Stars recaps the final RHONJ Blogs and Puts them in their Place plus Amazing Race Recap

Bloggers Needed

We have a whole lotta shows starting up in the fall.  If anyone is interested in blogging any of the shows on the list – or any I may have forgotten, please let me know.  We’ve bot Beverly Hills (show and blog) covered by BB and Stars99 and RamonaCoaster will be doing the ATL blogs.  The Empress will be covering Walking Dead on her blog.  We’re looking for bloggers for the following:

  • Real Housewives of Atlanta
  • Vanderpump Rules
  • Top Chef (already started)
  • Shahs of Sunset

Email me – if you are interested


Real Housewives of New Jersey

Blogs Blogged by Stars99

 Kathy Wakile – 

She starts her blog by apologizing for not blogging last week.  She also lets us know that Rich has “a new bromance with Andrew Dice Clay.”  Other than the obvious name dropping, do we care?  I certainly don’t… Oh and she met one of the Top Chef Masters…lol.  Yippie Skippy!  She makes up for her lost blog by including some parts of the previous episode in this one.  She congratulates the Manzo boys on the opening of their restaurant… And she is mentascental about her son and how quickly her kids have grown up.

Kathy blogs, “Now 22 years later the kids are grown and I am leader of the pack!” 

Why am I suddenly inexplicably singing, “Leader of the Pack?” ( ) I’ve recently read some interesting things about the Wakile’s alleged connections – In my opinion, the best of which can be accessed at:  I had been wondering why the Wakiles had been guests on Bethany’s talk show a couple of times more than some of the other, more popular housewives. Allegedly, Bethany’s talent booking agent (Marigo Mihalos – Johnny the Greek’s niece) is best friends with their daughter, Victoria Wakile.  In addition, Victoria is allegedly dating George Mihalos (Marigo Mihalos’ brother + Johnny the Greek’s nephew).  For kicks and tricks, I looked at Marigo’s linked in account and it detailed that she was also Associate Talent Producer of Wendy Williams’ show (until May 2013).   The link is:  Now, it all kind of makes sense that Penny wanted to be on the show so badly because there was kind of a connection.  But honestly, I have no idea about the veracity of the above information…  But it kind of makes everything make sense now… There may be other connections, but quite frankly, Scarlet, I don’t give a rat’s furry ass.  Gosh, everything leads back to a pack of rats when we talk about this franchise, no?

Kathy blogs, “I have to say I was so surprised when Kim D. invited me to her party, since I was not sure where we stood. You know I had to say my piece to set the record straight — don’t talk bad or make rude comments about me, period! Anyway, so off to the party Richie and I went since we are supporters, especially when it comes to small local businesses. But to see and hear all the crap that was being passed around, one would have thought we were at the WWE, and not a party! Thankfully everyone made it out of there… But not without a Rummm-ble!”

Wait, the Wakiles were at the party?  Who knew? Lol…

Kathy writes, “It was really nice to see Tre and Joe get real and go there with their mistakes and feelings for one another — their brother/sister bond is strong, and as my Richie said to Joe, that is what is important. Family matters the most! It’s important to remember that we are all human and we all make mistakes. And yes it’s OK to get upset when our feelings are hurt or we’re disappointed in one another. However the most important thing is to talk about it, clear it up, and move on.”

I gotta agree, “Talk about it, clear it up, and move on.”  I have seen so many evidences of wild accusations being thrown around at people without first making sure the information that’s being acted upon is actually factual and complete.  While I don’t really think that anyone is really “real” on this show… it’s kind of humorous that they’re all trying to pretend they’ve had this big epiphany.  I think they’re all just trying to save a sinking ship.

Kathy continues, “Our united front has stuck — no haters, no outsiders — because we have each other’s backs and will not allow it. In the toughest times we tend to learn the most, so yes, we have all learned a lot this season about our friendships, our family dynamics, and our ability to communicate no matter what!”

While I can appreciate that concept… I think you guys have an enemy(ies) within the “family.”  But the season is over…  So I don’t care… Woo hoooOOOooOOOOo!

Caroline Manzo

 Caroline starts, “Here we are at the end of the Housewives Road? It started with a storm (literally and figuratively) and ended with sunshine and unity. Miracles really do happen.”

Right.  And pigs fly.  I wonder of Moo Shu could fly… hmmmm?

Caroline writes, “The fight at Moxie was awful and pretty ugly to witness. I will never understand the motivation behind the attack on Melissa, Joe, Chris, and Jacqueline.”

Unfortunately, we’ll never know what actually happened in its entirety because there was a lot of clever splicing and dicing going on with the editing.  Not sure if it was because of the charges or potential lawsuits… but, “This is kind of irritating me.”  Thanks, Milania! Lol.

Caroline blogs, “Al and I decided to stay in Franklin Lakes for a while longer. I love Hoboken, but there’s no place like home and the memories that live within those four walls.”

So that’s your story and you’re sticking with it?

Caroline ends, “It’s been quite a season for the New Jersey ‘Wives, and my hope for our group is that we stay in a place of understanding where we can be in a room together without animosity, but acceptance of who we are, where we’ve been, and the roles we each played in this crazy journey of ours. That’s a tall order, but I’m an optimist.”

Sits cross-legged on the ground, flicks a bic, sways back and forth and starts to inexplicably sing, “Oh, I believe in music… oooOOooo I… I believe in love… Music is the universal language and love is the key… to peace, hope and understanding… and living in harmony… So grab your brother by the hand and sing along with me…” (Sing along:  Sorry, sometimes we just have to sing, sing a song… sing out loud, sing out strong… but that’s a whole nuther Oprah and a whole nuther song…  (Sing along:  Wow, I just may be cracking up… I think I’ve seen too many of these shows.

Teresa Giudice –

“Hello Sweethearts!”  Okay, I’m dying laffin right now… She changed her greeting again for the last blog… I gotta say, if I had to choose between, “Hello Baby Dolls,” “Hello Loveys,” or this one… hmmm…. I kind of miss the Thurston Howell III’s greeting.

Teresa blogs, “I can’t believe another season is over. And I can’t believe it ended like the last two did: with everyone trying to blame me and make me apologize. I’ve apologized more times than I can count, but if that’s what my brother needs, I’ll keep apologizing until my tongue falls out. I’ve never tried to hurt him or Melissa. I only care about my family. Hopefully we’ve wiped the slate clean and can start over from here now. Since my family is in the public eye, we’ve got to be strong, we’ve got to support each other, and we’ve got to stand united. I never want to go back to that dark place with my family again.”

Sadly, Teresa… You will never be able to further impact what your brother and Melissa think about you or your involvement.  You have bigger fish to fry…  Seriously, build a bridge and move on for the sake of your own sanity.  They are going to do and say whatever they believe will be in their best drama-causing 15 more-minutes-of-fame self-interests.  However, I do think you need to say stuff when people badmouth your brother/family in your presence.  What I witness is that you just sit there and say nothing – and it just doesn’t sit well with me.  I conclude that you don’t say anything, because you never say, “But I defended you and told them to shut up and not talk to me about it” or something like that.  You’ve got to do what we all should do in our lives… You need to just walk away from the crazies.

Teresa blogs, “I’m not going to talk too much about Penny and Johnny because I don’t have anything much to say about them. I’ve met them a few times, I knew she wanted to be on the show, and I stayed as far away as I could from whatever rumors she had or didn’t have on Melissa. It’s a small town though, I guess I didn’t stay far enough away! How did she have my phone number? I have no idea, but most people around her do have it. It’s easy to get. I’m not a super secretive person. I give it out to everyone. To me, that’s no big deal. If we were really working together, she would have texts from me and photos of hanging out at my house with me and my kids — like all my other friends do. I’m not buying that she deletes all her texts but saves all her Twitters, but whatever. It is what it is. I can’t do anything to stop strangers from coming after me and my family. The only thing I can do is protect my family the best I can. And if that means getting up and walking away, taking the blame, or apologizing, then I’ll do it.”

There are a thousand ways she could have obtained your phone number(s).  I’m guessing there would be more pics and stuff if you were good friends with her/them… When will we all understand that Bravo LOVES this set-up stuff?  You just have to learn how loud your silence is… It’s so weird that people will argue about stupid little stuff… but then when the big stuff comes up they keep really quiet.  When people say stuff like Melissa is cheating on Joe… In public, I think you should totally be saying things like,  “You know that’s a big, fat, hairy lie”… Unless you know otherwise, I guess.

Teresa continues, “My amazing hairdressers did want me to point out that I’ve never had my hair done by Penny or at her salon. Melissa knows that too, I have no idea why she screamed that. She likes the drama. I went with Kim D. to have my makeup done at Penny’s place last season, but that was it.”

Rut roh… the hairdressers are cranky!  They’re the ones with sharp, pointy objects and lots of chemicals… Run… Save your hair while you still can!

Teresa blogs, “The Watch What Happens Live interview with Andy was intense. I think he was very respectful and did a great job. Hopefully we answered enough questions, but it is aggravating to not be able to speak freely about everything. When this is all over, we will! As Joe said, we pleaded not guilty for a reason. Thank you all so much for your support and for withholding judgment until the trial is over.”

Just shakes my head… The saying goes… “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”  It’s unfortunate you guys chose to speak.

Teresa continues, “I’m not in denial about it, I know it’s serious and terrible, and I wouldn’t wish this situation on anyone. If you’ve ever been in any kind of legal situation, even a divorce, you know it can suck your soul dry faster than almost anything else. It’s not a pretty process. But I choose to stay positive. I really believe that being positive and being happy is a choice. It would be easy to stay in bed and cry all day. It’s hard to keep moving forward, keep working, and keep your head up, but that’s what strong women do. Especially being a mom, I can’t fall apart. I have four little girls looking at me to see how to handle bad times. I want to set a good example for them because life involves bad times. You have to know how to cope and not to crumble. And I trust in God. I trust that no matter what, we’ll be OK. Worrying isn’t going to do one thing to help us.”

The thing is, Teresa, you often answered the questions with a “We haven’t really thought about it” kind of a response.  How is that demonstrating strength?  A strong person would consider all the possible outcomes of a litigious situation and plan accordingly.   It just boggles my mind – if in fact we believe what you said in your interview.  Plan for the sake of your kids… dagnabit!  Get your head out of the sand!  No one says you can’t be positive, happy, AND prepared!

Melissa Gorga – 

“Hi, everyone! What a week. The finale episode was only part of the excitement. My book Love Italian Style has been out for over ten days now, and it’s making headlines.”

Yeah, but it’s making headlines for all the wrong reasons… #theworstmaritaladvicebookeverwritten

Melissa justifies, “Some of the content is controversial to say the least. At first, I was upset that a website accused me and Joe of horrible, disgusting things. But now I see it as an opportunity to further explain my philosophy about marriage.”

You had an entire book to fully explain your philosophy about marriage… We get it.  Honestly, we do.  Your relationship is scary.  Where is your family?  Where are your friends?  Are you not listening to rational people anymore?

Melissa blogs, “Regarding the quote in the book about Joe saying every woman wants to have her hair pulled and clothes ripped off sometimes: First if all, it’s not meant to read literally. Joe would be in serious trouble if he tore my clothes! His point is that women like feeling taken — within the trust and safety of a mutually respectful relationship. Fans of Fifty Shades of Grey can attest that there’s a difference between racy and “rapey.” When Joe and I talk about dominance and submission, it’s racy. It’s about a man being a man, a woman being a woman, a man taking charge and a woman letting it happen — consensually! There are times I play hard to get, and Joe knows those signals. But when I am not in the mood, Joe doesn’t force me to do ANYTHING. In the Jezebel article, the reporter failed to quote another line from the book when Joe says, “She’s not in mood to have sex? How about a three-minute massage instead? Men need to be touched. Skin on skin. A kiss, a hug, a massage. That’s enough on some nights.” Or when Joe wrote “My wife is my life. I live to make her happy. I like it when she tells me what she wants.”

Melissa, I cannot believe you tritely said, “There’s a difference between being racy and ‘rapey.’”  That just offends me to my very core.  Melissa, to me it sounds like you’re really just trivializing rape.  We teach our daughters and sons that, “Yes means Yes” and “No means No” and in your book you are undermining that whole concept.  What’s this crap about, “a man being a man and a woman being a woman” – As if one gender by definition is supposed to somehow dominate the other.  Words just elude me.  Plus, anytime you use a book that is reportedly as poorly written and constructed as “Fifty Shades of Grey” as an explanation of your own poorly written and constructed book, you’re in quicksand – Seriously.  She then tells us that when she refuses her husband she does so “nicely.”  Thanks, good to know.  [Insert gratuitous eye roll here.]

Since she hasn’t completed submerged herself into quicksand yet, Melissa continues, “To the point that, in a marriage, sometimes you have sex because your partner wants to, even if you’re not so into it: I defy anyone in a long-term relationship, man or woman, to say that they’ve never done it for their partner’s sake once in a while. It’s called compromise and compassion for the person you love and trust most in the world. There is nothing wrong with that, and nothing wrong with admitting it. I also made the point that, if you’re not so into it initially, you might change your mind a few minutes later, and wind up glad you said, ’Okay, let’s go.’”

We all do things out of love for each other.  We actively choose to – rather than be dominated into it.  There’s a difference.  She goes into a long winded explanation about how she needs Joe and he needs her.  Blahditty blah blah blah.

Melissa reasons, “Our need for each other doubles our joy and halves our pain. It’s how we share our lives.”

I’ve heard the saying, “Friendship doubles our joy and divides our grief/sorrow.”  How does your “need for each other” double your joy, exactly?  I just don’t get it.

Melissa, shockingly continues, “Regarding our parenting style, how Joe said he doesn’t change diapers. The article pulled out one sentence, but failed to include the entire passage. Here it is, in full: ‘Some guys change one diaper or give a baby one bottle, and declare themselves Super Dad. They hand the baby back to Mommy, and then go to the garage to putter around or sneak off to their office to look at porn. I don’t feed babies, or change the diapers. My father never wiped my ass, and I don’t either. But, I get on the floor and play with my kids for hours.” This is what I mean when I say that the quotes were taken out of context. And guess what? My kids are out of diapers. They’re done with bottles. But Joe still runs around with the kids, and plays with them for hours.’”

Joe, it’s called being a “father” in this century.  It’s about doing the fun things and the not so fun things. Do you do anything but play with your kids?  It’s about partnering with your wife in parenting.  It’s about your snide attitude of, “My father never wiped my ass, and I don’t either.”  Although, truthfully, I could argue from your own words that you admitted that you don’t wipe your own ass.  Is that something Melissa is also required to do?

Speaking of wiping your ass, Melissa continues, “Another thing: Of course, I poop in my own house! I just don’t let Joe see me do it. I keep that business to myself. You wouldn’t let a man see you poop on the first date, right? That’s my point. Keep the mystery alive in a marriage. Date your husband.”

Melissa, you’re not on a first date with your husband of several years.  You poop and he poops.  And it stinks.  As human beings, we can try to minimize the stink or sound several ways just out of common courtesy to others.  Does Joe do that for you?  Or does he fart in your general direction (Sorry, obscure Monty Python and the Holy Grail reference)?

Melissa blogs, “Finally, to the issue that I’m a throwback housewife: I concur. I am a “housewife.” I’m also a Housewife. I cook and clean; I’m on TV, am a recording artist, and now a published author.”

Okay, that just made me throw up a little in my mouth.  Melissa goes on to say that she treats Joe like a king and he treats her like a queen.  So which wife are you?  Anne Boleyn?  Cuz it didn’t end well for her… she kinda lost her head!

Melissa says, “I do find it ironic that some viewers of the show say that Joe is my puppet, and then criticize my book and say that he’s a control freak rapist. The truth is: he’s a passionate, red-blooded man who loves and respects me, just as I love and respect him.”

Joe is a control freak – We are really not confused on that issue.  However, you are a manipulator and you use sex to get exactly what you want.  You also have some control freak in you – I’m reminded of the time you and Teresa took the girls to that jewelry making shop and you were crazily specific about the order of the color of the beads in the bracelet your daughter was making.

In your book you say, “Back in our early years, we’d go to the bar, and I’d make the rounds and talk to everyone. When we got home, Joe would say, “I feel like we didn’t hang out. Like you talked to everyone else more.” Now, you might think, “Why is he so needy?” He’s not. Joe doesn’t need me to hold his hand at a party. It’s about respect and loyalty…We arrive together. We stay near each other. We leave together.”  I’m telling you, the minute my husband tries to dictate who I talk to at a party is the day he will wish he never woke up.  The element that is sorely missing in your relationship is trust. I see no sign of it.  You might want to work on that.

Amazingly, Melissa continues to blog, “In our marriage, we do whatever we can to make each other happy, and we succeed. If it makes my husband happy to have a hot meal on the table when he comes home from work, I cook for him. I love to cook. It’s not such a giant sacrifice. And if it makes me happy to sing and record music, he builds a studio for me in the basement. He also supports me to no end, tells me he loves me and that I am beautiful every single day, and has my back no matter what.”

You underestimate how difficult it is to listen to you sing.  We will never forgive Joe for giving in to your delusional dream of being a “singer.”  We’ve all been subjected to cruel and unusual punishment as a result of it.  Our ears are still bleeding.

Melissa says, “As the subtitle reads, my book is about “The Secrets of MY Hot and Happy Marriage.” I hope people will judge my book after they’ve ACTUALLY read it, not just on one article on a notoriously snarky blog that misconstrued my message in order to get hits.”

Dang, and I was hoping she was referring to our blog… I must not be doing my job well enough and therefore I must, I must, I must increase my snark!

The portion of Melissa’s blog about her book ends with, “Accusing Joe and I of promoting marital rape diminishes the real terror and violence of a forcible act of sexual violence. Women who are prisoners of their husband’s violence have no escape from physical and psychological trauma. Playing hard to get is NOT domestic abuse. If any women reading this are in a nightmare situation, go to for help.”

Playing hard to get is a game… You can tell by the use of the word, “play.”  The thing is… that when you “play” – you both know you are… umm… playing.  Dominating someone sexually when they’re saying “no” is not playing.   You’re the one that’s blurring the lines (Sorry, obscure reference to a current controversial song that alludes to this very subject…).  Using the term, “rapey” as you did earlier in this very blog, is exactly what diminishes the real terror and violence of rape.

Melissa then tells us that she’s now going to talk about the episode, but yet she really doesn’t.  Instead she lists her costars… and writes a personal message to each.  Yawn.  I’m not going into it.  I’m just not that into Melissa.  (Another obscure movie/book reference.)

Jacqueline’s gift to us:  She didn’t blog this week!  Woo hooOOOoooOOOOo!

Well, that’s it for the blogs this week and for this season.  I apologize for my overuse of obscure references and links… but it’s the only way I could get through it this week.  We only have the reunion shows to watch and they really don’t blog about it.  So that means we made it!  I knew we could!  Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment.  Though we may not always agree about each housewife… We can agree to disagree, agreeably.  Thanks NMD for the opportunity to blog.  I value the ability to freely share opinions while keeping our snark focused at the housewives and not on each other.  That’s why this community is so great!  Snark on, my friends, snark on!  Happy Trails!

(And thank you Stars for taking on what I consider the worst show of the franchise.  You’ll be back again with the Beverly Hills Blogs – so keep your snark fresh!!)



The Amazing Race – Episode One by MeltheHound

The cast

All photos are screen grabs or photos  of the television screen or linked to other internet images.

Welcome back race fans.. Here we go again with The Amazing Race. See the cast list above for my nicknames because I don’t care about their real names. Not until there are only a few left anyway.. If you’re watching, it will be pretty easy to follow. As you can see, once again we have at least one of each type in this typecast show from CBS. Keep in mind, this race has been run, and won so any advice we may have for these people is a few months late. Although, I’m sure we can all do better than they do as armchair racers 😉 (Just having some fun).. I am happy to say that though there may be a couple familiar names to people who really pay attention to some activities (Baseball wives), there are no CBS crossovers or returning suspects this time around. All new (to me) players, the way I like it.

tar0Let’s get this party started. We meet up with Phil at some ‘dude ranch or rather a movie set in LA somewhere. We meet the teams individually and if you want to get to know them, you have their names in the list that will remain with us during the season. As usual, I am not interested in any of their back stories, just that they are on the show is enough for me. You can look these people up if you are really interested in them. So here we are at the old western set on a movie lot somewhere and the racers meet up with Phil. He welcomes them and tells them their first destination will be revealed via a phone call from the cars they are about to run to. Ready Set Go! And they’re off.. Right away I am thinking that running, is a foreign concept to some of these people but, they all get to their Ford provided cars without anyone getting hurt. The phones in these cars are voice activated and the racers learn they are going to Iquique, Chile.. Has TAR ever gone to South America before? To get there they have to drive to LAX after getting their first clue. There are two flights with 7 available seats on the first plane, 4 on the second. We all know by now that it doesn’t typically make a difference who gets on the plane first, it’s the one who gets to the mat at the pit stop last. In this case, the first one to get to the pit stop will receive 2 express passes. One for themselves and one that they must give up by the end of the 5th leg of the race. They did this last season and everyone was kissing the ass of the ones who won the first leg and neither team won the race.. Anyway, once they get to Chile via Santiago, they have to find Javiar to get their next (first real) clue. Of course they have to find LAX first and for some of these teams that seems to be a problem. However, they all manage to find the place with the airplanes and get their flights booked, boarded, and all are on their way with about a 3 hour difference between planes.

tar1Once there, they have to take a taxi to the place where they will meet up with Javiar to get their next clue. Their final destination to find Javiar is Alto Hospicio.. The clue he hands them is a road block. Follow the leader.. The object here is for one member to paraglide off of the cliff down to the beach (guided of course).. The other member must meet up with them when they land. Follow the leader.. They all do it, there is some scardycatitis from a couple of the women (baseball) but they all manage it. Once the teams are reunited, they will get their next clue. A couple mistakes here, a couple teams (NHL, Divorced, and Afghans) let their taxis go as soon as they arrived at the meetup place on the beach. The others told them to wait. Afghans have someone call for 2 more cabs, they are crushing on the NHL girls, and the cabs do arrive but Divorced steels one of them. No worries I guess as cabs are plentiful.

tar2The next destination is called Muelle Pratt to grab the next clue.. It is a roadblock, again. This particular one is a scavanger hunt of sorts. One member for each team must row one of these big ass heavy boats around a harbor looking for one of three specific fishing boats. They must come back with 5 fish in order to continue. There are a limited number of fish on each boat so they may have to find more than one of the fishing boats. The team member that paraglided, must do this task.. Very important to read the instructions as a few of these teams are about to learn. By now all 7 of the first teams are tar3on the way to this harbor and the second plane is just landing with the other 4. They all know of course, it’s a race to not be last. Resting on the dock, I swear before God, is the entire cast of RHONJ. Those are either sea lions or very large seals. Let us just get to who screwed up and call this task a day. Remember who was supposed to do it, the one on the glider. Not the one who followed him/her. The Afghan cousins and the father daughter team got it wrong so they had to start over.

ER doctors were the first to finish but they can’t read the instructions on their next clue either. That clue will take them to the pit stop but they must go there on foot, not by cab. That’s the part that they messed up and incurred a 30 minute penalty at the first pit stop. The pit stop is the Teatro Municipal De Iquique. What that means is they have to take a 30 minute time out. A lot of things can happen in half an hour. All of the other teams could finish (unlikely with 10 others out there), another team could finish and get first place (remember those express passes), or no other teams could finish and the ER doctors get to keep their first place win of leg one. What happens is, the most annoying people on the planet, Tim and Marie win the dual express passes. Should it come as any shock that the most annoying people, also happen to be from New Jersey (relax people, I was born there…. Careful with what you say next 😉 ).

8 more teams finish next, I am not going to bother with the order because it rarely matters. The 11th team to finish is the father daughter team. He is a doctor, I forget what she does… He of course thinks the world of his daughter but it would be his pleasure to arrange her marriage. She doesn’t really want that though. It always sucks to be the first one gone but at least they got a round trip to Chile out of it.. Nice to meet youse two.

There it is folks. Short and short. Kind of a boring episode and there wasn’t really a lot to report. I hope it gets better and that the Divorced couple gets bounced next holding both express passes. Remember the dumbass surfer dude from last season? Kicked off the race holding the pass that could have put him in first place. I don’t have anyone to cheer for yet but that’ll change, perhaps, in the next couple weeks.

See you next time, MTH.


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150 Responses to Stars recaps the final RHONJ Blogs and Puts them in their Place plus Amazing Race Recap

  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. I hope you had a great weekend. So the reunion is tonight. I’m going to try to watch this crazy crew. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    • Laineylainey says:

      Hi Powellypooh! I will not be watching it. It’s a beautiful day rained like the dickens all night. So thankful!!!

  2. Powell says:

    Did anyone watch House of Versace on Lifetime? I had no idea Donatella sank so far into drugs & alcohol after Gianni’s murder. And they were on the brink of bankruptcy & her daughter was the 50% owner at age 9 wow! It was interesting.

    • ladebra says:

      I didn’t watch the show, but caught a review on GMA. They say the company struggled after Gianni’s death, and even now are seeking an investor and $300 million to stay competitive in the market. They had glowing review of Gina Gershon’s (sp?) performance and transformation.

      • Powell says:

        OMG Gina sounded just like Donatella & looked very much like her. It looked like the makeup artist did something from behind her ears/neck to pull her lips taught. She had on a pretty good wig too. The actor that played Gianni looked so mu h like him.

    • lulu says:

      I did really good!! Well acted, loved the clothing. Great job telling Donnatella’s story and Gianni’s heartbreaking story.

      When Gianni was murdered the show had to go on. Donnatella kept it going.

    • Laineylainey says:

      I taped it! Will watch it a little bit later.

  3. Cartwheels says:

    Good morning everybody 🙂

    Regarding Melissa’s book, there is so much I would like to say but it would be a very long rant, I read this article and it summarized in a very nice way the way I feel about marriage and love, something obviously Melissa knows nothing about and has not experienced yet.

    Some of the best parts:

    Little One, it is not, has never been, and never will be your job to “keep him interested.”
    Little One, I want to tell you about the boy who doesn’t need to be kept interested, because he knows you are interesting.
    Because in the end, Little One, the only thing you should have to do to “keep him interested” is to be you.

    The comment section is also worth of reading.
    Only when we as women and our daughters following our example learn the value of self worth, then we will be moving forwards instead of backwards, Melissa’s book objectifies women and is a perfect guide of what to do when you do not value yourself or think that you have nothing better to offer to keep him “interested” except become his favorite toy.

    • Powell says:

      Oooh Cartwheels that is good. You just happened upon it? From those words I really see Mel has never valued herself & I feel thought the way she “gives herself” & “let’s” Joey do whatever he wants to her was the only way he would marry her. She wanted money & all it’s trappings so bad that she thought degrading herself was the choice to make. Very sad. She didn’t want to be like her mother. Wow.

      • Cartwheels says:

        No, I just happen to come across a Reader’s Digest that had the letter on it and I loved it so I went online to find more about the author and today when I read this blog with some comments about her book I remembered and looked for the article online.
        I liked the letter and I do hope that one day my daughter will find a guy that values her the way she deserves to be valued.

        It is really sad that she sees herself as an object of pleasure and compares the material things he gives her as an excuse for her degradation. Worse yet, Antonia is living a day by day example of this kind of twisted marriage where the guy takes it all and the woman is there just to please his wishes, she for sure will think that this is the norm and replicate it in her own life, hopefully not but most likely. 😦

        • melthehound says:

          The book will be Antonia’s wedding gift so she too can have a hot and happy Italian marriage.. Let’s not forget about that.

  4. “Just shakes my head… The saying goes… “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” It’s unfortunate you guys chose to speak.”

    SO SO SO TRUE! I Watched the WWHL with Andy and agree it was BAD. It just made them look stupid and ill informed. To claim that Gia is not aware (whether she is saying that to save face, we do not know) is just plain ignorant! I am sure the kid has google alert and there are plenty of kids in her school who are more than happy to fill her in on the details that their parents have shared.

    As for “THE BOOK”, what surprises me most with this klan is their willingness to “put themselves out there” while knowing that once this is “out there” it never goes away…meaning, your young impressionable daughters and sons will someday see and read this. That is just plain disgusting! I think Joey G has some HUGE anger issues probs that may or may not be related to roids. He makes Juicy look good…and that is saying A LOT! While I grew up in an old school Italian and Polish family, NO ONE ever told me that I must be treated as less than by any man! I always knew who ran the show in every house whether it was my Grandmas, my Aunts or my mom, I knew who was the boss and it sure wasn’t the man!

    Looking forward to the reunion/fight tonight. Working on getting more steps into my fitbit and plan to be on my treadmill for as long as possible!

  5. lulu says:

    Good morning!!!!!! For the past two hours I have tried to watch the last episode of “last tango in hailifax.” Unfortunately the “Guvnah” is insistent on watching “yo gabba gabba.”. Me “Go watch in the living room” him “watch yo gabba gabba please!!!!” Guess who won. 😉

    With Melissa’s book what amazes me is how far of an audience it reached. Granted her book is viewed as the worst marital advice book ever written. I was shocked that a minister not only read it but reviewed it. The review was not good in the bible a wife is never told to be repeatedly raped by her husband. To have self confidence in yourself dress how you please.

    Someone needs to tell the idiot that “rapey” is not cute nor clever!!!!! What a fng JERK!! Rape is rape!!! I refuse to watch NJ unless she’s gone.

  6. Cartwheels says:

    Texas, sorry if it sounded as I was trying to be argumentative. I know that the IRS gets this awful rap but I personally had an experience with them that wasn’t too bad. It all boils down to intention.
    When I just married my current husband and filed taxes together for the first time, we received a letter to be audited, needless to say that it was a doom day for him because he thought the worst of them, I was sure I had all receipts necessary and there wouldn’t be any problem (sometimes being OCD helps, lol), but just in case and to be prepared I went over every single expense that we claimed (we itemize always) , I wanted to have every expense double checked and with receipts and I have every one of them, but as I am going down the line I realized that the accountant (an old , nearly blind guy who should had retired years ago) had made a mistake in the one of the amounts, it was not a little mistake, it was a 10K mistake, this time my heart sank as I thought “crap, now we are really in trouble” but as I didn’t have any other choice I waited for the auditing day and after shaking his hand I came forward and told him that I knew exactly which amount had raised a red flag, he let me continue and I showed him how the papers that I have given to the account had that one number mistake that meant 10K and that I will be sure that we never again use that accountant for our taxes, he smiled at me and told me that they had previous mistakes made by this specific accountant and that is why they were auditing most of his clients and “suggesting” this guy to retire as he was obviously making some dumb mistakes due to his poor vision. Story short, he gave me a huge break, spotted a couple of other mistakes in our favor and the amount we ended up paying was not as bad as I originally thought, He told me plain and clear that if he would had realized that we were trying to scam the system he would had nailed us to the wall, but being that it was obvious that it was a mistake on the accountant’s part and it was obvious that I was trying to do the right thing, that he was cutting us a break.
    Since that moment on, I check and double check my tax return every single year before signing, I know that any mistake is my responsibility so I am super cautious.
    The Guidices intent was to defraud not only their creditors but also the government and us as taxpayers, IMO that is why they are not getting much of a break.

    I like Teresa to an extent and feel for her in her situation with her brother, I wish there was some way that she could do maybe house arrest instead of time in prison but I don’t like her that much to be blind to her shared part in this mess. I do not believe that she is 100% innocent in this and I don’t believe that Joe did all this behind her back and she never had a clue.

    I firmly believe that the Guidices brought this up on themselves when in an act of extreme greediness, they decided to file for bankruptcy and try to get their debt discharged, of course the greediness continued when they decided to hide assets, when they decided to protect the assets they had acquire with this money (mansion, beach house, gaudy furniture, etc) , they lied and lied and lied. Trying to point the fingers at others for blowing the whistle is as laughable as trying to pretend that they “don’t know or understand any of the charges”. JMO

  7. boston02127 says:

    Note to self…..don’t poo in front on my fiancé. Thx Mel.
    This is going to be a hard one cuz I freely poo in front of everyone all the time.
    (eye roll)

    • I know – shut the door Melissa – that’s all it takes.
      Apparently he now thinks it’s a game to try and catch her pooping. If she’s in the bathroom curling her hair, he’ll sneak up on her.
      For someone who put that section in her book as trying to explain how she was a lady in the parlor (and she had to tell us what a parlor was – ugh) she sure has caused a lot of potty talk. #fail

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        It’s no wonder Melissa is so full of sh!t, she apparently can never take a dump.

      • Rebecca says:

        Weren’t there like NINE bathrooms or so in that McMansion they owned? I think that her real reason for not pooping in the house is that she knew none of those toilets really worked well if she couldn’t count on ONE to not clog up.

        • melthehound says:

          That’s what Richie’s GAS station is for.. Half of that house it seems, was unfinished (no actual plumbing in the playroom bathroom).. Maybe the gold plating on the throne wasn’t to her satisfaction. She IS a queen after all (and I think he is too). We must not forget that both are also Angels From God.

    • boston02127 says:

      *in front of (not on)
      not on either 🙂

      • Laineylainey says:

        Thanks for the clarification…LOL! I was thinking “who said anything about POOPING ON our partners? ” Knew it was a typo, but it was too hilarious not to ask myself the question.

    • Powell says:

      HA Boston! 🙂

    • I don’t understand how they can own the McMansion and she doesn’t have a toilet far enough away from Joey to do number 2???

  8. plainviewsue says:

    Just want to send a thank you to Stars for your wonderful & insightful blogs on the NJ season. It isn’t easy to watch this mess, much less right about it.

    I was hoping you’d do a reunion write up, but I completely understand if you are done. Done done done!!!!!

    • VV says:

      Oh, PSV! You’re asking too much of Star ;).
      I have to thank Jeff, NMD and Stars for the blogs and recaps and anything to do with RHONJ this year. It has been the worst season of any HW franchise. The lies by Bravo, Siren Media, and the cast. The pure hatred they have for the Giudices transcend the TV screen. They really destroyed a perfectly enjoyable show.

      • melthehound says:

        Couldn’t have done it without the group participation, VV.. I will thank you again for pointing out all the editing inconsistencies 🙂

      • plainviewsue says:

        How could I leave out Jeff and NMD??? Of course, I thank them so much. Like I said, I’m pretty out of it today!! Stars does the blogs. It’s Jeff that I’m hoping will do a recap of the reunion.

        • melthehound says:

          I don’t think anybody here really wants me doing that but I appreciate the thank you. You’re welcome 😀

    • Laineylainey says:

      Agreed, it’s been great reading the blog blogs!! Love the snark…”I must, I must…” Hahahaha!!

  9. plainviewsue says:

    I meant write about it!!!!! You’ll have to excuse me. I am about to go to sleep after being up for 24 hours. Last night at about 11:00 I was in such terrible pain I had to go to the ER. It was my right side and my lower back. I didn’t go right away, cos I thought it was something I ate, and it would calm down. But I couldn’t sleep, so I woke up hubby and off we went. Turns out I had a kidney infection and a urinary tract infection. I haven’t had a UTI in decades, and it was never like this. Thank god I went to the ER. They had me on an IV with pain medicine and antibiotics. The pain subsided. It was awful. So I plan on hopefully sleeping all afternoon, so I can be awake for the reunion, which will just cause more pain!!


    • cusi77 says:

      Oh, Sue! I am so sorry you went through such a huge pain! Take care and rest… drink lots of liquids! (((((Sue)))))

    • Donna says:

      my son’s widow drinks lots of cranberry juice for her kidneys

    • VV says:

      (((Plainviewsue))) Glad you’re feeling better.

    • Laineylainey says:

      Oh no pvsue. How painful!!

    • HuskerHuny says:

      I’ve had two kidney infections in the recent past and they are not fun. Give it a week and keep taking your meds and you will feel better. Drink clear fluids (that was the hard part because I love me some Pepsi!) and drink cranberry juice instead. I’m sure you’ve been told all of this, but it does work! Get well fast Sue!

    • TexasTart says:

      Sorry you had so much pain. Take care Sue, I hope you recover soon!

    • Powell says:

      Oh poor Sue! So sorry you endured such pain. It’s good the ER docs figured it out. I hope sleep helps and your are better very soon.

      • plainviewsue says:

        Thanx all! I slept about four hours. I’ll be seeing my regular doctor hopefully tomorrow. It is just amazing how something like this can just hit. I was perfectly fine when I went to sleep.

        Vilzvet, we got to the ER about 4:45 and it was empty. I was taken immediately. The only hold up was waiting on the results for the CAT scan. But as long as the pain had gone, I was good!

    • djprincessc says:

      I know that everyone swears by Cranberry Juice, but honestly unless you drink 100% pure concentrate with no sugar and about a gallon of it, its not going to really work. Take Cranberry pills way stronger and pure and will help with the pain or burning the same day. 🙂

  10. cusi77 says:

    Thank you Stars! As always you got me laffin all the way through!

  11. rabblerouser2010R says:

    Hello everyone, thanks for the blogs MND and Stars and Jeff.

    Melissa’s blog revolted me. Her use of the word ‘rapey’ reminded me of that idiot Montana Judge who suspended all but 30 days of a 10 yer sentence of a teacher who sexually exploited a troubled 16 year old student of his (who later killed herself) and said that ” it wasn’t this forcible beat-up rape.” .

    Then she is arrogant enough to try and act like a rape victim advocate and tries to silence critics by saying if they take her husbands words literally (and hers) that WE are the ones who a minimizing the horror of rape.

    • Mrs Peabody says:

      I think she’s just plain stupid, I don’t think she has a clue about how stupid the things she wrote really are. She really does not value herself as a woman to put up with a guy like that and thinks its ok. She really did sell her sole to the devil to be famous. Shame it’s all for the wrong reasons. To the future 2 mother-n-laws to her sons, MOVE YOUR DAUGHTERS ACROSS COUNTRY NOW, and to the future mother n law the her daughter, WATCH OUT YOU’LL NEVER HAVE A HEATHLY RELATIONSHIP AFTER YOUR SON MARRIES HER DAUGHTER.

    • Powell says:

      RR that is such an awful case. That poor girl. I hope they get the judge off the bench and get that a-hole back in prison where he belongs. As far as Mel. She’s an idiot to use that word. She just needs to acknowledge that the words she used and how she used them is just what she meant and it’s not a figment of the reader’s imagination. Own it Melissa.

      • melthehound says:

        The judge might as well have raped that girl himself because, with that sentence, that’s exactly what he did. Personally, I am in favor of forced castration for people who do such things.

  12. ladebra says:

    This is for you Nancy 🙂

  13. lulu says:

    Just realized that I failed the “no poop” when DH is home *sigh*!! The guvnah tried to open the bathroom door while I was going. My dh screamed let “mommy poo in peace!” Its all over for me dh not only knows I poo but he was in the house while I was going. I must be a bad wife and mother all because of it!!! 😉

  14. melthehound says:

    Great job Stars of recapping their excuses. Nothing has changed for me, I still think they are all full of it. What *it* is, you all can decide for yourselves, you know what I think it is.. I think the hallmark of a bad writer is if they have to explain what they meant by what they (she) said. To call herself a recording artist is probably one of the most laughable things she says. The only true word there, is recording. There is nothing artistic or even remotely good about what she does.

  15. HuskerHuny says:

    Thanks Mel for the AR recap. My daughter called in the middle of the show last week. Though I could still see it, I couldn’t hear it, so now I know what happened.

    I’m Team Dr. I watch them on Untold Stories of the ER previously and liked them on it. Didn’t know they were married. Stupid mistake on their part; I’m sure that won’t happen again. How many times do we see teams lose because they don’t read the clue properly.

    • melthehound says:

      Sometimes it comes down to read the instructions and do what they say, not what you think they said. I didn’t know they were from another show. If I had known that and seen the show, I would be griping about it 😉 I haven’t picked a team yet. Last time around it was the Derby Moms.

  16. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Hello all. Great blogs as usual. A lot of information today as everyone tried to wrap up the season in their blogs. Teresa learned that her silence was deafening and Melissa learned her writings caused a deafening roar. Carollne decided to fade to black while Jacqueline and Kathy have already faded one by consequences beyond her control, the other by passivity.

    I haven’t purchased nor will I purchase Melissa’s or any other HWs book. Bethenny took the last of my money. After 2 books and 1 Book on DVD I was gone before she finished writing “APlaceOfYeahRight!” The incessant whining and obsessive need to work while claiming exhaustion, her rudeness to Jason and his parents w/holding Bryn was too much for me. Her greek chorus which so amused me before as witty retorts just turned into the screeching sounds of a vicious hateful shrew.

    I found Melissa’s responses to the allegations of marital rape to be acceptable. I haven”t read FittyShadesofGrey/orGorga but I can see both sides of the debate. Ummm I don’t think she was advocating MaritalRape but she gave a lot of info on their bedroom games. However seeing as it was a book on marriage and keeping it spicy, you get what you pay for or read for free. Last week we saw HoannaCrappa practically enslave/abuse RomainLettuce in their scenes which they mercifully shut down. Of course not before seeing Hoanna’s vag but whatever. We saw what we saw… for free. But back to “Rapey” allegations…. maybe Melissa should’ve stopped with the flowery (cough) prose and said it like it happens….

    “If you don’t get the f&*k away from me with that thing i’ll cut it and shove it down your throat!”
    “Stop the bullshite i’m exhausted and it’s late!”
    “Fine but make it quick!”
    “Okay but only if you’ll put the kids on the school bus”.

    And finally… afterwards when you had a good time and the ‘neighbors know his name’…
    “Thanks _____, i’m glad you talked me into it.’ 😉

    • melthehound says:

      Not that I believe it matters to you but your assessment of the shrew (love that word) talk show hostess put you up about a thousand notches in my book.

    • Laineylainey says:

      Amber, you always make me laugh. It’s a good thing.

  17. Congrats Simone Biles – Gold Medal at Worlds on Floor (to go with her All Around win)

  18. And Kyla Ross got her third silver medal (AA – Bars, and Beam) as well as being named the “Most Elegant” Gymnast.

  19. TexasTart says:

    Thank you Stars for NJ bloggity blog blogs!
    Thanks MTH for TAR recap!
    Have a great day everyone, I’m spending all of mine outside. WooHoo! 😀

  20. HuskerHuny says:

    It’s a cool, cloudy Sunday and I have a pot of potato soup on the stove. I love the fall!

  21. Bringing this over from facebook – Yolanda and Davids estate might be up for sale.

    • BB says:

      I hope they are just downsizing since their kids are all pretty much grown. Of course, David doesn’t have that good of a track record in the marriage department, does he? I think this is only Yolanda’s second.

    • Powell says:

      Oh no!! That place is perfection.

    • Nancy says:

      What a shame as so many recording artists have recored in his private studio
      downstairs. Lots of memories down there.

    • VV says:

      That explains Kyle getting close to Brandi, who is BFF with Yofo. I’m sure Moe tried to land this one.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        VV-it’s not even on the market yet-it has been shown privately-so I’m not sure what Mauricio would gain from Kyle being friends with Brandi…

        • VV says:

          It is true we don’t know if it’s out in the market. However, their PH in British Columbia was put on the market not long ago, not sure why?. This is supposed to be Yofo dream home, that makes the rumor hard to believe.

          Kyle is always looking out to strike a friendship with the HW selling the mansion at the time. Since, she did not get along with Brandi AT ALL all last season. Mending her friendship with Brandi gives Kyle a little opening to maybe, perhaps her husband can get Yofo property.
          She did it to Camille and Adtienne. Don’t you think if Moe smells there is some truth to this, he won’t pursue?

          • not THAT Jill says:

            She was friends with both of them before they even talked about selling their houses-Mauricio was already Camille’s real estate agent. And of course Kyle had to set things right with Camille so Mauricio would continue to work with Camille-but that’s different.
            Kyle would have to have known that Yolanda was going to sell her house months ago for this to be true. Filming is over and done and has been for a while-Yolanda’s house is not even on the market yet from what I can tell.

            • VV says:

              Camille called Kyle to tell her Kelsey and her were dropping Moe as their agents. Once, the divorce started. Kyle befriended Camille again. Those two had epic fights S1.
              The forgettable Adrienne Maloof actually made a statement insinuating the same. She said something in the lines that she hadn’t hear from Kyle and Moe once the sale of her house was completed

              • kit9 says:

                That’s not what happened. Camille threatened to pull the house from Mo and Kyle continued to fight with her anyway.

                • VV says:

                  Kyle was at a charity event at Villa Blanca. She got a call from Camille telling her they would not use Mauricio as their real estate agent anymore. RHOBH Season 1. Moe got fired by the Grammers.

                  • VV says:

                    In fact, he must have been fired again. Camille is still selling her Malibu home and Moe is not her agent.

              • not THAT Jill says:

                I don’t get why Brandi would help Kyle here-if Kyle was friendlier to Lemon drop then This would make more sense-being friends with Brandi is not going to help anyone

          • kit9 says:

            I don’t get it. Kyle is friendly with Brandi and that means Mo will get Yolanda’s exactly?

            • Laineylainey says:

              Nobody here spoke in absolutes. (Wrote)

              • Laineylainey says:

                That is to say, we are all only guessing, speculating about what things may or may not mean, what may or may not happen…ALL of us do it. It’s all in fun, it’s not a court of law. So there’s no solid proof or evidence from either side.

              • kit9 says:

                I don’t get even as a hypothetical. Just doesn’t compute that Yolanda, who has a very bad relationship with Kyle last we saw–would be swayed, even in the tiniest way to give someone’s husband a listing, just because she is now getting along with a friend of hers.

      • melthehound says:

        Is there EVER any doubt about their intent?

        • not THAT Jill says:

          I don’t buy the whole Mauricio and Kyle using people bit-he sells real estate and he is very good at it-So what? Lisa saying that to Kyle at the reunion was totally rude and she did it to hurt Kyle-that doesn’t make it true it just makes Lisa as bitchy as the rest of them

          • melthehound says:

            Jill, I never said he wasn’t good at it.. Clearly he does something right because they sure aren’t living in BH off of her little house on the prairie residuals. I didn’t need to hear Lisa say anything to draw my own conclusion, that when there is a sale to be made, they will buddy up to whoever they have to to get that commission check. It’s business for him and I don’t doubt that she helps him with it. I am not faulting either of them for it.

          • melthehound says:

            Oh, and I agree with your last sentence about Lisa.

          • Laineylainey says:

            I do buy it, because its what good, no great realtors (sales people) do. No one is immune from being a potential client…friends, family,…it’s a normal part of doing business, right? No? It doesn’t seem to horrible to me. Of course if I never heard from my “friends” again after they got paid their commission, it would smart a little,…but eventually I would understand that it’s the way they do business. If they got me a good profit, that would make the fake friend pill easier to swallow.

      • Laineylainey says:

        Haha! There seems to always be a connection with Mo and business. But you know, he works, he’s successful, he provides a service to his clients. There’s nothing wrong with that as far as I’m concerned. Realtors follow leads. Many leads come from personal friendships. Kyle being friends with Brandi helps Mo because Brandi is bffs with yo. It’s not such a leap (to me). It’s honest business. It’s better than what the NJ husbands do….what DO they do?? Besides Al Manzo, of course. Nothing, from what I can see.

        • VV says:

          Thank you Laney for seeing it the way I did.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Kyle being friends with Brandi helps Mo-I get that part but I don’t believe Kyle became friends with Brandi just so Mauricio could sell lemon drops house

          • melthehound says:

            I guess we will see. I think she always has some motive..

            Lemon Drop’s House… Hahahaaaaaaa 😆

          • Laineylainey says:

            It is a fortuitous coincidence. Besides, having friends is always better than having enemies. It’s unfortunate that there always seem to be teams on these shows. Why does being friends with x mean you are now enemies with y? Y?!? Why?!? STELLLA!!!!! Sorry for my little outburst. If mo & Kyle can make some money….well good for them. It beats listening to them sing off-key or having them sell cardboard cannoli’s or writing books advocating questionable relationship practices. IMO, imo

            • kit9 says:

              To me Lisa’s accusation about Kyle and Mo’s biz was not just unsupported by the facts(hello, Camille? Kyle didn’t back off from that fight at all after Camille said she was going to fire Mo, in fact taking it all the way to the reunion) but just silly. I mean, if what Lisa said was true, Kyle would be Lisa’s butt licking sidekick and never fight with her. Because one thing thats for sure, rich people will always be buying/selling real estate. Man, all this BH talk has me dying for the season to start!

              • Laineylainey says:

                I don’t know why, but I seem to remember that Kyle and Lisa’s friendship fell away or the nail was hammered into the coffin because Lisa did not use Mo for a sale. I could be wrong, but it’s in the back of my mind…. She WAS Lisa’s sidekick until Lisa did not hire Mauricio to sell the fire house. Or did Mauricio sell the firehouse. Oh gosh, somebody help me! Kit9 didn’t Kyle apologize to Camille after Mauricio had his kiniption about Kyle fighting with his clients? I am looking forward to the return of BH, too. I hope I can still watch it. I started the NJ season watching…and for the last 3 or 4 episodes… No can do.

          • kit9 says:

            If it’s true she’s looking to sell, that’s weird…wonder why she’d be looking to sell it so soon after finishing it and after all the time she put into it..she did say designed it I think and she definitely decorated it…odd.

    • melthehound says:

      What will become of her lemon trees?

  22. Nancy says:

    NMD what do you think of this routine?

  23. Welcome to all the new readers – especially those of you joining us from over the pond watching Season One of Real Housewives of Vancouver! #behindtheblogstats

  24. TexasTart says:

  25. TexasTart says:

  26. TexasTart says:

    • looneylucy says:

      What beautiful pictures. In my 20’s, a friend & I went on a road trip to Austin one wkend. We stopped along the way to take pics in a beautiful field of Bluebonnets & Indian Paintbrush. By the time we got back to our car, my eyes were swollen nearly shut and my body had swollen to look like the Michelin Man. My first inkling to “I’m allergic to everything beautiful”. At that time, I didn’t have sense enough to go to a drugstore and get Benadryl (wha?? I thought I knew everything!), We went to our event that night and I was miserable.

      So looking at Yo in that beautiful setting, I’m swelling up by rote, knowing I could never, ever do it. Glad that she can enjoy it!

      My most attainable relaxation these days is Calgon. Bills are paid, everybody’s healthy, belly’s are full. I’m happy.

      • Laineylainey says:

        Oh Loony, sorry about your allergies, but your comment made me LOL! I can just see it. Actually, I have seen it! My daughter who loves beauty in nature, too…like you…she was the type to make us pull over to look at the windflowers, to enjoy a sunset…and she would be the one covered in hives when we got back in the car. I had plenty of Benadryl on hand always. Thanks for sharing your story. And yes, your version of calgon bliss…does sound blissful (and allergy free). She has outgrown many of her allergies, but every now and then her lips grows to meg Ryan proportions (last time it was pistachios). She keeps Benadryl on hand now and zip..back to normal lips.

        • looneylucy says:

          Oh thank you Lainey for your reply. I will always treasure my times and family ties in the hill country. Burnet and Fredricksburg family, Fun times in every county surrounding Austin and San Antone.

  27. TexasTart says:

    She is in Switzerland getting treatments fot Lyme Disease.

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