Real Housewives of New Jersey – Reunion Time! Let’s Look Back a Little

Real Housewives of New Jersey – Reunion Time!  Let’s Look Back a Little by NMD

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunions are about the worst of the franchise.  Name calling, violence, just gut wrenching behavior, and let’s not forget about their outfits.

Season One

Jacqueline was about to go into labor so they filmed the Season One reunion in a NJ warehouse.  During Season One, Jacqueline stood up for Danielle against Dina, but by the time the reunion was filmed she can’t stand Danielle.  I’m pretty sure this was the time when Caroline called Danielle an animal, after accusing her of doing “something” to Dina.  That something was later revealed to be letting Dina’s ex husband know that he needed to sign a release to let Lexi (their daughter) be on the show.  He didn’t sign and Dina had to film on her own Season Two – often with her hairless cat.  Teresa was pregnant with Adriana.  I think I prefer her hair curly.  I have no words for Caroline.  Okay -what was she thinking?

RHONJ_Reunion_season 1

Season Two

And then there were four – the lowest number of housewives in ANY franchise history.  This was the season that Dina quit half-way through.  Lynn reported that her source (which I assume was Jacqueline) told her that Dina was fired for being boring – AKA filming with that hairless cat.  We now know that Jacqueline is not know for telling the truth – and was probably covering for her own feud with Dina.  It’s an open secret that Jacqueline is believed to have been the one that gave Lynn the paperwork on Project Ladybug – Dina’s charity.

RHONJ-REUNION-01For those of you that like Dina Manzo now – back in 2010 in the “old days” of the blogs – both Real City Housewife and Lynn wrote many a blog about cray cray Dina.  Here’s a classic from RCH.  She was as famous as Jaq is today for her twitter meltdowns.  Here’s a blog Lynn wrote about Project Ladybug.  Ahhhh- good times.  Of course, all of this was eclipsed during that reunion because Teresa tossed Andy Cohen aside like a rag doll when Danielle mentioned those infamous words – “do you acknowledge your nephew.” The “don’t mention my family” cry was heard around the world.  This led to all sorts of rumors that Joe had a love child with a mistress – when in reality it turned out to be little Joey – Melissa third child.  Now – IF we’re to believe the rumors that circulated this season – there could be some question as to that child’s paternity. However it’s more likely that Melissa just felt that Teresa should mention the birth of her nephew on the show – since it’s all about Melissa.  PS – This has to go down as the worst dressed reunion of the bunch!  Danielle looks like she went to Old Navy for her outfit, and Teresa’s bubbies are busting out of her dress.  At least Caroline stepped it up to wear a typical housewives one-shouldered number – something we’ll see again the next season.

This brings us to Season 3 Reunion.  This was the one the day AFTER the Posche fashion show.  Jacqueline had a complete meltdown and refused to go.  If they hadn’t already filmed Season 4 – she probably would have been fired.  But time has a way of healing all wounds, and she was kept on for another season.  Teresa spent the entire reunion defending herself against Caroline’s wrath.


Season Four.

Season Four was a repeat of Season 3, except that Jacqueline had recovered enough to take a seat on the couch and treat us to a little cray cray.  This was probably the most toxic reunion of the bunch – with Caroline, Kathy, Melissa, Teresa, and Jacqueline all sinking to new lows as they insulted each other’s families, looks, and anything else that could cut to the bone.  They really needed NeNe Leakes as the moderator to tell them to knock it off.  Let’s not forget Rosie roaring in the background.  At least Rosie got the coveted spot on the couch when she had her turn.  Good times, good times.  This was also Star99’s first Housewives blog for Lynnfam – as BB couldn’t take it any more.  Sound familiar??  Melissa was proud of her glittery eye shadow – and Caroline called Teresa’s dress a Christmas Tree dress I think.  Kathy and Caroline wore satiny dresses again – staying in their comfort zone.



Season Five.

If the rumors are correct, this could be the last we’ll see of Jacqueline Laurita.  I’ve heard that before.  A couple of years ago she gave Lynn the scoop that she was quitting housewives.  Now what’s a blogger to do if she doesn’t realize her source is cray cray?  It’s quite the dilemma.

It looks like Teresa and Melissa get the top spots on the couch.  Rosie and Joey push Kathy right into that end spot when they show up, and Rosie and Joe share a canoodle.  Dr. V shows up, and Andy remembered to wear socks.  It looks like Caroline and Jacqueline went shopping together and bought versions of the same sort of dress.  Half the photos of Caroline show her shoulders bare – the other half they are covered.  Both Melissa and Kathy are wearing long dresses – like Teresa did last year.  Teresa shakes it up a little with a glittery number.

real-housewives-of-new-jersey-season-5-reunion-preview-01real-housewives-of-new-jersey-season-5-reunion-preview-05 real-housewives-of-new-jersey-season-5-reunion-preview-03 real-housewives-of-new-jersey-season-5-reunion-preview-06


Bloggers Needed

We have a whole lotta shows starting up in the fall.  If anyone is interested in blogging any of the shows on the list – or any I may have forgotten, please let me know.  We’ve bot Beverly Hills (show and blog) covered by BB and Stars99 and RamonaCoaster will be doing the ATL blogs.  The Empress will be covering Walking Dead on her blog.  We’re looking for bloggers for the following:

  • Real Housewives of Atlanta
  • Vanderpump Rules
  • Top Chef (already started)
  • Shahs of Sunset

Email me – if you are interested


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498 Responses to Real Housewives of New Jersey – Reunion Time! Let’s Look Back a Little

  1. Powell says:

    Hello all. NMD you constantly crack me up. “Let’s Look Back Together.” LOL. The photos just gave me more laughs.

  2. Powell says:

    Caroline’s boobs are tooooo big for off the shoulder dresses. It’s an otherwise nice dress.

  3. TexasTart says:

  4. TexasTart says:

  5. plainviewsue says:

    The season one reunion was so tame compared to the crap that followed. Season 3 reunion was bad, but nothing was as toxic as season four.

    Caroline will wag her finger, Melissa will play with her hair, Jacqueline may nap, Kathy will who cares, and Teresa will be at fault for everyone else’s miserable lives.

    Kathy’s makeup is atrocious. I thought Teresa and Melissa looked the best.

    Will Andy bring up the disgusting comments that Melissa said on the bus about Juicy cheating & not loving Teresa? If he does, will Melissa pull the standard answer “We were in a bad place then.” Will Andy bring up Melissa dissing Teresa’s products. Will Andy bring up the fact that Caroline offered her help to Little Joey, not the other way around? Will it come up that Teresa did take care of the horse’s hoof????

    • Lulu says:

      I hope you feel better PVS!!! Sorry just reading your post now.

    • Powell says:

      How are you feeling Sue?

    • Powell says:

      Good questions Sue. Let’s see if we get the answers.

    • Nancy says:

      Sue how are you feeling?

      • plainviewsue says:

        I’m doing better. Slept for a few hours. Drinking lots of water. I’ll be making an appointment to see my internist tomorrow for a follow up.

        Nancy, I have copies of all the blood reports, urinalysis and CAT scan. My blood glucose was really high. It was 161, when the range is 70-90. Does this make sense with a kidney and urinary tract infection? The CAT scan also showed choleilithiasis. I looked it up and it said gallbladder disease. The ER doctor didn’t say anything about that, so I guess I will discuss with my doctor.

        Thank you all for asking.
        Thank you all for asking!!!

        • Nancy says:

          Sue…ones blood sugar can be high due to the stress of the infection so you will have
          to be checked out for that. Stones in the gallbladder are very common and sometimes
          they cause inflammation that causes pain so they will follow you for that as well.
          Many people have gall stones but aren’t always inflamed. For now I would stay with
          a low fat diet and lot’s of fluids. Hang in there.

        • chismosa says:

          Sue didn’t know you were not well. Hope you feel better. I remember you have me advice when I had the spins.

    • Laineylainey says:

      No, sue, he won’t.

  6. Amalfi says:

    Melissa being there (even after three seasons now) makes me want to regurgitate my dinner. Why in the world is such a slimely attention whore be rewarded for taking down her family for some screen time and cash? Not that the family she took down is that much better.

    I will never, ever warm up to that slimeball Melissa. And her gross hubby.

  7. LavaLady says:

    Just noticed on my cable guide that Amazing Race starts at 8:30 – a heads up for those who are dvr’ing it tonight.

    • Powell says:

      Another one that doesn’t want to help mend a broken family relationship. I tell you I would be one tired lady if I took care of my family, a child that has special needs, constantly tweeting & now reporting to tabloids.

  8. Amalfi says:

    I am going to make money selling “I don’t save my textsasas” and alternately “I save all my texas” in honor of Penny and Teresa.

    hahahhahah… wtf

  9. Nancy says:

    Teresa’s dress looks like Sasha’s.

  10. looneylucy says:

    That pic of Rosie & Joe brought tears to my eyes. I don’t know these people, but the Rosie and Joe clips are the highlight of the NJ season.

    • looneylucy says:

      Is there a full moon tonite? I’m cryin’ bout stupid stuff! Seriously!

      • Laineylainey says:

        The Cheerios commercial where the sweet little kid asks his mom”so when we eat Cheerios together, it’s like we’re eating with grandma, right mom?” Oh I CRY with that commercial.

  11. California35 says:

    NMD this was cool, to look back at cray cray reunions.

  12. Amalfi says:

    Anything that involves either of the Joes and their wives in a hot tub makes me think of Shrek and Princess Fiona.

  13. VV says:

    RHONJ Night!
    This is kind of irritating me…”

  14. The reunion is an hour and a half. If anyone is expecting a detailed reunion recap, they are out of luck. That’s a whole lot of talking.

  15. Nancy says:

    The Cowboy’s lost. Happy Dance. Sorry TT.

  16. Caroline just tweeted that her dress was designed and made by Lindsey Andrews – Albie’s girlfriend/ ex-girlfriend.

    • LavaLady says:

      I really dislike that dress on her.

    • kit9 says:

      Omg, watching the interview with Mr. and Mrs. Lying Thief…unbelievable. First, they both lied blatantly about things that are established facts during the interview. Why do that? Why? But, my favorite part was a Mother of All Teresa Lies moment which was so obvious that it’s hard not to burst out laughing… the very end of the interview Teresa, feigning she doesn’t understand the 39 counts, asks Andy to list the charges, which he does, ending with asking if she had done any of those things and she says ‘no’ with an undeniable question mark inflection with this smirking grin on her face, followed quickly by, ‘so’…before trailing off. It’s like she can’t even keep a straight face! Like, she’s thinking, “of course I did it mothereffer, have you seen the effing indictment? DUH!”.

    • Laineylainey says:

      Don’t brag, Don!

  17. melthehound says:

    Good lord…

  18. Nancy says:

    I really hate Andy Cohen. Why doesn’t he ever ask Caroline those hard questions?

  19. melthehound says:

    This is going to be another 3 hours of softball questions for his favorites.

  20. boston02127 says:

    Caroline totally dodged the question about her husband saying “shut the f up” to her.

  21. Nancy says:

    I guess I am a fool.

  22. LavaLady says:

    No Caroline, I don’t feel foolish at all thinking my husband of 30 years has been 100% faithful to me.

  23. ladebra says:

    Interesting stat

    • Powell says:

      Because even people like me that very much dislike these people want to see them wriggle out of their lies at a reunion. W/that said I’m number 3,899,999.

  24. Powell says:

    WTF is wrong w/Jac backpedaling on her throwing Tre under the bus last reunion?

  25. VV says:

    STFU Caroline. You’re talking nonsense.

  26. melthehound says:

    Does anyone buy anything any of these people are saying? Did Momz say that she expects that Big Al has cheated?

  27. boston02127 says:

    Caroline looks so different. I can’t pin point what it is.

  28. Powell says:

    Queer Eye Ten Yrs Later. Ooooh.

  29. melthehound says:

    Lying Liar.. Wasn’t the REAL audio… BULL SHIT

  30. VV says:

    “It wasn’t the real audio” WTF?! Melissa didn’t recognize her own singing?

  31. Nancy says:

    I’m so embarrassed for her.

  32. VV says:

    Omg! The rest if the snakes Lysa and Kim ( Melissa’s sister)

  33. Nancy says:

    Go Teresa!!!!

  34. melthehound says:

    Lying Liar.. Not anyone’s business…. Right…

  35. melthehound says:

    What about the rape comments HO?

  36. boston02127 says:

    It’s pathetic that Melissa has a degree, three kids, a home, her husband runs a business, extended family on both sides and all she has to write about is her odd sex life.

  37. Nancy says:

    I don’t think she has a reason to worry!!!!!

  38. VV says:

    One more thing to prove. She controls her painted-hair-short husband.

  39. Powell says:

    M e l I s s a is a BIT*H!!!!!! Tit for tat w/Teresa. I don’t like her……

  40. melthehound says:

    Let’s see it HO

  41. VV says:

    Good answer Teresa.

  42. VV says:

    Bravo didn’t show the part when Jan said she covered for her.

  43. Nancy says:

    Whatever Melissa.

  44. melthehound says:

    The only idiot in that room at the time was you, HO.

  45. Powell says:

    You needed your IN Mel bit*h.

  46. VV says:

    Melissa IS A SNAKE 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

  47. VV says:

    Why is Caroline butting in?

  48. melthehound says:

    This is tiring..

  49. LavaLady says:

    Teresa is coming off so much saner than Mel

  50. melthehound says:

    I told youse long ago, that these people would be at each other’s throats come reunion time. I have never bought that they are ‘good’. No wonder T doesn’t want her kids with the author of ‘how to be a ho’.

  51. boston02127 says:

    I didn’t invest a lot of time with NJ this season but I do have to say that I really can’t stand Melissa. The minute she opens her mouth, I want to slap her in the face. And, I think she looks like an aardvark.

    • chismosa says:

      That’s so funny that’s the animal DJ calls someone on MDL.

      Forgetting personality at all, Melissa is quite attractive. IMO

      • melthehound says:

        I think she is one of the ugliest people on the planet. Her personality is unforgettable. No wonder all the Florida mean girls hated her. Foreshadowing.

  52. VV says:

    They are talking about and to Kathy:


  53. melthehound says:

    CRACKER!!! Marcia Marcia Maria

  54. LavaLady says:

    Jac is idioitic

  55. boston02127 says:

    Is Melissa Italian?

  56. Nancy says:

    Simmer down Kath!

  57. melthehound says:

    How about the faggot comment, Kathy?

  58. VV says:

    Our own Plainviewsue did not deserve to be attacked by your imbecile husband. GO AWAY KATHY!

    • Nancy says:


    • plainviewsue says:

      xxxooo! What is unreal is she keeps on with this story that he’s defending his wife & children. No one was attacking them!!!

      Kathy didn’t speak until like 30 minutes in. She has to go. She has no storyline.

  59. melthehound says:


  60. melthehound says:


    Try some colored BLK Jac..

  61. Powell says:

    Her neck does look better.

  62. melthehound says:

    Look in the mirror HO..

  63. Powell says:

    I like a nude lip too Kathy but your nude lip is too pink for your skin tone w/that spray tan.

  64. Nancy says:

    SHe’s BSC Caroline.

  65. VV says:

    Caro looks mad.

  66. Powell says:

    WTF is she looking at Caro for? That was a yes or no question.

  67. chismosa says:

    @Lavalady- not sure if you’re here, I’m not reading comments yet– I loved the movie.
    We’ll catch up I hope to discuss ….🎆🎆🚀🚀🚀

    • Nancy says:

      Did you listen to the video I put up?

      • chismosa says:

        Nancy just did- so beautiful. I think that was used during the pivotal points – i.e. The points which will likely garner the oscar nom for Sandra.
        Thank you …..

    • LavaLady says:

      I was with 4 other people and everyone loved it. I found the dialogue hard to understand at times but overall it was great. The special effects were amazing.

      • chismosa says:

        Lava we got to the theater like no joke 1 hour+ before.
        But we got good seats so that’s why….. Lines galore !

        Glad you all enjoyed it, we did too. 🚀🚀💜💜

  68. VV says:

    This entire segment was softballs for Jac as Jeff predicted.
    Did Andy ask about her bankruptcy issues?

  69. VV says:

    That is so true. Joey parrots Meho.

  70. Nancy says:

    I’d love to know what Joey’s IQ is.

  71. VV says:

    That little speech by Melissa was rehearsed.

  72. LavaLady says:


  73. melthehound says:

    And Jan was YOUR best friend

  74. LavaLady says:

    OK they back you up so they ARE your army

  75. VV says:

    Melissa is lying. Those snake sister of her do trash Tre all the time. Why doesn’t Joey stand up for her sister?

  76. Nancy says:

    I don’t like you either Melissa.

  77. VV says:


  78. Nancy says:

    SOme turn to steroids.

  79. melthehound says:

    Here goes Roid Boy

  80. boston02127 says:

    Jac has had so much surgery. When I had my gallbladder out, (which I think was big mistake) I was in such pain for days and wasn’t suppose to lift more than 10 lbs for so many days. The morning after the surgery it felt like someone hit me in the stomach with a bat.

    How does Jac have the time for all the surgery and find the time for the recovering of the surgery. Who cooks, cleans and takes care of her kids?

    Also, does insurance cover the types of surgery she’s had?

  81. VV says:

    Andy is an As*hole!

    • TexasTart says:

      HE IS!!!!! Where does he get off with that attiude?! He will NOT acknowlege that T has changed….he keeps knocking her down. I don’t know how she can be decent with at bitch Andy!

  82. boston02127 says:

    Are they smoking with Gia in the room?

  83. VV says:

    Here we go Andy has to bring that one again.

  84. Nancy says:

    This is too funny!

  85. VV says:

    Andy is gay too.

  86. melthehound says:

    Geeze O Pete VPR… another wedding..

  87. Nancy says:

    Ditto Melissa.

  88. VV says:

    Why didn’t Melissa go after JTG the way she did to Joe Giu?

  89. Nancy says:

    I’m falling in love with Joe.

  90. VV says:

    That answer by Joey was rehearsed. The intention was not to address the issue but to stop talking about it.

  91. Powell says:

    MTH you were right. Shoe polish. 🙂

  92. melthehound says:

    Because you ARE pussywhipped…

  93. boston02127 says:

    Melissa and Joe probably have sex twice a year.

  94. melthehound says:

    Is THAT what he’s so pissed about? She threw his toys out the car window?

  95. melthehound says:

    HO Please.

  96. VV says:

    Joey Gorga is a joke. I am glad he’s married to Melissa. She deserves him.

  97. Powell says:

    If you could sing you wouldn’t be so sensitive Mel. But…

  98. cusi77 says:

    Roid has the price in the soul of his shoe….

  99. VV says:

    Melissa is snake 🐍🐍🐍🐍. She’s a master manipulator but she is not fooling me.

  100. VV says:

    Just so everybody knows. That idiot Dr. V is Team Melissa.

  101. Powell says:

    Dr. V they’re all dumbasses.

  102. melthehound says:

    He’s well rehearsed. As soon as he screws it up again, she’ll call him an idiot again.

  103. Nancy says:

    My Dodgers are winning!!!!!!!!

  104. VV says:

    No, Joey. You don’t know your sister. It seems you don’t know your own wife. She constantly pulls your string you idiot excuse of a man.

  105. Stars99 says:

    I can’t watch until later tonight… and ya’ll are crackin’ me up!

  106. Powell says:

    Tre Joey does know you but he’s pus*y whipped & listens to Mel instead.

  107. LavaLady says:

    OMG So tired of hearing how everyone is out to get Melissa, how Melissa is so hurt, so victimized.

    You know what Melissa, stand up for yourself. Be a big girl, if you didn’t cheat, stand up, declare it, and for all of our sakes, let it go. So sick of hearing about it.

  108. melthehound says:

    TV shrinks… Most worthless people on the planet…

  109. VV says:

    There is Carolina clearly saying “what you did to our family”

  110. VV says:

    Rosie, you moron! Bravo mikes them.

  111. Nancy says:

    They started the rumors themselves.

    • VV says:

      I think Joey and Mel think that Tre is behind the FW site. That’s why they keep referring to army and machine.

  112. VV says:

    Melissa has poison Joey’s brain so bad that Joey still thinks it was Teresa.

  113. VV says:

    Melissa is making up the story as she goes.

  114. melthehound says:

    Then leave the show Joey and be careful what rumors you start about your wife.

    • VV says:

      Okay, I’ve read about this before but never given it too much thought. I’m starting to wonder now.

      • melthehound says:

        It was Jan that put that ball rolling, MEGO’s BFFL..

        • VV says:

          That’s what I’m thinking now. We saw Jan say what she did to Melissa on two occasions. Those were serious accusations so for Jan and Melissa to be okay with that?!! RED FLAG 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

  115. LavaLady says:

    That was weird muffled sound and Joey says he has to go to court

  116. Powell says:

    “I don’t need this in my life.” Then take your ass off of tv. Tre is right you bunch of dumbasses. You take the word of strangers that want your place on the show.

  117. in other news…anyone going to see the new Carrie movie???

  118. VV says:

    I think Mel and Jan are friends again and I think Mel must have promised Jan something. It was Jan that said Mel cheated on the parking lot with Bulldog.

  119. VV says:

    Did dr. V also teach Joey, Melissa and everybody else to say they are sorry.

  120. melthehound says:

    Waste of airtime.

  121. VV says:

    So, Teresa apologize for listening to others NOT for being the one that started the rumors LIKE he Gorgas, Laurita, Manzo, Bravo, and Sirens wants the viewers to think.

  122. Nancy says:

    You ARE a maniac.

  123. boston02127 says:


    Melissa do you have any other storyline other than Tre so called picking on you?
    Why the Manzo’s trial apartment?
    Are the Manzo kids still working?
    What exactly did Jacqueline’s doctor do to her neck?
    Does anyone think Jac needs AA?
    How come Melissa’s kids never talk, laugh or play on the show?
    How much time does Jacqueline spend with her kids each day?
    Is Lauren getting married?
    Joe Gorga do you EVER think your wife is in the wrong?
    Melissa would you be willing to take a lie detector test?

  124. melthehound says:


  125. VV says:

    What about you Caroline?!!!!!!

  126. VV says:

    You idiot Caroline! We already know that Teresa completed the exercise.
    So, what Caroline was Teresa supposed to lie?! Is not a lie. Don Caro, Teresa to you to your face you and ask we’re fighting in front if you and you didn’t deny.
    Caroline is double talking.

    • VV says:

      What I meant to type is Caroline said it was a lie that she and Al were fighting. Teresa replied you did it in front of me *** notice Caroline didn’t deny*** BUT then goes on talking and says that was a lie.

      • chismosa says:

        VV my cc’s say Teresa said “obviously you guys DIDNT fight in front of me”
        Not “did”

        • VV says:

          I thought she said you did it in front of me. I have to watch again and pay attention to the edit. We know Bravo protects the Manzo. Rumor on Twitter is that Jac was the one telling people that Carolina and Al were fighting. Not sure I buy that but again. I’ll pay close attention to the scene again with captions on.

  127. melthehound says:

    Well, my internet feed just puked as I am about to with this BS…. Take your medicine Momz.. You have run your mouth for 3 seasons straight.

  128. VV says:

    STFU Rosie!

  129. Nancy says:

    It’s ALL Teresa’s fault. We can go home now.

  130. melthehound says:

    There is the victim again…

  131. VV says:

    Why is everybody butting in and going after Teresa?!


  132. melthehound says:

    Thank Gawd she’s gone. Waste of air time.

  133. VV says:

    Caroline acts like she owns Bravo. She probably does. She owns Andy for sure.

  134. melthehound says:

    Well that was fun. Does anyone know if The Amazing Race aired on time in the east?

  135. VV says:

    Why isn’t Caroline mad at Jac for being a friend of KimD? This is her sister in law, you’d think she would be mad that Jac and Kim D are friends but noooooooo. She’s mad that Teresa is a friend of Kim D. This crap doesn’t even make sense!

  136. boston02127 says:

    Good night all. I hope everyone has a nice week. 🙂

  137. Laineylainey says:

    Watching TAR. I’ve decided I’m not crazy about the ice girls. I’m not crazy about the millionaire wives of professional baseball players. No hate….just not feeling them. Oh and the BINGO actors….Texas Tart do you think they are ripping off our Tuna TX guys? Which came first the Bingo Girls or A Tuna Christmas, Red, White & Tuna, Greater Tuna…etc. I want to support a female, cause otherwise, I feel kinda catty…I think I like the hippies so far. The afghanimals are getting on my nerves the way they keep saying their nickname as if it were Jill & her ma schilling their book. Ok, we get it.

    MTH thank you for the recap from last sunday… i read it a little while ago. Lots of details, which I appreciate as I tend to surf the net while watching. Mrs. zero Attention span over here.

    • Nancy says:

      Has your daughter been to Dodger Stadium yet? (Baseball)

    • melthehound says:

      You’re welcome 🙂 ..

    • chismosa says:

      Lainey I want to punch the woman with pink hair with the super hot ex boyfriend. I literally was screaming at my tv.

      I hope she leaves before using her OWN pass and before giving it away.

      I’m sure the casting directors have caught on to that they need to cast ‘bad’ people so that was her ‘in’.
      I’m going for the ER docs or the mountain boys. I don’t loooooooove anyone and haven’t for years now. 😞😞

      Hope you had a nice weekend !

      • Laineylainey says:

        Yes, that’s the one, I didn’t like much. The ex boyfriend has some patience on him. But I guess he likes her ways to some extent; they ARE teammates!

        By mountain boys, you mean the hippies? The afghanimals are fighting!!, oh my!! We stopped to eat dinner. So now i am watching again. Nicole and Travis are the surgeons?? If so, i like them, too!!

        I have had a lovely weekend, Chismosa, thank you!! I’m jelly you went to see gravity. Hubby says he’s afraid he will up chuck. (V word) if we go see it. I wonder if I should give him Dramamine.

        • chismosa says:

          Lainey you could see it just in regular digital format.  There were lines for that too

          I had my 1st 3d experience with this – not a fan of 3d but I did it. 
          I felt fine, but I don’t get nauseous easily. I could live on a harshly swaying boat. 🚣🚤⛵️🚢
          And I love rollercoasters 
          See it! Beautiful beautiful movie. Love Alfonso Charon and he wrote it with his son. 

    • Laineylainey says:

      Oh wait, the ice girls are ok. Totally ok!!! so glad, i really dont want to dislike the girls. it was the bossy lady…the ex girlfriend I.e. shrew – that rubs my scales the wrong way.

      • melthehound says:

        The one with the pink hombre for a hair-do… who won the double express pass. I would push her off of the cliff. I hope they get bounced holding BOTH passes. I don’t think I can stomach seeing anyone kiss her ass. I wondered what you didn’t like about the ice girls.

    • TexasTart says:

      Oh no! The Tuna guys came first! This Austin staple began in 1981.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        My dvr cut off before the ending…boooo!! I guess I need to set it for 2 hours. dadburned 60 minutes. I look forward to reading the recap. The recap is the only reason I didn’t completely freak when the little message came up “delete this program?”

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Oh hahahahaha!! Your calling the Bingo Ladies, the Tuna Guys. hahahahaha!!

  138. VV says:

    Things I want to know:

    I want to know who picked up the check at the restaurant where Kim D, Teresa, Jan, Penny and Jennifer. Who picked up the bill?

  139. kit9 says:

    Omg! Another bald faced lie from the pathological liar Teresa about what she wrote in her blog about Caroline and Al fighting. Just a complete fabrication and then pretty much admitting that she did it vindictively. Nice! Christ, that trial can’t come fast enough

    • melthehound says:

      Christ, that trial can’t come fast enough
      For some people, I agree.

    • chismosa says:


    • Laineylainey says:

      The duality of man/woman. She’s a liar but is honest and admits that she did it vindictively.

      The ink is black, the page is white; together we learn to read and write. -3 dog night

  140. VV says:

    @HeatherMaclean: Kathy: “Tell them to stay out of our family!” How about your daughter stop dating their family? #LIAR

    Original Message:

  141. chismosa says:

    I love a nicely executed mullet dress so I’m excited to watch

    Mullet does not === gown and I thought the Don criticized the pageant gown last year? Not Mel?
    Tre has a new makeup look or artist this year. Or some tweaks. Hmm

    • Nancy says:

      I thought Teresa looked great.

      • chismosa says:

        Something is slightly off in her face. I’m going to analyze……

        • Nancy says:

          You are funny. BTW I watched all the seasons of Breaking Pointe and LOVED them.

          • chismosa says:

            Oh so happy for you! I could watch the world of ballet all day long. I know you told me skating is so similar. But they’re not on their toes lol. I still don’t understand the physics of being on (or en?) pointe. How do your toes (with the thing in the shoe) hold you up!?!?!

            I didn’t watch the finale yet, saved on my dvr. I adore Allison so I am waiting to savor it.

            I’m weird like that. Lol

            • Nancy says:

              No we aren’t but we have to land jumps on one edge which is much smaller than
              toe shoes.

              • chismosa says:

                Yes of course you are making much much more dangerous leaps and bounds into the air and not to mention ICE is at the ground.
                Sorry never meant to imply it was not more dangerous or challenging

                I just never understood pointe.

                • Nancy says:

                  Check out YouTube re: being on pointe. They will break it all down for you.
                  I think both are difficult to do well. 🙂

  142. VV says:

    Thank you Sue!

    @plainviewsue: Hey @melissagorga Look what your sister just tweeted?

    Original Message:

    • Nancy says:


    • VV says:

      Is Joey going to do anything about this or Jac, Caroline, Kathy or Rosie? No they will remain quiet because THEY ARE ALL JELIUS OF TERESA!

      • Nancy says:

        VV…May I ask you a question?

          • Nancy says:

            IF they find Teresa and Joe guilty on those charges how are you going to feel about them?

            • VV says:

              I will feel bad for the kids for sure. Hey, I’ve always stated if they committed a crime, they should pay. I just hate all this Goggle Lawyers experts sentencing them before their day in court.

              • Nancy says:

                I hear you.

                • VV says:

                  Remember the Godfather scene when Kay asks Michael if he had murdered Connie’s husband? Michael replies: Don’t ask me about my business. She asks again and he very upsets says again Don’t ask me about my business. I don’t think Teresa knew in what mess they were in or how bad it was. *IMO.

                  • Nancy says:

                    I think that to a point. IF they owed me a lot of money I would be pissed off esp
                    seeing them live the way they do. Did they really need to buy a brand new Mercedes
                    this year? They do dig themselves into a hole at times.

                    • melthehound says:

                      I think most of them are driving lease cars and doing so for the show. I remember the first ever episode, Jac’s driveway filled with several foriegn sports cars. Ferrari, Porshe, etc. Where are they now?

  143. VV says:

    Everything this woman does is calculated. I don’t buy tweet at all.

    @melissagorga: Truth be told! The M & T saga is too much. We were both wrong at times & we are moving on with forgiveness. We are family. Xo

    Original Message:

    • Nancy says:

      She knows she lost this round. So transparent.

    • melthehound says:

      The proper response to this came from the horse’s behind in Arizona. It was a good season if you like to see animals on TV… Frito the pissing dog, Cracker the horse that showed Joey what a Tarzan REALLY looks like, MuShoo who is now working as MeGo’s mirror reflection and I’m sure a couple I forgot..

  144. VV says:

    @LysaSimpson: Teresa needs to learn family loyalty from @kimpirrella and @LysaSimpson

    Original Message:

  145. BuffaLOVE says:

    Yes Joey pussy-whipped is the same thing as calling your sister scum and referring to her as Saddam Hussein!!! It is such a double standard I cant take it…I am so pissed Andy didn’t question Melissa on the Saddam Hussein comment. And the my sisters don’t trash talk Teresa on Twitter! Seriously?!? Joey, Kathy, Caro, Andy and Bravo hold Teresa to a much different standard than Melissa and it is getting old!

  146. Nancy says:

    Caroline is getting slammed over on the Bravo Blogs.

    • Laineylainey says:

      So, Andy…just who is their audience for their spin off?

      • Nancy says:

        Rumor has it the Manzo’s are paying for the spin-off at first so I have a feeling
        it will be short lived.

    • Nancy says:

      So is Melissa.

    • chismosa says:

      I didn’t watch yet but why is lap band Lauren on this calculated spinoff via her mom so she can get a nice wedding paid for by bravo – when her parents (dad) RUN a wedding banquet facility???! She essentially has a free location. ? So is she going to have Bravo pay for another type of wedding ? And what does that say about the Brownstone and her relationship to her parents that she’s not going to marry there ? 
      I’m scratching my head. 

      • Nancy says:

        They have to have something that sticks so I guess this is it. There are many other
        costs to a wedding than the reception.

  147. VV says:

    danielle staub (@daniellestaub) tweeted at 7:41pm – 6 Oct 13:

    @ericalynn_nj @HeartTeresaG @melissagorga no matter what she will never be #original …thanks all for tweeting #reasonIDontWatch! (

    • chismosa says:

      I don’t buy into that reality show theory of replacements vs originals. That the originals can look down their snooty noses at a replacement (very Dina-esque) 
      Replacement vs original is very junior high. 
      Love Danielle though. She started my hate for the Don. 

  148. chismosa says:

    VV- soooooooo classy

    Off topic.
    Poor gal, searching for viewers.

  149. KTinCT says:

    MTH Jeff, I’m answering you down here because I’m on an IPad mini and it didn’t give me the option above. It is so sad when they start to show their age, as Jada is doing…. She is so grey in the snout and much slower than her prime….she is my first dog and I will go through hell and high water to keep her comfortable…I only hope that when it is her time that it is quick and painless….

    • Laineylainey says:

      It is sad watching our pets grow old.

    • melthehound says:

      Melvin is to the point that his back legs come out from under him on the kitchen floor and he can’t get back up. I have to strategically place rugs around so he can have some traction. Yet, outside, he runs around like a maniac puppy.. When it comes to ‘their time’, I hope the same.

      • lillybee says:

        Mel, I had to put down my Clyde when he was 21. It was so sad, but he wasn’t a bit sick until that day. However, for the last year of his life, he was known as the pooping bandit because he had problems controlling his bowels.

        • melthehound says:

          Thank you lillybee… He’s 14 now, I’ll be happy if he makes it to 15. With winter coming though, I don’t have a lot of faith in that. He’s beginning to have a similar problem as your Clyde.. Obviously losing partial control in his sleep but I don’t need to go in to any real detail about that.. We have enough poop talk around here these days to last a lifetime. He isn’t what I would call sick, he’s just having some trouble getting around some days. I will carpet the entire kitchen to help him if I have to as that seems to be his only real problem. That and he can’t seem to climb stairs real well. I know I can’t give him his greatest joy anymore and take him in the car. I don’t dare take him to see my sister’s dog, A 1yo pitbull because she is too rough with him.. It just breaks my heart to watch but as long as he Can get around and isn’t sick, I’ll look after him. When that changes, I will do what needs to be done for him as I promised him on day one.

          • TexasTart says:

            Good luck with Mel in his advanced age. I too had get rugs and place them everywhere without carpet to make a stable pathways for my Max.

  150. VV says:

    Please Keep in mind, that reunions are taped for hours and we only see what Bravo wants us to see. They edit and cut and splice and dub reunions just like they do the show. The story line AGAIN this year is BLAME Teresa therefore reunion has to match that storyline as well.

    • chismosa says:

      I still VV don’t understand why she stays through this. I don’t. If she walks then they’ll not have the star ( 🙄 ). 
      Why put up with this ? If her pasta/endeavors and Heather have her succeeding so much – then just walk ! 
      Plus isn’t this income from the show being used to pay things back ? And thus, being watched closely by irs/ FBI/ whoever ? 
      I don’t get it. Stubbornness? Her insufferable pride ? Why does she stay if she KNOWS the edit she’s going to get? 
      I do think juicy is on Lexapro or Prozac this year. 
      My only conclusion is her pr team and HMac have advised her that she will increase fans by staying as the victim? That’s all I can come up with. 
      ????? 🙇🙇🙇🙇

      • Rebecca says:

        She had to stay because of her contract. I think they were all up this year though.

      • Nancy says:

        I think she wants to pay her bills off which is a good thing.

      • VV says:

        What Rebecca and Nancy said.

      • chismosa says:

        Thank you all- I still don’t get the intricacies of reality contracts. It’s not scripted tv so it’s not for yearS at a time. I’ll never get that. For instance now looking to let go of Jacq – what if she was signed to a 3 year contract 2 years ago? So they let her out? Makes no sense. In regular TV land you get repercussions for leaving out of contract 
        The money thing makes me wonder 
        I know she has to support her husband, his depression medications, her girls, her stylist, her manager, her hair person, makeup person, Mercedes leases, etc. 
        just how do these monies factor in with her financial legal snafus id love to know 💱💲🏧🔜❓❓

        • VV says:

          Why do you hate Teresa so much Chismo?

          • chismosa says:

            VV my point was in response to the exasperation leveled at what Santa Teresa goes through. If it’s so unbelievable and causes such outrage – is this a Miley Cyrus-esque play to garner fans ?
            Because if it’s as bad as everyone says so- then why would she stand for it ? It’s not the first time at the rodeo she’s getting the bad edit.
            That was my issue.

            Minority Mary

            • VV says:

              No need to elevate Tre to Saint status.
              I don’t know why Andy despises the Giudices. Notice he asked Juicy about making homophobic remarks but gave Richie and Joey a pass when these two had made bad remarks about gays as well.

              I think the first year Bravo contracts were not as restrictive. Once Bravo realized they had gold with the HW franchised their contracts became tighter.

              • chismosa says:

                It’s shocking to me that reality stars get contracted for more than 1 year. I am, literally in shock over it.

                • melthehound says:

                  They are all stupid enough to sign up for it, they deserve whatever backlash happens to them.

                • VV says:

                  I think to recall the initial offer is for three years ( Bravo has the option to fire you). Not sure if the contracts are restructured after series are a hit.

        • VV says:

          Chismo, Bravo gets a cut for endorsed products by HWs. That was not the case originally. They missed millions with B’s deal. So. Their contracts got tighter.

  151. Bryan ‏@bulldog_nj 52m
    In some way I still don’t feel good about even taking the devil down. Don’t ya wish you apologized. Sleep well

    MissAmiaSays ‏@MissAmiaSays 33s
    @bulldog_nj the problem is: You never say anything! It’s always; “it will come out” other guy said he signed contract, WTF? Y?

    (You tell him MissAmiaSays!)

  152. Powell says:

    There was a new Masterpiece Classics on PBS. It’s The Paradise. Another one in a dept store like Selfridges. The bits I watched were good. I set my DVR to record on Monday night’s 12aam est.

  153. chismosa says:

    Texas are you around ? Can you tell me if there’s a poll question ?

    • not THAT Jill says:

      How do you like your Joe
      Shaved or Sprayed…
      Stupid poll question!!!
      Love, Ashy

  154. not THAT Jill says:

    Andy just read a tweet question from PlainviewSue….she’s a SUPERSTAR!!!

    • Laineylainey says:


      • not THAT Jill says:

        @plainviewsue: @andy Please ask Rosie why she defends Joey’s anger issues yet never defends Teresa once. She’s her cousin too.

    • chismosa says:

      Ashy I was wondering where you were …..
      Well I haven’t been reading comments having to do with the show yet

      Thanks for the poll ????
      I guess since it’s reunion time they keep it simple stupid.

    • plainviewsue says:

      This time I wasn’t as surprised as last time thanks to my son. He follows and is followed by some of my twitter friends because of Survivor. So I was watching WWHL and he came in and asked me if Andy read my tweet. He felt bad that he ruined the surprise, but it was okay. How about Rosie saying my twitter name and not happy about the question! Well, I wasn’t happy about her answer!!!!! Bull crap she ever defends Teresa.

    • VV says:


  155. Nancy says:

    chismosa…I hope this helps.

  156. Rebecca says:

    Oh gawd… Caroline. get up, walk off the stage, and keep going.

  157. Rebecca says:

    Damn. Made it through 24 minutes without the Wakiles. Why did they have to totally ruin it.

  158. Johnny the Greek says the Wakiles didn’t bring him on the show

    But at the same time, Penny is saying they encouraged them to go to the salon on fight night. Why is he so set on defending them now?

    • VV says:

      Niece’s job might be in jeopardy.

      • VV says:

        This tweet is from Kathy. She’s referring to Heather McLean Teresa’s book writer because Heather Tweeted about the Realityrow article that NMD posted the link earlier.

        @KathyWakile: Someone needs to put a muzzle on their BFF! You don’t know jack shit! Not very professional of you!

        Original Message:

  159. VV says:

    Do you think that Melissa put the rumors of infidelity out there to get ahead of the game in case that they would surface once she was on National TV?
    Do you think she put them out there to demonize Tre and have a storyline? If the later, then is obvious because Bravo sets the scenes with Kim D, Jan, Penny, Jennifer, mikes them, and actually makes them sign waivers to be on the show.

    Something about Bulldog strikes me as maybe he is being honest. The other guy Aratar, I think he’s looking for his 15 mins.

    Diva also mentioned another guy that she had info as well…

    • Nancy says:

      I think it was the 2nd.

    • Rebecca says:

      My opinion is that she really pisses off people in real life and they all banded together.

    • VV says:

      I’m starting to think there is truth to this cheating rumors…

    • melthehound says:

      I think this crapfest is over. Let them all rot in their own garbage. I don’t care who screwed who, when, or how. Nor do I care who knows about it. I’m sick of the never ending cryptic bullshit from all of them. If someone has proof of anything, spit it out and show it or STFU about it. The idea of this guy saying he doesn’t want to be a part of the show is absolute bullshit. IF he doesn’t want to be part of the show, then it’s another parking lot blow job he’s after.This entire crew really is scum of the earth. Teresa is just a phuckin idiot for carrying on with it. If she can’t see by now that these assholes are never going to support or be behind her for any other reason than to stick the knife in her back, then she really is dumb as a rock. They all say they want the bullshit to end but not a damn one of them does anything to make that happen. Shitbag autotune even tonight, couldn’t shut her phuickin mouth. Yes, I think SHE is the one responsible for the rumors. Protecting her 4th season spot on the show.

  160. Nancy says:

    Night, night all. Sleep well.

  161. VV says:

    @RosiePierri: Hey @Teresa_Giudice ur pathetic and ur pyssing me off !!

    Original Message:

  162. TexasTart says:

    At long last we have answers! All of the Teresa hatred stems from T threw little Joey’s toys out the car window when he was 5. Pooooor baby Joey, at long last I understand your pain… grow the F up!

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