Brandi Glanville caught in a Half Lie / Brandi, Kyle and Kim on Arsenio / Top Chef and Brandi Glanville’s Podcast Recapped

Brandi Glanville caught in a Half Lie by NMD

Brandi Glanville would like to turn things around.  She’s half-apologized in a video, half-apologized in her blogs, and called in to Watch What Happens Live to tell her side of things after an episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills showed her in a drunken stupor slurring mean comments at castmate Joyce.  Add in some racial stereotypes comments as she was marginalizing Joyce from the group, and she set off a firestorm of angry viewers. This culminating in the Hard Rock of Tampa firing her from an appearance at a partly last weekend – making it clear that they didn’t want her anywhere near her brand.  It was a sharp slap of reality.  But Brandi isn’t one to let reality get in her way.  Last night she tweeted:

Brandi Glanville @BrandiGlanville
Big thanks to the Hard Rock in Tampa for the apology and for paying me in full 2 basically just hang out with my bffs in Del Ray #paidvaca🙂

Note that she didn’t tag the Hard Rock in her tweet that implied that they regretted their actions.  Sneaky, sneaky.  But one of her followers tweeted them.  Their response: The only apology we provided was for short notice.Thx for accepting @brandiglanville.

Ohhh – snap.  And then for further clarification,

Sem Hard Rock TPA ‏@SHRTampa
We always deliver on our contracts. And yes, the only apology given was for short notice to everyone.

Brandi then decided to bash Joyce a little more:

Just got called by ANOTHER magazine saying Jacqueline gave yet Another story about me needing rehab! Shocker!I think she is obsessed with me

Why does Brandi think it’s okay to tweet or talk about her castmates yet they shouldn’t have her name on their lips?  They are on a show together.  Personally, I think Joyce is braver than most of the others. Brandi must not have anything on her that she can spill to the press.  She’s got the Richard sisters running scared.  And speaking of that strange relationship, Brandi finished her night with an appearance on Arsenio.  She got to do a little pole dancing and Lisa bashing with Kim and Kyle Richards.  The enemy of my enemy is my friend.


It’s too bad for the ladies that viewers are still tuning out.  Even though the latest episode of RHOBH had a tiny ratings boost, overall the season is averaging 1,780,000 viewers per episode, down from an average of 2,090,000 at this time last season. ( It’s not dismal – but it’s not good either.  Now that Housewife supporter Andy Cohen is no longer in the decision seat at Bravo, one has to wonder what the future holds for this franchise.


Brandi, Kyle and Kim on Arsenio by BobbiNJ

Watching Kim, Kyle and Brandi on Arsenio Hall. They walk out and Kim and Kyle hug him and give him a kiss. Brandi jumps on him and wraps both legs around him. He can barely hold her because she’s at least twice his size.

They sit down and he brings up the black comment. Brandi said she doesn’t remember exactly how it went and she is so nervous. She said she didn’t know how inappropriate it was until after the fact. She just thought it was funny but once the reaction started she really is sorry and now gets it. “It won’t happen again.”

Kyle says Brandi says a lot of things that make her gasp but she’s not a racist. Kim agrees with her. But, that Brandi feels terrible about it now. He asks about alcohol on the set and Brandi says there’s a lot “for her.” They call it “reality juice” and Brandi claims Kyle made that up. She laughingly calls Kyle a liar when she denies it and then said she made it up then and forgot.

He asks Kim about her sobriety and what that environment is like for her. She says she hasn’t had a drink for two years in December. Brandi said she’s drinking Kim’s part. Kim said she was sober when they started the show and Kyle was concerned it would be hard for her. Kim said she had it covered until everyone started drinking and fighting and she relapsed on the show. Rehab helped her so much and everyone has been so supportive. Arsenio remarks on how the sisters seem to have come closer as a result of the show. Kyle thinks they haven’t been as good as they are today since they were teenagers.

They get into Brandi’s feud with Perez Hilton…..and I just don’t care. The sisters had not heard about it. I’m not going to write this up.

Photo association – he puts up a picture of Lisa. Kyle laughs and says “chess player.” Brandi says “strategic.” Kim says “fake.” People oooooooo. He asks for a definition of Wiccan. Kyle says she says she’s a witch. So he puts up a picture of Carlton. B says “sexy.” Kyle says “scary. She scares me and she’s not nice to me.” Kim says “spiritual.” They are asked if she’s bisexual and B says no. Brandi says she’s been with a woman. She’s very attracted to Carlton and Yolanda. And on and on… B claims Kyle has giant boobs.

They went on a trip to Puerto Rico and they say parts went very well and parts went very wrong. Kim thought they were in Mexico the whole time. Then they start talking about a stripper pole and ……on and on. Takes place during the trip on the pole on the bus. Sick of Brandi’s raunchy humor. He asks if she’s ever been on a stripper pole and she asks “What kind?” Ha ha. Then they bring out a pole; Kim points out her daughter is in the audience; they turn on music and Kim starts twirling around the pole.

End of segments with the HWs! I apologize for any errors


Top Chef (S11E11) “Giving It The College Try” by BB

TCEp11 1The contestants walk into the Top Chef kitchen to find Padma and Musician/Restaurateur Questlove.  He is on the quest for the perfect tasting drumstick.  They have thirty minutes to prepare drumstricks from the array displayed on the table (chicken/turkey/goose/squab).  So the chefs rush up to the table to grab the type of drumsticks they want to cook.  Shirley falls, Nicholas stops to pick her up, so he is left with some itty bitty quail drumsticks.  He will use a frog leg recipe because they are so small.  The winner will have immunity.   Justin says he’s going to knock it out of the park, which he knows he can.  Funny, Justin keeps telling us how good he is, but he’s been at the bottom on the challenges several times if not more.  Carlos has no clue about how to cook drumsticks.

The least favorite quickfire dishes according to Questlove are Nicholas, Justin, and Carlos (who had bones shards in his).  The favorites were Carrie’s squab, Nina’s game hens, and Brian.  The winner who get immunity is Carrie.

For the elimination challenge, the chefs will be serving 500 at freshman orientation in the dining hall of Louisiana State University.  The winner will win a Toyota Rav 4.  They will be staying in the dorms the night before.   Shirley wants to give her Rav 4 to her mom if she wins it.  They are greeted at LSU by two peppy freshman tour guides.  Some of the chefs never attended college so they don’t understand the college experience.  Some are excited to go back to their college days.

The next day, all the chefs show up at the dining hall and figure out what’s in the kitchen and who’s taking what stations (hot or cold).   They have to figure out how to replicate things to feed 500 students.  Carlos starts being a little difficult about what he does and doesn’t want to do (like not using the pizza oven) and Shirley thinks his true personality is starting to come out.  Watching the chefs cook, I can’t imagine trying to prepare enough food for 500 people.   Justin decides to fancy it up and to not “cook down” to the students (like chicken tenders and mac and cheese).  Nina doesn’t think the college kids are going to like Justin’s fancy food.  Carrie has immunity so she agrees to take a cold station and is making broccoli salad with yogurt dressing.  She wants to make something healthy even if the college kids might not like it.  Right before serving time, assistants show up to help serve the food.

tcep11 2Chow time.  Everybody is waiting in line for Brian’s shrimp cakes.  Nobody wants Carrie’s broccoli salad.  Carlos needs the oven for his fish and asks Nicholas to move his plates out.  Shirley made Roast Beef with Potato Puree and Fire Roasted Tomato Relish.  Nina made Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Sweet Corn Puree and Pickled Onions.  Brian prepared Shrimp Cake and Spinach with Chipotle Aioli.   tc ep 11 3Nicholas made Rosemary Roasted Pork, Parmesan Grits and Bacon Brown Sugar Gravy.  Carrie made Broccoli Salad with Herbed Yogurt Sauce and Pita Bread.  Justin prepared Marinated Gulf Shrimp, Cauliflower, Asparagus and Garlic Puree.  There aren’t many people at his station or Carrie’s.   Stephanie made Spicy Tomato Soup with Pimento Cheese Sandwich.   When the judges show up at Carlos’ station, they have to wait for their food.  Carlos tells Tom and Emeril that Nicholas stole his oven to warm his plates.   Carlos made Seared Tilapia with Chile Ancho and Mexican Coleslaw.

tc ep 11 4In the stew room, some of the chefs question Carlos’ integrity regarding his telling the judges that Nicholas stole his oven.   The judges liked Shirley’s roast beef, Brian’s shrimp cake, and Carlos’ fish even though they had to wait for it.   They didn’t like Stephanie’s sloppy cheese sandwiches or that she put them in the bowls of soup (which they thought tasted good).  Gail didn’t understand Justin’s dish and thought it just tasted of garlic and nothing else.  They also weren’t crazy about Nina’s dish because she was making part of it when they went through the line.  Finally, if Carrie didn’t have immunity, she would be in the bottom because of her easy broccoli salad.

tc ep 11 5Padma comes in and asks Shirley, Brian and Carlos to join them.  One of them will be the winner.  Brian is told the students likes his dish the best.  Shirley tells them since nobody else wanted the pizza oven (Carlos),  she was stuck with it and decided not to make pizza, but to make roast beef.  Shirley wins the car.  I’m glad Carlos didn’t win.

Stephanie, Nina and Justin are called in as the bottom three.  This is Justin’s fourth straight time in the bottom.  Stephanie had a lumpy cheese sandwich.  Justin tells them he tried to make his type of food and not make college type food.  He says he was being way too . . . and Gail says “chefy?” and Justin says pretty much.  The judges tell Nina the students didn’t like the corn served with her chicken.    The chefs are dismissed so the judges can deliberate.  Justin’s food was consistently flavorless.  Stephanie’s cheese sandwich wasn’t really pimento cheese and it was unappetizing.  One batch of Nina’s corn was good, but one wasn’t.  Who will be going home?  Justin is asked to pack his knives and go.  He admits he made a mistake.  I’m glad he’s out.  I’m tired of hearing him tell us how good he is when he keeps landing on the bottom.   He’s pretty sure he can redeem himself in the Last Chance Kitchen.

Last Chance Kitchen: Justin vs. Louis.  Louis is asked to cook a dish using ingredients from Justin’s area, Louisiana, and Justin is asked to cook a dish using ingredients from Louis’ area, Northern California.  Problem is Justin was born and raised in California, so I would say he has the advantage.  I guess it doesn’t matter, because Louis beats Justin, only because Justin’s sardines were a little dry.  Bye Bye for good, Justin.


Brandi Glanville’s Podcast #6 by Kit9

Brandi says she doesn’t take money from tabloids. She sings. Badly. Claims she can rap. Thankfully, doesn’t try to prove it.

Takes calls. Brandi says she’s scared of getting hate calls but all the callers are friendly(it’s called screening, Brandi) Q: Who is Brandi’s Favorite HW of OC? A: Tamra. Q: Is Kim R. really sober? A: Yes, she’s doing really well . Q: Third caller is nuts. A huge Brandi fan, her husband cheated on her and she despises Leann. Caller got a Twitter account just to torment Leann. Caller once tweeted, “whores need sleep” after Leann tweeted she was going to sleep. Brandi laughs hysterically. Caller has no question, just rants for 3 min.

Q. What is up with Kyle? Brandi says she does think Kyle is a good person. Says it’s taken a long time to get where they are now. Brandi says, “We aren’t best friends or anything but we’re trying to get along right now”. Caller bashes Kyle and Brandi says she sees where the caller “is coming from”, doesn’t defend Kyle. Q: What does she do to stay in shape? A: Pilates, because, she says, she’s lazy. Suggests going for walks and taking the stairs(and being born with genes that make you super lean and 5′ 10″ helps, too). Q: Caller is stay at home mom, Brandi says being a mom is so rewarding. Says her ex couldn’t wait to get out of the house and away from the kids in the morning and was useless when she left them with him for even a few minutes(says Brandi who had a nanny while married).

Guest: Michael Yo from OMG! Insider. He and Brandi are friends. Start talking about cursing. Brandi says she grew up in a curse filed home. Michael says he rarely cusses and that he would NEVER curse in front of his parents and it freaks him out when he sees other people doing it. Brandi says if her kids cursed at her she’d “smack them upside their heads”.

Brandi says she has a whole chapter in her book about men who can’t even commit to a plant. Michael says he has a plant. A fake plant. He’s a comedian and has been on Chelsea Handler. Brandi says Handler called her an “over-botoxed cougar from the Valley” and Brandi pretty much concurs. Brandi says she actually likes Chelsea and thinks she’s funny. Brandi claims she doesn’t actually hate anyone except maybe child molesters. Talk of hate, of course, sets Brandi off on this week’s rant against social media. Professor Brandi says she “used to” fight back against Twitter hate(by “used to” she means last Wednesday).

Brandi starts talking Astrology again. Hmm, well, at this late stage in the podcast, most of Brandi staples have been covered…anti Twitter talk, check. Astrology, check. So, what’s missing? This week’s dose of raunch, that’s what! Brandi wants to know if Michael’s penis is stereotypical of black men or Asian-he’s both-and he says the only thing Asian about him is his eyes. Brandi, again, says that the stereotype about black men is true based on her having slept with two black men. Michael wants details and she says one of them was so big he had to have his condoms custom made(there’s such a service? Really?).

He wants to know if she liked his large size and Brandi says she got used to his size but that it was painful for a while. Brandi says that skinny penises are not “her friend” and that how a man uses his mouth and hands is what gets her to ‘the next level”. She says the guy she’s dating(the “angry Mexican”) now she “can’t quit” because of something he does to her in bed(who else is for stabbing themselves in the ears?). Brandi again says she loves tall, dark and handsome and that she couldn’t even imagine dating a blond guy.


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202 Responses to Brandi Glanville caught in a Half Lie / Brandi, Kyle and Kim on Arsenio / Top Chef and Brandi Glanville’s Podcast Recapped

  1. BB says:

    Arsenio looks thrilled in that picture. lol

  2. plainviewsue says:

    The one great thing about the three witches on Arsenio was he at least did bring up Brandi’s racial remark right out of the gate. She of course has no idea how to explain herself; she really is so embarrassing.

    Kim rattled on and on a lot. Brandi dresses like she’s 17. I will say Brandi looked very nervous.

    When shown a picture of Lisa and having to say what you think, the very original Kyle said “chess player.” Brandi said “Strategic.” Kim said “fake”, which the audience did not seem very happy with and Kyle didn’t either. Then when discussing Carlton, Brandi said very sexy and Kim said spiritual. Don’t remember what Kyle said, but she made sure to tell everyone that Carlton hates her. Brandi then said something about how she’s not a witch, when you think of witches with green faces.

    I tweeted this morning my disgust with the three women & what they had to say. Lisa DM’d me and wrote “It’s getting a bit toooo much really…….

    I wish she’d follow me, so I could DM her back. As much as Lisa does come off as a strong woman, I think after awhile it does get to be too much. Esp when she sees herself as being supportive to Brandi and in the early seasons to Kyle. I don’t think she could care about what Kim says about her.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I love that she DM ‘d u!

    • Rebecca™ says:

      Lisa only follows a handful of people so, maybe you could conduct an official interview somehow.

      These idiots are truly trying to damage her image, which effects her businesses, and she could truly take legal action. They want the most popular housewife off the show, and unfortunately they’ll probably get it. She’s too smart to come back after this trash.

      • VV™ says:

        Rebecca, I think it’s a orchestrated plan by them. They’ve been nonstop bashing Lisa for weeks now. Ironic how it takes three and soon Yolanda will join as the fourth castmate trying to take Lisa down. It is orchestrated no doubt in my mind. They cannot stop talking about Lisa. Viewers are getting tired of it.

      • plainviewsue says:

        Rebecca, I doubt Lisa would ever follow me!!! She has sent me a few DM’s, which is always a highlight! I wish she’d tweet instead so I could retweet!!

        Lisa will never play the victim card, but if anyone could, she could. After Adrienne tried to ruin her business reputation with the radar on line bull crap, Bernie’s legendary facebook rants & now the other women being the ones to STRATEGIZE against her.

        It was okay for Adrienne, Kyle, & Camille to meet before the season two reunion to try to take down Lisa? Never sure if Taylor was a part of that coven as well. Was that not strategy????

        I want Brandi and her drunken inappropriateness off the show next season. I want Yolanda & her superior attitude off the show next season. Even though I don’t think it will happen, I miss Lisa and Kyle together. I miss season one.

        • VV™ says:

          Brandi is trying to save skin by putting the blame on Lisa for the rumors.
          I’m beginning to think, if Brandi can blatantly lie about getting an apology from HRC with a straight face. She can lie about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.

  3. tegan3029 says:

    thanks for the blog NMD, and your DM message from Lisa Plainviewsue, I hope Lisa stay’s classy and doesn’t stoop to the level of others…it has to be hard not to respond though.

  4. Lulu says:

    Happy Saturday! Hope everyone’s day is going perfect! I’m slowly making my way out the door to take the boys to have their picture taken with santa. Not looking forward to crowds!! Yikes!

    NMD I don’t say it enough but thank you for your interesting recaps/takes. This is my bright spot each morning and throughout the day!

    • plainviewsue says:

      I second that. Thank you NMD!!!!!!! I may not comment every day, but I read the blog religiously. Hugs and kisses!!!!!

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Third it, thanks NMD! I thought it was cowardly of Brandi to “thank” the casino, but didn’t actually tag them so they could actually see her tweet directly from her. The point is, she wanted everyone else (her followers) to know, she didn’t lose out on the money. We speculated here that she would prob get paid anyway…and by we, I mean someone else (haha). I guess the check came in as promised…notice she waited to inform her followers that she did not lose out on the appearance fee. She might not have been too sure they would fulfill their part of the contract. But they did, and then it was time for her to gloat, of course.

    • Yes…a big thank you to NMD and all those who contribute..

    • lulu says:

      Crash and burn. “Noooooo I HATE SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Need I say more!!?!?!?!?

  5. plainviewsue says:

    Kit, god bless you for sitting thru & recapping Brandi’s pod cast. You’re a better person than I.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Just read it, thanks, Kit9!!!!!

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Kit9, sometimes I think she fancies herself a sort of Chelsea Handler type of “talent”…it’s not the first time she has mentioned Chelsea. She, at one time, claimed that Chelsea wasn’t funny. Now she has hanged her tune…she was quoted as saying that she is like a comedienne like Chelsea Handler…and now this.

  6. VV™ says:

    Ironic how three out of the four HWs on this pic that tried to take Lisa down are gone from the show.

    @KyleRichards18: “@DarrenRansdell: @KyleRichards18 remember this shoot we did 4 @Life_and_Style? #DarrenRansdellDesign #RHOBH” yes!

    Original Message:

  7. Powell says:

    Hi everyone. You’ve been up early out and about. 🙂 I just got home from getting my do done. Pchick are you still Pchick’s Bakery? Those were some beau ti ful cookies. I wish there was smellavision. 🙂 I hope everyone that was making the drive home last night made it safe and sound. Enjoy your Saturday.

  8. Dreamboat says:

    Cedric, Adrienne, Bernie, Camille, Kyle, Kim, Brandi, Yolanda, Taylor, who am I forgetting? Seems like a lot of people have had run ins with Lisa that have led to them being disenchanted and unhappy with her. I’m not buying that it’s because everybody is jealous of her. I’ve always liked Lisa, but her digs must get really old after a short time. As for all the talk of chess playing and strategy, as Lisa would say, where there’s smoke…

    • I don’t buy it either.

      • I said it Season 1 that I wouldn’t want to be her friend because of all the “cuts”…so Jr. High, lol. One of the few times that my Dad went off on me was in Jr. High and he ranted about the “hheee, just kidding, just kidding” HE WAS PISSED, lol. He.Had.Had.It!!! It really made an impression on me cuz I was Daddy’s little Princess….I changed my evil ways, baby.

    • Kelly_Has_Big_Shoulders says:

      So true Dreamboat, I love Lisa but there has to be something there she can’t be an angel either. She might just be better at hiding it. Have to wait and see what comes out. Will they even show this side of Lisa that others see. hmmm

    • VV™ says:

      Ever since S1 ended and we saw S2 beginning with all the castmates throwing shades at Lisa accusing of selling stories, they’ve all been after Lisa. S2 storyline changed with the suicide of Russell.

      I don’t see how you lump Cedric or bernie here. It’s quite obvious what happened with Cedric. bernie is mental and went after Lisa because of the Lisa Adrienne. Adrienne got pissed the Palm was not chosen by Pandora to have her bachelorette party and down spiral from there.

      The smoke comment Lisa made was helping Yolanda finish what Yolanda wanted to say or perhaps Yolanda didn’t use the right saying. It’s been discussed to no end and it was clearly an edited scene.

      Kyle is jelous because BH is HER town. Kim is being loyal to sister.

      Camille like Yofo felt above her castmates $$$ wise. Lisa had issues with her because Lisa was siding with Kyle but later because Lisa would call Camille’s BS to her face.

      Yofo issues with her are IMO because Lisa’s friendship with Mohamed.

      Taylor’s issues with Lisa were always because Lisa would call her BS to her face.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi dreamboat! Where do I get in line to pay? I do buy it. That the other dorks are at least, in part, jealous. I’m not speaking to Lisa’s alleged not nice side…if I was going to hate all reality stars with a not nice side….well they’d all be on my SH!t list as they all have a not nice side. We all have that not nice side. So she’s not always nice. What do I care? Is Kyle always nice? Kim? Adrienne? Camille? Brandi? yo? Taylor? Am I? Are You? (Maybe you are dreamboat, I don’t know) but at least Lisa is funny. The very thing for which she is criticized, the digs or cuts that are wrapped in humor, etc are what I find interesting/entertaining about her on this show. The LETS Bash Lisa tour is strategic,is it not? So Lisa is strategic? Who, on reality, ISN’T? Even if you make a conscious decision not to join a team, that’s your strategy.

      I used to nag my son to join something when he was in High School. Finally, one day, he said “Mom, don’t worry, I decided to join something”. me: “oh yeah?” Him: “I joined the NON JOINERS,…the kids who don’t join Anything. We’re a really big group, the biggest actually.” Haha. I left him alone after that. I think I had a point, but can’t remember what it was now. Oh yeah, we all strategize to some extent. Even (gasp!) Lisa!

      • Rebecca is sick of the FatKyle victim storyline says:

        Lisa doesn’t have to try to be charismatic and like able. The other ladies horrible. Would you ever share a secret with any of them? Would ever leave them alone with your mother/daughter? They are vain and vapid of all morals. Lisa has a life. The rest aren’t happy with theirs.

      • iceNfire says:

        Hi Lainey – My not nice side comes out when I’m in pain. I regret what I write as soon as it’s posted and have learned to keep my fingers off my keyboards on the those days .. well, most of the time. I try …

  9. Blog updated with a guest blog by BobbiNJ on the Arsenio appearance.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi BobbiNJ!!-thanks for the Arsenio recap. He is scraping the bottom of the barrel if these guests are any indication. My gosh, it sounds as if B straddled Arsenio? How very adorable of her! Geez…Even our little Miley Cyrus doesn’t do that. (I love Miley, by the way).

      I remember when LeAnn was on Jay Leno and somehow it ended with jay saying to LeAnn, “you have something that she (Brandi) will never have”…pause.. LeAnn looks at him. Jay: “TALENT”. LeAnn smiled and laughed.

      • iceNfire says:

        Yeah, I didn’t see it that way. I saw Brandi put one leg around him as a tease and then he grabbed her other leg and pulled it around him. Then she tried to disengage and they kind of struggled for balance.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Well, I didn’t see it at all. Haha! So it wasnt a full on straddle or “mounting”? Ok. regardless, Who, as a guest, puts a leg around the show’s host? Nevermind. Haha!

      • Bobbi says:

        She definitely did straddle him, Lainey. She jumped up on him and wrapped her arms and legs completely around him. He almost fell over because she’s almost twice his size!

  10. not THAT Jill™ says:

    Great blog today everyone…I’m a little under the weather(Irish flu) so I’m heading back to bed for a little bit-thank God Maggie is busy with Kevin stacking firewood -which we don’t need b/c it’s like 60degrees today in NY…crazy right?!?!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Glad you can get a little extra rest. That wood will come in handy later!! (Duh….I know)

    • In my house, we call an Irish flu a hangover 😉

      • not THAT Jill™ says:

        Yes the clinical term for what I have would in fact be a HANGOVER…however-I’m right as rain now so it was short lived-a few Advil and a cup of coffee got me right!!!

        • LOL- I feel your pain. My head is a little foggy from last night. We had some friends over for our gift exchange and celebrating.

          To night we are going to an ugly sweater party…I have spent the last few weeks trying to find some to no avail. so I just some cheap and plain sweaters from Walmart then to Micheal’s and bought some felt christmas ornaments. and no-sew fabric glue…and I am going to paste them on.

  11. Kelly_Has_Big_Shoulders says:

    I’m glad Brandi got paid as she should have for the cancelled job. I don’t see the big deal with her tweet, they did apologize for the short notice. She was not specific as to what they apologized about . I think it’s funny how they replaced her with Joanna who’s own drunk antics on the show have been pretty disgusting. Plus she has a questionable past with fetish videos and possibly being an escort not to mention her own little racial comment to Adriana on WWHL regarding something to do with the slums of Brazil.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi Kelly Big shoulders! I’m not gonna lie, I was surprised that Joanna was considered a suitable replacement. I kept feeling as though there was some sort of “personal” connection here…with someone from the casino being a personal friend of J.Krupa using Brandi’s latest faux paux to publicly humiliate Brandi just as Brandi publicly humiliated Joanna with the comments about Joanna’s privates. I know,I know, very conspiracy theory of me. I am not above that.

      • iceNfire says:

        It was nothing more than a publicity stunt on the part of the casino. They got their name out there in a bigger way with this ‘setup’ – imo

    • chismosa™ says:

      I agree completely about HOanna!

  12. not THAT Jill™ says:

    Kit-great write up of the podcast-you are a really trouper!!
    I’m so happy to know that Brandi screwed a black dude with a big giant penis-I don’t know how we could live without knowing such important details of Brandi’s train wreck life. Is there nothing more to this woman than tramping it up and getting drunk? Does she have any self respect left? Will she say anything to get attention at any cost? Seriously she needs to think about all this crap she tells the world-is it really necessary? To her-I’m sure it is-she will say anything to stay relevant -even if it will one day be the exact thing her kids read when the google her name.

  13. VV™ says:

    The last time she said she was going to stop doung something, she lasted steven minutes.

    @BrandiGlanville: @shanandcrew @LisaVanderpump agree!

    Original Message:

  14. Thank you Kit9 for the recap! I just don’t understand this woman at all. So, you figure the HWs are going to last another season, 2 at the most…. Where does she go from here…. She is going to have to continue to “up the ante” to get attention… so what could be next. Maybe Dr. Drew can do a new series “Fame Whore Rehab”….

  15. LaineyLainey says:

    BB – I’m watching my dvr’d top chef so I can read your blog. I have enjoyed this season.

  16. Thanks BobbiNJ for the recap, I wish I had just read it instead of watching them. It was so uncomfortable. Kim was definitely the star of the show, she seemed comfortable on the couch and with her pole dancing…her daughter was so mortified. I really felt sorry for the daughter…

  17. I tweeted this, because I could, lol
    PrincessPindy ‏@PrincessPindy

    @KyleRichards18 @BrandiGlanville calling @LisaVanderpump “Strategic” and “Good @ Chess” are not insults, they are compliments. #Nicetry

  18. All the BLONDE men said “WHEW!!! dodged that cray cray chick!!”

  19. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Hot blogs, Get Your Hot Blogs HERE!! Awesome job ladies.

    Someone above said it right. Brandi has NOTHING, not ONE THING on Joyce. Nothing. Nathan. Nada. If she had the slightest ammo she would’ve annihilated her by now. She’s got Kyle in her pocket because she’s learned Brandi is better as an ally than an enemy. KIm’s kookoo ass is just along for the ride or because Kyle told her to stick w/ her to take Lisa down. VaVoom. Shabang.

    Joyce seems to not be bothered by all the deflecting Brandi is doing re: calling her an attention whore, desperate etc. Joyce has called her out as a conniving alcoholic bitch and prior has gone on record stating Brandi needs rehab. If Joyce’s husband had a known past Brandi would’ve blasted it. She and her twitter fans tried to paint Joyce as a whore because of some acting roles claiming she had a soft porn past. Isn’t that what they say of every topless scene ever done by an actress? Except of course if you’re a HalleBerry, CharlizeTheron, NicoleKidman, SalmaHayek etc. Try again idiot. So many actresses had love scenes. So What?

    Brandi would love for Joyce to stop talking her ‘truth’ about Brandi while Brandi continues spewing her ‘truth’ about every HW she dislikes. Double standard. I hope Joyce continue to expose Brandi for her awful actions as a cast mate / person as she needs to be taken down a peg or two and given a BHAnema. Huge and Diamond encrusted.

  20. lulu says:

    Anyone interested in super cheesy Christmas movies. Neil Patrick Harris’s “The Christmas Blessing” comes on tonight on the hallmark channel. Love this one. 😉

    • cusi77 says:

      I’ll be watching! Thank you for the heads up Lulu!!!! ❤

    • plainviewsue says:

      I am addicted to them!!! I watch almost every Hallmark and Lifetime one each season. My absolute favorites this season were Let It Snow, Kristen’s Christmas Past and Fir Crazy. You know the storyline; you know how it will end. But it doesn’t matter. Even hubby winds up watching them!

  21. cusi77 says:

    Wow! Juicy day on the Blog!!!! Thank you NMD, BB, Kit9 and BobbyNj for the Blogs! Hysterical!

    Wow, with the Richards Sisters and her new BFF. I hope they don’t get bitten too soon. It is the nature of the beast…

  22. iceNfire says:

    OT – chimosa, are you here? I just saw this on Fox News and I’m ordering one. It only costs $30. Does anyone here have one?

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I’ve, I replied to this below…..are u really gonna order it?

    • chismosa™ says:

      HI !

      I never heard of this. When I saw sweet roll I’m like – a pastry??

      I guess it looks good. I have to watch the video I can’t on this phone right now.

      So many things right now for hair…… My hair is curly naturally but then I get rollers-set and/or blowdry and then try to put curls back into my straightened hair. It’s very confusing.

      I won’t do keratin or Brazilian. Did Japanese in 2002.

      Let me know if you get this – thanks !

      • iceNfire says:

        LittleKid just informed me that my xmas gift will be 2-5 weeks late so Ill get back to you hahahaha

        • chismosa™ says:

          Fabulous you keep me posted. I saw lots of people buying the conair curl secret ? That rounded thing that you clip your hair into and it comes out curly ?

    • Pghemtchick says:

      They did a “does it really do that” on the news a few weeks ago with curlers. They used the air curler (that looks like cotton candy) and the more pricey curl secret by Conair. The test subjects were a local middle school (I think they were young) cheer squad. The air curler worked so so on some hair, not at all on ethnic or think hair. I hope that’s the right term and I apologize if it isn’t. The curl secret worked 100%. The lil African American girl was estatic because she said nothing ever works on her hair. How happy she was sold me on it. Now to get $145 for it.

      • chismosa™ says:

        Woopsie – should have read your response — conair’s is that expensive ? Wow.

        I thought there was a bablyss or some other high end brand making one and the “low end” was the conair.

        Hmmmm to be continued ! I need to know

  23. LaineyLainey says:

    Think of Uncle Rico’s customer when she sees the ship in the bottle: “I WANT THAT.” I’m gonna order that for my daughter. But maybe I shd wait til you try it and tell me it Works!!!

  24. Here is a blogger that tried the Sweet Roll Hair Curler, I use hot rollers, total time to heat and roll and take out about 8-10 mins, she is saying 20-30 in addition to the heating….but she has a pix

  25. LaineyLainey says:

    Hey Jnntjill, I love that you went to that exchange, didnt have to bake nuttin’ and still walked out with a giant platter of goodies. That’s what I call a WIN-WIN situation!

  26. not THAT Jill™ says:

    Does this Bozo really think he has room to talk about the things anyone says? Oh Charlie-get a grip dude!!

  27. jeang says:

    Well thank goodness this mama can stop worrying now as son and grandson are safe in Rochester NY.

  28. chismosa™ says:

    NMD, BB, Kit, Bobbi- thanks all for the great blogs.

    What craziness !
    Happy Saturday to everyone. I can’t believe Xmas is like 3 days away. Feels SOOO weird !
    Vavooom shabang 🎄🎄🎄🎅🎅🎅🎅🎊😍😍😳👛👛🏧🏧🏧

  29. chismosa™ says:

    For any Sopranos die-hards like myself – hbo is having a small tribute to James Gandolfini tomorrow. I can’t wait. I’ll have tissues with me. 😦

    I’m onto the last 2nd half of the last season of sopranos on demand. Yay

  30. chismosa™ says:

    Oh oh — AZGirl is going to have something to say about this!

    I seriously can’t believe how good she looks.

    • kit9 says:

      She looks great from the back, too. Ramona’s ass should be declared a national treasure. I remember the Scary Island ep. and it showed her at the wheel of the ship and her butt was truly a thing of beauty.

      • not THAT Jill™ says:

        Ramona does have the perfect ass-she crazy as hell and makes me itchy but her ass is perfect!

        • chismosa™ says:

          My comment disappeared – Ashy do you like Ramona same as Kenya?
          Or one more than the other ?

          • not THAT Jill™ says:

            I don’t get the question? I love Ramona and her crazy self-I do not like Kenya so much-she tries to hard to outlandish and dramatic-Ramona is just herself-I think she is always like how we see her on TV. I know someone that has spent time with Ramona and he has the best stories about her-he says she’s is funny as hell!!!

            • chismosa™ says:

              That’s awesome. I meant since you said she makes you itchy- I didn’t know if that meant you found her annoying, as I know many do.

              Just wanted to know if I should get my tennis lessons 🎾🎾🎾🎾in before ny starts.

              I’m pissed that VV doesn’t watch ny! 😫😭😡

  31. LaineyLainey says:

    Dj, you sent me your email long ago, I can’t find it now. I am at…can u write to me. Do you find lease properties? Residential.

  32. ladebra says:

  33. VV™ says:

    Brandy, Kyle, Kim and Yolanda are all banking on this. The problem is we heard that before with RHONJ and nothing was proved. The same will happen with RHOBH. The moral of the story is don’t put all your eggs in one basket. This will backfire on them as it already is and they are too stupid to even notice.

    @BrandiGlanville: @bktoone @plainviewsue @TonyRodriguezUS @KimRichards11 just watch the show and see what happens

    Original Message:

    • chismosa™ says:

      And by eggs of course you mean the twitter accounts created and followed by 2 people. EGGS! 🙅👊😋😋

  34. djprincessc says:

    Chismosa, Will and Grace binge night on WE!!

  35. kit9 says:

    Nike unveils US unis for Sochi Olympics. Whatta ya think? Love the gloves. They’re those pic gloves like the NFL.

  36. boston02127 says:

    Great Blogs. Thanks.

    Once again, all Brandi has to talk about is sex. She’s got nothing else.

    • Orson says:

      I wouldn’t say that until I’ve heard the results from her latest blood test and GYN exam.

      Just sayin’, yanno?

      • boston02127 says:

        Remember her saying that she contracted an STD from her ex? Now she says she doesn’t like blonde men. Plus, she’s a messy drunk and she’s rude and has a mouth like a truck driver. Classless.

        I don’t think any of these qualities leave much room for her to be picky with men.

  37. TexasTart says:

    Great to see BB’s grandson, happy and healthy! 😀

  38. TexasTart says:

    I appreciate the blogs…I’m still trying to keep up with youse guys. Have a good day everyone! 😀

  39. boston02127 says:

    I can’t wait for the holidays…
    ᵗᵒ ᵇᵉ ᵒᵛᵉʳ

  40. not THAT Jill™ says:

    I have so much to do!! Wrapping baking cleaning…I need to stop watching these sappy Christmas movies and get moving!!!

    • TexasTart says:

      I was SO happy to finish projects, send off employees with bonuses and shut down the business until the 2nd (hubs and I only vacation during the year). Super happy, I should be, but that turned to feeling deflated pretty darn fast over too much to do for Christmas!

      Good luck getting it all done, Jill!

      Lainey – so happy for your plans to see your girl for Christmas. Safe travel and good times 🙂

    • BB says:

      Me too, Jill. And yet, I’m procrastinating like crazy.

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