Let’s Chat – Real Housewives of Miami

First of all – congratulation again to Ana Quincoces on her engagement.

ana quincoces

Ana hasn’t been getting a good edit from what we’ve seen of her this season, and hasn’t had a chance to explain her behavior at last year’s reunion.  I will say when I interviewed her last year she was great!


I’m not sure what we’ll see tonight, but I hope Lisa’s monster-in-law has left the vicinity.  That woman makes my blood pressure rise.  We’ll probably move into phase 2 of wedding planning for the dueling weddings – neither of which I care about.  Hopefully there will be something else going on.

Let’s Chat.

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  1. Powell says:

    NMD I hope something finally fun is going on tonight on Miami.

  2. lulu says:

    Anyone watch “Last tango in Hailfax?”. Awesome series on PBS.

  3. chismosa says:

    That’s awesome about Ana. He is very handsome. They have like 7 daughters between the two or something, not sure – so cute

  4. TexasTart says:

    I tried to put a link to the new blog in the old and it didn’t work. Took me so dang long to do it, I’m not trying again. Frustrating and my battery is dying 😦

    In other news – The Voice is baaaaack! 🙂

  5. TexasTart says:

  6. TexasTart says:

    Welcome to Miami 😀

  7. Nancy says:

    Is Alexia’s ex still in prison?

  8. Nancy says:

    All the housewives are on drugs! lol

  9. TexasTart says:

    I hate her because she’s beautiful [sarcasm]
    I guess there is nowhere to wedding shop in Miami [sarcasm again]

  10. Nancy says:

    Where is all her money coming from?

  11. Nancy says:

    Peter needs anger management asap!

  12. Nancy says:

    She didn’t even see it.

  13. TexasTart says:

    OH! She’s having the wedding in San Diego?! So that’s the purpose of the trip…okay.

  14. Nancy says:

    Nobody gets married in a church anymore.

    • Laineylainey says:

      I didn’t. (Don’t tell Chismosa! Haha!)

      • Nancy says:

        Nor did I. God and I weren’t on speaking terms back then.

      • chismosa says:

        Lainey lol

        Not my parents either until 12 years later when they had kids

        Again, if you’re not a church-goer then not a shock to NOT marry in one.
        If you are then why not get married in one ? That’s all I meant

        • Laineylainey says:

          Lol! I was actually just teasing you, sometimes I don’t know when to quit.

          But since you posed a question about why not get married in a church…you know there are two people involved in a marriage right? Rhetorical… but anyway, picture this…Sometimes two people do not share the same religion, so instead of one person “winning” they compromise. Sometimes church going or faithful people have a quick change in their lives like…a new job, where you are given less than a month to relocate and you don’t want to go without your significant other so you have a quick wedding. So I have given you a couple of scenarios where people of faith or as you say churchgoers might not have a church wedding. I suppose others could come up with other examples. Funnily our own children have never commented or questioned us on the fact that we did not have a church wedding, isn’t that interesting? Never, not once. I never thought About how cool that is..its pretty damn cool of them, now that I think about it. 😘👫

          • chismosa says:

            You are very lucky. I’m always questioning my mother about everything under the sun. She has very limited blood family left and is very secretive (Scorpio)

            I always tell her – you die tomorrow and I won’t know anything about you guys.
            I think since she never had a mother she is extra close with me who knows.

            I totally totally get your examples. My parents were two different faiths, though they were the closest of the Christian faiths that involve Catholicism. So- regardless they didnt do it until a baby was involved. Also I believe my father’s a$$hole brother didnt approve of my mother because she wasnt greek though she came from “money” and my dad is from a small (but very nice and successful) village! These are secrets I need to get out of her …..

            I bang my head again 🙇
            Ok rant done. I get it — teasing. I’m so literal my friends always tell me- and gullible ! I believe anything !

            • Laineylainey says:

              We have that in common…kinda sorta literal. However, life experience has helped me to see that not everything is so black and white. But I like black and white, it’s comforting. I drive THEM (my kids) crazy with the questions, I try not to, but, I am a lil bit like chismosita…I want the scoop, honey!

            • NJBev says:

              don’t know if you will get to read this but it’s very important to have at least your Mom
              “write it down”
              My Mom, who came from Berlin after the war, never said a word out of fear of offending
              anyone or being “labeled” herself out of shame for the acts of her country. (she was a child when it started) We BEGGED her to retell her story, which she finally did.
              Between 1989-1993 she got some bug up her Butt and started typing out these
              “snippits” little chunks of events thru a several month or year time frame.. A couple of
              pages, so profound, succinct and to the point. She typed out 4 essays. Each describing
              the different phases of the war, the effects on the population, the requirements of
              the German people(if you lived in the country, and someone, or some family, who came from a City (prob recently blown up or out)showed up at your door, you were required to
              open your home to them- needless to say these people did not like this “requirement”-
              Yet, they were the staunchest to believe in the “fairy tales of Hitler”(((((I am not getting
              political here)))) ….. maybe because they didn’t see the destruction of the cities
              and didn’t believe the rumors of the atrocities – Mom said they hated these “requirements”
              because, in fairness to them, they didn’t want to share their food. She understood that.
              She talks about having to wake up at 4am in order to lick the dew off the grass, as that
              would most likely be all the water she would get for the day.
              She got shot at by her own people because they thought she was trying to steal their
              potatoes.(she was)
              At the end of the war my Mother had to go back to Berlin to see if her Father was alive-
              (her parents did not want her to be an orphan, so when the war was getting intense,
              her parents split up and my Mom and her Mom traveled with her school to Bavaria,
              where they had make-shift classrooms and did the best they could to keep up the
              educations.) It must have worked somewhat, as my Mother was fluent in4 languages.
              Towards the end of the war(everyone knew it was over but Hitler)
              my Mother walked back to Berlin from Bavaria, alone. Her Mother was sick. and they
              had to know if her Father was alive or dead- it took her 7-10 days(I’m not sure, gotta re-check
              records) she hopped on trains, until the track ran out- got shot at for stealing those Damn
              Potatoes(German staple) and had “the adventure of a lifetime” as she was about 17-18
              years old. ~~She did it because she didn’t know she wasn’t supposed to be able to do it.~~
              She got to Berlin, found her father, (he was 100lbs thinner and a little hard to recognize)
              (NO LAP BAND HERE) lol no, not really funny.
              She stayed with him for 4 days. Then walked back to Bavaria to get her Mother and bring
              her back to Berlin…

              CHIMOSA- sorry for the boring story, but my point is, to ME-it’s not boring as it’s my
              history- and you should know all the stories that contribute to your very existence–.

              PS. My mother met my father, an American, during the Berlin air lift crisis. (The Soviets
              were blockading the city(they felt they deserved to have the whole city)-literally starving the people, not allowing anything in the city or anything out because they wanted the entire city, had it surrounded-as it was the German Capital,
              like Washington DC is ours) the city was eventually divided into 4 sections, the American,
              the French, the British, and the Soviet. The Soviet Section eventually became “East Berlin”
              and the the Berlin wall was constructed by the Soviets so no one could escape-
              The wall came down in 1989., almost 40 yrs later…..
              oh Good Lord, talk about a huge run-on sentence!! lol
              good thing it’s late now- hopefully no one will read it.

              It was just my way of pointing out to some of you that understanding and knowing your families history is kinda important…. if only just to your self.
              I know I learned so much about myself from all this………………….

              • Laineylainey says:

                Your mother was an amazing woman. You brought her experiences to life, NJBev! Reading about her makes me so happy and grateful to be an American. Thank you for sharing!

              • chismosa says:

                Nj Bev I’m going to respond to you on the next blog

                Hugs xxoo

              • TexasTart says:

                Very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

              • ladebra says:

                Thank you so much for sharing Bev. (If you like reading about war time Berlin, Ken Follett (sp) has a trilogy out and the second book, Winter of Our World, has a fascinating look at the city, and the 4 sectors. It’s fiction, but I recommend. I read both books out, but they stand alone also)

              • NOT BORING!!!! SO interesting!! I wish I had done this with my Dad, he had so many great stories….. LOVE YOU!!!!

  15. Nancy says:

    She’s making a fool out of herself. This is painful to watch.

  16. Uh oh – Adriana forgot to put on her blouse for her talking heads.

    Funny – almost a copy of Joanna when she was photographed wearing a seethrough net without a bra. At least Adriana remembered her braaar.

  17. TexasTart says:

    Okay, I’m not going to Adriana’s wedding because there’s a mandatory costume change…

    Who does that?!!!

  18. TexasTart says:

    Friends don’t make friends choose sides. If that’s something you have to direct people to do – then you need to find a new friend..or a puppet might work better.

  19. Nancy says:

    I love Lisa’s jacket.

  20. Nancy says:

    This is sad.

  21. TexasTart says:

    Points to Alexia she said she realized she hurt Peter by protecting him. She really needs to go to therapy with him – he has issues deeper than she can fix.

  22. TexasTart says:

    Help out a simple sista — you have to know someone to get a Birken bag?! Whaaat?!

  23. NJBev says:

    Listen, I’m as big a handbag Ho as they get……
    But when a bag costs as much as some houses
    there is something wrong with the world………….

  24. NJBev says:

    I know how Lisa feels right now listening to these idiots
    cackling about pregnancy…….. idiots

    • Nancy says:

      Ditto. 😦

    • cusi77 says:

      It seems insensitive but it is normal if you are going to get married you talk kids with your mom and friends… What they have to do? I would feel worst if no one could mention the B Word in front of me (Babies, not the other B….Lol) What is ridiculous is mention they have not a sexual life… That is enough reason to not marry. If that is true, I would sign that prenuptial ASAP

  25. TexasTart says:

    Lea – do something constructive with your money and hire a full time hairdresser…what a rats nest.

  26. TexasTart says:

    Good gosh did they just do a preview of the entire rest of the season?! One week at a time will do folks…..

    Heading over to the Fashion Police!

  27. lillybee says:

    It appears that the Story in the Star about Jill Z. has been pulled.

  28. NJBev says:

    Alexia has the most beautiful eyes, and looks like
    she has a great mane of hair—but why that awful
    I’d love to see her with her original color-I’d
    bet her eyes would “pop” even more

  29. cusi77 says:

    ******************************Take this comment with a grain of salt************************

    This comment is from The Miami Herald “January 04, 2013

    It’s not The ‘Real’ Housewives without something fake; the official spin on Adriana de Moura’s marriage scandal(s)

    Read more here: http://blogs.herald.com/scene_in_the_tropics/2013/01/its-not-the-real-housewives-without-scandal-bravo-replies-to-the-adriana-de-moura-marriage-shocker.html#storylink=cpy

    Then the comment I found there….

    Cruela DeMouras’ Top Ten List of Deceit:

    10. Never went to Sorbonne Paris University.

    9. Her fourth (4th) marriage is to Frederic in 11/4/08 after meeting a month prior. Lies on TV to get Bravo to pay for a wedding party.

    8. Frederic ‘gets’ his Green Card as a result of quickie court nuptials.

    7. Adriana & son get to live free with Fredric since he is a paid house sitter. Conveniently this is exactly the time she is being kicked off of Fisher Island for being in foreclosure and not paying anything for years.

    6. House, car, old boat owned by Fredric’s male “friend” who lives on Fisher Island and introduced the two prior to their quick court room marriage.

    5. As an ‘art dealer’ she does not actually own any art. Adriana tries to convince local artists to put their work on consignment at galleries for a commission. Her art biz is struggling. She begged Bravo to put her on the 1st RHWM show because she desperately needed the $40k. Lea got her on the show.

    4. Did not defend Lea from irrelevant Ana’s desperate personal attacks, despite Lea organizing donations so Adrian’a kid’s Fisher Island school tuition would be paid for multiple years. Word is Adriana sold out to Marisol who promised her a lame singing gig at some local fashion show TBA.

    3. Legal last name is Moura – she added “De”for effect.

    2. As Texas maid, she slept with both boss and his son.

    1. ‘Got pregnant’ from boss’s son forcing him to become hubby #3.


    Posted by: LoveBravoGals | January 06, 2013 at 06:44 PM

    Read more here: http://blogs.herald.com/scene_in_the_tropics/2013/01/its-not-the-real-housewives-without-scandal-bravo-replies-to-the-adriana-de-moura-marriage-shocker.html#storylink=cpy

    • chismosa says:

      Cusi I just wrote this whole response to you— where did it go??

      There was this socialite in ny who was Colombian I think but born in queens – and she married a greek man and added “de” in her name

      She was made fun of because of how pretentious she is/was

      The only “de” people I know are from Madrid. They are LEGIT.

    • T-Rex says:

      This whole thing is correct, It’s what I posted earlier and this is the reporter that initially found the Marriage License, it was NOT leaked by Lea.

  30. I’ve been thinking about it – and I wonder if Jaq and Chris made up the JTG tweeting about Nick storyline to demonize the duo and take the heat off Melissa. Then their overacting got out of hand.
    Anyone remember the reunion where Jaq showed a tweet that Danielle apparently sent agreeing with someone that made a horrid threat against Ashlee. It took about 5 minutes of reading through Danielle’s tweets to confirm that her tweet to that guy was at his request for birthday wishes. She wasn’t even tagged in his Ashlee tweet. I never heard Jaq apologize for accusing Danielle of that on national TV.

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      The fact that we have t seen the tweet makes the whole story suspect. The tweet would have been brought out by now if it ever existed. Deleting doesn’t delete as we all know so where is the tweet? I don’t think it exists-I like your thoughts on the matter and it seems very plausible.

      • Rebecca says:

        IF there was a tweet… EVER, Jacqueline would have ranted on twitter herself for days. Is anyone stupid enough to think otherwise with her history?



    • MelTheHound says:

      You know, People keep chiming in that Nicolas is NOT Jac’s story line. I really wish someone would tell me wtf it is then, because I must be too effing stupid to figure it out. Then again I do ‘like’ Teresa and defend her honor and all that…

      No one, including Jac, had shown these JTG tweets about her son. Then again, she never Can show proof, can she? All she can do is run her big mouth and we are just supposed to take that nut at her word. Sorry, I don’t buy what they are selling, whatever it is. Let’s see how many BLK ad placements St Chris can get on the next show.. Did Jac wear a BLK dress to the reunion?

      • Nancy says:

        Mel…Why don’t you think Nicolas is autistic?

        • MelTheHound says:

          I just don’t see it. What I see is a normal looking 3yo little boy reacting to the situations he is put in. I know that for the most part, I’m alone in that (but not completely).. I see his father in every facial expression we see on the show where any that I have ever run across were usually void of any expression as they have always looked lost inside their minds to me. Again, I know that for the most part, I’m alone in that. I wasn’t going to discuss this and in fact was asked not to when it came to my recaps. Since you asked though, there’s my answer.

  31. chismosa says:

    Sorry everyone —– re: DEXTER
    I watched it — as the whole country is, it was sort of a cop out.

    The earlier showrunner has some article on huffington post about what he would have done for the end. I’ll find the link.

  32. forget about that last post – I found the JTG tweets
    Number 6 and 7 down the list

  33. chismosa says:

    I’m not watching yet but my favorite actress from Reno 911 is on WWH can’t wait !
    She’s to DIE

  34. Powell says:

    So much was on. I tried to watch 6 shows. 🙂 I caught a little of DWTS. Leah Remini was practing she told Tony that “the church” is waiting for her to fail. To say look at what happens when you leave the church. That’s sad. The Church of Scientology is trying to tear her down. She did a fantastic job. 9, 8, 8. So suck it Church….

    • chismosa says:

      Her BFF JLo’s father is still in the “””””church””””” I think

    • TexasTart says:

      Good to hear! There was so much on my DvR cancelled DWTS. Why do they have to pile these shows up in a couple days – there are 7 days in a week!

      • chismosa says:

        Dancing in on demand with my cable co so if I just must tune in I can on there.

        There really is too much. I saw that they are running nonstop Breaking Bad every day until the finale LOL!
        I mean do they expect people to stay home from work ???
        That’s too much to dvr …..

  35. VV says:

    @TheBadHolic: So @TheBadHolic the reason Bethenny booked the @RichardWakile is because Bethenny’s booking girl is #Victoria’s friend? #RHONJ

    Original Message:

  36. chismosa says:

    Wow Bill Clinton looks – not great. So red !!!!


  37. Orson says:

    Was tonight’s episode taped before or after Peter’s kicking the homeless guy episode? Either way, the guy is a punk. And Alexia is enabling him. He wants to be like his dad? Then the next time he screws up (and he will), let him get his own lawyer. And not bail him out.

    • chismosa says:

      After. It’s just a bad situation all around. I like Alexia but something went astray in who she was attracted to and married (who was/is Alexia’s own father like?)
      Just a shame all around.

      I think being the child of a shrink can backfire on you and your own issues.
      Regardless, I still love Alexia. Sad sad sad

    • TexasTart says:

      After. Doesn’t appear he’s learned from that mistake.

  38. BB says:

    Good morning! I’ve already been up three hours (my days start early). I’m dragging this morning. I think Jack and I will go over to my house so my husband can play with Jack while I “rest.” Ha ha! Hope everyone has a great day today. Cool weather here. Supposedly went down to the upper 40’s last night/this morning. Brrrrrr!

    • TexasTart says:

      Good to hear from you…miss your everyday visits. Have a wonderful day BB!

    • chismosa says:

      Hope all is well BB
      we had the heat on last night here already. Wowza.
      Maybe the farmers almanac will be right about a tough winter ahead

      • Powell says:

        I hope it doesn’t get too cold so early. I held out until Nov last yr to turn the heat on. I piled on blankets. 🙂

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Wow…hard to believe you guys needed the heater last night.

        • chismosa says:

          Well it was like 50 (possibly less?) and i could have held out fine but my parents like warmer temps (yuck)

          Set the thermostat to like 67/68— not too high and it went on. So it must have been cold ! 🙅

    • Powell says:

      Morning BB. I.hope granddad has fun w/Jack while you get some rest.

  39. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    Blah blah Brandi will be on Bethenys show this Friday…in case anyone cares

    • TexasTart says:

      I’ll pass, but thank you!

      Ana Quincoces will be on The View on Friday. Not sure if it’s guest host again or guest.

      • chismosa says:

        Texas it looks like they’re ushering Latin women left and right over there to try to make their table diverse.
        Every week it’s someone new. I’m a fan of Ana’s. 💃💃💃💃

        • TexasTart says:

          I’m not a fan of that show, but I think Ana would make a good addition. However it would be better on, for instance, The Chew to utilize her cooking expertise.

    • chismosa says:

      Jill YOU care. Hahhahahahaaaa


    • chismosa says:

      Oh and Melissa and Joe are on B’s show today. Be sure to not miss it ☝☝☝☝🙊🙊🙊🙊

  40. chismosa says:

    FYI regarding the JZ pool incident in Star magazine. I’m holding an actual issue here with the article in it. So it ran last week.

    It’s the issue with best and worst beach bodies on the cover. Jill is underwater in the picture (?????)
    Too late to take it back Jill!

  41. rabblerouser2010R says:

    I’m going crazy…
    first we bought a new knife set the other day since the one we had was so old and most of the stuff was missing. We the them in the dishwasher to clean…when I went to put them back in the block the next day…already one of the knives are missing. I have NO IDEA where it is.

    The next is, there are crickets loose in my house.One or more is somewhere in our bathroom and they won’t shut up. I can’t find them to kill them or to put them outside…and they are driving me BSC.

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      RR-I have lost more knives and forks then you can imagine. I believe they the go to the same place as the missing socks…maybe the crickets stole your knife!!!

    • chismosa says:

      I have friends who use sticky glue traps for the crickets.
      The jumpy ones — not sure which kinds you have.

      Missing knives. Yikes !

      Lol Jill 🔼

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        I don’t know if they jump or not..they are hiding behind the cabinets or somewhere that I can’t see. But I need to figure something out. ahhhhhhh

    • Orson says:

      Two suggestions for you:
      1. Take the racks out of the dishwasher and search thoroughly.
      B. Be on the lookout for an armed cricket.
      iii. If you have a cat, make sure your last will and testament is in order. You’ll never see her coming.

  42. chismosa says:

    Wait so Tre was offered a spinoff already???
    Seems quoted, like they have her on tape saying this, not just made up.

    Teresa said that she’s turned down a spin-off series of her own many times because she doesn’t want her four daughters exposed to the scrutiny that she is under.

    “I was offered many times,” she said. “I don’t want a show that focuses on me and my children…I would not want my family ripped apart!”

  43. VV says:

    I just watched a RHONJ rerun still on and Melissa is talking to her friends and tells the that her friend Jan is starting a rumor that she cheated in the parking lot with a ex. IT IS CLEAR TO ME from that scene that Melissa knew her friend Jan started the rumor. They even showed a cover of the magazine and Meho says she doesn’t understand why her friend will do that.

    WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? If she freaking knew how do you make the leap from knowing who started rumors to BLAMING TERESA?

  44. VV says:

    In comes Jan with Kim D to the Milania event?
    *common denominator here KimD when she shows up at event crap happens..

    • VV says:

      You can hear Jan and Penny and one of them says “she was two timing her husband) I’m sure Melissa has copies if the episodes…

  45. VV says:

    Here is the idiot Joey saying Teresa is puppeteering all these people that do gossip.

    • VV says:

      Here’s Melissa again saying somebody is pulling the leash.
      I’m incline now to think there is something about this cheating rumors. If I am being accused of cheating, I will make sure people know that that is total BS and if I found the person doing the gossip I will confront.
      Melissa it seems to me is diverting the conversation to who is spreading rumors. Why? This doesn’t benefit her. I will be more concerned my reputation is intact.

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