Real Housewives of Atlanta – Mama Joyce Loses It … Again / The Amazing Race – Finale

Real Housewives of Atlanta – Mama Joyce Loses It … Again – by NMD

I’m beginning to be convinced that there is something wrong with Mama Joyce.  The show opens the day after the dinner at Kandi’s house, with Kandi telling her friend/assistant Carmen about Mama Joyce.  Kandi remembers that Joyce apologized for making Kandi upset about slamming her wedding ring – not for saying that she didn’t like the ring – but for making Kandi feel sad.  She then asks Carmen to get a bunch of photos of Mama Joyce on her wall of fame so that Mama Joyce can’t complain about that any more.  Todd walks up at that moment and reminds Kandi that she needs to stand up to Joyce.

the-real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-6-episode-606-19We haven’t seen much of NeNe this year.  I think she used a lot of her material for her wedding spinoff, and there wasn’t much left for the show.  But we were treated to a scene where she and Gregg visited some old friends, Chuck and Mynique, at their home.  There wasn’t much to the scene, except NeNe took the chance to gossip about her castmates.  Apparently Chuck dated Kandi casually – but he wasn’t willing to kiss and tell on camera.  Chuck, Phaedra, and NeNe were all classmates in Athens.  Remember how NeNe told Phaedra that she didn’t remember her from high school.  Well, she must have lied, because she reminded Chuck that Phaedra was known as the head doctor.  And it wasn’t a reference to brain surgery.   Chuck clarified that he never had sexual relations with Phaedra.  I’m really not sure what the point of that was – it made NeNe seems gossipy and mean.  When Andy replayed the clip on WWHL Kandi gave him the side-eye and said “really” in an incredulous voice.  I agree Kandi.  Really, Andy?

Last we saw Phaedra and Apollo, Phaedra was hopping mad about the sexting scandal.  We are treated to a scene where they work things out.  I’m sure it was scripted and rehearsed.   Except the part where Apollo says something like – remember when you used to bend over in the bathroom and I’d hump you.  Andy also played that clip on WWHL.  Phaedra called in and said that the “head doctor” comment was a lie and NeNe has already apologized for it.  NeNe tweeted that it was payback for Phaedra doing something ‘messed up’ to her – which I have to assume was a reference to Phaedra filming with NeNe’s estranged sisters a few seasons ago.

the-real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-6-episode-606-12Kandi drew the short straw and had to host an event to bring all the ladies together.  It’s a chance to cross-promote the Kandi Factory – her show that has already been cancelled.  She invited her choreographer – Victor – to teach the ladies a dance routine as part of a workout.  As they are gathered in Kandi’s kitchen, someone asks about Porsha.  Cynthia says that she’s in the hospital.  Everyone acts surprised, and NeNe gets Porsha’s sister on the phone.  Porsha is okay – just anemic.  She has fibroids.  Then they talk about taking  a road trip.  Uh oh.  That can’t be any good.  They seem to have fun during the class – but Kenya slams Phaedra for still having a little pouch.  There are plenty of things I could slam Phaedra for, but not having lost her baby weight is not one of them.

the-real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-6-episode-606-09Cynthia’s thirteen year old daughter’s boyfriend situation is being drawn out into a loooong storyline.  This time it’s her dad, Leon, that grills her.  Then Cynthia and Leon have a long discussion about Noelle having a boyfriend.  It’s great that they co-parent well.  Noelle deserves a little more privacy.  She’s 13.

the-real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-6-episode-606-06Porsha is out of the hospital and in the drug store talking about how dainty her faint was.   Apparently she fainted on her side – just like Lisa Vanderpump.  And no one accused her of fake fainting.

It’s such a coincidence, but NeNe phones at the exact time that they are being filmed.  NeNe and Porsha decide her problems are related to the stress of her divorce, and then NeNe invites Porsha to go on the road trip to Savannah.  Because that won’t be stressful at all.

the-real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-6-episode-606-02Kenya is filming with her cousin Laurie and her dog.  When exactly did she leave that dog in her old neighborhood?  Kenya and Laurie are pretending that Kenya has some sort of African boyfriend who wants to marry her.  They talk about Kenya having a child – but things don’t look promising.  It’s hard for me to take this seriously considering all her lies last year.  And the Oscar goes to …..  she even squeezes out some tears as she talks about her mother ignoring her.

Kandi is in the bridal shop trying on dresses  She’s brought Carmen with her – which is a huge mistake because she also invited Mama Joyce and her two sisters/friends.  Kandi’s other friend tells Mama Joyce that he has always seen a little tomboy in Kandi, and is surprised that she’s picking out frilly dresses.  Mama Joyce says it doesn’t matter – she won’t be wearing the dress.  That starts a new conversation with Mama Joyce ripping on Todd.  Carmen can’t take it any longer and has a few words with Mama Joyce and her sisters.  It escalates, but Kandi comes out and calms things down.  Poor Kandi walks away for a moment, and Carmen comes back and they begin to fight again.  Mama Joyce is just seething about Carmen.  Kandi’s friend has to physically restrain Mama Joyce as she kicks off her shoes to get into a fight.  Kandi changes back into her normal clothes and says she’s done.  They convince her to try on another dress.  When she comes out, Mama Joyce blurts out – “I don’t want you to get married.”  The other two ladies agree with her.  Kandi is just standing there in a wedding dress with her mouth open – with Carmen stuck in a back corner fuming.  What a special moment.  They should be proud of themselves.  The show ends with Kandi comforting Carmen, and voicing over that she’s learned to deal with her mama, but feels bad when other people have to deal with the wrath of Joyce.

Kandi was on WWHL after this aired, and stared to cry when Andy asked if Mama Joyce was doing this because she wanted Kandi’s money.  Kandi said straight up that she doesn’t care what anyone thinks, it’s her mama and she’s going to take care of her – even if her mamma isn’t talking to her (which apparently she isn’t because of something that was said on WWHL last week).  She really put giggly Andy in his place for making fun of the whole situation.   I enjoyed it.


The Amazing Race – 23.12 – The End – By MelTheHound


The cast

This is the final one race fans.. My new keyboard is anchored somewhere in the middle of the Pacific on a cargo container so this is going to be a real short one.. Either that, or the boat sank.

Last week we were still in Indonesia where that bag 0 dicks, the geranimals, were saved by a non elim round. So this week, they have to do a speed bump.  Teams are heading to Japan to finish this out before final 3. 3 of the teams decide to work together against the Afghans. They are going to Tokyo and there are two separate flights, both with connections, arriving 10 minutes apart. The animals take the earlier one. It doesn’t matter who thinks what, they all get there and their first gig is a detour. Human bowling or make a call with the fishes.

Human bowling is a Japan game show where each team member act as a ball, and is slid down a slide at some large bowling pins. Each must knock down all 10 pins before they can move on. Animals do this one and finish it before Divorced gets there and does it too. Both get through it, hooray for them.

The other task, involves a phone booth filled with water and goldfish (real ones), that they must get in, dial the phone within, get a message, and repeat it back to the lady standing over yonder for their next clue. Dating and ER do this one, Amy and Travis take the swim. Both get through it, hooray for them.

Next we are at some park. This is where the speed bump is as well as the roadblock. the speed bump is, they have to dress in the local garb, and catch an escaped rhino from the zoo (2 people with a rhino costume on), with a net, as part of a group, do it properly, and then they can move on. They get through it, hooray for them.

Now for the reason we are at this park, the roadblock. One from each team has to build from cardboard tubing, a large robot figure, using a miniature as a guide. It’s a puzzle. Leo is the puzzle king so he does it for the animals, Nicole and Amy for their two teams, but, since Nicole sucks ass at puzzles, the two of them work together. Once again, Amy is pulling her through, or so it seems. Last to arrive is Divorced but no one wants to help Marie. That’s okay, she kicks all their asses. The others have to repeat this several times to get it right. Even with help, Nicole struggled too much, to be in a profession, where attention to detail is paramount. I hope, none of my friends ever end up on her operating table because they may leave the hospital with a few extras inside of them that they didn’t have when they got there. They all get through it though with the geranimals now dead last. Hooray for them.

If the goal of working together was to get rid of the Afghans, then Amy did her job with helping Nicole. The next clue would be gotten from a walking vending machine, found in the busiest intersection in the city. That clue will take them to the pit stop at a shrine, where the last team Will be eliminated. Divorced wins the leg, Dating takes second, ER takes that final 3rd spot, Geranimals are out. Hooray for them.

Let’s end this pig

Here we are, the final leg.. Heading to Juneau (Juno) Alaska for this one. ER is in it for their 5 kids so they can show what can happen when mommy and daddy work together. I am sure the kiddies enjoyed watching Travis constantly berate his wife every time she screwed up on the puzzles in the roadblocks. Then watching her apologize for sucking. Dating is just so in love and took this journey to see if they could really stand each other. These two make my teeth hurt but, I haven’t really seen them go out of their way to screw anyone either. Divorced is another story. The race is a business arrangement for them. 60/40 split of prize money, HER favor. At the end it will come out that the only reason He is there with her, is that he was next to her when she was filling out the application on the Final day for submission. So there you go. The reasons they are there. Hooray for them.

Okay, let’s get to Alaska. Teams arrive and they are to jump on to a boat (marked) that will take them to Grizzly Island. Once there they have a roadblock. For some reason, the women are doing the roadblocks while the men look on and bitch about how much better they could have done. This particular one, they have to go up in a bush plane, and simulate a supply drop, by dropping a bag of flower on a large target. Miss it, they have to make another pass at it. Amy hits it in 2 tries, I think Marie got it in 5, it took Nicole 22 passes. But, they all got through it, Hooray for them.

Next they get to do some ice climbing in a glacier ravine. First must rappel down, then climb out. There is space for all three teams but the order they finished the supply drop, is the order they arrive to this task, by helicopter, so they can go ice climbing. The only one with a problem was Nicole as she fell and dropped one of her ice pics needed to climb out of the ravine. Proving to me these people were not really ‘climbing’ but, being pulled out by one of the guides. From there they go through an ice tunnel to get to their next clue. I don’t know if this was really needed but it looked like a cool experience (pardon the icy pun). They all got through it, Hooray for them.

The next clue is buried in the ice. There are several clue cards buried in the ice, most of which say ‘try again’ and the have to find the one with the actual clue written on it by chipping them out of the ice. This could be really fast, or could take them all day. Nothing more than physical labor and pure luck. In the end they all got through it, Hooray for them.

That clue tells them to jump into a two person Kayak, find a marked island, to get their next clue. The order hasn’t changed since the bushplane supply drop so Dating gets there first, followed by Divorced, with ER bringing up the rear. The only ones who really seem to be able to work together at this point, is Dating. Divorced manages it in their own special way I guess, ER.. No words. He expects her to be a goddess wonder-woman instead of the earthly being she really is. In the end though, they all got through it, Hooray for them.

Next they are going back to Juneau to get to their final task on the Blueberry Hills Trail, or at least I think that is what it’s called. When they get there, they are faced with another puzzle. It always comes down to the puzzle. What they have to do, is build a wall of totem poles, each one spelling out the currency type from each country they visited. Each totem pole is itself, a puzzle. This is where taking detailed notes comes in handy. Noting the currency names is apparently something none of then thought to make note of. It’s a physical task, one that if someone is pissing in your ear the whole time, will be difficult to complete. By now, ER is so frustrated, or at least Nicole is, I think they have given up. Dating and Divorced are nearly finished by the time they get there anyway so it really doesn’t matter. I think the more divorced fights, the better they do. In the end though, it is Jay and Amy who win the final leg of the race, and the $1,000,000. Hooray for them.

That’s it friends. Another in the can. Next season, beginning in February, is an All Stars season. You all know how I feel about retreads on these shows so at this point, I am not even feeling the motivation to watch it, let alone, recap it. Speaking right now, I think I’m going to sit that one out.


Revenge Recap from Empress


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  1. Donna says:

    Good Morning

    • TexasTart says:

      Good morning, Donna 🙂

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Good afternoon!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I slept til noon!!! Another PTO day for me. Paid Time Off! Use it or lose it…yeah!

      • Just Wondering In Jersey says:

        I beat you Lainey. I slept til 1 but I didn’t go to bed til 5 am. There was a Mystery Woman marathon on I had never seen before. So good.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          You DID Beat me!! LOL! I am watching my dvr of Amazing Race… But afterward I need to DO SOMETHING…laundry? De cluttering, sweeping, swiffering…ANYTHING! All of the above? #lazyday. I will set the timer for an hour to see what gets done! It’s a crapshoot!

  2. Cartwheels says:

    Good morning, great recap
    Mama Joyce’s behavior last night was horrible , there is no way to excuse that.
    Carmon needs to understand that as crazy as she is, Joyce is still Kandi’s mother and Kandi is the only who can deal with her , just because the lady is acting all deranged it doesn’t mean you engage her, she should have clearly stated that there is no truth in the allegations about her and Todd (she after all is entitled to clear her name) and then leave it at that and walk away. Yes, Kandi asked her to be there and she probably came with her on the same car and needed to wait for her but she had the perfect excuse to leave and go to another room to wait for Kandi.
    Mama Joyce and her sisters, were they her sisters? They were awful. They ruined Kandi’s experience, her first time trying wedding dresses, they went there and even after they acted like loons and got Carmon to go somehwhere else, they begged Kandi to try one more dress and for what? to tell her they do not want her to marry? couldn’t they have said exactly the same without having her try another dress?
    Kandi will never be happy if she allows her mother and aunts have this much to say about her life and her decisions, she needs to still be respectful when she tells them to back off and let her be.
    Kandi needs to get a good lawyer (not Phaedra), get Todd to sign an iron clad prenup and then elope with the guy somewhere and get married.

    • Jules says:

      Why would Todd want to marry Kandi, knowing that her mother has that much power over her? Does not make sense for a man to act this way. Unless he is there to be kept?

      • He loves her. No relationship is perfect Watching Kandi on WWHL I am beginning to understand. Joyce doesn’t have that much power over Kandi, but Kandi is respectful and won’t humiliate her in public. Too bad Joyce doesn’t act the same way.

        • Ladebra says:

          I understand her better after hearing her on WWHL also. I think Andy got it. He said he did, and then refrained from asking a barrage of Momma Joyce questions. She said something like, she listens to her momma and respects her, and does what she wants to do. I can relate to that. That was me from 13 – 15 when I left home. If I lived a block from mom, that would be me now. Doesn’t mean I don’t love my mom.

        • Kat From Ohio says:

          totally agree

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          I think Joyce still has a lot of power over Kandi. How many times have we seen Kandi in a fit of tears over the vile diatribe that comes out of her mothers mouth? Kandi clearly is very much affected directly over the things that come out of her mothers mouth not to mention the residue effects that she has to deal with when Todd and Carmen (or whoever else is close to Kandi and a target of Joyces) are also upset over Joyce,.

          Kandi clearly has a deep feeling of obligation when it comes to her mother…and Joyce is exploiting that for all that it is worth.

          I’ve said weeks ago, that IMO Mama Joyce is mentally ill and there won’t be any coming back from it unless she gets professional help.

          If Kandi had any jam, after seeing her mother literally acting like lunatic, she would bring her to a hospital to have her evaluated. But she won’t do it.

          For me, it’s a coin toss as to which mom is more psychologically damaging…Mamma Joce or Norman Bate’s ‘Mother’.

          • Powell says:

            RR I don’t think Joyce is of the mama Bates type. Kandi ‘s brother’s death took a toll on Joyce, Kandi too. I think Joyce holds on too tight. I bet she never sought counseling after he died. I bet Kandi promised her she’d always take care of her. Joyce took care of Kandi ‘s daughter when she was in her group, touring, etc. Of course Kandi needs to respect her mom but her mom needs to respect her. Her daughter even told her she needs to tell her mom that she needs to respect her relationship. No we don’t want Kandi to act like Brianna acted towards Vicki but Kandi can stand up to her mom in a loving and respectful manner on tv. She signed up to show the good, bad, and the ugly. She asked her mom to be on the show.
            Joyce had no right to bring her sisters there w/an agenda. They may not have known Carmen was going to be there but they were prepared to tell Kandi they didn’t want her to get married when they know nothing about Todd except for what Joyce has made up and wants them to believe.

            • rabblerouser2010R says:

              While I don’t doubt that PTSD could be at play..the way that it is manifesting IMO is definitely some Bate’s Motel type of crazy.

              I think that Kandi also feels that being ‘respectful’ to her mom by being ‘passive’ in addressing Joyce’s rants. Kandi’s own child even told her, that Kandi needs to lay it out that either Mama Joyce gets on board or the train is going to pass her by.

              To see Kandi crying on WWHL saying that it’s her mother that is refusing to speak to her over something that someone else said….when after the way her mother and her Aunties acted at the dress clearly should be the other way around speaks volumes to me.

              At this point, I don’t see Todd and Kandi staying together, let alone getting married. Mama Joyce is going to run everyone out of Kandi’s life…and Kandi is going to end up as alone and probably every bit as miserable as her mom. Thankfully, Kandi’s child does seem to have the guts to draw a line in the sand, but unfortunately…with Kandi holding the purse strings..she might not be able to do it later in life if she is financially dependent on her mom.

              • Powell says:

                If they get married they will fall into the Reality TV Married Couple Divorce Syndrome. They already have a rocky foundation so Joyce’s constant criticism will drive Todd away. He’ll leave cuz he’s going to say “Its your mom or me.”. Hey I love my mom but she won’t always be here and Kandi needs to think of it that way. She’s making her mom happy but living unhappily because she doesn’t have what she wants. A husband & more kids.

    • Powell says:

      YES, YES, YES Cartwheels!!!! That was horrific. I just kept saying to myself, “Carmen leave.”

      • Cartwheels says:

        After the first exchange Carmen should have left to another room.
        Whether she likes it or not, Joyce is Kandi’s mother and even if they fight for a bit they will always reconcile and she will be the one at odds. I think that Carmen played into Joyce’s hands because now she can play the argument that “your friend disrespected me and I don’t ever want to see her around ”
        In that sense Todd seeems to be much smarter, he doesn’t go frontal on her but request Kandi to deal with her mother. Todds knows that he will be on the losing end so he sits back and by refusing to engage he wins.

    • It makes me so sad to see the way that Joyce treats Kandi. Kandi appears to be a genuine, kind, compassionate person, but she is rewarded by her mother constantly putting her down. If Joyce had issues with Kandi’s relationship she should have voiced them long before an engagement happened.

  3. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. It’s so cold out. I’m glad I’m off work today but I have to go to the dentist. I hope everyone is ok w/ the snow, ice & cold. Everyone has a safe and good day.

  4. Powell says:

    Lainey I thought it was strange that bird chirping last night. It was pitch black, and sleeting. It eventually left.

  5. TexasTart says:

    “Apparently she fainted on her side – just like Lisa Vanderpump.  And no one accused her of fake fainting.” NMD talking about Porsha; thank you for that one.

  6. chismosa™ says:

    Mama Joyce really goes off the reservation next week when she goes to talk to Efedra about how Kandi is short “with a big head” and Todd is “also short with a big head and you don’t put two people together like that”


    I felt for Kandi crying on WWH, I do, but the rolling eyes and side eyes she makes annoy me sometimes. At least her hair looked presentable.

    Andy doesn’t have emotional depth so he can’t fathom when any of his guests have deep emotional things to talk about. He’s a shallow little $hit. No empathy.

    Thanks for the recap ! Now tonight—- another Joyce !
    See the name Joyce fits Kandi’s mom, it doesn’t fit Miss hair flip 💇Puerto Rico!

    [- like when Jack wants to change will’s friend’s name from Claire on W&G
    and on Seinfeld when Kramer calls Susan “Lily”. Lol 😛😛😛. Mama Joyce just works.]

    • Powell says:

      Chismosa Andy isn’t paid to have feeling s and emotions concerning the HWs.

      My mom’s name is Joyce and she in no way ever flies off the handle like that. 🙂

      “Oh hi Lilly.” Kramer ” You know her name is Susan.” Jerry “Well she looks like a Lilly.” Kramer. LOL too funny. 🙂

      • shamrockblonde says:

        you know Mr Shamrock and I were at a local bar one night when I noticed that this couple at the other end were staring at me – I even asked Mr. Shamrock if they were and he agreed – they finally approached me and said “Karen?” and I said noo, my name is Shamrock – they kept saying that I looked just like Karen, a girl they went to school with – as they were leaving they said goodbye but said that they would call me Karen – now any time they are at the bar we go to, when they see me, they call out “hi Karen!” the waitress just looks at us and says “they know that’s not your name right?” too funny –

        • Powell says:

          LOL that is funny. 🙂 Hi Karen.

          • justanothermary says:

            I used to tend bar and one of my regular customers always called me Deb. I don’t know why I never corrected her, I just let her call me Deb and went on about my business. Others in the bar would give me a look, but no one ever said a thing.

  7. TexasTart says:

     “She really put giggly Andy in his place for making fun of the whole situation.” NMD
    Serves him right!

  8. TexasTart says:

    Thank you NMD for the recap and that was a great opening line for the recap.

    Thanks MTH for TAR…I can’t imagine how long it took without “n” key and not sure there is a “m” or “t” working? Regardless, you are a dedicated dude and we’re lucky to have you! 🙂

  9. TexasTart says:

    I’m going to post this again…Kandi’s edgy looking “zipper” dress she wore last night on WWHL.

  10. Hey everyone, I’ve heard from T-Rex and she’s still waiting for test results. I’ve assured her that she’s in our thoughts and prayers!

  11. Rebecca is sick of the FatKyle victim storyline says:

    Who watched Homeland last night? That was a true “holy shit” episode. This show really has the best acting on tv right now.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Missed it. Has been so disappointing after season 1 …..
      Will catch today.

      I’ll block my eyes from all good websites today LOL!

      As long as DANA downer was not in it I’m sure it was A+

    • plainviewsue says:

      Yes it was Rebecca!! After IMO a very slow and up/down season, last night’s episode brought it back to season one greatness.

      In terms of best acting on tv, nothing tops the Good Wife. That is hands down the best show on television right now. If the show and Julianne Marguiles don’t win emmys, I will be shocked. As well as the whole supporting cast.

    • California35 says:

      Wooo! I forgot all about it!
      I may have missed it last week also.
      Thanks for the reminder, i will be catching it soon.

  12. kccarter says:

    “Hooray for them” 🙂 cracked me up MTH.

    • TexasTart says:

      Hi KC. Have a great day! I need to be a good girl and get all my work taken care of. Later!

      • kccarter says:

        Good morning Tx T. Do I remember correctly that your husband & you work together? My hubby & I were in the machine shop business for 40 LONG years. 24/7 we spent working & living together. Gotta give props to him. He’s a saint, to put up with me.

        You have a great day, too. We’re suppose to get into the lower 40’s today. Heat wave 🙂

  13. TexasTart says:

    Could someone who watches fill us in?
    (I think Lainey DVRs this show if no one sees it when it airs.)

    • chismosa™ says:

      I love how Kyle is avoiding Bethenny but her sister goes on ?


      • VV™ says:

        I dont think she’s avoiding B. I think it’s a calculated move. After the Puerto Rico trip, Kyle will be a guest. She will relieve all the pain and suffering she’s has gone through with the cheating rumors THAT nobody cares about. It will be another bashing Lisa show. The third one by Bethenny.

  14. California35 says:

    I felt bad or Kandi. I saw her in WWHL, i feel bad when i saw her crying and defending her “mama”. At the same time i realized that she just get on defending mode and does not want to hear anything anyone says. She even said that she does not care what anyone says. So she doesn’t get what people say, it isn’t that we want her to disrespect her mama. We would like her to stand up for her, but that doesn’t mean we want her to scream at her or stop supporting her. A simple real conversation with her is good enough, to tell her how she feels and worries and stresses over all mama does. I don’t think that is disrespecting her. So she addressed the money situation, an she will not stop giving mama what she needs, good for her! Again, that is not what we want. We only want to see her get the same kind of suppose from mama. Also, that mama has to give her opinion and speak up when she doesn’t like something, sure, fine, she is her mother…but she needs to find another way. So i will say again, Kandi can talk to mama and explain that her opinion does matter and is respected, and she will consider her worries, an even thank her. But to please respect her and her loved ones. Something like that.

    Now, don’t ask me if i ever have done that 😛 then again my mama has never done that to me either.

    • Powell says:

      Absolutely right Cali. I love that Kandi & Joyce have a great relationship & that Kandi financially provides for her mom. It’s great she’s able to. But she’s got to stand up to her mom in a respectful manner. If Todd & Kandi get married it’s not going to stop unless Kandi addresses it before they get married. And Todd is right. Kandi may miss out on a relationship she’s been wanting for yrs. If they do get married I suggest Kandi have Carmen as a friend only. Not an employee that is always in her home. I have a feeling Joyce is going to continuously stir the pot about this supposed affair between Todd and Carmen.

      • shamrockblonde says:

        my Mom could be absolutely furious with me but no one, with the exception of my sister would ever know – she would NEVER allow herself to behave that way in public in front of friend, family or stranger – I would get spoken to, but in private and we would hash things out just the two of us – there would be no discussions with others before or after the fact – well my Dad maybe, but that was as far as it went –

    • Cartwheels says:

      My mother would never do that to me, privately she probably can cut with her tongue but never in public.
      I feel that Kandi is just like that, publicly she has to defend her mother but privately I hope she realizes that Joyce needs to respect some bounderies, Kandi is a grown woman and the last thing she needs is an over jealous mother, Kandi needs to put all her energy in crafting an iron clad prenup and then she can enjoy her happiness.

  15. Powell says:

    OMG everyone. I feel like Frosty the Snowman & Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer all at the same time. I’m freezing and my nose is red. It’s coldddddddd brrrrrrr.

  16. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Hello All. Great Blog Always.

    Kandi’s mother made a fool of herself, once again, but this time tried to get ‘physical’ and attack Kandi’s employee. REALLY?!?! Can you imagine if she’d have actually connected and Carmon retaliated? Be it with reciprocal force or the law? MamaJoyce is ridiculous. She’s been manipulating Kandi her whole life so no matter what she says or does, Kandi will take it on the chin and enable the wicked behaviour.

    Kandi’s got StockholmSyndrome as her mother has hijacked her love life, withholding approval in order to prevent Kandi from having a fulfilling life with any man. She’s given her mother all the power and MamaJoyce manipulates her by withholding affection, isolating her by convincing her she is only used for her wealth and cannot have any other serious relationships. By refusing to consent to Kandi’s relationship and causing drama, she hopes to destroy it and that Todd will walk away. All of this while Kandi blindly forgives her misdeeds and defends her against the people who try to get her to stand up for herself.

    Todd should really think twice about marrying into such a dysfunctional family as Kandi will always allow her mother to humiliate her partner. Alas, that is exactly what MamaJoyce wants. Someone wicked this way comes and it’s MamaJoyce..

    • Did you notice when Kandi and Carmen were talking and Carmen told her about the shoe Kandi said, “well by the time I got out there you were both standing up” that is very telling.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        Meanwhile it ‘looked’ like Carmon was still sitting with BitterBiddy#1 standing over her while MamaJoyce was being restrained by the guy. BitterBiddy#2, who looks disoriented BTW, still managed to say her lines as taught by MamaJoyce. What a shit show that was!

        • Powell says:

          Yes Amber Joyce did have lines prepared for her sisters to say. She had a whole agenda.

          • Cartwheels says:

            totally, I bet the two sisters received a verbal smack down from Joyce when they requested Kandi to try on another dress, that is not why mama Joyce brought them to the store, she clearly had an agenda and they were deviating from it so by the time Kandi came back with the second dress both were well prepare to go back on script.
            Mama Joyce ruined the whole experience for Kandi with total disregard for her daughter’s feelings, this is not about Todd anymore and the presumption she has that he might be an opportunist. In order to separate her form him , mama Joyce is fighting her own daughter and that is BS.

        • I am hoping I can resist and not watch next week, lol!!!

    • Powell says:

      If they don’t get married, not that I want it to happen, Kandi will understand that it’s because of her allowing Joyce to manipulate her. She won’t have anyone to blame but herself.

  17. lulu says:

    Hello everyone! Hope you are having a fabulous day!

    Nancy sorry crazy night but I did watch MoS this was a transition episode. Are they abandoning the Scully storyline? I liked that we saw more of Libby this episode. Poor Dr Masters does size really matter!!! 😉

  18. I am mad at all of you for making such interesting comments last night about Momma Joyce that I was forced to watch Atlanta. In true HW fashion, I take no responsibility for my actions and blame all of you for your bullying me!!! I was minding my own business reading the blog and you forced me to go to and watch clips of the show. And that wasn’t enough for you, so then you forced me to watch the whole show, I thought you were my friends, you didn’t have my back!!! To make matters worse, I ended up being forced to watch WWHL!!!! Two whole seasons clean of Atlanta and I fell off the wagon!!!! I will be tweeting about this for the next week and telling everyone how I am a VICTIM!!!!! I will tweet several times everyday to make sure that everyone knows that I don’t want to talk about it!

    MTH thank you for your recaps. I really liked this season, it was entertaining! I was happy for the couple that won. They really worked as a team at the end and kept it together. The woman on the other team with the pink hair, marie maybe, she is a beast, wow, what a competitor and a ball buster. But I am glad they didn’t win. And what a disappointment the guy ER Dr. turned out to be. If my husband ever started in on me like that I would have instantly told him to STFU!! “I am doing the best I can and if it isn’t good enough for you than go F*ck OFF!!!” <—–what I wanted her to say!!!! You know it was bad cuz I was talking back to the TV, lol. When they were in the glacier I hoped he fell in to shut his trap!!! And at the end when Phil asked them about their 5 kids and what they would think and I said, "they are gonna think their dad's a dick, but they probably know that by now!!!

    • The look on Nicole’s face during those helicopter rides said to me, “How can I get the most out of this divorce”. I think during the supply drop thing, she got flustered knowing the crap she was going to hear when she landed. I lost a lot of respect for Travis in the last several episodes. I Gained respect for Marie (Pink hair) in the last several. The woman is still a pain in the ass but, she delivers.

      • HuskerHuny says:

        I feel the same way about Travis. I picked him and Nicole from the beginning, but the last couple of episodes he really showed his mean side. Marie I’ve disliked since the beginning, but boy howdy, she sure came to compete. She should evenly split the money with her partner though. Looks like All-Stars next spring. Did you catch a few of the teams? Definitely saw Rachel and Brendon – major yuck!

      • Marie delivers!! that’s the facts, Jack!! The way she was manhandling that robot, lol!!! Yeah, I was thinking divorce too!! Obviously she doesn’t have life insurance on him cuz he would have “accidentally” fallen somewhere along the line if I had been there….of course the way she took that bullshit, it’s not new!!!! Can you imagine how he treats the nurses!!!

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      It’s a good thing you don’t have twitter. Otherwise our timelines would be blown up by your little toadies for bullying you into watching.

      • “My Camp” would have your timelines in a tizzy!!! (I have Twitter but it brings out a side of me that is best left alone!!) 😉 I use it mostly to bitch at companies!!

    • Powell says:

      PrincessP we are nothing but a bunch of tv bullies. We made you get back on that Midnight Train to Georgia. 🙂 I say we each deserve a punishment. Bottles of Pinot all around!!!!! 😉
      That was a great epi. Joyce surprised me. I truly hope she’s apologized to Kandi.

    • TexasTart says:

      ROTFL at the entire paragraph that starts with “I am mad at you….”

      Seriously, don’t just stand there, help me off the floor, Princess! 😆

    • Cartwheels says:

      “In true HW fashion, I take no responsibility for my actions and blame all of you for your bullying me!!! ”


      Welcome to HW whoredom where nothing is ever your fault and there are excuses galore.

  19. Powell says:

    I don’t know if everyone saw my light bulb revelation moment last night. Remember last season when Kandi asked Todd how he felt about Joyce moving in w/them. Todd said he loved Joyce but didn’t think it was a good idea if she moved in right after they got marry. Kandi understood but said she will always take care of her mom and one day she will move in w/them. Joyce saw that epi & from then on she hated Todd because he spoiled her plan. Joyce found the houses and wanted to live in one of them. So I think I’ve solved it w/my Sherlock powers. 🙂 Also Carmen has been friends w/Kandi for a very long time. Kandi has been successful for a very long time. Why all of a sudden is Joyce saying “Carmen always wants Kandi’s cast offs.” She said Carmen has Kandi’s old weave, shoes & now Todd. Joyce has constantly said things about possessions & money. Kandi’s possessions & money. I think this is all about the money. Why doesn’t she just tell Kandi she’s afraid Kandi will no longer provide for her. Kandi ‘s Mgr Don Juan, is that his real name, expressed his concern that he will no longer have a job if Kandi marries Todd. Kandi explained to DJ that he had nothing to worry about. Joyce needs to be straight like DJ was.

    • lulu says:

      Mmmmhmm very true! I wonder if Todd said the opposite would we be having this issue?

      • Nancy says:

        Hi lulu…I liked the episode but you are right nothing major happened. Re:
        Scully’s story line…I’m assuming that it will continue in the next season. How can
        the writers write a season if they don’t know if it will be picked up for another
        season? Say it wasn’t going to be picked up. How would it end? Next week
        should be intense. Have you seen the previews? I’m beginning to be a big
        fan of Dr Stick-up-butt but I had a feeling that she would be a big part of the
        story line other than being bitchy.

        • Powell says:

          Nancy I think many writers write alternative endings in case they are not picked up for a 2nd season. I bet they have ideas for a next season too.

          • Nancy says:

            I hope they pay them well. Could you imagine? I’m not talking about a different
            ending I’m talking about them having to write a 20 yr story in only one season as
            they didn’t know if it was going to be picked up again. Next week should be go

        • lulu says:

          What I dont like is the crazy timelines. Libby is what 5-6 months pregnant now? Didn’t she just conceive??? The scene where Dr DePaul tells Virginia of her condition. Lizzy completely failed at the delivery. She’s horrible at scenes that call for a dramatic response. She just stared??????? The hairstylist on the bus has better delivery!!

          • Powell says:

            Yeah she should be 1 mth, 2 the most. How did the 5-6 mths coincidence w/Virginia and the new job? Virginia is going to help the lady doc get the funding from the board. They both should be happening at the same time along w/ Dr Masters’ study where they were when Virginia quit.

            • lulu says:

              So last episode Dr DePaul only had three months left to live. Flash forward 5-6 months and she is still alive. The lack of continuity bothers me.

          • Nancy says:

            lulu…As far as the timeline goes…how else are they going to tell a 20 yr old story?
            I don’t see a way around that. I didn’t think Lizzy was all that bad. I saw emotion
            coming from her and at least she held her hand. Maybe the director wants her
            to act like that as I’m sure in real life Virginia wasn’t all that emotional.

    • mrs peabody says:

      maybe the reason Kandi plans on moving her in at some point is she knows she has serious mental problems and cannot be left on her own or maybe she has survivor’s guilt about being Joyce’s only living child but most likely she’s been fed a line of bs from joyce from the time she was a child that what is kandi’s is also mama Joyce’s.

      • Nancy says:

        I think you are right. We have seen her before during past seasons and she
        wasn’t this crazy. Remember when she was trying to get NeNe and Kim to
        talk to each other during that lunch in?

        • Powell says:

          Right. She didn’t even go off the rails this much when Kandi and AJ were going to get married. Joyce was definitely concerned about Kandi being responsible for all of AJ’s 4 or 5 kids. Why Kandi wanted to be married to a man that had 4 or 5 ex GFs w/kids was beyond me. But again Joyce was counting Kandi’s money. Can I say we keep seeing a pattern her ladies. Joyce & Kandi ‘s money.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I do remember, and back then I felt she was out of line, speaking out of turn about something that did not concern her. A fake do-gooder, who was craving airtime. Her mean streak has always been on the surface just waiting to pounce, IMO.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        IIRC ALL of the women in Kandi’s family were/are single mothers. ALL you say? I believe so. It seems they picked alot of irresponsible sperm donors and see men as providers or sex partners. Intermittently as they can’t seem to get one to stay and be both.

      • Powell says:

        I think since Kandi became successful she’s always told her mom she would take care of her. Now Kandi ‘s definition of “take care of” is probably most definitely different from Joyce’s definition.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      Yes, I remember Todd saying they were too new in their relationship to have the MIL living with them. ITA that must have left MamaJoyce incensed as she was the one that ‘FOUND’ that house for Kandi, presumptuously assuming that she’d live there with her and Riley. It was after all, her retirement plan. Nothing wrong with it, but she never calculated that Todd would be more than a drive-by sex partner and that Kandi would move him in and plan a future with him.

      Kandi told Todd that if MamaJoyce ever needed to live with them, as in she became unable to care for herself, she WOULD live with them and Todd agreed. Maybe he hoped for an illness that included bouts of laryngitis? However, the venom that MamaJoyce is spewing would make it difficult for her to live with them now. Instead of welcoming Todd w/ an ironclad pre-nup and have Kandi achieve the milestone of marriage and a child… in WEDLOCK… she continues to cause hurt and shame in their relationship praying for them to break up. #MamaJoyceMonsterInLaw

      • Powell says:

        Right Amber. Does Joyce really want Kandi to have another child & no husband? Joyce is darn right that Kandi needs a pre-nup. I don’t think Kandi or Todd said anything that they wouldn’t have one. To me that issue is then solved. And yes. #MamaJoyceMonsterInLaw most definitely.

        • mrs peabody says:

          Kandi said in her bravo log that they were going to have a prenup and that she has told her mother they are so why does mama joyce feel the need to bring it up on tv? It’s really not her place or business to do that, she just wants tv time as she is not getting it this season like she did in the past and she’s mad and taking it out on Kandi and plus the fact she has some serious mental issues. She has seen on the other housewife shows the way to get tv time is to be crazy and pick fights so she is doing it. She thinks she’s a housewife too.

      • Cartwheels says:

        “#MamaJoyceMonsterInLaw” = LOL

        Isn’t that the truth? The fact that Todd is not running and bailing out of that crazy town makes me kind of suspicious of his intentions, LOL

        The sad part is that maybe in all her craziness there is one or two things that mama Joyce is honestly concern about and are probably things that Kandi might need to consider, but all that gets overshadowed by the whole crazy train that is mama Joyce. In fact she has played into Todd’s hands because if it is true that he is there only for the money, she is working extra hours to be at odds with Kandi for a long while giving Todd the upper hand.

  20. IMHO, poor Kandi isn’t a grown woman, a smart business woman or even a compassionate one. Joyce messed her up and won’t allow her to be happy in any relationship other than the one she has with her! It broke my heart to hear Kandi defend her mother’s behavior on WWHL and that she will respect her no matter what and that she will always take care of her.
    Kandi is unwilling to open her eyes and see that the relationship she has with her mother is very abusive because she doesn’t feel she is entitled to be loved or respected or that her happiness matters. How can Kandi allow her mother to be on this show and treat her so poorly? She can say that everything is fine with Todd, but like her mother, Kandi doesn’t validate his feelings.
    Does Kandi treat Riley like Joyce treats Kandi?
    I wonder how Kandi would feel if Todd’s mother said the things Joyce says to her? So I wish her the best but this is one storyline I just can’t follow.

    • Powell says:

      WCW good point. I wonder how Kandi would feel if Todd’s mother said the things Joyce Saud to her. Hmmm. I wonder if Kandi has ever thought about that.

    • Nancy says:

      ITA!!!!! I wonder if her mom was really going to start a physical fight if some
      didn’t hold her back? Who does that? Kandi is being held hostage by her mother.

    • Kandi is my favorite hw from all of the shows. I am surprised that her mom acted like this, she has to be on some sort of medication. She seemed drunk or out of it. I love how Kandi put a stop to Andy’s question and defended her mom. Her mom is the only person that’s been there for Kandi. I’d be beyond pissed if my mom was shown like that on a realty show, Joyce has something going on with her, and Kandi knows it. We’ve never seen her in that light. I hope Kandi gets her to a Dr. asap. Kandi is a very smart business woman. She would not be as successful if she wasn’t. How many girl/boy band members get to the level of success that Kandi has outside of their original group.

  21. VV™ says:

    A lot a chatter on a Twitter about Kyle AND Wendy trashing Lisa on WW show. Did anybody catch her show? Kim will also be trashing Lisa Vanderpump on Bethenny’s show Today. Looks like the Dicks sister are on a nonstop mission to trash Lisa at every chance they get.

  22. VV™ says:

    Kyle is such a spineless woman. Own it! You could’ve refrain from answering.

    @KyleRichards18: @MszReality Wendy brought it up

    Original Message:

  23. plainviewsue says:

    OK, so I watched Bethenny & Wendy Williams. The official let’s trash Lisa Vanderpump train has left the station and it’s loaded.

    Reminds me of someone we all know on NJ…………………let’s trash the most popular HW. Not just trash.

    Talk about character assassination. Kim was out for blood and Bethenny pulled her along. Both Bethenny and WW said that Lisa is coming off mean this season. Am I missing something??? Is Lisa any different than her other seasons?

    Kimmy whined that Lisa never calls her or talks to her unless cameras are on. That’s right Kim. Lisa is not your friend. She never was. Do you call her? Kim kept imitating Lisa’s accent & Bethenny was loving and laughing about it. Kim said we will all see the real Lisa and how she is such a fake. She then let it slip about how Lisa put magazines about Maurice cheating in Brandi’s bag, and then said oops.

    I have to wonder how Bravo and Andy feel about his HW’s constantly ruining storylines through twitter and talk shows.

    Kim said she loves Brandi. Bethenny also tried to insinuate that it was Lisa who outed her addictioins. No Bethenny, it was her sister and then Brandi’s crystal meth comment.

    Funny how Bethenny never has the top HW on her show: Teresa, Lisa, Ramona.

    As for WW, Kyle talked about the mean girls, talked about Carlton being a witch when asked. WW fawned over Kyle’s marriage, her children and why she does the show. When asked about Brandi’s drinking, neither Kyle or Kim made an issue of it.

    Lisa’s popularity will soar even higher, just like Teresa’s did.

    • VV™ says:

      Sue, not only Kim imitates Lisa’s accent. Kyle has her own little daughter (Porsha) imitate Lisa’s accent on several IG videos. Kyle’s other daughter said in camera (paraphrasing) that Kyle has tried to so hard to make friends with Lisa. Why are Kyle’s daughters none of which are adults meddle into adults business?

    • Powell says:

      So if Lisa calls Kim what are they going to talk about? What pictures she’s hanging up today? Whether she’s folding lights or darks?
      Brandi doesn’t have a drinking problem but Taylor did? Brandi just like Taylor have used drinking to get over the pain of their husbands.
      Kim & Kyle have done nothing but shoot themselves in the foot. They don’t get it. They may have been born in BH but Lisa has BY in the palm of her hands because she’s a respected biz woman.

    • kit9 says:

      Let the Lisa bashing continue I say! She deserves it. Lisa’s behavior last episode was awful. Lisa saying with a straight face that she was supporting Mauricio in her blog is laughable and phony. The only thing she was adamant about was casting doubt on him. I counted 8 times Lisa said she didn’t know if it the allegations were true. Eight. She’d say one thing and then in the next breath undermine what she just said, making her ‘support’ of Mauricio hilariously insincere. In fact, she seemed much more emphatic about making the point that he could have cheated than not.

      And she kept pretending like someone was asking her to take a freaking blood oath on Mo’s chastity. Nobody was asking her to swear to a scientific certainty that he didn’t cheat so why did she keep qualifying it? Come on, Lisa! She was fueling the validity of the rumors, imo, without having the nuts to come out and say it outright.

      At one point she was actually started arguing with Ken since he was clear and firm in his support and that was not what Lisa wanted to hear! And, it sure seemed like she was hinting at some damning info about Maurico before Ken cut her off.

      • Cartwheels says:

        I say the same, Lisa has played one two many games and they are now coming to bite her.
        Brandi is utterly trash and completely classless but guess who was her side kick last season? That’s right, it was Lisa.
        Lisa who happily joined Brandi is her fight against Adrienne and didn’t give a crap about envolving innocent children, now she is boo hoo ing because the others have finally realized that the only thing Lisa cares is her perception with the viewers. Lisa protrays a character on tv that is charming and that “jokes” about others, but when others “joke” about her then that is bloody murder. Can’t have it both ways, if you are willing to dish it , then you have to be willi ng to take it.

        IMO Lisa is not coming off mean this season, she has always been like this, she just had a great edit and she also had the aura of being untouchable, who would have thought that her own protege would be the one willing to rip the mask away?

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          I said this last year, that because Lisa support was so strong she was going to turn into a tyrant and think she was impervious this season.

          What remains to be seen is if the bulk of the fans will give Lisa a walk or if they will hold her accountable.

          • mm in oc says:

            Lisa’s support is strong because she’s not afraid to confront petty and nonexistent slights from these jealous harpies. They don’t make jokes like Lisa does – and if /when they do she never gets upset (e.g., Kyle’s comment about her silk stalking past).

            I think they are all just doing their job and stiring the pot. Lisa is just much better at deflecting and alwasy come out smelling like a rose.

            Lisa has been consistent and had her friends’ backs even when they were wrong (season one with Kyle, Brandi last season). She expects the same from the small group of women she assumes are her friends. Kyle blew that title with the “Lisa’s Bobby Fisher” comment. Brandi blew it this year wiht all her tweeting. Brandi has turned into the Wacky Jacky of BH. Jumping to incorrect conclusions, faling to recognize her own shortcomings, etc. Brandi will be the biggest loser – on par with Tamra as the biggest ass of the Franchise (currently anyway, Jill of course takes the title).

        • VV™ says:

          You have to have a pea size brain like Adrienne if you sign for a reality show about your life and not think that using a surrogate would not come up. The only person to blame here to cause pain to those kids is their own mother and father. Adrienne and Paul both are to blame NOBODY else is.

          • mm in oc says:

            I completely agree. This serves to demonstrate how Adrienne lives in a fantasy world. All her friends are sycophants and she obviously thought she could control everyone around her from outing her secret. Frankly, why is it even is secret? There is nothing to be ashamed about. She could have made this a positive story about her longing and desire for children (much like Camille did).

        • kit9 says:

          You hit on what has me so angry about what Lisa’s doing. This isn’t some dig about a competing shoe line or over someone saying someone needs to get a hobby. This is serious stuff we’re talking about with cheating allegations. Lisa’s digs and phoniness in the past were minor league to this. This is so far below the belt that what she’s doing is indefensible. So, while I could easily move on from, for example, Lisa’s lie that the Maloof hoof comment wasn’t a nasty dig(it so clearly was,she was shucking her own dumb shoe, remember), can’t do it here. She’s fu*king with something so serious that involves more than just Lisa getting revenge on Kyle. It involves a family and minor children. Whether he did it or not is completely immaterial. The fact that Lisa has used it as a club to bash Kyle over the head, the same way she used something associated with a farm animal to bash Adrienne’s shoe line, is mind blowing. And, beyond disgusting. The other part that is infuriating is how stupid she thinks people are. That she can write, with an apparently straight face, that she was defending Mo talking to Ken is mind boggling. I think that what’s doing her in is arrogance. Arrogance always gets otherwise smart people. Lisa’s drinking her own cool aid and thinks she’s too slick to get called out. But, she’s not and what’s she’s doing is SO transparent.

          • Cartwheels says:

            Isn’t it amazing how Lisa celebrated Brandi’s honesty and drunken ways when it worked against the ones Lisa didn’t care for? Now that the show is on the other foot she is poor ganged up Lisa.
            Adrienne made stupid mistake and didn’t fight back, I am glad that Kyle and Kim are doing their part to make it known that Lisa is the queen of BH, the queen of double standards that is

      • VV™ says:

        How is this any different than Kyle saying she wasn’t sure that Russel was abusive of Taylor? How? Wasn’t Kyle supposed to back Taylor up like PamDana did? …but Kyle didn’t… She doubt it on several scenes and THs.

        • kit9 says:

          I don’t find the two remotely comparable. You have two men accused of horrible behavior. Not knowing for sure, Kyle’s doubt was against his guilt and Lisa’s is in support of it. And, Kyle wasn’t voicing that opinion for the intended reason of torturing Taylor as is so clearly the reason with Lisa. Lisa put the tabloid allegations front and center on the show. SHE made it an issue this season. And then clearly cast doubt on his innocence all while being a huge effing phony pretending she’s supporting him. Kyle wasn’t calculating ways to hurt Taylor, for god’s sake. She was using prudence to not, in the absence of direct evidence at the moment, publicly condemn a man as a wife beater on national television. And Kyle wasn’t talking out of both sides of her mouth. She didn’t put the beating allegations on the show, make it a huge issue and then claim she didn’t believe him guilty all while wink winking her belief that he was.

          • VV™ says:

            Lisa said she doesn’t believe the rumors. However, she said she’s not 100% sure. How do you know that means on support? How? You are accusing Lisa of torturing Kyle now?

            Kyle is not some saint. She’s top mean. Need to remind dinners at Camille when she baited the psychic or Fundraiding for her charity making fun of Brandi on Brandi’s first episode on RHOBH? What about game night? The top is however, calling her sister an alcoholic on National TV…wait she also stole her house.

            Taylor accused Lisa of selling tabloid stories beginning S2 at Kyle’s house and later at a dinner at her house where her Momma’s boy husband were guests. Are we to assume Kyle was an innocent bystander? She was elemental on putting this allegations front and center on National TV. Taylor brought it up but it Kyle’s blessing.

            Last season Faye Resnik did the dirty work for Kyle. Once again, it had Kyle’s blessing.

            KD (Kyle Dicks) had been whining on this stupid show that stupid BH is her stupid town and hers and HERS only! Who need friends with psychos like that. Kyle is a certifiable backstabber.

            The only person that made the allegations a huge issue is Kyle. Kyle and Kyle only who can’t stop talking about it when quite frankly nobody cares.

    • TexasTart says:

      Sue, thank you for the Dick Sisters on their respective talk shows today and sharing about it. It actually stuns me to think anyone besides WWHL would have KIM on their show. Good observation about none of the top favorite housewives have been on Bethenny to date…and I think NeNe can be added to that list too.

  24. VV™ says:

    Kyle outs Kim as an alcoholic in National TV. Brandi accuses Kim of using Meth on National TV. Yolanda calls Kim a lier on National TV. Taylor disliked Kim and made it known on camera on May THs……..BUT It’s Lisa Vanderpump who Kim choses to attack.

    • Powell says:

      Makes perfect sense . 😉

    • mrs peabody says:

      and you wonder why Lisa has nothing to do with her when the camera’s are not rolling. I know I’d only have anything to do with any of the when I had to and I would never be friends again with people like that. Who needs that in their life……I don’t think Lisa is any different acting this year than any other year, if I had to chose a way she is different then I’d say she’s tired of the let’s get Lisa crap and is expressing that more but I don’t see her actually acting any different to them. She deals with them when the job requires it and treats them basically the same as she has always treated them. I guess the exception is the closeness is gone from Kyle.

      • plainviewsue says:

        It was very telling a few months ago when Pandora threw a birthday celebration for her mom and not one of the HW’s were invited. Someone tweeted her about it and & she tweeted back something about only including women who were true friends or something like that.

  25. VV™ says:

    Didn’t Kyle when Taylor claimed she was abused by Russell she didn’t know for sure if it was true? Why can Kyle when it comes to a serious accusation like abuse say “she’s not sure” BUT Lisa cannot?

  26. shamrockblonde says:

    Hi Jeff!! – thank you for the recap! – and after hearing about your keyboard woes, you sir are a true superhero!! – I cannot tell you how happy I was to see the grranimals knocked out!! – but after they left I found myself doing something very interesting – I started to like Marie – I know!! – she played it very smart and watching her do the robot thing was impressive – as for Mr. ER – I was actually yelling at the tv last night – he had annoyed me earlier with the whole wooden chime thing, but last night he was an absolute asshat – which by the way led to a quiet little discussion between the twins – twin one “she does know they can’t hear her, right? I mean, she’s not losing it or anything right?” twin two – “she knows – she is just mad at one of the players – whoever it is must be a real jerk” – twin one “ok good – as long as she’s not losing it or anything”

    ahahahaahaha!! – anyway, those little cutie pie kids get to see what viewers all over the US saw – their Dad being mean to their Mom – on purpose – that scene in the cab was totally him being a baby and a sore loser – at the detour, maybe being frustrated, I can see, but if that was the case then the cab ride should have been the I’m sorry – I just got so worked up, you know I love you no matter what moment – not the baby behaviour we all got to enjoy –


    thanks too NMD for the Atlanta recap – I have no clue what is going on with Mama Joyce – if she has issues, if she is in need of medication, or therapy or has refused it or not – or if the whole thing was scripted – but I felt badly for Kandi – I don’t know anything about her relationship with her Mother, or with her Todd, but something tells me on of those relationships may break if this keeps up – possibly both – and no show – no paycheck would be worth it to me for that to happen –

    • So you yell at the TV too? 😆 CBS refuses to listen to me and they keep bringing the retreads so yeah, I guess watchers of the show get to suffer some more of Brenchel. Glad you enjoyed the recaps, Karen 😉

      • shamrockblonde says:

        ahahaahaha!!! – quit that!!! – it’s creepy enough when those two sillies do it!! – they asked me twice if I went to high school with them!! – twice!! – I don’t know who the original Karen is but she must be one helluva gal!!! ahahahaha!! – and CBS does not listen to me either – I’m hoping that quick clip was only a glimpse of potential retreads, and not the actual cast – please no more Brenchel – pleeeeaaassee!! – otherwise there will be more quiet discussions of Ga-Ga’s sanity going on in the house……..

        *hugs entire lynnfam family really hard* –

    • kit9 says:

      I think medication might be part of the problem for Mama Joyce. I swear she seemed high when she was talking to(ripping)Todd. On what I don’t know but she’s seem out of it. Woman is a freaking nightmare!

    • Powell says:

      Shamrock that fight mama Joyce started sure didn’t look scripted to me. I think she meant it then and means it now. If Andy asked the question is it about money then we’re not the only ones that see that that is most definitely what this is about. She thinks Kandi will put a padlock on the bank when Kandi has sad she will always take care of her mom. Why doesn’t Joyce believe that?

  27. rabblerouser2010R says:
  28. ladebra says:

    ooOooo – know what? I remember about 55 or so, I was mad at the world! Boy was I hard to be around… even for me. It was hormonal, you know, the big M. Maybe that’s what is eating Mama Joyce!

  29. Cartwheels says:

    I watched Kim’s interview and I agree with her.
    She didn’t chastised Lisa for not being her friend, she did it because Lisa pretends to be friendly and concerned about her only when cameras are rolling. If you do not care for her that is fine, nobody needs to be best friends on this shows, but it is different when you pretend for the cameras and for your own selfish benefit to be this wonderful person only when the cameras are rolling.
    If anybody should have been sympathetic of Kim and her addictions probably that should have been Lisa being that her son Max struggles with the same issues, but instead of that all Lisa ever did was snickered and treat Kim like she was mentally retarded , of course all that while pretending she care for her well being.

    • Powell says:

      90% of them are “filming” friends. What is Kim talking about? OC- None of them are really friends. Vicki & Jenna were the only ones that were true friends.; NY- Ramona & Jill were real friends. W/the show Ramona & Jill both say the other changed do their multiple yr friendship ended. Ramona & Sonja were friends many yrs ago & lost touch and they are now close again.; NJ- Tre, Dina & Jac we’re friends. Only Tre & Dina are still friends. ; BH- Kyle & Kim sisters and friends. Lisa & Yo were acquaintances & friendly but I didn’t think close.; ATL- NeNe & Kim; NeNe & Sheree knew each other but weren’t close; NeNe & Cynthia built a friendship by knowing each other from Peter’s club.; Miami – Adriana & Leah; Marysol & Alexia.; Marysol & Leah. Adriana & Leah are no longer friends, Marysol & Leah are no longer friends. So see the percentage is very low of who are really friends on HWs.

      • Cartwheels says:

        Kim in her buzzed kind thought that Lisa really wanted to be her friend or honestly worried about her, by watching the show and listening the comments that Lisa makes mainly in her talking heads , it is obvious to Kim now that Lisa was just playing it up for the cameras. Lisa is the one who said that in reality TV you need to be real, but she is just one of the fake ones that she so much criticized.
        Case in point , Lisa chastised Adrienne because allegedly she never contacted Brandi after filming was over, Lisa and Brandi made a huge issue about it, well doesn’t Lisa just do the same?
        My problem with Lisa is that everything she criticized the others is what she is doing as well, but she expects the others to never point this out? Why?
        If you are going to be fake just like the other sat least have the decency not to preach to be real because that is what the viewers deserve. Lisa likes to have her cake and eat it too.

        • kit9 says:

          Oh, and btw, Kim should get a pass for imitating Lisa’s accent. Lisa has repeatedly mocked and imitated Kim’s voice and way of speaking on the show. Also, this wouldn’t be the first time someone has accused Lisa of being one way in front of the camera and another in person.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Oh yeah….she has done some GREAT IMPERSONATIONS of Kim!!! Not making fun of Kim…sges honoring her by impersonating her….haha…you know cause I’m a Lisa fan. We do that. Excuse Lisa. All kidding aside, it was a dead on imitation!

  30. rabblerouser2010R says:

    So some Brandi fans are jumping on some of my tweets from days ago..I guess they are getting all amped up to defend her tonight and sending out artillery fire a little early.

  31. Powell says:

    We haven’t seen Taylor at all. I thought she was a “friend of”?

    • TexasTart says:

      No, poor Taylor doesn’t have any friends. I know what you mean, but she is not a “friend of” – thankfully! However, she did appear on Lisa’s Fainting episode. She was at DWTS and then with her fiance at a dinner afterwards. Probably all we will see of her.

  32. TexasTart says:

    Nancy – Not sure if you saw that NMD posted about T-Rex this morning.

  33. TexasTart says:

    Brrrrr. 😮

  34. rabblerouser2010R says:

    wahhhhh. I have a comment in moderation….someone free me pls

  35. Nancy says:

    NMD did you see it? Yuzuru Hanyo beat Patrick Chan (Worlds Gold x3) to win the
    Grand Prix Finals. He wasn’t even supposed to be there. This could change everything
    in Shochi. Poor Patrick Chan. This couldn’t have happened at a worse time.

  36. djprincessc says:

    Well, its official. I’m not even 30 and I’m falling apart. It looks like I’m going to the doctor for the pain that I have been having on my left side, its been almost 2 months and it hasn’t gone away. Although it does come and go. I’m annoyed.

    • Powell says:

      😦 Oh no. Poor thing. I thought that pain went away. Well since you have to go have your throat checked out. Feel better DJP. BIG hugs to you girl.

      • djprincessc says:

        No Powell, its not my throat. I have this pain on my left side of my body around the abdomen area. It hurts when I press or if I stretch so idk if its muscular or something else, but 2 months seems kinda long to me so I’m going to get it checked. My throat is fine. lol. But thank you!! 🙂

    • Nancy says:

      (((dj))) Have you noticed that we are all falling apart on this blog?

  37. Powell says:

    Has anyone heard from Detox or Diva? I miss them both.

  38. Powell says:

    Is anyone going to watch the premier of The Tequila Sisters on TV Guide Network tomorrow night? Their dad owns a tequila biz. I don’t know which brand.

  39. LaineyLainey says:

    Ok, one scrubbed toilet, one load of laundry, dishwasher emptied, floor swept, dinner started, trash cans emptied ….eek my timer still has time on it! Must go on….Bob Seger blaring!!!!

  40. kit9 says:

    Lol! So productive! Making me feel lazy. I’ve got a pile of laundry so high that I’m calling it ‘the mountain’. Not good. In stark contrast, I’m doing something SO not productive….listening to Podcast 5. Although, this one is pretty excruciating. Brandi lets fly with some jaw droppers. And, I’m only half way thru.

  41. VV™ says:

    Oh. Sure things are not okay with Lisa right now bye she hopes one day they will. This is the kind of double talk that gives zero credibility to Kyle Dicks. On TV interview, she BSs the interviewers and viewers about wanting reconciliation on the other hand; she retweeting, tweeting and replying to as many as possible tweets that throw shade at Lisa. I think we have a new saint here: Our Lady of Perpetual Contradiction.

    • VV™ says:

      Forgot link:
      @newyorklivetv: #RHOBH star @kylerichards18 on new cast mates, dealing with rumors and why daughter Portia thinks she’s a @barbie:

      Original Message:

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Haha! Love the saint name!

    • kit9 says:

      Oh, noo! There is only one double talk winner this season and that is Queen Lisa, tying herself and her tongue in knots in her Sybill like convo with Ken last week. And, it is possible to hope ‘one day’ for reconciliation while being presently madder than hell. After watching last weeks double talk extravaganza from shade spewing Lisa, Kyle was well with in her rights to throw all the shade in the world. And, then some.

  42. boston02127 says:

    I just watched last night eppy of RHOA. I take back everything that I said about Kandi’s mother. She’s awful.

  43. rabblerouser2010R says:

    The more I think about Mama Joyce and her coven of sisters, the most disgusted I get.

    The whole situation was bad enough but then they twist Kandi’s arm into trying on another dress…all so they could fn humiliate her and have her standing there like a fool with a gown on…while they tell her they don’t want her to get married.

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