How Much of the Housewife Drama is Real

How Much of the Housewife Drama is Real? by NMD

I’ve noticed a pattern.  When the housewives aren’t filming, it’s as if they don’t exist.  They rarely post photos on twitter; you rarely read about them in the press.  As they film things pick up a little.  We learn about the events they go to – some other tidbits are leaked.  Just as the trailers for a new housewives show is released, their twitter accounts become really active.  They start fighting with castmates.  Rumors start getting leaked to the press.  It’s like their PR folks give them the green light and they turn it ON.  They are active during the season, and then during the reunion it RAMPS up again as they all have one last shot to make an impression and get asked back for another season.  They truly are the DESPERATE housewives.  Not all of them of course. But definitely a few from each franchise.  It’s become so openly transparent that it’s almost laughable at times.

The fake twitter fights make me want to roll my eyes.  The Married2Medicine ladies drove me nuts with their little feuds.  So much so that I stopped blogging the show after the first few episodes.  Adriana de Moura and Joanna Krupa were just as bad last season, but they seem to be better at this point – or I’ve just stopped paying attention.

The housewives (and hangers on) that tweet innuendos are just as bad.  Johnny the Greek, Richie Wakile, Bulldog – they all need to put up or shut up IMHO.

The shows themselves have reached a level of fakeness that may spell the end of the franchise.  We’ve all read newspaper articles about the Real Housewives of New York shooting the same scene over and over again until it’s just right.  NaughtybutNiceRob wrote an article about Kathy Wakile’s Cannoli event, and how everything was set up.  Apparently Richie and Kathy were told to act upset that everyone was late – otherwise her cannoli footage wouldn’t make the show.  Read the link here.  Some excerpts from his eye witness:

“I saw Teresa arriving and saying hello to all of the other ladies, kissing them, and acting very friendly. So that confirms that they are, or at least, were all getting along as of last Thursday,” one source at the taping tells Naughty But Nice Rob. “I took footage on my IPhone and you can clearly see the producer guiding them through conversation and orchestrating the situations. It was kind of disheartening to see how involved the producers get. I over heard them say many times, “make sure you talk about this” – and literally direct people when to walk into certain conversations.””

“I have video of one producer basically telling her (Kathy) that if she didn’t cause a scene, they would have nothing to use from that night. So, they made her and Richie have a 10-minute conversation about how annoyed they were that the other housewives didn’t show up, while Richie called all of them on the phone.”

It seems to me we have four layers of fakeness going on.

1) The cast themselves.  Think of Jill Zarin telling Andy Cohen that she’s come up with her storyline for the season – a fall out with BFF Bethenny Frankel.  (Jill stated this in her WWHL interview with Cohen).  Yes there was a fall-out – but Jill was planning on making it an epic fallout for the sake of the show.

2) The cast as they film.  As in the example of producer urged drama at the time of filming.

3) The edit.  We all know that the last 2 episodes of the Real Housewives of New Jersey have been edited to tell the story the producers want to tell.  If you want to read the details – take a cruise through Faux’s blog.  It’s all laid out here.

4) The cast reaction.  The blogs and cover up – pretend hurt feelings, etc., as the cast reacts to the fake storylines and tries to make them even more filled with drama.

Our job tonight – keep an eagle eye knowing that that the real drama was the fight between Joey, Chris, Jaq, and Johnny, but somehow this is going to be edited be laid on Teresa and Kim D’s shoulders.  Watch for clues – pay attention to what is actual said, what is dubbed in, and what is in the talking heads filmed later.


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  1. Powell says:

    Good afternoon everyone. Happy Sunday. A little rain. A little cooler this weekend. I hope you all were able to relax.
    Speaking of relaxing JNNTJ did you go to the event at Brownstone? Dets sista. Dets. 🙂
    To answer NMDs question, RHs is 25% reality. That’s what I say & I’m stickin to it. But I’m a woman. So I’m allowed to change my mind. 😉

  2. BB says:

    Great blog today, NMD. Exactly what I’ve been thinking the past few weeks. HAPPY FIRST DAY OF FALL!

  3. TexasTart says:

    Great Blog NMD!

  4. TexasTart says:

    😆 😆

    • Powell says:

      Why would she think they would ALL be gay? I wouldn’t have a guy gay or straight do my spray tan.

      • MelTheHound says:

        I would think it more odd, were I her (thanks God I am not) that a group of men, not turned on by her nekkidness even if they are straight. What does that say about Her?

    • Orson says:

      Why do the guys who spray her tan on her have to get undressed??

      • Amalfi says:

        Uhm. Being gay is no longer the explanation for why none of those men were interested in what they saw?

        Haha… I am sorry, that would be a bit mortifying. If a gay man saw me naked, it would matter to me differently if a straight man saw me naked, so I get it.

        Thank god I don’t walk around naked around strange men. Anymore. lol.

    • Laineylainey says:

      Wow, that’s adorable. NOT

  5. cusi77 says:

    Good Afternoon Everyone!

    Thanks NMD, I like always the way you clarify thing to us for better understand how Producers and cast play their faux Reality show. Still liking to watch! Lol!

    Happy Fall Equinox! Wheather in Windy City is sunny and deuce… Happy to start wearing boots! I am ready to play with @WindyCityWondering boots (She has a great collection!!! Shhhh …Don’t tell I told you..Lol)

    Ready for tonight’s RHONJ Episode !!! And tomorrows Blog!

  6. TexasTart says:

  7. Sasha says:

    NMD, this is what I have thought for the past few years. They all have their roles and storylines and they all go hard to remain relevant on their shows.

    That’s why I don’t get mad, I just watch.

    • It’s no different than all the other “reality” shows out there. The “stars” must weight the good with the bad when deciding to stay. The ones I feel the most sorry for are the young girls on Dance Moms. Their parents are making the decisions for them.

      • Rebecca says:

        There are a lot of true reality shows. Deadliest Catch, Whale Wars, Dog & Beth are just a few that aren’t scripted. When you get into the ones on the “entertainment” networks, you have the producers with no morals. It’s greedy and sad and disruptive. I hope they sleep well at night.

      • Sasha says:

        I could only handle a few episodes of Dance Moms.

        I think The Bad Girl’s Club and Bridezillas have the worst. Behavior. I won’ t even tell my sister that I have watched them.

      • Laineylainey says:

        The flip side of that is that those talented little girls have something that many unemployed professional adult dancers wish for…a big fat paycheck. They are earning good money as professional dancers and building their careers In a positive way. I like it that it’s only the moms who are made to look like nincompoops, but the little girls remain virtually untouched by what we have come to know as the “bitch edit”. It’s just my opinion,I know, but I know mostly unemployed professional dancers who would have loved an opportunity like that which the little girls on Dance Moms are enjoying.

        • Amalfi says:

          I don’t think their paychecks are that fat (and girls aren’t paid.. moms are a little) and they are not all necessarily that talented (at least the ones on that competition spin off… the original girls mostly are) but you are absolutely right that the exposure and opportunities afforded to them are amazing.

  8. AZGirl says:

    Good morning/afternoon everyone! First day of Fall and high is only 95 today. Yea! Hiked yesterday. Aravaipa Canyon. Brutal. They had so many flash floods through the canyon that the banks were ankle deep in mud and the water in the creek which is usually crystal clear was brown. Tough going. Water ran high and could not see where rocks were. Banks were unhikable. Entire body is in pain. Hiked 5 hours.
    I am torn about watching NJ or the Emmys tonight.
    Hopefully we will hear from JJNTJ about her night at the Brownstone.

    • Amalfi says:

      I’m flipping back and forth. There are enough deadspots in both (commericials, awkward presenters on Emmys — and Kathy Wakilie, Ritchie Wakile, Little Wakilies, All the Manzos, and Drunquie on RHW) that it will be more entertaining to watch both simultaneously.

  9. VV says:

    I will be late tonight. So, will miss the first half.

    Don’t forget that Penny had a verbal confrontation with Caroline IN REAL LIFE that night. Editing will make it look like Penny is having a confrontation with Teresa.

    Melissa and her Joey take the crown for viciousness and using the fake story line they know is not true to hurt Teresa. No other cast mate on any other franchise has taken it to the extreme that these two bozos (Joey and Mel) have.

  10. BB says:

    Just saw where AnaQ from RHOM got engaged!

    • TexasTart says:

      Good for Ana, she deserves a true partnership in life.

    • Laineylainey says:

      Wow, that was quick! Good for her!! On the topic of fake storylines, she was portrayed as kinda pining away for her ex who had clearly already moved on…I wonder if that was a fake storyline. She obviously pines no more!!! Haha!

  11. saltymargaritas says:

    I’m new here; am a refugee from another site that helped linked me to here. I think I’ve only been reading this site a month or so; love it!
    I wanted to say YES, these fake dramas that start RIGHT as a new season is coming really annoy me. Example: Brandi starting to yak about Lisa on Twitter right as they start the hullabaloo of the upcoming BH season. That’s a manufactured fight for the show.
    However… I wonder how people like delusional sad Kim Richards deal with these fake story lines, specially when her real life is so troublesome.

  12. ladebra says:

    Great blog NMD and spot on.

    I get the drama, I get the fake, what I don’t get is the mean. It’s not fun to watch for me. Maybe Bravo can find producers who can bring the drama without bringing the nasty mean girls. (I can dream).

    Anyway 🙂 I love this time of year, hope everyone is having a lazy, enjoyable Sunday!

  13. BB says:

    Happy Birthday Designer Nails Diana!

  14. AZGirl says:

    Happy Birthday Designer Nails Diana!!! Have a great day!

  15. Great blog NMD!!! Happy Birthday Designer Nails Diana!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. EllaMinnowPea says:

    I really think that will all the fakery going on in these shows that the Real Housewives franchise has run its course. Just moving the drama to another city (Nashville’s next if I’m not mistaken) won’t help because anyone who’d “audition” for these shows knows what’s expected.
    Honestly, I’ve only cared about NY and BH and right now if I miss either one it won’t bother me a bit (plus, I can come here for the update and not have to watch that garbage).
    The problem is, without those shows Bravo has pretty much nothing to air. That’s why I think they’ve started doing these “one-of-a-kind” spin-offs that they’ve now made 4 of. They built themselves around this franchise.

  17. plainviewsue says:

    I will not be watching RHONJ until tomorrow morning. Watching the emmys live.

    I don’t think any franchise has been as edited and producer driven as NJ. How does Teresa & Joe stand it??? Is Teresa gonna call bull crap on these episodes after they have filmed? Or does she have to go along like a good little girl?

    IF the stories are true & Richie & Joe did go to Penny & JTG telling them if they put all the blame on Teresa they will get them more film time, this is beyond disgusting. A brother doing that to his sister?? Kathy supposedly on the phone with Penny. A cousin doing that to her cousin?

    I don’t understand any of this. Doesn’t Bravo realize that their storyline is not working? In real life, roid Joe would of gone after Penny and Jan when they were in front of him. All he cares about is nailing Teresa???? How about going after the women who are literally saying this about his wife? He sat there with a ridiculous goofy look on his face.

    I hope it’s just a two part reunion.

    NMD, great write up. I think now all the women know they have to promise to bring it or they are fired. Doesn’t Bravo get that some of us liked the early seasons of these shows when we saw women having fun, supporting each other, and yes with just some drama.

    Shame on them.

    • Sue, they are all in on it. Including Teresa.

    • VV says:

      You have to look no further than how the Gorgas and Wakiles came on the show. They misled their own family and promise Bravo drama at Teresa’s expense.
      Bravo doesn’t understand how their HW formula that worked for so many years is in jeopardy and that is why they’re trying to silence bloggers.
      Joey Gorga did not talk or saw his sister for a year. I don’t think this is BS this did happened. The animosity Melissa has for Joey and his family is real. She, being the snake she is using the show to keep that animosity going and THAT IS DISGUSTING. Dum dum is to dum to realize it.

      • plainviewsue says:

        I completely agree VV. Bluesky, I don’t think Teresa would be part of a plot to destroy her relationship with her family. There is no doubt in my mind that Teresa loves her brother & her nieces. She will deal with Melissa if it means the family stays together. Bravo knows the truth behind everything. This is family they’re dealing with. They know Teresa didn’t set up Melissa with Angelo. Joey chose to believe everyone but his sister. The whole thing disgusts me. I know I could just stop watching. But I can’t. Which is why I am hoping NJ is cancelled.

  18. Sasha says:

    Happy Birthday designer Nails Diana!!!!!!!!!

  19. Good blog NMD. The fake drama in all of Bravo shows really turns me off. Then you see people fighting on twitter & on blogs about these people because they think it’s real! Too much.

    Here’s something that proves the whole storyline of KimD’s new boutique was all fake…

    So not only did her 2nd boutique close (probably as soon as they were done filming) but she never opened up “down the street because business is so good” either. The clincher was the Moxie Salon girls might get their own reality show on TLC. Well they had to be bribed with that in order to let them film in the first place, right?! There was damage done to their brand new salon when the fight broke out with JTG. No wonder people don’t want to allow the RHONJ maroons to film in their businesses. If I lived anywhere near them, I’d make it a point never to shop, eat, drink or do any business in the places that have let them film.

    Here’s what even Mandy is looking to ditch Bravo! He’s not dumb although he is an evil manipulator. If find it fascinating just how low he will go to make money off of these shows & using people – the fakers on the shows & us, the audience. Some day, Mandy will pay the price. Raising my fist in the air “Damn* you Bravo & Mandy for ever sucking me into this faux crapfest!” Entertainment? Not really. But it is fun to trash them all & talk to you here.

    Oh & believe it, these maroons absolutely have a big ol’ party with lots of champagne when the season is over, toasting Mandy, Bravo, and “their loyal fans.” The money (and fame?) makes them such good fakers! Just remember T kissing everybody as she arrives at the candy store; producers coaching the fakers on what to say; etc. etc. etc.

    And some of these douchebags would do it all for free, just to be on tv. Total narcissism. So we, the viewers are at best voyeurs to their delusional antics. Sigh.

    • VV says:

      Sorry Blue, the writer of the above link lost credibility with me when she write:

      “Then, last week, Bravo confirmed that the first of the “RHONJ” stars to get a shot at a spinoff series is Caroline Manzo — seemingly the most stable and normal of the gang. “

  20. MelTheHound says:

    Well said, NMD… I don’t like when people treat me like I am stupid and Bravo has to be the worse offender of them all. The cast does such a terrible job in their play acting on these shows, it’s actually sad to watch. Then they have the nerve to further their myths in their ‘blogs’. I honestly don’t know how Stars99 makes it through them on a weekly basis. It is sad to say that the most entertaining part for me this season is when the two Joes came to blows. My blog last week was more about lampooning these people as well as Bravo than anything else. The idea I could write a recap without even seeing the show. I know some have read it.. some read it for what it was, others for what they thought it was… I truthfully am not finding myself caring if these people ever draw another breath. Pick the franchise and cast member, it doesn’t matter.

    This week we get to witness the opening of the Manzoid restaurant, MeGo in Florida learning to sing and dance (even though we all know she cannot) and who knows where Joey will be waiving Tarzan this week. I’m sure we’ll get to see more of his Penny garbage… who, just happened to be sitting at the bar where the Gorgas were as they ‘confronted’ her… Who also happened to be mic’d up for whatever scene they were supposed to shoot. I am glad smell-o-vision hasn’t been invented yet or if it has, I don’t have it.. I actually have a very large gag reflex to barn yard odors.

    Then yes, of course the social media… Twitter.. During, before and after filming of the shows. The reunions. Who said what to whom and who attended what event. Who was invited and who felt snubbed. Who cares?

  21. MelTheHound says:

    Happy Birthday DesignerNailsDiana 🙂

  22. Ever since I watched Lady Gaga on Mandy’s show about a week ago, I’ve been a little concerned for her. She mentioned that her “little monsters” should not do that ecstasy drug (can’t recall the name) because several kids have died from it at concerts. Then she admits to having enjoyed it herself in the past.

    Was she high on the show? She seemed to be acting a part. Maybe the “Lady Gaga” part. Something very fragile about her. It eerily reminded me of Marilyn Monroe with her breathy voice and affected air whenever she was interviewed. Again, “playing a part” comes to mind.

    In order to be Lady Gaga, she does have a demanding role to play. Now that she’s a global superstar, it must be a big burden. Does she even know who she is at this point? I like Gaga’s songs but her claiming to be an “artist” gets old. Plus her crazy outfits. A meat dress? Yuck.

    Mandy was loving every minute of it. His gay gangsta crew is getting some huge stars to do his idiotic show. You know he wants a nightly talk show on a bigger tv channel! Looks to me like he will get it too. He’s turned his whoring faux reality housewives shows to a whole new level.

  23. TexasTart says:

  24. not THAT Jill says:

    We were very late for the cocktail hour due to transportation trouble-the hotel was supposed to provide shuttle service but they fell short so most of us were left waiting for a ride from hotel to venue-I got there just as the cocktail hour was ending.
    When we arrived Kevin went to the restroom while I waited on the lobby which was huge and and welcoming. I didn’t know which area our cocktail hour was in (OMG THE PLACE IS SO BIG) so I was looking for someone to tell me where to go. I asked the bartender in the main bar and he was a total jerk as were the rest of the bartenders I encountered for the rest of the night. With no idea where to go and no one to help me I turned around and who do I see…AL MANZO-now you know I’m not a fan of the Manzo family but this guy was sooooo nice and soooo personable. I said “hello Al, I’m here for the Brady wedding and I’m looking for the cocktail hour” he replied” come this sweetheart -the cocktail hour is almost over but I’ll make sure you get a drink and let’s see if here is anything to eat”. After Kevin joined us we went outside and it was beautiful-I wish we were there for the whole cocktail hour b/c I heard the food was outstanding.
    We went into the main ballroom for the reception but I made a quick stop in the ladies rooms—it was GIGANTIC-and a bit outdated-not run down but old fashioned. No baskets with flip flops or Advil or first aid kits…( they did have a basket of flip flops right out side the reception room-American Eagle navy blue-all my nieces snagged a pair)
    The bartenders in the reception room were rude and obnoxious-I hate that. Also they didn’t have Coors Light which just pisses me off…
    Dinner was DELISH!!! Penne vodka cooked to perfection and filet mignon that was superb. I missed the cake (I think I was outside stalking/smoking) but they also had waffles and ice cream-delightful!!
    While we were eating dinner I noticed someone going around to the tables-it was Tommy Manzo-he went to each guest and asked if they were ok and of they were enjoying themselves-I think I may have been the only person there who knew who he was!!!

    • TexasTart says:

      Cool! Love it that you said “Hello Al…” and proceeded to ask your question (that’s exactly what I would have star struck moments and the use of the first name. I don’t even remember what Tommy looks like. Glad the food was good, too bad bartenders all went to the same ‘school’.
      WTH is it with Flip Flops?!!!! I saw this mentioned yesterday and thought that was one of the craziest things … no THE craziest thing ever supplied at a wedding! (I’m sure someone will have experienced something crazier and you are welcome to share 😉
      Thanks Jill!!! 🙂

    • Orson says:

      Maybe the flip flops are available as relief for women wearing those very expensive, very stylish, and very uncomfortable high heels?

  25. Chat blog posting early so that you can read the blogs of the blogs

  26. plainviewsue says:

    Thanx for such a great recap Jill!!!! That’s nice to hear that Al was a good guy and took care of his guests. I’ve heard mixed about the food ;glad you liked it so much. Didn’t Critopher say he was trying to take some of the help from the brownstone for his restaurant??? I always wondered about Tommy’s relationship with his brother, esp after the Caroline & Dina fallout.

    Glad you had a good time!

    • Orson says:

      Folks should keep in mind that regardless of the RH nonsense, Al Manzo is a professional host and restaurateur. It’s his job and to succeed at it, he has to do it well.

  27. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Hello All. Great blogs ALWAYS! 🙂 Tonight I think i’ll be watching RHONJ live instead of in the AM or OnDemand. Excited to see how BRAVO will ‘EDIT’ Penny&Crew this episode. How will they edit it to look like HaPenny and Tree are fighting when they are supposedly of the same mind, on the same team/side, or polite/civil strangers, barely there associates… you get the drift. WTH is going on and will we finally see who ‘started’ the rumors about MeGo in order to forget about investigating its truth? I like MeGo and could care less if she did or didn’t, I also don’t care for DaffyDuckLipKimD, BullDog, HaPenny aka Synthetica, or JohnTheGeek and their stalker machinations. Puh-leeze Louise, cut the shite, bring on the water, sink this ship and move on to BH and ATL!

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