Real Housewives of Atlanta – Don’t mess with these ladies – they’ll throw shade at you! plus Beverly Hills Cast Blogs Blogged

Real Housewives of Atlanta  – Don’t mess with these ladies – they’ll throw shade at you! by NMD

Last week on Real Housewives of Atlanta …

NeNe, Phaedra and Chuck took a trip down memory lane to Athens Georgia, and Chuck informed Phaedra that she and Kandi were just part of his team.  I’m not familiar with that particular use of the word “team” but I think it means something like booty team – or one of many he was was having sexual relations with. Apparently he had at least six ladies on his team during the period he was a hot young millionaire – and Kandi – a hot young singer – had at least two men she as “dating” during the time she was with Chuck.  The world according to Chuck.

Of course, in Atlanta we should be clear that if you come for them, they’ll come for you.  So this week’s episode starts off with Phaedra filling Kandi in on their little trip.  Once Kandi gets over her astonishment that NeNe invited Phaedra along for filming that didn’t involve the entire group, she is equally astonished that Chuck would label her as part of his team.  Actually, she’s not astonished at all, because she and Phaedra have obviously rehearsed this scene.  After Phaedra tells Kandi that Chuck thinks he’s the “big man on campus” or “big homie”, the ladies waste no time telling an estimated 4.5 million viewers that Chuck is at best a “little homie” or as Kandi has tweeted, part of the little dick club.  Oh vey.  I lovs my Kandi, but really?

Phaedra tells us “I don’t like bite-sized brownies or cocktail weenies.”  I almost feel sorry for Chuck – but not really.  He should have kept his mouth shut on the way home from Athens.  Saying that Kandi meant nothing to him was disgusting – as was calling Phaedra an original “friends with benefits” and making her look like a slut when she’s trying to pretend she’s innocent and pure.

They both agree that they are “popping” and he’s just trying to get some attention out of talking about them.  That’s probably right – there has to be a reason this man that I’ve never heard of is on the show – and all he’s doing is talking about the ladies and their past.  Phaedra calls him a pig – and explains that she’s married – so he should just drop this talk about the past.  Of course that reminds us that Phaedra would like her mama to believe that she was a virgin when she got married.  Kandi is less worried about that.  As it turns out, she and Chuck didn’t end things well, and she even wrote a song about him – or his lack of prowess in the bedroom.  Seriously – did he forget about that song, or not know that it was about him?  Oh well – too late now.  SMH.

“Girl Talk”

(Lyrics from

You see I had this brother who was mad at me
Cuz I told my home girl that he wasn’t packin’
Told the truth so I really don’t give a damn
That I spilled the beans on his little short stem man (oh)
Some of y’all be foolin’ us
Big feet big hands just plain big
The sex ain’t worth a damn
We women wanna know these things
If y’all got the bat but not the swangPut in work
If you don’t want the girl to talk
And you don’t want your feelings hurt
Put in work
Cause if you don’t
That girl’s just gon’ go spreadin’ the wordGirls talkin’ got ya all caught out there
Why you thinkin’ that it’s all about ya
Forget she told me everything about ya
But the girls are talkin’
The girls are talkin’
Girls talk about the booty too
About the way a brother is hangin’ too
When you didn’t think that nobody knew
You see the girls are talkin’
The girls are talkin’Listen y’all need to know this
That we’ll straight up go tell your business
So if you’re gonna come you better come with it
If you ain’t swingin’ just put your tongue in it (oh)
Some of y’all be killin me
Thinkin’ you got powers like Austin
But you’re more like Mini-Me
And when you finally get your blood flowin’
It be lookin’ like a pinky with a glove on itPut in work
If you don’t want the girl to talk
And you don’t want your feelings hurt
Put in work
Cause if you don’t
That girl’s just gon’ go spreadin’ the wordGirls talkin’ got ya all caught out there
Why you thinkin’ that it’s all about ya
Forget she told me everything about ya
But the girls are talkin’
The girls are talkin’
Girls talk about the booty too
About the way a brother is hangin’ too
When you didn’t think that nobody knew
You see the girls are talkin’
The girls are talkin’What up papi
You think you got game?
(Well holla at me)
I know you’re feelin’ like my sexual tame
Can make ya happy
You’ll remember me
Left Eye – TLC
You got to lick it before you stick it
And that’s just me
I be killin’ ’em with the Gucci fits and kicks
And you be hurtin’ my ears with them lines so swift
You get a new approach
You’re game’s a joke
Co-signin’ from the sidelines tryin’ to poke
I’m bigger than that
You’re small talk face the fact
You wanna rock the boat a little
Well earn your pass
And it’s the last call for alcohol
Meet at the bar
Me and my girls doin’ it big
We pop stars (yeah)Girls talkin’ got ya all caught out there
Why you thinkin’ that it’s all about ya
Forget she told me everything about ya
But the girls are talkin’
The girls are talkin’
Girls talk about the booty too
About the way a brother is hangin’ too
When you didn’t think that nobody knew
You see the girls are talkin’
The girls are talkin’Girls talkin’ got ya all caught out there
Why you thinkin’ that it’s all about ya
Forget she told me everything about ya
But the girls are talkin’
The girls are talkin’
Girls talk about the booty too
About the way a brother is hangin’ too
When you didn’t think that nobody knew
You see the girls are talkin’
The girls are talkin’Girls talkin’ got ya all caught out there
Why you thinkin’ that it’s all about ya
Forget she told me everything about ya
But the girls are talkin’
The girls are talkin’
Girls talk about the booty too
About the way a brother is hangin’ too
When you didn’t think that nobody knew
You see the girls are talkin’
The girls are talkin’

Yup – the girls are still talkin’ and Chuck should have known better than to mess with the ATL ladies.  As Phaedra said – it was best left buried with all of the other bodies she’s embalmed over the last few years.


Next up is Cynthia.  Last week Cynthia’s sister Malorie returned to the show after a year off (with no explanation).  Malorie’s husband plays basketball overseas, and she usually is with him part of the year.  When Cynthia confided to Malorie that she and Peter aren’t really connecting in the bedroom, Malorie explained that she’s always available for her hubs, but that three times a day can be a little too much.  Atlanta is a really interesting show – they put a lot of information out there that I’d never discuss with my friends, much less talk about on national TV.  Good for them!  Malorie also announced (she didn’t really ask) that she was moving back to the ATL for 2 months and would be staying with Cynthia. (Does Cynthia’s mom live with them – did she imply that last week?)  Of course Peter had a little something to say about that.

So it looks like Malorie has moved in and is spreading out her jewelry line on Cynthia’s table.  At one point Mal was Cynthia’s manager, but I suppose there is less to manage now that Cynthia isn’t modeling much.  Anyhow, Cynthia tells Mal that she’ll throw a little party so that Mal can sell her bracelets, and tells the viewers that she supports women entrepreneurs – and hopefully Mal will make enough money to buy a plane ticket to go see her husband in Korea and get out of Cynthia’s house.

Mal then sets up a scene where Cynthia can explain her side about her big argument with Peter last week.  Cynthia says that she feels like she really crossed the line during the argument, and said things she probably shouldn’t have said.  (She basically told him he was a failure and she was stressed.  He said he wanted a man cave apartment to get away from the tension, because it was no fun coming home anymore.)  Mal asks if the argument was about her, and Cynthia says no – she was just another drop of gasoline on the fire.  Just then Peter comes in, and Mal immediately starts with him, saying that she didn’t think that he gave her a warm welcome when she showed up and said she’d be staying for two months without asking or any prior warning.  Ya think – Mal?  C’mon.  Either she’s clueless or this is just for the drama because – seriously?  You know he’s mad already and you go after him??  And why is Cynthia letting her get away with this.

Peter explains politely that Cynthia didn’t give him the courtesy of having a private conversation with him about the whole thing, so for Mal to say that he wasn’t courteous to her is a little disingenuous.  Cynthia interrupts and says she can see where this is going, and she apologizes to Peter for springing it on him like that.  I like Cynthia, but it feels like she’s setting Peter up this season – or maybe he really is a jerk – or perhaps a little of both.  Now I don’t usually comment negatively on the housewives physical appearance, but has anyone else noticed that Cynthia is really squeezing her breasts into small clothes this season – kind of like Phaedra does.  Does she think it looks good?  She’s a beautiful woman, but c’mon.

Now Peter explains that he and Cynthia aren’t getting along that well and for her to spring this sort of thing on him didn’t help.  Mal interrupts and mentions they are having trouble in the bedroom.  Peter just shakes his head and says it’s not about the sex – but that they are always mad at each other and the last thing they want to do is have sex.  It’s Cynthia’s turn to be tweaked.  She tells him that’s not true – and they aren’t mad at each other every night.  They sound absolutely miserable.  Why are they still together?  She then tries to explain that they used to be into each other, but it’s been difficult lately, but “that girl” that used to not be able to get enough of Peter is coming back.  Good to know.  Vomit.

Kenya.  I know Kenya is a little cray cray and many people don’t like her – but I am loving her this season.  Anyhow, her story line is family.  She picks her dad up from the airport and tells us that this is the first time he’s visited her in the ATL (maybe because she doesn’t actually live there.)  Immediately he tells her that she’s got her mama’s feet – all ashy.  I die laffin’.  He tells her that she has ugly feet with corns.  They argue about the corns.  I’m loving her dad.

Kenya explains that her dad was 16 when he had her, and his mom – her grandmom – raised her.  Remember her mom refuses to acknowledge her.  Her dad tries to explain to her that you don’t need a big fancy house, and she tells us he’s rough around the edges.  I’m wondering if he’s her biological father – because he seems to have a lot of common sense.  On a more serious note, it’s good to see that she does have one parent in her life.  Oh wait.  He complains non-stop about her house and her taste.  He hates hardwood floors and her furniture.  I’m over him – he’s a PITA.  She tries to have a serious conversation with him about her past and her relationship with her mother.  He says “you can forget that.”  He explains that her mom wanted to pretend that Kenya didn’t exist, and he didn’t want any part of that.  He has always tried to protect Kenya from her mom’s indifference, but can’t help her out now because it’s not going to change.  This makes me sad – at the same time I’m wondering if this is her real dad or an actor.


Porsha had leased a huge home without knowing if she’s getting a settlement from Kendall.  She’s meeting with NeNe’s lawyer, and he explains that she looks too successful to get a huge settlement.  Apparently they are miles apart in their expectations of what they owe each other / deserve.  Porsha thinks they don’t have to put a dollar amount on the settlement – because she’s just not smart and doesn’t realize a settlement is a dollar amount.  If I were her lawyer I’d be knocking my head against the desk.


Kandi and Todd are producing a play.  Kandi wants to hire friends.  Todd wants to hire people with experience.  As they finish bickering, Todd tells Kandi that he got a call about a job working on an international travel show – which will take him around the world for months.  (hello – sounds like a lot of fun.)  Kandi starts to cry and doesn’t want him to leave but she doesn’t want to hold him back as well.  Plus she wants him to work on her play (and be on her TV show).  It’s a tough situation.  On one hand people are calling him an opportunist because he’s living off her – and on the other hand there just aren’t that many opportunities for him in the ATL but she doesn’t want him to leave.  This was what all the crying was about in the preview – not that much drama.


Kenya invites NeNe and Cynthia over to her house to paint.  Well – they will watch her paint or maybe it’s just an excuse to wear a white coverall.  At least she isn’t twerking.  Kenya announces she has a $100,000 car that her sugar daddy has bought her.  Then her dad opens his mouth.  He explains the world according to a chauvinist – which doesn’t go over too well with NeNe.  They have gentle words, and he excuses himself.  Next we find out that Kandi has asked NeNe to be in her play, but it’s too low-level for her.  She’s got all sorts of excuses.  She’s completely obnoxious in her talking head.  “I just left a Ryan Murphy production, and you are telling me I should do a Kandi Burruss production”  roll of eyes.  Pleeeze.


Kandi and Phaedra (and Phaedra’s baby) visit Porsha in her very far-out-of Atlanta subdivision.  Phaedra lets us know that no one lives out there except over 50 year olds (and NeNe) and she’ll burn up a lot of gas getting  to and from places where things are actually happening.  And of course they think she’s a ding dong for leasing a 8,000 sq ft home in the suburbs with an unknown income.  Porsha explains that she almost had a panic attack worrying about things (like living out in the middle of nowhere in a huge home with no way to pay for it).  Phaedra lightens the mood by joking that Kandi brought her toys (to keep her busy.)


Commercial break – All six ladies are in a restaurant having lunch when a local celebrity – Baton Bob – comes by and twirls his baton.  Ooookay then.


Cynthia is having an event at the Bailey Agency for Mal’s jewelry.  Kandi is (get this) on time – so on time that Cynthia is still setting up her rickety little table to put out Mal’s home made bracelets.   Porsha shows up next and explains it took her one hour to get to the city – but she’s willing to do it for shopping.  Phaedra (who looks tiny compared to Malorie) asks her how long she’s staying, and if she just showed up unannounced.  She says that saying about houseguests and fish beginning to smell after three days.  Kenya is also shocked, and expresses her opinion.  Mal tells her not to agitate the situation.  Kenya – who had been polite up to that point is not happy.  Cynthia tells Mal to ignore Kenya in the hopes that Kenya will buy some homemade bracelets.  As they are talking, Porsha butts in to talk about her divorce – because why not talk about it.  Meanwhile Kandi tells Kenya that Porsha doesn’t want them to tell NeNe that she moved (into NeNe’s neighborhood).  My head is spinning – and the party has just started.

Finally Miss NeNe Leakes is in the house (gag).  She’s late.  Note that.  She points out how short Phaedra looks (Phaedra is in flats, which doesn’t help).  NeNe brought Mynique – who is laughing as they revisit what Chuck said to Phaedra on that trip back from Athens.  (Who’s laughing now Mynique?)


Someone tells NeNe Porsha’s news about the house, and NeNe is MAD that she’s the last to know and she thinks the world should revolve around her.  She calls Porsha a bad friend and makes her cry.  I think Porsha wanted to surprise her – maybe – I’m not sure what is going on. Porsha is acting like a child.  Cynthia follows her out to comfort her – and NeNe comes out as well to apologize for making her cry.  But somehow the apology turns into a lecture, as NeNe basically tears into Porsha saying what a good friend she would have been if Porsha had only let her know that they were neighbors blah blah blah.  Oh look – NeNe’s head just got a little bigger.  I’m sure she’s going to be insufferable as the solo guest on WWHL.  Too bad – Andy looks so excited.  Kenya voices over that she can’t take Porsha crying about the divorce any more – so she takes her beautiful red ballgown and twirls her way out of the event.

Next up – Kenya announces she’s going to have a child.  Hmmmm – a child over to visit???


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Blogs Blogged by Stars99

Brandi Glanville

Brandi begins her blog, “We begin this episode with the end of our SUR dinner from hell. Lisa having a dinner to bring Joyce and I together is ironic because the whole reason we don’t get along is because of Lisa and the Hairgate situation. Lisa asked me to act as if Joyce didn’t exist and now she is throwing a dinner for us? It’s all so perplexing.”

Mmkay, Brandi… Let me get this straight… Even though YOU are the one who initiated the phone call to Joyce about Hairgate… and YOU were the one who talked to Yo about it and wanted her to bring it up to Joyce to perhaps add credence to what you had said on the phone… But it’s Joyce’s fault that she told Lisa about said call?  To your credit, you don’t deny making the call.  It seems to me like Joyce is saying you told her that Lisa doesn’t take criticism very well… and you correct her by saying something like, “No, I said Lisa is sensitive.”  Actually, it doesn’t matter much which you said because most sensitive people are sensitive about people criticizing them for being sensitive.

Brandi writes, “The other thing I find perplexing is that Mohammed and Martin are Lisa’s two very best friends and they somehow both know Joyce very well, but Lisa had never known of her or met her. Something seems very fishy.”

Fishy?  Really?  Because it’s just so normal to know everyone that your friends know…  Cuz, like, of course I know all of my friends’ friends.  I mean how dare they have friends I don’t know?  Even if Lisa has met Joyce – Does that mean she has to remember meeting her?  Do you remember meeting everyone you have met?  I’m guessing no.  I think this is your way of setting the table to set Lisa up… Like somewhere down the road it’s going to come out that Lisa had in fact, met Joyce before filming started.  Who the heck cares?  Not I.  Move along.  These are not the droids you’re looking for… (Sorry, obscure Star Wars reference… Well, maybe not so obscure… but it’s a good day when you can quote Star Wars in a relevant way, no?)

Poor Brandi whines on, “Having a husband and wife tag team me from across the table was frustrating because I’m one person and I didn’t have a husband or partner there backing me up. The f-bombs did fly out of my mouth aplenty, but Joyce, with all of her elegance, had no problem saying them right back to me . I got up and left out of the frustration from trying to fight with two people who are both yelling at me, making false accusations, and calling me bulls— labels.”


You left the table because you were losing the battle you started.  You entered the wrestling ring on your own accord and now you’re whining about being “tag teamed.”  Poor, poor Brandi.  You fought dirty – It was low down dirty of you to tell Joyce her “friends” (One of whom we now know is a mere acquaintance of Brandi that she’s seen like all of 2 times) were speaking poorly of Joyce?  The thing that didn’t happen… and the thing that still appalls me to this day, is that you didn’t have several people chiding you that night because you were CLEARLY in the wrong.

Brandi continues on her Joyce digfest by first saying she has no problems dating and that she probably dates too much.  This is of course in response to Joyce’s accusation of why Brandi doesn’t have a man in her life.  Brandi then implies that Joyce actually settled when choosing her husband and implied he wasn’t attractive.   Brandi actually had the nerve to blog, “If I just wanted to marry some short, rich guy that promised to make me famous I could have done that long ago.”  I think it’s hysterical that Brandi had no taller legs to stand on than to use a “short guy” accusation.  Who does that?  I mean, other than Randy Newman?

After putting Joyce down once again about her hair flipping, Brandi says of Joyce’s hair, “but someone needs a seven-inch trim.”  Oh Brandi, you can only DREAM of having 7 inches of luscious, Pantene-worthy hair.  Heck, you can only DREAM of having 7 inches of anything.  But I digress…

Brandi blogs, “Joyce told Yolanda she needed to give me some elegance, because apparently Joyce thinks she is perfect — so much so that her New Year’s resolution wasn’t about improving herself at all but was about me. Obsessed much? Please Joyce focus on your own issues, of which there are plenty.”

Okay Brandi, I’m really cranky now cuz you made me go back and try to figure out what Joyce’s New Year resolutions were – Cuz I really couldn’t remember anything that I had read that she had said about them.  All Joyce said was that she hoped to retire the use of the word “bully.” (By the way, it’s in this week’s blog – so Brandi, you’re a cheater by first reading what Joyce blogs [her blog is often the first one posted] and immediately you respond to it your own blog this week.  I mean technically, you’re just being sneaky – because Joyce could do the very same thing.  But really, this is only further evidence you have NOTHING of substance to throw at Joyce.)…  The thing is, all of this drama with Joyce is doing absolutely NOTHING to increase your ratings.  So if this is all just a gigantic ploy to pump up the drama, you’re doing a crappy job.  No one wants to see this!

Brandi tries to make excuses for herself, “I’ve never spoken the way I’ve spoken to Joyce to any of my real friends, Yolanda included. But negative bad people bring out the temperamental, f-bomb-swearing side of me.”

Okay, I’m laughing out loud now… NOW you’re saying Joyce is “negative” and “bad” and it’s her fault you broke out the f-bombs.  Really?  Cuz at the pool in Palm Springs, Joyce was just sitting there minding her own business talking to those sitting next to her until you started in on her.  Even then, she didn’t respond negatively to you, although you really deserved it.  At this dinner, Joyce hadn’t said much of anything to you other than, “hello” (for which you criticized her last week).  In fact, other than in response to what you’ve said to her or yelled at her, I’m hard pressed to remember a single time when Joyce has been “negative.”  The truth of the matter is that she has been much more restrained than I would have been.  After calling me, “Jacqueline” twice, all bets would have been off.  Your head would have been off, too.

Brandi then starts to list all of what was going on her life at the time – her dad was seriously ill and they’re not talking… she lost her dog and her children are heartbroken… she had a lawsuit from her former landlord… and some other stuff she didn’t want to make public – at least not until it’s timed appropriately to receive maximum ratings impact… All of these things are clearly Joyce’s fault.  As she moves along to other subjects, Brandi says she loves Kim but that she’s scared of her dog.  She thinks Carlton’s tattoo was beautiful but she’s not getting one because she doesn’t like pain.

Brandi then blogs about Kyle’s charity event and that she planned on being cordial to Joyce.  Brandi blogs, “The clothes were beautiful, as was Jamie Lee Curtis. I was truly amazed and in awe at the help that Kyle and Mauricio are able to donate to this amazing charity. I just think it is wonderful and I hope one day to be able to do the same.  The fashion show was a success and watching Kyle’s daughters come out of their shell and take on the runway was super cute. It was a very short runway — maybe 15 feet and a fairly casual event so I wasn’t going to go over the top walking the tiny catwalk. I did think Joyce took it a little too seriously and forgot we weren’t on a pageant stage in some sort of competition. But I guess that’s the difference between real runway models and pageant girls. My girlfriends and I got in, did our jobs, and got out.”

I suppose it’s only fitting for a professional model to criticize a nonprofessional model about how they walk down the runway at a CHARITY event.  Way to class up the joint, Brandi!

Brandi blogs, “Lisa and Joyce got together to discuss — what else. . .me. Joyce goes on to say if I can’t be cordial to her then I’m just a “stupid little bitch.” I guess that’s how classy women talk! But for as stupid as I am supposed to be, guess what? I know what the words chastise and reprimand mean! Just saying!”

How many languages are you fluent in, Brandi?  Is English your primary language?  Your logic would only have value if English was also Joyce’s primary language.  You may not be “stupid” but sometimes you sure do act like an idiot.

Carlton Gebbia

Carlton begins, “So sorry for the delay but just got back last night from an amazing and successful whirlwind of a trip from NYC.” 

Carlton’s blog was posted on January 8th… Brandi’s on the 7th… and Joyce’s was posted on the 6th… Let’s see if that comes into play, shall we?

Carlton blogs, “So the tail end of the SUR dinner was sad to see Brandi so distressed after having to deal with the tag team of Joyce and her husband both going at her simultaneously. I think there’s a word for that. But I will say that Yolanda handled it in such an admirable way getting Brandi out of a potentially uglier situation.”

Oh lookie there… Carlton copied Brandi’s paper again!  Carlton used the exact same words as Brandi did when she used the phrase, “tag team” to describe Joyce and her husband.  A coincidence, I think not!

Carlton continues, “This was also quite amusing and revealing. Joyce’s self-righteous talking head, “If god could forgive what humanity did to his son who am I not to forgive Brandi for being such a stupid little bitch!” You are off your sanctimonious rocker lady. Did you just compare yourself to God? Talk about delusions of grandeur!”

While I don’t think Joyce compared herself to God… It did feel a little sanctimonious… I’ve got to agree with Carlton.  Plus… It made my head warp when Joyce talked about God’s forgiveness in the same breath as she called Brandi, “a stupid little bitch.”  Fortunately, there’s forgiveness for calling someone, “a stupid little bitch.”

Carlton then tells us that she was thankful she wasn’t at the dinner because she’d much rather spend time with her, “magical family.”  The only time my family is “magical” is when they eat beans, that magical fruit, the more you eat, the more toot.  (Sorry… It’s the first thing that came to my head after the image of a magician making someone disappear magically left my brain.  Scary, isn’t it?)  Carlton goes on to say how wonderful her children are and that she has the best time with them.  She says her children are, “grounded, polite, and soulful.”  I think that’s awesome.  The thing that I didn’t understand in this episode though, is that scene wherein Carlton, her nanny, and kids are cleaning out the outside playhouse.  They find a spider… and they all seemed to be surprised when Carlton insists that they weren’t supposed to kill it.  Really?  Why would that be?  Hasn’t this subject come up before, if you have always been such a lover of all insects and arachnids?  Or is it because it’s not okay to kill insects but sometimes it is okay to kill arachnids?  I’m so confused!

Carlton then talks about how she and David wanted to get tattoos to celebrate the birth of their son, “Cross.”  Doesn’t Carlton already have a tattoo of a cross on her?  But I guess that one wouldn’t be appropriate, now, would it?  Carlton blogs, “I wanted a pentagram with my children’s names around it. A pentagram is a five-pointed star which represents the elements — Air, Earth, Fire, Water and Spirit being the goddess Mother Earth the top point. For me having this on my body sort of serves as a protective talisman deflecting negative energy and protecting my family.”

Although I’m not a tattoo girl, I know people use them as a form of self-expression.  It’s just so danged permanent.  Plus there’s the whole needle part of things.  I also doubt it would work for me because I’m way too wordy and I change my mind too often. Today I might really like butterflies but tomorrow I might like panda bears.  By the way, have any of you been watching the “Panda cam” on the link that NMD posted when she got back from her trip to the National Zoo?  I have enjoyed watching the baby giant panda grow right in front of my eyes – he and momma bear are just so hysterical – there are actually 2 different cams!  (Panda cam:  But back to the subject at hand, I probably should just stick to using “Sharpies” for any self-expression I want to do on my skin.

Carlton blogs, “I adore Lisa, but I do agree with Ken regarding Joyce’s husband staying out of it. It definitely didn’t look like Joyce needed back up — she certainly wasn’t at a loss for words. No man should be getting in two women having a verbal argument.”

Insert gratuitous eye roll here.

Carlton writes, “So yes, Kyle and I haven’t seen eye-to-eye recently which she is very aware of. But my husband and I were there in support of the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and of course I’m going to be bloody cordial. It’s absurd to think otherwise. It’s not about her and I at that moment — it’s about a charity with children with real issues.”

I’ve gotta applaud you for putting aside your personal differences and for supporting a worthy charity.

Carlton blogs, “It was great seeing Brandi with Etrisa and Adrienne, her gorgeous long time model friends. I wonder if Joyce noticed anything striking about beautiful Etrisa. Seeing Adrienne and Etrisa and Brandi do their thing was like watching mercury.”

Yes, we all know you have the hots for Brandi, so I’m sure YOUR mercury was rising.  By the way, is this your not-so-subtle way of pointing out the ethnicity of Etrisa in an attempt to demonstrate that Brandi can’t possibly be racist?  Perhaps you missed the look of disbelief on Etrisa’s face when Brandi was talking to her in the limo and told her what she said to Joyce about Joyce’s ethnicity.  It was priceless.

Carlton blogs, “Definitely the sweetest moment of the night for me though was watching Kyle’s beautiful daughters Sophia and Alexia be part of this affair. They were wonderful. It was so endearing to watch and it made me think of our gorgeous girls, knowing Destiny would have wanted to be right up there.”

That’s pretty kewl of you to say.  Carlton then tells us about next week’s episode and how she mixes pole dancing with tequila.  I think we may all need alcohol or chocolate to get through the next episode.

Joyce Giraud de Ohoven

After writing some pleasantries, Joyce reminds us that the “dinner from hell” was longer than what we’ve seen – and how it’s difficult to condense several hours of footage into a one hour episode.  Joyce blogs, “The entire table was defending and making excuses for Brandi’s behavior, and while I do find it admirable to stand up for your friends, true friends also stand up when someone is being attacked for no reason. Being a good friend doesn’t mean you have to always agree with someone’s bad behavior.”

I’ve gotta say the only thing that was being said to you that night by the others was for you and your husband to hush up – Which is just so appalling to me.  It’s great that you guys stood up to Brandi.  However, while I’m glad that you both stuck up for yourselves – Please keep in mind that when you boomerang an insult back to Brandi by using the exact same terminology that she first said towards you – it just makes you look small, unimaginative, and like you’re both in the 4th grade (No disrespect intended towards 4th graders).  I’m just saying… Try to be more creative in your responses – don’t sink to Brandi’s level.   Brandi gives you more than enough ammo – just be prepared.  Unfortunately, this was supposed to be a peace summit… As such, you may have made the mistake and had come to dinner unarmed.

Joyce blogs, “I was blessed to have my loving husband who is my best friend with me at the dinner, otherwise it would have been me alone against a group of people condoning Brandi’s attacks. Of course my husband will always have my back. Although he is known for his strong opinions, he did actually not intervene during our conversation at the beginning, not even when Brandi brought up her mutual friend attack. He knows I can defend myself very well. But when Brandi started calling me “stupid” and continued the “f— yous” at me, he could not tolerate it any longer. You might agree or disagree with me here, but I would not expect any less from my partner.”

I would never stand by and say nothing while any of my friends were being attacked like that… For that matter, I don’t stand by and allow anyone to be attacked in that kind of a hateful way, cuz well… it’s hateful.  We are human beings and should be treated with respect.

After telling us she stands by her comments that she thinks Brandi needs rehab, Joyce blogs, “Even though at dinner, Yolanda condoned Brandi’s behavior and tried to make excuses for her, I think after our conversation she understood my point. It was great to see her doing the intervention with her friend Brandi.”

Joyce tells us that she doesn’t think Brandi was drunk when she was at SUR… Then, because we evidently don’t know the meaning, she wants us to examine the word, “bully” when she blogs, “Let’s simply look into the definition of “bully” and you decide for yourself:  1. A person who is habitually cruel or overbearing, especially to smaller or weaker people.”  Joyce continues, “In my opinion, Brandi was being habitually cruel to me. She did believe I was the weaker person, as I was the newcomer in this group and was supposed to just eat it up. Brandi was convinced I was going to be a dumb wallflower that would sit back and take her abuse. Some people say adults can’t be bullied. I work with an anti-bullying campaign and unfortunately bullying is not something that is only among children. I believe it is our social responsibility to stand up against this.”

You were being yelled at… others were chiming in… but she never actually took your lunch money.  Let’s just move along.

Joyce blogs, “And again, I don’t want to use the term “bully” lightly. Hopefully we can retire it from the vocabulary in the new year. But it might be a good enough moment to bring awareness to this very topic. At the end we are (and this includes Brandi) role models to many fans of the show, including many young viewers and certainly our own children.”

I think this is what Brandi was referring to in her blog about Joyce making a New Year’s resolution that was all about Brandi and how Joyce is supposedly obsessing over her.  That’s stretching it a little, no?  Perhaps there are tweets I don’t know about?  Maybe you guys know something that I don’t… Perhaps an interview was given and this subject came up?  I just can’t believe Brandi would use this as a weapon against Joyce… Well, on second thought – Maybe I can…lol… I’m omitting Joyce’s tirade on bullying… and how she can take a joke… and how she was raised by a single mother and that they weren’t rich…

Joyce continues to reveal Brandi’s secret strategies when she blogs, “And unfortunately as I told Kyle, by now Brandi has three very predictable steps:

1. She plans a vicious attack

2. She goes on “f— you” rants when confronted

3. When she realizes she is wrong she plays the victim and starts crying”

This is kind of hysterical to me… Joyce has Brandi’s number and she’s not afraid to use it… lol.  Joyce then goes after Brandi because she says she uses the, “I’m a single mother. Poor me” card, when she blogs, “My mom was a single mother who had three jobs to support us. Brandi is in the top percentile of the world. She lives a blessed life. Has a beautiful home, a car, money to support a great lifestyle, can buy whatever she wants and has two gorgeous boys. There are mothers out there who are struggling to pay rent and put food on their children’s table. Start counting your blessings and stop playing the victim. How difficult can her year have been? While I feel very sorry that she lost Chica, she is a bestselling author, is on a hit show, and got a new home. . .Is life really that bad?”

The problem with this rationale is that we never really know what’s going on in people’s lives. We have no idea of their stresses and strains unless we are privy to that information.  Even then, it’s hard to really know unless we’re walking in their shoes…  Or their Maloof hooves (oooOOOo… haven’t mentioned her in a while… lol).  Someone’s life can look fine on the outside but be crumbling apart on the inside.  We all know that money can’t buy you love and happiness.  We know that someone can appear to be rich but be very cash poor.  But neither Brandi nor her kids are in danger of having to live on the street, homeless.  Many “rich” people still worry about having enough money to get by – it’s just that their problems have a lot more 0s and commas in the bottom-line.  Joyce then tells us that she doesn’t want to call Brandi a racist anymore if we can all agree that she has made many insensitive racial remarks.

Joyce blogs, “I agree with some people thinking I might be annoying because I touch my hair too much. Trust me! I hate it myself! I think it’s my nervous tick. . .I am really trying to work on it. LOL.”

Joyce, if you don’t flip or fondle your hair… Then what will Brandi criticize you for?  Oh wait, for just about anything, right?

Joyce writes, “And as I’ve always said, I’m not a $100 bill for everyone to like, and I know I am the new girl — but all I asked from this group was a fair chance. Unfortunately at the beginning I didn’t get it from some of the ladies.”

Nope you didn’t.  I actually think if you were a $100 bill that some people would still find fault with you.

Joyce blogs, “When I arrived at Lisa’s beautiful home, I was very happy that we could finally have a one-on-one conversation and she could see where I was coming from. She could see the whole “Hairgate” thing was silly and taken out of proportion. She saw that she needed to stop making excuses for her friend Brandi and “chastising” (a new word I learned from Lisa) her behavior.”

Yeah, I think Lisa felt bad about the outcome of her peace summit.

Joyce surprisingly blogs, “Now to my favorite part of tonight’s episode…I loved seeing Carlton with her children, they are truly precious. I think she looks like a fun and great mother and I would’ve loved to see this side of her more firsthand.”

Wow… Carlton has shown you absolutely no love… and yet you blog this.  Hats off to you!  Joyce also liked seeing the part about Kim and Kingsley.

Joyce blogs, “But the part I enjoyed the most is Kyle’s charity event. I applaud Kyle and Mauricio for their incredibly generous contribution to the Children’s Hospital. I love them! This is what it’s all about — especially when we are in the position of having such a great platform. We all have to learn how to give back in life and how to help the less fortunate. Even if sometimes the things we do to help might seem small, with many people doing something small, it turns into something big.”

Joyce seems to have a real philanthropic heart.  Some may say, “To whom much is given, much is required.”  This somehow demands the rich amongst us to give more proportionately than the rest of us.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all did our part?


Kim Richards

Sorry guys, Kim was just too busy not filming with any of the other housewives for her to bother to write a blog for us again this week.  But you’ll be happy to know she had time to cash her Bravo check.

Kyle Richards

Kyle starts by apologizing for being so behind on her blog.  She explains that life has been hectic.  I completely understand that… lol.  She then launches into the fundraiser for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.  She admits that she gets stressed whenever she throws a party and she was very stressed about this particular event.  Some of her fundraisers have not been as big of a success as she had hoped and she didn’t want that to happen again.

Kyle blogs, “I was relieved that Brandi and Joyce put aside their differences for the night, as I had too many other things to worry about!  Having my daughters be a part of the modeling show was fun for me. Last minute my eldest, Farrah, and my nieces, Brooke, Whitney, and Kimberly backed out because they were feeling shy. I was grateful Brandi and Joyce brought friends to help model. Professionals on top of it! Yay!”

That was awesome they showed up to support the charity and you.

Kyle wrote, “At home Sophia is a force to re reckoned with. She is strong, confident, and opinionated. When I see her get shy like that, I can relate since I was the same way when I was a child. I think it’s important to step outside our comfort zone at times — especially when it comes to helping others.”

Risk taking is good – I’m trying to embrace it myself.  Kyle expresses how grateful she was that Jamie Lee Curtis came to her event.  I loved the story she told during the episode about how Jamie really looked after Kyle when they were filming, “Halloween.”

Kyle blogs, “Mauricio being sick as a child is part of why we got involved with CHLA, but it’s not the only reason. I think any parent can imagine how difficult it would be to watch your child suffer. What these children go through and what their parents go through is truly gut-wrenching. To think that we can be a tiny part in helping these children makes me feel happy. The night was a success and everyone enjoyed themselves.”

It’s kewl you guys support this charity – It’s awesome possum!  Kyle then says something about how people have asked her to talk about Carlton’s negative comments about her but instead she’s keeping this extremely brief blog – focused, “on the positive evening we had.”

Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa blogs, “Firstly I hear all of you. I tried on many occasions to say enough was enough, but I am sorry if a friend, somebody you really care about, is obviously screwing up I don’t need to jump on that bandwagon and publicly scold her.”

Lisa, I respectfully disagree.  As a friend, you should hold up a mirror to your friend so she will see the truth that she’s the one out of line.  At the time, you could have perhaps invited her to go to the bathroom… or to the bar… outside… or wherever… but Brandi needed to calm the heck down.  It was especially egregious to me, because this was YOUR peace summit. The only thing you did was to try to shush Joyce and her husband.  How is that possibly fair?  Lisa then tells us how she’s talked to Brandi several times about drinking too much.  Lisa also said that it was clear that Brandi had provoked it but that it would be an “impossible task to get her to admit it and ask Joyce for forgiveness.”

Lisa writes, “It seems strange to me now as many of you have seen, the negativity that has been in the press from someone who we defended to the point of compromising our integrity. I would say lesson learned however, I am an incredibly loyal person and would probably make the same mistake again.”

I think we all need to do the right thing, because it’s the right thing to do – No matter who is involved. You should have spoken up at the dinner table.  You should have at least attempted to diffuse the situation by talking to the one who was doing the provoking.  Instead, you turned to Joyce and tried to hush her up.  That’s just wrong.

Lisa blogs, “Then, on a lighter note, we go shopping for our new project. We always disagree about different pieces that we use. Ken won that battle. The subject of the other night arises, I didn’t understand Ken’s position that Michael shouldn’t have gotten involved. What man would sit there as a barrage of provocations were thrown across the table and not defend his wife? No, sorry darling. You may have won with the stone pot, but I know if the situation was reversed, you would defend me to the bitter end…And that is why I love you.”

Yeah, I think you’re absolutely right on this one, Lisa.  There is no way on earth that Ken would stand for you to be attacked like that and not say something about it.  No way, no how.

Lisa then talks about her private, one-on-one with Joyce as she blogs, “I was starting to warm to her and understand her point of view — and our relationship definitely improved as a result of that conversation. She was absolutely correct in the statement– that I made excuses for Brandi and there was no getting away from that.”

I love that you invited Joyce over… I’m glad you got past your rocky first impression of her.  I’m thrilled that you take ownership of your actions.  What a concept!

Yolanda H. Foster

After initial greeting, Yo blogs, “Sitting at Lisa’s dinner was extremely uncomfortable. I felt like a fish out of water. I think today’s show gives an extremely clear picture of my friendship with Brandi. Like I said before, her behavior is unacceptable, but I love her for the loyalty and kindness she has shown me during my battle with Lyme disease. Sadly, empathy seems to be a rare quality in this group, so I really appreciate that quality in Brandi.”

Yeah, it’s clear you’re giving Brandi such a pass with her outlandish behavior because she was really there for you throughout your battle with Lyme disease. You’ve got to be careful, though, Yo (Hey, I’m a poet…lol).  It’s just like we learned in junior high, if you’re sitting on a chair… and someone who is sitting on the floor takes your arm and tries to pull you down… it’s pretty easy to get the person on the chair to sink to that level on the floor.  However, when you’re on the chair… if you take the person’s arm who is sitting on the floor and try to pull them up to a higher level it is extremely difficult.  Yo, just take care you don’t completely crash on the floor off that pedestal you’ve been enjoying for the last season.  It may be too late.

Yo continues, “Regardless though, it is extremely hard to see a friend behave the way that she did and I am not going to defend it — but I am also not going to walk away from our relationship while knowing she is in a severe depression.”

Oh, but Yo, you HAVE defended Brandi over and over again.  It makes me so crazy!  Your little talk with her was the first time I saw you encourage her to take some accountability for her actions.  Perhaps you’ve been doing it off screen… but how would we know?  If it’s true Brandi is in, “a severe depression” then perhaps a reality show is going to cause her more damage than it’s worth.

Yo writes, “So even though I could barely get out of bed myself, I felt the need to check on Brandi at her house. When I got there, I could see the pain in her eyes and sense the extreme demons she was fighting. Unfortunately, you are only seeing two minutes of a deep one-hour conversation where we discussed her issues and battle with severe depression. I felt really sad for her, but I also had to speak up because I started to feel like a hypocrite for sitting through two of these very dysfunctional dinners without getting much of my true opinion in. I am raising daughters and would be absolutely mortified if any of them would see women communicate that way.”

It’s too bad it took you so long to get around to doing it.  But you do get points in my book for actually doing it.  And at least you’re self-aware enough to understand how embarrassing it will be for your daughters (who are pretty much grown by now) to see this behavior.  Imagine the impact this has on Brandi’s kids…

Yo blogs, “Hearing Joyce speak about “They” on the golf course, I can only imagine that it must be Brandi, Lisa and I she is referring to. As far as I know, I have never had any conflict with Joyce, but I assume the story is different in her head. The truth is that I gave her my phone number at Kyle’s party, even though I was sick, I made the effort to invite her to lunch in Malibu, and I also had lunch with her after the dinner at SUR to try to mend fences between her and Brandi.”

Yo, my friend, you have selective memory.  Every time you sided with Brandi against Joyce – it created a conflict.  Do you not remember chiding Joyce for not getting into the pool in Palm Springs?  You even condescendingly “taught” her how to swim.  Don’t blame this on the Lyme disease, because you’ve seen the footage and yet this is your story and you’re sticking with it?  Whoa…

Yo continues, “I agree with Joyce when it comes to her issues with Brandi’s choice of communication, but I would hope that one day she will learn that life is not black and white and that as she matures as a woman, she will learn to have a little more empathy for those who battle something she knows nothing about.”

Oh, I get it… Somehow this is all still Joyce’s fault.  Right.  Poor, poor Brandi.

Yo blogs, “Lisa and Joyce did not get off on the right start and the tea at Lisa’s house felt uncomfortable and not genuine to me. I might be wrong, but I believe Lisa looks out of sorts because she is defending a cause she does not believe in anymore. Brandi is in a downward spiral and being friends with her just does not look pretty at the moment. Lisa is also starting to see that Joyce is a gorgeous woman that can’t be ignored and is a force to be reckoned with.”

Yo, I think you’re wrong.  I think the conversation between Joyce and Lisa was very genuine.  Perhaps it was uncomfortable at times, because Joyce was being a truth canon herself.  However, Lisa finally realized she can’t defend Brandi’s actions.   It is not fair of you to blame this change of Lisa’s heart on your assertion that being friends with Brandi, “just does not look pretty at the moment.” You’re implying that Lisa is only a fair weather friend – and I just don’t think that is the case in this situation at all.  Lisa has demonstrated to me that she can be friends with people who don’t even deserve her friendship or loyalty (Cedric, Adrienne).  While, I do think she can be very opportunistic – Brandi had a special place in Lisa’s heart – Which is precisely why I think it took her so long to change her tune about Brandi.  However, once crossed – she won’t forget it.  I think in future episodes that Brandi does indeed, cross her.

Yo needlessly writes, “Now, to Lisa’s defense, I understand her response to Joyce’s gift. This was honestly about the fifth gift in maybe eight meetings, and I say this because I never understood why either. It made me doubt Joyce’s intentions because at the end of the day, friendships cannot be bought. All that money could have gone to a great charity and really made a difference in someone’s life that truly needs to be gifted.”

OMG… Why do you find the need to pick apart Joyce again, Yo? Did you bring a gift when you went to lunch at Carlton’s?  Yes, of course you did… so did everyone else. Some people just can’t walk into someone else’s home without a little “something” in their hand as a gesture of thanking them for the invitation.  To imply that Joyce is trying to buy Lisa’s friendship is so immature – as if there’s anything Lisa actually needs or wants.  Puhleeze.  Do you return all the gifts that are given to you when people visit you and then do you give money to charity?  No… I didn’t think so.  Your venom for Joyce is just silly and it makes you look silly.

Let’s see if they all look silly this week, shall we? I just can’t wait for another pole dancing session.  Ugh…how am I going to get through this episode?  I’ll just snark through it… at least that will make me laugh!  Happy trails!



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  1. not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

    Good morning Friends…nothing better then making a fresh cup of coffee and seeing a new blog has been posted! Thank you NMD and Starzy! Great blog today…back to the top to read all about the ATL…I missed it last night b/c I was watching all the drunkies at the GG!!!

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      Oh yeah…and I don’t want the prize for posting first…can I have a parade instead?

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        Nope Jill George is all yours!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t worry just close your eyes 😉

      • TexasTart says:

        I’m down with a parade! Let me get my pom poms! Glad you are feeling better, Jill.

        Thanks to NMD and Stars for he blog today!

        • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

          Lulu-I will need to do a lot more than close my eyes!!
          Thanks Tartsy-I’m so happy it didn’t turn out to be the flu-poor dj! She’s been suffering and the Lulu family too! Everyone needs to hurry up and get better!!
          Now about that parade…..

          • Lulu Team T-Rex!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

            Good to hear!!!! We are on the mend here. Aside from this nasty cough!! My voice came back too. I hope dj will feel better soon!!!

          • TexasTart says:

            A parade! Best idea yet, Jill. Super busy day for me, y’all have a good time! 😀

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        Sure! Climb atop the CHICLET GEORGE float! And wave, wave….

    • LaineyLainey says:

      G’morning! Glad you are feeling better Jnntjill.

      Great blogs NMD and Starzy!! I’m off today due to my cut hours, so I took the time to read the blogs first instead of jumping in to the comments first, like I normally do.

      NMD, Kenya’s dad was funny with the ashy feet comments, but then his negativity grew tiresome to me. It really makes me wonder how Kenya achieved what she did with the maternal rejection and her father’s negativity. I guess her grandmother and aunts made the critical difference in her life. I find it admirable that she overcame what many cannot. She needs to get back to that inner strength vs, dwelling on things she cannot change (wanting to be acknowledged by her mother).

      Stars, I loved your comments Re the ladies’ blogs. You make too much sense…it’s so obvious, what is so wrong with their behaviors. But what stood out to me was your “magical” comment. Hahahaha! I was older the first time I heard that saying because i grew up speaking spanish at home, so I missed some of those little cute american sayings. im referring to the “magical fruit” saying. It was my then-boyfriend now husband who said it, and I died laughing. My friends were like “duh…it wasn’t that funny.” But since I’d never heard it before, that joke killed, IMO. So there you go, Of course i had a magical fruit story. Hahahaha!

      • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

        Lainey-you have a gift!! You can really make any story about YOU!! Even one involving “magical fruit” that makes you “toot”…I just love you!!

  2. Lulu Team T-Rex!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    Good morning everyone!!!! Hope all is well!! Its 40 degrees here and I’m thankful I don’t have to bundle my little Aiden too much!! ;).

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    Good morning everyone. It’s back to work I go this morn. So far so good. 🙂 It’s not too bad out. But it think we’re in for some freezing days. You all have a great day.

  4. Powell says:

    #TeamT-Rex #TeamDame

  5. ladebra says:

    Bloop! Great blog NMD, and Starzy.

    I want to point out that when I lived in Colombia and Argentina, it was very much the custom to take a gift when you visited someone. Also, I stopped saying “oh I love your ear rings” or “oh what a beautiful vase” cause more often than not the person would try to gift the object to me. So this thing with Joyce bringing gifts, I get.

    Ok, Monday, Monday! Bring it! All you guys feeling under the weather, feel better.

    #team T-Rex! You are amazing!

    • I also heard Joyce say it was the first time she had been invited to Lisa’s house. I’d have brought a small gift too – nothing wrong with erring on the side of being gracious. Yo looked petty by making a big deal out of it.

      • ladebra says:

        and she wants to be a lifestyle guru. Oh well, she has Lyme brain and she is a selectively loyal friend, so I guess the enemy of my friend us my enemy.

      • plainviewsue says:

        These women will do and say anything to find fault with Joyce. Do they realize how ridiculous they sound????

        • Rebecca is tired of Brandi's lies, excuses, and absolute ignorance of the English language. says:

          Meanwhile, Yolanda is bringing $300 candles as hostess gifts. We’ve seen her do it twice and I’m sure she does it off camera.

          • iceNfire says:

            Hi ladebra – It’s a custom in Thailand too, to gift whatever someone compliments you on. I always thought it was an Asian thing … Good to know ty

          • chismosa™ says:

            Reebs – I’m assuming the candle Yo brought is the one I posted here –however I don’t know for
            Just sayin’

  6. I guess you aren’t allowed to take home your leftovers in NY. I don’t think I’d enjoy all the rules. Apparently Jill Zarin made the press for asking for a doggy bag at a fancy steak house; the staff were upset. Whatever happened to “the customer is always right?”

    • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

      That’s crap-you always see people in NYC with doggie bags!! (Please note I’m defending NYC NOT JZ!!)

    • BB says:

      I’m sure that’s a pricey restaurant. I wouldn’t be leaving my steak behind either. And guess what? I AM defending Jill this time. So there!

    • Exit4 says:

      This was ridiculous! Even the nicest restaurants will let you take food home. They throw it out anyway…. There is no rule in NY or otherwise about leftovers! Lol

    • NYC Mama says:

      It seems to me that this was an event and not a sit down dinner – the opening of the restaurant. They are two very different things. If so, it would be tacky to ask for a doggy bag considering you are a guest, not a paying customer.

      I have never had anyone question me etc. for asking for a doggie bag anywhere here in NYC including high end restaurants so there is more to this story than JZ is telling us…as usual.

      • Exit4 says:

        Maybe-but even so, the event people will happily send you home with a bag. They have to dispose of the food anyway and it’s a positive for them to be nice to anyone (even Jill) as a way to promote themselves. Good businesses do anything a guest asks for. And people in NYC have some seriously wacky requests!

        • nyc mama says:

          Yes they will when it is your meal but usually not if it is a high end an opening event. This was the New York Yankees steak house opening, not JZ’s private meal Most people aren’t tacky enough to ask for food at an event like this.

          Getting rid of unused food is not a problem. Many restaurants and caterers here give any to City Harvest each evening and they distribute it to soup kitchens etc. around the city .

    • T-Rex says:

      Not only that, the restaurant gave her the leftovers in a bag with their logo on it. Methinks this is just another way for TheLunaticZ to get herself in the news, she probably sold the story to TMZ herself. No way, anyone in NYC cares about some doggie bag, and I have been to some high end restaurants in Manhattan and they have offered us a doggie bag

      • Rebecca is tired of Brandi's lies, excuses, and absolute ignorance of the English language. says:

        She probably asked for a fresh order to go in a doggie bag. Didn’t she ask a hostess for lamb chops to go at a party last year?

  7. HuskerHuny says:

    I watched the Golden Globes last night instead of RHAtl. But I did turn the channel during a commercial just in time to hear her Royal Highness Nene claim that she didn’t need a part in Kandi’s show. Newsflash Nene – your prime time show has been cancelled and Glee is on its last legs. Your darling Ryan Murphy’s light is beginning to dim and with it, your light is as well, at least for Hollywood. Kandi may just be throwing you a bridge. I suggest that you don’t burn it. Your 15 minutes are about up!

    • ladebra says:

      Nene can be elitist. Remember before she got Glee, a couple of actresses on WWHL threw shade and said they wished she would stop talking about money?

      Kandi’s production did just fine. She’s probably better off that Nene didn’t take her offer.😛

    • jezzibel says:

      Nene is one of those people that is best dealt with from afar, because up close and personal she is just an unpleasant one-trick pony, and as far as acting goes, Nene has just played various versions of herself.

      • mrs peabody says:

        That’s true, her characters are just various versions of herself, she doesn’t really have any acting skills. A true actor can play various roles, I haven’t seen anything of that in her. Kind of like Jennifer Aniston, her characters all seem to be the same. I never understood why everyone thinks she is so great. She was great as Rachel but that really was about it.

        • Sasha says:

          Mrs peabody, I agree with you on Jennifer. I like her and I think she looks great. I think Brad leaving her for Angie gave her all her hype. I think her star would have died a long time ago without that.

          • HuskerHuny says:

            Have to agree as well. Jennifer Aniston’s long-lasting fame has a lot to do with Brad leaving her and how he left her and very little to do with her talent.

            • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

              I’m so with you guys…I love her as Rachael but she’s not so great in anything else that’s she done. She should try to get another sitcom!

          • chismosa™ says:

            thank you. I needed an explanation as to people’s obsession with Jennifer.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Husker – Ryan Murphy was at the GGs last night and as far as I hear he’s doing great –
      American Horror Story is nonstop renewed,
      Great ratings, etc……

  8. Great job with the weekly excuses, Stars 🙂 What I read anyway.. I find more and more that by the time I get through the Brandi and Joyce novellas my eyes are glazed over just like with the show anymore and I am skimming rather than watching/reading. What is this, week 4 or 5 of this SOS about some dumbass comment? Is this entire season going to revolve around HairGate and the resulting digs?

    I read a recap of the BH first look and Brother…….. Kyle gets her hooha waxed, she and drunken Heinz make jokes about it, week 3 about Carlton’s sex dungeon and the psuedo lesbian stuff while she licks her stripper pole… Really Bravo? This was suppose to be the ‘classy’ franchise.. Puke.

    Anyway, Stars…. Thank you for taking the hits here and adding your special brand of snark. It’s really the only thing that makes this show bearable. 🙂

    • plainviewsue says:

      Stars is the best at recapping and snarking, isn’t she????? I couldn’t get through Carlton’s, so thanks for that one!

  9. Thank you NMD and Starzy for the good belly laughs of this morning!!!

    First time I buy an apartment in this Country… my Palace! It is an old brick building (90 years old) and with the low temperatures we had last week, the side of the building got frozen and I had a cascade of icicles… Friday started raining and at the same time it started raining in my breakfast nook/Studio …. Baby Jesus! The beautiful walls are now crackled, dirty as well as the ceiling! I was for about 4 hours with half my body out of the window breaking ice and all wet with really cold water!

    The neighbors (I just met that day) we were helping one another to not get our floors flooded. That was the warm part… we worked together.

    We had insurance with the HOA for the exterior of the building and I have insurance for the interior… So far they said it was “an act of nature” and it is possible the expenses will not be covered…

    I was so down that I have not share this with you until today…

    Thanks for the laughs ladies! Life is better because of you! ((((NMD , Starzy))))))

    • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

      Oh no Cusi!! So sorry to hear this! I hope it’s covered by insurance! Nice to know you and the neighbors worked together! I hope this gets fixed soon. Hugs!!XOXOX

    • Lulu Team T-Rex!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

      Wait the exterior is hoa by no fault your condo was affected. I would file the claim and argue that. I hole they pay for it!

    • Buttercream says:

      it’s not an act of nature to have interior water infiltration leaks. I worked for a firm which specialized in this type of issue. Never act of nature! It’s the roof line eves, poor installation of the window treatments (exterior) and construction/weeping of the gutters to the mortar. Your insurance company needs to hire a specialist (preferably a good masonry firm) to pull the window where it leaked in your nook area. Also, look at the roof line, and how old is your roof, was the roof recently repaired and if so, who was the manufacture and what’s the warranty. Water infiltration is NEVER and act of nature unless you were hit by a hurricane or tornado … your insurance company needs to move on this right away; the interior damage due to this will be significant due to the water trapped inside the space you occupy will not be able to move away from the space thus causing mold, mildew, rot … it’s not your fault, keep calling the insurance claim adjusters! Feel horrible for you to have gone through this ordeal! The Insurance company and building owners need to have this issue resolved asap!

      PS – Great Recap ladies!
      MEL – “Nouvellas” ha-ha 🙂 that’s a one word to accurately sum up this BH season!

      • I hope Cusi doesn’t mind but, I saw pics from Friday night and yes, it looks like it was a real pisser of a night for our Cusi. It appeared the water was coming in from above the window/apt ceiling and running down the walls, not a result of her window itself. The damage is definitely not act of nature, the only thing that falls under that would be the ice itself, from roof to ground level. This is a classic ice dam situation where heat from the building has melted the snow on top, it reformed into ice, then when it warmed up and began to melt again, began to flow. There is a drain pipe from the roof that of course in sub zero temps, was solid ice. The leaking in the apartment appears from the pictures I saw, to have come from above between the brick exterior (don’t know the actual entry point(s)) and the inner structure. My best guess would be it came from the apartment above or it could have actually come from the roof. There is apparently a heater that is supposed to thaw that drain pipe so water can flow but the system failed. HOA can scream act of nature all it wants but it was their system that failed from what I can tell.

        Again, I hope Cusi doesn’t mind my sharing this but it seems there are many here with insurance experience.

        • Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve been a bit busy and I just came to read your comments! Thank you for your answers! Very informative and thanks Mel for detailing what I couldn’t! Now I feel I can defend myself!!!!! God Bless you all! Now I feel relieved!

          • chismosa™ says:

            Cusi sorry you had to deal with this. Come share and don’t worry everyone here will make you feel better
            Good luck

  10. mrs peabody says:

    2 things
    1. was Brandi actually a runway model? Did she have an actual career in modeling? I’ve never heard of her. Seems to me if she was such a great model she’d be better known.
    2. I’m sick and tired of every blog that YO writes is about her damn illness. Yes she is sick and yes that is horrible, but enough. It doesn’t excuse her rudeness and high and mighty attitude. If she doesn’t stop writing about it I’m not reading any more of her blogs.

    • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

      Brandi has been questioned on twitter about her modeling days and yesterday she put up a video on FB of her walking in an Escada show years ago-I have seen some print (catalog) work pictures of her before but this was her showing proof of runway work. Granted it was one show but I guess it’s proof enough that she did actually model back then.

      • Rebecca is tired of Brandi's lies, excuses, and absolute ignorance of the English language. says:

        Was she looking down as she was at Kyle’s fashion show? Professional runway model, my ass.

    • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

      Yolanda’s blogs are very annoying-I don’t get why she thought that throwing in that crap about Joyce bringing a gift to Lisa would get us to dislike Joyce. She couldn’t have picked a sillier thing to comment on-it made her look small and petty. Also telling us Brandi was severely depressed? I don’t understand that at all. Brandi said this is who she is and she can’t change but Yolanda is pulling out “severely depressed” as an excuse for Brandi’s behavior? It makes zero sense to me!!!

      • T-Rex says:

        Here is my peeve about this “severely depressed” Bullshite, uhm if your “friend” is SO severely depressed, then you should be dragging her to a rehabilitation center STAT, because Alcohol and severe depression do NOT mix. Or, why aren’t you telling your severely depressed friend to seek some psychological help for that depression! Oh and would that SUPER DEPRESSED friend not be on some kind of medications, again that would be difficult to take with copious amounts of alcohol. Grrrrrrr. YOFO-LemonHead, take off your lemon-colored glasses, your psuedo-psychobabble doesn’t make ANY sense. Let’s say what you really mean, you decided to team up with the MORONSTFUBrandi, and you aren’t even going to take any other side but hers this season, regardless of all of the ridiculous behaviour she is going to show you. OH, and let’s not forget that YOFO-LemonHead has scene all the naked paparazzi pictures, TamponGate, etc, yet still chooses to be team MORONSTFUBrandi. I think YOFO-LemonHead is the one in need of some mental help, she has obviously lost her mind!

    • jezzibel says:

      The more and more I hear about Brandi’s modeling days…especially modeling in Japan…makes me even more sure that she was a buy-me-drinkie-girl there(not necessarily a hooker)but its easy money if you’re a leggy (faux)blonde.

      • mrs peabody says:

        I think she was a dime a dozen type model and worked a few jobs and that was probably it. She was probably more a filler type model, not one of any value or one who was in demand. She was probably like an extra in a movie.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi Mrs Peabody, just jumping in to say that it is quite possible and more probable that most working models are not known to the public. You can be a working model, not be known by the masses, and still make a living. Brandi was fortunate to be considered runway material and she did what working runway girls do; she went where the jobs are. Which is why she lived overseas for awhile. Perhaps you’re thinking that you’ve never heard of her the way you’ve heard of some super models. A very small percentage of girls get to that level. ButI’m sure you know that. 😄

      • chismosa™ says:

        Lainey exactly what I was thinking – the same way the Countess modeled…….

        There are SO MANY models working we’d never hear about
        All of them

        • Orson says:

          How long a career do most models who don’t reach “Supermodeldom” have? I suspect most NFL players coming straight from college “retire” after their first 3 year contract runs out.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Well, if they don’t have to truly support themselves with modeling, they can do it as long as they want. My daughter hasn’t had a paid modeling gig since October, for example. She does have to support herself, which is why I’m so glad she has other means of earning. It’s very up and down.

  11. T-Rex says:

    Well, radiation actually starts tomorrow, Today was another Doctor appointment with Moffitt Cancer Center, after seeing an ARNP, and two doctors, the decision after an hour and half was, “why aren’t I having all of my radiation at TGH with the doctors there?” Turns out one of my Moffitt doctors was trained by my TGH doctor and he likes him very much and has turned over yet another part of my case to him, YIPPEE, as I love them over there! So, will post when I am done with the radiation to tell you all how it went.

  12. Powell says:

    Yes NMD. Duh Powell. Phaedra’s comment had an underlying objective to continue to have her mother think she was untouched when she got married. How can we forget she was what 7mths pregnant carrying a full term baby and her doc said “you can deliver now. The baby’s lungs are fully developed”. At delivery the doc said “you’re full term”. I still don’t understand why she made that her storyline.

    • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

      That whole story line was so silly but that’s when I decided that Phaedra was the type of person who believes her “own truth”! Even when questioned at the reunion she didn’t really admit to lying she just kind of didn’t answer-it’s an art to be able to get away with such things!

      • chismosa™ says:



      • Orson says:

        “she didn’t really admit to lying she just kind of didn’t answer-it’s an art to be able to get away with such things!”
        It’s a professional skill. Remember, she’s a lawyer.

  13. SoutheastVA says:

    To share a piece of my life, my middle child turned 17 this past weekend. His day was so full of his activities (swim practice 2.5 hrs, school project work, hair cut, team party later that night) we brealy go a chance to sing happy birthday to him. He didn’t want a cake. He asked for a blackberry pie. I don’t know why he’d ask for blackberry anything in January. But, we were able to make it happen. A pie with candles in it looks weird. He’s at the age where toys or video games aren’t what they want. Also, he got loads of stuff at Christmas. I ended up leaving two things off of his Christmas wish list and saved them for his birthday, shoes and cash. They grow up so quickly.

    On another note, Nene is a self important and fake ninny(sp?), Porsha is foolish, Kenya is cray cray—it must run in the family because her dad is also, Cynthia is still wishy washy and passive, Kandi is insecure and confusing (I’m with Todd’s question, “Why are you crying man?”—she couldn’t be a military wife) and Phaedra is a trip (the way she led Kenya into spilling the beans about Porsha’s new house to Nene was too easy).

    • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

      Interesting choice of birthday cake…I don’t think I ever ate a blackberry! Happy Birthday to the middle child (we are the best children BTW!)

      • BB says:

        I totally agree, JNNTJ. Us middle children are the most special.

        • Nancy says:

          (((Jill & BB))) Just kidding.

        • SoutheastVA says:

          He is the middle child and he has made mention of it before. I’m an oldest child so I never really gave a thought about my birth order. I ruled over my younger brother. He’s not like that with his younger sister. they have developed a sibling partnership. It’s them against the rest of us when need be.

        • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

          BB-another thing to add to the list of things we have in common!!!

    • BB says:

      That was good thinking of you to leave two things off his Christmas list and save for his birthday. They are difficult to buy for at that age and the gift-giving doesn’t get any easier as they get older either. Blackberry pie sounds good, January or not.

    • Rebecca is tired of Brandi's lies, excuses, and absolute ignorance of the English language. says:

      I love pie for my birthday!!!! Blackberry sounds yummy! Cash is king. I get nieces packs of $2 bills so they don’t spend them all.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Mmmmm your blackberry must be the bomb.

    • chismosa™ says:

      I love pie, happy birthday to your son and Phaedra telling Kenya was very funny

  14. Nancy says:

    Great Blogs NMD and Stars99. Thank-you. 🙂

  15. not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:
    • T-Rex says:

      Isn’t it funny we are all questioning her modeling career yesterday and she posts the you tube yesterday. So we know she or some of her peeps definitely read this blog.

      • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

        She’s been getting a lot of questions on twitter about when and where did she model-but she posted the video on her FB…she’s so dumb!

      • iceNfire says:

        I think Joyce did her homework thourouly regarding RHoBH. I noticed she used Brandi’s hand gesture while golfing with Kyle, just like Kyle did with Camille. She is also quick with the “I’m a girls, girl” and her thoughts on Brandi are echo’s of Fayekr. I can’t stand Joyce

  16. not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

    I can’t wait to read this dumb book-you know I’m going to read right???

  17. Nancy says:

    BB…This is Yu-Na Kims long program for the Olympics. (She won the Gold in Vancouver.)
    With a mistake (singled her double axel) she earned 228.56 points. Gracie Gold earned 211.69
    this weekend and Mao Asada (who won the Silver in Vancouver) earned 210.00 this year. Both Mao and Gracie need to figure out how they can make their programs more difficult as for right now Yu-Na will once again win Gold in Sochi. At first I didn’t love her music but it’s grown on me.

    • Nancy says:

      Plus…she earned that score while skating on a hockey rink (which is much too small
      for top figure skaters) so her score will only get better.

      • BB says:

        If she skates a clean program. I already know that the judges come into this with preconceived opinions on who they think is the best skater, so if you are not tops in their minds you either have to skate the routine of your life or the top skater really has to mess up badly. It is what it is. Plus they’ve made the scoring so convoluted, it’s kind of ruined it for the viewer. That’s just my opinion of course.

        • Nancy says:

          BB…I strongly disagree as the judged can’t do that anymore. Every skater starts
          with 0 point unlike the 6.0 system. You only gain points by very strict rules. They
          look at everything via slow motion and all the tech jumps have their very own judges.
          You are right that the new system is complicated if you don’t know the in’s and the out’s
          of the sport but the days of Judges holding up skaters that they like are OVER.
          I’m going to post a link about the Judging System so hopefully it will make sense to you.

            • Nancy says:

              This just explains the jumps. Look to your right to see how it’s done for spins
              and everything else. Before a skater even takes the ice they know what their
              program is worth so there isn’t any surprises. Yu-Nu Kims program is the hardest
              so it’s potentially worth more points. Even IF Gracie Gold and Mao skate their
              programs perfectly they still won’t beat Yu-Na’s IF she skates well which she does.
              Ever since the Vancouver games no one has been able to catch her.

              • BB says:

                Since you strongly disagree with me, Nancy, I’ll defer to your expertise. I just like to watch the pretty skaters and look at their pretty costumes. lol. I’m really not interested in how their spins and jumps are scored, but thanks for posting it as I’m sure there are others who are very interested. So it’s not really a competition at this point, only for the silver and bronze, I assume, since Yu-Na pretty much has a lock on the gold. Ah, I so miss the days of the two Brians and the competitions between the US skater of the day and Katarina Whitt. As an everyday non-expert fan, I just don’t enjoy it as much as the good ole days.

  18. iceNfire says:

    sry if already posted

  19. Exit4 says:

    The last thing I want to see are these women on a stripper pole. I may be the only one on this blog (except maybe Mel-lol) who has actually been in a strip club and those girls have some serious skills. So I judge the HWs based in the real thing!! Lol

    While we are on the subject-I will never be able to unsee the shenanigans that go on in a strip club. Never, ever let your husbands, boyfriends or fiancée go to one! Boston take heed! 🙂 But watching those chicks on the pole is fascinating.

    • I have been in one, one time they did a Christmas party in my husband job, when we were living in Vegas… must of the invited were couples. I got to watch a couple of girls on the pole and I agree that it is not that easy. I was almost in tears to see how thin they were and how they were around like “begging” for money… Next Christmas party I didn’t go! Just to suffer thinking they are the daughters of someone, the sisters, the mothers… No way Jose!

    • Ummmm, Yeah… There have been a few ‘dancers’ who have relieved me of some dollar bills. The last time I was in a club was in Las Vegas on Freemont Street, 1996 or something like that.

    • Lulu Team T-Rex!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

      No see I disagree exit 4 respectively. Send them!!!!!! On one condition only……….they have to wear white pants…………… ;). I guarantee that after that they never will want to go back to one. 🙂

      • Exit4 says:

        The irony of the situation was that it was a jack and Jill party (coed bachelor/bachelorette) the point of which is to stay out of those places. Lo and behold-a hundred drinks later, there’s the party bus rolling up….and it ended with the bride in tears and a fight all the way home to NJ. Longest 20 minutes of my life. We were engaged at the time and I said jack and Jill for us too and no strippers. My husband was FINE with that. Especially since I knew what really goes on! Lol! Years later we ended up back there for a 40th-we were post phillies game tailgating in the lot and the dancers come around with coupons-and a game ticket gets you in free. No fights that time! Really an interesting part of life-a world I was blissfully unaware of!

  20. VV™ says:

  21. Rebecca is tired of Brandi's lies, excuses, and absolute ignorance of the English language. says:

    I think I may live-cap the show tonight. Whoever is blogging has the right to use my videos.

  22. boston02127 says:

    Thanks for the great blogs.

    Brandi know the word perplexing? Hmm……

  23. VV™ says:

    I still don’t like Joyce. This tweet is a little “Brandish”

    Original Message:

    • iceNfire says:

      Someone on twitter asked her to chage her profile picture and Joyce asked “why b/c my hair is pulled back?” and the person said ” no, b/c its a magazine cover” LoL Joyce thinks her hair is important to everyone #LookAtMe

  24. boston02127 says:

    Flash Mob: The U.S. Air Force Band at the Smithsonian ……Nancy, you will like this.

  25. boston02127 says:

    Don’t mean to sound like I’m bragging but I am kind of, but I’m more happy. My fiancé bought a new truck today and I’m getting his Dodge Durango. No more 14 year old VW Bug!!!!! No more 5 speed thru traffic & lights. No more putting steering fluid in it every week. The Durango is so nice (3yrs old) and he kept it so clean, (neurotically clean) unlike my Bug that is like a big messy pocketbook. It’s big and Black. I’m gonna be pimpin!

  26. Nancy says:

    BB…Here was her Vancouver long program. I actually feel sorry for her as she can on longer
    live in her own country (South Korea) as she needs 9 bodyguards. She first moved to
    Canada but is now living in the States as she has bought a skating rink with Michelle Kwan.

  27. Bravo has not learnt anything from the viewers response to RHONY Season 4. We are not willing to watch a program with bunch of grown women having petty fights!

    I can’t watch RHOBH reruns! It is too upsetting!

  28. VV™ says:

    I just had to do it. Kyle is PREDICTABLE!

    @KyleRichards18: @paolazigoni too nice!! 😊 thank you ❤️

    Original Message:

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