why it popped into my head. Even though I consider my son a good karma and a definite blessing in my life, I wasn’t sure how she perceived it.”

Jac… We understand what you’re saying and what you’re saying is batcrapcrazy.  Seriously…

Jac blogs, “When Teresa called me up during the gong ceremony, I felt very emotional because I started to see a more vulnerable side to Teresa that I appreciated. I felt like she was finally opening up to me and inviting me back in her life. It felt sincere. I wanted to believe that all the past nonsense had been forgiven and forgotten, and that we were sincerely starting our friendship over again with a clean slate and going in a positive direction.”

Yeah, I thought Teresa was pretty vulnerable to you throughout the trip thus far… I’m glad to see you guys are getting along… But you’ll really hafta keep your batcrapcrazy thinking to yourself if it’s going to last for any length of time.  Jac goes on to say how she didn’t originally want Teresa back in her life.  Yeah, we know, Jac – We’ve been watching the last couple of seasons….

Jac says, “I mentioned the “karma” comment to my husband to see if he might possibly take it the same way I did. I guess he did. I told him that before I started running away with that thought, I needed to ask her about it. I never hold on to things for very long before confronting the person I have an unsettling issue with. I’m all about communication.”

Just a moment… I’m still laughing after reading that last paragraph… Okay, I’m ready… lolol… Nope… I’m not… Okay, okay… I’m ready now… Ummm… Jac…Your convoluted mind runs away with so many wackadoo thoughts that it’s already completed a million marathons.  You might want to give it a rest.

Jac starts to talk about the horse experience and how it was “even deeper than what you saw.’  She says, “It made me realize that everybody is dealing with some kind of a struggle in their life, whether or not they choose to show it. People should really be more compassionate towards others. Try to be aware of other people’s pain, listen to what others are trying to tell you, and try to comfort them by letting them know you care and that they’ve been heard.”

I’m sure she memorized that paragraph from a self-help book of some kind… but it really would be nice if she practiced what she preached, no?

Jac blogs, “Chris comparing Teresa to the horse was really interesting. I was afraid of approaching the horse, because I was afraid it would hurt me. I wanted to connect with it, but I was afraid it wouldn’t connect with me. I wanted to keep a safe distance. By staying away from the horse, I wouldn’t have to worry about it and I couldn’t get hurt. What the horse didn’t realize was that if the horse was ever wounded or needed me, I would be there. If not, I would watch it ride off into the sunset and I would wish it well.”

I’m sure the horse appreciates that you will be there for him.  Hopefully, you’ll also be there for Teresa – She is going to need you… I hope you really did learn some usable concepts and that you will put them into practice.


Kathy Wakile – She starts out by talking about her fun Labor Day celebration in the backyard.  She writes, “Heading into this week’s show, the journey to find balance continues. How do you think we’re doing so far? Some of us were really receptive to finding more about ourselves and some not so much (as usual).”

Wait, you were on a journey to find balance?  I thought it was about relationship restoration, no?  And yes, some were more receptive than others, but I’m not going to mention any names, Gooberhead Melissa.  Kathy continues with some touchy feeling sentiments about how these group exercises facilitate learning about each other’s vulnerabilities and triumphs so that hurts can be healed and relationships can be mended.

Kathy blogs, “As you’ll see, the effin horse proved to be smarter than all of us! He was smart enough to feel each of our energies and call B.S. on those that were not being authentic and were still holding back…letting your guard down is the first step of making progress.”

Yeah, and some of you were just afraid of being kicked in the head by a horse.  Although arguably, that could have really improved a couple of you, I mean allegedly and stuff.

Kathy continues, “Rosie’s experience was breaking my heart, and I just wanted to get up and hug her pain away. It was nice to see Chris, Jacqueline, Al, and then Caroline show their vulnerable sides, which the horse validated. Heck, even Joe Giudice got his guard down after a bit, and the horse heard. See, being real, honest, and true is something that is noticed more than anyone thinks!”

I thought it was quite touching, to be honest – but I’m all about this kind of stuff.  I would, however, venture to say that there are many things that I could say about Joe Giudice, but he seems to always be real and honest to me… Well, except for the cheating thing… and the indictment thing… and… well… ummm…. Never mind (Said in my best Roseanne Roseannadanna voice).  She goes on to talk about how Rich makes jokes and that they’ve helped them get through some really tough times in their lives.  She says that sometimes he gets loud (ya think?) and that Kathy is a calming influence on situations.  She thinks the horse affirmed that she’s calm and strong.     

Kathy writes, “At the drum ceremony Rosie once again feels like she has to come to my defense. Of course I appreciate it, but she doesn’t realize that I let a lot of stuff go because I really don’t care for conflict, especially when it is not really a big deal in the big picture. Normally I might talk to Richie about it, but really I barely give those types of things a second thought. However, if someone brings it up — like in this case — I would say something about it. The bottom line is a rule of thumb I live by: do unto others as you want them to do unto you. One caveat though, you can’t express your feelings to people who don’t have the capacity to understand. Or don’t really care to understand. So, after Rosie brought it up, I figured I needed to speak my mind and was glad that it was acknowledged by some. Others who missed it, like they did the horse… “

Perhaps you should tell Rosie you’d prefer her NOT to come to your defense.  What a concept!  Kathy, I would encourage you to revisit how you’ve treated others onscreen and see if you’ve actually lived by the Golden Rule.  Cuz I’m thinking, no.

Stay tuned boys and girls cuz next week they, “Climb to new heights on our quest for personal growth.”  See how she did that?  We know there’s a high wire or something involved… So she’s trying to be funny!  Ha ha ha!


Happy Birthday Tootybird


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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. I hope you had a great weekend. Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. Powell says:

    Happy Birthday Tootybird.

  3. Powell says:

    Stars maybe Caroline realized she was just to boring to post a blog this week. 🙂

    • ladebra says:


    • Laineylainey says:

      Nah…she and the Manzo maladroits are gnawing on the horse’s leg.

      • Stars99 says:

        lol LaineyLainey so nice we say it twice… You’re funny…lol.. And I’m hoping your Lainey girl continues to thrive and soar, my friend!

        • Laineylainey says:

          Am I funny? Am I? Or are you equally bizarre as I and therefore share my strange sense of humor? LOL! If I had a “heather” she would say…”LL means THANKYOU!” She would be right. I do.

          Oh and your spontaneous love and well wishes for LGirl are much appreciated. She had a callback last week for something modelly and an interview today (!) for something regular-paychecky. The positive vibes from you and others here as well her mother’s constant prayers have GOT to help!! Right?? Right! I BELIEVE!!!! It’s just a matter of time…⏳

    • VV says:

      Maybe she doesn’t want to address Al’s abuse issues or maybe she knows she got caught lying on Camera about Teresa and doesn’t know how to wiggle her way out of it.

      • Stars99 says:

        lol.. VV.. Who knows, right? And thanks, btw for posting the back and forth texts from Andy the other day… it really came in handy. 🙂

    • Stars99 says:

      Lol… Powell… That’s hysterical… i love it when we all come up with various reasons why they don’t write their blogs. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen much with RHNJ this season… It was much more fun with RHBH… Cuz most weeks SOMEONE didn’t write one…lol…

  4. Good Morning – BTW Tre and Mel – a pony is a small horse, not a baby horse,

  5. Cusi77 says:

    Happy Birthday Tootybird!!!! Have a great day!!!!

    Thank you Stars99 for blogging the Blogs!! Love your side comments, you are gifted!!!

    Oh my Lord with all the information from yesterday! Bye, Bye, to this franchise…or at least this cast. Too many skeletons… who is left… the Manzoids Boyz? Boredom.. not thank you very much, I have another previous commitment. Lolol!

    • Powell says:

      Cusi if Andy had only taken my advice when I tweeted him on several occasions, to dump this NJ cast things would be a lot brighter on RHONJ.

    • Stars99 says:

      Awww, thanks Cusi77… When I first read your post I thought you said, “Love your snide comments”… which… by the way… also works… lololol

  6. Powell says:

    You know? I don’t think Tre is like Mel,.superficial. But what I find interesting about Caroline’s comparison of Tre & Mel is that she realizes Mel IS superficial & has other qualities not so nice qualities. That sounds to me that maybe Caroline is finally pulling off the blinders & taking the cotton out of her ears that everything wrong in the Gorga/Guidice family is Tre’s fault.

    • MelTheHound says:

      I don’t think it’s that deep. I think the possibility of the Manzoids getting a spin-off may be making her see things differently.

    • Rebecca says:

      The biggest difference between Teresa and Melissa is that Teresa is extremely generous and Melissa is extremely selfish. I would say the most genuinely superficial person on the show is Jacqueline. She refuses to acknowledge ever doing anything wrong while spackling her face and body with more plastic surgeries than….Lisa Hochstein.

      Teresa is always hosting/feeding crowds at her house and donating time for her favorite charity. Melissa is out clubbing trying to make herself famous with a plastic “career” as a pop warbler (warbless?).

      Caroline is still a bitter old clown and Kathy is jumping up and down in a corner trying to get noticed.

      And you have to NOT be watching the show to miss Kathy running for help every time she perceives a slight. Let’s go back to that stupid Christmas party at the Gorgas:

      Kathy: “It’s nice to see you Teresa.”
      Teresa: “It’s nice to see you too.”
      Kathy: “It’s nice to see you Teresa.”
      Teresa: “(wha?) It’s nice to see you too.”
      Kathy: “No, really Teresa. It’s really nice to see you.”
      (ME: “What the eff is wrong with you? Are you stroking out?”)
      Teresa: “Now, it’s nice to see me?” – Which IS the appropriate response.

      Kathy: “WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Richie. Teresa is such an effing bitch”
      I would have busted down that door and busted open her lip. She’s a stupid six-year-old who pokes her siblings and then runs to daddy because she was slapped back. Then she wonders why her parents didn’t realize what an angel she was.

  7. Pinky says:

    lol – yes a baby horse is a colt/foal – can’t believe these 2 don’t know this…
    I do hope they retire this show or completely recast – and I will not watch a Manxi spinoff. They are so boring and stale, everyone of them. I will never get the “fixation” Andy has with them – ever.
    Happy B-Day TootyBird!

    • Powell says:

      Hey Pinky what do you expect? They cant even eggmit things so how are they going to know anything about a colt? 🙂

  8. Pinky says:

    Manzo not Manxi – – sorry

  9. VV says:

    Happy Birthday, Tootybird! 🎉🎊🎂🎁🎈

    • Rebecca says:

      Happy Birthday Tootybird!

      We have three VERY important holidays as well:

      International Literacy Day – which of course falls on a RHONJ airdate

      National Grandparent’s Day – YEAH!!!!

      National Hug Your Hound Day – I did this already, but I need a shower now.

  10. VV says:

    Stars great blog. I think you are correct about the horse. It will be brought up at reunion. However, Andy cannot deny he knew she did lift the leg because his twee reads “…Leg lift was hour later all had gone.” Meaning it did happen. Jac is silent on the whole Teresa lifting leg nothing on on film or Twitter.

    • It obviously was a huge hot button for Tree that none of them acknowledged her efforts in working through her fears and lifting that leg.

      My guess is she was also very anxious when she wrote that blog because 1) the lawsuits, 2) knowing she was about to go film the reunion, and 3) she must have just watched the remaining episodes (they watch them before filming the reunion).

      I think much is being made out of this horse’s leg because that’s all they can talk about.

      That said, they shouldn’t have lied by emission. None of them actually said directly she didn’t lift the horse leg – except Caro in her TH which could have been edited – like maybe she said another sentence like … and eventually … that ended up on the cutting room floor.

    • Stars99 says:

      VV… Yep… You’re absolutely right and it was PERFECT that you shared with the class about his tweet… Cuz otherwise I wouldn’t have known.

  11. TexasTart says:

  12. TexasTart says:

  13. MelTheHound says:

    At the drum ceremony Rosie once again feels like she has to come to my defense. Of course I appreciate it, but she doesn’t realize that I let a lot of stuff go because I really don’t care for conflict, especially when it is not really a big deal in the big picture.
    Nah… You just want to bitch about it to someone else for the next 10 phuckin years. We get it Kathy, You’re the original do gooder martyr.

  14. MelTheHound says:

    MeGo whines:

    I was more than turned off by the “horse whisperer” sizing me up within a few seconds of meeting me. It seemed a little too contrived,
    …. and dead nuts accurate. Contrived or not, just by looking at you MeGo, the whisperer got you before even introducing you to your long lost brother from another mother, Cracker the horse.

  15. *Raises hand, yes I did sing the Beach Boys and now thanks to you will probably be singing it ALL DAY LONG!!!!! I am so happy for you that this “Crapfest” is coming to an end!! Great job per usual!!! I am so over this show!!! But of course I will watch till the bitter end!!! Do you think that Tre has a case for slander against the HWs for saying she didn’t lift the leg?

    • Stars99 says:

      You’re welcome – So glad I could plant a song in your brain… Good, good, good… good vibrations! It’s a world of laughter, a world of tears…

  16. AZGirl says:

    Thank you Starzy for the great recap. Well tonight roid rage Joey is going to go bananas….again. Can’t wait. He is just a moron.
    @ MTH…”long lost brother from another mother” cracking up.
    Stormy day here in AZ. Some flooding but a nice change. Usually this time of year we are frying. High is only in the 90’s today. Very nice.

  17. TexasTart says:


  18. chismosa says:

    I just really hope Andy asks Jacq at the reunion what she did to her nose 👃👃👃because they act like all she did was the neck and lipo. We’re not dumb

    Thanks to Heather ✒✒📜and to STARS 🌟for the recaps.
    Doesn’t handler heather tweet or something during the shows to explain stuff ? My friend just got on twitter and I told her search for this woman writer who will tweet out for Tre and it seems explanations left and right while or right after the show. We GET it. Maybe she wants to be on the show, a Bravo show in general ?
    (I may be wrong) she may do this later in the week. HH!!👏👏

    This franchise is done. So done its dead. Glad everyone sees what I saw season 1 in the don though, at least I have that ….. Tears 😪😪😢😢

    Ps is it true dr Vagina/ Vomit is getting a spinoff ?

  19. TexasTart says:

    Stars! “It’s about time y’all cleaned up some of it…” 😆 Thanks for the blog! My gut feeling is she didn’t even turn her blog into Bravo. I know people will like the controversial thought they didn’t publish, but I’ve seen worse published, y’know?!

    • Laineylainey says:

      You think she’s that smart? That would be a good move, actually. To gain even more support from her supporters.

  20. chismosa says:

    Lainey— almost forgot that one ….. Good one. I like Nelly

    He kind of disappeared …. I love him with Ashanti I hope they get married !

  21. toodybird says:

    Thanks for the burfday wishes and especially appreciate all the awesome recaps and comments. Love to read Lynn’s Place!

  22. rabblerouser2010R says:

    Hi all, if any one gets a minute I would appropriate a minute of their time to vote for one of / or both of my girls….if any of you that have young kids and decide to enter them,,I would be more than happy to vote for them too…so please post the link.


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