Brandi Glanville’s Podcast Number 8

Brandi Glanville’s Podcast 8 by Kit9

Brandi takes calls. Says everyone is talking about how she’s a racist. Says she hopes people can see she is sorry. I noticed this last podcast, too–that she talks about how she’s said she’s sorry rather than taking the opportunity to actually apologize. Art tries to make excuse for her that she said it when she was drunk. Brandi corrects him and says she wasn’t drunk. Says that it’s just her sense of humor. Didn’t expect the comment to be this big of a deal. Says she’s jokes inappropriately. Says this is the first time in 3 years that anyone has taken offense to things she’s said. Says she’s going to stop saying she’s sorry. Says that if you’re truly remorseful and apologize that you should be able to move forward(Brandi is like SO over this people so u should be, too, haters). Says she thought the joke was funny at the time but doesn’t now. Then immediately says she plans on being inappropriate for the rest of her life.

Talks about film she shot with Jamie Kennedy and Camille and Kyle. I’ve seen the trailer and it’s spoof film and looks awful. Callers….Q: What are 3 things she has to buy at Target. A: white towels, vitamins, toys and tank tops. Q: Does Brandi believe in one soul mate? A: No. Says she’s found love a couple times since Eddie.

Guest: Ask Women Podcasters from Brandi’s Podcast 1 network. Brandi introduces the women as “two very pretty” ladies(pass Brandi’s crucial attractiveness test, check). They have a podcast that deals with women and dating and relationships. One of the women says she’s more like a man in the relationship and Brandi asks if her dick is bigger than her boyfriends. Yes, by 4″ she says. Brandi says she’s an asshole in a relationship(too easy). Brandi says women have to make an effort to be attractive for their men because men are visual creatures. And, if you’ve had kids and are tired, you should still take the effort to get fixed up and go out. Tells her friends to make their husbands jealous to keep that spark alive. Brandi loves it when her bf gets jealous. These two women are morons. And, incredibly annoying. Brandi tells her friends to buy lingerie. Says women who tell men they’re looking for soul mates turn men off.

Brandi says women should wait longer to get married. Says without her kids she wouldn’t have survived her divorce. Says she dealt with the pain with alcohol and anti depressants and feeling sorry for herself(why she’s using the past tense is beyond me). She says that now she isn’t in any hurry to get married. Does want a life partner but isn’t in a hurry to find him. Says she’s “a piece of work” and has her issues in a relationship. Has major trust issues. Says she has a temper and will dump a guy in a heartbeat.


Real Housewives of Atlanta by NMD

I was all set to blog the show but …

1) I got home too late for the early showing,

2) For some reason it didn’t repeat until 4 hours later, and that put it up against Downton Abbey,

3) I’m kind of tired of housewives right now ….

So I’ll leave you with a few tweets

Meanwhile Porsha Williams was on WWHL last night to talk about Underground Railroad – gate.  Her explanation of what she said was about as unintelligible as any answer I’ve ever heard – something about feeling the need to better understand history and doing some reading.  After her first shot at answering the question, Andy flat out asked her if she thought there was a train – like a subway – running under that church.  She said something again about reading up on it and said her brain was too quick for her mouth.

Josh Gorban and Andy had very ‘understanding’ looks.  Andy told her he’d drop it, but she should expect it to be brought up again at the reunion.

She didn’t act like someone who was fired from the show a few weeks ago,

That’s all I got – but I did have a great weekend 🙂


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Just a housewife ... who loves this place .... and loves to write ... You can reach me through this email: Lynn's Place is in tribute to Housewives blogger Lynn Hudson, who passed away in August of 2012.
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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. I’m so glad I’m home. JNNTJ it is snowing and big ole snowflakes. Snow was predicted tomorrow. Yikes. Everyone stay safe, stay warm, stay home if you can. Lulu I understand how you feel w/Mr. Lulu not being able to go to work and lose a day’s pay but if it’s dangerous he should be at home safe w/you and the President and Governor. Have a great day.

    • HuskerHuny says:

      Good morning to you Powell and all here. Drove to work at 7:15 a.m. this morning (thank you God for letting my piece of junk car start!) – minus 7 with wind chill index at minus 35. No school for the kiddies, but my son still had to attend his one class at college (it’s interterm and they didn’t cancel). Going to be in the 20s tomorrow, so this deep freeze won’t last long. Imagine thinking that 20 degrees is a heat wave!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi Powellypooh, the high is 39 for us today, the low is 25. Compared to most of the country, those are tropical temps!

  2. Powell says:

    We’re keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. BIG hugs to you and your family. You’ll get thru this.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Wholeheartedly agrees with Powelly-Pooh… #Team T-Rex… Love you, my favorite lil dinasaur…

    • Kansas Girl says:

      T-Rex! T-Rex! T-Rex! T-Rex! T-Rex! T-Rex! T-Rex! T-Rex!

      • cusi77 says:

        Rah, rah, rah! (With our sweet KansaGirl) You GO (((((( T-REX)))) Girl!

        • TexasTart says:

          Oooh, I have Pom Poms and can be loud! We need Lainey to write us some special cheers…..aren’t we a talented group, lol.

    • Sus says:

      T-Rex, I hate welcoming you to the club. In fact, I’d act worse than the Vyle Sisters in order to keep you out of it!!!
      I read your comment on the other entry. Was happy to read that you live near a good cancer center. My fingers and toes are crossed that you’ll beat back those cancer cells.

  3. Powell says:

    NMD it’s ok that you didn’t blog Atl. We appreciate all that you do so much. IDK what Bravo was doing w/the schedule last night cuz that sure is weird.
    So it seems that Porsha didn’t research, write, edit and study her WWHL answer to a question she knew she would be asked. She’d better brush up for the reunion. 🙂

    • HuskerHuny says:

      The smart train, as far as Porsha is concerned, has left the station and bypassed her big time. She’s just plain stupid. There’s no other way to say it. Her performance on WWHL last night was painful. Felt bad for Josh Groban but he played along like a gentleman. And how is she paying for that house? Stupid don’t pay the bills girlie!

  4. Powell says:

    Oh and Peter has his own problems w/last night’s epi so even though Chuck was an ass Peter better tend to his own mess.

    • justanothermary says:

      Explain this to me cuz I truly don’t get it. Who shows up and informs you they are making an extended stay at your house? What the Hell was up with that? It has to be for more than just air time. Maybe trying to clear up her image? But then she instantly started to get in their business. Go away Mal.

      • Powell says:

        Hey JAM. That was totally wrong. She couldn’t stay w/her mom or stay at a hotel? Where was she staying before when she visited cuz it wasn’t w/Cynthia? At 1st Mal was being respectful and was holding her tongue then she just let it fly. Yes Mal staying needed to be discussed by Cynthia & Peter most definitely. But I don’t understand how Peter thinks it’s ok to make life long financial decisions using both their money and then he tells Cynthia about it after the fact and most often the decisions can’t be changed. He asks sure would have taken that car back. That can be undone.

      • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

        Yeah… I agree Justanothermary… But I do suspect that it was done just to cause drama on the show… However, if this actually did happen during the course of real life, in a weird way I guess perhaps someone might just show up because they know it’s harder to say “no” to someone standing in front of your face than to an easily dismissed text message or phone call. I could never just show up… Heck, these days, I need an engraved invitation to go over to someone’s house for a party… I can’t crash a party… But then again, I’m wonky… lol

        • justanothermary says:

          I only have one sibling, a brother. He’s a jerk, however, if he showed up at my door and said he was planning on staying I’m not sure how I would handle it. Justanothervirgil would not be happy but I believe he would deal with whatever my decision was rather than get in between my brother and me. This would piss me off since I would want to say no and blame it on the hubby. From there we would be off on a wild ride. Not good.

          Mallory has a set of brass balls, for sure.

        • chismosa™ says:

          An engraved invitation- LOL!

          Love it

      • I SO agree and I think Peter has every right to be pissed and Cynthia should have made her sister a reservation at the local Motel 8!

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Tru dat, Powell… I am SOOOOOO not liking Peter… And Cynthia looks so unhappy whenever she has a scene with him… It’s so sad to me…

  5. Powell says:

    Did Mynique’s and Chuck have a plan all along? Why did she really bring up #ChuckKandiPhaedraDateGate in Savannah and why did Chuck lure Phadera to Athens to volunteer then bring it up?

    • SoutheastVA says:

      I think the entire storyline was setup by Nene with production’s help of course. I think Nene has been trying to get at Phaedra since she showed up. Hence, her stating she didn’t know Phaedra. That was a lie proved by Phaedra during her 1st season’s reunion show when she recounted Nene had called her years before asking to be cast in the Whitney Houston/Bobby Brown reality show which Phaedra was an executive producer. With the stories from last season that Phaedra may have been in contact with Nene’s half sisters, I think Nene is definately trying to make Phaedra look bad. She has to do it in a round about way because Phaedra’s personality is not to engage in shouting matches so Nene is out of luck there. I don’t know what that mitch Chuck and his lame wife Mynique hoped to gain because they both look stupid. He comes off as a poser and a mitch (a male -itch) and she comes off as weak and insecure. How can you claim to be the man and the ladies were on your team but you took them on dates and paid Kandi’s credit card bill and bought her mom gifts. He’s trying to save face with his wife. But their friend Ms. Leakes gets to come off as a bystander and laugh at everyone. When will the ladies get smart and dig up Nene’s old stripper pals to see how she likes them apples.

      SoutheastVA weather report – It was about 67 degrees this am around 5:00am. It is now about 50 degrees with dark skies and loads of rain. The low is expected to get to 16-18 degrees tonight with a high of 23 tomorrow. It will be very icy around these parts tomorrow.

      • Powell says:

        SoutheastVA I don’t think cuz NeNe called Phadera to get on Bobby Brown means NeNe “knew” Phadera. I think it’s how they each define “know”. I think yes NeNe “knew of ” Phadera, saw her at school, saw her in the neighborhood, was familiar w/Phadera but I don’t think she “knew” Phadera. I think NeNe thought I went to high school w/ Phadera, my brother was friends w/Phadera let me call her to get on Bobby Brown.
        You be careful in that ice. That’s some scary stuff.

        • SoutheastVA says:

          The way I interpreted Nene’s demeanor when she said she’d didn’t know Phaedra was like she had never layed eyes on her. Maybe I took it too literally.

          I’ll be safe. You stay warm and safe up there in MD.

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          Powell, I don’t know these ladies but NeNe KNEW Phaedra. She was babysat @ Phaedra’s grandma’s and Phae’s cousin dated NeNe’s sister. Some cross-pollination went on between families.

          SouthEastVA, As for the NeNe situation w/ Phae ‘meeting up’ w/ her sisters… NeNe LIED on the reunion, saying she had a great relationship w/ her sisters. She said they alerted her to Phaedra’s supposed chicanery but she didn’t even have them walk in her wedding or even go to the event. Alot of tweeting went on pre-wedding w/ her calling her “bride-maids” her REAL sisters getting a rise from her biological sisters.

          And FINALLY, whew, how in the HELL you go from saying ‘I don’t know you’ to having to admit you called her LOOKING/ASKING for her to put you on a reality show, aka A JOB? That NeNe’s got stripper balls… HUGE!

      • chismosa™ says:

        I don’t understand why we haven’t heard from nene’s friends of the “past” so far. IMHO they’d ALL be out on the blogs or mags or whatnot.

  6. justanothermary says:

    I stepped out this am to take my grandson to work. Despite several layers of clothing, I was instantly robbed of my breath and any body warmth. It reminds me of growing up in North Dakota. That’s why I moved.

    Stay warm and safe all.

  7. T-Rex says:

    Just want to take a minute while I can to give a SHOUT OUT to all my LynnFamily, you guys ROCK and you will be my ROCKS throughout this whole process. Between my offline Family and my Online Family we got this crap BEAT!! I will keep all of you informed on the progress, right now trying to get the insurance company to get off their ass and get the Radiation approved so I can start that this week.

  8. Jules says:

    I laughed hard when NeNe said she didn’t want to ride in a car with y’all anymore or something like that after Chuck and Phadra finished.

    Think all producer produced drama. Found out they all dated 20 years ago and tried to make it a story this year. The way the wife brought it up was her “IN” to the show. A wife would NEVER say to oh you dated my husband especially something that happened 20years ago. Think only wife and Kenya were told of the storyline at first and now all aware and going with it.

    Still ATL is my favorite because it is so much lighter than the others. I still find NeNe funny.

    • Powell says:

      Jules that was funny. NeNe had that awkward look on her face like she shouldn’t be in the same space w/them. Jules that’s why I commented that maybe Mynique & Chuck planned it. Mynique may want to be a HW. IDK about Chuck. Did he leave the NFL w/a lot of money saved? What does he do now?

      • SoutheastVA says:

        Don’t be fooled by the actress Nene. The only reason production found out about the Smiths was thru darling Nene. She the only one on the show who has an active friendship relationship with them. She hates Pheadra (for some reason she never gets along with highly educated black women). She dislikes and is jealous of Kandi who’s really rich -itch. She hasn’t been able to put them in their place since they showed up. She likes for all the ladies to follow behind and kiss up to her.

        • Powell says:

          Yeah I feel NeNe is jealous of Kandi and Phadera ‘s success.

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          NeNe’s grubby little fingerprints are all over this storyline. She pushed to get this couple on in order to discredit Kandi and Phaedra. She claims to want to lift women but she’s still that old jealous stripper from the club who hates on the younger, prettier and talented new girls.

          Mynique is a plain ole shoe and NeNe knows she can’t take her shine away. Chuck is the one she really wanted as evidenced w/ her getting him to sexually marginalize both a grammy winning/business woman millionairess and lawyer/mortician/entrepreneur who are mothers and are in loving relationships. Whore-ibble.

  9. Lulu says:

    About Downtown abbey (Lady Mary) did not know during that time period if a women suffered from PPD. The treatment was opium, tied to the bed post, and no contact with her baby!?!??!?!?! yikes!!! That is barbaric!!!

    Porsha Porsha Porsha…………. How did this women graduate H.S?? Wish someone would have asked her “Where she thought the train station was and where is the next stop?!?!” Why did she rent a 8000sq ft house!?!??!?! Does this woman work!?!?! She’s a low paid HW so she can’t rely on Bravo. If she thinks Kordell will support her “lifestyle” through alimony. Then this woman really did lose her mind. I get her trying to get back with Kordell the money train. Think it hit her hard when she realized she can’t buy the same things she did. Hopefully this woman has some sense and get a real job! or go to school!

    I asked DH what he thought of Cynthia’s and Peter’s issue. He says she baited him into getting emotional. Then when he responded she childishly chided him for reacting. Who knows what their real issues are. The discussion of Mal staying with them was not discussed prior to avoid that issue she started that argument.

    • Lulu says:

      Forgot to add Chucky. Ok so he was a “big” shot back in the day. But today he isn’t and he’s jealous that Phaedra “made” it. What an @sshole!

      • mrs peabody says:

        Probably jealous Kandi did too. I tend to believe Kandi and Phaedra. He lived to this wife and knew after the trip it would show up on the tape and tried to fix it probably knowing that would show up too. To bad Lynn’s Family is so smart and sees right through his BS.

        • mrs peabody says:

          lied to his wife

        • Powell says:

          I believe Kandi & Phadera too. He’s trying to make like he was a player that had as many women as he wanted and Kandi & Phadera were just numbers. I don’t believe it.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            So you think he really loved and cared about Kandi and Phaedra?

            • Powell says:

              HA! No way. I believe Kandi & Phadera took it serious but found out he wasn’t the one. He was a football player w/groupies. Of course women wanted him but for his money.

              • LaineyLainey says:

                I was wondering how Mynique feels about how he disrespected all women with the way he was talking about how he viewed women back then. I wonder if she feels like she has a prize there,..admittedly I know nothing about them as a couple, maybe he’s a great husband now. But he’s not coming off as any kind of prize on this show.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        He prob WAS, I agree. And now he ISN’T. totes agree!

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Yeah, Lulu… Chuck really chapped my hide last night… What self-respecting man would gloat about how he treated women like that back in the day? Does he think it makes him look like “The Man”… Sit yourself down, fool!

    • Powell says:

      Downton was good. I felt bad for Mary, Mrs. Crawley and Alfred. I thought Thomas was just being Thomas w/his attitude towards the nanny but OMG she was evil calling Sybil a half breed. So glad Lady Grantham caught that. And Thomas now plotting against Anna. Why? After all Bates did to get him the reference and he ended up w/the job as Under Butler. The actor that plays Thomas said on GMA that Thomas will be meaner this season.
      8000 sf house was ridiculous. I thought Porsha would rent a condo. The one they saw was fab. It may have cost a lot but I thought she would get something like that that she could afford.
      I’m disagreeing w/Mr. Lulu. I don’t think Cynthia baited Peter. She was calm and rational. He flew off the handle. She didn’t bring up last yr. He brought it up and that’s cuz he feels guilty about it, knows it was his fault butt doesn’t want to own it and make changes. He bought this big warehouse and they have to make even more money and he buys a Mercedes or was that a Maybach? Idiot.

      • California35 says:

        Oh God, Thomas will be worst? I am glad the lady saw the Nanny for herself. Up until that moment, i thought she was fine. The problem with that is the Lady will consider Thomas words as true all the time now :-/. Thomas got a new friend, and he proved himself to her last night. Those two will do some damage.

        • Powell says:

          Cali I thought the nanny was fine too and Thomas was just being his nasty self but dang was she awful. Now Lady G will be believing what Thomas says. Anna doesn’t ever hurt or backstabb people. They are going to have to get rid of that girl.

          • iceNfire says:

            Nanny scared the hell out of me! So I hit rewind and watched it a second time … Nanny scared the hell out of me twice!

            • Powell says:

              She’s one of those “Hand that Rocks the Cradle” nannies cuz I didn’t see it at first. I guess cuz Thomas is so vile he could pick up on it right away. 🙂

      • LOVE LOVE LOVE Downton and so glad they are back! Love me some Maggie Smith!

    • SoutheastVA says:

      Is it possible that Porsha received some sort of inheritance when her father passed away?

    • Just Wondering In Jersey says:

      Have you noticed that Porsha manipulates her mother into paying for things? Perhaps she figures her mother will pay for the house as well?

      • Powell says:

        Yeah. I think her mom loves it though up to a point.

        • mrs peabody says:

          is she renting the house or buying it? I thought it was interesting that she was using a uhaul rather a moving company to move her stuff in. Tells me she has nothing but her clothes and a few pieces of furniture. Wonder how she plans on filling up all those rooms. Had no idea she was 32, I thought she was in her mid to late 20’s by the way she acts. It’s time for her to grow up. I did like though that she was moving out of her mom’s.

  10. Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

    Kit9 – Thanks so much for taking one for the team and listening and recapping Brandi’s podcasts… Otherwise, I would probably be curious enough to listen to them myself… And nothing good would come from that! I know podcasts are a format that are hard to capture through writing about them – but you do an EXCELLENT job! Thanks so much!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Yes, thanks Kit9!!

      • cusi77 says:

        Excellent Job Kit9!!!!! Thank you!

        • kit9 says:

          Thanks all! This recap was short because just one guest and those guests were really boring. But, I’m halfway thru the next one and it includes an interview with Kim. Could be interesting, could be trainwreck. Wonder what they’ll talk about? Doubt Kim will want to talk about her alcoholism and Kim won’t get into Brandi’s raunchiness so..will be interesting which way it goes.

  11. Pghemtchick says:

    Thanks for the blogging!!!

    I really can’t fathom actually listening to a full podcast. So a big thank you for that!

    Food question: has anyone made roasted chickpeas before? I have a recipe, but I really don’t want them spicy. Any non-spicy recommendations? I’m thinking if I crunch on those while playing my MMOG of choice, I won’t crave chips/snacks. Lol.

  12. Nancy says:

    Josh Groban & Charlotte Church. He was on WWHL last night.

  13. not THAT Jill™ says:

    Hey kit-great job on the podcast!
    Brandi loves when her BF gets jealous …so sad and soooooo 16!!!
    Brandi said this is the first time in 3 years that someone has taken offense to something she said-that’s a lie-she has been offensive since her first minute on the show. People just called “a breath of fresh air” back then.
    Brandi tells her friends what to do with their husbands…there are just too many mean things I could say about that!!!!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Yeah, I just love getting marital advice from someone who’s marriage didn’t last. You won’t hear me telling anyone how to lose weight, as I have been unsuccessful at that endeavor.

  14. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Watching the Epiphany Greek Cross throw… hopefully it won’t be a repeat of last year when it took a long long long time and two boys took home the honor!

  15. Amber...Real Wife says:

    WOW that was quick! That was a blessing indeed! God Bless All of Us!

  16. T-Rex says:

    Okay since I was away from the blog for awhile, and wasn’t really into snarking until I was feeling better I want to state for the record again how much I HATE STFUBrandi, and I was in her camp, full force the past two seasons. First off you lyin(yes you lie, you call it “your truth” but it’s still a lie), revisionist whore, you should apologize for your “guffaw” for the semi-rascist comment every single time you can, until we the public tell you we are sick of the apology and I can assure you most of us are not there yet! interesting note that you “friend” told you to use the “drunk” card for the reason you said, why because you are DRUNK more than you are SOBER, that is a clue that you may have a drinking issue if even your friends are mentioning you do stupid stuff when you are drunk. Looking back on last year and your twatter-feud with CrayCrayRimes and ManCandy, wherein ManCandy had to step in and tell you take this crap “off-line” and private, you were probably so Drunk and High that you didn’t realize what you were even doing. On to the issue of someone speaking another language in front of you, well gosh by-gollly who made you the freakin language police? I work with and have a lot of friends who speak another language, when someone starts a dialog in that language, out of respect they respond in that same language. So what, that your sorry ass was any where nearby so you could also comment again, on something you know very little about. Can’t wait to see her boohooing yet again for making a comment because your mouth yet again wrote a check your ass can’t cash! You can DISH IT OUT, but you are the supreme player in the fact that YOU CAN’T TAKE it when it’s dished right back at you!

  17. Powell says:

    BB how’s your mom?

  18. lillybee says:

    Perhaps the reason Mama Joyce hates Todd is that he is not Chuck who Mama Joyce seemed to adore. Now that the truth has came out that he considered her part of his groupies, maybe she will change her mind about Todd.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      A sane person would see the error of their ways after hearing how he characterized Kandi’s mom and aunts. Did he say ” they were courting me”…to him they were drooling for his $$. Judging by the way they’ve treated Todd ( who actually loves Kandi) and the way Chuck describes them, they are pretty shallow (Joyce and her sisters).

      • Nancy says:

        I think I would disown Mama Joyce if I were Kandi.

      • T-Rex says:

        I think Mama Joyce and the sisters have been relying on the “kindness of Kandi’s checkbook” for way too long! They see Todd as a threat to those pursy strings, and that Todd seems to have some realistic input into just how much money Kandi is parsing out to the extended family. While Chuck lives in that world of having money, Chuck saw Kandi as nothing more than a “booty-call” anyway he could have cared less how she spent her money, and I am sure doesn’t even know who Mama Joyce is, other than Kandi’s mother who may have met while picking up his underwear on the way out the door in the morning. Todd had a J-O-B and a career when he met Kandi, he was a working class guy, who had to leave his J-O-B to be with Kandi Full time. I am sure he is working on finding work, or is already probably working, but that will never be enough for Mama Joyce, as long as there is someone in the way of that “pocketbook”, Mama will always have an issue with that person.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Kandi says that supposedly her mom would be fine without her (Kandi’s) help. Her mom surely doesn’t act like it…all of her words and actions point to a person who feels threatened by Todd and his influence on Kandi.

          • T-Rex says:

            Kandi bought and paid for her mother’s home, she pays the taxes and insurance on the home as well, she also helped both her mother and sisters in how to invest their money, and she invested money early on in her career for them, so that they are all okay financially, Mama and the Sisters left that part out! Of course they are okay financially, if you had a successful daughter, who has very good business acumen, enough to invest well and early on in her career, and to also invest FOR you and get you good counsel for your own money, yeah you might be doing just fine financially too. I know that Kandi is frugal with her money, but from what I had read she did like to splurge on some nice things for her mother and sisters, while not splurging on herself. WOW, someone fiscally responsible on one of the HWives shows, I know new concept. Mama watched Kandi buy an expensive home, uhm okay do you know that was probably bought and paid for with Bravo money, which in Kandi-world was probably just BONUS money, since she has a successful writing, producing career along with her “toy” business, and several other businesses she owns that make money. She sold her original house for WAY more than she bought it for and since it was paid in full she also probably used that for the new house, by the way, which is completely bought and paid for!

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Mad respect for Kandi. It’s sickening whenI think of her aunt and mom belittling poor Kandi at her wedding dress shopping day…..”I don’t like him”. Why? “I don’t know, I don’t you to marry him”. While she stands there with a wedding dress on. how sad. Never even considering how they ruined Kandi’s wedding dress shopping experience and how they were humiliating her…it was all about them.

              • Nancy says:

                That scene made me sick to my stomach.

              • Powell says:

                She should have called Todd and told him she & Riley are on their way to wherever he was & that they were eloping. Then come back home and throw a huge wedding reception and invite her mom, aunts, and friends but just tell them it was a party to launch her music studio. Choke on that Mama Joyce and aunts.

            • Powell says:

              I thought Kandi gave her mom her house? That’s what Joyce is redecorating. It’s a few acres w/a guest house that Kandi used as her music studio.
              Early in Kandi ‘s career she went to LLCool J for financial advice. He told her every time she got a big pay day to pay down the debt on her home. That’s just one thing I can remember reading in I think Essence in an interview w/Kandi.

        • Powell says:

          Sing it sista.

      • Powell says:

        BAM Lillybee and Lainey.

  19. Buttercream says:

    T – Rex, sounds like you have your mojo back! :-0 NMD, thanks for the blog!
    It was 55 degrees this am with light to heavy rain, snow fell for over and hour and now all precipitation has ceased. Weather gal suggest the lowest temp’s in decades here over night … and the scientist who tout warmer climates changes are stuck in the south pole!
    Downton Abbey – what’s up with the returning Ladies Maid and Thomas scheming together to cause trouble? Mary will be paying the heritage taxes by not selling the land, interesting to see how that all works out – Charlie had a love interest named Alice?
    Hope everyone stays warm, no pipes burst or other mishaps due to the cold and yeah for cars who start in this weather! Yippee!

    • SoutheastVA says:

      She’d better find an American sugar daddy to marry. She’d just mirror what her dad did marrying his American sugar mama.

      I can’t with Thomas and the new Lady’s maid. I see Anna dusting the floor with her before it’s over.

    • Powell says:

      I know Buttercream. They’ve got to get rid of that maid. Charlie aka Carson had a love interest that jilted him. The Dowager just cracked me up when she told Lord G that he wants to be 100% in control. She knows her son. And I’m so glad The Dowager & Carson practically kicked Mary in the butt figuratively to get her back to the living. I cried a few times last night. It’s gonna be a great season.

      • iceNfire says:

        The returning Ladies maid was a plain old house maid that felt her duties were beneath her. She made a play for Tom after Sybil died but I don’t remember how they got rid of her at the time. Anyone?

        • Powell says:

          Mrs. Hughes spoke w/Carson and told him the maid was getting too familiar w/Tom as they say and he agreed they had to get rid of her. Mrs. Hughes told Tom. Tomsaid he didn’t encourage her, Mrs. Hughes said but he didn’t discourage her either. Tom asked Mrs. Hughes to write her a reference which now we see was a mistake cuz the maid gave the reference to Lady G like it was a real reference. Mrs. Hughes also told Tom he shouldn’t let that maid make him feel like his current position/life was anything he should be ashamed of.

  20. LaineyLainey says:

    I could swearing already posted this perhaps my link was linka non grata.

    Joyce was supposed to be on Wendy Williams…I’m home today (they cut my hours at work, I know get Mondays off without pay…not yay!!) so anyway,I was thinking well at least I’ll get to watch an all new Wendy (with Joyce G)…but as soon as she started her opening I knew it was a repeat.

    I searched around online. Apparently, she (Wendy) was flying in from some island and her flights were delayed or cancelled due to the winter blast in the U.S. oh well, maybe she’ll have Joyce come back another time. I am still looking forward to her new shows, just didn’t happen today.

    • Powell says:

      So sorry you had you Monday’s cut. That’s a bummer. Yes Wendy was a repeat. The description had 2014 but I don’t remember who the guest was but it wasn’t who was on.

    • chismosa™ says:

      LAINEY I was trying to avoid any talk of
      Wendy on here because I didn’t want to hear about Jacqueline until I saw it– so Wendy was a repeat !


      I dvr’d Beth to see Dina downer Laurita at least

      Darn now my night is ruined 😦

      🙍not your fault Lainey I was just looking forward to W being back 😭😭

      • TexasTart says:

        I DVR’d both shows and got nothing! Lainey explained WW rerun…and OLD rerun BTW. Thanks for explaining Lainey. Then I start Bethenny and the local news breaks in with a press conference with the new University of Texas Football coach ….which is great, but NOT now, so no Dina Manzo to be seen. And I was thinking that Chismosa would be happy if Dina was pre-empted, lol.

        Amazes me what people consider “breaking news”these days. That same press conference was 1/2 the local news (where it belonged).

        • chismosa™ says:

          Are you kidding me ! So I have to delete two shows now ….. So funny!

          Beth is having someone from bravo every single day this week except one day

  21. AZGirl says:

    Good afternoon everyone. Hope the midwest/east coast people are staying warm.
    @T-Rex: I just saw your post. We have your back on this. We are going to make your cancer our bitch. 🙂

    • HuskerHuny says:

      Just saw the 4 p.m. weather report – it’s 4 above zero! Heat wave! Thinking about taking one of my three layers off.

  22. Powell says:

    I’m watching Ellen. This is a repeat. Pamela Anderson was on and she looks so fantastic w/her hair cut and she had on a great LBD. No cleavage, no midriff showing. IMO it’s the best she’s ever looked. I think she should do some fitness mag covers, Glamour mag, etc. She looks that good.

  23. T-Rex says:

    I posted above, but you guys ROCK posting again, on how much I have LOVED LOVED LOVED the new nifty names you guys are sportin, and the new Nifty Gravatars some are sporting, got to find that one that MTH is using, and just thank all of you for your blessings and your thoughts. I love this place and so glad that it was Lynn that brought us together and NMD for keeping this going, along with all you guys that take the bullet for all of us and do the blogging!

  24. VV™ says:

    Jackpot is MIA.

    @AdrienneMaloof: Petunia, Napoleon and Visco wishing everyone a Good Morning. #happymonday #ducksinarow

    Original Message:

    • TexasTart says:

      Yep, he peed in the house so A got rid of him. I don’t know what happened, but that’s my theory!

  25. VV™ says:

    I wish Yofo the best. I really do but this pics are rubbing me the wrong way. I think this is how she excuses her bad behavior on the show and this is for us viewers in case she doesn’t blog….

    @YolandaHFoster: ❤️Back in d battle field with fierce determination! Blessed to be part of this clinical trail #LymeDiseaseAftermath

    Original Message:

    • Pghemtchick says:

      Have we seen these pics on any other night besides a show Monday?

      • TexasTart says:

        Yes. She posted a pic of treatment on Wed Dec 18 and the brain scan was Friday Dec 20. I understand some of you want to assume she is using a life threatening disease for positioning on a stupid reality show. I strongly disagree.

        • Pghemtchick says:

          I just asked a question. Sometimes it’s just easier to ask instead of looking myself. My apologies for offending and thank you for answering. I don’t understand lumping into groups. We all share our opinions and disagreeing happens. But, after just asking a question, seems harsh to me.

          • TexasTart says:

            Uh oh, sorry that came across harsh, EMTchick. I could have just answered your question. I apologize for making the mistake to think you feel like VV, in which I read and replied to before seeing your post.

    • TexasTart says:

      I disagree VV. She could use medical as an excuse for anything she wants, but she Tweets this stuff because it’s her LIFE and that’s what Twitter is for! She has people who follow her on Twitter because she has Lyme disease.

      • chismosa™ says:

        She litralee has no makeup on.
        A lot of people say they have no makeup on (while they have a little) and she really doesn’t.
        Go Yo – poor thing.

        I still like VVs conspiracy theories

      • VV™ says:

        You and I disagree on this.
        The cinic side of me sees a correlation between bad episode for her and Brandi with not blogging ( she’ll blog now).

        We don’t have to go back and forth. I know your position. 🙂

        • TexasTart says:

          Understood, VV. I don’t want to go back and forth on this either. I am passionate about it, so I can’t be silent, but we can continue to agree to disagree…until someone changes their mind, lol 😉

    • Powell says:

      I like to see what she doing to hopefully put her in full remission.

      • chismosa™ says:

        I need to read up on this- can you be completely gone of the disease ? Or does it stay lingering in your body.

        I must look up.

        She must be in Europe for this

      • Pghemtchick says:

        Wouldn’t that be amazing? Then hopefully it could get the funding and catch on for everyone. I can’t imagine what she’s going thru with it. Mom’s was diagnosed early and she recovered quickly when we were kids. When I was doing CRM in Maryland, ticks were my biggest fear. I ended up with a rash from all the Deet I was using, but only ended up with one on me. They weren’t deer ticks, but dog ticks which carry Rocky Mountain spotted fever. I knocked it off and sprayed it with 100% Deet… It didn’t die. So…I got a lighter and that’d how I almost burned down my hotel bathroom and singed my eyebrows. Lololol. It died and I’m sure Carlton hates me. No way I was letting it live near where I slept. One girl ended up with 23 imbedded in her. She refused to wear spray. It was so nasty and she got sick. She lived but it was so preventable.

        • Nancy says:

          What is CRM?

          • Pghemtchick says:

            Cultural resource management. I worked for a consulting firm over summer break from college and then when I left grad school. I was a mere employee nothing special there. Lol. Maryland was a phase 1 at that point so we did shovel tests every x amounts to look for any historic/prehistoric artifacts. Detail what we saw collect and move on. Phase 2 they’d do more tests and phase 3 excavate it. It was an experience and fun.

        • Powell says:

          Yuckkkk. Good for you for practicing prevention.

        • TexasTart says:

          Interesting….and working Carlton into that story was very funny!

  26. VV™ says:

    @KimRichards11: Motivational Monday!☀
    Exercise!👊Exercise!💪 I’m doing it all the way today!👊💥 YOU?
    Going to be in great shape 4 Brookies Wedding❤💍

    Original Message:

    • TexasTart says:

      Hopefully KIM copied this entertaining Tweet, so she can post it again and again and again. #VaVoomSheBang

  27. kit9 says:

    Oh, Nancy, congrats on your Niner’s win! I was rooting for the Packers–would have been a great comeback story and I so bummed they couldn’t pull it out, BUT will be supporting San Francisco bigtime against the Panthers!

    • Nancy says:

      Thanks kit. Both George and I said that if we had to loose at least it would be against
      the Packers as we really like the team. It came down to 2 seconds so it could
      have gone either way. Hopefully we will win again this Sunday. 🙂

  28. Pghemtchick says:

    Dinner party is about to air so we can kinda check that go back to where you came from comment.

  29. Good goobledy goop… Do these women ever stop cackling?

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