“I Hate Jill Zarin” Blog Mentioned on Oprah’s Where are They Now plus Couple’s Therapy, Brandi’s Podcast and Beverly Hills Reunion Aftermath

“I Hate Jill Zarin” Blog Mentioned on Oprah’s Where are They Now by NMD

It’s been a few years since Jill Zarin was kicked to the curb by Andy Cohen and other Bravo executives.  It has certainly not been long enough to forget about Jill, or care about what she’s up to today, so Jill was a surprising choice for Oprah’s “Where are they now,” series, which usually profiles former stars from decades ago.  Perhaps the pickings were thin.  Nevertheless, when Jill gives an interview, it’s always good for a laugh or two.

First of all, she mentioned that there was a blogger that hated her, and how that kept her up at night.  Of course that was a reference to Lynn Hudson’s “I Hate Jill Zarin” blog.  Oh how we loved to “hate” Jill when she had her now infamous fight with Bethenny Frankel.  Jill didn’t mention that her castmates supported said blogger – Bethenny only followed a handful of people on twitter, and one of them was Lynn Hudson.  Sonja, Ramona, and Alex also showed support for Lynn.

Next Jill goes into a weird explanation of why she was fired.  She claims that one night, before she was fired from the show, she took a sleeping pill and typed out an email to a producer and three of the five cast members saying she was leaving the show, and wanted to leave on a high note.  The next day she regretted it, and never sent the email to Bravo (the implication is she did sent it to her producer but not Bravo executives.)  Later   (she clarified on twitter that it was six weeks later) she was told that she was fired.

She says she had a “sixth sense” when she got the call.  Color me confused, but she got a call telling her she was being fired but had a sixth sense that she was being fired – or was the sixth sense that she was being fired because of her email.  She then goes on to say she’s not sure that’s why she was fired, because no one will ever give her a straight answer.  She was told that the show had become too dark and the only way to turn it around was to change the cast.  I think that’s a pretty straight answer – her behavior ruined the show for viewers.  (Of course I truly believe Andy Cohen just got sick of dealing with her and fired her to get her out of his life – but I don’t know if he’ll ever come right out and say that so we’ll stick with the show got too dark explanation.)

Finally Jill talks about what she learned from the show.  That words hurt, and she should use them carefully.  But she doesn’t regret what she said on the show because it was entertaining, and she was perfect for the show because she has a big mouth.  She admits she like the drama (no kidding) the fighting, the making up, and she’d do it again in a heartbeat. I don’t think I’m going out on a limb here by saying it was the most convoluted double speak interview I’ve seen in a while. I have missed Jill Zarin.  She is always good for a laugh.  I miss Lynn Hudson, and the days of the “I Hate Jill Zarin” blog.

Empress captured this twitter exchange between Jill and Andy last night – the topic – Jill videotaping her interview on WWHL a year ago.  Andy shuts her down.  Priceless.




Couple’s Therapy Ep 5 Let’s talk about sex by Mrs and Mr LuLu

Her Blog

Let’s talk about masturbation

Dr Jen starts group with the topic of sex. She starts with Jon poor Jon!!!! The guy scratches his balls then is accused of masterbating…… Jon opens up about how “business” like sex was with Kate 1. She was very specific on “how” and “when.” Poor Jon can you imagine “no not there!!! not like that!!” But with Kate 2.0 he likes having “sex” with her since she is affectionate. That causes her to drop her “b#tch like guard and show a little humility. Yes Kate 2.0 he is a real person with real feelings!!! B#tch comb your hair!!!!! lol!

Next is Fakrah and her boyfriend Porno

She decides to tell the group that when a man approaches her for sex. She automatically assumes they have some motive…. She’s alluding to being used for sex??? All I know is this woman can’t cry to save her life. It’s episode 5 and I know nothing about her other then she had a child and did a porno.

Kelsey and Ghost

Poor Kelsey just realizes that her feelings for Ghost were not and never will be recipricated. Ghost is too broken to really realize what he has done to her. I think this is his norm as far as a relationship is concerned.


Whitney needs sex and wants it all the time. Sada doesn’t she has a hard time emotionally connecting to Whitney sometimes. I think she is put off by Whitney’s emotional neediness. Which brings up the mother daughter dynamic. Whitney feels like she is Sada’s mother sometimes.

Taylor and John

I’d like to thank my new hometown and the Seattle Seahawks for sparing us. No one cares or wants to know intimate details of their sex life. That would probably terrify and scar for life many people!!

Ghost’s meeting

Dr Jen calls Ghost for a one on one meeting. Where Ghost confesses that he never was that involved in Kelsey. Also that he has been cheating on her with another women. What I don’t get about this meeting is why Dr Jen was so intently focused on “him” and “cheating.” Not his issues with relationships. She failed him as a therapist that’s for sure. I hope Dr Jen learns from this. He is a cry for help that went unanswered.

Sada/Whitney one on one

They have a one on one with Dr Jen. Of which we learn that Sada has major issues in her past. Your parents set the tone or dynamic of your relationship. It takes a strong forgiving partner to overcome it. Sada is very lucky that she has a solid rock Whitney as her wife. She is patient, forgiving and very loving.

Insult to injury Ghost and Kelsey….

Dr Jen has a one on one with Ghost and Kelsey. She has Ghost come clean about Latrisse (sp?) and that he has been cheating on her. Poor Kelsey is devastated I’m sure she suspected it at some point. She’s not that shocked IMO. Later Ghost tries to put the moves on her and she is like WTH is wrong with you!!! He then asks her to fetch a glass of apple juice that rightfully ends up all over him. Serves him right!!!

Couple’s Therapy Episode 6 Do we need a title?

Opens up to Ghost making light of his revelation about “cheating.” He doesn’t understand why Kelsey isn’t over it. It’s like he feels that she should just deal with it???

Sit down Dr Mike!!!

Dr Mike decides to console poor Kelsey. He gives her false hope of Ghost changing. She reveals her true feelings for him. I have to wonder if she just liked the idea of Ghost?? That was the appeal???

Fahkra/Porno boyfriend

The eternal victim with no tears to shed. However I do hear an ever so silent sound of a violin in the background………So no one in the house wants to play barbies with her. She just for the life of her can’t understand why!! I feel for her because I myself have been struggling with the title of the show and how that relates to a singleton? She has a one on one with Dr Jen. Where they discuss her boyfriend. The obvious her “boyfriend” is a film of her having sex. She wants the world to know she only had sex. Stop calling her a porn star!! At this point Dr Jen decides that in order to determine if this person is real. She needs to get rid of all the cameras……….

Group Dr Jen joins the dry cry gang

Dr Jen starts group with “secrets” as the topic of choice. First she brings up her girl Fakrah’s one on one sans camera. How she almost shed a tear just like her. I can’t say I am really invested in Fakrah. The remainder of the group all struggle to get to know her too. John says he has no interest in her as a person. She is just not that deep. Whitney which I get the sense is a very open and friendly person can’t penetrate that mess. She calls her out on her singletoness and how it’s “couples” therapy. How that she is horribly vague. Clearly the girl has issues but couple’s therapy is just not the place.

Ghost comes clean…..

Dr Jen makes Ghost write on a chaulkboard “I am a Cheater’ 1000 times. Might as well brand it to his forehead because if Dr Jen believes she can shame him. She has another thing coming. He doesn’t feel it’s a big deal at all. Sada tries to say something but Ghost refuses to listen. He decides to educate Sada on all things “male” and how she is lacking in that department. Yes some men like to poke their sticks but majority of men do it responsibly. A point that fails him.

Sit down from hell

Oh Ghost ghost ghost poor misunderstood ghost! Why of why would a nice lady like Kelsey be so hurt by his cheating ways?? Still doesn’t get it and what’s worse is Dr Jen is flying Latrisse in for a confrontation. But silly Dr Jen Ghost is using this opportunity to decide which women he wants to be with!?!??!?! This seriously has to be the most unclimatic sit down in television history. I’m sure the producers are screaming why didn’t these women get up out of their chairs and slap him or fight each other. Little did they realize that these women have self respect and would never do that. Both of them look hurt but what’s worse is Latisse looks defeated. The women already knew and wasn’t surprised by Kelsey. I hope they both move on with their lives and find men that treat them well.

His Blog

Sex issues at group, or everything I don’t wanna know here…..

John and Kate2,

I feel like I am seeing a ‘baby daddy’ reveal on Maury Povich when watching these two. No matter how the test results come back, it ain’t gonna work out.

Backdoor Teen Mom,

She has made bad sexual choices, shocker! And it has impacted her ability to have a healthy sex life and relationships.

Ghost and Kelsey,

Ghost has no idea how to conduct himself in a committed and monogamous relationship, and continues to sabotage himself and his relationship. He’s not a bad guy by any means. He just literally is that clueless and screwed up on relationships.

Whitney and Sade,

My sides! A newly wed couple with issues on intimacy and marital roles. Sade really needs to cut out the push pull crap though. That’s just a silly game that maybe you get away with for a little while when dating someone your not serious about yet, in a marriage it makes you jerk and a half.

Ghost one on one…

Yada, yada, yada, he engineers a situation for Kelsey to meet the other woman in his life. And its just the dumbest thing I have ever seen Doctor Jen agree to. I mean how many days of therapist school did she miss? I mean he wants to break up, fine, but encourage him to do that in an adult manner, not have some drama for the cameras under the facade of it being insightful therapy.

Whitney deals with Sade’s frustrations…

I relate way too much to Whitney here on the ups and downs of being a husband. The only time I felt more rejected in my marriage was after the birth of my first kid. And thats normal, husband and wife takes a drastic turn that needs time to get to a new normal when it becomes mom and dad. But when one of you is the sex gatekeeper, and its hard to tell when the gates are a open for a visit, yeah that saps a lot of the joy out of marriage if it stays an issue.

Sade tippy toes about her childhood issues with Doctor Jen. That’s screwed up, and she needs to really get that worked out. I know coming from an abusive home damn near sunk my marriage until I admitted how it still has had an impact on me, and started addressing it, rather than pretending I was okay and keeping all that inside.

Ghost’s Big Bad Idea!

He couldn’t do a better job of burning down his relationship with Kelsey if he brought a gas can, a road flare, and an expert arsonist. You can see his freaking expression of ‘duping delight’ at times as he thinks, ‘Finally, I’ve broken this and can get out of this.’ Man Ghost is screwed up, he literally is so emotionally crippled he has to break up by causing a train wreck.

Kelsey needs to walk out, he’s too far gone, and needs so much work to even be in a relationship.

Farrah plays Doctor Jen,

Farrah is a professional victim. And worse, she knows how to play people who want to try and ‘save’ her. She’s damn clever, and has been creating a role she can play for Doctor Jen,and man did she nail it to a tee! She just sits there and tells Doctor Jen everything she needs to hear.

Oh give me a break, she signed a nondisclosure? Any decent lawyer would have it torn up in seconds. She is just using it as a cover of victimhood. And the worst, she used it to tell Doctor Jen the exact story she needed to hear about the poor little girl lost and victimized by the porn industry. Just like ‘Belladonna’ did with Barbara Walters, before going right back to make a few hundred thousand more in the industry. Man, Doctor Jen sucks at her job.

Group, post Farrah’s session, and secrets…

So Doctor Jen babbles on, being taken in by Farrah’s act.

Being a lawyer, John just doesn’t give a damn. He knows when he is dealing with a shyster, and just lays in. And its great, cause Whitney follows it up with how much crap she thinks Farrah is full of as well. And then the fake crying starts from Farrah, but no runny makeup, ever.

No really, Doctor Jen sucks at her job. She comes up with the most illegitimate reason for Farrah to be there after Whitney raises a reasonable objection to it. And then decides, not the group, her, she decides what and who should be talked about. And moves it along… I now know what therapy dictated by reality T.V. producers looks like. Farrah will have a ‘big reveal’ at the end of the season, with suddenly no legal issues at all. And it will be a big climactic moment for her ‘storyline’ on the show. This is almost as staged as when Doug and Kourtney kept being brought back on the season they were on.

Ghost and his woman,

And with that… Really?

I want to attempt an experiment. I want to call up professional marriage and relationship counselors, and see if I can find one that thinks a three way session between a man and the woman he is double timing is productive.

Screw it, Couple’s Therapy has jumped the shark. Calling it ‘reality’ television at this point is like calling the People’s Court a court….


Brandi Glanville’s Podcast 13 by Kit9

Leslie Ann Bruce, co author of Brandi’s books and Brandi’s BFF(TM). They met during the scandal with Eddie and Leann when Leslie says everyone was trying to get Brandi’s side of the story. Brandi claims that while married to Eddie, she was happy not to be in the spotlight, “I just don’t have that drive for fame that a lot of people are hungry for”(your joke here). Brandi wanted Leslie to come to her house for further interviews because she wanted to see if she was a genuine person and if she was cute(a top priority for Brandi, as always).

It was Leslie’s idea to write a book. Brandi wanted to write a cook book. They would fight during the book writing process and joke they had to break up for a bit. Brandi calls Leslie her “boo”. Lawyers took out a lot in terms of naming names in Brandi’s book. Brandi talks about a third book. Says that nothing has been confirmed but offers are already on the table. Brandi and Leslie kissed during writing process(of course they did!). Says she was Leslie’s first girl kiss. According to Brandi, if you’re seated on the right side at Dan Tanna’s you aren’t cool.

Brandi talks about her broken hand and says she didn’t go to a Dr. because she didn’t have medical insurance due to a pre existing condition and she didn’t want to be judged by the women. And, Leslie refers to that “scene”(assuming with Lisa)and says that Brandi “is a a grown ass woman and she can do and say whatever she wants”. Brandi and Leslie almost got killed in an alley once when Brandi thought she was a “gangsta bitch” by taking a short cut.

Guest: Bret Easton Ellis, writer. Bret is a HW fan. He thinks Carlton is nuts. He thinks Joyce is super annoying and overreacts to everything and that she tries to rewrite the narrative. Brandi continues to call Joyce, Jacqueline. Brandi points out that “all of those girls are actresses” and that they “write their own scripts”. Bret talks about how some reality shows are so obviously scripted(looking at you VPR)but that the HW aren’t.

Brandi thinks that reason that Atlanta’s ratings are double that of BH is because they put it all out there and aren’t afraid to be real, while on BH, some women want to project “this perfect image”. Brandi says Lisa used to live in the Valley, was filing for bankruptcy but doesn’t want to talk about it. (see Lisa’s tweets about this below – NMD). Brandi thinks that facts like that about Lisa are interesting.

Bret bashes Kyle. Thinks there are things she’d rather sweep under the rug but that adds a tension to the show. Brandi talks about how Kyle didn’t want want her to bring up the tabloid allegations. Brandi talks about how much she LOVES Yolanda and how they are having dinner the next night(oops, not so fast Brandi! This is obvi before their very public spat starting on WWH and continuing on Twitter). Bret couldn’t stand Yo at first but now likes her. He said she did a transformation for him(wtf? Did I miss something? Yo transformed? Did she start wearing non white jeans?).

Brandi says the Bret has gotten into trouble on Twitter*. Brandi is one of his favorite HW’s and thinks she gets a really unfair rap by “just saying what’s on her mind”. Bret talks about what he calls “an empire state of mind” where people don’t say what they really feel because it will hurt other people’s feelings. But, then says you shouldn’t hurt people and he doesn’t support hate speech(wait, what?). Rips Joyce for taking what Brandi said as racist and says it’s part of this “lame-ass antiquated world”(wtf?). Bret says that he didn’t like 12 Years a Slave, does that make him a racist?(wtf?)

Brandi says we should speak our minds and we’ll make mistakes and apologize. About the molestation comments, Brandi says that she was trying to “get to their level and have them respect me”(everyone else? Not so much). Bret says that the joke has been around for a decade and criticizes advocacy groups for “freaking out about it”. He then says that such groups moment to complain about it has passed(get that? See, if something offensive is said you can only complain about it once and all subsequent similarly offensive comments are to be ignored. Wtf is this douche talking about?).

Bret says that Brandi has become the “sacrificial lamb of the show” this season. He wonders if Lisa VP will get “her turn”. Brandi says “never, you can’t not love her and she will never go down”. Says that he had problems with Kyle but that he does like her. Says that Kim was “delusional” when “she went off on Ken”(no idea what he’s talking about here). He thinks that Brandi was “really humanized in the Sacramento episode”.

Brett really dislikes Joyce. He thinks Joyce is the problem(oh for fuck’s sake). Carlton is kind of a “loony wildcard”. He thinks The Kardashians is a good and “compelling” show and that it’s real(wtf? Wasn’t there very good evidence that entire scenes were staged on the K?). He’s met and likes all the Kardashians. Brandi also watches the show. And, together, they go on and on and on about it.

Bret(or, WTF, as I now call him)says snobs look down on reality tv as trashy but thinks that there isn’t really any trash in the BHs show(yo, WTF, look to your immediate right). He says that on BH, they don’t get into fist fights and aren’t being constantly bleeped. He thinks that of all reality shows, the HW’s are “reasonably adult” and says the same thing for Jersey(wtmfw?!). Brandi says she won’t censor herself because she’d feel like a sell out. Interview over. THANK FREAKING GOD.

*I looked it up and found these gems that Bret dropped on Twitter……

–“It took me 48 years to finally understand women. I do now. It’s horrifying.”
–On the Oscar winning director: “Kathryn Bigelow would be considered a mildly interesting filmmaker if she was a man but since she’s a very hot woman she’s really overrated,”
–“I like the idea of ‘Glee’ but why is it that every time I watch an episode I feel like I’ve stepped into a puddle of HIV?”

And, I leave you with this….“There’s no such thing as “inappropriate” AIDS comments, rape comments, pedophile comments. That world is over now. It doesn’t exist anymore.”


And here is Lisa’s reaction after RadarOnline repeated Brandi’s misinformation – NMD


Reunion Aftermath by NMD

Credit - Peter DeRosa Instagram

Credit – Peter DeRosa Instagram

Credit - Peter DeRosa Instagram

Credit – Peter DeRosa Instagram

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion filmed yesterday.  As predicted, we have a few random tweets to let us know how the ladies were feeling:


About Veena (NMD)

Just a housewife ... who loves this place .... and loves to write ... You can reach me through this email: nomoredrama8@gmail.com. Lynn's Place is in tribute to Housewives blogger Lynn Hudson, who passed away in August of 2012.
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675 Responses to “I Hate Jill Zarin” Blog Mentioned on Oprah’s Where are They Now plus Couple’s Therapy, Brandi’s Podcast and Beverly Hills Reunion Aftermath

  1. Mel says:

    Brandi is pretty obsessed with trashy Joyce and inviting ppl on the podcast to further trash Joyce.
    I guess it is frustrating for Brandi to not have any personal issues to use against Joyce….so calling her “Jacqueline” is all she’s got.

    The bk and valley comment was beyond pathetic……Calabasas is home to a shitload of celebs and boasts multi million dollar homes. So even if Lisa lived there….so what? Brandi is reaching with this one…and the more she opens her mouth the stupider she sounds.

    Lisa has NEVER hid anything about her personal life. The scandal with her step son marrying her friend came out only because Lisa had them on the show. NO tabloids broke that story….Lisa n Ken talked about it. I don’t think for one second Lisa ever in life would tell Brandi a personal secret…as she knows what kind of biatch Brandi is….an untrustworthy one.

    As far as Yolanda and her secret…..yOYO is calculating as she told Brandi something that would make Yolanda come out on top and embarrass her ex husband. I don’t think for one second Yolanda felt that Brandi would keep her confidence….I think Yolanda was banking on the fact B would say something to try and embarrass Johanna.

    As far as the reunion goes….I have feeling Joyce owned that reunion and handle Brandi like a pro.

    • ladebra says:

      Totally agree with everything!

      By the way I lived in Calabasas when I moved down here, and I routinely ran into Jessica Simpson, the Kardashians, Sam Elliot… Etc. but never Lisa lol!

    • California35 says:

      Hi Mel!! 🙂

      I agree about Calabasas, I live near it and Brandi wish she could at least live there 😛 (where does she live any ways?) If Lisa did live there, it wouldn’t be a bad place. Either way, so what if she lived there or any other (lower than BH) place. The fact that she doesn’t now actually looks good for Lisa. That she has had nothing and has a lot now. And Calabasas is considered “The Valley”? come on 😛

      • ladebra says:

        Now that you mention it, I thought Kim lived in Calabasas, or even further out in Thousand Oaks?

        • California35 says:

          Kim lived in Westlake Village and I wonder if she still does. I also wonder if Brandi lives there also. I was excited back in the day because Kim said she liked going to Costco, and I know where that is :-P. I have no idea where in WLV she used to live or lives now. I know she moved at least once since.

    • ladebra says:

      umm, except I like Joyce. She’s bubbly and enthusiastic, and she can take care up for herself. But I don’t get the feeling she is naturally bitchy. She’s a situational bitch, when she needs to be. 😛

    • Powell says:

      I’m on the bandwagon Mel agreeing to everything you said. You are spot on.

  2. Powell says:

    Good afternoon everyone. It’s so cold out. It was much nicer yesterday. Ugh. ‘Spring where are you?’ 😉 I hope everyone is cozy, relaxing and having a great weekend.

    • California35 says:

      Good afternoon to you 🙂 still morning to me. It has been raining here, and has been cold. I like this, but yes I am with you. Spring come on by 🙂 What to wear and deciding to buy or not to buy winter clothes is not fun.

  3. Powell says:

    Lulu bless you and Mr. Lulu’s heart for blogging CT. You were so busy w/packing, arranging your move and getting your little guys and the pup ready for travel and you still had time for us. Thank you. You’re the sweetest. A BIG hug to the Lulu Family. 🙂

  4. California35 says:

    good morning!

    YAY!! NMD you wrote about Jill!!! I was watching her and commenting here last night…I was hoping I would find a blog about it today 🙂 Bring back memories, the beginnings of the blog. Lynn, her blog, the regular commenters (most gone :-(). All the fun we had. Thanks for writing about this….I miss Lynn and those times…life is better now without Jill as a Real Housewife, but she still gives entertainment from time to time, and for FREEEEE lol I also miss so many of the old commenters…. 😦 Come back!! 🙂

    I can’t finish this without thanking you NMD and all the other blogers for keeping this going, even thought there is no more Lynn 😦 and no more Jill on RH.

    • 🙂 I miss her too. But I’m glad there are so many of us around still.

      • California35 says:

        yes!! I am happy about that also…I am glad the blog is still going and many old, new and in between commenters are around 🙂

    • Cartwheels says:

      Talk about someone who is obsess with her 15 minutes on the spot light, Jill was definitely not prepared to step out of the limelight and she didn’t have anything else to fall back on. Sad.

      • Powell says:

        Cartwheels I’m not being funny but I really think if she can’t continue to milk her 15 minutes she’s going to have a nervous breakdown. I’m sure there are many people in entertainment that can’t get over what they once had in the entertainment world but the only person in entertainment that I remember having such a hard time is the actor Jeff Conaway that was in Grease and on Taxi as Bobby. All he referred to in later yrs were those two roles, especially Taxi. That’s how he defined himself. JZ is just like that and it’s sad.

    • Powell says:

      Cali those were the days. Haha. I’m talking like it was 50 yrs ago. LOL. 😉 But that was very good entertainment. Bless our Lynn. She’s laughing right along w/us today. 🙂 On one hand I want JZ to shut it, on the other hand her continued stupidity is just so darn entertaining.

  5. Powell says:

    So what story number is this JZ has told how she was fired. O M G!!!! Y’all remember that little story I wrote that Jill will be in a nursing home that Ally has put her in, and all day everyday Jill sits in her rocking chair saying, “Why did they fire me?”. Well this seals it. I truly believe that she’s going to be a bitter old lady that will go to meet her maker mumbling “Why did they fire me?”. This is really pathetic. She just can’t get over it.

    • California35 says:

      I think it is sad that she did this, she still doesn’t get it that it looks bad on her. Where are they now? well this one is still in the same place since she left the show. The other stories on the episode were so different.

      She mentioned Ally, she will graduate college this May. She said she will be coming home. Ally, nooooo! Run, find your own place and have a good healthy life.

      • Powell says:

        Cali that is such a good point. She’s still back what 3, 4 yrs ago, sitting on the sofa w/Ginger’s tongue up her nose, her cellphone in hand listening to a Bravo Exec say “The show got to dark so we’re making drastic changes to the cast and you are no longer a RHONY HW”. She’s just stuck in that point in time.

    • kit9 says:

      Jill is freaking insane. I really think now that she has a personality disorder.

      • T-Rex says:

        Her problem is that NOBODY likes TheLunaticZarin! She has ZERO friends, she has her daughter, and Bawby tolerates her as much as he can when he isn’t working. Her Stepchildren HATE her, they want nothing to do with her, her sister can barely tolerate her, her mother berates her, probably cause she knows what a sniveling idiot she raised. She is that NEEDY ass person that just can’t figure out why no one likes them, WHY cause you are so freakin NEEDY! Learn to be friends with yourself, don’t go rushing after people to MAKE them like you! It NEVER works. Then when things are going her way and her feelings get hurt, she then turns around and lashes out at the people she is trying to get to like her. She needs some really serious Mental Help!

        • chismosa™ says:

          I remember her and her sister the wise sage saying that Jill had no friends in school growing up. 🔪🔪

  6. Powell says:

    So now JZ would do it again in a heartbeat. But didn’t she say before last season on NY started they couldn’t pay her a million dollars to do it? Damn why didn’t they pick that tidbit out of that article and read her quote to her. I don’t like Jill Zarin.

  7. Rebecca says:

    I hate Jill Zarin.

  8. Can someone explain what team skating is please? Is is just an excuse to have the skaters compete twice?

    • kit9 says:

      They take the 4 figure skating disciplines and then add their scores up and whichever country has the best combined scores win..includes pairs, ice dancing and men’s and women’s skaters. It looks like they start with the short programs and then take the top combined performers from that and then do long programs later, I guess. And, which ever country has the greatest total score wins.

    • Powell says:

      I guess Nancy’s going to have to answer that. All I know is I love to see them skating together. 🙂

  9. Powell says:

    Thks you Andy for shutting her down. She just doesn’t learn.

    • T-Rex says:

      YEPPERS! Mz Andy was so PISSED that THELunatic taped the show WITHOUT permission, and I heard that she threw his name around to get interviews, without his permission as well. Now, he can’t stand her and will SHUT HER DOWN, when he can. He also made sure to shut down those interviews she got by using his name. Go Andy. TheLUNATIC will never be on anything Andy has anything has a part of, he really is still pissed

  10. MelTheHound - Team T-Rex says:

    Jill Zarin, Brandi Glanville, Lips McGee, Farrah Abraham.. The gifts that keep on giving… Just like Herpes 🙄

  11. toodybird says:

    I Hate Jill Zarin. Thanks NMD for this site. Thanks to the other bloggers.

  12. LaineyLainey says:

    Thanks to NMD, Empress, the Lulu’s and Kit9 for their contributions to today’s blog. It was a great read. Lisa looks sad in that photo.

  13. ladebra says:

    Thank you Lulu and Mr Lulu for the blog. I can’t imagine going on TV and airing some of this stuff.

    And thanks NMD for the blog, and for everything you and the other bloggers do everyday to keep us together and give us a place to come. Oh, and I hate Jill Zarin. 😉

    • Powell says:

      Here here….. 🙂

      • ladebra says:

        And! I might have found the blog cause I hate JZ, but I’m still here cause I love youse guys 💕

        • Powell says:

          I feel the same way. 😀

        • Shiny says:

          So true! Jillzy always drove me nuts with her delusional self-importance, but it’s a little sad to find out she hasn’t changed a bit and still can’t understand how her actions resulted in consequences. Or maybe it should be reassuring that she is still the same – makes all the I Hate Jill blog comments even more valid.

  14. plainviewsue says:

    Lisa looks miserable in the picture. I am actually surprised that Kyle got seat next to Andy. He must really love her. She’s the only HW I can remember that has always had the pimp seat.

    It looks like Brandi is next to her. I thought for sure Brandi would be first season. I am surprised that Joyce and Carlton would be on the same couch.

    Brandi’s podcast would shrink anyone’s brain capacity!!! How you do it for us Kit is amazing!!

    How ironic it would be if Lisa sued Brandi for her lying comments. She is an idiot.

    • plainviewsue says:

      I meant first SEAT!!!!!

    • ladebra says:

      Thank you Kit for blogging the podcasts, I just need to be in the right frame of mind to read. I can’t even imagine listening. Your blogs are very good, it’s a blood pressure thing, or maybe it’s a chocolate induced serotonin thing- I just need to be in a good place!

      • kit9 says:

        I said this before in another thread but dear god is Bret annoying as hell. Not just what he says but how he says it! His way of speaking is grating. Listening to him was torture for me! I can’t believe he has a podcast.

      • chismosa™ says:

        LOL Debra.
        Get the chocolate !

    • Cartwheels says:

      She better not sue or it would go against everything she preached at last seasons reunion about being litigious against cast mates and all.

      • Jill...no not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

        IMAGINE!!! That would just be too too much!!

        • cusi77 says:

          I don’t think she was implying she would sue slanderous Brandi but she was talking about RT for publishing… The comment over there are on Lisa’s favor! People saying that IF true, there admiration for Lisa and Ken just keeps growing… She knows better to not sue a cast mate… The truth is that Brandi was never sued by Adrienne and sadly Lisa went with that lie… Lisa is down several notches in my book. The underdog bites! Just be careful with Brandi, Yolanda, Kyle and Kim! Carlton can keep her!

  15. Mel says:

    I had this sweet image of Lynn writing a blog in heaven : )

    I think it is amazing that her blog continues here…nomoredrama you are beyond awesome for helping to keep this blog alive in Lynn’s memory. I don’t have the time to post as I use to…but be sure I surf through the blog daily for my fix.

    I remember when I first found this blog…it became my guilty pleasure. From laughter, support, debate, and gossip…..I WAS HOOKED. I first got on because I couldn’t get ANY of my comments posted on Bravotv. This blog became an avenue of free speech and openness that continues to this day. I know Lynn is smiling down on you all for continuing her legacy.

    I off to do my Saturday errands….enjoy the weekend and have a blessed day to you all.


  16. Powell says:

    “He couldn’t do a better job of burning down his relationship with Kelsey if he bought a gas can, a road flare and an expert arsonist.” LOL Mr. Lulu. You hit that one out of the ballpark. 🙂

  17. Mene Seela says:

    Did JZ ever answer “Where Are They Now?”

    What does she do all day …. weep over a shoebox of old IHJZ blogs?

    I never posted on the IHJZ blog but I did read them sometimes. Very entertaining and funny. Must be fun for all of you that did post then, to have *her* bring it up after all this time.

  18. Mene Seela says:

    Bret Easton Ellis wrote “Less Than Zero” and “American Psycho”.

  19. I’m changing my name in light of my upcoming adventure. It feels strange – but it’s time …

  20. cusi77 says:

    I love that name NMD because it is absolutely true… Real adventures of an American Housewife… in Europe… Wow! I wish you all the best! Enjoy every step of the way… even the preparations are part of the big adventure! Xoxo

  21. Jill...no not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

    Thanks for the bursting with info blog today all-and thanks to all who captured tweets and pics from the reunion!
    VV-im still shocked that Kyle had first chair-I thought for sure it would be a Brandi/Lisa show down!! (Even though you say Andy loves Kyle I never got that feeling from him-him and his dad are team Brandi all the way in my book!!)

  22. VV™ says:

    Did I miss something? Lisa clearly stated she cannot control what her cast mates say about her. She is denouncing RadarOnline and used hashtag #slander. In fact below is her entire tweet in quotes:

    “It’s an attack on my character,what my castmates say about me I have no control over,however @radar_online needs to be responsible.#slander”

    To me seems pretty clear.

    • cusi77 says:

      #GetWise. She is clearly not going to sue Brandi or RO… the comments over there are favoring Lisa, have you read? I am glad that she clarify that… why Brandi said that?

      • VV™ says:

        ROL needs to detect story. I think that’s what she’s looking at. It won’t be the first time. That site gets it 98.4% of the time wrong.

        • Jill...no not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

          ROL didn’t get anything wrong b/c they didn’t make up the story-they are quoting Brandi-she said those exact words on her podcast-they don’t have to detract b/c they printed Brandi’s words-Brandi will be the one in trouble not ROL.

          • Nancy says:

            Don’t they have to check their sources though?

            • VV™ says:


            • Jill...no not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

              Check their source for what? The quote comes from Brandi’s podcast-she is the source-they are only repeating what she broadcasted days ago-Lisa should be worried about PodcastOne slandering her not ROL-I’m sure Lisa knows all of this

              • Nancy says:

                There still are responsible for what they put out there as they
                are suppose to check their sources. Just because it came from Brandi
                doesn’t get them off the hook.

            • Their source is Brandi, she said it. They don’t have to check if what she said was true. They are reporting what Brandi said, not if the story is true.

            • Orson says:

              We’re not talking about responsible journalism here. It’s tabloid journalism. In tabloid journalism, you don’t have to check sources, you just need to have a source. That way, you can have a salacious headline, like: REAL HOUSEWIFE DOES TRICKS IN FRONT OF CHILDREN!! and then buried in the first or second paragraph say “A source reported that during her child’s 5th birthday party, [insert name of HW], star of HWs of [insert city name] feigned pulling a half dollar out of her daughter’s ear.” Of course, with anonymous sources, it could just be the “reporter” who has the desk across from you.

        • rabblerouser2010R says:

          I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

          A few days ago, ROL ran a story that claimed Elizabeth Hurley had an affair with President Clinton that was facilitated by Tom Sizemore . Tom, a known crack head claims that Clinton demanded Elizabeth’s number stating ” I am the commander in chief, the buck stops here” with a slew of other just are ridiculous and over the top idioms thrown around.

          And a few days later posted another story, that Tom recanted the tales…explain how it was just another one of his drug fueled fabrications.

          So yeah, I don’t think they will retract it. They will probably just post Lisa’s tweets denying it.

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

      If ROL is slandering her b/c they quoted an exact quote from Brandi then I don’t think ROL is slandering anyone-that’s on Brandi and PodcastOne.

      • T-Rex says:

        RadarONLIARLIARPANTSOFIRE(allegedly), gets around Slander by using the word “Source” and “inferring” that source is the LIAR_SUPREME MORONSTFUBrandi. Now, if LisaV wanted to sue anyone it would have to be teh LIAR-SUPREME-MORONSTFUBrandi, but unfortunately by the way they worded the story RadarONLIARLIARPANTSONFIRE(allegedly) is off the hook. I don’t know why folks here, or anywhere even reads that website, quotes that website, etc. If folks would boycott it due to the fact that 99.999999 of what they report is a COMPLETE AND UTTER LIE(allegedly), they would go away!

        • Jill...no not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

          ROL is a total shit site but this time they didn’t use the word SORCE b/c they didn’t have to-they only repeated what big mouth said-not proving it true nor false. Lisa I’m sure knows that ROL didn’t make up this story so I have to wonder why she would even bother with them-why not tweet Brandi or PodcastOne directly?

          • T-Rex says:

            I don’t think LisaV wants anything further to do with the LIAR-SUPREMEMORONSTFUBrandi, she won’t be twatting her! That bridge is SO BURNED now.

  23. Jill...no not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

    He was offered millions and asked for quadrupal…MONEY IS THE NAME OF THE GAME!!!


    • Anne says:

      US magazine quotes an anonymous source about settlement negotiations which are typically confidential in any legal proceeding about a divorce where there is a gag order in place on both parties. Sorry, I’m not persuaded that anything in the article about the settlement negotiations in the divorce is true.

      I’m not an expert on NY divorce law, but it is my understanding from friends who have gone through divorces (both men and women) that the party who didn’t file for the divorce, is typically advised not to leave the marital home until property settlements were resolved.

      • Jill...no not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

        I don’t believe much I read about this divorce but when people read that Bethenny and Jason were fighting over custody lots of people believed it-how would we know if that’s true and that this is false? I think everything always comes down to money so I tend to believe this over anything else…I’m a bit cynical!

        • Powell says:

          What else could it be but money that takes this long? It wouldn’t take this long if it was about Bryn cuz the judge would have someone appointed for Bryn’s benefit and that would help determine custody.

        • Anne says:

          I don’t think that anything published about settlement discussions in a confidential divorce proceeding is accurate. Specifically, the amounts stated in the article, which Jill cited in her post. I suspect that Bethenny and Jason’s lawyers are trying to work out details of money, but who knows what else could be involved. Divorce cases take a long time when there is lots of money involved, because there are lots of details to work out. For all we know, they could be working out the custody schedule for the holidays from now until Bryn turns 18 or things like what religion she’ll be raised in? Maybe Jason wants Bethenny to agree to cooperate so he can get an annulment in the Catholic Church so he can remarry in the church. Who knows? Since I imagine the final terms will also be sealed, we won’t ever really know the details.

      • chismosa™ says:

        Anne that’s what I thought too.

    • Cartwheels says:

      It always has been , this has never been about Bryn, she is just the pawn that Jason uses to get more money out of the settlement. He signed a prenup so he knows that his only chance to get the money he thinks he deserves is in form of forcing her to settle. I hope. Bethenny holds for as long as the judge sorts this out and Jason gets to walk with what he brought which is nothing.

      • California35 says:

        I hope so too. If he is stubborn, guess what? so is she 😛 Putting up with him for over a year in the same house did not make her settle. I hope she doesn’t at the end. He needs to give up. So who is supporting the apartment? the bills? the food? the cleaning??? :-/ I hope she only buys food for Bryn and her veggies and such :-P…

        • Powell says:

          Didn’t she put the apartment in an LLC? So the biz would pay mortgage, utilities. I hope she would pay for she and Bryn’s food, clothes & Jason should fin for himself.

          • iceNfire says:

            I think I remember a scene where Jason is saying to Bethenny that he will not work For her but Will be her partner. Maybe he got that in writing … or maybe it was just a dream – idk

          • California35 says:

            I don’t know. So she is paying for it. Must be nice for him. We knew that the apartment was paid for with the skinny drinks :-P.

    • California35 says:

      OMG this diverse is still going? It has been over a year already. I guess the time doesn’t surprise me or bother me as much, since it can take long even on regular divorces … but he is still has not moved out !!! Regardless of anything else, who has done what or who is to be blamed or bla bla bla…he doesn’t want to move!!! yuk!

    • chismosa™ says:

      Is this the same as the Daily mail article I posted ?
      Or is there new stuff !

      I have to catch up 🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃

  24. Nancy says:

    NMD…Team Figure Skating. Kit9 almost had it right.
    10 teams go into the event. (ladies, men, pairs and ice dancing) It starts with the short program.
    First place gets 10 points, 2nd place gets 9 points, 3rd place gets 8 points…etc.
    The 5 best scored teams go into the long program phase. Same scoring applies.
    1st place wins the Gold, 2nd the Silver, 3rd the Bronze.

    I agree with you in that this Team event could be very costly to the individual top skaters.
    Lot’s of skaters will perform the skate of their lives and then fall from grace on their very
    next skate. This is the reason why they don’t enter every competition during the season.

  25. VV™ says:

    JellyTeam very quiet this morning.

  26. T-Rex says:

    I am OFFICIALLY OVER the Winter Olympics, between the Horrific conditions in Russia, NBC has the WORST television coverage forgot just how bad they are at the Olympic coverage, day Two and we are OUT!. Sorry to all the wonderful competitors that give up their lives for their sport, but due to Political Bribery, and poor network coverage, we will not be watching your exploits! We thought that NBC would have learned how to cover the olympics in a new way with the way the world has changed, but apparently it’s still 1960 to NBC!

    • VV™ says:

      What happened?

    • gweema says:

      I am lucky living in a border state to Canada – I can get the CBC coverage and they are better at it, though still not great and more focused on the Canadian teams and competitors.

    • TexasTart says:

      We’re not liking the NBC monopoly or their announcers. For the summer olympics there was another channel that had coverage…granted it was still NBC but I watched that channel a lot because it had some sports the main channel would not air. Couldn’t find such a channel last night – but of course everyone was at opening ceremonies.

      I was not as impressed with opening ceremonies, the performers not choreographed well and camera angles suck..and if you didn’t know the russian alphabet you didn’t know who was coming up, and I had it muted for stupid Matt – UGH so I missed USA enter the stadium! Blah blah, I am not into it as usual and knowing behind the scenes is not helping……so I GET YOU T-REX.

      • vilzvet says:

        It’s on that other channel NBCSH (146 in NY) right not when not on NBC itself. I also believe the USA channel will have lots of coverage. I’m sure between all these channels it’s going 24/7.

      • Pghemtchick says:

        Check out MSNBC’s channel as well. I was watching it there earlier today while other stuff was on the regular NBC channel.

  27. Nancy says:

    In short…this is how figure skating gets scored.

    TES-Technical Element Score
    Every element, every jump, spin, left, footwork or spiral sequence gets points.
    The base values are predetermined. A technical specialist identifies each element
    and for some elements such as spins and step sequences, also rates the level of
    difficulty from 1 to 4, with 4 being the most difficult. Judges decide how well each
    element is done and gives it a Grade of Execution (GOE) from -3 to +3. The scores
    of the skaters elements are added up, deductions for things like falls, time violations
    and illegal elements are taken and the resulting number is the TES.

    Program Component Score (PCS)
    Judges also score each skaters skating skills, transitions (linking footwork and
    movement) performance/execution, choreography/composition and interpretation
    of the music. Scores range from 0.25-10.

    The two scores are added up and there you have it. 🙂

    Sasha Cohen during the 2006 Torino Olympics fell twice in her long program
    and ended up winning the Silver medal. During the 6.0 scoring system she would
    have been light years away from winning any medal but the new scoring system
    counts every part of a skaters program. Although this might be a fairer way of
    scoring for me it no longer looks like a skating competition anymore as the skaters
    hardly skate anymore. Skating is about edges and a lean of the body. Now it’s
    about flapping ones arms in the air and putting ones body in unattractive positions
    only to gain more points. 😦 Not a fan.

  28. gweema says:

    Well, we now know how the couches were divided for the RHBH reunion. Kyle seems to have the weakest support on her couch yet again. I’m going to doubt that Brandi won any friends, may have 80% of the cast refusing to film with her next season if she comes back, and from the look on Lisa’s face I think they absolutely went after her even though they failed.

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      I bet Lisa is the head of the other couch, followed by Joyce…followed by Yo with Gollum on the end.

  29. Powell says:

    So are they finished taping the reunion? Brandi tweeted 30 seconds ago, “Getting set to jet. NYC!!”

  30. Powell says:

    Have y’all seen the promo for the new movie Non-Stop w/Liam Neison, Julianne Moore & Michelle Dockery? Liam is an Air Marshall on a flight. Julianne is a passenger. Michelle is a flight attendant. Someone on the flight texts Liam’s character that they are hi-jacking the plane and want money and to send it to a bank account that the person gives Liam. The acct is found to be in Liam’s character’s name. Liam figures it’s not about money, someone wants to take the plane down. It looks like it’s going to be a great film

    • California35 says:

      I have seen the promo, and you described it perfectly 🙂 Yes, it looks like it will be a goon one. I would like to watch it 🙂

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Yeah, it looks cool. I love Liam,

      • vilzvet says:

        My kind of movie. And definitely heard that “Monuments Men” is not good unfortunately.

        • Shiny says:

          I will still watch it – loved the books about the real group – and I would watch those actors even if they were just standing there reciting the alphabet…. But it is disappointing that it’s not a top notch film with that story.

  31. Jill...no not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

    What does Lisa mean by “what my cast mates say I have no control over…” ? Does that mean cast mates can’t “you know what” SUE each other????

    • California35 says:

      I am assuming :-/

    • Anne says:

      Could it be a dig at the castmates who claim that Lisa manipulates them into saying and doing things, that they would not otherwise say or do?

    • T-Rex says:

      I am sure that if you try to SUE a castmate it’s the KISS OF DEATH and you are promptly FIRED as a Hwife, pretty much how it’s gone so far. Plus Lisa isn’t stupid, let the LIAR-SUPREME-MORONSTFUBrandi, put the nails in her own public coffin, her book is tanking, no one from what I read is listening to her podcast any longer, and everyone other than those who follow her on twatter pretty much hate her. She is “persona-non-grata” in Beverly Hills from what I heard, which means she has been black-balled from the poshest restaurants and parties. So LIAR-SUPREME-MORONSTFUBrandi gets the prize of the Witchard Sisters, good going, you have made the Z-list of non-celebrities.

  32. California35 says:

    Brandi will be on Bethenny on Thursday. I am curious to see what she has to say. I don’t know how in advance those episodes are taped, but I think they are on the same week. I hope it will be taped this week coming up, so that it will be after the taping of the reunion and after WWHL.

  33. iceNfire says:

    I Hate Jill Zarin too!

    Kelsey is getting what she deserves – imo – She knew Ghost had another woman but instead of dealing with it privately she insisted he go on CT with her hoping to shoved it ‘the other woman’s’ face. Ghost has said many times that he doesn’t want to be there but when he saw the game Kelsey was playing he checkmated her.
    Loved that Whitney called Farrah ‘just a chick in a room’ LoL

    • California35 says:

      aaaah that makes sense now. I saw that segment the other day, and I was thinking that was not right of him. How can he not see how messed up that was. I still think it is, but I mean what you are saying makes sense. If the girl knew .

  34. Powell says:

    I wish Mrs. Crawley would marry the doctor. She’s so sad.

    • Mene Seela says:

      Haha that was out of the blue.
      I hate the character of Mary, or maybe I don’t care for the actress. Last week she supposedly wiped a nonexistent tear from her lizard eye when her recent suitor became engaged.

  35. T-Rex says:

    Mr T-Rex and I went to see MONUMENTS MEN today and we LOVED it! Now, please note that this T-Rex is a super history buff, and actually wanted to be a History Teacher back in college. So, I already knew about this group of men and women(although only one woman in the movie), that found all of the looted art that the Nazi’s stole throughout Europe, and mainly from Jewish families. I thought they did a great job, and of course it’s my boyfriend George Clooney is in it, so of course had to see this one!

    • California35 says:

      Cool! Glad you told us. I saw promos, and wondered if it would be good. War kind of movies (and Nazi stuff) worry me. Does it show a lot of the war, or is it just kind of behind the actual movie story?

      • T-Rex says:

        Both, the retrieval of the artifacts happened near the end of the war, when Art Historians finally got the Governments of both the Allies and Russia to listen to the fact that the Nazis had raided all the churches/synagogues and homes of the wealthy and stolen a lot of priceless artifacts. You do get war, no getting around that, but it’s not the focus, but it doesn’t ignore it either. They don’t show any persecution of the Jews, nor the camps, but they make a lot of references to that atrocity. I am not going to give too much away, we really thought it was well done. As Mr-TRex notes it’s a typical George Clooney directed movie, he could “go there” and make it MORE about War, or add sex, etc. but he chooses to stay true to the heart of the story being told, but not ignoring the fact that this was War.

        • California35 says:

          Great! thank you for the info…don’t give too much 😛 but what you wrote helped.

        • Shiny says:

          thanks – I don’t mind going to movies with my expectations low because having them exceeded makes me enjoy the film more; however, I really wanted this film to be good because it’s such an amazing story behind it. Appreciate your positive comments about it!

        • ladebra says:

          Thank you T, I want to see this one for the history of the story. Great to hear it is what I thought it would be. My sis comes to visit this Thursday, and the Gety and this movie are on my to do list with her. And then I get my first colonoscopy on Tues! I know, I know I’m a big baby, but it’s happening. And my baby sis is coming to hold my hand 💕💕 (all about me me me)

          Anyway! Thank you for the movie review!

    • Nancy says:

      I think our husbands would like each other. I can see them talking about
      history for hours. I’ll let him know how much you enjoyed the movie. 🙂

      • T-Rex says:

        Actually, its me that is the History Buff, Mr-Trex just deals with my obsession! Mr Trex was just happy the movie was really good and followed what I told him about this story. Although, they didn’t spend I think enough time showing the race between the Allies versus Russia to grab all the Art and Aritifacts, they did address it though.

        • Nancy says:

          Great news T-Rex…when George gets in the mood to talk about history
          I’ll have him call YOU! LOL!!!!

    • nyc mama says:

      I saw the movie as well and thought it was good although they did take liberties with some of the facts. I did my thesis on the Monuments Men back in the day so there was much that I saw that was not exactly factual but they had to make this into an entertaining movie. I studied art history as my major so I am glad the movie came out even with its flaws.It’s a fascinating story that many people never heard of. And there was Clooney in it too…need I say more?

    • Powell says:

      That looks like it’s a great story. I’ve seen many documentaries about the stolen art. I’ll catch it on Directv in a few months. 🙂

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I would like to read more about this…is there a book about it?

      • Anne says:

        Yes, several. I bought one a couple weeks ago when there was a daily deal at amazon. I haven’t read it yet — saving for my next airline trip.

  36. TexasTart says:

    For all of you that love Dinners From Hell by Bravo:
    Bravo has a special of the top 10 Dinners From Hell on Wednesday night 2/12.

  37. Nancy says:

    Bode Miller had the best time in the practice run today. 🙂 Not bad for a 37 yr old.

    • Nancy says:

      Hi lillybee…I don’t believe this is true but you ever know. I wonder who
      started this? With the new scoring system it’s pretty hard to pull a conspiracy
      off but…unlike the 6.0 system all the judges are now anonymous. The US
      ice dancing team have been beating the Canadians for the last two years so
      if it’s a conspiracy it’s been going on for years now.

      What do you think?

      • Nancy says:

        Another thing…There are two different kind judges that score a skaters performance.
        One is a judge and one is the technical specialist. Red flags would go up if those
        two judges marks were out of sorts. It was set up that way so these kind of
        conspiracies can’t happen. Plus not all of the scores get counted as it does a
        random draw. I think they throw out 2 out of the 10.

      • lillybee says:

        Just a nasty rumor.

  38. Cityside says:

    Hello all.

  39. Cityside says:

    I saw the short clip with YoYo talking to Mohammad. She seemed almost desperate to have Mohammad agree that Lisa should not have had scheduled her party when she had David’s daughters wedding to attend, Mohammad was not having it.


    • Nancy says:

      Hi Cityside…Good for him and now we know why Yolanda is after Lisa.

      I MISS YOU!

      • Cityside says:

        I can’t hardly watch anymore. I tape it and FF thru Kim, Kyle, the Scary One – what is her name?, Brandi, and now YoYo.

        Short story
        My kid has a bf whose mother liked his old gf so she called her by that girl’s name. I told kiddo, call her by her x’s new wife’s name and it will stop. It took her a couple of more times for her to take mamma’s advise, but when she finally did it…..well she remembered my sweet daughters name from then on. Hey Joyce, call her LeeAnn/Sheanna just once.

    • Mene Seela says:

      My sainted mother always said other people’s social event planning was none of our business. If you’re invited that is nice. If you’re not invited then too bad and be gracious. If it conflicts with your schedule or morals then politely decline. Period.

      • T-Rex says:

        In addition this was a MANDATORY BRAVO MANDATED EVENT! Sheesh Yolo-LemonHead must have forgotten the fact that they were in the middle of filming something called the RealHousewives of Beverly Hills. Let’s face it, YOLO-LemonHead missed almost every other single event that Bravo created this season, so why go after LisaV, just doesn’t make ANY sense. This season showed me how much I Dislike YOLO-LemonHead and realizing that she also isn’t the “brightest bulb in the Lamp”. Her arguments make ZERO sense, and you can blame it on the Lyme disease but I am blaming it on the fact that she is not a very smart person.

        • Nancy says:

          I think she’s incredibly insecure. Who has to point out how wonderful
          their spouse is so often? Who is she trying to convince?

          • jezzibel says:

            He’s been married 4 times…..He has said “until death do us part” to three other women before her and as far as I can tell all his ex’s are still alive, so yea, she must be s**ting bricks everytime he goes somewhere without her for a few hours at a time.

            • T-Rex says:

              Oh and his FIRST daughter was from a “previous relationship” before his first marriage, so yeah, he changes wives every couple of years, not a real stable guy when it comes to relationships. YOLO-LemonHead seems very INSECURE regarding her relationship. I bet she doesn’t like David out of her sight for very long to make sure he doesn’t find another “model” to marry

        • iceNfire says:

          Where was Kim and what was her excuse?

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Nice to see you again Cityside!

  40. Mene Seela says:

    I just have to say that the entirety of the Woody Allen-Mia Farrow- Sinatra-Previn clans need to go far far away. The whole open letter discussion it just beyond … well, beyond the beyond.

    They ALL sound completely nutty.

  41. Cityside says:

    I can’t hardly watch anymore. I tape it and FF thru Kim, Kyle, the Scary One – what is her name?, Brandi, and now YoYo.

    Short story
    My kid has a bf whose mother liked his old gf so she called her by that girl’s name. I told kiddo, call her by her x’s new wife’s name and it will stop. It took her a couple of more times for her to take mamma’s advise, but when she finally did it…..well she remembered my sweet daughters name from then on. Hey Joyce, call her LeeAnn/Sheanna just once.

    ps I am here, just not able to post. Sneak read every day at work. I love youse guys.

    • T-Rex says:

      City, I would have LOVED if someone had the BALLS to call THE-LIAR-SUPREME-MORONSTFUBrandi, either LeAnn or Scheana! Just to watch the meltdown from the three year old, cause mentally that’s about how far THE-LIAR-SUPREMEMORONSTFUBrandi has emotionally progressed, and probably this is as far as she will ever progress.

      • California35 says:

        OMG but if someone ever did that…poor poor Brandi and how dare they hit under the belt and her feelings and waaah waaah.

  42. Cityside says:

    Nancy, I must have missed it…..Why is Yolanda after Lisa


  43. VV™ says:

    This was posted 4 days ago. Jerp that in mind.

    yolandahfoster’s photo http://instagram.com/p/kAMolaIs7i/

  44. VV™ says:

    Where are the Vavoom Shabangs?!

    • chismosa™ says:

      Lol I made one for you this morning about your doggie remember ?

      Kim is quiiiiet. Maybe they “let her go” already -?

      • VV™ says:

        Not not yet. All that happens after the end of the season. However, numbers don’t lie and they are very disapointing this year.

  45. LaineyLainey says:

    Watching “Spoils of Babylon” funny stuff. Also trying to catch up on all the comments from today. Went out to watch my friend’s daughter dance. Still not caught up, but now we have to get ready to go play dominoes with friends. See y’all later!

  46. California35 says:

    Well, if you want to watch a reality show with no drama, that is funny and has some sweetness. There is a show called Raising Whitley. It is on Own. I have bever watch it. I am watching an old episode, it is funny. I will try to watch the new episodes.

  47. How old is she?

  48. Goodness – David called Yolanda baby. Where are the nickname police when you need them #areyouababyorawoman?

  49. T-Rex says:

    You know Mz Andy never calls out THE-LIAR-SUPREME-MORONSTFUBrandi on her lies, for ONCE I wish his lady-balls would descend so that he can for once call her out, especially on the lies planted about Lisa and Bankruptcy, which NEVER happened. I have access to the Bankruptcy Court information and I searched, and Lisa and Ken have NEVER filed bankruptcy in the United States. My cousin checked the UK and they have NEVER filed the UK version of Bankruptcy either. They were multi-millionaires when they came to the US, and actually made even more money since they arrived.

    • Nancy says:

      What made me mad was her dig about living in the Valley. I grew up in the Valley
      and it was a stones throw from where the Jackson’s lived so it wasn’t too shabby.

      • T-Rex says:

        Not only that Nancy, the Vanderpump/Todd’s have always OWNED their own homes since moving to the states, all the homes were well over 1 million dollars from what I had read, so she lived in a million dollar home in the Valley, well good for them. THE-LIAR-SUPREME-MORONSTFUBrandi. has never OWNED shit, her husband bought the heavily mortgaged home when married to him, she has never OWNED anything outside of the time she was married to Man-Candy.

      • ladebra says:

        Oh! And Leann and Eddie live in Calabasas, and for some reason I think Brandi leases in Calabasas.

        • Nancy says:

          ??? She rents two houses?

          • ladebra says:

            Brandi? I thought the house she leased was in Calabasas. For some reason, something I saw on the show maybe? But I could be wrong, and I’m not that curious to find out.

    • VV™ says:

      I’m glad you brought that up. Lisa said they never filed. That should be the end of the conversation. Somehow, people are calling out Brandi for not knowing how to keep secrets. What secret? They never filed? What secrets was there to jerp or tell?!!! Exhausting……..

    • chismosa™ says:

      What’s weird and shows Brandi doesn’t know $hit is that a LOT of LA celebs move to calabassas for the schools and it’s a very nice, expensive area.

  50. lillybee says:

    Must the announcers at the Olympics shout so much? My ears hurt.

  51. Exit4 says:

    Nancy-while watching the skating on the Olympics it reminded me to tell you that for some reason my university was a hotbed of Olympic skating training! Just about everyone (Tara lipinski, Johnny weir and the girl Ashley Wagner) at some point trained at university of Delaware. At a certain point they leave-but even the pairs and I’ve dancers train there too at some point. Don’t know how tiny Delaware ended up with that but I meant to share that with you.

    • Nancy says:

      Interesting. I have no idea. Many great skaters come from Detroit. Both the
      Canadian and American ice dancers train in Detroit under the same coach.
      Skaters move around so often now so it’s different from when I trained.

      • Exit4 says:

        I think a lot start there as junior skaters and when they start competing on a higher level. Ashley Wagner went from Delaware to California for a certain coach. The only one who went straight from Delaware to nationals was Kimmie meissner. A couple people I went to school with who competed trained there too. But they only skated for “fun” by college. A girlfriend of my boyfriend at the times fraternity brother came from the skating circuit. She was originally from Seattle-and when the Tonya/nancy thing happened in 1994-everyone peppered her with questions! She did know both of them through competing-but was out if that realm because she wasn’t going any further as a skater-she couldn’t believe that it happened!

        • Nancy says:

          Both Ashley Wagner and Gracie Gold train out here in LA right now.
          Ashely’s new coach is John Nicks who taught Tai and Randy Gardner.
          Do you remember them? They were to win Gold in the 1980 Olympics
          but Randy was injured so they had to pull out right before their free skate.
          There is so much money now in figure skating so it’s become rather
          cut throat.

  52. VV™ says:

    • iceNfire says:

      I’m becoming suspicious about the motives behind this B-day party. They never shared it before and I think Lisa was well aware that Mohammed was hosting a wedding that she wasn’t invited to. Wonder what she does if she isn’t invited to GiGi’s going away/graduation party….Or maybe she does attend Gigi’s party and this is what set Kim off about Lisa missing Kimberley’s party, once again

      • VV™ says:

        It was a joint party. Are you saying you are suspicious of a Kyle AND Lisa or just Lisa?

        • iceNfire says:

          Both I guess, but mainly Lisa as I’ve been suspicious of Kyle’s motives since day one. Kyles White party was an annual event to celebrate Mauri and Faye’s B-day but since that didn’t happen this year it looks to me like Lisa grabbed the opportunity to make a party for this specific date. She didn’t even want to bother catering it which seems like something that could have featured Sur or VB….just seems thrown together to me

      • Mel says:

        OMG…the world does not revolve around Yolanda. The wedding wasn’t even featured on the show probably due to privacy. Imagine….yolanda doesn’t get camera time (eyeroll). There were tons of events in which both Yoyo and David had to fly away for and or miss tapings…..why didn’t Yolanda complain about those times and be pissed the other ladies hosting an event didn’t change the date. I think Yolanda is def. trying to nitpick.

        • iceNfire says:

          This is why I think Lisa’s party was thrown together at the last minute. It seemed to take Yo by surprise

          • T-Rex says:

            Icey, sorry the party had been planned for months, it was a Bravo INDUCED outing, what Bravo DIDN’T know about was David Fosters oldest daughters wedding, so YOLO-Lemonhead was the one not being forthright to Bravo regarding the wedding! Icey, filming schedules are done before filming starts, and “parties” are well planned, this birthday party was planned prior to filming! It was YOLO-Lemonhead and DavidBananasFoster that with-held information, not Lisa!

            • iceNfire says:

              I’m beginning to feel like a lemohead myself

              • T-Rex says:

                Icey, no worries! I have had tons of days like that, LOL! 🙂 It’s just sad that YOLO-LemonHead has such a selective memory, and is so inconsistent in things that piss her off about other Hwives, especially Lisa right now.

      • T-Rex says:

        It wasn’t Mohammed’s daughter it was DAVID’s Daughter BIG difference. Of Course Lisa wouldn’t have known about it, she wasn’t invited. If it was Mohammed’s daughter she probably would have been invited,

        • iceNfire says:

          And Yo let the whole summer go by without mentioning it?

          • T-Rex says:

            Icey, YEPPERS! Why would Lisa know and for that fact then you have to also say the same thing of VILEKyle, she was in on the party planning, so why is Lisa getting the blame. In addition, that would mean every single person on the cast would have know including YOLO-Lemonheads bestie THE-LIAR-SUPREME-MORONSTFUBrandi! IN ADDITION, not a SINGLE cast member was invited to this WEDDING, so again how would they know, and YOLO-LemonHead at this point in filming hasn’t bothered to show up to ANY of the housewives events with the exception of Palm Springs and her own painting party

            • iceNfire says:

              Okay! Okay! I’ll back off Queen Lisa …where was Kim? LoL

            • kit9 says:

              Kyle was little more than a prop in the planning of that party as she made clear. It was at Lisa’s house, with Lisa’s party planner.

              • VV™ says:

                It was a real party. Kyle had her crowd there an there are plenty of pictures of her smiling and having a blast (non Bravo pictures). Kyle is just acting the part to throw shade at Lisa.

          • kit9 says:

            Yo was talking about this in her last blog. Yo is mad that Lisa had the party on the day of the wedding, the date of which had apparently been long standing-a whole year-and known and Lisa could have picked any day to have her party..since she didn’t have it on Mo’s or Ken’s actual bday. So, Yo is mad that Lisa seemingly purposely chose to have her party on the day of the wedding when she knew Yolanda couldn’t go.

            • iceNfire says:

              Did Yo know about the B-day party? Why wait until after the fact to get mad about it?

            • T-Rex says:

              Again explain how Lisa knew about the DavidBanasFoster’s daughter’s wedding? How did VileKyle not know if Lisa supposedly knew, how did Bravo not know and plan the filming and date months in advance of filming?? I don’t think they knew, maybe YOLO-LemonHead thought they did, but they probably didn’t. AGAIN, YOLO-LemonHead hasn’t been to ANY of the planned events with the exception of Palm Springs, the WHOLE ENTIRE season to this point, why would this event be ANY different. I think YOLO-LemonHead thinks she tells folks stuff, and she doesn’t!

              • kit9 says:

                It was being held at Mohammed’s house. That’s how Lisa would know. Seems odd he wouldnt have mentioned it to her for a whole year. Kyle isn’t close to Mohammed. And, I got the impression that bday party was thrown together pretty last second. I mean, it was a month after Mo’s bday and a week after Ken’s and they only included Mo because Kyle hadn’t done anything special for it and that was just a month before.

        • kit9 says:

          The wedding, thought not Mo’s daughter, was held at Mohammed’s house. Doubtful Lisa wouldn’t have known about it given how tight she and Mohammed are

          • T-Rex says:

            Again this party was planned PRIOR to filming, so I don’t get how this is Lisa’s fault? In addition, Mohammed rents his house out a LOT for weddings, how would Lisa Know this one time was for DavidBananasFoster’s daughter, when she wasn’t invited, not asked to cater, etc. How does NO OTHER cast member know about the wedding either??? I think YOLO-LemonHead forgot to mention it, and again at this point she is not even FILMING with the girls for the most part! I call a big ole BS, but we will see what happens at the Reunion. i don’t believe VileKyle had nothing to do with the Birthday party either, I am sure there is some editing on a floor some where, although she was trying to get back in Lisa’s “circle of BFF’s” at this point in filming. She only turned Viper against Lisa when she realized that Lisa doesn’t “look back” on friendships, once that bridge gets burned you never get back in, you can be cordial and acquaintances, but not friends.

            • kit9 says:

              Whatever the reason, Yolanda clearly believes Lisa knew when the wedding was prior to picking the day for the joint bday party. It’s my guess that it’s that the party was at Mo’s house. For all I know Yo told Lisa about the wedding date herself. Who knows, but, Yo believes Lisa knew. And, this wasn’t any wedding, it was the wedding of the step daughter of Lisa’s castmate and Mohamed’s ex wife. And, Mohamed was actually attending this wedding. And, the bdy wasn’t that big of a deal, party wise. It could have been put together a week before it was filmed. The reason I mentioned Yo’s blog is from the preview it’s not clear what she’s upset about in that scene with Mohamed and she explains what her issue was with Lisa/the party in her last blog. Maybe she’ll go into greater detail in next week’s blog.

              • MelTheHound - Team T-Rex says:

                the wedding of the step daughter of Lisa’s castmate and Mohamed’s ex wife.
                Reading that and only that leaves me wondering Why Lisa should care?

            • chismosa™ says:

              Black and White. I totally ‘get’ Lisa.

  53. VV™ says:

    @alexiaumansky: “I will cut a bitch” – my mom talking to herself
    hahahahaha #busted

    Original Message:

  54. iceNfire says:

  55. Bravo has more than one camera crew so they could have at least filmed Yofo getting ready for the wedding or something boring like that….maybe Bravo was pissed that they didn’t get to film the wedding, who knows….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Yofo didn’t get to be at the party and didn’t get on film…. Joyce wasn’t at the dinner either, I don’t remember if she bitched about not going to it…..nope don’t think she did…probably was happy she didn’t.

  56. Pghemtchick says:

    I wonder why NBC isn’t using Bravo to replay some of the Olympics. I feel like they did that last time- I remember watching curling on it. Haven’t caught a match yet and it makes me sad. Lol

    • T-Rex says:

      Wonder what was the occasion, a Funeral? Wedding? The Demise of RamonaWino’s marriage? Inquiring minds want to know.

      • Nancy says:

        T-Rex…would you mind if I asked you a medical question?
        It’s ok if you would rather not.

        • T-Rex says:

          That’s okay, ask away

          • Nancy says:

            I can’t figure out what the connection of your thyroid cancer is to your spine surgery.

            • T-Rex says:

              Oh, we had a spot that moved, we caught it, it’s gone, but now that has to be monitored for the rest of my life, the thyroid, is a no-problem but that one spot that moved is what we really have to concentrate on. Thankfully it was early, and is gone, they opened a bit more while they were in there to make sure thoug. Going to do some preventative IV treatments, but they said it could be 30 years before they see anything else there, but it could be less, in my mind it’s 30 years! But there is no guarantees.

              • Nancy says:

                Thanks T-Rex. I hope it didn’t cause you too much pain as I know it’s
                a painful post-op period.

                • T-Rex says:

                  I am still taking some pain meds for it, really trying not to, but days are it’s still giving me a bit of pain, I have to remember it’s only been 2 months, I feel like I should be healed completely and have to realize the body heals when it heals and crap they cracked my freakin spine! Again, thanfully it was just a little bit, caught early and it’s gone though

                  • Nancy says:

                    So what that the cause of your “gallbladder” pain?
                    I’ve seen many back surgeries so I can only imagine how painful
                    they are. Take the pain pills as long as you are still in pain.
                    You only get addicted if you are taking them for “fun”.

                    • Nancy says:

                      was that

                    • T-Rex says:

                      Yep the nerve was actually being generated from the back around to the front of my body, and the IDIOTS we fired kept telling me something different, when the good docs got involved they explained that in MY mind it seemed front to back but really it was the opposite. Once they fixed the issue, no more pain there at all. Just have pains where the operated. Oh and my husband and mom are also keeping tabs on the meds, I figure with three of us monitoring, gives me peace of mind I am not abusing them. I have heard the horror stories and just want to be as careful as possible

                    • Nancy says:

                      The body is amazing at times. What a nightmare for you though
                      as it took a while to get properly diagnosed.

                    • TexasTart says:

                      Interesting. That answered some questions I had as well. Thanks.

      • Pghemtchick says:

        Maybe a book launch party? Isn’t the book a “widows guide to dating” could be a fun dressed up funeral hat little black dress event.

        • T-Rex says:

          Thanks PGHEMT! You are probably totally right! Cool idea as well, thanks for reminding me about her book, as Carole wrote a proper book, not some crap that should be used for nothing more than toilet paper, like some of the other Hwives!

        • Anne says:

          I think the picture of Sonja and Carole is from the funeral for Sonia’s dog — based on the NY preview that was shown. Carole’s book also releases on the 11th, wonder when she will be on Andy’s show.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Sonja’s beautiful. Carole is just not attractive IMO.
      I think maybe she got fillers this year

      • T-Rex says:

        But SonjaTheDrunkenSlut is an absolute MESS! I would rather have Carole’s with and brains that SonjaTheDrunkenSluts beauty, Beauty fades, STUPID is forever!

        • Nancy says:


        • chismosa™ says:

          I don’t find Carole thaaaaaat amazing tbh. Sonja can be witty as well.
          Don’t know about intelligence levels – I’m sure Carole had more schooling. But it’s so shady her marriage to the Radz guy -I don’t know, things I’ve read 😦

          • T-Rex says:

            SonjaTheDrunkenSlut has a completely SORDID past before she landed one Mr. Morgan. I have heard tons of the stories, lot of pissed of wives out there, let’s just say when she was single she did not take Nene’s advice about legs and closing. I heard Carole loved her husband and he loved her, however his family disliked her, his mother thought her son married WAY beneath him. Caused a lot of rift between the family.

            • chismosa™ says:

              Yeah I mean this was all discussed when Sonja was cast and many here weren’t into her. Over the seasons I’ve grown to like her character. Carole I think I’m going the way of Boston ⤵️

              Your book was complete 16 months ago dummy!!! Ughhhhh

              Oh well – we all have our faves !

              • T-Rex says:

                Chis- I don’t think I really care for any one on the NY Hwives, the only one I liked was Bethenny when she was on the show, other than that, pretty much disliked the rest. I kinda liked SonjaTheDrunkenSlut until ToasterOvenGate, and then lost absolutely what little respect I had for her! She was inappropriate, and showed what a complete mess of a person she really is, and she was so disrespectful, sorry that’s something I can’t get over. Carole still has that New Housewife smell, so will see if Season2-itis does her IN for me. I really hate AdViva, not a damn thing she could do to make me like her. Always disliked RamonaWino, that will never change, I feel sorry for her that MarioLethario finally got caught sticking his wick in another woman, but I have suspected he has cheated for years and RamonaWino just tolerated it. She only got pissed when it went public. My opinion.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Are you saying she was a trash box hooker?

              • T-Rex says:

                IF the BOX fits! There are some stories out there that are like WHOA! Let’s just say folks were SHOCKED when she married Mr. Morgan.

          • Mene Seela says:

            Her shady marriage? She is very intelligent, she met her husband (the Prince) while they both worked at ABC. He passed away from cancer a few years after they married. She never hid her humble background. She never considered herself a princess and they both ignored his title.

            I’m just saying that as far as her pre-Bravo life she is quite interesting and at the time down to earth. Unlike LuAnn.

            • chismosa™ says:

              Yeah not disputing that– just some things I’ve read.
              As well as just a feeling I’ve gotten. No biggie

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I think they are both attractive but in different ways.

  57. Nancy says:

    These homeless dogs in Sochi look well fed and healthy so why are they killing them?
    In Anguilla it was the same way. Not all countries keep their dogs inside so it really
    makes me livid.

  58. Nancy says:

    I feel sorry for the mothers of these snowboarding athletes. Crazy!

  59. TexasTart says:

  60. chismosa™ says:

    Nancy just got sucked into watching pairs- free skate? I lived the Italians. So elegant. Americans didn’t crack top 3

    But it’s a team event – so it goes to combine with other things I think

    TRIPLE SOW COW – I was laughing thinking about Princess Pindys thing she said the other day. Lol

    • chismosa™ says:


      And the Russian guy skating for the US – how sad he’s not skating for his parents’ home at the olympics there 😦

      • Nancy says:

        It’s not the same Olympics IMHO. Everyone lives and trains in other countries
        and the coaches coach any skater that’s willing to pay for their services.

  61. TexasTart says:

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Has Marysol’s nose always looked like that?

      • chismosa™ says:

        I think it’s the angle of the pic. You are always supposed to look up at the pic for the most flattering – she’s at an odd angle?

      • T-Rex says:

        I don’t think originally as she has had SO much plastic surgery no clue what she really used to look like. Now, that being said, can’t tell from that pic if she has had even more surgery, or it’s just a weird camera angle. I don’t know what it is about her and her mother with the constant plastic surgery. They look so weird with all the crap they have had done. I believe Marysol was VERY pretty before she started messing with her face, now she looks plastic and weird, IMP

  62. 18 Hour Delay for the west coast

  63. TexasTart says:

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Kyle looks good in that dress

    • chismosa™ says:

      Hmmmmmmmm…… And no shabangs ????
      Is Kim done !????

      Kyle looks good -didnt you all say she got lipo or something ? She used to wear flowy more? Chiffon?
      I think she’s favoring her right side of her face – another blogger had a closeup of her left outer eye area and it looked weird.

      Her opening tagline dress KILLS me because it’s not TAILORED to her height !! It’s sweeping floors

      Facts 101: parting hair to the right of your face is “sexy” and parting to the left is “professional/ work-like”
      Isn’t that interesting ???? I live for stupid facts like that

      • California35 says:

        It is interesting 🙂

        So i have been wearing my hair professional like, and didn’t know it 🙂

        • chismosa™ says:

          Lol I know I sometimes get a pimple or something on the bad area and I’m like — which way to go ????

          It’s just something I read in a psychology mag once.
          It’s subliminal

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Me too. All business.

    • Powell says:

      Y’all know I’m not a fan of Herve’ Leger dresses but it looks great on Kyle. Kim’s is a nice fit but I don’t like the pattern.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I do like those dresses….on people who can wear them. I almost got burned out them with the OC ladies. i think it was the oc peeps who all wore them. that one looks really good on Kyle.

  64. With so little coverage, why are they showing the skating twice in one day???

    • kit9 says:

      And, they’re going to be showing more reruns while there is live men’s downhill skiing happening. I’m staying up to watch it in 45 min. online because I know I’ll never make it through manana without hearing who won and blowing it for me since NBC isn’t airing the race until tomorrow night. So, if anyone want to watch it starts at 2am eastern. Goto http://stream.nbcolympics.com/alpine-skiing/winter/13517/

    • kit9 says:

      The only upside of this was I got to see the spectacular skate of Davis and White again. They were fantastic!

  65. chismosa™ says:

    Question for anyone around:

    Advice —– is it safe to order from target’s website now do you think??
    I want something but I’m skeeeeered. It’s on sale !

    • California35 says:

      I have mo idea, but i don’t recommend it.

      I had not shopped at Target in a while even before the whole cc thing. I stayed away after i heard about it. I finally went there yesterday, and paid cash 😛
      To clarify, I used to shop there all the time. It is just not as convenient right now, it is kind of out of the way.

    • Powell says:

      I wouldn’t chance it either. I went to Target Thanksgiving night but ended up not buying anything cuz the lines were long which wasn’t really the issue cuz it was organized but the cashier’s were moving slowly. So I put my items back and I haven’t bought anything since before the breach. I decided that the next time I go to Target I’m going to buy a gift card and use that. I can just add money whenever I need to. Besides having cash which I don’t like to have more than $25 on me, a gift card is the best thing to have IMO.

    • I have shopped the whole time before, during and after and haven’t had any problem. I have used my Target card cuz I get 5% off and I have ordered online both before and after, no problemo!!

    • Also, my hubs probably wishes they had gotten my card….would have been cheaper, HAHAHAHA!!!

  66. chismosa™ says:

    I just saw a geico commercial where someone said Dagnabit — I’ve only ever heard that here on the blog. Ha 🙂

    • chismosa™ says:

      What a FABULOUS name for a blog !

      Darnit I now have yet another blog to catch up on every day ! LOL.

      This itinerary is beautiful ! I’m so jelly ! You are seeing so much of Greece – yay! Croatia is supposed to be gorge and I love Northern Africa – I want to go. Ay habbibi …. Like the countess says.

      Thanks for sharing and thanks for all your work always, as well as the BLOGGERS …..kisses xxoo 😘

      • chismosa™ says:

        Meant to add Veena is a beautiful name. I think the name of the Swedish or Danish woman that made the shows Cold Case and The Killing had that first name. So lovely

    • TexasTart says:

      What a treat to know you’ll blog your adventures! I travel vicariously through others, so this is exciting you will share! 😀

    • VV™ says:

      Great idea! Thanks for sharing the adventure.
      I envy you and your husband BUT in a good way 😀

    • Rebecca is seeking drugs for the end of her cold says:

      Congrats! It looks amazing! Are you buying us T-shirts from every stop?

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      That looks awesome, I am so excited for you. I noticed there were some ‘at sea’ days posted. What cruise line will you be on?

    • BB says:

      I have saved it to my favorites and can’t wait to live the adventure vicariously!

    • Powell says:

      So you get my luggage I sent you? I’m ready for the adventures. 😀

      • rabblerouser2010R says:

        Also, when you bring 8 containers of “Secrets of a Jewish Mother’ be sure to pay the overaged baggage fees using your Amex black card…then dispute them later.

    • OK, The cruise part sounds great but what is with the walking to Switzerland, lol!!! That part I am not envious of….but say Hallo to my People in Greece!!! #HaveFun

  67. TexasTart says:

  68. TexasTart says:

  69. TexasTart says:

  70. TexasTart says:

    • VV™ says:

      She was at a family event during the day a Bart Mitzvah for her nephew. Mauricio tweeted they were heading there and his mom mentioned rehearsal for event.

  71. TexasTart says:

    • chismosa™ says:

      Jiggle down 5th avenue like KKB used to do IN THE STREET directly in front of the cabs
      Hahahahahaaaaaaaaa! Man that was hysterical

  72. vilzvet says:

    So Brandi will definitely be doing a book signing here on Long Island this Wednesday, a store where they all end up hitting, not a chain store. I say plainviewsue should take the bullet for that one, heheh, then I can do the drive-by for Teresa’s wine signing the next day.

    • chismosa™ says:

      God not Book Revue again. 😴😴😴😴😴😴

      What day? It’s about 30 minutes for me to drive. But we’re getting 2 days of snow this week. Id go.

  73. TexasTart says:

    Where on the world are my manners! NMD thank you for the blog and Kit for the podcast. I think Brandi and that asshole she had on the podcast have a lot in common – they just like to hear their voice and could care less about content or continuity.

    Mr & Mrs Lulu, enjoyed your take on CT. More serious episodes now, but why are we still subject to Farrah?! Grrr. And what was that Dr. Jen said the most horrible stuff she ever jeard came from Farrah?! And even if true – what does that have to do with COUPLES Therapy. Ghost. No words, no hope of redemption…he didn’t need couples therapy either. It did seem staged. Interesting how Taylor has kind of taken a backset (thankfully).

    Whitney and Sada are the only couple to seemingly love one another and are probably going to benefit from their experience on this show.

    • chismosa™ says:


      I’m late to catch up so thanks Kit, NMD, and mr and mrs Lulu.
      How on earth did you do the CT while moving !
      Bless you !

      Thanks all.

  74. TexasTart says:

    I just found Brandi in the new People Magazine. Wonder why with all the nonsense she tweets, why not have promoted something like this?
    Wish I could tell you more about the article, but my thumbs are tired of typing!!! BBL

    • chismosa™ says:

      I’m going to get that one- with PSH on the cover. Maybe it’s on their website. A book review ? Or an actual article?

  75. chismosa™ says:

    My fellow Wendy fans : did you see she’s having SJP on this week! I’m so happy for her ….
    And the Smithsonian stuff. She was crying. Love her and that’s amazing.
    I can’t wait for SJP! I have a similar laugh to hers when she is like realllly laughing so I hope she has a blast on Wendy
    I wonder how Andy feels about his bestie going on the show.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I never liked SATC and don’t get SJP craze.

      • mrs peabody says:

        I liked it but don’t get the SJP craze either, she’s not any better than a ton of other actresses.

      • Powell says:

        Love SATC. I love her style 90% of the time. I love that she and Matthew B like a few other celebs walk around NYC effortlessly being themselves, not acting like they’re big Stars that need an entourage and security. I love that she’s still a girl w/7 bros & sis that have hand me downs clothes for all her kids, nieces & nephews. She still holds onto values learned from her mom. And she’s a girly girl.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I always found the show to be too anti-men and also it seemed like it was denigrating to women who chose family life. like i should be depressed for choosing to have a committed relationship and a family. i was raising my kids at the time and just couldn’t relate to their stories/problems etc. when my daughter grew up she went to see one of the movies,…how many were there? So anyway, she asked me if I was gonna go see it, I told her maybe, but just for the fashion. Anyway, she went with friends and didn’t like it. She said she felt like men were put down a lot in the movie and family life was portrayed very negatively. With no coaching from me!!!! Swear!!! She just thought that if women had been portrayed the way the movie treated men, society would be in an uproar. She just didn’t understand why that was ok. I told her, well the way women are objectified in most movies,…things have a way of balancing out. It’s just a movie and this one, like so many other movies and like the TV show its based on has nothing to do with the way WE live or think or feel. But it’s super popular so other people like it and can relate to it, I GUESS….

          I like what you’re saying about her extended family. I didn’t know that about her. That is kinda sweet. i don’t really know much about Her. Perhaps I was projecting my feeling toward her fictional character onto her as a real life person. Maybe. And that’s not fair. And kinda ignorant. I have Wendy dvr’d everyday anyway, so I will watch with an open mind.

          • I LOVE SATC but I never watched it on HBO, I watched the edited reruns on TNT or one of those…. years after it was off HBO… So imagine MY surprise when my daughter downloaded the first movie for me for Christmas and they were cussing and NEEKED!!! LOL!!! I was going to send the DVD to my mom afterwards (in my mind) but after seeing it I couldn’t do it. My mom loves it too and she is 88. I just watched the Series finale for the probably 10th time and laughed and cried…. It was definitely nothing I could relate to but I enjoyed the characters and the stories.

          • djprincessc says:

            I like what you said Lainey. I never got into it at all so I didn’t know they objectified men, but I could see that. It didn’t appeal to me because at the time when it came out, I think I was a teenager and thought why are all these old women always talking about sex?? And I never tried to watch. lol. That was just the impression I always got from the commercials.

    • Powell says:

      I didn’t know. I’ve got to dvr it if I’m not at home that day. Love me some SJP. I’ve got to check out her shoe line at Nordstrom.

  76. Pghemtchick says:

    Okay…. I have to get this off my chest cause it was bugging me last night and watching live now-it’s happening again:

    What’s up with the Canadian figure skater wearing a thong outfit? Like… Cover that donk…she’s the only one I’ve noticed. I’m thinking it’s prolly to give the illusion she’s longer than what she is, but I had to look away. I’m shocked she didn’t have a malfunction!

    Thanks for the blog-I don’t think I said that earlier ❤

  77. Rebecca is seeking drugs for the end of her cold says:

    Good morning. I hate jill Zarin.

    • chismosa™ says:


      Reebs – are you feeling better ????

    • Anne says:

      Jill Zarin = Hyacinth Bucket. That’s all.

      • jezzibel says:

        Candlelight suppers and Royal Doulton with the handpainted periwinkles ….Hyacinth Bucket is waaaayy to classy for Jill Zarin

        • Powell says:

          Those damn hand painted periwinkle. LOL. Do you remember the candlelight supper for the Garden Center King? She made poor Richard buy all those huge plants to make the GCK feel at home but then Hyacinth, Richard, Elizabeth & Emmit couldn’t find each other in the dining room? It looked like a jungle. Jacinto would eat JZ alive. 😉

        • Anne says:

          To me, Ms. “I run with a fabulous crowd” with her botox, purse sized dog, who spends summers in a lease/owned? house in the Hamptons, plays tennis and ice skates with the pros (NOT), and redecorates her apartment with the help fof her gay husband, is the definition of an American tv Hyacinth. RHONY and RHONJ are just Americanized reality tv versions of Keeping Up Appearances. Although, Melissa Gorga might be a close second.

      • jezzibel says:

        I changed my gravatar to show you what Hyacinth thinks of Jill

      • Eastbayca says:

        Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced Bouquet) is way awesome, refreshing and fun than JZ.
        Besides JZ doesn’t have a sister with the sauna and the swimming pool and room for a pony. Who have just returned from their villa in Ibiza — the one with the gold taps.

      • Powell says:

        Hahaha. Hyacinth Bouquet if she has it her way. 🙂

  78. ladebra says:

    So this is after reunion, and they are still civil!

    • Pghemtchick says:

      So that’s one of the dresses “they” didnt approve for the reunion. I wonder who “they” are.

      • chismosa™ says:

        Where – what? Tell me more !!!!!

        • Pghemtchick says:

          Here’s what the Instagram blurb says:

          This was the final look They picked last night😘❤️💃 had four options so I’m wearing one of the others tonight 🙂 xoxo

          And here’s the tweet with the link:

          So are “They” the producers? Her fashion team?

          • VV™ says:

            Yes, just like Producers or Bravo pick the gowns for the show photo shoot. They also pick the Tag lines.

      • Veena (NMD) says:

        What’s with the skating costumes as dresses?

        • chismosa™ says:

          Yeah I’m not a fan.
          Sheer panels are very IN right now. I think it’s too much with the sequins and then the bright color.

          • iceNfire says:

            She is still posting the TMZ video that aired days ago. She loves the way she looks, nothing wrong with that but enough already

          • Powell says:

            Many ladies from the pageant world keep that pageant style of dressing. I don’t think they can help themselves. 🙂

    • Orson says:

      I bet there isn’t a “civil” photo like that of Lisa and Brandi or Carlton and Kyle.

  79. Pghemtchick says:

    After reading the paper, Jelly is very conflicted today. She loves the penguins, but the full page on Crosby for Team Canada was perplexing. So she “fixed” it so she could pose.

    • chismosa™ says:

      How adorable !
      Why did I think you were in Pittsburgh? Or you are and this guy plays for Pittsburgh but will play for Canada in Sochi

      • Pghemtchick says:

        I am. 🙂 he plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins so one of our local papers decided to run a full page of him celebrating that he’s the captain of Team Canada. I’m sure someone here appreciates it, but we’re a Team USA hockey house after last Olympics. Lol. It was an odd find this morning. Lol

        • chismosa™ says:


          I want to know if Henrik Lundqvist (sp) is playing for Sweden …. Yummmm. But it’s a shame his face is all covered up.

    • Powell says:

      She’s a girl. What else did you expect? 🙂

    • T-Rex says:

      Oh how very cute, what a little sweetie!

  80. Veena (NMD) says:

    I do not want to start a casino – but I’m rooting for the Canadian Ice Dancers.

  81. Rebecca is seeking drugs for the end of her cold says:

    My cold is almost gone but having the cold at all has prevented me from getting back home to see my family.

    On Friday, my older sister called my mother at her house. She wasn’t speaking right. She called me younger sister who called my mom and said the same thing. She sent my older brother over there to check on her. She had a massive black eye and she had to change her shirt before he took her to the ER. It was obvious at this time that she had a concussion.

    After an hour at the ER, it was determined that her brain was swelling off to the left side of her skull, where they found a a fairly large bump. They shipped her off to the neurological center in Wichita – an hour away on icy roads. She was conscious this whole time, which was good. By the time they got there, she remembered falling the day before. What the doctors found on her first scan was old blood. She fell at Christmas time and didn’t tell anyone. The blood on her brain was putting off her balance, hence the (at least) second fall.

    She had surgery yesterday to put in a drainage tube.She was up last night asking for a candy bar and remembered she fell in her kitchen. She woke up this morning answering all memory questions and chatting on about basketball, her favorite sport. After the speech therapist works with her she’ll get to have solid food. She has another couple of days in the Level 3 ICU, then a regular room, and then probably a stay in a rehab center. She’s always recovers with remarkable speed. (She walked out of the hospital six days after a quintuple bypass.)

    For those of you with older parents, please research the signs of an oncoming heart attack, the signs of a stroke AND the signs of a concussion. If no one had checked on her Friday, this would be a much sadder post.

  82. Powell says:

    Good afternoon everyone. I hope you’ve had a great weekend. I’m watching BH, Ken & Mauricio’s BD. Yo all were right. Lisa & Kevin did let Kyle think she was helping w/the party. 🙂 I see the Twitter picks upthread. I thought Yo cut her hair. I like it. I get tired of seeing her hair in a bun all the time. You all enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    • VV™ says:

      Maybe Kevin and Lisa put a brake on Fatburguer ( since it was a fancy dinner ) and Kyle got upset. 😆 😆

  83. Powell says:

    I don’t like Lisa’s dress.

  84. Powell says:

    O don’t like Kyle’s dress either.

  85. Powell says:

    I don’t know a thing about Wicca, Wicken, but Carlton isn’t a nice person at all no matter what religion she practices. Carlton didn’t prove a thing about Kyle. She doesn’t even know what she said. Something is wrong w/Carlton.

    • T-Rex says:

      She isn’t even a real Wiccan from what I can tell, she just PLAYS at one. She doesn’t belong to a group, coven, whatevah. She uses the Wicca card whenever it seems to “suit” her, and from what I can tell, she really doesn’t know the true history of the Wicca Religion. With as much reading as I have done this season, I think I know more about it than she does! Cripes.

      • Powell says:

        When she made the comment about Joyce and the Salem Witch Trials I knew then she didn’t know anything about the Wicca Religion. Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha on Bewitched knew more about Wicca than Carlton knows.

  86. Powell says:

    LOL next epi Brandi is telling Kyle Lisa manipulated her into doing and saying things. Can any of you imagine ANYONE manipulating Brandi into doing anything? That’s so much BS she put out to Kyle.

    • MelTheHound - Team T-Rex says:

      If they could, they could also manipulate her into NOT doing things. Pick one.. Either she does things of her own free will, or she doesn’t.

    • T-Rex says:

      THE-LIAR-SUPREME-MORONSTFUBrandi thinks the viewers are as STUPID as she is, and guess what MORON we aren’t we see right through all of your BULLSHIT! One day, no one tells you anything, it’s all YOU, so STFU Haters, and now you saying you have been manipulated, YEAH RIGHT, NEVER HAPPENED. But again you have become THE-LIAR-SUPREME-MORONSTFUBrandi so many of the viewers don’t believe a friggin thing coming out your mouth anyway. You think the backlash has been bad up to date, just wait honey, I think it’s about to get a whole lot worse for you!

      • VV™ says:

        That insults the viewer’s intelligence. Kyle was more than willing to accept that explanation.

        • T-Rex says:

          Well VileKyle has an AGENDA this season. First, she wants back IN with LisaV, she wants back into that wonderful circle of Lisa’s friends, cause Murray needs to sell some houses and let’s face it, Lisa’s circle has moolah. Secondly, she see that THE-LIAR-SUPREMEMORONSTFUBrandi, is now on the OUTS with LisaV, and boy that would be icing on the cake to help drive that wedge between them even further. I can see her evil laugh and hands wringing with glee as she hears what THE-LIAR-SUPREME-MORONSTFUBrandi has to say, even though she knows this isn’t true either.

          • VV™ says:

            Hmmm. I’m not getting that vibe from Kyle. That is an interesting thought though. I still think Kyle wants to prove that Lisa is Bobby Fischer. So, this fits perfectly with that.

      • Powell says:

        T-Rex I think so too when that epi comes on.

  87. iceNfire says:

    Well I’m going to try the TReseeme Karatin product that I bought last week. It will take me all day long but it it suppose to last thru 3 shampoos. I’ll post results tonight if I don’t give up and wash it all out half way thru the process … or maybe I will just have another cup of coffee and return the dam thing

  88. Powell says:

    The actress that played Sybil on Downton is in the movie Winter’s Tale w/Colin Farrow. So that’s what she was doing when Sybil left w/Tom and got married.

  89. Nancy says:

    This is why I love Johnny Weir. Talk about a FU to Putin. Pink lipstick and pearls . lol

  90. Ladebra says:

    I don’t know why, but for the first time I can remember I just can’t get into the Olympics. Maybe because it comes on while I’m asleep. Anyway, go Team USA! I’m doing the triathlon today: laundry, cleaning, and pot roast cooking!

    Thank goodness you guys got your mom to the ER, Rebecca, hope she is on the way to a speedy recovery.

  91. Veena (NMD) says:

    I think she just wrote her last tweet poorly and meant to tell everyone Andy was on her plane and people should be jealous.

    This one is not much better – is it autocorrect??

    • Exit4 says:

      I saw above you’re sailing on Holland America. That’s my moms go to ship. My patents went all over the world on HA. I did one trip with my mom on the maasdam (sp?) to the Caribbean. Nice ships. A little bit if an older crowd-but I was fine with it! I like trivia and games so this group if older people latched on to me as their “secret weapon”. It was so funny! Almost win the blackjack tourney-but the other guy at the table hit poorly and took the good cards. Even the dealer said I got screwed! Lol!

  92. VV™ says:

    She coined to word “Vanderfabulous” on S2. Not as a compliment to Lisa, I might add.
    She’s been hinting that she wants to be back then a few days later retracts. Playing games with her followers. I totally disagree with this cast. Heather, who likes her? Broke-Rent-A-Home Brandi? Not sure why Camille chose to reply to this specific tweet. There are many similar…why this one?

  93. VV™ says:

    Is Bethenny’s show still taping? Is Brandi going to be a guest again?
    If yes, will Brandi be asked about:

    ….and that’s not even including Eddie and LeAnn.

  94. VV™ says:

  95. VV™ says:

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Beautiful girl! Congrats to her! She turned out seemingly undamaged by reality.

    • T-Rex says:

      When did Kara become a Star of the OldCrones of Beverly Hills Adjacent, she was the daughter of a cast member and not on all that much either? Eonline, overstepping much and her mom hasn’t been on for quite a while either.

    • Powell says:

      Good for her. She’s the most normal one out of the bunch.

  96. djprincessc says:

    Has anyone seen/been following the stories about Bruce Jenner?? I’m sorry but I just don’t see him “transitioning” into becoming a woman! To me he is looking like an old man who is letting himself go. He’s letting his hair grow bc he prob doesn’t care about it! And as far as him growing breast, to me it just looks like he’s out of shape and soft! I’ve seen A LOT of men that look like they have breasts kinda and its because they are out of shape! Idk why he got his adam apple shaved, but what has me confused is that he hasn’t addressed anything about these stories. He hasn’t come out and said “No” or that the stories are crazy. I hope its not true, his 2 younger daughters are going to be MORE of a mess than they already are.

    • Nancy says:

      It would help if he took out his diamond earrings and stop having his nails manicured
      but I agree I don’t think he’s transitioning. I actually feel sorry for him and I hope
      he finds someone else that’s worry of his attention.

    • T-Rex says:

      I don’t think he’s becoming a woman. Their show has been tanking in the ratings, and LOADS of people have been mentioning that he is doing this to drum up publicity to get ratings for the show.

    • Powell says:

      Hey DJP. He’s not. If you saw the epi where he talks w/Kendall & Kylie he tells them he’s happier living in Malibu. He doesn’t have to listen to how to dress, how to do this, how to do that. He didn’t say Kris was telling him those things but you know that’s who he meant. No one else in the family would tell him those things. Kris has a vision of how she wants the family to look, live, how they are portrayed to the world. I like the family. Not all the things they do but I like them. I don’t like how Kris thinks of the family as a business first and then a family.

    • I think he is just trying to get HIS BALLS BACK!!!!!!!!!!

    • MelTheHound - Team T-Rex says:

      He also hasn’t said he is ‘changing’..

  97. Powell says:

    The Women’s Biathlon is fantastic.

  98. Veena (NMD) says:
    • Nancy says:


      • Powell says:

        She really just can’t help it. I bet she reads all the HWs Twitter feeds every day.

        • T-Rex says:

          I think TheLUNATIC still even reads here every day. I also think she “googles” herself all day long to see if anyone is talking about her. And Yes, she reads EVERY Hwives twatter every single day. She is PATHETIC, she has NO LIFE! She has no friends, her daughter is at college, Bawby only sees her when he finishes his 60 hour week at the store. His Kids HATE her so she doesn’t interact with any of them, her sister and mother barely tolerate her, and for folks that don’t live that far from each other NEVER seem to see each other. What she needs to be doing is getting some good old THERAPY for her constant NEEDINESS, gawd knows she has plenty of time for it.

    • T-Rex says:

      WOW did TheLUNATIC call THE-LIAR-SUPREME-MORONSTFUBrandi a PRO-stitute, HA! Cause after hearing about the new book, she kind of qualifies for that.

  99. mariareads says:

    Good grief! Bob Costas eye looks worse! Must be quite a bad infection. I feel bad for him.

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