Real Housewives of Miami – the Aftermath and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Counting the Digs

Real Housewives of Miami – The Aftermath by NMD

The third season of Real Housewives of Miami is over.  It’s hard to imagine that it’ll be renewed for another season.  It seemed as though Bravo gave up on it weeks ago – moving it into the 10 pm slot, cramming the end of the season into a short timeframe, and rarely showing repeats.

One trap this franchise fell into was the “team” gang up mentality.  For much of the season it was Team Lea versus Team Adriana.  It was as though Adriana had read our blog and knew that we’d only care if she ended up in a feud with a real friend so Lea was sacrificed. That put Joanna Krupa in the awkward position of being third wheel in Adriana’s fight – so her target became Lisa Hochstein.  What better story line than to invite a “best friend” to be a bridesmaid and then have a falling out.  Only Joanna is such an unbelievably bad actress it was hard to get engaged in that storyline.  Does anyone even know why Joanna got mad at Lisa?  If I remember correctly it was because Lisa was encouraging Lea to make peace with Adriana.

Lisa and Joanna must have promised fireworks to the producers to be placed in the coveted “next to Andy Cohen” spots on the reunion couches. According to Adriana’s blog, Lisa and Joanna were friends coming into the reunion, and had dinner together the evening before.  Lisa admitted on camera that she and Joanna had agreed there would be no hitting below the belt.  Unfortunately for Lisa, Joanna does not appear to understand what hitting below the belt entails.  There are some subjects that are simply too personal to be fodder for a housewives reunion.  Children are one of them. Ana Quincoces is still taking heat for saying that her girls were not socially awkward on last year’s reunion.  Lea Black immediately assumed Ana was talking about her son – RJ.  Ana has explained that she truly was speaking about her daughters – defending them against an off-camera dig by Lea about their table manners.  Unfortunately, she made so many “below the belt” digs against Lea last year – mainly about her age – that it barely makes a difference.  Taking digs about age, appearance, or children doesn’t win you any fans.  Better to keep the digs focused on your cast mate’s behavior.

Joanna didn’t attack Lisa’s age or her children, but she did attack Lisa for struggling with infertility.  Apparently Joanna has no wish to be a mother – so perhaps she doesn’t realize how atrocious it is to attack another woman for being unable to bring a child to term.  It is wrong on every level – yet Joanna – even after eliciting a strong reaction from Lisa – seemed unable to understand why or how she had hurt Lisa.  Unbelievable.  Of course Lisa fought back by saying that no one even liked Joanna – not even her own sister.  That’s probably not true – but her sister did avoid the show like the plague.  Smart girl.  Last season she was used as a storyline, including allegations of statutory rape.  That was another instance of Joanna not seeming to not understand what is acceptable and what isn’t.

from Purveyors of Pop twitter

from Purveyors of Pop twitter

Alexia tells us in her blog that the reunion proved that Joanna and Lisa were never really friends – they were just pretending to like each other.  Alexia had the advantage of coming on the show with some real friends like Marysol, Adriana, Lea and Ana.  My guess is Joanna and Lisa weren’t friends – but they were friendly.  Even if the conflict between the two ladies was staged (Alexia said it dragged on for two hours) it appears clear that Joanna took it too far.

The Lea – Adriana feud had run its course by the reunion.  They had come to peace on screen.  I have a feeling Adriana realized she had blown it sometime mid-season.  Perhaps she was encouraged to blame Lea for exposing her lie.  Perhaps she was desperate to have her faux wedding shown on television.  After she received her television wedding, she apologized to Lea.  Too little, too late.  You can’t humiliate someone on national tv and then say “nevermind – just kidding.”  It doesn’t work like that – well sometimes it does – but it didn’t in this case.  Lea has made it clear that she is done with Adriana.  That’s too bad for Adriana.  When Lea is your friend she’ll move mountains for you.

The Lea – Marysol conflict has also run its course.  Marysol had a tough year.  She was dealing with the illness of her mother, and was downgraded to a “friend” on the show even though she had a lot of screen time.  Basically she had to put in the time but got paid much less than if she were a regular cast member.  Her main conflict with Lea seemed to be resentment of Lea’s lack of interest in Mama Elsa after Elsa’s stroke.  It’s hard to understand why Marysol thought Lea should visit Elsa in the hospital – after all, while they remained cordial, they weren’t best friends.  The video shot in Lea’s house with a comedian Frankie making fun of Elsa was disgusting. Lea says in her blog it was shot months after filming wrapped – so it had nothing to do with how Marysol was feeling while the cameras were rolling.  She also swears that wasn’t her laughter in the background, and Frankie was making fun of Elsa – but didn’t know about the  stroke.

Marysol milked the Mama Elsa story far too much.  It was tiring.  Bringing video of her father (from the hospital) calling Lea a liar was too much.  It made her look desperate.  I don’t know why Marysol was downgraded to friend, but she brought little to this season’s storyline.  It’s too bad – she seems like an interesting person, but you can not keep fighting the same fight over and over and expect people to care.

Ana Quincoces was also downgraded to a “friend” and slowly phased off the show.  She’s promised to blog about it on Monday.  Last year at the reunion she went after Lea Black hard – bringing a folder of evidence that didn’t make the show.  She claims they tried to get her to come to the reunion this year – answering this tweet:@AnaQooks they should have brought you in as a surprise so Lea would lose her shit. Maybe they’d gotten a 3rd part. #RHOMwith “they tried. Fool me once…”  Instead she sent Joanna Krupa with a message to Lea Black – that Lea was right about Marysol and also tweeted: “definitely not on lea’s side just very disappointed about being duped by Marysol. #sad  When did Ana become friends with Joanna Krupa?  When did Ana stop being friends with Marysol?  I hope her blog answers some of my questions.

Even though she wasn’t at the reunion, Ana took a swipe at Marysol.  Asked what she thought about Marysol’s dress she tweeted: “Never gave that a single thought but I certainly would have steered away from that whole menopause prom queen look.”  Again with the dig about a cast mate’s age.  For the record, I loved Marysol’s dress.  Ana took on the entire cast, responding to this tweet: @AnaQooks should’ve been at this reunion. She would’ve shut it DOWN. #RHOM,” with “my cousins chihuahua could have shut it.”  And when a follower commented that the ladies weren’t representative of Miami she said, ”total recast & exclude me plz!”  For someone who claims she wants nothing to do with the show she sure spends a lot of time tweeting about the show.

From chadtuckernyc’s twitter (he’s Lea’s PR person and snapped this photo back stage)

Lea and Marysol

The Adriana – Joanna feud was non existent this year.  Adriana seemed to understand she had gone too far last year when she slapped Joanna.  I don’t think Adriana meant to set off a firestorm when she recounted the Brandi – Yolanda avoiding Joanna story during the reunion.  She probably just meant to bring up the Mohamed – Joanna affair story.  But never underestimate Joanna or Brandi for taking it to a whole new level of hitting below the belt.  I have a feeling Joanna will be joining the cast of BH next year.  I sure hope she doesn’t, but I suspect producers will think that viewers would tune in to see Brandi and Joanna tear each other apart.  They might, but they also might be turned off by Joanna’s over acting between the real scenes of crazy town.  That’s the real issue with Joanna.  She’s brought some realness to the show (such as her drunken tirades) but it’s interspersed with the acting.  A good producer would have left the bad acting on the cutting room floor.

And then there was Alexia.  Alexia began the season friendly with everyone – even though it sounds like she didn’t talk to Lea between S2 and S3.  She ended the season friendly with everyone – even Lisa Hochstein – according to both ladies they are back on friendly status.  Of all the ladies, I felt that she had the most interesting story line, and opened herself and her family up to the viewers.  If Bravo cast more ladies like Alexia, they may have had a decent chance at saving this show instead of going for the cheap “Krupa” thrills.

So this is likely the end of the Real Housewives of Miami.  It’s too bad because the setting and their fashions were fantastic, and the ladies were an interesting bunch if you could get past all the petty bickering.


Digfest 2013™®© – Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Who Has the Biggest Shovel?

Note:  One of the fun things we have been doing recently on this blog is that we’ve been casually bantering back and forth about which housewife makes the most digs and which housewife carries the biggest shovel.  There are many in the running within the Beverly Hills franchise, and since this is only the 2nd show of the season, I decided it might be fun if we actually try to keep track (I can probably rewatch the 1st episode so we have an accurate ongoing count).  Last week, I even joked that Lisa doesn’t mind digs being thrown at her, because she knows that she carries the biggest shovel – and it’s pink – and sparkly!  On this blog, I’m confident that we’ll probably discuss and perhaps disagree how the digs are counted, but basically, if someone said or did something not so nice – or inferred something not so nice about someone – I tried to count it.  If I miscounted or misjudged, please let me know… We want to be as accurate as possible!  Extra points may be given if the digs are especially dramatic.   We’ll also see that we’re not the only ones who snark!  On to Digfest 2013™®©!

Episode 2 – Faint Chance

“I feel like I’m all grown up,” says Brandi as she gives her mom a tour of her new home.   “Oh, someday… You’ll be…” answers her mother.  Brandi’s Mom: 1

Brandi gives her Mom a tour of her new house then says, “I need a drink.”   “So, what else is new?” says Brandi’s Mom.  Brandi’s Mom reads the label on the bottle, “Chaos… Kind of sounds like your life,” says Mom.  Brandi’s Mom:  2

From a poetry book that Brandi wrote when she was young that was conveniently left on top of an opened box while Brandi was moving – Brandi starts reading the title to her Mom and then reads one of her poems:  “Cute Poems about Guy and Judy” – “My Mom is pretty, but she’s kind of sh**y;  She acts real nice, but then you’ll think twice.   She doesn’t really call, I mean never at all.  Reach out and touch someone, she doesn’t know how.  She needs to get in touch with Alexander Graham Bell.” Brandi’s Mom says, “Byron, Keats and Shelley have nothing to worry about.”   “Who are they?” responds Brandi. “Never mind” says her Mom.  Brandi:  5;  Brandi’s Mom: 1 (But a really big 1.. lol…)

Carlton was right in the middle of a riveting story about a black cat and a bird that doesn’t end well for the bird and Kyle abruptly jumps up and says, “I’m gonna open the wine… I’ll be right back.”  This left Carlton gasping with her mouth wide open not believing Kyle would be that rude.  In Carlton’s talking head (TH), she said, “Really? I didn’t appreciate that.  I don’t care if she was bored to death – it was rude.” Kyle: 1; Carlton: 1

“This story is going on for quite a while, and I’m wondering when we’re actually going to get to the end of it” says Carlton in her TH regarding Joyce’s long winded explanation of when she and her husband met for the first time.  Carlton:  1

When confronted by a bee while they’re outside eating lunch, Carlton gasps when Kyle wants her friend Sharon to kill the bee (Kyle’s allergic).  “Don’t kill it” exclaims Carlton.  In her TH, Carlton says, “I’m disgusted.  We’re sitting outside in this bee’s environment, this is f**ed up.  Why would you do such an awful thing?”  In Kyle’s TH, she says to us, “I’m a bee murderer’s accomplice” and then she laughs hysterically.  Meanwhile, at the lunch, everyone is laughing hysterically, even snorting they’re laughing so hard… but Carlton is just so not amused.  Carlton 1;  Kyle: 1;  Bee: 0

Kyle and Sharon are telling an amusing story to Joyce and Carlton about the first night Kyle went out with Sharon after she had a baby, and the story made them laugh so hard that the new girl Joyce snorted… and then they all started laughing about how Kyle, Sharon and Joyce are all snort laughers… which made them all laugh even harder.  Carlton was not amused and said in her TH, “Did I miss something?”  Carlton: 1

Kyle and Kim are in Kyle’s theater watching Lisa’s fainting during “Dancing with the Stars” and badly acting like it’s the first time they’ve both seen it (Insert gratuitous eye roll here).  “What… Wait? What happened?  What did she just say, ‘I fell down?’” asks Kyle.  Kim wide-eyed said, “What just happened?”  Kyle responds as she snidely gnaws on her SweetTarts™, “She fainted?  Wait a minute, I have to see that again… I want to see it in slo-mo…”  Kim says as she’s chuckling, “Look…She’s holding on… she’s holding on to his hand.  Wait a minute…I don’t think she wanted to do it anymore.”  In her TH, Kim tells us, “I’ve fainted on camera before – and I’ve fainted for real… and some people just aren’t cut out for fake faints.” Then back to Kim talking to Kyle, “When she wakes up, she wakes up… Don’t people when they wake up – Don’t they wake up startled?  But instead she woke up like she was looking at him, and then she was like… [cut] with the cameras…”  Kyle, in her TH says, “Lisa wanted out with Dancing with the Stars.  She wanted out.  I don’t blame her – I’d be tired, too, when I go home.”  Then both Kyle and Kim get up and mockingly reenact their version of the “fake fainting.”  Kyle continues on in her TH, “Of course I’m going to have to tease Lisa, just like she would tease me if the shoe was on the other foot.”    Kim: 3;  Kyle: 3 (2 for what they said and 1 for their reenactment)

“How are you with Kyle?” Lisa asks Yo at her lunch gathering with Brandi and Yo.  “I mean I’m not in a better place the woman who called me a liar.  I just feel like her and I have to have a heart to heart and talk about it – I really want to understand…” responds Yo.  “The problem is that she’s kind of stabbed everyone in the back – so once that happens, it isn’t the same,” says Brandi.  “But do you know, she really doesn’t have any girlfriends or somebody next to her,” says Yo.  Lisa says, “She has been a good friend to… Well, maybe not Adrienne, I think that was kind of a little superficial.” Cue tape during the reunion show that Lisa was saying that Kyle only cozied up to Adrienne and had defended her throughout the season because of a business decision regarding the selling of Adrienne’s house.   In her current TH, Lisa says, “I do feel a bit sorry for Kyle right now, actually, because she’s lost kind of this major support group that she had with Taylor, Adrienne and Faye ‘Rancid’”. Lisa looks to the side and says as if talking to herself, “This is too bit**y, I shouldn’t say this … but I’m awfully glad I did.”  Brandi 1; Lisa: 3; Yo: 1

“I do therapy every day,” says Yo when talking about her Lyme disease recovery.  “Really, like what?” asks Lisa. Yo responds, “Puzzles to reprogram the brain – to activate the brain. Because you know…” Lisa interrupts and says, “You need to do that, Brandi!”  Lisa: 1

“You’ve just got to put your house on the market and you’ll bond really quick,” Lisa says to Yo who is talking about how Kyle may need some friends in her life right now.  Lisa: 1

Current Dig Standings based on this Episode:

Brandi:  6

Carlton: 4

Joyce: 0

Kim:  3

Kyle:  5

Lisa:  5

Yo:  1

Brandi’s Mom:  4

Bee:  0


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170 Responses to Real Housewives of Miami – the Aftermath and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Counting the Digs

  1. VV™ says:

    Interesting theory in Digs.
    I always keep in mind, most digs come via Talking Head which are questions by Priducers. Also, Producers decide what is shown. They have editing control so they decide how many and who’s digs we get to see and which ones stay on the cutting floor.

    • Rebecca hopes Vito comes to his senses says:

      Some of those digs were actually meant in a light-hearted way. My family is quite into them. (Example – I tease my 36 year-old cousin about needing a booster seat at the dinner table. She teases back.) The difference is none of these women are smart enough to return the digs like my family does. We’re considered funny, while these women are considered bitchy.

      Let’s take Lisa as an example… I don’t think she is always meaning to put down someone, I think she is expecting something silly in return. You saw her daughter-in-law joking with her last season. You didn’t see her crying about it later like Kim or Kyle would most certainly would have done.

      • VV™ says:

        …and some of them are not meant in the context that they are shown. Producer David Rupel of RHOBH stated so himself on an interview. They use an answer to a completely different question as if it was to another because it fits the storyline.

        However, I like the “Dig-Meter” idea started here by NMD because it gives us an idea of how Producers drive a point to the viewers.

        If we add to Brandi and Kyle’s the digs they do on Twitter they will be way ahead of the pack in numbers. I’ll give a slight lead to Kyle.

      • ruby says:

        Absolutely. We all joke and throw out digs at each other in my family also. We laugh and enjoy each others company. Everyone needs to be able to laugh at oneself. We love each other and don’t take it to heart.

    • Powell says:

      Why doesn’t Kyle tell Lisa at the time of the dig “Lisa I did’nt like that & would appreciate it if you wouldn’t do it.”. But Kyle whines in her TH that it bothers her. Sheeesh.

      • VV™ says:

        Kyle is a one trick pony 🐴 when it come to RHOBH “Victim”. She hasn’t figured out yet, we are tired of it. It’s very transparent 💤💤💤

      • VV™ says:

        That is why I’m not buying her entire storyline for this season. It’s all BS and Kyle is banking on us buying the Bravo edit. Even if she doesn’t addresses that it bothered her at the time. Do it after the cameras stop filming OR set up an entire scene with Lisa and address it that it bothers her. She doesn’t do it because it will done over with and no storyline for the show.

  2. ladebra says:

    If this has been shown, apologies

  3. Rebecca hopes Vito comes to his senses says:

    I think Joanna actually said at the reunion that Lisa was trolling for cocaine at her wedding. We saw the messages about Lisa threatening to sue. The producers edited that out and poof – no more lawsuit. These rumors came out before the reunion aired so I tend to believe something was said.

  4. If this is true – I wonder why he’s dodging the restraining order. Camille sure knows how to pick them.

    “Camille has had “multiple process servers attempting to serve Dimitri in Texas, where he lives. Dimitri has been dodging service, and appears to be in hiding,” a source told Radar Online. “Multiple attempts to serve Dimitri at his home, at his office, and other places he frequents have been unsuccessful.”

    Camille’s upcoming hearing for a permanent restraining order is set for November 19. If she is unable to serve Dimitri by then, her temporary restraining order will expire and she will be forced to start the process all over again.”

    • Boobah says:

      I caught about 2 minutes of one of those Entertainment Tonight shows last night ( I forget which one) and Dimitri was on. He claimed to have taken 2 independent polygraph tests where both concluded he was telling the truth about how Camille made all of this up. I still don’t believe him though. Did anyone else see this? Maybe I’m making it up?!

      • not THAT Jill™ says:

        Hey Boo!!
        I don’t think you are making it up-I read about the polygraph tests a few days ago. I can not remember what entertainment show it was from either!!!

  5. BB says:

    Good morning. In my opinion Brandi should have gotten ZERO points for the poem she wrote sometime in the past and since the digs are against her mom who isn’t even a real cast member. Points should only be given to digs thrown against cast members in actual dialog and talking heads. Should digs towards the husbands count? Should digs made in the blogs count? What about digs made on twitter or gossip sites or magazine interviews? So many questions about the dig count. My head hurts now. I have to go take something. 🙂

  6. ladebra says:

    To all my crazy friends,

  7. not THAT Jill™ says:

    Looks like Brandi had a happy birthday…

  8. Boobah says:

    Love the Digfest 2013™®©!! Great idea and I enjoyed the recap of the digs also. That’s gotta be hard to keep up with, since the digs seem to come so readily from this crew.

    So funny that you tallied the Bee:0. That made me lol.

  9. TexasTart says:

    ” If Bravo cast more ladies like Alexia, they may have had a decent chance at saving this show instead of going for the cheap “Krupa” thrills.”

    NMD, you have and excellent handle and vision of what happened on RHOM this year. The Aftermath is superbly written! I also feel this is the end to RHOM and considered they might want to bring Joanna over to BH…which is frightening to say the least.

    I think Jezzibel said it best yesterday about letting Brandi and Joanna battle it out until there is nothing left but scorched earth and silicone – HA!

  10. boston02127 says:

    I just looked at the above link of Brandi. (yuck) How does she get so much free time away from her kids?

  11. boston02127 says:

    The confirmed #tornado was seen at 10:55am CST at Rte 29/98 junction betw. Pekin & East Peoria, IL. May have lifted since then.

    I hope everyone is safe.

  12. HuskerHuny says:

    Thanks for all of the wonderful birthday wishes yesterday. I got to spend time with my family (minus one daughter who lives five hours away) and I also spent time with my Lynn family who mean so much to me. You’re all wonderful and I’m thankful to be amongst all of you. Enjoy your Sunday!

  13. BB says:

    Tanner Update: Tanner has managed to work his paw bandage off so now he has a cone around his neck so he can’t get to his foot to lick it. HE IS NOT A HAPPY CAMPER! Back to the vet tomorrow morning for a recheck. Trying to keep him off the foot as much as possible as I’m not going to try to rebandage it. It’s been three days, so I’m hoping it’s pretty much healed by now. He’s in my lap pouting right now. Fun typing on a laptop with a dog in your lap. lol

    • boston02127 says:

      BB, I feel so badly for your dog. That happen to our dog Peanut when I was about 12. My mother took her to the vet to get her nails clipped and the vet* clipped so low that the dog cried out and spurt blood. My mother was so mad. She asked the girl if she was the veterinarian. The girl said to my mother “I have the jacket on” (she had on a long white jacket)

      Our dog never had any trust with anyone near her paws after that.

      I don’t know what happen after that, my mother told me and my brother to go wait in the car.

      • BB says:

        Thanks, boston. Your mom probably didn’t want you and your brother to hear what she had to say to that “vet.” lol.

    • Powell says:

      Poor Tanner. At least he’s getting special cuddles. 🙂

      • boston02127 says:

        I like the name Tanner.

        • BB says:

          I was really original, boston. I named him that because of his color. My daughter found out from his original vet this his first owners named him Bear. That didn’t fit him At the kill shelter, they called him something else that didn’t fit. Don’t know why they didn’t call him Bear since they said he was owner surrendered. I think he has had an interesting past.

    • Orson says better Vito than me. says:

    • Rebecca hopes Vito comes to his senses says:

      We always put long socks over our doggy paws after we bandage up their granulomas. Pull it up, put some tape around the leg to secure the sock, then fold the top of the sock over the tape. They resign to their fate pretty quick.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Awwww poor pup

    • AZGirl says:

      Poor Tanner. Dogs HATE those collars.

  14. Powell says:

    Good afternoon everyone. I hope you’ve had a great weekend. Very busy cleaning for holiday guests. Oh boy. Lulu, chismosa & Nancy I’m sitting down right now watching Masters & Virginia ‘conduct their study”. Plateau & Resolution of the male & female subjects. 🙂

    • Cartwheels says:

      At least this time two of her friends are helping her not to fall drunk on her face and almost carrying her in arms all the way to the car. Nobody else seems as drunk as Brandi. I am starting to wonder if she indeed has a drinking problem.

      • Rebecca hopes Vito comes to his senses says:

        She acts like she’s 21 years old and just got her license to drink for the first time. Calling the paparazzi was extremely desperate as well.

      • not THAT Jill™ says:

        She is a mess-it’s her 41st birthday but it’s like a 21 year old going out!!!

      • VV™ says:

        My first thought when I saw this was her kids. I’m really starting to get concerned about those kids. Luckily, they were with Eddie’s parents that last night since LR is in Asia for an appearance and he is with her.

    • VV™ says:

      I don’t think she was being “protected” by the paparazzi. I think she was being “helped” to walk to the car.

    • BB says:

      I think she had more than the two glasses of wine her friend said she had.

      • kit9 says:

        Or maybe two glasses of wine + a couple pills.

      • SCGirl says:

        I think Brandi was completely drunk, but I also think she starves herself which doesn’t help matters when it comes to her drinking problem. Brandi seems to have some arrested development issues. Getting trashed often and starving yourself is the behavior of someone half her age. Staying on top of the “starved look” has got to be a full time job in itself.
        Looking at the screen shot of Brandi’s face in the video above is truly the most interesting part of the video to me. She has so much filler above her top lip and around her laugh lines that she is to the point of looking freakish in a close up shot. I bet we would not even be able to recognize Brandi if all the filler and Botox were removed from her face. I’m surprised she can even speak clearly with all that mess in her lips.

        • not THAT Jill™ says:

          She cannot speak clearly-her upper lip doesn’t move so she does not form words properly.

          • chismosa™ says:

            People go crazy with the fillers in the naso labial area. (See: Lisa from Miami, she has no lines there)
            Oh Brandi.

            So wait did she not have the lip issue before ?
            She seems to have such a lisp and lisps make my skin crawl 🐜🐞🐌🐍

  15. VV™ says:

    More pics from BBBB Bday party.

    @AdrienneJanic: @Flemings Thank you for a great evening for @BrandiGlanville B-day! Everything was AMAZING!

    Original Message:

  16. Just texted my son at UofI Champaign/Urbana to tell him that they were under a tornado warning. Told him to go down to the cafeteria and/or lounge (basement level) and hang out until the warning was over! He responded, so that was what those sirens are about!! A college education at work??

    • VV™ says:

      (((Windy))) Prayers
      Good thing you called him.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Oh my…thank goodness he still has his mamma looking out for him. I hope he listens to you

    • BB says:

      It makes you wonder sometimes, doesn’t it? It doesn’t end after college either. My out of college daughter owns her own home. Her dad was asking her if she had done some home maintenance type things to get ready for winter (this is not her first winter with this house). You know, like clean the leaves our of the gutters, wrap the outside spigots, make sure she changed the filters in her heating system, etc. etc. She kept telling him no, she hadn’t done this and that. She then asked him if he would make a list and e-mail it to her. You would think she would have remembered some of these things from last year. Sigh.

    • BB says:

      Oh, and I forgot to add I hope your son and everyone else experiencing these Midwest storms stay safe!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Funny, Windy! I hope everyone is out of harms way. Everytime I have my oil changed, I text both my kidsto remind them to do theirs.

    • AZGirl says:

      HA! This is just too funny. Typical college student.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Be safe / prayers

      • windycitywondering2 says:

        Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers.
        A tornado touched down northeast of the campus. He’s back in his room but said the lounge was packed – so I wasn’t the only worried mama. But my husband was being a baby big butt about the Bears game being delayed!!

  17. VV™ says:

    @alecshankman: Thanks 2 @Flemings @patrickbenglish & #Whitney 4 hosting an amazing bday party 4 @BrandiGlanville & friends 2nite

    Original Message:

  18. Prince of Pizza for Old Trolls says:

    NMD, I’m not sure why but I remember Joanna and Ana were friends last season, too. There were a few scenes (one with the two of them shopping at whole foods) where Joanna “confided” in Ana about her reluctance to get married, blah blah blah. Of course, this could have just been “friendship by Bravo” which we all know means nothing.

    It is curious to me that Lea would be so angry with Adrianna for not defending her in the season 2 reunion but never has had issues with Joanna doing the same (again, from what we have seen, I guess).

    Awesome write up of what happened to Miami. A cautionary tale for other RH cities, to be sure.

  19. not THAT Jill™ says:

    I thought Zofran was for chemo patients and pregnant woman? Idk I don’t know anyone who takes it but my opinion is that Brandi is not very responsible with her drug taking.

  20. chismosa™ says:

    VV try this. He came up under images in google
    When i put in MB book agent

  21. VV™ says:

    The reply on this always makes me LOL!

    Serabbi: @BrandiGlanville @AdrienneJanic SuperGlue

    Original Message:

  22. Nancy – thanks for sending me the email reminding me to watch skating!

    • Nancy says:

      My pleasure NMD. The skating world is reporting that Patrick Chan (Canada)
      is the best figure skater EVER!! His short program was perfection and I can’t
      wait to see his long as he’s taking this one to the Olympics. Canada has never
      brought home the Gold in mens figure skating. My heart still breaks for Kurt Browning.

      • Nancy says:

        295.27 total points. That’s almost impossible. Go Canada! 🙂

        • Prince of Pizza for Old Trolls says:

          Nancy, I’ve been conflicted about the Olympics- wanting to watch figure skating but disgusted with Russia’s recent actions. What are your thoughts??

          • Nancy says:

            I’ll be watching for sure. I think Russia’s stunt is already backfiring on them as it’s
            going to hurt them in the pocket book. What a stunted country. I almost feel sorry
            for them.

          • BB says:

            Not sure what Nancy’s views are, and I don’t want to start a Casino here, but I have always thought the Olympic games were supposed to be politics free. I don’t see where boycotting them because of what a country’s leader thinks accomplishes anything. That hurts all of the athletes who have worked their whole lives towards being able to participate in the games. Russia certainly isn’t the only country who has hosted the Olympics while having a terrible human rights record. I will watch because I like to see the stories behind these Olympians and share in the ultimate joy of them having reached their ultimate goal – not winning a gold medal, but just being a participant in the games. I try my best to ignore the politics surrounding them and can only hope Russia’s leaders can be educated and enlightened enough to change their views in the future.

            • Prince of Pizza for Old Trolls says:

              That’s a great point. We shouldn’t punish the athletes for crazy things that the leader of Russia has said.

  23. chismosa™ says:

    NMD sorry I needed time to sit and really digest this blog —
    From above: …….”encouraged to blame Lea for exposing her lie. Perhaps she was desperate to have her faux wedding shown on television. After she received her television wedding, she apologized to Lea. Too little, too late. You can’t humiliate someone on national tv and then say “nevermind – just kidding.” It doesn’t work like that – well sometimes it does – but it didn’t in this case. ”

    ➖➖➖What do you mean ? Adrianna humiliated Lea? How? Lea only humiliates herself with her ways in front if the camera IMO. 
    What humiliated her ? Sorry I’m confused …..

    ▪️I agree about Marisol’s dress. I was drooling over it … And I think everything is tacky and usually don’t like much. Marisol has great style. I found it perfect for a sitting, taped occasion. You see on camera the 3/4 sheer sleeve top part in gorgeous pale blue – and the skirt was beautiful falling over the legs. 
    I love Ana but don’t get it. 😟😟
    I too don’t get her friendship with Ho and issues with Marisol.😡
    I think it’s over and I’m happy that that would mean less Lea on tv.
    Thanks for the blog ! I know we all here don’t watch it but i enjoyed it for the city and also for the cultures 

    • Adriana spent the entire season trying to shift the blame of her faux marriage onto Lea. There was never any real indication besides Adriana’s moaning and groaning that Lea sold her out to the press. She also lied to Alexia about Lea saying that her son should be in jail.

      Whether Lea humiliated herself or not is beside the point to me – they all reserve the right to humiliate themselves – the blog was about what they all did to each other 🙂

    • Cartwheels says:

      I got that Adrianna lied but on the same token Lea also lied, she said she helped Adrianna paid with the whole tuition but then it was only 15K, with Lea’s connections it would had probably been easier to help Adrianna get an scholarship for the boy and problem solved.
      The problem that I have with Adrianna is that she lied and that will always make her a liar, the problem I have with Lea is that she acts almost like she thought that by helping a friend in need she bought herself a sidekick, mouth piece and unconditional friend all in one. Adrianna dared not to have her back and all hell broke lose.
      It was great that Lea helped Adrianna’s son stay in that wonderful school but the fact that Lea has let everybody know about it about her generosity doesn’t sit well with me. It almost makes me feel that Lea is generous with her money (her husband money) but always expects something in return.

      • chismosa™ says:

        Thanks NMD – I’m forgetting that about Alexia– id have to analyze that in my head some more but thanks for clarifying.

        cartwheels— I totally agree with you about Lea.
        And the WRATH of hers if crossed ….. Watch out !

        • Prince of Pizza for Old Trolls says:

          TOTALLY agree with this! Adriana may have lied/is obviously a little koo koo for cocoa puffs, but she handed Lea this argument on a silver platter. I’d contend that Lea is often nuts and vindictive, too.

  24. Cartwheels says:

    Watching those pictures of Brandi I got to thinking how sad is to see a person unravel like this
    But then I also wonder if she has always been like this. Some excerpts of her book said that she admits to drinking a lot and mixing it up with pills, so maybe she has been doing this for a long while and we are just getting a glimpse of it because of the paps.
    I never read her book so maybe I am just imagining this part but I thought I read some articles or comments about it and how from time to time she spirals out of control, maybe this is one of those times.

    • not THAT Jill™ says:

      She always talks about taking her pills and drinking-it’s something she is very proud of.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        I don’t understand how Jennifer…her ‘sober living’ friend can sit there and not say anything.

        • Nancy says:

          Isn’t that the million dollar question? Does she want to be a Housewife?

        • BB says:

          Friends or family can’t make a person stop drinking or taking drugs. Maybe Jennifer is just waiting for her to get to that point and will be there to help when she does.

          • Nancy says:

            True but I think Jennifer maybe enabling Brandi by going with her to all these
            drinking occasions.

            • rabblerouser2010R says:

              Yes Nancy…and walking out and smiling afterwards. I mean if a friend of mine was literally being carried out of a bar for a second time, I wouldn’t take too much comfort in thinking…well hell at least her dress isn’t hike up over her waist this time.

  25. Nancy says:

    T-Rex…Have the cut you loose yet? Hopefully your scope went well. I was thinking of you.

  26. ladebra says:

    It seems like NY has been gone a looking time, but they say next year

    • chismosa™ says:

      There still are major problems if it’s taking this long. I wish the secrets would come out. I don’t understand. “Contracts ” were signed AGES ago, and yes I know there were some holdouts …

      I still smell trouble. Maybe Simon would learn something or some sneaky website …… It’s fishy to me. 🐟🐠🐟🐠

      • Prince of Pizza for Old Trolls says:

        Agreed, I’m no fan of Jill, but I also think that the MAIN reason she isn’t on has everything to do with Andy not liking her and his relationship with Bethenny. So many of the reasons why these shows/people come back is Cohen. I mean, DC was cancelled and Miami dragged on for three seasons? Can you say Andy’s F***ed up obsession with Mama Elsa?

        Regarding New York, he will defend to the end his decision to can Zarin, Alex & the Ambassador of Wool — even if it means ultimately losing NY, too (which I believe has to bring it this season or they are done).

  27. chismosa™ says:

    LULU- I know you had the christening so you may be delayed –
    And NANCY – I’m excited for tonight !!

    Getting “in the mood” 💏💑💏💑

    • Nancy says:

      Hi Lulu…how did it go? Yes chismosa I am getting getting excited. lol
      How can we get our fellow family to start watching it with us? I guess it’s too late.
      Maybe next year. There’s so much to talk about it the next day. See you in a few hrs. 🙂

  28. TexasTart says:

    Wow, on the sideline prior to the start of NY Giants game.

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