Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Life’s a Witch

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Life’s a Witch (S4E3) by BB

Photos by Boston

Is this only the 3rd episode?  With all the outside activity these ladies (and I use that term loosely for some of them, you’ll have to figure out who’s who) have been creating with their tweeting, photo ops, talk shows, and almost daily quotes to the gossip rags, it seems like this season has been going on for much longer than just three weeks.   OK, I really didn’t like this episode and I don’t think I’m going to like this season.  I’m not going into great detail about what happened.  I’m just going to cover the high spots.

Brandi Glanville:  Miss Brandi is walking around her house in a short slip and running a bath when her friend Jennifer walks in.  They discuss the fact that Brandi has used J.R. her boyfriend/realtor, to get her house before she dumps him.  Brandi says that’s really not true; it’s just that he’s getting on her last nerve.  So while Brandi sheds her clothes and gets into the tub, she tells Jennifer that she and JR are like an old married couple who have amazing sex.  Jennifer tells Brandi maybe they need to take a break, but Brandi wants to know who she’ll call if something breaks down in her rental.  Jennifer tells her to get a handy man.  How old is Brandi again?   Later, Brandi meets with J.R. and breaks up with him using some fake trust issue thing surrounding a trip he took without her.  Fake scene if you ask me.

boston - brandi classless

Lisa Vanderpump:  Lisa’s exhausted from being on Dancing with the Stars, but she actually looks great tooling around in her convertible.  She and Gleb are eliminated that night.  She seems relieved but tells an interviewer it’s bullshit that some people think she fake fainted, but it doesn’t really bother her what they think.

Carlton Gebbia:   Carlton’s son has a nanny named Elizy whom she describes as Tinkerbell on crack.  Carlton’s house is gothic with very heavy, dark furniture.  It’s her dream house full of crystal balls, crystals, and crosses.  It’s almost cathedral/gothic/church – it’s a castle.  I’m expecting spooky organ music to start playing while looking at the décor.  Carlton loves all God’s creatures, including the bees and the insects, except for ants.  She doesn’t like ants.  But she does love women and likes that her son has a hot nanny.

boston - carlton crystal ball

Joyce Giraud de OHoven:  Joyce heads a pageant called Queen of the Universe.  She’s taking the pageant winner, Ivette, to get some jewelry and talks to her about other charity functions she will be attending.   As a former Miss Puerto Rico, Joyce wants to change the notion that pageants are just for dumb girls.  She has two degrees, one in social work and one in special education.  She came to LA 12 years ago with two bags and a dream.  At the Beverly Wilshire hotel jewelry store, they talk about the movie Pretty Woman.  Joyce has two gorgeous little boys, Leonardo, 4 and Valentino, 2.  Joyce describes her husband as a true gentleman and the best lover in the world.  Take note:  They have a fence around their pool.

Yolanda Foster:   Yolanda and Gigi are eating real food!  Yay!  Brian, a visiting nurse, is there to check on Yolanda, who will do anything to feel better, even eat bark if it would help.  Yolanda tells Gigi she’s about 70% and it’s changed the dynamics in the family.  Gigi will be leaving at the end of the summer for New York to go to college.  Yolanda will miss Gigi.  She’s really taken charge with her younger siblings since she’s been sick.  Gigi will be studying and modeling at the same time.  Yolanda is going to cry her eyes out when Gigi leaves.  Don’t all moms do that when their children leave the nest?

Carlton Gebbia’s luncheon for all the women:  All the women show up wearing black except for Lisa who, of course, is wearing pink.  All the women come bearing gifts except Kim, of course.  Kyle is trying to engage Carlton, but Carlton is having none of Kyle’s rude questions.  On the way to the luncheon, Kyle, Kim, Brandi and Joyce (who didn’t watch DWTS) discuss Lisa’s perfect fainting spell.  Brandi Does Not Have Lisa’s back because she doesn’t say she thinks Lisa’s faint was real.  She just tells Joyce she’ll have to judge for herself when she watches.  She agrees with Kyle and Kim that Lisa probably wanted to get out of it.

Carlton likes Brandi and Yolanda and doesn’t like Kyle or Joyce.  I think the jury is out about whether she likes Kim or Lisa.  Carlton doesn’t like to be asked personal questions and will not answer them.  However, she will give her life history in her talking heads.  I don’t get this.  It’s like “Hey look at me, I’m so different, but don’t you dare ask me anything about it.”  Carlton doesn’t seem to like much so far except hot women and gothic décor.

boston - carlton dolls

While Kim, Kyle and Joyce are off looking at Carlton’s creepy doll collection, Brandi tries to start some controversy with Lisa, telling her about their fake fainting discussion in the limo.  When the others come back into the room, Lisa asks them about it, which is exactly what Brandi wanted to happen.  Brandi admits she was acting bitchy.

boston - carlton misery

According to Carlton and Yolanda, Brandi can say anything inappropriate she wants, including calling Carlton a Cee You Next Tuesday.  But Joyce cannot talk dirty at the table or Carlton will gag.  And Kyle is not allowed to ask Carlton any questions as they are rude.  Even Lisa is a little tired of Brandi’s inappropriate potty mouth.  Then Brandi lowers the boom on Kyle by bringing up the Mauricio cheating rumors.  Kyle says there are lies out there about them all and she just ignores them.  Brandi is trying to make like the expert because she’s been there, so Kyle had better watch out.  Yolanda says there’s always some truth mixed in with the lies.  Lisa is not exactly coming to Mauricio’s defense, but she’s not as bad as Brandi and Yolanda are being about it.  In her talking head, Kyle is livid and tells them all FU.

boston - kyle mauricio loves me

Like I said, I did not enjoy this episode and I don’t even think it’s gone to the “dark side” yet.  Can’t honestly say that I’m looking forward to it.

boston - kyle mo


LaineyLainey’s Yammy


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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Happy hump day eve. It’s kinda windy out this morn. I hope the temperature doesn’t drop. I’m not readyyy. I hate cold weather. 😦 Anyway. Don’t work to hard & have a great day.

    • ladebra says:

      Ops, thank you BB for the blog, and Boston for the photos. Early morning eyes, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  2. Sus says:

    Brandi has lost me. Her act isn’t cute anymore. It has moved to desperado. The potty mouth was funny at first but now it’s very unbecoming to her. However, I LOVED it when she brought up the Maurice cheating rumors. Absolutely LOVED it. VyleKyle can dish it out but can’t take it – oh boohoo. I’m hoping this “tragedy” in Kyle’s life will stop her and Kim from being jerks to the newbies. The hazing is really old.

    While I’m being bitchy I’ll say that Kyle’s outfit for the luncheon was not flattering.

    Fresh Prince of Bel Air cousin’s house was over the top. Not my style in any way but I appreciate seeing it. I always wonder if there is a room we never see where they can eat Doritos while watching TV.

    • Powell says:

      Funny Sus. 🙂

    • Kat From Ohio says:

      i thought the bar area was pretty cool…. not that i’d necessarily want that in my home

    • windycitywondering2 says:

      Some kids read the back of cereal boxes at breakfast, I am pretty sure that the Dick Sisters read tabloids.
      IMO, Kyle thrives on the rags and obviously knows that any transgression can be covered up – just like Kim’s loopy do you know who I am as I wait in the wrong terminal for my flight. Mauricio’s wandering eye is Kyle’s storyline and so far she is acting very poorly and this viewer says she can go FU herself.
      As for Kyle’s Fleetwood Mac luncheon attire – her legs looked uber chubby and that dress flowing out behind her as they approached their limo looked a little to much like a witch’s outfit flutter behind her as she rode away on her broomstick.

      • Powell says:

        WCW you can get one of those dresses at Kyle’s by Arlene. 🙂

        • windycitywondering2 says:

          LOL, I have never been a fan of the extreme uneven hem nor do I have any desire to patronize Kyle’s shop. Did you know she is a business woman?

    • I am not holding out much hope for Splitz (got it from someone else 😉 ) Richards and The West coast F Nut NOT being jerks but I am with you on BrandiMouth…

  3. Question – knowing Kyle is playing the victim – why would Lisa retweet a tweet that calls Kyle fat?

    I wonder if the two actresses are trying to get a little attention on themselves and their relationship, and off of Brandi.

    • Rebecca is sick of the FatKyle victim storyline says:

      Because the word “fat” was completely lost in there. I read it and didn’t notice it. Then the victim – who was even tagged in the tweet – focuses in on those four letters instead of the rest of the tweet pointing out that Lisa is backing her up.

      • Rebecca is sick of the FatKyle victim storyline says:

        Sorry – “who wasn’t even tagged in the tweet”

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Kyle was not tagged, not that it matters, but it was Kyle who was not tagged in the original tweet nor the retweet. Doesn’t change that she was called a name and that it was retweeted, but it was Kyle who wasn’t tagged. it was kyle…it….was…

      • not THAT Jill™ says:

        I must be missing something b/c nowhere in that tweet did I see Lisa sticking up for Kyle? Where did she stick up for her? The tweet was about Brandi talking shit about Lisa in the limo and saying it to FatKyle to make matters worse.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          There was a retweet (a completely different and unrelated tweet). I can’t go a lookin’ for it now. sorry, but I can’t. Nope, I can’t spare a square of time. maybe laterz

          • not THAT Jill™ says:

            Rebecca is talking about the fat tweet though-she said Kyle focused only on the fat word and not the rest of the tweet that pointed out Lisa backing her up.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              oh yeah….it said something like bad friend to Brandi. It was directed at what a bad friend Brandi is.

              • not THAT Jill™ says:

                I’m still not understanding the part about Lisa backing her up

                • Rebecca is sick of the FatKyle victim storyline says:

                  Go to yesterday’s blog. It’s there but I can’t copy and paste from this ipad.

        • Powell says:

          Oh no I thought we have seen/heard the last of Fayke. Now she was all up in Brandi’s grill last season so now they’re cool? Faked stry

    • VV™ says:

      NMD, personally I think she didn’t read the tweet through. It was at the end if the tweet and was not the main point of that tweet. I think once she retweeted, she didn’t care as Kyle was tweeting left and right. She tweeted 157 tweets versus Lisa’s 8 tweet/retweets last night.

      Are you saying Kyle and Lisa are still friends?

      • If it had been an accident, she would have apologized.

        I suspect that they are friendly enough to cook up a story line together. Maybe I’m wrong – but for years Kyle has been terrified of openly going against Lisa, but this year it’s all changed, Why? Either Mo’s business is doing so well they can afford to not have any of Lisa’s friends as client, or Lisa is not really upset by this.

        Isn’t Kyle trying to get a spin off? If Lisa can support that spin off, she can retweet for attention. It’s all about ratings.

        • VV™ says:

          I think Lisa just didn’t care anymore because when it comes to Kyle, Kyle would say she didn’t believe it. So, she left it at that. Like Sue said she reached her boiling point.
          If tweets are any indication, these two are no longer friends. IMO.

          Kyle has gone after Lisa on reunions and Twitter consistently for years now.

        • Cartwheels says:

          Because Lisa knows that Kyle is very self conscious of her body and she knows that retweeting that she is fat would really hurt her.
          Lisa does nothing by chance, she knows exactly what buttons to push.

    • kit9 says:

      Why retweet it? I think it’s simply because Lisa knows how to hurt Kyle. I fully expect, though, Lisa will do what Lisa does and deny it was an intentional dig.

  4. VV™ says:

    This franchise is going the RHONJ way. It will be hard to watch. Bravo producers are idiots and I think this is the last season of any franchise I’m watching. Thanks for the recap. I didn’t think the doll collection was creepy. I think the setting and the Hasry Potter music plus the Dicks sisters comments made the dolls scene creepyesq. I personally don’t like that type of dolls.

  5. TexasTart says:

    BB – excellent blog, I think the format suits a crappy episode. Meaning, I happen to appreciate the by person observations better than a she-said-she-said for this episode. I completely agree with your last two sentences.

    On a personal note; I had been waiting to observe these new girls before passing judgement 😉 and the gauntlet has fallen for one Carlton. I view her as being hypocritical and I serious doubt she can crawl out under that heavy one with the TH not matching her actions. Maybe I have not given this one enough time, but she contridicts herself in very stange ways. I don’t expect to like her and it has absolutely nothing to do with her spirituality or taste in home furnishings.

    • Cartwheels says:

      If Carlton wouldn’t have tried to pull a Yolanda’s by saying she didn’t watch the show at all when it is obvious she did and it is obvious that she wanted to be in the “cool” girls group I would cut her some slack, as of right now she is just a consumate hypocrite who will find any way to berrate Kyle, if she asks her about her house then she is crazy, if she doesn’t ask her then she is ignoring her on purpose, she will just find a way to try to explain her animosity even when it doesn’t make sense.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        YES!!!! She wants to pretend like she just showed up at a party at Kyle’s house re the Chamber of Commerce and suddenly found herself on the show. GTFO…Carlton…no one believes that crap.

        • kit9 says:

          So agree and WHY do they do it?! It’s just such a stupid thing to claim…like anyone would appear on a show they’d never seen. Please.

          • not THAT Jill™ says:

            I think Carlton not only watched the show but studied the play book.

            • rabblerouser2010R says:

              Oh sure..and the blogs.

              Joyce is the only one who full stop admitted she was an avid watcher.

              • not THAT Jill™ says:

                Why wouldn’t she admit to watching? I thinks it’s so stupid to go on this show or any reality show and not know what’s going on-Carlton knows too much to have never watched…or maybe she looked into her Witchyball(WTF) and saw the past seasons!!!

                • rabblerouser2010R says:

                  LOL- yeah…her witchball (but don’t ask her if she is a witch, she has to tell you herself).

              • SCGirl says:

                rabblerouser2010R, Carlton said in one of her blogs that she was not going to lie and act as if she hadn’t watched the show prior to being on it. I believe she said that in a blog that was posted here.

                • rabblerouser2010R says:

                  I remember her saying that she didn’t even know who Kyle was prior to the party and her husband told her she was on the RH. The she said once she was ‘on’ the show she watched a few episodes.

                  Joyce is the one who said she was a viewer of the show.

            • SCGirl says:

              Jill…no not THAT Jill, You are right. Carlton said that she did watch the show before coming on, I believe she said that in her blog.

  6. VV™ says:


    Captions hilarious as always 😆 😆

  7. chismosa™ says:

    I just want to say I don’t watch this and I’m ROTFDying at the photos. The dolls one I almost peed. Thank you for the laughs!!!
    And the recap.
    I think I’ll have to watch this reunion ….

    VV you’re just 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪me with the comments.

    You know what actress many years ago was well known to be able to TEAR up and cry just on cue very easily …….. Kyle’s twinsie- Demi! ☔️☔️☔️

  8. Hi Everyone – we’ve had cyber bullying activity off the blog. It’s not one of our regular posters, but someone from Lynn’s blog (who attacked others by email and on Lynn’s blog and was asked to leave) who posted here maybe three dozen times before she attacked someone and was asked to leave. Please do not give out your email on the blog – or ask me to give it out behind the scenes. Unless the blog is hacked, your information is safe with us. Be careful. Change your passwords often.

    The poster here went by the name of TwinkleToes. I am mainly telling everyone for two reasons 1) so you will be careful with their personal information and 2) because I don’t want the troll talk last night making people uncomfortable. This is about one individual – not all new posters.

    Stay safe. It’s a crazy world out here on the internet.

    ((((hugs to the person who was cyberbullied))))

    • chismosa™ says:

      Twinkle Toes? They were not a “regular” – I’m shocked. Wow.

      I just read through the entire blog from last night and didn’t see bullying – maybe it was taken out ? Edited I mean.

      Thanks NMD.

      • The bullying happened off blog through email.

        Last night there was a little mention of trolls that raised a few questions – nothing more than that. Our blog is a safe place – we are very lucky.

        Twinkle Toes was not the name she used on Lynn’s blog – but that’s old news.

    • Cartwheels says:

      Thanks for the alert , this is unbelievable.
      It is crazy, sad that so many people instead of enjoying the net have found an outlet for their most deepest and hateful feelings.

    • California35 says:

      Oh no 😦
      Thanks for mentioning. I hope everyone is fine.

  9. chismosa™ says:

    Gollum 🔮🔮🔮🔮has an article on – with quotes about her by her castmates.

  10. plainviewsue says:

    Boston, the pictures are to die for. The pictures of the lifesize dolls brought me to tears!!!! Thank you for the laughs!!!!

    Don’t ask me to explain, but I am liking the show so far. Maybe after the trauma of NJ, anything else is easier to digest???

    Carlton is eccentric, no doubt. But seeing how the rich live and how they act is the best part of these shows for me. Could I ever live in that house? Hell to the no. It would scare me to death!!! But I find Carlton to be an interesting addition. Joyce hasn’t made as much of an impression, although I did love seeing her home and her children.

    I am no fan of Vile, but I really didn’t see anything wrong in most of her questions. There were about 100 crosses in the house. Maybe she could have approached the religion question differently, but that’s our Kyle. When I meet someone new, I am also curious. But maybe hold off on so many questions at once.

    Lisa and Kyle are having a bit of a twitter war. Lisa has never retweeted or engaged on twitter before, but I guess she has reached her boiling point. Kyle has non stop retweeted every negative tweet about Lisa since the season began. So Lisa retweets the one where the person called Kyle fat and this is what gets Kyle crazy????

    I am telling you. The tweets are so much more telling than the actual show, cos it is real time.

    Got a DM from Lisa this morning!!! She was responding to one of my supportive tweets and wrote Thanks Sue…..good morning xx

    • I didn’t see anything wrong with Kyle’s questions either. She was just trying to make small talk. Carlton refused to speak so she had to prattle on to fill the empty space. The main issue was that half the ladies weren’t really talking to the other half, so Kyle was trying to find neutral ground and somehow stepped on Carlton’s already bruised toes.

      It’s all about the bee!

      • VV™ says:

        Her replies are short. It’s the tweets to her she choses to reply to that do the digs, not Kyle.

      • Rebecca is sick of the FatKyle victim storyline says:

        They were stupid questions!

        First off, if you walk into a British woman’s house and see crosses, you don’t ask if she’s Catholic. Sorry. This is basic English history. Being “friends” with Lisa for many years, she knew this and just couldn’t stop herself. She actually doesn’t need to speak ALL THE TIME.

    • Anne says:

      I’m not a regular viewer of RHOBH, but watched part of the episode last night, up through about the middle of the luncheon.

      I’m trying to decide which of the BH housewives is playing the role of Hyacinth Bucket — but so far, not able to decide how to cast that role. I don’t think either Lisa or Carlton, despite the fact that they are Brits. Maybe Kyle? Thoughts anyone?

      I like this blog format and the captions on the pictures.

      Honestly, Carlton’s house reminded me of Ozzy Osbourne’s house — at least what was shown on the Osbournes reality show many years ago. Not at all my taste and a place that doesn’t seem very comfortable either. Definitely entertaining to watch.

    • kit9 says:

      It’s not true that Lisa has never retweeted before. She retweeted some nasty stuff last week. One referring to Kyle and Kim as ‘jealous bitches’.

  11. chismosa™ says:

    Oh sorry before I duck out —
    Porsha from Atlanta will be on I believe Steve Harvey show today – being set up with guys to date. ……..😍😍😶😶😶

  12. VV™ says:

    It’s interesting to me that the cheating rumors were brought up by Brandi and Yolanda chimed in with her comment. However, last night Kyle was mad and tweeting mean stuff about Lisa non stop. Did Kyle say something negative about Brandi? I don’t have the time to look through 157 tweets but Brandi and Yolanda apparently get a pass from Kyle.

    s2 of RHOBH started with Taylor accusing Lisa of selling stories and Zkyle being the innocent listener of this accusations. Twice Taylor brough up this accusation on pre-set scenes.

    • I just looked through the 157 Kyle tweets and didn’t see one mean one. Most were answers to questions about Carlton. Unless I’m missing something, I’m not sure why Kyle is getting so much heat for tweeting. She was playing the victim card – but that’s not mean tweeting.

      • VV™ says:

        I posted a couple on Chat blog that were digs at Lisa. I’m sure if I read a few more, I am going to find more digs because she’s been doing it for a while now

      • kit9 says:

        I’ve read Kyle’s page several times since the season began and Im not seeing all these mean Lisa tweets either.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Perhaps not “mean” but “passive agressive” to retweet something that puts down others. Of which Lisa, I admit, finally…after witnessing Kyle do it to her…. she did also participate in retweeeting…not mean tweeting but passive agressive retweeting. The heat Kyle gets is from having been behaving this way on twitter for awhile and then freaking out (playing the victim when it’s done to her…retweeting Lisa put downs or “poor kyle how can you stand it?” type of tweets. Hey, free country, right? If Kyle can do it and its no big whoop. Lisa can do it too, and it should be no big whoop, too.

    • Cartwheels says:

      I remember that when these accusations first surfaced Brandi was painted like the bully while Lisa washed her hands off of the problem, then Brandi might had mentioned that she was just being used by Lisa.
      I think we are watching the beggining of the demise of their friendship. If , like I imagine, these three went to this with a preplanned strategy that Brandi and Yolanda followed while Lisa sort of ride the fence then I can understand why Brandi would had been so upset at Lisa for poking her to bring up the subject and then left her hanging.

      Of course Lisa will deny this and obviously it won’t be showed in filming so I wonder who is Bravo going to side with. After the latest Brandi stunt I can see Yolanda realigning herself with Lisa and leaving stupid Brandi in the dust for reunion time.

      Brandi might have thought that editing would be in her favor but she is a bout to learn a very hard lesson.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        Hi cart, yes I believe that Bravo will side with Lisa..but by the time it gets to the reunion, it would be every ‘,woman’ for themselves.

        • Cartwheels says:

          Nah. I have a different feeling.

          Lisa and Yolanda would be crazy to go against someone like Brandi who doesn’t care about anything and has nothing to lose , so one way or another they will try to apease her even if only for reunion time. I foresee an metting behind doors between the three of them mainly because that is how Lisa, Yolanda and Brandi operate by their own admission.
          Brandi will be desperate for some viewers support so she will play dumb and stay on Lisa and Yolanda’s good side.

          Kyle is absolutely crazy if she thinks that Brandi’s support in the shape or her fessing up to Lisa’s manipulations will ever happen.
          Brandi has a book that is coming in February and she needs to hget back in the good graces of the viewers so what beter tactic that to get back in the “cool chicks” group and pretend that she learned her lesson.

          Look in the following weeks for any sign or excuse from Brandi to distance herself from Kyle, if she can’t find an excuse, she will just make up one.

          • California35 says:

            Hi – but they may not meet with her because remember that she will spill. She can say, well Yolanda and Lisa wanted to convince me to bla bla bla. I would be very careful on what to say.

          • rabblerouser2010R says:

            The way they are all acting…I can’t imagine them being able to rein it all in by the reunion, even though the season has just started. Now it seems like they are all going nutty on twitter and in the media.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        hmmmm….and Brandi’s word is like gold around here? (sarcasm) I see thread after thread about Brandi being a liar. But now, she’s being truthful? Or is it only when she’s talking badly about Lisa?

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          Oh,, I don’t think Brandi’s word is gold, When Brandi re-tells stories she also spins it to make herself look innocent. I just believe (and I was saying this since last season) that there has definitely been collusion in all these little take downs.

          The all do it but Lisa’s MO…is to publicly participate in directly but in actually she is one who has written the battle plan.

  13. HuskerHuny says:

    I’ve given Carlton three episodes to try and form an opinion on her and here is what I came up with – I don’t think I like her. She’s cold, weird, not very pretty (superficial on my part, I know), judgmental and a double talker. That face will crack if she smiles or laughs. She doesn’t bring anything new or fun to this lifeless show.

    If Kyle doesn’t want the tabs or her friends to talk smack about her or her marriage, get off this show now. If the rumors are true or not, you put your life on display and expect no one to talk about you? Get the cameras out of your life and the talk will stop. But what’s more important to you – your D list status as a housewife or a rumor-free private Beverly Hills life? It’s your choice so quit the crocodile tears and buck up!

    Brandi is no longer interesting and she knows it. Enough about her.

    Lisa is still the one to watch and the others know it, so this will be the year of ‘Take Lisa Down’. Lisa’s a strong woman and these weaklings are not strong enough to do it.

    Yolanda is someone I have always liked, but her friendship with Brandi (until last week maybe) will not do her well. Brandi is toxic to all who get close to her – watch out Yoyo!

    Joyce has yet to make an impression good or bad and that’s probably not good for her.

    Kim . . . yawn.

    We are having our Thanksgiving meal with the daycare kids today. The building already smells wonderful! It’s a beautiful day here with temps in the 60s, but looking for snow on Thursday.

    • Cartwheels says:

      I would say that between some cheating rumors that are always going to be there if anybody had an excuse to leave this show that would had been Yolanda.

    • Rebecca is sick of the FatKyle victim storyline says:

      I agree. FatKyle should get off the show and take her witchy sister with her.

    • shamrockblonde says:

      I agree – Joyce does strike me as a “normal” HW – at least as normal as you can be on these shows though- she at least was honest about watching the show – mmmmm – I can almost smell all that wonderful food smell, mixed in with heavy doses of laughter under a beautiful sky – enjoy the day!

  14. I think Carlton picked her team and jumped in with both feet a little too quickly. She was done with Kyle before she met her. But at least she’s different. I’m intrigued by her. Brandi’s unpredictability has gotten predictable. When you’re shedding your clothes for shock value and no one is shocked, you’re done.

    • Kat From Ohio says:

      i find her really interesting as well and i like her. maybe it’s because she’s quite unlike any other housewife. she might be cold, but at the very least, she’s something very different… and i do think that coldness is a bit of the britishness.

    • Cartwheels says:

      That is why I said last night that Carlton was Yolanda 2.0 , that is exactly what she did but she was intent to convinced everybody that she never watch the show and wanted to give equal opportunities to everybody when her game plan was very obvious since the beginning.

  15. Shiny says:

    I crack up every time I see the clip of Kim trying to show how Lisa fainted – and then Kim falls off the couch out of frame. Kim doesn’t know how to fake-faint any more.

  16. Good morning everyone! I watched Boardwalk Empire last night. Did not get to see any trollie either. Bummer. I am so out of the loop. FYI. I added my name to the list on FB page.

  17. VV™ says:

    Kyle and Brandi blogs are up. Brandi is throwing shade at Lisa and flip flopping on last week saying she believe Lisa now she’s not.

  18. jeang says:

    I have gotton to the point now of only watching one Housewives live and that was Miami and even when the screaming and fighting would start I would cringe. I haven’t and cannot tolerate watching New Jersey, OC, Atlanta and now Beverly Hills anymore. I don’t even care to read the blogs only the comments. Maybe I am nearly cured. I was under the impression these franchises were for us common folks to watch the over the top homes, lifestyles etc. To have to have my blood pressure elevated listening to grown ass women with some money fighting is not what I spend my leisure time doing. How depressing to have it all come to this. I miss the old Housewives showing us their fabulous lives. Bravo, to me, has become the network or fake fights and over the top drama. On the flipside, when I watch Duck Dynasty about really rich people that don’t try to scratch each others eyes out , I am always amazed that when a commercial comes on, I am disappointed. Yet I always find myself with a grin plastered on my face. Every time!!!

  19. jeang says:

    My son, whose has been in the Marine bands for 20 years now, is about to get a promotion that will take him into another band related job. This will be his last chance next Thursday to march with the band in the Macys parade.

    • VV™ says:

      Bittersweet parade for you and your family.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Congradulations 🙂

    • BB says:

      Congratulations to your son, jeang.

    • kccarter says:

      jeang, Congratulations. I will be watching for the Marine Band on TV’s Macy parade. What instrument does your son play? My son played in his high school marching band. He had a great director and won many UIL contests. Until recently, I thought those were the best years of my life. My grandson, a HS freshman, now plays in his school’s marching band. His band director is the same one my son had. Our family went to the 1st football game. When the band came out on the field to play @ halftime, I looked over at my son and saw tears running down his cheeks. He was so proud, just as I had been many years earlier. These are now the best years of my life!

      • jeang says:

        He will be playing the euphonium. He has marched all over the country and the world and been places I never imagined. Cambodia, Austrailia, Guam and many more.

        • kccarter says:

          You’re not a proud mama, now are you jeang? 🙂 WOW! How exciting and rewarding your son’s life is. And BTW, I’ll take “common folks” any day over the likes of any one of the Bravo housewives.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Kc carter you made me cry a lil bit. That is so sweet!

        • kccarter says:

          Aww Lainey, I guess we’re just a couple of big babies. It was one of the sweetest moments of my life, tho. I read earlier that you’re gonna have a houseful of your loved ones soon. I hope you have much laughter and make many sweet memories of your own.

    • Oh I love the their red uniforms, my husband is a former Marine! Congratulations to your son. My daughter played the Tuba!!

    • lulu says:

      Congrats!!! Love the Macy’s day parade!!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      How wonderful, Jeang. Congrats!!!

  20. VV™ says:

    Kyle’s blog is up and instead of ripping Brandi because she’s very distraught about the tabloids. Brandi gets a pass from Kyle, just a mild comment. Kyle’s goes in to generalize about the ladies blaming all of them.

    Kyle makes fun of Lisa faking fainting just hours ( which is attacking Lisa’s character) and them Lisa defends her with the tabloids BUT she’s mad about the fact she made a comment after Yofo gun comment. What Kyle seems to forget is that we know to forget is that we know they film much longer and edit takes care of piecing this together to give the impression they want. Comments are inserted and taken out of context. We don’t know when Yofo made the gun smoke comment context, there was a lot of inserts when that scene played. Again, I don’t buy Bravo edit.

    • Cartwheels says:

      Lisa has made such a huge deal about the fake fainting , I though her friend Yolanda was the one who said “where there is smoke there is fire?” anyway, Lisa knows darn well that Kyle is one of many who questioned the faint. Kim even commented on it more and even receretaed it but is Kim receiving any of Lisa’s nasty tweets? nah
      The reason wh yLisa is so outraged is because she knows that this is the only thing she can use to explain her nastiness.
      Lisa making such a huge deal of a fake fainting when last episode without hesitation she ripped Kyle and Mauricio apart as a couple of opportunists who would befriend anybody for a listing, and then rejoiced in the fact of bringing up the cheating allegations time after time to then pretend that she is above all and the rumors should be ignored, is just a feeble attempt to diminish her participation in this set up.

  21. rabblerouser2010R says:

    Good Morning everyone…

    Carlton is such a witch…(the double entree is deliberate).

    She purposely has her home look like a church..with crosses everywhere and other religious artifacts then gets offended if someone asks if she was raised Catholic?

    Only Brandi is allowed to crude remarks…but no one else can’t even make a racy joke?

    I am so over her…and her lie that she didn’t watch the show and didn’t know who these folks were.

    She watch the the show…she read the blogs…and went in to make alliances based on who she thought the fans favored last season.

    Joyce has never been other thing other than pleasant to her..yet she points at her and curses her with her boney witch fingers.

    Lisa, Brandi, and Yo planned the whole pile on with Kyle in regards to rumors about Mauricio, I also think Carlton was given the heads up…either by production or the other girls…it was no accident that Kyle was at the head of the table. Lisa, being as crafty as she is lobed some soft curve balls to try and keep her hands clean…where as Brandi and Yo went full Monty.

    • California35 says:

      Hhmm that could explain about Carlton. I like her and i see what she sees on Joyce and Kyle, but she doesn’t see what we see in Brandi. I just thought she doesn’t like the Kyles and Joyce’s types of the world 😛 and he likes the Brandi’s type.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        I don’t think Carlton really likes very many people in this world. I think she is fickle as all f8ck. I don’t know how anyone could be friends with her, because what was all fun and games one day…is the worst thing anyone could say the next day.

        • Rebecca is sick of the FatKyle victim storyline says:

          Crosses aren’t Catholic symbols.

          • rabblerouser2010R says:

            It’s not exclusively Catholic…but this is in addition to her house looking like a Cathedral and having other religious artifacts. It’s a pretty a innocuous question to ask someone who has home that is decorated the way hers is “Were you raised Catholic? “.

    • HuskerHuny says:

      RR2010R – What you said about Carlton is what I was trying to say but the words weren’t coming as concisely as yours. Carlton runs hot and cold and speaks out of both sides of her mouth. At least, so far. Have to confess I’m a bit bothered when people use crosses as decorator pieces or fads to be worn around your neck. The cross means something very sacred to me. Please don’t be offended by that Carlton. I hate to defend Kyle, but asking if Carlton was Catholic was not a personal or stupid question based on how she decorates her house. Boy, I hate defending Kyle.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        LOL- HH.
        Carton’s offense is so disingenuous. She gets a bug up her ass when Kyle asks if she ever practice witchcraft, right after she shows everyone her witches balls. Then in her talking head she talks about practicing black magic and now she is all love and light.

        I also don’t think that she even comes from a family of witches. I think this is something she picked up in high school

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Thank you. All along,I’ve been thinking of all the goth kids who go thru this and then get over it when they come to their senses.

      • Rebecca is sick of the FatKyle victim storyline says:

        It was a stupid question. A British woman with crosses would be Protestant, Church of England. My English friends have made it clear that it is still very offensive to mix them up. (Same as mixing up a Sikh and a Muslim).

        You don’t walk into someone’s home and assume their religious beliefs. She didn’t ask about the decor or architecture, she wanted to get right into Carlton’s ideology. I don’t blame Carlton for not wanting to get into a religious argument right off the bat with someone she had already had a rude, uncomfortable lunch with. I’m sure she expected an all-out inquisition over a misunderstood and often polarizing dogma.

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          You are assuming she is British because of her accent? Carlton has also stated her family is Celtic which is pretty broad. I also know British Catholics. I have also been to England and been to Mass…why do you think that is? Because there are also Catholics there.

          Kyle didn’t assume anything, that’s why she asked a the question. To be quite honest Rebecca. I think you have made the bolder assumption that a British person is automatically COE

          • Rebecca is sick of the FatKyle victim storyline says:

            Not assuming- I watched her talking about this during the fake BH birthday party (which was held in Bel Air).

            I would never, ever walk into someone’s home and ask their religion. It’s not ok.

            Carlton had two bad impressions already with Kyle. She doesn’t have to explain her beliefs to her. Again, Ky-, er FatKyle (4lainey) didn’t ask about the decor right away, she actually thought she was being “smart” and once again crossed the line into being intrusive.

            • rabblerouser2010R says:

              She talked about where she lived in England and abroad which is why her accent is unusual. But culturally, she identified herself and her linage as being Celtic…again it’s pretty broad.

              Oh now doubt Carlton is walking into this with an impression of Kyle..but it’s my opinion that is based on her having watched the show..and the viewers response.

              I don’t think Kyle thought she was being slick at all. I think she has been accused of freezing newbies out in the past, so she was trying to show interest. Granted, it might not have been genuine but I don’t think it was ill intended either.

            • LaineyLainey says:


          • 2Stupid says:

            I have been to mass in England plenty of times as well and think it is very stereotypoical to think you couldn’t be Catholic because you are English. Kyle was raised Catholic and it probably rang familiar to her childhood. I don’t think the question was that offensive.

    • Cartwheels says:

      Uhmmm, it never ocurred to me but you might be onto something.
      Why in the world would have Carlton insisted that Kyle sat there when she could have easily chosen Yolanda , Brandi or Lisa to have that position.

      Lisa is very crafty but she is showing now her true colors, I was blind for two seasons but now those colors are shining through and through.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        I knew it the moment I saw the trailers. I thought..they the hell is Kyle sitting at the head of the table…then realized Oh yeah she is the target. Carlton’s pathetic excuse about how she thinks it’s pretentious to sit at the head of your own table was dumb, especially when the head chairs are so much more ornate and grandiose than the side chairs,

        People who really don’t like the idea of having a ‘head of the table’ use ROUND TABLES. Which is too funny given that she has house that looks like a medieval it would have made even more sense to have one.

    • VV™ says:

      Lisa, being as crafty as she is lobed some soft curve balls to try and keep her hands clean…where as Brandi and Yo went full Monty.

      That is why I find curious Kyle didn’t rip Brandi and Yofo on her blog. Instead, she threw dirt at Lisa.
      I also think by the time they filmed this. Yofo sand Brandi were tight.

      • not THAT Jill™ says:

        I think she didn’t rip Brandi or Yolanda b/c it’s more expected from them-Lisa does try to play Queen VP and act like she would never get down and dirty…but guess what?????

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        I think she didn’t go after Yo and Brandi in her blog because now there has been big shift in alliances. Brandi has sold Lisa down the river and Yo is all for it too. They have all agreed they are going to try and dethrone-throne the Queen. Once/If they have done that…then the next battle royal will begin.

    • kit9 says:

      Agree with every word. It’s now painfully obvious that Carlton came on gunning for Kyle and such a great point about putting Kyle at the head of the table–best position for them all to observe her expression when the rumor allegations came up. Speaking of expressions…I’m trying to find the correct word to describe Lisa’s expression during the exchange. When Lisa first put the rumors on the show in Ep. 1, she had this unmistakable sh*t eating grin on her face but yesterday was something a little different.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        Thanks Kit.

        I think Lisa was trying to act demure (although I don’t know if that is the word you were looking for) about the line of questioning. Kyle was under in regards to Mauricio. She definitely wanted Brandi and Yo be the stand outs in the conservation at the same time, she tried to conduct it with asking Yo to reiterate or passive lead in questions.

        • not THAT Jill™ says:

          Lisa jumped the script a little though-I think “there’s no smoke without fire” (or whatever she said) was Yolanda’s line but Lisa got tired of waiting for Yolanda to spit it out!!!

  22. VV™ says:

  23. VV™ says:

  24. VV™ says:

  25. VV™ says:

  26. VV™ says:

  27. California35 says:

    BB and Boston – thanks for the blog and pictures 🙂

    I dont like that twitter comes into the mix because it distracts us a bit from the episodes. So i wonder if that is why they (the wives) twit and re twit. Bottom line is that once we don’t like one of them we are done with them and no matter what they say or do, it bothers us. Any ways. Brandi – i think we didn’t mind her comments or digs at the Richards because we saw how they treated her or talked about her when she first came to the group. They didn’t click and whenever she said or do something to them, we saw it (or i did) as giving it back to them. Then we forget about that and want to start over but the damage has been done. I think they continue to have that inside. Then now she is twitting and we are getting ideas about the show before anything really happens. We are seeing her on a different light because of her own twitting. Last night when she brought up infidelity to Kyle with the group, they all could have laughed at how gossip and tabloids operate and instead, they all get bothered by it. Kyle is acting like a victim even more. I dont like that because of what Brandi is doing, we will feel bad for Kyle :-/ Brandi is actually giving Kyle the chance to be liked over that.

    Any ways – Carlton’s house is different, But i would have not judged it. I liked Seeing it. Just because i wouldn’t have that kind of house (or could afford it) i wouldn’t criticize it either. We are just getting to know her and her life. I am still in that stage. Getting to know her. Besides , is Kyle’s house perfect? Remember how we criticized her house after Fay decorated it? To me all the houses are fine, some better than others. I love Lisa’s and Yolanda’s. I we go with big and exaggerated and what i dont have and cant have 🙂

    Kyle just as usually had to point out negatives instead of the positives. Then her questions about religion, witchcraft, decorations, ugh although we think Carlton was annoyed, we know she was being sociable. We or i was annoyed by it all, but then Brandi had to come up with two things. Telling Lisa about the conversation on the limo AND bring up the rumors about Kyle. The focus of Kyle’s teenage mean girl behavior is gone. she turns into the victim., and Brandi is the mean girl.

    • Cartwheels says:

      Carlton having decorated her house full of crosses, a confesionary, and all kind of witchery crafts being offended when somebody asks her is so ridiculous, almost as ridiculous as Yolanda bringing cheating allegations when both her husbands are serial cheaters and have gone thorugh more wifes than a little bit.

      • California35 says:

        I agree 😛 people will comment on that house – there is no doubt about it and she gets easily offended. Again, the amount of comments and all from Kyle may be the reason she is bothered.

      • Rebecca is sick of the FatKyle victim storyline says:

        She wasn’t asked if she was religious. She was asked if she was Catholic.

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          Kyle also asked her if she practiced witchcraft…to which Carlton now freely admits to..and that also got her all cross…(no not Cross like in her son…or cross as in the the religious symbol) but angry…witchy witchy angry.

          I hope Kyle never asks Carlton the time…or she will accuse Kyle of really wanting to know what brand of watch she has.

          • Rebecca is sick of the FatKyle victim storyline says:

            So Carlton makes it very clear that she doesn’t want to talk about religion when FatKyle first brings it up, and what does FatKyle do? She brings it up again. She’s as thick as she comes. Perhaps Fathead Kyle is a more appropriate name.

            • rabblerouser2010R says:

              Which is why I think Carltons behavior is so disingenuous. On one hand in press leases and her bio, she uses this as her gimmick that breaks her away from the pack but if Kyle buys into it…then she is begin intrusive.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Omgawwww REEBS!!

  28. not THAT Jill™ says:

    Carlton is a funny one!! Plaster crosses all over your house and then be offended by religion -fill your garden with Witchballs(again WTF) but be offended by witchcraft. Say your husband is hung like a donkey but be offended by husbands with big penises….the offended list is long for Carlton-except when it comes to being C_ _ _Y…that’s not offensive at all. I love this witch-she is nutty a s hell!!!

  29. mariareads says:

    For lack of a better word, they were all crabby as hell on last night’s episode. Carlton taking everything as a snark, Brandy lying about the car ride and who brought up Lisa first, the bunch of them making fun of the house and on and on. Misery guts, the lot of them. The only funny thing I saw was Kim falling over, which given her past, is probably something she has become very good at herself. Really, these women seem to all dislike each other so what’s the point? Are we headed toward another Miami reunion scream fest? Who is the head bitch here? They must all be up for election!

  30. not THAT Jill™ says:

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Maybe she just needs a better mirror to take a long look in.

    • VV™ says:

      STFU Brandi! Her head has gotten so big. It prevents her from realizing she is on a free fall. Stupid is as Stupid does.

    • TexasTart says:


    • plainviewsue says:

      I am so done with Brandi I wish there was a stronger word for done!!!! She tweets to someone that unless Lisa stops with her lies there’s no friendship. Then she tweets this bull. Yeah, Lisa is going to Radar On line with storyline leaks.

      If it wasn’t for Brandi and her twitter obsession, we wouldn’t even know that she and Lisa were on the outs.

      I am disgusted with her. She does need an alcohol intervention and a tweeting intervention.

    • T-Rex says:

      STFUBrandi COFFIN NOW SEALED. You have most certainly now solidly sealed you fate, you will remain on the D-list of folks in Hollywood, once the show is over, so is your 15 minutes of fame. She really needs to STFU. Lisa doesn’t NEED to go to the tabloids, sheesh. I for one do not think she does, nor do I think YOLO does. I think the Dick sisters, and STFUBrandi squeal like canaries to them. Not sure on the newbies yet.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      YOU ARE THE LEAK, YOU FREAK. EVERYDAY YOU TWEET CRAP about the show in a feeble attempt to cya.

  31. Powell says:

    Hmmm. I liked The Munsters & The Addams Family but I guess Carlton liked ’em so much she wanted a house line them.

    • I kind of like her house… That bed has room for days and is a much better use of space, IMO, than the walk in closets that could occupy that same space. I’m glad to see something different than the white palaces and the marble mausoleums we typically see on these shows.

      • Rebecca is sick of the FatKyle victim storyline says:

        I like her house. I always wanted to live in a castle.

      • windycitywondering2 says:

        I liked her house too. Definitely a Goth castle complete with the eclectic taste of a strong personality. I have watched enough renovation shows to know that the inside fixture of an old church are de rigor with designers’ clients of none or all religious denominations.
        Obviously the well known designer Faye Rancid can’t be around religious objects as she might just burst into flames.

  32. TexasTart says:

    Follow the link for more info, but the short of it, Nene is in the hospital for blood clots in her lungs. Get well soon, Nene!

  33. MISHIGA95 says:

    I’m not sure what to make of this show these days. For all my complaining about Taylor, Adrienne, an (in the first season only) Camille, I really feel that show has changed without them. I think the addition of Yolanda was great and initially thought the same thing of Brandi. But it feels like Brandi, who we only got in small doses in the beginning, and who was able to fly under the radar while we balked at the overt craziness of Dana Wilkey, has now thrown off he equilibrium of the show. Brandi’s become drunk on her own kool-aid, and it’s neither fun, cute, nor charming anymore. I don’t really have a strong opinion about Joyce (yet), but feel that Carlton is just bringing pure negativity. I could care less that she’s a witch. Don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT a Kyle fan, but all she was doing was asking simple questions – so why was she viewed as being such an awful person for trying to get to know a new potential friend? And seriously, why is Kim still on this show? It IS nice to see the Richards sisters having fun together, but they do it a the most base level – bonding though mutual dislike and mocking. And I’m really confused as to why Brandi is SO angry with Lisa. I’m sure there’s something there that we’ll be privy to later, but I want to know now!!!

    Great blog – SO happy I found it!

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Hi Mishiga95, I remember you from Lynn’s old board and twitter.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Maybe because Lisa doesn’t think she’s cute anymore.

    • Brandi’s become drunk on her own kool-aid, and it’s neither fun, cute, nor charming anymore.

      I think you make a pretty good point about it being relative. Fact is, it never was but now that she’s out there on her own, with her own words, is not being ‘attacked’ on the show by the likes of the extra in the background or Kyle’s mouthpiece..

  34. TexasTart says:

    Great post, Mishiga, I agree with it all. Welcome.
    Kim is still on the show because she is a packaged deal with Kyle. Bravo got them 2 fer 1!

  35. VV™ says:

    Make no mistake Kyle, Kim, Yolanda, Brandi are already gearing up for reunion.
    The newbies are being courted by them. Joyce by Kyle and Carkton by Brandi.
    Lisa is all by herself, but she is smart enough to handle all of them.
    Kyle and Brandi are super tight now.

    • not THAT Jill™ says:

      I don’t see Kyle and Brandi as super anything-Brandi and Yolanda are very close now and Yolanda is not a Kyle fan at all. Brandi will never be with Kyle-and if Kyle took her head out of her ass for 5 damn minutes she would see that being with Brandi is a huge mistake!

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        I don’t see Kyle as being super tight with Brandi either. I think she is keeping things friendly because many of them now share the same goal. But I think Kyle wants to do what Lisa did last season..and stand off to the side while Brandi does what Brandi does…when she goes off on someone else. Kyle will then get to delight in the fall out..but at the same time…say “It wasn’t me”.

      • VV™ says:

        Strategically speaking, I think they are. Kyle is gathering numbers for reunion sand she knows she needs Brandi on her side.

        • not THAT Jill™ says:

          I think Kyle has to know by now that Brandi can not be trusted-Brandi is looking very foolish right now and she is slipping down the ladder of success-if Kyle asks Brandi to back her up at the reunion over anything having to do with Lisa I think Brandi will go to Lisa and they will hatch their own plan-by now they should all know how this works

          • Exit4 says:

            I don’t think that’s going to happen Jill. Kyle knows this business. Lisa is a fan favorite, she’s not going anywhere. Plus, none of the stuff Lisa and Kyle fight about is insurmountable. It’s all forgivable. At least for now. They can co-exist.

            Kyle and Brandi’s friendship is one of convenience. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Let Brandi sink herself with her mouth. Eventually, it will be Lisa and Kyle who turn the tables on Brandi. An alignment of Brandi and Lisa or Brandi and Kyle doesn’t do either one of them any favors. They know this.

            While Kyle may not have vanderpump money-they do belong in the Beverly Hills environment. Kyle grew up here-they’re more similar than different. Brandi does not belong. She will never belong. She’s an outsider and all the insiders have to do is build that wall of ice.

            I do think the ultimate goal, is to send Brandi packing. I think they’re over her. And Lisa and Kyle together can manage that.

            • not THAT Jill™ says:

              Oh I don’t think its going to happen either-that was my point. Kyle will never really like Brandi b/c ..well …what’s to like? She will keep her close but she will not confide in her. No one will-they know what happens when Brandi knows a secret (and they knew this long before the Joanna thing). I agree about Kyle and Lisa-they are the 2 who came in as friends and probably know each other on a different level than the rest. They were doing press together and seemed to be fine with each other which makes me think that all this twitter crap is for show.

  36. Exit4 says:

    Now that Lisa has figures out that Brandi is a cellar dweller-she will take care of her. Lisa and Kyle may not be friends-but they know how to play this game. Kyle has now “adopted” the poor misunderstood Brandi. And then kyle will put the screws to her. And Lisa will go along. Making Brandi look like an ass and getting her one foot out the BH door.

    And of course, Brandi opening her mouth and annoying Yolanda and her ex (who is Lisa’s friend and a well connected man) doesn’t help. There’s a long season to go. Lots of time for Brandi to dig her grave outside the show. While Kyle and Lisa wait for the reunion. Every word Brandi has probably said to Kyle about Lisa, Yolanda etc will come flying out. Brandi will try to top herself with outrageous statements about the fan favorites and that will be the end.

    I think Brandi’s at 14 1/2 minutes at this point.

  37. lulu says:

    Hello everyone!!! Hope your day is going great!! It’s nice to have a quiet moment to enjoy cup of coffee. Also catch up on snark! I’m not a fan of RHOBH but WTH?!?!?!? Dolls?? Witchcraft???
    Now I’m curious.

    Chismosa and Powell are you caught “up” on MoS?? I hope Dr Masters children are not watching. Can you imagine watching your father cheat on your mother??

    Nancy is it me or does Lizzy Caplan talk in a falsetto?

    • Nancy says:

      Good morning Lulu. What a wonderful day it is…not too cold and not too hot. 🙂

      No I do not think that Lizzy speaks in a falsetto. I think she over initiates her words
      due to her overacting. I keep trying to like her but I can’t as she’s annoying. I’m
      watching it again right now. I have a feeling that Dr Stick-in-her-butt and Virginia
      are going to become great friends which will be fun to watch. I’m having a hard time
      with Dr Haas’s” storyline” if you will. He’s clearly not in love with Candy Striper so why
      is he proposing to her? Dr good looking ortho is being a typical jerky surgeon so I
      do believe that one. Wasn’t the scene in the bar and the one with Barten and the
      male prostitute hard to watch? It was so “in the closet” back then. It still is today
      but I think it’s getting better.

      • Nancy says:

        What did you think about the scene with Libby and the handy man? I loved it
        until the hospital scene. So sad how we treated people back then.

      • Nancy says:

        Libby…Dr Masters is falling in love with her. Poor Miss Candy Striper. I had a feeling
        that was going to happen. He could loose his job over this.

      • lulu says:

        Dr stick in her butt has such a sad storyline. She’s terminal with stage 4 cancer. Kinda explains her distance from everyone. I was curious if she was based on a real doctor but can’t find anything. I doubt she will be friends with Virginia since she’s sabotaging her studies in exchange for funding. Since the good Dr is not too happy with the lack of sex. I couldn’t help thinking you have a wife go home to her!!!! It seems their power play came to a head this episode. Their feelings are growing for each other and they both are trying to hide it.

        The Prost storyline is just too sad. The neglected wife to the mr Prost in the closet. I hope he is able to tell his wife he’s gay. What does he have to lose? She already wants a divorce why not be honest?? Was it me or did the allude that the male prostitue was going to jump out the window.

        As much as I enjoyed the handyman’s scene it was out there. Why include that particular story?? It just doesn’t make sense.

        • Nancy says:

          lulu…OMG I didn’t put 2 & 2 together re: Dr Stick-in-her-butt. Now I understand.
          I assumed her name was on that chart as she was the Dr doing the research not
          that she has stage 4 cervical cancer. Now we know why she’s so angry all the time.

          Masters and Johnson are falling in love. I think we’re in for a bumpy ride as he doesn’t
          want anyone but himself viewing the footage of Virginia.

          Dr Prost can’t tell his wife that he is gay as he fears he will loose his job and his
          reputation. That is what it was like back then. You would think she would have put
          2 & 2 together by now.

  38. Yoyo’s blog is up and she is in the hospital. That photo she tweeted of herself she did not look well. I hope everything is ok. Poor Nene. Blood clots are not good.

  39. @LaineyLainey: What the Hell is a Yammy and why are you taking it to HH for? Did MTH get a picture?

  40. I have updated the blog with Lainey’s “Yammy” picture 😀

  41. VV™ says:

    Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

    @BrandiGlanville: @Mike0243 @LisaVanderpump I didnt say thats not who I meant

    Original Message:

  42. not THAT Jill™ says:

    Did anyone think it was a little strange when Carlton was talking about her son and she said that remark about the tongue?

  43. VV™ says:

    Kyle Twitter Count since this morning.

    29 tweets …. and counting.

    I think the coveted Twitter diarrhea crown will have a new owner. Move over Jac Laurita…. Kyle Richards is here to take that crown.

  44. not THAT Jill™ says:

    So Brandi tweeted this earlier today:
    just found out who’s behind all these BS storyline RHOBH show leaks, looks like Im going to have to get better at chess
    12:33 PM – 19 Nov 2013

    Camille’s friend tweeted this in response to Brandi’s tweet

    • TexasTart says:

      Ugh. I hate to see this given more attention, but that is someone closely connected, who may also have an axe to grind, I’m not sure what to believe about any of these people anymore. But you might remember DD was on the RHOBH with Camille on numerous occasions.

      • not THAT Jill™ says:

        Yes I put above that she was Camille’s friend-shady of her to be butting in right??

        • VV™ says:

          So, when DD says “we” does that mean she and Camille? I’ve always said Camille was jealous of Lisa ( because if all the attention Lisa got going back S1. ) by the beginning s2 they were all gunning for Lisa.

          When Adrienne accused Lisa if selling stories ( reunion S2) Adrienne looked Camille’s way but Camille denied it. Brandi uses the word “chess” but on tweet claims is she’s not referring to Lisa.

          I’m getting a headache already …

          • not THAT Jill™ says:

            No VV-she didn’t claim she wasn’t referring to Lisa-she it totally referring to Lisa. I hope Lisa kicks her ass!!

            • VV™ says:

              Like the “chess” reference wasn’t enough….So, when she tweeted:

              “@Mike0243 @LisaVanderpump I didnt say thats not who I meant”

              It’s actually who she meant. So she’s lying again.

              I hope this is not to get people to listen to her Poopcast

              • not THAT Jill™ says:

                She keeps digging VV-she is a truth cannon and she can’t help herself!!

                I can’t listen to her-I wish I could find a transcript though b/c I would love to know what dumb idiotic things she is saying!!!

              • kit9 says:

                Yep, sure does seem as though she’s talking about Lisa, which makes DD’s comment weird. I don’t remember Camille having any beef with Lisa. Hmmm..oh wait!! Remember there was some suggestion of a fight between the two…only hinted at from Camille and we never heard what it was actually about. Anyone else remember that? Damn, I used to have the whole series(and most of the others)on dvd but my machine broke and I lost everything 😦

                • VV™ says:

                  She did S2. HWs visit Dr Paul. T the office, Taylor confront Lisa because Taylor heard that Lisa said Taylor didn’t have any friends.
                  Lisa was calling Camille often with because of her recent divorce. Eventually, Lisa put two and two together and realized it was Camille. Camille “misquoted” Lisa to Taylor. They played the clip of the quote.
                  I always thought Camille felt above all the ladies much like Yofo does.

              • TexasTart says:

                😆 VV called it “Poopcast”. 😆

  45. mm in oc says:

    I’m not religious, but I find it in very poor taste and potentially offensive to Christians to use crosses, confessionals, etc. as a means of decorating your home. I though the same thing when I saw Tamra’s home with the giant cross (she’s already sold her soul to the devil). So Carlton shouldn’t be shocked when people have questions to her unorthodox designs and religion.

    I liked Brandi last season, now she’s at the top of my bandini mountain.

    • not THAT Jill™ says:

      The crosses didn’t bother me so much as they weren’t crucifixes -more of a decoration than anything else-the confessional on the other hand is such a big thing in the Catholic Church and Carlton has one in her bar-but we can’t ask what religion she is-that would be rude.

      • Nancy says:


      • kit9 says:

        And, wasn’t she implying she and others had had sex in it? I’m really trying to understand how anyone could be offended by asking if you were raised Catholic. It’s absurd.

      • kit9 says:

        Oh, man, just when I was thinking there is nothing remotely likable about the hypocrite knee jerk offended orange faced Carlton, I noticed a black kittah sitting at her dining table. All is forgiven.

  46. windycitywondering2 says:

    My grandmother taught me that you do not talk about religion, politics or how much you make or how much something costs in public and/or with strangers. She called this advice good manners. Carlton was not down with having her private personal life on tv, while Kyle thinks that is alright, unless it is her personal life.

    • not THAT Jill™ says:

      But she was okay telling us her husband was hung like a donkey? I would much rather have known her religion!!!!

      • kit9 says:

        Carlton’s hypocrisy and talking out of both sides of her mouth is off the freaking charts. She rips Joyce for talking about her hubby’s size then looks into a camera and tells the world her husband is hung like a barn yard animal.

    • I was also taught those things. Another thing that my Mother taught me, and I am serious about this…was how to properly get in and out of a car….knees together ladies, and then swing them out as a whole…so you don’t show your…well, you know!!! 😉

  47. TexasTart says:

  48. TexasTart says:

  49. TexasTart says:

    New product? On the couch at E!? More reasons for castmastes to despise her?

  50. T-Rex says:

    OT – Medical Updates! Day 5 and finally out of Hospital Captivity was supposed to come home yesterday, but do to the ineptitude of the nurse on duty, she screwed up my meds schedule, didn’t check my pick line, etc. so I was in severe pain during my last scan a CT Enterography. So once back in my room idiot took another 30 minutes to get my meds, creating my BP to go to 180/92 and required a 1 gram of Dilaudid just to be able to sit down. So of course, docs weren’t going to let me go, thankfully 2 of them were in the room with the crazy drug addict(my suitemate) at the time and all realized the pain was indeed REAL. So, as I am leaving today, everyone is like oh everything’s okay, yadda, yadda, UHM until three of them show up at discharge and things maybe not so okay. Got an inflammation in the colon from the new CT scan, on meds for that, then showed some bone fragments in hip and one place in back, so now of course me T-rex-downer thinks bone cancer, but doc said is probably nothing. So got a great Colonoscopy and a Nuclear MRI(which is better since you aren’t in a coffin, it’s more open) on the schedule. UGH. I will post in another thread my adventures of Suite-Mates if it’s okay with everyone, tomorrow, it’s unbelievable.

    • Oh Baby!!!!! I am so sorry you are going thru all this!!! Good thoughts and prayers coming your way!!

    • VV™ says:

      One day at a time T-Rex. Glad you’re going home.
      Prayers your way.

    • TexasTart says:

      OMG I’m cooking and started thinking what happened To T-Rex? And load this up to message you and here you are! Glad theyhaven’t ruined you yet, just trying to figure it out. Yes, post more later, I’m glad they released you,but I know it’s not over. Prayers for you. 🙂

    • boston02127 says:

      (((((T-Rex)))) Sending prayers your way.

    • not THAT Jill™ says:

      T-Rex!! This just sucks!! Hope everything gets straightened out soon!! (I would personally love to hear about your Suite-Mates!) XOXOXO

    • Nancy says:

      T-Rex…I knew I should have flown out there. You had a nurse from hell. 😦
      They are sure working you up which is a good thing so they can get to the bottom
      of this. I hope your pain isn’t too bad.

    • mariareads says:

      So sorry for what you are going through T-Rex. Try not to go to that dark place with worry. So many things that show up on scans turn out to be nothing. I have experience with that. I hope you are more comfy at home and that all will be figured out and taken care of asap.

    • Oh Man! God. Hospitals are insane.

    • California35 says:


    • BB says:

      Keep us posted T-Rex.

    • lulu says:

      Happy you are home!!! I hope everything will resolve itself!!

    • lillybee says:

      Sounds just horrible.

    • T-Rex says:

      To be fair I had only ONE truly bad nurse, but once I update on the Suite-Mate at the time, there were other issues, however she should have stayed the “bigger” person and let it go and performed her job, instead of spending all her time gossiping at that nurses station. She spent too much time at the nurses station, and not enough with patients. She is that nurse that likes to brown nose to the docs, and think she is all that and a bag of needles. Again, the other nurses were affected not by me, but by the weird array of suite-mates I had, again will post that story tomorrow

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Oh my gosh…you have got to get the hell out of there…my goodness, you have been thru it!!

  51. not THAT Jill™ says:

    Ok Rebecca here is the tweet

    I don’t see anything in this tweet that points out Lisa backing anyone up.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Thats right, Jill. i dont either. no one does and never will…because this is not the tweet i was talking about!It was a different tweet that Lisa retweeted – an entirely different tweet that Lisa retweeted….it said something about how Lisa was supportive of Kyle. Not the fat tweet.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Jill!! I found the retweet..

      @Jesssweiss: @LisaVanderpump you did stick up for @KyleRichards18 with her husband rumors. You spoke up n had her back…she needs to remember that

      • not THAT Jill™ says:

        The tweet that was discussed above was the FatKyle tweet-this is clearly not that tweet.

        • not THAT Jill™ says:

          This is another retweet(same as the one you posted above) but this is not the fat tweet and this has nothing to do with the fat tweet….

          • LaineyLainey says:

            I discussed this tweet this morning. I brought it up. I cokdnt look for it earlier cause I was at woik.

            • not THAT Jill™ says:

              Today Rebecca said that Kyle only paid attention to the word fat and not to the fact that Lisa was sticking up for her-in the tweet where Kyle is called fat-Lisa isn’t saying anything b/c it’s a retweet-it’s not from Lisa! I’m so confused as to what Rebecca is referring to?

  52. VV™ says:

    @KyleRichards18: @TaylorArmstrong @TheRealCamilleG ❤️ XO

    Original Message:

  53. VV™ says:

    @dwightcoates: the gorgeous sweet @LisaVanderpump is the queen of #RHOBH I don’t see @ladygaga tweeting the other jealous mean women! #teamlisa #pumprules

    Original Message:

    • TexasTart says:

      Someone else who was, or still is closely connected to RHOBH. Dwight filmed with Taylor on several occasions.
      I noticed when he was on, everyone acknowledged him as if he belonged, he was attached to Taylors hip. A funny moment (for me) was at Kyle’s white party while Adrienne was leaving her human stain, the discussion became heated and at some point Dwight decided to add his 2 cents and Ken said “Shut Up Dwight”!” At the time I thought it was hilarious and not sure his pants.were white after that because he was not seen again, lol.

  54. boston02127 says:

    ᴵ ᵈᵒᶰ’ᵗ ᶠᵉᵉᶫ ᵍᵒᵒᵈ⋅


  55. boston02127 says:

    This commercial is trending. I’m not sure if it’s funny or not.

  56. VV™ says:

    @KyleRichards18: @CoolGreenPines @MauricioUmansky thanks XO

    Original Message:

  57. Powell says:

    Jeang congratulations to your son. It must be do fun to see him in the Macy’s parade each year. I’m sure he will miss it.

    • NJBev says:

      first thanks for great re-cap
      2nd, I saw this today on the front page and could not control myself-
      These women believe their own hype!!

  58. TexasTart says:

    She’s headed home and I noticed in her post on the link she thanks her family and girlfriends that stayed with her. Cynthia Bailey was on that list. Just saying that because I’ve been dismayed none of these HW seem to be real friends – but they are…wait was this filmed?! 😉

  59. Nancy says:

    Jill…not sure if you have seen this or not.

  60. kit9 says:

    Brandi’s first podcast….pretty boring stuff but a rundown…her first guest was her bff of 20 years Jennifer Gimenez. Some topics covered…Brandi doesn’t understand people who hate tweet her. Singles out one in particular, Heather somebody, and wonders why she wastes her time tweeting that Brandi is bitter. Brandi then claims she was bitter for a ‘hot second’ over cheatgate(a hot second that lasted 3 years and filled a book but she claims it was a second). They talk Jennifer’s sobriety. Brandi apparently took a Kim K ass shot of herself but didn’t post it after Kim got so much backlash. This leads Jennifer to compliment Branid’s ass and say she wanted to ‘eat Brandi’s ass’. Brandi says, ‘ewww’. Charming. Brandi then chastises Jennifer for pronouncing the word ‘figure’ wrong(Brandi’s a published author, ya’ll, and is all about speaking proper English). Then they talk about the younger Kardashians and Brandi shares that she thinks being on reality tv makes you a better person(facepalm)because you’re always being watched(it’s working so well for her).

    Brandi claims she’s Sybill and has a whole other low key side that nobody knows. And, then claims that the person hired to play Leann’s friend on her reality show is actually a friend of hers and calls them ‘a spy’. Then talk turns to what a great cook Brandi is Jennifer says she loves Brandi’s tacos. Brandi then makes a disgusting sexual comment about Jennifer’s taco comment(see a pattern with these two?). Brandi also eats tons of fast food and has high cholesterol as result. Second guest is a dermatologist and she asks many dumb questions like how can he rid her of wrinkly knees and if he gets erections treating clients. Reveals she’s a chronic face picker and actually went to therapy for it once but that she’s back to doing it. And, claims to have a poochy stomach and thinks her neck is too skinny(I seriously think Brandi, ‘thumb wrinkles’ has some form of body dysmorphic disorder).

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Thanks for listening for us and for the recap. WOW. Just wow.

      I sound about as articulate as Brandi, don’t I?

      • kit9 says:

        Lol! I think ‘wow, just, wow’ pretty perfectly sums it up!

        • not THAT Jill™ says:

          I can not believe you listened!!! Thanks for the recap…she has 2 more out ya know!!! Next week she is having Leann’s ex husband on but they are talking about cooking not about their exes…ok sure whatever!!! Thanks kit for taking one for the team!!!

  61. NJBev says:

    Hi All
    I’ve been away for a few days , so I’m not caught up on anything-
    (haven’t seen any recent episodes)
    But I have a few thoughts.
    I would fully agree that Lisa has developed an agenda….
    but I wonder if her experiences from the first few
    seasons haven’t contributed to that…
    I mean at the reunion Adrienne accuses her of selling
    articles…….. Taylor attacks her at the “Tea Party”….
    Kyle never has her back, even Camille throws shade
    about not owning “Sur”
    it just seems to me that Lisa may have been blindsided one
    or two times too many and decided not to be caught
    with her “knickers” down. The best way to to not always be
    on the “defense” is to go on the “offense”….JMHO

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I see nothing wrong with Lisa in light of what she has endured from her castmates and not one iota of support, ever from the person she came in with as “friends” and now she’s been burned by Brandi. ET tu, Yofo?

    • not THAT Jill™ says:

      Hi Bev!!

    • mrs peabody says:

      I wouldn’t blame her. She is actually the only one I like on that show. I think she is a good friend to her real friends. I don’t see any reason for her to be a friend to any of these women after the way they treat her. They are just people she works with, nothing more nothing less. If they are mistreating her then why should they expect to be treated as a friend I once worked with a person who shared something I told her with others in my unit, I never trusted her again with anything and only had contact with her when I had to. Worked well for me.

  62. Nancy says:

    Anyone watching Shahs? chismosa????

  63. VV™ says:

    Kim’s blog is up. She’s back pedaling but them she’s not.

  64. I’m watching, I’m so ashamed.

  65. justanothermary says:

    Someone needs to explain this show to me. How are these people “friend” when they are so horrible to each other? If I was always mean to people, I would have no friends. What am I missing?

    • not THAT Jill™ says:

      Who needs friends like this right Mary?? They are mean to each other! None of them seem happy…but now they are going to a party so this should be interesting!!!

      • justanothermary says:

        Did Asa get a nose job after she made that big scene last year about how wrong it is to do so?

        • Nancy says:

          I’ll get back to you. I don’t like the way Mike is treating his girlfriend.
          Also she should have more clothes on for the first meeting of her potential

        • not THAT Jill™ says:

          I don’t know if Asa did or not?? I haven’t really been paying attention to her as she gets on my last nerve!!

    • Orson says better Vito than me. says:

      “Fellow cast members” would be much more accurate but it’s too difficult to type out or say very often.

  66. justanothermary says:

    The wind is unbelievable tonight. The entire house feels like it’s going to blow away. Kinda scary.

  67. justanothermary says:

    I’m afraid to let my little Tucker outside, what if he blows away?

  68. Nancy says:

    (((Mike))) The poor guy. He’s never going to measure up. 😦

    • justanothermary says:

      I know exactly how Mike feels. It’s such a bad thing to know that you’re thought of as “less than” your sibling.

      • Nancy says:

        So do I. My only sibling is way smarter than I am.

        • NJBev says:

          oh, for Gods sake Ms. superstar married
          to the Dr…… You were/are the favorite, but are
          unwilling to acknowledge…

          • Nancy says:

            She got into Vet school but ended up falling in love so she became a nurse instead.
            I would have killed to get into Davis’s Vet School. 😦 She never threw it in my face
            though. You are sweet Bev.

            • Nancy says:

              I would have killed to have gotten into Vet School. 😦

              • justanothermary says:

                I have a brother with a genius IQ but he can’t find his ass with both hands and a map. Personally, I’d rather have the common sense I was blessed with but he will always be the golden child.

                • NJBev says:

                  Listen, Mary-
                  you are the Golden Child.
                  The only way I can make my point is
                  to give you my own example………….
                  I went to college , and thought I was a genius-
                  it turns out everyone in my High school was
                  stupid, so that’s why I got into that University……
                  The girl across the hall in my freshman dorm-
                  NOW she was a genius. Magna Cum lauda.
                  I would study for 2 days-her 8 hours-
                  I’d get the C w/ a little luck, and she always got the
                  “A” always…. got her Masters, Phd and ended up
                  running a Dept. of J&J for an unthinkable amount-
                  THIS IS 1986 people!!!!!!
                  Me. I come out of school, (on time,LOL) get job in sales
                  and within a few years we end up in similar situations–
                  Here’s the difference…..

                  It’s called “common sense” My Friend has none,
                  Your sibling has none. It even’s out the playing field,
                  but it takes a while for people to notice it..

                  My beloved, dear , genius friend could not find her way
                  out of a paper bag. She knows it, I know it, we all know
                  it. It is what it is………..

                • NJBev says:

                  also Mary,
                  Are your parents still alive??
                  If they are, you wait and see who they
                  turn to when they need assistance and
                  “REAL” help.
                  you will see…….

  69. Nancy says:

    GG makes me laugh at times.

  70. justanothermary says:

    Seriously! I just went to let Tucker out. He stuck his little nose out the door and backed right back into the house. Just then the wind grabbed the storm door and it’s gone! It’s somewhere out in the yard, but I’m not chasing it tonight. WOW.

  71. justanothermary says:

    I’m out all, gotta get some sleep. The dogs and are have a nice cozy bed down here. Tomorrow will reveal the carnage. I’m sure all will be fine, however, I do have a weather radio! Take call all.

  72. NJBev says:

    Good Morning Powell!
    You’re always first, and lots of times I’m last,
    so I figured I’d say hi to you now, since
    we don’t run into each other often!!
    Have a great day, Powell!!!!!

  73. lillybee says:

    Watching Sons of Anarchy, all I can say is wow. Unbelievable.

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