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Becoming a Reality Star – Is it worth it?  by Lulu

Last week Ms Gorga decided to bless us with her….. book.  Fondly known here as “Fifty shades of Gorga.”  I have not read her book but read enough to form an opinion.  That is does she feel any shame at all?   This is really bad it’s worse then her singing bad.  From her husband Joey Gorga being called a marital rapist and misogynist to her horrendous writing.  Surely she knows people are either laughing at her or completely disgusted by her.  Did she really think her “advice” book would be well received?  That she would have been launched above Teresa’s star??  This just goes to prove that in all the series
either you have it or you don’t.

Teresa Guidice, Nene Leakes, Lisa Vanderpump, all without a doubt have it.  They are the breakout stars of their brand. Their success justifies it.  Teresa was on Celebrity apprentice, has NY bestselling cookbooks, Milania haircare and her beverage and pasta line.  While Nene has also appeared on Celebrity apprentice, on 2 tv shows Glee and The new normal.  Lisa prior to Hw’s already had built up her success.  But what I find interesting about Lisa is that she is humble and gracious.  That can be said of the three ladies for the most part.

The ones who are still working oh so hard to launch their stars only to fail miserably. Gretchen Rossi, Melissa Gorga and Brandi Glanville.  All try WAY too hard to be “it” for whatever its worth.  First Gretchen her tag line should be “Why me why is everyone always picking on me.”  Poor Miss never understood Gretchen who’s spent the past seasons wondering why the “popular” girls won’t play with her.  Could it be her lack of wit?  words do fail this woman miserably.  Or could it be her association with Slade and the over the top ridiculous engagement?  Anyone care if this women conceives a child? or gets married? She just doesn’t have it.  Melissa Gorga always and forever trying to be just like Teresa.  It’s too sad and pathetic that she had to create a rumor about herself just to feel relevant.  Her only storyline revolves around Teresa without her she has nothing.  On her own she’s boring and her home life is creepy.  Who wants to watch an overzealous husband with his tongue practically hanging out stalking his wife.  I don’t its gross!  Lastly Brandi with her “balls to the wall” attitude was initially refreshing.  But the women imploded drunken rants on twitter to now stepping on her castmates to be the “popular” one?  All these ladies fail miserably at being genuine or not having storyline that revolves around “how they feel miserable because of one or all castmates are picking on them.”

The ones we worry about:  Jacqueline Laurita, Kenya Moore, and Aviva Drescher.  Whether it be from alcoholism, nonstop poor choices, or flat out bats#it crazy.  Kenya on soo many levels is a strange one.  She dated a man who just wasn’t into her and it played out painfully on screen.  To her attacking castmates for virtually no reason other then she can then the twirling?  Aviva why  does she force her crazy father on us!  He’s gross!  Her personality is flat.  I get she has “issues” but if one has anxiety problems should you be on a “reality” tv show?  Jac who has come off the rails.  Her first two seasons she wasn’t as bad but the past few she’s been off.  I don’t want to be too hard on her I can’t imagine what she is going through with Nick.  I’ll leave it at that.  Surely Bravo has some sort of screening process? If you are mentally unstable you shouldn’t be on a “reality” show.

Here is my open ended question.  Is it worth it?  Either you will be loved or completely hated.  Imagine what their daily lives must be like?  Either in public they will be supported with positive comments or negative if hated.  I get this is what they signed up for but they didn’t sign up for producer’s manipulating footage to make them look bad.  The viewers can always tell the ones who are horrible without manipulation.  Bravo should take notes and let each “reality star” shine or fade on their own.


The Big Bang Theory

“The Scavenger Vortex” by Stars99


Everyone is sitting around a dinner table at The Cheesecake Factory… Raj mentioned that he noticed that no one RSVP’d to his Murder Mystery Dinner Party.  Leonard said they meant to RSVP but Raj said that they didn’t – because the party was a week ago and no one came.  Raj is very cranky about it.  Raj says, “If you want to solve the mystery, ‘Who stabbed Koothrappali in the back with a weapon of indifference’… It was all of you!”  However, Sheldon doesn’t think it was much of a mystery because they all fully knew what they were doing.   Never fear, Raj has something even better planned… He’s going to make them a scavenger hunt – like the ones they have at MIT.   Howard said that he loved the scavenger hunts at MIT – he did them every year.  Leonard said they did them too, – at Princeton.  Howard says, “Oh, that’s cute – like it’s a real college.”  Sheldon said he was going to say the same thing about MIT, but that it works for Princeton, too.  Penny, who was their waitress, tells them that she and her friends used to go on scavenger hunts all the time.  Leonard explains to her that traditionally, scavenger hunts at “elite colleges” (Howard interjects, “And Princeton) were different than normal scavenger hunts.  Leonard continues to explain how their scavenger hunts rely on logic, obscure knowledge, and science to solve clues. Penny said they used to just follow clues to find beer…

Cue the theme song!  Remember to say, “Bang” at the end!

bowling ballSheldon is packing his backpack so he’ll have everything he needs to win the scavenger hunt.  Leonard questions him about why he’s packing an actual bowling ball… Does he think they’re going to have to go to a bowling alley? … Sheldon reminds Leonard about how dirty the rental bowling balls are at bowling alleys and that he thinks, “You might as well stand on the corner and give away free rectal exams.”

smokeIt’s scavenger hunt night… Raj pulls out all the bells and whistles as an MC to majorly announce the evening’s festivities.  Raj uses a microphone… and throws a little smoke and sparks as he makes his announcement, “Who’s ready for a scavenger hunt?” He goes to the light fixture on the wall and flicks the switch on and off so the lights flicker like it does at an actual event.  Raj tells them that he has hidden a golden coin somewhere in the city of Pasadena.  They will have 10 puzzles (he is dramatically saying all of this while speaking into an echoing microphone that maximizes his announcement)… Each puzzle will lead them to the next puzzle and then last puzzle will lead them to the coin itself.  Sheldon keenly observes that, “Raj is a born showman.”  Howard, wanting to further rub it into Leonard’s face, innocently asks if those who went to Princeton will get a head start (as if they are at a disadvantage somehow…)?   Leonard just sneers at him and says, “Not funny.” Sheldon, in a Captain Obvious kind of way, explains the already clear joke and says, “Actually, it is if you didn’t already get the joke.”  Leonard snidely says, “Ha, ha.”  They then discuss how to choose teams.  Penny gets cranky at Leonard because it’s clear he doesn’t want to be on her team.  She argues that Leonard doesn’t think Penny is smart enough and will be a “liability” even though she was able to actually use the word “liability” correctly in a sentence.   Awww, it seems like no one wants Penny to be on their team… When Penny asked her BFF Amy to be on her team, Amy suggested they pick names out of a hat.

The next scene shows Sheldon pouting because he picked Penny’s name out of the hat.  Sheldon asks Penny if she knows the odds of him picking her name out of the hat.  Penny says, “No.”  He says, “It’s not hard – It’s 1 in 5… NOW, you know why I’m pouting.”

The teams are:  Penny and Sheldon; Leonard and Bernadette; and Howard and Amy – so none of the dating couples are on a team together.  Each team are in a separate room as they listen to their first clue.  Oh kewl, it’s an audio clue wherein you hear Raj on a recording telling them the clue.  A recorded Raj tells them, “The first puzzle IS a puzzle.”  Oh, it’s an actual jigsaw puzzle that they have to put together.  As the teams are starting to work on their puzzles, you can still hear Raj on the recording in the background asking, “How adorable is that?” Raj confidently tells them he wishes he had a friend like him.  Each team is frantically putting together their puzzle.  Penny has several pieces of the puzzle together but Sheldon makes her tear them back apart because she didn’t correctly start with the edges first.  He informs her that she should quit wasting time.

Meanwhile, Howard compliments Amy and tells her that she’s really good with puzzles.  Amy explains, “I did them all the time as a kid… As my mom used to say, “Doing them is like having a thousand friends.”   Amy apologizes to Howard for being stuck with her because she’s sure Howard would have preferred being on a team with Bernadette.  Howard asks her if she’s ever played a game with Bernadette…. Amy says, “No.”  Howard attempts to describe it, “Have you ever gone into a steel cage with a wolverine?”  OoooOOo… I guess someone must be a little competitive… lol!

Leo and B 2 inchesBernadette is urging Leonard, “Faster, faster, FASTER!” When Leonard doesn’t seem to be performing to Bernadette’s expectations, she exasperatedly says, “Do you not know that word?  It means, “More fast!”  Leonard tells Bernadette to stop yelling at him.  Bernadette gets 2 inches from his face and tells him that he will KNOW when she’s yelling at him.  Whoa… and people think I’m competitive!

After looking at a partially completed puzzle, Penny deduces, “It’s the comic book store!”… Sheldon says that they don’t know it for sure it’s the comic book store because they haven’t actually completed putting every single piece of the puzzle together.  Sheldon tells her it might be a trick and there might be a small sign in the window that says, “Go to the train store.” Since Sheldon is such a lover of trains, he really hopes there is such a sign.

Penny waitingOne by one the other teams figure out it’s the Comic Book Store, but it’s Bernadette who forcefully slaps Leonard on the back and says, “Come on, Numbnuts – It’s the Comic Book Store!”  This is all while Sheldon is still painstakingly piecing together their dang puzzle.  Penny is standing off to the side and is frustratingly saying, “It’s the Comic Book Store… It’s the Comic Book Store… It’s the Comic Book Store.”  Sheldon finally clicks the last puzzle piece into place, looks carefully at the puzzle, and calmly deduces, “It’s the Comic Book Store.”  Really?  Lolol!

Each team is in a different car driving to the Comic Book Store.  Sheldon puzzleLeonard is driving his team’s car, and is wondering aloud to Bernadette if she thinks Penny is mad at him.  Bernadette snottily asks him, “Why, because you’re in the right lane behind a bus and you won’t go around it?  I’m sure she thinks you’re charming.”  Obliviously, Leonard says, “No, because she thinks I didn’t want her on my team.”  Bernadette is starting to think Penny may have dodged a bullet, “the slowest bullet in the world.”  Leonard tells Bernadette that he never realized she was so competitive.  Bernadette starts explaining that she’s so competitive because she grew up in a house of 5 brothers and sisters and she had to compete for everything… but then, right in the middle of her explanation, she starts yelling, “Oh my god, you slowed down for a bird!!  You know they fly, right?”

Amy points out to Howard that it’s the first time they’ve ever been alone together.  They discuss the various reasons why it hasn’t happened beforehand.  Perhaps it’s because they don’t have anything in common?  They decide they MUST have something in common, but as Amy starts naming some things she likes such as, “Harps, poetry, Little House on the Prairie…” Howard quickly suggests they listen to some music.   They find out that they both love Neil Diamond… They start singing, “Sweet Caroline” at the top of their lungs… “Sweet Caroline… (Ba da da daaaaaaaaa)…. Good times never seemed so good… So good… So good…”

Raj is waiting for the team to arrive at the Comic Book Store.  He is standing, talking to Stuart, the owner of the store, and Raj is thanking Stuart for allowing him to use the comic book store as part of the scavenger hunt.  Stuart wonders if his name ever comes up when they plan these fun nights.  Raj reminds Stuart that he invited him to his Murder Mystery Dinner Party.  Stuart corrects him that he actually didn’t invite him.  Uh oh… awkward, Party of 1!

Amy and Howard are the first team to arrive at the Comic Book Store.  Raj tells them that the next puzzle is a riddle – and who better to give the clue to them than the Riddler himself?  There is a life-sized cardboard cutout of the Riddler standing there with the clues attached to him.  Suddenly, Leonard and Bernadette run in and Bernadette is yelling, “Go, go, go, go, go, go!”  Bernadette is berating Leonard for how slowly he runs.  She’s faster than he is even though she’s in heels and she stopped to take a phone call.  Leonard feebly attempts to explain that he has asthma…

RiddlerThe riddle is:  “Riddle me this…Arrah, arrah… And gather around… The work of this hero is legion bound… He multiplies N by the number of he and in this room the thing you’ll see.”

Penny and Sheldon finally arrive with Penny telling Sheldon they’re the last ones to arrive.  Sheldon tells her it’s a marathon, not a sprint.  Penny tells him people run in marathons – but Sheldon says, “Not with a bowling ball on their back.”  Leonard apologetically tells Penny that he wishes her good luck and hopes there aren’t any hard feelings.  Bernadette quickly punches Leonard in the stomach and says, “Hey, Romeo… Repair your relationship on your own time.” Leonard tells Bernadette, “Relax, it’s a hard puzzle, it’s going to take a while to solve.”

Penny starts reading aloud from the clue card with Sheldon reading over her shoulder, “Riddle me this…” and Sheldon immediately announces that he has figured it out.  As they leave, Penny yells back to Leonard, “Hey Princeton, look at this, Team Community College/Night school is in the lead!”

Howard and Amy take turns whispering in each other’s ear so Leonard and Bernadette can’t hear them discussing the clue.  Howard and Amy think they’ve figured it out and as they run out the door, they say, “To the Neil-mobile!”   Bernadette dejectedly says, “I knew it, we’re going to lose.”  Leonard announces that he’s solved the riddle!  Bernadette retorts, “Congratulations, you got it last!” As they run out, Leonard says to Bernadette, “You’re really mean, you know that?”

Stuart is suddenly left all alone in his store.  He says to no one but himself, “So, no one’s going to buy anything?”

Penny and Sheldon arrive at the geology lab and grab the next clue, “To continue on your quest, leave no stone unturned.”  Penny decides she has to ask Sheldon how he figured out they had to go to the geology lab based on the riddle?  Sheldon explains the simple solution to her that the “arrah, arrah” in the riddle referred to Jan Arrah, a member of the Legion of Superheroes, who was known as “Element Lad.”  According to Mr. Stars99, “Element Lad” first appeared in Adventure Comics in Issue 307, April 1963.

Sheldon continues to explain that the “he” wasn’t the masculine pronoun… but rather the “he” – the element known as helium.  Sheldon asks Penny, “See where I’m going with this?”  Penny says blankly, “Yes.”  Sheldon knows she’s lying and continues, “Element Lad’s ability is the power to transmute chemical elements…   Helium has the atomic number of 2… and if you multiply that by N (the atomic number of nitrogen is 7) you get 14… which is the atomic number of silicon.   And that is the most common element in the earth’s surface so that narrowed it down to the geology lab or the chemistry lab.”  In an effort to impress Sheldon after his long winded, explanation, Penny says, “Wow… I can drink a beer under water!”  Sheldon’s sure that Penny’s parents are proud.

And then, as if he hasn’t explained it enough, Sheldon says, “Finally, the line, ‘In this room the thing you’ll see’ is the obvious reference to Fantastic 4’s member ‘The Thing’ who is made of…” but Penny interrupts Sheldon and tells him to, “Shut up” because she’s solved the riddle.  Penny walks over to the back of the door to the lab and looks behind a poster of the iconic Rolling Stone’s lips and tongue logo… “’Underneath a stone…’ a Rolling Stone,” Penny says.  Sheldon behind the poster and says that those are map coordinates.  Penny asks him if he wants to know how she figured it out.  Sheldon says, “No, because no one likes a ‘Know-It-All”, Penny.”

In another car, in a land, far, far away, Amy and Raj are gleefully singing, “On the boats and on the planes… They’re coming to America!” This is completely hysterical because they’re using hand motions and everything.

Howard and Amy singingThe final team is now being driving by Bernadette because Leonard was driving just too slow for her.  You hear the squealing of their tires and the scenery is just zipping by their windows.  A very concerned Leonard tells Bernadette that he’s okay with her driving his car, “Just not FLYING his car.”  Bernadette assures him, “Don’t sweat it, my dad’s a cop… he can fix things.”  Leonard responds, “Uh, huh… Like death?” Bernadette then yells at another car out the driver’s door window, “Your kid may be an honor student, but you’re a moron!”

Through all of this, Leonard is sad that Penny isn’t answering his text messages.  Bernadette wants him to focus on the game.  Leonard just wants to quit because it’s the stupid game that has her mad at him anyway.  Bernadette cautions him not to quit because, “It would make her think you’re something she already thinks you are.”  Of course, Leonard wants clarification.  Bernadette tries to find a way to delicately explain what she’s trying to say.  Bernadette says, “She’s been known to call you a name that usually applies to a lady part – Or a cat.”  Leonard is completely stunned.  Bernadette continues, “Or a willow.”  Leonard says, “I can’t believe she’d say that about me.”  Bernadette responds, “If you’re going to cry about it, there’s some tissues in my purse…  Unless you’ve got some in yours, you big willow.”

Amy and Howard are still cheerfully singing, “They’re coming to America… TODAY! TODAY!  TODAY!” They are completely having way too much fun for words.

Sheldon is looking at the map coordinates very carefully and is guiding Penny who is driving, “Okay, another 30 feet.”  Penny says, “Oh look, it’s a bowling alley!”  Sheldon is so proud of himself and declares, “Yes, my brain IS better than everybody!”

In a quick montage of various snippets of teams finding other clues, you see Leonard lowering himself down several feet by crawling down the cables in the broken elevator shaft in their building.  He successfully retrieved the clue, but then he can’t pull himself back up.  He concludes that Penny may have been on to something…

Each team slams their car door as they get in to drive away to find another clue. Sheldon says to Penny, “To the Planetarium!” Penny responds, “Let’s go!”  Leonard says to Bernadette, “To the Tar pits!”  Bernadette responds, “Let’s go!”  Amy says, “There’s a Neil Diamond concert next month!”  Howard responds, “Let’s go!”

Sheldon arrive at laundry room in the basement of the building where they live.  There are 3 bags of laundry on 3 different washing machines. The good news is that it appears that they’re the first ones there.  The bad news is that it appears they have to riffle through a bag of dirty laundry.  Sheldon immediately hands the bag to Penny who is wondering why she has to be the one to go through it.. He tells her that she’s been training for this her whole life because she lives in a pile of dirty laundry.

Leonard and Bernadette arrive at the laundry room.  Bernadette tells Sheldon she’s mad at him that Penny and Sheldon beat them to the laundry room just because, “You made me slow down for that blind guy.” As each team begins to go through the contents of the laundry bag, Penny says, “The clue must be in the bag.”  Leonard says, “The clue must be in the bag.”  Penny then says, “It’s just a bunch of pants.”  Leonard says, “It’s just a bunch of pants.”  Penny wonders why Leonard is copying her answers if she wasn’t smart enough to be on his team.  Leonard wonders why Penny would want to be on a team of someone who she likes to call… Leonard then stammers, “I can’t even say it in front of Sheldon!”  Penny innocently asks, “What are you talking about?”  Leonard says, “You know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.”  Bernadette interjects, “No she doesn’t… I just made that up.”  Dumbfounded, Leonard asks Bernadette, “Why would you do that?”  Bernadette explains, “Because you were about to quit like a big, ‘Sheldon, cover your ears.’”  Sheldon says, “I’m not a child, I know the word, “Ninny.”  Penny tells Leonard, “You should have quit because I’m still going to beat your ass.”  Leonard says, “I’m every bit of a man as Penny.”

Sheldon spot on shirtThey find one of Sheldon’s shirts in each of the bags.  Each shirt has a spot on it – They all figure it out at the same time – that the coin must be located at “Sheldon’s spot” on the couch in their apartment.   The three of them (Penny, Leonard and Bernadette) are fighting each other to be first to get up the several flights of stairs up to their apartment.  Upon entering the apartment, Penny and Leonard dive towards the couch and Bernadette comes alongside Penny and effortlessly pushes her aside.  Sheldon has stayed behind in the laundry room because after all he has to presoak the spotted shirts.

They’re all digging into the sofa and asking each other, “Where’s the coin?”  They know the answer had to have been Sheldon’s spot.  But where’s the coin?  Raj comes out from the backroom in a gentleman’s smoking jacket and holding a glass of brandy.  Raj says, “Yes, it was.  Where is the coin?  Why don’t you look into your pockets?” He had placed a coin in everyone’s pocket earlier that day.  Penny just doesn’t get it.  Raj explains, “Don’t you see? When we’re having fun together we’re already winners? Look see – Even I’m a winner” and Raj pulls a coin out of his own pocket.

Smoking jacketLeonard says, “Are you kidding me?”  Penny says, “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!”  Bernadette says, “You suck so hard.”  Raj says, “Oh come on… I didn’t want anyone to feel bad at the end of the game… and some of those puzzles were really hard… and I didn’t know who was going to get Penny.”

Penny has a sour look on her face and says “Run…” Raj says, “Okay, that came out wrong…” Penny continues, “Run to India…”  The next thing you know, Raj is running down the stairs saying, “I just wanted to do something beautiful.”  Sheldon happens to be coming up the stairs at that same time.  He pulls out his coin and says, “Hey look, I won!”  Sheldon tosses his coin up in the air. .

Meanwhile, Howard and Amy are at a karaoke bar and are very uninterested in the outcome of the scavenger hunt.  With microphones in their hands, they’re dancing and singing a duet of the Neil Diamond hit, “Cherry, Cherry.”  They’re emphatically singing, “She’s got the way to move me…  Cherry… (She got the way to groove me) … She got the way to move me, Cherry (She got the way to groove me) Alright!  [Dramatic, goofy jump!… End Scene.]


Quotable Quotes:

“If you want to solve the mystery, ‘Who stabbed Koothrappali in the back with a weapon of indifference’… It was all of you!” – Raj

“Do you not know that word?  It means, “More fast!” – Bernadette

“Oh my god, you slowed down for a bird!!  You know they fly, right?” – Bernadette

“Hey, Romeo… Repair your relationship on your own time.” – Bernadette

“Your kid may be an honor student, but you’re a moron!” – Bernadette

“If you’re going to cry about it, there’s some tissues in my purse…  Unless you’ve got some in yours, you big willow.” – Bernadette


Happy Birthday Cathy Conner!


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  1. Donna says:

    Excellent, reasonable, first class, well balanced!

  2. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. TGIF. It’s a beautiful day out. I hope you are getting a piece of it. Lulu can’t wait to read. The BBT was so funny last night. Raj is crazy. Well you all don’t work to hard and have a great day.

    • Laineylainey says:

      Good morning, Powellypooh. Good morning everyone! Potluck at the preschool today. I’m bringing spinach salad with boiled egg slices, feta, and almond cranberry crunch. Hopefully, I can stay away from the sinful stuff. Riiiiiiiiiiiiight.

  3. Powell says:

    Happy Birthday Cathy.

  4. chismosa says:

    Thanks Lulu for your op-ed…. It’s so interesting as i now mull over the likelihood of Dina Laurita -still-Manzo coming back to NJ. I think bravo/production/ Andy are enamored with her for some reason so I think she knows she will get a good edit. The show never seems to go against a Laurita/Manzo. 
    So I suppose one has to also weigh the possibility of being edited in a bright (zen-jen) light. 
    My biggest problem with Aviva was not even her father who was disgusting on every level – it was her nonsensical attacks on everyone for no reason as if she’s off her lithium or something. The demanding a parade when she arrived at the island and her sitdown with Ramona which had No LOGIC to it whatsoever. That rattled me more than her dad chiclet little blue pill 💊💊💊 man😁😁😁
    I’m glad this season it seems they all turn on her.
    Stars ⭐️⭐️🌟💫✨ thanks for writing up the biggest comedy in America – I just can’t bring myself to watch 1/2 hour comedies since the Office left and Happy Endings. I watch Modern Family more for the FOMO issue. (Fear off missing out) but I have issues with America’s highest paid tv star Sofia ever since a joke she made a couple years ago in the script. 
    Have a good weekend everyone ! 
    JILL time for 🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍺🍺🍺 and 🍼🍼
    I’m going to have to lay off the blog because I know people that hate Wendy and loathe Melissa are going
    to tune in -despite- to see that today and I want to go in “fresh” later. Heehee. 

    • HuskerHuny says:

      What she said – true words there chismosa. I don’t know how or what Dina’s storyline is going to be especially if Teresa is not available for filming. I think Bravo will find out that maybe American is not so in love with her as they maybe once were.

    • lulu says:

      Thank you!!! The manzos and lauritas can do no wrong!! Their closets must be clean 😉

    • melthehound says:

      Thank you NMD for the link. Know that I am not shooting the messenger here..

      This is the biggest load of bull I have ever read.. Well, not ever but you get the point. He says he quit because he knew he was going to get voted out and end up on the island. Then Caleb would feel the need to take his spot and ‘these types of challenges aren’t his forte’ so then he would lose out. In a nutshell that’s why he says he quit. In addition to, he was upset they were separated for the game. However, When he quit, he screwed his partner. If Caleb gets sent to the island, He could have taken Caleb’s place and let the chips fall where they may. Now the guy is there alone.

      • It’s revisionist history. I don’t have any spoilers on how long Caleb lasts in the game – but I think – based on the interview – that he’ll go far. Otherwise Colton wouldn’t be claiming he did this to further Caleb’s game.

        One more thought – the big thing is to make it to the Jury phase with both of you still in the game. That way one can work the jury for the million dollars – plus it is a guaranteed vote.

        So far we have both past winners and their loved ones in the game (Tina and Aras) – but there’s a long way to go before jury and merge.

        • melthehound says:

          He never should have been brought back to begin with.. When Probst asked him why he came back, Caleb said something like he loves the game. Probst gave the perfect answer to that when he said that just because you love a game show, doesn’t mean you should get off the couch. I am glad he’s gone but my biggest problem with him quitting is that someone else could have been there. He is a selfish troll of a person and that is probably the nicest thing I can say about him. Caleb is in for a life of hell, IF they last.

  5. Tracy says:

    I thought your feelings are the HW was spot on except the part about Nene being being ” humble and gracious.” She is anything but! ” I’m rich” comes to mind.

    Happy Birthday, Cathy!

    • LOL – I think Lulu said Lisa was humble and gracious.

      • melthehound says:

        I think Lisa, just like the others, puts on a damn good act.

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          Jeff, ITA

          • melthehound says:

            She has product to sell. She’s a businesswoman first and it wouldn’t be in her interest to act otherwise.

        • SoutheastVA says:

          MTH – I agree with you about Lisa. I don’t find her little “jokes” gracious at all. They’re just delivered with honey, a wink and a British accent.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          What is her act? that’s she nice? Is that the act? or that she’s just an everyday gal? I guess I’m not sure where her “act” comes in…I’m thinking that you mean she’s disingenuous in some way.

          What might be considered an act to some; I consider good manners. Relatively good manners (when compared with the others). imo.

          • I’ve said it before many times that I couldn’t be friends with Lisa because she is very fast with the “put downs” and then the “I’m jussst joooking” <===said in a british accent, lol.
            I don't like that kind of stuff. I don't put my friends down and I don't have friends that put me down. I've been around women who are like that and it is exhausting and "so high school" IPPHO

            • Laineylainey says:

              So that’s the act, then? She puts people down in a joooooking way?

              I wouldn’t mind it so much, I can dish it out pretty well, too. I can’t be friends for too long with folks who can’t make a joke or who can’t take a joke.

              I wouldn’t have guessed that Lisa bothers you…I have missed the many times you said you couldn’t be friends w LVP. ( referring to your comment). You have such a great sense of humor, so it surprises me. However you did say ” put-downs”…you are probably referring to below the belt type put downs, which I try to refrain from doing…but I do like to tease my friends a lil bit and I don’t mind being teased back. As long as its not below the belt!!!!

      • Lulu says:

        That 🙂

  6. Interesting take on “Reality” editing on Duck Dynasty. The main points are that Phil (the dad) is a battle with the editors of the show – they added “bleeps” to the show insinuating that the cast was using profanities (which they weren’t), and they also cut out some of the family’s dinner prayer.

    It isn’t creative editing like housewives – that’s for sure.

    • BB says:

      Phil has said in the past that a lot of stuff they’ve filmed pertaining to family values and their belief system has ended up on the cutting room floor. I believe he (Phil) will eventually walk away from it with no regrets, whether the rest of the family does or not. He’s the most genuine non-fake reality person out there iMO. I also believe June on Honey-Boo Boo is pretty much herself and hasn’t let being on reality TV change her that much. I guess you wouldn’t be human if being a reality personality didn’t change you somewhat.

      • melthehound says:

        I don’t think Phil is going to do anything on that show that makes him look stupid. I think that Louisiana redneck is more intelligent than the entire housewives franchise combined. Funny thing is, They would probably all look down on him believing they are superior. You never see these people drink alcohol and you never see them trash each other. When there are disagreements, it’s always more of a joke and they always figure a way to solve and squash it.. There is something appealing to me about watching a man stand in a muddy river trying to find a new pet turtle for his wife of 50 years because the dog likely ate the other one. If he wants some ‘lovin’ he’d better do what Miss Kay says.

        • HuskerHuny says:

          Total, total, TOTAL agreement with you here Mel. I’ve never hidden my love of the Ducks and this family. Phil Robertson has a master’s degree, but more important, he has a life degree – he can cut to the bone faster than anyone and does it with wit and compassion. He overcame some really tough stuff (just read his book) and turned his life a total 180. To all of our ‘beloved’ housewives – here’s a role model; a husband and wife, their four sons, their families and one crazy uncle who love God, country and each other. It just oozes from the TV and I can’t get enough of it!

        • SoutheastVA says:

          I was watching the Arsenio Hall Show last week when Terry Bradshaw was on. He said he owes his career to Phil. He was Phil’s backup quarterback at Louisiana Tech. He said the at Phil was a MUCH better player than he was. He said Phil taught him a lot. He also said that Phil walked away from the starting position wanting to go do his thing and that projected Terry Bradshaw to start and then get into the NFL. He was very, very appreciative and respectful of Phil. Small world!

        • SoutheastVA says:

          Here’s a link that might interest you if you haven’t already seen it.

          Of note – Phil didn’t turn pro because it interfered with duck season!

          • melthehound says:

            That’s what I heard about his football career SoutheastVA… Duck season. Anyone who watches the show knows NOTHING gets in the way of the hunt.

            • HuskerHuny says:

              Even when he’s hunting beavers – Miss Kay’s restaurant had to wait until he shot every last beaver. They were building dams that interfered with the water and duck habitat.

        • Powell says:

          When uncle Sye locked them out of the truck all they said was, “well. Now how are we gonna get back? Walk”. I fell out. Uncle Sye said, “stupid truck”. He is my fav. 🙂 You’re right MTH. They handle disagreements like its a joke.

        • JustDee says:

          It’s pretty common in Louisiana to let people think you’re just a “Dumb Coonass” (or Redneck if you’re from the north part of the state like Phil).There’s lots of fun to be had when the superior feeling ones realize THEY’RE the dummies. 😉

      • Powell says:

        That’s sad the producers do that. I love to see them eating as a family, praying, kidding one another. What’s wrong w/us seeing positive family values? Sheeeesh.

    • Orson says:

      The right censor “beeps” here and there can really change the tone of something. Here’s an example:

  7. Lulu says:

    Good Morning everyone!!! The forecast for today and tomorrow rain! rain! and more rain! sigh! Was hoping to take the “Guvnah” to the park. Anything to burn off this extra energy that I wish I had!

    It can be said that Bs is a breakout star as well from NY. She had her own show, success with SG and now a faltering talk show. I’ve never really thought of her as being “authentic.” She knows how the play the camera and use it to her advantage. I’m grateful that she did not film her show “Bethenny ever after” during this divorce mess. Can you imagine??? It would be way too painful to watch that’s for sure.

    • melthehound says:

      I wouldn’t rule out a ‘Bethenny Gets Divorced’ show on Bravo.. It’ll be the new trend for the HWs.

      • BB says:

        If her talk show tanks, I could see it happening. There is a Radaronline story about how Nene Leakes was forced to go on Bethenny’s show if she wanted to be a guest on Ellen. I find that at least barely credible because Nene has been on both shows recently (withing days of each other). Of course, Nene is having her own ratings problems for her spin-off, so maybe she felt the need to be on Bethenny so she could get the HW fans to watch her show. Sources (love those unnamed sources) are saying Bethenny is having a hard time booking guests. I guess if you can’t even get Jill Zarin on your show, you may be in trouble. Because like someone said on the FB page, Jill Zarin would show up to the opening of an envelope. lol.

        • cusi77 says:

          Do you remember someone mentioned that one of the “Secrets of a Jewish mother” was to before going out home watch yourself on the mirror because they might be paparazzi taken your photograph so must look impeccable? She was so delusional thinking everyone loved her and wanted her photo and autograph! I find hard to believe she would refuse to even appear on Bethenny when she is dying for a little camera time… (Alex commented that she just had a call inviting her to be on Bethenny’s and 3 hours later a “Source” had said that she and Jill refused such invitation… didn’t happen!)

        • melthehound says:

          I haven’t seen B’s talk show so I really can’t comment on it beyond I hate talk shows of all sorts. I did read that both Jill and Alex turned her down. For Alex, the money wasn’t there.. It seems in real life, she has forgotten that they all exist (she is done using them) so why should they help her (if it would help) by going on her show? If she can’t get the guests being herself and Ellen’s prodigy in the talk show market, then let the weak parish in the world of talk shows. Natural selection so to speak. I hate to admit it but oddly, I’m liking Jill more and more these days. That doesn’t mean I will ever stop snarking on her though 😉

        • Powell says:

          LOL BB. Isn’t NeNe’s almost over? I’ve watched more than I expected to watch since I said I wasn’t watching. My main interest was to see more details of why she & Greg split & then they brought up his kids which I didn’t know he had so I watched a little of that & the messy bridesmaids war w/her bff Diana & Marlo but I still haven’t watched a full epi.

  8. HuskerHuny says:

    Can you believe that there were tornadoes in my neck of the woods last night (about 1-1/2 hours away) and there might be more today? Craaaazy!

    Last night’s Project Runway was probably one of the best ever. Each designer showed two looks. Braden has been my favorite all season (good designer and an even nicer person) and Dom has really come on strong. As for the final three, I’m anxious to see who brings the best designs for the final spot. I’m guessing Helen.

    It’s FRIDAY! Drinks on me!

    • designernailsdiana says:

      HH great now my screen is covered in water. You said “Drinks on me” so I threw the water I was drinking on you err the screen. Good thing it’s wrapped in bubble wrap which prevents me from hurting my head when I bang it while reading incredibly stupid emails.

      • HuskerHuny says:

        I’m so sorry Diana (lowering my head in shame). By the way, my Huskers are playing your Gophers in volleyball tonight. It’s on BTN at 7 p.m. Should be a really great match. Good luck!

    • chismosa says:

      Hi Husker – I LOVE Braden. I want him for the win. Something about his personality AND the fact that this is his second artistic pursuit just amazes me.
      Seems like a genuine wonderful guy

      I have to say I think the producers are in love with Justin – the deaf guy. I don’t think he should have passed last week. He had already been saved once.
      I honestly thought Kate was going to make it to the end!

      I like Alexandria a lot for some reason.
      I am hoping for her. I don’t know Why I like her but I do.

      Helen’s dramatics annoy me.

      Braden for the win!
      Dom winning would be a Mondo Guerra 2.0

  9. BB says:

    Love your perspective on the HWs, LuLu. Pretty much agree with everything.

  10. Rebecca says:

    Is it possible that Andy’s true love is Dina, and he’s been stuck with Caroline and Jacqueline because of their contracts? Is he kissing up to Caroline to keep Dina close by?

  11. cusi77 says:

    Good Morning Everyone! Thanks to LuLu and Stars99!!!!

    Happy, Happy Birthday Cathy Connor!

    Who is watching Project Runway? I am so sorry my English is not good enough to recap this program I absolutely enjoy! Have a Happy Friday Everyone!

    • cusi77 says:

      I am still on the fence if I will be watching the RHONJ Reunion… It is going to be about what? There are not facts, just scripted “Reality”… are they going to answer questions about something that DIDN’T happen?

      • lulu says:

        I refuse to watch the last episode no to the reunions. Like you said what will it be about?? One guess let’s make Teresa apologize for EVERYTHING hopefully it will be short! Thank you Cusi!!

      • designernailsdiana says:

        I won’t be watching NJ reunions I’ll read the blog, but I won’t tune it.

  12. Orson says:

    You’re lucky, Miss Stars the Keyboard Ruiner Person. I made a specific point to finish the coffee in my mug and swallow it down before I read your recap of TBBT. Because if I hadn’t, this: “Sheldon says, “No, because no one likes a ‘Know-It-All”, Penny.” ” would of had me spewing again and you’d owe me yet another keyboard. Nice recap.

  13. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone! Beautiful day here in AZ. Thank you for the TBBT recap Stazy.
    This is a BIG WEEKEND!!! Tour de Fat tomorrow in downtown Tempe. Yea! Belgium beers in town and they throw a party in the park. Everyone dresses in costume and rides their bikes to the event. Like 20,000 people. Crazy entertainment. Circus like stuff. Of course there is all the Belgium beers to drink. All proceeds go to promoting “green” programs. Belgium Beers is completely self-sustainable. Recycles everything.
    Then it is ASU V. NOTRE DAME! This is huge. You all know I am a big ND fan but being an alumni of ASU I have to go with the Devils.

  14. AZGirl says:

    Happy Birthday Cathy Conners!!!

  15. Exit4 says:

    The thing about reality success is what your selling. Nene, Teresa, Lisa and of course Bethenny was the first….sell themselves. That’s why they’ve made it to another level.

    Nene always wanted to act, housewives got her there. I can’t think of any products that nene shills, but to me her success is about being over the top, funny and honest. Yes, I was a stripper, yes, I have family problems. But I’m Nene Leakes bitch! Sometimes she’s too much, but she seems authentic.

    Lisa was a restaurant/bar owner (and minor actress) long before BH. She showed us the fruits of her success. And while I agree with Mel, she may fake it a little, May not be as perfect as she purports to be. But if you want to read a book about entertaining or living well-Lisa can guide you! This is who she is!

    Same with Teresa. It’s easy for her own family to state over and over-she doesn’t cook, her receives are stolen…please. Anyone who knows Italians knows food is life! As for her books, I own a few, they’re very good and from page one it says-these are family recipes, my mother made this growing up, she taught me to make this. Of course, they’re fancied up a bit, given cutesy names and photographed by a food stylist (that’s how cookbooks work!) but it’s authentic. It’s an extension of her. Same with the wine, the foods. It goes together. Even the totally unrelated hair care, shear genius (see what I did there? Lol)-she let the fans name it and they picked Milania! Who doesn’t love Milania?

    Same with Bethenny. On the face of it, she’d seem like a NY woman who’d eat out or order Chinese every night. But we learned she loves food. She went to culinary school, she does yoga….she sold her lifestyle and that’s what people want to buy. Hello? Skinnygirl? The bloom is off the rise a bit for me regarding her, but she (and her team-the same can be said for Teresa) can market and she listened to the right people! (Just to throw this out there, Bethenny had a co-author on all her cookbooks as well. Her names on the cover. 🙂 )

    I’ll finish in the next comment!

    • VV says:

      Lou Knockerbocker (Tammy Knickerbocker’s ex husband from OC S2) was the first to come up with a product and use the show as a platform to promote it. Who can forget the OC Energy Drink and OC Angels?

      Bethenny came to RHONJ promoting her failed BethennyBakes products for 2 seasons until “somebody figured there was money on SGM”. She also promoted her first book. She failed with her baked but was successful with the booze.

    • tulsateacher says:

      One thing I’ve always admired about Nene is she owns up to her past. She doesn’t try to deny that she was a stripper unlike another housewife I know.

  16. Exit4 says:

    The rest of these housewives just follow the pack. Kim’s awful but super catchy Tardy for the Party was dumb fun. That’s why people half laughed, half liked it. Same with Luann. Luann can’t sing, but it was supposed to be a lark! Fun and silly! That’s why people half laughed, have liked it! But those songs fit their personas, that’s a big part of it. They were in in the joke. Unlike Gretchen who thinks she can perform. It God forbid Melissa who actually refers to herself as a “recording artist”. Stop it.

    So many of their products that fail don’t fit them. Gretchen wearing 10 pounds of makeup doesn’t equal a makeup line, manufactured by the same people who make wet and wild with her name slapped on it. Crappy handbags. Alexis’s dress line. Books released 3 seasons too late (Caroline) or just beyond offensive (50 shades of gorga). Mel’s early 20 something fans who think her marriage is great because she’s pretty and has nice things aren’t a great market for longevity. Even though I’d look at a desert book by Koma Kathy, who thought mail order cannolis were a good idea? Or BLK? At least Tamra and Eddie, even if they suck at running a business, are in a field they enjoy. Vicki too.

    I’m sure I’m missing a lot if stuff-but I guess my point is-(and I swear I have one! :)) that you can always find something that relates to something you like. When your in TV someone will give you a licensing or book deal capitalizing on that. But it’s the ones who can not only sell a product, but a lifestyle built around that product-who come out winners. Not the also rans who come out later and don’t really believe what they’re promoting. You can tell when it’s a money grab.

    • melthehound says:

      I think you have pretty much nailed it, Exit4…

    • Powell says:

      Exit Koma Kathy(Thks. I love that) seems to be a good cook. I think she should have done her cannolis a difft way. I know the cookbook thing is a cliche when it comes to the HWs but she probably should have done a cookbook. I think she could have done it in a way that it wasn’t competition w/Tre cuz she cooks Lebanese food, I think that’s where Ritchie’s
      family is from. But she wanted to go head to head w/Tre so that’s her fault.
      Mel isn’t good at any of the things she’s pursued on tv & that’s her fault cuz she shouldn’t have been doing them & she shouldn’t have had the goal of beating Tre. Caroline is just board and should have really figured out what she wanted to do a long time ago. By the time Lauren was 12/13 yrs old Caroline should have been doing something to fulfill her life instead of washing the family laundry & hoping, wishing & praying for Al to pay her some attention. But she didn’t & that’s her fault.

    • Mene Seela says:

      Exit you are so funny!!! Totally on point -most HW try to find something/anything to sell us but since they have nothing to offer so they simply slap their name onto junk …or like Sheree beat up seamstresses and claim they “designed” a clothing line.

    • lulu says:

      Trust me each brand has plenty to pick apart. Sheree’s “clothing line” jz’s “shapewear.” None of them accomplished the level of success that the ladies above have from the hw’s brand. Exception being bs.

      In the beginning the HW was a piece about these women and their “lifestyles.” Today who’s on the outs, who’s selling what. I have to laugh at the lauritas and their sad “marketing” attempt. Using Nick was way low or sponsoring an blk event??? My only point if your “storyline” revolves around your product you need a new medium!!

      • Exit4 says:

        How the hell could I forget She by Sheree? Lol! Jill had success in business prior to marrying Bobby-whose family business was successful as well. She tried to slap her name on anything she could-fail. Funny, her book parallels Mel’s in a way. Antiquated lessons. She would have been better off capitalizing on home design-like when she helped the vanmccords pick drapes. Or stuck to charitable work. Even if you hate her taste it fits. Same with Dina Manzo-she has a passion for something and comes through.

        I also forgot Ramona-her jewelry line was an extension of Mario’s company that his family owned for years. Plus her own company-but but what she does isn’t that exciting-so it’s not really worth promoting. But the Pinot? Awesome sauce.

  17. plainviewsue says:

    Stars, I thought BBT was absolutely hysterical. I loved seeing Howard and Amy together. For me, the whole show could just center on Sheldon & Penny. They have such chemistry & are so funny together. Leonard is such a whiner. Least favorite of them all.

  18. plainviewsue says:

    So I watched the Whorgas on WW. The Marco sisters were in the audience cheering her on.

    It was what I expected. The entire first segment with Melissa (no Joey) was all about Teresa. Seriously. All about Teresa. Melissa said we’re in a better place, blah blah blah. WW said she thought it was a dig when Teresa and Joe said they wouldn’t let Mego take the kids, but it was only Joe who said that. Heaven forbid that Melissa actually defend Teresa and say she didn’t say that. Mel said she didn’t know Penny. WW showed pictures of Tre with Penny and Kim, and accused Tre of being a liar. Melissa said Tre has said these are pictures from events (yes they were) but was agreeing with WW the whole time. WW did say that there’s something about Teresa that is very lovable. She had the nerve to ask Melissa if she thought that Teresa and Joe were guility of the charges. Thank god, Mel said next question and said she didn’t know but they are pleading not guilty.

    Then the midget came out, hands all over Melissa. Melissa defended Joey’s rape remark in the book, saying that it was taken wrong. It was a suggestion for fun in the bedroom. Obviously, if you have a headache, it wouldn’t happen. You can’t make this crap up. The poop situation came up & WW admitted that she poops around her husband. Melissa said Joey has seen her pee, but never seen a number two. Joey asked her what does she do when they are on vacation. She said she goes when he goes out for coffee. I am watching this and thinking, is this for real??

    Melissa said the reunion isn’t as intense as last season, but truths come out. Yada yada yada. I am sure that the truths that come out are the “truths” that Bravo and Andy want to come out.

    The end.

    • melthehound says:

      Thanks for taking one for the team, Plainviewsue.. It’s no secret around here I don’t like WW.. It has nothing to do with which HW she likes, I just think she’s a jackass.

      The whorga is never going to live that comment down so I’ll ask.. If your hubby’s told the world that to have sex on demand, they would Rape you to get it, just how would that fly in your homes? I have never said something so stupid so I honestly don’t know..

    • Powell says:

      Mel & Joey can’t take back what she wrote in that book. People took it as she wrote it. She didn’t write it as role playing from what NMD and others have said. And her explanation is even more disturbing. What woman in her right mind would role play being raped? It’s just sad. They really don’t care about the future of their lives, their kids or their family. These people need to see psychiatrists. They need serious counseling. And again with “It’s
      Teresa’s fault”. If I were Tre & Joe after they get thru their legal situation, if they are able to stay home, they should sell their house & move away from Mel & Joey. Not separate the cousins. Make sure they see one another as much as they want, but not live & shop where Mel & Joey live or associate w/anyone they have in common. I feel that’s the only way Tre can stop being blamed for all of Mel & Joey’s problems.

  19. melthehound says:

    Lulu, loved reading your perspective and agree with all of it 🙂

    Stars, I appreciate your blogs but this is one show I don’t watch.. Never been able to get in to it.

    • Powell says:

      MTH BBT is so darn funny. The writing is so well done & the actors delivery just makes it so funny. What I really love is that all these brilliant professors & doctors think no one is as brilliant as they are. They all even think they are more brilliant than each of their friends. Sheldon thinks he’s more brilliant than Stephen Hawking.

      • melthehound says:

        I have seen a couple episodes, Powell and I agree. Funny.. I just don’t have time in the TV viewing schedule for it at the moment. I keep getting wrapped up in watching shows in marathon when someone talks about them. The latest was Scandal..

        • Powell says:

          MTH last night I got on the Scandal bandwagon. It was soooo good. #Gladiators 🙂

          Know the girly part. I loveddddd that white coat Olivia had on when she went to the bunker to see the Prez & First lady. And that white bag wasn’t shabby either. I think the coat was by Tory Birch. Kerry Washington said Tory designed a lot of the clothes this season. I know MTH. Girly & you could care less. 🙂

  20. Powell says:

    I’m watching Wendy Williams as I do. 🙂 She showed a peek at BH. Did you know Lisa V smoked? I didn’t. So we will see her smoking in a scene where Brandi is yelling at Lisa. Wendy showed pics of the 2 new HWs, 36 & 38 yrs old. One is a high-end interior designer. I forgot who the other one is. One of them looks very old. Th lighting wasn’t good but she looked like too much tanning & looked old.
    NY- Luann says Count deLesepes is still in love w/her & they may get back together.

  21. Powell says:

    Bernadette was on a role last night. She was soooo funny. I think those were the best lines ever written for her. “She called you a lady part. It’s a plant. A willow.” “No she didn’t. I just made that up.” Too funny.

  22. KTinCT says:

    Happy Birthday, Cathy 🙂

    I know this last year has not been easy for you. Just know that you have LOTS of friends praying for you and your family every day. I hope today you get a chance to laugh and share love with those near by.

  24. Amber says:

    Honestly, NMD. It one thing to make fun of a book that should have should have never been published, but it is quite another to compare Teresa Guidice to Nene Leakes and Lisa Vanderpump.

    While Melissa is a clueless fame whore — no argument there — Teresa is lowlife criminal. Nene and Lisa are not (criminals like Teresa).

    Just time to be real …

    • melthehound says:

      Just time to be real …
      Especially when NMD didn’t write the piece.

    • Mene Seela says:

      NMD was simply pointing out who has star power, not who needs a good attorney. The latter would be a very long list indeed.

    • lulu says:

      To each their own I guess………

    • Exit4 says:

      I made that comment to LuLu’s post. I understand what you’re saying-but I simply went with the spirit of what she was saying about products and popularity. Just my opinion on how and why some do better than others. Teresa’s success came before the allegations against them-so I didn’t take it to that level.

      Right now, the charges don’t seem to be hurting her popularity too much-which is probably a whole other topic! 🙂

  25. HuskerHuny says:

    It’s snowing in western Nebraska and eastern Nebraska is in a thunderstorm/tornado watch. Span of about 500 miles. Gotta love it!

    • California35 says:

      Wow! That is starting already!!
      Here is pretty windy, out of the blue since no wind at all yesterday. Southern California and the Santa Ana’s winds.

  26. melthehound says:

    Bringing this from yesterday’s comments about Survivor

    RHOFrance said:

    “I despise Colton, i hate quiters but i have to say it : his last season, he really got a fever. His castmates told the viewers so, the doctor told us so during the episode. He was evacuate for a good reason, i don’t see anything to told us it was kindof a conspiracy !
    I think that’s probably when at the hospital, they told him he had just a fever, gave him antibiotics and that’s when he got the choice to toughen up and come back wich he declined because well, yes, he’s a quiter.”

    Probst seemed to imply that whatever was wrong with Colton, it could have been dealt with and he could have come back then. The story put out there was appendicitis and in need of urgent care. I don’t think they have the needed tools on these islands to properly diagnose anyone’s ailments so it was a better safe than sorry route for CBS production. Things were turning on him and people weren’t buying his game anymore, and didn’t buy it at all this time so, he quit rather than get kicked out by his tribe, both times.

    • Exit4 says:

      MTH-a while ago I told you about my friends parents on TAR. You didn’t watch then-but they lost in a caviar eating challenge. Most people who did that challenge got very ill. They had imbalance due to the sodium. Granted, this was in Russia, not an island-but there was an entire medical team available. Like a MASH unit type thing. They travel with the show. I’m going to bet it’s the same for survivor. They’re just hidden. They’re prepared for anything. Oh and do you know if gervases niece is his sister or brothers child? Haven’t watched-but just curious.

      • melthehound says:

        Then he’s just a whiny baby who quit.. I can live with knowing that.. I don’t know exactly how Marissa is related to her uncle..

  27. VV says:

    I want to go on record saying ONCE AGAIN:


  28. California35 says:

    Lulu – great post today – is it worth it? Hhmm to them i guess it is. Somehow they are making money, they wouldn’t otherwise. To me, no THANK YOU!!

    Stars – great recap of Bing Bang Theory. It was so funny last night, and you made this post very funny also :-). Poor Penny always labeled as not smart, but funny that even among the “smart” ones, there is putting doesn based on the school they went to.
    I kept thinking also, wash Hower the one who usually gets picked on from Sheldon about not being a PhD? This time Hower was the one picking on someone about it.

  29. Superfly says:

    I don’t think its worth it for a shot at stardom. Way too many pitfalls. I’ve been on TV twice, first I was on JP Patches, which was the highlight of my 5th year! He gave me milk duds for winning a game. Then I was on a local star search, which I won, and had no idea it was being filmed! I was 16. A few months after that I got a letter from the Evergreen State Fair (Washington State) asking me to perform a concert during the fair. It was my big break! But, since I was not looking for a break I turned them down. I enjoyed singing but did not want to make a career out of it!

    • Powell says:

      Superfly sounds like you had positive experiences. Good for you.

      • JumpTheShark says:

        I was on J.P. Patches too! Re: Is Reality TV worth it? I recall Anthony Newley’s remark about his ex (Joan Collins), that “To the unwashed public, she’s a star, but …she’s a commodity who would sell her own bowel movement.”

        • I love Anthony Newley, I know all the songs from Stop The World, I Want To Get Off…I grew up on Musicals, lol!! I still remember watching Vidal Sasson trim Anthony’s eyebrows on the Mike Douglas show….

        • lulu says:

          Ouch!! Wonder if mego is in the market??? We all know she’s so desperated for stardom she would sell anything!!!

    • lulu says:

      That’s great!!! Nothing like the music industry to suck the life out of everything. Good for you!! Do you still sing on a local level?

    • Mrs Peabody says:

      I loved JP Patches, used to watch him everyday. I probably saw you on there.

  30. Just Wondering In Jersey says:

    Changing the topic here. Is it just me and my computer or is anyone else having problems accessing Empress’ blog. For the last few weeks, when I try to enter it freezes my computer and I have to shut down because it takes away use of the mouse too?

    Why me? LOL

    • BB says:

      I just tried Just Wondering and didn’t have a problem. I did notice that there was a blank space where I think a picture would be for the Scandal recap, but I didn’t see a picture.

    • melthehound says:

      Is it Just Empress’ site? Does anything else happen?

      • melthehound says:

        Also, what link are you trying to access it from?

        • Just Wondering In Jersey says:

          Mel. just Empress’ site which I have bookmarked on my AOL favorites. I tried it from the link on the blog roll here and the same thing happened???? The site begins to load and I see stars and then nothing happens. Then poof my mouse won’t work so I have to shut down everything.

          • melthehound says:

            What browser are you using?

            • Just Wondering In Jersey says:

              Internet explorer and I have McAfee security center

              • melthehound says:

                Hmm… I have tried 3 different browsers, IE, Netscape, and Google Chrome and haven’t been able to make it fail in any way.. I can’t imagine McAfee blocking wordpress either because you wouldn’t be able to get to this site as well. Empress doesn’t mess around with any ad type stuff either so that can’t be it unless your configuration thinks her entire site is an ad. Just so we can rule out wordpress being the problem, try this one..


                Because of where you are getting the failure, the only thing I can think of is your browser virus combo doesn’t like her background for some reason.. I’ve written to Empress to see if she can offer any suggestions, especially since more than one are having trouble getting there.. In the mean time, run a virus scan to see if anything pops and let it scan the entire computer.

                • Just Wondering In Jersey says:

                  Mel did you mean for me to just open the link? If yes, I did and it worked just fine. Will try a virus scan next. Thanks.

    • plainviewsue says:

      Happens to me all the time.

  31. Powell says:

    You all have to check out,MasterChef Jr tonight 8est. It was soooo good last week. Those kids can cook.

  32. Powell says:

    Who’s watching House of Versace on Lifetime tomorrow night 8est? It looks like its going to be good.

    • VV says:

      Great! Those kids are probably going to put me to shame! 😜

      • Powell says:

        They do me. They had a challenge to cook seafood. One little boy made a dish w/squid. They had a pasta challenge. They made pasta from scratch. They had a desert challenge one little girl made cupcakes that were restaurant quality & one little girl made macaroons that the chefs said were the best they ever tasted. These kids were not over 13.

    • Donna says:

      I watch Cedar Cove

    • lulu says:

      Saw the preview I will watch it!! Looks interesting!!

    • chismosa says:

      Powell been avoiding a bit of the blog above before I watch WW but I am watching !
      Can’t wait. I never ever watch Lifetime movies so this will be new for me

    • Just Wondering In Jersey says:

      I suspect I will be watching it as well Powell.

  33. Nancy says:

    BB…are you watching the Red Sox’s game? It’s a good one so far.

    Good luck this afternoon. 🙂

  34. Nancy says:

    Happy Birthday Cathy…they start playing at the one min mark. 🙂

  35. Nancy says:

    Congratulations boston. 🙂 One down two to go.

  36. Nancy says:

    Congratulations BB. It was a great game.

  37. Amalfi says:

    “But what I find interesting about Lisa is that she is humble and gracious. That can be said of the three ladies for the most part.”

    I agree about Lisa… she seems to be. I could never call Nene humble and gracious. And I like her. I also like Teresa, but I believe she has become humbled. Neither of those words inherently describes who she used to be. I think that is changing. They are breakout stars of their franchises, but nothing alike.

    • VV says:

      One thing I like about Lisa is that she is always very gracious and never bashes the US. She tweets about what a great country this is and how lucky she is to live here never offending her country of birth. Contrast that to Cat or Yolanda and they always throw a digs like how Puritan the mentality of America is and/or complains about the healthcare system and that always leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. Adriana does too. She throw her little digs here and there about the US.

      • So… Someone who has moved to the US from another country is only allowed to make positive remarks about it? Not every immigrant came here because the US inherently is a “better” place than the country of origin. I’m one of those. I’ve lived, worked, paid taxes and raised a family here – a long-term commitment one might say. That doesn’t mean that I’m blind to issues or aspects that could use some improvement OR that which is very positive about either my country of origin or the US. But I guess I’d better stay quiet….

        • VV says:

          OMG! I know I should’ve put a disclaimer because I saw this coming when I posted from miles 🔭🔭🔭
          I can only type my opinion. I cannot control how you interpret it. I was specifically talking about Yofo and her airs that everything European is better. The other two do it too but I don’t watch their shows.
          Again If that’s what you think I meant, bless your heart and peace ✌️

          • skogsstig says:

            Living in the south now, I *know* when you say “bless your heart” and what it means… 😉

            • Dang – forgot to use the more US-friendly screen name. Sorry.

              • VV says:

                It was meant as in “Bless your heart! You misunderstood my post”
                I have no NEED to insult you.
                From your post, I take you thought I was insulting you. Accept my apologies because that is not the case.

                • not THAT Jill says:

                  I think Yolanda finds herself superior-I don’t think it would matter where she is originally from-she is better than everyone else…in her mind! #getwise…#lemontree…#getoveryourselfyoyo

        • Laineylainey says:

          No need to stay quiet as long as you don’t mind that some will find it annoying. A lot of what I say is annoying, and I was born in the U.S.A.

  38. lillybee says:

    I just discovered Sleepy Hollow. It is very good.

    • ladebra says:

      I saw the first one lily bee, and liked it also! I can only record one show at a time (gotta love TW) and I think I record another show at the same time. I’m hoping I can watch online.

  39. VV says:

    Brandi tweeted:
    DBAG MOVE Josh Altman? Or whatever ur name is.Not hot the way u treated ur girl.

    Josh replied:
    @BrandiGlanville thanks for watching #MDLLA. Your my fiancé @heatherbilyeu and I favorite train wreck on tv.

    You gotta give it to Bert ( from Sesame Stree ) for that reply. Does Brandi know Josh and Mauricio are pals?

  40. California35 says:


    I got to say i look forward to the weekends more and more 🙂 i hope you all have a good one!

  41. ladebra says:

  42. AZGirl says:

    GOOD MORNING EVERYONE! BEAUTIFUL COOL MORNING HERE IN AZ. First Born is at this very moment washing my tile floor.
    Can’t get any better than this….well HELL YEA! GO SUN DEVILS!!!!

  43. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. It’s bright & sunny out. I hope you enjoy it.
    I’m watching Miami. Adriana keeps saying ” in her heart, in her mind she’s not married until she walks down that isle, until she’s married before God”, blah, blah, blah. With all her education, what she fails to get & understand is that the legal aspect of being married is the truth, not her fantasy of what getting married is.

    • chismosa says:

      Hi Powell, I am hearing more about the woman who was killed in DC/ the crazy driver.
      She was on meds for schizophrenia despite her family claiming she wasn’t. So sad.
      She thought she was a prophet for Obama

  44. Mrs Peabody says:

    Since she doesn’t feel she is married I wonder if she were to meet someone else and want to marry them if she would feel the need to get a divorce to do that or would she just marry the guy? I don’t watch Miami.

  45. VV says:

    They are all one big family in Jersey.

    @RealityRow: Kathy Wakile Family Friends with Johnny The Greek? Victoria dating Johnnys Nephew!

    Original Message:

    • plainviewsue says:

      VV, a collective wow when I read this. They are all liars. And the fact that the same woman, who apparently is Victoria’s friend, is the talent booker for Wendy Williams AND Bethenny!! No wonder Richie and Kathy have been on the show. As well as the Whorgas. It’s all such a farce. I don’t understand why this can’t be brought up.

      NJ is almost over………………………….

      Oh, one more thing. I was watching videos on Bravo about the reunion. “Funny” excerpts. Andy asked what their pet peeves were. As Jacqueline was answering, once again, Caroline had to cut her off and answer for her. The woman is not allowed to answer something as simple as that???

      • chismosa says:

        Hi Sue- how OLD is this booker ? I’ve heard you or someone else mention this before. Isn’t Victoria like 18-19?

        Why would Bethenny/ Ellen’s co. and WW hire someone so young?
        When I was that age I wasn’t hanging out with seasoned people in their late 20’s/30’s or above.
        I just find it odd for a daytime tv show. And for one that was renewed until like 2017 I believe.
        (Sorry I know many here despise her)

        Just wondering …. Thanks 👍👍

      • melthehound says:

        She may have been drunk and was forgetting the script. Drunk, Okay.. Forgetting the script… Can’t have that now can we?

  46. chismosa says:

    Vv – are you watching Gossip Table on VH1?
    Or did you watch on Style – City Girl Diaries?

    Let me know, there’s an interesting Bethenny tidbit.

  47. chismosa says:

    Is anyone around ?
    I’m wondering about the health hazards of seeing a 3D movie. So far I have avoided ever doing this to my eyes.
    I’m looking online and also asking anyone I know that I can track down today.

    Is it bad for my eyes ? 👀👀👀👀💥


    • California35 says:

      I dont have an “intelligent” answer, but i can say that i avoid them too. When i have watched, it is very uncomfortable. I cant watch very well and my eyes are tired after it.

      • chismosa says:

        Yeah that’s what I’m not looking forward to, that’s what I thought.
        It’s for the movie Gravity

        Your answer helped Cali! Thanks
        Have a great weekend

    • Laineylainey says:

      Your eyeballs will pop outta your eye sockets. Beware.

  48. Bama Bell says:

    HELLO Everyone! i haven’t dropped by in forever. How are y’all?

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