Simon van Kempen finally spills about Jill Zarin and Lynn Hudson / Survivor 27.5

Simon van Kempen finally spills about Jill Zarin and Lynn Hudson by NMD

Season Four of the Real Housewives of New York was the aftermath of the Bethenny Frankel – Jill Zarin feud.

During Season Three of the show, Jill Zarin had become the most hated housewife in history.  Lynn Hudson published daily posts on the “I Hate Jill Zarin” blog that gained a huge internet following.  Lynn was steadfast in her support of both Bethenny Frankel and Alex McChord – two of Jill Zarin’s on-screen enemies.  In turn, Bethenny and Alex supported Lynn.  Bethenny publicly followed a handful of people on twitter – one of them Lynn.  Alex’s husband Simon van Kempen posted occasionally on the blog, and the couple entertained Wall Street Lady in their home – a friend of Lynn’s and a regular in the comments section.

As Season Four rolled around, Jill Zarin became desperate to shut Lynn’s blog down.  She enlisted the help of Simon van Kempen, who tried to broker a deal between the two ladies. The deal fell through, and viewers were shown an on-air screen between Simon and Bobby Zarin, where Bobby asked Simon about his involvement in the “hate” blog.  Simon denied any involvment, which made some of Lynn’s supporters feel as though he had abondoned her.

Jill stated publicly that she refused to meet with Lynn and “reward” her, but now Simon is speaking about what really happened behind the scenes.  Simon was accused of throwing Lynn under the bus on twitter.  His response:

An edited conversation seen on TV with cameras jumping between Bobby & me ISN’T a fluid converstn.  Surely u’ve seen by now with RHoNJ how much these shows r edited w/ an agenda. Never believe anything.

He went on to explain ….

Bobby has asked me a specific questions had I invested in Lynn’s website – I said no.  Remember how he said ‘someone’ had told him as he was getting dressed some ‘disturbing’ info, that ‘someone’s were producer’s setting up a scene. Unbeknownst to them all that day Lynn & I had spoken on the phone as I was trying to broker a truce & Lynn was amenable to meet with JZ. I still wish it hadn’t snowed the following day and cancelled their flight. I’m 2 years out of that shit, and have zero interest in lying then or now. Trust me in that. Jill wasn’t the someone -it was a particularly vile producer who I won’t name but if he’s reading he knows who he is.”

I asked Simon if he stopped trying to broker a truce after the conversation with Bobby.

His response:

The Real Housewives of New York City“No, it continued for another hour or so. After that scene was filmed in fact the cameras followed I to the elevator as j&b were leaving to go to another event J&b and I left Avery’s event. I got in their car & we tried to have a real conversation of camera but the cameramen tried to get into the car & film us. Both Jill & I tole the exec prod to F off and he made it plain to us that we were ‘paid’ to do as we were told. We had already removed our mics. As we couldn’t speak then j&b left & Jill & I spoke later that night on the phone about a possible meeting. I think but can’t be certain I either texted or emailed Lynn that night too.  In any event later that night the snow storm hit & Jill never flew to Chicago the next day. Lynn knew all of this but it was 7 or 8 months later when selected footage aired that shit hit the fan. I never screwed Lynn over but believe what you all will.”

I asked Simon if he ever tried again to broker a truce.

“Yes I’m pretty sure there was at least one other occasion. I was in RI at a fashion event it was winter, Feb I think & I remember taking a call form Jill & discussing Lynn but you have to understand this is 3 to 4 years ago & frankly a lot of the RHoNY shit is best forgotten. At the time the show aired u all thought every second u saw was the gospel truth.  Now some of u know it’s not your biases, loves, hates were all skewered through the Bravo producer’s paradigm and yes sometime life mirrored “realityTV” in & that while we were just Bravo’s willing fools playing on their stage, we were then & are now human beings w/ feelings/emotions.”

I asked Simon if Jill tried to get Alex fired – or Simon fired.  (Since I will definitely buy that producers manipulated some of what we say – but Jill is a whole other pickle when it came to her manipulations.)

“I don’t know but it wasn’t in her power. I do know that after the S4 reunion wrapped filming a producer interrupted a convo between Jill & me & told us both to save it for season 5. And two months later we found out there would not be a s5 for either.”

Simon also went on to explain what it was like back then filming the show.

“You also need to understand there was a general prohibition against breaking the 4th wall during filming -we were meant to be just regular but fabulous (lol) people filming our real lives & not people on a TV show who’s lives (or rather selected parts) were dissected off screen. It was a very surreal time.”

Ed (TVFishBowl) asked Simon if we’re really supposed to believe that he signed up for the show, not knowing his life would be dissected by viewers. Simon reminded him:

“I can – we signed in 2007 & started filming in August for a show that wasn’t housewives – at that stage hardly anyone was watching RHOC – were you watching them in 2007?”

I wasn’t.  I started watching with the New York franchise.

simon_and_alex_real_housewives“That’s easy to say now but while I admit & have admitted we were all naive no one expected this show to be as huge as it was we thought we were filming our everyday lives – this wasn’t survivor type show and we all had no clue that it would be twisted so ask yourself what did you know about reality TV in 2006/2007 versus what you know now in 2013?”

Simon came under attack last night from Carly over whatever went down back then – something about a lie about Lynn.  I have no idea what she’s talking about, but I will close with Simon’s response.

“Can’t we just celebrate what RHoNY meant 2 Lynn & the family she created.”

That’s us guys.  Let’s celebrate!


More on the Background …

After this attempt at a truce, Lynn tested the waters on the blog to see if we’d accept the name change, and wrote a “I Love Jill Zarin” for Valentine’s day.  Quincy was also blogging “I Love Jill Zarin” blogs for the site.  Here’s a link to the Valentine’s day post.

Update: Lynn did not write the blog below.

A Valentine to Jill Zarin by Anonymous (February 14, 2011)On this day of love, we have decided to honor the woman who inspires us all by re-naming this board and expressing our undying love for Jill Zarin.We realize this will come as a surprise to some of you, and
indeed, some may be a bisel shroyft (a little upset). Our dear Quincy has tried to ease into this gently and slowly with her recent I Love Jill Zarin subset blogs. As no one has become farshtarben (keeled over dead) we are taking the next step. We will have emergency response teams standing by in case of fainting or heart palpitations.Now, we had very very long conversations about this so we would be sure to explain ourselves clearly. The bottom line is that if you look past Season 3, you will have to admit that Jill Zarin is a warm, friendly woman. We have seen how she kvells over her Allie, who is a very pretty, very talented young woman. Her photographs are really incredible. And Sarah Lawrence! She is very loving to her family and her pet chihuahua, Ginger. Now Ginger is no looker and she’s not exactly a happy little dog, so it takes a great heart to love this dog. Jill will do anything for this dog and we admire her for that. She is also nice to her mother, even though her mother is not an easy person to please.Over the summer, when she stayed out in the Hamptons and spent most of her time with her family, out of the public eye, she was obviously happy and having a great time.Basically, Jill is what her people call a balaboosteh. Now technically, this means the mistress of the house and was a compliment to the way someone kept the house. But in modern times, it has come to mean the person who keeps the family together and takes care of everything. And Jill does this with flair and makes it look easy. At the same time, she is a very hard worker. She doesn’t have to help out at Zarin Fabrics.
She could just shop all day. But she goes in to the store and helps customers. And she hustles. Again, she could just be a lady of leisure and live off Bobby’s money, but she goes out a hustles with a bedding line, a line of foundation garments…let’s be honest, ladies. We all admire her former friend Bethenny in part because Bethenny hustles. So this is obviously a trait we admire in Jill Zarin, too. And she does charity work, raising money for Creaky Joints because Allie has arthritis.Jill is also quite attractive, especially when she takes it easy on the make-up. She has a beautiful smile when she is smiling because she is happy, like when she is holding her grandson. We admit that her taste is a bit much for us, but to each her own. Your house and your clothes should make you happy and you shouldn’t worry what someone else thinks.Most of the time, she wears very attractive clothes that look good on her. A few clunkers, to be sure, but don’t we all miss the mark every now and again?

Sometimes I think we don’t give Jill enough credit for her sense of humor. You know, it is entirely possible that she was just joking, playing it up for the cameras when she said that the new Mercedes Bobby gave her for her birthday had to go back because it had the wrong phone jack.

Now, there are some things that really were problematic and we hope that Jill will learn from experience that some things are just wrong. The Susan Saunders Amazon-gate episode was horrifying and this new blog by her sister is more of the same. Please, please, please Jill. We beg you. Be the warm, genuine woman we know you really are and we will write the nice blogs for you. No one wants to see a new Jill more than we do….

The End

I’m glad that’s over…”

Simon’s Blog

Eight months later, when the episode aired, Simon took to his own blog to explain what had happened.  You can read the entire thing here.  When this blog came out I remember Carly coming to the board and being concerned that Lynn would feel that Simon threw her under the bus.  Lynn didn’t seem concerned at the time, but I have no idea what was going on behind the scenes.   Perhaps some of you do.  I’ve brought some of Simon’s blog to this blog.  I think Avery’s party was in December, 2010.  He was quite upset when he wrote the blog.

I have watched, read & listened, sometimes with horror, as Jill Zarin has slandered, libeled and maligned me and/or Alex over the past three years but this past week has really been something else. You saw in the 4.14 episode ofReal Housewives of New York City which aired in the US on July 7th, 2011 a sit down talk between Jill & me, with Bobby in attendance and Alex joining towards the end. For those that are interested you can find a transcript of that scene here……..When Bobby came up to me at Avery’s Sweet 16 (now what date was that party held???) this was the entire conversation:Bobby: Just today, as I was getting dressed this afternoon, they told me about an internet blog, a hate blog, hatemongers, and I was shocked…..
Simon: What’s that got to do with me?
Bobby: They told me that you are actively involved with it
Simon: No
Bobby: And I said that …..
Simon: Absolutely 100% not the case
Bobby: Of course, I am here to protect Jill
Simon: As you should be
Bobby: If there something that’s going on we can solve it right now
Mario: Let’s take it outside
Bobby: You know, both of you know I surround myself with good people. We’re going to say this, peace, love, health, good friends and that’s what we are all about. Do we have an understanding? It’s all good? You’re on my page?
Simon: Yes
Bobby: Shake on it? Because I know that Jill & Alex all have it straightened out.
You see Bobby & me shake handsNow let’s see these tangled webs be woven. In Jill’s blog for that episode she wrote:In the final scene of the episode you see Bobby, Simon, and Mario at the bar. Bobby had been hearing from multiple sources that Simon was heavily engaging in mean tweeting of Kelly and me. Bobby rarely interferes with any of this as he generally thinks it’s all nonsense. Bobby on his own felt that he needed to have an adult conversation with Simon asking him nicely to stop this behavior. Simon agreed and shook Bobby’s hand. Clearly, Simon was not sincere and is still mean tweeting the both of us.
This is an outright fabrication. Also note that she asserts that I am still mean tweeting her; presumably in June 2011. There was no discussion between Bobby and me that night about mean tweeting (nor has there even been such a discussion on camera or off). Bobby spoke to me about a ‘hate’ blog and said that he’d been told that I was actively involved with it. I am not and never have been. The fact that Jill is now trying to change the subject when the facts don’t support her (or Bobby’s) assertion is interesting but as can be seen from the above transcript it’s false. Not one mention of Twitter, tweeting or heaven forbid, ‘mean tweeting’ was mentioned by Bobby. Why did Jill need to lie in her blog?

Incidentally who’s is the ‘they’ who are talking to Bobby while he’s getting dressed? LOL

Simon goes on to explain about his involvement with WSL – who Jill accused of being a stalker about that time.  Then he gives more details on trying to broker a second meeting between Lynn and Jill (after the first one was cancelled due to the snow storm).  This occurred in early January, 2011.  Incidentally, Jill Zarin visited the blog herself on New Year’s Eve, 2010 -anonymously, but with an IP that linked to the country where she was vacationing.  She asked Lynn a question – What would Lynn do if Jill had become friends with Simon?  Jill may have been under the mistaken impression that Lynn was blogging out of loyalty for Simon, rather than just out of feelings of frustration at Jill’s own actions.  But remember – the show had been on hiatus for over six months by now – so people were caring less and less about Jill and her antics – so Lynn was open to changing the name of the blog.

About two weeks after Jill and I sat down (and don’t you just love how we both seemed to be at peace that night yet her talking head interviews that were interspersed within it showed a completely different Jill than the one I sat down with?), she was heading off to Chicago to attend an event to promote her book. Jill & I had spoken that night about my involvement (or rather lack thereof) in this ‘hate’ blog and I knew that this blog’s existence upset her, particularly as she had told me that it was costing her endorsement deals. I don’t know that it was, but that’s what she told me. Initially Jill was going to Chicago in December but her flight was cancelled due to a snow storm. In December I had emailed Lynn about meeting with Jill & also spoken to Jill about it, but as the event was cancelled, the meeting never happened. So with her January trip pending, I decided that I’d again try to broker a meeting between them and so I emailed Jill and she replied:
——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Re: Lynn Hudson wants to meet you.
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2011 20:03:13 -0500
From: Jill Zarin
To: Simon van Kempen
Call me home when you get a chance. JillOn Jan 21, 2011, at 5:48 PM, Simon van Kempen wrote:Jill,Lynn Hudson emailed me today seeing if I can orchestrate a meeting between you.It’s completely up to you of course but I think the best chance you have of changing her blog’s name is convincing her in person.See below email from Lynn:

“I noticed that Jill has rescheduled her trip to Chicago for this Sunday and I remember you asking me about keeping an open mind if you were able to set something up for me to meet her. Is that still a possibility? I would love to meet her in person and I would be nothing but objective and completely open minded.

I don’t know when she’s flying in but if she’d give me 20-minutes over a cup of coffee on Saturday or Sunday before her event (or diet Coke in her case) it could be well worth her time. Is this something you’d consider trying to set up or are we past thinking that is possible?”

I called Jill, as she requested, and we had a very long chat but in the end Jill decided against meeting with Lynn as she felt doing so would be a reward to Lynn. If you follow me on Twitter you know that I often engage with my negative tweeters and try to win them over. If these two women had met would this ’hate’ blog have changed, who knows? But I still think to this day that nothing bad would have come out of this meeting.

That was a long trip down memory lane.  I remember those days as though they were yesterday.  Having Lynn’s blog mentioned on national TV, Simon posting on the blog, Simon calling into Carly and Lynn’s radio show, people talking about getting sued.  Looking back, I can see how surreal it must have been for the cast.  The interaction between real life, Reality life, and real time.  Again, I wonder if it’s worth it?


Survivor 27.5 by MelTheHound

S27_Preview_LogoHere we go again, castaways.. Last week, in a bit of a bold move, Caleb told Cierra that he was writing Brad’s name down. Whatever he had on his mind, worked because, it was Brad who was sent to RE.

Back at the Tadhang camp, the girls have kind of a holy crap – what just happened air about them, the men, don’t think they can trust Caleb anymore and know, that if he’s aligned with the women, they are in trouble. I think Caleb has aligned with Caleb, has decided to play his own game rather than Brad’s, and he’ll do whatever he has to do, to survive in the game. Over at RE, Brad wakes John and Candice out of a sound sleep to preach to them about how this is a game and it’s not personal, it’s business. I think I would have kicked the shit out of him on principle alone but it’s obvious he woke these people so he could go into ass kiss mode. Candice has hated the Culpepper’s since day one as it was Monica, she says, who is responsible for her being on RE. How long did this jerk keep these two awake running his big mouth?

sur1At the Galang camp, same night, Laura M is cozying up the Aras. This is just wierd… I get that she is playing  game and is seeking some sort of alliance but, Come On.. Aras says that he already has his alliance and neither of the Lauras are a part of it. As far as he is concerned, the ones that will push him to the end are Tina, Monica, Gervace, and Tyson. I wouldn’t count on it fella. BTW.. Laura M has been married for 20 years. I wonder how her husband reacted to seeing her rub on another guy. LauraB is kind of feeling the sting of being the new kid outsider in the group. They are all vets who have done the show before, she is not so, she’s kind of feeling her way through it. Does any of this matter? We’ll see.

Day 11 at Redemption Island challenge. Galang learns that Brad is now a part of RE. Monica wants to take his spot. She gets teary eyed that he’s there but she’s his rock and no way will he let her take his spot. I think I’m going to puke. He says he’s not there because he’s a jerk. Ahhhhhhaahahahaa 😆 Delusional much, Brad? Does this guy EVER shut his mouth? Probst says to Candice that she’s been the most vocal about the Culpeppers without ever spending a second at either camp. She says she’s repeating what she’s been told by the others who have come through RE but it’s their word against his. The delusional asshole thinks he’s liked on his tribe, even by John. Ahhhhhhaahahahaa 😆 Monica’s feelings are hurt because Candice sees him for the jerk he is. Candice says her feelings were hurt when Monica wrote her name down..

sur2The Challenge. At the end of the playing field is a crate that is made up of planks that first, will be used to build a bridge. Once the bridge is complete, they then have to take the planks and use them to solve a puzzle on that table at the other end of the playing field. First one to do that, wins. Second one, safe. Third one, Gone.

The bridge itself is a puzzle as all of the planks have to fit over pegs but, they are not all equal. That is, they have to be put in the right order. Candice jumps out to a quick lead, Brad is floundering at first. Monica is trying to guide him. Let’s see if he listens to his wife. Once the bridge is complete, they can take it apart and find the actual puzzle pieces. There are 12 total, 8 are needed, the other 4 do nothing. The entire race is a close one, John takes first and within a couple seconds, Brad knocks out Candice (DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!). Everyone says their goodbyes. John gets to to give away another clue. He gives it to Monica, she burns it again. Now John is stuck alone on an island with this jerk and has to listen to him run his big mouth some more. I hope he stuffs a rag in it to tell the truth. I’m not even there and I’m sick of listening to it.

At Galang, Monica is happy Brad is still there, the others don’t want the two of them in the game together. At Tadhang, this group looks rode hard and put away wet. Cierra is covered in bug bites, Katie is losing toenails. I think they are likely all under nourished. Vytas is working Caleb, who at the moment is the swing vote. He can vote with the girls or the other two guys. Caleb is feeling the power that swing vote brings with it. Careful Caleb, that can also get you kicked out. One thing they all seem to agree on, the camp is much more peaceful without Brad. Since he never STFU, none of them could enjoy where they were and what was around them. They know they need to start winning the immunity challenge.

Immunity Challenge

sur3The object here is to slide down the waterslide and grab a ring on the way down. Then they will toss that ring on to a post holding pegs. Each ringer scores one point, first team to 5 wins. Pretty simple and the most physically demanding is climbing the stairs to the top of the slide platform. They are also playing for reward. Steak, veggies, spices, etc, and a Wok to cook it in. Galang has to sit out 3 members. The two Lauras and Monica take a spot on the bench.

Pairs are as follows…

  1. Gervace vs Caleb
  2. Tyson vs Heyden
  3. Kat vs Katie
  4. Aras vs Vytas
  5. Tina vs Cierra
  6. Tyson vs Caleb
  7. Gervace vs Heyden

Tadhana Wins! It’s about damn time. Now we get to watch the vets stab each other in the back. My prediction, Monica is on her way to RE. If they are smart, that’s what they will do. I don’t have a lot of actual faith in it but let’s see what really happens. Oh, Tadhana chose the steak.. I would have too because I don’t like Fish.

Back at the Galang camp, the pre tribal stuff begins. It doesn’t really matter but we will look at it anyway. Laura B is making a bit of a nuisance of herself attempting to talk up the others. She even tells Kat and Tina that the other two who sat out with her were bitter about not playing in the challenge. Laura B is the easy vote but that isn’t always the best way to go in this game, notes, Aras.. He comes up with the plan to send someone to RE who can take out Brad. Laura M is good at puzzles so her name comes up. Monica sees the wisdom of this idea but doesn’t want her hubby sent packing. Personally, I would laugh my ass off if they did send Laura B and she was the one who sent Brad home. She Has proven herself to be an asset in the challenges. One who has not, and if they want to bounce a weak player, is Kat.

Tribal Council

Probst ushers them in, tells them to light their torches, fire represents life and all that. The Probsting begins. To Gervace, who was on the first season, the game has changed a lot since then. He says he needs to learn how to play like the others are playing or he’s going home. Relax fella, I don’t think you’re in any trouble tonight. To Tina, who was on the second season, same type of question. How has it changed. She says she had played more in the first 5 days than she did her entire season. The blood vs water adds a twist in that if you’re alone, you can play balls to the wall. In this case however, it isn’t just you (Katie is her daughter). To Monica, similar question, how does B vs W change things. She basically says that no one really wants a team of two playing after the merge. Aras, basically says that his loved one is on his own when it comes to voting. His task right now is to shore up relationships with the people he’s currently playing with. To Laura M, that’s the only thing you can say. She says yes but, she will squash her daughter to win. Have to cut the apron stings sometime. Probst notes that Laura has proven she won’t yield to her daughter just because of family ties, she’s already beaten her twice. Gervace says that that’s all fine and dandy but, there is no stronger bonds than the ones who still have loved ones in the game. To Laura B, the obvious outsider, Do you belong here with this tribe of vets. She feels that she’s pulled her weight so yes, she does. Monica agrees that Laura is doing her part and therefore is very much a part of the tribe. Probst says to Laura, that’s all very nice but that’s what someone is told, just before they are voted out. She says she was welcomed with open arms but realizes she’s an easy vote. She notes that Rupert’s name keeps coming up because they all wanted to play with him but they are stuck with her. Laura M notes that everyone but Laura B has felt the sting of having their torch snuffed. I’m going to say this here.. Kat, I cannot stand that snot. I wish she would burn that pink hoodie that she’s worn for now, 3 seasons, and I’m sick to death of watching her roll her eyes.

sur4Time to vote. Laura M votes for Laura B and says there is only room for one Laura… Okie Dokie then… Laura B returns the compliment. All of them voted for A Laura but which one? Probst collects the votes, polls for the idol, no one has it. Let’s see how this shakes out.. First vote read is for Laura B. Second through sixth, for Laura M. I guess she gets to feel the sting again because, she’s on her way to RE. Now she gets to listen to Brad’s big mouth too.

Next week, Gervace and Tyson are baking a plan to dethrone ‘King Aras’ but, at RE, Probst throws another wrench at them. Time to mix things up. See you then.


Happy Birthday JustDee


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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Happy Friday eve. Gues where I am? Back to work. :-). I could have stayed home but this sista has bills. What!?! Nope I’m not independently wealthy. LOL. Can’t wait to read what Simon is spilling. Have a great day.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Powell-so happy you are back to work!!! (Too bad you are not independently wealthy-if you were you could spend your days shopping and going out to lunch!!)

    • Lulu says:

      Good morning Powell!!!! Happy to be back??? 🙂

      • Powell says:

        Only cuz I have to. I did miss my co-workers. A few people were considered essential and had to work. I told a couple of them I.hope what normally takes them a half hr to complete that they took a day & a half.

    • justanothermary says:

      I gotta think what Simon is spilling should be phrased as “what Simon is spinning.” I remember that time quite well and I think he’s full of shit. Just my humble opinion.

      • JustAnotherMary, you’ve always thought I’m full of shit, so it’s good to see something’s never change. I’m sure if I said that the world was in fact round, you’d find fault with that too and yes I know it’s not perfectly spherical 😉

        • Cartwheels says:

          my previous comment went on moderation due to mistyping my username :/

          I have a question for you Simon. You are a very educated man, you knew Alex signed a contract and what your contractual obligations were, you know that Bravo basically paid your wife for filming her life for a spam of time, by signing the contract you guys basically sign your soul away, so Bravo wanted to film the combo between you and Jill in the car, can you blame them for that? they wanted the most juicy tidbits, can you blame them for that? Jill was so nasty to you, she slandered your name and label you an alcoholic, yet you were trying to get to a truce with Lynn? why? what did you get out of that?

          My second question to you is, being that so many HW have refrained from directly breaking the fourth wall, I always thought that there were especific clauses in the contracts preventing them from doing that. Did your contracts in fact forbid you from doing that or are you to the point that you do not care anymore and are so soured by the production team misleading you and then firing Alex.?

          • 1) “you know that Bravo basically paid your wife for filming her life for a spam of time” – only shows like Big Brother, Survivor and Couples Therapy have contracts that allow production companies unfettered access to ones lives. RH contracts do not.
            2)”Jill was so nasty to you, she slandered your name and label you an alcoholic, yet you were trying to get to a truce with Lynn? why? what did you get out of that?” I was not one wanting a truce but I was the go between trying to set up the meeting. At varying stages and at different times both of them wanted it.
            3)”breaking the fourth wall, I always thought that there were especific clauses in the contracts preventing them from doing that. ” there weren’t any specific clauses as such but as I wrote on Twitter last night “….you also need to understand there was a general prohibition against breaking the 4th wall during filming – we were meant to be just regular but fabulous (lol) people filming our real lives & not people on a TV show whose lives (or rather selected parts) were dissected off screen. It was a very surreal time”</em?

        • justanothermary says:

          Simon, My reaction to you was, at least in part, due to the way you treated Lynn. She was bit hurt by your betrayal. While I have always thought of you as an Idiot, that sealed the deal. I’m more than a little appalled that you would come on this blog and try to rewrite history, hoping none of us who were there would remember.

          • I never betrayed Lynn – where exactly are you alleging I did so? Lastly I didn’t write today’s blog post, had nothing to do with it being put together and I’m not rewriting history. You keep on accusing me of doing specific things however please cite some evidence as it’s easy to accuse but harder to prove.

            • melthehound says:

              Normally, I wouldn’t get involved in these but please, give it a rest. Lynn has been gone for over a year now and whatever happened is so far under the bridge, it has flowed the entire length of the river and is out in the middle of the ocean by now.

              • Donna says:

                ↑ ↑ ↑

              • klmh says:

                Sorry MTH, but Simon got a lot of s*it on this blog at the time. He has every right to explain what happened at the time. If you had been wronged, you would want to clear the air…

                • justanothermary says:

                  Simon was not wronged. He was trying to spin a situation in his favor. He slighted Lynn and her blog and is hoping there aren’t enough of us around who remember.

                  • klmh says:

                    Good to see you again jam. You might want to look back to see how Lynn slammed Simon because she thought he was blogging when that was not the case. It was someone who had hacked his email. Please take the time to look.
                    I am happy to see you received some help with your cancer, and that you are as feisty as ever!

                • melthehound says:

                  Nice to see you KLMH. Been awhile. Many of us weren’t even here at the time, is my point, and I doubt any of the bickering and explaining, is or has changed any minds. It’s been explained plenty and I doubt it changed anything.

                  • klmh says:

                    Good to see you Jeff and am happy Mel is doing well.

                    I don’t need to change any minds. I don’t care what those people who are unfamiliar with the past think. They have no knowledge of this blog and can’t judge. I have been here for many years, and know what happened. It would be great to have those blogs available though so everyone could at least try to follow the time line.
                    I enjoy your comments. as always…

        • Orson Buggy says:

          Hi Simon. I was surprised to see you featured in the blog today and even more so to see you responding to us. Nice to see you here and I hope you’ll come visit again.

      • Catwheels says:

        I quite agree with you, it really bothers me that I liked Alex when she was on RHNY, she seemed sweet and mature as opposed as Simon who seemed to have rage episodes. I can’t help but think that Alex’s firing was 99% due to Simon’s interference. He just couldn’t let her have this thing for her, he had to follow her everywhere.

        I also remember that most of Alex’s critisim was due to Simon’s action rather than what Alex had done or say in the show. IMO Simon was definitely a liability to her and ended up costing her her spot on RHNY.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Great news about being back to work.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Congrats on being back at work Powellypooh!! It’s a good day!!

    • SoutheastVA says:

      I glad the idiots in charge finally got it together and ended the shutdown. Welcome back to federal land 🙂

    • chismosa says:

      Happy for you Powelly !

  2. Powell says:

    Happy Birthday JustDee.

    • TexasTart says:

      Happy Birthday Just Dee! 😀

    • ladebra says:

      Happy Birthday JustDee🎉🎉🎉

      Wow NMD, great stuff re Simon I found the blog after Bobby mentioned it. I don’t think I knew about the Valentine post (but then I have trouble with last Tuesday, so I wouldn’t swear). I have to say, I respect Simon and Alex. I always enjoyed Alex, and miss her on the show. I appreciate her POV, while not always agreeing. The more I read Simon the more I respect his POV. He is very good at presenting a logical scenario, and persuasive with his conclusions. I don’t always agree with him either, but I always enjoy a thoughtful conversation.

      Happy back to work day Powell!

      • Shiny says:

        Happy Your Day, JustDee! Have lots of fun…and cake!

        Like so many, I found the blog because Bobby mentioned it. NMD, great info about a memorable time in RHNY. Always interesting to learn more of the back story. Laughable that Jill thought this blog was costing her endorsement deals, rather than realizing that her personality and behavior choices were obvious to any corporations etc. She always did blame everyone else for any problems.

        Lynn’s column recognizing the positives in Jill and encouraging her to focus on being nicer brought me to tears missing Lynn’s voice on the blog – love reading all the postings and writing now, but reading Lynn’s own blog was special.

        Amazing that we’re still here – thanks, guys.

      • Powell says:

        Ladebra I feel pretty much as you do about Simon & Alex. When the were on NY Simon just got on my nerves always going w/Alex when she went out w/the ladies. After they were on Celeb Therapy which I had a few words to Simon on Twitter about because he said not so nice things about B doing counseling on NY & then he does it on CT. I just thought it was hypocritical & he owed her an apology. But I digress. After seeing them on that show I believe Simon wanted to follow Alex out but I don’t think Alex always wanted him to go.
        Thks for happy back to work. 🙂

    • trudie says:

      Happy Birthday Just Dee

    • VV says:

      Happy Birthday, JustDee! 🎊🎉🎂🎁🎈

    • melthehound says:

      Happy Birthday JustDee 😀

    • BB says:


    • HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTDEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Happy Birthday, Just Dee!!! What have you been reading lately? Have a great day!

    • chismosa says:

      Happy Birthday Just Dee 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

    • JustDee says:

      !!!!!THANKS EVERYONE!!!!!

  3. Rebecca says:

    Good morning. I Hate Jill Zarin.

    Have a good day everyone.

  4. Since Monica didn’t swap with Brad – if she really did slip with her tweet, then does that mean he’ll be the redemption island winner? Hmmm – hate to think he’ll be back in the game –

  5. not THAT Jill says:

    NMD-I saw the Twitter exchange between all of you last night and I was hoping you would blog about-I wasn’t prepared for that old blog of Simons and just finished reading it-after clicking on his links to other things and reading all he wrote-my morning chores have not been done!! What trip down memory lane! Reading old blogs and comments is a much better way to spend my morning than folding laundry and cleaning the bathroom!! Thanks for a great blog!!

  6. Lulu says:

    NMD awesome job on the blogs today!!! I have to admit I was pretty naive prior to finding this blog. Not that I believed everything I saw on the HW’s but I never figured producer tampering. The worst one is NJ IMO they should all be fired telling the same story 3 seasons sux!

    Bittersweet reading Lynn’s blog. I loved her no nonsense writing style.

  7. Amalfi says:

    Rest in peace, Lynn. You are missed. 😦

    • Yes she is and as I sort of signed off with last night, there’s not much value in rehashing old ground, memories fade, we all only know bits & pieces and yes, what you saw on TV is cut together and can be made to represent anything that editors/producers want, However besides all of that let’s just celebrate the huge blog family that Lynn created and be thankful for that. I know from speaking to Lynn that she was immensely proud of the blog neighborhood she created and it gave her a lot of satisfaction and friendships that made her last (too short) years very enjoyable for her.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        She had a lot to be proud of-she created something that has often been imitated-and for good reason. This blog is amazing in the fact that it is a true community-who wouldn’t want that? Rest in peace Lynn…hope we are all doing you proud!!

      • Stars99 says:

        I am one of the people who discovered this blog after it was mentioned during Simon and Bobby’s dialogue on TV. I will forever be thankful it was mentioned by name. I came because of the novelty of the name but stayed because of the community that was created. It’s always been hysterical to me that this blog was once named as a “hate” blog because the community has been so opposite to that (except about RHNJ… lol)… but I remember how atrocious Jill was towards her castmates. I am still perplexed at Alex’s firing… Kelly and Jill’s I get… Kelly was bat crap crazy and not compelling (although I still say, “satchels of gold” upon occasion) and Jill was delusional and toxic. I am pleased to see Simon and Alex have carved out other avenues of creative expression. Go Alex! Go Simon!

      • BB says:

        It was nice going down memory lane. Lynn created a great place that is still going strong. I wish only happiness for you and Alex and your boys, Simon.

        • cusi77 says:

          Dear Simon, I have been here from the beginning of this Blog and I know how much Lynn loved both of you!

          Thank you for stopping by!

          I frankly never knew what went down and It does not matter anymore. Personally I know you were not involved in Lynn’s decision of naming this Blog {IHJZ} and you were never blogging, or helping economically… so you spoke the truth to BZ. IMHO.

          I am speaking from the bottom of my heart and my always loyalty to Lynn. RIP Lynn H.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Hi Simon! My best to Alex and the “chums”!!

  8. justanothermary says:

    Happy Birthday Just Dee!

    I really enjoyed the blog today. I was friends of a sort with Lynn. We never actually met but talked on the phone quite a bit as I was ill and going through a tough time back then. Both Lynn and WSL reached out to me, as did others on the blog back then.

    I remember laughing with Lynn over Jill thinking that giving Lynn a short meeting would be some sort of “reward”. I also remember Lynn feeling that Simon had thrown her under the bus both on the show an on Twitter.

    RIP Lynn, you are missed.

  9. VV says:

    We are never going to see eye to eye. You are taking this article and then part of reunion and making assumptions not facts. IMO.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Sorry VV but I’m not making assumptions-Lisa said she knew Yolanda talked about her but she lied at the reunion-no assumption-fact. Lisa admitted to the lie-fact. Of course I’m taking the article and the part of the reunion the article talks about-that was the point of #3

      • VV says:

        So, she knew so what? I have to watch that reunion again and see the edit to make sure they were not mixing, splicing and making up the entire exchange.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          She knew Yolanda said those things about her-Yolanda told her before the reunion-but when Andy asked Lisa if she believed Kyle was telling the truth about Yolanda Lisa said NO-it was followed up so there was no splicing.

          • Stars99 says:

            Looks at VV and Jill… I am so losted…lol… I’ve been out of commission for the most part for the last week and it’s clear I have some catching up to do! Carry on!

          • atlasxxiv says:

            Jill, you don’t know what Yolanda said to Lisa matched what Kyle said that Yolanda said about Lisa. That was never, ever confirmed. Notice that Yolanda didn’t speak up at the reunion and correct anyone. Also, Kyle was pissed off at Lisa for getting upset but not at Yolanda for not correcting anyone. Just why is that?

            • VV says:

              THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

            • not THAT Jill says:

              What do you mean about Yolanda not speaking up? Yolanda spoke up plenty-she denied it and she is also a liar.

              • atlasxxiv says:

                All Yolanda had to say was, “I agree that what Lisa said was not nice,” and Kyle would tell everyone in LA that Yolanda was trashing Lisa. Only Lea Black rivals Kyle in the dishonesty department.

                Yolanda was sick, sick, sick with her undiagnosed Lyme disease, but I would still believe her over Kyle any day of the week, and twice on Sundays.

        • not THAT Jill says:

          “So,she knew so what?”….ok so she’s a liar. Better a liar than a manipulator?

          • VV says:

            “” Tommy Lightfoot Garrett is a well known Lisa Hater. Bernie the cook loves his writing because they are sways nasty to Lisa. It seems his article always draw the same conclusions that Lisa is this manipulative person. If prople are swayed by it, then that’s their choice. I know he is one mean down right nasty writer when it comes to Lisa. So, take his writing as a joke instead.

            • not THAT Jill says:

              I didn’t read anything from this Tommy-so him hating Lisa does not change the fact that Lisa lied and acted like she didn’t believe Yolanda talked shit about her-she knew all along that Yolanda did.

              • VV says:

                He makes the same case about point #3, which is probably where originated.
                Again, you are assuming. Taking an edited version of (I have to see it again) with and Interview and making assumptions. Just like Tommy did.

                • not THAT Jill says:

                  The article I read has Lisa saying it-quotes and all

                  Regarding the accusation from Kyle and Kim Richards that Yolanda Foster was trash-talking Vanderpump behind her back – which the sisters brought up on the reunion – Vanderpump reveals that her longtime friend gave her a heads up about it before the Richards did. “She kind of told me that she said something before that,” reveals Vanderpump. “That’s maybe why I get along so well with Brandi … because she’ll say it to my face. And last season, all I saw was Kyle trashing me behind my back, and that’s not something I appreciate.”


                • not THAT Jill says:

                  I’m not the one assuming-I’m stating facts-things Lisa has said. You are changing the subject by bringing up Tommy whatshisface and not addressing the fact that Lisa lied.

                  • VV says:

                    Lisa hasn’t admitted to doing that. Again, you’re assuming from an interview.

                    • not THAT Jill says:

                      “She kind of told me she said something before that”….where is my assumption VV? Lisa clearly says she knew Yolanda said those things- I don’t get it-how can you not believe something that she admits to?

              • kit9 says:

                You didn’t need an admission to know Yolanda was lying at the reunion. It was painfully glaringly obvious. Through her teeth. And only slightly less so in the case of Lisa not believing Kyle, imo.

  10. HuskerHuny says:

    Regardless of what’s true, what’s false, what’s edited and what’s totally &*#^%, I am so glad that this blog is here (regardless of the name). And for that I must thank Bobby and Simon for talking about it on RHNY and to Bravo for not editing it out. I never would have found you guys. It’s been a great couple of years with all of you.

  11. plainviewsue says:

    Fabulous blog today. I had a back and forth twitter conversation with Simon as well yesterday. He said that after Teresa’s flip the table moment, the casts of other HW’s shows were basically told to bring it. He said a lot of Scary Island was due to bringing the drama.

    What is sad is I enjoy episodes with some drama, but I also love to laugh and enjoy an episode. The lost footage episode (with the exception of the Manzos and the ridiculous fight at the end) made me laugh.

    • TexasTart says:


      • Stars99 says:

        lol… I tend to say, “It’s Teresa’s fault IRL” whenever appropriate. Makes me laff but I think people are probably wondering at who this “Teresa” is that I blame whenever something goes wonky.

        • plainviewsue says:

          Melissa tweeted when someone said they hated her and called her sneaky. She said not sneaky, just damaged from the drama.

          Is she kidding us?? She is the one that caused all of the family drama!!!

          Dina tweeted that if you sign up for her VIP package for her big Ladybug Fundraiser, you will get a Waikile cannoli kit for free!! Is that supposed to be a plus??

          She then tweeted that Teresa is donating a bunch of stuff. I am sure she heard from some Teresa fans about the Kathy tweet. I had no issue with it. It’s for a great cause. I am sure Kathy has so many stocked in her garage she needs to give them away. I heard QVC dropped her.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          They must think you’re losing your marbles

    • Stars99 says:

      I agree – It was a GREAT blog!

    • Just Wondering In Jersey says:

      I just wish someone would give us the real skinny as to what happened on scary island 😦

      • designernailsdiana says:

        I say she was eating Gummy Bears soaked in vodka and that is why cray cray KKB went off the deep end. I’ve never met a gift bag/swag bag I didn’t like. To become upset about it is insane, unless it’s because :gasp: someone else thought to do it and she wanted to be the good little person to bring everyone special stuff.
        I too am here because of Simon and Bawby mentioning it on the show. I followed Lynn on twitter and made a new friend who introduced me to more new friends. I will NEVER forget the day Lynn died.
        Rest In Peace my brave friend ~LYNN~ You are missed, but are not forgotten EVER.

    • melthehound says:

      So you can look at that in one of two ways. Teresa either saved/made the HW shows, or she ruined them with that table flip. I still have NJ S1 on the DVR and it seems like pretty early in that season (watched some of it after I finished the Survivor blog, while I ate my dinner, at 4:30am) that the Manzos were going after Danielle because she was different and an outsider.. It is interesting to see Teresa with 3 instead of 4 kids. Gia, then 7, was just as fresh then as Milania is now although Milania will always steal the show 🙂

  12. cusi77 says:

    Wow, NMD! That was a walk on the memory time! Thank you for taking the time to put all that together! I miss my Lynn everyday… but THANK you for keeping this community together, you are so generous… I have you in a very special place of my heart.

    Thank you MelTheHound for your always great blogs! Very much appreciated!

  13. TexasTart says:

    Former RHOBH housewife Marisa, is partnering with Ryan from MDLNY to open a RE office:

  14. VV says:

    Great write up NMD. You reminded me that Q used to be a Jill hater as well, I’ve forgotten about that. I think her disagreements with Lynn about Jill led up to her eventually leaving the blog.

    I miss Lynn snark. I also know she’s looking down on you and all of us with pride.

    • 2Stupid says:

      If we’re walking down memory lane, that is something I never understood what happened. Oned day Quincy is Lynn’s right hand and the next she is gone. I have ALWAYS been curious as to why that happened. About that time is when all the vitriol blogs came out. I never thought Quincy had anything to do with those, but sometimes they would try and make it seem she did. Anyone know or is that forbidden to ask?

      • AZGirl says:

        Not sure what happened. I have always been curious why Q just disappeared.

      • chismosa says:

        I loved Quincy’s blogging. I was very sad when she left.

        What I remember – and it may be wrong- is that the trolls and negative threats of things got too much for her ???

      • VV says:

        I don’t know exactly. I think Quincy had a change of heart about Jill. I think the blog at the time was very negative about Jill and Q was getting attached by posters here.
        Looking back and what we know about Bravo edit, yes, a lot of Jill hate was self inflicted BUT Bravo magnified and made her image worst with editing. Their Darling HW (Bethenny) got the sympathy edit all throughout her last season in RHONY.
        Q was a gifted writer and very perceptive.

        • chismosa says:

          VV amen to the Beth edit.
          I rewatch the scene where she’s outside in a red dress near her town car and calls Jill to plead to meet – and then she is standing against the towncar wiping away tears with a perfectly executed shot. Emmy worthy. Violins. 🎥🎥🎥🎻🎻🎻🏆🏆🏆🏆
          I didn’t care back then. But I notice now.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            They could only magnify what she was putting out-they didn’t make Jill a mean bitter person-she did that on her own. Jill came up with the bright idea to make that season about her fight with Bethenny-only she didn’t tell Bethenny. She waited for filming to start and then she went to work on her. She didn’t count on people liking Bethenny b/c she thought she was so damn fabulous everyone would be on “TeamJill”. Even when she saw her ship going down she wouldn’t stop-she was so confident in her Queen Bee position she didn’t think she needed to back down. Bravo didn’t bring down Jill with editing-she did that to herself. Bethenny may have come out looking better b/c she was better-Jill was a horrible person during that season and no matter how much someone dislikes Bethenny,nothing can change who Jill was. Editing can change a lot of things but it can’t change who a person is.

          • melthehound says:

            Chismosa, You just went up about a hundred points

            and then she is standing against the towncar wiping away tears with a perfectly executed shot. Emmy worthy. Violins.
            Heheheeeee 😆

        • Cartwheels says:

          was it editing though? IMO Jill’s worst ofenses happened while they were not filming so it couldn’t had been edited.

          Jill threw a fit about Bethenny accepting the invitation to go to the Today show without Jill.
          She decided to start rolling with the idea that her husband was at his death bed with cancer and Bethenny the uncaring friend who did’t give two craps about him when in reality he had an in-out procedure and nobody ever knew about it.
          Jill went to Andy’s office (per her own admission) and wanted to sell the idea of having a fake feud with Bethenny to have a story line.
          Jill emailed her castmates asking them not to film with Bethenny so she would be fired from RHNY.
          Jill, in true Brandi form, before the season aired, went to every media outlet to paint Bethenny as a horrible friend who wasn’t there in her moment of need while her hubby was in death bed at the hospital, in the meantime not one word coming from Bethenny about the Jill’s feud.
          Jill admitting to giving gossip rags information about Simon and her alcoholic tendencies.
          Jill and her statement that Simon had taken the pictures of Alex naked in the lobby of the hotel where he was the manager that probably got him fired.
          Jill and her famous amazon gate also happened not on filming season.
          Jill and her request to get the lady from the Jewish Dallas Federation fired because she sent an apology letter due to Jill’s awful performance.
          Jill and her taping of Andy’s WWHL interview

          I mean I have plenty more than will slowly come to my mind but all this incidents were not part of the season, they can’t be edited by Bravo to paint Jill as a horrible woman because it was not on their control, this was all Jill from head to toe.

          Jill showed her true colors all by herself.

          • Lulu says:

            I worked in a hotel for over 10 years all hotels have cameras. Not one square inch is uncovered. I just thought it was a stupid accusation of Jill to even entertain the idea of Alex naked at Simon’s work. If it were true Simon would have been fired on the spot. I always wondered if Simon was fired due to his exposure on RHONY?

            • I believe Alex posed neekid for an art book (can’t remember the photographer but he was well known) that took place in a hotel. Whether it was Simon’s or not I have no idea. Ramona was the one that thought it was a big deal. She got over it. It wasn’t like Alex was neekid when there were customers around – it was a professional photo shoot. Evidence has now been wiped off the internet – but that’s how I remember it. No worse than Lisa Hochstein or Bethenny’s soft pooorn.

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          I miss Q (who thankfully is still with us on earth) and I miss Lynn (who is with us in spirit, may she rest in peace) To both their credits whatever happened between them, neither attack the other or tried to bring the other down.

          I am not sure how much of it had to do with Q having a change of heart about Jill Z. I do remember Q being a very emotionally sensitive person who would sometimes take some of the troll comment to heart. I also think that for her being critical of people was something that struggled with (Judge not least ye be judged – type of thing).

          Although I heard once that the fall out had something to do with a twitter fight, where someone Lynn was friends with said something that upset Q. I don’t know it that is true or not but that is what I heard at the time.

          • melthehound says:

            Q has a FB group that she used to replace her prairie blog.


            • VV says:

              That’s a closed group 😦

              • melthehound says:

                Drop me a line at 2coolmel at rolleiman dot com and I’ll ask her to add you.

                • VV says:

                  Thanks Jeff. I used to post at the prairie occasionally. I don’t think I’ll be turn down. Q was always respectful to me. On occasion some of her posters were judgemental and felt intellectually superior than others. I’m not ready to revisit them just yet.

                  • melthehound says:

                    I see. Okay.. I never paid attention to the comments over there and never commented myself. Just lurked.

            • plainviewsue says:

              I’ve been on Q’s blog for quite some time. I absolutely love her writing. She is very fair about the HW’s. She is a Jill supporter but can definitely understand why people have issues with her. She is a doll.

          • justanothermary says:

            There was a lot of other negative stuff going on with this blog then. WSL was being threatened by the JZ camp and received a cease and desist letter, if I remember correctly. The trolls back then, mostly attributed to JZ, were strange and cruel. Q is a very kind and sensitive soul and I think it all just got to be too much for her.

            • AZGirl says:

              The trolls back then were really crazy. Q was doing a lot of monitoring of the site for Lynn and they were quite disturbing. Then there was a fight between Lynn and a few posters about her using photo’s etc. for the site without permission?

      • Amalfi says:

        I love Lynn a lot, but often times if people disagreed with her or defied her on her site in a way that offended her, depending on what the topic was or what her mood was, this was not really a place you wanted to be. She has a lot of qualities I admired including her passion, and this most certainly was her blog, but dissension was not always tolerated especially if she felt attacked or felt her posters were attacked.

        Not that Quincy was attacking anyone. She was a very soft spoken woman who occassionally confessed her struggles with how things came off unkind.

        Quincy and Lynn had a divergence of opinion on the tone of the blogs and while the split seemed amicable to their credit, I am sure that there were some feelings they didn’t share with us. No breakups are 100% amicable. But Lynn supported her new blog for a while – something about a prairie, it was sweet, but I found it hard to follow — she was an excellent writer talking about housewives but always seemed sad that she was gossiping about them. I always thought she should find another topic to write about.

        That’s my two cents from my perspective. More like a quarter.

        • AZGirl says:

          MTH comes to mind.. HA! Right MTH/Jeff????

          • Amalfi says:

            lol… Jeff stayed and was welcome to stay.

            There were many she kicked off the site for what I thought started out as innocuous comments that ended up escalating into full blown ugly fights. Not sure how all of that happened, though some posters were trolls looking to get a rise out of Lynn…others were longtime posters who generally had a good relationship with her who were unceremoniously kicked off the island.

            I didn’t understand always and needed a mental break from this place time to time during that period…. something Lynn didn’t allow herself the luxury of taking. I am still amazed by the hours she kept and her devotion to the site and its posters.

            She was a protective and kind mama bear for sure.

            • chismosa says:

              Amalfi I remember that Lynn had her golden rule of just not attacking other posters themselves, opinions were fine.

              She actually kicked people out ? I don’t remember that. Like real longtime posters ? Gotta say I’m shocked.
              I may have been on a mini break I don’t know. Maybe I didn’t witness some of these.

              Trolls are another story—– 🎩🎩

          • melthehound says:

            Not sure about this… Lynn didn’t like me very much, especially in the end. She more tolerated me than anything else. I don’t know what really happened between her and Quincy, a bit before my time. I just know that all at once, within about a month’s time, MANY disappeared from the blog. It was about the time that the wendy williams wannabe, MM, showed up but Q had basically left before then.

        • Lynn never just kicked posters off the blog on a whim or because they didn’t agree with her opinion! When she had a problem with anyone she would talk to them about it off of the blog and if the behavior continued she would block them. Some old posters were not trolls but they were going after other posters off the blog – they got blocked. Trolls who landed here from the tweeter or blogger wars were blocked as soon as they started their nonsense. There was even a scam artist here and she got blocked as well. She tried to keep the blog free of those who did not have good intentions.
          Lynn enjoyed the fact that posters had varying opinions, she just didn’t tolerate posters who disrespected other posters or were vulgar or racist in their posting style. Lynn wanted everyone to feel comfortable enough to post their thoughts without being personally attacked.
          I will never betray anything that Lynn confided to me. But I will share this – not everyone that was generally thought of as nice really was and not everyone who thought Lynn didn’t like them would be correct in that assumption either.

          • not THAT Jill says:

            WCW-I’m sending you hug b/c sometimes these trips down memory lane bring back good feelings…and sad ones. You are a true and loyal friend.

          • sparklemuffy says:

            Does no one remember when Q said really terrible things about Lynn ( on the prairie blog) and then erased them? Ugly Ugly– very few saw it and then it vanished. Lynn was the epitome of class — always gave everyone the extra mile– and did not publicly say one word about so many( I think think of many) that were so 2-faced to her— cheers to our Lynn– and thanks so much NMD– what a great time I am having reading — Survivor– is it just me or do they look REALLY skinny for it to only be day 9?

  15. TexasTart says:

    Another new RHONJ cast member mentioned, plus the twins (yeah, both of them).

  16. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone (and Simon). Thank you NMD for the trip down memory lane. I will never forget that night when Bobby “outed” Lynn’s blog. I felt something was going on behind the scenes but could not figure out what it was. Thank you Simon for filling in the blanks.

    Lynn really did break down the “fifth wall” with HWONY. Along with WSL and Carly we were able to interact with Simon, Alex and Bethenny on a different level. Quincy always gave us another point of view with her insightful posts. What a great group.

    Amazingly enough many of us are still here snarky as ever. New posters are bringing us amazing recaps of shows other than HW. We keep growing. We keep getting better. Carry on….Lynn would be proud.

  17. Powell says:

    I’m not finished reading but I had to laugh to myself that Simon was trying to do something nice and it kinda turned out like Lynn was a CIA agent that Simon was trying to smuggle to NY to have a sit down w/JZ. It was something so simple, but he and JZ had to duck & dive to lose the Producer. That’s just crazy & funny at the same time.

    • chismosa says:

      A “sit down” – how very Don in New Jersey right ????
      With Danielle ? With Teresa ? With JoGo?


  18. melthehound says:

    NMD, Thanks for the stroll down memory lane. Memories that were created before I was here. It has to be before I was here because Quincy disappeared shortly after I arrived and even then, she wasn’t posting very much. A lot of others left around that time also. I always appreciate the history lessons and hope, they aren’t revised history. It is no secret around here what I think of househusbands on these HW shows but, I do wish Alex’s family well…. even Simon 😛

    For me, the best part of reading through the comments of the valentine’s day blog, were the 4 line roses are red poems to JillZ written by our Boston. Those had me ROTFLMAO.

  19. chismosa says:

    So most of you all came here AFTER the mention on the show ??
    I would love a poll on that ….

    We lost a lot of people then I guess 😦

    But gained new ones 🙂


    NMD thanks for this breakdown. My head understood it!! Lol

    • not THAT Jill says:

      I was here before the mention. I was over at JZ blog one night during the Bethenny Jill break up season and someone there left a funny comment for Jill(by funny I mean-mean and funny and true) and mention the IHJZ blog-I googled the name and I have been here since.

      • chismosa says:

        Blog ON BRAVO? Or her own special email only blog ?

        Cool …. Where would I be without you Ash

        • not THAT Jill says:

          It was a blog on her web site-
          I’m so happy I found you WIG!!!

          • chismosa says:

            Wow Jill that’s commitment. Are you subscribed (I almost typed prescribed) 💊💊to her newsletter ?
            I know Boston brings it over sometimes

            Thank god for Jill Ashy 👭👭💆💆💇💇

            • not THAT Jill says:

              No I don’t have a prescription to her blog-as soon as I found Lynn I quit that two bit blog and stayed with IHJZ!!!

      • Just Wondering In Jersey says:

        I was reading the Bravo blog and someone posted a link to Lynn’s blog and the rest is history. I’ve never been back to Bravo.

    • VV says:

      I was here was fairly new and hardly posted, but remember tweeting Lynn about it.

    • atlasxxiv says:

      I was here before the mention. After the first episode of season two I googled “I hate Jill Zarin” and wha-la!

      • atlasxxiv says:

        However, I didn’t watch season two live… I caught a marathon later and got all kinds of JillZilla in bulk. That threw me over the edge.

      • justanothermary says:

        If I recall correctly, this blog was really started because Bravo would not post negative entries about JZ. Maybe there were just too many to keep up with, but we were all frustrated by the positive spin JZ was getting on her Bravo blog when we had all tried to post our thoughts.

        • melthehound says:

          That’s what I always heard. Lynn couldn’t get her comments posted at Bravo so she started her own blog. The rest is history.

          • 2Stupid says:

            She actually guest blogged on her friend’s blog-Terry Alley. I found it there somehow the first time and have been ever since. I am pretty shy and only read during day so I used to miss out a lot on things going on at night. I do remember at one point it was getting very personal with JZ threatening to call people’s employers, using attorneys. I know at one point some of Q’s family info was being exposed. It became very surreal. It was exciting to seem like you were a part of behind the scenes for us “anonymous” members, but the people that were dragged in I am sure it was very stressful.

  20. shamrockblonde says:

    first – Happy Birthday JustDee!!!! * presents huge Carvel Ice Cream Cake* – Jeff! thanks for the blog!!! – Caleb better be careful – he’s pretty proud of himself and that usually ends badly – and I think breaking up a powerful duo is a good idea – sending Laura M ot RE was smart – it’s gonna get fun next week!!!

    NMD – *hugs NMD really hard* – thanks for the walk down memory lane – funny thing about that lane – it is lined with tears and outright laughter every time, no matter who you walk with – I found this blog by following Lynn on twitter – she invited me in, and I never left – and in many ways, neither has she – there is a shared kinship here, a bonding that is very real, and incredibly strong, and I know in my heart that Lynn is here with us, sharing our joys, our laughter, our sadness, fear and our courage – it was her vision and her dream, but NMD is the one who stepped in when Lynn no longer could – she carried us onward when our hearts were breaking and kept us all together – no small feat, and I am certain that Lynn walked with her every step of the way – it is because of our combined love for Lynn, our respect for her, that we have so many talented bloggers keeping us up to date in the wacky world of the Bravo shows, and other reality shows like TAR and Survivor –

    Simon – thanks for clearing up some of the mystery – I was not here for any of that, but I do know that Lynn loved you and Alex – she said how gracious you both were to her and to have her loyalty is to have a great gift – keep it with you and treat it with respect –

    *hugs my entire Lynn family really hard* – you are all so much more than “the board” to me – always will be –

    thank you Lynn

    • melthehound says:

      😀 ..

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I’m too cushy, squishy to just be a board, hee hee!! Hugs back to you sweet Shamrock!!!

    • Amalfi says:

      Milania: Who brought that … it looks disgusting
      Antonia: My mom

      I would watch an entire season of Milania and Antonia discussing Carvel Ice Cream cakes.

    • JustDee says:

      Thank You for the Cake Shamrock! I’ve been hoping for CAKE all day long but an Ice Cream Cake – :::::swoons::::: 😆

    • chismosa says:

      People ice cream cakes are NOT bad !
      I don’t get the mocking of it. Especially for all young children- ! ???

      • Amalfi says:

        I think it’s only gross when your aunt brings one in the summer and it melts and congeals all over your deck on the shore house. That’s all.

        • chismosa says:

          Ok but it was barely Easter time. We laid down the timeline when it aired. Not summer. 6 months after Sandy. May 29.

          Ok…..barely summer maybe ? Still was cold around here. I thought everyone likes ice cream cakes. I do and I don’t even like ice cream lol!!

  21. Lulu says:

    We all know by know all the desperate for ratings producers of the HW’s brand reads this blog. So what do you think their next move is? Rather then pretend it’s still reality why not just soft script it? They are already doing that anyways. But the twist is allow viewer impute to sway and shape the season.

    Example: RHOC
    They take a trip to Alaska preferably Kodiak island. Film them fishing, hunting and interacting with the locals in their traditions. Set a specific storyline for each based on their personality for the season. Vicki dating men but NOT BROOKS for example. Just set the tone stop splicing and dicing and let nature take its course.

    • shamrockblonde says:

      Lulu – if that trip to Alaska was left to input from viewers, that scenario would have Vickki choosing a very unfortunate moment to yell “WOOHOO” while on one of her NOT BROOKS dates, causing a massive avalanche that misses her completely and carries away TammySue, entrapping her forever in a huge snow sculpture eerily resembling a sea hag…….

    • HuskerHuny says:

      I would love to have any of the HW shows in the following scenario:

      Living in a 1,200 square foot home, 1 bath, driving vehicles that have over 100,000 miles on them, wearing clothing from Target or (God forbid) Walmart/Kmart, taking 1 vacation on less than $500 including lodging, food, gas, extras, working a 40 hour a week job for a bit more than minimum, etc.

      OC, NJ, NY, Atl, Mia, BH – which group of harpies would be the most fun to watch in the above situation? Or just name specific HWs from all franchises. I would laugh my backside off. Yeah, I just described my life, but I love it and am very happy in it.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Ok HH-I will pick my all star line up for your fabulous HW show
        Lisa VanderPump -I would love to see her in Target high heels
        Teresa-I would love to see her in a house with one bathroom
        NeNe- I would love to see her driving a car that is not a “luxury”
        Lisa Miama-I would love to see her work
        Ramona -I just love her
        Heather-imagine her in a small 1,200 square foot home???

      • melthehound says:

        Well, let’s see.. I know you can’t do much with $500 on the road these days, not unless you’re alone.. It would be a road trip in said 100k mile car so which ones would we stick together in the HW family truckster (National Lampoon Vacation reference) for a cross country drive. Definitely no party bus or pimped out RV.. Take the biggest diva from each, and stuff them all in the station wagon with their designer luggage… See which one screams first because of how bad she’s being treated.. How about if we make it really fun, do this in mid July, and drain the coolant from the AC system? No 5 star hotels either. Holiday Inn or Howard Johnsons (do they still exist?) all the way. Better yet, Motels only. Double occupancy, no private rooms. The kind with the green swimming pools that haven’t been cleaned in months. Enough patio furniture for 5 of them to work on their tans, leaving one of them out to complain about it. You just know there would be a fight over who got that last lounge chair. Just to add to their misery, no booze. The best restaurant in town is the local Taco Bell.

        Anyone care to add to this scenario? This could be fun.

      • TexasTart says:

        No doubt, shopping for clothes…

      • Cartwheels says:

        I would definitely watch that show 🙂 Please let it be.

        It would be hilarious. I do wonder if part of Bravo’s demise is because the lack of creativity from the executive producers, they have tried to slap the same formula on every show and are too blind to realize that the viewers have gotten tired of the same old same old. Each franchise should have lasted only 2-3 seasons, those were the most organic, after that it seems like it was all prefabricated drama.

      • Lulu says:

        HH–LOL!!!! Trust me I’m there too. I shop at target/old navy for my clothes. My car is over 10 years old and unfortunately dinged on both sides! Thank you @sshole that hit my car without me in it!!! Vacation??? What vacation????

        BH fits this just nicely! I’d like to see them vacation at clearwater beach FL though.

  22. not THAT Jill says:

    Ok there are just to many jokes to be made…

  23. chismosa says:

    Jill and Cartwheels I don’t disagree with you about Jill at all— my point was about Beth being the production company’s and Bravo’s darling …..

    That is all ™

    • not THAT Jill says:

      She was the Bravo Darling-that I agree with but it wasn’t hard to make her that b/c of all the things Jill was busy doing trying to get the viewers to not like her-it backfired on Jill and to this day she thinks that is Bethennys fault. It’s not. It’s Jill’s fault….or Teresa’s -you choose!!

      • chismosa says:

        I forgot the #fart!!!!


        • not THAT Jill says:

          chismosa-ummm did you not notice I ™ #fart™…you need my permission to use it from now on or you will be fined….

      • Cartwheels says:

        Jill was not edited to be portrayed as a petty, insecure, jealous and revengeful person out of nothing, Jill is all those things and her behavior off camera shows that, only ten times worse. Bravo’s editing didn’t have much to do with it, Jill put her own head on a silver platter with her stupid and childish antics. Jill has never assumed responsibility for the things she has done, she tries to dismiss them and minimized them as if they didn’t matter. IMO she has convinced herself that in this big plot she was the real victim, as it turns she was, she was the victim of her delusions of grandeur and her overinflated ego,

        Jill has never gotten over the fact that a nobody (Bethenny) stole the show, the lights and recognition that was supposed to be hers.

        • Powell says:

          She totally feels she is the victim. She confirmed that much when Andy had her on WWHL.

          • Cartwheels says:

            I agree, her bunch of sycophants do not help her much. She could have handled all this so much differently but she was determined to clean her image no matter what and she put herself in the worst self boycotting situations.
            She should have taken a page out of Nene, own her bitchiness and pettiness and go for it, be the perfect villain, I bet she would still be at Bravo, instead she insisted to be portrayed in a positive light that wasn’t there and ended up making the network crazy with her demands.
            She shoot herself in the foot and the only one to blame is herself.

            • chismosa says:

              Oh gosh I don’t see Lenethia Leakes like Jill at all but I see where you were going

              • Cartwheels says:

                Nene is who she is, if you like her fine if you don’t it is fine with her too, she owns her bitchiness and doesn’t make excuses for it, Jill wanted to be portrayed as this outstanding lady sweet and innocent all the while doing all this underhanded things behind cameras, Own who you are instead of being fake.
                As I said before I rather have the worst version of you that is real than a sweet and sugarcoated PC version that is fake.
                Jill should have admitted to her shenanigans, apologize sincerely and moved on instead of trying to blame everything on editing.

                • chismosa says:

                  I get it …..

                  That’s my reasons I dislike Teresa so much. She’s not real anymore.

                  Totally different than nene or Jill situation.

        • mm in oc says:

          Brilliant! Liked Jill the first season. Her insecurities were relatable. Unforrtumately her ego took over in season two. I hate jill zarin!!! I feel better now

      • Powell says:

        Yup. It’s all Jill’s fault. I bet when she’s 85 & Ally comes to visit her in the nursing home she put her mother in, Jill will have her NY apple in her hand and will say “Ally. Why did they let me go. I could have made the ratings go through the roof. If only they had not fired me
        .”. 🙂

        • Orson Buggy says:

          Old Jill could be in the feminist remake of On The Waterfront… “I coulda been a contender…”

    • Cartwheels says:

      But how it got to that point?

      Andy by his own admission didn’t even want to cast Bethenny on the show because she had already been on the MS Apprentice, both Andy and Beth have said in their books that the relationship between them started very cold and distant, if anything Jill was the darling who had brought all the other ladies to the show , except Alex. Bethenny probably had heard about Andy’s objection and was keeping her distance.

      Bethenny just with the power of her irreverent personality won the fans and probably the executives of the network and they offered her a spin off, Jill went nuts, she had been trying to peddle the story of Jill and Bethenny’s (Ethel and Lucy type) spin off show , probably with her as the matriarch and Bethenny the poor lonely girl who is help by this wonderful lady. I read an article about how when the news broke about Bethenny being “considered” for a spin off (just right after the season 2 reunion- May 2009) Jill threw a fit and swore she would never be part of that show, the article mentioned the people who were around Jill when she was having a meltdown. That is when Jill started to plot Bethenny’s demise but it backfired on her big time, how is that Bravo’s fault?

      Bravo didn’t make Jill , matter of fact Andy tried to talk her out of it, go against Bethenny using her husband’s cancer as leverage, that decision was Jill’s and Jill’s alone. Jill never considered that people would go around checking her TL and find out that during the days that she said Bobby was at his death bed, Jill was parading all over town and posting pictures, so if she didn’t stop her life to take care of her husband why did she expected Bethenny to stop her book tour to be with her in NYC. To make it even more pathetic Jill hadn’t told anybody about Bobby’s health condition so what was Bethenny supposed to do, all this is a fact that was aired during season 3 reunion.

      It was Jill’s decision to throw a fit about Bethenny getting booked alone on the Today show (off season) , she could have shown some class but instead of that he called the show to complain for not casting her ( the show leaked the news and Jill was ridiculed), she is the one who called Bethenny to complain about not demanding for Jill to be there with her prompting Bethenny to leave her that voice message, a voice message that also Jill decided to keep for months to be use as a weapon at a later date. It was Jill’s decision to keep the message as she was already plotting what Bethenny demise would be. I am sure Jill thought the network would love her idea, the ratings will be spectacular, Jill would look great and Bethenny’s spin off (which hadn’t been formally announced yet would die a sudden death.

      The decision to ask her castmates not to film with Bethenny was also hers and hers alone. The decision to go and give numerous articles and TV interviews before the show aired talking about Bethenny and what kind of bad friend she was also was only under Jill’s control and not Bravo.

      • Powell says:

        Yup Cartwheels. Jill sure did all of that to get herself high up on a pedestal instead she went crashing down. Can you imagine if she was an actress and was plotting this for a role? Wow.

        • Cartwheels says:

          Jill is a clumsy villain, she is not even smart enough to be her underhanded crap, she leaves crumbs everywhere just because she can’t keep her mouth shut. In that sense Brandi reminds me Jill a lot, always trying to sway the public opinion before hand, always giving little tidbits of what she assumed would or should had been the final edited episode, always foaming at the mouth when they do not get their way.

          I knew there had to be a reason why I never liked Brandi and I think I just found it, she reminds me of Jill Zarin, it is always poor me, I am misunderstood, it wasn’t my fault, she started it crap that drives me crazy.

        • justanothermary says:

          And really, aren’t we all a little sick of these idiots claiming it’s all editing?

          • melthehound says:

            The way we see it, Is editing.. What we see on the other hand, they can’t edit what they don’t have. I remember reading that Atlanta brought in Marlo to fight with NeNe.. She played it smart though and didn’t give them what they wanted in the way of another HW feud. I don’t like NeNe, I think she’s a thug but, gotta respect that tactic. Imagine if Teresa and her SIL did the same thing in NJ..What a different show that would have been.

            • Cartwheels says:

              I do think that this was Teresa’s original intention, Teresa naively probably thought , okay they filmed a video promising to take me down but maybe, just maybe if we all play this cool we will avoid the family drama and the dirty laundry being shown on national TV, if when Teresa approached that table at the Christening Joey Gorga would had just pretended, maybe that would had bought them few hours or days to talk it out behind cameras and get to a happy medium, this could had been a much different show, it is a shame that Joey and Melissa were so insecure that they never even considered the possibility of turning the script on Bravo.
              I agree with you about Nene, she flipped the scrip on Bravo by befriending Marlo realizing that they have brought her only to be her enemy, same with Lisa and Brandi, Lisa turned the scrip on Bravo by befriending Brandi behind doors and avoiding a confrontation with her. When are these people going to learn that Bravo will suck them dry if they could, they have to play with game with intelligence and finesse both of which Jill possess none.

              Anybody who beats Bravo in a fair and smart move has my vote of approval. .

              • melthehound says:

                You’re probably right.. No one here will get any arguments from me about JillZ. Even if her intent was to fight with B on the show, she could have played the image game so much differently and to her favor.

          • Cartwheels says:

            Jill can cry foul and claim it is editing all she wants but the underhanded things she did, she did behind cameras, she was dumb enough that one by one all those things came to light by virtue of her own stupidity because she couldn’t keep her mouth shut and even because of being unable to stop bragging on her TL.
            I never quite understood the relationship between Lulu and Bethenny. Albeit I enjoyed immensely when Bethenny called Lulu an snake on that fashion show, finally somebody was telling to her face about all her condescending crap, but then I also understood when Bethenny apologized because she crossed the line, she owned her bitchiness, didn’t blame editing, she apologized and that was it.
            Jill trying to convince us that what we were seeing was not real , Jill trying to denied that she had requested her cast mates to not film with Bethenny, even when Ramona and Alec confronted her with it, it wasn’t until Alex almost made believe that she could pull out the e-mail that Jill finally admitted it. Can she blame editing on that? can she blame editing on amazongate? She sure tries and has herself convinced that none of this was her fault but she could have handle this so differently, the fact that she has zero introspection is nobody’s fault but hers.

      • Orson Buggy says:

        So, you’re saying it was all an evil scheme of Bethanny’s, right?


  24. Many of us started our day with a cup of coffee and Lynn’s blog, so I am not alone in thinking about Lynn every day when I read this blog. Lynn had an open mind and was willing to talk to any housewife, even those who used her in their own personal agendas or tried to shut her blog down. What I loved about her the most was her ability to change her opinion when new facts were uncovered and how humble she was with her success.
    Lynn did worry about keeping the blog safe and fun so that everyone felt comfortable enough to express their opinions without being attacked by those who viewed things differently.
    Lynn never wanted the shit and nonsense she had to deal with from trash mouthed trolls, other jealous of her success HW bloggers or any other behind the scene obstacle that threatened the blog’s existence.
    NMD, I can not thank you enough for what you did for Lynn and for us. RIP Lynn, NMDs got your back! Thank you for allowing Simon to share his memories and thoughts with us. There is no doubt in my mind that Lynn would have been fair had Jill “graced” her with an interview. The fact that she didn’t is just another reason why IHJZ!

  25. chismosa says:

    Once AGAIN, can someone explain- if Andy is filming a (long?) day of Miami reunion today- how is he at his show tonight ?

    Now I’m going to watch tonight to see if it’s live.

    I don’t get it ……

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Every reunion it’s the same thing-Andy splits himself and films a reunion and WWHL at the same time in two different cities!! I’m still confused as to how the whole ATL reunion thing went down-remember Andy was in Texas but filmed the reunion in ATL? How? Andy has a body double!!! He is tricky!!

      • cusi77 says:

        I think that sometimes is already taped and most of the time is live… I am not too fond of CAndy but today I feel sorry for him… Really? Miami has a reunion? About what? Who is the queen of Pettiness ? or who gets to win the crown of selfishness and Superficiality? Let go all of them! Cancel MIami!

    • melthehound says:

      How long is the flight from Miami to NY?

      • Just Wondering In Jersey says:

        It was a while ago but 1.5-2 hours?

        • melthehound says:

          Then he can do both.. It isn’t like it takes much physical demand to sit there and ask a bunch of stupid questions preprinted on cards, for either show.

    • TexasTart says:

      Maybe filming in NYC…

      • chismosa says:

        Thanks Tarts…..

        Leah better not be STANDING UP every 2 minutes.
        I’m sad no Ana 😦

        • TexasTart says:

          I know…I almost posted the same thing about Lea, ha, she will be all worked up about Adrianna this time.

    • TexasTart says:

      Also found a Lea Black tweet/pic with a fan posted about 22 hours ago – photo was taken at the airport. Must be filming in Miami.
      No pics posted of the reunion – yet.

  26. cusi77 says:

    Go Bradon Tonight! Please, please, be the Project Runway winner!!!!!Lol!

    • dickens says:

      Also pulling for Braden tonight! 😀

    • chismosa says:

      Me too. What a SWEET SWEET guy. Reminds me of Dimitri.

      Or Alexandria. I know many don’t care for her but I like her.

      Not feeling Dom or Justin (he gets sympathy and got too many saves IMO)

    • Cartwheels says:

      Rob never fails to deliver , LOL
      I am surprised that he didn’t add to the article a paragraph about how Jill was at the same event and how Martha and Jill are BFFs 🙂 and hugged and kissed and talk about their favorite desserts. So pathetic evident.

      Don’t worry Rob, maybe when you learn to double cross your sources and actually do some work to verified your numbers and facts you will not get fired from another publication, but maybe then that is why he is now just going solo, who else would have him?

    • chismosa says:

      Didn’t read this yet – but I’m thoroughly enjoying Gossip Table every day.
      His accent is unintelligible for me a lot.

  27. VV says:

    Jill, the assumption is in the reunion part. We don’t know how it was edited or the context of it.

    • Cartwheels says:

      It could be , but Lisa is not one who is short of words and if they misquoted her or edited to make her look like a liar I am sure she would have said something about it. Lisa always has clarified, denied or simply stated when some article was not to his liking.

      The only fact that remains clear to me is that 2 million+ saw the show where Lisa called Kyle a liar and probably only 10K people have read the article. Lisa has been in the business long enough to know that, she knows exactly how this works.

    • not THAT Jill says:

      No way VV-Andy asked if she believed Kyle-it was all in order-there was no splicing b/c if there was anything that looked like editing I would have been all over that shizz. I remember watching and chatting here and the majority of people believed Kyle was lying-if it looked edited you know I would have jumped in the convo and said so!

    • VV says:

      Again, we don’t know what was said. These are all assumptions. You are right Lisa always clarifies. I am sure if asked specifically, she will. Not many people understood that clip to mean the way you did. So, perhaps that’s why.

      atlasxxiv wrote above:

      “Jill, you don’t know what Yolanda said to Lisa matched what Kyle said that Yolanda said about Lisa. That was never, ever confirmed. Notice that Yolanda didn’t speak up at the reunion and correct anyone. Also, Kyle was pissed off at Lisa for getting upset but not at Yolanda for not correcting anyone. Just why is that?”

      I happen to agree…

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Yolanda said she didn’t say anything about Lisa-remember when Kim said something like “yes Yolanda you said blah blah blah about Lisa” and Yolanda said-in her very arrogant way-“oh really Kim do you remember anything that happened in Paris” or some dumb crap like that. So yes Yolanda did speak up and she lied too-this we know b/c Lisa said told us that in the article Yolanda admitted this to her.I don’t understand why you are having trouble believing Lisa lied about this when she said it herself.
        All this assumption talk-I didn’t assume a thing-I read it. There is nothing left to assume. Lisa lied about not believing Yolanda talked bad about her b/c she knew if she did people would believe Kyle was the liar…simple manipulation.

  28. VV says:

    @Teresa_Giudice: Throwback Thursday guess who this is?

    Original Message:

  29. TexasTart says:

    Recent Comments, the list on the side bar menu disappeared. Oh so sad. 😦

    Like my world revolves around the blog, okay there is some truth to that. I need a housewives detox program! Or the person…that would be nice too….I always thought that was one of the best screen names! 🙂

  30. VV says:

    @Teresa_Giudice: Throwback Thursday guess who this is?

    Original Message:

    • TexasTart says:

      Tre and Joey – BEFORE she ruined his life by throwing his toys out the car window!

    • Powell says:

      OMG they look the same. They were very cute.

      • Cartwheels says:

        I saddens me to look at this picture, they are so stinking cute, I bet Teresa’s mom was over the moon happy to have her two children being so close to each other and part of a very close family knit, she probably never imagined that one day her son would be willing to destroy that unity just for a shot at famewhoredom.

        • chismosa says:

          Well……. They were estranged from Tre’s father’s sister and her family for a while so ……

          (And I have that x100 in my family so I’m not knocking that, just that there were issues )

          • Cartwheels says:

            all families have issues, there is no such a thing as a perfect family.

            What I can’t accept is that Joe Gorga willingly agreed to expose his family’s dirty laundry on national TV, see how I do not blame Melissa for this? There are a lot of things that irritate me about her, a very long list , but in this case I firmly believe that the responsibility to protect his family (Gorgas)right to privacy was solely Joe’s .

            Joe should have never agreed to sign on this show to “expose” her sister, I do not blame his parents for not wanting to have anything to do with him or very minimum contact, he is who allowed this to happen, he could have avoided it but the need for fame was much stronger than his love for his parents.

            • melthehound says:

              but… he didn’t come on the show for fame…

              Go ahead and laugh, I’ll wait 😉

              • Cartwheels says:

                LMAO. I am about to pee 🙂

                OMG, when he said that I honestly almost barf.

                My hubby had to come and check if I was okay because I was screaming at the TV
                When he saw it was the RHNJ he just rolled his eyes and went back to his game.

    • Laineylainey says:

      So cute

    • melthehound says:

      Who is he?

    • Cartwheels says:

      such a shame, he was always a very conflicted teenager, maybe he does belong in jail.

      I only feel bad because he seems to have relapse and I am not 11% sure but doesn’t he have a child now?

    • Powell says:

      That is a damn shame. And Laurie was just boasting about how well he’s doing & he has a baby. Blah,.blah, blah. Steeling a caddy w/opium & a pipe in his pocket and his wife w/him. How proud is Laurie now.

      • Cartwheels says:

        his wife probably will have to do some time, they both need rehab, poor little angel, so little and already facing the challenges of having these turds as parents.

    • AZGirl says:

      Laurie failed that child. Seriously she was not there for him unless a camera was rolling.

      • Cartwheels says:

        Back in the day I read plenty of gossip from OC and the picture they painted of Laurie was not pretty. Maybe this time away in jail is what Josh needs to get cleaned and maybe have another shot at live, it is sad if Laurie neglected him but he is the only one who can turn his life around, if not for him at least for his baby daughter.

      • Nancy says:

        Or a man with $$$$$.

  31. Cityside says:

    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to our JustDee
    Happy Birthday to you….and many more….la la la la la la la la


  32. Cityside says:

    Well this blog is a walk down memory lane, sometimes sweet memeories sometimes not so.
    I miss Lynn and her particular type of snark.
    The night Bobbie mentioned us was so much fun! Oh My God HE IS TALKING ABOUT US!!! I remember it like it was yesterday, so so so much fun!

    Simon, I appreciate your insight and your wife is just lovely.

    Girlie girls and Mel, this is a wonderful place to land. I am so glad I found youse guys.


    • trudie says:

      I remember that night too. I heard him talk about the hate blog and thought: “My god, we’re famous!”

      • justanothermary says:

        It truly was a party at the blog. We were all so excited. I bet JZ lost it when she realized how many more people joined the blog after the mention.

        • Cartwheels says:

          That was a very , very poor move on the Zarin’s . I am sure they lived to regret it. They gave the blog national exposure.

  33. chismosa says:

    Do any of you love Oreos? Watching Nightline about how they’re like cocaine. Never liked them. So fake tasting.

    I thought sweets were akin to Heroin???
    Just watched a Sopranos where someone went into rehab for heroin and he was not allowed chocolates.
    However my fave rehab movie – 28 Days – shows the heroin addicts are allowed use of sweets to ween themselves off heroin.

    • chismosa says:


      I watched the will & grace the other day where Michael Douglas was the gay detective and he was in a group therapy with Jack – and he had a thing about food in the teeth. Jack kept putting Oreos in his teeth. Omgod I’m dying laughing right now thinking of this …….
      Ha hahahaha!

    • atlasxxiv says:

      Bullshit. How many of us have eaten an Oreo? How many of us have eaten a whole bag in one sitting? If they were addicting, everyone of us would have to admit to the latter.

      • melthehound says:

        I know if I have a package of them and don’t have a stack in one hand, eating one after the other, I am not happy 😆

        • justanothermary says:

          I can actually stop eating them at some point, however, they do speak to me in my sleep. If they are in the cupboard they will holler at me until I get up and eat a few.

          • melthehound says:

            I can stop eating them too… When they’re gone 😉

            I don’t do it very often, maybe once a year. I would weigh 500 pounds if I gave in to everything 😀

      • not THAT Jill says:

        I can’t eat 3…maybe 5 in one sitting but I never finished an entire bag

      • chismosa says:


        Atlas do you have another name here usually or is someone else using a similar gravatar to yours ?
        I think all these baseball games have lots of team gravatars.

      • Laineylainey says:

        When I was a teen I could eat like a dozen easily. I felt sick afterward but couldn’t stop. It was def a trigger food. Something about the savory and sweet… Now, my hubs keeps them in the hOuse…about twice a year I have like…3 or 4.

    • Orson Buggy says:

      I read an article about that today. What got me is the rats pry the cookies apart and eat the creme filling first. I mean, who the heck doesn’t eat oreos that way?

  34. klmh says:

    NMD, thank you for bringing this information to the forefront, and thank you Simon for explaining what, to me, really happened during this period between you and Lynn. I couldn’t understand why there were bad feelings between you two, because she had always supported you, but it makes sense now. It has nothing to do with what we see but sometimes its difficult to keep that in mind when you are looking at the show. Its pieced together and God only knows what the producers will do with the tape they have in hand. Scary.
    Lynn always invited a different point of view, imo. I think she was fair to those who came to enjoy sharing and conversing with others. She just didn’t like those who came to disrupt those she cared about.
    I noticed on the blog involving Dina’s charity that Lynn was lead in the wrong direction by Jacq and at the time, there was quite a discussion about it. (This was brought up at famewhores a few days ago.) Just unbelievable to think that family members would do that to each other. Glad to know Dina has helped lots of children in the 5 or so years she has been involved with this successful charity.
    As far as Q is concerned, many here blamed me for her departure, but that was not the case. A discussion was brought up and I simply said something like, Q your husband or anyone could be sued at any time. It was in response to her comment about a law suit. She thought, well, I have no idea, but I think she thought I was threatening her? I tried to explain that I thought she did a wonderful job, and that I meant anyone could be sued, but she stopped after that time. There were other things going on with her I think. She seemed to change a bit after she had been found unconscious after a long period of time, out in the snow. Perhaps that was just my take on it, but she is a gentle person and I think she was ready to move on. Who knows.
    Don’t watch any of these shows anymore, but look occasionally to see if there is info on real circumstances involving these people. Great to know the real stories.
    Good luck to all.

  35. VV says:

    @LisaVanderpump: Got your purple on?

    Stand strong..#spiritday

    Original Message:

  36. KTinCT says:

    Happy Birthday, JustDee 🙂

  37. California35 says:

    Finally!! Time to read all of this. Great blog and comments 🙂

    I saw some of it this morning, but couldn’t stay or follow anything. I love my evenings 🙂 and love going to memory lane. Our posters, our Lynn, out blog 🙂

    Ok back to read now….

  38. VV says:

    Richie is denying demotion.

    @richardwakile: @BrianaSulli @PerezHilton don’t believe the BS!

    Original Message:

  39. VV says:

    Caccaface still doesn’t have a website?!!!!!!

    @CarolineManzo: Cafface adv. just for website, still tweaking, website coming soon!

    Original Message:

  40. Just read though all the comments and I’ve got to admit I teared up. I miss the old days and Lynn. But I’m glad we figured out a way to keep going. I feel like Lynn is watching today – and smiling. Muah!

  41. Nancy says:

    chismosa…This explains your question upthread.

    • Nancy says:

      One more thing. They won’t let patients have chocolate while in rehab due to the

      • chismosa says:

        Hmmmm I will have to watch 28 Days again because I could have sworn the heroin addict was eating a lot of chocolate.

        They made a boo boo.

      • chismosa says:

        So they should prescribe SSRI (is that the name?) the serotonin reuptake medications – like Prozac – or find something to up the serotonin since the drugs and chocolate can’t.


  42. Nancy says:

    Boston won.

  43. TexasTart says:

    I think the RHOM reunion was held today in a studio in NYC

  44. TexasTart says:

    Post reunion fun…

  45. disgrazia4 says:

    Awesome blog today NMD. I just read all the comments and it is a great pleasure to make a comment from a proper PC rather than my mobile device.

    I loved all the comments and I appreciate Simon’s attempt to fill in gaps for us. Personally, it all rings pretty true to me. But mostly I agree that we will never know the truth of a past that has been tweaked by Bravo producers and shaded by the emotions and perceptions of all parties involved. Simon is so right about about how wise we have all become in watching Reality TV. We were all babes in the woods then whether we knew it or not.

    But the most important thing that LynnNChicago accomplished here was not in setting the standard for blogging Reality TV, which she absolutely did. It was the community that she brought together. And for that, we all are blessed.

    Personally,I believe it is okay to let go of past wars and entanglements because we will never know the full story; not here in this space and time. Likely Lynn herownself has a better grasp from that different perspective afforded by those dearly departed to that moment wherein space and time do not exist. If this is so then carrying banners from wars long past mean offers little meaning save ill will and negativity. One hundred years wars get their start that way. No one gets enlightenment from that sort of thing. Those who speak ill of Lynn at this point are troubled beyond our scope of knowledge and are to be shunned and pitied. But for our own happiness, I think we do best by moving forward nurturing our relationships and honoring Lynn’s memory by representing her legacy with class and grace.

    It has been some kind of journey moderating the FB group and dealing with all the drama that can arise. I’m sure NMD would agree that the experience of manning a group is an eye opening to the hard work and mistakes and ultimately the satisfaction of seeing it through. I respected Lynn before for her singular achievement here. But I have mad love and respect for her now and have found myself talking to her and seeking advice from time to time during this past year, lol. I believe she is pleased. Her community is thriving; supporting one another and snarking madly and laughing. What more could one ask for. Love and peace and unicorns and satchels of gold to you all…and free pizza from old trolls~ ♥

  46. vilzvet says:

    Every time “Cold Mountain” comes on I can’t resist watching it, one of my faves. And here is Charlie Hunnam playing a really bad guy, wonder who is going to replace him in “Fifty Shades”…I would prefer someone besides obvious choices like Robert Pattinson or Ryan Gosling.

    • Lulu says:

      Good morning Vilzvet. I think 50 shades will go the way of Atlas shrugged. Unfortunately I read only the first few chapters before burning it (almost!). The writing is awful no ideas how it would translate into a movie. My prediction no “big” names or “knowns” but probably will turn to the porn industry for their “stars.”

    • California35 says:

      I heard Charlie Hunnam, from Sons of Anarchy, will be cast as thesis character.

      • melthehound says:

        He has backed out due to scheduling conflicts, likely with the SOA production schedule.

        • California35 says:

          Cool !! 🙂

          I never did not the book, but from what I have heard and read about it, I also don’t see how it could do as a movie. On the other hand the book had a LOT of reader and fans, so The movie may do very well as the book did. I got some interest when I heard Jax would be in it, but worry for him because of the comments I heard from the girls I know read the book.

        • Amalfi says:

          I heard he backed out because he didn’t want to be associated with what he thought could be a career ending hot mess. Also, people were less than thrilled that he was chosen for the role… which is silly. He is a handsome guy — and quite ripped and has a gorgeous face especially when clean shaven.

          • California35 says:

            Yeah, hearing those girls criticizing him before even doing the movie bothered me 😛 they don’t know much of him, but they had a lot to say. I was thinking well I don’t knowing about the books but what I know kept me away from it hehehe. I will tell them today not to worry their precious guy won’t be played by him after all 😛

            • melthehound says:

              After reading Empress’s review of the book and NMD’s review of MeGo’s book, comparing it to 50 Shades, I don’t think there is anything precious about either character.. #porn #S&M #freakshow

              • california35 says:

                I don’t see what is “precious” either 😛 and that is not what the girls describe him, they describe me … well like they really like the character. Again, I didn’t read the book, so i don’t know 😛

          • chismosa says:

            He got smart. That’s why he backed out. To blame schedule was spin spin spin

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