Brandi Glanville Anticipating Backlash from Next Episodes of #RHOBH plus Cast Blogs Blogged

Brandi Glanville Expecting Backlash from Next Episodes of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills by NMD

Brandi Glanville released a youtube video yesterday warning fans that she was about to act like a drunken bitch on the next three episodes of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  She also mentioned that she will tell inappropriate jokes.  Now it turns out the jokes may be racist.  She’s preparing for the backlash, tweeting:

@AdrienneJanic @etirsa @JenniferGimenez Sex talk top of next episode of #RHOBH just b4 I become a racist alchi bully victim bi-polar peep”

But almost as soon as she tweeted that she began to argue with folks on twitter, explaining that she wasn’t a bully when it came to castmate Joyce, but rather just a bitch.  The difference according to Brandi:

“Their’s a HUGE difference Between a bully & a bitch!If ur name is Joyce &I call u Jackaline that makes me bitchy NOT a bully& U the VICTIIM!”

Then she began to show she wasn’t the victim.  “Its hard cuz I KNOW Im a good person& sometimes I fuck up but the haters on social media R FUCKING ASSHOLES”  (14o character limit and she drops the f-bomb twice.  Deep sigh.)

When asked if her calling Joyce by the wrong name was intentional or an accident, she admitted it was intentional, but then somehow blamed it on Joyce.  “honestly I fucked up a bit – but this person is the beauty queen of throwing labels out”

And finally, Brandi just wants us to understand her.  “you may see me telling haters to F-off or defending myself from gossip mags & v personalities but I dont think I ever hate any1 I just dont”  You see – Brandi is free to label people as haters when they tweet something she doesn’t like to her, but please don’t label Brandi as a hater.  There is a difference and she gets to decide when the label is used.

This blog is dedicated to Terry Aley – I made a blog out of five tweets, not one.  🙂



Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Blogs Blogged by Stars99

Once upon a time there was a land filled with Botox injected and surgically enhanced pretty people.  We call that “Silicone Valley” – No, no we don’t (that’s in northern California).  Here we call it “Beverly Hills.” It’s a land where it’s very difficult to distinguish fake from real and yet we watch a show called, “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” as if there’s such a thing as a “real housewife” in Beverly Hills.  Hardee har har har… This week’s episode was somewhat mundane yet was somehow sprinkled with monotonous regurgitations of previous bladdity blah blah blah storylines.  Unfortunately, their blogs were certainly no different.  So let’s take a creative look at excerpts of some of their varying perspectives of the exact same occurrences, shall we?

Brandi – You’re a Fine Girl – What a Good Wife You Would Be

NOT!  After all the comments in the blog about people wanting to rewrite one of my favorite songs from days gone by the Looking Glass (, I just couldn’t resist thinking about the lyrics to the song as I watched Brandi picking up her doggie gifts they left so generously in the middle of her nice leased, wooden floor.  Can you say, “Take your dogs outside so they can do their thing?” Why yes, yes, I KNEW you could.  By the way, I thought Brandi went furniture shopping… There was hardly anything but doggie poopy in that room… Just sayin’…

On a serious note, Brandi blogged, “I started crying the second I saw Chica my puppy who went missing.”  Oh okay, perhaps that’s why she doesn’t let them poop outside… But, come on… At least supervise them when they go outside or train them to do their thing in one protected area like a normal responsible dog owner?  Geesh…

Brandi wasn’t the only one having pet issues during this episode – We watched as a very worried Carlton brought her prized black cat named “Midnight” to receive acupuncture treatment after he had a pretty severe 18 foot fall from an inside balcony.  Carlton fills us in on what she had done medically before taking her furry friend in for this particular treatment.  Carlton writes, “I rushed him to a veterinarian where they x-rayed him, and found no broken bones or internal injuries. They also did blood tests and pretty much said he was fine, just very bruised, and gave medication for his pain. This bloody scenario of going back-and-forth to the vet went on for another four weeks! More x-rays and more meds, but he made no improvement or showed any signs of getting better. He just looked worse.”

Whew… aren’t we all a little relieved to know Carlton sought other types of treatment than something that involved needles, crystals or a spell?  Actually, Carlton sweetly told about her kids putting healing crystals around Midnight’s bed because they were afraid that Midnight might not get better since they had recently had other pet cats die. One of Carlton’s good friends recommended the acupuncture vet because she swore the vet had saved her dog’s life. Obviously, Carlton wanted to do anything and everything she could for her furry child.

Carlton writes, “I am thrilled to say after about eight sessions of both [laser and acupuncture treatments], our Midnightis miraculously brand spanking new and all because of the incredible healings of Dr. Gray and Candice [Carlton’s friend]. Oh and I haven’t seen him on a railing since… However his brother Griffin continues to give me bloody heart palpitations!!!”  Dare I say anything about the names of her cats? Nope, I dare not… It’s no secret – I’m a scaredy cat!  (Come on now, you knew I’d say it, didn’t you…lol?)

Before we move forward, it really strikes me as odd that Brandi is still not talking to her Dad… Didn’t she say it stems from her a dress choice (or lack of a dress that was made with actual fabric) she wore at an awards show?  Anyhow, IPPHO™®© Brandi needs to figure out how to immediately make amends to her Dad who has severe health issues at the moment.  I know she’s parlaying this whole thing as a side-storyline… I’m sure next week we’ll all get to hear the letter she emails to her Mom so she can preview and comment on it before she actually sends it to her Dad… Note to Brandi:  Not everything that happens in your personal life needs to be a RHBH storyline… Honest…

Cheater, Cheater Pumpkin Eater

Okay, stop me when this sounds familiar… A prominent Beverly Hills man cheats on his wife… Yeah… Well… It happens ALL the time.  However, while it’s true that Mauricio does love to flirt and would probably do so just to sell a house – it does not necessarily mean that he has cheated on Kyle.  It’s wise for us to keep in mind that we also have at least 2 housewives (Yolanda and Brandi) whose ex-husbands put them and their families through the wringer by their cheating ways.  Then we have Lisa who openly talks about “Sur” as the place you take your mistress.  I’m sure Lisa’s eyes have become more and more jaded after seeing what goes on in her establishments every day.

Brandi is not missing an opportunity to bash Lisa as she blogs, “I am really feeling sorry for Kyle at this point with the ongoing, back-and-forth stance Lisa is taking about the Mauricio cheating scandal.”  She also quotes Lisa saying something like “Where there’s smoke there’s fire” when they were all talking about Mauricio’s cheating at the luncheon… Even though in the same breath, Lisa said that it’s all rubbish… Brandi wants to know, “Which is it?”  The problem is – that both statements have truth to them.  I’m sure Lisa hopes that it’s all rubbish and that it’s nothing more than gossipmongers having a field day… But stranger things have happened and she cannot absolutely rule it out.  Lisa blogs,“Who does know what transpires in somebody’s marriage? However I am adamant that what is printed in the tabloids is not to be relied on. Much has little merit. I have the sentiment that if Kyle doesn’t believe it and he denies it, then that’s good enough for me. Who cares what a tabloid says?”

The problem is Lisa, you should be 100% behind Kyle on this subject on national TV no matter what doubts may linger in your mind.  Kyle blogs, “After last week, I really was at a loss as to how I could move forward with Lisa and Brandi. Then after seeing this week’s episode it makes it even more difficult. Lisa brings up the tabloids once again and so clearly wants to cast doubt on my marriage and Mauricio’s integrity while pretending to be supportive. You aren’t being supportive if you’re saying “Well, I don’t know for sure” and putting that out there.  I am very appreciative of Ken speaking up to Lisa and saying he knows it’s not true because he knows Mauricio and considers him a friend.” 

Kyle continues, “There have been many stories that I have HEARD. Of course you don’t KNOW for sure, but when you know someone you have a pretty good idea of who they are — AND we all know what the tabloids have done to all of us. I certainly wouldn’t be worried about “looking ridiculous” when it came to lies in tabloids about a friend, even if we aren’t as close as we used to be. Once again, it meant a lot to Mauricio and I that Ken was so supportive. I don’t want that to get lost in all of this.”  Kyle, you’ve just confirmed part of the problem… You’re right – Perhaps Lisa DOES have a pretty good idea of who Mauricio is and has reticently reached her own conclusions… However, on national TV, I don’t think there is a problem with showing blind loyalty to a friend, while maintaining open and honest discussions with said friend behind camera impervious closed doors. Lisa should take her cue from her husband, who handled the whole thing with amazing tact and diplomacy.

A Star is Born on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

David Foster got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and everyone is just too excited for words.   Yolanda is not the only one who calls her husband a genius, because Carlton gushes as she blogs about David, “It’s almost surreal. David’s accomplishments alone are extraordinary. He truly is a genius. But what’s even more surprisingly rare is that he’s a very cool and accessible man.” Of the ceremony, Brandi blogged, “Every which way I turned there was another music legend. I may have snuck some pictures and stalked a few of these superstars for photos with me.”  Brandi, you forgot to mention you made an offensive blind joke about a music icon.  Just shakes my head at her sheer stupidity…  Kim writes about David’s star, “How exciting to see David Foster receive a star on the Walk of Fame?!? CONGRATS! I love the way he included Yolanda and her children in his speech! You’re truly a star David! Everyone looked so happy and beautiful!”  Even Joyce was excited about the event, “David’s star on the Walk of Fame is huge! I was very happy for him because he truly does deserve it. He’s very gifted in what he does, he’s a gentleman and a beautiful human being.”

Carlton also just can’t help but tell us that this was her 2nd time to be invited to a celebrate the installation of a star on the Walk of Fame when she blogs, “This was my second such honor as our son’s sexy godmother Perla and Slash invited us to his ceremony last year. Slash is a true rock legend. . .I’m allowed to brag. I f—ing love them! Different ends of the spectrum, but both undisputedly brilliant at what they’ve done and continue to accomplish — and to witness something like that is an honor for me.”  I kind of think that the prerequisite for someone being able to get along with Carlton is to have a creative first name of some sort.  Sorry Joyce, your name is just too normal… You might need to change it to “Miseri,” “Ebony,” or “Pantene” to get any respect from Carlton.  That last one would really piss off Kyle and that would be sure to endear you forever to Carlton.

Yolanda writes about her experience, “I had never been to a star ceremony celebration but, as you can imagine, we had an incredible day celebrating my husband and his 40 years of accomplishments in the music industry.  To me, he is my love, the extraordinary man that nursed me through the darkest year of my life while battling Lyme Disease. But today we are celebrating the music genius and the extensive body of work he has created for the world to enjoy. He is one of the most brilliant musical minds of our time and has created the soundtrack to our lives. After 16 Grammys, one Emmy award, a Golden Globe and three Oscar nominations, in 2010 he was inducted in the Songwriters Hall of Fame, and I was just so excited to be out of bed and by his side to see him get his well-deserved star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It was a very exciting and memorable day spent with our big, unconventional family and a few close friends. Thanks for letting me brag about my hubby for just a little bit.”

Think what you want about the person of David Foster, but I have to say I, too, think he is a musical genius.  I know Yolanda’s gotten a lot of grief about her placement of David’s Grammies prominently on the piano.  Now don’t throw lemons at me, but I’m pretty sure that if I was married to him – I’d make sure his Grammies were somewhere really visible, too – They’re something in which to be proud. Now if they were mine – I’d probably use them as bookends… but I think it’s perfectly acceptable to be proud and gloat about your spouse’s accomplishments.  However, I don’t think putting awards on a piano is the right place for purely acoustic reasons… but that’s a whole nuther Oprah.  Perhaps they should line the walkway leading up to the front door… hmmmm…. Too ostentatious?

Yolanda can’t resist tossing a joke towards Lisa as she blogs, “Sorry Lisa, but neither Giggy, you, or I will ever be considered for a star or nominated for being a Beverly Hills housewife. With all kidding aside though, I actually might be wrong about that. I guess these days, wannabes become famous for all kinds of crazy things.”

For kicks and thrills I decided to find out about the eligibility requirements for getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  For those not in the area, the Hollywood Walk of Fame is comprised of over 2,500 stars on a public sidewalk which stretches on both sides of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street in the heart of Hollywood. Hollywood Walk of Fame recipients are chosen annually by a subcommittee of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce (Kyle joined the wrong chamber, me thinks…lol).  Around 20 stars are added each year from among approximately 200 nominations in specific categories:  motion pictures, television, audio recording, radio, and live performance.  While anyone can nominate someone, the following conditions must all be met:  1) A letter of agreement from the nominated celebrity or representative must be forwarded to the committee for consideration and nominee must agree to appear in person in a ceremony installing the star within 5 years of the nominee’s selection; 2) The application must contain information about the nominee’s contributions to the community and civic-oriented participation; and 3) A sum of $30,000 must be arranged to be paid upon the nominee’s selection.  If you want to see the nomination form itself, it can be accessed at:

Fortunately, Yolanda’s mother and brother were able to fly in to be part of this important event.  Yolanda tells us that she tries to include them as much as possible in these types of occasions.  Yolanda blogs, “I am excited for you to finally meet two of the most important people in my life. My father died when I was seven years old, so my brother Leo and I were raised by our extraordinary single mom, Ans, who dedicated her life to both of us. Our life was extremely humble so at an early age she taught us to work hard with great pride and integrity. Getting out of my little town in Holland to provide for them was one of my greatest accomplishments.”

I know a lot of you aren’t fans of Yolanda’s… but I gotta say I admire her drive.  Her beauty of course has helped her out a lot, but I know a bazillion of really gorgeous people who have accomplished far less in their lives.  However, it is also true that she had a big leg up on so many other people… and it just happened to a beautiful leg that went on for miles and miles… On second thought maybe I do hate her… lol…

Yolanda continues, “Watching myself goof around with my brother just makes me so happy because no one knows me like that guy does, and even if I don’t see him for a year, our banter continues exactly where it left off. People probably perceive me as a bit boring, because I am a little slow in the humor department but it’s just hard for me to get jokes when they’re told in English. I am always the last one to get it.”

I loved watched Yolanda interact with her brother – it was so playful and fun.  I think it would be really difficult to understand jokes in a different language – so much of humor relies on nuance and subtlety… I guess that’s why the “Three Stooges” translates so easily for other countries – their humor is more of an “in your face” and physical type of humor.

You’re Not Wearing THAT are you?

On Kim’s daughter’s graduation day, Kim’s wonderfully supportive sisters decided on Kim’s outfit.  Kim blogs, “When I came out in my first outfit option you could tell they weren’t too thrilled. My sister Kathy has a very funny way of giving you advice in the sweetest way possible, but if she doesn’t like what you are wearing she will drop a hint and encourage you to change.”   Kim, honey, I know you may have not been sober long enough to fully understand this – but Kathy was mean and insulting… and her comments were coming from someone who was inexplicably wearing animal print and who actually owns a dress shop.  But at least Kathy actually attended the graduation, which was more than she did for Kyle’s daughter.  Most of Kim’s blog was dedicated to talking about how proud she is of her daughter, which was really quite sweet.

Lisa, Cut that Umbilical Chord, Will Ya?

Oh Lisa, Lisa, Lisa… Your daughter is a grown woman… let go!  I found it odd, as accomplished and professional as I think Lisa is – that during this episode she was having a conversation with her grown, married daughter about her not moving to New York even though there was a compelling job offer at stake for her husband.  Lisa blogs about the situation, “But after that initial announcement they came up with another plan and wanted my blessing, a plan to recreate the sangria that we have sold for years in SUR and VILLA BLANCA and take it to the market, with my approval on all aspects — taste, design, etc… I was hesitant to venture into anything business oriented with Jason, as I believe we have a perfect relationship and I didn’t want anything to jeopardize that.  Anyway, they decided to run with it, and I am extremely proud of their new business venture. I have overseen and been instrumental on every aspect of it. It is exciting times.”  Wow, Queen Lisa really does always get her way… By the way, I just realized that “Pandora” would qualify to be a friend of Carlton’s because of her name.  Hmmm…. Speaking of Carlton…

Brandi Kissed a Girl and She Liked it…

So Lisa and Brandi were out bikini shopping… Brandi is so not someone I would want to go bikini shopping with… but Brandi blogs, “Although I own over 100 bikinis, some of which are one-of-a-kind that I designed myself, I have a little bit of an obsession with them and can always use more. I picked out a few cute ones, and although I am happy with my body at 41 and after having two kids (and I do workout really hard), it is still annoying to see my little mommy belly baby pooch.”  Oh Brandi, puhleeze, weep… weep, weep.

So like, while they were shopping, Brandi breaks the news to Lisa that she “made-out” with Carlton.  Lisa was incredulous and blogs, “In the midst of her trying on not very much, she states that she “made out” with Carlton… I was stunned, firstly because she announced something so personal for the world to now know. I had no idea how Carlton as a mother and wife would feel about that. Was there not an unwritten code that one would not disclose that? That is between them and certainly not my battle. I imagine it was a frivolous moment, not that I have ever had any like that. But I would be more concerned with the lack of discretion and take note for the future.”  Well Lisa, I’m actually surprised Brandi didn’t tweet about it and post a picture.  I hear rumor the DVD is for sale on EBay and can be streamed on Netflix.

Carlton blogs, “And moving right along to a nice little eye opener for me. Oh fantastic! Yes watching Brandi tell Lisa that we made out was a little surprising — and maybe if I had known her better I might not have been shocked. But like she said, it was just a kiss, no torrid affair. We didn’t elope. I make no apologies for having kissed girlfriends. It’s bloody harmless.” 

Okay… the thing is… On what planet is this okay?  Carlton is married.  Brandi spends most of her time tweeting and chirping about people who cheat on their spouses.  So is this supposed to be okay because Carlton is female?  Imagine if the situation was that Brandi kissed Carlton’s husband… We would immediately think of it differently, no?  You don’t kiss married people… ever!  No matter what “agreement” they say they have with their spouse or which sex is with which sex – At least not in my book.  And this is all being played out on national TV.  Both Carlton and Brandi have young children… This is just getting too much!  Their children are going to suffer the consequences of their reality fame grasping and shock-value bombing choices.  Make it stop!  Bravo, make it stop!  Do it for the children whose parents have no morals!

Ominous Foreshadowing…

So, by now, most of us have read Brandi’s preemptive apology for what we’re about to see in the next few episodes.  She acknowledges that she’s a mean girl towards Joyce (she uses much more colorful language… but I’m trying to be careful…lol)…  Whatever happens, it’s a biggie… Brandi is blaming the alcohol and probably anything else she can think of including Joyce herself… I don’t think it’s going to be pretty.  I don’t ever remember seeing a preemptive strike like this before…  The thing that struck me about this so-called apology – is that there is nothing in there that says “I’m sorry” to Joyce.  She apologizes to us viewers about what we’re going to see… So is that really an apology?  I think Brandi really, really screwed up on this one on all fronts.  First, she said the stuff.  Second, she isn’t offering an apology for saying it… just that we have to see her like that, at least that’s what I got out of her little “apology.”

Joyce alludes that she has issues with Brandi when she blogs about the different between Kyle and Brandi, “Kyle is fun and bubbly, so she makes me feel like I can be open and unfiltered with her. That’s why I explained the silly incident with Lisa to her. I still can’t believe that, as always, Brandi tried to twist the truth after stirring the pot to shift the responsibility away from herself. Unfortunately, she is one of those people who ALWAYS plays the victim and believes nothing is EVER her fault.”  So, buckle up, Buttercup – it’s going to be a bumpy ride… I can’t wait!  Wheee eeee eeee!!!

Happy trails… See ya next week!


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  1. chismosa™ says:

    Happy Sunday to everyone —

    To Rabble Rouser— your daughters are adorable – wanted to tell you

    In case I don’t catch you all till much later tonight …… Maybe THIS is the wine glass that Brandi means one glass gets her drunk, because yeah – it would get me drunk too!!

    There’s both Atlanta AND Shahs tonight — and DJ- Kandi is on WWH ! yay! Lol
    No doubt she will NOT visit Wendy. 🙊🙊🙊😹

    Have a good day y’all

  2. Rebecca is sick of the FatKyle victim storyline says:

    Brandi doesn’t fit in here. She’s not from Beverly Hills, doesn’t hang out out with fabulous people, and has the vocabulary of a teenager. She’s the resident Beverly Hillbilly desperate for a storyline so she can “win” over Leann. I refuse to watch the first and second runs of these shows. I’d rather record and wait for recaps so I know when to fast forward. She’s not entertaining and these contrived cheating story lines are not entertaining. This show is just trash now, as is Brandi.

  3. VV™ says:

    The Victim… Wahh Wahh….
    #wedontcare #mauricioisanass

    @KyleRichards18: @MszReality @RHOGossip I was forced to address them AFTER others brought it up. Get it?

    Original Message:

    • Powell says:

      Nope I don’t get it. You shut down rumors from the get go & then that’s that.

      • Rebecca is sick of the FatKyle victim storyline says:

        She did say it was ok to cheat as long as you didn’t admit it to your spouse in her book. Dumbass.

        • Powell says:

          Another HE writing a book and then regretting some of what she wrote cuz it’s come back to haunt them.

  4. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. I hope you’ve had a great weekend. We’ve got SNOW. Not a lot. I think the meteorologists are predicting us having terrible ice more than the snow. I hope you all are safe and cozy as we venture into the thick of winter.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Powell the weather you get always moves on up to me!!!

      I believe I heard they “forecasted” a VERY snowy winter – but not a super cold one. (Plus it can’t be incredibly cold if it snows….)

      Oh boy….

      Ps I saw you drink chai latte- I do too- and I LOVE this time of year because starbucks makes a chai/ eggnog that you ask for, it’s not on the regular menu and I just DIE for it. So so yummy …… ☕️☕️

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I too love chai latte. Yummy yummy!

      • Powell says:

        Chismosa when this weather moves to you you can have it. I just don’t like it anymore. My mom said I used to love it when we lived in NY when I was a itty bitty.. Cold didn’t bother me. Since I’m anemic I can’t stand it.

        Chismosa & Lainey I love love love tea. I especially love Chai. I buy a few brands in teabag, the box brand that Starbucks uses and another brand I can’t think of. Starbucks makes it the best. That’s really the only thing I get from Starbucks. In the summer I occasionally get a fruit frappuccino. I don’t like coffee at all. Woman’s grocery store has a type of Starbucks inside and they make an ok Chai Tea Latte. It’s not as good as SB. I don’t get them often since they are what um $4.50. I have 2 SB cards that I load $10 each. That’ll last me a few mths since I only get one every few mths. I don’t see how SB regulars can afford it once, twice daily.

  5. jezzibel says:

    Has Brandi ever offered any proof that she was ever a model or any pictures from her “modeling days”, I know kookoo for gummibears did when people started to loudly doubt her claim to being a model?

    • Powell says:

      I would think there’s something online.

      • Anne says:

        On a related matter, if you have a copy of Brandi’s first book, Amazon was accepting the hardcover as a trade-in last night. For those who haven’t used the trade-in service, you get gift card dollars for trade-in items, which must be in good condition. (Not an option if you spilled your wine on the book while reading.) Amazon pays for the shipping, so you just need to pack, print label and take the the post office. I’ve used it multiple times to clear out books, music and dvds that I didn’t want and didn’t want to be bothered selling.

        • Powell says:

          LOL @spilling the wine Anne. 😉 I didn’t know about the book trade. Thks for that. I love my books but maybe I have something I can trade-in. Well I think you deserve a prize for that info. 😀

          • Anne says:

            i haven’t read Brandi’s book, but I would think that wine would be a requirement — or maybe vodka — whatever she drinks. I’d definitely need to be a little buzzed to read it. As far as the book trade-in at — a friend traded a bunch of her son’s video games and told me about the service. I love my books too and although I use paperback swap to keep my book hoarding in check, I’ve found that the amazon trade-in works well for me with trading CDs (going digital) and DVD’s (upgrading to whatever the latest technology is), than books. Amazon does help me to clear the clutter and then I can buy more books for my kindle!

            • Powell says:

              Anne I think Brandi drinks everything. 🙂

              I don’t like paperback novels. I don’t know why. I only have a few. I just got a kindle 🙂 . Can you see my smile. I love it. I have downloaded 2 free romance novels. I have the kindle & nook apps on my phone & have downloaded free books there too. I prefer reading my favs the good ole fashion way. 🙂

              • Anne says:

                Hi Powell. I read alot too. I have a kindle app on my ipad, but have asked for a kindle for xmas, so that I can take advantage of my prime membership and borrow books. I have a nook app too, but find that I like the kindle app better. Phone screen is too small for me — the ability to make the print bigger is one of the best things about ebooks. That, and highlighting. Love all the free and .99 cent ebooks. I still have lots of real books though, hard to give those up.

        • sparklemuffy says:

          thank-you, I have a ton of books I would like to get rid of. I had no idea you could trade them for card $ @ Amazon.

          • Powell says:

            Hey Sparkle. Doesn’t Anne deserve a prize? She’s given the best info of the day. 🙂

          • Anne says:

            Hi Sparkle — only some books, not all. Amazon is kind of picky and what they will take and how much you get depends on demand. Paperback swap is another way to get rid of unwanted books. It has hardcovers and audio books too. You post books and get credits for those that others want. You pay to ship your books to others — they pay to ship their books to you. Cost of postage for paperbacks is a little over $2 these days, so it is definitely cheaper than buying new. I’ve only had a few problems with swaps and the site will refund your credits if you are unhappy with the condition of the book. It’s a great way to get back list books for authors that others recommend and you aren’t sure if you’ll like.

    • Pghemtchick says:

      Apparently, Brandi released her pics after people asked. Why they didn’t just show up-who knows. I mean if I type Gigi Hadid in google I see Guess modeling pics. I guess Brandi didn’t land a major campaign? This article ( has some of Brandi’s pics she released. I’m gonna type her name and Wacoal in and see if actual non-Brandi released pics show up.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        She did release pics a long time ago. Like you said, you can be a working model and not land a national/international campaign. Sounds like she was more of a runway model than a print model, which is why she lived abroad for a time.

        • Pghemtchick says:

          Which falls into her definition of “pretty” model of her friend. According to her bio, she got signed at 16 and was in Paris working runways at 16. She also says she worked for Chanel, Armani, etc. It’d be interesting to see those runway pics. The Brandi before housewives, but then again were those the coke days? Who knows.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Iirc, she said in her book something about being a body model and not a beauty (face) model…thefore her print work is limited. Lisa vdPump got her a really good modeling gig…print work. Ok, now im gonna make this about me and mine…My kid would jump at an opportunity like that. And be forever grateful. Every audition she goes on there are potentially hundreds of other models competing for the same job (if not more). Brandi didnt even audition for that print work with Lisa.

            • Pghemtchick says:

              Srsly. And ah the infamous thumb wrinkle episode. I bet on the jumping. It’s a cut throat industry. I hope you and your gal have a bright future in it and keep a positive healthy outlook (no thumb wrinkle woes 🙂 ) ❤

              • LaineyLainey says:

                Pchick, you have a great memory! The thumb wrinkle!! haha! re: Lgirl…Thanks for the well wishes. She is still hopeful and still going out on auditions every week and getting a steady dose of rejection. She seems ok, though. she is still pretty happy. I as her mom, am happy that she has a degree and an interest in other things and has other ways of earning a living besides someone else’s opinion of her appearance. Eeeeek! She is much stronger than I!

  6. Good morning. It’s cold and icy out here as well. Brrrr. I’ve got company – so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to blog tonight. I’m behind on Shahs as well, but it sounds like I’m lucky I missed the last episode. Oh well, at least Brandi has given us a lot to talk about.

    My understanding is Mama Joyce is going to go off the rails again tonight on Atlanta. I wonder if she’s lost it?

    • California35 says:

      No worries NMD 🙂

      About mama Joyce, i wonder if this time around her attitude is worst because Kandi is not reacting as she has in the past. Maybe mama Joyce is scare now that her daughter is not letting her manipulate her as she has before.

    • TexasTart says:

      You mean she hasn’t ALREADY gone off the rails?! Oh my.

      • cusi77 says:

        What intrigues me more is not Mama Joyce’s going off the rails, but the groom to be, for not accepting to sign the prenup… If he is not impressed with Kandi’s wealth… sign the dam paper you nitwit! Kandi has a daughter and she has -whatever she has- has been working hard! Kandi needs to protect herself and her daughter… If Tood’s love is true, I don’t see the problem to sign a prenuptial agreement! JMHO.

  7. California35 says:

    Confused at Brandi’s tweet. Is she saying that she Will be the one offending someone or will she be the victim?

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I think she’s saying that she is an alchemist? “Alchi”
      : a science that was used in the Middle Ages with the goal of changing ordinary metals into gold
      : a power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way

      • cusi77 says:

        I think that Brandi will be attacking LATIN AMERICAN women, on her way attacking Joyce. I personally don’t get offended for anything that comes from that drunken nitwit. Very difficult to offend me… Has to be from someone I really like and admire!

      • Anne says:

        LOL! Brandi as an alchemist…… I have no words, but I think that I snorted. You are too funny LaineyLainey.

  8. California35 says:

    Star – very good blog 🙂

    Well, in this case it is good that the wives can explain things that we son see. Carlton explained that she DID take her car to the vet 🙂

    Kim is backtracking about Kathy. She and Kyle made it sound like Kathy was not nice about Kim’s dress. Now on the blog she said it differently. I honestly like this better. Kathy had not been on the show, when she does she gets those comments from the sisters ? It wasn’t like she called Kim an alcoholic or Kim told her she stole her house. Ring a bell!??

    I’m waiting ok Joyce and Brandi. I still have not seen Joyce done anything bad bad (as the other wives at one time or another). We may eventually, but not yet. Telling Lisa about the hair was annoying and i hope she drops it. But Brandi — wooo so many things to mention.

    • Powell says:

      I thought Kathy was being a big sis saying she didn’t like what Kim was wearing. No biggie but Kyle dud make it sound like Kathy is critical like that. Kathy either said something or Kim said something.

      Joyce hasn’t done anything bad per say. I didn’t like her going at Lisa about some stupid hair in the face thing. It was stupid. Was she trying to have her time on screen?

    • Stars99 - a/k/a/ - ***FREE VITO***©™® says:

      Thanks California, my neighbor… I think it’s going to be very, very interesting to see how this all plays out…

  9. lulu says:

    Hello everyone!!! Its snowing here and the governor is pleased!! 😉 they both enjoyed the santa parade despite the freezing cold! It amazes me how many toddlers were not properly dressed! No hats or outfits that the mother chose based on cuteness versus its too cold to dress your child in that!! Vent over!

    Nancy yes that is what happened! We never consented to the pathologist reading our results! Had the DR called us to ask then we would have said yes. We were never given that option. What can we do?

    Btw MoS title tonight “phallic victories” got to love the titles! Hopefully the governor will be asleep by that point!

    Who’s watching a Merry mix up????

    • Powell says:

      Lulu that great the Gov & Prez had so much fun. I hate to see parents not properly dress their kids for the weather and they themselves have on hats & scarves. Burns me up. Heads, hands & feet of babies need to be covered.

      Yeah love the titles of Masters epis.

      What’s Merry Mix Up?

      • lulu says:

        Merry mix up is really cheesy hallmark holiday movie. Check it out!

        Do you think MoS is becoming more fictional at this point?

        • Powell says:

          Oh that’s what they call it? I started watching Merry something last night w/singer Ashanti turned. What I watched was good. Did the girl get the owner/the guy & save her father’s chocolate store?

    • Nancy says:

      Hi lulu…Did you go to your doctors office or did you go to the ER with Aiden?

      Here’s another example that might help you…”Mary” goes into surgery to have a growth
      removed. Mary is going to get a bill from the surgeon, the hospital and the Pathologist that read her slides in the lab.

      If you were seen in his office I do get your point from your standpoint. He should
      have told you that there would be an extra charge. Have you called his office
      to discuss this?

  10. Powell says:

    Nancy. If Dr. Masters was doing Myomectomies for fibroid removal, which I had 5 yrs ago, why do docs still go to the talk of a hysterectomy first? I was diagnosed w/fibroids a long time ago. When my gyno talked about removing them probably 5 yrs before I had them removed she said hysterectomy was the option. Later she told me about the myomectomy.

    • Nancy says:

      Powell…I believe that a hysterectomy is the treatment of choice as that’s the best
      way to get rid of the fibroids. IF the surgeon can remove them (which can be
      very difficult to do) he/she would try that first. Of course the age of the patient would
      also be a factor.

      • Powell says:

        Ok. There are more options becoming available thk God.

        • Nancy says:

          I had to have my polyps ablated which left me with an “Incompatible uterus”. LOL
          Isn’t that what Dr Masters said to his wife?

          • Powell says:

            Yeah that ‘s what he said. How about him being mad at her for what she did to get pregnant when he lied to her saying she had “Incompatible Uterus”. The nerve. I’m glad Virginia left him. I think she’ll win the doc she went to work for over.

            • Nancy says:

              Really? I don’t. She’ll use Dr Haas and then will toss him to the curb.
              Virginia and Masters deserve each other.

              • Powell says:

                No the female doc she went to work for. Masters has no right treating Virginia like she’s his in a romantic sense. He’s got a wife. He’s treating V different because of his feelings for her.

                • Nancy says:

                  Oh I’m sorry as I read that wrong. Yes I love that she went to the female doc.
                  Dr Masters is extremely selfish.

          • Powell says:

            Thks. I’ve heard about FAS although I didn’t know that’s what it was called. My surgeon said they may return. I hope not. My hairstylist had hers removed, they came back yrs later then she had a hysterectomy.

  11. TexasTart says:

    Stars! Thank you for the blog. I loved it when you said “Don’t throw lemons at me.” I admire Yolanda’s drive too. I’ve not turned on her as many have here. I don’t mind that some here call her lemondrop and don’t like her ways, to each their own. She is especially taking knocks by commenters here after her most recent Bravo blog. I’m not seeing whatever upset the folks here, but honestly, I didn’t go read the darn thing because I don’t want to dislike her yet!

    I like what you said about the Grammy’s. And about creative first names, lol. I’m glad Carlton explained the cat accupuncture, as I didn’t judge her doing so. In the show it was done at a veterinary office and I didn’t understand why some people commented they thought it was wrong she did that as it was done by a professional. I have had accupuncture recommended for one of my dogs to manage pain. Ultimately the dog had surgery and the accupuncture avenue was not utilized.

    So is that really an apology, asks Stars – NO! It was a whole lot of rambling so we wouldn’t thinking she was a “dick” and and “asshole”…strange choice of words, I thought. Anyhoo…your best point is both Carlton and Brandi have young children and none of this was appropriate for their sake.

    • Powell says:

      TexasTart I still love Yo. I do think her way of talking is her culture, the Way she was brought up. I don’t like how she’s saying “leave Brandi alone. That’s who she is.” when other’s do the same things Brandi does and she dislikes it. Carlton is that way too when Joyce does something like Brandi. She likes it on Brandi but not Joyce when it doesn’t look good on anyone.
      Yo is letting Brandi get away w/stuff, not say anything. Lisa would sometimes laugh at Brandi but say “come on Brandi. Stop it”. And Brandi would understand what Lisa was saying at times then correct herself. Look if you’re w/your GF you say something about whatever she’s doing that’s negative or shows her in a bad light. That’s what friends do.
      On Shahs when MJ busted GG to her BF that was totally wrong. MJ should have taken GG aside & said that wasn’t good what she did w/that guy while she was away from her BF. GGs BF isn’t MJs friend. MJ backed the bus up on GGs head. Just wrong. And MJ won’t apologize when she knows she was wrong. MJ has said her mom doesn’t apologize when she’s wrong. Neither does MJ.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I have not turned on yo. The only time She turned me off is when she scolded a laborer/carpenter on camera about not speaking English. I’m not trying to start stuff here. Let the record show that I actually think SHE IS RIGHT that we should all speak English…but I didn’t appreciate that she scolded a working adult on camera as if he was a small child who was in her care and being naughty. Other than that one small moment, yo has never bothered me.

      She has an agenda and that’s ok with me. Its smart of her, imo, to have a REASON for appearing on an american reality show. She loves her husband, her kids and for the most part she manages to honor them on camera. I cant turn on someone with whom i share some pretty basic values. I wish I could help promote my kids’ careers the way she does hers. I still love her house, her fridge and yes, her lemons!! If my husband had oodles of Grammies, i would be so proud, too…I might even fashion three of them into an earring and necklace set.

    • I haven’t turned on her, I never liked her 😉

    • djprincessc says:

      I don’t get why ppl have turned on her either TT, I still love her. Maybe bc she’s friends with Brandi??

    • Stars99 - a/k/a/ - ***FREE VITO***©™® says:

      Tartsy – I’m so thankful you’re not throwing lemons at me… Although lemonade does sound good… hmmm…. perhaps I need to rethink this whole perspective… lol

    • ladebra says:

      I don’t like when Yolanda gets preachy but then I resesent anyone preaching to me not just her. Omg I tried typing yo yo 10 times and this stupid tablet corrected me every time. Apparantly my kindle has named her Yogi.

  12. Powell says:

    Only 2 epis of Masters left? 😦

    Nancy you watch The Paradise right? They are showing Downton instead of new epis.

    • Nancy says:

      No I haven’t been watching it. Is it good?

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Paradise is REALLY good!

        • Powell says:

          Love IT. 🙂 So will John marry what’s her name? He went to Denise but will the banker force his hand?

      • Powell says:

        It’s good. It’s like Mr. Selfridges except the owner of The Paradise is a widower who’s supposed to marry the daughter of the wealthy banker but he didn’t really love her cuz he’s fallen in love w/one of his employees Denise who’s pretty and has bright ideas that have been successful for the store. I haven’t looked to see if it was a real store like Self is.

  13. Powell says:

    I’m watching 2 weeks ago WD & the Gov just fed Brian to the zombies. Why did Brian think he could the Gov?

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Yeah, didn’t you just see that coming? Reminded me of that fable about a Scorpion and a Frog. The Gov is the scorpion (duh…)

      It goes like this:

      A Scorpion and a Frog meet on the bank of a stream and the
      Scorpion asks the Frog to carry him across on its back.

      The Frog asks, “How do I know you won’t sting me?”
      The Scorpion says, “Because if I do, I will die too.”

      The Frog is satisfied, and they set out, but in midstream,
      the Scorpion stings the Frog.
      The Frog feels the onset of paralysis and starts to sink, knowing they both will drown, but has just enough time to gasp “Why?”

      Replies the Scorpion: “It’s my nature…”

      • Powell says:

        Lainey I was just starting to watch last week’s epi. I can’t. The Gov has Michonne & the doc?. It made my heart skip a beat. He’s talking about taking over the prison. I don’t think I can watch this today. Yes I’m chicken. 🙂

        • I just finished watching the last 2 episodes of WD last night. I didn’t think I would make it. Had to take a break during the finale, lol!!

          • Powell says:

            See I had that feeling. My heart really did skip a beat. I’m not prepared for what’s coming. I’ll finish watching it next weekend. I’m not scared of scary movies so I don’t know why that few minutes affected me like that. The Gov is lethal. I just don’t want to see any of our prisoner cast killed.

      • Stars99 - a/k/a/ - ***FREE VITO***©™® says:

        ooOOOOooo LaineyLainey so nice we say it twice… this fable was quoted in a recent episode of “Covert Affairs.” Pretty kewl…

  14. Nancy says:

    dj…you need to go to your doctor. 😦

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I agree, simple strep test…a dose of antibiotics…boom you’re well.

      Maybe it’s not strep, but you should be getting better by now. If its not strep at least you will know.

      Whereas untreated strep, if it is strep…well…please google it…”untreated strep”…and then hurry up and get to an urgent care clinic since your doc is probably closed on Sundays.

      • Powell says:

        Oh no are y’all thinking it’s Strep? When she posted the other day I was thinking that to myself. My mom told me her hairdresser’s daughter was rushed to the ER thanksgiving and found out it was strep. I hope DIP doesn’t have it. Tuck. I had it 3 yrs ago. I got it from a co-worker.

      • djprincessc says:

        Hi Lainey!! Just responded read down below!! You ladies are too sweet!! 🙂

    • djprincessc says:

      Hi Nancy!! Thanks for your concern!! But I don’t think its strep!! I don’t wanna be gross but I think it was a tonsil stone, lol. I get those. Theres nothing back there when i woke up this morning to check. And my throat isn’t sore at all anymore, yesterday it was a little but was really sore weds/thursday so its gotten better. If it comes back I will def go to the doctor though.

      Unfortunately I don’t have insurance so I can’t run to the doctor as often as I’d like to/should. I just went to the “girl” doctor October and just payed almost $500 for everything and thats WITH a cash discount!! Yuck.

      But don’t worry I will if I have too 🙂

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Glad to hear you are better. Now I’m gonna look up tonsil stone. NEVER heard of that before.

        • djprincessc says:

          Its not pretty Lainey. Mine are always small though. lol. Gargling is a must for me. hahhaha…

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Very interesting…I will be looking for a flashlight and mirror now. Wish me luck. I’ve had a creepy night cough and trouble swallowing…maybe I am a tonsil stoner, too.

            • djprincessc says:

              Lainey, I only get them on my left side and its the side where I chew, thats also the side where my tonsil shows more so I think thats why. But if I regularly gargle especially with mouth wash (like tilt my head back and vigorously gargle) I don’t get them. The weird shit we get. lol.

      • lulu says:

        Have you tried cvs minute clinic??

      • Powell says:

        I’m glad you’re feeling better. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your full recovery. Hugs!! 🙂

  15. sparklemuffy says:

    Thanks as always for the blogs—I don’t have to watch, but feel like I still know what’s going on. For some reason I thought the reason Kathy didn’t go to Farrah?’s graduation was because Paris had a show on another network and it would have been a conflict on Kathy’s contract to be on HW’s.

  16. Powell says:

    Oh Gosh. Party is on. Turning…..

  17. Powell says:

    Scrounge w/Albert Finney is on TCM. Not the original but I love it just the same. 🙂

  18. Nancy says:

    Here’s Mao Asada’s long program. She falls on her triple axel but she’s the only female
    that is attempting it so she will get partial credit. She wins the Gold.

    • LaineyLainey says:


      • Nancy says:

        She’s won my heart. When she lost the Olympic gold in Vancouver she felt like
        she let down her nation as Yu-Na Kim from Korea won the Gold and we all
        know the history between those two countries. Then her mother passed away
        and she didn’t get to the hospital on time as she was competing. It broke her
        heart. Well the two countries will be competing again at the Sochi Olympics but
        this time she will be skating it for her mother and plans on retiring immediately
        after the games.

    • Stars99 - a/k/a/ - ***FREE VITO***©™® says:

      I can’t wait for the Olympics… = )

  19. LaineyLainey says:

    Thanks NMD and Stars for your blogs. Brandi is making sure we are all talking about her. She is not as dumb as some tend to think regardless of her limited choice of vocabulary. I appreciated Stars’ sharing the whole history of the medical treatment of the cat from the blog (since I didn’t read the blogs myself).

    • Powell says:

      But the saying any publicity is good publicity is not true.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Well not to you or me. But to many, it is. If she remains on this show and keeps getting book deals…then she is continuing to be rewarded for her behavior and her ability to remain in the public eye, good or bad.

        I agree with you, though. To me, any publicity is not good. But in their business it’s not necessarily bad.

        My daughter took a class on celebrity…yea, it was an elective and one of the topics was about how any publicity is good,if your goal is fame…especially if you’re about to Kanchenjunga …. Ok, that was supposed to say LAUNCH. I left it there to laugh at my autocorrect. REALLY?! Kanchenjunga? In place of launch? Anyway…as i was saying…any publicity is “good” especially if you’re about to launch a record, movie, book, clothing line, etc.

        What’s worse to Brandi and her ilk than bad publicity? Being ignored.

        • Powell says:

          LOL. I type launch and my auto correct came back launch. 🙂

          It’s a shame that publishing houses are publishing anything these days. It’s like a reality show on just because they can get it on. Who’s her publisher?

    • Stars99 - a/k/a/ - ***FREE VITO***©™® says:

      Thanks LaineyLainey so nice we say it twice… Yeah, I was relieved reading Carlton’s explanation… And you’re right, Brandi is laffin’ all the way to the bank at this moment… but I think she’s going to be pretty damaged in the long run… I shudder to think the negative impact this will have on her kids… ugh…

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Stars, there is usu some collateral damage as a result of this “publicity”…so true.

        Things to ponder…is the term “Collateral damage” the modern way of referring to “the sins of the father…” Or mother whatever the case may be. It’s sounds less “judgy” to say collateral damage. But whenI say it, that’s what I mean, the concept of the sins of the father/mother being visited upon the generations that follow.

  20. Nancy says:

    Stars99…Great blog. Thank-you. I think David’s a genius too. I’m surprised
    that he didn’t get the Star sooner.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I know, right?

    • Powell says:

      I was wondering why his sis wasn’t there. He is a genius. But don’t they have to be nominated & money raised?

      • Stars99 - a/k/a/ - ***FREE VITO***©™® says:

        You are sooooOOOOoo busted, Powelly-pooh… lolol… Kidding… Yeah, they do have to be nominated… but anyone can nominate them – even a fan… plus $30,000 has to be arranged to be paid somehow… plus the nomination form asks about the kinds of civic or charitable activities in which they’ve been involved… plus they have to show up for the ceremony. =)

        • Nancy says:

          LOL That one took a min to get.

          • Stars99 - a/k/a/ - ***FREE VITO***©™® says:

            Giggles… I love Powelly-Pooh… but she is really, really busted… lol

            • Nancy says:

              In her defense…Many people read the comments first and the blog second.

              • Powell says:

                That’s me alright. 🙂

              • Stars99 - a/k/a/ - ***FREE VITO***©™® says:

                You’re so right Nancy… In fact, I often read the blog in stages so I can really enjoy everyone’s posts… And sometimes I’m so far behind it takes me a couple of days to catch up… but then I want to write a comment but know it’s kinda too late… sigh…lol… I just wanted to tease Powell a lil… I’m just so thankful people ever take the time to read any of my posts at all… I can be such a gooberhead… lol

    • Stars99 - a/k/a/ - ***FREE VITO***©™® says:

      Yeah, I was really surprised about that, too… Nancy… I really think they do the whole nomination thing all wrong… I think individual committees majoring on the various categories should do the nominating based on real achievement and they should figure out the whole money angle some other way. There is a prevailing sentiment that people just can buy their stars… I almost think it should be only those who would deserve something like a lifetime achievement award or something… but the Chamber’s goal is probably to bring people to their city… so they’re going to give stars to anyone they think will bring in tourists…

      • Nancy says:

        I couldn’t agree more. Something tells me that we will be seeing Bethenny
        in the near future. lol

      • Rebecca is sick of the FatKyle victim storyline says:

        Well….. There still is that incident where he almost killed Ben Vereen with his car. He may have wanted to wait long enough until people stopped remembering that when his name was mentioned.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          (In a screeching voice) WHHHHHAAAAAAT?? Ushers daddy? David tried to kill Ushers daddy? WHHHHHAAAAAAAT?

  21. Great Blog Starzy!!!! I thought I read them but you brought out stuff I missed, lol. I pay as much attention to their blogs as I do the show…. So, when I went to the grocery store after the vet but before my car got hit…the cashier told me that her daughter took her dog to the acupuncturist and it worked. Also, another friend of theirs was going to have to put their dog down due to not being able to fix or manage the pain and went to the same accupun.. and it worked for them also…. So it may seem crazy but it appears to work even for the little people!!! Also, watching the previews of BH made me sad for Joyce. Such rudeness was unacceptable. Kyle was the only one trying to be polite and nice and I don’t really care for her too much, so that made me mad, that I liked her for doing that!!! If Kyle ends up being my favorite I am going to be really pissed off, lol!! But it would be like being my favorite out of a box of Russell Stover Chocolates!!! yuck!!

    • Powell says:

      PrincessP nap time already? 🙂

      Dogs/Cats get the same types of ailments & illnesses as we do & some of the same treatments, remember Kramer took dog cough syrup 🙂 I digress, so I wouldn’t be surprised if acupuncture can work for some dogs/Cats.

      You’re like me that if you have to agree w/or like Kyle for something your going to be mad. I’ve said that about Adrienne & LeAnn when it comes to Brandi. 🙂

      Are you better now that all of those trying days have passed? About your car? My mom scraped her car backing out of the garage. My neighbor across the street has a big ole dent in her garage door. Either she or someone has a jacked up car. 🙂

      • I laughed when I thought of Kramer and the doggie cough!! Too funny! Yes, nap time. I think this week exhausted me, I also did a lot of decorating around the house and lugging boxes around I tweaked my shoulder….. I haven’t even thought about the car, I guess I need to take it in and get it looked at….there is a good body shop by my mechanic. It all seems like too much and I am exhausted. I feel like Scarlett O’Hara, “After all… tomorrow is another day.” And as for Kyle, at least she has manners, which is more than I can say for some people!!! It was awful to watch, poor Joyce, it’s not her fault she is so beautiful and from what I read she does real charity work….I don’t care if she flips her hair, who doesn’t, lol!!! These next few weeks will be interesting to see how Brandi’s fans handle this….. I mean I thought it would be bad with her preemptive strike youtube but YIKES!!!!

        • Powell says:

          Bless you doing the Christmas decorating. I can’t get into it anymore like I used to. Decorating is on a smaller scale in my house. You have to show us some pics

          • This is the first year I am doing it in a while. I have no other obligations this year to do parties, so I told my family they are getting it!! LOL, it feels a little weird cuz I don’t like clutter and I know it is going to seem so empty when it is all put away. Santa is bringing a new camera so I will take some pix!!

    • Stars99 - a/k/a/ - ***FREE VITO***©™® says:

      Thanks Tiara… I found the blogs this week to be a little weird in all different directions so that’s why I decided to write it by subject – cuz reading them was making my head spin… lol… I completely understand what you’re saying about Kyle… It’s gonna piss me off if I have to start using her as the model of appropriate behavior… lolol… I haven’t watched the previews yet… I’m a lil askeered… to be honest…

  22. Nancy says:

    NMD…Good luck today and I hope your fans will be keeping the noise down for my 49ers. 🙂

    • Powell says:

      BB & my Redskins are toast. 😦

      • Nancy says:

        I have to agree with that Powell. 😦 Maybe next year.

        • Powell says:

          I hope so. I was hoping this season was going to be it. We shall see if Shanahan work s out his last yr of his contract or if we’ll have a new coach next season. I laughed when our local news asked RGIII if the coach needed to go. Of course he gave a politically correct answer. Did they really think he was going to say anything else? 🙂

    • Nancy says:

      I’m so stupid. I thought we were playing in your house.

  23. Powell says:

    Is anyone watching the miniseries Bonnie & Clyde on the History Channel tonight? My mom said she read it’s not good .

  24. LaineyLainey says:

    Here is a witty comment from BG’s youtube page “What’s the next book? Drinking and youtubing?”

  25. Nancy says:

    Horrible news…NE won today. 😦

  26. Powell says:

    The Yearling w/Jane Wyatt & Gregory Peck is on TCM. Oh boy two of the best actors of their time. I miss seeing them. The last thing I saw her do was Falcon Crest & him The Omen. We have some great actors today but they don’t have what the actors of the 20s-60s had.

  27. California35 says:

    Lainey, I understood that part, but the word “victim” in it confused.
    “…b4 I become a racist alchi bully victim bi-polar peep”

  28. California35 says:

    Yay?? My booboo (dog) is eating again!! 🙂 ok that is a good sign 🙂 I could first hear her drinking water and I didn’t even go check on her because I didn’t want her to stop drinking. I kept doing what I was doing, and maybe 10 minutes later, she was eating 🙂 She only eat a bit, but she had not for two days 😦 She had been different and I wondered if it was because it was so cold, but then there were other signs.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      That sounds like really good news. Maybe she was instinctively “resting her gut”

      • California35 says:

        probably. she had been shaking, and didn’t even want to walk. SO I just let her be, and hang out very close to her and keeping her warm. We just went for a short walk, when I didn’t have to pick her up. It was still very short to the nearest grass, she did her business and came right back in. I take it. She had not even done her business all this time either. Any ways….she is definitely on her war to recuperating 🙂
        Good thing, I didn’t want deal with vets 😦 There are many in my area, but I have not tried any of them yet. After this, I will start yelping and researching.

        • YAY!! Is your dog named Booboo, mine is.

        • Nancy says:

          California…I have a Vet Tech textbook and it’s been very helpful over the
          years. You could also research her symptoms on the internet. Obviously
          if she doesn’t improve you should take her in. I had taken Emily in for
          a pre teeth cleaning appointment and walked out with an $800.00 bill. It’s
          insanity as only rich people can afford a pet these days.

          • California35 says:

            Exactly!! too expensive for me, then i feel bad for thinking about money on a moment when I should only care of getting her better 😦
            So from years of having her, I kind of know her ways and notice when something is off. Friends and a vet had told me to always wait it out before taking her in, unless of course it is something really bad. Luckily, I have been able to care for her on my own and she gets back to normal before I spend the money. She doesn’t get sick often, usually is stomach because of something she eat. She only eats her dog food, so if she eats something else she can get sick.

            • Nancy says:

              I hear you Calif. It is hard to decide when they should go in or not as it’s very
              expensive. Plus having insurance on them is a joke. Our cat up in San Fran
              had surgery and the bill came to $10,000 and they wanted another $10,000 for
              radiation therapy. We just took him home as he was a feral cat so I felt
              it was going to be too stressful on him and he lived another few months.

  29. lulu says:

    Hello Sean Faris!!! Where have you been my entire life!! 😉

  30. iceNfire says:

    Hello – OT and sry if mentioned already…. Powell thought you might like this 🙂

    Catch the dynamic duo TONIGHT at 9/8c on A&E, HISTORY, and Lifetime! Bonnie & Clyde Movie Event

  31. Powell says:

    So DJP no heist from you. RRs girls Hello Kitty dresses are safe from you. 😉

  32. BB says:

    Totally O/T, but both the person and the diagnosis have been discussed here, just not together..

  33. Powell says:

    “Is he keeping the balls for himself?” Kandi about Kordell possibly having Porsha’s sex toy balls. I’m sorry but that was funny.

  34. California35 says:

    Nancy — I will be looking for a book. Thanks for telling me about Vet Tech textbook. I see a lot of them, but I will do some research to get the right one. THANKS!

  35. Powell says:

    If Kenya’s African BF spoils her why didn’t he get her a place to live instead of her living in the hotel in the hood. Not that there’s anything wrong w/that but she’s supposed to he Gone With the,Wind fabulous.

  36. TexasTart says:

    In case you Shah’s viewers didn’t know….

  37. Nancy says:

    49ers WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sorry abut that NMD.

  38. BB says:

    Congrats, Nancy on the 49ers win.

  39. TexasTart says:

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