Real Housewives of Miami Reunion Part Two and Beverly Hills Cast Blogs Part 2

Real Housewives of Miami – Reunion Part II

By HydrangeaHussy

We’re back for Part II of the reunion!  At the break, we saw Joanna’s make-up artist following Lisa around, taunting her.  The ladies are back on the couch & Lisa is “very irritated” with Joanna.  Lisa accuses Joanna of using her make-up artist as a mouthpiece to attack Lisa.  Joanna denies that she was sitting in her dressing room laughing, but we all saw the film.  Lisa goes back to Joanna’s veiled accusations about she ‘heard’ Lisa did at the wedding.  Lisa asks her to clarify, but Joanna hesitates.  I have a feeling that what happened isn’t nearly as bad as what Joanna hopes people assume.  Lisa points out that Joanna is playing games & that Lisa can’t defend herself when Joanna won’t be up front.  I want to smack that smirk off of Joanna’s face.

Andy gives a quick recap: Joanna said that she believes Lisa’s inability to conceive may be due to hard partying.  Joanna’s belief is based upon something she heard Lisa did at the wedding.  Joanna just sits there saying, “it could mean anything!”  Such a mean girl! She’s basically saying, ‘I know something horrible that Lisa did, but I’m not going to tell what it was.’  It just opens the door to speculation & assumptions.  If you have an accusation – make it, if not – keep your mouth shut.  Lisa calls Joanna a liar & brings up the diamond necklace that Romain gave Joanna last season.  Joanna says that she exchanged it for a smaller diamond.  Do we really believe that she’d want something smaller?  Lisa claims that it was a loaner for TV.  These two women are getting really nasty now.  Lisa accuses Joanna of playing the victim card & being fake.  Then Lisa goes after Joanna’s relationship with her sister, saying that Joanna pushed Marta away & that Marta doesn’t want to be around her sister.

from Purveyors of Pop twitter

from Purveyors of Pop twitter

Lisa questions why, if Joanna is so nice, she would hit Lisa where she’s most vulnerable – her fertility issues.  I have to say, it’s a good question.  Even if I don’t like someone, I’m not going after them for something so personal.  Joanna says that she isn’t attacking Lisa; she’s just concerned.  Where was that concern all season?  She didn’t seem to care about Lisa’s problems then.  She only brings it up at the reunion, when the two women are no longer friends.  Lisa isn’t buying it.  They go even lower – Lisa says that she has heard that Joanna actually was a hooker.  Lisa’s source is allegedly a friend of Joanna.  Now that the tables are turned, Joanna wants to know who the source is but Lisa refuses to give it up.  Joanna can dish it out, but she can’t take it.  She keeps egging on the fight, but then freaks when it turns on her.  Adriana chimes in with her information, which she says she was hesitant to reveal until now.  A reporter from Poland called Adriana.  The reporter claimed that Joanna was an escort in Europe & that she was a fraud.  Joanna says that she’s suing the reporter.

Andy asks for Lea’s point of view because she’s a friend to both women.  Lea says that she hates to see them fighting.  She says that if an accusation doesn’t apply to you, you shouldn’t take it personally.  Lea & Adriana agree that sometimes friends aren’t who you think they are.

Now we’re on to Marysol & Lea.  Marysol enters & asks what the hell is going on with the ladies.  Andy asks about Elsa.  Marysol says that she has good days & bad days. Today was not a good day.  The fear & grief is evident in Marysol’s face as she talks about her mother.  Andy gets right into the relationship between Elsa & Lea, who had their own relationship outside of Marysol.  Marysol said that she never understood why her mother would continue to speak with Lea when Lea was speaking poorly of Marysol.  Marysol is asked if she thinks Lea is a malicious person.  She says that she thinks if Lea doesn’t like someone, she will do whatever she can to take them down & prove that she is right.

Black magic – it was first brought up by Marysol’s psychic.  Marysol says that Cubans love mysticism.  The clips then turn to Lea’s alleged lack of support for Elsa.  Lea says that she doesn’t have as much powers as people seem to think.  She says that, when she heard about the accident, she called the hospital to see if Elsa was there.  She points out that Marysol didn’t want her to know about Elsa’s condition.  Alexia tells her that, if that is the case she just admit that she didn’t contact Elsa because she didn’t believe Marysol wanted her to.  Lea says that she sent a text message & pulls out evidence of it.  Marysol & Lea are talking over each other.  Andy asks why Marysol cares whether Lea contacted Elsa when it’s clear that Marysol doesn’t care about Lea.  That’s something I’ve been wondering all season!  Marysol explains that she doesn’t believe Lea ever cared about Elsa, but only formed a relationship because Elsa was so popular with viewers.  I can see that.  We all know that Lea loves to ‘collect’ celebrities.  Marysol’s father, who is in the hospital after surgery, sent a recorded message to Lea.  I’m not sure that was necessary.  Marysol accuses Lea of making a video with a friend making fun of Elsa’s stroke.  Lea admits that some comedians were at her house & made a video of Elsa.  Marysol shows the video & you can hear Lea laughing in the background.  Lea denies it, but it’s clearly her cackle.  Lea claims that Marysol is just desperate for attention.

Andy changes the subject to Lisa & Lenny’s troubles.  These include lack of time together, infertility, & Lenny’s parents.  A surrogate has been chosen & they are beginning another round of IVF.  Lisa explains that they married so that they could begin a family.  She feels like Lenny does so much for her & that she isn’t holding up her end of the marriage.  Lisa states that you’re supposed to misbehave in Vegas & Alexia says that it was beyond misbehaving.  While they said that they had moved on, it’s clear that there are still some hard feelings there.  Alexia explains that she was hurt by Lisa’s claims that she is boring.  Lisa believes that Alexia tones down her behavior because of Herman.  Alexia says that is not true & that Lisa is just trying to push her buttons as she did with Joanna.  I don’t think Lisa tries to push people’s buttons nearly as much as Joanna does.  Everything that comes out of Joanna’s mouth is calculated to hurt, then she excuses her behavior by saying that they’re just words.  Joanna chimes in that she doesn’t have a drinking problem, insinuating that Lisa does because Lisa got into arguments while drunk.  Wait?  Joanna believes that she doesn’t have a problem when that was her main issue with Romain last season?  Every time she drinks she acts like a fool!

alexia bitchesNow that Alexia has taken center stage, Andy brings up Peter’s behavioral & legal issues.  A viewer asks her to explain how she reconciles wanting Peter to take responsibility for his actions with not telling the whole truth to the police in the cab incident.  She says that both parties were in the wrong.  She says that Peter only tapped the cab, but it sounded a lot worse.  Alexia says that was rock bottom for Peter & that they both realized the need for change at that point.  When questioned about Peter’s father, Alexia says that she didn’t know that he was a cocaine dealer when she met him.  He was sentenced to 25 years, but only served 4 ½.  He is still in Miami & has a relationship with his sons.  Lea points out that he was there when Frankie was in the hospital, supporting his son’s recovery.

Lea is asked about her comments regarding Peter.  She claims that Alexia knew that Lea never said that Peter should be in jail.  Alexia says that they had not spoken in months, so she wasn’t sure.  Adriana says that Lea told her that Peter is an adult & should be in jail.  Alexia then asserts that she believes Adriana because Lea claims not to remember a conversation about Peter.  Alexia calls Lea out, saying that accuses everyone else of lying.  Lea gets defensive, saying that if she said Peter shouldn’t have kicked a homeless man then she stands by that statement.  You can’t really argue with that – he shouldn’t have done what he did.  Alexia tells us that Peter is doing much better now that he has come to terms with Frankie’s accident.  Frankie is doing better & making strides every day.

We get a montage of Lea’s fabulousness – celebrities, parties, Birkins.  It then turns to all of the criticism Lea came under this season.  She seems to enjoy her title of ‘head b*tch in charge.’  She says that she doesn’t think all of the ladies represent Miami well.  Alexia asks if they all get to answer that question.  Good question – why is Lea the opinion on who represents Miami?  Lea believes that Alexia listens to her friends who hate Lea & that Alexia throws her under the bus whenever possible.  Alexia says that speaking the truth isn’t throwing someone under the bus.  Lea gets defensive again, claiming that she always speaks the truth.

Lea says that the hate club is Marysol, Alexia, Adriana, & Ana.  Alexia doesn’t feel that she’s hated on anyone this season.  She tries to distinguish her friendship with Marysol & Adriana from her friendship with Lea.  It was pretty obvious to me this season that Alexia was on Marysol & Adriana’s side.  She may not have said anything untrue, but she did chime in with their bashing of Lea.  Joanna accuses Marysol of manipulating Ana last season.  She then says that Ana wanted her to tell Lea that she was right about Marysol.  When did Ana & Joanna become friends?  They were at odds whenever they were in the same room this season.  Adriana accuses Lea of wrath, greed & envy.  She supported Lea until Lea turned her back on Adriana.  Lea laughs that off, saying that Adriana is jealous of her wealth & that she merely defends herself.

Andy points out the division between the Latin ladies & the other women.  There were two clear groups this year.  At the end of the season, it seemed that Joanna & Adriana were getting along, but that seems to have passed now.  Lisa got lots backlash, including from Alexia, for referring to the ladies as a gang of Cubans.  Lisa says that she didn’t mean anything racist & that she is of mixed descent.  She claims that Alexia made a big deal out of nothing.  I don’t think that Lisa meant any harm.  As she said, she was pointing out the gang-like behavior of the anti-Lea group.  She brings up the fact that Alexia has made a big deal of her Cuban heritage, which Alexia says she is very proud of.  Lisa felt left out because the women were always speaking Spanish around her.  It’s the same thing that she said to Lenny’s mother when she spoke Russian in front of Lisa.  Andy brings up the comment that Alexia made about Latin people being late.  She says that was ok because it wasn’t a comment about a specific country of origin.

As for Joanna & Adriana, Joanna goes back to Adriana’s earlier comment that Romain might be gay.  Joanna tries to make it look as though Adriana has a problem with someone being gay & was using that term to insult Romain.  I don’t think that’s how she meant it.  Joanna claims that Adriana hit on Romain & was rejected, & that maybe Frederic is gay too.  Adriana laughs that off & says who cares if he is.  Joanna goes into TMI talking Romain’s physical attributes.  Ugh.  Joanna says that Adriana has now ruined their chance of friendship.  I’m sure Adriana is very upset about that.  As usual, no resolution is reached on anything.  The women are asked to give something positive, but their comments aren’t really positive at all.


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Blogs Blogged by Stars99 – Part 2

Photos by Boston

Note:  The timing of the posting of these housewives blogs is interesting to me.  Sometimes, they’re all posted within a day of each other.  Other times, one housewife holds off on her submission for a couple of days.  Most of the blogs this week were posted on Monday or Tuesday, while Brandi’s wasn’t posted until later on Thursday.  It could be strategically advantageous to wait until reading everyone else’s blogs before you submit yours.  However, Brandi’s vulgar mouth earlier in the week on “Watch What Happens Live” demanded some sort of response or explanation from her.  Let’s see how she handled it in the longest blog I’ve ever seen from her, shall we?  I don’t have much hope, do you?

Brandi Glanville

Brandi starts off her blog with, “Awwww Im so excited you all finally get to meet my maker, mother, and my love mamma Judy Glanville. My mother has always been the most giving woman I know, so when it came time to move I knew I could depend on her for help.”

Why on earth would you ask your Mom of all people to help you move?  Also, not sure why you insisted on reading that awful poem you wrote about your Mom on national TV.  Why would you do that to your Mom?  I’m sorry but there is just not enough money to ever compel me to do that to mine. I don’t know, even though you guys laughed it off, it just didn’t seem funny to me for some reason.  Brandi tells us that her parents have been married for over 44 years and that her dad was struggling with health issues at the time.  She says she is a lot like her dad (outspoken, strong willed, opinionated, temperamental) and that she’s eager to make up with him as soon as possible.  Not sure if she means she still at this writing, hasn’t made up with him… That would be crazy… Over a dress?  Anyways… She talks about how at the time of her Mom’s visit that she started to feel an“overwhelming anxiety” and that she had previously felt it when she fell into depression when she was going through her divorce.  She says the fact that her dad is ill with heart problems and that they hadn’t talked for 6 months – she was starting to feel a little hopeless and the darkness from depression was creeping back,

Brandi writes, “Since my divorce my dad has been my main man — the only man that I knew I could count on, who loved me unconditionally and would never leave me. I was starting to feel like I had lost him now, also. So get ready for a lot of a darker, slightly depressed at times Brandi — with a little excess drinking and a little excess sadness as I take the journey to try to repair things with him. I am very self aware and I know when I am in a good place and when I am not, but I have a great support group of friends around me that don’t judge me for my faults or mistakes and help me through my harder times. Moving on. . .”

boston - brandi drink

Actually, you’re the worst kind of self-aware.  You THINK you’re self-aware but you’ve really misjudged how people would respond to you.  It seems to me that you’re setting it up to blame some of your behavior this season because you were “depressed.”  We’ll see how that works for you.  Brandi talks about Kyle’s lunch and how it seemed to be “all sorts of uncomfortable.”  It’s funny, but the only one I thought who was uncomfortable was Carlton.  Everyone else was snortingly happy!  Brandi then says that Kim’s dog scares the crap out of her but that her dog scares the crap out of Kim, so they’re even.

Brandi blogs, “I think watching Kim and Kyle re-inact Lisa’s faint is quite funny just because I have never seen those sisters stay that close to one another for that long. Haha. Lisa told me she did faint and she actually was injured from it. I do believe her — although I did give her a bit of a hard time about how perfect even her fainting is, and I made fun of her wanting off the show a bit to her face, way before Carlton’s lunch that you will see in the next episode.”

boston - kim faint

Giving someone a hard time to their face about fainting vs. mockingly recreating the scene while saying you think it was fake are two very different things.  I love how Brandi kind of throws a dig at the Richards sisters – That she hadn’t seen them that close together for that long before… lolol…

Brandi writes, “Yolanda, Lisa and I have a lunch out back at Lisa’s home. The setting couldn’t have been more beautiful. During our lunch Lisa takes a few digs at Kyle (again) and a little dig at me about needing brain puzzles to help stimulate my brain. For a second, until Yolanda laughed, it was a little uncomfortable because Lisa’a digs towards me are becoming more regular and starting to slightly annoy me. Poor Yolanda, although she looks beautiful she is still feeling pretty rotten from her Lyme Disease. She and her family are always in my prayers.”

boston - brandi drunk

Well Brandi, you bring your own shovel to DigFest 2013 ™©®.  The things is, you don’t just toss pebbles at someone… you launch boulders.  She then starts talking about her recent appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” when she finds out that her name was brought upon the RHOM Reunion show… She only met most of those women once and considers them friendly acquaintances (except Lea Black).  Let’s read on…

Brandi writes, “Yolanda and I had both heard that this woman from RHOM had an affair with her ex during their marriage. While at a Bravo party this other woman stared to walk up to me and when she saw Yolanda turned and ran the other way (we walked away as well). We both thought it was very telling. Later in the evening when asked by one of the RHOM women why I was avoiding that certain person I simply said “I don’t want to be friends with a woman that sleeps with married men” and motioned towards Yolanda. That was all that was said. I was simply being a loyal friend and that was it. Later hearing Yolanda’s ex joke with Lisa and I about the odor situation, I assumed it all to be true. I don’t expect Lisa to back me up on this because of our current rift and her closeness with Yo’s ex — but it is the truth.”

Joanna is now sorting a new look - tweeted by Purveyors of Pop

Joanna is now sporting a new look – tweeted by Purveyors of Pop

If only your comments stopped at, “I don’t want to be friends with a woman that sleeps with married men.”  You choose to share with the world about the “odor situation” which is unconscionable.  I don’t care if he ever said to you or not – That’s a whole nuther Oprah. The fact that you shared it with us all demonstrates an alarming absence of reasonable civility and common sense.  You are repeating the alleged disgusting words of the father of your friend’s kids.  You have humiliated their family by needlessly shooting off your truth canon of a vulgar mouth at the whole situation.  All you did was further damage an already hurting family.  Congratulations.  I’m sure your parents are just so danged proud of you. By the way, you also broke the Girl Code.

Brandi continues, “While I know this is not my business to be involved with, I was inadvertently brought in and just trying to be a loyal friend. Of course it’s Andy’s job to ask all the hard questions. I wish my name hadn’t come up on the Miami at all, but it did and I was truthful in my answers. Anyhow Yolanda has asked me as of now to no longer comment on this subject and I will respect her wishes because she is trying to stay focused on getting her health back on track. So as of now if you ask me anything about this subject as (yes even you Andy Cohen) I will decline to answer. I think we all know I am a little passionate about the subject of infidelity because it hits very close to home for me… I have little respect for men that cheat and the women that they cheat with and that will never change.”

Yo shouldn’t have had to ask you to… As you like to say it, “Shut the f*** up.”  You should have known to do it yourself.  It’s totally understandable that you have no tolerance for infidelity… However, you have to learn about the cause and effect of your words or else you will destroyed by them.  We already could tell this season would be a tough one for you… Many people (including myself) who used to defend you have tired of your twitter rampages and of all of your other on-screen and off-screen antics.  You sealed your fate this week… Hope you have a parachute cuz that fall off the cliff of Mt. TruthAtAllCosts into the Sea of WhointhisWorldisBrandiGlanville is going to be pretty gruesome.

Brandi ends her blog by saying, “In closing I will say for everyone’s information I was the one who left Eddie because of his excessive cheating — not the other way around — but I hope one day to have a closer relationship with my ex husband and his wife for our children’s sake.”

boston - brandi book

Really, now is the time you want to point out that you left your husband and not the other way around?  And you want to have a closer relationship with he and his wife?  Are you freaking kidding me?  Step 1.  Stop tweeting about them.  Step 2.  Try to be a better role model for your kids.  You’re the only Mom they have.

Kyle Richards

Kyle begins, “Seeing Yolanda sick like that really makes one appreciate their health. You can see how weak she feels and hard that must be for a strong woman like Yolanda. Without the support and love of family it would be be so much more difficult to go through that. She is fortunate to have such strong support system.”

Well Kyle, it’s too bad you haven’t at least attempted to be a friend to her through this… You know, kind of like a normal person would.  It also must be hard for Yo to live in fear that her Beverly Hills husband will leave her because he doesn’t want to deal with her and her chronic condition.  That added stress must be almost unbearable… Kyle then talks about Brandi needing her “Mommy” and how she could relate to that.  She fills us in on her current status with Lisa…

Kyle writes, “Lisa and I are still just recently speaking at this point. I decided to go to Dancing with the Stars with the girls to show some support. I was happy Taylor came, as I have missed her a lot. We all had fun and it was nice to have a happy evening with everyone.”

Gasps… You guys had fun together and there was no drama?  I don’t believe it!  Kyle talks about having Carlton, Joyce and Sharon over and how she was trying to get her house cleaned, deal with her kids and make sure lunch was ready.  She acknowledged that she was “frazzled.”

Kyle writes, “In watching the part where Carlton was talking about the cat and the bird and I cut her off , I can see where she felt offended. I was listening to her story and then realized “Oh, no! I forgot to offer them a drink. What a bad hostess!” I had too many things on my mind at the moment. I honestly didn’t realize I had done that. My bad. I had to laugh though at Carlton saying she didn’t care how bored I was that it was “bloody rude” and then practically snoring through Joyce’s story of how she met her husband and saying in her interview that she wondered “when this story was going to end.” Carlton seems to have a different set of rules for herself.”

This is such classic Kyle.  Instead of saying she was sorry that she cut off Carlton’s story, she just says, “I can see where she felt offended.”  Then she flips the script on Carlton and observes that she was “practically snoring through Joyce’s story.”  While I concur the irony of the situation was not lost on the viewer – this is one of the ways that Kyle just chaps my hide.  I get that you weren’t aware you even did it at the time because you were so obsessed over other things, but you know you did it now…  Don’t you know you’re supposed to OWN IT when you make mistakes?  No, I guess not… Okay, on to BeeGate…

Kyle explains, “The now infamous bee showed up and I got scared because I am severely allergic to bees and I know Joyce is as well.  As a little girl I was stung and the hospital was an hour away and I was going into anaphylactic shock. I have had more recent stories that were terrifying as well. I do have an EpiPen, but prefer to avoid bees all together because the reaction gets more and more severe each time. Carlton’s reaction was a bit overly dramatic. If she had offered to “take it away” like she said she WOULD have liked to, I would have happily taken her up on it. My mom was so scared about something happening to me when I was growing up that if a bee was near me she would say, “We have to get it or it gets you.” I find it hard to believe Carlton has never swatted a fly or used ant spray at some point in her life.”

Actually Kyle, you’re way nicer than I would have been – If I was allergic, I would have never taken her up on her offer to move the bee – as if bees can’t fly.  Ugh.  Puhleeze… If a bee is attracted to something they doggedly go after it and it’s tough to distract them unless you have something better for them to go after.  They’re busy little bees… (Insert groan here…)

Kyle writes, “Joyce, Sharon, and I all had fun that day. Carlton clearly did not and she seems to be either angry, sad, or both. I haven’t quite figured it out yet.”

Yeah, you’d think Carlton would be a tad more fun, no?  Maybe she just has a broomstick stuck up her dupa…

Kyle says, “Watching Lisa, Brandi, and Yolanda at Lisa’s lunch really stung. (No pun intended.) I have made a ridiculous amount of attempts to repair my relationship with Lisa — and she continues to bash me. When I think about the fact that this STILL stems from her thinking I didn’t support her with Adrienne, it’s absolutely crazy to me! THAT is what our argument was. We are grown women. How long is this going on now? She always claims not to hold a grudge, so why the meanness?”

Sits Kyle down… puts my arm around her… and gently breaks the news, “Honey, Lisa is just not that into you.”  Kyle – Lisa seems to value loyalty and that isn’t something you’ve been especially good at these last few seasons.  However, I do hear that Brandi and Yo are on the outs with her… So this just may be your big chance!  Don’t screw it up!  Swoop in to be Lisa’s faithful friend but be sure to wear a super hero costume!  But then again you openly mocked her on national TV this week (Faintgate)… So unfortunately, I’m afraid you’re attached to an object by an incline plane wrapped helically around an axis (Sorry, random BBT reference).

Kyle blogs, “Lisa pretending to feel sorry for me because I don’t have support from my “friends” is a joke. First of all, Lisa does not feel sorry for me at all, and secondly, the majority of my FRIENDS are not in this “group” of women. I have many amazing girlfriends who love and support me that are not in this ‘circle.’”

Sighs… See, this is why Lisa will never be true friends with you again.  You can’t whine about how you’re not friends with Lisa while simultaneously demonstrating exactly why she wouldn’t want to be friends with you.  If you actually want to be friends with her, act like it.  If you don’t… feel free to snark away!

Kyle continues, “Then Lisa makes another attempt to make me look like someone that I am not, saying that if Yolanda wants to be my friend to put her house on the market and we’ll get real chummy. I NEVER befriended Lisa. I met Lisa through Mauricio because he was ALREADY their real estate agent. Mauricio is the number one real estate broker in California and number three in the United States — NOT from selling Lisa’s home and certainly not from any help of mine.”

So, like are you saying that Mauricio is your friend pimp?  Lol… Actually, Kyle makes a good point.  While I do absolutely believe that Mauricio looks at you with dollar signs above your head – and if you don’t have enough of them, he’s not going to pay much positive attention towards you… but that doesn’t mean that Kyle is always like that.  I’m sure she’s the dutiful wife who is friendly with Mauricio’s clients – she says as much when she says that’s how she met Lisa in the first place.  Also, I gotta eggmit, I’m tired of Kyle saying this stuff about Mauricio – so I looked it up… and according to Real Trends, who ranks and honors the best real estate agents in California,– If you scroll down and look at “Individuals by Volume” – Sure enough, he’s listed at #1 with a volume of $ 378,941,197.  Good job!  So like… Why aren’t they living in a better house in a better location? Hmmm…. Kyle goes on to talk about how she doesn’t know 95% of her husband’s clients and that she’s always been honest about her issues specifically with Lisa and Camille.

Kyle writes, “Lisa calling Faye “Faye Rancid” was pathetic — a woman in her 50s reduced to what sounded like an elementary school bully.”

Can we puhleeze stop using the “bully” word?  But since we’re talking about Faye, sorry, but Lisa’s comment actually made me laugh out loud.  Hysterically… But only because it’s true.

Kyle writes, “Yolanda is clearly still upset about the Reunion and that I called her a liar. Yes, I did call her a liar. But only AFTER she said I lied, which I did not.”

This basically means you acted like a 3rd grader at the Reunion.  Sorry, 3rd graders – No disrespect intended.

Kyle concludes, “Lisa’s faint on DWTS… I’m not too sure what to say about this. . .First of all, we knew she was OK because that show is previously recorded and aired later. But, my first thought was that she was tired and didn’t want to continue on DWTS anymore. OR she thought she was going to be eliminated so she might as well feign illness.”

Wow… A friend’s first thought might have been, “Gosh, I hope she’s okay!”  Admit it, you had no firsthand information that Lisa wanted off DWTS… You and Kim assumed she did and then launched into this whole tired mocking routine.  Now, if you had done that same routine with Lisa in the room…  It would have been more like a teasing of her – like friends do – that would have been a whole nuther Oprah.

Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa starts, “Here we are on the second rung of this long ladder…”

Lisa, it’s lonely at the top.  And it’s a long fall down… be careful!  She talks about the new restaurant and she updates us that permit problems have caused the process to take much longer than originally expected.

Lisa writes, “Dancing with the Stars was an unbelievable experience and, no, not as Kyle has said, I hadn’t wanted to do it for ages. They had always said they would never have a housewife and it was ABC, the competitive network to NBC, who owns Bravo, so I never gave it a second thought…”

Yeah, it would have been much easier to go on another show… One wherein you don’t have to rehearse for hours on end, etc. – Perhaps a show where you just had to jump off a diving board.  Lisa tells us that she isn’t much of a dancer and that the last time she had danced was 35 years ago.  While she says that it was “an honor to be asked and I loved it” she also says that it was “extremely challenging.”  Lisa had a lot of things going on simultaneously and her commitments were pulling her in several different directions.

Lisa cracks me up, though… because once again, she wraps a “thank you for coming” in with a snide comment when she says,“I was happy that they all came to see my third dance, the Viennese Waltz. As you saw, this was the first they came to support me — when they were filmed in the audience. I certainly felt the pressure, as I hadn’t heard or even seen a tweet in support since I started and trust me I could have done with it. Until then, Brandi was the only one who had come to support me or Tweeted.”  I don’t know, but I read this as Lisa inferring that if they weren’t filming, that they wouldn’t have shown up at all.  Lisa then starts the next portion of her blog talking about FaintGate and how she hates the fact that she feels the need to explain herself.

Lisa explains, “Over the last few years my health has been checkered with anemia and dizziness and a few fainting spells. I have had a brain scan, two blood transfusions due to collapsing, EKGs and significant attempts to bring my blood pressure to a normal level, to no avail. I am fit, as I workout, everyday but chronic anemia and dizziness has been an issue… That week after the Monday and Tuesday on DWTS, which in itself was exhausting, I did all the press line (normally a couple of hours) then took the red eye with Gleb to New York. Whatever your schedule on DWTS your partner goes everywhere with you, as you only have a very limited time to get the dance down. We arrived having missed a night’s sleep and had to go straight to a six hour rehearsal, then had to attend a party for Bravo and finished work at almost midnight. Time for a few hours’ sleep and up at 5:30 for another live show, dancing for Kelly and Michael, as I had to stand in for Wynonna who had just been voted off… Tired, but had to go for another six hour rehearsal in NY right after, as time is of the essence in that show. Then back to LA, both of us trying to ward off a virus knowing we had such little time to accomplish what we needed.”

Sorry guys, but I fainted just reading about her grueling schedule.  She then talks about how the day after “FaintGate” she was still feeling wobbly.  She had been drinking protein shakes for the last week because she had dropped 11 pounds and was really struggling.  After going to a doctor, she was diagnosed with low blood pressure, swollen glands, fever and exhaustion.  Of the fainting scene, Lisa says, “We begged ABC to cut it out and they wouldn’t. It was my reality. I felt it was a sign of weakness — one that I didn’t want to share with the world. I am probably wrong in that misconception, but to me it’s like crying. I always strive to hold it together, alas I am also unsuccessful in that endeavor this season too.”

How is fainting a sign of weakness?  It’s a sign of “low blood pressure, swollen glands, fever and exhaustion.”  Duh.  I also hate that people equate crying with weakness.  It takes a strong person to allow themselves to be vulnerable enough to cry.  Lisa tells us that it was an incredible experience and that she doesn’t regret a moment of it.

Lisa concludes, “Now how do I feel when I see the Richards sisters mock me? Not great but sadly… I don’t expect anything less.”

Sadly, neither do we.

Yolanda H. Foster

Yo begins her blog, “Hi everyone. I hope you had a great week and enjoyed tonight’s episode.  Please remember, the purpose of this blog is not to rag on anyone but rather to give you an individual’s perspective on her journey in a group of seven strong independent women whose opinions are all equally as important.”

Sighs… there are 7 of you?  Lemme think, Brandi, Carlton, Joyce, Kim, Kyle, Lisa and you.  Wow. No wonder wading through all these blogs is exhausting… lol!

Yo blogs, “Today’s episode starts you off one-and-a-half years into my battle with chronic neurological Lyme disease. It’s been a challenge to show this very vulnerable not so pretty side of myself. I find it almost embarrassing to watch my paralyzed brain struggle with word retrieval as I try to participate in conversations. Lyme has brought me to my knees; this disease is a silent killer and does not have a face. Words about the way I look used to flatter my ego — but have now become a sound of discredit to my disease. Because of this, millions of people go undiagnosed and therefore not treated. Without treatment people become disabled, crippled, bedridden, and many die.”

Prayers for a full recovery are with you.  I’m so sad this happens to anyone.  Once you knew what was going on, you could have easily run away from the cameras and secluded yourself until you felt better – especially in superficially beauty-conscious and perfection-driven Beverly Hills.  But no – that’s not our Yo.  Instead, you chose to continue to allow the cameras to permanently record your vulnerability in order to raise awareness of this awful debilitating disease.  I will always admire and respect you for that.  However, I do maintain the right to snark at you here and there… but I do so with the utmost respect.

Yo continues, “When struggling to get out of bed in the morning due to pain and exhaustion, the last thing on the priority list is going to get a blow dry. I choose to use the little energy that I have to make breakfast for my children and bring my husband a cup of coffee. I say this because it’s funny to see how many people comment on my s—ty, thinned-out, lifeless hair. Obviously I am trying to share the truth of my reality here, not qualify for a beauty pageant.”

Sighs. We can be so snarkily petty at times, can’t we?  It’s kind of like when my Mom was going through chemo treatments and she lost her hair.  I was carpooling at the time and I remember getting into the car one morning with a couple of women who were bantering back and forth about how it wasn’t a good hair day for them.  They both had luscious heads of hair.  My brain practically exploded as my thoughts went to my bald-headed Mom who would have loved to have any hair at all.  At that moment, I resolutely decided to never complain about my hair again… or at least that I would consciously try to be more thankful for it.  Do I get cranky because I have bad hair days?  Of course, but in the same breath I also try to be thankful for the hair I have.

Yo writes, “I am the shell of the woman I used to be so the hardest thing for me is to accept my limitations and deal with the feeling of inadequacy due to not being able to do all that I used to. I truly miss me being me!”

It is really heartbreaking to read this, isn’t it?  It’s so hard having a chronic condition – it’s like you never feel like you’ll ever be the same again… or even the same as you were a couple of weeks ago.  You grieve over the loss of quality of life while desperately holding onto the piece of life that’s still within your grasp.  You struggle with being a burden on others because you can’t take care of things yourself, while endeavoring to encourage them that they’re doing a great job in caring for your needs.  When you’re on an upward swing it’s awesome, because you’re getting stronger and stronger and you can taste the hope that is surging throughout your body.  But when you’re in a downward cycle, the profound sadness from feeling like you just might be losing the battle floods your heart with despair.

Yo continues, “On the day they removed my port, I was still pretty optimistic that I had arrived at the end of my journey and was close to the finishing line of my recovery. Unfortunately, this episode was shot in March of 2013 and I realize that eight months later I am still struggling through my days and still haven’t found a cure or was able to put this disease in remission.”

That’s tough.  Really tough.  Money may have allowed Yo to have access to more quality care options than the average bear – but money has its limitations.

Yo says, “I keep reminding myself that I was given this challenge for a reason so on a positive note, I am very blessed to be able to use this extraordinary platform to bring awareness to this worldwide epidemic that so many know so little about.  As you probably can imagine I live in a highly superficial world, which is manageable when you are running on all eight cylinders. But when the chips are down, you are forced to take inventory and are faced with people’s true colors. It’s quite astonishing to see how little empathy, or maybe ability, people have to stay connected to someone battling chronic disease. My heart goes out to those who have no support system in this journey.”

If it’s any consolation, Yo – People are superficial everywhere, not just in Beverly Hills.  The truth is that we get so wrapped up in the business of our own lives that we often forget to reach out to someone close to us that may be going through something really hard and could use an encouraging word from us.  We’re so busy that we don’t notice that we haven’t talked to them in some time – and we let them slowly slip off our radar.  The good news is that there are so many amazing technologies available to us these days.  “Being there” for someone doesn’t actually require you to physically be there anymore.  But connecting with someone still requires effort.  And follow-through.  I have a couple of people in mind that I need to reconnect with – and I’m going to make a concerted effort to do so this week.  Do you?

Yo writes, “Which leads me to the blessing in my life, my husband… If it was not for his perseverance I probably would not be here today. He is a constant reminder of everything that is good and proof that true love and friendship does exist.  I am so grateful for my children who remind me every day what matters in life and I feel fortunate to be their mommy and share their special love.”

I hope David is truly worthy of you, Yo… That he is committed to walking this path with you.  He seemed really genuine in his TH this week that this process has proved to him that he can be a better husband than he has been in the past to others. I eggmit it scares me a little that you’re selling your amazing home, though… Hopefully, it’s just for downsizing or something.  Yo then writes about the “Master Cleanse” stuff… and then she starts writing about the actual show itself.   She really likes Brandi’s Mom and has spent time with Brandi’s parents in Sacramento – which we will see in upcoming episodes.

Yo writes, “Lisa is by far the most fun entertainment on this show. I had never seen the episode of Dancing With The Stars where she fainted because I was at a treatment center in Florida at that time. It really scared me when I saw it today — and I have to disagree with the girls, as I don’t believe anyone could fake that. Like most of us, Lisa is competitive and does not like to be bad at anything she does, so cutting her journey short wasn’t planned if you ask me.”

Completely agree.  Yo continues to talk about the lunch at Lisa’s house and how it was tough to intelligently keep up with Lisa’s banter.  She tells us that she was using a program called, “Luminosity” for rehabilitating her brain.  She isn’t looking for a realtor but she adores Mauricio.

Yo writes, “I was genuinely happy to see Kyle host a lunch for Joyce and Carlton because as the new girl last year, I often wondered why very few in the group made an effort to get to know me on a more intimate level (on and off camera that is).”

You have said often said this… I agree it is nice that Kyle had the lunch for the new kids on the block – although I’m not sure Carlton would agree.  I don’t think the bee is too thrilled either.  She goes on to say nice things about Carlton and her family.  She mentions that Kim has her hands full with Kingsley.

Yo concludes, “Well that’s it for now, I hope you have a wonderful week. Be happy, healthy, and try to make a little time for romance if you can.”

Romance is always good, no?  Well, that’s all they wrote… literally!  Hope to see you next week!


Happy Birthday HuskerHuny


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217 Responses to Real Housewives of Miami Reunion Part Two and Beverly Hills Cast Blogs Part 2

  1. Powell says:

    Watching Miami reunion part I. LOL Andy said “I actually crazily don’t care about this topic anymore.”. HA!! That was good.

  2. Powell says:

    We may think Lea lies at times but I believe every word she’s saying about Adriana.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi pooh, i agree that she is not lying about Adriana.I have yet to hear anyone point out her alleged lies. She has other annoying characteristics but I simply have not seen evidence of out and out lies by Lea. While Adriana has told some whoppers.

  3. Powell says:

    Happy Happy Birthday HuskerHuny.

  4. Powell says:

    Alexis seemed to believe what Lea was saying about the tuition. Lea was trying to help the school pay their $350k debt so that in turn they would be able to continue to offer Alex a scholarship.

    • chismosa©®™ says:

      Which helps Lea (through her HUSBAND’s money that is)— be the “great philanthropist of Miami!” Waaaaahahahaaaa cackle cackle cackle. Oh my god. Aaaaaaaaaah. (High pitch)

      • TexasTart says:

        giggle. Great impression!

        • chismosa©®™ says:

          Frederiq’s impression of her is my favorite moment of the entire SEASON. It was the best ! 🙊🙊😹😹😹😹😆😆😆

          • TexasTart says:

            YES!!! I’m glad they showed that clip at the reunion.

            And even tbough I did not like the Miami reunion – I do appreciate that the men in their lives are NOT on the reunion. I always thought that should be only about the girls….I especially thought NJ hit the toilet when the men got included in everything. Nothing against men!!! Against those men, GAG.

  5. Powell says:

    Oh Tony the makeup artist was disgusting & Joanna should be ashamed of herself for allowing him to speak to Lisa that way no matter if she’s no longer friends w/Lisa. It’s just like Adrienne letting Bernie say what he’s said about Lisa V. I think it looks poorly on an employer when they let their employees treat people in disgusting mean manner.

    • chismosa©®™ says:

      You are who you surround yourself with.

      • TexasTart says:

        Exactly! And just like Adrienne didn’t distance herself from Bernie when he spewed venom; Hoanna did not either- actually she was very pleased her attack dog was after Lisa…it was shown on camera! I don’t see where any of the Hoanna facial expressions or words were edited out of context.

        • chismosa©®™ says:

          Yup. She’s a bit**

          Now I’m getting to understand why romain is into her. He was raised by a nasty stepmother. He’s weirdly attracted to her nastiness. Such Freudian issues there.
          So gross


  6. TexasTart says:

    Thanks to Stars, HydrangeaHussy, Boston & NMD!

    Love love love all of youse work but boston is the first we all notice and LOL’s abound. However, I will say, Alexia is the only one that I didn’t think acted like a bitch on RHOM…albeit still a funny caption for any HW. Gotta run, be back later to read!

  7. not THAT Jill™ says:

    I like Kyle-I always have-that being said-it drives me absolutely crazy that she can never say sorry!! Saying “I’m sorry you feel that way” is so #sorrynotsorry and annoying-I can stand that about her!
    I wonder why Yolanda didn’t address the fact that her daughter was home staving and dizzy? I can’t deal with the almond thing-it seems so stupid to encourage someone as young as GiGi to not eat. Considering the line of work GiGi has chosen she will have issues with her body always-it’s the nature of the modeling beast-but to hear her mother tell her to eat a handful of almonds just seems bizarre to me. When Yolanda said that she “lost her balls” I felt terrible for her-she really is suffering and losing ones balls does not sound like fun! I hope she gets her health and balls back-and I hope GiGi ate a sandwich.
    Brandi’s blog is so Brandi-she is setting up the whole season for us but asks that we wait to see what happens. She is in a dark place so we should be giving her a pass for her drinking and stupidity-ok dimwit-we should give you a pass but we should wait to judge you? I don’t understand her dumbness-AT ALL!! She annoys me.

  8. HuskerHuny says:

    I’m sitting at home alone on my birthday while my husband and son are in Lincoln bringing home my birthday present – A HUSKER VICTORY against Michigan State; just like the volleyball girls did last night. That’s all I want!

    The Miami women are as low down dirty as women can get (with Alexia the exception). That’s saying a lot when you talk about all other housewives. I don’t know how they can look at themselves in the mirror and not be totally ashamed. No words can come close to describe how ugly their behavior was. Cancel immediately!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I never root for the huskers….but today I will!!!! Go Huskers!!!!
      Actually, I have rooted for them, one of my daughter’s friends played for them. Curenski Gilleylan? 2007-2011. Did u ever know about him?

      • HuskerHuny says:

        I absolutely have heard of him. One of the more difficult names to be sure and he was a great receiver a few years back. We’ve been season ticket holders for 20 years now. In a state the size of Nebraska population-wise and no other really big time sports team, all Husker football players are very well known. Thanks for the support anytime you can give it Lainey!

    • Powell says:

      Enjoy your day Husker.
      I don’t think the Miami ladies are the most low down dirty of the HWs. I nominate NJ as #1 & OC as #2 but the Miami ladies were giving blows til the white meat showed, as NeNe would say. Joanna was disgusting letting her makeup artist speak the way he did to Lisa & she stood there & let him do it & smiled about it. IDK WTH was wrong w/Lisa. Yes be mad at Joanna but why be mad & yelling at Alexia. Marysol needs to get over whether Lea saw her mom or not. Deep down she knows Lea cares for her mom. Lea needs to be friends w/Marysol & Adriana or not be friends w/them. Adriana has said she’s sorry for lying about being married so she needs to finally say I understand why Lea is mad w/me.

    • chismosa©®™ says:

      I don’t think Marisol was bad. She shouldn’t have done the iPad thing but otherwise —

      And her dress …. I’m still drooling.

    • lillybee says:

      Happy Birthday.

    • AZGirl says:

      Happy Birthday Husker Huny!!!

  9. Powell says:

    Was Joanna on something? She’s being nasty as usual but she’s sitting there w/a Joker smile plastered on her lips.

    • not THAT Jill™ says:

      Joanna is the Miami version of Brandi-they don’t care how low they go as long as they get to say the nastiest thing possible.

    • chismosa©®™ says:

      Powell that’s why I told you on the last blog to look for her horns on her head. All the SMIRKS.
      She’s VYLE. I’m so happy Brandi went after her and I hope she continues it!

    • TexasTart says:

      I don’t think Hoanna was on anything, but I posted earlier about how disturbing it was that she was experiencing joy over the pain and upset of others. She is the coldest-hearted bitch of all HW!

  10. chismosa©®™ says:

    I just watched the Bethenny with Jacq on – and oh my god are Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker not the most beautiful couple I have ever seen. I hate what he said about wives gaining weight but whatever.

    VV – Melissa is on next week! Don’t miss!

  11. Cartwheels says:

    I feel sorry for Yolanda and her Lyme condition. I just don’t understand why did she come back this season. She obviously doesn’t need the money so it doesn’t make sense.

    • chismosa©®™ says:

      Didn’t VV mention there were possible talks of problems in her marriage ?
      Maybe she needs some money ….?

      • not THAT Jill™ says:

        chismosa-even if she gets divorced tomorrow and David Foster doesn’t give her a dime she will be fine-she was married to Mohamad and their divorce rooks years to be settled-something tells me Yolanda has plenty of her OWN money!!

      • TexasTart says:

        Not a rumor of their marriage, the rumor was a out the possible sale of the home.

      • VV™ says:

        She wanted money for a second horse for Bella. She said it cost $300.000 a year per horse. So, every thousand dollar helps. It’s an expensive hobby.

    • not THAT Jill™ says:

      I agree-she should have skipped this season. I honestly think she wants to advocate for Lyme disease but she doesn’t seem healthy enough for the HW drama. The moment she gets any crap for saying anything people will automatically say how mean it is b/c she is ill. I get that-it’s not nice to speak nasty about someone in the middle of such a serious health issue-which is why she shouldn’t be around a group of woman like the HWs!!!

      • TexasTart says:

        I will cut her slack any any circumstance for having this disease. I am very sympathic. I thought she stayed on for awareness, but who knows, IMO it was a bad call because the Housewife gatherings these days are a stressful environment!!!

        I don’t mean to be harsh but realistic; if Yo wasn’t wealthy she may not be walking the earth right now because this disease can be fatal. Her treatments in the US and abroad, she said were not covered by insurance…henseforth the wealthy comment. BTW Yo is in the hospital now- or was yesterday per her tweet.

        • not THAT Jill™ says:

          I believe that she stayed on to promote awareness I just think the HW environment is horrid no matter what your health condition is. Cutting her slack as a viewer is one thing but as a cast mate I don’t see that happening-especially b/c Yolanda can be very harsh and judgmental so I’m sure the other HWs will not be so quick to cut her any kind of slack.

          • TexasTart says:

            I agree. Being a housewife has sadly turned to a dog-eat-dog world.

            And look at Miami, I do not believe one of those women are friends. I think a few are aquaintances from being on the show. I will bet they will not have interaction unless Bravo brings them back together – or there is something to promote.
            BBL I have too much to do!

      • Cartwheels says:

        But she already had the platform from last year, she could have scaled down , maybe instead of full time she could have been a friend like alexia and come back the following season full time if she felt better.
        One thing is for sure with me, she chose to come back full time so her excuses about Lyme disease brain farts do no longer fly with me.

        • chismosa©®™ says:

          Very good comment

        • TexasTart says:

          Cartwheels, Yolanda did not use a Lime disease platform last season. She was not diagnosed until right before the reunion. Fact. I don’t think she should have returned but I will give her a pass for brain farts – all the women have them! Hers is excusable though!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Someone mentioned a little while ago that she is on again to help promote her Gigi’s modeling career. I think I agree with that being a motivator or her to come back. It doesn’t hurt for Gigi to have that name/face recognition.

      • TexasTart says:

        Yes, I remembered NMD saying to promote Gigi’s career and came back just to post that and I see it is covered. Thank you Lainey – hope you are having a good day. I have to hit “post” and not look at anything here (wish me luck!) so I can stay on task!!!

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Good luck, Tex!! I am having a good one, thanks. I am getting ready for my angel to come home for Thanksgiving….yayyyyyyyy! She arrives Thurs. then my MIL and BIL, His wife and their 3 kids arrive a week from Tuesday. I am excited (like a little kid) about having a houseful of people I love under my roof.

          • TexasTart says:

            I’m so excited for you – being excited like a little kid! At least Laineygirl is not yet swept off her feet and going to visit propective inlaws…all in good time, but for now, her Mama could use the quality time!!!

            And I’m glad you can host inlaws and have a good relation with them. I recall you not having the most ideal relations with some of your own family and it’s good to have that with Mr. Lainey’s people. I never really had inlaws and pretty much my fam is all my husband has…so maybe you two have that in some degree at least. Closer to inlaws than your own.

            Looking forward to being with my family too. Besides that Thanksgiving is the best time of year and my favorite holiday!

    • missusmc says:

      Lyme disease is something that comes and goes and is something she will always have. It’s possible that when she agreed to a second season she was in remission and thought she would be okay.

  12. ladebra says:

    Ok, totally OT, and you need to click on the link, but this had me laughing. I admit, my sense of humor is sick.

  13. jezzibel says:

    Few things:
    Brandi and Johanna brawling is like watching the westboro idiots and al qaeda battle royale, you hope by the time they are done decimating each other there is nothing left, but silicone implants and scorched earth.
    I agree that unless you are insanely wealth and looking to buy/sell your are not really on Murray’s radar, he’s not rude just dismissive (okay that is kinda rude).
    I like that Lisa is bloggin what she is watching on the show, not hinting at far off things that happened when not filming or happened behind the scenes, that is really starting to get very annoying *ahem*kylekimbrandiandtheentirehousewivesofnewjerseycast

  14. Cartwheels says:

    I am calling BS on Lisa’s interview as well, Mohammed is a perv, just a billionaire one and I do believe that he had an affair with Johanna, but even if he didn’t by his own admission he cheated and that is why the marriage broke. He is not an outstanding guy

    Lisa and Yolanda celebrated Brandi’s honesty and unfiltered ways last season reunion and let us know that we you are in tv, you owe your audience the truth and nothing but the truth, yet when it comes to them and their circle and of wealthy friends, then it becomes despicable, horrible and she needs a muzzle.?

    Lisa and Yolanda both created the monster that Brandi has become, it is only that Brandi is spewing about them that they have a problem with it. Where was their outrage when Brandi talked about the surrogacy? Wasn’t it Lisa with Brandi and Yolanda’s support the one who said that you do not get to have secrets and be on reality tv? Wasn’t she who said that you sign out your right to privacy when you join a show like this? Yet not that the target is her BFF Mohammed, she has a problem with it?

    Hypocrisy and double standards to go around with these trio.

  15. plainviewsue says:

    Stars, you outdid yourself with your BH blogs this week. I have to admit, while reading your recap of Yolanda’s, it brought tears to my eyes. It was so beautifully written, what she has to endure.

    I, too, suffer from a chronic disease, and the way you described it is exactly the way it is. Especially when it is an “invisible” disease. To the naked eye you look great. Yolanda explained that as well.

    When you have good days, you are on cloud nine. But then those bad days come back. You need to mourn what was once your life and accept what your new life has become. You thank god for your wonderful supportive husband, family and friends. You realize it’s okay to be the one who asks for help, even though you would of been the last one to want help.

    Stars, thank you so much for that wonderful recap.

    • chismosa©®™ says:

      Hope you’re feeling somewhat better PVSue

    • rabblerouser2010R says:


    • VV™ says:

      ((( Sue )))

    • Stars99 - a/k/a/ - ***FREE VITO***©™® says:

      Sue, my heart goes out to you, my friend. Having a chronic condition is so hard… Thanks for your kind words and I appreciate that you risked being vulnerable enough to share your experience with us. Honestly, I wrestled with writing it – because I generally attempt to be somewhat witty, though I often fall flat on my face. This path is a difficult one but one on which many of us are walking. Perhaps we all can somehow, some way “be there” for each other.

      • plainviewsue says:

        First of all………….Free Vito!!!!! OMG, too funny.

        This blog and the people I have met through the blog have been a god send. Knowing the blog is up every day, even if I don’t comment on each one, is a treasure.

        Love you all!!

  16. missusmc says:

    Agreed that Kyle’s use of the word bully is annoying- and during the season one reunion, she did, too- she got mad that Camille used that “buzzword” to describe her own behavior. That word needs to be retired from all housewives vocabulary, as well as the phrases “owning it” and “threw me under the bus.”

    • LaineyLainey says:

      If we get rid of all the Clichés, they will be reduced to grunts, snorts and…who knows.

    • T-Rex says:

      Yes, grown ass woman with uber amounts of money, slinging jabs at each other is NOT bullying. In addition VileKyle made points that she runs with a different crowd, yep you do, you wouldn’t be invited into LisaV’s world, and who wants to hang out with the scum of the earth like FayeKR.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      REEBS, love the new name. Not so sure thats Lea laughing…be that as it may, i dont care enough to get upset about it either way…cause hell, it could be her. just saying i cant be sure. So, by Marysol’s logic, I hate everybody because I’ve seen impersonations of many of the housewives (not always flattering, mind you) and it makes me laugh! A lot. But I’m not a hater. I’m really not!!

      So now I’m gonna flippity flop and say, if I I saw someone laughing at an impersonation of my sick mom, I wouldn’t like it. But I wouldn’t state that person hates my’s a bit of a leap even though I understand Marysol’s feelings were hurt by that. (In my opinion)

      • Rebecca hopes Vito comes to his senses says:

        All the cool kids are sporting messages to Vito in their names these days…. just sayin’.

    • chismosa©®™ says:

      Yeah I think it’s her. But I’m sure Lea would find that a “character assasination” and “un-quantified” or “un-qualified”

      I make fun of my parents’ accents all the time. A STROKE on someone is not something to make fun of, especially when you were “friends” -(for the camera and filming time, as Marisol says which I believe). I’m upset Amy Phillips that funny impersonator was at Lea’s. 😦

      Lea and HO deserve eachother.

    • Stars99 - a/k/a/ - ***FREE VITO***©™® says:

      Completely dies laffing at Rebecca’s new name… That’s hysterical…Love, love, LOVE it!

  17. T-Rex says:

    Day two of Hospital captivity, and yet another round of tests that found nothing, which is good, yet also bad since we still haven’t nailed the problem. Had my first absolutely ASSHOLE doctor today and thankfully only have to spend 15 minutes with the jerk as he does the endoscopy tomorrow. He doesn’t think it’s stomach but muscular/skeletol, which he would not explain to me how it’s this, what is this etc. Again JERK of a man. Thankfully the General Surgeon of the hospital is lead doctor in the hospital on my case, as he is best buds with my primary. He will explain this, and I will wait until the procedure is done to express my extreme displeasure with the Jerk. I will be set free some time tomorrow. WOOHOO. I hope they can give me enough meds to fix the problem, and hopefully someone just freakin explains to me what this condition means and how many more months I have to deal with this crap. My suite-mate and I have rated the staff today as our worst so far, the head nurse indifferent, you have to track her down to get any information or even meds. Our last 3 shifts have been so awesome and attentive, mind you my suite mate is 88 so they should be checking on her more. It’s interesting it’s the first day either of us has felt better and we were so spoiled with the previous shifts, this one is sincerely lacking. We haven’t had any vitals since the last shift, which is very odd!

    • chismosa©®™ says:

      Hang in T Rex!
      Shameful doctors with terrible attitude or bedside manner.

    • AZGirl says:

      Thinking of you T-REX. I hope all goes well.

    • BB says:

      Hang in there T-Rex!.

    • VV™ says:

      ((( T-Rex ))) prayers your way.

    • TexasTart says:

      Thanks for the update T-Rex! Funny how I get attached to people here and legitimately pray for and hope they are okay…so with that said; know that I appreciate your ability to update all of us and the detail of your experience. Well, you are in the land of the dreaded weekend hospital staff, so I hope they will release asap..but most importantly hope you get answers and are not in pain. (((T-Rex)))

    • Stars99 - a/k/a/ - ***FREE VITO***©™® says:

      My favorite lil dinosaur – Do you want me to call and kick someone’s dupa? I’m really great around hospitals… I totally respect the medical community but I also am quite firm in a nice, pizza sending/greasing up the wheels kind of way. lolol… Not that i’ve ever had pizza delivered to a nurse’s station or anything… nope nope nope… lolol

    • lulu *Screw Vito!!! FREE T-REX!!!!"™ says:

      I hope you feel better T-Rex!!!! Best cure for a jerk doctor is to pester him with “but why!!!” Questions. 😉

    • plainviewsue says:

      ((T Rex))

  18. VV™ says:

    Star99 Great Blog. Agree with your take on each one of them. Thanks for the laughs!!

    • not THAT Jill™ says:

      I agree-great job Starzy!!!!

      • Stars99 - a/k/a/ - ***FREE VITO***©™® says:

        Thanks Jill, the REAL Jill… On another note… I’m still keepin’ my mouth shut at least for the day… I’d hate to unleash anyone’s “wrath of furry”… lol

    • Stars99 - a/k/a/ - ***FREE VITO***©™® says:

      Thanks for your comment, VV – I really appreciate it! It’s really nice to make someone laugh… = ) Well, other than myself… Cuz I laff at myself all the time… lol…

  19. TexasTart says:

    I haven’t the time to read the blog yet, but I especially want to bow to Hydrangeahussy for covering all episodes and doing a damn good job of it! Maybe you missed one IIRC, but you are a real trooper to hang in there when it got sketchy and it seems there are few of us RHOM faithful here by the comments, but I will bet there are more that do not comment. Anyway, I read EVERY word you wrote and from my POV I appreciated you opinions and the reliabity that you filled in the cracks for me or agreed in the hysteria of some of the, lol. Thanks for donating your time to Lynn’s Place!

    • Stars99 - a/k/a/ - ***FREE VITO***©™® says:

      I agree, Tart one… Hydrangea has done an AWESOME job on blogging! Whew… I think it’s really tough to recap those guys… Especially the reunion shows… holy crap on a cracker? Where do you even begin? Great job, Hydrangea!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Yes, hhussy!! Thanks!!

  20. VV™ says:

    In case somebody forgot. It is HER town, hers and hers only….and she’s not sharing.

    @KyleRichards18: #thisismytown 😜kylebyalenetoo’s photo

    Original Message:

  21. VV™ says:

    @LisaVanderpump: A birthday should always be a day of positivity…
    Happy birthday.

    Original Message:

  22. VV™ says:

    Not to be outdone by Lisa. BH President, Founder, Owner, Creator sends a Bday wish 20 minutes later…

    @KyleRichards18: Happy birthday @BrandiGlanville !!! 🎉🎁🎂

    Original Message:

  23. boston02127 says:

    Kyle blogs, “Lisa pretending to feel sorry for me because I don’t have support from my “friends” is a joke. First of all, Lisa does not feel sorry for me at all, and secondly, the majority of my FRIENDS are not in this “group” of women. I have many amazing girlfriends who love and support me that are not in this ‘circle.’”
    Kyle reads in to everything and it’s getting old. She puts so much weight on her own little brain and thoughts. She really believes that if she EXPLAINS EVERYTHING it will all be ok.

    • VV™ says:

      That is an excellent point boston. This is exactly what is happening here. She reads into everything and anything Lisa does and now she has the rest of them with the same paranoia that Bobby Fisher is going to beat them at an inexistent game.

  24. boston02127 says:

    Happy Birthday Brandi (cough)

  25. chismosa aka Romain free yourself of HO says:

    There’s an Atlanta first look tonight.

    Why no BH? That’s odd

  26. I love me some hobbits, but Aragon is just yummy. #nerdalert

    • Since I made my daughter an Aragon costume this year for Comic Kazi and had to stare at his picture, especially when painting that damn tree on the front of the tunic….there were time when I found myself just staring at him, lol!!! He is very hawt!!

  27. Chismosa if you want your comments to post reliably so you can make your digs, you need to pick a name.

  28. VV™ says:

    She never replied to Catlton either. These b*tches are already gearing up for the Reunion. Lisa will get the same treatment as Teresa. Everybody against the star if the show 😞

    @CarltonGebbia13: Wishing u a Magickal Birthday @BrandiGlanville 💋

    Original Message:

  29. TexasTart says:

    Will & Grace Binge Night (marathon) on WE now!

  30. ladebra says:

    Oh NMD, you city is just beautiful

  31. not THAT Jill™ says:

    T-Rex-hope you are feeling better and the “good shift” is on duty now!!

  32. Chimosa was it you that was talking about getting this note on your door???

  33. adamay411 says:

    I have been a lurker since day one and posted a couple of times a year ago but things were kind of ugly here and I got sick, etc. Now I need to jump in.

    You talk about chronic conditions and support. I have 3 chronic conditions and 2 life-threatening illnesses and I have no support. I lost my house, my family put me in an assisted living facility and forgot about me. I am alone, in pain, scared and bored. I need you guys — I have been at the window looking in. I have a lot to say about the housewives & Bravo. I hate JZ.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Hello adamay411. Welcome back.
      I am sorry things have not been going well for you and that you are suffering with pain. I will certain think of you in my prayers to night. It makes me so sad that you are feeling alone and scared. Please do not be afraid.

      I hope that as time goes by, the situation with your family is not what you feel it to be now- and that they give you the time, attention and care you need and deserve. However, know that you can always find some kind words here..and I also hope some laughter.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi AdAMay411: sorry about your situation. It’s cool that you have Internet access, though. I hope you will get to see your family for the holidays.

    • Speak right up. Adamay411.. If you’re here already, no need to be so shy about jumping right in 😉

    • lillybee says:

      Lean on us. We can be helpful and supportive. I hate JZ, too.

    • boston02127 says:

      (((((adamay411))))) Hugs & Prayers.

    • TexasTart says:

      Welcome adamay! I’m sorry for where you are in life today and while support can be realized here, it’s a matter of jumping in and dishing with everyone…let people get to know you. It can take time, but it will feel good to get off the sidelines and.participate! 🙂

    • lulu *Screw Vito!!! FREE T-REX!!!!"™ says:

      Adamay so sorry about what you are going through. Here you are well supported. Feel free to jump right in at anytime. We are a wild bunch where laughs are common.

    • VV™ says:


    • Boobah says:

      adamay, I’m glad you started to comment again. ((((adamay)))) We’re here for you.

  34. mrs peabody says:

    I just watched the Miami Reunion, I haven’t watched the regular season since season 1. I can’t stand Adrianna, I don’t blame Lea for not wanting her as a friend. Anyone who lies for that long about her marital status in my opinion is not someone I would trust at all. I think she did take advantage of Lea. I don’t understand why someone like Lea would even associate herself with a show like this. I’d be embarrassed myself to be on a show like this. As far as Brandi goes I’m over her. She was refreshing her first year and I felt bad for her after that party from hell with the Dick sisters ganging up on her (and where did that name come from anyway) but her mouth and I only attack after I am attacked is getting really old. She is a 40 year old woman who acts like a child. Enough! Grow up! She’s old enough to know when to keep her mouth shut and what’s acceptable and what’s not. Whether that old fart said that about the Miami girl or not is not the problem, the problem is any adult would know not to repeat something like that on tv. That is why I am sick of her, I don’t find her amusing at all, just pathetic. And if she is making all this money now why is she renting and not buying? Wouldn’t it be better to invest her earnings in a permanent home rather than a rental. She makes money from the show, made money from her book, what is she doing with all it. You know I almost wonder if there was a reason Eddie cheated on her all the time.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Great post, Mrs. p!

    • I remember when the president of the company I worked for was named Richard….and I put up his picture from the company newspaper on my bulletin board and had written under it “The Big Dick” …. my boss just about died….I told him not to worry that “Dick” would never find my office, lol!!!

  35. lulu *Screw Vito!!! FREE T-REX!!!!"™ says:

    Good morning everyone!!! Today is Aiden’s baptism!!!! I can’t believe its going to be 70 here!!! That is insane!! I’ll post pics later. 😉

    Nancy, Chismosa and Powell the “o” gets filmed!! I have to laugh at that scene the poor guy they hired to create a “happy joystick” camera. Too funny.

    Nancy how to handle a jerk doctor??? I’m sure you have come across a few!!

  36. VV™ says:

    Lier lier pants on fire…

    @BrandiGlanville I do not have my phone with me tonight
    Sent Nov 16, 9:41 PM
    From Twitter for iPhone

    ( We can clearly read this was sent from her new iPhone)

    • TexasTart says:

      “WhointhisworldisBrandiGlanville” -Stars

      And as Jill would say

      And VV’s brilliant addition of Blamesless to make BBBB! Lord knows we’ll never be able to use the “brilliant” on Brandi!

  37. MISHIGA95 says:

    OMG – YAY!!! As a devout follower of Lynn Hudson’s blog, I was devastated by her passing. Not only was her premature death so sudden and extremely sad, but with her I thought her blog would die, too. But, no! I stumbled upon this blog today (I don’t know why I haven’t seen it sooner) and I am beyond happy. It’s so wonderful that Lynn’s legacy will live on and that her followers now have a new place to read and discuss our favorite reality shows. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for making this happen @NoMoreDrama! I feel like I’ve stumbled upon an unexpected treasure and am SO happy!

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