Fifty Shades of Gorga – a Book Review

I’m re-running my book review to give you something to talk about.  Another late night meeting.  I could recap all the bad press Bethenny is getting, but I won’tbother.  If she’s really blaming her rating on Ellen not helping her get A-list guests – she’s screwed herself.  Ellen is / has been one of her biggest supporters – not to mention a producer of the show.  This story.  Talk shows don’t have a great success rate.  I’m surrised she made it past the pilot.  Not my cup of tea.  NMD

Fifty Shades of Gorga – a Book Review by NMD

AKA Love, Italian Style: The Secrets of my Hot Italian Marriage

Melissa Gorga must have been reading Fifty Shades of Grey when she penned Love, Italian Style: The Secrets of my Hot Italian Marriage.  For those of you that haven’t read the Fifty Shades Trilogy, it is a story about a damaged billionaire who entices a young innocent college student into his S&M lifestyle as his submissive.  He’s obsessive, demanding, jealous, and terrifying.  The student, Ana, is painfully naive, but bright and confident, and enters into his world step by step as he teaches her the ropes – so to speak.  She slowly learns to control his volatile temper, by sex.  Little by little she breaks down his barriers – and they have a more traditional relationship.

It comes as no surprise that Melissa Gorga, known for being a copycat, would draw heavily from this hugely popular series to romanticize her relationship with Joe Gorga.

Melissa and Joey have told the story of how they met a few times since they were cast on Housewives.  In this version, they are on separate vacations in Cancun and she catches his eye.  He learns from her friends that she’s from New Jersey and where she bartends.  He pursues her, and eventually she agrees to date him.  In short order she moves into his large home, and they become engaged then married.  The curious thing is the timeline they give in the book has this elapse over the period of 4 years (she was 21 when they met; 25 when they became engaged, which was supposedly six to twelve months later).

By coincidence or through inventive recreation, this almost parallels the Christian / Ana beginning.  After a chance meeting when Ana interviews him for a school newspaper, Christian pursues her, arranging “chance” encounters at her work, and school.  In short order she moves into his condo, and they become engaged.

Like the Christian Grey character, Joe is characterized as obsessive, jealous, and controlling

I love it when I walk into a room with Melissa and men stare at her.  They all want her, but they can’t have her.  She’s all mine!  (Joe Gorga)

This is a theme throughout the book.  When they go to parties Melissa’s not allowed to leave Joe’s side and talk to strangers.  She doesn’t travel without him.  He expects her to be waiting at the front door when he comes home from work.  When they were newlyweds and she was offered a teaching job, he asked her to work for his company so that he could control her schedule.

There are so many other parallels to Fifty Shades it’s laughable.

In Fifty Shades, Christian makes a big deal about Ana getting into shape so that she can keep up with him in the S&M room.  Melissa also touts the importance of being in shape to please her man in the bedroom.

To be a puttana (whore) in marriage, a woman needs to keep herself in shape.  She has to be seductive.  She needs to be willing to try new things for her husband’s pleasure and her own.  And most importantly, she must be available for sex.

Here’s another one from Melissa – she must have been reading Fifty Shades just before she wrote it.

Women fantasize about men doing different things to them, in different settings and in different outfits.  So it works out perfectly.  Men have that instinctual urge to dominate, and women, whether they realize it or not, want to submit.

This is the section of the book that had the reviewer from Jezzebel saying the book promoted marital rape.  I suspect with Fifty Shades being a best seller, they didn’t realize ripping it off would create such controversy.

Men, I know you think your woman isn’t the type who wants to be taken.  But trust me, she is.  Every woman wants to get her hair pulled once in a while.  If your wife says “no” turn her around and rip her clothes off.  She wants to be dominated.  Even if your wife is a tough, strong, businesswoman, who breaks balls all day long – especially in that case – when it’s just the two of you she wants to be dominated.  (Joey Gorga)

Christian Grey was unpredictable when it came to sex.  At times he was sweet and gentle.  Other times he was rough and on the edge of danger.  Looks like Joey wants us to think he’s just like that.

When Melissa gets into beds she rubs her hands together, and wonders, who’s Joe going to be tonight?  Is he going to (be) that guy who makes soft, sweet love to me, or is he going to rip my clothes off and throw me around the room?  I always keep her on her toes.  (Joey Gorga)

Even some of the smaller details are consistent with the book.  Melissa claims she sends naughty texts to Joe once or twice a week – not too naughty that she’d be embarrassed if he read them to someone else, but flirty.  In Fifty Shades Christian and Ana ‘s naughty flirty emails are a main part of their flirtation.

One of the criticisms of Fifty Shades is the horrific writing and reliance on clichés.  Melissa uses so many clichés in her book, she even mentions that she’s using them.  Of course she puts the Melissa twist on them.  My favorite one is:

Confidence comes from within.  Again, I know it sounds cliché, but these tired and true sayings really do have a meaning.  There is no way you can feel as good or as confident when you have hairy legs, are wearing no makeup, or haven’t been to the gym in weeks.

That’s right Melissa.  Confidence comes from within so you’d better make sure you shave your legs.

Another humorous section of the book is Joey Gorga trying to explain why he doesn’t lift a finger to help around the house:

Couples where the man does typical “feminine” chores have less sex.  I’ll tell you why.  When gender roles are confused, sexual roles are, too.  If he’s at the sink, then changing diapers, who throws down who in the bed?  In our marriage, Joe is always the man, doing masculine things.  (Except when he dresses like Snooki on Halloween).  I’m the woman, and I do the female things, including housework.

joe gorga snookijoegorgaSo if I understand Melissa correctly, a man who washes dishes may get gender confusion – but cross dressing isn’t a problem.  The extra hilarious thing is she wrote a whole section about women having to initiate sex (once out of every five times is fine) or your man will get sulky and think you don’t love him.  So maybe on those nights it would be okay if he did the dishes?

For those of you that are interested in the details, I’ve captured a few of the glaring contradictions or outright lies for your amusement.

Inconsistencies and Contradictions:

Timeline.  They met when she was 21.  He found her the next summer bartending – she was 23.  She moved in 6 weeks later, and they were engaged 5 months later – she was 25.  He dated his high school sweetheart for 10 years and was engaged – yet he was 26 when he first met Melissa.  Didn’t anyone proofread this?

Schedule.  Friday night is family night out in a restaurant.  Saturday night is date night in a restaurant.  Sunday is football and family home-cooked dinner.  During the week Joe works 14 hour days.  Yet she claims they have an open door policy and entertain all the time (when?).

Friends.  In Chapter One Melissa talks about having no friends after she made the varsity cheer squad.  Later in the book she says she’s had the same best friends since 2nd grade.

Sweating.  She makes a big deal about working out and sweating to stay healthy.  Didn’t she claim on the show she didn’t sweat in that scene with Kathy.

Speaking of Kathy – – Melissa talks about getting pregnant with Antonia right after they were married, which she doesn’t regret because they are such family oriented people.

Joe had been missing an extended family his whole life.  His parents came from Italy.  He didn’t have any cousins or aunts and uncles in New Jersey.  They were all back in the old country.

A little later in that section, Joe made a statement that was equally confusing:

I was convinced we were having a boy.  My sister had two girls {this is the time Antonia was born}.  Our cousins had girls.  I really wanted a boy.

Huh?  Last I checked your cousin had a boy and a girl.

She has a whole section about being a “cook in the kitchen.”  Since the book was based around her favorite saying – “lady in the parlor, whore in the bedroom and cook in the kitchen,” she couldn’t get around that part.  She does admit that her mother-in-law taught her how to cook, and claims that she loves to be in the kitchen.  That part must have been written before they filmed the segment at the retreat where Kathy and Teresa cooked, Caroline watched and whined, and Melissa drank.

More contradictions.

If the last five years of our nation’s history have taught me anything, it’s that you can’t live the highlife and spend every penny that comes in. (page 169).
Live as well as you can.  Buy the best car you can afford.  Stretch by buying a house in the nicest neighborhood with the best schools (page 168)
I went from a housewife who needed to go to my husband for money, to being out in the world, getting paycheck.
God knows, he’s never considered his money “his.”  He shared his home with me before we were married, and since then he’s supported me generously.
Every dollar that comes into this household belongs to all of us. Our money is “ours.”

So all in all, this book was worth the $7 I paid for it. There were only a few typos, it gave me some laughs, and filled up a rainy morning. My only real issue is I share what I learned with my husband, and he’s terrified to do the dishes ever again.

One more thing – I mentioned Fifty Shades is known for the horrific writing.  One example is the main character – Ana – “bites her lip” no less than 18 times.  Hmm – maybe that’s why Melissa is “biting” her finger in her photoshoot.



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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. The weather is holding up thank goodness. I hope you all have your little piece. Have a relaxing day everyone.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Good morning, everyone!! It’s humpday eve!!

      • Powell says:

        Did you see on GMA this morn that many of our fav Geico “Hump Day” commercial has caused an uproar at a Connecticut school because everyday the kids are loudly saying “It’s hump day”? 🙂 The kids have been banned from saying it. Geico has a new camel commercial planned. Husker I don’t know if “Mike” will be in this one but I’m sure your friend Mike would be happy if he wasn’t. 🙂

    • HuskerHuny says:

      Amazing weather here in the heartland. Not quite an Indian summer, but close. Trees are turning colors day by day. Hate the thought of having to rake them and cleaning them out of the gutters. Good day to all!

      • Powell says:

        I’m so glad we had the tree in our front yard chopped down this summer. Less
        leaves to rake. We still have a tree in the grass by the curb & the neighbors leaves blow in our yard but it will be a lot less.

  2. Powell says:

    Happy Birthday ItsAngieDuh.

  3. Powell says:

    I payed attention to a promo commercial for Queen Latifah’s show which I have watched a bit & it made me wonder. How come QL is getting big Stars on her show and Bethenny really isn’t?

    • 2Stupid says:

      Because Queen Latifah is a movie star, rap star. She was nominated for an Academy Award. Bethenny is a reality tv show star, that made a bunch of money peddling booze. I don’t know if Queen would be considered A-list, but she is definitely not C or D like Bethenny. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a Bethernny hater, but I have lost an enormous amount of respect for her and truly believe Karma is a Bitch!

      • melthehound says:

        I think QL is at least B+ or A- list.. For me, B has yet to climb on to the alphabet scale when it comes to lists..

        • LaineyLainey says:

          HAHA! Speaking of A list. did anyone catch Tom Hanks on David Letterman. He was so funny and charming. He really sold me that new movie he’s in. He plays Captain Phillips.

          • Powell says:

            No I didn’t see that but he was on Kelly & Michael yesterday, on the Today Show on Monday. I’ve always loved him since Bosom Buddies. On the Today Show they asked him his fav movie of his & a scene that makes him cry. He said Forest Gump the scene when he gets married & Gary Sinese’s character shows up & he’s walking & Forest says “You got legs!!” or something like that. They were asking about other movies & he thought they were asking about something he didn’t like & one of them mentioned Bosom Buddies the she liked but he seemed to refer to it as he is embarrassed he did it. He was funny. I thought he looked like he lost weight & last night he talked about being diabetic.

            • missusmc says:

              Love Tom Hanks. He’s right up there with Michael J Fox as being the greatest all around stars, IMO. And Tom Hanks sure did go through a phase of making me cry in his movies. Opera scene in Philadelphia? To this day I still tear up thinking about it. Such a great actor. And his wife is gorgeous and wonderful, too.

              • Powell says:

                On Kelly he showed a pic of his new grandchild. It’s the baby in the car seat but just a pic of the feet. It’s very cute. He loves his 4 kids & 2 grandkids. And
                he’s in love w/Rita.

          • plainviewsue says:

            Damn, didn’t catch. He’s one of my favorite actors of all time.

      • Powell says:

        Queen is A-list. Will Smith & Jada Pinkett are the Producers of her show. And you’re right a movie star/rapper in the game for many yrs would be able to
        command such great guests. I just find it funny that B yes is from reality tv but Ellen is her Producer & she has reality stars on her show.

    • Because QL is a star? Plus – wouldn’t you want to be on her show – she gives off fun and charm all wrapped up in talent.

    • ladebra says:

      QL is one of the best loved people in the business. Could be her friends/producers are willing to help her succeed ? Just guessing, I haven’t read anything except that her show is doing very well.

      • missusmc says:

        Also, probably her agents and managers hook her up with those who are also represented by the same company. They take care if their own.

    • missusmc says:

      Because the highest reality star is way, way lower than celebrities who are famous for their talent rather than “being real” and bei themselves. It really has nothing to do with who bethenny is, IMO. I still like her, and I imagine I will choose to like her when she officially crashes and burns (it’s like choosing to remain on the Titanic instead of going to a life boat, I tell you.) Reality stars, even the popular, successful ones, are not respected by entertainers. Also, very few reality stars are actually charismatic (looking at you, Jeff Probst) when you take away the smoke and mirrors of editing. It’s always funny when a reality star thinks she can make it big in Hollywood, because it almost never works.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        verrrrrrrry interesting, missusmc! Never thought of it that way. It is a big jump from REALITY to HOLLYWOOD. Nene was so close…do you think she can still make it?

        • missusmc says:

          I think Nene is Nene, even when acting. She was successful because Ryan Murphy liked her and created tailor made roles for her. I doubt she could do much more than what we’ve already seen, but she probably could have conti used success if another producer/writer creates another role specifically for her.

          • Amalfi says:

            I love Nene… and she is an awful person sometimes. I can’t help it.

            And you are right on…. she pretty much only gets holds hand written for the Nene personality. I can’t see her doing much else, but I would always watch! Except this wedding show… I can’t watch that… partly Nene being a 50 yr old “bride” and partly Tamra’s wedding hangover. Can’t believe I watched that sh*t.

      • Powell says:

        I still like B too. NeNe said that when she went to Hollywood many didn’t respect her being there. In a way I understand that. Most of the reality “stars” didn’t work their way thru rejections, auditions, etc & some get acting jobs. NeNe said she has done a lot before Atl & feels she’s worked hard to get where she is.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I noticed that, too. The big stars vs. reality boobs. I didn’t wonder why, like 2Stupid pointed out, the Queen has star power, too. Recording, Broadway, Cinema…she is a star, too. if I were an A-lister tQL’s show would be more my speed, than a reality personality. Perhaps BF will prove me wrong, but I don’t know if she has the entertainment clout to carry this show.

      • mrs peabody says:

        I watched it for the first time yesterday with Vivian Fox (or whatever her first name is, can’t remember exactly) I only watched about 5 min of it, really didn’t care for the hair talk. What I noticed was she tries to make an entrance like Ellen, the dancing but really didn’t seem all that comfortable with it. She talks with her hands and arms big time. I wonder if she realizes she’s even doing that. She’s no Oprah or Ellen for sure. I’d be surprised if she’s there next year. I actually would rather watch someone else, hate to say it but maybe even the kardashian mom (maybe, I never saw her show but I think she’d probably have a different level of guests even though she also has a reality show, prob a little higher than housewives). ANyway I’m not watching again.

        • Powell says:

          Kris K would have a different caliber of guest but I still wouldn’t watch her show cuz I don’t think she can carry a talk show for an hr. She’s got too much going on managing her family & I like Kris. But just because you & your family are a part of pop culture it doesn’t mean you’re right for a talk show.

        • chismosa says:

          I agree about the arms movement a lot. It’s a bit jarring.

        • lulu says:

          Kris K cohosted the today show with her friend kathy. She was great on it. Id watch her show.

      • cusi77 says:

        I still like Bethenny but not her talk show… she tries too hard and her desperation shows. I completely agree that being QL =a Real Star- makes the difference than to be a reality star who doesn’t know when to leave the limelight. It is me or Bethenny’s dad left some millions to her? 18 Millions comes to mind… someone knows?

    • melthehound says:

      It could also be that QL is not a shrew..

      • HuskerHuny says:

        Queen has such a naturalness to her that people want to be around. And yes, she is immensely talented (not a fan of the rap, but her acting/comedy is great). She has been in Hollywood for years and has made many friends. She can pull in the big name talent that people want to see.

        Bethenny has . . . ??? A quick wit. A line of alcohol that paid her very well. A way high voice. A rapid style of talking. More personal baggage that is driving more and more of her RHNY fans away. Nothing there in that list that would make Hollywood A-listers run to her show. Some HWs won’t even appear on it.

        It was a great idea at one time to put Bethenny out there. She has dug too deep of a hole now that even her earliest and most ardent fans are not tuning in. Cut bait Ellen.

        • Powell says:

          I never thought it was a good idea of B doing a talk show. She got her dream come true so to me she should have just continued on that path to develop new products around the brand & have a legacy like so many liquor brands.

        • melthehound says:

          She has dug too deep of a hole now that even her earliest and most ardent fans are not tuning in.

          This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

        • Dixie says:

          Bethany has a quick wit and a funny, self-deprecating sense of humor. She also has a highly inflated opinion of herself and is self-involved to a fault. She would have been a great addition to something like The View or The Chew, where she interacts with others. To have a show where it is her alone is way too much Bethany. She is a spice, not a main course.

    • BB says:

      Queen Latifah also has some heavy hitters backing her – Will and Jada Pinkett Smith to name two. I’m sure she’s personally friends with some A-listers where as Bethenny really isn’t. And I think the format of Bethenny’s show needs to change. Stop with all the panels. I don’t think that’s helping her. A driven person does not a talk show hostess make. You have to have natural charm and be a people person. That doesn’t describe Bethenny to me.

      • TexasTart says:

        Late to this thread, but will echo some of what already was said and Queen Latifah is undeniably “A list”. Very highly respected by A lister’s themselves. She is muscian, done TV and Film (Oscar Nominated) and Broadway. True about the Smiths are producing and if anyone liked the set as much as I did – credits to Lenny Kravitz for that (huge Lenny fan here but I had no idea he was into set design!).

        I tried Bethanny several times and she just doesn’t have the stuff for talk show. I just can not enjoy her show. I have recorded QL several times – if I could watch daytime, I’d watch her everyday. She is warm, funny and I will say that everything about her show is what I will call “comfortable”. The guests are comfortable and open.

        I have not noted another daytime person excuse the warmth and to steal from BB, natural charm since the Big O. (Oprah)

  4. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone! Beautiful day here in AZ. Bethenny is her own worse enemy. Yesterday’s comment about her not being in love with Jason when they got married confirmed that it was about her show not Jason. I hope Jason gets everything including equal time with Bryn. I have noticed that when Bryn is with Bethenny the tabloid have pics all over the place. Rarely do I see pic of Jason and Bryn together. The latest pic shows Jason covering up Bryn’s face.
    Watched the Reunion Part 1 last night. Joey and Mel did not come across well at all. Then I was busy screaming at the TV to Mel to STOP TOUCHING HER HAIR. Jesus.

    • melthehound says:

      not being in love with Jason when they got married confirmed that it was about her show not Jason
      Told you all so.. I believe that’s the same reason she had Bryn… For a show.

      screaming at the TV to Mel to STOP TOUCHING HER HAIR

    • Rebecca says:

      Bethenny is, in reality, a bitch. Plain and simple. People see it and don’t tune in. As soon as her pilot got picked up – BAM! She was all over the press with details of her very public divorce. Just what the hell did she think would happen? Every woman unhappy in their marriage would tune in? The way she speaks implies she is a typical man-hater. So she alienates the women happy with their lives, and men. Just what type of audience did she expect to attract?

      On the other hand – name on bad thing about Queen Latifah? Or Ellen? Game over Bethenny – move it along.

  5. Orson says:

    I noticed Brynn was wearing a tiara. 🙂

    She’s a pretty little girl.

  6. Powell says:

    Watching Wendy Williams & Perez Hilton was on w/the gossip. I saw on TMZ that Adrienne Maloof has a new BF that’s 25 but I didn’t know that he is an heir to the Anheiser Busch liquor biz. He’s gorgeous. Adrienne started dating him when she was dating Rod Stewart’s son. Perez said he believes Busch is dating Adrienne for publicity because he’s now on the cover of some mags. It can’t be serious because I would think he will want kids to continue to carry the family name forward. Did you all know that Perez has a baby? Cute cute little baby. On Wendy’s hot topics – I’m sorry but this is funny & sad at the same time. Jermaine Jackson hoping & wishing upon a star(my joke 🙂 )waiting for the big payday w/the AEG lawsuit went out and bought himself an expensive sports car thinking mommy will pay for it is now stuck w/the expensive car since Katherine & the children lost the lawsuit. Katherine is livid that he bought the car. I.think its quiet sad that he expected his mother to pay for an expensive car for him. Katherine needs to stop paying her kids bills.

    • Orson says:

      The article I read said Jermaine traded in his Rolls for the Ferrari. He still had to pay $70K, I hope this means he’s all caught up with his child support.

      • Powell says:

        Heck no I bet he’s not caught up on child support. Isn’t it his ex that lived w/Katherine & when Katherine wanted the ex & many other family to move out the ex wanted Katherine to buy her a penthouse? Katherine via Michael had been supporting many of the family members for yrs. I think all the girls have been self sufficient though.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      In actuality, Katherine isn’t really paying for her kids bills…Micheal is.

      Joe and Katherine lived off their children (The Jackson ) and then Micheal when he became the most successful of the lot.

      I think the lawsuit was ludicrous and I am glad they lost.

  7. lulu says:

    Good morning!!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!! Powell have you watched witches if east end??? I tried to watch it but its awful.

    Bs self destructing and blaming Ellen???? Is it Tre’s fault too!!! Not surprised.

    I tried watching top chef something is bugging me. Notice the GQ models?? The rest are average????? I worked in the kitchen for over 10 years and trust me there are some albeit talented chefs not GQ model type. Not one of the cheftestants are fat either. Now unless you physically fit bravotv’s mold you will be passed over based on your appearance. Another bravo show I can’t stomach watching thank you for ruining another show!!! I enjoyed top chef masters till they brought on no talent hack Curtis Stone.

    • Powell says:

      No Lulu when did Witches start? I want to watch that.

    • kit9 says:

      Omg! Has anyone seen the MasterChef Kids show? I tuned in solely because I figured they’d be making things I might be able to actually do…but, no! These kids age 8-13 are freaking amazing! Their dishes are as sophisticated as the adult contestants. It’s ridiculous! This 11 year old was rattling off her dish and I didn’t understand half of it. Try to catch the show, it’s so fun to watch these amazing kids, some so small that they struggled to lift the blender they needed and couldn’t reach all the high shelves in the pantry.

  8. mrs peabody says:

    I’ve been thinking about Teresa and her sister-n-law and have decided when it comes to joeyg that are exactly alike in both of them deal with his anger by giving into him to keep him calm. Melissa uses sex to keep him calm and Teresa apologizes to him to keep the peace. I bet you money Teresa has spent her whole life walking around on egg shells where he’s concerned to keep his anger in control. Melissa does the same thing by giving him whatever he wants in the sex department to keep it in control too. They both are the same in that way. I kind of think the rest of the group does the same in not calling him out on his anger and telling him he needs help. What a sad sick situation they all are in and don’t even realize how dysfunctional they all are in their relationship with him. My ex was not nice (not to the extent of joeyg though) but I never knew what would make him mad and I walked on egg shells for most of our marriage, it’s a horrible way to live. In that regard I feel sorry for Melissa and Teresa both

    • Powell says:

      Mrs Peabody I’m sorry you lived like that but glad you’re out of that situation. I think you’re right about Mel & Tre giving in to him to avoid & lesson his anger. And it is sad. Esp for all the kids.

    • melthehound says:

      Well, she Did throw his Barbie doll, excuse me, action figure, out of the car window.. That alone is cause for a life time war..

      It sucks, though, that you had to tip toe around your own home in your previous marriage.. I hope you’re in a better place now.

    • kit9 says:

      Teresa’s own anger and rage is just like her brothers–vein popping fist slamming table flipping and literally grunting and snarling like a wild animal at the reunion a couple years back. I doubt she was walking on egg shells, more like chucking eggs at his head. I think they both saw a lot of anger from their parents as kids. Had to have, you know?

  9. VV says:

    Bethenny’s show tanking. It’s Teresa’s fault!

    Everybody and their uncle this show was not going to fly. You can’t claim you come from the place if YES, when your life is so full of many NOs.

    A cooking show would have been better suited for her. She could have promoted her drinks along with healthy eating. I guess she thought “cooking” was beneath her after becoming a millionaire.

    • missusmc says:

      She would have done better on a show like The Chew, where she could have talked with people, rather than at people. Also, she seems more humble/calmer when she’s in a group setting. It’s like she is reaffirmed that she stands out when she’s with other people so she doesn’t have to try so hard. Also, she can’t be 100% arrogant when in the company of others who are her equals.

      • melthehound says:

        I don’t think she knows how to talk With people, only At them.

        • Amalfi says:

          I saw two minutes of her show the other day counseling (lol) random people from her audience or just viewers — idk who they were — not celebrities. They kept trying to tell her what the problem was and she kept cutting them off and yelling at them that what they were saying was not the problem.

          Remote. Click. What a loser. She stresses me out even when I happen upon her accidentally.

    • Powell says:

      VV your right. If she wanted a show cooking, making drinks would have been a good idea. It could have kinda been like Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa. I think that could have worked.

    • lulu says:

      Poor tre!! When will she catch a lucky break!!

  10. Powell says:

    Has anyone been on Lea’s website?

  11. Nancy says:

    Queen Latifah and Tony Bennett singing a duet. She’s a very talented lady.

  12. Nancy says:

    Queen Latifah and Tony Bennett. I love her voice.

  13. Powell says:

    Wow guys I’m so glad I asked the B & QL talk show question. :0)

    • TexasTart says:

      Me too, only because I have been meaning to post to sing praises for how QL show is going, I really do wish I could watch it every day, but alas I can not working full time.

      I hope you are doing okay and this furlough is not going to venture into stressful territory for you. Just to say, I hope that you have finances as such that you will be okay for whatever time this BS takes. You don’t have to answer that, just know I feel for you having the uncertainty.

      • Powell says:

        I catch QL here and there. I am liking it. I’m alright TexasTart. Thks for thinking of me. I just hope its over soon. I love being at home & would all the time if I could but since I can’t enough is enough w/Washington.

  14. Powell says:

    TMZ Live is going to talk about Katherine Jackson being made a Jermaine for buying the $120kk car when he hasn’t paid child support & didn’t pay his ex-wife’s rent. 🙂

  15. Amalfi says:

    If Bethenney were relevant or significant in any way outside of the housewives realm (despite the lightning srike that was skinny girl), she would have no problem getting A listers. Fact is she is a nobody and D listers are what she will be able to get on her show.

    Deal with it, Beth. Then pack up and go home.

    • melthehound says:

      Both Jill and Alex refused her so apparently she can’t even hope for D listers when the Z listers won’t even do the show.. Must be Ellen D’s fault because it cannot be B’s lack of star power..

      I still remember seeing Ellen’s first appearance on the Johnny Carson show.. It’s often said that when he invited someone to sit down on the couch, that was the nod that would put their career into overdrive. Bethenny will NEVER have a moment like that and even when Johnny was alive and doing the show, never could have a moment like that. So whatever she thinks of Ellen, she can go suck a rotten egg.

      • Amalfi says:

        Zarin said no? Lol. She must be kicking herself now. Bethenney is the only thing better than Zarin. And by that I mean that measles are better than chicken pox. Really too close to call.

        • Amalfi says:

          And I have to say I was rooting for Bethenny’s dumb show… despite my allergy to her voice and unwillingness to actually watch it, but I wished her well. Once she started with all this custody stuff (and I am not necessarily a Jason fan – but c’mon someone here said she said she never loved him?? Yuk. How gross is that?) I just thought she was slimely. No recovering in my book from that douchebag move (I realize she is a woman, but for her, it applies). I am sure she cares deeply what I think of her… lol.

          • melthehound says:

            I Heard (read) that Jill had refused her. With Alex, I read that she said it was a matter of money. I don’t particularly care who does her show because I have never seen it as, I hate all talk shows. It isn’t just my dislike of her that would make me skip past it.

            • missusmc says:

              I do not believe that Alex didnt want to be on because of money. I think she’s afraid of being embarrassed or called out by bethenny for ratings, and she knows that with editing, she would be made to look even more foolish than she really is. No one is compensated highly for their TV appearances. Oprah didn’t even pay for her guests, and late night people just offer up the SAG minimum as needed. Alex knew she would be embarrassed, so she said no. Period.

              • melthehound says:

                You are probably right missusmc.. I am only stating what I read. I’m not a fan of Oprah either but by the time Oprah became Oprah, people were asking her for invites to the show.

                • missusmc says:

                  I personally view Alex as a bottom feeder, and no one will convince me otherwise, so that’s why I question her account of what went down. And I will forever refuse to believe anything from Radar Online, which is where a lot of this information is coming from.

                  • melthehound says:

                    Aren’t they ALL bottom feeders, missusmc?

                    • missusmc says:

                      Oh, absolutely they are. But I tend to think of Alex (and simon) as the bottom feeders who feed off of the other bottom feeders’ rejects. Like her or not, bethenny still is one of the most successful housewives. She went from RHONY to her own show, a successful business, books, and her own talk show, which, even if it gets canceled, made it past the 6 week test, which is more than Kim Ks mom. Alex went from RHONY to a VH1 reality show and vlog on TheStir. That’s why I view her as lower than Bethenny (cue the I’m up here, you’re down here references).

                    • Laineylainey says:

                      Hahaha. I love that KKB reference

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Not to mention…Bethenny has a very agitating voice . It might be tolerable enough for a snappy one liner…but to hear her go on and on…I think I would rather watch Brandi’s twitter feed.

  16. missusmc says:

    To be fair about Bethenny not being successful as a daytime talk show host, many are failing right now. TV has changed so much, and talk shows, besides the morning staples, just aren’t successful. Hell, even Ricki Lake didnt make it this go round, and she was wildly successful the first time. Bethenny has a night time TV sense of humor (think Chelsea Handler) in a daytime crowd. She’s not a good fit, no matter who she has backing her. I do give her credit for trying something that so many before her have failed, though. It takes major guts to do that.

  17. chismosa says:

    Just saw Teresa on the show with Billy Bush. Got interrupted by the president lol

    She said “you know” about 20000 times.
    All rehearsed answers and not relaxed at all.
    Pretty dress. Hair too long, almost faux.

    • Amalfi says:

      For Teresa rehearsed is definitely more successful than relaxed. She can’t think on her feet and at least finally after three seasons of beatings she began to realize it. Her hair is awesome and verging on too long but I can’t help my love for shiny long black hair.

      • chismosa says:

        I agree this rehearsed thing seems to work for her (I don’t care for rehearsed people) but id think she’d have it down more by now.

        She has too many extensions in. It’s not the hair from season 1.
        Love that you like our type of hair Amalfi! 💃

  18. shamrockblonde says:

    QL has a fabulous voice and is a very gracious woman – met her briefly years ago, and even though she was in a great hurry, she had time to stop and say hello and wish us (the group of people I was with) a very happy holiday – she could have just continued out the door – she is respected in the industry – B is not – love Ellen too – I agree about the cooking and pairing of drinks show though – that might well have worked – The Chew might have been a good fit too, but I like the other chefs too much to subject them to B –

    • Laineylainey says:

      What a neat story. I once met Rex Smith…remember him? I worked In Long Beach at the time near where they filmed some navy show. Wolf? navy Wolf? Blue Wolf, jan Michael Vincent starred. So any way, I was walking into my building after having crossed Ocean Ave. and he walks right up to me and asked me where the nearest pay phone was…I looked up and he had the bluest eyes, feathered hair blowing in the wind, whitest teeth, tight jeans, a denim workshirt, and motorcycle jacket…I went speechless, the lady behind me said “turn back around, go thru the door and the phones will be to your left”. He said, thanks and asked me “are you ok?” I said “left, phones, yes, ok”. Hilarious. So I didn’t really met him. BUT THEN (of course, I’m not done!!) years later, I am walking along in NYC in the theatre district, I stop in my tracks, there’s this tall man, with the bluest eyes, blond ish hair blowing in the wind, a long black coat, on his arm a tall slender faceless female in a long black coat. My mother in law says, what’s wrong? After dozens of people walked past us, I finally said, “Rex Smith”. She said the “man in the long black coat?” she said, “I think you scared him”. LOL!

  19. plainviewsue says:

    I just watched Teresa on Access Live. She was cut off at the end cos of Obama’s speech. Billy Bush (I think that’s his name) kept trying to drill her about the legal issues. It was obnoxious. She told him more than once she cannot discuss legal issues, but said it with a smile. He called her the star of the show. One thing that came out I found very interesting. She said in season one when she was at the furniture store with Jacqueline and she was paying cash for the furniture, it was rung up as $120,000. She said she had about $300 on her and Jacq had $200. She said the producers told her to show a wad of cash while paying. She said that this was a major red flag & of course would never do it again. Bravo is going to be up on that witness stand & will have to admit their lies about the storylines.

    • melthehound says:

      Oh Teresa should have just shut up about that.. I saw that stack of $100 bills and I would guess it to be $3000 or slightly more, $300 is either revisionist, a memory fart, or an outright lie I don’t know why she feels the need to go there, even with the fed charges looming.. It isn’t THAT unusual for people to carry a few thousand in cash around.

      • Powell says:

        It’s an outright lie MTH. A stupid lie at that. Does she want the Feds to subpoena that particular Bravo tape? Sheeeessh. Just stupid. And remember Joe paying the furniture company more money when the furniture was delivered? Grrrrrr. I can’t believe she’s so stupid. She tells Billy she can’t discuss the case & what does Billy do? Get info out of her by asking a different type of question but about money. Milania could have seen that question a mile away.

        • melthehound says:

          SMH.. I can defend a lot of things but outright stupid lying isn’t one of them. Doesn’t matter I guess.. I’ve been done with all these hyenas for a couple weeks now.

        • melthehound says:

          It isn’t the amount BTW.. It’s the lie. I’m sure if needed that footage and the interview can be used to establish a pattern of deceit.

      • savannah111 says:

        It was a lie all she did was shop season one and her talking heads were always obnoxious saying she doesn’t have a budget she gets what she wants. Of course she does and did, now everyone is finding how they got it. You can have it too lie cheat and have a creative way to make up a job and give yourself a nice false salary that doesn’t even come close to existing and sign where your dumb ass husband tells you too. Bullshit they both knew what they were doing. There’s no way I will believe that Teresa had no Knowledge of what was going on in this big picture. They are really lost they make crap up as they go, they are more worried about Melissa and hating her than they are about their troubles and I think they have both lost their minds. Teresa can’t get through a interview without throwing digs at the girl. I ‘ve NEVER seen anyone as jealous and selfish as Teresa Guidice.

    • Amalfi says:

      Teresa is a reality show producer’s dream… totally trusting, a little slow on the uptake, charismatic to some and inspiring rage in others, prone to outburts, will do what you ask without question, and will not call you out on it if she depends on you for her living.

      She is a good soldier on the front line. Foolish though.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Teresa also forgets the wad of cash Joe had on him when they came to deliver it.

      I bet they did pay in cash…and the store owner probably offered to wave the tax.

      But I digress, the real issue IMO about spending that money on the furniture is that they spent all that money only weeks after filing for bankruptcy.

    • Powell says:

      I’m sorry but I worked in a bank around millions of dollars for yrs and know the difference between $520 & the actual thousands that was shown. She is just trying to say that because the Feds are watching her on ALL tv shows. Tre had a few thousand dollars at the furniture store. She should not have answered that question. Just like Amalfi said she’s better w/rehearsed questions. Her PR didn’t see that as a question.

      • chismosa says:

        It seemed like more money to me too.

        Powell I heard they are giving back pay to everyone from the government shut down. Hope it’s all going well for you

      • savannah111 says:

        Well, all I can say is their attorneys have the work cut out for them with these dumb but damaging interviews. She lies about everything that comes out of her mouth just my opinion of course. The sad truth is they both will have to speak at trial I don’t see a way out of it and that’s the worse thing they can possibly do they will convict themselves . Now if I ever had the misfortune to have in any way did any kind of financial dealings with them preparing taxes doing anything they had to be sitting there spitting nails out at the screen and they aren’t going down with these two. I would imagine they would do anything to keep themselves out of this situation like telling the truth, the truth is what will do these two in of course.

  20. AZGirl says:

    Forgot to wish Angie Happy Birthday earlier. Shame on me!

  21. ItzAngieDuh says:

    Thanks guys for all the birthday wishes!!! You guys are soooo sweet!!! Mego & Joey Marco better hope Tre is not convicted & can return to RHONJ. What will they do if she’s sent to jail? No story line for Kathy, Richie, or the Marcos. More singles for Mego, cannoli kits for Kathy, more lewd, crude behavior from Rich. No thanks!

    • cusi77 says:

      Hey! Angie, enjoy your day hon!

    • Powell says:

      Joey will have to get more jobs for spray tan billboards; Mel will have to teach classes on how to have a hot sexy marriage; Ritchie will have to get a job at a car wash; Kathy will have to do her best “Flo of Mel’s diner” in an actual diner.

    • chismosa says:

      ItsAngie- my post didnt get up in time, hope you had a great day !

    • Boobah says:

      Happy Birthday! Hope you’ve bad a good day so far!

    • Laineylainey says:

      Hi Angie!!! Duh!!! It’s Angie, duh!!! Fools. 👠

    • savannah111 says:

      Wow, really, so you think Melissa and Joey are just that boring and Teresa just carries this show? I strongly disagree with but to each his own. Maybe if they go visit her if she “goes away” they will dare be given an opportunity to let viewers judge for themselves and not the way a lot of people think Teresa would like them to they may not be half bad I’m willing to give them that chance Teresa has always sucked the life out of them who can say what kind of story line they would have.

      • chismosa says:

        I like your way of thinking Savannah

      • Sasha says:

        Savannah, I agree with you. I say let us see what the show is like without Teresa if she ends up going to “camp” for a few years.

        From what I can see, it’s already turned into the Melissa show anyway.

      • melthehound says:

        It isn’t that Teresa carries the show, it is that fighting with Teresa carries the show. They have never done anything on the show BUT That, from the first minute they were shown. Like her, lover her, or hate her, I don’t think anyone can deny that. Can RHONJ with the current cast survive without her? Certainly. All they need is someone else to fight with. Personally I’m done with NJ HWs as long as any of them are on the show so I no longer care about any of the hyenas in the fight. I don’t think a whole new cast will make any difference either because all of the Bravo shows have become about who is fighting with who. Pick your side, stand in their corner, let’s get ready to rumble, ring the bell.

  22. AZGirl says:

    Just took a “peek” at Caroline Manzo’s twitter time line. WTF? Someone has hacked into her twitter account. Probably one of her darling boys. Why to they think they are funny? Really. The Manzoids are supposed to be adults.

  23. not THAT Jill says:

    I like Bethennys show-it’s funny and the guest she has had on have all been interesting-except the NJ people. I can’t compare to QLs as I have not watched her show.
    I think people believe Bethenny is going around trashing Jason when in fact she gave one interview to People Mag and it’s been quoted a million times-she hasn’t said anything else since then-if you want to know what she said about the love of her life and the context of which she said it it’s best to watch and see for yourself. It was nothing like anything I read-it wasn’t a dig at Jason and it wasn’t harsh nor mean. Someone is giving lots of Bethenny stories to ROL and when you see that happening you know someone is feeding them info-it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not-it just matters that it gets read. Jill Zarin said no to the show b/c she wants to be able to talk shit about Bethenny -IMO. Alex said no b/c she wants higher pay scale b/c the whole thing was supposed to be HW related.
    I get that people do not like Bethenny but I love seeing a woman realize her dream and become a success-and just because she is divorcing her mamas boy of a husband it doesn’t mean she comes from a place of NO-maybe it means she was tired of his shit…again IMO!

    • California35 says:

      I love seeing her dreams come true also. I really like to see woman succeed and she is one woman who had done it. She is a strong woman but se has gone through sadness and struggles. I have been watching her new show, and i ave my moments when i look at it in a business or critic way, i see some things that could b criticized…but when i simply watch it, i do enjoy it. Will it survive, who knows, but i hope so. I am sure, knowing what i know of her is that if she sees something is not working, she will work on improving it.
      The bottom line i her show is to help woman or relationships, etc…so of course i think it is a good show also 🙂

    • melthehound says:

      I can’t speak for anyone else but I didn’t like Bethenny Before the divorce news broke and I don’t like talk shows in general.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I don’t really like talks shows either-I never watch Ellen or Wendy Williams…I used to watch Oprah once in a while if she had someone on I was interested in.

        • Mene Seela says:

          I don’t care for talk shows either. I’ve caught B’s while at the gym and it’s not bad. She is in learning mode – sometimes she forgets to introduce people to the audience properly and she talks too fast. Aside from that, it is enjoyable. If you like talk shows.

        • Laineylainey says:

          Wendy’s my fave. She can be really hilarious. She’s best at hot topics…not the greatest interviewer. Not a good listener…AT ALL. It’s so funny sometimes, her guests sometimes say really profound things, i mean good juicy stuff….and she’s clearly not listening and without blinking she’ll jump to “look at your shoes!” Or “is that a wig?”

          • chismosa says:

            I think she listens well. From her days on radio. It’s fine tuned. She just has a different style. She certainly doesn’t talk OVER people. But jmho

            • Laineylainey says:

              She is a great TALKER from her days on radio, I agree, she does know how to wait her turn to talk.

              Even so, I enjoy her, especially when she does hot topics, why? Because she is not interviewing anyone. She is just talking at the audience, the tv, the airwaves, much like radio. I do like that part of the show. In fact, many times, I stop watching after hot topics. Not always…but I get a little bit bored.

  24. VV says:

    Teresa’s blog is up!!! Teresa’s blog is up!!!

    • not THAT Jill says:

      This is a random thought but what is with Caroline’s hair color? I saw a picture when I was falling asleep reading Kathy’s blog and Caroline’s hair looks kind of pink?

      • chismosa says:

        Ashy – it looked PINK at the reunion. 🎀👛🌂👙💓💕💖💗💖💞💘

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Who the hell wants pink hair?? What a mess!!!

          • melthehound says:

            Come on, Ladies…. you all know who did Momz up and probably still takes care of it post season.. We watched her daughter turn her into a clown on one of the first episodes as she was getting ready for the ‘sit down’ with Teresa..

          • chismosa says:

            I have a close friend who’s a natural redhead I’ll ask- maybe dyeing hair red is tricky?
            Don is not a redhead

            • not THAT Jill says:

              It is tricky (I worked in a salon before I had my girls) but it can be done correctly-and one would hope that Caroline would have the sense to visit a reputable salon before going on TV-but as we can see…she did not.

              • Mene Seela says:

                For all the salons this show promotes you’d think at least one of them could color red hair correctly.
                Unless this IS the color clownhead wanted.

              • chismosa says:

                Maybe that salon.


                You’re right Jill. By now, her hair should be on point

                You know we’ll be able to tell on her new show if her hair is pink if filming is going on now. Ham game for everyone. Ham for everyone.

      • Orson says:

        Could it have been the lighting at the taping?

    • VV says:

      I was falling asleep reading Kathy’s blog
      😆 😆 😆

      Julius Michael did Melissa’s and Kathy’s hair.

      BitterClown mask was done by Lauren.

      I read Lauren’s and Bitterclown timeline to see if they mentioned the hairstylists name but they didn’t….. Who knows….maybe Penny did it…

  25. VV says:

    What’s her name blog is up! What’s her name blog is up!

  26. melthehound says:

    Answering missusmc here:

    Oh you had to go the Kardassian route to make your point, missusmc 😆 (j/k).. I don’t deny B’s success, it’s right there in front of us, constantly. I just don’t like her. Alex was never a heavy hitter on RHONY and I always found Simon to be a hanger-on, on a show about women, at best (says the guy in a room full of women). As for her vlogs, very poorly done evidenced by all the echo in the room. I think she has been at least 3 different places (sites) doing them and the display on couple’s therapy was a joke. I am not arguing with you here and in fact, agree. I think the worse bottom feeders of all of them are the househusbands. Especially those who do TH interviews (Joey, Richie, etc).

    • missusmc says:

      Agreed on the house husbands thing. And I have to keep liking bethenny, because everyone else is just so unlikeable! I think her spin off did her no favors as far as keeping fans, and she’s super awkward on her show- in an unforgiving business that won’t keep her around long. But overall, I like her, and I tend to take her side over her costars when applicable.

  27. chismosa says:

    VV, a post went up in our town’s local paper asking for anyone who reads reality tv blogs for a chance to appear on Bethenny’s show for a “panel”. They’ll pay 200$.
    Not Jill Zarin top dollar but maybe I’ll go!

  28. lulu says:

    I didn’t realize Kate Gosselin was on bs’s show. Tore a hard working single mother of 8 to shreds!! What an @sshole!! What the hell does she know about being a mother!! Try feeding eight children without any child support!!!! She’s a terrible host stumbles on words, looks uncomfortable she can barely sit still. Is she on something???

    • Nancy says:

      What did she say lulu?

      • lulu says:

        She asked “where her money went!” Was it plastic surgery???? How is it her business what her finances are. At least kate was gracious and unfrazzled.

        • Nancy says:

          I’m no fan of Bethenny’s but I think that question had to be asked as it’s well known
          that she is basically flat broke now after making a LOT of money. Maybe Bethenny
          could have worded it differently?

          • missusmc says:

            Agreed. It’s a fair question, and one that frequently gets asked of reality stars. I know it’s the first question for octomom, and I’m fairly certain if Jon gosselin were the guest, that question would have been asked, too. I think the problem with bethenny is her tone and how she says things. She could ask the exact same question as you or I, but I guarantee she would be perceived as the more abrasive one.

          • lulu says:

            Her delivery does suck thats for sure. She just doesn’t have the charisma that Ellen or Queen Latifah does. Imo unless Kate brought it up I wouldn’t ask. But that’s just me maybe I’m old school. Prior to her asking the question she asked her audience if they wanted to know. The looks on their faces said it all.

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          Kate Gosselin ‘gracious’……????

          Sorry but I have no sympathy for Kate Gosselin. She keeps crying poor while living in a mansion..and attempts to try and crawl her way back on reality tv.

          Jon Gosselin has a better shot of getting back on reality tv than she does.

    • chismosa says:

      Next will be Nadya Suleman

      • Nancy says:

        Hi chismosa. What are you up to?

        • chismosa says:

          Hi Nancy sorry disappeared for a bit. 
          I’m well. How are you ? 
          I have no more SPINNING. It truly was just leftover from my earache. The neurologist told me it would disappear and it did. What a wild wild ride. 
          Thanks for your advice and help. 
          Hope you are well. Maybe one of your games is on? I know you follow a lot of sports …..

    • Powell says:

      I saw KG was on, turned the channel & forgot to turn back.

    • Sasha says:

      I get where Beth was coming from with her questioning of Kate. Kate is a beast and is getting humbled slowly by her fall back to planet earth.

      Where did the money go? Is she hoarding to keep up with the lifestyle that she has become accustomed to.

      I was a semi fan of the show until I saw an episode where she went on a rant about pizza for the BODYGUARD that was eaten. She also got upset on a rafting trip when she got wet. she was more concerned about looking good than having fun with the kiddos.

    • VV says:

      — a mediocre showing at best. “She’s been disappointing,” says Berman.

    • Powell says:

      Thks for that chismosa. Berman seems to echo what has been said here. IMO the people who are going to watch or DVR any of the shows mentioned are already watching so I don’t see the numbers going any hire. With that said B just might not be renewed next season. I guess she’s doing the best she can do cuz we know she’s a perfectionist. Like many of us have said daytime talk is not for her.

  29. Nancy says:

    BB…are you watching it? George is booing from the other room and I’m cheering out here in the living room as he won’t let me watch it with him. LOL

  30. Boobah says:

    Hi everyone! I know I don’t comment much, but I read nearly everyday. Sometimes I’m a little behind on the blog but I try to stay current with all the HW drama and all of you guys. Thank you to all the people that write up the blogs….always entertaining and fun to read.

    I need some help/advice and after doing some brief google searches, it occurred to me that some of you will be able to help me better than anything I can find out there on the interwebz.

    I was asked to start a busness-only twitter account. I have a few questions that I can’t find answers to.

    Does the length of the handle name matter? If the business name is kinda long, is that okay?

    I have been directed to follow/get followed by business customers. Is this easy to do? Do I just do a twitter search to find some of the customers?

    Can the twitter account be accessed by different kinds of cell phones and computers? I am wondering if it’s like email where all you need is the user name and password. Is that right?

    Overall, is it hard to do? Once I learn it, I will hand it over. Until then, I am going to try to figure this out.

    THANK YOU so much for any/all advice!!!!

    • Powell says:

      Hi Boobah. I hope you are doing well. Now Twitter. The length of the handle or @ name I don’t know. To follow businesses and for them to follow your biz is very easy. On Twitter you/they do type in the biz name or handle in search to find the biz, then click follow. We you are signed in on your Twitter acct you can also Google the biz name or handle, the Twitter name comes up in your search & you click on the name or handle which will take you into Twitter, then click follow. If your biz or other businesses have the Twitter link on your websites you can click on the link & it will take you to Twitter, then click follow. Twitter can be accessed from any phone w/internet svc & any computer. You will have a username & password like email. It’s very easy. I’m pretty sure biz accts have some different rules than personal accts. There is online info. I’ll see if
      I can post a link for you. Good luck. 🙂

      • Powell says:

        Here you go Boobah.
        Twitter for Business

        • Boobah says:

          Hey Powell!! I’m good! How have you been holding up? I am so sorry about the furlough. I have been thinking of you. Good people like you shouldn’t have to deal with this. ((Powell))

          Thanks for the advice and the link. I will def check it out! I really appreciate it!

        • Boobah says:

          Btw, thanks about telling me to have them add their new twitter thingy to their website. I NEVER would have thought of that!

          Why they asked me to do this is beyond me…I am sooooo not tech/computer/social networky savvy. LoL!!!! Thanks again.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Hi Boo-how you doin’?
      Twitter is accessible from phones computer and tablets
      When you sign up it will say how long the name can be-I don’t remember the exact amount of characters you can use
      For the followers I’m sure you can search for customers on twitter but you can also let them know you are on twitter so they can follow you-maybe in a business newsletter or something like that
      Twitter is very easy to use once you start-just jump in and look around-read some tweets and look for companies you know on twitter-that will give you an idea of how things work.

      • Boobah says:

        Jill, the One and Only!!! I’ve been well. Hope all is going good for you also!

        Good to know that twitter will tell me how long the name can be. For some reason, I got in my head that long names are annoying for others to deal with on twitter. Don’t know where I got that from.

        Since I know some of the cust. names, I will just jump right in after I read through the link Powell posted for me to read through.

        Thank you so much!

        • not THAT Jill says:

          Oh that’s good that you know the names already-that will make things much easier!

    • Laineylainey says:

      I can’t glide by and not say…Booob…Ahhhhhhh! 💞

  31. Nancy says:

    BB…where are you? 😦 I’m all alone. lol I do think they made the correct call on that homer.

  32. lulu says:

    Kris and Bruce Jenner split??? I really thought those two would make it. Wonder if the nonstop filming took its toll.

    • Nancy says:

      I think he called it quits when Kris wanted to take their 2 daughters out of
      High School for photo shoots. (They could get their GED’s) She’s a fool.
      I’m so happy that he left.

    • chismosa says:

      Wow. That family…..such issues

      I loved this: On Monday, Kris was photographed out with Britney Spears’s ex-fiancé Jason Trawick. She was spotted sans wedding ring.

      What is with her hanging out with younger men? Is she trying to be like Adrienne Maloof?

      • Nancy says:

        She makes me sick. What kind of mother pushes their own daughter
        to pose for Playboy? It’s all about $$$$$$$.

      • mrs peabody says:

        She’s not trying to be like Adrienne, she’s trying to be like one of her daughters. I think she tries to live her life through them. You know she’s almost 60 years old. I like him but he’s had too much surgery, he looks like he has his eyebrows shaped. He looks weird. He seems to be the more level headed one of the 2 when it comes to their young daughters though. I sure hope they don’t turn out like her other kids. I think the oldest of the 2 is the prettiest of all the girls. Without all that makeup on those 3 older ones are not pretty at all. I should start wearing a ton of makeup and then I”d look pretty again. Maybe there’s hope for this old lady.

    • Laineylainey says:

      It had to have, lulu! It’s so sad; he was not treated well in that family. Oh my gosh, do you think she is going produce his reality show “Bruce Jenner Jumps”, Brucie Goosey”

  33. Rebecca says:


    Lea is lying. Mama Elsa’s stroke made national news. If Elsa meant so much to Lea, she would have sent flowers and/or cards to the hospital.

    Lisa is as nosy as they come. She was W-a-y out of line. STFU.

    I thought Marysol was quite calm when confronting Lea, but Lea refused to answer her because she’s empty on the inside.

    Shocked that Adriana takes her husband for Botox a week before the wedding. What if he had a bad reaction? The outfit change is stupid UNLESS she was providing rooms for all the guests.

    I want to be Lauren Foster’s friend and go for a vitamin IV.

    • Rebecca says:

      Alexia and Ana are long-time friends. Why does Lisa think she was supposed to be at Alexia’s birthday party more than Ana?

    • chismosa says:

      I can’t believe I’m saying this but I still haven’t watched. I’ll get back to you Rebecca.
      All I remember from the preview is Lea backing away and leaving when Marisol was speaking to her, with her fake smile and fake replies. I hate Lea.

    • Nancy says:

      It’s all Teresa’s fault. lol

      • Laineylainey says:

        We should start saying that in our real life. Lainey why are are u late today? It’s Teresa’s fault. Nancy, why are the Dodgers losing? (Gasp! Bad example). It’s Teresa’s fault. Honey, I thought you were making dinner! It’s Teresa’s fault. Ok….this bit ain’t funny, is it. ….Um…Awkward…That’s unfortunate.

        • Nancy says:

          Sounds like a great plan to me. Let me know how it’s working for you though.
          So get this…George was in the shower today and I came in to go pee so all of
          a sudden I hear him say…”I take it you haven’t read Melissa’s book yet?” I didn’t
          even think he knew I was in there so it really cracked me up.

      • chismosa says:

        No Nancy ….. My new saying is “it could happen to ANYONE”

        • Nancy says:


        • not THAT Jill says:

          That was the dumbest thing ever…it can’t happen to anyone-and it doesn’t happen to everyone…but maybe it happens to everyone she knows…also very dumb-the statement “I don’t know why this is happening to us”…ummm yeah ya do…

          • not THAT Jill says:

            Nancy-since you peed when your husband was in the house (never mind in the bathroom showering) you will never have a Hot Italian Marriage…I hope you are happy with yourself!!!

            • Nancy says:

              Maybe so but we have a hot Canadian marriage and that’s good enough for us. 🙂
              George is Italian though.

        • Orson says:

          “It’s always sunthin”

  34. Has anyone heard from Lisa Renee? I thought I saw a comment from her “NMD Test” on the back end of the blog – but either I hallucinated or it disappeared. Lisa Renee – if you’re having trouble getting on the blog email me and we can trouble-shoot.

  35. Orson says:

    Hey, with Gretchen off OC now, who is Slade going to hook up with? I think the Vickster is the only unattached HW left. Maybe they’ll bring Jeanna back? Or Kara?

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