Real Housewives of Miami Plastic Surgery Horror Stories – Blogs Blogged and Let’s Chat

Real Housewives of Miami Plastic Surgery Horror Stories by NMD

The Real Housewives of Miami aren’t making much of an impression on viewers this season as the show focuses on a fake marriage/wedding between Adriana and Frederic, which had led to what I can only believe is fake drama between Adriana and Lea.  I believe it’s fake drama because everything about Adriana’s storyline reeks of fake, and in her desperation to make the show work, she pulled out all the stops of having a fight with someone who used to be her real friend.  (Heck – it worked for Jill and Bethenny.)  For whatever reason it’s not working for Adriana.  Probably because all her efforts at drama are so transparent.  real-housewives-of-miami-season-3-joanna-romain-sex-07The other storyline that’s making me roll my eyes in anguish is the lack of sex between Joanna and Romain.  Bless Romain’s dedication to the show for going along with this story line.  They were obviously hoping for a spin off – the Gentleman and the ‘Ho.  It just doesn’t ring true to me.  At least he’s pretty on the eyes.

What isn’t fake is the amount of plastic surgery mishaps this cast have had.  Besides Lenny’s lipsuction, they opened up to BravoTV last week  – and if any of you are considering going under the knife – you may want to reconsider.  The full article is here.

Alexia laments about a nose job that made her nose too skinny.  She had to correct it with filler.  Joanna laments about her first boob job at 18 that made her too large.  She had to replace it with smaller implants.

Lisa (not in this article) had her first boob job at 18 as well and ended up lopsided.  Husband Lenny took care of that in a second surgery.

Adriana seems to have no complaints about her boob job.

But it is Marysol Patton’s revelations that were the most shocking.  SIX surgeries on her breats.  First was a reduction.  Then they grew back.  Then another surgery left her too flat.  Then one of her implants migrated to her shoulder.  Then another popped.  And she was left with massive scars.  I don’t want to point out the obvious, but clearly plastic surgery isn’t a good choice for either Marysol or her mother Elsa.  Elsa’s face was “ruined” by plastic surgery gone bad.  Marysol shared some of the “before” pictures of Elsa on the show last week – and she was a real beauty.

marysol family marysol and elsa marysol and elsa 2 mama elsaelsa lips

In the one above, it looks like she’s already started having work down.  Marysol looks quite different as well.

marysol young

Mama Elsa Today

elsa today


Real Housewives of Miami – Blogs Blogged

Episode 8 – by HydrangeaHussy

Marysol Patton

“Update on Elsa”

“I was really happy to see Adriana and Joanna bury the hatchet.”  Me too!  I’m so tired of hearing about last season’s brawl at Lisa’s party.  To me, the whole thing was ridiculous – a bunch of grown women behaving badly.

“After two and a half months in the hospital, mom finally comes home. I asked Alexia to come help me cleanse the house of any negative energy so that mom could come home to a fresh space.”  I was so glad to see Elsa come home.  I can’t imagine how difficult it was to have her mother in the hospital for so long.  “The journey of my mom’s brush with death has been an agonizing experience that today still tortures me emotionally.”  Marysol also gave us a little more on her family’s background.  I can’t recall her ever discussing her father before now.  “My parents were in the middle of a heated separation and divorce over the past few years, and it took the tragedy of mom’s health to bring them closer together. The one decent thing that came out of mom’s crisis was it brought my parents closer together.”

“It wasn’t until one day that my father said to me have you heard anything from your mom’s friend Lea that I realized, “Oh wow no we haven’t heard a peep.” Subsequently two plus months passed by and we never heard from Lea. I wasn’t upset about it, but then again I did find it quite strange and actually quite rude and in poor taste.”  Once again, Marysol’s only storyline is her fight with Lea.  IMO, there is no reason to drag their issues into this season, other than to give Marysol some conflict/story.  I find it a little disingenuous for Marysol to say that she wasn’t upset, as she brought up Lea’s absence over & over.

“As I mentioned I have never been a bridesmaid before and considering it wasn’t Adriana’s first time at the altar, I planned what I thought would be a nice evening — just us girls drinking and giggling.”  Marysol hoped to have drinks & snacks at the house before going out dancing.  She reiterates that strippers & penises aren’t her style, so they were excluded from the festivities.  Again, I’m so happy about that!  “Adriana decided to liven things up by burning her old wedding dress. It was an interesting idea.”  I’m still not sure what the point of burning the wedding dress was, except that Adriana realized her party may end up on the cutting room floor & needed to save it.

Joanna Krupa

“Joanna Talks Role Playing”

“I deiced to have a sit down lunch meeting with Adriana and try to work out our issues and past harassments. I hate having the horrible knot in my stomach every time I know I am going to see her. I wanted once and for all to sit down and move forward from this.”  Joanna wanted to focus on her career.  She says that she was tired of going around in circles with Adriana.  I have to say that I was impressed with how Joanna handled her meeting with Adriana.  I’m hoping that the two have truly moved on from the lingerie brawl because I’m tired of hearing about it.  “I was on the fence, since I thought her apology in Bimini was sincere and turned out not to be. I don’t have time in my life for hate and bad energy, and I only try to surround myself with good people, but I do believe in second chances and that is why I want to give that opportunity to her.”   I don’t think these women will ever be friends, but it’s good to see them moving forward like adults.  “I was utterly surprised how the lunch meeting went, and for once we got everything off our chest without having a screaming match.”

“Finally Romain made it to the sex therapy session, and I though it went quite well. I loved the idea of role playing to spice up our love life a bit, but I was also worried how I was going to pull this off.”  Joanna moves right into the role playing/sex part, skipping over the therapy session.  I find it interesting that she doesn’t mention the counseling in which she again belittled Romain.  “I came up with Natalia, because I felt it seemed exotic, plus Russian girls are super hot and maybe that would get Romain excited LOL!”  This whole section of the episode was just a little awkward for me.  While I think it’s great that the two are committed to their relationship & making it work, I don’t think they need to invite all of us into the bedroom.  “As the conversation went on, I couldn’t believe the things Romain was saying, so I was playing along and decided that Natalia wasn’t going to be a sweet little girl like the sex therapist would like her to be and I made her a tough chick – an exaggerated version of myself.”


Adriana de Moura

“Adriana’s Difficult Past”


“My difficulty trusting men and the latent fear of being abandoned by them was rooted in the divorce of my parents — my father cheated on my mother and after that left our family … From then on I lived with demons that controlled me and made me believe that men would eventually cheat on me and leave me sooner or later.”  I was very sorry to hear that Adriana had such a difficult childhood, but I thought that her issues stemmed from the fact that her previous husband cheated on her?  Didn’t we hear that story in Season 1?  It seems to me that she’s just using her father & her ex as an excuse for her non-marriage to Frederic.  She’s said that the wedding was called off due to Alex’s feelings, but she also said that she wasn’t ready to get married.  Which is it?


As to the burning of the wedding dress, Adriana only repeats “I wanted to burn all the years of fear, mistrust, and pain that I had gone through.”  I’m not sure how burning a wedding dress from her first non-wedding to Frederic would help her get over those issues.  She’s marrying Frederic now, so surely he hasn’t contributed to the issues?


Adriana enjoyed her bachelorette party.  “It was a very pretty and civilized party, and I had a lot of fun with the girls in the comfort of my own home. Perfect evening!”  Although it seemed tame, I have to agree that sometimes a girl just needs a night in with friends.  At least we weren’t subjected to the ridiculous strippers that Gretchen planned.

“I was so thrilled to see Elsa back! And giving us the hilarious and lovable person she is!”  I think we were all happy to see Elsa back & on her way to recovery.

Lea Black

“Lea’s Over the Haters”

Even though she was completely absent this week, Lea says that this episode sums up the season so far:

Joanna and Romain are willing to face their challenges head on and fight for their relationship.”  That’s great – I just wish they wouldn’t take us into the bedroom.

Adriana still takes no responsibility for anything, she blames Frederic for the non-wedding marriage and even blames me for her problems with Joanna.” Adriana’s big issue is that she makes so many excuses that even she can’t keep them straight! “If I recall everything that has happened up until now was Adriana’s doing: the slap, ugly tweets, and lies.”  Exactly!  She behaved poorly, but takes no responsibility.

Despite trying to take the high road, Lea can’t resist a little dig at Adriana: “Adriana is only an hour late to the peace invitation, guess it’s better than making it to the alter five years after being married, LOL!”  I’m sure Lea will say that was just a joke, but she tends to be very hurtful with her jokes.  I’m recalling all of her ‘green card’ jokes about Marysol’s wedding.

“The haters never miss an opportunity to try to make me look uncaring or lie about me. Hopefully the next few episodes will reveal the truth about me reaching out many times to my friend when she fell ill.”  Based on the previews, we’ll see Lea & Marysol’s confrontation this week.  Hopefully we’ll find out the truth, though I’m really not all that interested in whether Lea contacted Elsa in the hospital.  She & Marysol aren’t friends anymore.  Marysol needs to move on.

Alexia never misses an opportunity to throw me under the bus, perpetrate a lie about me, or try to make me look bad. She could of course ask me for my side of a story…but then how could she justify her comments and keep the haters happy? It is all behind my back of course — to my face she is always lovely and “never allows anyone to ever say anything bad about me” — because she “loves me and we are friends.” Should I keep letting her get away with it or stand up for myself?”  I think we all know Lea will stand up for herself eventually.  I’m not sure if Alexia is trying to be vindictive, trying to be relevant or just doesn’t like confrontation.  As we’ve seen this season, she stirs the pot, then sits back & watches.

Lisa keeps peace with everyone, is the life of the party, and takes good care of Lenny, who couldn’t possibly be any cuter.”  Lisa’s entire appearance this week was taking care of Lenny.  I think the two of them are super cute together & appear to be very much in love.

Lisa Hochstein

“Lenny’s Lipo”


“It pleased me to see Joanna and Adriana trying to make an effort to finally move on. This is the first time I saw both sides really opening up and listening to each other.”  This was certainly the first time that the two women had a calm conversation about their issues.  I’m not sure if either is really moving on, but it was nice to see them talking instead of screaming.

“Lenny leads a healthy lifestyle but doesn’t deprive himself. Because he does everything he can to stay healthy and fit, he was a perfect candidate to have this surgery done. Today he is extremely pleased with the results.”   As I said before, to each his own. “When I had my breasts done, Lenny poked fun at me and called me a baby. I couldn’t resist the urge to poke fun at him, because all he had was a little liposuction. I guess now he understands what the patient has to go through.”  I’ve never had my breast done or lipo, so I have no idea how the two compare.  Those bruises did look pretty painful though!

Adriana’s bachelorette was definitely the most tame bachelorette party I’ve ever been to. I thought everyone was a tad uptight.”  It did seem pretty tame.  Lisa seems like a fun girl who would have appreciated a little more party than the tea party atmosphere we saw.  “Later on however we did have strippers. They weren’t the best stripers I’ve ever seen in my life, but they were hilarious!”   Ah, so there were strippers – we just weren’t subjected to them!  Again, I’m so glad that this bachelorette didn’t turn out like Tamra’s!  I’m not sure I could have stomached another scene of strippers rubbing themselves all over the bride.

Lisa also comments on Elsa & Peter in their struggle to recovery.“I was happy to see Elsa back home and on the way to recovery. I would never wish illness or suffering on anyone.”  I think that being home will be good for Elsa. “Finally I think it’s great Alexia’s mom is around to give her son the guidance and help he needs.”  It seems that Alexia’s mom was able to give Alexia some insight into Peter’s actions.

Alexia Echevarria

“Peter’s Healing Process”

Alexia first addresses her breakthrough with Peter. “As I look at this, I cry, of course, and at the same time I realize how that moment was necessary and way over due in order for us to heal, bond, and move on. Peter and I had never had a moment like that where I opened up and explained my pain and fears. I never wanted him to judge me, and I’ve never liked for my kids to see me cry.”  I think that Alexia was in a very hard position – she didn’t want her sons to be hurt by their father’s actions and she wanted to protect herself.  It’s got to be hard for a mother to admit her mistakes to her children.  She tells us that she tried very hard to be strong for her children during Frankie’s time in the hospital.

Alexia reminds us that this was filmed six months ago and that the family is in a much better place now.  “I feel like I have my old Peter back. A sweet loving one. That anger and not caring is not present. He’s motivated and continues to be an important part in Frankie s recovery.”  I haven’t seen anything in the news recently about Peter, so hopefully he really has improved.

“Peter and Frankie both have a loving relationship with their Dad, who lives in Miami and is very much involved in their lives.”  I think it’s great that their father is in their life, but I think that both boys will need to realize that he may not be the best role model. “I don’t feel his father’s past and him finding out extent and details of his father’s past affected him nearly as much as his brother’s tragedy.”  Didn’t Peter say that his father told him about the arrest when he was 14?  Why would he just now be upset about that?  I agree that his acting out had more to do with Frankie’s accident.

“I’m not going to concentrate on or talk about all the wrong things that I’ve done or Peter has done anymore. I’m going to think about all the right and good things I’ve done and Peter too. I might have made a lot of bad choices, but I’ve also made a lot of choices that were correct. No more guilt for me!”

“I was really surprised that she only had us four girls to celebrate with and how calm everything was. I was even more surprised with the burning of the wedding dress ceremony. Adriana never stops surprising us… It took a couple of shots and “cockies” to get the party started and get into the mood.”  Here’s what I think happened – Adriana realized that her bachelorette party was so dull that it would end up on the cutting room floor, so she decided to milk her men issues a little more.

“I was so excited to know that Elsa was finally coming home. I know that feeling of relief, happiness, and fear that Marysol was feeling.”  It’s great that Marysol has someone in her life who can understand what she’s going through. “I loved seeing Elsa again with Marysol. We have all waited for this moment for a long time and pray she continues up the ladder in her recovery.”


And with that – Let’s Chat


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  1. chismosa says:

    How do boobs grow back after a reduction ? I’ve heard that before I think. How!?!?

    Wow Marisol …..
    I wonder if that’s her brother in the 1st picture.

    Thanks for the plastic surgery stuff- so interesting !

  2. VV says:

    Just for you. (sorry, I don’t watch RHOM)

    Kim DePaola (@KimDPosche) tweeted at 11:39am – 20 May 13:

    Who would have ever thought!!! @melissagorga and Teresa 🙂 (

    • chismosa says:

      Ok Melissa’s hair is darker. So……is this not recent or did she go darker ?
      Kim’s face looks more worked on. That may make it recent

      Conclusion – I don’t know. Haha

      Thanks !

      • Nancy says:

        It said May 20th 2013.

      • VV says:

        From Kim’s D blog:

        “Quick aside, Melissa was wearing our Torn by Ronny Kobo illusion midi dress for her vocal practice in Orlando. Didn’t it look fabulous on her? ”

        This appearance was filmed on or around June 28th 2013.

      • VV says:

        Here’s another one from Kim D’s blog S5, Episode 12.

        “First of all, right out of the gate I was ecstatic to see so many of my Posche clothes! In the first scene, Teresa is wearing our Alice………and Melissa is in our Mittmi black sundress! Love seeing the girls rocking Posche!”

      • VV says:

        Here’s another one from Kim D’s blog S5, Episode 16.

        “And Melissa is also wearing Torn in this scene. We have a few of those gold bodysuits left in the store…so sexy!”

        • chismosa says:

          Does Melissa GET them from her store

          I could see Kim D jumping on anyone wearing
          Stuff she happens to sell at her store. but were they bought there is my golden question

  3. Nancy says:

    Good luck BB.
    Go LA Dodgers!

  4. TexasTart says:

    Last week was doggie ER trips and this weeks starts with taking the husband to ER to get his hand sewn up. He will be fine, just not going to be able to do much work though. Hard to work around times like this, when your self employed, but only temporary is okay. I guess someone is going to have to learn new things to get things done because right hand and second hand men are down. 😦

    Will have to read tbe blog after the show- but thanks to a NMD and HydrangeaHussy! 😀

  5. TexasTart says:

    Welcome to Miami! 😀

  6. Nancy says:

    What is going on with these enormous Miami boobs?

  7. chismosa says:

    Vv I’m going offline for a bit but – why on my phone- now on ios7 – I feel the site works not as well now on this upgrade. Like the scrolling down and
    up. Not sure if you feel it too. (Your boobs growing) 
    But my main question to you is – why do I have to keep signing in my name and email all the time on here and other sites ? When that never happened before ? I don’t even close out of this page??! So why when I go to comment it asks me to sign in again and then again!
    I may just shut the phone off and reboot. 
    And I just shut the phone off for hours last night. 🙇🙇
    Annoying !

    • VV says:

      Not sure Chianina. Are you logged on WordPress as well? Did you check mark the Keep me logged in.

    • TexasTart says:

      I have nothing but problems since my Samsung update. Although we are not the same phone, it seems you need to adust your browser setting to accept cookies. Remember form data is also beneficial but it’s a cookie that actually remembers the name so we can post without re-entering. Hope you can find the settings and get it fixed.

    • T-Rex says:

      No, I am having issues as well with WordPress sending my stuff as of yesterday to spam, and I am on the same PC as I have been on for years. Think WordPress must have changed something

  8. TexasTart says:

    LOL Marysol is hilarious!!!!

  9. VV says:


    Joe Gorga Chris Laurita, Jacqueline Laurita and Others Sued For Bloody RHONJ Brawl | In Touch Weekly:

  10. Nancy says:

    Sorry boston. 😦

  11. VV says:

    How funny Roman is driving a white convertible wearing a white t shirt and he gets to the therapist office wearing a blue t shirt.

  12. Nancy says:

    I wonder why Ana got so mean?

    • TexasTart says:

      Other than her being fiercely loyal to Marysol…it didn’t make much sense. See is getting the mean edit for sure.

      • TexasTart says:

        Let me step back to say it’s probably not all editing…seriously when (and what little) she appears she always seems to have a chip on her shoulder. I wish we knew what really happened the ‘shut her down’.

        • Nancy says:

          Me too. I’m sure it involved Lea.

          • TexasTart says:

            Ana said in tweets that we would find out during the season why her role was diminished. And you are probably right but I guess well have to stay turned.

    • Laineylainey says:

      Ok boys and girls, here is the story according to LaineyLainey: Lea insulted her girls and their family dynamic. It was under the guise of giving them advice on how they talked to each other, etc. it was in one of Lea’s blogs. It was not super harsh, but it was critical and I honestly do not blame Ana for being offended and eventually angry about lea’s condescending and critical comments about her kids and family. The thing is, at the time Leas son was very young, still is…and she might have said she was shocked at their language and the way they spoke to each other…I who have older kids saw nothing wrong with Ana’s girls…but when my kids were little, I remember being a little taken aback when I listened to some teens and 20sonethings. But my goodness… dont be too judgy parents of littles cuzyour own kids grow up and if you’re smart you’ll encourage honest dialogue at home…home is their refuge…I mean within reason, with respect and compassion for one another, but c’mon! No topic should be off limits. Right? That s the gospel according to LL…with a lot of editorial tidbits about me and mine (duh….). Haha! That’s where the animosity began, lea was judgemental in one if her blogs. I don’t hate Lea…but I remember thinking ‘whoah, watch out Lea! You do not mess with Ana’s babies and come away unscathed…watch yer back Lea”. That’s what I thought at the time. Sorry for all the typos, too kazy to correct it at this point.

      • Nancy says:

        This is what I think. IF it were anyone except Lea’s blog I bet Ana wouldn’t have
        gotten so mad. Ana doesn’t like the fact that Lea was a “nobody” before she met
        Roy Black. Remember during the reunion Ana made sure everyone knew that Lea
        sold face cream out of her car before she met Roy.

      • TexasTart says:

        Lea did that and I know that was a pivoting point between the two of them…though I like your discription of it all. I thought it was rather benign at the time but it was critical. Thanks for the memory refresher. You know Marysol and Ana were/are close friends in real life (as if the show is not real life? :-/ ) but don’t you think there should be more to what set off the reunion attack? Maybe not. Maybe Ana just can’t tolerate how Lea gets away with everything. Allegedly.

        • Laineylainey says:

          Ana’s ex was interviewed and revealed that prior to the reunion Ana was told (I suspect it was production, baiting her) that Lea was coming after Ana at the reunion. So Ana girded her loins so to speak. Lea did tell Ana she didn’t respect the way she let her ex treat her, which isn’t nice, but very tame for the reunion fare we’ve seen. When Ana came back at her….it seemed like such an over reaction, but if someone (production) was fueling her anger for days or weeks…then I can see how tht happened that Ana came off as irrationally angry and vindictive. Lots of behind the scenes stuff that had us going ‘huh?’

          • TexasTart says:

            Huh? —Yes, it did!!! I was previously tying to find the Robert (the ex) interview to show chismosa, but I could not find it. Well that all makes sense, something had to fuel Ana because she was rather vicious.

          • ladebra says:

            Totally agree LL, but you say it much better than I would. I remember Lea also taking a swipe at Ana as an attorney … Telling her to go back and practice law at the bank or something? I think that Lea feels she is ” up here and you are down here” (picture BSC KKB) just because she is the wife of a lawyer, and Ana is one. That effrontery wouldn’t sit well with a fiery Cubana.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Oh yeah, LA, I forgot about those specific odd “putdowns” of Lea’s toward Ana. Lea is proud of her hubby,…but Lea has no right to lord his success over Ana or anyone else, they are after all, HIS, accomplishments, not Lea’s. Ana IS an attorney; that is something Lea nor anyone can take away from her. She may not be in the income bracket that Roy Black is in, but Roy Black defends people of questionable character (to put it mildly) and Ana doesn’t have to sell her soul in quite the same way. Choices that all lawyers must make. While I don’t hate Lea, I don’t hate Ana either. I felt so disappointed at the way she came at Lea at the last reunion, but when I found out more and more about why Ana’s feathers were ruffled, and the notion that perhaps she was being “directed” by production to bring drama to the reunion,…well, now it almost seems like Ana was set up by production. They took her understandable anger/offense about Lea’s barbs toward her family, her own career, etc. and she came out punching. So for us, it seemed like overkill to the max (to me, anyway); but now that we have learned over the years how manipulative these production teams are, with no regard for the human beings involved…I feel less disappointed by Ana’s behavior last reunion. I had hoped that she would be able to elaborate more this season, to hash it out with Lea, etc. but then her role was diminished. Annoying.

      • shamrockblonde says:

        “Sorry for all the typos, too kazy to correct it at this point.” – people call me kazy too, but I think they mean something totally different…… *hugs the fabulous LaineyLainey really hard* *goes skipping out of thread*

  13. Hey 9 PST on TLC, The Man With The 132 Pound Scrotum…. They say he’s a ballsy mutherfcker!!

  14. TexasTart says:

    Marysol has had a heck of a lot of air time for someone who was supposedly downgraded from housewife status.

  15. Nancy says:

    Sorry BB…we didn’t deserve to win that game we just got lucky at the end. 😦

  16. VV says:

    Notice Joey Gorga’s shirt on the pic below. This pic is dated 4-19-13 and was taken at XL106.7. According to most sites, Melissa’s live “performance” at XL106.7 was on 6-28-13. Joey was wearing the exact same shirt on the episode. Was Meho’s performance really live?

  17. ladebra says:

    Yesterday was Seattle.. Today Amalfi. What a magical place.

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