Wendy Feldman’s Criminal Past / Real Housewives of Atlanta – the Shit hits Kenya Moore’s Fan/ The Amazing Race

Wendy Feldman’s Criminal Past by NMD

It has been almost seven years since Wendy Feldman was convicted of defrauding investors to the tune of over 4 million dollars.  She developed the habit of befriending wealthy clients, getting them to trust her, before misappropriating their money.  Combined with wire fraud, she landed herself a two plus year prison sentence.  Who is Wendy Feldman?  She is Teresa Giudice’s new Crisis Manager.  It looks like she’s got the experience for the job.

This woman appears to have ice in her veins.  According to this article, Wendy visited a client suffering from complications to back surgery and in the intensive care unit – at the same time she was draining the woman’s bank account.  Wendy blamed it on drug addiction and an abusive marriage.

More information:


Litigation Release No. 19748 / June 29, 2006

Securities and Exchange Commission v. Wendy Feldman Purner, Civil Action No. 06-CV-01148 (D.D.C. filed June 23, 2006)

The actual order.

The complaint.

Jill and Teresa had better watch their wallets.


Real Housewives of Atlanta – the Shit hits Kenya Moore’s Fan and deflects back on Apollo by NMD

real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-6-gallery-episode-604-01Seriously Bravo?  Real Housewives of Atlanta starts with Kenya in a fitness class – the type with the pieces of cloth hanging from the ceiling that acrobats swing in that they use in Cirque de Soleil.   I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s the scene that’s been shown over and over again in the preview of RHOBH.  But we’re in Atlanta with Kenya, not in BH with Brandi and Lisa.   Kenya swings a little bit and ends up in that upside down, legs split pose we’ll see Brandi in tomorrow.  I blame the producers for this one.  If Kenya declares that she’s a witch I’ll turn off my TV – I swear I will.

real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-6-gallery-episode-604-03Kandi drew the short straw and has to film this scene with Kenya.  She avoids the leg spread upside down thing because she’s twisted her ankle falling off high heels. Unlike Brandi, she’s not on crutches and high heels with a sprained ankle.  They go over the Apollo-Kenya texts.  Kenya seems to have forgotten that she said Apollo was shady at the reunion.  Now she’s in defense mode saying there was nothing inappropriate.  The worst Kandi could find was “LOL Babe.”  Not what I’d text to a man – but not a smoking gun either.

real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-6-gallery-episode-604-07Porsha gets counseling.  I like this therapist.  She digs deep into Porsha’s issues.  Porsha tries to blame everything on Kordell, but the therapist makes her understand that she needs to let go.  She forces Porsha to try to get at the root of why she married Kordell, why she protected him, and why she is still wearing her ring when she says she wants to get him out of her system.  Seriously, Brandi needs this therapist to get at the root of why she tried so hard to please cheating Eddie and why she finds it so hard to let go. Porsha also lets us know that Kordell didn’t have sex with her much – because she’s not that bright and thinks we need to be hit over the head with the Kordell is gay theme.  I honestly don’t care either way.  Porsha needs to figure out why she entered into that marriage and put up with him.  It’s time she focuses on her.

real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-6-gallery-episode-604-09NeNe drops in for a visit with Cynthia.  Cynthia looks great – and is feeling okay.  As they are talking, Kandi calls.  Cynthia puts her on speaker and doesn’t tell her that NeNe is there, and Kandi trash talks NeNe.  Joke.  That was the NY storyline.  Nope.  Cynthia is a southern belle and knows her manners, so she immediately lets Kandi know that NeNe is in the room.  Kandi is also a southern belle so she checks in on Cynthia’s health, then invites both ladies out to cheer up Porsha.

Another scene with Kandi.  This time she’s at lunch with Phaedra and they discuss Kenya. Phaedra points out what I pointed out earlier – Kenya changes her story every time she tells it.  She explains to the viewers that Kenya went for Apollo when they were both staying in a hotel in LA.  Apollo had to switch hotels to shake her.  Kandi knows the girl code and is firmly on Phaedra’s side.  Even if Apollo was acting shady, Kenya should have shut it down.  Sketchy.

real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-6-gallery-episode-604-15Cynthia is out of bed but still not 100%.  Her staff are at the house going over things when Noelle (13) walks in and asks for Cynthia’s credit card to order books.  I flashback to Lea Black’s son RJ ordering all the things for his b-day party without Lea knowing.  That’s not the case in Cynthia’s house.  Noelle is turning out to be a real beauty, and Cynthia starts to question her about a boy.  It turns out that Noelle has kissed a boy – and we’re not talking about a peck on the cheek.  I have to hand it to Cynthia for keeping calm as she tries to figure out how much has gone on with this boy.  I want to kick his ass and I’m not Noelle’s mom!  Joke – it’s a cute scene.

real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-6-gallery-episode-604-22Now we’re at the lunch that Kandi arranged.  Kandi’s hair was straight in all the earlier scenes, but now it’s that wavy red hair.  I like straight better in case you are reading Kandi.  Everyone is there but Kenya, and Porsha tells them more about her marriage.  Again Porsha tells us that she didn’t have any of her own money but Kordell took care of her.  Well sort of took care of her – she wasn’t allowed to have her sister in the house.  She explains that she had to keep the girls at arm’s length because of him.  I need to stop and say that she’s explaining an abusive, controlling relationship, and if it’s true I’m glad she’s free now.  I’m not sure what show I’m watching, because no one is talking over her or trying to create drama.  They are acting like normal, highly functioning supportive women.  Oh that’s right, Kenya isn’t there.

Since no one but Kandi will film with Kenya, she’s filming with her cousin in some sort of specialty grocery store.  I mentioned earlier that my boss saw Kenya with another lady.  I showed him pictures of the rest of the cast and he didn’t recognize them, so I think it might be her cousin.  Remind me to ask him tomorrow.

real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-6-gallery-episode-604-23Kenya is living in some sort of extended stay hotel.  Hello – her dog is with her so she didn’t leave her behind.  NeNe is shocked.  Shocked I tell you.  It reminds me of Kathy Griffin living in the Holiday Inn Express during Life on the D list.  Only Kathy made a joke out of it.  They head over to the Astoria to look at places.  Remember Jill and Bethenny looking at condos season 1 or 2 of NY?  Kenya says she needs at least 5,000 square feet and a big bed because she likes to have a lot of sex all over the place.  She mentions gymnastics, and you all know me well enough to know that I threw up a little in my mouth to hear her degrade a sport with her dirty sex talk.  She’s just nasty.  This was probably filmed this about the time Gabby won the Olympics.

real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-6-gallery-episode-604-29Phaedra takes Apollo out to dinner for a smack down.  Phaedra tells Apollo that Kenya said he’s a liar liar.  He is really acting nervous and sketchy.  She reads him, and tells him not to text her friends.  Apollo talks around it, and acts defensive.  Call me naive, but I don’t think this scene is rehearsed.  The Atlanta women have no issue with letting their men look like fools on camera – and the men fall for it – time and time again.  real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-6-gallery-episode-604-30Phaedra keeps Apollo on the witness stand and grills him.  She asks him what happened, and he deflects and asks what she heard.  Apollo admits he saw Kenya in LA.  He says that if he wanted to sleep with Kenya he could have, but he didn’t cross the boundary.  They were both at a party, then saw each other at the hotel.  She asks if Kenya propositioned her, and he says she didn’t need to but he could tell that she was open to it.  He decided to switch hotels.  Phaedra is using every ounce of self control she has to let him keep talking and dig himself into a deeper hole.  I hate to say it but Kenya might just have a case here.

Phaedra then interviews and says what we’re all thinking – Apollo isn’t really that smart and probably shouldn’t have said anything.

Today should be interesting – Kenya was tweeting up a storm last night about receipts.

Something went down in LA. Apollo tried 2 blame it on me but I was never there! LOL wouldn’t want her marriage or man #RHOA #showdareceipts

Can’t wait to “showdareceipts” tomorrow. I’ve never been more excited to take someone down for lying on me. #dontcomeforme #whodoesthat

Apollo had a sense of humor last night tweeting:

I’m alive still


The Amazing Race – 23.10 – Parting Of The Red Sea – By MelTheHound

tarlogo2**** Good Morning ladies and gentlemen.. I decided last night to go ahead and drop this on you this morning.. I may or may not continue with my plan to do a dual recap on Thursday morning. I will let it be a surprise 😀 ****

The cast

Hello race fans.. Last week we said goodbye to the baseball wives, Nicole and Kim. I wouldn’t call it bad luck but they had a run of unfortunate events, were U Turned by Divorced, had to do a speed bump, and were simply the last to arrive. The Geranimals were also turned but still managed a third or fourth place finish.

1This week the teams are on the way to Indonisia.. Gawd, can this program pick another damn country? They started in south America, I wish we got to see more of that. Anyway they are all on the same plane so it doesn’t matter who leaves first, only who finishes first. At the airport, the geranimals want to know why ER turned them. They are told because they lied about turning the beards. (Those two are really a pair of asshalves.. It takes both of them to make a complete ass-whole) Once they get to Badung, they have to then go by taxi to the Ram Arena.. I guess a pass time here is to watch these creatures but heads.. 2Each team has to grab a pair from a marked truck and take them to the arena and once they knock heads, as male rams will do, they have to take them back to the trucks they came from and then they get their next clue. To me this is kind of like dog fighting because if you let these creatures go at it, they will kill each other.. I don’t know if a more stubborn animal exists. But, I digress… Not my country..

3The next clue tells them to get on the train and go back to Badung. As teams are departing in their taxis, Divorced gets a little payback for stealing Dating’s cab back in Vienna. Theirs breaks down and they have to find another, putting them in last place. The first teams to arrive at the station are ER and the Ice Crew.. There are 12 minutes to spare before the next train leaves. At the last minute, another team gets onboard and ER is hoping it is anyone but the geranimals. Yep, that’s who it is. Just as dating gets there, followed by divorced, the train leaves. The next one is in an hour. Ice girls and geranimals are celebrating leaving the others behind a little too much for ER’s taste, who, I think are just a little too perfect and judgmental. I mean, this IS a race, Right?

4Once they are there, they get their next clue from the box on the platform.. They are going to the zoo for their detour. For the Elephants or For the birds. With the Elephant task, they have to deliver a specified amount of food to the zoo, and feed it to the elephants. Including from a market, melons, sweet potatoes, sugar cane, and bananas. They have to use marked trolly carts to move the food from their taxis through the zoo, to the elephants. With For the Birds, the teams have to pick a5 pair of birds and deliver them to the Song Bird Grand Prix. ER chooses the birds, the rest, chose the elephants, including divorced and dating who have not arrived yet. Still waiting for the train. The biggest problem with feeding the elephants is getting the food to them. The geranimals figure this one out pretty quickly and are even able to keep all their food on the cart, which the others had problems with. The ice girls, must really be morons.. Instead of getting the food first, they went to the zoo first to look for their carts. They couldn’t find the marked entrance to find the carts. Doesn’t matter, they didn’t have anything to put on it. The longer these two are at this task, with Multiple trips back to the market, wasting a huge 6amount of time, the more frustrated and pissed off they become. You see, one wanted to do the bird task but the other wanted to do the elephant task. They are bickering back and fourth about who was right and even discuss switching tasks. I have seen this look on a woman’s face before. Ladies, I luv women but that is not a pretty sight. In fact it is downright frightening and there isn’t a man alive who wants to see that look on a woman’s face. If I have ever caused that look from any of you, I apologize. Anyway, they do finally get through the elephant task but are seriously now in last place, even behind the two teams they cheered about leaving behind at the train station.. There’s another woman who can have that annoyed look, and her name is Karma.. I hear she’s a bit of a bitch..

7The first to arrive at the next clue box is ER.. The clue is a roadblock. They have to assemble one of these things, that is a musical instrument. It will play 8 notes on a scale, one octave. Once they get it put together, a kid tests it out and if they have it correct, they get their next clue. For some odd reason, Nicole chose to do this task even though it is Travis who has a musical background. The woman didn’t know what an octave was. I remember learning that in first grade music class… Do Re 8Mi Fa So La Ti Do… Maybe she didn’t learn it that way or maybe she simply forgot. Either way, that decision may have cost them the race. As she is struggling trying to figure out this puzzle, the Geranimals stagger in and begin the task. They get it right on the second try. TH Travis is complaining the entire time that his wife is so clueless. In fact, once Leo has it right, Nicole tries to look at his to see how it’s done but, he won’t let her see it. Divorced arrives next and Tim takes this one on because he too has a musical background. (If I am not mistaken, each team must divide these roadblocks evenly) He gets through it pretty easily. Dating has also arrived so now we have 4 teams doing thie task. The Geranimals get out of there first and are now in first place. They are closely followed by divorced. These two may be the most annoying but they are running a good race. Their race. Back inside, Nicole still cannot figure this out but Amy made pretty short work of hers. I am calling foul here because before Dating left, Amy basically put Nicole’s together for her. If that is within the rules, why couldn’t Travis have told her how to do it?

Meanwhile, back at the zoo, the Ice Crew has arrived on their Third trip, with the sugar cane to feed the elephant.. I think we can all see what is coming here.

9The Geranimals arrive first at the pit stop, and are rewarded with $7500 each. Divorced arrives second. Dating steps on the mat third, followed by ER who are now in fourth. The pit stop is at the Bosscha Observatory, the oldest of it’s type in Indonesia. I guess I will have to put my feelings about Nicole being helped aside, Phil didn’t blast them for it but, they are still, in last place. That leaves the Ice Crew (LA Kings) back at the roadblock, they complete it, and show up at the pit stop to be told, they’ve been eliminated. Back to LA ladies, lace up your skates and go back to work.

For those of you hoping to see a girl duo win.. Not this time. They were the final one. Better luck next time.


The Walking Dead from Empress



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161 Responses to Wendy Feldman’s Criminal Past / Real Housewives of Atlanta – the Shit hits Kenya Moore’s Fan/ The Amazing Race

  1. Cartwheels says:

    Good morning , nice findings about Wendy Welman

    Can I just say that I find very suspicious that this is Teresa’s crisis manager and that she is doing this pro bono? She IMO is looking for the publicity to Teresa’s detriment.
    I question a lot of her decisions, her job as a crisis manager is to help Teresa improve her image but under her sponsorship Teresa has made already a lot of mistakes, like give Andy and interview, another interview to E I think, now posting pictures of an event with Victoria Gotti. Everybody says that you get what you pay for and in this case it is for free, but I do believe that this lady is looking more after herself than after Teresa and her family.

    • HuskerHuny says:

      The dumb just keep getting dumber. Even if this woman Wendy is offering her services for free, she is also a convicted felon and obviously is using Teresa and Joe for publicity. Nothing good will come from this. T&J should just lay low until the trial and out of the public eye. Out of sight, out of mind.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Good morning Cartwheels! Hi NMD! Thanks for the Wendy Welman info. Wow. So true what you wrote about Porsha’s therapist. For an onscreen session, this was a good one. She WAS really good about helping Porsha focus upon and work on HERSELF. That is not easy. Working on oneself. That’s why when i sought help at one point in my life I went to someone who didn’t care that I didn’t talk much, but she kept my prescriptions current and that’s all I cared about it. Tmi? I’m just saying its hard to open up. It’s very hard to get to the bottom of it. So kudos to Porsha for working on herself. And kudos to the doc for being real. Unlike the therapists we’ve seen up to now who are somewhat self serving.

      MTH thanks for the AR blog. Will read it later as i have not watched it, yet. 😊

      Good morning everyone. I took the whole week off….yayayyyyyyyyyyy! Slept in a bit, pizza for breakfast, coffee, grocery store on my list.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      I’m betting that Teresa and Joe don’t even know who this woman is. I sent her a tweet letting her know how nasty I think she is. She’s a Bernie Madoff lite…and she makes my skin crawl. It’s hard to believe that you can con innocent PEOPLE who trust you out of millions of dollars and only get a slap on the wrist. I am sure she has some of these folks money stashed away somewhere and is still living off of it.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I have to say my heart sank, reading about the “crisis manager”. Despite all the Giudices have allegedly done, I do like them and am not enjoying seeing so much bad coming their direction. 😦

  2. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone! Chilly weather has moved out of the Southwest and heading towards the midwest. Hope everyone is prepared. Lots of rain/snow in this storm front. I cannot even remember ever having heavy rain for 3 days in a row here in Arizona.
    Interesting read at JustSayJenn’s blog about LeAnn and Eddie. Jenn is done writing about them. I guess we will just hang out and watch LeAnn implode on herself.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi AZ girl, have never heard of just say Jenn. Maybe I’ll meander over there later.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      The chilly is here, thanks for that, and my bones ache. My best friend just went to AZ for the week and arrived in the rain with a cold. She’s miserable, but just emailed the sun is out and her fever broke.

      • AZGirl says:

        Oh I feel so sorry for your friend! We never had so much rain. It has been really cold too. It supposed to warm up by the end of the week. Up into the mid 70’s.

  3. TexasTart says:

    Good Morning all. Very busy week..for many I assume.

    Thanks again NMD for more info on this crisis manager. Hows about that- a crisis manager than can reek more misery than you already have! And hey, Even if Wendy didn’t take a dime from the Giudices, she allowed that travesty of a WWHL interview.

    While many here insist you can not get loans without XYZ happening, for which I disagree that all loans require as much detail – especially in the years they received funding…and I do not wish to debate that, but to make a point of how in some cases of the bogus documents or loans is there not someone working ‘the inside’. I feel certain they had help. Doesn’t make their innocence or guilt any less because someone produced signatures.

  4. AZGirl says:

    I looked up Wendy Feldman’s history yesterday. She is quite a piece of work. I guess she considers herself an “expert” on alternative prison sentencing. Really. Tre and Juicy do not need this person in their lives right now.

  5. Jill...no not THAT Jill™ says:

    Kim’s twins names
    Kaia for the girl and Kane for the boy

    • chismosa™ says:

      I’m going to throw up.

      • HuskerHuny says:

        That’s a K name for the last four born and the two older girls seem to be the ugly red-headed step sisters. Maybe it’s not a big deal, but when trying to blend siblings (especially girls) this might be an issue down the road. I would have given the twins their own identity and their own names.

        • Has it been an issue for the Kardassians?

          • HuskerHuny says:

            That’s a prime example MTH! Nothing good can come from giving your children names that start with the letter K! (Just joking to those who have normal parents that gave you names that begin with K).

            • shamrockblonde says:

              my twin grandaughters have names that both begin with a “K” – and while identical, they are as different as night and day – that similiarity has not stopped them at all from being their own person, with separate interests and recently separate friends as well – for us, it’s just a name thing, not a personality thing – and I like the names that Kim chose – as for her two daughters, they seem pretty good – typical teens – I doubt the K name thing will be an issue – not when there are so many other things to become potential issues at any rate!

        • VV™ says:

          The use of the letter K for names is a tradition from Kroy’s side of the family. The same info is found on Wikipedia.


    • LaineyLainey says:


  6. chismosa™ says:

    NMD- great blog. Super shady stuff going down there. They better get it together and hire the right people.
    Also- Walking Dead. I’m upset ……No D. 😦
    Annoying. Two deaths really right? The two guys heading up the new place the governor is. He can’t not be who he is, blah blah. Blahhhhhhh —–

    Lulu and Nancy—-

    I agree with Lulu. This has jumped the 🐳🐋shark for me.
    Totally. So many things to talk about. Try to catch you later ….

    I still burn with love for michael sheen but this was a bad choice for him and lizzy caplan makes it worse for me. 😦

    ASHY – did you see that hashtag: #dontcomeforme

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill™ says:

      What hashtag??? Where??

    • Main cast was at Comic Con when they filmed the last two episodes. It was intentionally filler I guess. Too much governor. Too much governor killing people randomly. I guess it was because he didn’t think they would protect his “family”. Parallel to Carol killing the sick people to protect the rest of them?? If he kills Michonne I’ll stop watching.

      • ITA! The governor is a psycho who enjoys killing – we got it. I liked Martinez…and like you touch Michonne or Daryl and I am gone too.

      • Sam says:

        Everyone in my family is SO sick of the governor! And the ones who read the graphic novels are mad that they’ve turned him into a continuing character. So one by one we’re all bailing on this show. (I’m one of the last holdouts, and I’m only sticking around because of Daryl!)

        • windycitywondering2 says:

          My family is soooo over the governor too. He was no big deal in the comics – one and done without a second thought. Alas, someone has to be the perennial nemesis and the actor portraying the governor is excellent. I see this coming “big war” as a reason for AMC to launch as many spinoffs as the viewers will allow. The writers really hooked the audience into the core characters and I have no doubt they can do that with other surviving human groups.

          • chismosa™ says:

            I love the other work the actor playing the Governor has done but don’t like him as the Governor. Not menacing enough for me ….

            (I don’t read the comics)

  7. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. It’s Bottom Lip Monday. 🙂 Oh boy is it cold in my neck of the woods. They are talking SNOW. A light dusting thru Wednesday. 😦 Ya’ll know I’m not ready for that. Oh well. I can’t fly off to balmy breezes so what’s a girl to do?
    Has anyone looked at percentages of anyone involved in/with the HWs and legal troubles/convictions? The percentage sure keeps climbing.
    I watched Atl. I sure feel bad for Porsha. Now we know the truth of why Porsha wouldn’t allow Cynthia’s staff to come to her house & why she didn’t go to the strip club in Vegas. I don’t blame her for not going cuz I sure would have had on my PHD & called room service instead of going to the strip club.
    Well everyone bundle up & have a great day.

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill™ says:

      It’s freezing Powell!! FREEZING!!!

      • Boobah says:

        Omg – yes it is bitter COLD! And the weather is going to get worse…Nor’easter, I think, is on it’s way. Just in time for Thanksgiving. 😦 Stay warm guys!

  8. ladebra says:

    Great blog, NMD and Jeff.

    Porsche should be counting her lucky stars to be out of that marriage with only a few years invested. What she described was an abusive, controlling person who could have progressed to a much worse fixation on controlling her as time went by. Hope she gets her confidence back and moves on, and gets talking about him out of her system.

    I gotta say when Phaedra said “I was trying not to stab him with that steak knife” with that deadpan delivery I was rolling on the floor laughing. I hope they are just going through the ups and downs, and work through it. I like them together. She is so busy, I can see Apollo wanting more of her time. So I hope they find the balance.

    Oh boy, short week – yay! Hope everyone is safe and warm for the holidays.💕

  9. At some point Teresa’s dam will burst …. Joe was photographed with another woman – again. This time the woman covered herself up in a shawl and sun glasses. Why go out in public if they know they are likely to be seen??


  10. Sasha says:

    What is up with Kenya’s makeup this season. To me it makes her look like a clown. The lipstick always seems to be the wrong color. Maybe she can’t afford the good stuff anymore.

    I was trying to cut Apollo a break because I know that he’s not the most eloquent man. He may have a harder time expressing himself with a camera in his face. I needed him to be more apologetic than defensive. He probably enjoyed and encouraged the behavior from Kenya and thought it was okay because in his mind he had not done anything wrong. I have place him in time-out.

    Kenya’s billionaire boyfriend may be another one of her exaggerated tales. I would assume that most boyfriend’s in that position would make sure you had a decent place to live.

    I am glad Porsha fessed up on what her life was really like. Now she just has to stop with the Kordell is gay theme. We get it and most probably don’t care whether he be or not. They both got something out of that marriage. She was looking for someone to take care of her and she was willing to play by his rules. She would still be there pretending all was well if he hadn’t filed for divorce.

    Teresa doesn’t need a crisis manager, she just needs to surround herself with people who have common sense. They need to get their affairs in order and prepare for the worst case scenario.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Good comment, Sasha. I wonder about Kenya’s new “beau” too…my daughter thinks she has glute implants…I don’t know…why do we care?? Haha! I have no idea. But we were rewinding…does she have a scar on her lower back? Etc. like I said, I don’t know why we care.

      • Sasha says:

        Lainey I could not help but look at her rear last night. I mean she did put it on front street. I think your daughter is right. It looks so man made and not like the product of a booty dvd.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        I think Kenya’s new man is a product of her imagination. I almost laughed at her boasting about having a “Nigerian Prince”. I also have a Nigerian Prince who emails me quite frequently. As a matter of fact, if I send him $1000 so that he can access his bank account, he has promised to send me $100 million to show his gratitude.

  11. Lander says:

    OK I know this was talked over a little in the past then dismissed fast. So I do not want to rehash stuff that I just did not read on the board. This woman Wendy and Teresa & company are all in the Mafia?

    The only reason I would ever think to hire this woman is for that reason.

    • Sasha says:

      Lander, I don’t know much about the Mafia but don’t they like to keep their business dealings a little secretive. I would assume it would be discouraged to be on TV and web showing your life.

      • lulu says:

        Number one rule among mobsters “I didn’t see anything, hear anything or know anything.” Being on a reality tv show would be a big no no.

      • Lander says:

        Yes I guess you Two are right. I just can not figure out why the people on the NJ franchise do the things that they do?????

  12. Amalfi says:

    Krazy Kim Biermann had her twins (a perfect boy and girl). Good for her! All I can say is she must’ve done something right in a past life … she seems to have a very blessed and happy life.


  13. California35 says:

    Good morning everyone.
    Happy Monday, happy thanksgiving week 🙂

    Bravo is showing the housewives weddings.

    Marisol married the guy she divorsed on the show? I guess we were no watching Miami when she married him. Both the wedding and the divorse on the show 😦

  14. cusi77 says:

    Jill Zarin “The connector”, just did not do to Teresa any favors at this one… As I said yesterday, Jill and some others are looking for their 15 minutes on T&J’s!

    Thank you NMD for the Blog on Atlanta… so far is my favorite franchise!

    I don’t think for a minute that Kenya can afford a 1M Dollar place. She is the kind of person that one loves to hate! Hehe! She is so obnoxious that made me lol!

    Cynthia’s daughter has her mother’s looks! She is soooo beautiful!

    Who is telling the truth… Apollo or Kenya? I hope they did not cross that line…

    I don’t understand what kind of receipts is Kenya talking about… Help!

    Thank you MTH for AR … Now is down to two couples!!!!!!!!!

    • Sasha says:

      Cynthia’s daughter is beautiful. I can see a hint of Leon in her face too.

      Atlanta is my favorite franchise too. They make me laugh and it doesn’t have that evil diabolical feel that all the others seem to have. They also seem to have some true friendships between some of them.

      Travis seemed a little mean to Nicole on Amazing Race last night. I know that getting closer to the chance of winning can bring out the worst in a partner.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Maybe she means that she has a hotel receipt from somewhere else than the Beverly Wilshire?

      • cusi77 says:

        RR_ or that she was there in another date? Or that she was at that time in another City?…. I hope so…

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          We will see. Although, I can’t see why Apollo would admit to something that didn’t happen, as it is only getting himself into more trouble with his wife. Unless, he is dumb enough to think that if he says that she tried to sleep with him but he shot her down…it would win him favor and Phaedra would think he is a stand up guy.

  15. Lulu says:

    Hello everyone! Bad day here my check engine light came on this morning 😦 We are planning on getting rid of the car in January. This stinks!!!

    MTH OMG ROFLMAO!!!!! still ROFLMAO!!! In last night’s episode of MoS Dr Master’s mother asked the videographer that questions…… I think I need to put more thought into posting their racy lines before I do!!!!!! Hope I didn’t offend you!!

  16. shamrockblonde says:

    good luck Lulu!! – reminds me of something that my Dad once told me he read – he said that there was a woman who called a mechanic about her car saying that every time she started driving her car a little button would come on of a man holding a rifle and she could not find it in the manual – she assured the mechanic that she did not even own a rifle let alone drive with one – the mechanic asked to bring in the car – when the woman came in with the car the mechanic got in the car and started it up and the woman was sitting in the passenger seat – at first there was no light, but when the mechanic put the car in drive and started driving it, the woman pointed and said “there it is! the little man!” – and yes there it was – a little man with a rifle held across his chest and resting on his shoulder – the mechanic turned to her and said “I’m sorry maam – that is the seatbelt warning light – when you buckle up it will go away” – hopefully your troubles will be as small!!!

    Where did Joe and Tre find this woman? It is worrisome that no one has stepped forward to advise them –

    Jeff! – oooohhhh – I want those grranimals gone! – when they overslept I had a moment’s joy thinking that it would mess up their departure time, but nooooo -the ER husband was a pain last night!! – even in his talking head he could not be kind – I felt really badly for her –

    • lulu says:

      Shamrock blonde lol!! Sigh one can hope!

      • cusi77 says:

        Shamrock_ Guess who connected Joe and Tre with this woman Wendy…. Jill Zarin!!!!! She just can’t go away! Mind your own business , Zarin! Zip it!

      • Nancy says:

        Lulu…I felt so sorry for Virginia at the end of the episode. She must have
        felt like a call girl. Also Dr Haas is going to kill Libby for telling her husband
        the truth about her pregnancy. Poor Dr Haas. I have a feeling he’s in for
        some bad times ahead.

        • lulu says:

          My reaction was “what did she expect??”. Her coworkers knew too.

          I’m not fond of Dr Haas but he tried to help. I can’t fault him on that. Libby pressured him, he just felt bad for her. In the previews next week I hope they were finished with the surgery. Before the fist fight!

          Dh has a point it’s turning into erotica. Before it was the science Dr Masters was for the most part detached. Now he’s like a teenager in heat! The last scene of him watching Virginia on tape was creepy.

          I hope Jane doesn’t go away!! Someone has to tell the production company that taking away good actors just makes Lizzy’s bad acting look worse!

          • Nancy says:

            I keep trying to like her but I just don’t. Here’s the thing though… She’s exactly
            like her in real life.

        • chismosa™ says:

          How is the name Haas Jewish?? And who knew there was such an orthodox community in St. Louis in the 1950’s….. Wow!

          I was shocked he wasn’t making HER convert. I never hear of it this way.

          I wonder if Haas truly existed or is he part of the dramatic license of the show

          • lulu says:

            Chismosa your right some of my friends converted to Judaism. That was odd?? I think Dr Haas is a Dr Masters, Libby and Virginia tie in. Most likely not a real person.

      • Nancy says:

        Lulu…What do you think Virginia is talking about re: the end of this video clip?
        Next week is going to be good. I still can’t believe that you & chismosa didn’t like
        last nights episode. I’ll have to watch it again.

        • lulu says:

          Best guess……..I think she suspects that he has feelings for her.

          I don’t think the entire episode was bad. I liked that Virgina was called out. Libby and her heartbreaking story. Maybe her emotional neediness is what turned Dr Masters off??

          I hate but can understand why Jane quit.

          • Nancy says:

            I think she’s talking about the bad review he did on Dr Haas. Re: Virginia…are you
            talking about her getting kicked out of the study group? I don’t think Masters would
            really make any woman happy as he’s so afraid of intimacy and that’s why Virginia
            is the perfect woman for him as she shares the same issues.

    • I got more annoyed by him than he was at her, that’s for certain.

  17. VV™ says:

    @jusittletweet: @KimRichards11 @Bethenny Great Kim! One episode I will tune in for 😉

    Original Message:

  18. LaineyLainey says:

    Did y’all see this on twitter? LeAnn’s ex response to…I think that tweet of LeAnn in her wedding dress.

    @Deansheremet: @radar_online @leannrimes I was irritated that someone used “gay” as a slur and it wasn’t addressed. Silence is just as guilty as bullying

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill™ says:

      I always admired the way Dean stayed out of all the twitter crap but now he is becoming “one of them” (Leann/Brandi) . If you are looking for Leann to be wrong she looks wrong but if you are reading her reply like you would read anyone else’s you kind of see that she wasn’t “gay bashing” or accusing Dean of being gay. Twitterville is odd and scary!!

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I didn’t read LeAnn’s reply. what was her reply? You probably didnt mean ME but just in case…I wasn’t looking for Le to be wrong….I just saw Dean’s reply because I follow….ummmm…weird!! I dont follow any of those peeps that were tagged including Dean., Maybe it was a retweet. I thought the lynnfam would find it interesting. I DID. And that’s without even knowing what Le replied. I assumed she’d been silent since Dean said something about being silent. Can u share the reply if u can find it?

        • Jill...no not THAT Jill™ says:

          I didn’t mean you I meant “you”…
          She said something dumb like I’m just going to laugh at this…the twitter folk went

  19. VV™ says:

    Brandi’s BFF has connections with TMZ on TV. Very interesting since tonight, they will play a clip of TMZ crew following Brandi and her kid and telling her that Kyle called her a bully (I’m paraphrasing)

    @JenniferGimenez: Great nite last nite at my agents house @alecshankman with @ChrisDrewCarter @daxholt & @abaskin31… So much chocolate

    Original Message:

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill™ says:

      If they have friends at TMZ you would think they wouldn’t have shown a video of Brandi slurring her “birthday wish”…I haven’t been able to figure out what she was trying to say!!

  20. VV™ says:

    Brandi had tweeted he was backing out. This confirms it.

    @Deansheremet: Early morning to you guys! I just wanted you all to know that I won’t be making it to Brandi’s Podcast, I’m so sorry for all the confusion.

    Original Message:

  21. plainviewsue says:

    “Reliable” sources say Leann and Eddie have split.

    That’s all.

  22. chismosa™ says:

    Nancy we got skinny —

    Yes I see what you mean about the kids.
    What VJ was doing was very unorthodox and she clearly loves her work more than the “thing” women did then – be home with kids.

    I just don’t know how to grade her warmth with her kids bc (IMO) Lizzie caplan is sweet with the kids – and back then and the cultural landscape I don’t know if moms were warm and fuzzy.
    I also am taking this from mad men and the super warm and very fuzzy Betty draper.

    To me it’s a sociology/ anthropology lesson

    • Nancy says:

      How do you know that Lizzie Caplan is sweet to kids?
      IMHO they miss casted both Masters and Johnsons. I don’t find either
      of them “sexy” on their own or together but that could be due to me
      don’t liking a hairy chest. lol

      • Nancy says:

        cast not casted.

      • chismosa™ says:

        I don’t find her awful with her kids —- I certainly have expected worse especially how they speak of how masters grew up lol

        Who has the hairy chest – MS? Back then they didn’t manscape. They have to make it natural

        • Nancy says:

          I thought you meant in real life as you used her real name. I agree she is
          good with the kids once she’s around them but it’s always on her time. Her
          life comes first.

          Yes I was talking about Masters. I just don’t find him sexy. Ewwwwww lol

          • Nancy says:

            I’m being too harsh. If I were in her shoes I probably would have gone for a career as well as she didn’t have a husband to help her out with the bills. Plus in the long
            run she could have made a better life for her kids once she had a profession that
            pays well.

      • lulu says:

        Lol!!! I find hairy chests very sexy!!! Too bad the kids are wide awake!!! ;). I think Michael Sheen is good looking not Lizzy Caplan. Its her bad acting that is what makes her ugly. I think Christina Ricci would be fantastic for this role IMO.

        Chismosa a mother even (unfortunately) the bad ones have a level of connection with their children. All interactions no connection but that could be due to Lizzy not being a mother or around children enough. She doesn’t know how to engage them even if it is acting. In real life I still think Virginia Johnson was a emotionally distant mother. A few clues lots of late nights, you never see her rush home to her children. She brought her children to night clubs they (2nd) husband played at. That’s irresponsible in my book regardless of time period.

        • Nancy says:

          Wouldn’t it be great if Libby’s baby came out 1/2 black? Maybe she and the
          gardner did more than dance that day. Now that would be a good storyline.
          Poor Libby. Masters is so mean to his mother. It’s time to let it go. He needs
          some mental health work needless to say.

          • lulu says:

            Omg that woud be a twist!!

            From experience. When a mother abuses a child, he even as an adult carries that with him. Nothing will overcome a horrific childhood. A patient understanding wife helps IMHO a damaged wife makes it worse. We think he is bad now wait intil his child is born. Two outcomes either he will embrace him/her or be completely distant.

            His mother needs to back off!! She is making him worse. He’s an adult if he wants a relationship with her he would have sought her out.

        • chismosa™ says:

          I agree with you about the irresponsibility of it but I still see Lizzy as not so bad with the kids.

          I don’t have kids and I get along better with kids than with other adults lol.

          But I see your point. Christina Ricci- ooooh good one

  23. lulu says:

    OT just a complaint!! Morning check engine light, brought it to the dealer had the oil changed. The trans is f’d!!!! Tomorrow we are buying a new car I’m p’d off that I filled the gas tank, oil change etc!!! Was hoping the car would have lasted till January!! 😦 rant over when it rains it pours at the worst times!

  24. cusi77 says:

    I dislike Brandi so much since I heard her in that Radio Program with… Howard Stern?

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