Top Chef – And then there were four AND Couple’s Therapy – how BSC is Taylor?

Top Chef “Po’ Boy Smackdown “ by BB

Remaining cheftestants are Nicholas, Nina, Shirley, Carlos and Brian.   The guest standing with Padma in the kitchen is author Roy Choi, the king of the food truck in LA.  He started out selling tacos from a truck.  The chefs must create their own take of a New Orleans Po’ Boy sandwich.  They have 20 minutes and the winner gets immunity.  Stop right here!  Why are they granting immunity in this late stage of the competition?  That’s just dumb.  Rant over.

Shirley is using catfish.  Carlos is going Mexican of course, but will use bread instead of a tortilla.  Nicholas is frying shrimp for his Po’ Boy.  Brian is using lobster and Asian slaw.  Nina is using fruit and mahi mahi.  Roy Choi is really thorough in his tasting and examination of the food.  Roy and Brian know each other, but Roy says it won’t make a difference.  Roy tells all the contestants they all kind of missed the boat on their dishes.  He’s disappointed in them.  He tells them they are thinking too much as chefs and that they need to find their souls.  He tells Carlos his was lacking flavor.  Nicholas’ was too salty.  Brian didn’t represent Korean flavors.  He tells Shirley hers was a little pedestrian.  Nina’s didn’t pop for him.  He announces that Shirley is the winner.  She has immunity, which means she’ll be in the top four.  She’s happy but she didn’t like the criticism from Roy.

Padma next introduces actor/director/screenwriter Jon Favraeu.  He recently added chef to his resume.  He tells them they will only be allowed to use things found in a dumpster for their next challenge.  They all looked shocked and he tells them he’s only kidding and wants them to loosen up.  He tells them he’s working on a film about a chef who’s lost his voice and is cooking food he no longer connects with.  This chef decides to open a food truck and travel across the country with his son to find his passion again.  Jon asked Roy to help him out with it.  Roy said he lost everything he had before he found his cooking voice.  Shirley can relate that cooking food her own way and not someone else’s way is more fulfilling.

Elimination Challenge:  Create a dish representing a turning point in their careers that led them to discover their own culinary voice.  They will serve their dishes at a local charity that teaches culinary skills to at risk youth.  Nina feels good going into this challenge.  They will have two hours to prepare their dishes at Café Reconcile.  That night they will be going with Jon Favraeu, Emeril and Gail as they visit some food trucks in the area.   The chefs stand around that night talking about their stories and experiences.  When they get back, they make a picture of Roy Choi on a paper towel, place it on the dart board and throw darts at it.

Nina is making a simple dish.  She thinks going simple is the best way as long as you execute it perfectly and use the best quality ingredients.  It served her well in the last challenge.  Nicholas wants to highlight two different products.  When he explains it to Nina, he calls it simple.  Nina tells him what he’s explaining is not simple.  Nina thinks Nicholas overthinks things and has a short fuse.  She likes him, but says that combination could get him into trouble.  Carlos used to be a chef at a French restaurant, but he really wants to cook his roots this time, which is Mexican.  He is so happy to be cooking something he chooses for this challenge.   Nicholas gets out three pots and puts them on the stove.  He announces to everyone to not move his pots.  He says this about five times.  I’m sure editing played a part in this, but it’s annoying.  He thinks Carlos works like a slob and an a-hole, and Nicholas can’t work with people like that.  Carlos’ feelings aren’t hurt.  He’s like whatever.  He’s there to cook.

Nina is trying to make her own pasta.  The kitchen is too hot and it’s not working.  She’s in a state of panic and has to think of something.  She has to change her whole dish.  Tom and Jon come in to check on the chefs.  Tom mentions Shirley’s immunity and she tells him that doesn’t matter.  She hopes to blow them out of the water.  Nina needs some inspiration from Jon because she shaking in her boots.  Since her dish is so simple it has to be perfect and she knows it.

Nicholas is making a totally difficult dish once again.  His quinoa gets burnt and he won’t have any texture on his dish.  He doesn’t have an alternative.  He mentions something about the temperature going from 275 degrees to 500 degrees and he doesn’t know how it happened.  Was it his stupid mistake or someone else’s?  Shirley doesn’t think Brian should be using skinless chicken breast.

Café Reconcile has been open since 2000 and students learn a skill so they can get a job.  Emeril employs a few of the graduates.  The kids of Café Reconcile will be the servers for the chefs.  Shirley is up first.  She made Seared Snapper with Crustecean Broth, Silken Tofu and Napa Cabbage.  She was inspired by the trip Emeril took them to the shrimp boats.  All of the judges totally love it.

Nina made Fettuccine with Charred Calamari, Pine Nut Gremolata and Crab Meat.  Tom says in this stage of the game, this is how the chefs should be cooking.  Perfect according to the judges.  Brian made Chicken Anticucho with Twice Cooked Potatoes and Feta Walnut Pesto.  They call Brian’s dish interesting.  Tasty but muddled and boring.  Emeril’s potato is raw.

Carlos made Braised Pork Belly with Sweet Potato Puree and Chipotle Tamarind Glaze.  Emeril says you can taste every single element of Carlos’s dish.  Tom says everything has a purpose.  Last is Mr. Intense, Nicholas.  He made Yellowfin Tuna, Several Preparations of Carrot and Fennel Dust.   He starts reeling off how many different carrot things are in the dish.  He also tells them he planned on the Quinoa but it didn’t work out.  Jon makes a joke about the dish being inspired by the comedy of Carrot Top.  Padma again says it’s an interesting dish (not a good thing, I’m guessing).  Emeril and Tom think the fish is under seasoned.  The servers aren’t impressed with it either.

Padma comes in and asks them all to come to the judges’ table.  Emeril tells them they all inspired and impressed the kids at Café Reconcile.  They start with Nina who tells them about having to change her dish because of the heat and her pasta not turning out the way she wanted.  Tom thinks the pasta was perfectly cooked.  Emeril thinks it was a good balance.  Tom asks Brian why he chose boneless chicken breasts and tells him it had no flavor.  Gail called his dish heavy.  Gail tells Shirley the broth of her dish was breathtaking and Emeril thinks her fish was cooked perfectly.  Carlos tells the judges the dish was very easy for him and that it’s his signature dish.  Tom tells him his dish made sense and everything had a purpose.  Emeril says his sweet potatoes were dynamite.  Nicholas explains the oven temperature debacle.  Tom mentions he keeps having mishaps and Nicholas replies it’s been little tiny things.  Gail says his carrot sauce was delicious, but the fish was disconnected.  Emeril was also looking for some texture.  Brian says it’s between him and Nicholas going home.  Nicholas says he would be surprised if Brian went home.

The judges have a hard time picking the winner of this one.  Gail loved Shirley’s dish.  Padma liked Carlos’ dish.  Jon was impressed by Nina’s improvisation.  Tom can’t get past Brian’s boneless chicken breast and Emeril got a raw potato.   Emeril says it sounded like Nicholas had a hard day in the kitchen.  Tom says when you have that much money on the line and the title of top chef and you’re in the top five, you don’t forget your food and let it burn.  Padma adds that it wasn’t like he was cooking his tuna for a long time.  Gail says that’s for sure.

The winner is . . . . . Shirley!  She had immunity and still managed to come out as a winner.  Padma tells Shirley, Carlos and Nina they are safe and can go back to the kitchen.  Oh my.  Padma asks Brian to pack his knives and go.  I’m not a happy camper.  Nicholas hasn’t lived up to his own lofty advertising and I really like Brian’s attitude.


Last Chance Kitchen:  Brian vs. Louis.  They had to make dishes from skin and bones (chicken, pork, etc.)  They both make great dishes.  Tom tells Brian it’s the best dish he (Brian) has made all season.  It’s not enough though, because Tom tells Louis he made the best dish he’s tasted from everyone ALL season.  So Louis wins again.  One more win and he’s back in the competition.


Couple’s Therapy Ep 3 “Not lying Jon Gosselin is on this show” by Mr and Mrs LuLu

Her Blog

The one who flew over the cuckoo’s nest

Opens to Taylor and her temper tantrum from last week. See she was too hot and rather then like a decent human being. Ask to have the heat turned off she goes ballistic!!! Her drunkenprincessness is too good for “Pea green towels now!” She calls Dr Jen at 3 in the morning to complain about yes “pea green towels!!!” See she has a certain standard of living. She demands filet mignon!!!! an “expensive” vanilla latte!!!! Words fail me with just how badSh@t crazy she is!!!

Group Therapy I want you to hurt by Dr Jen

A calm collected and amazingly well rested Dr Jen starts therapy off by addressing batsh#t crazy Taylor’s antics. See Taylor had an “entitled tantrum!” that my friends excuses ALL of her behavior. She is a victim and a survivor!! Just as Dr Jen lavishes her with all these “survivor” titles. Taylor opens her mouth and states “the food in the house is like what they would serve in a cafeteria at high school………Umm victim one second/batsh#t the next??? I’m beginning to wonder if a full mental work up is in order??? She switches personality in a split second.

Ghostkillah and Kelsey

I find them heartbreaking as a couple and individuals. For some reason Ghost associates “Stripping” with being unclean, not relationship worthy. He does not let go of Kelsey’s past and he continues to put her down. I don’t think they will make it. Hopefully Kelsey’s self worth is not destroyed by this.


I will warn all of youse that she does attempt to cry. It is rather painful to watch her try to contort her face into expressing emotion. Not one drop from her eye…. What a lost soul that one. To sum up her “session” she feels she accommodates others, she is a victim. Too much time has passed in this session so of course Taylor had to say something. Taylor berates her by basically calling her fake but see she is only saying that because she wants to help her and steal screen time…..

Jon finally shows up!!!!

I think that Jon was having second thoughts about being on this show. But of course that reason is spun to “logistical” issues??!?!?! For whatever that means!! I guess no planes fly out of wherever he lives!! Jon gives us a bio: he was on a reality show Jon and Kate plus 8. Further explains he was portrayed as being emasculated.

I used to watch the show and I agree. Kate was horrible to him whenever he spoke and if she did not like what he said. She would berate him……..So to clarify Kate broke it off with him first………..But she wanted him to pretend everything was ok on camera. I always thought he cheated on her and that’s how their marriage dissolved!?!??!?! WTH?!?!?! I feel lied to!! I always felt poor Kate the single mother of 8 children was dumped on her dupa. He then brings up how “militant” she was with running the household. The truth is no one knows what went on in that marriage but with how broken Jon is….. Something is clearly not right.

Taylor and that pesky voice of hers………….

The minute Jon and Liz step out to meet the group. Of course she has to make a snide remark. She is undignified by what they are wearing. It doesn’t end there first innocent pea green towels were the victim of her wrath. Now Jon is a nobody reality “person” who is not a musician or celebrity (like in her mind!!) so he does not belong there. Does or will she ever get over herself??!?!?!?

Jon and Liz first therapy session

Dr Jen asks them how they met. They met first at a parking lot then in a bar. Liz can’t get over “Jon Gosselin” is at her house, sitting in her car, on the seat next to her and sleeping in the bed beside her. Jon voices how he doesn’t like that, how he’s had major issues with opening up to people because of his negative image.

Liz (a nasty version of Kate) berates him for expressing an opinion…… This woman IMO is worse then Kate she is vulgar. The minute Jon shows emotion she is on the attack. Dr Jen tells her to show some empathy………. Clearly this woman has “issues” with men. Jon goes on to tell Dr Jen about how he is not civil with Kate. She is suing him stating that he broke into her email accounts and sold her information. I’m feeling really bad for him you could see he is completely broken.

Sadie and Whitney investigate “backdoorgate”

You have to love these two!! It’s refreshing that they are on this show to at some points provide comic relief! They decide to watch Farrah’s Porno “back door teen mom.” They quickly notice “makeup, her acting on cue” a production crew! They no longer buy this “I am not a porn star I am a victim that sold the rights for profit. But my boyfriend exploited me and did this without my consent!”

Fakefakefakerah!! They state she should stop pretending that this was a completely innocent Kim Kardashian incident. She is not a victim!!! Next week they call her out………………..

His blog

Evening Three,

Ha Ha Ha, wow, Taylor isn’t crazy. She’s just an attention whore beyond reason. And crazy jealous of Farrah.

Morning Group,

Doctor Jen, wrong as usual.. Everything Taylor did was to perform for those cameras and have an old school ‘Real Housewives of X’ at rehab.

Kelsey and Ghostface, yeah, he derailed it. His issues and insecurities run too deep, Ghost needs real help. Ghostface can’t even help himself, or objectively assess his impact on others. Kelsey can do better, but she also has some issues of self worth to be worked out.


WHY THE HELL IS SHE THERE?!?!? She’s like Taylor’s doppelganger two decades ago. And she is in the porn business, she negotiated a freaking cut of the sales from a sex tape! The only way you get to do that is if you’re in on the deal to film, produce, and distribute it. Also, the fake crying is getting old.

Doctor Jen’s wrap up…


Post Session,

Sadie, Whitney, and Farrah,

My girls there see right through Farrah’s crap on the sex tap. Wish though they (Whitney and Sadie) has a couple, were receiving more attention. Because I see them as this season’s ‘happy ending’ and also the ones I relate to most.

John and Liz Arrive,

…And Taylor gives them her judgement based on how they are dressed. Wow John looks pretty good all things considered. Really hope him and Liz get the help they are looking for and need. (Fat chance under Doctor ‘Drop the Ball’ Jen there.)

John and Liz first session,

Second thought, she is Kate squared…. with a fifth of gin in her. No really John needs to escape the Western Hemisphere I think to stand a chance of finding a woman he can start over with, like a visit to rediscover his ancestral roots in Korea is in order.

Sadie and Whitney,

MY SIDES!?!? BACK DOOR TEEN MOM!?!? And they are watching it. Ha Ha Ha. If me and my wife were there, watching that tape, we’d afterwards be dropping inside jokes about it in front of Farrah like it was an Olympic sport. ‘Hey there Mrs Lulu, think there is enough space in this place’s REAR ENTRANCE to deliver some MAGIC WANDS?’ ‘I don’t know Mr Lulu, but I hope they keep the BACK DOOR clean here, it get messy enough if there was some sort of accident.’ Cue us both laughing together like Statler and Waldorf on the Muppets.


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    Everyone be good and have a great day.

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      Good Afternoon, Powellypooh and a Happy TGIF to everyone.

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    Lulu I see there is a Lego movie coming out. I don’t know if The Governor is up to it but I wanted to let you know cuz it looks like fun.

    • Lulu Team T-Rex!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

      I’m sure he would love it!! He watches Ninjago which is the same thing basically.

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    Good morning everyone. I hope you have something to look forward to in your day.

    I’m looking forward to reading the blog! Thanks NMD, BB and Mr/Mrs Lulu! 😀

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      Looking forward to reading it, too. But first lunch at a friends’, she invited me over to meet her new grandnephew – a 3 mo. old!!! I WILL BE SURE and greet the babe and say goodbye to the baby when I leave!! Then later, my husband’s sister in law (whom I love dearly) and his nephew (21 y.o.) are in town for a visit with a specialist and we’re either having them over for dinner or meeting them. Should be fun. I just hope he’s ok…he suffers from digestive stuff…Chrohn’s (sp)…

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    Some Twitter posts from yesterday – not related to Brandi.

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  10. Sus says:

    So I can’t stop thinking about Taylor’s new squeeze’s ex-wife seeing this mess. She must be laughing her ass off!

    • Powell says:

      Totally. “You left me for that?”

    • AZGirl says:

      She is laughing all the way to the bank. Good for her.

      • LaineyLainey BTHOC, TRex says:


      • T-Rex says:

        I posted at the time of the divorce she got a HUGE settlement from her husband, she was a classy lady that didn’t go to the press, didn’t give any interviews after the one she had given previously stating her marriage was “rock solid” and that her poor husband was just helping out the beleaguered ShannaTaylorNotFordLyingGrifterHusbandStealinLypsMcgee, while all the while he was “knockin boots” with her behind the wife’s back. She quietly just changed her Fbook status the day she got divorced and didn’t allow any press to talk to her or her children. You know CLASS!

        • Sus says:

          Thank you T-Rex! I never knew anything about her. Now he’s stuck with duck lips. Love it!

          I hope you are doing well 🙂

          • T-Rex says:

            Yep, when that new “whore” smell wears off, and he realizes what he is ACTUALLY stuck with, I don’t think we are going to hear any wedding bells. Remember she was an escort(allegedly) for more than a few years before she met Russell, and this poor sucker got reeled in. You wait, you are going to hear at some point that Bluher abused her, it’s now her MO for attention, she has nothing else. I feel sorry for his family, this show is preposterous and they should be embarrassed by this, but eventually she is going to say something against him. She doesn’t care she is besmirching Russell’s name and his family, so she won’t care when she does this again to Bluher.

  11. iceNfire says:

    Hello – So Taylor wants to eat better than the kids in the public school system. What a horrible thing to say! … And she flat out said being on CT is for her career *pfft* You have no career Taylor.
    After seeing how broken John G. appeared I fear the silent twins suffered the wrath of Kate after they got off camera for that interview yesterday.

    • Orson says:

      I’m sure they did. Dammit, girls! Don’t you understand mommy wants to be a star again?

    • chismosa says:

      i just watched the full clip of the girls with Kate. I can’t even believe it. This really shows how bad it must be that the poor girls were like that after being ‘prepped’ forever probably by momwitch …. that they couldn’t summon up any words. And then snap at mom~~ ‘well you said it!’…
      ughhhhhh i hate Kate!!!

    • Lulu Team T-Rex!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

      I felt terrible for the twins. They didn’t know what to say off script too sad.

      Taylors only goal is to maximize screen time(.)

  12. mimisfbay says:

    Thanks for the blog on Top Chef! What was up with Roy? Sheesh, he was just cruel and I was so disappointed. I love food trucks and we have some great ones…was Roy, the king of truck food, just unable to say anything constructive to really good chefs? Would love to see him compete, that being said. Oh, gads sounding like Yoda.

    I love your blogs on Couples Therapy. Jon G sure seemed to be trying but, why? Whatshername was just awful. To watch Taylor in this setting is cringeworthy. I am with you on Whitney and Sadie, they seem to be the only real couple. Ghost has moments but his poor girlfriend…she really needs a hug.

    • Lulu Team T-Rex!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

      Thank you!! I remember reading that those who were abused tend to continue the path. Jon needs to get away from Kate 2.0 this one is crazier IMO.

  13. VV™ says:

    Why is Carlos still on a contestant TC? I don’t get it.

    • T-Rex says:

      Because he was awarded a Michelin Star and was under consideration for a James Beard award, and awarded the Best Chef of the Year by some other group, and I think that the TC judges are using this to keep him there, JMO. He was also a guy that started on the kitchen line and worked his way up, from basically an illegal foreigner who came to this country and made it big, and now he is legal and doing well, again, just my take on why he is still there. Look Carrie nor Brian was going to win Top Chef, they were collateral, to keep the “better” chefs in the picture. I think that finally at this point they have the final four they wanted, and the real competition starts from this point forward

    • I would love to see the “lost footage” of Carlos cranking up the oven to 500!!!

    • LaineyLainey BTHOC, TRex says:

      Because I like him. (most of the time)

  14. rabblerouser2010R says:

    Good morning everyone…I loved the blogs.

    Things look like they are going to go from bad to worse for Jon next week when his girlfriend scolds hims for ‘snapping one off’ under the sheets. Yikes

    Jon’s problem is that he is more than just passive, he has no ambition, desire or motivation. He is an eternal frat boy who found himself married at a young age and tied down with 8 children. It would be easy for any woman with a pulse to be able to dominate over him because he is just so psychologically lethargic. He ends up with these women want him to man up…yet ironically end up emasculating him.

    I actually know folks who knew Jon and Kate in real life…and helped take care of the tups when they were born. They say that Jon was always nice and appreciative but lacked maturity and was work shy. The only reason why he got an IT job is because the Governor of PA literally handed it to him.

    They said Kate was always an ungrateful and entitled bitch- and that you could never do enough for her. There were groups of women who made schedules and would help them around the clock feeding and taking care of the children- and if they upset Kate for some reason such as washing their hands at the kitchen sink instead of the bathroom (I am not joking) she would have them ‘banished’. She would get one of the other women to call them and say “Kate doesn’t want you to come over any more”. She would also leave utility bills on the table and say “I am going to get my nails done” (every week or two she would go get her nails done- as a gift to herself) “while I am gone , I am going to PRAY that this bill gets paid by the time I get back”, She also demanded gifts of clothing that were new , matching and name brands such as Osh Kosh. She even had Jon make a web site with ‘ prayer requests’ for all the stuff Kate wanted and demanded.

    My friends mom bought the tups outfits for Christmas…then a week later saw them hanging in a consignment store. Kate would routinely ask for gifts then turn around sell them. She also told my friends mom that when the tups got older, she wanted to have a ‘fund raiser’ so that they could go on a family vacation to Disney World. My friends mom .was so disgusted and told her off saying fund raisers are for people who need something life saving..and not for frivolous things and that like most people in America, if you can afford a vacation you take one..and if you can’t afford one you don’t go.

    In case you haven’t noticed…I really, really despise Kate Gosselin lol…..

    • AZGirl says:

      After watching that uncomfortable interview yesterday I bet those kids are mentally messed up. They are so freaking scared of their mother. She is a beast. Mommy Dearest 2014.

      • mrs peabody says:

        I really feel bad for those kids and wish some outside agency would look at what is really going on in that home. I saw the swapping wife show where she swapped with Kendra (that x-playboy person) and found it interesting that even when Kate wasn’t there those kids seemed to be afraid to do anything that their mom would not have liked. I remember Kendra trying to have a picnic on the floor with them and they were really having a hard time with it. I remember thinking those poor kids, they are going to be one messed up group of adults.

        • iceNfire says:

          I saw that Wife Swap episode too. Those kids were scared of doing anything their mother wouldn’t approve of. I wonder how she punishes them to put such fear in them. I hope they all go away to college and never return to that momster

        • Powell says:

          I remember when that came on but didn’t see it. I’m sure Kate didn’t take any advice from Kendra cuz Kate knows everything plus she just did the show to make money. It had nothing to do w/learning different ways to live a better life. She probably scotch guarded the house after Kendra left.

          • HuskerHuny says:

            Nothing to do with Kate here, but if Kendra was in my house and sleeping in my bed, I for sure would Scotch guard the heck out of it!

    • Powell says:

      RR I like that, “psychologically lethargic”. You read him. He may have had low ambition to begin w/then Kate just beat him down even more but he allowed it.

    • Powell says:

      I’m glad your friend’s mom told Kate off. I know she had to be organized but you could tell she took things for granted and you could tell when she wasn’t grateful.

      • mrs peabody says:

        I remember reading somewhere that when they first had the babies and they were getting gifts to help them she insisted they had to all match or she wouldn’t take them. I bought her 1st book at the Dollar store for $1 (I think I overpaid for it, they should have given it to me for free just for taking it off their hands). It was a number of years ago so I don’t have it anymore so I can’t go back and see what she said. I understand for the need to be organized with that many kids but she way overdoes it. I think those kids are terrified of her. I wish their dad was more of a man and would take them but maybe this is his way of getting out there what is wrong with her and the kids’ life.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        Oh yeah,,,there was this low rent home makeover show that remodeled her and Jon’s first house. They added an addition to the home and painted the place…when they did the reveal..instead of being thankful, Kate was LIVID because she didn’t like the paint job (granted it was a bit ‘loud’ for my tastes) but she went off. It was so bad…they didn’t even air the episode. She just couldn’t manage to be gracious enough to manage a thank you…or placate herself by thinking..’Okay, I will have to repaint….but I still got an expensive home addition’

    • chismosa says:

      So this makes me fully believe what her dance partner from DWTS told Wendy that she made huge demands to the show to build her her own dancefloor in her basement, – and this was a big big deal.
      How interesting you know people who knew her….

    • Lulu Team T-Rex!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

      Wow I heard she refused second hand stuff. I didn’t realise just how psychotic she is!?!? Yikes!!! Despite it I feel terrible for the children the true victims in this. Its sad and telling that Aaden is just now talking more!?!? That disturbed me.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        Oh yeah….it was unreal
        For a while some search engines could still locate their ‘prayer request page’ and it was outrageous.

        My friend also said she heard (a rumor) there was a Marine core wife who was going to have triplets, so their church approached Kate Gosselin to see if they would donate 3 of the kids old cribs and she refused.

        There was also a woman called Janet who came over every week and put all of the laundry away and did other things for the family for YEARS…and when she died, Kate didn’t even attend her funeral.

        • mrs peabody says:

          I think she was on the show a couple of times, I remember a lady named janet and seems to me she did fold clothes

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Yeah, but you’re not even wearing pants.

  15. Good morning Everyone! Thanks BB, Lulu and Mr. Lulu for your Blogs!

    There is a petition to remove Brandi Glanville from RHOBH and they need just 290 more signatures to send it to BRAVO. I will ask NMD if she agrees to give the link in case someone here wants to sign it. I already did.

    We don’t need to hear her talking how she likes to be suffocated after sex and now her wishes to have been molested as a child. Nothing that comes from her mouth is remotely funny or her behavior is anymore.

    • Powell says:

      I’ll sign it.

      • HuskerHuny says:

        Sign it? Heck, I’ll go door to door to get signatures. How else will this girl get the message? Maybe a hit to her pocketbook will do the trick.

    • Rebecca is tired of Brandi's lies, excuses, and absolute ignorance of the English language. says:

      It’s beyond time for Bravo to remove her from their lineup. She does not learn. She gets more offensive, and dangerously offensive at that, every chance she gets.

      Her “joke” was do disgusting and flat out a STUPID. Why would anyone, anyone at all, worth a modicum of intelligence, say something like that? My family member who was molested is in her sixth year of therapy and is still suffering.

      I will complain repeatedly to every sponsor of RHOBH until Brandi is off. Just flat out stunned here.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        The key here is that she is not funny. She doesn’t have a feel for comedy, the guy’s bit isn’t coming from the disgusting angle of…”I wished I’d been molested” …it was more like he was thinking back on being an altar boy and people would joke with about the priests and then he got to thinking…hey, why DIDNT the priests want me???! its not the most tasteful, but when u come in from an angle like that, it has moreof a comedic/absurd feel to it, maybe? and that’s what, imo, makes a comedian a comedian. She does not have the feel for comedy, she’s trying too hard.

  16. Kelly_Has_Big_Shoulders says:

    I love Sada & Whitney

    • TexasTart says:

      Me too! They are on Couples Therapy!

      • chismosa says:

        i’m sorry ^^^^ i hadn’t realized. should have looked at the recap.

        Can i ask anyone who watches Couples Therapy—- are there a couple from Real World on it? I thought someone said that before it started— who is there from RW? I was such a faithful follower of that show for so long…..


        • iceNfire says:

          They are from The Real L Word. It’s a lesbian show on Hbo? Showtime? idk which

          • iceNfire says:

            This season of MTV’s The Real World is different than anything they have done before. Starts with 7 strangers but next week the semi ex-bf’s and gf’s join the cast.. Some have already hooked up so having the semi exes walk in is gonna be insanity at it’s best

            • rabblerouser2010R says:

              I couldn’t believe that Ashley girl tossed the pan with hot oil in the direction of Arelle. I have to hand it to Arelle for being calm about it and addressing it in the morning given she could have been hurt and scarred…and her modeling career ruined.

          • chismosa™ says:

            Thanks !

            I didn’t realize LWord had real life couples.

            There is a new gay show starting on hbo. Men. I’m reading all the reviews, pretty good. Called “Looking”

  17. Powell says:

    I saw the Twitter pic Pchick posted of Michael and Matthew M. I didn’t know Michael is a movie Producer.

    • LaineyLainey BTHOC, TRex says:

      alright, alright, alright…

    • chismosa says:

      i think that’s the only reason Joyce was cast! I don’t think her old crown wins or her hair would have been enough to get her on BH.

    • TexasTart says:

      Yes about Michael and why I said I thought he might have power to blacklist Brandi…. mean that term loosely, of course. Pro ably not they guy to have said “bring it Bitch” to.

      I posted a tweet from Joyce ^^^^that links to a pic of her, Michael and Matthew.

  18. plainviewsue says:

    Great Top Chef recap BB! I was so disappointed that Brian went. I haven’t liked Nicholas and his attitude for a long time. He should of gone.

    Hoping for Shirley or Nina to win. Louis is doing so well in Top Chef kitchen. For Tom to tell him it was the best thing he ate all season…………….wow!

  19. Prince Ali says:

    The Dream Team:
    At the beginning of the RHOBH season I noticed that Yolanda was very critical of Lisa in her blogs. Lately, she has been scaling back her criticisms. I wonder if it has something to do with the connection with Mohamed (her ex, and Lisa’s best friend).

    • iceNfire says:

      Mohamed does seem to be the King of B.H.

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        I also think that he has to do with Lisa still being the HBIC and the blow back from the viewers she is getting.

        • chismosa™ says:

          Ooooh wait —- can we put that together in a diagram. ?
          Explain it to me like I’m a 5 year old ?

          How Mohamed ➡️➡️➡️changing how Lisa is viewed?
          Sorry it’s so convoluted.

          Why doesn’t MO have his own reality show on E or bravo?

    • Hey Prince Ali, every time you post I get that song stuck in my head, lol! Yo and Brandi were saying stuff about Lisa during Mohamad’s love speech at that dinner…I really need to go look and see what they were saying, basically saying it wasn’t true…

      • Prince Ali says:

        I get the song stuck in my head, too. I didn’t want to give my name when I first started posting, so I chose Ali/Allie and it reminded of Aladdin and “that song” which is how I decided on Prince Ali. Although now I realize it makes me sound like a guy when, in fact, I am a woman.

    • T-Rex says:

      I think she is scaling back because she is realizing little ms “truth cannon” MORONSTFUBrandi, isn’t really into the actual “truth”, and a lot of things she has said to YOLO-LemonHead were not the truth. After watching the show, I think that this incident in PR is maybe going to “backfire” on some of them, they thought it was going to “take” LisaV down a peg, but if it’s coming from MORONSTFUBrandi and SpaceCadetKim, uhm I think they are going to be in for a rude awakening. JMO There are a lot of former followers still turning against MORONSTFUBrandi daily, she pulls another stunt she will lose even more.

      • mrs peabody says:

        I think she is seeing the light through her lemon colored glasses. She comes off looking stupid and Queen Yoyo can’t be seen like that, what will the common folk think of the King if he’s married to a dumb Queen. Or maybe she isn’t as dumb as she is looking and sees the handwriting on the wall when it comes to Brandi

  20. ladebra says:

    This is from … somewhere, darn I already forgot where !

    “Brandi Glanville apologizes for joking that a molester ‘passed [her] over’ for her sister when they were kids

    Um. At least she apologized? In a recent edition of her “Brandi Glanville Unfiltered” podcast, the Real Housewife of Foot-in-Mouth County made what she believed to be a joke about the time her sister was molested by their school principal. Speaking to comic Jim Florentine, she said (via E!), “I was actually stalking you online, Jim, and we have something in common! I, too, wanted to be molested as a child and was passed up. My sister got felt up by a principal, and nothing for me. He didn’t even look at me sideways.”

    (Go ahead and pick your jaw up off the keyboard, we’ll wait.)

    “Did you feel hurt by that?” asked Florentine.

    “Yeah. Now looking back, I’m super-bummed,” Glanville snapped back. “I was thinking, ‘All this and nothing?’ Super-hot and they passed me up!”

    Not surprisingly, the online criticism came swiftly. Glanville later apologized — sort of. “I’m sorry if I offended anyone with @Mrjimflorentine @PodcastOne interview My show is a COMEDY based entertainment show for adults I’m sorry,” she tweeted, adding later that she’d “kill anyone if they touched my kids.”

    The 41-year-old reality star also told one follower that she is “still learning how to interview & learning what I can & cant say

  21. chismosa™ says:

    BBBBBBBs explosion this week made the ticker at the bottom of E…..

  22. Nancy says:

    Brandi’s twitter…

    Brandi Glanville ‏@BrandiGlanville 1h
    I’ve been thrown in2 a interviewing job & I have zero idea what I’m doing so pls forgive me as I figure out how2 interview stand up comics!

  23. ladebra says:

    Fingers crossed, hope this works!

    Bethenny Frankel wants her divorce judge to kick estranged hubby Jason Hoppy to the curb— Page Six (@PageSix) January 17, 2014

    • iceNfire says:

      Should have done this long ago!

    • chismosa™ says:

      I didn’t know she had “allowed him” to stay — meaning it was up to her. That’s weird.

      I’m glad he’s got such a good lawyer and his close friend with him. He’s got solid friends I’m glad ☺️

  24. Pghemtchick says:

    Speaking of Bethenny, anyone else try the Skinnygirl sparklers (the new nonalcoholic line) yet?

    I found the tangerine mango, pineapple coconut, and pink grapefruit at Walmart yesterday. They didn’t have the strawberry lemonade. They were 80 cents each for a 17 ounce bottle. So we figured what the heck, let’s get 2 of each. They have 10 calories a bottle (5 per serving/2 per bottle). I started out my day with a bottle of the tangerine mango. I’m impressed. I’m not a big Splenda fan, but I couldn’t tell. It was very citrusy to me and not as bubbly as I expected (which was good). If the price stays low, I’ll be buying that flavor again. I’m thinking Pineapple tomorrow. Lol.

    • iceNfire says:

      Wow – That is a very good price! I’m gonna look for them. My kids like the Naked fruit juices but they cost almost $3 for a 12 ounce bottle … but they are delish

    • chismosa™ says:

      Sucralose 🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫⛔️⛔️⛔️⛔️

    • T-Rex says:

      Bummer, was going to try them but I can’t ingest Splenda or Aspartame, even before the medical stuff I have now, I am allergic to them. Well, Asparatame for SURE allergic, but Splenda just gives me some weird side effects, not sure if it’s a total allergy or not. Both of those chemicals are REALLY REALLY bad for the body, (sorry stepping off soap box, hope I didn’t offend anyone)

  25. not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

    HERE IT IS!!! The TWEET I have been waiting for since dumb Brandi told the world what a moron she is…poor Brandi …VICTIM OF STUPIDITY!!!


    • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

      Oh she also DONE!!! Done with what? Being sorry? When was this Chick ever sorry??

      • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

        One more…just so you all see how completely unaware she is-like we didn’t already know!!!

        • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

          Haha-she really asked why? What a dipshit!!!

          • T-Rex says:

            Uhm, well, you told people on a PODCAST that your sister was a victim of molestation, not just that YOU wanted to be molested. I don’t see why some aren’t also reacting to that. She basically accused a Principal of a school of molesting her sister, with NO proof, and it probably didn’t even happen, but if someone was to start googling this and lookup this person, he might be very upset to be accused of some heinous act he didn’t do!

        • mrs peabody says:

          I’m sure the women of Beverly Hills (and I don’t mean just the ones on the show) just love having her represent them. I bet not a one of them wishes for this.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Thanks for keeping us posted 👍

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Oh poor hapless Brandi, she is just a single mother trying to make a living for her boys..and venturing out into unfamiliar territory. She didn’t have her boys that day…and she was oh so sad and lonely. Besides, she said “Oopsie”. , shouldn’t that be enough/

  26. chismosa™ says:

    Yo’s dinner is on now …….#DreamTeam

  27. If anyone wants to send an Email to Frances Berwick , President of Bravo Media, to express your feelings about Brandi Glandville, here is her Email address , I already did it.

  28. chismosa™ says:

    Sorry, o/t back to BH:
    Kyle is worth 30 million $$$$? What? How?
    Kim is only worth 1 mill!??

    I really don’t think- from what I hear from you all — would Kyle leave if Kim is not back next season? I feel like a Caroline / Dina thing will happen.
    Kyle would want to stay, no???

    • Nancy says:

      Kyle would cut off her own arm before she would voluntarily leave the show. IMHO 🙂

    • T-Rex says:

      Kyle UMANSKY is worth 30 million, not Kyle Richards. This is from Murray’s income, not hers.

      • chismosa™ says:

        Ahhhhh yesssssss
        Wow Morris.

        I don’t see Kyle leaving if Kim is out

        • T-Rex says:

          If SpaceCadetKim is gone, which I don’t believe she will be, she is only making 100K per season, which is chump change for Bravo, no reason to cut her from the show, they can just show less of her, or call her a FRIEND at that rate. VileKyle will NOT leave the show, she will be there until they cancel the show completely

          • chismosa™ says:

            Oh right, as I learned with poor poor countess — you can film as much as you want and you won’t know your ‘status’ sometimes !


  29. NoMoreDrama, I am soooo sorry!!!!! I just got the mail and my Sports Illustrated has The Seattle Seahawks on the COVER!!!! You know about “Sports Illustrated Cover Curse”, right???? 😦 My husband knew when he saw it last week and it had Philip Rivers on it that they were doomed, (not because the suck) but because of “The Curse”!!!!

  30. VV™ says:

    Should we believe Kyle’s explanation …..

    @KyleRichards18: @Gabbycrts @DailyMailUK actually that was my change & I was waiting for them to change a larger bill. I always over tip if anything.

    Original Message:

  31. VV™ says:

  32. VV™ says:

  33. chismosa™ says:

    Is anyone going to watch Flowers in the Attic?
    The commercials are making me crack up with the hashtag

    LOL! 👵👵👵

    I like the 80s version. Heather Graham looks too young to have had all those kids !

  34. Pghemtchick says:

    Soooo… Sorry if posted already, but guys it’s not Brandi’s fault. It was editing!!!!
    At least that’s what she’s telling her guests….

    • T-Rex says:

      Mmmmkay, nope it was a LIVE podcast, so how the frig was it edited. She really does think she is smart, when she is is clearly dumb as a box of rocks(I apologize to boxes of rocks everywhere). Again, its the same MO, whoopsie I said it, but didn’t mean it, oh and it’s edited, etc. Again, it’s hard to argue with someone who really is stupid, seriously, she lives in some world that the rest of us do not, and I think it’s due to her copious amounts of alcohol consumption.

      • Pghemtchick says:

        I hear you. I read that and the exchange that woman had with another and just shook my head.

        • vilzvet says:

          Bobbi Brown is dumber than a box of rocks. I can’t make heads or tails of that sentence “revolved the topic”? tons of misspellings too. Just like Brandi always does, and Brandi said she “worshipped” this dumb rock slut?

  35. chismosa™ says:

    I didn’t realize there was a twitter account called I Hate JZ ….😷

  36. VV™ says:

    It never fails. When in trouble, tweet pics of your kids.

  37. nyc mama says:

    Isn’t it ironic that Brandi has become this years Faye R — the most hated housewife. Faye (and Adrienne and Leann) must be snickering. He, or in this case she, who laughs last, laughs best”

    • Constance says:

      and Camille and Mauricio and Kyle….and every single fan who dared to say a word against Brandi on the internet.

  38. So are Joyce and Lisa the only Bravolebrities to say anything directly about Brandi’s comment??? People need to grow some uteruses, damnit!!! (Balls are so weak and easily damaged, uterus are amazingly strong and life giving organs) #changingslangtobemoreaccurate

  39. TexasTart says:

  40. TexasTart says:

  41. TexasTart says:

    Kind of tickles me how one can live in Miami and vacation on a tropical island.

  42. ladebra says:

    This should frost you know who, let’s see if she can control herself.

  43. VV™ says:

  44. TexasTart says:

  45. TexasTart says:

    Carlton is having a reply/retweet marathon of all her ‘love’ tweets. So many people love her 🙄 Anyway, has she made any comment in regards to her BH love interest?

  46. TexasTart says:

  47. TexasTart says:

    Chealsea Handler on Leno. Too much makeup. Hair looks horrible. Less than usual clothes. Talking about being on a cleanse and how hard it is to be off the alcohol and pills. She’s not funny and plugging a book about to come out. Taking about she loves black people…did I mention she came out on stave and grabbed Leno’s ass with both hands? Back to the book.. Brandi’s book guy is the same as Chelsea’s, right? Think that was revealed in an episode.

    I’m out! Can’t take these two! Just tuned in a minute to watch who Brandi aspires to be.

    • TexasTart says:

      I signed the other day when pghemtchick posted a link…however I don’t think anyone realized what the link was about! I’ll post this in a new blog if it’s not already there.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Thanks for this NMD !

      A) don’t they use handwriting analysis anymore – in regards to faking signatures ?
      b) can’t they each use the marital privilege/ protection no matter what? Joint trial or not I thought husbands and wives are not allowed to testify anything against the other in terms of ‘actions’
      C) clearly trying to do what he’s doing with his driving license case– try to drag this on forevvvvvvver. Does that work at all?
      …..counting on Teresa and he to make good filming footage in currently-filming season to sway things (in public opinion’s eyes?) in their favor ?

      • Exit4 says:

        I guess they could analyze the signatures. I would guess that if your basing your case on signatures it would be the logical thing!

        I’m not sure how marital privilege works. I think you can choose to testify or not. But they can’t force you to. I don’t know!

        As far as dragging the trials out and how they are approaching the federal case-joe and Teresa are NOT making these decisions. The lawyers are. They keep postponing the license trial because his lawyer is working another case-a murder case I think, that takes precedent. That license thing is not that big of a deal really.

        BUT joe does have a history of forging. His business partner sued him for it. And the license thing too. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that he’d sign his wife’s name.

  48. “Orange Is the New Black” star Michelle Hurst — who plays Miss Claudette on the show — has just awakened from a medically-induced coma … after suffering serious injuries in a recent car accident.

    Read more:


  49. TexasTart says:

  50. Powell says:

    vGood morning everyone. Itsssss colddddd

    • TexasTart says:

      Good morning Powell! Sending some warmth your way! 😀

    • ladebra says:

      😕 sorry it’s cold. We could use some cold. Summer in January is weird.

      Happy Saturday! Wishing you a rainbow, for sunlight after showers. Miles and miles of Irish smiles, for golden happy hours. Shamrocks at your doorway for luck and laughter too. And a host of friends that never ends each day your whole life through. (Those Irish have the gift of words!) 💚💚

  51. VV™ says:

    Dick WaKaKa is again attacking Plainviewsue.

    What was Sue’s crime? . She just commented the below on another persons tweet.

  52. VV™ says:

    Of couse, everybody knows I despise “perpetual girlfriend less and fat Chris Manzo. Who apparently with the Dick is making fun of other people’s issues. Aren’t Chris and Jac in trouble too?

    @richardwakile: Thank God you just passed it! Other’s aren’t as lucky! RT @chris_manzo: I just passed a realllly nice prison.

  53. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone! Sun is rising and warming up. Off to hike! BBL

  54. VV™ says:

    Sue, I hope everything is okay with your son.

    @plainviewsue: @richardwakile @TEB2350 Teb, he told to me STFU too! What the f*ck for?? Just got home from the ER w/my son & I need this loser’s tweet??

    Original Message:

  55. VV™ says:

    Why is Joyce on the interview with Billy Bush EXPECTED producers to give her a crispy and tell her where to stand and who to talk to? I don’t trust this Joyce. She’s a Motor mouth… something about her…. It’s like we haven’t seen the real Joyce… something about her…

    • chismosa™ says:

      I concur
      Just look at her POSE with an established (well…) model upthread with Hoanna


      Where can I catch this again ? And why was she not bedazzled is what I want to know. No sequins?

    • chismosa™ says:

      Richard ♥️s Brandi➕ Kyle’s team====
      Bethenny will ♥️Brandi too. Probably trying to book her now for an “apology” segment 🙄 🙄

      • VV™ says:

        Don’t give her any ideas Chismo! I sometimes find myself thinking of stuff like this and don’t post precisely because I don’t want to give any ideas not only B but other HW I dislike. 😉
        Yes, their people read blogs…they too might read blogs as well…

  56. VV™ says:

    Any word on Kyle, Kim, Yofo, Carlton, Taylor, Camille or Adrienne about Brandi’s comments?

    Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? Anyone?

  57. ladebra says:

    Lovey birds of a feather

  58. California35 says:

    TGIS! Wishing you all a happy weekend (long one to some).

  59. VV™ says:

    Is MZ coming back to Bravo?

    • chismosa™ says:

      I never saw her on RH but I liked her on MDL

    • Pghemtchick says:

      I hope. She had a lot of supportive tweets when she was on MDL-LA. That seemed more her element and she shined. The show could use a female real estate agent other than Heather.

    • djprincessc says:

      Pretty sure she is VV, she’s opening her own brokerage with Ryan Serhant in Beverly Hills on Canon Dr. I’ve seen the construction 🙂

  60. ladebra says:

    Ok, I really like John S so I was interested in this story, but you must read it all the way to the end. Get a tissue.

  61. VV™ says:

    Jason Hoppy Photos – Jason Hoppy Carries His Daughter in NYC – Zimbio

    • chismosa™ says:

      I think every blog I read said he looked most calm coming out of court this week. She- in her miniskirt – looked tense.


      • VV™ says:

        This one is old

        • VV™ says:

          Can somebody make up what Bryn is saying?

          • chismosa™ says:

            I’ll work on this later today.

            On my to-do 📝📝📝

          • LaineyLainey says:

            I think she is saying something like “that man is tring to take your picture”.

            • VV™ says:

              Didn’t she say something about Mommy?

              • Pghemtchick says:

                I heard daddy why is that man taking your picture.

                I don’t like how he didn’t hold her hand or a least be close to her at the end near the road and all those paps. It was if he left her as fodder for them. If he wanted to run he’d have put her in the stroller and walked fast.

      • Cartwheels says:

        Of course she has to be tense, he is still living in her apartment rent free and she probably has to bring a tech guy every other week to find out if he is hacking her computer, check the phones for w ire taping, check the whole house for hidden cameras, I mean he has done it in the past so is not unthinkable that he might do it again. This has to be super stressful for her. In the meantime he is having a great time enjoying his mind games, he has nothing to lose and all to win.

        • chismosa™ says:

          I know he must be so stress – free. A happy time.

          • Cartwheels says:

            Absolutely, the settlement money will allow him to rent a nice apartment that he would have never been able to afford otherwise and also allow him a life time free of worries . All that for meager two years of his life, I should say he made a great investment and got his investment times a hundred.

            • Powell says:

              I say he did two Chismosa.

            • chismosa™ says:

              I don’t know if having this woman co-parenting and him knowing this is the mother his daughter will grow up with is a great investment but I get your point.

              Also I don’t know why people (NOT you) — think Jason was this poor Schlub before he met Beth. It makes me 🙄 😤😤every time.

              I just can’t wait to see him settled with a lovely new woman and new siblings for Bryn.
              Beth will turn into her mom except cling to Bryn for dear life into her old age.

  62. VV™ says:

    @richardwakile: RIP @eddiemurphy #snowboarding

  63. chismosa™ says:

    How come tmz or people or any of them haven’t picked it up yet?
    For realzzz????

    • Nancy says:

      Finally!!!…someone actually has a brain in that family. 🙂

    • Powell says:

      Well Paris has had her time getting into trouble but she’s never been a mean girl so I guess her seeing her aunts and the other ladies at the age going to such low levels to hurt one another that she just can’t believe how they act. I don’t blame her one bit.

    • VV™ says:

      Is Paris taking about when Kyle, Taylor and PamDana was being rude Brandi on her first episode – FOR NO REASON? or Is Paris talking about Kim and Kyle being rude and mean to Brandi on Game night episode S2?
      Hmmmmm, I wonder, I wonder.

  64. TexasTart says:

    Is this a message to you know who?

  65. TexasTart says:

  66. Powell says:

    Hey. Don’t forget to watch Flowers in the Attic on Lifetime at 8 est tonight. The original was good. I hope the remake is good. Good cast w/Heather Graham, Ellen Byrston and the girl that plays Sally on Mad Men.

  67. Powell says:

    There are so many reality shows on. Have y’all watched Rodeo Girls or Crazy Hearts:Nashville? I’m watching Crazy Hearts now. Never heard of it. I was looking for something to watch. I’ll check it out.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I had rodeo girls taped and had to erase all of it because I had other things (that I was actually going to watch) to tape. Never watched one episode of rodeo girls. Never even heard of Crazy Hearts.

      • Powell says:

        I only watched about 15 minutes of RG. It was ok but it and CH is just like all the reality shows. Drama, jealousy and backstabbing. CH is a bit more interesting cuz it’s about getting music deals, song writing in Nashville w/the rest thrown in.

  68. rabblerouser2010R says:

    Happy Saturday everyone…

    • Powell says:

      So RR you’ve had your daughter around when you were watching BH and cursing at the tv huh? 😉

    • Lulu Team T-Rex!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

      Omg lol!!! That will be the governor,……….

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hilarious! I favorited this!!

    • Nancy says:

      RR…LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you been called into the office yet? lol
      BTW…I can’t figure out what s.s.s. means?

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        I don’t know what the s.s.s is suppose to mean either, although from being in the class I thinks it’s just an ‘other’ category.

        I also think she does know what she was spelling because I called her over and pointed it out to her and asked her what that word was. She looked and me and said ‘cat’…and tried to go back to playing I said “Get outta here, you know that doesn’t say spell cat, what does it say” ..then she laughed and said “Okay, POOP”.

    • ladebra says:

      Hilarious! You have to save this for sharing with grandchildren (grown grandchildren! You know, around Thanksgiving table! )

    • BB says:

      That’s so funny!

    • Orson says:

      I think every student writes that down for their “it” word worksheets. Teachers just circle it and send it home for the parents to deal with. They’re concerned about making too big a deal of it.

  69. LaineyLainey says:

    I’m watching “Courtney Loves Dallas”…her friendship with Tori is imploding. Her friend, Tori, is not being too understanding….Courtney kinda has to be super into herself to build her career. However, it was weird that C scheduled all this work on her bffs birthday. Maybe it’s just drama for the show? Fake? It looked real to me, but I am forever gullible, even after all these years of watching reality.

    • California35 says:

      I saw this, I did wonder what the heck Courtney, it is your friend’s birthday, its okay to make a day not about you and your career. But at the same time, I wondered if she couldn’t move those things to another day. I kept thinking maybe she had all of that to do first, then focus on her friend’s birthday the rest of the day. I kept feeling bad for her friend. Then they both hurt each other. I think they both had a good point, but it all got weird. When the friend went after how Courtney has changed, and all about her and how fake she is, I was like uh oh! focus on the topic of this day being your birthday, not those things that will really hurt Courtney…because that was harsh and then Courtney focused on defending that instead of the real topic. that she didn’t take care of her friend on her birthday. She treated the day as any other day, not at all about her friend. I was still hoping this was for drama and that next week she will throw a big party or something, but the previews are showing that they stopped talking for five days so far 😦

      • LaineyLainey says:

        You are exactly right,…they got off topic and it blew wayyyy out of proportion. Tori hit below the belt when she should have stayed on topic…it’s my birthday. You made today about you. Period.

  70. Nancy says:

    boston…I owe you an apology. I adore him now. (ducking)

    • kit9 says:

      Don’t you go soft!

      • kit9 says:

        lol. I’ve seen the Brady 6 before. It’s one of the reasons Tom is so insanely(and annoyingly according to his team mates)competitive. He’s got a big ol chip on his shoulders, even now.

      • Nancy says:

        LOL I was worried about what you would say. I was surprised and when he
        cried at the end my heart broke for him. Now I know why he is who he is.
        If only he didn’t marry that woman! He gets no points from me on that one.

        • kit9 says:

          lol! Oh, def no points for Gisele. Ugh. But, there’s much to like about Tom…that combine photo of him is priceless! He’s this totally unathletic blob! But, he proved everyone wrong in great part by sheer force of his competitiveness which is really admirable. But little Tommy’s come a long way…he’s been a superstar since he won his first SB at 24, made 4 more SB appearances and won 2 more! He has movie star looks, married a supermodel and has more $ than god. And, he’s STILL crazy competitive! Every bit as if he was still that skinny kid! I’ll be rooting against him when he plays Peyton tomorrow but I am happy he’s still playing. You want to watch people who care that much.

    • vilzvet says:

      I’m watching it. Never knew he was not a sure bet when he started out. It wasn’t easy for him.

    • BB says:

      I don’t mind him. I don’t like the coach. And I can’t stand Tom’s wife

      • Nancy says:

        ITA. I’m n to sure who I’m going to be rooting for tomorrow as he’s playing
        my boyfriend Peyton. That’s going to be a great game.

  71. Lulu Team T-Rex!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    OT my autocorrect on my nexus phone is playing tricks on me!!!! I just sent the following text to my husband “Are you horny?”. It was supposed to be “hungry!!!”. Roflmao!! Funny google!!

  72. ladebra says:

    I wish I knew if there were rules about this, and if there are, please someone take this away, won’t bother me a bit, and sorry! But with NJ taping coming up, I thought this might be interesting. pYHU twittered links to her 2010 blogs on Dina and the dust up.

  73. chismosa™ says:

    Powell —– about 💐🌸🌷🌹🌻🌺in the Attic.

    Apparently it’s 5 books ???
    The next one is Petals on the Flower or something ???

    I don’t know — I’m obvi not some crazy person into incest and physical abuse – but I have fond memories of watching the 1st FIA in my girlfriend’s house one day after school.

    I also like the Stepford Wives and Rosemary’s Baby. I love creepy!

  74. Nancy says:

    Jill…You should read this. Twice they brought up Adrienne’s lawyers going after Brandi.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Nancy I sense you’re trying to get a tennis 🎾🎾🎾game started ?????

      • Nancy says:

        LOL I’m really not but I admit that I love a good tennis match.
        I happen to think that her attorney’s really did send her something though.

        • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

          Brandi admitted at the reunion that she didn’t get a letter from the lawyer-she said she was mentioned in a letter to someone else-Brandi is a dig fat liar.

          • Nancy says:

            That may be but I can see why people keep having a dog in this fight due to
            articles like this.

          • VV™ says:

            I have to watch that reunion again. I want to see if editing played any part when Andy ask the question and when Brandi replied.

            • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

              Even if edited-she never got a letter and she is a liar. She keeps saying that this season Joyce is using her for a story line but she forgot that she used Adrienne and this fake lawsuit crap for a storyline last season.

              • Nancy says:

                You have to admit though that that article sounded rather convincing, no?

                • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

                  Yes but it is ROL and the article seems to have gotten info from watching the show. If we only watched and didn’t pay attention to all the social media and stuff people would still think that Brandi was in fact sued-but viewers are very savvy and see through the crap.

              • VV™ says:

                Paul said Brandi was “warned”. Can somebody tell me please how was Brandi warned if it was not by an attorney letter?! How? How?

                • Exit4 says:

                  When the woman-Geneva?-got the letter telling her to not repeat info about the Maloofs to other people, including Brandi, her co star, Geneva? TOLD Brandi not to repeat anything else she may have been told or heard. The warning was verbal (or emailed or texted), from the recipient of the letter-not from a letter itself. Geneva warned her to stop because she (Geneva) would take the fall for breaking what i believe was a confidentiality agreement.

                  • VV™ says:

                    If Brandi Glanville’s name was on the threatening letter, then Brandi got a copy of letter.
                    Genevieve telling Brandi to stop talking about it is not strong enough to make Brandi stop. Brandi is a blabber mouth.

                  • Nancy says:

                    Exit4…this is all my fault and I am sorry. This issue needs to be put to bed.

                • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

                  VV-did Paul say the words “Brandi was warned”? Or did her say”she was warned”? I don’t remember.

                  • VV™ says:

                    It is on video, I can’t find. It is also on Marissa Zanuck blog at Bravo but blogs are opening on my phone. Not sure why.

                  • kit9 says:

                    I’ve said this before, Paul never said Brandi was warned. They cut to him in a talking head and he said, ‘she’s been warned’, then cut away. He never said who was warned or with what.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          My favorite topic. Thanks Nancy. No way I can turn that topic into a story about Me, me, me,… Yeah,…thanks Nancy. So far, this was a lawsuit/nolawsuit free blog. I love u forever.

          • Nancy says:

            What was I thinking Lainey? I thought about e-mailing NMD to get rid of it but
            Jill got to it first. 😦 What should my punishment be? I’m a big girl I can take it.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              LOL. Not feeling too punitive at the moment. You got lucky, man….I’ve got nuttin.

              • Nancy says:

                Maybe I should be forced to pay both of them to not keep this issue going.
                I admit I started this one. 😦 $50/each? What do you think…not big enough?

  75. chismosa™ says:

    NMDs boyfriend (can I have him a couple days a week?) —
    The prank or whatever. This poor guy was born with one arm and no legs? That’s so sad,,20777378,00.html

    I’m trying what Princess told me about how to post the link to people.

  76. T-Rex says:

    WOOT WOOT!! WAY OT Finally got my tablet. Got a Surface Pro so that I can take this to work with me, and to my doctor’s appts, and any treatments. I was taking the lap top but it was SO cumbersome. I will still use the LapTop for many things, but really like the Tablet so far. Only got it today and after going to a box stores that rhymes with WORST GUY(well kinda rhymes but you will get the drift) and dealing with their disservice and they could care less whether or not they sold me the items, we walked out. Thankfully we had a Microsoft store in Tampa, went there, got a great deal, they had all the accessories wanted, keyboard, screen protecter, etc. and I got a bundle deal that WORST GUY may have tried to match, but they wouldn’t be able to match the two year warranty deal, they told me that up front. Again at home think I will mainly use the Laptop, it’s got the bigger screen and keyboard, but this for travel is going to be great

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hey there!! A new toy for TRex!! Cool

    • Nancy says:

      We hate that store too.

      • T-Rex says:

        Oh we called them in advance to make SURE they had the accessories, got there, and nope no keyboards and no protective covers. Walked out and the manager was like we can get this for you in a few days. I told him well we called the Microsoft store and they had it all and their didn’t lie to the customer, and gave us a better deal. We haven’t bought anything from them in many years, and we are not going to break that streak any time soon

    • TexasTart says:

      I can not stand Best Buy, but I needed a birthday gift quickly for a tech guy and I pass two massive racks of Chrismas Gift cards….several thousand frosty the snowman and nothing generic or for birthday. How oblivious must the store manager be to walk past a Christmas display every day up to January 17? It’s probably still there, people that work there were in a trance and never even looked at me.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Best Buy is having huge issues. Their CEO, the fact people don’t really BUY there anymore — it’s more of a window shop, play with stuff– then people go online to target, amazon, walmart, etc and buy there. 
      My family is in electronics so we follow all that big store stuff —–
      TRex I’m glad you got something great — !!!! 

  77. The timing seems off in this article to me. They say Yo found out last Feb about her brain functions being low, but she tweeted that brain scan last fall before entering the clinical trial. Probably just got the date off.

    • The truth is that is heart breaking to just think about all of what Yolanda has going through… I wish her soon recovery! Money, material things, are nothing when you don’t have your health. Been there, done that…

    • Nancy says:

      NMD..I heard you were having “my” guys over for dinner tonight.
      That is so nice of you. You better not put an poison in the food though.
      I’ll be watching you. 🙂

  78. VV™ says:

    @KimRichards11: Share a Smile Saturday!☀
    Take a min today.. & Smile😊at someone that you don’t know!💕

  79. VV™ says:

    February 19th, 2013 – Marisa Zanuck’s Blog

    “… I’m left scratching my head wondering what actually went down until we get a tacit acknowledgment from Paul that Brandi “was warned” which confirms for me what I thought all along. . .go Brandi!”

  80. kit9 says:

    Omg, anyone see the HBO Documentary, the Cheshire Murders? I’m watching it now, or trying’s about the Petit home invasion and murders in Connecticut. I keep pausing it, it’s difficult to get thru…the case is so horrifying.

  81. VV™ says:

  82. Nancy says:

    chismosa…here’s the documentary about the Cheshire murders.

  83. chismosa™ says:

    My fellow Long Islanders: I just got a copy of Long Island Woman- that free newspaper type monthly?they always have them at stores, delis, etc

    The cover is “EXCLUSIVE interview” with JILL Z.
    She looks photoshopped and quite skinny

    Look out for it!

  84. Exit4 says:

    Hi VV! I figured is reply down here it’s hard to read skinny! With that letter…Geneva was an employee who signed a confidentiality clause. Lots if wealthy people do that for business reasons. When Brandi started throwing her truth bombs out there- it probably wasn’t too hard to figure out the source. So the source gets a letter, warning them not to talk. Brandi’s name doesn’t even have to be on it. It can be a general blanket statement. And if her and Geneva had a relationship-it’s not to hard for her to figure out who is talking. Or, she may have been told of the situation-then the letter follows it up. Legal letters are really just proof that a situation has been addressed. Brandi didn’t do anything wrong legally. She was never part of any kind of agreement. She can say what she wants. And if what she’s saying is true-there’s nothing there. Geneva violated a legal agreement. And telling Brandi that a letter was received asking her to not reveal anything Geneva told her does constitute a “warning” technically. It’s semantics. She was warned is akin to Geneva asked her to stop talking. Or Paul informed her that she’s getting her friend in trouble and to stop. Warning someone of anything doesn’t equal a legal letter-especially when you didn’t do anything illegal.

    And even if Brandi called her own lawyer to CYA-it would NOT cost thousands like she claimed. Like most “celebrities” she probably has an attorney on retainer that could clear this up in a 3 second phone call. And her lawyer may have told her to watch what she says as well. Although clearly, she’s ignored that advice! Lol. It’s such a nothing that she made into a something.

    • VV™ says:

      How can they prove it was G the source of Brandi? ( we can safely guess that she was) BUT How? How could they prove that in a court of law? It wasn’t as if G was the only person in the whole wide world that knew about the surrogacy. WE VIEWERS KNEW! Rumors were all over the press and blogs that it was true. It was later confirmed by Adrienne. Brandi said many of her other friends knew. Brandi is not the type of person to keep quiet because somebody asks her to be quiet “please”. She is just not that disciplined. Unless, there is a real threat….
      I still think there was a LEGAL agreement between the parties involved Bravo/Evolution, Maloof and Glanville. None of them talk about it anymore…. why?

      • Exit4 says:

        The surrogacy was never a secret to people in Adrienne’s circle. The only people who didn’t know were the twins. Which I totally don’t agree with-but it’s her family, her choice. 🙂 I personally believe there was more said that didn’t air and a lot of this was put together with just the surrogacy thing. Although I do think Adrienne was super pissed about it, she ultimately let it air. All she had to do was tell the kids and she had plenty of time between filming and airing to do it.

        As far as proving anything in court-if the people involved stop talking, you can deduce the leak. The letter probably let Geneva know the maloofs weren’t playing around. And yes, Brandi is a big mouth-but we’ve all seen that when she gets beat (by Joyce, by Faye) she lays down. She knows that even though she may have beaten Adrienne in the viewers eyes, the fact remains that the maloofs have a lot of $, power and connections. They don’t need to take Brandi to court-if they want to damage her-they can. And she knows it. Hence the silence.

        If there was any kind of agreement I don’t think it was any more then what they did in NJ with nick and his diagnosis. Even producers are human-no one wants to damage people not directly involved in the show. Production companies have legalities that they have to follow. The last thing they need or a network needs is a lawsuit-there are boundaries.

        I think it doesn’t come up because people have short memories. Adrienne is gone-what’s the point of discussing her? It’s old news. Until Nancy brings it up! Lol! Kidding Nancy! 🙂

  85. chismosa™ says:

    Oh Giuliana – she needs to gain some weight. 😦

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