Brandi Glanville, Lisa Vanderpump and Scheana Jancan – Three Worlds Collide plus Real Housewives of Miami and Beverly Hills Cast Blogs Blogged

Brandi Glanville, Lisa Vanderpump and Scheana Jancan – Three Worlds Collide by NMD

In March 2009, after tabloids got wind of Eddie’s affair with LeAnn Rimes (who was also married at the time), Brandi stood by her man. She called LeAnn a stalker – saying, “She refuses to leave us alone—it is shameful and scary.  People are going to say it takes two to tango and I get that, but at some point LeAnn needs to stop asking him to dance.”

A few months later, 24 year old model, Scheana Jancan – come forward in the tabloids to accuse Eddie of cheating on her as well, claiming to be Eddie’s long-term mistress of 3 years.  This was the last straw for Brandi, and she left him in July of 2009.

Scheana continued her stint with the tabloids into the fall, claiming that Eddie was now cheating on Rimes with her.  By then Brandi and Eddie were over, as were LeAnn and Dean.   Here’s the source.  Eddie was not pleased with Scheana’s run to the tabloids, and filed a 1 million lawsuit against Life and Style for publishing a story saying that he was cheating on LeAnn.  He went on to marry LeAnn Rimes in April of 2011.

Brandi Glanville joined The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Season 2 of the show – filmed in the winter-spring on 2011.  During the show, at an event at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant SUR, Glanville bumped into waitress Scheana Jancan.  It was not likely that the encounter was planned by production or Lisa Vanderpump as Jancan was not “wired.”

UPDATE:  I stand corrected – Michelle on twitter sent me this photo of some old tweets with NaughtybutNice Rob where he said the encounter was staged.


Lisa asked the waitress to leave the event so as to not make her guest uncomfortable.  Brandi explained the encounter in her January 17, 2012  blog:

“Looking down at this waitress who was serving me meatballs, I realized she was the reason I finally left my husband. When the news broke of Eddie having an affair with LeAnn Rimes, he denied it and we entered into marriage counseling. I wanted to save my marriage and keep my family together and thought I could forgive this one time mistake. Maybe a month later this women (the waitress at Sur) was on Access Hollywood crying and speaking about her relationship with my then-husband Eddie. She went on and on about how she couldn’t leave him even after she found out I was pregnant with our second child. She cried saying Eddie didn’t have the decency to break up with her before starting an affair with LeAnn Rimes. Ummmm that was it for me!!! I packed my stuff and moved to the Beverly Hills Hotel but not before putting a few well deserved gashes into the tires of our Harley Davidson motorcycles. Eddie is lucky I didn’t cut something else off!!

So there this woman was serving me food, that I had only ever seen on TV sharing her story with the world. I couldn’t help myself, I blurted out “you use to sleep with my husband.” She had a huge, very smug smile on her face and said, “Yes I did,” and went over to tell Lisa we had a problem. The truth of the matter is that regardless of how I felt about this woman, I owed her a giant thank you. Who knows how long I would have stayed with Eddie if she hadn’t told her story to the press? She made me realize that a zebra never changes his stripes and I needed to leave.”

Lisa wrote in her blog about that episode: “Scheana alerted me to the fact that she had been involved with Brandi’s ex-husband whilst she was married to him. I didn’t know the details, but I didn’t have to. Although I didn’t know Brandi very well, she was my guest and I wanted her to feel at ease so Scheana had to go. She could work at the restaurant next door. . .”

It was later that year that Brandi and Lisa developed a friendship, cemented when Brandi took Lisa’s side during the Reunion taping.  In return for Brandi having her back, Lisa took Brandi under her wing.  Season 3 of the show centered around their strange relationship, where Brandi became Lisa’s personal project of the year.  This was Lisa’s MO.  Season One had been Cedric – who by the time the show had finished airing had turned on Lisa – even though she had supported him for years.  Season Two Lisa was focused on her daughter’s wedding, but with that out of the way – Season Three was given to Lisa mentoring Brandi Glanville, and Brandi in turn treating Lisa and her husband Ken as some sort of parent figures.   Brandi again showed loyalty to Lisa by agreeing to an on-air scene where she “sat down” with Scheana Jancan in the premiere episode of Lisa’s spin-off – Vanderpump Rules.  This was the opening scene of the entire series, and showed the two ladies having a heart-to-heart to clear the air.  Lisa explained it in her blog (January of 2012) as follows:

Sometimes, planets collide and this what happened regarding Brandi and Scheana. It became increasingly difficult to avoid embarrassing situations and possible confrontations at inappropriate times. I was juggling schedules so that wouldn’t occur. When Brandi spontaneously appeared at Villa Blanca I moved Scheana to another section so that she wouldn’t be waiting on Brandi. It was embarrassing, so therefore we all decided that ultimately a meeting would be mutually beneficial.

I would like to imagine that if ever I was placed in that situation, I would be as gracious as Brandi. To sit opposite the young woman that had been having an affair with my husband whilst you were married is not something I believe I could cope with. These two women knew that a meeting would change the dynamic between the three of us, so they, with much trepidation, entered into an extremely vulnerable situation, opening their hearts and souls for all to witness.

In retrospect, I think it was good idea. The ice had been broken. I don’t think Brandi was prepared for the information that Scheana revealed, with regard to him helping her move, meeting her mother, taking trips. . .all very hurtful. But it ultimately confirmed what she had suspected — that this was more than a casual fling.”

Brandi also explained why she agreed to sit down with Scheana in her blog:

I don’t think people realize how close Lisa and I have become over the past year and a half and how incredibly awkward it is for her, myself, and even Scheana when I dine at SUR — which is far more often then you see on camera. There is always some double-checking and whispers of what section Scheana is in and where we should sit and it’s made me feel bad for Lisa and just uncomfortable in general. With that said I, after much, much, much thought decided to meet with Scheana because I had known for sometime she wanted to clear the air with me.

I have mourned my 13 year relationship to Eddie at this point. He is remarried and I am in a great place in my life. That said, hearing details of the time she spent with Eddie while we were married and I was pregnant just seemed cruel and unnecessary. I believe she knew the entire time that he was married with a family. I believe it is and was just as much Eddie’s fault as hers, and I truly hope she’s learned a big lesson from her past mistakes and realizes cheating doesn’t just hurt one person — but friends and entire families as well. I have seen her a few times since our sit down and I always say, “Hello. . .get me some coffee.” JK!”

What seems clear to me is that the sit down dredged up more than it resolved between the two ladies.  Scheana – intentionally or not – was cruel tell Brandi all of the details of her affair with Eddie.  There are just some things we don’t need to know.  Lisa was prophetic in saying that the meeting would change the dynamic between the three women.  It did.

Things began to unravel between Brandi and Lisa mid-way through 2013.  Brandi gave an interview to an Australian magazine saying that she didn’t understand how fond Lisa was of Scheana, which led to a hiccup in her relationship with Lisa.  What may have started as a hiccup seems to have turned into the demise of a friendship.  Brandi has taken to twitter to plead with viewers to wait before they judge her,

Tweet to Brandi: “I’m dumbfounded at how ALLLLL these ppl are upset with @BrandiGlanville 4 turning on Lisa when NOBODY even knows what happened yet.”

Brandi:  “I know it’s so frustrating they assume I crossed her but what if it’s the other way around”

Lisa continues to pretty much ignore all of Brandi’s tweets and jabs.  The high road has worked for her for the last three years – so it’s a strategy she’ll probably stick with.

But what is going on with Lisa and Scheana?  It appears likely that as Brandi began to stand on her own two feet with a NY Bestselling Book, and as Brandi began to establish relationships with other cast members such as Yolanda Foster, she no longer needed Lisa, and Lisa no longer took on Brandi as her latest underdog project.  Ironically, it appears as though Scheana stepped in to fill that role in Lisa’s heart.

This relationship has caused tensions not only between Brandi and Lisa, but also Lisa and the cast of Vanderpump Rules – who are also her employees at SUR.

From Tom’s blog:

“Oh, and now her [Scheana] and Pandora are bestie’s wearing the same outfits. . .Jeez. . .Watching Scheana dry-hump Pandora kinda says it all. I feel the tooth thing is one more thing that Scheana used to get her to be Lisa’s favorite.
See, Scheana was insecure at that point because she knew full well that she had violated our trust, and the fact that she refused to admit this further more annoyed most of us. Instead she spent her time manipulating Lisa with constant tears, who facilitated bullying us into formal apologies because of this damn tooth situation. It overall put a wedge between Scheana and the rest of us and further added to the tension between Kristen and Lisa, as well as Stassi and Lisa.”

As for Lisa – she’s clearly team Scheana – writing in her blog:

I had decided to meet Pandy as she wanted to buy a dress for her birthday. Scheana came along too. They were sharing their birthday as it falls on the same day and I said they could organize a lunch at the house. There was an unresolved issue amongst the group of girls and I understood that Scheana was hurt. To minimize what had happened when she fell and smashed her teeth was unfair of Stassi. The poor girl has had to endure bone grafting and many painful operations. Scheana had been incredibly supportive of Stassi previously and didn’t particularly need her but would’ve welcomed the support at such a vulnerable time.

Stassi was once again cozy with her group of friends and had no need for Scheana. Stassi should take heed and remind herself as we venture forward who has been loyal to her in the past.”

For some reason I was under the impression that Scheana was one of a long string of Eddie Cibrian mistresses – but she was more than that – she was the woman that continued an affair with Eddie even after she found out that Brandi was pregnant with her second child.  She was the straw that broke their marriage, and she continues to be a thorn in Brandi’s side.  I’m not sure I’d be able to move past that – and I’m not sure I’d be able to be best friends with someone that had taken Scheana on as a pet project or second daughter.  That said, I doubt Lisa did this to intentionally hurt Brandi – but it obviously did sting.

So while I can sit back in my armchair and judge these women, in this case, I think Brandi’s feelings are real and validated – and I’m going to cut her some slack.  It’s one thing for Lisa to allow Scheana to keep her job, but it’s another to take her on as a pet project.  Perhaps Lisa needs another hobby.



First of all a big THANK YOU to HydrangeaHussy for blogging Real Housewives of Miami and the Cast Blogs.  She’ll be continuing on with Vanderpump Rules.


Real Housewives of Miami – Blogs Blogged by HydrangeaHussy

Lisa is the only to post a blog between the Vegas episode & the season finale, but it mostly covers last week’s episode since she didn’t blog then.

Lisa Hochstein

“Lisa’s ‘Peacemaker’ Problems”

 I want to address the label “peacemaker” that has been assigned to me throughout the season.”  Lisa tells us that her life outside of the show is generally peaceful, but that “being on this show involves some negativity.”

She explains that she saw two friends unable to reconcile & that she hoped they would help her in the same situation.  “As the saying goes (words I live by), do onto others as you would have them do onto you.”  While I appreciate that she was just trying to help, it was pretty obvious that Lea did not want Lisa’s help with Adriana.  It seemed like Lea was perfectly happy ignoring the situation & didn’t really have any desire to reconcile.

I like to give everyone that comes into my life a fair chance and I try not to judge their past. I realize everyone makes mistakes, and I myself am guilty of that too.”  My issue with Adriana is that she didn’t admit her mistake; she kept lying in an attempt to cover up her lies.  “I also never forget that there are two sides to a story and then there is the truth.”  I have to respect Lisa for staying fairly neutral in the Lea/Adriana fight.

I felt Joanna was angry at the world while planning her wedding and took her frustrations out on me, since I was probably the one closest to her at that time amongst the group.”  As I said in the show blog, just because Joanna was stressed about her wedding did not give her the right to insult & attempt to humiliate Lisa.  Joanna’s comments, at Lea’s party & in Vegas, were uncalled for & below the belt.  I also think that Lisa should have chosen a different place to talk to Lea & then not discussed it with Joanna. “I was deeply hurt and embarrassed that she chose to pick a fight with me at a public event, swore at me, and kicked me out of her wedding. I don’t need friends who don’t need me, so I felt at the time relieved she was showing this side of herself to me.” We’ve all seen this side of Joanna, so I’m not sure why Lisa was surprised.  Joanna has always been a loose cannon, ready to turn on anyone who doesn’t agree with her 100%.  “When Joanna apologized and asked me to again be in her wedding, I was hesitant but was trying to be understanding of her situation. I just wanted to move forward, so I accepted.”

Adriana de Moura

“Lea’s Lip Service”

Joanna and I were bonding for the first time, and I did enjoy the effort on both our parts. Every minute spent together was so nice! I sure was on my best behavior and sincerely wanted to focus on the present and hope for the best in the future.”  She tells us that she felt more comfortable with Joanna on the trip than Lea, which I think was obvious to anyone watching.  It was nice to see Adriana really try to move past her issues with Joanna and have fun.  She was like the old Adriana, the fun-loving girl from Season 1.  It was also nice to see Adriana stay out of the drama between Lisa & Joanna.  Amazing how much she can change when she’s away from the Mean Girls.

She hoped to have some relaxation in the spa after a long trip, “However, to my surprise, I saw Lea’s wrath unleashed on me once more.”  It was obvious to me from the beginning that Lea is done with Adriana & had no intention of moving on.  “I had believed her when she said she wanted to move forward. But she didn’t keep her word.”  Adriana seems genuinely hurt by Lea’s inability to forgive & move on.    “I forgive her, wish her the best, and hope she finds the kindness in her heart to stop hating.”  I hope that Adriana can move on & move past Lea.

Adriana wishes nothing but the best for Joanna & Romain.  “I like what their minister said: “…a marriage starts with the vows that you speak.” I absolutely agree with that!”  I like that!  A marriage is so much more than a ceremony, though that seemed to be the focus this season.  “May both our weddings be lasting unions, because there is nothing more lovely in life than the union of two people whose love for one another has grown thought the years.”  Surprising maturity from Adriana & perhaps the beginning of a new attitude.

Joanna Krupa

“Joanna’s Perfect Day”

Watching Lea with the strippers made my night! I couldn’t stop laughing, because I never thought Lea would be such a team player and go along with it.”  That may be true, but I can’t see Lea sitting on the sidelines at any time, regardless of what’s going on.  She seems to command attention & always have to be the center.  Joanna admits that her only mistake was planning the bachelorette so close to the wedding, “It was too risky the way I planned it.”  I agree, they were just asking for a disaster.

I will admit planning the wedding in less than 3 months was definitely a challenge, especially since the wedding was taking place on the opposite coast.”  She thanks her wedding planners, who were instrumental in getting the wedding accomplished.  After all of her complaining & stressing, it was good for her to admit to having help.  Most brides I know are completely on their own, regardless of how far away their venue is.

It was such a blessing that so many of my closest friends and family members were able to put their lives on hold and come from all over the world to witness my special day with Romain.”  She goes on to explain that the Thursday date was the only date available at her venue.  It has to have been a disappointment that Romain’s family was unable to attend.  She can’t resist a little dig at Adriana, “I wanted everything to be perfect, and the most important thing for me is to make sure I am on time so my guests are not disrespected and they don’t have to wait on the bride to be.”  We all know that Adriana was very late to her wedding & I’ve spent more than enough time criticizing her for that.

Lisa Hochstein

“Lisa’s Vegas Regret”

Lisa begins, “as I’m sure you may know, this week was a bit rough for me. I think with everything I had going on in my personal life at this time, it all caught up to me in Vegas.”  She explains that she was disappointed that Lenny could not attend the wedding with her.  She admits that “Unfortunately, I had way too much to drink. Watching the end of this episode had me cringing with embarrassment.”  It takes a strong woman to look at her behavior & admit her mistakes.  I think we’ve all been there at one point or another.  I’m just glad that mine mistakes aren’t on national tv. “I regret going off on Alexia. She was in her own way trying to calm me down and fix the situation. … I want to apologize to my husband, friends, family and fans for the way I acted during Vegas.”

She comments on how different a situation can appear when watching it.  “I realize now after watching the whole season, Joanna has consistently thrown jabs my way. I’m not even sure why she asked me to be in her wedding or why I accepted. For the entire season, I had been nothing but nice to her, never spoke behind her back, and thought we had a friendship of some kind. She was very quick to kick me while I was down on that bus in Vegas and showed her true colors.”  I’ve already commented on how below the belt I found Joanna’s comments to be.  She knew what Lisa was struggling with and chose that moment to lash out at her. I don’t think it was a matter of Joanna finally showing her true colors, but merely Lisa finally seeing Joanna for who she is.  She reveals that she & Joanna are no longer friends.


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Blogs Blogged Part 2 by Stars99

Disclaimer:  Warning!  Warning!  The following opinions expressed on this blog are the from the blogger’s perspective alone and do not necessarily reflect the general opinions of this blog, the owner of the blog, any organization in which it is affiliated, other commenters, or any other living, breathing, sane person.  The blogger has been under the influence of cold/flu medicines for the last few days and she may have just coughed herself into blogging oblivion.  Read at your own risk.  While no housewife was harmed in the writing of this blog, a spider was not so lucky.  Poor spider.

As promised previously, below are the blogs for Kyle, Lisa, and Yolanda.  If you want to see the other blogs look at yesterday’s posting.  The same disclaimer applies today – So you have been warned!  Lol… Let the snarking begin!

Kyle Richards

Kyle starts, “Season 4! I can’t believe it. This season proves to be rockier than ever.”

Thanks for the warning!  Kyle speaks wonderfully about Yo and Brandi and then says, “Things change a lot this season and the dynamics among the group change drastically.” Sighs, okay you guys – I know I’m totally being manipulated by the whole bunch of them… But sadly, I’m very interested to know what the heck happened to these pretend relationships!  Lol… Hopefully, you’ll watch along with me this season!

Kyle continues, “Lisa had always wanted to do Dancing With the Stars, so I am sure she was excited. At this point, we had not spoken since the Reunion last year. The accusations hurled at Mauricio were so offensive and calculated that there really wasn’t anything to say. I said how I felt at the reunion and left it at that.”

Kyle, do you mean the accusations that Mauricio is especially nice to business clients who are also friends?  I honestly think Mauricio works really hard and someone is only on his radar if there is a potential “business opportunity” – He doesn’t seem to have much time for much more than that.  One of the tough things about being rich is that people are always looking at the dollar signs above your head and angling to get something from you.  It’s exhausting.  Mauricio is an opportunist… and I truly think he looks at most people as potential clients.  It’s part of what he does and how he does it – but not all real estate agents are like that.

Kyle blogs, “I had made many efforts to repair the relationship with Lisa, but at this point it really was so damaged. However, I don’t like having any bad feelings between friends or former friends — which is why I make another effort to “patch” things.”

Do you honestly want us to believe you were trying to “patch things” by asking Lisa to cater your event?  Really?  Of course this was Bravo’s plan to dovetail both shows into each other.  It’s hysterical you are trying to take credit for trying to repair your fractured relationship with Lisa with this little event.  Well, it would be hysterical if it wasn’t so sick.  But you’re not alone – everyone is trying to get us to believe it.

Kyle continues, “Having SUR cater my party for the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce party was my way of trying to fix things with Lisa. Even though I really was hurt at the Reunion, I don’t want to hold onto that forever.  Some of my friends have questioned why I would even want to repair things with Lisa after everything. Well, not only did we once have a genuine friendship, but we are in the same circle of friends and both have our businesses on the same street. Life would certainly be much easier if we could be close like we once were. That proves to be difficult with Lisa taking one jab after the next at me. That day, in addition to her jabs, she brought up the subject of the lies in the tabloids that had intentionally tried to hurt my family.”

Can we please dispense with the concept that you had any input in who catered your party for the opening episode of RHOBH wherein the newbies had a pretend reason for meeting all of you?  It does sadden me that you guys can’t be congenial – but wasn’t it you who wanted to remain besties with Lisa?  Lisa snipes.  She snipes in front of your face and behind your back.  She cloaks it as all being part of humor – and part of it really is her type of humor – the other part is pure b*tch.  But Kyle, you have taken more than your share of jabs at Lisa, also… let’s be fair.

Kyle blogs, “We have all had lies printed about us and we all know that when you are on a reality show and putting your lives out there this can happen. But we also know that the last thing we would want to do is bring it up to give these lies a platform and make us relive this again in six months — which is what I am having to do now. Lisa said in her interview that it was the elephant in the room and she thinks the best thing to do is just “hit it head on with me” Really? Why wouldn’t you do that in private if you wanted to bring it up? No, she waited for the cameras to be there. Not only that but also Portia, who understands and takes in everything.”

Well, the only time you guys talk to each other these days are when the cameras are around.  You’re right, she could have and should have brought it up in private.  However, you’re on a reality show that thrives on drama.  You also conveniently forget talking negatively about Lisa behind her back during this same party.  I’m sorry, but it just doesn’t make sense to me to get all defensive about people making jabs at you when you’re simultaneously doing some jabbing yourself.  You’re just not going to get much sympathy from the viewers.  You’re right – she shouldn’t have said anything that emotionally charged around your daughter.  Portia may have understood the words that were said – but surely didn’t understand their meaning – Get a grip!

Kyle blogs, “I was hurt but put it aside as I had already come this far having her to my home to discuss her restaurant catering the party. . .I knew then this wasn’t going to be easy and found myself (the first of many times) questioning why I cared so much.”

It’s okay Kyle – You have the rest of us questioning why we care so much, too.  The sad part – Is that most of you are so equally nauseating these days that we’re all gleeful to point and snark at the whole lot of you this season.  At least I am… lol… Kyle continues to blog about how “contrary to Lisa’s beliefs, I actually am a business woman now.”  The problem is Kyle, that in this same episode, you whined about how much work it is to own a store and that you had no idea about what was involved – like it was surprise you had to do anything.  You are a fledgling businessperson… and I do hope your store succeeds.  But you just can’t be so obviously naïve about the work that’s involved in owning a business and then turn around yet again and expect us to take you seriously.  I mean, I suppose we could vote on it… I mean, we could pretend we’re a Chamber of Commerce, right?

Kyle writes, “I was surprised at how close Lisa and Scheena are. I can’t imagine that is easy for Brandi to see considering the history and her own close friendship with Lisa. This was also the first time I met Carlton and Joyce. Both of whom I liked right away. As well as their husbands.”

Oh puhleeze… the whole reason Scheana is still around is because she’s friends with Pandora – we’ve all known this for ages because otherwise I’m sure that Lisa would have gotten rid of her a long time ago (for an appropriate offense, of course).  Kyle then goes on to talk about how she was surprised Carlton reacted to the “Nipplegate” conversation since the joke originated from Lisa.  The problem, dear Kyle – Was that you guys were talking about it with the new kids on the block for no apparent reason other than to throw a dig at Lisa.  You see, you HAVE to own throwing your own digs, too.  You all do it.

Kyle concludes, “Hold on for a bumpy ride! Season 4 is here!”

We’re holding on for dear life. Lol.

Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa starts, “Hello to you all and welcome to our fourth season of RHOBH. It has been an eventful year and a tumultuous season!”

Giggles with glee in anticipation… Lisa talks about Gigi’s photo shoot (as did many of the blogs – but they all basically said the same thing… Gigi is so beautiful…blah blah blah… I hate her…not really, I’m just jelly…lol).

Lisa blogs, “As I am sure most of you knew, I participated in Dancing With the Stars last season. It was an honor to be asked and a daunting task, that’s for sure. I was lucky enough to find myself closely ensconced and physically entwined with one of most beautiful men I have ever laid my eyes on — Gleb Savchenko. Gleb is a kind and patient man that had the challenge of transforming me into a dancer. It was a struggle, just from the amount of hours you had to commit to while squeezing life’s normal demands. And that is what I explained to Kyle. I felt I was doing many things and none of them very well, but above all I was having an amazing experience and was well aware that it would be short and sweet!”

I’m sure that was a tough experience – both physically and emotionally draining.  You’re a good sport for going on the show even though you knew you weren’t that great of a dancer…

Lisa continues, “Kyle had asked me to cater an event for her. It isn’t something we often do — to take our chef away from the restaurant. Transporting the food and staff is just too complicated to ever be worthwhile. While I am there, Kyle brings up the fact that there have been stories created about her being pregnant. I also mentioned that I had seen the articles about Mauricio cheating. I would prefer face-to-face to acknowledge them, and then in the same breath ridicule the constant nonsense that is often in these tabloids.”

You could have just said “No” to the catering gig. Oh wait, you couldn’t… BECAUSE THIS WAS ALL PLANNED FOR THE SHOW(S)!  Puhleeze don’t try to infer you were doing Kyle a favor by agreeing to do this event.  You insult our collective intelligence.  There are plenty of caterers who make great money doing this kind of event – Or is it that you just don’t have the right staff?

Lisa blogs, “When we enter this domain, this is the tax we pay. I have endured countless articles and malicious gossip. The previous week I had appeared on the very same magazine cover stating that they had discovered a sex tape!!! As if!!! The only way I have of dealing with and enduring these hurtful, slanderous headlines is to give them as much credence as they deserve — zero — and also reminding myself that the very same paper will be lining the bottom of a parrot’s cage tomorrow. We cannot invest emotionally, otherwise it will eat you alive.”

Yeah, celebrity and fame come with a high cost.  People like to sit behind keyboards and just make up crap with absolutely no substantiation for it and purely just for their own amusement or profit.  I prefer to keep my snark confined to what I see and hear you actually say and do.  You provide way more than enough ammo for snark, trust me.  Lisa goes on to say that she had recently been at an event and had “publicly denounced” what was being said about Mauricio’s cheating by saying “utter bulls**t.”  She said she knew this would be well documented – You gotta give it to her – She’s shrewd, that Lisa.  She also said that it was “my duty as a friend to defend them.”  See, this is where she shines so bright to me… It’s immaterial whether or not it was happening, in public you always defend your friend.  I would find ways to do it without lying outright… but there are ways.

Lisa states, “There was still the issue of Yolanda that was unresolved. I was adamant that Yolanda would never say derogatory things about me. I remained steadfast in my resolve to defend her, however I explained to Kyle that if I was prepared to ignore it, why couldn’t she? Kyle felt it was a matter of principle that she knew Yolanda was guilty, she was a liar, and was hurt that I wouldn’t believe her.  Hindsight is twenty twenty. I was warned and chose to ignore it, this is how the story begins…”

At this point, I have no idea if Yolanda said it or not, or if she even remembers saying it if she did… or in what context it was said – if in fact it was said.  I just don’t immediately trust an overly medicated Kim as a corroborating witness, ya know?  Evidently, Yo and Lisa have a pretty big falling out – because it seems like she’s saying “hindsight is 20/20” in reference to Yo, no?

Lisa writes, “At the party, we were introduced to the two new girls, Joyce and Carlton. Carlton seemed to take offense at the fact that Kyle was poking fun at me, highlighting the supposed naked scene. She felt it was disparaging, belittling to people she had only just met, when I wasn’t there to defend myself. When I witnessed it, I understood her sentiment, but as I have stated previously, the only way for me to navigate this rocky terrain is with humor when it comes to these ridiculous tabloids. If Kyle wanted to poke fun and draw attention to something that some might find embarrassing, I have no problem with it whatsoever, but I liked the fact that this quirky Brit was voicing an opinion. So thank you for watching! Until next week!”

This is vintage Lisa.  She both appreciates Carlton’s perspective and defense of her while effortlessly dismissing Kyle’s pointed digs at her with the mere stroke of her pen.  She has no problem with Kyle’s digs… because Lisa knows she owns a bigger shovel.  And it’s pink.  And sparkly.

Yolanda H. Foster

Yo begins, “Hi everyone! It has been a long time. I hope you and your loved ones are well. Life in my world has been extremely frustrating for the past year as I have been struggling through my days battling the debilitating symptoms of Lyme Disease. I know this is the path faith has assigned me for a reason, so I hope that this season I will be able to bring awareness to this silent killer and be a voice for those who can’t be heard. I’m convinced that probably everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. it’s just one more reason to always try to be kind…”

Yo, I wish health and wellness for you.  Chronic conditions are so, so tough.   I also hope you remain kind.  I’m a little nervous for you this season…

Yo writes, “It’s a joy to be out of the house and to spend the day with my Gigi at her photo shoot. Such déjà vu to be on set with world renowned photographer Marc Kayne, who I travelled the world with as a young model. It takes work to inspire and motivate our children to choose a healthy lifestyle and create an independent life for themselves, but the feeling of accomplishment when you see them thrive is beyond words. Besides her modeling career, Gigi wants to study criminal psychology and move to NYC.”

It’s got to be fun to watch your kids thrive.  Gigi has a lot of opportunities served to her on a platinum platter that the average bear never gets – So I hope she continues to take advantage of them and is grateful for them.

Yo writes, “I am excited for Brandi to get her new place with a new beginning. Finding that financial independence away from a broken relationship is probably one of the most powerful places a woman can get to. I promised to help Brandi with furnishing her place because she asked and even though I am dragging my ass, I always do what I say I am going to do. I have been where she is going, so I am committed to help her find the best deal out there. Because no matter what your budget is you must always spend your money wisely.”

Tru dat.  Yo then talks about how proud she is of Lisa for being on Dancing with the Stars and how nice it is to see Kyle in her store.   She does recognize that Kyle didn’t really understand what a Chamber of Commerce is, though. Lol.  Yeah, we all noticed that, Yo.

Yo writes, “There are so many catering services in this town. The fact that she is choosing to hire Lisa’s restaurant, SUR, to do her party is once again a clear example of first degree ass kissing and maybe the greatest lie of all! Even her own daughter is pointing this out to her. What kind of message does that send to her children? She belittles Lisa and then turns around and pretends nothing ever happened. It’s all so fake and confusing to me.”

Can we please STOP with this nonsense that anyone had any choice in who catered this event! I’m exhausted.

Yo blogs, “Kyle’s perception of Lisa’s and my friendship is the same perception of our conversation in Paris, which in both cases is wrong.  The Paris conversation in this boring debate took place one-and-a-half years ago, and it will forever more be her word against mine. But honestly, she must have nothing more substantial going on in her life to still be feeling the need to talk about this. It’s interesting to watch her try to minimize my relationship with Lisa and obsessively try to attack my integrity as a human being. How many times can you call someone a liar in one episode? Most psychologists would call that projection.”

I’m not sure they’d call it “projection”… I think it’s an obsession.  Kyle is gonna go after anyone who is closer to Lisa than she is for some reason.  I honestly don’t know who is lying in this situation – or who is not clearly remembering the conversation as it unfolded.  We only know one sentence that was allegedly said – and not the context in which it was said.  For example, my brother swears I said something when he was here last year – and I honestly have absolutely no recollection that I said it.  I’m not saying that I didn’t say it – I just can’t imagine that I did say it or that I would say it.  It’s baffling to me – but I know my brother doesn’t lie… I mean, he really doesn’t lie… so I believe him… I just wish that I could remember exactly what happened.  For all I know, he could have misheard me…lol…  I’m not lying and he’s not lying – We just don’t agree on what transpired.  In this instance, I feel it is the unique time for me that it’s okay to use “if” in an apology, “I apologize if I said it – because that is not what I meant at all.  I’m sorry that my words hurt your feelings.”  To me – Kyle and Yo need to build a bridge and move on.  The thing is, I find Lisa amusing to watch on TV but I wouldn’t want to be friends with her – And I’m not so sure why Kyle is continuing to desperately try to get Lisa’s attention… Even if it’s negative attention just like a little kid would.  Ignoring Kyle was Lisa’s most strategic tactic because it got under Kyle’s skin.

Yo then says some nice things about Kim and her dog.  She also says she thinks she should have followed her intuition and not attended Kyle’s party.  But again, you really didn’t have a choice, did you?  She reacts to Kyle’s audible response on the show when Kyle first saw Yo walk into the party and she thinks it shows how fake Kyle really is.  She wishes Kyle had the nerve to sit down with her and talk with her about what she thinks about Yo rather than to be talking to everyone else about it.  Well Yo, she kind of did at the Reunion, no?  You shut her down… I’m not sure what more can be said at this point.

Yo then snipes, “I don’t really understand how our show gets mixed in with Vanderpump Rules, but my only comment is, I’m wondering why Scheana is still working for Lisa? Wouldn’t you think you would fire someone if you found out they destroyed your best friend’s marriage?”

Oh Yo, you’ve been listening to Brandi again and you’re clearly no longer amiable with Lisa.  I just think it’s disingenuous of all parties to have a big televised make-up scene (between Scheana and Brandi filmed at Lisa’s establishment) and then to continue to bring that issue up ad nauseam.  Yo then ends her blog by saying that she’s looking forward to getting to know the new kids on the block and that meeting them was the only positive part of the night.  She only signed her blog with a “Y”… but I refuse to call her that and instead will stick with last season’s, “Yo” sign-off.  I’m a rebel like that, you know.  I’m disappointed to get through Yo’s entire blog with her not mentioning her lemons… Or her glass refrigerator.  Hulk sad.

Okay, that’s literally all they wrote in their blogs… See ya next week!


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182 Responses to Brandi Glanville, Lisa Vanderpump and Scheana Jancan – Three Worlds Collide plus Real Housewives of Miami and Beverly Hills Cast Blogs Blogged

  1. T-Rex says:

    I want to point out again that the Chamber of Commerce did not place this party on their social calendar, I searched, all Chamber events are open to ALL Chamber members. This was a Bravo-induced party, with a smattering of Chamber members to make it look legit! VileKyles sister’s company Hilton and Hyland has been a LONG time member of the BH Chamber of Commerce, and her husband’s company has also been a member since starting his own business. Murray knows about the Chamber, as a business owner and member he would be receiving all invitations to events, meetings, probably been asked to speak at meetings/events and to even host them. This whole storyline is ridiculous. When I had a business and part of the Chamber of Commerce, they were constantly over-informing you on meetings/events and I had been asked to host an event and to speak several times.

    • not THAT Jill™ says:

      While I find the Bravo induced parts of the show to be tiring this fake party didn’t bother me so much. They needed a reason to get the gaggle together so they created a party. I think it’s way more offensive when they manipulate the story in more personal ways.

      • T-Rex says:

        It’s just weird that VileKyle and Murray had TWO fake events in the past two seasons. The Fake Murray’s business party, wherein the whole HoofMaloof/STFUBrandi stuff started with the MAJOR assist of SpaceCadetKim, lest we forget that she lit the torch on that bomb. Then this faked event catered by a restaurant that DOESN”T cater, just so that the VPR staff could be featured. So I don’t buy the whole Bravo doesn’t tell us what to do crap from any of these ladies. Told LisaV to cater the fake party that they arranged at VileKyle’s house.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Her “quaint” house. (Sorry couldn’t resist). That was mean of…who said that, Carlton?
          Ok, gotta go, or I’ll be late! Bye!

          • VV™ says:

            Yes, it was Carlyon.

          • Powell says:

            ##1 Lisa’s house isn’t quaint. 2nd Carlton obviously didn’t pay attention that Lisa & Ken downsized.

            • VV™ says:

              Carlton on her blog, referred to Kyle’s house as quaint.

              • Powell says:

                Oh. Well damn. Kyle’s house is at least 3,000 sq ft. Gosh. I guess Carlton would say I live in a fish bowl.

                • LaineyLainey says:

                  And I, a hovel. I call it the fancy hovel. From the outside it looks quite grand and then u come inside and it’s…ummm…quaintly hovel ish. Yes, she was referring to Kyle’s home which is beautiful. So snotty of ms. karltonne.

  2. not THAT Jill™ says:

    This whole Lisa Brandi Sheena(this is how I will be spelling her name from now on-I don’t care if it’s wrong I’m tired of trying to remember how she spells it) is annoying. Brandi had no trouble sitting down with sheens last season when her and Lisa were BFF-she wanted to do that scene for Lisa-she knew she HAD to do that scene for Lisa-now Brandi is quite confident she no longer needs Lisa’s coat tails so NOW she is going to act upset by the whole thing. I don’t buy it-Brandi is a user and will always pick people who can help her. I understand that her real life friends say she is a great friend blah blah blah-Kyle’s friends say the same thing about her-what they show on TV is quite different!!!

    • T-Rex says:

      Okay in all these other articles STFUBrandi thanks Sheena for helping her realize that she should leave Man-Candy, who is a “serial” cheater! Sheena and CrayCrayRimes were not his only extra-marital affairs! STFUBrandi even brought women into their relationship to keep ManCandy’s “candy” at home. Sheena has worked for Lisa for many years, and from all accounts is an excellent waitress and employee, how you know this is because LisaV has Sheena wait on her important customers, you don’t let just anyone do that. WHY should LisaV fire her? This is something I don’t get. Lisa has known Sheena WAY longer than she has known STFUBrandi, and she did what she thought was best and have them do a sit down to come to some sort of truce. I believe that when LisaV and STFUBrandi were friends, STFUBrandi was at Sur and Villa Blanca quite a bit, you know probably free booze and schmoozing with Lisa’s friends, and Lisa was constantly having to change schedules to accommodate that. YET, again Sheena is one of her best wait staff, she uses her with the important customers, having to pull her off those causes issues and loses money.

      • VV™ says:

        I think Schsena had been working for Lisa since 2008 or 2009. Way before Brandi was recounted by Adrienne.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      I don’t think the Sheena thing is the real reason for their fall out either; as I have mentioned, I think it’s more to do with the when the stories about Brandi and Lisa ‘confronting’ Kyle of the cheating rumors, comments on the blogs seemed to give Lisa a pass but come down harder on Brandi.

      In addition to Brandi’s RIDICULOUS twitter and life antics started to cause people to question Lisa’s judgment by associating herself with her (not to mention the pathetic hyjinx featured on VR in regards to her employees) .

      So Lisa pulled back…..and Brandi left holding the bag decided to flip the table.

      • VV™ says:

        I dont think so either. Schaenna is the EXCUSE used. A motive is needed for the demise. I have a problem with Brandi getting upset about this because Brandi is on records NUMEROUS TIMES. Saying she was okay and indifferent about it. I even remember Andy asking her and she saying so.

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          Brandi being cheated on and her husband leaving her is always her ‘go to’ card for sympathy. She is forever using is as a deflection when her own behavior is called into question.
          Even in the mists of all the scrutiny and fire she is coming under, the whole sordid tale was enough to have NMD show Brandi some kindness and understanding. IMO, Brandi is every bit as manipulative as she claims Lisa to be.

          • Cartwheels says:

            Lisa used Brandi to make a smooth transition from RHBH to VPR, Brandi used Lisa to become a full time housewife. The fact that Brandi even attempts to use the Scheanna’s excuse is pathetic but it fits Brandi’s MO, Brandi loves to play the victim, specially when it involves Eddie’s name, that is her comfort zone.

            • rabblerouser2010R says:

              Yep- more so how Bravo tried to slip the viewers of RHOBH a roofie but sneaking VPR in our dvr- or real time showing. As if any of these shrews didn’t know that it was a production driven angle from the get go is blatant lie and fraud on their part.

    • Powell says:

      I don’t understand it. Brandi can still be sad about the breakup of her marriage & be mad at Eddie & all the women he slept w/but she can’t dwell on it if she wants a better life. She has to move on. And Lisa employed Sheena long before she knew Brandi & if she wants to be friendly w/Sheena that’s her biz. Lisa has said she doesn’t condone what Sheena did & she understands Brandi’s feelings. Brandi is going to live a miserable existence if she’s walking around w/a smile but constantly hurting because of what Eddie did. And she needs to remember that Eddie is the one that is responsible for his actions & him alone.

      • VV™ says:

        I want a refund on her stupid book. I can’t believe I used to support her. She needs to stop making the situation worse.

        I hate it when HW think people are stupid!

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          It’s okay VV, you can send her a message by not buying her second book.

          But it looks like she is already anticipating a sales slump which is probably why she is being very quick to point out that e-book sales do not count towards ‘best seller’ stats.

          • VV™ says:

            I’m never getting my money and time back 😭😭😭😭😭😭

          • Cartwheels says:

            E-book definitely do count, that is where Brandi shined last book and she bragged and bragged some more. There is a whole category for e-books. I hate when these people think viewers are stupid.

            • not THAT Jill™ says:

              Yes there is a category for e-books now but they don’t lump it in with the sale of the actual book anymore. Best seller means people have to actually buy the book-not download-that’s a separate list. Brandi is already anticipating the fact that this book may not do as well as her first-which I would like my money back for as well VV!!! I bought it to support I said but I really bought it to see how dreadful it was-only I didn’t really have anyone to talk about the suckiness of it with so it was a real waste of money for me!!

  3. Nancy says:

    NMD…Are you watching? I’m loving Johnny Weir. So glad he’s going to be doing the Olympics.

  4. LaineyLainey says:

    Oh thank you baby Jesus, a NEW blog. Too bad I can’t stop to read it now…it looks Juicy. I have a work related social OBLIGATION (resentful much?) to tend to this afternoon, then a quick stop at the Walmart for this week’s supplies Until later, my peeps!

  5. lulu says:

    Nancy!!!! Hope your day is going well!! So the good Dr ok really (Michael Sheen) is really dating Libby (Cailin Fitzgerald) in real life!!!!!!!!!!!!! How the heck did she or is she dealing with the “love making” scenes!?!?!? I wouldn’t be too happy!!

    The governor was “disruptive” see typical two year old during mass. Afterwards the priest pulled me aside and in a nutshell told me to never come back!!!!

    • not THAT Jill™ says:

      You should have told the priest that you asked God if he had a problem with the Gov being disruptive and God said no!!!

    • Nancy says:

      Hi Lulu…I can’t picture them together as he usually goes for the famous ones.

      What did you say to that priest if I may ask? I hate mean people. Life is hard enough.

      • lulu says:

        Poor Lizzy Caplan has no chance!!

        • Nancy says:

          LOL You really don’t like her do you. Why does she get under your skin so much?
          That’s what a shrink would ask you.

          • lulu says:

            Oh no I have nothing against her I’m sure in real life she’s probably nice. I just don’t like her acting its like the saying “one bad apple ruins the barrel.” Maybe she just needs more acting lessons.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Oh wow…I hope your kidding about the priest asking you not to come back to mass.

      Is there a ‘crying/family room’ at your church.

      Oh..and speaking of mass…for all you Supernatural fans ,I found out that Jensen Ackles attends Our Lady of Malibu

    • lulu says:

      That happened almost a year ago. I was polite to the priest and “apologized.”. DH said he’s lucky he spoke to me cause he would have let him have it!

  6. Amalfi says:

    Wait Shanaynay was with Eddie for three flipping yearrrrs??

    All that “I didn’t know” crap is now totally stupid.

    Yep…. she sucks. I still think Brandi is a screwball, but Skeeva is not far behind. What does poor Lisa see in these trashy people?

    • Scheana was trying to break up that marriage, and she didn’t need to tell Brandi all the details. It was unnecessary.

      • Cartwheels says:

        I agree , that was in very poor taste, it was enough that Brandi knew about the cheating, but to add insult to the injury to know so many details , even that Eddie paraded Scheanna around his friends was too much. IMO Sheanna wanted to nail the point that she was not just another one on the list of EC’s mistresses but she was sort of the “official one”
        I do believe Sheanna when she says that Eddie lied to her and told her he was separated, otherwise how to explain the much time he has available to go around with her and be around her family, but when Sheanna found out that Brandi was pregnant with her second child, she should have known Eddie’s game and quickly get out of the situation. She stayed and that tells me a lot about Sheanna and her morals.

        • Exit4 says:

          The sad thing is it’s not just sheena. Tons of women, for multiple reasons stay in relationships like this. As easy as it is to say they should have left-half the time they’re too emotionally attached and manipulated by the guy. For all we know Eddie could have told the girl it wasnt his baby.

          Thankfully, I’ve never been in this situation-but I have seen it in my social circle and with others I don’t know as well….they aren’t even always hot guys or hot girls. Sometimes there’s $$$-but there’s always lies.

          Sad as this may sound, so often the woman in the affair is satisfied with the situation and stays in it because they’re deluded into believing the guy will ultimately choose them. Or it’s better to be in this situation then “be alone”.

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          I kind of disagree the both of you. While, I think the point of Sheena giving the details was largely self serving, where she tried to pretend like not only did Eddie cheat on his wife with LeeAnn but her two- and that in her mind she wasn’t having an affair with a married man but an actual relationship….

          It ultimately puts to rest that Eddie didn’t just ‘cheat’ on Brandi, he was fixing to replace her and he did.

      • VV™ says:

        I understand she probably didn’t need to know details. The issue is they are not friends. I think Schaenna wanted to tell her side of the story so that Brandi and the rest of the world knew what a scumbag Eddie C is. She’s no innocent either. Also, with Bravo we don’t know if Brandi asked questions and Bravo chose to edit Bravo asking questions and we viewers only saw Schaenna telling details.

        • not THAT Jill™ says:

          Sheena never would have told Brandi the detail if Brandi didn’t first chose to kiss Lisa’s English bum and have a sit down on TV-you ask for it and you get it. Sounds harsh and cruel, I know, but when you sell your soul to the devil of reality TV you don’t get to choose what will happen-Brandi kind of said that about Adrienne Maloof didn’t she?

          • VV™ says:

            Nobody put a knife on a Brandi for that sit down. The way I look at it is more the price “Bravo” asked of Brandi to be considered to become a full time HW.
            It was Brandi and Brandi alone who agreed to do it. She did it for fame and to secure a place on the show. If didn’t matter if she shot that scene or not because Vpump Rules was green lighted anyways. People felt more sorry for Brandi after that scene because of the extent of Eddies betrayal than before. Brandi benefitted more ftim that scene than anybody and got more public support.

          • Cartwheels says:

            IMO it was a give and take, you support my new show and I conveniently close my eyes and ears to your lies and never call you out on them. This is why I say that a they both used each other and it is childish to cry about it now.

  7. Powell says:

    Hey everyone. It’s 57 degrees out. It’s breezy but nice. I hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

  8. California35 says:

    Lol “She has no problem with Kyle’s digs… because Lisa knows she owns a bigger shovel. And it’s pink. And sparkly.” Love it!!!

    Stars you did it again, fun read 🙂

  9. iceNfire says:

    Hello – I’m just now reading Friday’s comments and it’s tooo funny! Many were asking ‘where’s Jill?’ I found her right away but I beg to differ about the colors. jillnntj claims her sweater is brown but on my tv it’s beige. Others talk about the ab guy in the orange shirt but on my tv his shirt is red. Wonder if it’s my tv or my eyes.
    Also the blonde girl sitting on the aisle, is she a sister too? were there 4 sister there?
    So sorry Jillnntj didn’t get a gift. It’s Omarosa’s fault! She took the $10,000 that was supposed to be used for gifts on Our Jill’s day

  10. California35 says:

    NMD thanks for the recap on Brandi/Eddie/shenna. Wow! It would be tough, as much as one can move on and be ok with the past, to have to mingle around someone related to that sad past.

  11. Brandi tweeted about the blog – I’m glad I was kind to her – under all the drama – having your husband cheat on you is something that it very difficult to move past.

    @uarethequeen @NMDLynnfam @LisaVanderpump we dont hate each other i care for her very much its just a bump in our road

    • California35 says:

      Hhmm ok – so it is just a bump on “their” road? Then maybe it wont be too much of a deal and a the stuff we have read is just to create attention to the new season? If that is the case, i am glad. It’s been too confusing.

    • not THAT Jill™ says:

      I agree that having your husband cheat on you must totally suck-HOWEVER there are ways to deal with such awful things that make you look a little less nutty-for example-don’t have a sit down on national TV with your ex husbands mistress. Brandi kept saying to Sheena that Eddie treated her as a fling and Sheena shot back with-“oh but I was with him on the boat and we were together every Tuesday and he bought me diamond earrings and he met my Mom and blah blah blah”. All these things Sheena told Brandi made it seem like Brandi walked around with her head up her ass and I bet Brandi felt kind of foolish after that convo. But she brought that down on herself-if she didn’t sit down with Sheena she wouldn’t have had to hear all those things. This is the story of Brandi’s life-SHE puts herself in certain sisuations and then cries Victim. It doesn’t make her endearing to me-it makes her annoying. She creates these storms and then cries that she need protection. I’m over it-time to “woman up” and move on!!!

      • not THAT Jill™ says:

        Oh and “way to go NMD” on the mention-expect some new readers!!!

      • California35 says:

        Oh yeah! Absolutely. That was painful to see. At the same time, she did meet with her. For whatever the reason, she did meet with her.

      • Cartwheels says:

        I feel for Brandi and the cheating, even though their marriage was not conventional and the lines were very blurred; it must have hurt nonetheless, I have always believed that Brandi was in love with Eddie’s image rather than him, Eddie has cheated right and left and the list included Sheanna, who not only was a hit and run but a long term relationship.
        If must hurt terribly that your husband didn’t care so much about the world knowing you were cheated on, but as soon as Sheanna made allegations that he had cheated on Leann he cared enough to sue the publication.

        Brandi is a famewhore and Sheanna is a famewhore, if Eddie would had run into the sunset with an unknown woman, they both would had never mentioned it again, it is the fact that Eddie left with Leann Rimes that made both of these ladies famous/infamous.

        Brandi, has she acted classy, would have had all the prerogative to receive the viewers sympathy as she much did during two seasons, it is her trashy behavior and her arrested development mentality that makes people think about it twice and wonder if Eddie and her had an open door policy, or even if there is more to this story than meets the eye. One way or another Eddie should had never cheated. He broke his vows, nobody else is to blame but him.

        As far as Brandi being mad at Lisa, I just LOL, these two are not naïve ladies, Brandi has used Lisa and Lisa has used Brandi, to claim otherwise is laughable, to protest about it now is just pure BS.

    • T-Rex says:

      Glad you got the shout out from her. I would say cheating would be extremely difficult, but if he’s been cheating pretty much the whole marriage I just don’t see this as something that just “happened” out of the blue, or she was blindsided. Look Sheena was WRONG WRONG WRONG, but ManCandy is the number one reason for the issues, and STFUBrandi CHOSE to stay with him until his affair with CrayCrayRimes hit the news. I do not for a second “buy” that STFUBrandi didn’t know her husband was cheating with Sheena for three years. Sorry, his friends all knew, she knew, she CHOSE to ignore it, IMO. Even Sheena boastfully, not tastefully, stated that basically everyone around them knew. Look I don’t give Sheena a “pass” she is disgusting sleeping with a married man, but I still don’t get why folks want LisaV to fire her. She didn’t have an affair with Lisa’s husband she did with a actor who was a serial cheater.

      • Exit4 says:

        My friends husband cheated on her twice. One was a one night we at his brothers house with the sister if a friend! The second (well actually it overlapped) was a long term thing with a coworker. Who was also married. She finally told me her suspicions-and it was beyond obvious something was up. He barely tried to hide it. I offered her my AMEX number to hire a PI to follow him. Never happened because he had to confess.

        She wanted details-all the details-and she got them. Then couldn’t handle it. I wonder if Brandi sat down with sheena wanting details-then realized ignorance is sometimes bliss.

        • T-Rex says:

          I have a friend whose husband cheated and she took him back, when she suspected again, she didn’t “want to know”, she put her head in the sand for months, before I convinced her to confront him, or stalk him. We did the stalk and then when caught she confronted him. I asked her when she “knew” the second time and she said almost from the beginning, both times, she just didn’t want to see the signs. She finally divorced the SOB and is now married to a great guy.

          • Exit4 says:

            My friend was so afraid to say anything-just on the off chance she was wrong-that no one would like her husband for behaving in a way to even make her suspect he was cheating.

            He had to confess because the husband if his coworker beat us to the PI punch and caught them. He received a message that tell your wife-or I will. He used to bring her to their house (and bed) when my gf was at the shore on weekends and he was “working”.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Brandi seems to forget that Lisa doesn’t ‘do bumps in the road’ or ‘hiccups’. It’s OVER between them….DONE. Look at the hand smacking Kyle is getting for ‘not having her back’ hard enough…so given Brandi’s put a blade in it., it’s not going to wash away.

      • T-Rex says:

        RR exactly. LisaV runs with a very high-end group of folks, she doesn’t need the riff-raff hanging around if they betray her, she doesn’t need it. She is probably sick of all this gross twatter stuff and the drunken antics of STFUBrandi as well.

        • not THAT Jill™ says:

          Lisa doesn’t need the riff-raff yet she is always taking the riff-raff under her wing..Cedric Brandi and now Sheena-for a busy woman she always seems to find time to help these down and out people who never stay true to her-for a smart woman she is sometimes very dumb.

          • mm in oc says:

            I think lisa leads with trust. Once broken it cant be put back together in the same way. STFU is kidding herself if she thinks this is a bump in the road. I’m thinking 80 percent of this catty crap is for the show.

            Re schaena, she was young and stupid. She doesnt get a pass, but I think should be forgiven this indiscretion. Unlike Taylor who obviously actively pursued her lawyer. So glad shes off the show.

            Finally, I’m just plain over STFU, I thought she was fun the first two seasons, but I pretty much hate all housewives that pull this crap on supposed friends. I liled wacky too the first two seasons until she backstabbed teresa.

      • Cartwheels says:

        I sure hope so. Lisa was my favorite until she entered this awful relationship (hate to call it friendship), Lisa now has the perfect excuse to get rid off Brandi for good and I hope she takes it, no asking for apologies, no making her recite word by word, nothing, just be done with her for good.

    • kit9 says:

      I think Brandi is trying hard to minimize the fall out right now. I saw the preview and Lisa crying, yes crying, and saying some of the things Brandi had done were vicious. Aside from the eyeroll at Lisa realizing Brandi can be really mean, it was the first time seeing Lisa crying in sadness that I can remember. And smoking, too, so it looks like the break was pretty bad.

    • Nancy says:

      It wasn’t her best but I adore her. She’s been skating a very long time now but had
      to take some time off due to an eating disorder.

    • Nancy says:

      Her triple axel was two footed. She can’t do that at the Olympics.

      • She is a beautiful skater. Falling in gymnastics hurts – and it’s on a padded mat. I can’t imaging falling on a jump like that on hard ice.

        • Nancy says:

          You learn the jumps while wearing a butt pad as yes the ice is hard. lol

          • mm in oc says:

            I used to skate competitively. You train for big jumps with a harness pulley system. The coach pulls the rope to lift you so you get a feel for the jump. Then you fall about 100 times before landing. I never thought falling was a big deal when on your but. The worst falls are on knees or landing on you stomach (knocks the wind out of you). Back when I skated, tiffany chin trained at my rink. Back then the women in olympics were gold medal winners if they could complete one triple in their long program. I quit when I was leaning the double axle (needed a life outside skating and I wss too old and tall to make a life out of skating). I do have fun putting on the skates every couple years to see what I cwn still do (which isnt much haha).

            • Nancy says:

              I skated with Tiffany Chin all the time. Small world. We would use the harness while
              learning triples.

              • mm in oc says:

                Small world! Where did you skate? Costa mesa? Paramount? I never got to the triples, but I was lucky to take a class with john nicks what a great coach! Skating for two hours before school, doing homework at the rink while taking classes and lessons for 4-5 hours after school, I was bound to get burned out. It also starting to be more important to my mom than me. She was turning I to one of those stage mothers in her moon boots and down coat at the side of the rink. Broke her heart when I quit and she waxed poetic about my skating days for years after.

                • Nancy says:

                  Burbank and Ice Capades in North Hollywood. There are lots of moms like yours
                  out there sorry to say. It’s a lot of pressure needless to say. I went pro to get away
                  from all the craziness.

  12. Cartwheels says:

    Lisa states, “There was still the issue of Yolanda that was unresolved. I was adamant that Yolanda would never say derogatory things about me. I remained steadfast in my resolve to defend her, however I explained to Kyle that if I was prepared to ignore it, why couldn’t she? Kyle felt it was a matter of principle that she knew Yolanda was guilty, she was a liar, and was hurt that I wouldn’t believe her. Hindsight is twenty twenty. I was warned and chose to ignore it, this is how the story begins…”

    No dear Lisa, you were not prepared to ignored, you strategically chose to ignore it even though you already knew that what Kyle said was the truth, you chose to ignore it because you have a meeting behind cameras with Yolanda who gave you a heads up that the issue would come up at the reunion.

    t bothers me that Lisa thinks we are all too dumb or that she is losing her memory and doesn’t even remember the interviews she gives where she confirms this, it was convenient to your purpose at the time to call Kyle a liar and brush Yo’s comments under the rug because she was your allied, now that you guys have had a fall out, then it is when you let us know that you should have listened to Kyle when if fact you have known all along

    “Regarding the accusation from Kyle and Kim Richards that Yolanda Foster was trash-talking Vanderpump behind her back – which the sisters brought up on the reunion – Vanderpump reveals that her longtime friend gave her a heads up about it before the Richards did. “She kind of told me that she said something before that,” reveals Vanderpump.”

    • not THAT Jill™ says:

      This is the exact kin of thing that Lisa acts like she is above yet-she admits to all of it. What’s her game here? She’s trying to make Kyle look bad and trying to take Kyle down-same thing Kyle gets called on all the time by Lisa.

      • Cartwheels says:

        From where I seat it accomplished two things: 1)She gets to call Kyle a liar (even though she already knows she is telling the truth) and 2) Yolanda is indebted to her, well that one obviously backfired because Yolanda doesn’t give two hoots.

        Lisa made the mistake to think that she could easily manipulate Yolanda just like she did Brandi and it backfired on her big time.

        Lisa is a veteran in this business, she knows darn well that the season reunion was watched by 2+million people and that article has been read probably by 10K , so she knows it is paramount to play a good hand on the show and for the cameras.

        I am sure she never even thought that Brandi would turn on her, she probably thought that Brandi would be indebted to her forever, but as NMD astutely pointed Brandi’s star had been on the rise and Brandi thought she could play solo, big mistake and miscalculation on Brandi’s part.

      • Rebecca says:

        Kyle’s been doing it since the beginning. Lisa is hundreds of digs behind if she wants to catch up.

        I have a feeling Lisa might be true friends with Kathy Hilton with Kyle having been a second place friend, hence the bitter jealousy.

        • not THAT Jill™ says:

          Oh I think Lisa is way ahead in the dig department…

          • Exit4 says:

            Digs don’t sound like digs when said in a British accent. Like being told to eff off in French. It sounds so pretty, you think it’s a complement.

          • Cartwheels says:

            Most definitely, Kyle is nowhere close enough, mainly because she lacks the finesse of a good dig, the kind that sound like a compliment but is really an insult, while there is where Lisa excels.

        • VV™ says:

          Kyle’s been doing it since the beginning. Lisa is hundreds of digs behind if she wants to catch up.


          So so true.

    • We obviously didn’t see the whole Yo/Kyle/Kim convo in Paris. Yo did say that Lisa is not your friend – when she was trying to make a point to both Dick Sisters that friends call each other and check up on each other when one is “under the weather”.
      Both Dick Sisters were mad at Lisa. And nothing brings the Dick Sisters together like an opportunity to tag team someone (hello, slut pig party anyone?) when they both are pissed off at or jealous of someone! Kim was mad because Lisa dared to ask if she was high/won’t go along with Kim’s lost hours and who she was with crap at the cooking with a French chef evening and Kyle was mad because Lisa was having fun with Brandi and Yo and wouldn’t kiss her ass and swear they were besties on the Eifel Tower tour!
      Yo was getting really frustrated because they were not listening to the point she was trying to make because they couldn’t stop slamming Lisa. IMHO, Yo brushed the “Lisa didn’t call comment” aside with “then she isn’t your friend” to get them back on the conversational track. Yo likely gave Lisa a head’s up about that convo because it likely became obvious to her that Kyle was/is very petty and couldn’t wait to tell Lisa that Yo said that Lisa wasn’t a good friend.
      Like NMD said – sometimes you don’t remember saying something in a conversation and sometimes what is said is misinterpreted. The fact that Kyle is still gnawing at this bone is her typical, juvenile way of trying to make someone not like someone so they will only like her!! I find it pretty funny that this is the second time Kyle has gone to the “she’s a liar” play – it didn’t work with Camille and it won’t work with Lisa/Yo. Kyle really needs to go sit in the corner with a stack of her sacred tabloids and cool her jets.

      • not THAT Jill™ says:

        But it did work with Lisa b/c she does infer that she believe Kyle and says hindsight is 20/20..Lisa knows Yolanda said that about her and she knew before Kyle even told her-she says as much in the interview linked above.

  13. Powell says:

    Lulu, Nancy & Chismosa I don’t know if you saw my comment. But “Jelly. You mean marmalade?” is the funniest line so far on M& J. I didn’t DVR epi 1 but I’m on #4 right now. I’m enjoying it.

    • Nancy says:

      Hi Powell…I loved that line as well. Here’s another favorite. “What does a BJ mean?
      What are you a girl?” Masters said that to Dr Ethan Haas on the first episode after he
      had “slept” with Virginia.

    • lulu says:

      Too funny!! The lines alone are what make the series!! The series had me at the first episode when betty was with a john. She talking to Dr Masters while the john is going to town. Lol!

      • Nancy says:

        I loved when she said to her John…”Good for you”. That line was not in the script
        but they kept it in anyway.

      • Nancy says:

        I think this was the funniest ever…Masters told her that her napkin should stay in her lap.
        She responded with…”This coming from a man that watches people hump behind a door in a penguin suit.” LOL Hands down that was best one. I sure hope she comes back.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Powell the best is the young married couple who are SO religious they thought they had to just lie in bed together


  14. Powell says:

    You needed your husband’s consent to have a tubuligation.

    • Nancy says:

      You don’t these days but I have no idea what it was like back then.
      Wasn’t that a great scene between his patient and him and her little boy that
      was getting abused by his father. So glad you are all caught up Powell. 🙂

    • Ladebra says:

      I remember asking my gyro to tie my tubes for 8 years before he agreed to. This was back in the mid 70s-80s. His answer was I didn’t know what I wanted. 8 years later he believed me.

    • lulu says:

      Yes even today at some hospitals like the one I delivered Aiden from. I had to sign forms when my DH got snip snipped.

    • lulu says:

      Happy you are almost caught up !!!!

    • BB says:

      That wasn’t just in the 1950’s! Some doctors were reluctant to do it even as late as the 70’s. I had mine tied while I was in the hospital after having my second daughter in 1986. I was 31 and the doctor kept asking if I really, really wanted to do it. I guess they thought I might rethink it and want a boy or something later on. I was like, YES, just do it already. I don’t remember them wanting my husband’s permission at that point. But I knew what I wanted and gosh darnit I wasn’t going to leave until it happened. I was already in the hospital felling crappy. Just do it. And they did. I had her at 1151 that night and had my tubes tied first thing the next morning. Never, ever regretted it.

  15. Blog updated – the first encounter between Brandi and Scheana was staged. That was also the night that Cedric dropped by to see Lisa.

  16. VV™ says:

    Jill, on the prior blog you asked me to read Brandi’s interview. I said it before and I say it again. She is a user. She didn’t have a problem with Lisa or Schaenna. I think Brandi’s success got to her head and she feels powerful. She doesn’t realized WE accepted her and supported her because Lisa did. If Lisa hadn’t she would not be on HWs. I think Yolanda was whispering in Brandi’s ear. I think Kyle saw a rupture in friendship and seized the opportunity befriend Brandi because we all know Kyle has been in a mission to dethrone Lisa since S1 ended and now we have the Dicks sisters supporting Brandi.

    She’s getting clobbered on her blog. She’s been trying to put a band aid on the situation and there is no band aid enough to cover the mess SHE AND SHE alone created. She will suffer the consequences of being the disgraceful b*tch that many here knew she was before I saw the light.

    • not THAT Jill™ says:

      That interview!! She had lots to say didn’t she! She is not doing herself any favors by doing all these interviews-she looks worse everyday!! I hope to God people don’t start turning on Lisa b/c I’m enjoying all the new Brandi dislikers very much!!!

      • Cartwheels says:

        Brandi is dumb and she probably doesn’t have a good pr agent, her claim against Lisa might be legitimate but nobody cares at this point because her off season behavior and her twitter diarrhea have shown a pretty immature and prone to temper tantrums, while Lisa by the virtue of her silence has won the game before it even starts.

  17. Exit4 says:

    With the whole affair de sheena-from
    the outside looking in its so easy to see the mistress as an evil devil and the wife as a scorned sympathetic figure.

    What really happens, from what I’ve seen, is that the cheater turns the spouse into “the enemy”. (You can put he in front of this as well) She’s a nag, she’s crazy, she’s abusive. She’ll take my kids, my money, get me fired, kill herself if I leave and so on and so on. The mistress doesn’t see her cheater as a dog-but as a hapless man stuck in a situation that an unbalanced person won’t let them escape.

    It turns the mistress into a savior if sorts-the only good thing in this sad mans life. They want to protect them and please them….they have no sympathy for the wife because in their mind the wife is a bad person.

    So when sheena and Brandi cleared the air-they were seeing each other, not as women scorned by the same man-but as enemies. One as a mistress and one as the roadblock to the mistresses “happiness”. It would never occur to sheena whether it not it was right to share the details (and maybe Brandi wanted them). She doesn’t see Brandi as a person just like her-she sees her through the lens if how Eddie painted her. I’m sure it wasn’t pretty.

    • T-Rex says:

      While I am NOT giving Sheena a pass she was 21 or 22 at the time, so she was easy pickins for the debonaire ManCandy, an actor she had seen on TV who told her at first he was divorced. Again, the person that did the nasty in all of this was ManCandy, he knew that she was going to be easy to manipulate. Serial Cheaters know exactly what type of woman is easy to manipulate into an affair

      • Exit4 says:

        That is so true! I’m not giving her a pass either. Hopefully it’s a lesson learned for her at a young age and in the future she won’t find herself in a situation like that again.

    • Cartwheels says:

      I agree 100%
      Now by what I have seen Eddie might be right about the fact that a person like Brandi, such a drama queen, liar and manipulator is hard to get along with , the fact is that he chose to cheat on his wife, Eddie is the one who was having sex with both at the same time. Scheanna was in her very early 20’s , she was naive and easy to manipulate, Eddie should have known better.

      • Exit4 says:

        I can see marriage to Brandi being very exhausting. That’s no reason to cheat-but I guess old Eddie wanted to have his cake and eat it too.

  18. Nancy says:

    Go SF 49ers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. VV™ says:

    Somebody tell Kyle Dicks that her Victim act is getting old. Is not gonna work. She needs to stop tweeting and retweeting negative stuff about Lisa.
    We are on S4 and Dicks still trying to take Lisa V down.
    There is only one Queen on RHOBH. It’s Lisa Vanderpump. No Lisa, no show.

  20. Powell says:

    2nd funny line-“You break it, you bought it.”

  21. Powell says:

    So sad Libby lost her baby. Why did I have a feeling that was going to happen. It was about time Bill showed some feelings about losing the baby.

  22. Rebecca says:

    Lisa Hochstein appointed herself the Peacemaker, the Therapist, etc., when in reality she is just a nosy busybody. I’m kind of looking forward to seeing her get put in her place at the reunion.

    • Nancy says:

      I’m worried about their marriage. She is a loose cannon.

    • chismosa™ says:

      I called her that from the start when everyone still liked her lol!

      I think IMO she was pushing herself over the top to secure herself a spot on the next season should the show even return

  23. Powell says:

    LOL. The Provost’s wife & her GFs. Actress Joan Cusak’s character talking about her being in the Master’s sex study. The look on the Provost’s wife’s face. Priceless.

    • Nancy says:

      I feel so sorry for her. I wonder how long she has known that he is gay?

      • chismosa™ says:

        I don’t think she knows that about beau bridges ….

        I can’t believe that was John and Joan cusack’s sister. So fun!

        • Nancy says:

          He sleeps in a different room though. He’s not having sex with her so what do you
          think is going on in her head? An affair with another woman?

          • chismosa™ says:

            I don’t think “back then” a robust sex life at that age was common. But I don’t know …..

            Separate rooms for husbands who worked long or late hours can’t have been that uncommon or shocking

            I could be wrong.

  24. ItzAngeeDuh says:

    Happy Sunday everybody. I’m glad RHOBH is back. Atlanta & BH are my fave franchises, so I’m looking forward to the snark! I usually cringe reading this blog during this time, I know I’m in the minority cuz I like Kyle & I know she’s NOT a favorite here. I think it was petty how everyone stood around her party & compared her hair to Joyce’s. Yo pointing out that SFTUBrandi was there for here during her illness, but KYLE wasn’t? What about everyone else. Yo is upset bcuz she was busted talking about Lisa! Grow up & own up to what you said, miss high & mighty. I’m already over her, her lemon trees, her refrigerator & her perfect life with David Foster. What is it about television that turns beautiful women into petty, sniveling children? Look at Lea in Miami. These women seemingly have it all, but they are immature, unforgiving, selfish & did I mention petty. I agree Kyle should let the whole Yo is a liar thing go & handle Yo accordingly. It would kill me too if I KNEW someone was lying about something & my ‘friend’ didn’t believe me. Oh well, I’m ready for all the Nene & Kyle snark, so bring it on!!

    • not THAT Jill™ says:

      It would drive me insane if I told someone (who knows me so well )something and they didn’t believe me-I would not let it go until I proved it. I’m annoying like that but I will fight to the bitter end if I know something is true!!

    • You’re over the Lemondrop too huh? Heheheee 😆

      • not THAT Jill™ says:

        Personally I was over LemonDrop last season but this season she gets my sympathy as long as she doesn’t over stir the pot like she did last season!!

  25. chismosa™ says:

    NANCY—- Just catching up now but all I have heard about online is that michael sheen is dating the host of that show on VH1 – Carrie Keegan. NOT the actress who plays Libby. (Caitlin Fitzgerald)
    I can’t find anything to corroborate that it’s Libby ? All the blogs online said it was Carrie Keegan (the same one who was angry last week that someone stood her up to go to Bethenny’s show)

    He doesn’t want kids again nor to get married so good luck to whomever he dates

  26. chismosa™ says:

    Jill/ ASHY—-
    I finally FINALLY watched you on Bethenny ! You’re so cute with all your sisters !

    I saw gold earrings you had on and your younger sister looked like she was having so much fun!
    You were super super easy to spot !
    So glad I saw my ash!

    • not THAT Jill™ says:

      Haha!!! I’m so glad you saw me!! Me and my sisters had a ball!
      Now let me clear up my Leah Remini thing-my voice is not nasal and whiny but me and her character Carrie on King Of Queens have the same NY/Bronx accent-my voice is more raspy and bitchy than hers!!!

      • chismosa™ says:

        Got it ! More bitchy than Leah is LOL. She is nasally now that you say that.

        My voice has been told to me sounds like Ashley Judd. When I recited lines that she would say in a movie, my friends fell over they couldn’t believe how much I sounded like her ! Lol

        I don’t have a Long Island accent as much as my friends but we think its because my parents have accents.
        Just like why I don’t think the Persians on shahs have very big “location” accents based on where they come from. I don’t know.

        • not THAT Jill™ says:

          Kevin has such a Long Island accent-he gets teased about from my family all the time! I also have a sister in-law from Long Island and her accent is as bad as Kevin’s!! Her and my Brother live in Virginia and people kid her about it often!!

  27. chismosa™ says:

    I just want to say that all you calling the Richards sisters DICK sisters is hysterical!!!

    • not THAT Jill™ says:

      I kind of like Kyle but the Dick sister thing just cracks me up…I wish Brandi’s last name was Richards!!!!

    • cusi77 says:

      It is so sad… My heart and prayers go to them!

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      I can’t even bare to look at it. I just can’t even begin to imagine the level of devastation. As a mother, it guts me to the core to think of children being injured and/or killed and how desperate and helpless their parents must have been trying to save them.

  28. chismosa™ says:

    Hydrangea 🌸💐🌷🌺thank you so much for the Miami blogs!!

    • Nancy says:

      chismosa…when does it come on where you live? It’s 7pm here in the west.

      • chismosa™ says:

        Masters of sex ? I think after Homeland – I think homeland premieres at 9? So 10 pm I assume.
        I don’t watch till much later so I’m going to have to stay away from the blog

  29. cusi77 says:

    Wow! Great job HH and Stars!!! I loved the blogs blogged!!! You ladies are great writers and your comments are spot on! Thank you !!!!!!! 😀

    Thanks NMD !!!! Juicy stuff, eh?

    Good Evening Y’all!

  30. ItzAngeeDuh says:

    Thanks JNTJ-at least you see my point.

  31. lillybee says:

    Whenever I see Sheena’s name, I think it should be Schema.

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