More Shakeups at Bravo plus The Real Housewives Season One – First Episodes

More Shakeups at Bravo

First was the leaked email announcing that Lauren Zalaznick was leaving NBCUniversal after only seven month in her new job – after spending 12 years with the company and responsible for much of the programming including the Housewives Franchise.  This is not completely unexpected –

” Industry insiders had speculated that Zalaznick’s new role was merely a placeholder in the wake of NBCU giving many of her former responsibilities running Bravo and Oxygen to Hammer, who is now at the top of the network’s powerful, lucrative cable properties.”

About the same time Lauren’s departure was announced, new Bravo and Oxygen president Frances Berwick announced a reorganization, naming eight executives to her senior management team:

  • Rod Aissa, SVP Development and Production, Oxygen Media
  • Andy Cohen, EVP Development and Talent, Bravo Media
  • Jennifer Geisser, SVP Communications, Bravo and Oxygen Media
  • Mike Haggerty, SVP Research, Bravo and Oxygen Media
  • Lisa Hsia, EVP Digital, Bravo and Oxygen Media
  • Jerry Leo, EVP Program Strategy and Acquisitions Bravo and Oxygen Media, and Production Bravo Media
  • Ellen Stone, EVP Marketing, Bravo and Oxygen Media
  • Holly Tang, CFO Bravo and Oxygen Media

And this weekend came the announcement that Christian Barcellos — “who most recently served as vice president production, executive producer at Bravo, where he oversaw five incarnations of the “Real Housewives” franchise,” has been “hired as executive vice president of lifestyle and reality programming for Fox International Channels.”


First Episodes – and Flashback Bravo by NMD

Yesterday Bravo aired the first episodes of several of its Real Housewives Franchises – Orange County, New York, Beverly Hills, and Atlanta. What a riot seeing the ladies as they were introduced to the world.  I’ve done a mini-recap of New York, and a fuller recap of Orange County.

RealHousewives-NYC1 RealHousewives-NYC10

The Real Housewives of New York – Episode One – Season One

They really packed an episode back then.  It was as thought they took months of footage and put it together to give us a picture of these women.  Much of the episode was the women interacting with their families.

Ramona was the first lady we were introduced to.  She was bringing the wild and sexy, with a twelve year old Avery cringing and telling her to tone it down. Ramona was also shown getting her beauty treatments to stay young (it worked) and Mario showed us his jewelry line, with Avery in every scene.  Then they headed to the Hamptons and threw a huge pool party.  Who can forget Ramona in her bikini being pushed in the pool by her friend Cindy, and threatening to retaliate by throwing Cindy’s dog in the pool with Avery yelling at her to stop, and Mario flirting with all her friends.  Ramona also spent a lot of time with a sexy tennis pro training for her upcoming match with Jill.

I didn’t remember how strained the relationship was between Ally and Bobby.  Jill had been married to Bobby for seven years by then, but Ally and Bobby never talked.  Much of the episode was Jill trying to convince Ally to go to a fat farm (she was 14) for her arthritis, and convince Bobby to pay for it.  There were some very painful scenes with a family friend advising Ally to make an effort with Bobby – culminating in the worst hug in history as she thanks him for paying for the expensive treatment.  Jill also wheedled a private plane for the trip.  One of her opening scenes was sitting in a limo explaining what it takes to stay in her elite social circle – and then having her go through a pile of invitations explaining how she has to pick and choose because she gets invited to so many things.  After they get to the Hamptons there was a long scene with her tennis pro as he explained Ramona’s weaknesses to give hints to Jill on how to beat her during their “match” that summer.

Bethenny sold herself as a natural chef back then, but thankfully her name dropping was edited out.  Many awkward scenes with Jason One, who clearly didn’t want to discuss anything on camera – including when they might move in together.  She explains a little about how you can “hide” your lack of wealth in NY by living in a tiny apartment but the moment you step out looking fly.  Not so in the Hamptons where everyone can see your huge home, so she avoided the Hamptons.

Simon and Alex.  Right from the beginning these two were jointed at the hip. Their children were one and three, and much of their screen time focused on their pretentiousness as they explained the sort of life they imagined for the boys – private schools, travel abroad, etc.  They eschewed the Hamptons for St Barths in the summer (which we later found out was the bargain season). Perhaps that was why Bethenny talked about how you couldn’t hide your lack of wealth in the Hamptons.  Then we were treated to an outrageous shopping spree as Alex modeled outfit after outfit for Simon’s approval, and they racked up a huge bill on the spot.  And then there was Simon in the speedo.

LuAnn, the Count, their kids, and Rosanna rounded out this crew.  The three adults were in a lot of the interviews explaining about their lifestyle.  They had – by far – the best home in New York, as well as the Hamptons home.  LuAnn explained the British system and how she ended up a Countess.  She also explained that she was invited to a lot of events and had to pick and choose who she’d honor with her presence.  Rosanna did all of the actual work running the household.  As they got ready for the Hamptons she packed up everything and got them out the door.  In the Hamptons, the kids were given a new puppy, and Noel explained that Rosanna was bummed because their last dog wasn’t house broken, and she had to clean up after it all the time.  LuAnn gave the kids a list of chores with the dog, but laughed and said that Rosie would end up taking care of it in the end.  I miss Rosie.

And with that the ladies were off ….  who’d have guessed that they’d bring us all together 🙂


orange county

The Real Housewives of Orange County – Season One – Episode One

These are the ladies that started the Real Housewives franchise.  As the story goes, they were casting for a show in an exclusive planned community in Orange County.  But after shooting footage of a bunch of families, they decided to focus on the housewives, not the teenagers.  And so a franchise was born.  The first season was only seven episodes.


Jeana Kough is the first housewife we’re introduced to.  She explains that she is a former actress, model, and playmate.  Her photo caught the eye of athlete Matt Kough, who had his agent research her.  After determining that she didn’t do drugs and was from Wisconsin.  Most importantly, she had the build to breed athletes.  So after his mom gave the approval Matt proposed, and they were married when Jeana was 18.  Matt is a second generation baseball player. Their oldest son, Shane, was groomed to be a baseball player.  They even moved schools to get him on a better team, but he messed up grades and couldn’t play.

We get to see the scene that they showed at the anniversary show, with Kara (16) whining that she is always stuck with hand-me-down cars (a Mercedes) and her mom can prove she loves her by buying her a new car.

There is tension in the Kough household as they wait to see if Shane is drafted.  He comments that with his genetics and training, it would be a waste of 18 years of playing baseball if he wasn’t drafted.  (How much pressure is on this young man.)  Matt comments that he doesn’t think there’s much of a chance for Shane.  Jeana thinks Shane blew it with the bad grades and not getting enough playing time for exposure.  After the first day of the draft, no one has picked up Shane.

Day 2 of the draft – 36th round – Shane gets drafted by the Oakland A’s.  Both Jeana and Matt seem disappointed that he wasn’t drafted by the 6th or 7th round.  Jeana also mentions that Kara made varsity volleyball.  She explains that Kara negotiated that Jeana would pay her 500 dollars if she made the varsity team.  Kara comes home and demands her money.


Kimberly and her husband moved to Orange County, and she’s proud to be a housewife and trophy wife.  She’s particularly proud of her new double D’s.  We see her working out, and taking her middle-school daughter to get her makeup done professionally.


Jo and Slade are dating.  Jo tells us that Slade used to be a model, and we get to see photos of a much more attractive Slade.  Jo explains that she’s 24 and Slade is training her to be a perfect housewife.  He shares custody of his two children, and there is a lot of footage of Slade being dad to both boys, with Grayson only 5 at the time.  It’s probably bittersweet footage to watch considering how much Grayson has gone through in the last few years.  Slade explains that he started earning 6 figures when he hit his 30s.

Jo is just a party girl, and as we see Slade at home parenting, she’s out drinking.  She phones home drunk, not even knowing what time it is.

Slade has a sit down with Jo telling her that he’d rather her stay and help with the kids rather than go out and party.  She says she’s young and needs to go out and live life.  Jo fights back and accuses him of going out and partying all day every day (which is his job).  She’s coming off as a superficial twit.  He comments that he’s given her everything – a great house and he pays all her bills – and that he’s a great catch.

Jo is wandering around and finds a group of women (including Kimberly) and asks if they live in her community.  They ask her to sit down with them.  She explains that she’s lived in the community over a year but doesn’t leave the house.  She then goes on to whine about her life (she’s absolutely bored).  Kimberly gives her a little pep talk about finding her own life.

The first episode closes with Jo getting all dressed up in sexy outfits.  She explains that she really wants to make things work with Slade, as she drinks copious amounts of wine and changes in front of the camera crew.  She calls him and tells him to come home.  The show ends with her straddling him.


Vicki is the same Vicki.  We’re introduced to her in her home office, working working, working.  Brianna comes in and says she’s running late for her hair appointment to get ready for prom.  Vicki goes with her to the appointment, and does that annoying, controlling thing the entire way through – fussing about what Brianna’s date is going to wear (white tux) and the tightness of Brianna’s curls.  She tells her not to have sex that night.  Brianna calls her annoying.  You think?

Vicki explains that she got married and divorced young, and had to figure out a way to make money.  Now she’s a successful insurance agent.

Vicki is also preparing for Brianna’s graduation, and has bought tickets for her mom, brother Billy, and ex-husband Mike to come out to Orange County.  She says she’s not pleased about having Mike in her home, but feels that it is necessary.  Brianna voices over that her dad hasn’t been in her life at all, and Vicki is both mom and dad.  She doesn’t mention Donn, but he’s shown washing a car and calling Vicki a real “go-getter.”  Vicki’s son Mike is a freshman in college, and will be flying home for Brianna’s graduation.

Brianna’s graduation party is the first of Vicki’s backyard parties we’ll see on the show.  Brianna mentions that Vicki will do anything for her and they are really close.  Ex-husband Mike says that they met while he was a bagger in a grocery store and she was a cashier.  He avoided her line because she was so quick and he couldn’t keep up.  They were never a good match – she was far more driven and wanted nice stuff.  Young Mike echos that – and says his mom still likes nice stuff, and now she’s all over him to get a career.  She tells young Mike he has a year to get a job or he’s cut off.


We’re introduced to Lauri about halfway through the episode.  She explains that Vicki took a chance on her because she was left with nothing after her divorce.  She is very upset about not living in her gated community any more.  Her oldest daughter is in college, but we get to see a young Josh (he was just arrested) and her younger daughter.

Lauri’s college aged daughter Ashley comes home with her puppy – after telling Lauri that they need to talk.  Ashley has decided she wants to move back in with her mom – that she’s done with school for now and it’s hard living on her own and paying her own bills.  Lauri is a little taken aback since she doesn’t have an extra bedroom, and Ashley wants her own room and doesn’t want to work.

Next up we see Lauri and a friend out partying, looking for dates.


This was more about these women’s lives than their forced interactions.  The “drama” was in their over the top lifestyles, their quirks and pretentiousness, and their struggles to fit in or stay on top.  Many say the franchise changed with the Table Flip.  That one episode put the franchise on the map and brought in ratings.  The problem is – it’s impossible to recapture something like that without it being fake and contrived, which is why Bravo finds itself in the situation it is in now.


Happy Birthday Shannon


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304 Responses to More Shakeups at Bravo plus The Real Housewives Season One – First Episodes

  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. I hope you’ve had a great weekend. I’m so glad we’ve had great weather.
    HWs first epis was a surprise. I was only able to see Atl. Boy oh boy did they look & act differently. They were not glamorous & did not have designer duds on. My how times have changed. I guess they really didn’t know
    where the show would take them, how their lives would change. I also guess it was s blessing & a curse all at the same time.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Good morning everyone!

    I hate Jill Zarin.

  3. TexasTart says:

    Good morning! Can’t wait to read the blog…enjoyed those first episodes!

    • TexasTart says:

      Bonus points NMD, you blogged on the first episodes I missed, well just the opening of NY. 🙂

  4. VV says:

    Happy Birthday, Shannon!!! 🎊🎉🎂🎁🎈

  5. ladebra says:

    Happy Birthday Shannon🎉🎉🎉

  6. VV says:

    The scene when Bethenny introduces us to Jason 1 and on a later episode Jason dumps her, was filmed the same night. They are both wearing the exact same cloth. Bravo edited to make it look like he seas dumping her on a later episode BUT NOT!

    • BB says:

      So they essentially played the editing/timeline game from the get-go. I’ll bet Jason 1 is glad he dodged that bullet. There are people out there who don’t think fame and money are the only things that matter in life. I think he had a kid or kids, didn’t he? I don’t see Bethenny as being great stepmom material.

      • jezzibel says:

        I think that relationship had been on the death-spiral prior to her being on the show. I believe he had 2 or maybe 3 kids, I think it could have gone either way, she could have been a terrible stepmom or a great one.

        • BB says:

          I guess we’ll never know.

        • VV says:

          I think Jezzibel is correct. I think Jason Colodne (Jason 1) has three kids. He was fired from appearing on the show. He later filed a 55 million lawsuit against his former employer. I wonder what happened with him and his whereabouts …

    • then why does Jason end up sharing his burger with the chums at the season ending dinner?

      • Cartwheels says:

        Jason 1 didn’t dump her that day, he imply he wasn’t ready to take the next step but they did continue the relationship for as long as them first season was filming, at the beginning of second season is when Bethenny said the relationship was kaput.

        • VV says:

          My point was more about the editing manipulation. On the show and many articles, they referred to it as Jason dumping her. I quite frankly could care less if he did or didn’t because again. My point was about Bravo manipulation of footage.

  7. VV says:

    A shoutout to Empress. Over at Famewhorgas on the blog about the Giudices Bankrupcty, Fame herself/himself wrote a comment replying to a commenter and she linked Empress blog about the Giudices Burst Bubble.

  8. VV says:

    Bravo just needs to get rid off the Productions Companies and bring more creative talent. Get rid of Surveyors of Pop and Sirens!!! They need to be FIRED!!!!

    • BB says:

      They won’t until the ratings go into the toilet. I think the ratings are down a bit for some of the shows, but it probably hasn’t gotten that bad – yet. I know I haven’t contributed to the NJ or Miami ratings.

    • It’s too late – the franchise is branded as fake drama now. Jerry Springer couldn’t re-invent himself – they can’t either.

      Their only hope is a whole new show that spins off into other cities. First they had Project Runway, then Top Chef and Housewives. They need a fresh concept.

      As the ship is going down, they could take a last gasp and do a “behind the scenes” reveal. Interview cast members, reminisce back like they did for OC’s 100th episode. But they’ll have to pay and let people talk to make it interesting – we want to see behind the 4th wall – maybe it’s time to let that happen.

      • Cartwheels says:

        I agree, they will have to get into a whole new direction , the shows as of now have become repetitive and stale, They can do maybe an all starts housewives, some type of big sister house, interview behind scenes, maybe.
        I was watching the other day one of their new projects, can’t remember the name , people behind the couch? anyway, it looked interesting but doubt it could be a long term series.
        Bravo needs to reinvent themselves and one by one start dropping the HW series and replacing it with another type of show. Other networks are doing it and Bravo can’t wait too much longer.

    • chismosa says:

      And who HIRES or greenlights 🚥🚦these production companies ????

      Dandy??? And he still stays on at NBC, I don’t get it

  9. Pinky says:

    I cannot believe Andy Cohen is still on this team. I think his direction with the producers has progressed to their ruin. His WWHL is stoopid and failing and his treatment of women is disgustingly evil. He is such a poor representative of the gay community on so many levels.

    • TexasTart says:

      I’m disappointed the shake-up didn’t push Andy out of the current position at least. 😦

      • chismosa says:

        Tarts that is what I was hoping as soon as I read the head was leaving. I was praying and praying this meant dandy was out. And the “bravo” was off his twitter handle

    • ladebra says:

      Not only is Andy still on the team, but he has consistently been given promotions within Bravo. In my experience, that means he is good at what he does and he adds value to the company. I don’t pretend to understand the scope of Andy’s job, but I personally don’t think he is responsible for all that is wrong with this franchise. I will go further and say I enjoy Andy most of the time. I don’t see that he hates women, I also don’t see that he hates Teresa. Yes, he is friends with Bethenny but I don’t have a problem with that either. I really have looked hard at why he is so disliked, and I don’t see it. Different strokes for different folks.

      • SkinnyHound says:

        In My experience, Promotions are usually given to the biggest screwups. “Well, he screwed that up, let’s see what he can do over here.” This is especially true with VP positions.

        • ladebra says:

          I can’t tell if you are joking 😕 but if you are serious, I’ve seen job changes given to long time valued employees who are deemed either ineffective or have made a costly series of mistakes in a position and the thought is the person might be more effective in a different position – I have never seen a promotion given to a total screw up. More often I’ve seen good people fired because they weren’t good at the job. Nice people. Not a good manager, officer, VP, CFO. I have never worked in a company that rewarded mediocrity. Lucky me.

      • I like Andy as well. I enjoy his interaction with “us” on twitter and that he is both in front of the camera, and directing the network behind the scenes. It adds a lot more interest to the franchise to put a face to the man behind it.

    • Sasha says:


      I don’t think Andy is behind all the shenanigans that go on with these shows. I also don’t see where he is mistreating these women. They do a wonderful job of that themselves so that they can be top dog on their shows. His show may be a little odd at times, but he does get quality guests. Andy’s okay with me.

  10. TexasTart says:

    *giggles* at JillZ hand placement on Alex in the second photo.

  11. More on Jason 1

    Jason Colodne—a former president, executive managing director and head of the leverage loan and M&A group at Patriarch—also sued for breach of contract, but on different grounds. He, too, was fired for cause, but claims his poor performance evaluation was a pretext and that his real crime was that he appeared in the Bravo reality show The Real Housewives of New York. Tilton did concede Colodne violated Patriarch’s media policy. She settled his suit, seeking $55 million in damages, in 2009.

  12. AZGirl says:

    Good Afternoon Everyone. Happy Birthday Shannon. Thank you NMD for the great blog.
    BEEP….BEEP…..BEEP….Pepper update. Pepper did her first hike yesterday. Today she has not gotten off the couch. 🙂 It was 3.5 miles and rocky. She did great.
    I had to lift her up this a.m. to go out and poop.

    Hope you all are having a great weekend. I am making chicken enchiladas and apple/raspberry cobbler this afternoon. yummm.

  13. TexasTart says:

  14. TexasTart says:

  15. Limesspider says:

    Regarding Jeana Keough, she did not marry Matt Keough when she was 18. She revealed in a later season that there was an ex-husband when she said she was going to sell real estate through her ex-husband’s firm. She used the last name Tomasino/Tomasina which may be the 1st husband’s last name. IMDB says her birth name is Jean Myers.

  16. Thank you for interesting Blogs! I just watched the First episode of Atlanta and found myself feeling sorry for all must them… I think that only Nene and Kim are now in a better place in life.

  17. TexasTart says:

    This comment doesn’t seem consistent with comments made in the last two days…either she put up a front or it hit her later.

  18. Rebecca says:

    Watching the Alexia birthday episode again…. Lea is going for an Emmy with her portrayal of Victim #1… She isn’t fooling anyone but the dumb posters on the Bravo blogs. She sent cards and letters and flowers and candy and Birkins – and called her cell (while Elsa was in the ICU????). I have some beachside property over here in Cave Creek if anyone is buying!

    Lisa is in way over her head with the other ladies. She’s proving that her IQ is in the double-digit range every time she opens her plastic mouth. Wow. Why did her husband allow her to be on this show again?

    Joanna…. another dimwit. Her husband has an abusive upbringing at the hands of his stepmother and her idea of sexy role-playing is to be dominate and abusive? Earth to Joanna – not gonna turn him on!

    I just wish there was some way Elsa could have made it to the wedding Bummer. Why am I watching this?

    • Rebecca says:

      Lea: “If Marysol really cared as much she says she does she’d be in there telling her mother Lea called every day, whether I did or not.”


    • chismosa says:

      Rebecca TOTALLY with you on this.
      Violins violins. 🎻🎻🎸🎸🎻🎸🎻🎸🎻

      Falling down and/or defiantly standing up at the reunion.
      Ughhhhhh 🙇🙇🙇🙇

    • Nancy says:

      Skating season started yesterday. Everyone is debuting their new Olympic programs.
      Skate America is on right now. 🙂

    • Rebecca says:

      Tonight is the final episode?

      She is straightening the amounts of the secured and unsecured debts. This obviously took her a long time to put together.

    • I brought this comment from Fame (If it is not OK , NMD please take it down) I thought that this comment is great and very well explained for people like me.Lol!

      (~I erased the name of the commenter)

      October 19, 2013 at 11:23 PM

      Here’s my 2cents:

      Fame is right, there is not enuf unsecured debt to warrant a Chapter 7 however many BK attorneys will start with a 7 and then convert the 7 into a 13. BK may have worked well for them because you are allowed to ‘cramdown’ mortgages on 2nd homes (bring the principal down to the value) as well as erase 2nd mortgages (mortgage used to be secured by the home, if the value is down then the 2nd is no longer secured by the home and is considered unsecured). There are a lot of unscrupulous BK attorneys – run credit? Not neccesarily. I have seen many, many cases where the attorney strings someone along for an extended period of time (and money) only to be told they are not eligible to file. It’s crazy and was much crazier in 2009 – 2011.

      It was ridiculous when the mortgage crisis started happening we were hopeful that they would allow cramdowns on principal residences and not just second homes but they didn’t.

      Another thing – they have some mortgages with the most difficult servicers (i’m being kind) if you are having any kind of issue or need help – ASC and Wachovia are actually Wells Fargo which is by far the most insane servicer of them all. I call them my 7th circle of hell and if I tell you 10 horror stories, 9 will be from Wells (the NY AG just filed suit against them for their terrible behavior). If they knew they were running into trouble and contacted ASC/Wachovia/Wells they could have been told to F off which easily could have sent them into the arms of a BK attorney. Since it says the shore house had a 1st notice of foreclosure and it’s with ASC, it wouldn’t surprise me.

      @oldladynewjersey – the height of the boom was nothing like the old days – no tax returns or any other docs needed for a loan, if the bank requested a 4506T at all, they rarely sent them in. Luckily things are returning to the old ways (though that sucks for the people who needed niche loans such as interest only or no docs).

      It is not that unusual to not file taxes, i have had many clients who haven’t for several years with no reaction from the IRS. Also, for a business – even if you’re incorporated, many times you have to personally guarantee items unless so it’s not unusual that Juicy did that.

      @agirl614 – I’m with you, so tired of people freaking out of this!

      Thanks for this post Fame, it reinforces my initial feeling that these charges sound much worse than they are.

      End of braindump – sorry!

  19. djprincessc says:

    Adriana was so annoying in her wedding episode. Why was she just standing around watching and complaining about doing everything?? DIdn’t she have a wedding planner?? Who makes their guests wait sooooooo long? Beyond rude. You’re not the virgin bride why the need for this huge show??!

    • Rebecca says:

      I’m not defending her because I’m not this kind of person – but I think she was too scared to get her shit together.Maybe in the back of her mind she was afraid Fredric would take off again.

    • chismosa says:

      DJ there was a lot of splice and dice going on. It’s not just NJ…..

      I read some tweets. …..

      • djprincessc says:

        hiiiiii chismosa!! what do you mean??

        • chismosa says:

          The constant time listed at the bottom, the making it seem there was NO food/ very limited food passed around, lapses in scenes where Alexia and Marisol had hair and dresses done yet so much time was passed/ not passed, etc.
          I think Diana on here pointed it out earlier this week. Just have to have an eagle eye😳👀 for these $hitfests.
          There were some people who attended the wedding who tweeted that things on the show were inaccurate (shocker 💤💤💤)

          I HATE sequins but loved Adri’s dress

          Hope you are well! 😘

  20. KTinCT says:

    Happy Birthday, Shannon 🙂

  21. djprincessc says:

    I think there should be a Real Housewives of Las Vegas. Now THAT would be amazing!! There are some VERY wealthy people that live in Vegas! Think of the partying and over the top lifestyles?? I’d love to see that!!

  22. I missed the First Episodes 😦 I might have to watch online, it was much watch TV, now…not so much.

  23. Nancy says:

    NMD…I loved Mao’s program and I think Ashley is turing into a little princess. Not good.

    • That 14 year old was also amazing. Scotty keeps giving the same advice every time someone falls. I wonder if he has any idea about technique any more.

      • Nancy says:

        She reminds me of Oksana Baiul. She’s one to keep an eye on. I don’t mind so
        much when Scotty talks it’s his laughter before, during, and after a jump. I don’t
        see the humor in it at all. Plus having Scotty and Sandra Bezic together is conflict of
        interest as they own Stars on Ice. Remember during the 2002 Olympics when
        they announced that the Canadians won the Gold when they didn’t? It was in their
        best interest for the Canadians to win as they were offered a contract with Stars on Ice
        right after the Olympics. They aren’t judges so they needed to keep their big mouths

  24. Juicy: Rhode Island is a State? I thought it was just a rode!!!

    • To Juicy’s Defense attorneys:
      Let the Grand Jury watch this segment of RHONJ and they will believe this guy is innocent… if he thinks that the close planet to the Sun is “The Moon”, They will dismiss his case in one second! Haa!

  25. BB says:

    Nancy and NoMoreDrama, 60 minutes just came on and they will have a neat segment on whales!

  26. Nancy says:

    Milania would be great birth control!!!

  27. Gia = Avery Singer at 12 with the “mom you are embarrassing me”

  28. Nancy says:

    This one is easy…GET A FRIGGING JOB!!!

  29. Gia 12 going on 20! Haha! All those Giudice girls are adorable!

  30. I actually fell sorry for Caroline Manzo.

  31. Manozoid boyz are really cheap and stupid.

  32. Nancy says:


  33. I thinks Caroline looks far better in short hair! And… please, do not wear one shoulder dresses!!!!

  34. Nancy says:

    She’s delusional.

  35. SkinnyHound says:

    No, You will gain weight if you eat 10 canolis

  36. lillybee says:

    So this show is just an ad for Manzos with children “sigh”.

  37. SkinnyHound says:

    That’s because her brothers were attached

  38. Nancy says:

    Did Caroline really need to tell us that? lol

  39. SkinnyHound says:

    Well this is fun….

  40. Poor Richie… someone told him he was funny … He believed it!

  41. SkinnyHound says:

    More Manzoids… This really blows

  42. SkinnyHound says:

    Gorga and Manzoid and Lurkita… Puke…

  43. Nancy says:

    These people are gross.

  44. SkinnyHound says:

    Somebody push his face into a bucket of broken glass.

  45. SkinnyHound says:

    Somebody push his face into a bucket of broken glass…

  46. What about baby Joey listening R saying S#&% about his sister and did like nothing was wrong there… double standards… “Go cry to your Mama”

  47. SkinnyHound says:

    More F’ing Manzos..

  48. Skinny Orson says:

    Lauren seemed to me to be happier than I’ve seen here before. Good for her.

  49. SkinnyHound says:

    She’s ‘touched’ alright….

  50. SkinnyHound says:

    I still say MeGo had a nose job..

  51. Nancy says:

    Melissa works??????

  52. Kat From Ohio says:

    feels like these specials are trial runs for a couple of scenarios. most obviously, they’re showcasing the manzos for their pilot… good for lauren for getting that reduction. she looks great. yesterday marked 10 months since my reduction. so happy with that decision. i bet lauren is too!

    i also feel like showing all of the jen dalton footage is kind of bravo putting its feelers out to see how we’d feel about seeing more of her. i’m not actually opposed to her joining the cast. teresa needs a friend. i loved how much shade jen was throwing about the gorga house! one of my favorite moments in the season, to be honest.

    it was great seeing those first episodes, back when each franchise was more organic. NY was my favorite at the time… i loved bethenny. even liked jill (oh my how things changed fast!) as far as NJ, i still miss danielle on the cast–who knew she’d turn out to be right about so much? she’s batsh*t crazy, but entertaining. poor deshawn on atlanta. god, her husband turned out to be despicable. i hope she got a lot of money and a hotter man out of the deal! wish they’d shoot her again. is she still in the atl, i wonder?

    • SkinnyHound says:

      The jury is in… They all suck, which for Bravo, will make them mega-stars.

    • chismosa says:

      Kat I haven’t watched last week’s or tonight’s NJ yet, but I see how much they had so much baby baby Manzoids on- as opposed (strikingly !) to the regular season run. I was going to say what you said- I think production or Andy arranged for the baby babies to be featured on the “extra” episodes so as to prep the viewers for the pil(e)ot of Manzos …..

      I saw lisa lampanneli on Bethenny last week and she explained what she had was irreversible but the thing Lauren had was reversible.
      Is what you got, the same as Lauren?
      Are you close to Lauren’s age? I’m just wondering who they suggest these options to……

      I’m sorry but I still feel Lauren was too young for that – no NO offense to you! Jmho. I get such a spoiled Debi downer vibe from her (also her parents’ fault)

      • Kat From Ohio says:

        Yeah, I’m 23. I was a G cup (i have a 28 inch waist by comparison) so I was having physical pain, was constantly harassed in public, and looked disproportionate. My parents paid for the surgery since insurance refused to cover unless I did 2 years of physical therapy. It wound up being my college graduation gift. Surgeon took out 5 pounds of HARD tissue, not fat… so no matter if I gained or lost weight, nothing would fluctuate.

        Actually, the younger you have the surgery, the less likely you are to have complications or bad scarring. My scars are totally healed, my nipples are “working again” (hahaha), and if I ever decide to have children, my chances would be pretty good that I’d be able to breastfeed. Older women tend to have a more difficult recovery and less “successful” scar healing.

        • chismosa says:

          Wait are you talking about breast reduction ?
          I was talking about weight loss/ gastric/ bariatric surgery ….
          We must be talking about 2 different things. A 28 inch waist is not something that seems to need any sort of weight loss surgery ???

  53. Amalfi says:

    Yuk. Melissa’s lies are so gross and covered up during the regular run. Nice to see her getting dressed down by Dr. V on camera. What a fake.

  54. SkinnyHound says:

    These people make my skin crawl

  55. SkinnyHound says:

    Someone kick that guy in what’s left of his balls.

  56. SkinnyHound says:

    You will NEVER be a man.

  57. SkinnyHound says:

    She didn’t make a scene, asshole, you did.

  58. Nancy says:

    Goodbye Caroline!

  59. SkinnyHound says:

    7 minutes left of crapfest 2013 😀

  60. Amalfi says:

    I completely understand people who go batshit crazy when people on here support Teresa, because right now I feel exactly the same way … but the opposite. Who the hell are these people who adore Melissa and Joey and think they are victims and truthtellers… How is that possible if they have two eyes, ears and a brain???

    Rant over.

  61. SkinnyHound says:

    M60 will cure every problem in New Jersey

  62. SkinnyHound says:


  63. Oh, Oh! Caroline’s knows that girl… is she Kim D’s assistant? Wow! That girl called Caroline F- fat grandma…

  64. Jules says:

    I turn to bravo just in time to see dingle berry joey making no sense talking to tre about being thru with her and not liking her and then ant brain melissa saying he was trying to make up with her. This is why i stopped watching and won’t.

    • SkinnyHound says:

      When did that POS ever make sense?

    • SkinnyHound says:

      He is the reason I stopped recapping the show.. Recapping it required me to watch it several times.

      • Nancy says:

        I’ll take him over Rich…I think?

        • SkinnyHound says:

          IF I were a woman, I wouldn’t want either of them. As a viewer, I don’t want either of them. You are a much nicer person than I am, Nancy..

          • Nancy says:

            Oh no I’m not. I can’t stand either of them but I find Rich more vulgar.

            • SkinnyHound says:

              Oh. Okay.. I saw your discussion above about the skaters.. I always thought that NancyK was given the silver out of pity. I don’t remember the program now and I don’t think she did poorly but, what should have been a fun competition turned into a total crapfest when she got whacked in the knee. Is it possible that was the true pilot for the Real Housewives?

              • Nancy says:

                Nancy should have won the gold and would have if they watched in slow-mo as they
                do now as Oksana two footed 2 of her jumps. She’s not my favorite skater but I
                felt for her as winning the gold is a very big deal in figure skating. Lots of $$$$$$.

                • SkinnyHound says:

                  I think winning a gold has that payoff for many of the events, if they choose to use it to their advantage.

                • SkinnyHound says:

                  Oh, and, I have always felt that who wins the gold medals depends on the home country advantage. The host country of the Olympics, where judging is concerned, always seems to have the favor.. In a flat out race or something like that, whoever wins, wins.

                  • Nancy says:

                    The woman’s skating is the high point for any winter Olympics. It gets the most viewers
                    and it always closes the Olympics.

                    • SkinnyHound says:

                      Just like the women’s Gymnastics in the summer (though it doesn’t close the show).. It’s really the only thing I watch.. The rest of it is like watching paint dry to me.

    • mrs peabody says:

      he is a piece of sh** in by book. I have a feeling he has been mentally abusing his sister all his life and she lets a lot go by so as not to upset the little baby so he doesn’t throw a fit. He is such an idiot.

      • Amalfi says:

        Exactly this. He is creepy and just vile. Yet she still needs him which is her achilles heel and he uses that to his advantage everytime. I have never met an adult who is so jealous of a sibling and how she is loved “more” by the parents. That is insane.

  65. Donna says:

    I decided to record NJ at the last moment, the CC’s recorded. In my not so humble opinion, Baby Joey is a major control freak that hates his sister with a passion.

  66. lillybee says:

    Anyone watching the Queer Eye reunion. Nice to see a group of people who like each other on a Bravo show.

  67. Goodness – I almost had a heart attack during Walking Dead.

    • SkinnyHound says:

      I haven’t seen it yet.. Was it good?

      • KTinCT says:

        It was an excellent episode – this season is going to be great! The whole crew – writers, producers, directors, actors, etc… do an amazing job! I don’t remember the exact number but last week’s episode had over 16 million viewers… This show is done so well, it’s hard to keep a viewer interested in a zombie show over time but I have been hooked since day one….I already can’t wait for next Sunday

    • chismosa says:

      Ooooh I can’t wait !
      Must stay away from blog …..💀💀💀

    • Amalfi says:

      Crap — how did I miss Walking Dead. Dang. I made some bad choices in my viewing this eve.

  68. Rebecca says:

    So… This was a Milania free episode? OK, won’t waste my time…. Back to packing. We should play a game of “where is Becki headed this week?”

    • Amalfi says:

      There was Milania…. standing on a ladder “I am queen of the world look at me guys — guys. you’re not looking!” and lots of other good stuff.

  69. VV says:

    Love the Christmas Tree scene with Tre and her kids.

    • chismosa says:

      VV not sure I was into Milania seeming to say the F word on the banister. I rewatched a few times to make sure.
      Yikes. Birth control indeed

  70. Rebecca says:

  71. VV says:

    Hate the idiotic Manzos arguing over rent. This scene is SCRIPTED!

  72. VV says:

    Caroline? Do you really think we are buying this BS?

  73. VV says:

    Lauren walks into a “miked” Vito’s Deli ( cameras are already inside the store to film her coming in) and she says Hi I wanted to surprise you!!!!
    😆 😆 😆

  74. VV says:

    Carolina you don’t need surgery to look like a clown. You already look like a clown … AND a BITTERCLOWN!!!!!

  75. VV says:

    That is the same boon Dr Melissa used.

  76. VV says:

    I despise Richard Wakile!

  77. VV says:

    Quick comment about RHOBH. Bravo wants us to think that Lusa is directing that comment about “Revenge is sweet” at a HW. My guess is that is probably not directed at anything crucial but was inserted there in the commercial for drama.

  78. VV says:

    Her sisters, her mom, her makeup guy, her hair guy…they all mean tweet about Teresa.

  79. VV says:

    I honestly think Joey is getting tweets from Producers on that scene.

  80. VV says:

    Why was Carolina KISSING Kim D?

  81. VV says:

    I always thought Joey Gorga’s hair was so shinny because he took good care if it. Turns out it was because of the shoe polish.

  82. VV says:

    STFU Joey!

  83. VV says:

    Melissa is such a biatch that she enjoys every scene when her painted-hair-gnome of a husband insults her sister.

  84. VV says:

    Why is Caroline bossing everybody around?

  85. VV says:


  86. VV says:

    She’s feeling a little confident. So, get ready for more Lisa bashing soon.

    @BrandiGlanville: OMG thank u sooooo much for all the love from my very small role in the #Lifetime gig!

    Original Message:

  87. VV says:

    Many say the franchise changed with the Table Flip. That one episode put the franchise on the map and brought in ratings.

    Teresa’s fault!

  88. TexasTart says:

    Sounds as if some of you would have been better off to not tune into Bravo last night! Good morning, going to be a much better place now 🙂

  89. TexasTart says:

    Fabulous photo! Yolanda is back from her month long treatment for lyme disease. Hope it helped her…now stay away from drama (BBB).

  90. VV says:

    The always classy Beverly Hills Housewife.
    ( I told you last night she was feeling confident…)

    @BrandiGlanville: @CathrynLeffew @scheanamarie I have no issue with waitresses that f*ck married men…..its cool right?

    Original Message:

  91. VV says:

    A party??

    @richardwakile: Rap party with @KathyWakile @melissagorga @joegorga @VictoriaWakile @JosephWakile & the 3 cutest babies #SundayFunday

    Original Message:

    • not THAT Jill says:

      Does he mean a “wrap” party as in the season is “wrapped” up? Or were they all rapping? He is dumb and gross.

      • VV says:

        I really hope that they were demoted. I can’t believe the Gorgas are back……if we are to believe the rumors…

  92. Ladebra says:

    Uh oh, this season might be the Bravo 101 for YoYo

    • VV says:

      So, she just confirmed that Brandi is a foul mouth-forty-something-classless-drunk.

      Interesting is how judgmental Yofo was of Taylor last season and Brandi is acting worst on previews and they are BFF. Selective criticism on Yofo’s part. I don’t trust this lady. There is a mysterious aspect to her persona. She’s hiding something. I don’t like her.

      • not THAT Jill says:

        Something about Yolanda just bugs me..I’m not sure what it is but I don’t like her and I never did-I do like that she became a advocate for Lyme disease and I respect that-but she acts as if she is above it all yet signed on to be a HW-kind of contradictory in my mind.

        • VV says:

          Exactly! I don’t know what it is either. Agree with you about her advocacy BUT that’s as far as I go with her…

  93. TexasTart says:

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