Shahs of Sunset – $3500 Caviar from a Vending Machine

Shahs of Sunset – $3500 Caviar from a Vending Machine by NMD

shahs-of-sunset-season-3-mike-rezas-bromanceThis show opens with something I’ve never seen before, a vending machine in a mall that sells caviar for $3500.  Inexplicably, Reza has a wad of cash in his pocket (he says it’s an immigrant thing) and starts feeding 100’s into the machine.  I can’t help but wonder how old the caviar is, or if it will get stuck in the machine.

Bravo shows seem to collect mean drunks.  GG is yet another one, and while she’s working on her anger issues, she doesn’t seem to understand the relationship with getting drunk and getting mean and out of control.  So instead of recognizing the obvious, she’s taking Tai Chi to learn how to control herself.  Here is some free advice GG – don’t get drunk.  In a complete turn around from last season, Asa is there to support her.  GG voices over all the awful things she’d like to do to MJ, and we get to see a few clips of her making vile threat.  She tells Asa that she’s not only furious with MJ, but she’s beginning to feel used by her sister.  It seems that ever since Leila’s husband left her, Leila has needed GG.  It’s your sister, GG.  She needs you.  Get over yourself.

MJ is pretending she’s a real estate agent.  She has Leila’s house as a listing, and she’s lined up a desperate client.  I find it strange that she has her dog with her as she shows the house.  She’s technically only leasing the house – for a mere $6500 a month.  I don’t think I could afford to live in LA.  She’s close to making a deal, and voices over that she doesn’t care if it pisses GG off.  Why would GG be mad if MJ does her job?

Reza has a sit down with Sasha at a coffee/tea shop.  After a short speech, Reza apologizes. He explains in a talking head that Sasha embodies all of the shame he grew up with.  Sasha doesn’t seem angry.  Maybe this is a reenactment.  Reza seems to think he’s had a break though.  Doesn’t he think this every few months – and then revert back to being an asshole?

Mike has decided to buy Jessica an engagement ring as a symbol of his wealth and status, and to announce to the world that she’s his.  His friend is a diamond salesman, and they start with $350,000 ring.  Mike doesn’t have the money, so they look at other options.  His friend/brother says that because he’s marrying an American girl he can get away with spending only $20,000.  A Persian girl would demand/deserve a $50,000.  Is that a slam against Americans or Persians?   Mike doesn’t want to put a ring on her finger worth a mere $20,000, so she’ll have to wait.  He says he has an ulcer from the stress.  I’m confused.  Didn’t he have a budget going in to this scene?

Reza is setting up his party and droning on and on about all the people who aren’t talking to him – I mean that he doesn’t want to invite.

GG takes her boyfriend out to dinner to tell him that she’s been lying to him and she did kiss another man.  The boyfriend, Shaun, seems a little slow on the uptake, and they have an inane conversation.  She hedges and haws, and finally admits that she kissed another guy.  Not only that, but they’ve been texting each other daily.  Shawn asks to see the texts, and she refuses, saying that they’ll be misconstrued.  Shawn is calm, but furious.  Mainly because he’s been lied to and feels like a fool – especially because he was so harsh on MJ – thinking she was lying.  Someone should have told GG that it’s not the act that gets people in trouble, it’s the cover up.  While things ended well in this scene, they did not end well in real life.  GG and her ex took out restraining orders against each other.

It’s Reza’s housewarming party, and he’s such a great host, he mentions the $3500 caviar over and over again.  Every time someone takes a bite, they say things like – that’s a $100 bite.  Because the party is completely boring (with only Asa and MJ and a few random people invited), Reza voices over that he’s been completely betrayed by Mike in his “time of need.”  Oh – and his fancy new condo looks like a dorm room.  No kidding.  I think the party is so small because that’s all he can fit into his place.

Meanwhile (but probably at a completely different time/date) Mike is having a poker party with high stakes, because he has no money.  He voices over that he was completely burned in his business relationship with Reza.  His friends have arrested development, and he’s jealous that he’s not rich enough to whore around like they are.  I’ll spare you and not recap their misogynistic banter.  Someone asks about Reza, and Mike lets out a string of curses, and tells the viewers that Reza didn’t keep his word about helping him get started in residential real estate.  He lies to us in his talking head, saying he left a thriving commercial real estate business to partner with Reza.  Last season he said his commercial real estate business wasn’t doing well.  His mother told him he didn’t have the patience or personality for residential real estate when he decided to partner up with Reza and push MJ.  Reza may be awful, but Mike got what was coming to him.

At Reza’s boring party, the conversation turns to Mike.  MJ encourages Reza to reach out and fix things.  Reza voices over that Mike doesn’t have a clue on how to bring in business.  That’s the point – you were supposed to help him.  But I’m not going to waste any energy on Reza.  He’s an ugly human being on the inside.  He takes pleasure in hurting and humiliating people.  He drones on and on about how immature the other cast members are (the ones that wouldn’t come to his party) and how they all came between he and MJ.  Revisionist history.  Goodness he’s annoying.

Meanwhile, Mike has pretty much decided to go back to commercial real estate.

And that’s a wrap.  No Lilly this episode, but Sammy was at Mike’s poker party.


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  1. Lulu says:

    Good Morning!!! Hope everyone is having a spectacular day! I didn’t win the lottery!! 😦 Damn you odds!!!! 🙂

  2. Despite my hatred of all things Reza, I decided to watch last night after reading that Mike was ending his friendship with that pig. I never thought of Mike as being a racist, but considering he surrounds himself with racists like the pig and his other friends who went ring shopping, I have to assume he supports their kind of bigoted mentality. He seemed to have that thought type the first few episodes of last season which is why I stopped watching the show. Funny how Brandi can repeat a stereotype comment and everybody is in a uproar calling her racist among other thing, but this trashy show is fool of racism and the American viewers support it by watching. Sorry Bravo, I have plenty of other channels to choose on Tuesday nights.

    • Hi Mike,
      I don’t think you are alone in being turned off by this show constantly tossing stereotypes around including misogyny. I stopped watching after the first season because I found it so revolting not to mention the sloppy drunken antics.

    • mrs peabody says:

      They say what I consider a lot of racist things on this show. I think they are all racist and have said a lot of horrible things about non-Persians, most of the time I find them disgusting and hope that they do not represent all Persians living in this country. I’d sure like to know where they all get their money, they don’t seem to work much and sure like to spend the money or at least that’s what they like to portray. Wonder what their true lives are really like.

      • Powell says:

        Mrs. P I think S1 someone said or posted a link to an article that the Persian community where they work/live said the cast did not represent their community & I believe didn’t want the show to air.

        • Anne says:

          I don’t think that the show is representative at all of the Persian community and honestly, find it unwatchable, although I always read the recaps on this site because commentary in the recaps is funny.

          Powell — I think you said that you like to read — if you want to read an entertaining book about the experience of Persians in the U.S., I recommend “Funny in Farsi” by Firoozeh Dumas. She immigrated to the U.S. when she was 7 and the book is a collection of funny stories/anecdotes about her family and their experiences. Many of the anecdotes are from her childhood, in the 70’s, so that may be one of the reasons that I liked the book so much. I read it on an airplane and the woman next to me asked it about it, because I kept laughing out loud. I found it quite amusing.

          The book was recommended by a friend who is the child of Sicilian immigrants. He told me that as a child of immigrants with a very large family (lots of aunts, uncles and cousins), he could relate to many of the stories.

        • lulu says:

          Interesting that is what the Armenians said about the kardashians.

    • Since no one else said it I’m going to… Mike, Mike, Mike…What day is it?????
      Happy HuMp Day

  3. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. It’s Hump Dayyyyyy!!! And its cold. I hope you all are warm.
    And guess what? I didn’t win thr $636 million mega millions. Did you Nancy and DJP? 🙂
    Everyone have a great day.

    And DJP I’m glad your innards are just fine. 🙂 No I’m glad you have that result. MRI is next. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  4. jezzibel says:

    who buys caviar from a vending machine?? Reza thats who. I guess he was to cheap to go to the kind of high end food store that carries things like top of line caviar, wine and cheese.

    • I think buying caviar from a vending machine is as gimmicky as trying to win a lobster from one of those carnival style claw machines.

    • mrs peabody says:

      I’d be worried that it would have expired, does caviar expire? We used to have a can (very small) of it and I always told everyone I was keeping it to show everyone how rich we were (not). It came in a basket of sometype. I think I threw it away years later.

    • Pghemtchick says:

      I’d have to watch again, but at first glance the spoon looked silver. I may not eat it, but I’ve learned from Josh Flagg. Caviar should never be touched by metal. Guess Reza isn’t down w/that fancy etiquette.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Really?? I want paying attention to that episode, it seems. Very interesting. I doubt I will ever, ever, ever taste the stuff, but that’s interesting.

      • jezzibel says:

        my mom brought a caviar spoon in greenland, and its carved from a cow horn, bone or ivory spoons are what is the traditional spoon to be used when eating caviar, since metal gives caviar a weird taste..not like we eat copious amount of caviar or anything

        • not THAT Jill™ says:

          Isn’t it funny that all of us “common folk” know about the caviar spoon but Mr. moneybags Reza is clueless? I never ate caviar in my life but I know about the spoon…Reza is foolish in his showing off ways .

  5. ladebra says:

    Good morning. happy hump daaayyyy! Wish I didn’t have to work!
    Bringing over from last comments. smh. Go away.

  6. TexasTart says:

    Hi everyone, just stopping in to say how much I enjoyed The Voice. In the auditions, the one person in particular I said “she can win this!” is the person that won, so that was even more fun for me this season, rooting for someone from start to the end. 🙂
    Also, Christina was so annoying in earlier seasons and when she came back, she was a lot nicer and I liked her just fine..she had a kick-ass contestant too. Very cool that Gaga asked to sing with Christina on the finale.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I LOOOVED that performance!!! I love Gaga!!

    • Christina was much less annoying this year. I have to say that Jaque blew her out of the water when they sang together. And I loved Celine Dion’s duet with the winner, she kept letting her show her talent instead of hogging the spotlight, I love Celine. The winner Tessenee is the one that made me cry yesterday when i watched her sing Whitney. She is amazing!!

      • Anne says:

        Me too, or three or four. Just chiming in. Definitely enjoyed this entire season of the Voice. I thought that the finale was really good — especially enjoyed seeing both Celine Dion and Lady Gaga. Wonder if they will pop up next season as mentors???

        • Hey Anne, I only saw the last seconds of Gaga, did she sing live? I missed it 😦 That would be cool, I really like the mentor parts. The whole season was great 😉 Oh that bit about Blake dancing was cute too.

          • Anne says:

            Well, I thought it was live (although who really knows these days). Gaga sang with Christina and I thought it was really good. I’m sure that you can find it on YouTube, if it isn’t on the Voice website. I thought that Christina and Gaga harmonized well together and didn’t try to oversing each other, which sometimes happens when you get big voices together. I have become a big fan of The Voice, which has replaced Dancing with the Stars as appointment tv for me.

            I flip to the Monday housewives during commercials or wait for a re-run if the recap makes the show sound interesting. I like the bantering between the coaches and really liked Christina much better this year, although I am looking forward to seeing Shakira and Usher in January.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        yes, hi crybaby…just joshing, i had some tearful moments, too. I love Celine, too. I thought she was very gracious to Tessanne onstage.

      • chismosa™ says:

        I just looked up this chick – so she’s not a “newbie” – she has albums out and stuff ? They don’t look for unknowns anymore on these singing shows ???

        Don’t want to OFFEND™ you

        • How strange! Not offended, yet!!

        • LaineyLainey says:

          It’s true, pros are allowed to audition. People who have recorded records, gone out on tour, been a part of working music groups, etc. but they are not household names. I have to say the past winners of the voice are not household names either, Are they? Or are they?

          • chismosa™ says:

            Thank you I did not know. If she sings reggae- as it says on her wiki Id SO buy that ….

            Glad to NOT OFFEND™ Princess

  7. Powell says:

    DJP do RE agents in Cali take their dogs to their listings?

    • djprincessc says:

      In Beverly Hills I am sure, or other richer areas. Agents bring them to the office all the time. lol. In my old office in Torrance too. lol.

      Thank you for the well wishes Powell, I am starting Prilosec today to see if that helps 🙂

  8. Powell says:

    How many yrs has Mike’s friend been a jeweller in the US and Cali at that? Or has he been living under a rock? Get it? Rock. 🙂

  9. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone! Weather here is fantastic. High yesterday was a record 82.
    I watched BH and I have been catching up on all the blogs before commenting. Why? Because I was really confused while watching and not sure if it was me, wine or the show.

    After reading JustJen’s recap I had a “aha” moment. She summed up the show perfectly.
    I was confused because of the editing. I could not figure out why Kyle would get so upset over some stupid drunken comments about Maury’s cheating. Who gives a sh#t.

    Most of what went down at that dinner was cut and on the editing room floor.

    The entire episode I was like what? why? Seriously, other than Brandi being a drunk bit#h nothing made sense. Really. Memo to Bravo: clean it up. This show is really jumping the shark.

  10. iceNfire says:

    Hello – I was just reading the bravo blogs and it occurred to me that Kyle didn;\’t burst into tears at the dinner table b/c she was upset about tabloid rumors, she was upset that she was on the wrong ‘team’

  11. AZGirl says:

    Did Brandi’s dog ever get returned? I thought it had been found and that the assistant had actually let it out by mistake.

  12. ladebra says:

  13. LaineyLainey says:

    Hey there, American Horror Story: Asylum enthusiasts…did ya’ll notice who was at Reza’s party??? Naomi Grossman aka PEPPER!!! I think she was described as “Friend of Adam’s” – is Adam an actor?

    • chismosa™ says:

      I just watched the first episode with Danny Huston in it (YUM) – so I’m about 4 weeks behind. The “axman”.

      It’s kind of annoying that most of the actors I see on that show are kids/relatives of all famous actors. Meryl Streep’s, the Stevie nicks’ loving one is the daughter of an acclaimed actress, Emma roberts.

      I’m new to AHS- new to anything Ryan Murphy.

      It’s very campy with the forced camera angles and it took me a while but I’m IN. 🚪🚪🚪👻👻👻👻. Boardwalk empire was too campy for me but this scares me so I stuck with it. Lol
      Jessica Lange is the Wish she was still with Sam shephard. 😦

      • Powell says:

        I wanted to watch but never did. Isn’t Jessica L going to leave at the end of the season?

        • chismosa™ says:

          Ooooh that’s a big loss IMHO.
          I don’t know how she was on the 1st 2 seasons but she’s amazing. She always comes off so slurringly drunkish at awards shows but is amazing on film!

          • Powell says:

            I love JL. Great actress. I heard that more & more Big Stars are coming on & she doesn’t want to share screen time. IDK how true it is.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            she JL, was so good in season one & 2, too. totally worth the price of admission. Lots of good performances in all seasons by all of the actors. But she does shine.

  14. AZGirl says:

    Ok gang…I know you all don’t really care about IA but she has not posted on Twitter in 2 days and nothing on FB since the 12th. Anyone?

  15. chismosa™ says:

    I am SO EXCITED for this movie. All hail Caesar! I’m #teamApe!
    If it’s same director and same writer as 1st then I’m all in.

    Nancy I believe you will concur. Lol

  16. ladebra says:

    I’m not a sports person, but I couldn’t help noticing this one — for you Nancy and NMD! 😀

    The Seattle Seahawks might be the toast of the NFL this season, but they’re still playing in a division — and conference — that’s long been ruled by their NFC West rival, the San Francisco 49ers.

    Fans of the Seahawks and 49ers have been going back and forth at each other this season, with Seattle fans going so far as to send a plane trailing a pro-Seahawks banner over Candlestick Park recently.

    San Francisco fans are moving to retaliate, and, like any good fans of a franchise with a storied history, they’re pulling the Super Bowl card.

    49ers fans have raised more than $8,000 to put up a billboard near Seattle’s Century Link Field that shows the team’s five Lombardi trophies overtop a photo of “The Catch” (when Dwight Clark pulled in the game-winner against the Cowboys in the 1982 NFC championship game). Across the top of the image is the wording, “How many do you have?”

    Project organizers thought $7,000 would be enough to get the billboard, and — in a move not bound by the rivalry — they say extra donations will go to Children’s Hospital in Seattle, according to Comcast SportsNet.

  17. Powell says:

    My goodness The Sing-off is on 2hrs 8-10pm est, NBC. Michael Buble is on 10pm est, NBC. Barbara Walters is on 9:30-11pm est, ABC. Celine Dion 8-9pm est CBS. More good tv tonight.

  18. Powell says:

    LOL. I’m watching TMZ. Joanna Krupa, Lilly Galechi & Carmen Electra are together outside a restaurant. The TMZ staff question. They crack me up. Who do you marry, have sex with and kill? One of the guys Gary said ” bang Joanna, marry Carmen and kill Lilly.” I don’t think it but I’m sorry they way he said it and the staff agreed it was funny.

  19. LavaLady says:

    I won $2 in the mega millions lottery! HA!

  20. LaineyLainey says:

    I was reading a recap on Entertainment Weeekly on RhoBH…I found this comment and found it interesting. I don’t necessarily agree with it, but I like reading other people’s views…especially if they are kinda funny…like this one. I’ve never looked at one of my favorite BH housewives, but I was thinking…ok, that’s a different way of looking at things…hmmmm,

    “Lisa’s all hat and no cattle. She’s no more bad-ass than the rest of them. She talks a tough game in the interviews and drops elegant, British f-bombs, but she never DOES anything.
    Aside from making juvenile sexual double entendres, and saying “butt sex” a lot.”

    Here’s the link:

  21. SoutheastVA says:

    I can’t believe Y&R fired Michael Muhney who plays Adam Newman. Also, Billy Miller is leaving. The show’s gotten boring. I guess they freed more time in my day & DVR space by me not watching.

    • Pghemtchick says:

      I saw that this morning and was ticked! Lol I love Michael. He’s such a convincing Adam. It looks like it was sudden which confuses me. People are attacking Eric Braden (Victor) for it on Twitter. At least Billy is being replaced, but no word on Adam. This really butters my biscuits because now they can slide him in as the hit n run driver. I’m afraid it’ll be going the way of B&B in my house. I did watch B&B to see Ridge return. Like we’re supposed to believe Ridge went to Paris and got fat. This new one is defiantly no Ron Moss, he looks more like he should be a mafia hit man.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I could do that, move to Paris and get fat-ter.

        • Pghemtchick says:

          I’m sure I could too! Lol. But I can’t believe a fashion designer could. Had a lady we know go over this summer, she said she felt like a cow. She’s a size 10. I kinda laughed and said guess I’d be a land whale as I shoved pastries in my face. Lol

      • lillybee says:

        Jill Farren Phelps is known as the soap killer. I am so glad that she is gone from GH.

      • Powell says:

        Oh damn Pchick. I’ve always thought Adam didn’t do it. That he would get charged with it but evidence would show it wasn’t him. I thought it would be a random non-cast member. I thought it might even be the lady that made a statement to Martinez. Well what’s going to happen with Chelsea and Connor then? Oh no!!!!!!!

    • Pghemtchick says:

      Michael posted this ( an exit interview. Always classy. Apparently, the man playing Kyle is out too. He says they are giving Adam a 3-6 month leave and recasting him.

    • Powell says:

      WHAT?!? I think he does a great job playing Adam. And Billy is leaving?!? They are both great. Y&R has made some pretty bad moves IMO. Killing Delia, now these firings. It’s the best soap on. I do miss my ABC soaps.

      • SoutheastVA says:

        I stopped watching B&B. Couldn’t take the in family dating any longer. Now Y&R has let so many people go and hired so many newbies, it doesn’t feel like Y&R. Also, they have not fixed the Sharon character after trashing it for years. I’m at the end of my tether. I’ve been watching this show for 30 years. The only soap left that entertains me, some days, is GH and I FF through 50% of that.

  22. Nancy says:

    dj…thinking about you. 🙂

  23. VV™ says:

    Kyle replies to an Egg that follows two people only – Kyle and Portia – and has tweeted 9 times.

    @KyleRichards18: @Loulou80374602 XXOO

    Original Message:

  24. chismosa™ says:

    Is it me or has my bestie ASHY not been around ???

    Oh ashy …… Paging ASHY 📣📣📢📢📢…….
    Here are some Bethenny tickets and skinny girl bottles ….. Come here my pretty …… Perhaps some #pantene and a nice tweet from Kyle …….? Oh ashhhhhhhhy…….

    • not THAT Jill™ says:

      Hey-gimme those tickets and some Skinny Girl!! I’m here!!!
      A tweet from Kyle-I could do without that!! I never used #pantene but I love free stuff!!!

      • chismosa™ says:

        You answered ! I sent for you and YOU CAME for me …..

        Dude no JOKE I was watching Wendy last night and I thought it was you and your sisters in the audience !

        • not THAT Jill™ says:

          I don’t like Wendy enough to see her live-sorry I know you LOVE her but she annoys me-I watch sometimes but I’m not really a fan! (But if my sis got tickets I would probably end up going and loving it-I tend to get a little star struck!!!)

          • chismosa™ says:

            I figured as much. She’s no Bethenny hahaa. But yeah if you had extra tix and your sisters made you go I could see you going.

            I feel like I’m always spotting people in audiences 👀👀👀

            • not THAT Jill™ says:

              Ever since that lady showed up on Bethennys show twice I keep looking for her…I haven’t seen again but I know she’s lurking around!!!

      • chismosa™ says:

        Also PS can’t believe you’ve never used Pantene – I thought everyone loves Pantene ! (I’m not being sarcastic I swear)

        Don’t want to offend™

    • TexasTart says:


  25. LaineyLainey says:

    Maybe she’s all lotioned up..too slippery to type.

  26. VV™ says:

    @BrandiGlanville: So many people that I loved and I thought I trusted are pieces of SH*T! Good night, be good human beings xb

    Original Message:

    • VV™ says:

      @BrandiGlanville: Heading to bed, just had a heart 2 heart with @KimRichards11 I soooooo wanna call bull shit on so many people and things right now!

      Original Message:

      • chismosa™ says:

        Here you go —– the chess move on the Queen 👑👑👑👑

        • VV™ says:

          Or PR move to get listeners to her Podcast with Kim. Interesting they prepping so early as my understanding SpaceCadetKim is to be a guest Monday.

          • chismosa™ says:

            Kit has to have her 💻🚬🚬📝📝✏️📓notes ready to be taken.
            She pods on Monday, day BH airs ?

            • VV™ says:

              Kim hates Lisa. Remember, she was leading the charge saying Lisa lied about fainting on DWTS. On her blog, she indicated that she wouldn’t allow Lisa in her house after what she said in front on Portia when she joked Portia must be the other woman….
              Kim has always hated Lisa which interesting because Taylor made always fun of Kim and reunion S1 Taylor and Kyle were very insensitive and dismissive of Kim.

      • Pghemtchick says:

        Human beings? She’s really believing she’s 1/4 Heron? <.<
        Wonder who besides Lisa was thrown under the bus.

    • not THAT Jill™ says:

      Who is the Bird chirping about now??? So many people? What people? She’s getting her scoop from Kim???

      • VV™ says:

        Lisa Vanderpump. I remember Cedric after fallout with Lisa on TH interview at S1 reunion, he made the statement that none if this ladies were really Lisa’s friend. NONE. I am thinking that Cedric knew gossip from the Maloof house where Lisa was probably being discussed. I am not sure how close bernie and Cedric were BUT I am sure gossip was had between those two.

        • not THAT Jill™ says:

          I think she is talking about Yolanda-we already know she doesn’t love or trust Lisa anymore so why would she be reacting about Lisa so hard? I think Kim told her some shizzzz that Yolanda has been saying-Kim might be nutty as squirrel sh*t but she listens to all the chatter-they talk in front of her like she is a child.

          • chismosa™ says:

            Nutty as squirrel $hit — 🐭🐭🐭💩💩

            Ewwww kill me NOW ! Lol

          • VV™ says:

            OMG! You think?!!!!
            Nooooo Brandi can’t be that stupid. She’s not gonna throw Yofo under the bus…. I have a hard time thinking the logic here.
            I thought Kim said her and Yolsnda are in a better place now, so she wouldn’t gossip about Yofo….and what kind of gossip can Kim have about Yofo?
            Is Kim going to bat for Kyle? I think yes!

            • not THAT Jill™ says:

              I can’t see Kim going to bat for Kyle-she doesn’t really like her!! I’m think Yolanda b/c Brandi has already let us know what she thinks of Lisa! I don’t think Kim likes any of the women…

              • VV™ says:

                I dont know why I think that selling the PS house has something to do with Kim and Kyle getting along. I think Kim was promised a chunk of the sell ( my guess) that will help clear Moe’s reputation since allegation of stealing the house were made.

                They have a weird relationship those two. They used each other but in their own weird way. They will care for each other.

                Why would Brandi believe Kim? 👀😳👀

  27. chismosa™ says:

    The Toronto crack mayor is making me FALL DOWN laughing — his dancing !!!!
    I’m sure SNL is on top of this.

  28. trudie says:

    Completely OT: I just saw this:

    In a detailed Facebook post on Tuesday, Kristen Johnston, star of TV Land’s The Exes, revealed she had been diagnosed with “a rare autoimmune disorder,” which she later identified in a post Wednesday night as lupus myelitis. Johnston, 46, who had previously overcome an addiction to alcohol, said she had been suffering from severe weakness since September. “My immune system has decided to go rogue [and] attack my muscles,” she said. She later added, “I’m not on my death bed…far from it. I’m gonna be fine.”

    • ladebra says:

      I know Trudie, so hoping that she gets through this. NMD had a post about this, maybe two days Go. She will be off the Ex’s for a couple of episodes, but is coming back she said.

      • BB says:

        According to, she has Lupus Myelitis (whatever that is).

        • chismosa™ says:

          Oh I didn’t know they diagnosed. Remember she seemed to be like “don’t come at me with diagnoses ” or something. Lupus – that sucks. That’s chronic, correct ?

          Poor KJo

          • chismosa™ says:

            Meant to say I didn’t know they released the diagnosis to the public

            • not THAT Jill™ says:

              She released the info last night-she was angry that people were speculating about what she had. I don’t know why she was surprised that people were trying to guess what it was-the public is like that. She wanted time to herself to understand the diagnosis but she must have forgotten how gossip mags and sites work-they will speculate about any and everything!! They leave nothing alone.

              • chismosa™ says:

                Ok just saw this on people. Got it.

                If she really wanted some more time – not a LOT of time but some, she could have just not said anything at all. Or just said there were some “personal” or “family” issues – something very very nonspecific — to give her enough time.
                Poor thing

    • chismosa™ says:

      Ok is this what caused the tears at the dinner table ???

      I need to re-watch

      • ladebra says:

        I think the situation was the lunch at Carlton’s. When Brandi brought up the rumors and Kyle looked pissed. But if she threatened to quit, maybe this is why we don’t see anything but oblique references? Don’t they agree to story lines? Apparently not?

    • VV™ says:

      We know Brandi tweeted about missing dog on June 6. This article is dated June 4.

  29. ladebra says:

    The kitty, the George, I thought of you Nancy pants!

  30. VV™ says:

    Kim Richards GO AWAY!

    @KimRichards11: @BrandiGlanville Hang In there Girl!💕 Im here if you need me📞

    Original Message:

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