Real Housewives of New Jersey Cast Blogs Blogged and Let’s Chat

Two more episodes to go.  To warm us up for this evening, we’ve got Stars99 recap of the blogs.  Remember – look for the obvious edits.  If Caroline yells at someone – it’s rumored to actually be Penny but will be shown as Kim D.  I’m not sure if the fight will be shown, but Johnny has said that the moment he entered the venue Joey G charged at him.  Sound familiar – just like that scene where Joey G charged Joe Giudice at the retreat.


New Housewives of New Jersey

Blogs Blogged by Stars99

Teresa Giudice – Teresa greets us, “Hello Baby Dolls!”  I know that I have given Teresa a lot of grief throughout this season about starting her blogs by saying “Hello Loveys”… because you know in my mind “lovey” will always be the term of endearment that Thurston Howell III used to call his darling wife on Gilligan’s Island (Yes, I used to watch that show, dagnabit… )… But I almost wish she’d go back to the “Loveys” greeting – because it’s at least more gender friendly and nostalgic than “Baby Dolls.”  She just can never win, can she? I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at Teresa’s blog this week…

Teresa blogs, “Another roller coaster episode, right? I loved seeing everyone together again. I wish it could stay that way forever! Unfortunately when you’re on TV, people want what you have. They want to be on TV too and they’ll do anything to make it happen or they just want to take you down because they’re sick of watching you. I get it. I’ve seen it happen now on every season of every Housewives show in every city. It’s not fun to be the target, but it comes with the territory. The problem is when newer cast members join and get attacked, they can freak out like Melissa and Joey were. You have to stay united and refuse to let any strangers break you down. But I get that it’s hard. It shouldn’t be hard for family to believe family over strangers, but…’

Stop the presses… I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING IN THIS PARAGRAPH!  Whoa… I know…It even surprises me!  The only problem with the statement, “It shouldn’t be hard for family to believe family over strangers, but…” – is that for that to hold true – the family member has to be someone that doesn’t lie.  And that’s the crux of the issue, isn’t it?  Is Teresa lying? Has she thrown her brother or his wife under the bus when she’s talked about them with others?  To be honest, I don’t know who to believe or what to believe anymore. I would like to think Teresa has only talked about her brother or Melissa in a negative light with only her closest of friends, if at all necessary, like normal people.  The rest of us may be able to get away with an off handed negative comment here or there when we’re in a disagreement with a member of our own family, but these reality TV personalities really cannot afford to do the same or else it comes back to bite them on their dupa.

Teresa blogs, “I’m definitely not happy to see where this season is going based on how Melissa and Joey are reacting to the rumors. It’s all my fault again. I get it. It’s easier to blame their own sister/sister-in-law than it is to blame a stranger. It sounds strange, but here’s why.”

Rut roh…Okay, now I’m bracing myself for some classic “real housewife” circular reasoning…

Teresa reasons, “First of all, blaming me takes all of the emphasis off the actual rumors. Instead of anyone looking into those, they’re all busy looking at me. Fine, deflect away. I’m here for you.”

The literalist in me compelled me to look up the actual definition of “rumor” and the definition that came up on Google was, “a currently circulating story or report of uncertain or doubtful truth.”  You see, the rumor can be true or untrue… it’s just unverified at the moment one way or another.  I kinda love how Teresa says, “Fine, deflect away.  I’m here for you.”…  I think there’s a lot of stuff that rightly or wrongly has been flung at Teresa and she’s like Teflon… or perhaps, she’s more like Teflon’s technology savvy relative, Calphalon… Because nothing…. And I mean, absolutely NOTHING sticks to her.  Plus, you can put her in the dishwasher for easy cleanup!  Or maybe not… her silicon “bubbies” may melt.

Teresa continues, “Second, going after family is safe. They know I will never do anything to them. With a stranger, you can’t be so sure. They don’t want to go after Penny because she might take it to a whole new level. Easier to befriend her, right? I wouldn’t be looking to make BFFs with someone who was talking to my ex-boyfriend and threatening to expose rumors about me, but that’s just me.”

Lol… She is cracking me up… There are certain people who I would prefer not getting on their bad side… It’s the whole, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” philosophy.  I get it… they live in New Jersey area where you “Leave the gun; take the cannoli”… Well, unless it’s one of Kathy’s cannoli kits because let’s just all be honest – If you wanted to bake fresh cannoli yourself, wouldn’t you want to make it from scratch? Otherwise, there are a thousand bakeries around to buy it, no?

Teresa writes, “And third, family will always forgive you, and they know it. Family will always be there. To save themselves, they feel like they have to throw me under the bus. I don’t like it but I can’t do anything about it. They are going to believe what they want to believe. Their beliefs make no sense to me — they don’t believe Penny one minute and the next they do. Pick one! They already confronted Penny at the Youthful 8 Milania Collection launch party and she told them I had nothing to do with it. But it wasn’t enough for them. They had to keep going after her. Why? And when they did, suddenly Penny changed her mind that I had something to do with it. Why would she suddenly do that? Why didn’t she say that when I was right in front of her?

It’s hard to believe that Penny is afraid of Teresa, isn’t it?  We’ve seen reports and tweets about how Penny is saying that Bravo creatively edited her.  Quite frankly, it’s VERY easy to believe Bravo has used its grubby little hands to manipulate information.  It’s one of the laws of the universe… if Bravo, or one of its subcontractors are involved… chances are that what you see is NOT what actually happened but a mind bending version of chronologically-challenged events.

Teresa continues, “But it’s how they’ve chosen to deal with this and I can’t seem to stop them. I’ve done everything I could possibly do, and now I’m done. Done.”

As my friend Scott always says, “Turkeys are done; people are finished.  You’re done!”… I suspect Scott’s calling me a turkey, no?  Tis okay, Teresa, most of the rest of us are done with all of you, too!  Gobble, gobble!

The rest of Teresa’s blog talks about various things.  She was glad to go to Kathy’s event at Dylan’s Candy bar… I wish we all had been invited… I think I would have passed out just walking through the door – I would have NEVER made it the event area alive…lol.   Plus, I don’t know that I would go to a candy store for cannoli… Again, we have bakeries for that, no?

Teresa then talks about how she helped Jacqueline with her speech.  It turns out that Teresa had given her own “first big speech” earlier in the year.  I understand why some people may have laughed at the thought of Teresa helping anyone with a speech, because really, she isn’t the most articulate person in the world – at least the part we see on the show.  However, the laughing seemed to be a little mean to me.  But Teresa has the last laugh because her advice to Jacqueline was GREAT advice, IPPHO.   Most of Teresa’s remaining blog comments serve as infomercials for her various books and product lines.  But you gotta give it to her… She’s making the most of being on this franchise while she still can.  Teresa is laughing all the way to the bank… And, you can bet if she does end up going to prison, she will come out with a new cookbook, “Fabulicious Spam!”

Jacqueline Laurita – Well, you’ll all be pleased to know that evidently our punishment is over and Jac is back to writing her “Manifestos.”  Last week, you’ll remember she gave us all a 3 sentence blog because she was sick and tired of people complaining about the length of her blogs.  I don’t know about you, but I was ecstatic.  This week, not so much.

Jacqueline writes, “Autism awareness is something that I am extremely passionate about. I have been asked by countless organizations, event planners, high schools, and colleges to come and speak for them and to share my family’s journey with Autism. I wanted to do it all, but my fear of public speaking was holding me back and I was feeling horrible about it. Instead, I was spreading as much awareness as I could through social media, countless blog interviews and magazine articles as well as supporting many Autism fundraisers as a special guest. I even started to put together all of my own resources and information I have gathered throughout my Autism journey to share with everyone on my I even answered many emails from families needing advice. I do what I can do.”

Jac starts talking about Autism awareness and I’m all for raising awareness.  It seems like she works hard at it and does her best with it. She’s just very, very new to the world of Autism and is therefore, no expert on the subject whatsoever.  I’ve got to admit, that unlike in the first few episodes wherein Jac’s entire storyline was about Nicholas, we’ve recently seen Nicholas about as much as we’ve seen most of the other kids on the show which seems pretty fair to me.  However, it’s too bad that bundled into this paragraph Jac contradicts what she blogged about in week 1 of this season.  In her Episode 1 blog, she said, “I have also been using social media, blogging, writing articles for magazines, and speaking at various events and conferences to share my resources and journey with others, just to spread awareness.” So, which is it, Jac? You seem to indicate you’ve been speaking at various events before this season even started… And yet at this event you say you were “terrified.” So was this your first public speaking event or not?  Jac goes on to talk about her experience with “Generation Rescue.”

Jac blogs, “Since my husband and I were so grateful for all of their help, Chris decided to give a portion of the BLK beverages proceeds back to Generation Rescue for rest of 2013. Generation Rescue is a national non-profit organization providing immediate treatment assistance, information, and hope to families affected by autism spectrum disorders.”

I’m sorry, but I really think you screwed up on this one, Jac.  Very early on, there were some very misleading and completely false statements made about the curative or healing properties of BLK beverages as they relate to Autism. You guys got a lot of backlash about that… so it’s wonky to me to use the promotion of BLK beverages for anything relating to Autism.  I applaud you wanting to fundraise for a charity in which you believe… but this just crosses a line with me and make me feel all yicky.  By the way, who in this world wants to drink black colored water?  Again, yicky.

Jac writes, “My son works so hard every day for all his accomplishments. If he can work as hard as he does to get out of his comfort zone, then so could I. I had to do this for myself, for my son, for other families going through this and for autism awareness for people who may not understand it.”

I love how inspiration comes from very unexpected places.  She then goes on to talk about how“since then, I have spoken at several Autism events.”  So maybe this was indeed, her first event?  Maybe in her first blog she was speaking in real time or something, who knows?  It’s got to be tricky to talk about things that have already happened in a blog that is supposed to be unfolding as the season progresses.  Jac then talks about her various speaking engagements and that she views them as “HUGE accomplishments.”  She’s right – to face a fear and get over it is a very big deal.

Jac writes, “I was grateful to have Teresa helping me with ideas for my speech. She was trying really hard to be more attentive to the struggles I was dealing with, and I was trying really hard to just be there for her if she needed me without asking too many questions. If she ever reached out and needed me, of course I would be there.”

I think Teresa really helped you focus your speech on major areas in which people would be interested.  It’s pretty remarkable you guys are where you are at right now in your friendship.

Jac forewarns, “Just when all is seemingly calm in New Jersey, another storm is brewing. Tune in next week to see what happens. The drama is never ending!”

KMN (Kill me now… obscure Big Bang Theory reference…)…

Melissa Gorga –  Melissa blogs her congratulations to Kathy and her “delicious cannoli kits.”She talks about the candy store, and says, “My kids would be happy to live there from now on. Joe can’t get enough of the Slippery Nipples, of course, LOL! We had a blast at Kathy’s event and are always here to support her.”

Yeah, well, you were kind of late… but perhaps the producers kept you guys from coming in just to perpetuate Kathy’s victim storyline…

Melissa blogs, “And congratulations to Teresa for the launch her of Skinny Italian Foods line. I’ve tried the pastas and they are so delish!”

Her comments seem genuine to me.  I was kind of waiting for the shoe to drop… but no… at least not yet…

Melissa continues, “Jacqueline’s speech at the autism fundraiser had us all crying. Not a dry eye on the entire basketball court. It took a lot of courage for her to stand up and tell Nicholas’ story. She was brave and delivered her speech beautifully.”

Again, nice comments.  Wow… perhaps Arizona does have magical water there…

About her own endeavors, Melissa writes, “When Johnny suggested my going to Orlando for vocal coaching, I was all for it. I’d never had any formal training and have just used what I’ve got. I’ll take any expert advice I can get! My attitude is, I’m grateful for every minute of Johnny’s guidance. I’m happy to learn and ready to go! Thanks, Johnny and Justin, for your faith in me.”

Melissa, evidently you didn’t see Johnny physically bite his lip to keep from laughing when you said, “I’ve been at this for 2 years…” as if that somehow demonstrated your undying commitment to the music business for a whole 2 years!  It was funny to see him almost laugh at you… and THAT was before he heard your amazing talent.  Cough, cough…

Melissa then talks about how she unexpectedly ran into Penny when she and Joe went out for dinner.  Right.  She thinks we’re all idiots.  It seemed to me that Penny already had a microphone on when Melissa went over to talk to her.  Melissa said that she didn’t approach Penny with her guns blazing or anything and that Penny is, “hardly a reliable source.”

Melissa also said, “As you can see I was very skeptical about her.  I asked my questions and she gave me her answers. Whether those answers were just another flat out lie, we didn’t know. There was Penny’s side and Teresa’s side. The truth was probably somewhere in the middle.”

When speaking about normal people in normal circumstances, I think the truth may sometimes actually be somewhere in the middle of two differing perspectives.  However, when dealing with lying liars who lie… whomever they are… the truth could be somewhere out in space for all we know… I’m afraid we’ll just never discover it.  We just don’t have that kind of technology yet.  She also said that Penny’s news wasn’t all that earth-shattering but that she’s moving beyond her issues with Teresa.  Right, that’s what it looked like to me.  You were eating up every word Penny said.  Melissa also dutifully tells us that it all plays out in the upcoming episodes.  O joy, O rapture.  Melissa then hawks her new song and her new book.  Oh, now I get why she was so supportive of everyone else in this blog… she wants them to plug her new stuff, too… lol… Or am I just being especially cynical?

Kathy Wakile – Kathy starts her brief blog with a little infomercial about her cannoli kits and then moves on to talk about this week’s episode.

Kathy writes, “I was so excited about the Dylan’s Candy Bar event with my cannoli kits. Yes, a little nervous because it was such a big deal for me; only a few years ago I was (and still am) a proud housewife, and now my delicious cannoli are being sampled and enjoyed at a nationally respected sweets store. Suffice to say, I needn’t have worried — my incredible, edible, cannoli were a hit! It was so nice to have a crowd full of mothers, fathers, children — people who I never met before telling me how delicious the cannoli were as well as asking tons of questions about my life and love of cooking. But where were my family and friends?! Fashionably late, that’s how they roll. I was so happy they eventually all showed up to taste and congratulate — that meant a lot and I appreciated the support.”

It may just be me, but isn’t it a little unnerving that when referring to her own cannoli kits, Kathy uses the terminology, “incredible, edible cannoli”… I mean when one of the two adjectives used when referring to a baked pastry is “edible” isn’t that setting the bar quite low?  I get that “incredible” rhymes with “edible” – but I’ve watched way too many “Next Food Network Star” shows and I’ve gleaned that you need to use specifically descriptive phrases when describing food to a television audience.  Heck, her description isn’t even original because she swiped it from “the incredible, edible egg” commercials from a few years back, no?  Kathy goes on to talk about how Jacqueline’s speech touched her and that she’s proud of her for overcoming her fear of public speaking.

(Note from NMD – I assume the “Edible” was a dig at Teresa for saying that word in her talking head when interviewed about those incredible cannolis.  Kathy is just not that creative on her own.)

Kathy ends with, “Definitely keep watching…some unexpected twists and turns are still coming.”

We’re positively on the edge of our seats, Kathy.  Honest.  You’re sounding more and more like a dutiful Bravo employee feeding us the company line who is scared to death she’s going to lose her job because her storyline is just so beige.

Caroline Manzo – Caroline briefly blogs, “We’re finally back from Arizona, and everyone is getting back to work. Teresa has a new food line, Melissa took her singing career to another level, Kathy’s cannoli make their way into New York City, and Jacqueline conquers her fear of public speaking while raising Autism awareness. As for me, all you got to see was me suffering from another migraine. One of these days I hope to finally be rid of them! I’ve had them since I was eight years old. I think I deserve to be migraine free at this point in my life, keeping my fingers crossed.”

While I don’t wish migraines on anyone… I think it would be prudent for Caroline to try NOT to be such a headache to the rest of us.  She and the rest of the cast have given us so many headaches over these last several seasons they should be required to reimburse us for our purchases of Motrin IB.  Caroline talks about how great it was to watch all of the husbands support their wives during this episode.  Really?  Because what I saw was further evidence that Joe Gorga is obviously tone deaf and delusional because he called his wife “a star” to someone who is actually in the music industry.  We witnessed Chris Laurita force his wife to make a big public speech which is something in which she’s deathly afraid while not being tangibly helpful to her at all.  And then there’s Richie… What I saw was him being way less than supportive in ensuring Kathy had what she needed for her big event at the candy store.  However, I do agree with Caroline that Joe Giudice did proudly show his two moms Teresa’s new product showroom.  That was kewl to see.

In referring to their husbands, Caroline writes, “They drive us crazy, but when we need them, they’re right by our sides, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Well, unless they’re stuck at the Brownstone “working late” again.  Wink… wink…

Caroline continues, “The conversation between Rosie and Joe was unbelievable. Is it just me or are those two hilarious together? I’m thrilled to know that Rosie took her lessons from Mirival home with her and applied them to her everyday life. Arizona was a life changing experience for her and listening to Rosie tell Joe that she is finally comfortable in her own skin was awesome. Now if someone would just tell them that Joe does not have eggs, all will be right with the world.

I fell on the floor laughing at Joe and his “eggs” theory… And this is from a guy who has had some experience in fathering children.  You could tell Rosie knew better but either didn’t want to embarrass him or was just a lil unsure about the specificities herself… Doesn’t matter… that scene was hy.lar.ious!


Happy Birthday DesignerNailsDiana


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330 Responses to Real Housewives of New Jersey Cast Blogs Blogged and Let’s Chat

  1. not THAT Jill says:

    I’m going to repost so those who asked can read

    We were very late for the cocktail hour due to transportation trouble-the hotel was supposed to provide shuttle service but they fell short so most of us were left waiting for a ride from hotel to venue-I got there just as the cocktail hour was ending.
    When we arrived Kevin went to the restroom while I waited on the lobby which was huge and and welcoming. I didn’t know which area our cocktail hour was in (OMG THE PLACE IS SO BIG) so I was looking for someone to tell me where to go. I asked the bartender in the main bar and he was a total jerk as were the rest of the bartenders I encountered for the rest of the night. With no idea where to go and no one to help me I turned around and who do I see…AL MANZO-now you know I’m not a fan of the Manzo family but this guy was sooooo nice and soooo personable. I said “hello Al, I’m here for the Brady wedding and I’m looking for the cocktail hour” he replied” come this sweetheart -the cocktail hour is almost over but I’ll make sure you get a drink and let’s see if here is anything to eat”. After Kevin joined us we went outside and it was beautiful-I wish we were there for the whole cocktail hour b/c I heard the food was outstanding.
    We went into the main ballroom for the reception but I made a quick stop in the ladies rooms—it was GIGANTIC-and a bit outdated-not run down but old fashioned. No baskets with flip flops or Advil or first aid kits…( they did have a basket of flip flops right out side the reception room-American Eagle navy blue-all my nieces snagged a pair)
    The bartenders in the reception room were rude and obnoxious-I hate that. Also they didn’t have Coors Light which just pisses me off…
    Dinner was DELISH!!! Penne vodka cooked to perfection and filet mignon that was superb. I missed the cake (I think I was outside stalking/smoking) but they also had waffles and ice cream-delightful!!
    While we were eating dinner I noticed someone going around to the tables-it was Tommy Manzo-he went to each guest and asked if they were ok and of they were enjoying themselves-I think I may have been the only person there who knew who he was!!!

    • Powell says:

      Sounds like you had a good time. It’s great Al & Tommy were nice & welcoming. Too bad about the bartenders. Were they Brownstone staff or hired?

    • plainviewsue says:

      Jill, I responded on the other blog with a thank you for your recap!!! I’m glad to hear that Al was a good guy & took care of his guests. I wonder what the situation has been between Al & Tommy since the fallout between Caroline and Dina. Glad you had a great time!!

    • Amalfi says:

      I knew there had to be something appealing about Al Manzo besides his money. He sounds like he can pour on the charm, sweetheart. lol

    • Laineylainey says:

      I love reading this!!! Thanks Jill! It’s interesting that Al’s Brownstone personality doesn’t translate to television. He seems to love his job, that’s where he is happiest, it seems. Glad ou had so much fun!

      • not THAT Jill says:

        He was VERY nice-I was not surprised. I kind of figured he would be personable considering his business-plus I think that fact that I wasn’t star struck probably kept him in business mode. I mad a promise to myself that I wouldn’t act like he was a was a “bravolebrity” if I happened to see him! I was also not surprised that 95% of the people at the wedding had no idea who Tommy Mamzo was-even my little sis didn’t recognize him and she watches all the HW shows. She was so mad that she didn’t realize it was him until he left the table and the groom came over and asked if we knew who he was!!

        • chismosa says:

          Jill I wouldn’t be surprised — that is their business dealing with their clients/ word of mouth for more business / service industry — he has to be FABULOUS and warm. Keep clients coming back for more.

          Thanks for the write up ……..

    • BB says:

      Thanks for sharing Jill. I wonder if Al knows how rude his bartenders are. If he and his brother are going around checking on the guests, you’d think they would want to know or if they know, would do something about it. Sounds like they care about the business.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I agree BB-you think they would be more on top of their customer service since they did spend a lot of time making sure the guest were having a good time-I actually asked one bartender to stop being so rude-it was really over the top. After I said a few words to him he was nicer to me but then everyone asked me to get their drinks…I should have kept my big mouth shut!!

    • Boobah says:

      Thanks so much for giving us the scoop, JnntJ! Sounds like you had fun. I’m glad Al was kind and helpful. Sorry about the bartenders…wth?!

    • TexasTart says:

      Replied in the last blog, still mystified a out Flip Flops!

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Isn’t the flip flop thing weird??? I swear they have at every wedding now-in different sizes!! My nieces think it’s the best thing ever-they all got a pair last night and they all wore them to breakfast this morning!!
        I laughed at myself for calling him Al-like we were old friends-I think he figured I was going to say “I’m a fan of the show” or some nonsense and he looked relieved when I just asked for direction!

      • Orson says:

        I commented on the last blog, maybe as relief for ladies wearing uncomfortable very high heels?

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      I am glad you had such a great evening. I hope we get to see a picture of you and Kevin 🙂

      • not THAT Jill says:

        If you are on Instagram search for #kateandmattswedding-there are a bunch of pics of me and my family…we are camera hogs!!!

  2. Powell says:

    Hello all. Two more epis. MTH is starting to dance a jig. 🙂
    Well you all watch NJ & I’ll watch The Emmy’s. 🙂

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I think I will watch the Emmys and catch NJ on the rerun

      • plainviewsue says:

        That is exactly what I am doing. Watching Emmys live. Boys are watching final episode of Dexter and then Breaking Bad. I’ll probably watch RHONJ after emmys if I’m not too tired or else tomorrow.

      • ladebra says:

        Wow, thanks for the inside scoop on the Brownstone. It sounds like they have a great family business. That’s a hard business – lots of competition, low margins, and a million details you have to be on top of. Good for Al and family for making it work.

        I’m so star struck -I still love watching everyone arrive and work the red carpet. I have enjoyed NPH when he hosts, hoping he does a great opener!

      • chismosa says:

        Jill how was Paterson???!!!
        I have to catch up. — hope you wrote us all up something good

        I don’t want to hear ANYTHING about dexter so I’m going to disappear later.

        How is everyone ! First day of fall right ?

      • Boobah says:

        That’s what I’m doing also. Emmy’s tonight, maybe NJ later or when it re-runs. I read that the Emmy opening number is supposed to be really good. NPH was fantastic when he did the Tony Awards. Hope he nails it again!

  3. plainviewsue says:

    Oooops, I forgot to thank Stars again for her painful and difficult job to get thru the NJ blogs!! Awesome, as always.

  4. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Hello All. Great blogs ALWAYS! 🙂 Tonight I think i’ll be watching RHONJ live instead of in the AM or OnDemand. Excited to see how BRAVO will ‘EDIT’ Penny&Crew this episode. How will they edit it to look like HaPenny and Tree are fighting when they are supposedly of the same mind, on the same team/side, or polite/civil strangers, barely there associates… you get the drift. WTH is going on and will we finally see who ‘started’ the rumors about MeGo in order to forget about investigating its truth? I like MeGo and could care less if she did or didn’t, I also don’t care for DaffyDuckLipKimD, BullDog, HaPenny aka Synthetica, or JohnTheGeek and their stalker machinations. Puh-leeze Louise, cut the shite, bring on the water, sink this ship and move on to BH and ATL!

  5. Amalfi says:

    Who is that moron blonde from Mad Men who said she loves Caroline Manzo. Yuk.

  6. LOL, very good job Stars, I really do think that Tre’s advice was good, IPPHO!! Love it!!!
    I loved the line:
    Well, unless they’re stuck at the Brownstone “working late” again. Wink… wink…

    And I get so confused with the canoli or is it canolis, can canoli be plural……is it like catus and cati, just kidding, don’t care, lol!!

    Funny how Joe Guidice comes out on top as Husbands go, I still to this day find him amusing….somehow I missed the Joe and Rosie show…….. I am serious when I say I don’t pay much attention while watching these shows!!

    Well, I am going offline, not even going to watch the Emmys, don’t want any spoilers, lol!!
    Have a great night everyone!!!

  7. VV says:

    Lisa has addressed the lier that claimed to have DMs by her sent to him bad mouthing Brandi.

    Let’s not forget Kyle replied to this guy giving him credibility with her tweet in which she never stated they were lies. I posted the Few days ago.

    @LisaVanderpump: @Ry82 the only DM I have ever sent you was “Thanks good morning” I have reported you to twitter,
    wonder who you are working for

    Original Message:

    • VV says:

      @LisaVanderpump: @Ry82 it’s disgusting that you concocted these tweets,there is no evidence on my timeline or yours of such interaction between us.#photoshop

      Original Message:

      • VV says:

        His Twitter account is private now.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I think Lisa is in damage control mode-I read a comment on another blog that made laugh-it said something like -Lisa is so good at this that she has Brandi throwing Brandi under the bus…

        • BB says:

          Oh, Lisa is good at this game Jill. I admire her ability to play it.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            Well she did say she makes the rules and I believe it…I would never try to “play” Lisa-I admire her ability to play without “playing”

          • cusi77 says:

            “Lisa is so good at this that she has Brandi throwing Brandi under the bus…”

            I so agree with that statement Jill! Brandy doesn’t need enemies… her worst enemy is her own behavior! I need to see the new Season how it plays, I have for sometime my doubts about how truthful is Brandi.

        • VV says:

          Lisa is too smart to send a NOBODY DMs bad mouthing her castmates. He claims he has 6 DMs. Why is he going private now? What does he have to hide?
          He made the whole thing up and Kyle took the opportunity to take a cheap shot at Lisa.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            If Lisa was so smart she never would have signed up to be on a bravo reality show….

            • VV says:

              She only had one restaurant, Villa Blanca when she signed unto the show. She opened SUR and that restaurant has its own show. She is getting to open a Third Restaurant P.U.M.P. this year. She knows what she is doing. She is the fan favorite. Nothing has aired that has damage her reputation. However, she knows why she signed for the show and she can handle the crap that comes with it…I do think this will be her last season though…

              • not THAT Jill says:

                She also has said that she has owned 15 some odd restaurants before she was on TV-she didn’t needBravo to help her restaurant business-she needed Bravo to make her FAMOUS-she not there for sh*ts and giggles-she is there for fame-just like the rest of them.

                • VV says:

                  Hmmm… not sure I agree.
                  She is there for the exposure the show offers and that helps her business. IMO. My understanding is that she and Ken had owned over 30 restaurants during their marriage. Yes, I know they were successful before but the bottom line for a business person like Lisa and Ken is $$$. HWs offers her that opportunity and free advertising.
                  She is taking advantage of the platform. She works at her restaurants per many tweets we read from people that visit her restaurants.

                • rabblerouser2010R says:

                  I think anyone who signs up for this probably has some narcissism in them.

                  • VV says:

                    Absolutely, I just think she does it because of that too but NOT exclusively for that. The smart HWs know that once they on the show for certain time. They know how to use it to their advantage.

            • Laineylainey says:

              It seems like a smart move for her. Not everyone fares as well.

          • rabblerouser2010R says:

            HI VV, I remember we were talking about this the other day…I just can’t imagine Lisa V being arsed enough to send someone 6 DM. Especially when she follows to DM someone then unfollows them right away..(probably so they don’t get so excited and blow up her dm box.

            I know because she DM-ed me once..
            I said something like how I would love to go to Villa Blanca sometime but having two small children…all the white decor would make me paranoid about spills ..and she replied in dm that they have take out..(she also followed it with JK, although I knew any way that she was just being playful). When I went to reply…I couldn’t.

            • VV says:

              Yes, I remember. What got my attention the first time was Kyle replying to that guy. Now, that was a stupid move on Kyle’s part to reply. I think I remember Brandi saying something about it too but I could be wrong…. Lisa is waaaaaay to smart.

        • Laineylainey says:

          Now THAT is clever

    • VV says:

      Here’s the original exchange between Kyle and her fan.

      Kyle Richard fan tweets;
      There..unfollowed Lisa so I dont have 2 receive ne more nasty DMs about @BrandiGlanville @YolandaHFoster @KyleRichards18 @KimRichards11

      Kyle replies:
      @Ry82 @BrandiGlanville @YolandaHFoster @KimRichards11 yikes

      Kyle’s Fan tweets:
      @KyleRichards18 @KimRichards11 Team Kyle&Kim since day1 & no1s changing my mind, tho I was told I should be flattered she DMs me LOL #PLEASE

      Kyle replied:
      @Ry82 @KimRichards11 Haha 🙂 well thank you 😊

  8. cusi77 says:

    Happy Birthday DesignerNailsDiana!!!!

    Thank you Starsssssssss You are da Best!!!!!!! Love your Blogging Blogs as much as your Blogs!

    Good evening everyone!!!!

  9. MelTheHound says:

    I still say this gorga cheating rumor is gorga generated.

  10. MelTheHound says:

    and there is the swine of all the swine. Why are they always named Kim…

  11. MelTheHound says:

    Of course Penny will be there. How can we have an end of season shitfest without all these people?

  12. MelTheHound says:

    We already know we aren’t seeing what ‘really’ happened.

  13. MelTheHound says:

    Does anyone really believe that Johnny Write contacted these boobs?

  14. lulu says:

    Notice the way meho is sitting?????

  15. MelTheHound says:

    And they buy the brat a car….

  16. VV says:

    Dick and Dick Jr. ……………………………..There I said it….

    Wakiles are on. Time for a potty break.

  17. lulu says:

    Ms pimp daddy tre!!!!!!

  18. MelTheHound says:

    Victoria Gotti… Shrunken head with a horsetail weave…

  19. VV says:

    Notice that we never saw Teresa “saying” what she said about Gia. We only heard the audio played.

  20. MelTheHound says:

    My dog just howled.

  21. VV says:


  22. lulu says:

    Owww!!!!!! My ears are bleeding!!!!

  23. lillybee says:

    OMG, Mel is truly horrible singing scales.

  24. MelTheHound says:

    She has a 3 note range… and they are all wrong,.

  25. VV says:

    Forgot my customary:

    RHONJ Night!
    This is kind of irritating me…”

  26. MelTheHound says:


  27. VV says:


  28. MelTheHound says:

    Again with the angel from god, asshole?

  29. lulu says:

    Think meho is f#$cking the camera guy for no reason keeps showing her @ss to the camera.

  30. MelTheHound says:

    BH… I CANNOT… Have fun with it ladies.

  31. VV says:

    Jac’s on tonight and Ashlee is bartender…. NOT watching…

  32. VV says:

    Let’s clarify the Manzo’s are the face of this restaurant. They don’t own it. Somebody please correct me.

  33. lillybee says:

    The Manzo boys should call Robert Irvine of Restaurant Impossible ASAP.

  34. VV says:

    Maybe the investor (s) is a friend of Andy.

  35. MelTheHound says:

    Big Al keeps saying pop the nipples…. she won’t listen..

  36. lulu says:

    Heh your a franchise??????

  37. MelTheHound says:

    Is this the now infamous Live performance?

  38. MelTheHound says:

    Cotton balls in Mels ears, in my ears as well.. Let it go MeGo

  39. lulu says:

    No worries Melissa’s utter lack of humility never fails!!! Her voice and writing skills never disappoint!!!!

  40. MelTheHound says:

    Yeah that producer wrote that song about poison Tarzan..

  41. cusi77 says:

    Oyster Bar! That is a good business. Like Lisa Rules, here we have Momz Rules!

  42. not THAT Jill says:


  43. cusi77 says:

    Audriana’s eyes are the most beautiful eyes ever!

  44. lulu says:


  45. MelTheHound says:

    Oh. My. God….. Did THAT EVER SUCK!!!!!

  46. lulu says:

    Thank you joe but we already know your wife can’t sing!!!

  47. chismosa says:

    Jill I’m reading your review of the brownstone – thanks for reposting

  48. MelTheHound says:

    Oh quit the lies Gorga….

  49. VV says:

    Nick’s Therapist sings better that Melissa.

  50. VV says:

    STFU Christ Lurkita….we know what you guys do to charities. YOU STEAL THEIR MONEY!

    • chismosa says:

      Vv the way chris went up to Jacq and said that said to me that this was pre-rehearsed. Jacq hearing this for the 1st time would have thrown furniture or something.

      Total edit job /// directors’ notes

  51. MelTheHound says:

    No he isn’t.. You are Jac

  52. MelTheHound says:

    That’s saying an awful lot there Jackalope.

  53. cusi77 says:

    That is sooooOooo vile! To say that they are faking Nicholas condition is the worst a parent can endure. In the social media… that Johnny just wants fame, even if it is infamous for 6 minutes, he wants whatever he can get… or WORSE: is Bravo behind scenes paying those morons to cause trouble in their cast lives for the sake of ratings.

  54. MelTheHound says:

    I guess we don’t need to recap Joes part at the compound… useless as always.

  55. MelTheHound says:

    Are we going to get to this fight or not?

  56. MelTheHound says:

    Are YOU going to grow some balls, cheetoh-dick?

  57. Amber...Real Wife says:

    HowTF does he keep driving while under bail for falsifying a drivers license?

  58. MelTheHound says:

    Drop this tired ass story line Gorgas.

  59. VV says:

    Dum Dum is really Dum!

  60. MelTheHound says:

    Oh STFU Cheetohdick

  61. VV says:

    Melissa and Joey look nervous.

  62. VV says:


  63. MelTheHound says:

    Was that Rich talking about Losers? AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHhahahahahahhaaaaaaaaaaa

  64. MelTheHound says:

    So they cut the greek completely out of it eh?

  65. VV says:

    Why don’t they show copies fo this Tweets? Bravo always shows screen shots of tweets. I want to see it.

  66. MelTheHound says:

    Somebody give that poor horse his tail back and bury that mop top in the sand at the beach during low tide. When high tide comes in, DONE DONE DONE

  67. VV says:

    I hope Penelope Pitstop escapes tonight and sets the record straight on this. I see a lot of choppy editing and a lot of statements made but we don’t see the person’s face while making them.

  68. VV says:

    Somebody tell Johnny Wright to sign Jac’s Therapist!… She can sing!

  69. Amber...Real Wife says:

    My 73inch TV is showing Penny saying someone is telling her to do these things and that person hides. She still hasn’t said who it is but I get a feeling…..oooh oooh (black eyed peas)

  70. VV says:

    That is true. Penny used to be a Special Ed Teacher.

  71. MelTheHound says:

    I have a black friend so I love all black people… Same thing..

  72. MelTheHound says:

    Snatch that weave Teresa.. SNATCH IT.. SNATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Amber...Real Wife says:

    oh yeah she did it, she accused her!

  74. VV says:

    Teresa should just forget about Joey. As long a Melissa is married to him, she’s not gonna have relationship with him because Melisa chirps on his ear.

  75. cusi77 says:

    VV Show us the tweets now, Please! I heard Kim d voice in the last discussion… I can’t believe Teresa has been behind those ugly things! Here is when Jax hit J The Greek with her shoe heel?

  76. VV says:

    Somebody elaborate on this tweet.

    @Teresa_Giudice: For me, the best line of the night was when @JacLaurita said, ” I don’t blame them, I blame you!”

    Original Message:

    • cusi77 says:

      @JacLaurita said that to whom? To Kim D?

      • VV says:

        That’s what I’m trying to find out. I missed the exchange.

        • embee says:

          Jacqueline said that in a TH regarding Penny. She accused Penny of talking out of both sides of her mouth, stating Penny first said she didn’t tweet anything about Nicholas and then saying that people put her up to it. Jacqueline said she didn’t blame the people who put Penny up to saying those things, she blamed Penny for saying them. Frankly I don’t think Penny or Johnny ever tweeted anything negative about Nick. These supposed tweets (don’t they always show screen shots of tweets) are a figment of a Sirens producer’s imagination.

          • VV says:

            If they can produce a screen shot, I’m calling BS. I think Bravo productions is the one behind most of this rumors and BSing people so, that the cast gets riled up.

  77. VV says:

    Has Bravo ever shown what the Manzo’s really think about Melissa’s voice. It seem that they only show what Teresa says… Does Caroline say Melissa has a good voice or Christopher or Lauren? Just wondering…. It’s odd they don’t comment on Melissa’s singing.

  78. VV says:

    Faux tweeted that Penelope might post a blog tonight. (not in those words)

  79. VV says:

    I get the feeling when Victoria Gotti was told by Production to bring up the Jail talk about Joe.

  80. not THAT Jill says:

    The Emmys are driving me nuts-the audio is not in sync with the video-it’s very annoying!!!

  81. Laineylainey says:

    For the first time in years, I cancelled the taping of all future RHONJ. I know, I know, what took me so long, right? I just figured, why tape a show I can’t watch?

  82. Laineylainey says:

    Awwww! The tribute to Caroll O’Connor and Jean Stapleton! Lump in throat. Two television greats!

    • ladebra says:

      Oh boy. And the Jim Gandolfini tribute so touching.

    • chismosa says:

      I completely am flabbergasted and upset like so many others over the controversy to not do anything on Larry Hagman but to do Cory Monteith.

      • Laineylainey says:

        Oh gosh, I didn’t realize.

      • MelTheHound says:

        Who is Cory Monteith and who cares?

        • BB says:

          He was on Glee. He died of a drug overdose. I never watched Glee but from what I understand, he was a very talented, nice person.

          • MelTheHound says:

            Oh another dead junkie.. So sad… not…

          • Mrs Peabody says:

            He was very talented and I enjoyed watching him but I don’t feel he should have been singled out either. His death was due to his addiction and see nothing worth celebrating in that nor do I feel he should have been put ahead of Larry Hagman who I think was a wonderful actor or Jack Klugman. I realize that Cory might have become a great actor if he had lived but he wasn’t at the age he died and he died due to his own actions. That is why I did not watch the Emmies. If they wanted to do a special honor for some of the people it should have been someone who earned it and he didn’t

            • MelTheHound says:

              You know what.?.. I think Jimi Hendrix was a great guitar player, Probably far ahead of his time. I think Janis Joplin had one of the greatest rock/soul type voices ever. I don’t mourn their dead junkie asses either,

            • chismosa says:

              I completely agree Mrs P

              That’s the issue

              MTH ^^ I think any of the under 30 or under 20 gleeks and fans were way into it. But this was an addiction issue. Larry Hagman was glorious in the history of American TV
              Monteith was supposedly a very kind nice man (Canadian!) but it was not called for.

              • MelTheHound says:

                Glee sucked the second it started.. I don’t give a shit if he was nice or not or where he was from. There are a lot of nice dead junkies, I’m certain.

                • chismosa says:

                  Sorry, just explaining about Cory.

                  • Noelle says:

                    Don’t apologze Chinamoon,
                    You did nothing wrong.

                  • Noelle says:

                    For the most part, my children do not even know “Who” Larry Hagman or Jack Klugman were, was and is.

                    That’s the way the ball rolls, and for what’s it worth; Jane gave an outstanding tribute, while instilling a PSA (on our youth) on the networks dime!!

                    Kudos to her. Bittersweet, IMO.

                    Closed minds never learn anything because they “KNOW” everything!! WhatEvs.

                    Says a lot about the person who’s judging.

                • Noelle says:


                  Glee sucks, In your opinion, but FOR sure the Hell Not in mine!
                  Empathy for all those troubled souls, Who the Phuck are YOU to judge anyone?
                  Yes, Breaking Bad is so better for my kids to Watch!!
                  Piss OFF!! Oh Brilliant one!
                  This is sooo pathetic. Refuse to go there any longer..

                  Have a nice day Sunshine!

        • Noelle says:

          You are truly a Tool and a Douchebag to boot!

        • Noelle says:

          You are an Azzhole!

    • VV says:

      This guy is the one that Melissa’s sister attacked. I did see some if the vile tweets Meho’s sister sent him and I think I posted a few here.
      Not sure, I think this is the “parked car” guy.

  83. I’d like to see what Penny has to say to get out of this edit, however I can’t help thinking that until Johnny was attacked by the trio, she was willing to take their side to get more camera time. Something stinks in all of this – – – that’s all I’m saying. Sniff, sniff.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      He’s so pathetic…oh wow a picture from almost 20 years ago…..stop the presses.

      • Wow bombshell – Melissa knew him when she was 15.

      • VV says:

        This guy claims he has a contract to tell his side of the story with Melissa and that her lawyers are fighting him to keep the story from being told.

        • MelTheHound says:

          Oh horseshit.. Put the phuck up or shut the phuck up. He has nothing but his dick in his hands.

          • rabblerouser2010R says:

            I thought he said his story was already told and was going to be released but some sort of natural catastrophe ‘bumped’ it.

            • VV says:

              Angel of God? 😉

            • MelTheHound says:

              Oh please with these extras. I have already said I don’t believe she is a cheater and none of these assholes has come far enough out of the toilet to convince me otherwise. I say a lot of things about her but that’ll never be one of them before that happens.

              • rabblerouser2010R says:

                I have no idea if Melissa ever cheated on Joey…and I don’t really care…it’s none of my business…but this Anthony idiot needs to STFU. and sit down.

                • MelTheHound says:

                  We have been hearing about this for about 9 months now and no one can produce any proof. I don’t care either, she isn’t my wife. My point all along is that Joey should be cracking the heads of these ‘guys’ who keep running their mouths. I mean bust them right square in the mouth with a baseball bat. NO ONE would get away with talking about my wife like that.. Then again, I wouldn’t marry the type of woman who would go on a show like this either.

  84. VV says:

  85. VV says:

    • chismosa says:

      VV have you upgraded to ioS 7 yet?

        • chismosa says:

          Is it crazy? I just read all these articles about how it’s such an adjustment for people so take a few days to do it. People are having issues with their eyes and stuff lol

          I haven’t yet ….. And it’s funny I have no notification on my settings telling me to. Haha

          • VV says:

            No issues here. Takes a little use to but so far so good.
            Go to: Settings>General>Software Updates

          • Mrs Peabody says:

            Don’t do it, I hate it and wish I could undo it. I went to AT&T and they told me once you do it you can’t change it till the next upgrade comes along. I hate I have to put a password in where I didn’t before. If you don’t stop all the programs from running it wears the battery down in a couple of hours. I had to have AT&T show me how to get rid of the appls running as there is no little x on them. The appls are horrible looking. Big and childish. You have to click it off to so it isn’t continually on. I hate it and wish I had left it alone

            • chismosa says:

              Thanks mrs P, that’s my thinking.
              I don’t want to do it yet !

              I’m also taking my parents to get the 99 cents iPhone 4S so I hope when starting up a NEW phone it’s not automatically on 7???? I wonder.

              Thank you for all youse advices.
              I’m used to shutting things down on my phone anyway.
              Plus you should run your battery until it is drained down 1x a week and shut your phone down 1x a month. One is 1x a week one is 1x a month I forget which is which

  86. VV says:

    In reference to tonight’s show.

  87. chismosa says:

    Hi I’m trying to avoid anything because of finales tonight but — Texas Tart if you’re around, or someone else- can you tell me what the poll question is at 11?

    Thank you thank you thank you ———

  88. What a role model.

    Richard Wakile ‏@richardwakile
    I really appreciate all the people that enjoy my sense of #humor! Oh yeh 1other thing all the #haters can all #fuckthemselves seriously!

  89. Someone on my facebook feed posted that Downtown Abby Episode One is available. Question – should I find it and watch, or wait??

  90. VV says:

    Saw a preview of next week where Tre talks to Joey. Badly edited, very choppy, audio levels changes when statement are being inserted. They make it look like Teresa is apologizing or admitting but on a couple if occasions when Joey accuses her You can hear audio cut off.

    • chismosa says:

      Vv by Heather (handler) tweeting what she did above about Siren — doesn’t this put Teresa in a bad position with Bravo and her bosses there ??

      I’m just wondering ….. This could ruffle feathers for Tre, no?

      • VV says:

        No, in the words of Faux, they do not have a fiduciary relationship with them.

        • chismosa says:

          Ok so the connection of Heather ➡Teresa ➡works for bravo and then:
          heather saying anything against any production team of Bravo’s does NOT Tre in danger ?
          Just wanted to be clear
          Ok good for Tre

  91. chismosa says:

    Is the poll who you believe ???? Or not believe ?

  92. My stomach hurts just watching the preview of the WWHL with Tree and Juicy. I’ll be the ratings are through the roof though.

  93. MelTheHound says:

    Why is Asslee on the show?

  94. VV says:

    @FauxRealityE: So Ashlee Holmes just admitted she works for US Weekly, but @Teresa_Giudice is accused of selling stories? #Priceless #RHONJ

    Original Message:

  95. Teresa Giudice ‏@Teresa_Giudice 22m
    Penny must be jumping up & down in joy right now. #Hilarious #WWHL

  96. VV says:

    This guy worked with Melissa. He is at odds with her. He is close to Penny and Johnny the Greek. He is also NOT fan of Teresa.

    @WillLoveInc: If anyone knows @PDKhair u would know she was a special needs teacher. #rhonj and #bravo keep trying to turn a whore into a housewife

    Original Message:

    • MelTheHound says:

      Another asswipe wannabe heard from.. Boy, you kill one cockroach there are a thousand more. Get out the hammers people, Raid doesn’t do any good. They just change color, get up and scurry away..

  97. chismosa says:

    I’m awaiting the crap to start up again.
    Not looking forward to it.

    There’s a Will and Grace marathon on WE.

    Tooooo funny !!

    • chismosa says:

      Lainey omgod it’s the moment when Karen looks like she’s going to jump out the window but instead gets her bottle of vodka. Hahahahaaaa

      • Laineylainey says:

        It’s not coming to mind…but you know I love those wacky kids. If I’m blue, they always make me laugh.

  98. djprincessc says:

    I love Teresa (not Jacquelyn) but I am sorry, comparing them to Lucy and Ethel is a disgrace!!! Such a classic duo shouldnt even be said in the same sentence as them. And yes I am a Teresa fan! lol.

    • chismosa says:

      Jacqueline’s face at the event tonight —- she came straight from the dermatologist — she’s so puffy ! And her nose ….

  99. VV says:

    @KyleRichards18: @realDonaldTrump @Agustin_Gil @ApprenticeNBC @KimRichards11 you tell ’em Donald 😊

    Original Message:

  100. Amalfi says:

    ok so i just watched rhwnj and i have no idea wtf penny thinks she is spinning. what a cow. and if she is telling the truth, why backtrack now? it is so hard to watch these people shed real tears even if the situations are false.

  101. VV says:

    @LisaVanderpump: @Ry82 I see you have just protected your tweets…something to hide?

    Original Message:

  102. VV says:

    Kim DePaola (@KimDPosche) tweeted at 8:00pm – 22 Sep 13:

    Wtf!!!! Teresa had nothing to do with these rumors. (

  103. chismosa says:

    Strip mall restaurant with Victoria gotti?
    Tre take the hat off so disrespectful

  104. chismosa says:

    Albie looks like he’s scared Al is going to beat him

    They don’t have warming or heating lamps for those hot plates ?

  105. Mrs Peabody says:

    WTH is wrong with clown face’s hair all the time, doesn’t she ever look in a mirror. I swear her and Vicki do not know what a brush is for. They always have the ugliest hair. Clown’s always looks the worse and Vicki isn’t far behind. I wish both would hire a stylist. Damn clown’s hair looks horrible. Will someone tweet her and tell her to buy a brush and mirror and use them. This is really starting to irritate me.

    • chismosa says:

      It’s really bad. But then she had those spiky short cuts that they still show on the show’s theme song — she needs an in between.

      It doesn’t lift her face at all

    • VV says:

      You mean Penelope is back 😉

      This explains a lot. I still think Penelope’s story is how things happened. Bravo is telling the story they want to tell. The editing last night was the worst. They only showed a part for a “few seconds” were Penny and Teresa were exchanging words that was not edited but they did it to tie the rest of the made up exchange. To give it credibility.
      Next week the clips show Teresa as if admitting to Joey but we know us BS. It is edited.

      Bravo still selling the Melissa victim story. Melissa and Joey destroyed this show.

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