Happy Thanksgiving – Top Ten Lists / Survivor

Top 10 Reasons I’m Thankful I’m NOT a “Real Housewife”

by Stars99

10.  I’m not a fan of discretionary needles – I’d never be able to keep up with the Botox regimen.

9.  I’d get forever lost just trying to find the bathroom in my ostentatiously large mansion.

8.  With closets the size of small countries, I’d never be able to decide what to wear – And don’t even get me started with the shoe decision. The purse and jewelry choices would seriously put me over the edge.

7.  I don’t have a knife long enough or sharp enough to stab in the backs of my friends.

6.  Because then I’d actually have to open a Twitter account and tweet horrible things about my castmates or exes all day long… My rants would then be followed-up by a frustrating number of humble brags and “selfies” just to make me feel better about myself.

5.  I couldn’t possibly keep a straight face while I watch my castmates blatantly lie and cause drama over such mundane things as a clump of hair out of place. Puhleeze…

4.  I could never sell my soul to the devil for fame and a couple of dollars.

3.  There is no such thing as “enough” to them – Never enough money, fame, or material stuff. Bravo viewers however, are well aware of the concept of “enough” though… We’ve had “enough” of these insipid shows with repetitive themes and intellectually insulting content.

2.  I’m just not delusional enough… At least not yet…

1.  Duck lips belong on ducks. Just sayin’…


Ten Things for which I am Thankful by BB

10.   That Kim Bierman’s pregnancy is over – no more selfies of her baby bump.
9.     That Taylor Armstrong is no longer on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
8.     That I’m not Teresa Guidice.
7.     That I’m not Camille Grammer.
6.     Brandi Glanville (for the laughs and entertainment she provides with her antics).
5.     All the good new scripted programming so I can wean myself from the housewife shows.
4.     This blog site and all the great people here.
3.     NoMoreDrama for keeping it going.
2.     That I’m relatively healthy.
1.     My family and friends (both human and furry).

If you check in today, post something for which you’re thankful.  Happy Thanksgiving!


Hiya Castaways… Last week, Laura M was sent back to redemption island. The edit played it like her daughter Ciera sent her there but with a tribe of 8, it really didn’t matter how Ciera voted, Laura was going either way. King Aras had become the first member of the jury, leaving his brother alone on RI with 2 girls, Tina and Laura, the two moms.

At camp after the vote the remaining 7 are there with Ciera consoling her because she had to vote off her mom. Ciera believes she has shown tribal alliance loyalty by doing that. Later, this will possibly come back to bite her in the ass as it also shows, she’s a bit ruthless in this game and may be more dangerous than anyone thought.

Redemption Island

s3Probst calls them all in and does a little Probsting with Ciera and Laura. Reminds us that Ciera voted out her mom as if she was the only one to do it. Laura says that she’s proud of her daughter, she knew this would happen at some point, just didn’t think it would be so soon. This is all such BS… The two are playing together and as a team decided which it would be better to have stay in the game. Sending Laura to RI made sense because she is the puzzle terminator. Ciera on s1the other hand, couldn’t find her ass with both hands tied behind her back when it comes to the puzzles. So how about if we cut the crap and get to this one… Above we see a tunnel path made of rope that each player must retrieve 4 cubes from. Then stack them as shown so that no side has repeating colors. Seems pretty simple, right? Not so fast. Laura and Vytas are the first to get all 4 cubes through their tunnels and begin with the puzzles, Tina is way behind. Laura runs away with this one leaving Tina and Vytas to fight it out for second place. Then it happens… s4Mom power unite. Laura begins telling Tina how to place each piece. Vytas cannot believe what is happening until he figures out that he can take the advice too. It comes down to a split second on the final cube and Tina wins it by the hairs on her chin.. Vytas congratulates Tina, and tells Laura to go scratch with the cold shoulder. He now gets to spend more quality time with his brother, in the jury box. Laura offers the clue to the nonexistent idol to Ciera who, burns it.

Pre Immunity Challenge Chatter

At camp, Tyson is gunning for Katie. Caleb and Heydon know they are in the middle and if they don’t make a move, it may be bad for them. They set their sights on Tyson. Even if they all make it to the end, he has the best shot with the Jury, they believe. Caleb approaches Katie with the idea of blindsiding Tyson.. At this point, I think she will do whatever keeps her in the game, she knows she’s at the bottom of the tribal pack. Then, the two of them go to Ciera with the idea.. She plays as if she agrees but this one is not to be trusted. She’s the biggest snake in the game right now. What happens next? She tells Tyson what’s going on. She promises him that she will vote how he tells her to vote, trying to seal a final 2 or 3 deal with him. Tyson has been working with Monica and Gervace and with Ciera, that’s 4, an unbeatable alliance, if he can trust Ciera. That night, he tells Gervace what is going on, and now, the targets are Caleb and Heydon.

Tree Mail

The following morning (29), Ciera and Tyson stagger off to get the treemail. As she walks by Caleb and Heydon, total cold shoulder.. RuhRoh.. She said earlier in TH that she doesn’t trust the newbies who will flip at the drop of a dime and burn their alliance. That’s why she told Tyson. Treemail reads “Are you one big happy family, Do you have a grip on this game, You better hold on for dear life, or tonight you’ll lose your flame.” Whatever could That mean? Let’s find out…. but first, Heydon and Katie are nervous that Ciera is so chummy with Tyson.. Might be time to send her to be knocked out by her mom at RI.

Immunity Challenge

s6Once again, the idol is up for grabs. Monica has won it twice. The object of this game is for each player to hold on to that spool, which supports on the other end of the rope a bucket containing, 25% of their own weight. Once the bucket falls, they are out of the game. The twist here is, they can play or feast. Each player can opt out of the challenge, giving up a chance at the immunity necklace in exchange for some food. The food is BBQ steaks, chicken, sausage, etc. Cold ice tea and s7probably some picnic salads as well. Each player is given a pair of rocks, one black (eating), one white (playing). At the same time, all reveal what they are going to do by showing which rock they chose to show. Tyson, Gervace, and Ciera, all choose to eat, the others are playing. The three of them can eat as s8long as the challenge is going on. Katie (yellow) is out first. Then, Caleb (purple) is done. When it comes to the stamina in these games, Monica (green) is the Zen master. She just zones out and really doesn’t move. Meanwhile Tyson is shoveling that food in as fast as he can. After about 20 minutes, after Monica readusts her grip, Heydon’s hands have had enough and he just lets go (blue). Monica s9wins again. Good for her.. Probably the most insulting thing coming from the eating table was Tyson and his belching. I don’t think he could have done it anymore if he had tried. As soon as Monica won, their feast was over.

Pre Tribal Chatter

Congrats Monica, the food was good, yada yada yada.. The newbie duo, Heydon and Caleb, are feeling the pressure, thinking one of them is going to get blindsided. They decide to approach Tyson and ask him straight out. They all decide that Ciera is playing all the men against each other. Tyson in TH says it’s a good move on her part. He decides he may play the idol in case he cannot trust Ciera and she has to go..

Tribal Council

Let the Probsting begin… Heydon’s hands are all blistered and there are 3 people with packed bellies. It makes him feel nervous that someone is so comfortable that they don’t feel the need to attempt the challenge. Ciera says she didn’t have a hope in hell of winning the challenge, so why not eat? Tyson was surprised that more didn’t eat, he feels comfortable with the alliances he’s made why not them. The issue of trust comes up in the probsting. Who will be shocked if they are blind sided. Why naturally, all of s10them would. Let’s vote. We see Caleb vote for Ciera but none of the others. Probst brings back the votes and asks for the hidden idol. I’m a little stunned that Tyson played it. Especially given the results. 4 for Caleb, 3 for Ciera. Not one for Tyson..

The Voting results so far


No SAMCRO this week, perhaps those who haven’t seen it will enjoy



With the big shopping season upon you, I’ve written a series of articles that may be helpful to those of you interested in photography. They begin here.



This is going to be a bit corny but I don’t care. I am going to take this opportunity to thank all of you for welcoming me here and putting up with me. If there is one thing outside of my family that I am thankful for, it is all of you. Yes, even those I argue with.


Happy Birthday cdnfillie58



About Veena (NMD)

Just a housewife ... who loves this place .... and loves to write ... You can reach me through this email: nomoredrama8@gmail.com. Lynn's Place is in tribute to Housewives blogger Lynn Hudson, who passed away in August of 2012.
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  1. Jill...no not THAT Jill™ says:

    Happy Thankgiving everyone-I hope you all have a wonderful feast today!!
    I’m thankful for each and every one of you-the ones I agree with and the ones I don’t! The ones who agree with me and the ones who don’t!! I love coming here to chat with all of you even if we all know we are talking about a scripted show that means nothing in our real lives-you all mean something to me in my real life! Thanks for the laughter and the banter. Thanks for the advice when I need and the knowledge when I need. You are an amazing group of people and I’am THANKFUL!!
    NMD-you are tireless in you effort to keep this blog going-I will always be thankful for you…especially thankful!!!!

  2. BB says:

    I am also thankful for my fellow recappers’ contributions to the blogs. Even if I don’t watch all the shows, I can still keep up with what’s going on!

  3. BB says:

    Happy birthday cdnfillie58. Although I haven’t seen you around in a long while, hope you are doing well and have a happy birthday!

  4. VV™ says:


    @KyleRichards18: @NajaR09 I appreciate that. 😊

    Original Message:

  5. VV™ says:

    @KyleRichards18: @rlynnbutler Xo

    Original Message:

  6. California35 says:

    Happy Birthday cdnfillie58!

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    I wish you all lots of hummer food and happy moments.

  7. VV™ says:

    @KyleRichards18: @Midrina0516 @joycegiraud XXOO

    Original Message:

  8. VV™ says:

    Always the Victim…..

    @KyleRichards18: @NajaR09 thank you ❤️

    Original Message:

  9. Stars99 - a/k/a/ - ***FREE VITO***©™® says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! I’m so thankful for this community… And remember, we are what we eat… We’re all turkeys! Gobble… Gobble… Gobble… The following list of Marathons and Specials for today is from Zap2It: http://blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/11/thanksgiving-tv-2013-modern-family-james-bond-and-more-marathons-and-specials.html

    ABC: “Lady Gaga & The Muppets’ Holiday Spectacular,” 9:30 to 11 p.m.
    ABC Family: Harry Potter movie marathon, 1 p.m. to 11 p.m. (“Prisoner of Azkaban,” “Goblet of Fire,” “Half-Blood Prince”)
    AMC: “The Godfather” movies, 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. the next day
    CBS: Thanksgiving Day Parade, 9 a.m. to noon; NFL football Oakland at Dallas, 4:30 to 8 p.m.
    Discovery: “Alaska: The Final Frontier” marathon, noon to 8 p.m., new “Punkin Chunkin” competition, 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.
    DIY: “I Want That” marathon, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
    Esquire: “Knife Fight” marathon, 6 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
    FOX: NFL football, Green Bay at Detroit, 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.; “X Factor” results and new “Glee,” 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.
    HGTV: “Flip or Flop” and “Property Brothers” marathon, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    History: “Swamp People” marathon, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., then “Swampsgiving” rebroadcast at 5 p.m.
    IFC: “The Three Stooges” marathon, 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
    NBC: Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., National Dog Show, 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.; NFL football Pittsburgh at Baltimore, 8:30 to 11:30 p.m.
    Oxygen: “Preachers of L.A.” marathon, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
    Syfy: James Bond movie marathon, 8 a.m. to 5 a.m. the next day (“Dr. No,” “Thunderball,” “Tomorrow Never Dies,” “The World Is Not Enough,” “Die Another Day,” “Casino Royale,” “Goldfinger,” “The World Is Not Enough”)
    TLC: “Lottery Changed My Life” and “Undercover Boss” marathon, 7 a.m. to 3 a.m. the next day
    TNT: “Castle” marathon, 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.
    TV Land: “I Love Lucy” and “Andy Griffith Show” marathon, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
    USA: “Modern Family” marathon, 9:30 a.m. to midnight

  10. boston02127 says:

    Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

  11. boston02127 says:

    Happy Birthday cdnfillie58!!!

  12. plainviewsue says:

    Happy Turkey Day everyone!!!! Love the top ten lists!!!!!

  13. VV™ says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!!! 🍁🍂🍁🍂

  14. VV™ says:

    Stars99, your top 10 are hilarious! ……..

  15. VV™ says:

    BB, thanks for sharing your top 10.

  16. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Happy Thanksgiving. I hope everyone is well and enjoys their family and friends.

  17. Powell says:

    Stars & BB I’m greatful for everything you both listed on you top ten’s but I’m mostly greatful for my family and friends, NMD for keeping us together and youse guys for providing the laughs, tears and support.

  18. Sasha says:

    Happy Birthday cdnfillie58
    Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!!

    I think I will try to catch some of that Swamp People Marathon.

    • Powell says:

      Happy Thanksgiving Sasha. 🙂 I’ve never watched Swamp People.

      • Sasha says:

        Happy Thanksgiving to you to Powell. Swamp People is not for everyone but I like it. It is one of those quirky shows that I will only admit to watching here.

  19. Just Wondering In Jersey says:

    I am grateful for NMD, this blog, Jeff, and all the recappers as well as the commenters. You all make my day. I’m also grateful for my furnace and a tank full of oil (it’s cold here in Jersey today) and I’m grateful the wind conditions we have been having have not caused my famous tree to drop any limbs (yet.) I’m also grateful for the people at my vet’s office who raised a sweet, loving cat I could adopt. She is the greatest gift.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone

  20. Powell says:

    So who’s hitting up the sales starting today? I may go to Target tonight. That’s a BIG may. :0)

  21. lulu says:

    Happy thanksgiving everyone!!! Hope your day is filled with joy and a great feast!

    The few things I’m thankful for:
    My two healthy happy boys
    A DH that inspite of really sh#t luck is putting on a smile for today.
    Lynn fam!!!
    NMD for keeping this blog going and the witty blogs!

    On another note I noticed Andy’s show WWHL has not been on for the pasy few days? Has it been canceled?

  22. AZGirl says:

    Just got back from a 90 minute Turkey Spin Class! Ready to eat some PIE!
    Thankful for all my family. My butthead dog Pepper. Of course Lynn’s Family.
    I will check in later

  23. T-Rex says:

    Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Chanukah, last time to say this for 78,000 years! I want to thank NMD for keeping this blog going and to ALL of my Blog buddies here, I can’t thank you enough, especially now going through this medical crap, you guys mean a lot to me. All of your strength is giving me strength! First day in 3 weeks I didn’t wake up and need a pain pill, one can only hope I have turned some sort of corner. I love that we all agree to disagree about our favorite and favoritely-hated Hwives. Hope everyone has a great day, I know I am going to need a forklift to get my butt off the couch later today with all the food i am making. Got our Tofurkey, homemade stuffing, Yorkshire Pudding(it’s a brit thing, and made my own ghee for this one), mashed potatoes, and a green bean casserole on the agenda.

    • Yorkshire Pudding? What time should I come over? You have to get that stuff when it’s just right. It can’t sit too long or it gets soggy..

      • T-Rex says:

        MTH, oh we have been trained well on the art of Yorkshire Pudding, it’s our family tradition since as long as I can remember. When the whole family used to do Sunday dinner when we were kids, and all Holidays had Yorkshire pudding. My sister is actually the master, she will be making them for Christmas. At Christmas since there is so many of us, we make them individually in the muffin tins, for Thanksgiving we will be making it in the traditional pie pan. First is a good base, we find ghee works great, all ingredients must be at room temp before mixing, once mixed they must sit for at least 45 min, then the ghee must smoking, and the big cardinal rule, NEVER open the oven during the cooking, we don’t even turn on the light, HA!

        • Haha 😆

          One year mom was making it at grandma’s house. After mom got it in the oven, gradma kept opening the door to put the baked potatoes in.. She thought if she did it one at a time, and quickly, it wouldn’t hurt the YP. She was wrong.. Not a good year for Yorkshire Pudding.

        • Nancy says:

          We should have a cook out. I grew up on Yorkshire pudding. I also
          make a great English Trifle.

          • T-Rex says:

            Love English Trifle, of course I remember a whole lot of pretty awful versions growing up. That and Brussel Sprouts, I HATED them growing up since no one could cook them properly. Now we quarter them and roast them in the oven with butter and garlic and a smattering of Parmesan cheese just after removed from the oven, yummo. Oh, and did your family also have those obligatory gawd-awful jello creations, you know the ones with crap added to them, bad enough it was a jello mold they had to be-dazzle them with awful additions. Probably one of the reasons I am a vegetarian now, HA

  24. I am flipping all of you the Bird, hoping you’re having a great one. There’s a dusting of snow on the ground, just enough to make it dangerous for those who don’t know how to drive in the stuff. Oh, it’s freezing too 😉

    For those interested, Cusi wrote to me last night and said her travel plans were a go… Assuming everything went right, she should be with her family south of the border by now.

    Stars and BB – I too am glad I am not a housewife. Number one reason…. I am ill-equipped for the job. Reasons 2 – 11, read Stars’ list. Most of all though, I am thankful for the friends I’ve been able to make here. You’ve all made it pretty effortless and for that alone, Thank you.

  25. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Chanukah. In addition to my family, friends,and all of my blog friends, I’m thankful to those crazy housewives and fellow bloggers for keeping me amused.

    Eat responsibly. No breaking of zippers!

  26. cdnfillie58 – Here’s something for you….

  27. Superfly says:

    I am thankful for Lynn Hudson. Without her I would not have made so many wonderful friends. Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and saying prayers your families don’t drive you over the edge today!

  28. LavaLady says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all

  29. Nancy says:

    I’m thankful for the wonderful friends I have met here on the blog and off the blog.
    Thank-you NMD for keeper our family together. I’m thankful for my two feral cats
    that have glued themselves to me ever since Emily passed away. I’m also
    thankful that this year is almost over as it’s been a hard one for me.

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my American friends. 🙂

  30. SoutheastVA says:

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am thankful to be here, for my family and friends. And, I’m thankful my 97 year old grandmother asked for my coconut cake for her dessert today. She’s picky;)

  31. Happy Birthday Cdnfillie58 – have a wonderful day filled with laughter, love and lots of cake!
    Like Superfly, I am thankful for Lynn Hudson and her wonderful gift she shared with us!
    Thanks to NMD for stepping up to keep us together in the little corner of the internet that Lynn created and to all who guest blog, post and lurk here.
    Today can ignite happiness or panic in some as today signals the slide down to all the holidays to be celebrated and obligations to be met before the year ends. Thanksgiving is about family, friends and food, but more importantly, it is about taking the time to reflect on what we are all individually thankful for and for letting those in our life know that we are thankful for them as well.
    Enjoy this day and the adventures and memories it will bring. Please know, I am thankful for all we continue to share, day in and day out because together we are a unique hybrid of a family of friends!

  32. I wish Brandi would take a break for the Holiday. And PS – rumor has it Eddie has moved out and is staying with his mom.

    Brandi Glanville ‏@BrandiGlanville 14m
    to the blog that said I was lying about @Deansheremet coming on podcast can suck it!Ask him! He confirmed twice but his sched didnt permit

  33. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!
    I am thankful for this blog and all my fans, HARDEE HAR HAR!!! I am so grateful to all of you that show up and talk and share your thoughts and opinions!!! I LOVE hearing different views!!! All my friends!! We are having Ham and scalloped potatoes, I took a poll and SURVEY SAYS~~~ no turkey!!! My tree is up and has all the lights on it. Yes, I did go to Walmart at 5:30 pm on the Thanksgiving Eve to get new lights for my tree…..it was as if they were waiting for me…parking space right up front, no line…..ammmazzzzinnnnggg…. I am thankful that at 3am I decided to delete the $300 worth of stuff in my Target.com basket and WENT TO SLEEP!!!! But it was fun just “buying” whatever I wanted…..but then looking at it all I thought, fogettaboutit!!!

  34. Oh, I forgot, Stars great job!! I think you could do it if you applied yourself, lol!!!
    MTH, I was laughing so hard at Caleb and Hayden talking about Cerra being two faced when it was their original idea to blindside Tyson, I thought it was a good move but they are the ones that came up with it….she is LUCKY that Tyson did believe them…..I don’t think that Laura if she gets off RI will get votes from the bros after she helped Tina and that may be true about her daughter too….

  35. Jules says:

    I am thankful for Bobby mentioning “the hate blog”, that I googled and found dear Lynn and for all of you that have made this site a joy.

  36. sparklemuffy says:

    Happy Thanksgiving 🙂 I am thankful fo Bobby also– hehe and our dear Lynn — hugs to her fambly– and NMD– you are a rock star- and BB and Jeff– I thought of your blog about 1:30 and everyone ate and left— hehe– it was my kids so they’re allowed but I totally get it— Starz99– speaking of HUGE closets…. I got new carpet in my bedroom this week. The guys that installed it had recently installed carpet in Nicloe Kidman and Keith Urban’s closet. Needless to say, it was almost 4x the size of my master bedroom ( I have a sitting area). So the HW’s are POSERS– just saying. I’m just wondering what Cher’s closet looks like….

  37. boston02127 says:


  38. Orson says better Vito than me. says:

    Roomie and I got a Turkey dinner for 4 from Bob Evans. Hey, we’re guys, eh? So the bird, taters, and stuffing is in the oven and we’ve got a 30 minute window before the veggies and gravy go on the stovetop. I’m grateful I have a roof to sleep under. And for all youses here. Maybe by next Thanksgiving the Katie the Cat won’t be all askeered of me.

  39. boston02127 says:

    To everyone on the blog.

  40. HuskerHuny says:

    It’s now nice and quiet in my house. I sit here listening to 70s music on Music Choice on my TV. My husband and son are in line at Walmart about now picking up some specials. My daughter went to visit a few peeps before she heads back to her home. My husband pretty much did all of the food prep for our noon feast. All in all, I’m quite blessed and thankful and wishing the same for all of you! So thankful for the many friends I have made on this site. To those of you who take your valuable and precious time for the recaps – kudos. For those who post their opinions regardless if I agree or not, it’s so worth reading and keeps me laughing. You’re all the best!

  41. boston02127 says:

    I hate when I eat at someone’s house and say no thank you to dessert leftovers. Usually cuz I’m stuffed. Then later I’m thinking “wish I took that pie”.

  42. boston02127 says:

    I have a Marlee Matlin movie on but you can’t just listen to it and be on the computer, you have to watch.

  43. boston02127 says:

    Is anyone shopping tomorrow? I’m not.

  44. boston02127 says:

    Well….I’m going to dork out and do homework. I’m off until Monday and want it out of the way. BBL 🙂

  45. Orson says better Vito than me. says:

    My eyes were bigger than my stomach. I am STUFFED. I blew off pot washing until tomorrow morning.

  46. VV™ says:

    Kyle: ….I’m thankfull that my fans tweet the mean things that I want to say about my cast mates so, I don’t have to…

    @KyleRichards18: @Chrissyshg thank you. happy thanksgiving !

    Original Message:

    • VV™ says:

      @KyleRichards18: @AndryaUpswife26 thank u ❤️

      Original Message:

    • Is it just me or is Kyle seeming to buy support on twitter. Paying people to write nice things about her? Some of these tweeps sound like complete idiots.

      “gr8 blg dis wk readg many blogs &many ppl luvd,agrd w u& also agree ur not a bully many say Lisa Yo,B seemd 2 b the bullys”

      WTF did she even say?

  47. VV™ says:

    Ate delicious food, enjoyed family, watched some football, and gave thanks!

  48. VV™ says:

    @AdrienneMaloof: I am also thankful for those who can cook! Thank you Bernie for the beautiful Turkey. We love you. http://t.co/SnM0CDV5rW

    Original Message:

  49. TexasTart says:

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I’m thankful to be off my feet and my pants still fit! Thankful for family, good health and a prosperous year.

    Thankful for NMD’s tireless contribution to keep this place rockin! Equally thankful for all the current bloggers, NMD, MTH, BB, Stars, Ramonacoaster & HydrangeaHussy. Thankful to read and chat with the peanut gallery. God Bless you all. ♥

  50. adamay411 says:

    I’m thankful for Medicare.

  51. TexasTart says:

  52. TexasTart says:

  53. TexasTart says:

  54. TexasTart says:

  55. TexasTart says:

  56. TexasTart says:

  57. TexasTart says:

    • chismosa™ says:

      Morning Tarts and thanks for the tweets. I’m THANKFUL for them!

      Isn’t this woman a Wiccan? Is she not raising her kids as such ? What’s with the Christmas tree ?

      • Orson says better Vito than me. says:

        Before there were Christians in Europe, I think Druids used trees to celebrate Saturnalia, or for some winter solstice celebration.

  58. TexasTart says:

  59. TexasTart says:

  60. TexasTart says:

  61. TexasTart says:

  62. TexasTart says:

  63. TexasTart says:

    LOVED the Top 10 lists!!! Laughing at them again on a 2nd read. 😀

  64. chismosa™ says:

    I’ll post my “thanks” on the next blog later but thank you always NMD and all the bloggers as well as fellow commenters. I echo everyone’s beautiful sentiments above !

  65. NJBev says:

    I’m playing catch-up with reading the blogs.
    I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Starrs99
    and BB – the lists were adorable, and cracked me up!
    Survivor,,,,,, ohhhh where to begin-
    I watched last weeks episode an hour before I saw this one-
    my head was spinning!!
    Let’s just say I wanted to reach thru the screen and choke the
    crap out of Ciera. Laura deserves an Oscar for the way she backed
    the idiot Bitch. She didn’t have to vote her Mom off, let alone put
    “mom” on the ballot.

    I am going to the chat(Atlanta) blog and finish talking about this-
    this is stupid when no will read it here!!
    But, any authors do read it, thank you!!
    Jeff, great “Survivors” blog!!!!

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