The Amazing Race – 23.7 – Speed Dating Is The Worst / Survivor – 27.9 – My Brother’s Keeper

tarlogo2****Note: All images used in the TAR recap are linked from images found on a google search and clicking them will take you to where they came from****

The cast

Hello race fans..

This was a pretty eventless episode. Teams are going to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates and have to get there by plane. There are two planes on this trip. Geranimals are on the first one and they got the last seat on that plane, the rest are on a second one. Scheduled arrival times are only 10 minutes apart so I guess it isn’t that important who got that first flight out of Vienna. Or is it? Once there, teams have to go to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque for their next clue. This is a definite culture shock for some of tar2them, particularly the women and specifically, Marie. They have to take their shoes off, keep their heads covered, and cannot shout. Tim wants to continue the race entirely in the mosque. They all took it in good stride I guess and respected where they were. The next clue they are handed tells them to go to the Irani Souk for their next clue. That would be a marketplace.. The next clue is a detour. Sort it out or Sew it up. Sort it out, they have to study a tray arrangement of dates, and tar3duplicate it exactly. With Sew it up, they have to construct a fishing net using the supplies given to them. Once they do that, they get their next clue. ER and Dating do the Sew it up task, the others do Sort it out. Each has it’s challenges. There are hundreds, it seems, of different kinds of dates, and the ones they choose have to match the ones on the sample tray. Including color and texture. With Sew it up, they are given a pile of poles, some netting, and ties to put it all tar4together with. They have a sample to follow but no instructions. How about if I just cut to the chase and say they all got it done. The wives had some trouble which put them in dead last place, a spot formerly held by the ice girls. The geranimals managed to hold on to their first place spot even though they had some issues with the date task as well. ER screwed up on theirs at least once which I think, let Dating get out of there first. I will also note that Marie is still a complete bitch and while she’s hollering at her ex husband, the locals are getting a good laugh at the nutless, American because clearly, she wears them. The other teams are completely sick of listening to them fight. I am tired of it too and I wish they would just get eliminated so I wouldn’t have to listen to it anymore.

Yas Marina Hotel

The next clue will take them to the Al Bandar Marina where they will catch a pleasure cruise on a luxury boat to the Yas Marina for their next clue. That clue, is a roadblock. Who wants to drop in one hot lap.

The object here is for one member of each team, to drop by rope off of a zip line from that top roof structure to the walkway below, rappel down, then jump into one of the waiting F1 cars (with a driver). As they are going around the track, very fast (hot lap), they will see signs that have driver’s names and their times for a single lap. What they have to do, is find the driver with the fastest time, and remember his lap time. These are track record holders and they are looking for the current one. The animals are the first to arrive here, the last, are the wives. To me, this looks like fun task, except the jumping off the roof part. I don’t remember who did the task for all of the teams but none of them got it right on the first try. I also don’t remember more than one car on the track at a time but there had to be.. This IS a race after all. They all finished this task in the order they arrived. Most took at least two laps to get it right, some took more.

The next clue tells them to meet Phil at the pit stop, in the winner’s circle. When the geranimals get there Phil sprays them with the fake champagne (that’s the word, not Champs, Heather), tells them they won the leg, and gives them a trip to Paris. The last to arrive are the baseball wives. Phil tells them they are the last to arrive and after they give their exit speach, he tells them what I knew the entire episode. It’s a non elimination leg. They showed all the teams do their tasks is how I knew it plus, we’re due for a non-elim round. That means they will have to do a speed bump on the next round (I think) plus the double U Turn is back again.. See you next week, kids.

That’s about it this week Race fans.. Now, on to Survivor.


S27_Preview_LogoWelcome back, Castaways.. Last week, the John and Laura B were sent home and Laura M came back from Redemption Island. Tyson found tghe hidden idol but decided to keep that knowledge to himself. Aras was sent to redemption island during tribal to start that RI foolishness all over again. I really wish they would kill it after the first time.

Back at camp, Vytas is congratulating everybody on game well played. He warns them of course that if he finds himself in a position to do so, he’s going after some payback. Fair enough. Tina on the other hand, thinks something shady has just happened. Talking about how she has stuck with her alliance all the way through but the others haven’t. Then she guarantees that there are 5 jury votes someone won’t get. I think she’s talking to Monica because someone strayed from an alliance of 7. That would have been the brothers, Tina and her daughter, Gervace, Monica, Tyson.  The next morning, Tina is telling her daughter to play her own game. She knows she’s painted a huge target on her back.

Immunity Challenge

sur1It’s time for the delicacy feast. You know the one, Live things and gross organ meats. There will be two rounds at first 5 each. First round is these worms. I forget what kind they are but there are 40 of them in there. Shown in bold are the ones moving on. The first 5 are Tyson, Vytas (who drops his on the ground, picks them up, and eats them), Monica, Katie, and Laura. Second set of course are Gervace, Caleb, Tina, Cierra, Hayden.

sur3Round 2.. 3 ounces of pig intestine (sorry to those of you currently eating. I don’t make this stuff up, just report it).. Monica is hell bent on winning this and so is Gervace, who played this game in season one. Monica has never won individual immunity. They are the two that move on to the third round. The other 4 dropped out pretty quick and Gervace and Monica were just a little faster on eating.

sur4When Gervace did this before, the one thing he could not eat was grubs. Guess what kids, they each have to shovel in and swallow two of them. I am glad I wasn’t eating Fusilli when I saw this. Gervace tries to eat both at once, Monica takes them one at a time. Myself, I would have swallowed them whole, won the game, then puked. These people are chewing them (ewww) (I can’t believe I just said ewww :/ ).. Monica won immunity.

PreTribal Chatter

The decision thrown around is to split the vote between Vytas and Katie. Guys vote Vytas, Girls vote Katie. Is it smart to get rid of either one of them? Hayden tells Vytas that it’s either him, or Katie. The purpose of splitting a vote is to expose the hidden idol. Neither one of them have it, Tyson does but he’s still not spilling the beans.

Tribal Council

They are ushered in again as usual and the Probsting begins. Vytas knows he’s a targetsur6 and so do Katie and Tina. He tries to deflect on to Monica who can’t keep a vote promise to save her own life. I am going to cut to the chase here. The vote is taken, read, Vytas gets to spend some quality time with his brother on Redemption Island. Monica flipped her vote and will later brag about it. Remember, girls were supposed to vote Katie, Men, Vytas. Vytas came after Monica with both barrels, and she voted him out because of it. Katie and Tina now know where they stand after all the backstab talk, which Probst says also makes them very dangerous because they have nothing to lose.

Back at camp.. That’s right kids, we’re only half way through this. Back at camp, Monica is bragging about what she’s done. Gervace is pissed about that because a situation like that could cost him or his coconut wife, Tyson, their spots in the game. Boo to the freaking hoo, Gervace, It’s a game and Monica is playing for herself. Not your dumb ass. One more straw on that camel’s back says he, and she is gone. Sit down and STFU, Gervace, says me…

Day 23 at redemption island, the brothers are arguing about whether they are still in the game. Aras says if he’s somewhere eating a cheeseburger, he’s out of the game but, since he isn’t, he’s still in the game. He says he’d be happy to see either one of them get back in the game. Vytas isn’t as generous as St Aras. He’d rather see himself in the game at this point than his brother.

Immunity Challenge 2

sur7This one is a balancing act. The object is, to balance a sword on it’s tip while stacking coins on the handle. There are 3 different size coins and Probst will call out which size they must use next. If anything drops, they are out of the challenge. There is also a time limit on placing the coins. As they move along, both Monica and Cierra are out within the first few coins.A couple of the others also fall out and it comes down to Katie, Caleb, and Hayden. Katie is solid as a rock and has mastered dropping her coin on the stack and then not screwing with it. She wins immunity.

PreTribal Chatter 2

It is either going to be Tina or Monica. Tina goes to find an idol based on what she heard previously. Hayden, Caleb, and Tyson decide to follow her. We once again get to hear TH Tyson talk about how he could spare everyone the trouble and just tell them he has the idol. I hope he gets sent home with the thing.. If these people figure out he has it, and don’t send him home with a major blindside, they’re idiots. Tina does find the place where the idol Was but, it isn’t there anymore. Tyson says that if everyone played like Tina does, He would win every time. There is some chatter about getting rid of the loose cannon, Monica.

Tribal Council 2

Let the Probsting begin…. again.. Folks I’m just going to cut to the chase here. Tina is sent to RI to join the brothers. It’s pretty clear in the chart below what the plan was all along, and they stuck to it. One thing worth noting, Tina pretended that she had an idol when Probst asked for it. The others, especially Monica, rose a couple inches in their seats. Write me priately if you don’t know what that means and want to 😆 Let’s play like she had an idol, looking at the chart below, which of the other two vote getters would have been bounced? Monica or Tyson?

See you next week…


Here is how the voting played out and has played out..Clicking the image will take you to the Wiki page where it came from. It may have spoilers.

Wiki Screen grab

Wiki Screen grab


Let me ask you something with a poll.. I use pictures both to show you where people are at in the AR recap and show you the games played in the Survivor recap. Picture is worth a thousand words sort of thing. I stagger them to break up the text. Do you like it that way or would you rather have them in a column with the text next to them, in a column, or it doesn’t matter because you don’t read the recaps anyway (c’mon, admit it, I know there are some of you out there 😉 ). It doesn’t make any difference to me, it’s just a cursor placement when the pictures are added but,  I want to give you what you would like to see.


Sons Of Anarchy


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405 Responses to The Amazing Race – 23.7 – Speed Dating Is The Worst / Survivor – 27.9 – My Brother’s Keeper

  1. TexasTart says:

    Thank goodness we don’t have too look at Andy in his pj’s any longer 😉 Thanks for the blog MTH.I like pics the way you do them. I’ll go vote accordingly!

  2. chismosa™ says:

    Programming alert for today:
    In case anyone is interested —-

    ▪️Camille on Dr Oz today discussing her cancer 
    ▪️Jacqueline reruns on Bethenny – she’s not even listed on the guide ? 
    ▪️Old Atlanta from last season is rerunning on Oxygen.

    • TexasTart says:

      Thanks for that. I keep hearing Ashley Judd’s voice…
      As for Bethenny; they never rerun her shows here (well they might in down time) but we don’t get reruns that you get.

      • Powell says:

        Her show now comes on 2 channels in my area & I think the 2nd channel is reruns.

      • chismosa™ says:

        LOL! 📣📣📣
        I’m a cross between Ashley and if you watch Shahs— GG’s sister (one going through divorce)

        So funny you remember that !

        Tarts- Bethenny repeats on a different, more local network later in the afternoon here.
        For instance – she’s on, new at 11, right after Wendy- then she repeats the episode from the prior day later around 4pm on a local channel.
        May not happen everywhere

    • Powell says:

      Thk you Miss TV guide chismosa. We can always count on you. 🙂

  3. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Happy Friday eve. And the crowd roars. Yeahhhhhhh!!!! 🙂 Its going to be warmer, Thk you mother goddess. Everyone have a great day.

  4. Thank you MTH. Worked late last night and it’s great to catch up on Survivor. Double eviction – I guess they needed to move through the easy boots and get enough people on RI to have a competition.

  5. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone! Beautiful day here in AZ. Thank you Mel for the recap.

    I have been thinking about the whole Brandi, Mohammad, Joanna drama. It is amazing that knowing Joanna’s background i.e. The Dirty, Joe Francis, etc. that she would think none of her past would be exposed while being on HWOM. She is an idiot.

    As for Mo. I just don’t care. He is seriously gross. Brandi is just very naive and Andy set her up for a fall.
    Whereas, Yolanda and Lisa are wise to the game. I believe even with the charge against Lisa this season she will still come out o.k. Lisa see HW for the game that it is.


    ““Real Housewives of New Jersey” husband Joe Giudice has driven into some more legal trouble.
    The already-indicted reality show hubby – with a long history of driver’s license suspensions — was cited by police last week in his hometown of Montville, N.J., for careless driving in a school zone, according to a copy of the citation obtained by ABC News.

    Montville Township Administrator Victor Canning said Giudice, on Nov. 5, swerved into oncoming traffic lanes as a police car approached.

    “The officer assumed he was texting,” Canning said of the reality-TV personality. “He didn’t actually see him texting but he assumed that’s what he was doing.”

    According to New Jersey motor vehicle regulations, Giudice faces a fine of up to $200 and/or up to 15 days in jail for the latest citation. State records show his license has been suspended 47 times since he first became a New Jersey driver in 1987.”

    • Powell says:

      Why doesn’t he just hire a driver?

    • chismosa™ says:

      Dear God

      • chismosa™ says:


        “State records show his license has been suspended 47 times since he first became a New Jersey driver in 1987.”

    • Lulu says:

      Wow umm he needs to get off the road! 47 times?!?!?!

    • T-Rex says:

      This is the reason I am sure as to why the DA has not backed down on the Criminal charges in the state case against Juicy for the attempt to fraudulently obtain a driver’s license. This guy has no business behind the wheel. It’s one thing to get 47 tickets in 25 years, it’s a whole nother Oprah to 47 SUSPENSIONS. This guy really does think laws do not really apply to him

    • The 47 cannot be right. That’s 25 years – so averaging 2 suspensions a year?? And we know he was without a license for several years. Someone investigate these state records please – this has to be a typo. Or maybe he’s been cited 47 times – can’t you be cited for multiple things at once.

      • not THAT Jill™ says:

        We need Exit to come explain-
        I think in Nj your license can be suspened for not paying a parking ticket-in 25 years I would guess he got A lot Of tickets-that may be why his number is so high-I can see him getting a ticket and just throwing it away!!

      • kit9 says:

        This is Joe. Maybe he had several phony licenses and spread the suspensions around? lol!

      • Rebecca says:

        I’m calling BS on this number. There’s more than one Joe Guidice in New Jersey.

        Hell there are nine women with my name here in Phoenix, and it’s not that common. ABC is the same organization that read the Supreme Court ruling in 2000 and declared Al Gore the winner.

        • T-Rex says:

          Rebecca according the New Jersey DMV website, you can pay to have someone’s Driving record checked out and can do this by individual, I am sure ABC pays for these searches and personally I would believe this. Makes you wonder if he didn’t try to obtain fraudulent driver’s licences in the past and got away with it.

    • Amalfi says:

      Oh lordy. Just give it up (the driving), Juicy. You are a liability in every way.

      • T-Rex says:

        Amalfi in about six months he probably won’t have to worry about driving for a LONG time, he will be getting 3 hots and a cot, courtesy of the Federal Government.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          In Texas you don’t technically get 3 hots. You’re lucky if you have one hot per day. Cereal for breakfast, bologna type substance on white bread with an apple,dinner a warmish muck like substance (hash).

          You get a cot, but no pillow. In winter they pass out jackets – which serve as pillows.

          • Nancy says:

            And you know this how??? lol

            • LaineyLainey says:

              sadly…loved ones who (through their own choices) have ended up in the system

            • LaineyLainey says:

              not personal experience!! haha. ooops, maybe I shouldn’t laugh. Somtimes they get a slimy like substance called peanutbutter. Sometimes its too runny other times it’s like clay. In sweltering heat…110-120 degrees SOMETIMES they break down and bring them a cooler full of water (no ice) they give them 4 oz paper cups to pour water into to quench their thirst. If they have money thay can buy cokes. They do not allow water bottles at one facility that I know of (down south). They can only drink water at mealtimes.

  7. Powell says:

    Reading DJPs comments from last night. DJP sorry your traffic is grueling. I can’t stand traffic jams.
    I hope Nurse Nancy’s advice about the heating pad helps that pain go away.
    Josh doesn’t look like Bert so he must look like Bart Simpson. 🙂 He is a dapper dresser but just has a Bart shaped head. Keep up the @stalkeralert. 😉

  8. Powell says:

    Yuck w/eating worms & intestines but MTH I’m w/you. Just swallow whole & puke later.

  9. AZGirl says:

    Anyone know what happened to the “All About the Real Housewives” blog? Site is down.

  10. TexasTart says:

  11. LuAnn de Lesseps ‏@CountessLuAnn 4m
    I will be joining Bethenny on her show on November 21st!

  12. Exit4 says:

    About those 47 suspensions…jersey suspends your license for multiple things-unpaid traffic tickets, parking tickets, unpaid insurance (or not having the card), excess points and if course DUI. On top of that, if you’re suspended, even for parking tickets and you’re caught driving, you get another suspension on top! Joe used vehicles for business, not just personal use…so anything unpaid on those counts against his license too.

    The temporary suspensions for minor stuff (like tickets) are rescinded as soon mad you satisfy whatever you owe. When you complete traffic school for excess points etc. it’s not cumulative I’m the sense that your punished by losing driving privledges for all the suspensions. Even DUIs revert to 0 after 10 years. It still stays on your abstract though.

    Given joes history of simply ignoring things-I’m pretty sure most of the suspensions (minus that DUI) over the years was for petty crap.

    And Texas is right, this explains why the court is going after him for the fraudulent license. Which would usually result in a slap on the wrist. I know people who got caught doing that back when it was so easy to fake a Jersey license. Usually so they could age from 18 to 21 overnight! 😉 They can’t repunish him if he satisfied his obligations-but they’ll go harder because it’s an obvious pattern of flaunting the law. That’s coming up next week-it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Next week ? I thought February was the next court appearance stuff? I’m so confused

    • T-Rex says:

      Yep, he is one stupid SOB, in school zones you better make sure you follow all the rules, and how do you not see a cop near a school zone?? Oh, that’s right Juicy doesn’t care about no stinkin cops, probably too busy lining up his “side-ass” for a quickie.

    • Powell says:

      Those are tough laws Exit. I don’t know how they are in MD but I wouldn’t be surprised if there just as tough cuz the cities, county & States are so money hungry that they are doing just about anything to make money from drivers. Not saying that Joe wasn’t wrong. In my county there are so many speed cameras its ridiculous. Recently one city put up illegal cameras, some they said where in school zones when there was no school zone. They have to refund money to violators.

      • Exit4 says:

        Jersey is rough! Especially the little towns-it’s like on the Dukes of Hazard-one second the speed limit is 40 the next its 25! They’ll get you for anything-especially at the end of the month. I think they ended the tickets quota rewards though. It’s such a cash cow-I’ve gotten a few tickets since I’ve been driving (and gotten out of a few too! Lol) and all you do is go to court and ask the prosecutor to not apply points and they will if your record is good. Write a check and call it a day. But if you don’t show up and pay? You are completely screwed!

        It never made sense to me why they were going after joe so hard for the fraudulent license. That’s a pay a fine kind of thing. Now I see why. I’m not sure they’ll give him jail time-but he’s clearly no friend of the DMV! I’m guessing a huge fine, probation, community service and a suspended sentence. If he screws up any of that-then he goes to jail. That happened to our friend, he had to attend AA meetings as part of his DUI punishment. NJ doesn’t allow any kind of day or work driving for DUI, so if you can’t get there-you can’t do it. So, his suspended sentence became “weekend jail”. He learned his lesson!

        • T-Rex says:

          I would assume another reason is to revoke his driver’s license, maybe permanently, however they have made the Juicy’s offers that to plead out, and all of those offers included jail time and the DA was not budging on that, and agreed to go with a full jury trial, they want him to serve time. With all of his suspensions, which means numerous tickets, and then the DUI an driving on suspended, etc. they want him off the streets, IMO

          • Exit4 says:

            The thing is it’s over a 25 year span and even though they stay on your abstract-after a certain period of time they no longer exist on your actual driving record. So they probably can’t actually use most of the suspensions against him specifically.

            Not that it won’t come up! 🙂

            • T-Rex says:

              Here’s the weird thing about wanting a trial, uhm, seriously your lawyer is an Absolute Idiot if let’s you get on the stand with this case, with the Feds watching like a lion over a limping gazelle, cause you ain’t bright enough not to incriminate yourself. So what is the defense?? Prosecutors have all the evidence, cripes, they have him on video! I have a feeling some plea deal will happen that morning.

              • Exit4 says:

                I think the reason is not about being found guilty or not-but to argue for an easier sentence. The judge will decide that. Regardless of what the jury decides or what the prosecuted recommends. If his lawyer can make a good argument that fines etc is a fair punishment as opposed to jail and if the presedent for this rarely includes prison-a judge may agree. That’s what I think they’re doing.

                This suspension thing doesn’t help him-if he had a semi-decent history he’d have a better shot. But a judge isn’t going to tack on jail time for past offenses. Especially if they were resolved. Plus they’re moving violations-not crimes here in NJ. And the federal case means nothing-because there hasn’t been a conviction (yet) or even a trial. The allegations can be brought up as a character thing though-but they can’t have any sway. It probably won’t even come up.

                So definitely I’m thinking it’s not the jury outcome-but hoping a judge will be more lenient then the prosecutors. And a lot of times they are. We shall see soon enough!

  13. cusi77 says:

    Thank you Jeff for the Blogs! I like the way you post the pictures and I voted accordingly! 😉

  14. not THAT Jill™ says:

    Brandi’s blog!! I can’t even!!! One excuse after another…she is tired of Lisa’s digs!!! Hahahahaha…Lisa hasn’t not even warmed up on her Brandi digging!!

    • not THAT Jill™ says:

      Oh and Yolanda has asked her to STFU-but Yolanda wasn’t so blunt!!!

      • T-Rex says:

        Ooooo where was that? Thought she had the drunken whores back?

        • not THAT Jill™ says:

          Read Brandi’s blog-it’s on the last page

          • T-Rex says:

            Gag, you made me read that! NEEDS. A. SHOWER. STFUBrandi says that she doesn’t like cheaters, but then she is also a CHEATER! She said she cheated to get back at ManCandy, uhm just cause it’s retaliation-sex, it’s still cheating! Note again she calls ManCandy’s cheating “excessive”, that is not one or two measly affairs, but a LONG STRING of affairs, probably since day one of their relationship. The other thing noted is that STFUBrandi uses the words “my truth”, okay so now we are qualifying what’s true based upon her recollection or version of the truth. Speaks VOLUMES! I am pretty sure that STFUBrandi has been using EVERY avenue to get back in Lisa’s good graces, and Lisa is having NONE of it, I would bet. Yeah, STFUBrandi can’t “freeload” off them at their restaurants and get to sit with the pretty people and the movers and shakers of BH any longer, that’s what she is missing I would bet.

      • Rebecca says:

        “Anyhow Yolanda has asked me as of now to no longer comment on this subject and I will respect her wishes…”


    • VV™ says:

      OMG! She really needs to do some sort of brain exercises to stimulate it. We are not buying that BS or as she calls it “her truth”.
      The way she goes about not mentioning the name of the RHOM HW. So, Who do we believe? If that is what truly happened WHY DIDNT SHE CLEARED IT THEN. Sounds like her PR are involved trying to put a band-aid on ot. Excuses after excuses after excuses and she’s lucky that Yofo’s brain power is not back 100% yet. She’s very lucky … Although, I think Yofo is going to cut ties after reunion very slowly.

    • Rebecca says:

      Liar face…. she said Yolanda told her Mohammed cheated on her with Joanna on WWHL:

      “Yolanda and I had both heard that this woman from RHOM had an affair with her ex during their marriage.”

      These women are complete idiots if they think every stupid piece of gossip is the truth.

    • not THAT Jill™ says:

      Haha-it’s funny coming from her but it’s all sooooo true!!!

      • Nancy says:

        I was referring to her sleeping with a married man quote as her boy toy was also
        married when they first hooked-up.

        • not THAT Jill™ says:

          Yes I get it Nancy-she is in no position to talk but I still lve that she calls Brandi trash or whatever-it’s mean but it’s true!!!

        • T-Rex says:

          Not only married, but according to his ex-wife, Happily Married, and she was the one that got her husband to help ShannaTaylorNotFordLyingGrifterHusbandStealinLypsMcgee, the wife was the one that initially had her come to Colorado to meet with her husband. And well ShannaTaylorNotFordLyingGrifterHusbandStealinLypsMcgee, paid her bills in “ass” instead of cash to the guy. I give their relationship two years tops before that guy wises up, although may take a year longer since right now he apparently thinks with the brain between his legs, instead of his head.

          • Nancy says:

            ITA. In a way they deserve each other. Maybe his wife will be better off without him.

            • Powell says:

              She’s much better
              w/o him.

              • Nancy says:

                I feel sorry for Kennedy.

                • T-Rex says:

                  Well, she was an escort(allegedly), so I know exactly what he sees in her! (wink wink) That guy probably was as pent up sexually as those folks from the 50’s, and here comes ShannaTaylorNotFordLyingGrifterHusbandStealinLypsMcgee. Russell stayed with her because they were both in the “con game” of those shyster businesses and he needed her for the “game”. This lawyer doesn’t seem to be a con man, but if he is, not to the extent of Russell and ShannaTaylorNotFordLyingGrifterHusbandStealinLypsMcgee, he will get bored of her antics at some point. Just hope the CheatinLawyer doesn’t wind up as an ID Discovery storyline!

                  • Nancy says:

                    Loved your last line. I think she’s got “something” going on upstairs.
                    IMHO the CheatinLawyer better be watching his back as she scares me.

            • T-Rex says:

              Yeah, the ex-wife was very classy about the divorce, she didn’t run to any tabloids, clutched her kids close to her and quietly changed her FB status to divorced the day she signed the papers. I heard he paid her a ton of money to divorce quickly, they did it in less than six months. Unlike her louse of a husband. Once he starts pulling in those purse strings on ShannaTaylorNotFordLyingGrifterHusbandStealinLypsMcgee, he better watch his back, she has no problem playing the Domestic Violence card to make someone she is with look bad. What comes around goes around

          • Ass, Grass, or Cash, nobody rides for free….

  15. Nancy says:

    Lulu…are you around?

    • Lulu says:

      Sure am! I just watched the video. Pretty interesting…. I wonder if Libby Master’s is alive? Why the sudden painting her in a bad light? Was Virginia insecure that she never could live up to “Libby” standards? That is why Libby will most likely be trashed from this point on?? I wonder what happened after the divorce? I wonder if Dr Master’s continued to support her?? What does her children think of her portrayal? That has to be hard on them if they didn’t know what happened.

      So Virginia is struggling to not emotionally connect. Since she connects bottoms up first wonder if the “orgasm” is what connected her? 🙂 What a strange lady.

      To me it just seems like Virgina is a pet dog to him. That is the extent of their “closeness” or “connection.”

      • Nancy says:

        I’m not sure Libby will be seen in a bad light. I think many wives back then thought
        a child would bring them some security. What I do like is that she now demands that
        her needs come first for a change. I’m not sure if she is still alive or not. It would be
        interesting to hear her take on all of this. As far as Virginia goes…Maybe this is the
        first time that she actually connected with a man emotionally. It’s going to get a “bit”
        complicated now. Should be fun to see.

        • lulu says:

          Now I’m curious did the women back then really feel kids equaled in a sense job security? Being a housewife ( even though it is work) is their job not their life?

        • Powell says:

          Lulu & Nancy I’m so glad Libby is taking up for herself, wanting to be thought of 1st.

        • chismosa™ says:

          I want to read our little MoS discussion but if it’s any spoiler for Sunday I don’t want to —-
          Averting my eyes 👀👀👀👀

          • Lulu says:

            No way Chismosa!!! No spoilers!! 🙂

            • chismosa™ says:

              Ok so Virginia DID connect with him emotionally this past episode …. I thought so !
              I think that’s what shocked her — that she did. “All together now” —- right !? The name of the episode and WHEN it happened – wink wink 😉 😉😉💏💏

              Something had to happen since she marries him and they stay together so long. And she had 3 marriages that she had no problem leaving before staying so long with him. HE left her !

          • Nancy says:

            chismosa…you should watch the link I put up last night. There are no spoilers.
            It’s a behind the scene interviews.

      • chismosa™ says:

        Ok Lulu without getting too graphic —
        Maybe — she was shocked that the O happened after he 1)either yelled at her to do it or b) at the same time as his. His exclamation was so funny. I think it was HIS but she inadvertently also did so at the same time. The actor said it so funny it was like he yelled at her. I think the actress actually did well in the O scene. The one place she’s ok in. 🙄

        And maybe it was a different kind of O than she was so used to easily having with all the men she called the shots in bed with all the time.

        So much to think about

        • Nancy says:

          I too thought they should have slowed their first “session” together but maybe they
          wanted it to be 100% clinical. I wonder when Libby is going to put it all together?

          • luludoesO says:

            Their first time was awkward she wasn’t into it. I wonder if that was more Lizzy’s ability to act as in “deer in headlight stares” I think the producers should have brought in stand ins. Or made them have mandatory sex so it would translate better on screen.

            I’m sad for Libby!!! I know it happened. Too sad

          • chismosa™ says:

            Yes I would have liked to see more of the first time too— or at least the boob test ! — as dirty as it is- this is what they’ve been dealing in. I would have liked it. And I’m not being perverted. (Maybe a little) lol

            Poor Libby

  16. chismosa™ says:

    The Atlanta ladies are in LA right now on oxygen. So funny

  17. Powell says:

    MTH I’ve been meaning to ask you if you’ve been watching Teen Mom 3. I’ve caught a few epis & I just don’t understand how these girls hang on to the hopes & dreams that these boys are going to step up & be w/them let alone be a father that provides emotional & financial support.

    • Powell, I watched a couple of them and then I couldn’t take the stupidity of it all anymore.. This time around I did not see their 16 and pregnant episodes so they were all new to me, no bias on any of them. What I saw was regardless of any effort these ‘dads’ made, it was never good enough even as a starting point. Constantly pissing in their ears about every little thing. One has a night shift job, trying to provide, even put a ring on her finger, and she still constantly bitches in his ear every second they are together. I think before these people pin their dreams on someone else, they better take a good hard long look at themselves.

  18. shamrockblonde says:

    thanks for the blogs Jeff! I could not watch the eating challenge – had to leave the room – always do – I’d like to say this is why I would never be on Survivor but honestly, just having to sleep outdoors, deal with bugs, let alone snakes and poop outside would be enough for me to never even make it to the Island – and I want the granimals gone first – those two thinking that they had an advantage because they spoke Arabic – they somehow missed an entire selection of dates to choose from! – for a long time! – and I have no comment at all on the race track……….

    • It just makes me think of Pumba in The Lion King, “TASTES LIKE CHICKEN!” 🙂

    • You and me both.. Just the idea of digging a hole, turning around and learning the hard way that a snake has decided to occupy it is enough to keep me happily on the couch watching the show.

      I thought that though their family is from Afghanistan, the geranimals were born and raised here. They are about as Americanized as it gets. That trill yell they do, is something that the Women do, not the men 😉 That’s what my Iraqi GF told me once, long ago..

      • chismosa™ says:

        I just looked this up because I have watched on so many shows where the men were making the sound — especially on shahs, and I know I saw it somewhere else.
        I wiki’d ululation- that’s the term apparently. It’s true, it says women do it but I have litra-lee seen men do it as well. So odd …????

        I just love seeing “habibbi” being used —- reminds me of the cousins from years ago- the Armenian girl with her little person cousin… They were so funny. They were on twice

        And reminds me of Lumann butchering the pronunciation. Ahhhh 😡😡😡

  19. MTH you forgot the cat. on the poll, “I read but I don’t care where you put the pictures”… I would think if they are smart…..they need to get rid of the other mom/daughter team…..and it looks like from the preview the daughter has no problemo with that… it was funny when Tina dug around in her bag for the idol, at least she was having fun with it! Monica probably had to wash out her “drawers”

    • You did get the 2 inch rise reference then 😆 I don’t think Tina is coming back from RI unless it’s strictly a puzzle. We will see how Katie does then.. It’ll be interesting to see how, the only other ‘pair’ left in the game handle things now. In the challenges, Cierra is as hopeless as they come. She must really be flying under the radar to still be there.

  20. VV™ says:

    @Jillzarin: With @countessluann and Noel at billycrystal 700 Sundays opening night. Regis,david letterman, Brooke…

    Original Message:

  21. VV™ says:

    LuAnn de Lesseps (@CountessLuAnn) tweeted at 9:43am – 14 Nov 13:

    I will be joining Bethenny on her show on November 21st! (

  22. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Hello All. Awesome blog MTH. I like it staggered, the same way a drunk person walks all the way home! 😉

    I was so annoyed at Tina’s crusty rusty arse making threats about jury votes when she’s got one foot in the next plane leaving. Truth be told I disliked the way she manipulated and guilted Colby, a true idiot survivor, into taking her to the finals over the chef. Saying he was undeserving when her scrawny ass did nothing to deserve being in the final 2. BTW it’s disturbing to look at her so let’s see her leave and return plumped up and made up on finale night. While Katie acts like a mute, Cierra is giving me VytasCrackheadTease. She is giving me the vibe of a selfish shifty crackhead as she looks ready to throw her mother over. Can’t wait for her luck to run out. I’m rooting for Tyson, Gervase, LauraM or Hayden to win. In that order.

    • I was upset that Colby didn’t win but then she “outwitted” him… 😦

    • Tina need to eat A few cheeseburgers to fill out that upper lip area. I agree it’s pretty uppity to dictate what’s going to happen come vote time.. Clearly, that ‘girl’ alliance couldn’t hold it together even into their first vote. She can talk about loyalty to an alliance all she wants but, if you look at her voting record, she hasn’t been. My pick, is Laura..

  23. lulu says:

    Nancy a ot question. What exercises strengthens your arms as in stretching arms out in front of your body palms out?? What muscle is responsible for that???

  24. VV™ says:

    @BrandiGlanville: Sad news i learned late last week that @Deansheremet may be getting cold feet about doing my @PodcastOne show!Help me talk him into it

    Original Message:

    • T-Rex says:

      Uhm the dude is on twitter, reads the internet and probably heard all about your straight ass crazy self, like he wants be associated with all of your volcanic hot mess, he is running for the hills, good for him! Since he has given loads of interviews that he is OVER his marriage and the issues, and STFUBrandi spends every waking minute wallowing in them, even after 4 years, yeah he wants to do the podcast, NOT

      • Nancy says:

        It’s rather hard to watch someone free falling into disaster. Where are her “people”?

        • VV™ says:

          She claims they were friends prior to his divorce from Leann or after. I’m not so sure but I’ve seem them exchange tweets.
          I wonder if he really is planning on not going or Brandi is just saying that to get listeners for the podcast.

          • Nancy says:

            I think many people in her circle has had it with her.

            • VV™ says:

              Some people just don’t learn…

              • not THAT Jill™ says:

                She said she wanted him to come on her podcast to talk about cooking-NOT to talk about their exes…really? Does she think if she has him on that anyone would really care about his cooking techniques? She did get a lot of downloads for her podcast last week so people are still curious about what she is saying-if he is on she will double the amount of listeners-I however wouldn’t listen to her if she had Jesus Himself on her podcast!!

                • T-Rex says:

                  It just occurred to me that she is asking her “twatter minions” to “twat-stalk” this poor guy into coming on her show. She needs a twatter-vention stat!

                  • not THAT Jill™ says:

                    She’s an idiot-she needs to step away from twitter till the season is over…no no that’s a bad idea-her tweets are pure delight for me…

  25. T-Rex says:

    More OT medical questions, looks like the doc thinks I have gall bladder issues, no pains in the morning but by the afternoon, pain in the side upper ribcage, radiating to the back on the right side only. Had some bad bouts so far, trying to manage with Nsaids chased with pharmaceutical Prilosec to keep from ripping a hole in the stomach. Can’t get into a GastroEnt for weeks, she suggested going to the ER if it gets too bad, anyone have gall bladder issues, what’s the surgery and aftermath like? Thanks

    • Nancy says:

      Your doc can’t refer you to someone else? If you have no choice it looks like you will
      have to go to the ER but that is not how this should be handled. (((T-Rex)))
      It’s hard to say how long you will be out of work as it depends on what they find when
      they go in there.

      • T-Rex says:

        Dr did say it would be laparscopic(sp?) surgery probably and now the numbnuts over there mis-scheduled my ultrasound for tomorrow and can’t get me in until next week KMN! Ugh.

        • Nancy says:

          That’s a shame! I feel for you as they can be very painful. (((T-Rex)))

          • T-Rex says:

            I can barely sit, of course have to drive home today, as I am an idiot and went to work, been working from home all week, had to get into the offices today. Going to be an interesting ride home as I can’t even stand to touch the back right now.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Sorry to hear that T. Defer to nurse Nancy I suppose.

      I take a ton of NSAIDs, aspirin (is that an NSAID?) and alternate with ibuprofren but just always make sure my stomach has food in it ?

      I know they sell Prilosec with magnesium- maybe magnesium soothes the stomach?
      Be safe. Feel better

      • T-Rex says:

        I have the prescription stuff with magnesium, I wasn’t really having the stomach issues just the upper stuff which the Doc said could only be the gallbladder, nothing else up there. I am only taking the Aleve every 12 hours as directed, but might have to up that a bit to get through to next week

        • HuskerHuny says:

          I had my gall bladder out almost 28 years ago; three months after my twins were born. That was before the belly button surgery they do now; I had to be cut and was in the hospital for a week. I only had two attacks before they found that my gall bladder was full (doing an ultrasound). If I were you, I’d find me a doctor who could put you out of your misery ASAP. Can’t believe they would put this off while you are in such pain – inhumane if you ask me! I have never heard of such a delay for anything this severe. Several friends of mine in the past few years have had attacks and surgery in the same day. Move here and I’ll get you taken care of! Much luck with this T-Rex! Feel better soon!

        • boston02127 says:

          T-Rex, I had my gallbladder out about a year. I had no everyday pain that indicated there was anything wrong. I would dry heave often but I thought it was nerves. One morning I woke up and couldn’t stop dry heaving. It went on for about four hours until I went to the hospital. I could barely catch my breath.

          They took tests at the hospital and told me it was my gallbladder and within a week I had it out. I had to go see the doctor who was doing the operation the next day. The operation was quick, I went home that day. I got dressed myself and was standing and waiting for them to release me.

          The next day my whole stomach hurt but I took the pain pills they gave me and slept. It was just that one day after the operation that I was in pain. I was back on my feet within a couple of days. You can’t lift anything for about a week thou. And, I only have a small scar that had a few stiches. I took them out myself about a week later.

          The doctor that I saw told me not to wait to have it removed.

          • T-Rex says:

            Going to hit the ER in the morning then. I hope they can get it out before a week though

            • mookiesmom says:

              Hi everyone! Some of you may remember me some of you may not. I still read just about everyday I just haven’t been commenting.

              T-Rex I had my gallbladder removed laparoscopically in December 2011. This was my experience. My symptoms were different from yours but my gallbladder was full of stones and had to go. I ended up in the ER because the pain was so bad. I couldn’t take a full breath and had chest pains. I went to the ER very late at night but once they figured out what was going on they called the surgeon. He stopped by that night but he wanted to start me on antibiotics before doing the surgery in the morning. I only had one incision that went about 1/2 way around my belly button. My understanding is that is not the normal incision type though. For several days after the surgery you will walk hunched over. Take your pain med.s as prescribed. You want to get ahead of the pain so that it doesn’t hit a 10. You may need some help getting in and out of bed or from sitting to standing. My belly was tender for about a week if I remember correctly. You will definitely want pants with elastic at the top so that you can adjust them so that it is comfortable. I would suggest a liquid/soft diet or a very high fiber diet because you will not want to strain. After about 4 days you will notice that you are able to walk upright but you will still be tender. I don’t think I wore jeans for at least a week but that could also have been due to where my incision was located. I’m not sure what to tell you about work because everyone reacts/heals differently. I can tell you that you will feel sooooo much better after it is all said and done. I’ll stick around for a while in case you have any further questions.

        • chismosa™ says:

          I think you can definitely up that Aleve. I was told to take 2 aleve 2x a day! And you are only temporarily ….

          Just eat and be careful stomach wise.
          Prayers for you.

          • The Aleve is what made my daughter’s stomach bleed a couple of weeks ago, she only took it for a week….it was bad, they thought they might have to do a transfusion.

            • T-Rex says:

              All my vitals were okay. No bleeding.

              • Oh Good!!! I hope they figure it out.

              • Nancy says:

                T-Rex…Are you sure your own doc can’t ref to anyone? If not… The ER will have
                a GI doc “on call”. If I were you I would have my doc call the “on call” GI doc to let him know that he’s going to be sending you to the ER as he’s too booked up. If your pain
                gets out of hand I would go to the ER right away. They won’t operate on you but they
                can give you some strong pain meds. Please don’t sit at home in pain as it will get
                out of hand and then it’s hard to get in under control. What state do you live in?

                • Nancy says:

                  I should have said they probably won’t take you into surgery right away but they will
                  treat your pain.

                • mookiesmom says:

                  T-Rex, I wrote you a post about what my experience was like up-thread. I completely agree with Nancy on this one. I was trying to wait it out and it was not in my best interest. My white count was through the roof, which is why the surgeon wanted me to stay overnight so they could get IV antibiotics going before my surgery. It took a lot of pain med.s to get my pain under control. Thankfully, Mookies dad was with me because a lot of it is a blur. What could have been an out-patient surgery ended up with me in the hospital overnight.

              • lulu says:

                ((T-Rex)) I hope you will feel better soon!!

            • chismosa™ says:

              I’m scared now. I thought as long as my stomach is full and I have no pain or anything I can’t be bleeding in my stomach …?
              I’m scared

              Such a health page today !

    • SoutheastVA says:

      Go to be checked soonest. Take care of yourself.

    • VV™ says:

      ((( T-Rex )))

    • LaineyLainey says:

      You are in my prayers you short armed little carnivorous Dino. Please take care of yourself. From reading this thread I concur that going to the ER as soon as you can.

    • BB says:

      T-Rex. If I were you, I would go to the ER and get it taken care of. I haven’t had the surgery, but know a few people who have and had no problems and short recovery periods.

    • TexasTart says:

      Prayers for you T-Rex.I hope you get some relief soon!

      PS: HiLarious reply to my supermodel comment! 😆

    • T-Rex says:

      Thanks to all my friends here, you guys are ALL so awesome. Mr T-rex has made the decision and we are headed to the ER this morning, I am not in pain in the mornings, and hopefully they can manage my afternoon pain. Of course all I am wondering is if the ER has WiFi, HA. I have been on Cipro since Tuesday since they did find a bacterial infection as well when I went to the docs, so hopefully I won’t need an IV to take care of any infections. Will keep you all posted.

  26. chismosa™ says:

    Dr Oz: Was camille on already ? They just talked about coffee and uterine cancer.

    Nancy is endometrial cancer just uterine cancer ? Same thing I mean ?

    Ps we have a dolphin loose in Coney Island ….. They’re trying to help him.
    Why are they here !!!!?????

    • Nancy says:

      It’s basically the same thing, but some might call cervical cancer “uterine” because the cervix is part of the uterus. Uterine cancer can spread throughout the peritoneal cavity, but cervical is usually mainly aggressive locally.

  27. lillybee says:

    It appears that said dolphin swam up a dirty creek. NYPD and NYFD are trying to rescue it.

  28. chismosa™ says:

    Lainey I’m watching will & grace and Rob and Ellen their friends are on …. So funny 😋😋

  29. SoutheastVA says:

    Hi everyone! I don’t ususally post personal stuff but I need your prayers. I hadn’t been feeling well for a few weeks but I kept up w/daily work, family and friend commitments without going to see my Dr. It came to a head yesterday when walking across the parking lot to work my heart started pumping fast, I couldn’t catch my breath and my legs felt wobbily. Since I was closest to my car, I doubled back and sat for a few minutes. Feeling better, I turned on the car and went to urgent care. While there I had the same symptons so a very attentive PA forced me to agree to be transported to the hospital. I relented and had the bumpiest ambulance ride ever (in my mind). After hours in the ER my bloodwork showed my hemoglobin count the lowest (2.7) the Drs. in attendance had ever seen. I knew I was anemic but this is next level. One Dr. asked how am I walking on Earth. I had to get blood transfusions. I’m feeling a lot better today…no hurting chest, shortness of breath, etc. Tests are being run to determine what’s going on. I would like your prayers for the Drs. to be able to find the problem(s) and fix it/them. Also, I implore the type “A” people on this board (like me) to take the time to take care of yourself over everyone else. If I hadn’t gone to the Dr yesterday, I don’t know if my hubby & kids would have me today. I have to selfishly take care of me from now on, they won’t mind.

  30. VV™ says:

    She took make up guy and hair lady. Unless, both Moe and Kyle at every generous with them she’s either photoshoot or filming something.

    @KyleRichards18: Off for an adventure! ✈️

    Original Message:

    • chismosa™ says:

      It’s got to be Bethenny.
      Old old friends …. November sweeps…. Drama on RH

      That’s my guess


    • T-Rex says:

      Who else remembers VileKyle Season 1 making an ass of herself on the plane ride, saying she doesn’t fly, etc. screeching and screaming the whole way for attention. Hmph guess she didn’t like that storyline since after that one plane ride, she has been seen on numerous planes and handling it just fine

  31. VV™ says:

    @YolandaHFoster: ❤I think we are allowed to make mistakes as long as we own them….. remember “The Truth will ALWAYS Prevail” #acknoledgementisimportant

    Original Message:

    • chismosa™ says:

      Ok yesterday it was CRUTCHES. girl I know this is your 2nd/3rd or possibly 4th language but come on!

  32. chismosa™ says:

    I love how they’re saying Simon was fired. This is interesting. After Simon’s chat yesterday, I tend to believe him.
    Other sites are piping in to agree with Simon who got a shout out !

    • Exit4 says:

      Andy actually got the better deal here! Plus being a host is what he always wanted to do, according to his book. There’s tons of $$$ in production. Plus it’s his production company and bravo and oxygen get “first look”. If they pass he can go to other networks. He keeps his ep credit on housewives and is free of lots of the BS!

      • chismosa™ says:

        No I get it, it’s just funny how some other people are breaking it down.

        Free of the BS ….. Not if you count still running all things Housewives! Hahahaha
        He even showed the most un.flattering. picture of the Don getting her eyebrows dyed at CACAface. Along with the Mazel of course, to bright shining light Lauren Manzo. He’s going to be pushing those HWs! It’s his only babies left… (So far)

        Oh I think he does the Married to Medicine and I don’t know why he’s on Shahs since I thought that was Ryan S’s gig only

        I see what you mean- it’s just funny how other things and theories come up! I like that

  33. TexasTart says:

  34. TexasTart says:

  35. VV™ says:

    It was a publicity stunt!

    @BrandiGlanville: Woot woo guess who is coming to @PodcastOne now… @Deansheremet you peeps are very persuasive

    Original Message:

  36. VV™ says:

    @BrandiGlanville: @AdrienneJanic @Andy @alecshankman @PodcastOne key words of my podcast today were “murder” and “vagina”

    Original Message:

  37. VV™ says:

    Housewives in trouble PR 101.

    @BrandiGlanville: My boys bday shopping for me:)

    Original Message:

  38. VV™ says:

    Unless this pic is a decoy… They are at Joshua Tree National Park.

    @MauricioUmansky: @theagencyre hat keeps traveling the world. Can’t say where I am but it’s cool.

    Original Message:

  39. TexasTart says:

    Welcome to Miami! 😀
    Only because I alwas say it…not really looking forward to the cold bitch Hoanna.

  40. Nancy says:

    Can’t these “ladies” put on their own makeup?

  41. TexasTart says:

    Can y’all see how much Hoanna enjoys hurting Lisa? I think she and Brandi are more alike than I ever considered. I’ll bet Hoanna is thinking to herself “I win” behind that expression on her face.

  42. Nancy says:

    This is horrible.

  43. TexasTart says:

    I’m taking the dog for a walk ! ANNOYING bickering..oh sorry I was yelling 😉

  44. BB says:

    OK. For those not watching RHOM reunion, would you like to read a long doggy saga! OK. Well, for the past few years, I’ve been taking my dogs to Petsmart for their grooming because they cost less and it’s easier to get a quick appointment with them. Plus, I could always get the same groomer who became familiar with my doggies and they with her. Anyway, I haven’t liked the way they’ve been groomed the past couple of times I’ve taken them. Tanner, my fox look-alike dog came back with the end of his tail snipped off and they tried to tell me he had been chewing there 0 NOT! Well, I decided to take them to a local long time groomer with a good reputation. She charges more and it takes longer to get an appointment, but I figured this had to be better – right. Well, they call me and tell me Cody and Tanner are ready to be picked up and my husband goes to get them. When they bring Tanner out everyone notices his paw is bleeding. They discover that his entire nail has come out and go back and find it in his cage. He must have gotten it caught on something and it pulled out. Ouch! Anyway, they bandaged it up really well and told us not to take the bandage off for a couple of days and if the bleeding had not stopped, to take him to the vet to get it cauterized. They told my husband they did the exact same thing a vet would have done if we had taken him to a vet. My poor doggy really doesn’t not like that bandage on his paw going up past his elbow. He’s walking on it and doesn’t seem to be in any pain, but it’s really irritating him and he can’t seem to get comfortable with it. He’s looking at me with poor me eyes and I just want to cry. I know it’s probably better that he has it on because if he didn’t, he would be licking and biting his owie. I’m just wondering if may I should pay a visit to the vet to be on the safe side or do what the groomer said and wait until Saturday and take the bandage off then. The groomer said she could feel part of the nail still there but it may or may not grow back straight or crooked. And here I was trying to do something good for my dogs! By the way, they both look and smell great! This has not been the best week for me.

    • Nancy says:

      (((BB))) Where do I begin? This is what I would do. Go to an Petsmart and buy some
      “medicine” called Quick Blood Stopper. We had to get it for Emily as her nails were
      black so unfortunately we would accidentally cut the quick and it would bleed like
      crazy. Then I would take the bandage off to take a look at it. If it’s still bleeding or
      it starts again you need to take a clean q-tip, wet it and apply it to his nail bed until
      the bleeding stops. He will fight you on this as it’s quite painful. 😦

      • Nancy says:

        After you wet the q-tip you need to put it in the container of the Quick Blood Stopper
        then apply it to his nail bed.

        • BB says:

          Thanks, Nancy. They probably did that at the groomer before they bandaged his paw. I’ll just do what they say and leave the bandage on like they advised and if it’s still bleeding when removed, do what you say. My daughter used to board her older dog at the same groomers and they are very cautions and careful with the animals. They seemed to know what they were talking about. It just seems that poor Tanner always get the raw end of the deal.

          • Nancy says:

            (((Tanner))) We would feel so awful when we did that to Emily but it does stop
            the bleeding very fast. You are haven’t had a great time later. I might have a
            present for you but I have to figure out if it can be done or not. Here’s a clue…
            Doc Martin 🙂 Would that help? lol

      • Nancy says:

        BB…once you take the bandage off if something looks weird I would probably take
        him to your Vet so he can take a look. Personally I would ask the groomers to pay
        for the Vet bill. If it looks ok I wouldn’t bother. Try to get him to keep the bandage on
        for tonight.

    • TexasTart says:

      BB, if the entire nail came out I highly recommend the vet. Sorry your baby is hurt.

    • VV™ says:

      ((( BB )))

  45. TexasTart says:

    Nancy, I’m back, I don’t want to.stand you up, as we have survived every Miami episode,ometimes l times we were the only ones to chat!

  46. BB says:

    Hey, Y’all. I took a pic of tanner and changed my gravatar. It’s waaaaay past my bedtime, but Tanner is finally resting! His bandage is kind of dark pink, but I told him it’s red so HE wouldn’t freak out with a girl color bandage on. lol

  47. TexasTart says:

    • Nancy says:

      BB…Hopefully this will get you Doc Martin season 6. You have to scroll down past
      all the other seasons. Enjoy. 🙂

      • BB says:

        Nancy. When I looked at it, it said something about I could only get previews, but it did offer a month of free service if I signed up for it. Thanks! I’ll check it out tomorrow and let you know what happens.

        • Nancy says:

          Season 6 only comes on once a week so a month will give you 4 episodes.
          Acorn is really cheap. Sorry my link didn’t work.

  48. BB says:

    Good night all!

  49. TexasTart says:

    The Miami reunion is playing again and I have the sound off – for my sanity! Really, nust to look at Hoanna. If the conversation is not about her she appears to t. When other women are distressed, even while crying she looks happy. That is who she is. She is VERY cold hearted and it’s messed up that the word hear is in my phrase!

    Lea has a world of expressions with her eyes and attitude for everyone, but except maybe Hoanna. Adriana is best at masking emotion I think, and Alexia is most even tempered. I can’t say about Lisa other than she is out of her league. Bottom line is I think they ALL are emotionLly scared. And I don’t think any of them are friends. What a waste this reunion was.

  50. TexasTart says:

    These shampoo names are cracking me up. So one can still get Pert, but what about Prell?! Blast from the past, maybe the first shampoo I.remember as a child. Chismosa’s shampoo hall of fame!

  51. Nancy says:

    T-Rex…I hope you are doing ok. Thinking about you.

    • T-Rex says:

      Thanks Nancy, as I posted above Mr T-rex has had it and is marching me to the ER this morning. He can’t watch the pain and crying, I feel fine this morning and didn’t want to go, but he is adamant because he knows by 3pm I will be that “other” person who can’t even sit with all the pain

  52. VV™ says:

    @AnaQooks: “@HeyItsGrant_: @AnaQooks did you choose to not return or did @Bravotv not renew your contract? @andy”still under contract. Limited role.

    Original Message:

    • TexasTart says:

      Good catch, VV . I had copied it too! Will wait and see what else you have from Twitter.

      So you folks hear what Ana is saying ???- under contract is code for still can not spill the beans!!!

  53. VV™ says:

    @AnaQooks: “@JennyBananas421: @AnaQooks yaaaaayyyy!!!!👏👏👏 ¿dónde?”my website on Monday.

    Original Message:

    • VV™ says:

      Ana replied to somebody on Twitter that she will write a blog. A little over an hour later after that reply, she choses to reply to a tweet that ask her about her contract with Bravo. Will she still write the blog?

      • chismosa™ says:

        I’m so excited !
        I’m reading. I’m sad she’s not friends with Marisol anymore. But whatever ….

        AND I’m sad she’s friends with HO but I still want to hear juicy details.

        Maybe since the season (and maybe entire franchise) is over she is now legally allowed to discuss this ????

        — BB hope doggie gets better. That is scary, I don’t trust a lot of dog groomers
        –T-Rex, feel better ASAP

      • TexasTart says:

        Yes she will still write the blog she has so much more to offer, she doesn’t meed to ever me tion RHOM, only to say she appears to have a fan base w/o HA.

        • TexasTart says:

          I meant a fan base outside of Housewives.

        • chismosa™ says:

          Oh I was under the impression the blog she’d write would be a tell-all and her “reasons” for her limited role this year.

          I know she has other things going on cooking-wise but that’s what I was looking forward to on this blog. Oh well 😡😤


          • VV™ says:

            😨 I though it was about RHOM too 😤😠
            Penny (RHNJ) was able to write about inside info with her fictional character. Ana can go that route.

          • TexasTart says:

            I don’t know why that is assumed. Sure one day maybe, ut she didn’t develope a web site just to post a silly blog when anyone in the media would be happy to help her tell her story, right?!

            chismosa, I have been very patiently awaiting your mention of the big O of shampoos! My day is complete, LOL!

  54. VV™ says:

    @joannakrupa: @bguadarrama85 @AnaQooks we sure r

    Original Message:

    • chismosa™ says:

      This saddens me. But, whatever. Maybe Ana will see the light on this smelly trash one day soon
      Keep after her Brandy 👊👊

  55. chismosa™ says:

    Forgot to add:


  56. chismosa™ says:

    Courtney Stodden on Bethenny today

    • Powell says:

      Hey chismosa. Good morning to you. B is most definitely scraping the bottom for guest. I saw Courtney on E! last week. She & Doug are getting divorced/divorced. She’s saying she’s young and wants to enjoy herself. Blah, blah, blah. And she’s gotten more fillers or plastic surgery. She looks like clay.

  57. Powell says:

    Give me a T, give me a G,.give me a I, give me a F. What do you get? TGIF!!! YEAHHHH!!! Good morning everyone!!! 🙂

  58. Powell says:

    BB I’m sorry to hear about Tanner. Poor baby. I hope his nail and looking better today. Give him some special treats today.

  59. NJBev says:

    always last to the freaking party. I used to just read and not post,
    but I get this feeling Melevjeff is getting tired of re-capping and wants
    a way out- welllll not from me. Every one of my weeks get worse
    lately, so I’m gonna do my best to keep up and not let any one of my
    buddies get away with the re-cap that I count on.
    This episode was nuts. I could not/ would not watch bug crap-
    wasn’t going to happen- I didn’t even read the re-cap part of it (sorry)
    I just loved the 2nd half of the re-cap and honestly, if it wasn’t so late
    I would DEFINITELY E-MAIL to find out your theory!
    I still hope Monica wins, but her own dumbass kid votes for her out in
    the coming attractions –
    thanks again for the time you spend to do this for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    oh well next time-
    tmro first day back to the
    “”horrible Grind””

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