Brandi Glanville’s Filthy Mouth Gets Her in Trouble Again plus Real Housewives of Miami Reunion and Vanderpump Rules

Brandi Glanville’s Filthy Mouth Gets Her in Trouble Again by NMD

On Monday’s Real Housewife of Miami reunion, Adriana de Moura told viewers that Joanna Krupa was persona non grata with Brandi Glanville, because Yolanda Foster had confided to her that Joanna’s affair with Yolanda’s now ex – Mohamed – had broken up their marriage.  Mohamed is a Bravo favorite having appeared on multiple shows including Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (hosting Pandora’s engagement party), Million Dollar Listing LA, Shahs of Sunset, and was also at Joanna Krupa’s wedding.

After the reunion aired, Brandi Glanville was a guest on Watch What Happens Live.  As she was on the show, Mohamed tweeted to deny having an affair with Joanna.

@joannakrupa @gtru_star77 @adrianathereal @YolandaHFoster. Sadly I take responsibility 4 braking up our marriage. YO never even Knew Of JO

Jo and I have been only best friend for 10 years.Two years after out separation

After Andy read the tweets aloud on WWHL, Brandi said that it wasn’t what Mohamed told her.  After she said that – Mohamed tweeted:

Joeanna,Had nothing to do with our split.Stop this rumors. Friends for 10 years.U got to stop.yolanda never ever found us sleeping together.

Then the WWHL went into the internet – only aftershow.  That’s when all hell broke loose.  About two minutes in to the aftershow last night, Andy says,

“Ohhh – Joanna Krupa sent a tweet about you (Brandi Glanville).

Brandi. “Okay.  I’m curious.”

Andy reads the tweet.  “No wonder her husband left her.”

Brandi.  “Oh.  Okay.  Well, Mohamed did tell me that her pussy smelled.”

Andy.  “Uhhhhhhooooooooo.

Mark falls to the ground.

brandi wwhl 1

Andy’s mom starts tooting the inappropriate horn (Andy’s parents were bartending.)

andys parents wwhl

Brandi raises her hands.  “Just sayin'”

Everyone keeps on groaning.

Brandi.  “It’s true.”  “I’m not lying.” “And Lisa Vanderpump was there when he said it.  Sorry bitch.  I win.”

Andy – laughing.  “A bomb has exploded. Here’s the bottom line.  You do not engage Brandi Glanville in a twitter war.  Don’t do it.”

Mark.  “I’ve got to say.  Not that I want to get involved in this.  But I’m going  to.”  He turns to Andy’s parents.”

Brandi.  ‘There.  I win.”

Mark continues.  “That as a guy, you can kinda tell, that that might be right.”

Brandi gasps in glee, and says, “I like you.”

The audience groans.  He has taken the horn from Andy’s mom and blows it.

Andy.  “Give Evelyn (his mom) the horn back.  Oh my ….”

Mark.  “Who is Joanna Krupa?”

Andy.  “She’s a very hot woman.”

Mark.  “Oh I ….

They all start talking over each other –

Mark leans in.  “Is that what he really said?”

Brandi.  “Yes.  And he said it to me and Lisa, so I have a witness.  Even though Lisa and I aren’t talking right now.”

Mark.  “Wow.  For Mohamed to say that.”

Brandi.  “Right.  He’s been around – a lot  – of that.”

Andy.  “Dad.  Are you still having a happy birthday?  This is one for the books.  I don’t know – should we take some calls?”

The Aftermath.

Mohamed tweeted:

That such a lie @BrandiGlanville. I don’t talk like that.. Never spoke of joanna to you.. Disgusting .pure lies”

@Andy. That so not true. Its pure lie

Andy. @andy.That a lie. I never spoken to Brandy@BrandiGlanville in any way about joanna.Brandy is She is such a scum and a foul mouth.

@Andy I am so saddened by brands lies.Never had a minute alone with her to speak of a woman. Any woman. Never had a reason to speak of Jo

Lisa Vanderpump chimed in that evening.

@MohamedAHadid @YolandaHFoster You have always acted like a gentleman and I don’t think that will ever change,no matter who says what.

By the next morning she was showing that British humor of hers ….

@MohamedAHadid @joannakrupa I can’t back this story up to be honest…there’s something very fishy about it…

Joanna joked:  “@LisaVanderpump @MohamedAHadid Lisa we had dinner couple times did u smell something odd coming from me? lol”

Lisa joked back: “@joannakrupa @MohamedAHadid Mmm…no I haven’t heard or smelt anything about this..the crabs were excellent though”

The next morning Brandi sent a make up tweet:

“Happy am I love @YolandaHFoster and @MohamedAHadid and family i am a girls girl.”

Then when asked about Mohamed denying it, she followed up with: “that is sad as I thought we were friends-im not lying and I care for his family very much”

If she loved his family so much, why bring them up in such a negative way on national TV?

He responded: “its a pure lie.I have never ever spoken to Brandi about Joeanna.I would never speak of private prts.never sow.”

Then to Yolanda Foster: @YolandaHFoster. I love you mother of my children and my best friend.U know I don’t have a foul mouth and I would never use words to brandi”

Yolanda tweeted: “Only @MohamedAHadid @joannakrupa &God know d truth of this 12 yr old accusation, l choose 2focus on d now &spare my babies this negativity”

She ended the night with: “Today’s reality tv News wraps tomorrows fish, goodnight my friends in twitter land, xoxo”

Meanwhile Brandi didn’t accept any responsibility:  “My morning is ruined , im crying and going back to sleep bye”

“It was not my intention to hurt anyone last night,i spoke my truth when asked a question-fought back when attacked I love @YolandaHFoster

If this is how Brandi treats friends, I wonder what she would do to her enemies.


Real Housewives of Miami – Season 3 Reunion Part I

By HydrangeaHussy

real-housewives-of-miami-season-3-reunion-part-one-01It’s Reunion day!  The ladies first are shown backstage preparing.  Alexia comments that she doesn’t know with whom she’s going to be fighting, but that she’s ready.  Adriana has taken a handful of vitamins to prepare.  Lea is wearing her real diamonds.  Joanna is smiling for now, but thinks it will be different afterward.  The previews show that the women really get into it this year.  Joanna & Lisa have obviously had a falling out.  Adriana & Lea haven’t moved on at all.

Joanna & Lisa get the seats of honor next to Andy, which I find odd as they are the only two who aren’t originals.  Lea is next to Joanna.  Adriana & Alexia are next to Lisa.  We know Marysol will make an appearance, probably placed next to Lea.  After Andy greets all of the women, they get down to business.

They begin with some of the light-hearted, fun moments: Lea’s gala, fashion week, Lisa’s gangster party, vitamin injections/IV’s, & work-outs.  Holy cow!  Did you see Lea’s Sweatin-with-the-Oldies get up?!?!  Lea says that women take more chances with fashion in Miami.  Joanna & Alexia agree that there is more flash & skin shown in Miami due to the heat & international influences.  Andy asks what it’s like to live in a vacation destination.  Lisa laughs & says that nobody works.  Lea agrees that lots of people in Miami are lucky enough to not work 9-5 jobs.  Joanna & Alexia disagree, saying that lots of people work.  Joanna immediately goes for a dig & points out that Lisa doesn’t work.  I can see where this is going – the ‘working’ ladies against Lisa.  Lea again sticks up for her, but Joanna just rolls her eyes.

On to the dueling weddings!  We get a montage of the wedding planning & ceremonies.  Joanna says that it feels great to be Mrs. Zago, but says that it doesn’t feel that different since they have been together for so long.  As to Adriana’s wedding, Joanna says that Adriana looked stunning but that it was rude to be late.  To stir up the drama, Andy reads some of Joanna’s harsh comments regarding Adriana’s tardiness.  Adriana admits that she has an issue being late.  Andy asks if it was killer to make the guests wait for so long & change clothes.  Adriana says that there was a cocktail hour during the time between wedding & dinner, which wasn’t shown.  Andy just keeps going, reading a letter about the clothing change.  Adriana says that everyone loved it, but Alexia says that she was annoyed.  Adriana says that people could have just skipped the wedding if they didn’t want to change.  Adriana is asked about Joanna’s dress.  She says that the dress reminded her of a flamenco dress.  Joanna says that it was sexy for her groom.  Speaking of Romain, Joanna relates that the therapist helped her to realize that Romain needs love & nurturing from her.

real-housewives-of-miami-season-3-reunion-part-one-04Next up is the friendship between Joanna & Lisa.  When it’s all put together in a montage, it’s obvious that Joanna was making little digs about Lisa’s housewife status for the entire season.  Andy points out Joanna’s multiple jabs at Lisa.  Joanna says that Lenny does it, so that makes it ok, & that it was just a joke.  Adriana sticks up for Lisa, saying that friends don’t make jokes at the expense of each other.  Joanna says that she doesn’t have a problem with Lisa not working, but it’s pretty obvious to me that she does.  She wouldn’t continually point it out if she were ok with it.  Joanna continues, saying that she could have married for money a long time ago, but that she didn’t.  Yet another dig, after her friend pointed out how hurtful they were.  Joanna doesn’t seem to care how her words can affect or harm others.  Lisa points out that she worked before her marriage and that she didn’t go looking for a money marriage.

Lisa mentions that she has struggled in life too.  Joanna implies that her struggles are worse than Lisa’s because she emigrated from a communist country, while Lisa only emigrated from Canada.  Lisa is then asked if she feels guilty spending $10,000 on a Birkin when she didn’t actually earn the money.  Lisa again says that she worked very hard before her marriage.  Alexia asks exactly what Lisa did, to which she says that she was a model & actress.  Lisa is a little defensive about it, asking Alexia what she did before Herman.  I think that, at this point, Lisa feels very much put on the defensive regarding her marriage.  I think that every woman gets to make her own choices in life.  If Lisa wants to remain at home to care for her family & afford to do so, who are these other women to judge.  Lisa’s final answer is that she gives back to charity & can afford the purse, so she bought it.

Andy reveals that Karent is on a mission trip & that Joanna tweeted that she was proud of Karent, unlike the superficial women who own Birkins.  Andy asks if that was directed toward Lisa, which Joanna denies.  Andy points out that Joanna spends a lot of money on material things too.  Alexia says that she spends a lot of money on clothes because she loves fashion, but she seems to still be criticizing Lisa for wanting a Birkin.

real-housewives-of-miami-season-3-reunion-part-one-07Andy reads a comment from Joanna regarding Lisa’s fertility issues.  Joanna said that Lisa should focus on her health if she wants to become pregnant.  Alexia looks shocked that Joanna would go there.  Joanna defends herself by saying that she always sees Lisa with a drink in her hand.  Lisa says that Joanna is supposed to be her friend, but Joanna is taking digs at Lisa’s inability to carry a child.  Joanna says that it isn’t a dig, but that she ‘could’ go below the belt.  Lisa says that Joanna has no idea what it’s like to be unable to carry a child and implies that Joanna doesn’t even want children.  Joanna continues to make insinuations about Lisa’s behavior at the wedding, but refuses to give details.  She says that she isn’t telling anything, and refuses to acknowledge that insinuations are just as damaging and hurtful.  Joanna is like a middle school mean-girl.  She can dish it out but she can’t take it.  Adriana stands up for Lisa, telling Joanna to back off.  Joanna admits that she realizes the subject is sensitive for Lisa, but continues to sit there with a satisfied smirk on her face.

Next we have to listen to the women’s bedroom issues, mostly Joanna’s.  I’m so tired of hearing about how Romain isn’t ‘banging’ her enough.  Joanna reveals that she got laid just before the reunion.  Seriously?  Did we really need that information?  Lisa explains that Lenny works very hard & that you can’t expect for your relationship to stay the same over time.  Adriana says that her sex life hasn’t changed since marriage.  Lea says that she doesn’t have sex issues in her marriage.  Alexia says that her life with Herman is her business.

Lea says that she admires Joanna’s bravery in putting it all out there.  Alexia points out that Lea may not put her own business out there, but she doesn’t hesitate to put other’s private lives on display.  Adriana is asked about her accusations of Romain’s cheating, but Joanna dismisses them.  Joanna says that there are so many rumors out there about both of them.  Adriana then asks Joanna about breaking up Yolanda Foster’s marriage to Mohammed.  Uh oh!  In New York, Brandi Glanville told Adriana that Joanna is the reason that Yolanda & Mohammed split up.  Alexia confirmed that.  Joanna says that the two are friends, denying the home-wrecker rumors.

real-housewives-of-miami-season-3-reunion-part-one-11Lisa says that she understands that Romain may feel emasculated at times by Joanna.  Adriana pipes up that maybe Romain is gay.  Joanna says that Romain doesn’t look gay.  Adriana backs off, saying that it’s not a bad thing if he is.  Joanna calls Adriana disgusting & Adriana calls Joanna a home-wrecker.  Joanna then calls Romain to ask if he is gay.  Seriously?  We’re calling our husbands because someone said something mean?  Adriana continues to insult Romain’s manliness, which is just uncalled for.  I think the truce between Joanna & Adriana is over.

We finally get to the end of Lea & Adriana’s seven-year friendship.  Adriana is asked if she realizes that her different stories make her look like a liar.  She admits that she can see why people think that.  She says that, in her heart, she didn’t feel that she was lying.  She apologizes again to Lea, Andy & the viewers.  Adriana says that time in her life was tumultuous & that there were many factors involved.  Joanna rolls her eyes again.  Lea is asked what else Adriana has lied about.  Lea brings up the story Adriana told, in Season 1, about being a single mother.  Lea found out that the couple had already filed for divorce when Adriana moved to Miami.  Adriana corrects the timeline & says that they were still living as husband & wife in Brazil.  She moved to Miami with her husband.  Lea says that they were common law husband & wife at that time.  Who cares if they were married or not?  He obviously cheated on Adriana, which was the point of her story.

real-housewives-of-miami-season-3-reunion-part-one-12Lea brings up Adriana’s failure to pay tuition for her son in 2008.  Lea claims that she was told that a $350,000 debt would have to be retired in order for Adriana’s son to remain at the school.  Lea paid $15,000 to the school & got more donations.  It’s revealed that the $350,000 debt was for all scholarship students to remain in the school, not just Adriana’s son.  Alexia points out that many students benefited from Lea’s efforts to pay the debt. Lea breaks out the evidence – check copies showing that she paid $15,000 in December that was deposited in January.  She also has copies of checks for others’ donations.  Lea calls Adriana ungrateful & Adriana alleges that Lea only donates so she can brag about it.  Andy is over it & so am I.

Adriana admits that she was legally married, but that she felt that Frederic had let her down by calling it off.  Lea says that Adriana didn’t believe Frederic could support her, so she set Adriana up on dates.  Adriana claims that Lea offered Adriana on a date if a man bought an apartment.  Lea says that Adriana was using her connections to meet wealthy men.

Andy questions Lea’s about-face between the ballroom party & the spa.  Lea says that she believes Adriana’s apology was sincere, but that she refuses to pretend that things didn’t happen.  Lea was ‘qualified’ in her acceptance of the apology, but not insincere.  I’m not sure what the difference is.  She could have accepted the apology but made it clear that she did not wish to remain friends.

In a commercial break, there is an altercation between Lisa & Tony, Joanna’s makeup artist.  He is talking badly about Lisa to her make-up artist.  He tells Lisa that she has no talent & no money.  He calls her ugly & a whore.  Joanna is laughing & smirking.  She does nothing to stop him.  A producer meets with Lisa.  She tells the producer that Tony is friends with Joanna & that he went after her for Joanna.  Tony opens the door to exclaim, again, that she is ugly.  Tony is asked to leave for being unprofessional.  Joanna stands up for him, saying that if her make-up artist leaves, she will leave.  Why is he fighting Joanna’s battles?  He comes off looking like Joanna’s pit-bull, sent to attack Lisa.


Vanderpump Rules – S2Ep02

“Branded” by HydrangeaHussy

This week begins with Stassi & Kristina, one of Stassi’s first friends in L.A.  Kristina does not like Jax, so Stassi’s relationship with her suffered during the time she dated Jax.  Now that Jax is out of the picture, Stassi says that she has her best friend back.  Wait, I though Katie & Kristen were her BFF’s?  Or Scheana?  Stassi goes through best friends so fast I’m getting whiplash.  Anyway, the girls are having crepes & wine, because wine goes with everything according to Stassi.  I’m not going to disagree there!  Kristina asks about Scheana’s party & needs all of the details so she can properly mock Scheana.  Stassi immediately launches into making fun of Scheana.  Kristina asks if Jax took his shirt off to fight.  Stassi admits that they’ve hooked up three times in the last year.  Kristina looks appalled & Stassi tells her, “don’t make me feel bad about myself.”  Um, you were just mocking a girl for her dress, but you shouldn’t be judged for sleeping with the ex who cheated on you & lied about it?  How does that work?  Kristina suggests that Stassi take care of herself, rather than sleep with Jax again.  Stassi says that they’re together as friends, but that they aren’t really together as a couple.  She appreciates his effort, but says that she’s really missing Frank.  He’s the one that she dated immediately after Jax.  Frank hasn’t been responding to her messages, phones calls, etc.  His friend suggested that she visit D.C. & see Frank in person.

Lisa & Ken arrive at SUR.  Nathalie says that everything is coming along as planned.  There is some construction going on in the garden.  They’re adding a small bar there because the main bar becomes very crowded at night.  Lisa is looking for the perfect bartender for that space, but says that it is absolutely not Jax.  She wants to hire someone new, but is afraid how the staff will treat a newbie.

Katie’s boyfriend comes to interview for a job.  He’s nervous, but Katie reassures him.  This place is just way to inbred for me.  Having that many couples, ex-couples, BFF’s under one roof is just asking for trouble.  Katie says that Other Tom needs a stable job so that he will feel comfortable enough to propose to her.  Scheana walks by & Katie ignores her.  Lisa calls Tom to her table.  He begins by saying that he must be crazy to want to work there – not a great way to start an interview.  He tells Lisa that he’s worked private, upscale events & that he is well qualified for the job.  He has lots of bartending experience & Lisa finds him adorable.  He has a good rapport with Lisa & she seems to be considering him for the job.

Scheana & Pandora arrive at Lisa’s house.  Scheana tells Lisa what happened at the birthday party between Other Tom & Scheana’s man (I can’t remember his name).  She makes it seem like Other Tom started a fight, but it wasn’t really that clear to me.  Both men were drunk & antagonistic.  They should have left the fighting to the ladies.  Lisa says that Other Tom will not work at Sur because of that.  Katie is going to be pissed that Scheana cost Other Tom a job!  In her TH, Scheana seems to take pleasure in blaming Other Tom for the fight, which wasn’t even really a fight.  Scheana is on crutches for a bruised & swollen foot.  Lisa suggests that Scheana work the front desk at Sur since she can’t be on her feet.  Pandora suggests that she also do some beauty writing for Divine Addiction, Pandora’s online magazine.  Scheana makes a joke about Stassi, since she also writes for the website, but Lisa tells her to leave it alone.  Pandora tells her that they cannot have drama at the magazine.

Oh, Jax.  This man just can’t win.  He’s behind the bar, watching Stassi work.  Rather than make the drinks that she needs, he keeps offering Stassi a drink & asking her questions.  Not the time or place to discuss their relationship or lack thereof.  Stassi agrees to have dinner with him.  She needs to make up her mind & put this man out of his misery.  But she won’t, because I really think she likes the attention more than anything.

Kristen & Tom are putting together a coffee table.  Tom says that he has made his life with Kristen a priority.  He’s confident in his ability to put together the table & knows that it will make her happy.  He says that Kristen can be very difficult to please, as evidenced by her standing over him criticizing his work.  She says that building a coffee table won’t make her forget his cheating.

Pandora comes to SUR to discuss the Divine Addiction with Stassi.  Stassi takes her position there very seriously.  She doesn’t want to wait tables forever & hopes that the Divine Addiction is her launch into fashion.  Pandora tells her that they are moving into new offices & Stassi is excited.  Pandora tells her that Stassi’s work has fallen off track, a conversation that they’ve had before.  Stassi denies this immediately & gets defensive, which may work with a friend, but Pandora is also her boss.  It’s clear that Pandora takes her business seriously & doesn’t want to tolerate drama.  Stassi says that she isn’t getting paid & that Pandora is never satisfied with her work.  Pandora has brought in more writers, including Scheana, because Stassi hasn’t been submitting work.  Stassi says that’s a joke, also not a good strategy with a boss.  Pandora tells her to stop reacting before she knows the whole situation.  Stassi brings up Scheana’s presence at SUR & claims that Scheana is trying to step into her life.  Pandora notes that Stassi seems jealous.  She says that Stassi can learn to deal with it if she wants to continue writing for the Divine Addiction.  I’m proud of Pandora for standing up to Stassi.  She remained calm & professional, while Stassi went off on a tangent bad-mouthing Scheana.  Stassi storms off.

Jax & Other Tom are at a tattoo parlor.  Jax wants to get his tribal armband covered with koi fish.  Stassi hates his tattoo & asked him to get rid of it, so he says anything will be better than the tribal.  Jax is still angry with Frank.  Other Tom says that he wasn’t all bad, but they agree that he couldn’t handle Stassi.  Jax decides to get Stassi’s name on his arm.  Other Tom points out that she is his ex-girlfriend & that she’s made no attempt to build a new relationship with him.  Jax thinks that the tattoo will help win her back.  Other Tom does not seem convinced.  Jax says that placing her signature on his left arm (close to his heart) is a reminder that she makes him want to be a better man.  Hmmm.

Meanwhile, Tom is still trying to put together the coffee table for Kristen.  He’s having some trouble with the directions.  How can he put their relationship back together when he can’t fix a table?  Their whole story line is about Kristen’s inability to forgive.  She needs to either work to fix the relationship or let it go.  Staying in limbo isn’t good for anyone.

Lisa tells Katie that she has thought through Other Tom’s employment request & doesn’t believe it is in anyone’s best interest for him to work at SUR.  She tells Katie that she heard about his behavior at the birthday party.  Katie says that she isn’t defending him, but that Other Tom did not start the fight.  She feels that Scheana sabotaged his chances with Lisa.  Lisa points out that she doesn’t encourage dating among the staff and that she’s trying to quell the drama.  Sounds like a valid reason to me.

Scheana arrives to work the front desk & props her foot up on a cushion.  Stassi walks by & tells Scheana to meet her outside to talk.  Scheana says that Stassi can talk to her right there.  Stassi says that it’s inappropriate to fight at work.  So they should leave their workstations & go outside to fight?  Stassi tells her that they’ll talk after work & for Scheana to think about what she wants to say.  The whole thing made no sense.  Stassi just wants to come off like a b*tch to Scheana so she’ll be intimidated.  Stassi goes outside so that she can talk badly about Scheana to Katie.  After work, Scheana finds Stassi to talk.  Katie is thrilled that Stassi is going to tell Scheana off.

Scheana begins by asking why Stassi is so angry.  That’s a great question – Stassi is always angry!  Stassi informs Scheana that she got into a fight with Pandora.  Stassi asks why Scheana would agree to write for the Divine Addiction.  Why wouldn’t she?  Should she have said no because Stassi writes for them as well?  Stassi seems to think that a person can only have one interest or dream.  Scheana wanted to be a ‘pop star,’ therefore she can’t help out a friend as a writer.  Stassi has a victim mentality, which Scheana points out.  Stassi just gets louder.  Scheana says that she doubts Stassi is angry with every other writer, it seems to just be about Scheana.  I can see where Stassi could think that Scheana is doing everything that Stassi is doing, but Scheana isn’t actively seeking out Stassi’s roles.  Stassi blames Scheana for ruining her relationship with Lisa & Pandora.  I’m not sure why Scheana thought Stassi would treat her any differently than she’s treated anyone else.  Stassi will drop you as soon as you disagree with her.

Kristen arrives home & asks why Tom isn’t finished with the table.  He’s been home all day putting the table together over & over.  Kristen asks if he wants help & proceeds to take over.  She quickly puts the table together.  I will say that scenes like this make this show more tolerable than Bravo’s other shows about twenty-somethings.  At least these kids are working & buying furniture at Ikea, not living off of their parents.  They’re more relatable.

Tom arrives at Jax’s while he’s preparing for his date with Stassi.  He had to check out the new tattoos.  Tom says that Kristen compares him to Jax so he now feels like he should get her name tattooed.  Getting someone else’s name permanently inscribed on your body is never a good idea!  Jax plans to put some pressure on Stassi tonight.  He thinks this is a date, while she keeps saying that it isn’t.  He’s dressing up because that’s what Stassi likes.  He has to find a shirt that will cover her name because he doesn’t want her to see it yet.

Scheana is still working the front desk.  Stassi asks her to stop seating her section so that she can leave early.  Stassi says that Scheana is doing it to piss her off.  I’m sure she is, I would!  The girls (Stassi, Katie & Kristina) go into the bathroom so Stassi can get ready for dinner with Jax & gossip about Scheana.  She’s wearing matching lingerie, but she says that she’s not going to sleep with him.  She says that this isn’t a date, just dinner.

Jax arrives to pick her up & opens the car door for her.  Stassi comments that Jax has turned into a gentleman now that he’s been dumped.  She reminds him that this is not a date, but he wants to find a way to turn it into a date, or more.  Jax just doesn’t get it.  Stassi asks to see his tattoo, and gets angry when he refuses.  She needs to calm down.  They argue about it for a while.  Jax changes the subject by asking about Scheana.  Her favorite subject!  Stassi tells him that Scheana desperately wants to be her friend, but is ruining her relationships with Lisa & Pandora.

Jax says that feels badly for Scheana’s man because she runs the show, much like Stassi did in their relationship.  Stassi reminds Jax that he did whatever he wanted in their relationship, including cheating.  Jax is really upset that Stassi began dating Frank immediately after they broke up, but she points out that she isn’t the one with something to prove.  He tells her that he has done everything that she’s asked him to.  She doesn’t think that getting an apartment & covering your tattoo makes up for cheating & lying.  I have to agree, but shouldn’t she stop stringing him along then?  She doesn’t believe that he’s really changed & become a more honest person.  She admits that she isn’t in love with him anymore because she doesn’t trust him.  Stassi tells him that he should move on.  It seems like Jax is finally hearing her.  She realizes that the two can’t be friends.

In the car, Stassi refuses to discuss her feelings for Frank with Jax.  Jax keeps asking her to tell him to walk away.  She says that he should.  Jax begins yelling about Frank.  He equates her relationship with Frank to cheating.  Sorry, it’s just not the same.  I’m sure it hurt that she moved on so quickly, but he cheated.  Jax says that he would do anything for her.  She walks away from the car & he begins yelling.  She asks him to leave so that she can go inside.  Stassi says that he hasn’t done anything to prove that he can be trusted, which just gives him hope that there’s something he can do.  Jax still isn’t ready to walk away & Stassi isn’t forcing him.


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      Hi TT! Thanks NMD and HH!!! Is anyone watching Shahs?? What did you think of Lilly’s brother?? He was so mean to Lilly and their cousins!!

      • chismosa™ says:

        I didn’t watch yet. Can’t wait to see other members of Lilys family. That couldn’t be there for her 30th bday party ??

        Wonder if they all have the strange hairline like she does

  2. NJBev says:

    Hi Lainey-
    Lilly’s brother was very mean.-

    • LaineyLainey says:

      So hurtful; I remember being 22 years old and having people say mean things to me because I wasn’t yet engaged or married. We NEVER bug our own kids about that; even well meaning comments can be hurtful. But Lilly’s brother was not well-intentioned, he was just so mean.

      • NJBev says:

        I just watched the repeat of Shahs(early part I missed) and Reza
        kind of “explains”it all as he’s bitching at his partner and telling him
        he should be lucky he really isn’t an Iranian wife, as she would have
        been beaten for allowing the cleaning lady to be so lazy and not cleaning
        the home efficiently. Reza’s partner must be a masochist-
        Listening to Mike on WWHL -woo boy— he not happy w/ his “bro”
        Reza- I don’t think they are talking anymore!!
        So… I think Lily’s brother was voicing his “true” opinion, without
        fear of repercussion, cuz what she gonna do, bro?
        He doesn’t care- his parents will see he did what they wanted him to
        and he just got another 10% of her inheritance..

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Right, NJBev. Those women must be so glad they Are in America. I know, I am!

          • NJBev says:

            Lainey, as a little girl I would watch all the civil rights issues
            on TV that “weren’t” right-
            I would get on my knees and thank God that even if I was German-
            (the least most desirable heritage next to African American in that
            day and age) I had blond hair and blue eyes and would say I was
            Swedish(last name totally fit)—remember this is the the northeast-
            The best place in the world to be different- but not if you’re German
            at that time, you were just a Nazi….

  3. NJBev says:

    I just finished reading everyone”s comments on previous blog-
    You guys were on a roll…. i was cracking up
    now I gotta go read ^^^^^!!
    Thanks NMD for working overtime!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I’m glad you got a kick out of the last blog! People here really make me laugh, too! I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t fun. The day it stops being fun, that’s when LaineyLainey will go bye-bye. But how can that happen. Never!?

  4. California35 says:

    Oh uh! New blog at this time!!?? 🙂

  5. chismosa™ says:

    Nancy I’m here

    I think you’re being a little quick with the BPD diagnosing.
    There has to be a line between fear of intimacy / advanced views on sex vs- and-or emotion / and psychological disorders.

  6. You all know I really could not care less about these trash heap people. I am still looking for the part where this Mohammad guy denied the act with Joanna.. All I see is him denying he said anything to Brandi about it. Even Yolanda says he’s a manwhore..

  7. NJBev says:

    Oh Good Lord.
    another late night, but I gotta talk!!
    I never liked Joanna. She has anger issues, but I think
    she was abused as a kid. JMHO
    Let’s assume she did have sex w/ Momo 12 yrs ago-
    how old is she now?? 32 -34-36-
    How old is Momo? So, if this guy was with her 12 yrs ago,
    what was the age difference??

    I think the real culprit here is the psycho bitch Adriana-
    Bi-polar? Narcissistic? ultimate Jerk-off?? Super selfish
    Douche bag- they all fit.. She is DISGUSTING and has no
    place on the show, as she doesn’t live in reality(everyone else
    is wrong, not her) i.hate.her……
    But they all have become that way in MY-AM-ME!!!
    except Lea.(jmho) I like her, only because her in-credulousness at
    the stupidity of her environment always makes me laugh.
    it’s like “can I really be surrounded by this stupidity”
    she should have kept last years opening statement.

    Whatever happened to the Lea “superhater” Anna??
    I know I missed something there, but she was not an
    empathetic character and just seemed bitter all the time-

    i’m done, be kind to me….

    • He would have been 50 to her 22…..

      • NJBev says:

        I wonder how long she was here in the country, or LA?
        Can you imagine what she looked like at
        that time in her life??! She must have
        been crushingly beautiful.
        —–also extraordinarily stupid/naive -all the above.
        I offer her no excuses, right is right, wrong is wrong
        if they were together, shame on them,(him)
        I find it all dubious…. and quite frankly, I wouldn’t
        be surprised if Mohamad wasn’t a bit “bragioshis” (big freaking fake
        bragger) about what he “hit” and what he struck out with…..
        That’s my opinion, and at my age I have seen/heard more
        “bragioshis” that turns out to be “bullshititis”
        and maybe Mohamed got caught lying about something that
        never happened, and then it’s easy to deny,
        CUZ it never really did happen………… I’m just sayin 😉

    • 32-34-36… Age guess or Measurements?

      “can I really be surrounded by this stupidity” – reminds me of the movie Spaceballs, where the Rick Morranis character is asking for the names of his ship’s crew. The first one answers ‘asshole’ then so does the second one, then the third and so on. He says, “I knew it! I’m surrounded by assholes..” 😉

    • chismosa™ says:

      Bev I’m sad to see I’m the polar opposite of you. I wish Lea would be swept away by El Niño. Lol

      My theory still stands that stupid “quantitative and qualified” “character assassinated” non-stop fainter Lea got Ana legally off the show last year. That is my own personal theory.

      Princess Pindy— that’s gross about Ho and Mo.
      Daddy issues.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I too think something might have happened to Joanna. She is just so hardened. The antithesis of her appearance.She looks angelic and then she opens her mouth. Shudder.

      Wow, everything you said about Adriana…how do I say this? I AGREE!!!!

      So many hate Lea. I do not. She is a good sport. I feel as if production tries to Esther up to be the buffoon of a scene, but sheis a good sport and turns it around with humor.

      Ana promised that we would all know more about what happened with her and her relationship with Lea and her role on the show…I’m still waiting, Ana! She was a non entity this season.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Either her up!?? Ha ha…SET HER UP

        • NJBev says:

          Oh Yeah, Ana- the biggest effin mouth in MY-AM-ME
          she was going to set Lea straight- she hated Lea.-
          (I felt bad for Ana last year, her DH left her, and
          did not want to be left……)
          Well, Lea said her husband was as good in
          the bedroom as he was the Courtroom.
          She has never had any complaints- (her words)
          and she will not talk about her sex life again—-
          good for you lea,

          • Wasn’t Ana dating someone else (who she’s now engaged to) the whole time she was crying over her ex? I found her entire storyline to be contrived. That said, I wish we’d found out what she actually had on Lea! Love a woman who shows up the reunion with folders!

      • LOL Adriana is disgusting – each season, each episode, her behavior and rationale for it gets worse. Lea was used for many years by Adriana and now that she has accepted Adriana’s apology and truthfully said their relationship will not ever be the same – Adriana goes ballistic! Then she attacks someone else (Joanna in this case) because she needs to draw attention to someone else’s “sins” so she gets off the hook for her own reprehensible behavior.
        Joanna does seem to have had a difficult younger life – I don’t doubt that she was naïve and was probably lied to and abused because she was/is beautiful. She isn’t cold on purpose, it is like she survived the school of hard knocks and her life is black and white and she can’t or won’t apologize for that. IMHO, she didn’t attack Lisa’s inability to have a child, she basically said what an ob/gyn might say to a too thin tiny woman who wanted to get pregnant – take better care of yourself with a nutritional diet and less alcohol. Lisa took it to a stupid place (with the help of Bravo’s editing) because she was likely still smarting from her “no one works in Miami” faux pas. I am wondering what exactly Lisa did at Joanna’s wedding…. meow

        • hbgirl says:

          Totally agree with all that you said in this post, glad you said it (esp. about the OB?GYN part). I like Lisa a lot, even though sometimes she can be annoying with butting in and trying to be the “Peacekeeper” in this group. I thought the same about Lisa wanting to be pregnant. Maybe it’s Bravo editing, but she does drink excessively and is too skinny. She nags her husband all the time when in reality the guy has a very busy and successful practice. I would be grateful. I’m in the minority here because I happen to like watching Lea and Joanna, that’s the only reason why I watch Miami.

    • I agree with you. I don’t get why people hate Lea, and Ana has turned into a very bitter person.

      • Rebecca says:

        Because she’s a condescending gossip who is not always telling the truth? She’s also someone who spends more money (millions) on the charity ball than on the charity (thousands).

  8. LaineyLainey says:

    Esther! Esther! I said Esther instead of set her…

  9. I just watched the WWHL after show with Brandi and I believe her. She didn’t even hesitate when she came out with that info about what Mo said about Ho, lol. Andy said the tweet that Joahnna said about “No wonder brandi’s husband left her” and she just immediately came out with that little fact….. IPPHO….it was pretty funny to see the reactions of everyone, Andy’s poor parents, lol, I enjoyed it because “We don’t care.”

    • NJBev says:

      you, of course, are right pretty princess Pindy.
      “we don’t care”!!!

    • chismosa™ says:

      That’s what I think. To lie you need to stutter a bit. She was calm and collected and saying lisa was there and Lisa never denied it.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Well then, I, my ma, my bro, my daughter lie 24/7. We all stutter.

        I don’t think it is Jo who broke up yo and mo. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t believe Joann & mo did it. It. I suspect they did it.

        The girls gone wild guy mentioned something casually about Jo living in Saudi. You guys know about western girls going to Saudi to make money for awhile. Lets just say they are not waitressing.

        • Rebecca says:

          Who gives a shit if Mohammed slept with Joanna after splitting from his wife?

          The fact that Brandi has to spread this filth all over tv and twitter while Mohammed’s children have to deal with it is pathetic.She’s disgusting. She’s such a piece of trash she makes Adrienne, Leann, and TMFR appear justified.

          • chismosa™ says:


            Well the issue I think started because Ho was lobbying filthy disgusting insults at the Miami reunion. So to back up things that were whispered about Ho last season Adriana – defending who Ho was attacking, brought up about Mo. But there were whispers of them before Adri even said it. 
            That reunion happened to air the same day as Brandi’s appearance on WWH. Since Ho can’t shut up she lobbied an insult to Brandi. Brandi reciprocated. 💣💣
            More people follow the Brandi issues than the Miami ones. IMO 

          • plainviewsue says:

            Rebecca, I was going to post but you took the words out of my mouth.

            The point of this isn’t whether Mohammed slept with Joanna or if he slept with every woman in the world (ew!).

            The point is that Brandi needs to learn when to STFU. When asked on WWHL by Andy, she should of said, No Comment. But she doesn’t know how to hold back. She is a true fame whore. She says she loves Yolanda and Mohammed, yet she says this crap on television.

            I don’t watch Miami, but I did watch the reunion. Bravo could of not shown what Adriana said, but Bravo lives for this. And then having Brandi on WWHL and knowing how unfiltered she is.

            The whole thing makes me ill.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Sorry, I didn’t mean to say” I gave a shit” as you said. I was just pointing out that some keep saying that he didn’t deny sleeping with her. My point is why should he deny it? Why do I say that? Because I DON’T think it matters that he slept with her after the marriage so why should he deny it if they were both single? Or to use your phrasing, “why does anyone give a shit” if he denies sleeping with her.

      • Rebecca says:

        Yes she did.

        • chismosa™ says:

          Lisa’s tweets? All the tweets we saw here today on the blog she never said that she never ever heard those words from Mo’s mouth. She danced and twirled around it, deflecting. 👣👣💃💃

          • Rebecca says:

            THAT’S A DENIAL. She denies hearing those words come out of Mohammed’s mouth – which is all she dragged into about this. Lisa, Yolanda, and Mohammed all deny Brandi’s story.

      • There is a new one… To lie you need to stutter a bit.

        I’ve known some pretty good liars in my live and not one of them stuttered. All you need to be a good liar is a good memory.

  10. NJBev says:

    Good night all-
    gotta go- so late

  11. chismosa™ says:

    BREAKING NEWS: did anyone here this??

    That JZ is in the Hamptons taping with Oprah???
    Today !

    For that show that Dina Downer Manzo was on ?

  12. Andy Cohen is out as executive producer at Bravo – but will remain a producer and do WWHL for 2 more years

  13. Rebecca says:

    “Yolanda tweeted: “Only @MohamedAHadid @joannakrupa &God know d truth of this 12 yr old accusation, l choose 2focus on d now &spare my babies this negativity””

    MEANING… Brandi doesn’t know. So yes, we have a full denial from Yolanda about Brandi’s claim of when broke up the marriage, and a full denial from Lisa about Mohammed lowering himself to Brandi’s level of language.

    You can say Brandi wasn’t “stuttering” but the reunion was TAPED and Brando was invited to this taping SPECIFICALLY to talk about what Adriana brought up. She came prepared with more bullshit – JUST to get ATTENTION. She just loves Yolanda’s children so much that she had to spread disgusting, trashy lies about their parents.

    Who wants to bet that we will see photos of Brando with Yolanda’s children on her twitter soon?

  14. not THAT Jill™ says:

    Brandi Brandi Brandi-you silly little foul mouth!!! I always said Brandi let’s her mouth write checks that her ass can’t cash!!! No one ever got into trouble by saying “no comment”!!
    As soon as Andy read the tweet from Joanna saying “no wonder her husband left her” I sat back and watched Brandi do what she does best-open her mouth and the shit fly!! She can’t help herself-she has to say something because she has to WIN….how are things looking from the winners circle today ya big mouth??? With one stupid immature comment she has managed to piss off so many people-and for what? To be a winner in “Who has the filthiest mouth” contest? I hope she gets a BIG prize for winning!!! What a dumbass!!

  15. T-Rex says:

    Okay, from what I remember from the Mohammad/Joanna hookup, when this was brought up over a year ago, not sure why this is still being re-hashed by STFUBrandi. Joanna and Mohammed “hooked up”, but it was AFTER Yolo had already left him. Now, could that mean 5 minutes after she walked out the door, who knows. Mohammed is a very horny rich guy, and Joanna probably got some nice “parting gifts” for her time with him(allegedly). This guy always has young, hot women in his life.

  16. Rebecca says:

    So let’s head on over to the Miami reunion….

    Joanna’s hair was dreadful.
    Adriana’s dress was dreadful.
    Why in the hell was Lea wearing every piece of diamond jewelry that she owned? Was anyone impressed? I actually feel like I think less of her now, if that was possible.
    I love, love Marysol’s dress.
    Joanna didn’t say anything worse to Lisa than she did to Adriana last year.
    So everyone is sick of Lisa thinking she solves all their problems. I bet this fact still went straight over her head, and is picking up speed.
    I also hope she noticed that Lea did not stick up for her. She chose the famous supermodel. What a surprise!!

  17. Obsessed with RH says:

    I just cannot find one redeemable quality about Joanna. I am so tired of these women saying whatever the first thing is that comes out of their mouths with no regard for anyone else or the effects it may have but ending it with “I’m just an honest person, or I say what’s on my mind, or I just tell it like it is” or some other non-sensical excuse. Joanna may be a physically pretty woman but her unbelievably disgusting personality makes her as attractive as a lump of dog poop to me. I’m not saying the other women (and I refuse to refer to them as ladies since they act more like a pack of wildebeasts) are free of negative qualities but Joanna grates on my nerves. She does nothing but complain about everything in her life and spews vitriol at anyone who disagrees with her including her own sister. Also, her insistence on saying things were a “Joke” is cowardly and just proves my point that she is a hateful nasty b*tch but who doesn’t have (her favorite word) the BALLS to say “yes, I did say that and it was a dig.” I hope Romain made sure to have her sign a prenup because lord only knows of what she is capable.

    Lastly, while what she may have said about Lisa may have been something an OB/GYN would have said it is not her place, nor anything she has knowledge of to comment on and she certainly did it with a cheshire cat sized grin on her facewhile doing it. It is obvious she enjoys schadenfreude, or taking pleasure in other people’s pain but she had better be careful because karma is a b*tch, much like herself.

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  19. I don’t think I have ever seen a more beautiful group of women that ruin their beauty every time they have diarrhea of the mouth! They all claim “Well, she attacked first so I was just fighting back!” Joanna is definitely the mean girl from 8th grade. I know she mentioned sometime in last season how she as bullied very bad as a child so I can see why she attacks with her claws out. Romain is a sincere compassionate man and I don’t understand what he sees in her other than beautiful arm candy. I think Joanna’s lowest was going after Lisa’s infertility issues (and I believe it was just as wrong last year when Ana insinuated that RJ was socially backwards). Adrianna had no reason for bringing up the Mohammed issue other than to stir shit. Also to say that Romain is gay is really gross. Makes Adrianna look ridiculous that you would throw that kind of garbage around. As for Brandi…Andy invites her in cause I am sure she produces ratings. You know going in she is gonna say anything she wants. What would she do if Leann went around telling everyone that would listen that her “c u next tuesday” was like an amazing and smelled like the greatest catch? SHE WOULD BE LIVID! If Yo was someone who Brandi considered a true friend she would never say any of this whether it was true or not simply cause it would hurt Yo and her kids. Plain and simple. Shame on Brandi. OH! I was super grossed out when Joanna’s make-up guy went after Lisa. It was even worse because Joanna sat there and laughed while he viciously attacked her former friend. If this is the price you pay for being beautiful then I will stick to what God gave me! I would rather be a little plain and boring than a complete bitch who is unable to be loyal.

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