Johnny the Greek Pretending Penny knows Danielle Staub – busted! and Fall Bravo Shows

Johnny the Greek Pretending Penny knows Danielle Staub – busted! by NMD

Some days you open up twitter and get a good belly laugh.  That was my morning. Sycophant  Johnny the Greek (John Karagiorgis) posted a few snapshots on twitter trying to give the impression that his wife Penny was buddies with Danielle Staub.  Danielle Staub put an end to it quickly – stating unequivocally that she had no idea who Penny was, but she was willing to take photos with anyone who came up and asked.  Johnny then retreated to lick his wounds, stating that a simple picture brought out the “haters.”  I suppose I’m easily amused on this cold, fall, morning, but the idea that Danielle Staub, who brought some of the lowest of low lifes onto our television screen – (remember Danny and his homophobic slurs) wanting nothing to do with Johnny and Penny makes me amused.  A punk is a punk is a punk.

Johnny: Great pic of @PDKhair & @daniellestaub last night at @SonCubanoNJ ‘s #HalloweenOnTheHudson Party

penny and daniellej

After Johnny posted the picture, Danielle tweeted to clarify:

1) She was at a friend’s birthday party, not a halloween party.

2) She had no idea who Penny was and had never met her before.

3) Penny came up to her table and asked for a picture.

4) She will take a picture with anyone who asks.

There you go.  Even Danielle Staub has to distance herself from hot messes Johnny and Penny.


Are we All Excited for this Week’s New Lineup?

First of all – it’s not too late for someone to offer to blog Real Housewives of Atlanta.  You know I love all the ladies, so if I blog it, you’re not going to get any snark.  Be warned – they are my favorites.  Well maybe not Kenya.  My boss was in ATL a few weeks ago and had lunch at a table next to hers.  She might have been waiting to film a scene, because he overheard people talking about filming across the street.  He said she was breathtakingly beautiful, but a little cold.  She chowed down on her lunch, including an enormous desert, but when asked how lunch was, she said something like – it was adequate.

Unless someone offers to take it on, I’ll blog this one, with RamonaCoaster doing the cast blogs.

To finish out the summer season, we’ll get back to back episodes of Miami.  First is Joanna Krupa’s whorish bachelorette party in Vegas, and Joanna uses it as an excuse to get naked wasted on camera.  Yeah for her.  Klassy.  We’ve learned by now that Romain is damaged, so that at least explains why he put up with her.  Monday night is their wedding, and the only question I have is will the ratings improve.  If they do, I doubt it will have anything to do with Joanna or her wedding.  Ratings for Miami will only improve with a strong lead in from BH and Vanderpump Rules.

Tomorrow Beverly Hills is back, and it looks like it’ll be an exciting season.  Brandi has been drinking, tweeting, and dating, in hopes of stirring up interest in her show and next book.  We’ll see if she has another best seller on her hands.  I find her over exposed and uninteresting, but I’m anxious to see all the ladies, their homes, their clothes, their fridges, and their antics.  All but Kim Richards that is – it makes me sad that she’s still on the show.  BB will be blogging this show, with Stars taking on the cast blogs.

Based on the first look – VanderPump Rules will feature some of the BH housewives, as the restaurant hosts a party for Kyle Richards.  Jax is trying to get back with Stassi, Tom cheated on Kristen and looks as though he’s been in the doghouse for months (as he should be), Kristen is made at everything and everyone, but mainly Tom, and everyone is complaining that Lisa has picked Scheana as her favorite.  Meanwhile, Scheana is mad at everyone because she knocked out her front tooth and had to undergo oral surgery, but no one sent her a text to see how she was doing.  Amy will be blogging this one for us.

And the Tuesday time slot has been given to Shahs of Sunset.  They are back, and the first look sets up a conflict between Lily (who is planning a huge party with four dress changes) and MJ (who will not be on the list because she didn’t RSVP.)  Hmmm – sounds like the first season of ATL to me with Sheree leaving NeNe off her list.  Reza is buying a Porsche but only has $40,000 as business has been slow, especially with Mike as a partner.  MJ and her mom continue to work on their relationship, and Gigi continues to have anger issues.  We have a new blogger for Shahs.

Whoot whoot.  I’ll be posting chat blogs on Sundays and Mondays again now that the new shows are starting!!


(Definition of sycophant : A sycophant is a person who tries to win favor from wealthy or influential people by flattering them. Also known as brown-nosers, …) 


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182 Responses to Johnny the Greek Pretending Penny knows Danielle Staub – busted! and Fall Bravo Shows

  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. I hope you’ve had a great weekend. I just laughed at the title of the blog NMD. Johnny the Greek just won’t go away. 🙂 What these people won’t do to get on the stupid NJ show. Well continue your weekend. Do you #FallBack today? 😀

  2. It seems like the plot writers for the Housewives shows are running out of ideas. With all the iterations of the show, everything has already been done and all that’s left is to switch storylines between the other cities in the franchise and hoe the viewers have forgotten. Bravo itself seems to have run out of ideas and can do no better than another spinoff of anything that is still successful, like they just did with Million Dollar Listing in Miami.

    • lulu says:

      Problem is their is no motivation whatsoever to either create or cancel. They have their sponsors (money) and a cash cow.

  3. ladebra says:

    I can’t wait and am beyond jelly beans (TM) for Atlanta, BH and Shahs to start! I know they are all fake now, and I’m going to watch with a side eye at all the drama (I hope I used that right, but it sounded good to me).

    I just like Lilly on Shahs. I do. She is over the top. She looks like a Persian Barbie, but she also works and I don’t have a problem with her. I lol’d at her saying she would fart glitter if she could. Ha. And it looks like the Shahs are all going back to Iran/Iraq (not sure which one, but it looked like what I remember Tehran looking like). Yay for new shows!

  4. ladebra says:

    Marysol sums up how I feel very succinctly

  5. California35 says:

    Good morning! And happy Sunday 🙂

    Thanks for giving us the line up and details. I am looking forward to BH on mondays. I am glad it will be before Lisa’s other shows. I watched the 1at look of all of new shows coming back. I don’t watch them, but the 1st look of Shahs seem like fun. Too bad all of them have too much drama and screaming for me to enjoy. One show at a time is all i can take 😛

    • lulu says:

      Have you read “revenge wears prada?” I read a few chapters and just can’t get into it.

      • California35 says:

        Hi!! Same happened to me :-/. I read the beginning, then i read a page here and there now 😛 i am hoping it will get good, but yet. I had hoped of a fun read.

      • I finished it – because I was sick, didn’t have anything else to read, and it didn’t require much thinking and reflection… My 2¢: The movie, The Devil Wears Prada, was *much* better than the book upon which it was based. In turn, the first book is superior to this sequel. Which isn’t saying much. Check the reviews before plunking down any money. 😉

        • Anne says:

          Thank you! I too, liked the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” much better than the book. You’ve saved me some money buying the sequel.

        • lulu says:

          Pb I bought it when it came out unfortunately 😦

          • skogsstig says:

            Sorry, lulu. If it’s any comfort:
            * It’s probably much better than, let’s say, “50 Shades of Gorga. “(Thanks to the person who created that alternate title!)
            * Your public library will probably happily accept it as a donation for a booksale – and then you’ve supported your library. My library happily did… 🙂

        • chismosa™ says:

          I worked at the company that put out Devil Wears Prada and I couldn’t get to the 3rd chapter her writing was so bad —

          The movie was leagues better than the book I agree!

  6. lori says:

    I was at a Pathmark in edgewater NJ and saw Danielle. This might have been 2 yrs ago. Around the time she was on a restaurant reality show. She was very friendly and surprisingly sane acting. I believe she would take a picture with anyone. She answered my questions and was very gracious.

  7. plainviewsue says:

    Watched the BH first look last night & I have to admit, I am giddy at the thought of the BH ladies being back on my television!!! Even the ones I don’t like!

    • VV™ says:

      Me too Sue. I noticed that Lisa has been very quiet on Twitter. A few interactions with Carlton (they are both British). Carlton has been nice to Lisa and viceversa. Joyce on the other hand gets along with Kyle BUT is catching up to how popular Lisa is and is playing nice to her now and BECAUSE of that DON’T like her. She bad mouthed Lisa first now she’s playing nice. Twitter is a powerful tool.

  8. VV™ says:

    Brandi just might make Scheana very popular girl.

    @scheanamarie: @jerixrules @BrandiGlanville u can read my blog that will be up Monday and see!

    Original Message:

    • not THAT Jill™ says:

      That’s the thing about Karma-people keep calling her a bitch and sometimes she is…but not always to who you choose!!! Karma is independent -she doesn’t “work” for anyone but her damn self!!!!

  9. In the first look for BH – Brandi explained she was “moving up” because she had some income from her book – and that her real estate agent was the man she met at Kyle’s party.

    A couple things –
    1) When she was house hunting she made it sound like she was kicked out of her other place and desperate to find a new one – not that she was moving up.
    2) Didn’t she break up with that guy well before she moved (ie before filming started for this season?)

    I wish I cared enough to figure out if she was lying, but I don’t. It’s sunny out.

    • California35 says:

      Good points! I was thinking good job in his part, “dating” her and getting commission. When she said she mentioned the book money, and that she is making her own money, i thought Bravo money too brandi.
      I do like the fact that SHE is making her own money and doesn’t have to depend on any one. I do however sorry she can easily run out of $.

    • To a DEE-LUX Apartment, in the Sky-eye-eye…. We’ve finely got a piece of the pie..
      Sorry, couldn’t resist…

    • Cartwheels says:

      If her TL is any indication, they had a relationship of less than two weeks, after the white party they had a couples of public dates (paparazzi were called) and 10 days after the party Brandi declared it was over.
      He probably found the place for her but it was just as a realtor and not as a BF, after that it seems that they have had some encounters between other dates and are still friends.

      • not THAT Jill™ says:

        She did mention to him that her kids liked him-which kind of goes against what she says in her book about not introducing guys to her kids…whatever she is just a hot mess of BS!!!

  10. AZGirl says:

    Happy Sunday everyone! Got some sad news. Pepper is really sick. Vet thinks most likely she has Valley Fever. She can’t walk on her left hind leg. I guess it works its way to the bones and organs. Blood work results on Wednesday. There is treatment. It is expensive. She will be on it minimum of one year maybe a lifetime depending on how serious it is.
    AZGirl and family are very sad today.

    • AZGirl says:

      Wow. Hopefully she will get over this. Everyone has challenges in their lives. Need to what you need to do regardless of what other choose to do.

    • Nancy says:

      Dang!! She should see the social worker from the hospital to see if they could help.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      She’s had a lot of horrible experiences. I feel bad for her, I hope she and her siblings can come together in some way. Lots of hurt and bitterness there.

    • Powell says:

      I hope Tamra is alright. That was sad and kinda weird at the same time.

  11. It™ is™ too™ bad™ that™ Crapfest 2013™ refuses™ to™ die™

    It is also too bad that we didn’t get to see the actual end of season fight. It would have been fun to watch that fat pig get his ass kicked, even if it was Jac that did it.

    I am going to make a prediction about the new seasons of BH and ATL.. Someone is going to say or do something stupid, and that will set the tone for the rest of the season. We will be bombarded with tweets from certain cast members telling us to STFU. The queens on each show will demand an apology from someone else on the show and dictate how it should be worded.. Who started that trend on the HoWives? Was it JIllz, Vicki, or Momz? I would recap ATL for you all but none of you want to read what I really think of Thugolina and her drama.. Plus I don’t want to watch it. As for BH, I’ll watch with you and may even say something about it but I have zero faith that Bravo has broken away from the typical formula.

    • Cartwheels says:

      Amazingly the one who started that trend was no other than Lisa from RHBH.

      She demanded an apology from Kyle for not having her back against Adrienne, Kyle apologized 100 times but it was not good enough for Lisa. She wanted the wording to be in an specific way and so very nonchalantly she asked Kyle to repeat after her….

      I was floored, that was the moment that I started seeing Lisa in a complete different way than before.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I don’t remember Kyle sincerely apologizing to Lisa once, muchless 100x. I believe Kyle was not sorry. Her language was passive aggressive, e.g. “I’m sorry, but you should apologize for this. I’m sorry IF you are upset, etc…”.stuff like that. Evenso, I do not think Kyle should be forced to say something she doesn’t mean. She kept telling Lisa she wanted to get past “this” and Lisa was honest in saying I can’t or won’t get past this because I want a sincere apology; whether or not we think it’s bad or good, that’s what Lisa wanted to move on in her friendship with Kyle. Kyle didnt want to sincerely apologize not in her own words and much less in Lisa’s words! I understand them both. I just don’t think they can be friends because of this impasse. I also don’t think everyone is meant to be friends especially if there isn’t a meeting of the minds. They are BOTH stubborn about this…so move on…not together….move on in our own separate direction there are other women that would be happy to be friends with both of them on their own separate terms.

        • Cartwheels says:

          Kyle might not have meant a word, but she apologize, all Lisa had to do was let her know in no uncertain terms that the friendship was over instead of stringing her along. To not accept an apology IMO is better than to ask for an apology word by word and then don’t accept it anyway.
          It wasn’t that difficult after all, during the reunion Lisa was upfront enough with Kyle to let her know it was over between them, IMO she should have done this at the beginning of season 3 instead of dragging it along for the whole season.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Perhaps,in her mind and heart, it wasn’t over for her until she was upfront enough to tell her it was over. Even if we the viewers think she should have proclaimed their friendship was over at the beginning of the season…perhaps she wasn’t ready to make such a decisive proclamation at the beginning of the season.

      • This is when I started calling Lisa the queen and decided I was over her and her bald dog. She is no different than any of the rest of them. I think the first one I heard demand a specific apology though was Momz.

    • VV™ says:

      That credit will have to go to Caroline Manzo and the entire cast of RHONJ who on S3 of RHONJ started to demand an apology from Teresa for whatever it was Teresa did to ALL of them. Teresa DID apologize in person, via email, via text, on the press, on her blogs and who knows what other way. Still wasn’t enough for her cast mates.
      You said demanding “an apology” is part of the HWs formula.

    • Powell says:

      MTH you are a mind reader. You forgot one thing. Someone will say, “she’s been talking behind my back.”. Why is it someone is talking behind their back? To me they are just talking about one another when that particular person wasn’t around.

    • lulu says:

      Omg WTH!?!?!?!?!? That is psychotic!!!!!

      • Nancy says:

        Isn’t that creepy? I’m not sure if he’s the child of Masters and Johnson though.
        Does it come on at 7pm in your house?

        • Nancy says:

          He divorced Virginia after 23 years and went on to marry his childhood sweetheart.
          I couldn’t find any info on them having any children together. Dang the man gets
          around which is weird as he’s not comfortable around women.

          • lulu says:

            Its all conflicting?? Yes two children a girl and a boy from his first wife. Google william masters children and read the nytimes article. It conflicting?? Here is this “socially” awkward man that was on many sport teams and a debator. Strange.

            • Nancy says:

              That is interesting. I’m trying to figure out why he went into OB/Gyn as he really
              didn’t want to have children and he really had a hard time around women.

              • lulu says:

                Problems with rejection? His mother set that tone. To become “intimate” requires trust I wonder if that was the extent of his “women” issues.

            • Nancy says:

              Wait a minute. Wasn’t Libby his first wife? So they went on and had 2 children
              with each other? From the upcoming previews it looks like she is going to leave him.

        • lulu says:

          I was just wondering that???

          I’m in central standard time zone it comes on at 9pm. Looks interesting!! No spoilers if you see it first!! Btw since its signed on for 9 seasons you think Dr Ruth will make an “appearance?”

  12. Nancy says:

    NMD…Cup of China is on right now.

  13. ladebra says:

    So this is a chipmunk and not a squirrel, but it’s still cute!

  14. LaineyLainey says:

    I am finally watching I dream of nene. The wedding! Yay! Good background for 1) folding laundry and 2) de cluttering these mounds of paper. This paper clutter makes me so nervous. Makes me want to eat. Tmi? Big glass of water by my side. Trying to be goooooooood.

    My dvr is set for tonight and tomorrow.

  15. I am so confused and disappointed!! I thought BH and NY were starting this week!!!! UGH!!! So BH is Monday, tonight is Miami, don’t watch it… sad, I was sooooo excited!!! 😦

  16. not THAT Jill™ says:

    Kelly is so nutty….

    • Lulu says:

      Yes Kelly we are all stoopid! Our eyes deceived us. Scary island NEVER happened!

    • Powell says:

      Uggghhhhhhhh. Kelly or JZ? I can’t decide which one can’t let go of being fired the most.

    • The original F Nut 🙄

    • Nancy says:

      5150 stat!!!!!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Poor thing!

    • VV™ says:

      Don’t crucify me for what I am going to say. I remember a lot of chatter on Twitter about Kelly being medicated at the time of Scary Island. Those talks quickly fizzled. I was a B fan at the time and didn’t believe it. Also, I didn’t know how much manipulation producers had their hands on these shows.
      Thinking back now and how the story line played out, it is obvious to me that Bravo made it a point to make Kelly look crazy ( not that she needed too much help in that department) BUT all the cast mates including the ones that didn’t go on the trip stayed on script about the “breakdown”.
      I’m not saying I believe Kelly 100% but there is something there that happened that we AS ALWAYS were not told.

      • Nancy says:

        I wonder if Bravo did make her go as Kelly said during the reunion?

        • VV™ says:

          I wonder if they medicated her too. Remember Jac Daniels claimed on Twitter she was given Xanaxat a reunion taping. She quickly deleted that tweet.
          I am more suspicious now because of the scenes to validate Kelly had a breakdown. What would cause her to have a breakdown? What was her mental state during filming and she show any symptoms? I mean “something” must have triggered that behavior…

          • Nancy says:

            I don’t believe they medicated her. Kelly hated to be in one place. Remember she
            always came late and left early to all of her engagements. I think putting her on a
            boat and then an Island that she couldn’t leave started “something” in her to go off.

            • VV™ says:

              Maybe that triggered it. I just think Bravo is a little at fault somehow because they were very obvious they wanted to make her look crazy ( I tend to be very skeptical when Bravo is so obvious). The HWs can’t talk due to contract…
              Maybe in time we’ll know the full story.

              • Nancy says:

                What I didn’t like was when they were all running away from the dinner table
                to go and laugh about what was happening. She brought that up at the reunion and
                they told her she was crazy. I thought that was rather mean.

                • not THAT Jill™ says:

                  Nancy-they ran away to get away from her-she was being totally insane!! Bethenny was laughing b/c everyone was finally seeing what she knew all along

                  • Nancy says:

                    I hear you but I didn’t see the humor in it as she was clearly having a nervous breakdown.

                    • not THAT Jill™ says:

                      I thought that when she was really losing it they bucked up and helped her out. Don’t forget that she was poking Bethenny the entire trip-I don’t think I would have been to kind to her right away either. She was an annoying pain in the ass to everybody up to that point.

        • not THAT Jill™ says:

          I don’t believe Bravo made her go-her ego made her go. maybe they told her that she wouldn’t be filmed as much if she didn’t go or maybe one of the other girls told her that.

      • not THAT Jill™ says:

        Yes VV something happened-Kelly went off the script and then tried to control it all. She was visibly nuts the entire trip-from the second she got off the plane. She was in a state of delusion and no matter what was said to her she couldn’t or wouldn’t comprehend what was happening. I think she did have a break down-I think they got her off the island quick b/c the others were ready to leave -they knew she was becoming unglued. They have all said that Kelly’s behavior on Scary Island was so much worse than what we saw-and I believe it. Her behavior after and to this day is proof to me that what happened on Scary Island it was something she will never admit to or actually address because she was either breaking down or on some serious drugs.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Why would you be crucified for stating your opinion? Burned at the stake, maybe. Crucifixion, no, uh uh, not gonna happen.

      • chismosa™ says:

        Totally with you on this VV—–

  17. Lulu says:

    Nancy this has bugged me since i heard the interview Michael Sheen gave. Virginia Johnson claimed that she only slept with Dr Masters out of fear of losing her job. The woman is not stupid it was the 50’s and she was a single mother. I imagine the same opportunities today for single mother’s didn’t exist then?? When she says basically he took “advantage” of her. I think they both did married him for financial stability in exchange for sex.

    • Nancy says:

      There had to be something there as they stayed married for 23 years. Single mothers
      didn’t have choices like we have today unfortunately so I’m sure many stayed married
      out of necessary. I wonder what would have happened if their study was never done?
      It really was the sexual revelation that started it all for us women.

      • Nancy says:


      • I always thought it was WWII and the women becoming the primary workforce during those years and coming out of the kitchen. My mother suggested it was the invention of the pill. I guess you could say the pill was the catalyst for the revolution. I would just add to it then, that the women got a taste, during the war, of being something besides Mom and wife.

    • Nancy says:

      Lulu…we have to remember that most of the research that was done for this show
      had to have been pro Virginia as Dr Masters had already passed away.

  18. Powell says:

    I watched the last 2 epis & now the reunions of ATL. Kim & NeNe hugging was the best part of the reunion cuz they were real friends way before ATL. The funniest thing was NeNe & Kandi’s reactions w/Kenya & that stupid fan. NeNe would say “Oh” Everytime Kenya flicked that fan & poor Kandi looked like she wanted to change seats w/Porsha w/Kenya & that fan.

  19. All right – almost time for Atlanta – Chat Blog!!!!!

  20. AZGirl says:

    BEEP…BEEP….BEEP…. GOOD NEWS!! Pepper update!!! Pepper has done a 100% turn around. She is jogging around the backyard and wanting to play. We are still not out of the woods yet but I am so happy to have my little “butthead” back. She is putting weight on her hindleg and acting like a typical dog. Now I just need to get her to eat. Lack of appetite is common with Valley Fever. She has lost about 3lbs this week.

  21. djprincessc says:

    Hi everyone. Its 8p here in CA so I’m watching the Laker game and guess who is sitting at the very bottom very front row?? BRANDI! She look flawless! Hardly any makeup but so pretty. Idk who shes with though. Can’t wait to see Atlanta and Miami after the game! XOXO to you all!

    • not THAT Jill™ says:

      She tweeted that she was going to the game-she got the tickets from the podcast co. She works for…I think I remember her saying her agent was going with her?

      • VV™ says:

        I guess she’s a placement product tonight. You got it give it to her agent. He’s working hard promoting her. Brandi was in North Carolina for a book signing yesterday. I have yet to see pictures of the event and turnaround.

        @BrandiGlanville: Wow I’m annoyed! Heading to Laker game bye

        Original Message:

        • not THAT Jill™ says:

          She was having a lot of trouble getting the info out about her trip-she didn’t know where she was going to be-basically she had no details…I think being her agent is not an easy job!!

  22. VV™ says:

    @joycegiraud: Hi Lovers!Want to thank U all 4 the support on this new journey #RHOBH Im in China for a UNESCO charity so I won’t replying so quickly😘X❤X❤

    Original Message:

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