Real Housewives of Atlanta – Mama Joyce Comes for Todd and Beverly Hills Dig Count

Real Housewives of Atlanta – Joyce Comes for Todd by NMD

real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-6-gallery-episode-605-03Once again, Peter fills the role of confidante for an Atlanta house husband who is in the doghouse.  First it was Gregg who needed his advice; this time it’s Apollo.  Peter listens to Apollo’s side of the story.  When Apollo gets to the part where he told Phaedra that if he wanted Kenya he would have “smashed” her, Peter just shakes his head.  He explains to Apollo that you never say anything like that.  You are supposed to say to your wife – the only woman I’d ever want to be with is you.  I’m staring at the screen wondering why Peter can give good advice and yet say such asinine things to Cynthia.

real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-6-gallery-episode-605-04Now on to Todd.  Mama Joyce has stated that Todd is having an affair with Kandi’s friend and employee Carmen.  Right away I love Carmen.  Instead of saying something about Todd – she says the words every friend wants to hear – that she’d never ever do anything to hurt Kandi.  Then the discussion turns to Mama Joyce and why she is trying to stir up trouble.  Carmen says Kandi should check Mama Joyce and tell her to knock it off or she’ll cut her out of her life.  Kandi says she can never to that – and Carmen rightly points up that Kandi is enabling Mama Joyce’s behavior by not standing up to her.  Carmen’s also a little concerned that Mama Joyce think’s she’d sleep around.

real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-6-gallery-episode-605-08Again no one will film with Kenya – so she films with movers and Lawrence.  Because that isn’t enough to keep viewers interest, she phones NeNe for a brief conversation.  Then Kenya smack talks Kandi, complaining about the one time Kandi did agree to film with her.  The dog is in the background.  There is no chance she left it behind.

real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-6-gallery-episode-605-10Cynthia takes NeNe to a grocery store and teaches her how to shop.  NeNe asks if you are still allowed to taste stuff – as she picks up a grape.  Cynthia tells NeNe about Noelle’s boyfriend, and NeNe thinks she should tell her that she shouldn’t date.  (Right – because teenagers listen to people telling them what not to do.)  Cynthia would rather have a healthy, communicative relationship with her daughter.

real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-6-gallery-episode-605-13We get a candid moment between Todd and Kandi.  He comes home from a trip, and Kandi has a chef in the house to treat him to a really nice meal.  But then she tells him about her earlier conversation with Mama Joyce.  Todd expresses frustration, and explains that he gives up work opportunities for their relationship.  Kandi interviews that he doesn’t understand, and she’s caught between Todd and her mom.  She laughs as Todd is trying to explain his concerns, and he calls her on it and says she may end up losing her relationship with him if she doesn’t put an end to it.  He forces her to call her mom and set up a meeting.  He explains that he doesn’t need to be undermined or disrespected in a calm voice.   I need to interject and say that Todd is extremely emotionally mature and is handling this really well.  Kandi seems to get it.  This is three people now that have told her to stand up to Mama Joyce- her daughter, good friend, and fiance.  C’mon Kandi – you’re a bright woman.

real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-6-gallery-episode-605-18Cynthia has invited Noelle’s boyfriend and his mom to dinner.  Ahh – I get it.  They are comparing Cynthia’s relationship with Noelle, to Mama Joyce’s relationship with Kandi.  Uh oh – when the boyfriend comes in, he says “nice to meet you Peter,” and Peter tells him to call him Mr. Thomas.  Then Peter flips him a little more crap.  It’s pretty funny- he’s playing with him and Noelle and real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-6-gallery-episode-605-20Cynthia tell him to knock it off.  Luckily Peter has to go to work.  So Cynthia and the boyfriends mom chit chat and get on the same page.  The kids are really cute together.  I think it’s okay to let thirteen year olds “date” as long as they are supervised and dating means they are buddies.  I wouldn’t leave them alone.

Another mother-daughter duo is Porsha and her mom. Porsha is loving living at home and being treated like a princess.   Her mom really wants her to move out and tries to talk her into renting a place of her own.  Ultimately Porsha decides that she’s not ready to move out of mom’s house.  So we have Porsha too dependent on her mom – Kandi’s mom too dependent on her – and Cynthia just perfect.  I like the storytelling in this episode.

Phaedra.  Phaedra has gone to Alabama to hang out with her study group to become a funeral director.  At first I thought this wasn’t a real storyline, but she’s been studying for a few years to get her license, so I think she’s sincere.  Only Phaedra can make this stuff fun, and the group she’s studying with are really – odd.  She fits in well.

Now the meeting between Todd, Kandi, and Mama Joyce.  My stomach is beginning to ache worrying about how this would go down.  Everyone is very uncomfortable.  As Kandi dishes up, Joyce asks if Carmen did the cooking.  She says that Carmen is the lady of the house more than Kandi.  Then she goes into a rant about Carmen and Todd – wow – she’s trying to take out the friend and the boyfriend in one swipe and no one has even taken a bite of the food.  Now Joyce says that since Todd has been there Kandi acts like she doesn’t have a family – and asks how many pictures of her mama does Kandi have on her walls. Kandi tries to explain the pictures are a work in progress but Mama Joyce wants nothing to do with any explanations.   Then she almost seems like she’s going to apologize and says that when she last got together with Kandi things didn’t go so well and she said something about the ring.  You know – the ring Kandi loves.  But all of a sudden she goes for the jugular and says that Kandi picked that ring because she knew Todd couldn’t afford a more expensive ring – and she only did it to please HIM.  And HE should have bought it for her for Christmas and then dropped another $30-$40,000 on an engagement ring.  Mama Joyce sure likes to spend other people’s money.  Would Kandi even want two rings?  I’d rather have a partner who knows how to keep wisely and not rack up debt.  I suspect Kandi would too as she’s pretty careful with her money.

real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-6-gallery-episode-605-30Then she asks him if he’d sign a prenup.  Todd is so calm through all of this, and Kandi has stopped saying anything.  Mama Joyce is a huge bully.  She just keeps firing and firing at them – although in fairness the dinner was probably an hour and the scene five minutes.  But nevertheless, if Kandi doesn’t put a stop to this, Todd will walk.  Todd rightly says he’s not going to answer Mama Joyce’s question about the prenup (because she had NO RIGHT to ask it.) I feel for Kandi.  Dealing with a difficult parent who thinks they’ve earned the right to be rude is extremely frustrating – trust me.  You are always apologizing after they do their damage, but if you call them on it they sulk and you look like the bad guy.  Can you tell this has hit a cord with me?

Kandi leaves to get the pie.  Todd asks Joyce if this is a work in progress.  Joyce says yes, but in the next breath calls him an opportunist.  She calls him slick and from NY.  I’ll bet she’s frustrated that she can’t get under his skin.  He just just so patient.  He asks what he needs to do to make her support them as a couple and says he loves Kandi to death.  She accuses him of cheating again, but when Kandi walks in she tells Kandi they were bonding.   She laughs in a manic sort of way.  Todd – in a very calm voice  – again explains to her that he loves Kandi.  Joyce says she’s a work in progress – but she’s calmed down a little – and asks where they go from there. Kandi says they’ll keep working on the relationship, and hopefully move on and get married.  Hopefully?  Oh Kandi – it’s your life – you need to think about yourself for once.  Well  – you and your daughter.


DigFest 2013™®© – Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Who Has the Biggest Shovel?

by Stars99

Note:  So what do you think?  Which housewife has been making the most digs?  Who has the biggest shovel (and is it pink and sparkly?)… It may surprise you that there are several in the running from this franchise… I am attempting to keep track of everyone’s digs throughout the season. We may disagree on how the digs are specifically counted and the reasoning behind it being considered a “dig”… But basically, if someone said or did something not so nice – or inferred something not so nice about someone else (housewife or not) – I tried to count it.  If I miscounted or misjudged, please let me know – because even counting the digs is very, very tricky! Extra points may have been given if the digs are especially dramatic or are accompanied by a gesture or expletive of some sort.  I included explanations for the digs when I felt it was needed.  These women really do know how to snark about each other – and it’s interesting to see which digs happen in front of their faces vs. those who are done safely behind their backs in their Talking Head (TH) interviews.  Some of you may have already read the digs for Episode 2 (because it was the 1st time I started counting digs and that particular episode was already posted) but I’ve also included it in this post for continuity purposes.  Therefore, I’ve included digs for the first 4 episodes… I’ve included a running scorecard at the end of the post… On to DigFest 2013™®©!  Enjoy!

Episode 1 – “A Catered Affair to Remember”

“Dealing with Lyme Disease was a huge lesson for our entire family. It really showed me who my true friends are and Brandi has been there for me and Kyle hasn’t.”  Yo: 1

“Get it – Don’t f*** it up.” Brandi says to JR/boyfriend/real estate agent regarding closing the deal on leasing a house.”  Brandi: 1

“Someone has to make the first move and I know it’s not going to be Lisa.”  Kyle: 1

“As long as you know what you’re getting into… No, it will be fine…” says Lisa regarding SUR employees serving food at Kyle’s Chamber of Commerce Party.  Kyle responds, “As long as they know how to mix drinks, right?”  Lisa says, “Well, clearly they do.”  Lisa: 1 (a dig towards her own staff, no less…lol)

“And you’re on the Chamber of Commerce – That’s the funniest bloody thing I’ve ever heard” says Lisa of Kyle’s new membership. In her talking head (TH) Lisa says, “I’m not involved with the Chamber of Commerce in Beverly Hills – I really don’t have the time right now.  I just don’t imagine Kyle being involved in the kind of bureaucracy of the city, but okay, but if they need Kyle, I guess she’ll fill a space.”  Lisa:  1

“I mean to me, honestly, I’ve never had an issue with her – we’ve gotten along.  I’ve never had an issue – but to me, a lie… I can’t tolerate a lie.  Once someone I know is a liar….” says Kyle about Yolanda.  Kyle: 1

“I saw the invitation but you know I’m confused.  I mean, why would I go to somebody’s house who just called me a liar?  I do not lie.  You know, one of my biggest faults is that I’m too straight and I have too much say as it is.”  Yo says to Brandi about Kyle’s invitation.  Yo: 1 (Yo is in essence calling Kyle a liar, which is why the point was given.)

“I really don’t have any interest in going to her house.  I just need acknowledgement in order to move on – and Kyle seems to live her life by swooping everything under the carpet.”  Yo says in her TH about Kyle’s accusing her of being a liar on last season’s reunion and the current invitation to Kyle’s house for the Chamber of Commerce gathering.  Yo: 1

“When I look at Yolanda, never would I associate her with being a liar” says Lisa.  “Really? Cuz I do… says Kyle.  Lisa shakes her head “no.”  “Because I know and she knows…That’s my issue with her,” says Kyle.   Kyle: 1

“This is where the rumor comes that he’s been seen with a younger woman,” Lisa says of Mauricio who was explaining he was taking Portia out for lunch and to run errands, etc.   Lisa: 1

“I feel like Lisa is not done punishing me.  You know, this is beginning to feel like a game to me and I don’t want to play games with my friends” says Kyle.  Kyle: 1

“Even if I can’t necessarily count on the ‘Sur’ staff, I know that the food will always be good – Which is nice of me to say, considering…” says Kyle as the Sur staff bring food in for the evening’s party.  Kyle: 1 (She almost got away with this one – but then she had to pat herself on the back – and resulted in the point being awarded.)

“I don’t think of Kyle as a businesswoman… Clearly she loves fashion and that’s why she got into opening the shop.  I don’t know exactly what she’ll bring to the chamber of commerce, I guess we’ll see,” says Lisa in her TH.  Lisa: 1

“I think Lisa is a little intimidated by Yolanda.  And I think that she just thinks it’s easier to pretend she thinks that Yolanda is telling the truth,” says Kyle in her TH about what she alleges Yo said about Lisa behind her back.  Kyle: 1

“So what I’m saying is… If it’s supposedly about what she said about me and I don’t care…” says Lisa.   “Well, obviously it’s more than that because she won’t.  You’re saying to let it go but you don’t let go of anything,” responds Kyle.  “I let go of everything,” insists Lisa.  “Well, with me you didn’t let go so why are trying to make me let go?” asks Kyle.  Kyle: 1

“It feels like a slap in the face to me.  Lisa knows me.  And she knows I am not a liar” says Kyle.  Kyle: 1

“Oh lord, here comes…” Kyle says to Carlton and Kim as Yolanda and Brandi walk into the backyard.  Kyle: 1

This is the weirdest party I’ve ever thrown.  Ninety percent of these people I don’t even know…and the other 10% are my friends but I’m not so sure they are my friends,” says Kyle.  Kyle: 1

“Joyce is cute and for sure has better hair than Kyle,” observes Yolanda.  Yo: 1

“I told her I’m about to chop mine off,” says Kyle of her hair when it’s being compared to Joyce’s.  “I think you should do a commercial for Pantene” says Lisa to Joyce while making a side eye glance at Kyle.  Lisa: 1

Kyle says in her TH, “Lisa’s little digs come with a smile – So you think, ‘Oh, that was a joke’ and then a little while later you realize, ‘Okay, that was an insult.’”  Kyle: 1

“Kyle is about Kyle – Whatever works for Kyle is how she is going to maneuver certain situations.  As of now, we are not going to be friends any time soon,” says Yolanda about Kyle.  Yo: 1

“Destiny and Mysteri, that’s beautiful… that’s beautiful… I like that even better than ‘Cross,’” said Joyce to Carlton when discussing her children’s names for the first time.  Joyce: ½ (I don’t think it was a real dig – she just misspoke and Carlton really mistook it for a dig.

“I always give people the benefit of the doubt initially – but my thing is… Don’t f*** with my children’s names,” says Carlton of Joyce and her husband’s reaction to her children’s names.  Even though Joyce’s husband says “those are great names anyways”… Carlton: 1 (Carlton still believes Joyce dissed her kids somehow.)

“What happened to your tooth?” asks Brandi of Scheana.  Brandi: 1

“She had like a grey and purple tooth – And she said she fell and she knocked her teeth out.  Karma!” says Brandi about Scheana as she slyly looks to the right and smirks in her TH.   Brandi: 1

“Listen, she f***d my husband, so I’m going to mention a grey tooth,” explains Brandi to Kim about her comment about Scheana’s tooth.  Brandi: 1

“I don’t know if I should admit it right now, but I actually did a porno movie,” says Martin who is talking to Kyle.  “You did a porno?” asks Kyle.  “Yes… It was called… “Not Charlie’s Angels XXX” admits Martin.  “Let me see if I recognize it,” says Kyle.  “And I played the lead role.  As soon as I did it – it was a voice over thing… I did years ago,” says Martin.  “That’s what they all say…. Isn’t that what Lisa said, too?” asks Kyle.  “Lisa’s little nipple action,” pipes in Kim and Kim and Kyle laugh about it.  Kyle: 1

“Apparently Lisa has done some movies where she showed some skin, and she said, ‘Oh, please, it was three-fourths of a nipple,’ Kyle explains in her TH about Lisa’s PornoGate.    Kyle: 1

“I was surprised that Kyle would start talking about Lisa and her nipples.  I just thought it was really distasteful,” says Carlton in her TH.   Carlton: 1

“My husband’s a genius,” says Kyle as she attempts to imitate Yolanda to Lisa. “That’s nothing like it,” responds Lisa about Kyle’s impression of Yolanda.  “But you have to show Yolanda you have the courage of your convictions,” Lisa tells Kyle.  “Oh, I’ll tell her one night when she has a personality and will laugh,” Kyle responds.  Kyle: 1

“Lisa is petting my head like I’m a dog or something… so condescending.  Of course she’s doing it with a smile like she’s joking – but I know she’s not,” Kyle says in her TH of the situation when Kyle and Lisa were talking about how they used to be good friends and each of them insists the other misses their friendship.  Kyle: 1  Lisa: 1

Episode 2 – “Faint Chance”

“I feel like I’m all grown up,” says Brandi as she gives her mom a tour of her new home.   “Oh, someday… You’ll be…” answers her mother.  Brandi’s Mom: 1

Brandi gives her Mom a tour of her new house then says, “I need a drink.”   “So, what else is new?” says Brandi’s Mom.  Brandi’s Mom reads the label on the bottle, “Chaos… Kind of sounds like your life,” says Mom.  Brandi’s Mom:  2

From a poetry book that Brandi wrote when she was young that was conveniently left on top of an opened box while Brandi was moving – Brandi starts reading the title to her Mom and then reads one of her poems:  “Cute Poems about Guy and Judy” – “My Mom is pretty, but she’s kind of sh**y;  She acts real nice, but then you’ll think twice.   She doesn’t really call, I mean never at all.  Reach out and touch someone, she doesn’t know how.  She needs to get in touch with Alexander Graham Bell.” Brandi’s Mom says, “Byron, Keats and Shelley have nothing to worry about.”   “Who are they?” responds Brandi. “Never mind” says her Mom.  Brandi:  5;  Brandi’s Mom: 1 (But a really big 1.. lol…)

Carlton was right in the middle of a riveting story about a black cat and a bird that doesn’t end well for the bird and Kyle abruptly jumps up and says, “I’m gonna open the wine… I’ll be right back.”  This left Carlton gasping with her mouth wide open not believing Kyle would be that rude.  In Carlton’s TH she said, “Really? I didn’t appreciate that.  I don’t care if she was bored to death – it was rude.” Kyle: 1; Carlton: 1

“This story is going on for quite a while, and I’m wondering when we’re actually going to get to the end of it” says Carlton in her TH regarding Joyce’s long winded explanation of when she and her husband met for the first time.  Carlton:  1

When confronted by a bee while they’re outside eating lunch, Carlton gasps when Kyle wants her friend Sharon to kill the bee (Kyle’s allergic).  “Don’t kill it” exclaims Carlton.  In her TH, Carlton says, “I’m disgusted.  We’re sitting outside in this bee’s environment, this is f**ed up.  Why would you do such an awful thing?”  In Kyle’s TH, she says to us, “I’m a bee murderer’s accomplice” and then she laughs hysterically.  Meanwhile, at the lunch, everyone is laughing hysterically, even snorting they’re laughing so hard… but Carlton is just so not amused.  Carlton 1;  Kyle: 1;  Bee: 0

Kyle and Sharon are telling an amusing story to Joyce and Carlton about the first night Kyle went out with Sharon after she had a baby, and the story made them laugh so hard that the new girl Joyce snorted… and then they all started laughing about how Kyle, Sharon and Joyce are all snort laughers… which made them all laugh even harder.  Carlton was not amused and said in her TH, “Did I miss something?”  Carlton: 1

Kyle and Kim are in Kyle’s theater watching Lisa’s fainting during “Dancing with the Stars” and badly acting like it’s the first time they’ve both seen it (Insert gratuitous eye roll here).  “What… Wait? What happened?  What did she just say, ‘I fell down?’” asks Kyle.  Kim wide-eyed said, “What just happened?”  Kyle responds as she snidely gnaws on her SweetTarts™, “She fainted?  Wait a minute, I have to see that again… I want to see it in slo-mo…”  Kim says as she’s chuckling, “Look…She’s holding on… she’s holding on to his hand.  Wait a minute…I don’t think she wanted to do it anymore.”  In her TH, Kim tells us, “I’ve fainted on camera before – and I’ve fainted for real… and some people just aren’t cut out for fake faints.” Then back to Kim talking to Kyle, “When she wakes up, she wakes up… Don’t people when they wake up – Don’t they wake up startled?  But instead she woke up like she was looking at him, and then she was like… [cut] with the cameras…”  Kyle, in her TH says, “Lisa wanted out with Dancing with the Stars.  She wanted out.  I don’t blame her – I’d be tired, too, when I go home.”  Then both Kyle and Kim get up and mockingly reenact their version of the “fake fainting.”  Kyle continues on in her TH, “Of course I’m going to have to tease Lisa, just like she would tease me if the shoe was on the other foot.”    Kim: 3;  Kyle: 3 (2 for what they said and 1 for their reenactment)

“How are you with Kyle?” Lisa asks Yo at her lunch gathering with Brandi and Yo.  “I mean I’m not in a better place the woman who called me a liar.  I just feel like her and I have to have a heart to heart and talk about it – I really want to understand…” responds Yo.  “The problem is that she’s kind of stabbed everyone in the back – so once that happens, it isn’t the same,” says Brandi.  “But do you know, she really doesn’t have any girlfriends or somebody next to her,” says Yo.  Lisa says, “She has been a good friend to… Well, maybe not Adrienne, I think that was kind of a little superficial.” Cue tape during the reunion show that Lisa was saying that Kyle only cozied up to Adrienne and had defended her throughout the season because of a business decision regarding the selling of Adrienne’s house.   In her current TH, Lisa says, “I do feel a bit sorry for Kyle right now, actually, because she’s lost kind of this major support group that she had with Taylor, Adrienne and Faye ‘Rancid’”. Lisa looks to the side and says as if talking to herself, “This is too bit**y, I shouldn’t say this … but I’m awfully glad I did.”  Brandi 1; Lisa: 3; Yo: 1

“I do therapy every day,” says Yo when talking about her Lyme disease recovery.  “Really, like what?” asks Lisa. Yo responds, “Puzzles to reprogram the brain – to activate the brain. Because you know…” Lisa interrupts and says, “You need to do that, Brandi!”  Lisa: 1

“You’ve just got to put your house on the market and you’ll bond really quick,” Lisa says to Yo who is talking about how Kyle may need some friends in her life right now.  Lisa: 1

Episode 3 – “Life’s a Witch”

“Now that I have a house I don’t need JR anymore… that is horrible – but that’s not true he’s driving me nuts – he’s really on my last nerve,” says Brandi in her TH of her anticipated breakup with JR that night.  Brandi: 1

“But what happens when my tub doesn’t work and my washer isn’t working?” asks Brandi about what she will do if she actually breaks up with J.R.  “Get a handyman” responds Brandi’s friend, Jennifer – as Brandi is having this entire conversation while she’s in the tub and Jennifer is sitting on the counter. “Ay, ya, ya, ya – You Latin people in my life are so annoying,” says Brandi to her Latin friend Jennifer.  Brandi: 1

“And she’s bubbly and beautiful and I like my son to be around beautiful women,” says Carlton when talking about her 2 year old son’s nanny.  Carlton: 1 (This is included as a dig – because the author of this document found that comment to be so entirely wonky it made her head spin – plus it’s a “dig” towards ugly nannies…lol).

“Why is Yolanda driving by herself?” Kyle asks Brandi as they’re on their way to Carlton’s lunch.  “Well, she’s coming from Malibu so it didn’t make sense for her to come up here – plus, she hates you… there’s always that,” Brandi responds.  Kyle said, “Well, no love lost there.”  Brandi: 1;  Kyle: 1

“Oh it was good…well, it wasn’t good she got eliminated,” says Brandi of Lisa on the most recent episode of “Dancing with the Stars” in the limo ride to Carlton’s house.  “No, but I think she was so exhausted that she…” Brandi says.  “I think she wanted to go home,” Kyle interjects.  “She was like done,” says Brandi.  “She was like, ‘Get me out of here’… She had a little faint.. And it was her “E” ticket out of here,” says Kyle.  “I’ve never seen anyone faint so pretty and so perfect… It was a princess faint… She fell like this…” says Brandi as she mockingly faints.   Kyle: 1; Brandi: 1  (Side note:  When someone refers to an “E” ticket in the Southern California area, they are using Disneyland terminology dating back to before 1982.  Back then, when you went to Disneyland you bought packages of tickets that had various letters on them ranging from “A” to “E” correlating to the specific categories of rides and attractions.  The “E” tickets were reserved for the rides and attractions that were the best, most thrilling, fun and popular rides in the entire park at that time.)

“Clearly Kim and I are not the only ones who are suspicious of Lisa’s faint… because Brandi definitely has her opinions about Lisa’s ‘perfect faint’, too,” deduces Kyle in her TH after the limo ride.  Kyle: 1

“For me, as I was just like watching, I said, ‘Are you sure you just didn’t want to leave?’ And she’s like, ‘Brandi, I hurt my shoulder so hard going down and I had all my body weight on my shoulder when I fell’… and I’m like, ‘he was holding your hand,’” says Brandi as she tries to mimic her conversation with Lisa while even attempting to talk like Lisa.  Brandi: 1

“She was holding his thing like… ohhh…” says Kim as she dramatically imitates Lisa’s faint in her TH while actually falling off her chair onto the ground while laughing hysterically.  Kim: 1

“I am not waiting for Kyle Richards to like me – I have much more important things to do than that,” says Yolanda matter-of-factly.  Yo: 1

“So, were you raised Catholic?” Kyle asks innocently after seeing all the crosses and other church symbols throughout Carlton’s home.  “It has taken a lot of me to control myself – I don’t ever meet people for the first time and ask them what their religion is – I think it’s rude and inappropriate,” says Carlton in her TH but in the scene she looks at Kyle as if she’s an alien.  Carlton: 1

“I think I should have brought some dark blood red roses instead, I think I called it wrong,” says Lisa after handing a brilliantly pink arrangement of flowers that she grew in her own backyard as she surveyed the gothic castle that is Carlton’s home.  Lisa: 1

“There was a bit of controversy in the car on the way over about whether you fainted for real or not real,” says Brandi to Lisa, Carlton and Yolanda as the others are exploring other parts of the house.  “That she was faking her fainting?” asks Yolanda incredulously.  “Yes, there’s just a controversy,” says Brandi.  “What’s the upside of…” asks Lisa.  “I don’t know,” responds Brandi.  “They thought she faked fainting?” asks Yolanda.  “Who did?” asks Lisa.  “No they just said, ‘Do you think it was real or not real,” explains Brandi.  “Oh god…Have they got nothing else b***y to talk about apart from me… I knew I should have gotten here earlier,” concludes Lisa.  Lisa: 1; Brandi: 1

“You think maybe your friends would have been supportive or maybe that’s too much to ask.  And I hope that Brandi hasn’t been part of it,” says Lisa in her TH.   Lisa: 1

“We were all just joking, it wasn’t a bad thing,” says Brandi of the limo conversation.  “I’m sure you had my back,” Lisa says sarcastically.  Brandi laughs and said, “No I did, I said that you said you had fainted – that it was real.”   Lisa: 1; Brandi: 1 (because Brandi lied…lol)

“The last thing I need is more problems with Lisa… So why are you trying to put the blame on me?  Thanks Brandi,” says Kyle in her TH of the whole limo conversation and how Brandi brought it up to Lisa.  Kyle: 1

“Well, have you ever explored with witchcraft?” asks Kyle of Carlton who had just explained all the witches balls scattered around her backyard that trap negative energy.  “Really,” says Carlton dryly after an uncomfortable silence.  “Kyle with her bloody dumb question… it’s bloody rude,” says Carlton in her TH.  “No, I mean like fun witchcraft,” clarifies Kyle.  “If you want to find out about me, get to know me… But don’t try to shock value me in front of people I don’t know.  I know how that s*** works, I’ve known girls like you,” says Carlton in her TH.  Carlton: 1; Kyle: 0

“There are a couple of witches in our group, but I don’t think Carlton is one of them,” says Lisa.  Lisa: 1

“I’m assuming that Carlton was going to sit there, and you know, and play ‘Queen B***’ but she kind of left it for somebody else,” says Lisa when Kyle sat in the head place at the table.  Lisa: 1

“And what’s your blood type,” Brandi chimes in as Kyle is asking Carlton questions about her association with the chamber of commerce, where her husband is from, etc. – as if Kyle was conducting an inquisition.  Brandi: 1

“She said it in a good way…that you were a good C U Next Tuesday,” says Brandi.  “Yes, I like those,” responds Carlton in a good natured way.  “Now this is a word that I really hate, but Brandi used it with me and I honestly wasn’t offended by it,” says Carlton in her TH.  “What did you just say,” Lisa asks Brandi.  “Like C U Next Tuesday Y… in a good way,” responds Brandi.  Brandi: 1 (Point for pure crassness)

“I don’t understand it because Kyle says something so little as, ‘What’s your religion?’ and Carlton takes it personal.  But then Brandi calls Carlton a C U Next Tuesday and she doesn’t react… I don’t get it,” says Joyce in her TH.  Joyce: 1  (Although I do agree with her on this.)

“Go back to your sweet “Shut the f*** up days – they were so much nicer,” Lisa says to Brandi after she had used the C U Next Tuesday word to describe Carlton.  “Those innocent days… Remember those days when you only used the ‘f’ word… Those were the days?” says Kyle as she reminisces. Lisa: 1; Kyle: 1

“She did say that you’re a nice …you know… I guess that’s a compliment coming from Brandi,” says Lisa as she slyly looks to the right in her TH.  Lisa: 1

“Brandi has cornered the market on inappropriateness – she’s brilliant at it.  But hearing it from Joyce – I may have thrown up in my mouth… I’m not sure.  How tight you are and how big your man is… Who talks like that?  My husband is hung like a f***n donkey, but I do NOT go around telling people that.” Says Carlton on national TV in her TH.  Carlton: 1

“Kyle, there is that story about Mauricio cheating… and whatnot… Like, what’s up with that?” Brandi brings up during their luncheon at Carlton’s.  Brandi: 1

“Why would you bring that up?  You know that it’s not true…  You know how hurtful and painful it’s been for my family and me.  Why would you do that at a table like this in front of everyone? F*** You.” Kyle says in her TH about Brandi bringing allegations that have been made that Mauricio is cheating.  Kyle: ½ – because she said, “F*** You.”

“On the other hand though, a lot of times these stories come out…and I’m not saying you know…and… ” Yolanda begins to talk about the other option about why stories appear in tabloids that maybe there’s some truth to the allegations.  “You’re saying there’s no smoke without fire,” Lisa supplies the visual.  “Exactly,” says Yolanda, who was married to someone who cheated on her.  Yo: 1

“There’s always a little bit of truth of what’s in the tabloids – That’s not to say that none of that is true,” says Yolanda in her TH.  Yo: 1

“My husband and I are in love with each other.  And no tabloid or any group of mean girls can take that away from us,” says Kyle in her TH.  Kyle: 0

“I’ve never brought up lies in tabloids about them – I’ve never done that.  I’ve heard lies about every single one of them – I’ve never said that – I would not do that… You wish it were true… even though you know it isn’t… You wish… And F*** all of you,” says Kyle as she tears up in her TH.  Kyle: 1 (Cuz she said F*** all of you…lol.)

Episode 4 – “Irked at Cirque”

“If Kim’s going to do this – let’s do this right and put one of the girls into a cage with a lion,” says Kyle in her TH about the upcoming Cirque training.  Kyle: 1

At the Cirque training before they begin, Kim tries to tell the girls that she just wants to have fun today and that they will be doing some trust exercises.  She asked all the girls – that for today – if they could leave any “stuff” they have about one another outside.  She wants them to really try today to have fun and enjoy each other.  She wants them to support each other… and Lisa starts to get nervous because Kim is being all serious about everything.  Kyle says, “Her speech is a little serious… but the…” and Yolanda says, “I know, let’s just have fun and you know, we’re adult women… so let’s just go for it.”  Kim says, “Well, Yolanda, you’re being rude.”  “We’ve got it – you’ve repeated yourself 3 times…” says Yolanda.  Kim; 1;  Yo: 1

“I’m saying you just said let’s leave the drama behind and you just said that she was rude,” says Brandi to Kim who was taking a long time to direct everyone that they should have fun during her circus training camp day. “But she is,” says Kim.  “She wasn’t,” insists Brandi. Brandi: 1; Kim: 1

“She said, ‘No drama’ and then she yells at Yolanda… I mean come on, lady… Gonna shake her like a little baby doll…” says Brandi of Kim in her TH.  Brandi: 1

“My sister invited us all here… We’re here to have a nice day – For someone who has such high standards of everyone – Yolanda is not behaving very politely,” says Kyle in her TH.  Kyle: 1

“Brandi’s probably got a swing in her bedroom, trust me,” says Lisa of Brandi as she’s doing her thing on the swing.  Lisa: 1

“Brandi come on, you’ve done that before,” shouts Lisa to Brandi as she’s swinging with legs splayed out.  Lisa: 1

“Enough… We get it… I’m a whore… But unfortunately, I’m not getting laid so it doesn’t work out…” responds Brandi.  Brandi: 0 (Calls herself a “whore” but since it’s herself… it kind of doesn’t count…lol)

Brandi is explaining the whole paparazzi situation to Lisa, Carlton and Yolanda. “When I first came in and I saw Kim and we were all fine and good.  And I just said, ‘You know I have a bone to pick’ and I just said that yesterday I was in Calabasas with the kids and there’s like paparazzi chasing me around saying, ‘What do you think of Kyle Richards calling you a bully?’ And my kids are like, ‘Are you a bully?’ And it was just really embarrassing…”  Conversation ensued about the tabloid stories that appear about all of them.  Brandi continues, “All I did was give her a heads up about 2 articles coming out – I was being a girl’s girl…”  More conversation continued about how they’re really not bullies according to Yolanda because they’re just adult women cackling and talking and really not bullying – since ‘bully’ is such a serious word.  Brandi continues, “Well, guess what, she’s not getting any more favors from me… I know there’s a lot of s*** coming down and she’s going to call me a ‘bully’ for helping her out?  Help is done… Done and done.’”  Brandi: 1

“When it comes to, you know, trust factor with these women, I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them,” says Lisa in her TH.  Lisa: 1

While the group is having afternoon hors d’oeuvres, Kyle and Kim are talking about Yolanda and what Kim said to her when Yolanda left to go see her daughters off for prom.  Kyle doesn’t understand get what it was all about when Yolanda said what she said when in her mind they had all had just said their hellos and were being nice and talking…   Others came in on the conversation – and Carlton said, “I think for me today, it got a little heavy and tense and it made me feel… I mean I wasn’t quite sure what was going on – I didn’t think Yolanda was being rude, though…”  Others put in their 2 cents and Brandi says, “Let’s talk about it when she’s here next time. I hate it – I mean we always do this s***.  I mean there’s nothing that happened that was negative that went down…And if she thinks there was then let’s all talk about it when Yolanda is around.”  Kyle says, “It seems like you guys were obviously talking about me when I wasn’t around before though – and that’s what happened.”   Brandi made a good point; Kyle made a point… but since neither where necessarily digworthy, no points were officially handed out

“I feel like if it didn’t come from Kyle, then it probably came from someone who has Kyle’s back – and in a hard way.  So it’s somebody’s that’s close to her.” Brandi says, in her TH.  Brandi: 1

“Are you f***n kidding me?  I have been dealing with THE biggest nightmare of my life, and Lisa wants me to make a tweet defending that I didn’t call her a bully?  I’m sorry, do you not see what I’ve been going through?  Do you understand the magnitude of what we’ve been going through? Kyle said in her TH.  Kyle: ½ for pure stubbornness; Lisa: ½ because she should put her money where her mouth is on taking the time to tweet in defense of her castmates

“The heads-up was to help me – but not at the lunch – that doesn’t help me,” insists Kyle to Brandi.  “I just want her to wake up and smell the f***n roses – the reality is that it’s on the newsstands across the country – we all know – we all talked about it.  So, you want in on the convo or do you want us to continue talking behind your back?  I don’t roll that way,” Brandi tells us in her TH.   Brandi: 1/2   (Brandi gets credit for talking directly to Kyle’s face, but her timing is wonky because she also says it in front of others and on camera.)

Joyce takes Lisa aside to talk to her about HairGate.  Joyce says, “You were so rude to me the first time.”  “When?” asks Lisa.  “At Carlton’s lunch.”  “What did I do?” asks Lisa.  “I was just fixing your hair and I have to tell you to your face… because I’m not a two-faced person… I handle everything to your face…” “You fixed my hair and I said I’m okay, that’s fine…” says Lisa.  “No, it wasn’t that.  Everybody was fixing each other… and you went, [Joyce dramatically flips her own hair at this point] I don’t care.  After we finished eating, they go back and forth some more about hair gate… “It’s very silly to talk about it, but I would have never have brought this up had it not been for Brandi and Yolanda bringing it up.”  Joyce: 3: (1 for even attempting to make HairGate an issue; 1 for her dramatic tossing of her hair; and 1 for throwing Yo and Brandi under the bus.)

“We’ve got some major issues going on over there – This isn’t one of them – So don’t try to create one,” says Lisa in her TH of Joyce’s HairGate.  Lisa: 1 (Although I agree with her.)

“No actually, maybe I should have said it front of everyone?” says Joyce when tries to dismiss HairGate after Lisa apologized for it but walked away from Joyce.  As Lisa sits down, she asks Brandi, “Did you say I was snappy in front of everyone?”  Joyce interjects, “Yes, she did.”  Brandi said, “You know that day at Carlton’s you were… I mean you were upset…”  Joyce said in her TH, “Brandi literally called me and said that Lisa can give criticism but she can’t take it.”  Kyle says in her TH, “This is not going to go well – let me give you a little heads-up, Joyce – You may not want to do that.”  After confirming that Yolanda said it too, Joyce continues on her pretend tirade, “…Says Lisa does not take constructive criticism – she can give criticism but she cannot take it.”  “That’s not what I said,” insists Brandi.  “I tried to give Joyce some good advice and she turned on me and made it seem like I was talking s*** when I was just trying help that girl out?  Lesson learned – I will not do that again,” says Brandi in her TH.   Then the whole group goes back and forth about whether or not Lisa was snappy… and Lisa was told she shouldn’t apologize.  Joyce maintains Lisa was snappy.  Carlton thinks Joyce is being overly dramatic and that this is all child’s play.  Joyce says, “When I’m on my period I’m a total b*** so sometimes I get upset.”   Brandi says, “Well, are you on your period now?”   Joyce: 2 (1 – for whining about absolutely nothing; and 1 – for using being on her period as an excuse for her behavior.); Lisa: 0 (She apologized twice – for doing almost nothing); Brandi: 2 (1 for making the call to Joyce; 1 for the period comment); Yo: 1 (For talking to Joyce about the situation behind Lisa’s back)  Carlton: 0 – (Because don’t we all agree that Joyce was being overly dramatic about this whole thing.)


















































Empress of Aiken’s Walking Dead Recap

(It’s the end of the half-season episode)


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82 Responses to Real Housewives of Atlanta – Mama Joyce Comes for Todd and Beverly Hills Dig Count

  1. TexasTart says:

    Oh goodie, a new blog extra early in the morning, I can read it before work. And Stars has made DigFest 2013 a competition, lol. Thanks NMD & Stars for the blog today.

    I hope everyone who traveled is back safe or will be home soon..except LaineyGirl, because Lainey might just want to keep her 😉 Have a good week folks. 😀

  2. TexasTart says:

    Excelent recap of RHOA. I liked the episode a lot, it was good storytelling! They carried the show very well without Nene, but on the flipside, just like NMD’s comments prior to chat – Porsha and Kenya are not really bringing anything to the show (yawn) but at least their segments are as short as commercials.

    So very true about Peter giving advise…maybe he could use a little advice with his communications to his wife! Todd was very well composed…but would he have been in real life witbout the cameras? Questions to ponder. You explain this part well, especially considering it hit a chord.

  3. Cartwheels says:

    Good morning, thanks for the recaps , watching RHOSA last night was gut wrentching, I wonder if mama Joyce was juiced up, I am all for defending your DD but that scene was just too much, she came across like a lunatic.

    Regarding the digs, I guess it would all depend as to what a dig is, i.e. These two digs attributed to Kyle IMO are not even digs, just statements.
    “Oh lord, here comes…” Kyle says to Carlton and Kim as Yolanda and Brandi walk into the backyard. (considering Kyle and Yolanda hadn’t seen each other since last reunion)
    “It feels like a slap in the face to me. Lisa knows me. And she knows I am not a liar” says Kyle. (considering that Lisa gave an interview to OMGYahoo where she clearly states that she knew what Yolanda had said about her because Yolanda gave her the heads up)

    On the other hand, there are some statements that are also not a dig because they are malicious and done it with the only purpose to throw shade at your ethics and your whole character. i.e Lisa:
    “You’ve just got to put your house on the market and you’ll bond really quick,” Lisa says to Yo who is talking about how Kyle may need some friends in her life right now. That statement in itself worths about 100 digs IMO. Especially giving the fact that Lisa repeated the “joke” about three times as to not leave any doubt.

    It would be like giving Adrienne a dig for saying “somebody is crying” and then a dig to Brandi for revealing the surrogacy, those are two very different kind of situations. IMO.

    But I do have to thank Starz for the gruesome job that she did in her recap, RHBH is quickly going down the drain, these women are way too aware about the viewers perception and play it up to cater to them, they are not real anymore, they feel fake and everything comes from a place where they want to pander and spin a positive image.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Haha…the dig count! Maybe Kyle should be taken out of the dig contest altogether, Cartwheels? She’s winning today, though!!! But that’s just for today. Someone will pass her up soon.

      • Cartwheels says:

        Nah, I think the dig count is an excellent idea, it is just that not all digs are equal and some deserve extra points, specially when the same “joke” is repeated three times.
        It is also enlightening to see that despite others allegations Lisa is up there on the table, for those who claim that she is absolutel innocent of any wrong doing 😉

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I don’t remember anyone ever saying she is absolutely innocent…far from it…more clever than the other clods? Yes!! Yes!!! Absolutely Innocent? No!!! No one is innocent. Even Portia goes around mocking Lisa …”hallo dahling!” Haha!! But alas, I’m not following my own rules (I do have them)…the kids are OFF LIMITS! It’s just funny that she gets such a positive reaction or positive reinforcement when she imitates Lisa.

          Milania would win the kid dig count, I think.

  4. Ladebra says:

    Knock knock knock Penny! Penny!

    I’m sitting in the Orlando airport and have wifi! Yay! What a great recap of Atlanta. I really enjoyed this episode, in fact I’m enjoying this season. You know, except Kenya. And there was all that drama about Marlo getting into it with Nene so looking forward to Nene getting over Marlo (that’s her name right?) You know, on the Nene wedding I really enjoyed Cynthia and Peters relationship. Maybe the editors pick out the worst bits for us to see? Of course he does say it, but possibly The insensitive bits are 2%Peter.

    Starzy your tally is genius! I know one of the things that bothers me about BH……. I don’t want to see them at each other’s throats in social media. I don’t want to hear about the tabloids. I don’t want them to bring their tabloids, emails, twitter, face books, blah blah blah into the show or my world. That is just too exhausting. Just me. But if they keep it up, I’m out.

    Woohoo headed home today. Hope you all had a love-filled Thanksgiving and you had the chance to count your blessings and enjoy warm hearts of friends and family. ✈️✈️

  5. TexasTart says:

    Yippee for wi-fi! Safe travels LADebra. 🙂

    I know most of us agree with the assessment that RHOBH is going down the drain or to the dogs…but I like the way you word it…It’s Exhausting! And in the end everyone looks bad IMO.

  6. Lulu says:

    Good Morning!!! Hope everyone is having a spectacular day. First day back since the long weekend? So digging around online and I have to say the deals today are better then they were friday or last week.

    Many of youse will shot me for this but I don’t mind Kenya. I know she’s a bit off……but her shenanigans are funny. Like the strange singing but the twirling is a bit much. Last season they should have focused more on her cancer scare. Then the silly fake boyfriend storyline.

    Nancy our internet went down…… 😦 I’ll watch the first half of MoS when Governor is at school. From what I saw it was good.

    TT- i.e Facial blindness. Yes both name and face goes out the window. Not always if I can associate the face to another person issue is resolved. Typically I just fake it till I know you. I know that sounds bad but if you really know me then it’s apparent within the first few seconds. Not a handicap though have been in some embarrassing situations. Like when the Governor’s teacher whom I met 2x came up to me and started a conversation. It dawned on her that I had no idea who she is and she said mid conversation her name. It’s fine I’m used to it.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Lulu is this a real thing you have – or you are just SEVERELY bad with faces/ names? Because like a lot of people say that they can’t “remember names” as often as I hear people say that they are scared of public speaking or scared of heights – I feel I hear a lot of people say “oh I’m so bad with names!”

      If you really have this condition – wow- I’m so sorry. I feel I’ve seen something on Nightline about it.

      Oh and I’m with you on Kenya. She cracks me up.

      MoS was good but I feel they’re taking some fictional steps and don’t know how accurate it all is. Loved the ortho guy being on because he’s HOT. Lol

      NMD- can’t wait till you watch WD! Your (and my!) boyfriend was awesome. As always. Drooling all around. I’m glad overall with the episode.

      Happy Munday.

    • TexasTart says:

      Very interesting, Lulu. Thanks for replying to my question!

    • TexasTart says:

      I don’t mind Kenya at all, she is like a cartoon character…she’s the good kinda crazy and really she doesn’t hurt anyone…just makes a fool of herself and feelsnfabulous doing it!

  7. Shiny says:

    Thanks for dig fest data.

    Although Kyle wins the shovel trophy so far, week by week she’s slipping. She better get more screen time ( by upping the digs and lowering the tear frequency) if she expects to beat Brandi and Joyce. Brandi is erratic in count but always up there in the sheer numbers, whereas Joyce is a dark horse, beginning way way behind but exhibiting the greatest increase in digs per episode during this season.

    Nothing like a data chart to reveal who is wising up and who is mouthing off….stay tuned OR stick to the excellent recaps and new data to save your ears and mind.

    • Shiny says:

      Yes, I left Lisa out of the race in spite of her high numbers – I just enjoy her cracks and digs too much. I’d miss them if they stopped (unlike the other women’s comments) and find them justified or funny or deliciously bad. Must be the British (but non-Wiccan) blood in me.

      • I also loved the DIG chart…love that someone is keeping track of the important shit! I too would be so disappointed it Lisa stopped her “digs” although I disagree that her’s are digs in the same ways as some of the other comments. There is a difference between being silly and making a joke and going for the jugular. I also think Lisa’s sense of humor can come off as a dig when she is really making a joke and trying to lighten up a situation.

  8. boston02127 says:

    Nancy I left this here for you. I thought you may like the signed Brady photo. No need to thank me. 🙂

    Patriots ProShop tweet~~~~
    @PatriotsProShop Cyber Monday! Get Free Shipping and a Chance to Win Great prizes:Tickets,Gift Card,Signed Brady Photo – SHOP NOW!

  9. Boobah says:

    Good Morning everyone! It’s cyber Monday. I’m checked out some deals, but nothing really struck me. But I can’t say I put that much effort into it, so maybe there are some excellent sales. I do know that I’d rather shop online rather than in person though, so maybe I’ll look again later.

    SUPERstars – brilliant chart!!! I can’t wait to see the final numbers. This is gonna be good. I’m not sure who uses their shovel the most. They all make digs. But picturing the sparkly pink shovel make me giggle. Great job, thank you!

  10. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. It’s Bottom Lip Monday. Again I hope you enjoyed the holiday.
    I can deal w/momma Joyce coming for Todd but not anyone “coming for Kenya”. I really hate it when she says it. If someone “comes for her” she’s not going to do anything hut say she’s “gone to the wind fabulous”. I don’t like her.
    Well you all have a good one. Enjoy your day of Lainey.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Thank you friend. She’s doing laundry now. I hate to see her leave but we will be together again on Christmas Day. That’s right around the corner!

  11. Thanks for the recap NMD! As always, I agree with you on so much of this trash! I believe Kandi needs to put her mom in her place. Mama Joyce has been telling Kandi what to do for a very long and Kandi has allowed her to do this (Mama was part of the problem with the other fiance’ right?) Kandi’s girlfriend was right when she said that Kandi was ALLOWING her mom to treat her like this and it needs to stop. I have been married for 20 years and have learned my mom is my mom no matter what, but if I give her details about me and my husbands arguments, she holds a grudge! A LONG GRUDGE! Cause mama isn’t there for the make-up sex….and I digress. I think Mama Joyce is being an overprotective Mama and is a little worried about her place in Kandi’s life in the future.
    I enjoyed watching Cynthia with her daughter. Since I am a mom of 15 year old twins (boy and girl) I have the same concerns and worries. I love that her daughter was open and that Cynthia and the other mom were on the same page! These were moms that wanted to keep their kids as KIDS! Love that!
    Kenya and Porsha make me want to take a nap…
    And I am happy to see that Phaedra has put her dumb husband in the dog house. It doesn’t matter who texted who what…what matters was that he was texting with a woman who had a beef with Phaedra and who was gonna make a mountain out of a molehill. Shame on him!

  12. VV™ says:

    Kyle Richards hands down gets the Golden Shovel Award. If there wasa Twitter category, she’ll win that one too.

  13. rabblerouser2010R says:

    I honestly thing Mama Joyce is mentally ill. IMO, her anger and resentment extend way beyond just being over protective or even just worrying about herself being dependant on Kandi for financial security.

    There was a story a few years ago about a grandmother who went to the movies with her family and inexplicably tossed her toddler granddaughter over a pedestrian walk way. It turned out that she had a mental illness and built up this irrational resentment towards the baby, thinking the child was coming between her and her daughter.

    I think these ‘people on the street’ who she claims are whispering in her ear telling her about Todd and Carmen are actually voices in her head.

    It doesn’t matter what anyone says to Mama Joyce, she can’t not be calmed by reason or patience.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      She makes my stomach hurt.

      • Nancy says:

        Good morning Lainey. It’s a beautiful day here in La La Land.
        Have fun today with your DD.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Wonderful, I’m glad it’s been a pretty day in l.a. We just got home from shopping..we saved like…zero dollars. Oh well whatever. We had fun. We had lunch at Olive Garden..the bordetto seafood soup and salad. It was so good. Oh yeah and fried calamari and stuffed mushrooms for dinner. That was the appetizer. No booze, though. I have to drive her to the airport in an hour, traffic will be hectic. Nothing like LA, haha!

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        She is so venomous, I don’t know why Kandi is around her. The sneak peek of her acting like a lunatic at the bridal shop made me sick.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          It’s so sad. Doesn’t she realize she is being sadistic? She just keeps poking, and poking until what? Until Kandi cries? Loses it? Ends up lonely? When will she quit? What does she freaking want?? She wants a millionaire for her daughter,…are the millionaires lining up somewhere waiting to be picked, that we don’t know about? Jeepers. Like a millionaire tree? She acts like she fears that SHE is losing her meal ticket. I know that’s rude, but She started it, by being sadistic toward her own daughter. That woman ain’t right.

    • Nancy says:

      ITA RR. It was disturbing to watch on many levels. Did Kandi have her dad in her life?
      If not it may explains her inappropriate behavior. Did Mama Joyce have to play mother & Father? Kandi better get this resolved as I don’t see Todd hanging in there for long.
      Maybe I should be grateful that George didn’t come with parents. 🙂

    • lemons says:

      you are correct. She seems to be paranoid and delusional. This isn’t just a normal family conflict, the woman needs help and Kandy needs to be advised on how to interact with a mother with mental illness.

  14. Nancy says:

    Great blog ladies. Stars…that would take me a month to do what you did. 🙂

  15. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Hello All. Great Blogs Always.

    Had a wonderful Thanksgiving/Shopsgiving/BlackFriday. Sales galore and although money was tight I MADE THE MOST out of it! 🙂 RealHusband had lost his job at a car dealership in early October and just went back to work 2 weeks ago so we definitely had alot to be thankful for even while he had to work that night. 😦 BTW RealHusband was fired from his “NEW” job a month shy of the 90 day probation period because he wouldn’t go drinking to the stripbar and solicit prostitutes for/with his supervisor. His AlcoholicPervertedSupervisor in turn started berating him, giving the worst assignments and fudging records to make it seem as though RH wasn’t working.hard when RH kindly refused his invites. The supervisor got upset when he saw salespeople asking for RH knowing they preferred RHs services over his. RH wanted to report his supervisor but stupid me told him to find another job and not report him fearing he’d be fired which is what happened anyway. HR told him he should’ve reported it because all they have is work logs that show low productivity and that the supervisor had to constantly help him ( A LIE). I live and I learn. #GoOutGunsBlazing.

    Employees sadly told RH that the supervisor runs off or gets good workers fired fearing they’ll replace him. and that the Manager doesn’t care what goes on down there. BTW 2.0 The other new employee went to the stipbars with him so although he was lazy, he was in like Flynt. We sent the OWNER of the dealership a letter outlining the shenanigans of the supervisor and attributing the attrition rates to his actions but never heard back. RH was denied unemployment because he quit a job to take this job. It is what it is.

    I’m grateful to this blog and all of you because when I needed a break from the stress I could always come here and lurk or post some craziness. It allowed me to stop counting numbers, fretting about the lack of callbacks and laugh at all the zany comments. A Belated Happy Thanksgiving to all!

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Hi Amber, I am glad real Husband is back in the saddle again. A job loss can be emotionally and financially taxing , thankfully his unemployment was brief.

      I know what you mean about the blog being a stress reliever , be it we have a laugh or find a few kind words…or in my case….medical advice when my kid swallows something (or claims they did) or how to deal with a difficult situation.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        iTA. This blog is a great stress reliever and causer as a matter-of-fact! LOL The advice and pep talks given here is like free therapy everyday. #LynnfamRocks

    • Nancy says:

      Amber…Is there someone over the supervisor that you can talk to?
      They should be reported to someone!!! So disturbing. Hang in there.

      • Nancy says:

        I meant over the owner.

      • Nancy says:

        Better Business Bureau.

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          Nancy don’t know but we took it one day at a time and Mother’sLittleHelper really took off the edge and pulled me back from the ledge. RH was listing the job on his applications and resume because he’d been there for 2 months but he wasn’t getting any bites. NothingNathanNada. They even refused to give a letter stating he was unemployed so RH couldn’t apply for an OJT work order saved for the unemployed. We came to the conclusion that when they called for info the dealership was negative. As soon as we omitted the dealership he was called and hired a week later.

          • Nancy says:

            Well at least it has a good ending but they could get into trouble re: a bad reference.
            Sounds like a horrible place to work and I bet he’s a lot happier now.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Those SONS OF BITCHES!!!!!!! How dare they give him a bad reference. I’m glad your instinct, inner voice, Ms Cleo or what have you, told you to take their sorry asses off of his work experience/reference list. PHUCK’EM ALL AND THE HORSES THEY RODE IN ON. never mind spare the horses, they did nothing wrong,

            • lulu says:

              Holy cow Lainey x2!!!!!!!! I never want to be on your bad side!!! 😉

            • TexasTart says:

              LOL at Lainey’s rant.

              Amber, sorry your RH wasn’t valued just because he didn’t go along with the piggly wiggly big boy loser club. 😦

              I see the problem with the record affecting him, but I commend your instinct to get him the hell out of there. Very unhealty work situations cause stress that trickles down to the family. Or affects ones health. How appauling.

          • lulu says:

            Call your states labor department and tell them your dh’s former employeer is blackballing him. That’s a big no no that carries legal reprecussion. All a former employee is allowec to say is ” worked from dates so and so” they can’t legally do that.

    • lulu says:

      Amber I started my mid morning with a text I received from dh. It said “called into last minute meeting thinking I’m being let go.”. I know exactly what you are going through. Now the dust is settled his company is finding him another contract once this one expires. I’m grateful he won’t face unemployment its early enough that it will be a smooth (hopefully) transition.

      • Nancy says:

        Lulu what great news!!!!! 🙂

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        Thank God and God Bless Us All. Even with a little change saved I quickly saw what continued unemployment could easily do to a family. My RH applied for everything and took the first who called. We’ll continue to look while he at least brings in a paycheck.

  16. Butters'Mom says:

    Just a quick drive by to wish everyone happy holidays! and to say I love love love love love the dig tracking.

  17. mm in oc says:

    I’d like to see a tally of digs that are thrown towards a housewife. E.g., Lisa has been the subject of X number of digs, etc. It would be interesting to see the changes per episode dependent on which way the wind blows.

    Mama Joyce sucks and Kandi needs to put her in her place.

  18. VV™ says:

    Thanks for sharing a pic of Emily. She was such a cute pug. I forgot to mention the other day. 🐾🐾🐾

  19. Nancy says:

    Lulu & chismosa…I found this interesting.

  20. Orson says better Vito than me. says:

    Starzy, I admire your courage to go through all the shows to come up with that Dig Table. You’re a stronger woman than I’ll ever be. Figures Vyle and Brandi were 1 and 2. The thing about Lisa is she’s so much smarter than the Dick sisters and Brandi that it’s really easy for her to say something that takes them a while to realize it was a dig. And now, it’s gotten to the point that it doesn’t matter what Lisa says, Vyle will take offense at anything Lisa says. And it seems that Brandi is trying to play all sides. And that always turns out well, especially when you can’t remember what you’ve said but it’s being videotaped so others can see what you’ve said.. 🙄

  21. California35 says:

    Good morning, Happy Cyber Monday 😛

    I saw the beginning of Atlanta last night, and I was pleasantly surprise to see positive conversations and advice. WOW!! what happened? 😛 Peter giving Apollo advice, Apollo had acted defensive with his wife and that only made her and the audience wonder if he was doing something fishy. I LOVED what Peter told him he should have said. Kandy and her mom, wow! what is wrong with mom? I thought she was a nice mom, I liked Kandy and friend’s conversation. I like the way the friend addressed what Kandi said about mom. Kandy is a good daughter, but she does need to live her life. The mom is interfering with both of Kadny’s relationships, her fiance and her girlfriend, not cool!

  22. mariareads says:

    I need to catch a rerun of Atlanta because my son convinced me to start watching Sons of Anarchy and he created a monster? Netflix got a work out Saturday night and yesterday! DH is having a horrible time with post op headaches so I sit up and watch TV while watching him as the headaches were unbearable this weekend so SOA helped me pass the dark hours. It’s violent as heck and at first I was not sure if I could stick with it but I certainly did get sucked in! So Atlanta re-run and BH are on the agenda. After SAMCRO those shows will look like Sesame Street!

  23. VV™ says:

    Is tonight a new episode of RHOBH or a rerun?

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