Real Housewives of Atlanta – Who’s Fighting Now plus Beverly Hills Cast Blogs Blogged

Real Housewives of Atlanta by NMD

It’s been two weeks since we last saw the Atlanta ladies and we pick up where we left off last time, watching the aftermath of the fight.


NeNe is yelling “I’m not here to be hood with you guys.”

Kenya points out that NeNe set up the situation and is trying to wipe her hands clean of the mess, but “her hands are full of grease.”

Apollo is all raged-up, and when Phaedra tells him it’s time to go, he stalks through the room heading towards Brandon, looking to finish what he started.  Peter body checks him while Phaedra tries to grab him.  Porsha is in the background running away. Gregg escorts Brandon out another door.  Kenya finds Brandon, who asks her, “why did he come after me?” in a confused voice.  She tells him to stop it.

Meanwhile Peter is still in a body check with Apollo and pushes him out of the room.  Phaedra is demanding someone to “get my purse,” as she walks out after them.  They cut in a talking head of her saying “everyone is acting like they are vampires and baying at the moon.”  Seriously -you have nothing to say about how Apollo acted?

Brandon sees Apollo in the hallway and asks “what did I do to you?  what did I do to you?”  He gets pushed back into a room so that Apollo doesn’t get going again.

NeNe is back on center stage screaming.  “Listen to me, we are all friggin’ adults.  This is about asking questions and answering them.”

Meanwhile Peter and Cynthia are trying to calm down Apollo.  Peter says, “Let’s just chill.  That went south real quick.”

Porsha decides to leave, feeling that the party is over.  NeNe seems really upset by that – showing that there really is something off about her this evening – her grasp on reality is completely missing.  Porsha interviews that an evil spirit entered people that evening – but she wouldn’t say demons specifically.  I think maybe drugs or alcohol – allegedly.  (Cocaine has been mentioned, as well as molly.)

Chris apologizes to NeNe for his part in the mess.  But then he immediately bashes Kenya, and says “you have to be a strange person to go up to someone and say you know Gregg better than me,” basically saying Kenya shouldn’t have said anything to sour faced Natalie.  Considering she tweeted a video of him saying he was single last year – I don’t have any reason to believe Kenya is lying.  As he’s ranting and raving about Kenya (and she is no longer there), Kandi says in a calm voice.  “Speaking of that, you had some things to say about Todd that I didn’t think was cool.”  Booyah – the look on Chris and Natalie’s faces was priceless.

Natalie says that Peter and Cynthia asked her some character questions about Todd.  Natalie then repeats a lot of crap that she said about Todd, not realizing that she just made Chris look like a total hypocrite.  They bicker a little bit about the word “opportunist.”  Chris interjects that the whole conversation was out of concern for Kandi.  She’s got a wtf look on her face, while Cynthia is realizing that she’s busted.  She interviews that she doesn’t like the way the conversation is going.

Chris tries to explain why they were gossiping about Todd.  Kandi finally stands up (during the whole conversation she’d been sitting while they were standing.  Todd was quietly sitting beside her.  Kandi basically says that she doesn’t care about this woman that Todd dated years before he knew her – no one does.  And that they are implying that Todd uses women.

Cynthia jumps in and says it was a small part of a larger conversation and it doesn’t matter.  She’s got her finger wagging in Kandi’s face and she’s leaning in really close.  Kandi says that it does matter to her, and wonders why Cynthia is getting so excited.  Meanwhile Natalie is just back peddling.  Cynthia says that Kandi talks with her hands so she can too – but she looks like she’s really in Kandi’s face.  Kandi interviews that she’s a short girl, so it’s not cool when a tall woman like Cynthia gets into her personal space with all that finger wagging.  I’d have to agree.  I’ve got to wonder what has gotten into Cynthia tonight -maybe she and NeNe shared a little pre-party appetizer?

Peter is back in the room and sees how excited Cynthia is.  He asks Kandi and Todd – “what’s going on?”  Todd says it’s all cool.  He loves his lady and that’s all that matters.  Everyone starts to calm down.

But … then Peter tells them that they are acting strangely.  “We acting what?” Kandi says in a high-pitched voice.  Kandi interviews that Peter came up to her with a pumped up chest acting as if he’d check her – and that’s just not right.  Peter starts telling Todd, “you know the rules, you know the rules.”  Todd asks, “what rules?”  I think Peter is talking about some rules NeNe set for that evening, but I’m confused because they are all standing now, and I thought the rules were that they had to sit.  Didn’t the rules go out the window with the first fight?

Malorie (Cynthia’s sister) is also up and she gives Todd a huge shove backwards.  Chris is standing in front of Peter and between him and Kandi and Todd – making sure nothing happens there. Kandi lunges at Malorie.  Chris jumps in between all of them to make sure the men don’t go at each other.  Todd turns around and grabs Kandi, and she’s all arms flailing and mad yelling, “don’t grab me, don’t grab me,” as Chris and NeNe also help Todd.


Peter is in the background slurring, “please let them go, please let her go,” as if he wants to fight Kandi.  Kandi yells, “we are better than that!” as Todd pushes her out of the room.  Kandi is just yelling and screaming.  Malorie yells, “I tried to break them up.”  Kandi yells back, “you put your hands on me, that’s what you did.”  Malorie says, “I’m going to f*** Kandi up tonight.  I’m going to beat her motherf***ing ass.”  Where did that come from?  Kandi is still yelling and NeNe tells her to stop it.  It’s not clear if Kandi is now mad at Malorie – or if she’s mad at Cynthia or Natalie – but she is MAD.  Then Peter is talking smack again and Kandi is yelling again.

Somehow Kandi is in the bathroom trying to calm down, and here comes Phaedra in her soft voice trying to figure out what happened.  She pets Kandi to calm her down.  Kandi interviews that she knows Cynthia is harmless, but her sister is another matter and she touched her with her two fingers.  “You don’t touch me,” Kandi explains.  (Mal also full out shoved Todd.)  Phaedra is hugging and petting Kandi trying to calm Kandi down, and you can hear Kandi breathing heavily.  She interviews that she never starts it – but once someone starts with her – she’s going to finish it.

Meanwhile in the other room, Chris is trying to reason with Peter who is still yelling.  Todd is there too trying to get Peter to calm down, but Peter is all jacked up.  Does he want to fight Kandi?  What is wrong with him?  Time must have passed, because NeNe comes into the bathroom and asks Kandi to please help Todd.  Peter is lecturing Todd, saying “you know the rules.  When we talking to each other, you can’t put your hands on no body.”  Todd says that he was just “backing people up off his lady.”  (He was).  He’s not being aggressive – actually he’s being much nicer to Peter than I would be, considering Mal did all the pushing.  Kandi comes in and says, “Todd let’s go.”  Todd asks for a few moments to finish up his conversation with Peter.  “Relax.” Peter chimes in (why?) and tells her to “relax.”  Uh oh.  “Really,” she asks him.  She explains in a very strained voice that she’s ready to go.  Todd says he’d just like two minutes to finish up.

Meanwhile, NeNe is asking “how did we get from pillow talk and asking questions to this?”  Really?  Were you not paying attention?

Meanwhile Peter and Cynthia try to tell Todd that they only had his best interests in mind when they filmed the scene with Chris and Natalie telling the country that he was a sketchy opportunist.   Jeesh – if this doesn’t tell the world that Todd is a decent guy, I’m not sure what would.  The scene ends with Todd and Kandi talking quietly, with Kandi explaining that she can’t even talk right now she’s so upset, and he’s being comforting.  Everyone else has a shocked look on their faces.

Next Morning

Todd and Kandi are in their kitchen filling Carmen in on the fight.  Todd tells Carmen that Kandi was fighting so hard her titty almost came out.  Kandi tells her side of the story.  She thinks Kenya was at fault.

Cut to Cynthia and Peter’s house – NeNe and Gregg arrive.  NeNe also remembers it as being Kenya’s fault.

Brandon and Kenya.  Brandon has some obvious bruises.  He apologizes to Kenya.  Both Brandon and Kenya say they don’t know what happened.  Brandon remembers asking Chris to take his hands off of Kenya, and the next thing he knew he was being choked and beaten.

Now Kandi is talking about Cynthia coming into her personal space.  She explains that it is her trigger when that happens.

Cynthia recreates Kandi’s reaction.

Peter says it was like a full episode of Jerry Springer (um – he was part of it).

Kandi admits that she acted poorly (worse than her mama.)  She seems sad.  She knows that she needs apologize – especially to Cynthia.

Kenya asks Brandon if he’s going to file a police report.  Brandon says that he’s spoken to his attorney and he holds all the cards because his rib was cracked and that’s an automatic felony.  They both call Apollo a gorilla because he thumped on Brandon’s chest.

Apollo and Phaedra

Apollo tells Phaedra that he was having a good time until the madness came.  He was upset that Brandon hit him.  He claims that he was just trying to hold Brandon down, but then he got hit – and then got carried away.  Phaedra doesn’t excuse Apollo – but she blames Kenya for the entire thing because she got out of her seat.  Apparently they all got the memo that Kenya was to blame because she STOOD UP.  Apollo apologizes to Phaedra for the mean things he said to her during the heat of the moment.  (I missed that – I wonder what he said.)  She accepts his apology.

Moving On

Enough of that – now it’s time to see Kandi’s casting call for her play.  The line is out the door.  Todd, Kandi, Don Juan, Victor (the choreographer) and Daymen (a casting person) run people through their paces.  Everyone sings Amazing Grace – and most of them are terrible.  This was just the open call – but out of 400 they only had 2 that were maybes.  Everything rests on the invited call.

Commercial -checking in on the Olympics and NBC is rerunning the skating they showed this morning.  Why not show something else during the day if they want to save it for prime time?  There are so many interesting sports!!!!

A Few Days Later

Kandi has asked all the girls to the spa to apologize and work things out.  Porsha wasn’t involved in the drama, but down for a massage.  Kenya is looking for an apology from Phaedra.  Cynthia is a little reserved, and passes on the massage so that she doesn’t have to be in the same room as Kandi.  Phaedra is going in with her guard up.  NeNe is mad because she hasn’t received an apology from anyone.  She did receive a text from Kenya’s girlfriend in the red dress (did NeNe just out Brandon with a gay slur?  What the heck is wrong with her?) and is furious that he reached out because her number is private and exclusive.  What a beeyoch.

After the massage they sit down for coffee.  Kandi immediately apologizes for her behavior.  NeNe says that Kandi has no more to apologize for than Kenya.  Kenya is like – say what?  Cynthia tells them to hold onto that – she’d like to yell at Kandi for a moment.  She then proceeds to tell Kandi how wrong she was (even though Kandi just apologized).  Kandi explains that Malorie pushed her.  Cynthia backs off a little and apologizes for Malorie pushing Kandi (if she pushed her).  Phaedra then says that she feels bad because the fight fed into stereotypes about black people.  She then says that Brandon did the same thing to Kordell.  Then NeNe jumps in and says that Kenya was completely wrong, and her queen in the red dress jumped in (again with the name calling  for Brandon – twice now to make sure it makes it on film.  If he is gay I don’t think it’s been mentioned on camera, and he certainly wasn’t dressed in women’s attire.  If I had any respect for NeNe left I would have lost it).  NeNe disputes that Chris grabbed Kenya (I wonder if she realizes how wrong she is now that the scene has been shown.)  She’s just yelling at Kenya.


What I take away from this is that Kandi and Cynthia are mature individuals that are able to take responsibility for their own behavior.  Phaedra likes to pretend nothing happened and can lie with a smile on her face.  NeNe was so mad at Kenya, she couldn’t see past that.  I’ve got to hand it to Kenya, she brought the old NeNe back.

Kenya says that they all have different versions of what happened, and should probably agree to disagree.  NeNe yells that Kenya is wrong and she’s right and that’s all there is to it.

Previews show that NeNe continues to be in a bad mood and gets into it with Peter.


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Blogs Blogged by Stars99

Brandi Glanville

Brandi begins, “This episode was both really fun and really hard for me. It was interesting to hear that Lisa and Kyle were throwing a joint birthday for Ken and Mauricio as they had previously had so much tension. But I’m all for everyone trying to get along.”

Completely dies laffin’… Oh wait… You were serious?  Right… Cuz you really don’t ACT like you would like everyone to get along.  Puhleeze… Brandi then talks about how she doesn’t understand all the “team discussion” and then tells us that she was surprised at Lisa’s reaction about not being invited to Yo’s step-daughter’s wedding when she wasn’t invited to Yo and David’s wedding itself.  She tells us outright that Lisa is “Actually Mohammed’s close friend.”  Exactly… We talked last week about how it was never apparent to most of us that Lisa and Yo were ever close friends… So why the heck does Yo imply that she thinks she and Lisa have been besties all this time?

Brandi blogs, “My book cover photo shoot was stressful because my hand was throbbing, and I was meeting my editor Nancy Hancock for the first time in person. She and I had talked on the phone and exchanged many many emails, but had never actually come face to face. She is one tough cookie when it came to deadlines and content.”


Well Brandi, it’s just not smart to insult your editor behind her back in your talking head interviews.  She may be professional enough to overcome it – but you’re just silly. Seriously, you could jeopardize future work opportunities by doing that kind of stuff.

Brandi writes, “This second book was a lot more work then my first book, and I think I got an ulcer trying to make all the deadlines. After watching this back I can see that Nancy was 100 percent right in what she was saying. I absolutely adore Nancy and the whole team at Harper Collins and feel very blessed to be in such great hands. What i don’t feel great about is how blonde I colored my hair the night before the shoot. As the old saying goes, never make major changes before any big day. I wish I had followed that saying…”

Perhaps you can learn the appropriate use of “than” vs. “then” for your 3rd book, no?  (I’m sure I could use some grammar lessons, too…btw…lol)  I really think this whole paragraph is back peddling after you saw how this segment was going to be aired… And you’re right… Nancy was 100% correct… As an aside, I find it funny that you’re wearing Vanderpump pink on the cover of your book… but that’s a whole nuther Oprah.

Brandi blogs, “I was very perplexed why Joyce all of a sudden believed that her God was no longer more powerful then everyone else’s and that Carlton would ever do or even think of hurting anyone’s children with her beliefs. Carlton is one of the best moms and most gentle souls I know when it comes to children. I don’t understand Joyce, I feel like she is always contradicting herself. She can’t swim, she can swim. I’m all of these horrible things, then I’m not. She doesn’t believe in Wiccan, now she is scared for her children’s lives?!?”

Brandi, Brandi, Brandi – You, yourself said on last week’s show, “I think Carlton may have just put a spell or a hex on Joyce, fingers crossed!”   Or do you have selective strategic memory?  Joyce’s husband got really, really ill that very night… Coincidence?  Joyce confronted Carlton directly about it.  Don’t try to tell me that if that happened to a member of your family that you wouldn’t have done the same thing.  It’s laughable that you bring up Joyce’s comment about her swimming ability when it was pretty clear on the episode what she was originally saying.  Joyce was merely saying she can swim a little – but not very well.  It isn’t contradictory at all.  Anyone with 2 brain cells can understand that concept.  Perhaps that leaves you out?

Brandi writes, “Before this party I had asked Lisa if at all possible to keep Scheana separate from me because I just felt like I have had this woman in my life enough. I have done my part as a friend by sitting down with her at Lisa’s request. I’ve kind of had enough. So I politely asked Lisa to do her best to keep us at a distance from one another and that is why Lisa decided not to have her wait on us at SUR for the dinner she planned for Joyce. I wasn’t told or made aware that Scheana would be waiting on us in Lisa’s home for this party. I know their are many, many servers for Lisa to pick from and this was a blatant move on Lisa part to get a reaction out of me.”

Brandi, you’ve done your part not “as a friend” but as a Bravo employee by sitting down and talking with Scheana – That talk was filmed and served as the entry point to “Vanderpump Rules.”  It was pure drama… and was a Bravo-perfect segue from “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” to “Vanderpump Rules.”  It really must be horrible to have to film with someone who contributed to the demise of your marriage – They’ve certainly exploited that storyline for you.  I hate that you continue to film with her.  I highly doubt that Lisa had much say on if Scheana was a server at her dinner party or not because Bravo wanted drama and they love to watch you flip your fig.

The thing is Brandi, during the episode, when Lisa said to you to, “Say something to Scheana about getting married” – You should have told her to take a flying leap off a cliff.  That was completely uncalled for and incredibly unfair of her to ask to you say something at all to her about her recent engagement… However, I do see Bravo’s fingerprints all over the setup.  Equally egregious was Scheana doing her best “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” impression by waving her diamond ring under everybody’s nose (  Who does that to the former wife of the married man who you used to ummmm… uncork?

I’m still not sure why you actually said anything to Scheana… You seemed very compliant and it wasn’t like Lisa had a gun to your head or anything.  To be honest, I really hafta disagree with everyone who says you just need to get over the whole “Scheana” thing…  Nope… No you don’t… You don’t ever have to be cordial to her at all – You might want to be civil perhaps because otherwise if left to your own devices you might do something that will cause you to wind up in jail… but I’m sorry, nope, nope, nope… You don’t ever have to be okay with Scheana.  You may have to coexist… but that’s about it.  Or else send her a nice flower arrangement thanking her for revealing what a revolting gooberhead of a husband you were married to… You’re better off without him!

Brandi continues, “Not to mention Scheana spent the entire evening flirting with my date J.R. For a newly engaged woman I don’t think that is a good sign. This triangle Lisa continues to try to create between her, Scheana, and I isn’t healthy for me and makes it incredibly difficult to move forward because I’m constantly being reminded of the troubles from my past. If Ken had cheated on Lisa and his mistress worked for me I probably would have fired her or made sure that she and Lisa never crossed paths… But that’s just how I roll.”

Says the woman who has never owned or operated a business in her life… Lisa would have had a wrongful termination suit on her hand for sure, if she had fired Scheana.  I suspect that if there wasn’t a “Vanderpump Rules” Lisa would have continued to attempt to keep you guys apart as much as possible.  Now that Vanderpump Rules is doing better in the ratings than your show… It might behoove you to be a lil more congenial with the opportunities to crossover, no?

Brandi goes on to talk about how it has broken her heart to watch Vanderpump Rules because she sees how close Lisa and Scheana are to each other.  Brandi says that she’s shown up a lot of times for Lisa at events even when Scheana is there – but now Brandi has had enough.  Brandi then ridiculously implies that Lisa isn’t her friend for the right reasons, when she says, “It’s clear to me watching Vanderpump Rules that Scheana and Lisa are far closer then boss and employer. It actually breaks my heart because I truly thought Lisa was my friend for the right reasons. I hope one day we can figure it all out.”

Huh? How is Lisa not being a friend to you for the right reasons?  Because of Scheana?  Scheana has been Pandora’s friend and Lisa’s employee far longer than you have been around.  I hate what Scheana did…  I hate that your pain is newly pricked whenever you see Scheana… I hate that your job requires you to be around Scheana… There’s got to be a solution… Oh, I know…. Quit and get a new job!

Brandi then tells us that she thinks Carlton and David wanted to be home with their children rather than to be at Ken and Mauricio’s birthday party.  She confirms that Kyle had never said anything negative to her about Carlton.

Brandi blogs, “I know I say women should always follow their intuition — but I think that this was the wrong time and place to pick a fight. Ultimately got Carlton home to her babies where she wanted to be.”

Plus, she got to ruin a perfectly good party by stomping off in a huff.  Carlton did her job!  Perhaps she even got a bonus!

Carlton Gebbia

Carlton begins, “No matter what my feelings were towards Joyce, upon her request which I respect, we had a lunch to sort out misconceptions and anything else. I was honest with her at lunch, I told her what I had said and felt about her and her husband’s comments the first time we met — plus some other truths. So there were no surprises or hypocrisy, she knew but maybe she forgot. I was truly upset at the idea that she thought I would put a spell on her family, especially her children, when what happened at Yolanda’s was a tongue-in-cheek reaction to her yet another ridiculous challenge.”

Are you kidding me, a “Tongue-in-cheek reaction?”  There was no laughter… no smile… no, “just kidding…” You were clearly trying to get under Joyce’s skin by threatening her.  They don’t understand your belief system because you REFUSE to talk to them about it!  How would anyone know that negative hexes and spells are not espoused in the true Wiccan ways?  After Joyce’s husband’s sickness that night, Joyce confronted you directly.  Isn’t that what you pretend you want?

Carlton blogs, “Watching Kyle’s talking head as she’s constantly rude about Lisa (her friend) only compounds and confirms my feelings towards her. Talk about smiling at one’s face and then stabbing them in the back. But I guess that’s her M.O. I know I’m not wrong about her, and I definitely know I’m not the only one who feels this.”

Okay Carlton, go stand in front of a mirror and say that… Wait… can you actually see your reflection in a mirror?  Oh, it’s just vampires and ghosts that can’t… Carlton, you are the worst offender of the “smiling at one’s face and then stabbing them in the back” sort of behavior this season.  She (Yes, I used the word, “she” to describe Carlton, so shoot me…) then goes on to tell us that “she” only showed up to the party for Ken and Lisa  “She” has apologized to Lisa for what happened but she felt she had been “goaded consistently” and that it had reached, “this crescendo of digs, insults, innuendos, and challenges.”

Stick a fork in “her” cuz “she’s” done (Oops, I did it again…lol).

Carlton talks about Kyle, “The very minute our arses touch the chairs she brings up Nipple-Gate. So why now do that? Of course she knows that we are going to argue. If she can be that disrespectful by bringing up the nipple deal again at dinner the minute we sit down and then constantly referring to me disrespectfully as “she” and “her,” of which you only heard a few, there were many more! Then WTF do you think I’m going to sit there with a fake grin? Really. No of course predictably she goads me one more time and off we go.”

Carlton’s looking for tits on a pronoun…. Tits on a pronoun… Tits on a pronoun.

And then the light in Star’s head goes off, “Again need I have to prove my point further that Kyle had already known about me before I stepped into this arena and that she was the one guilty of having preconceived notions about me and my non-traditional faith! Wow this is bloody exhausting!!! This is why I knew she didn’t like me beforehand.  Kyle told someone in front of a “large group of people” that when she heard that I was going to join the group, her exact comment was “Are you crazy, I’m like, we have enough problems, now we’ve got a witch to be scared about.” Really?”

THIS IS IT!  THIS IS IT!  THIS IS IT!  This is why Carlton has been on Kyle’s case all season long… all because when Kyle was told about Carlton before filming began, she made a flippant comment about having enough problems on RHOBH already without having a witch to be scared about…  However, it doesn’t seem like Carlton ever talked to Kyle to confirm that she actually said it or to ask her to clarify the context in which it was said… Of course not – that would be way too adult of her.  Instead, Carlton passive-aggressively, well, actually often very aggressively –  just went after Kyle time and time again for little apparent reason.

Carlton blogs, “You had already made your mind up about me long before I honestly met you and naturally got your number. When I came in you pretended you had no idea of what my faith or beliefs were… constantly! And that is why my senses were heightened around you, just waiting for the next insult, dig, or potential set up.”

One of the sad parts of this whole thing is that the situation could have been used to educate others in a positive way about Carlton’s belief system.  Oh well… Carlton has done a good job at using her belief system to berate and judge others… It’s kind of ironic because it’s kind of what others use their belief systems to do at times, too…

Carlton writes, “In this day and age why do I have to keep defending my Faith. It’s mind boggling to me. I have never once brought my religion up, they have and I’ve never insulted their religion, nor would I but they feel the desperate need to insult mine.”

Oh Carlton, you bring up your faith all the time.  You bring it up when you tattoo various religious symbols all over your body… You bring it up when you desecrate other’s belief systems by inappropriately using objects of their faith (confessional),,, You bring it up when you place witching balls throughout your backyard and then talk about why they’re there… You bring it up when you describe having to put a well-intentioned gift in distilled water to purify its’ negativity… You bring it up when you talk about using crystals to put around your sick cat… You bring it up when you name your son, “Cross”…  Shall I go on?  It’s like you passive-aggressively bring it up… and then you get mad that it’s discussed at all.  Why not just openly discuss it so people can become educated about it?

Carlton writes, “So when she called me that horrific name it was honestly devastating to me. I have never been called anything so hateful so I immediately covered it with anger, until I got home and it turned to tears. It took a while to get past that for me. You can call me a bitch, witch, or whatever but one thing I’m not is prejudice, it was shocking to me. To say that my disdain for her is because of her religion that she converted to and not the truth. I just don’t think she’s a good person. She is seriously crossing a line.”

Yep – Kyle should have never accused you of being, “anti-Semitic.”  The thing is, you visually recoil whenever anyone mistakes your spirituality for another belief system – like being Catholic or Jewish.  The horrified look of disdain on your lemon-sucking face when it happens is off-putting, to say the least.  Carlton then goes off on Kyle for an entire paragraph and implies that Kyle has no respect for her own adopted faith.  I would have gone off on Kyle, too, to be honest.  It was a low blow…

Carlton continues, “On a wonderful and positive note my gorgeous husband David was elected onto the Board of Directors of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce. So proud of him, what an honor! We’ve been here 20 successful years, guess we won’t be packing our bags anytime soon.”

I bet Kyle is THRILLED she joined the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce… lol… I bet she’s gonna hafta host millions of incessant coffee klatches for chamber networking… Carlton’s blatant use of the words, “guess we won’t be packing our bags anytime soon” is a direct and obvious response to Kyle’s blog this week that was posted a couple of days before Carlton posted her blog – As you will see if you continuing reading… Cheater cheater pumpkin eater… lol.

Joyce Giraud de Ohoven

After her initial greetings, Joyce blogs, “In this week’s episode, I wish you could have seen a little more of my hour-long luncheon with Carlton. Let me fill you in on a VERY IMPORTANT part of our conversation: The first thing I told Carlton and made very clear is that I personally DO NOT believe her negative energy can get to me because my God protects me from all of it. As you saw, I told her I respect every religion. I believe we can all respect each other’s beliefs and we don’t need to force our faith on anyone. I’m not asking Carlton to leave her witchcraft and to believe in Jesus Christ — so she should give me the same respect and not expect me to believe in her negative spells.”

Well, the thing is… You did launch into a little bit of a, “My God is better than your god” kinda thing and it instantly put Carlton on the defensive – not that it’s all that hard to do that…lol.   Sometimes people will hear your words clearer when they think you respect their words – I think you probably didn’t understand how your words can be abrasive to someone like Carlton.

Joyce  blogs, “However, I felt I needed to address the spell with Carlton because my husband was very worried about our children being around a person with such a negative energy. He was concerned to the point that he did not even want Carlton near our house unless she made it crystal clear that she would never threaten to harm the family. Of course I am aware how much evil, negative energy, and envy exists — sadly everywhere. I just typically chose not to let this into my life.”

I don’t blame your husband… Who wants that crap around?

Joyce continues, “I do have to see Carlton, so in order to calm down my husband I decided to ask her directly. Frankly all I wanted to hear from her was that I did not have to worry about her putting spells and harming the people I love. I wanted to hear that her dark magic talk was just that — talk — and that she would never go there. I guess her going on the attack here still leaves up for interpretation what her real intentions were.”

Well Joyce, the thing is… the dark magic talk wasn’t just talk – Carlton used to practice it by her own admission.  I think she said she quit when she had kids or something like that…  However, I don’t believe Carlton would ever want any harm to come to your kids or to your husband… But I’m not so sure that she wouldn’t hope that someone would cut off your hair in the middle of the night… Just sayin’… lol…#putthescissorsaway

Joyce blogs, “And yes, English is my second language. I would love for these women to try to speak any other language and perhaps they would understand that there are certain words you simply don’t know. I do love learning so I can proudly say that this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has taught me two words: chastise and flippant. I’m sure there will be more words I won’t know so I apologize.”

You may wish to also want to familiarize yourself with the following words since they will inevitably come up:  Charlatan, masquerader, leer, pretentious, ostentatious, hypocrite, pompous, magniloquent, delusional, mean girl… etc… lol…   I honestly don’t know if Carlton knows any other languages… but really, “she” needs to sit “herself” down on this subject.  Most people would have to look up at least one of the words in the above list… Feel free to chastise Carlton about “her” flippant attitude towards the word “respect.”

Joyce blogs, “With me what you see is what you get. Yes, call me naive but I LOVE life, I am happy and for that I make no apologies. I do like to see the best in people and when someone is nice to my face I tend to believe them.  Carlton on the other hand is a miserable hypocrite, acting nice to your face and then turning around in her confessional to talk crap.”


We call that, “being two-faced.”  Joyce goes on and talks about the NecklaceGate 2014™®©, that she couldn’t attend Ken and Mauricio’s party because of a previous commitment,  and that she’s proud of how Kyle handled herself at the party.

Kim Richards

Sorry guys, Kim’s just too busy polishing a fan’s heirloom turtle pin to bother to write a blog for us this week.  VAVOOMSHABANG💥💥💥💥  I❤MY❤FAMILY❤🐶 I💚LOVE🐢TURTLES 🐢🐢🐢🙏😊☕❤👼💎

Kyle Richards

Kyle begins, “This week Lisa and I decided to throw a birthday dinner for Ken and Mauricio. Mauricio loves Ken and the two really get along well. I didn’t know it was Yolanda’s step daughter’s wedding the same night as the birthday dinner. When I realized Lisa wasn’t invited I teased her about being part of the Dream Team. In my interview I say “Who makes up teams?” I was referring to Yolanda’s comment at her dinner party. Lisa was clearly saying that we each pick six couples, not teams, which made sense since we were both throwing this party together.”

Lol… Back peddling, much?  You must have received a call from Lisa saying… “What the heck?”… lol… The Queen was not amused by your “Team” comments… lol.  Kyle goes on to talk about Brandi’s book cover shoot and how fun it was to watch.

Kyle blogs, “After the painting party at Yolanda’s, Joyce had told me Michael became very ill that night after Yolanda’s lunch and they were concerned after what Carlton had said that day. If someone said to me, “Just wait and see what happens when you go home tonight,” I would also have concerns. I honestly do not believe in witchcraft. I DO believe in bad energy and not wanting to be around negativity. The fact that Carlton says she used to practice black magic doesn’t scare me as much as it feels unsettling to know someone would even WANT to do that.”

Double, double toil and trouble… Fire burn and cauldron bubble!  (Macbeth, Act lV, Scene 1)

Kyle writes, “Oh my goodness! Kim and Kimberly getting a tattoo! I don’t have any tattoos and grew up with a mom who would have killed me if I did — SO as I was watching, I was thinking “Mom would be so mad!” I thought it was actually a sweet mother/daughter moment. I mean, if your daughter wants a tattoo, you would rather have her come to you and be honest then just showing up with it one day and surprising you. Alexia, who is 17 and very close with her cousin Kimberly, watched the episode and seemed intrigued. She hasn’t asked me about getting a tattoo, but if she does I hope I can be as open minded as Kim was.”

I dunno… Getting tattoos together just somehow doesn’t seem much like a fun, awesome mother/daughter bonding moment to me – but then again I’m not a fan of needles and pain.  I’d be happy to Sharpie along while others get tattoos, though… Kyle then talks about when she watched the scenes with Kim and Yolanda and their kids going off to college – that it made her cry because Alexia is leaving in just six months.

Kyle blogs, “Walking into Lisa’s, the party looked gorgeous. Every detail was perfect. I did feel bad for the pool dancers. It was freezing and the water was ice cold. Plus, they didn’t know they were going in the water and they were worried about getting their dresses wet. Luckily Kevin saved the day with his awesome underwear act. Haha. I don’t know if I will ever get that image out of my mind.”

Yeah, neither can we.  Pass the bleach!  Kyle says some other stuff about the party and about Brandi and J.R…. but then she blogs about Carlton…(insert maniacal laugh here)…

Kyle blogs, “Ok, well here we go again… Carlton. I don’t even know WHAT to say except that it’s ridiculous at this point. Once again she says that the mention of a nipple when we first met was offensive. I mean, the things that I have seen her do and say certainly do not indicate someone that would be offended by anything. She can build a “sex room” or whatever that is and show her masks and gadgets for all to see and hear about, but the mention of a nipple is not acceptable? Okayyy. Clearly she is not being honest and is just looking for a problem with me. I don’t even know Carlton. The only times I have ever seen Carlton are what you have seen. I have never had lunch, dinner, or even a coffee with her outside of what you have seen. The girls and I had never met her before the Chamber of Commerce party and don’t know anyone that knows her. SO what IS she talking about?”


Yeah, that may be true – but she knows you – she saw all the previous seasons of footage and came to some conclusions on her own.  Kyle – You might want to read Carlton’s blog this week – because she reveals why she’s been cranky with you all season.

Kyle continues and blogs noticeably without using Carlton’s actual name but instead refers to her as “her”…lol, as she writes, “However, I do feel bad that I accused her of being anti-semitic. It occurred to me that MAYBE that was the reason she never liked me. But, in this town, if you’re anti-semitic, you might as well pack up and move. So I should have been more cautious with my words. I have no idea what her real reason is for not liking me. All I know is her “reasons” just don’t ring true. Why is she so offended that I asked if it was a Jewish star? And why does she continue to take advantage to deny that her microphone was covering it? She obviously knows it was tied onto her bikini. I know the difference between a Star Of David and a Pentagram, and if it wasn’t blocked, I would have seen it clearly. I’ve explained that. Why can’t she explain why she found it so offensive?”

See?  This is proof that Carlton read Kyle’s blog before writing her own this week – she specifically referred to “packing up and moving.”  Not fair…not fair!  However, Kyle calling “her” “Anti-Semitic” is way the heck over the line and could honestly cause Carlton and her husband some serious damage personally and professionally.  Once that phrase is linked to you it’s hard to get it unlinked.  Kyle, you know better than that… I’m glad you apologized in the blog for doing so – but did you apologize to Carlton directly?  Like perhaps before the reunion was filmed?  I was kind of surprised that Mauricio didn’t say something at the time about that comment to lessen its obvious inflammatory potential.

Kyle ended her blog by telling us that she will probably never be besties with Carlton. Really?  Stop the presses! Lolol… Kyle then says, “What other people think about me is none of my business.”  Hmmm… I’m not sure I buy that one… Kyle says she’s not going to make any additional effort with Carlton…  Well, dagnabit… Who is Carlton gonna target and fight with now?  Looks off to the left… sees Joyce innocently playing with her food on her plate…Rut roh…

Lisa Vanderpump

After her initial greeting, and after saying a whole lot of nothing about planning Ken and Mauricio’s birthday party, Lisa blogs, “The night started of beautifully, laughs were had over Kevin and Jax — and all looked promising. Maybe it was a mistake to have Scheana there, but she and Brandi had been in the same company recently, at a lunch at Villa Blanca, without a problem. I insisted she stay in the kitchen and organize everything there as she has done on many occasions. Also I went to the length of employing two extra catering waiters so there would be no precarious exchanges at the table. She had always been remorseful of what had happened six years earlier, but now was engaged and I hoped it had come full circle.”

I hope the only reason Scheana was there was because Bravo required her to be there – otherwise, you’re just mean spirited, Lisa.  Seriously, there are many other people you employ who could have worked the party.  Heck, there are others that are part of “Vanderpump Rules” that could have served – which makes me draw the conclusion that it was all a Bravo set-up.

Lisa writes, “The dinner was a rather gorgeous affair, but, unfortunately, when Kyle once again raises the subject of nipple-gate I know where this is going. It was embarrassing to be on the cover of a certain magazine, the same one that had written stories about Mauricio, stating I had a sex tape! I know it is nonsense and the only way to deal with this, as I have said to all of the women, is to ignore it. Don’t indulge in it, as tomorrow it will line the bottom of a parrot’s cage.”

“Rather a gorgeous affair” if you do say so yourself… lolol… I dunno, that just struck me as being funny.

Lisa blogs, “However for Kyle to keep bringing up the subject in company, I think many would take offense. I don’t. I laugh it off, but I wonder if the situation was reversed what the reaction would be?”

Kyle doesn’t keep bringing it up – She brought it up at this particular time so she could clear the air once and for all in front of both Carlton and her husband – She wanted to be vindicated since it’s quite obvious Carlton has a knack for holding grudges.

Lisa continues, “Carlton had her own view on this matter. She felt it was bitchy and disrespectful to talk about me to somebody they had never met, especially in a public forum, about a matter I perhaps wanted to forget. And that is what had happened that time in the kitchen at Kyle’s house, she had raised the subject of her pregnant story. I tried to joke it off and give it the credibility it deserved — zero. Maybe I have a different outlook on life. Let things go. Who cares? But it is one of the things that is so irritating about this arena. But we can’t change it, so I have to find some humor in the situation.”

Finding humor in the situation is always a good thing.  I know some will probably criticize you for saying you let things go but you really don’t – I guess I see it more like you try to let things go – but sometimes it’s more of a situation wherein you may forgive someone for doing something to you… but you just don’t forget it…

Lisa concludes, “That is why I believe they started on the wrong foot. . .it rapidly deteriorated and it was something I didn’t want to be in the middle of. Words were said that can’t be taken back, words that would create an even bigger rift in their relationship… Oh well we will see how this works out.”

My money is on that it doesn’t end well for Carlton… Just a guess…

Yolanda H. Foster

After Yo’s initial greeting, she says, “First, I wanted to clear up Brandi’s jab at me with her tweet while I was on WWHL saying I cancelled dinner plans with her. It surprised me because it would have been justified if I had been a hypocrite and cancelled plans with her and instead taken a business meeting that was more important — but that’s absolutely not what happened! I cancelled because I was dealing with my crying child across the country in NY who was just diagnosed with a disease we were trying to figure out. This is something I shared with B in good faith — but not something I wanted to share with all of you because that’s my daughter’s privacy. But since Brandi brought it up on national TV, I feel I have to clarify the situation.”

Pssst… Yo… That’s what Brandi does… She takes private, personal information spoken in confidence then shouts it from a mountain top to the entire world at her whim when it suits her own personal agenda.  She’s a “Truth Canon” you know, Yo.

Yo blogs, “Obviously she lashed out at my comment about our friendship (which made her feel that I don’t love her). But, the truth is that I do care for her and never intended to hurt her feelings. We all lead busy lives. Even though we text once in a while, we have not seen each other in five months, so I am not going to sit here and pretend we are BFFs and talk every day because we don’t.”

Whoa… 5 months?  You mean since filming ended?  Does that mean you guys are just friends on camera and when the cameras are off you’re not friends?  You know, kind of like what you accused Lisa of doing?  Hmmmm….

Yo writes, “I have taken a lot of heat for supporting Brandi through all her ups and downs but I have done so because she supported me while I was down and out. Even though she is unfiltered on the surface, I always believed her to be a kind and good-hearted person deep down inside that needed my support, but I truly hope she does not mistake my kindness for weakness.  Alrighty on to tonight’s episode…”


Okay Brandi… this is Yo’s warning shot across the bow of your ship… Take heed – If you go any further, Yo intends on taking you down!

Yo writes, “After Carlton’s comment at my painting party, I completely understood Joyce’s concern. But, like I said last week, I don’t believe in spells, so I like to think Michael’s stomach flu was a rare coincidence. Carlton definitely has a mouth on her and a wicked sense of humor, for sure — but in my gut I have never ever doubted her integrity. She has always treated me with the utmost respect. You can tell a lot about a woman when you meet her children, who in this case are extremely polite and well educated, which is definitely a reflection of her (and her husband).”

I don’t doubt that Carlton could be a great mom – but that doesn’t mean that she can’t also cast a spell or three… Especially when it was clear she was threatening to do just that… Yo continues on and talks about how touching Kim’s scenes were to watch.  She then talks about Ken and Mauricio’s joint birthday party and how it confused her.

Yo writes, “All I heard for the past two years is how Kyle so deeply insulted her integrity and — like you all saw on the last reunion — Mauricio was a user (in her opinion) and only befriended people who could give him real estate deals. (Which I believe is part of his job and the way he provides for his family.) Nobody ever spoke of this after the reunion, and I know for a fact that even when we all got back together this subject was never discussed.”

It cracks me up that you actually validated what Lisa said about Mauricio…lol.  Let’s not pretend… Bravo needed a party that included the husbands so voilà – a joint birthday party was born!  Plus, Ken and Mauricio actually like each other, or so it seems.

Yo blogs, “Lisa always seemed to be a great friend to Brandi, but when things got tough and not so pretty, I did see her distance herself overnight without any explanation or acknowledgment. She clearly decided to reposition herself within the group and therefore bring Kyle back in.”

Lisa got smart and got off a sinking ship before she went down with it.

Yo judges, “Kyle on the other hand always said that Lisa is like Bobby Fischer because she strategically manipulates every move. I wish she would have had the courage to use this perfect example to point that out to Lisa. Kyle should have drawn a line in the sand and demanded an apology for her husband and at least some sort of acknowledgement of what went down before accepting the invite for a joint birthday party.  It is impossible to rebuild the foundation of a true friendship without that.”

How in this world could you possibly know what has been said between Kyle, Mauricio, Lisa and Ken?  You have no idea if they hashed it out… or what happened between them… cuz you know… it’s BETWEEN THEM!  You’re not besties with any of them… And, by the way, what happened to keeping your nose out of other people’s business?  If they want a joint birthday party – why judge it?  Of course we know it’s Bravo-sponsored… so why all this pretense about being confused by it?

Yo writes, “Lisa is a beautiful, smart and witty lady, and I am not going to deny that I have always enjoyed her company. Somehow she intimidates the women in this group and they are therefore afraid to hold her accountable for her actions. I am having a hard time understanding why it’s so hard for Lisa to acknowledge her mistakes, because the truth is that we all make them everyday, including myself. When I forgot to put hearts on some of the namecards at my dinner party, I came around and acknowledged my rude mistake, even though I had not done it intentionally. Painting a heart on a little canvas for the three girls involved was my way of saying, ‘I am sorry, I screwed up!’”

Yeah, well, we have a talking head interview wherein you imply you probably subconsciously did it – and at that point you weren’t all that apologetic about it.  Hopefully, you actually apologized to them and said, “Sorry, I screwed up.”  I actually love the whole concept of when we mess up we need to sincerely apologize to each other and move on… That is if someone actually knows what the word, “apology” means…

Yo blogs, “David and I hosted his youngest daughter Jordan’s wedding at Mohamed’s house on July 20, 2013, which had of course been on the calendar for the past year. The bride and groom limited their guest list to those who have a personal relationship with them. I was surprised to see Lisa use the wedding as an excuse of why David and I were not going to be at her party — because I am pretty sure that Ken’s actual birthday is August 24, so she really could have planned it any other night of the week.”

Huh?  I’m sure they had to schedule it according to production’s schedule and not anyone else’s schedule.  Lisa merely told people you weren’t there because of the wedding… I didn’t interpret it as an excuse – more like a valid reason why you weren’t in attendance.  Why are you picking a fight at this?  It doesn’t even make sense.

Yo goes on to blog about the fight at the dinner table and mentions that Kyle could have educated herself about Carlton’s religion since it had been 3 months since their initial conversation about it.  She doesn’t think the dinner party was the right place for Carlton to go off the handle – but that she understands being labeled, “anti-Semitic” would send anyone over the edge.  She talks about how religion and politics shouldn’t be discussed at dinner parties with this group… She wishes we would get to see the serious side of Brandi in her role as a single mother… She wishes the kindness of Kyle’s gesture of giving the necklace to Carlton would have lasted longer than just one night for Carlton…

Yo concludes by telling us, “Please remember that writing this blog is part of our commitment to the Bravo fans and is never meant to hurt anyone involved but — rather to share a perspective from our seven so different, but equally important, points of view.”

Let’s get this straight… Many of us are no longer “Bravo fans” – We watch a couple of shows on Bravo in which we take great delight as we point and laugh at them.  Generally, we hate Bravo’s over-production, storyline manipulation, reorganizing of event timelines, etc. – but we do love to snark and laugh at the characters on the shows nonetheless.  You might want to take a look at the ratings – cuz they’re going down… because we are getting really tired of it all.  There’s aren’t many true, “Bravo fans.”

Well, that’s all they wrote this week… Hope to see you next week and until then – Happy Trails!


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    Happy Monday! It think the thermometer where I live is perpetually stuck at 37 degrees. Every time I look at one (and it’s not just one), that seems to be what the temperature is. I’m so looking forward to Spring/Summer. Trying to do things to lighten up the winter blahs. Watching Bravo definitely doesn’t do it for me anymore – ha! I need a room to paint!

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      Omg BB I bought a canvas this weekend to paint something for my walls! Where I live there is a painting studio downstairs (art district) and I am going to use it on my mini vaca this week! (But I like big slashes of color, so no real drawing talent involved lol)

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        I’m no artist, but I sure love to paint walls. I especially love trim work. I also like removing wallpaper. It’s therapeutic for me.

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          BB I totally FEEL you! Like knitting …… It’s soothing.

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      BB – I have a few walls available for you to paint… I mean… If you need volunteers and stuff… Just sayin’… I mean it’s all in the name of providing a mechanism that will be therapeutic for you, right? = )

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    Good morning. I hate Jill Zarin.

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    Wow Starzy, great blog! No big surprise, I am #teamLisa. I enjoy her humor, and her jabs, and her relationship with Ken that she lets us see. And I guess it’s their job, but I don’t like how Yoyo and Brandi need to make others look bad to make them look good.

    Manic Monday ! Short week for me, taking off Thurs and Fri, so yay! Stay safe and warm💕

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      I’ve got a 4 day weekend coming up (Friday and Monday off) too. I love watching Just Jack, but I also enjoy those breaks too.

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      Thanks, ladebra my neighbor… I like different housewives at different times for different reasons… and my mind changes often… Does that make me fickle? lol

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        You can have the fickle finger of fate award! I like different hw’s at various times, but I always like Lisa (don’t always agree) and I never like Kim (ever, never, ever I don’t care how many turtles she vavoomshabangs). 🙂

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      Is that when your sis arrives? Thursday?

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  4. Veena (NMD) says:

    Miss Amia has a new blog – this one talks about how Phaedra sent the C&D to Lynn ….

    The truth always comes out …

    • chismosa™ says:

      This makes me so upset. That Lynn isn’t here for this.
      Unbelievable. My “aunt” died suddenly of a heart attack a few years ago, I had posted about it here because I was so sad and everyone was so supportive, and SHE had been – at that exact time- going through legal issues and just horrible personal things. And then BLAM at 63, a heart attack out of nowhere.

      This makes me really really mad. Women have to be careful with heart problems as it kills us more than the big C – and a$$holes like this aggravate us. Aggravated poor Lynn just 1 month before she left us.


      Thanks for the link— I need to get this book one day

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Wow… I had never read this twitter exchange before… heck, I just tweeted for the very first time today…lol… but just wow… I feel horrible for Lynn… It’s amazing things keep coming up…

  5. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. It’s so cold out. I’m sorry BB It’s Bottom Lip Monday. 😉 Sigh. ATL was interesting to say the least. Everyone was wrong. Why? Cuz they should have had their own private PJ party at home. No but NeNe popped it off. It wasn’t a good or fair game to begin with. Oh well. The reunion will be interesting. Have a great day.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      The best thing about that PJ party was a room full of honkin’ bean bag chairs! I would love a room like that!

  6. plainviewsue says:

    “You may wish to also want to familiarize yourself with the following words since they will inevitably come up: Charlatan, masquerader, leer, pretentious, ostentatious, hypocrite, pompous, magniloquent, delusional, mean girl… etc… lol… ”

    Favorite line of your blog!!!! Hysterical, but true!!!

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      I took 2 years of Spanish in Junior High, 3 years of Spanish in High School… And I barely can order from del Taco…lol… Joyce is doing just fine…

      • kit9 says:

        lol! She’s doing very very well in her second language. It’s so shit*y, both Carlton and Lisa being sneering a**holes about Joyce not knowing a word here or there.

        • chismosa™ says:

          Remind me again, what did the witch call her out on not knowing ? Was this at the lunch last week at the French place?

          • mm in oc says:


            • iceNfire says:

              Carlton said she didn’t like Joyce’s flippancy and explained that the word meant dismissive. So Joyce dismissed Carlton’s comment saying “I’m not flippanty (sic) LoL

              • chismosa™ says:

                Thank you both ^^^^^

                Ice I just thought of you there’s all these keratin treatments to buy OTC.
                the one I saw is the “organix” company ?? Oval bottles ? They have one now.

                • iceNfire says:

                  Hi chimos – thanks but I’m done with products. I spent 3 hours on my hair yesterday and it’s not even shiny. Staying with Wen and rooting for warmer weather so I can let it dry naturally

  7. plainviewsue says:

    Brandi on the View today, plus WWHL. She’s actually going to be in my neck of the woods on Wednesday night. The Book Revue in Huntington. If this was last year with her first book, I would of been there with bells on. This year…………..not happening!

  8. Veena (NMD) says:

    I don’t think Kenya is to blame. Chris was standing when he asked her his question. She stood to ask Natalie a question. She did not charge. Just because NeNe says that over and over doesn’t make it true. Chris wanted to be the center of drama, so he grabbed her arm to redirect her towards him and not Natalie.

    Then it’s a toss up who is to blame. If Peter and Apollo hadn’t jumped in, it might not have gotten physical beyond a little pushing. Peter was restraining the wrong guy, but he didn’t know that Apollo had gone BSC. Apollo is scary. Chris and Brandon were also too pumped up.

    • chismosa™ says:

      I agree with every point.

      I think Brandon really is a long standing friend of Kenya’s and was truly just looking out for her.

      Wasn’t the most hysterical thing the constant shots of the other couple — Chuck ?? – and his wife – and Chuck looking wide eyed at the camera. LOL

      • Kansas Girl says:

        Hasn’t Kenya referred to Brandon as her gay husband? Maybe I remember wrong.

        • chismosa™ says:

          I seem to for some reason remember that she has never talked of him in terms of sexuality. I don’t know HOW I remember this but I feel like she hasn’t. — on the show, I don’t know about blogs and tweets

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Yes, those shots of Chuck were funny, but Chuck did what Mal should have done…stayed out of it!

        • iceNfire says:

          Good point Lainey!

        • chismosa™ says:

          Chuck looked like an A$$
          I wouldn’t want my “man” jumping in and to quote another show, make it all “VH1” — (what a great quote! I’m going to use that now), but him and his befuddled – or bewildered ??—wife have the oddest FACES! He was cowering behind his wife …. LLLLLOSER

          Don’t jump in, but he was behind her. Maybe she was holding him back. I wonder

    • Kansas Girl says:

      And we saw a different view of the arm grab last night in the eternal replays. He really did grab her. His fingers were squeezing into her muscle, and the skin pulled. You could clearly see it was not just a light touch. No wonder she reacted!

      • iceNfire says:

        But Brandon’s hand was right there in an instant. Brandon jumped up right behind Kenya and the two of them advanced towards WhatsHerName

      • He really did grab her hard, he would have been spitting his balls out of his mouth if he grabbed me that hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • iceNfire says:

          Hi PPindy – Doesnt look hard to me

          • LaineyLainey says:

            I was grabbed exactly like that by a band director because I turned the wrong way during a rehearsal. It was humiliating and It hurt my arm and I still feel violated when I think of it. But it taught me something. Never put your hands on anyone like that, because not only does it hurt, it is supremely humiliating. A lesson that served me well, as I chose to work with young children. I have seen other teachers do that…and you know what I have done, I have asked them, how about If I grab you like that? They say, NO,!! I tell them, “well, then don’t do that to your students. It’s not right.” It wasn’t right when that man did that to me, it’s not right when my colleagues do that to their students and it’s not ok when Chris did that to Kenya. Kenya may not be well liked, but Chris should not have done that to her. It feels terrible to be grabbed like that.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I agree with you, NMD. IMO, If Chris had grabbed the arm (yes, grabbed…it’s on film) of a more well- loved castmember, there would be no debate. Chris was wrong for putting his hands on Kenya. Now I’m wondering Who is more well-loved….hmmm….ok, imagine its your daughter or a good friend being grabbed by a man because you dared to stand up and walk across the room (same thing Chris did).

      • iceNfire says:

        or imagine it is your daughter or girlfriend sitting on a couch being approached by a ‘front peddling’ woman followed closely by a man….. let them proceed or intervene?

        • LaineyLainey says:

          He shouldn’t have grabbed her arm. My daughter could have or would have stood up, too. She can handle herself, just as Natalie can handle herself. There was no need for Chris to grab Kenya’s arm at that point.

        • austin1963 says:

          Exactly. Because Natalie was sitting, she was in a weaker position, which may be why Chris reacted as he did. I’m not a fan of people putting their hands on other people, but I understand why Chris did it in this instance. And I’m sorry, but it didn’t look super hard to me. Those of us who see Kenya as a lying troublemaker who is always and forevermore trying to cause a problem will continue to see her as having some culpability in this incident, while others who think she is funny or whatever will see any interference on her purposeful approach of Natalie as the real problem. If some woman was coming for me, especially a known troublemaker, especially if I was seated, I’m pretty sure my husband would reach out his hand to intervene, and he is not a man that lays hands on people as any matter of course. That’s not because I’m a woman, either. I would do the same if the situation was reversed.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Natalie is not weak, sitting or standing. Desperate, perhaps, but not weak. She most likely would have stood up, too…but we will never know since her man chose to grab Kenya’s arm. I’ve been grabbed like that and it’s not a light touch, it’s invasive and it’s wrong. And it does hurt. Period.

            • austin1963 says:

              I didn’t say she was weak, just weaker relative to a person coming at her when she is in a sitting position. That would be true of nearly anyone. My husband is a big man and much stronger than me but I would have the physical advantage if I was charging towards him if he was in a sitting position.

              We just disagree on this. It think most people would reach out their hand to stop a person who they *perceived* to be charging at their loved one. And most people consider a person coming at them like that “invasive”. I don’t know of a single person who hasn’t been grabbed like that at some point in their lives (heck, a guy I didn’t even know grabbed me like that as I was stepping off a curb and I didn’t see a car coming) and Kenya wasn’t sporting any marks the next day, because you can certainly believe that if she had battle scars to share, she would have been showing them off right along with her friend, Brandon because she would never miss a chance to play up her victimhood.

              • LaineyLainey says:

                So it’s a little different as that guy potentially saved your life, Austin! So yes,there is some wiggle room with the arm grabbing thing. I was frustrating my band director and believe me I felt it. If I see any teacher that I work with doing that to a child, they hear from me…if they say it’s no big deal, I make a formal complaint against them in writing. just ask my boss. Am I popular with the other teachers. No. Do I care? Sometimes, but, The kids come first. No grabbing people by the arm unless they are about to die or hurt themselves! So ok, i get that its not exactly the same, a teacher grabbing a student by the arm in frustration and Chris being angry at Kenya aNd not wanting her near Natalie. i just think he went too far with the grab. I understand being frustrated with people, not liking them, not trusting them,…but it’s not ok to grab someone because you are assuming/predicting something is going to happen. I think it’s a stretch to assume that Kenya was going to hurt herself or Natalie. Her past behavior doesn’t point to that. I can see that she might have gone into a never ending twirl session, but she is not a physical fighter. She uses her words and her twirls.

                People walk toward me all the time when I am in a sitting position, I don’t assume they are going to hit me, nor do I feel that I am suddenly weak. If I need to stand, I stand too. My hubby is 6’5″ so he likes it when he’s sitting and I’m standing (im 5’2″) I.e. then we can be eye to eye. Hee hee!

          • chismosa™ says:

            I mean apart from the lying Walter thing from last year — which in essence was embellishment….What are her other lies? This Nigerian prince – there was a picture of her with some Nigerian singer/producer who it may be ?

            And she showed the video that showed that what she said about Christopher was right

            But I’m sure there are more other things that shes done that i neglect because I sort of like her
            👐👐I don’t know I can’t help myself 🙂

            All the stars she claims she knows do acknowledge that they know her. I don’t know …

            • LaineyLainey says:

              I too, count one lie. It has yet to be proven that she’s lying about her new b.f. I have to say they didnt really look very close in that picture. I suspect it might not be true, but I’m not calling her a liar because it could be true. It cooooould! Who knows?

              • chismosa™ says:

                SO glad to be on the same page with you on someone Lainey! 👭

                • ladebra says:

                  What about the IVF thing? I really think she is not being truthful and using it for her story this season.

                  • chismosa™ says:

                    Yes, true. She’s being very ambiguous about it …..
                    (Is that the right word? ) evasive? Mysterious?

                    But I’m fine with that. Remember Ramona thought she was pregnant and Luann was talking having kids HAHAHAHAHA

          • mrs peabody says:

            Maybe Kenya felt the same way about him walking over to where she was while she was sitting. Just saying

  9. plainviewsue says:

    So the woman who will not be named did an interview saying Bravo should do an all star cast. This was an interview with Huffington Post. She said “I love Lisa Vanderpump. But we might be two peacocks. I know I would love Brandi. I love Vicki Gunvalson. I love Tamra Barney. I love Gretchen Rossi. I love NeNe and Marysol. From New Jersey, Teresa and Dina Manzo. Dina, because she’s chill. I think we could do a good All-Stars show.”

    This woman has passed delusional to bat sh*t crazy. IF Bravo did an all star show, does this demented woman seriously think if given a choice they would pick Jill over Lisa???? And did she actually compared herself to Lisa??????

    Bawby has got to book the padded room.

    • chismosa™ says:

      This is so funny! I have to look it up on HP!

      She’s crazy

    • Orson says:

      After her sneak recording of WWHL, I find it hard to believe she actually thinks Bravo will ever have anything at all to do with her.

    • iceNfire says:

      On Oprah’s show she said she pitched an all star hw show but seems to think it or maybe was told it wouldn’t happened til after all franchises run their course #LongLiveAllHwFranchises

      • HuskerHuny says:

        I would fully support an All-Stars Housewives if they informed all of the other housewives that they go after Jill with every thing she has done to others. Now that’s what I call entertainment. What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.

      • chismosa™ says:

        I didn’t see that on the Oprah show — she said that? I still have it I’ll have to rewatch

  10. HuskerHuny says:

    Just a few observances and details . . .

    First and foremost, my baby boy is 21 today. Asked him where he wanted to go for this landmark birthday and he said, “I like your cooking the best and I don’t plan on starting to drink.” One proud mama, but I think I will breakout the Bloody Mary’s tonight!

    Westminister Dog Show begins tonight. I have never owned a dog or any pet for that matter, but I love watching those dogs.

    It’s -6 degrees out now but looks to get into the 30s by Friday. Something to look forward to.

    Battle Axes of Atlanta – the only people without blame in this mess is Porsha and Phaedra (I didn’t see Phaedra do anything except try to stop Apollo). Kandi admitted her wrongs and apologized for them. As for the rest – Nene should never have brought this group together (especially Natalie and Christopher) and she should never have asked such leading questions. Kenya should have kept that rather large backside of hers planted firmly in her bean bag and never have gotten up to approach that woman, thereby Chris would never have touched her. Cynthia needed to stay out of Kandi’s space and kept her wagging finger to herself. I knew something was about to break – this group had been too quiet for too long.

    Kandi stood up like the woman she is and admitted her part in the melee and apologized for it; she really did regret her her part in the fight. Cynthia only apologized for her sister and not her own actions. Kenya and Nene – well, they are just too perfect for words. Phaedra is embarrassed for the stereotypical image that they put out there.

    Do these women (especially Nene and Kenya) think that they are portraying themselves and others like them in a positive and strong manner? The strongest thing on these two is their mouths. There is nothing about the two of them that I would ever want my daughters to emulate.

    I like how Phaedra went to Kandi and tried to calm her. They appear to have a genuine friendship. I would rather watch women who act like adults than to watch them acting like street thugs.

    Thanks for keeping it real Miss Nene; if that’s your real, I will keep my life and friends as fake as possible. Thanks for showing me the kind of people I never want to associate with.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Happy birthday to your son– 21 is the best ! 

      I personally don’t think Kenya had anything to apologize for. I know most find her annoying but last night she was talking and stood up to talk. We don’t KNOW for sure if she was going to charge like a bull. 
      I feel like Kenya likes to use her words – not get physical. She likes the sound of her voice ! 

      I really cannot stand Phakedra. Even when Apollo was having a talk with her in their kitchen she was like “mmmm hmmm” quietly over and over and over. Never fully responding to him. I’m so excited for these court issues to come out as she is SO SHADY! Phake all the way. And a mess of a husband she married. 

      • HuskerHuny says:

        If Kenya and Christopher had obeyed the rule of the game – do not leave your seat – nothing would have happened. Christopher got up first to get something to eat and then turned to address Kenya directly. Kenya then got up and started walking (not charging) toward Natalie. That’s when Christopher intervened and tried to get in between K and N, but he couldn’t and then put his hand on K’s arm. Then all holy heck broke loose! Lesson that I learned – do not get out of your seat. So by K getting out of her seat, there is an amount of blame for her, albeit small, it was the beginning of the ruckus.

        • chismosa™ says:

          Ok I don’t know about these freakin rules ….. Nene pranced around saying to everyone !

          And hey- Kenya got there late ? Maybe she didn’t know to not get up?? I just thought of that.
          Why did Porsha then ask Chris to sit down? Didn’t she do that or am I dreaming ??
          Whatever … Atlanta is the only one I don’t get too riled up about but I AM happy PhaKEDRA is in trouble. Never liked her.

          Now ….. Tonight is another story!

          • HuskerHuny says:

            So true – Kenya may not have known the sit down rule because of her lateness. With Nene prancing around like the cock of the walk, I can see where she could think that it was OK to get up. But why did Kenya have to stand to say her peace/piece (I never know which one it is!)? 20/20 hindsight, that’s when the brouhaha started, so I guess if I were to find fault as to who started the fight, I would go with 1) Nene by asking such dumb questions knowing that they would start a fracas; and 2) Christopher by not going back to sit down after getting something to eat and then addressing Kenya directly; and then 3) Kenya for not staying seated (rule or no rule) and then approaching Natalie; 4) Christopher (that’s two for him) for grabbing Kenya’s arm; 5) and now Brandon for coming to Kenya’s defense; 6) and now I totally lost track – which came next – Apollo or Peter? My scorecard is full now. Everyone loses!

          • Pghemtchick says:

            She did ask him. She was walking back in the room and said “sir” when addressing him to ask him to sit down. He told her he was going to stand for this.

          • SoutheastVA says:

            The delight in Phaedra’s troubles is troubling. No pun intended.

    • iceNfire says:

      Cynthia got caught stirring the pot but instead of owning it she tried to put the blame on Kandi. Kandi did get carried away but atleast she recognized her behavior was wrong. was embarrassed. and apologized

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I agree. Kandi lost control, but she apologized!!!! Not a easy thing to do, obviously, since she s the only who said sorry for her actions.

      • austin1963 says:

        I seem to remember Cynthia rather gleefully spilling this gossip to the other ladies (sans Kandi, obviously). She seemed very happy to throw Kandi and Todd under the bus at that time and that’s what has caused all the problems. She is supposed to be Kandi’s friend (sort of, at least). Natalie didn’t really have any relationship with Kandi that I can tell, and is coming more from the perspective of her friend (Todd’s old flame), so Cynthia’s act of “Who? Me?” is really gross because she is supposed to be Kandi’s friend, at least nominally.

        • iceNfire says:

          Before last night I was neutral on Cynthia. Now I don’t like her at all. Mal and Peter seemed determined to get physical. In Cynthia’s blog she is now claiming that Todd pushed Malory. I didn’t see it and I don’t believe it. Her blog is 5 pages of throwing shade everywhere else to avoid the fact that she pushed Natalie for dirt on Todd … out of concern for Kandi *pfft

          • iceNfire says:

            I think she was mad that Kandi said Peter gets lap dances

          • chismosa™ says:

            To both of you above, I have this feeling that either
            A/ cynthia is feeling that she needs to BRING some drama to her storyline
            B/ having some marital issues with jerk Peter – his loving support during her fibroids issue —NOT!
            c/ some unresolved Mallory issues? Also her Daughter and the boyfriend ?

            Maybe things are coming together for her that are too much and so she’s acting crazy right now

            Or maybe nene have her a bit of what nenes on. 💊💊💊💊Lol!

          • Jackie says:

            These people (except for Kandi) are desperate for a paycheck! As far as I can see, Kandi is the only one who has used this show’s exposure to create new businesses, push ahead with old businesses and BUY a new house while keeping the old one. Could there be some jealousy going on here because the rest of the people have no real talents or money? Phaedra has a law degree, but poor judgement in mate selection. The rest of them seem to be depending on this show to eat and pretend they have wealth.

            I’m wondering if Mallory is getting paid for her appearances? Did she show up because her sister was getting all the attention along with Papa Smurf or because that husband isn’t making enough money to support her?

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Happy Birthday to your son!!!! You must be so proud of him,I love his answer about where to go for his big momentous birthday! So sweet. I agree with everything you said HH, except one thing…Kenya had every right to stand up. Just as anyone else (Chris, Nene) was free to stand and move about.

      • HuskerHuny says:

        Thanks Lainey – he is a gift from above. My pregnancy with him was so unexpected; we had given up after trying for the better part of three years. Then I had a rather freaky accident that kept me off my feet for approximately four months and then after going through all of the medical issues that came with the accident, I gave up trying and just wanted to get my body and health back. Lo and behold, I got pregnant and he was born one year to the day of one of my most major surgeries. Having a baby at age 37 keeps one young, for sure.

    • Pghemtchick says:

      Happy birthday to your baby boy! Kudos to you momma for raising what sounds like a very level headed young man!

    • austin1963 says:

      And Cynthia only apologized to Kandi with the caveat of “IF my sister” pushed Kandi. She acted like she thought Kandi was lying about that.

    • mrs peabody says:

      Chris should have never gotten up, he started the whole thing as he stood up first and that started the chain reaction.

  11. plainviewsue says:

    Oy vey. So I just watched Brandi on the View. Jenny McCartney is gonna be on with her tonight on WWHL.

    Whoopi Goldberg didn’t say a word and couldn’t even look at her. Senile Barbara Walters said the last time she was on she was 23……HUH?

    When asked about the reunion, she said a lot of tears and a lot of screaming. When asked who screamed the loudest, she said Richards sisters. Then she had to say Jacqueline referring to Joyce. She said it twice & Jenny corrected her.

    She said she’s not an alchoholic. She doesn’t drink around her kids, blah blah blah.

    She seriously has the mentality of a six year old.

    • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

      Well Sue…I believe we saw the same exact thing!!!

    • kit9 says:

      Barbara Walters i such an idiot. I want Maureen Orth, the VF writer who wrote two LONG, very well researched pieces on the Woody scandal to come on the show to set the record straight on a number of issues concerning the case. She’d put that ol’ fool to shame. Still waiting for Brandi to be on. I have it with the sound down!

    • trudie says:

      Did you hear Brandi say before she was over the divorce, she stalked LeAnn on twitter? (1) when did she get over the divorce? (2) when did she stop stalking Le ann on twitter?

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I loved that BW quote…and your reaction to it: “huh?” Say no more.

  12. not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

    Brandi was the View…something’s I observed :
    Barbara Walters needs to be off the show-she is not able to understand the flow of any conversations and comes off looking foolish-I’m so happy I don’t watch this show!
    Brandi was trying hard to let us all know that she is friends with Jenny Mcarthy as if this is a good thing-I don’t like Jenny Mcarthy but I used to think she was funny back in the MTV days
    Brandi said the Richards sisters do a lot of yelling at the reunion
    Bramdi referred to Joyce as “what’s her name” and then said “oh yeah Jaquline”..she sounded stupid petty and immature… She was just being herself.
    Brandi goes to the Home Depot to meet men
    Brandi never drinks when she has her kids
    Brandi stalked Leann on twitter when Eddie had the kids and found out they had to take one of the boys to the emergency room via twitter (Brandi does not have cell phones numbers for Eddie or Leann and I can only imagine why)
    Brandi needs to learn how to cross her legs whilst on TV-
    I think Jenny will be on WWHL tonight with Brandi or will at least be in the club house

    • plainviewsue says:

      Good recap Jill! Yes, Jenny will be on WWHL. Denise Richards was supposed to be on both the View and WWHL.

      BW is destroying her legacy. She doesn’t take a day off and desperately needs one. She is embarrassing herself.

      I still watch The View, but I honestly don’t know why. I don’t think Jenny is a good fit at all. I think Whoopi and Sherry will be very happy when BW is gone. The show is much better and less rigid when BW is one.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      So annoying. The two B’s…Barbra and Blandi.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Ashy I just watched. I think that to cross legs – I don’t know- maybe some women are advised in short dresses to just keep the knees locked ?

      The lisp seems back!

      I felt like Jenny was trying to seem more like she was friends with B than vice versa. I wonder the connection. Hmm

      What is up with Kyle and Kim? Screaming at who???? Lisa? Eachother? What!????

      I can’t stand Sherri. I loved her as Tracy Morgans wife on 30 Rock and her acting is good but her irl style — she talks over people and then lowers her voice to be serious…. For some reason she makes me want to pull my hair out.

      Did you see the heroin issue? My GOD. Barbara doesn’t get the FLOW of anything. She needs to get out I agree. And she’s not leaving the party on a high. IMO

      • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

        I had it on from the beginning but I didn’t pay attention to everything they talked about but I did catch the heroine thing-Barbara was asking the dumbest questions and really seems like she needs to just be done with the show
        Brandi was lisping and it annoyed me but everything she does annoys me so ya know….whatevs
        I bet Kyle was screaming at Carlton and Kim was screaming at a turtle…not everything is about LISA!! Kidding/notKIDDING!!!! ❤️❤️🐢🐢

  13. Morning Ladies!
    I really have nothing to say about Atlanta…I just don’t get it. These are grown women (and boys! LOL!) and should be ashamed and embarrassed, but instead they all have a case of amnesia. Weird.
    Onto my BH housewives…oy. Brandi is still a trainwreck and is jumping ship faster than Kelly Bensimon could eat a bag of Jelly Bellies. I am unsure as to why Kyle would be willing to take Brandi in as a friend unless it is as the old saying goes “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. As for Sheana…yes, it was shitty to have her there (not nice Lisa) but when will Brandi get over this? She and Eddie have been OVER for 3 years. Sheana slept with Eddie long before that and I am sure there were many others inbetween Sheana and LeeAnn. No, I don’t think she should have to congratulate Sheana, but when she waved her hand in her face Brandi could have politely said Congrats and walked away.
    As for Joyce, I too would have been more than a little nervous if a person who openly admits to having practiced “dark magic” (I have a feeling a lot of people who are Wiccan cringe every time she says that) told me to be careful when I go home. I was raised Catholic and I find it offensive that Carlton has a confessional in her home. It would be different if she just had a tiny closet for her friends to get their fetish on, but no, it is a confessional. I don’t think Carlton would be very happy if someone made a mockery of her religious rites or rituals….or maybe she is upset with Kenny Kings for not allowing her to sacrifice all those chickens.
    Carlton is a revisionist of history. She remembers things a certain way and is bound and determined to stay with her store (gotta love her for sticking to her story though!). I think Kyle sticks her foot in her mouth a lot, but has not done anything that we have seen to warrant the attack from Carlton. And, I have to say, I would have asked Carlton the same thing about being Antisemetic (sp?) she seems to have a HUGE problem when other people’s religions are brought into the fold (Joyce suggesting that her God protected her, Kyle not seeing the Pentagram behind the bikini and mic, Kyle asking if she was Catholic because of the Crucifixes and confessional, etc.) I don’t think Carlton is anti-Jew…I think she is anti anything that isn’t Wiccan and I imagine if you don’t practice the way she thinks is right, she will not agree with you either!
    Yo has been absent for a lot of stuff this year…maybe Lyme brain gets you out of a lot of shit. Maybe her and Kim compete to see who can miss more activities. Not sure. (Oh, just remembered that little creature Kim held at the Hollywood event smiled to myself!) Yo has been pretty boring this season. Maybe she stays friends with Brandi to stay relevant. I don’t Maybe we can just have her give us tours of her fridge every day.
    Anyhoo…just my two cents! Can’t wait to watch tonight!

    • Mene Seela says:

      “..maybe Lyme brain gets you out of a lot of shit. ” LOL.

      You know I’ve been wondering how her disease works. All of her brain scans showing functionality. I’ve always been under the impression that most bad things that can damage your brain are fairly permanent. But what the heck do I know?

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Hi TSoula! That was my favorite line, too! The one Mene quoted. So funny.

      • kit9 says:

        Lisa is so fos. She writes that she tried her best to keep them apart, keep Sheena in the kitchen. Lisa just completely ignores the fact that her own behavior in the ep completely contradicts her. She very clearly told Brandi to go talk to Sheena. Maybe since she whispered it, she thinks it doesn’t count. But, she just acts like that pesky little fact never happened. And, I love Lisa going on about the nipple. Gee, I can think of something infinitely more damaging and hurtful that I’m sure Kyle would have preferred Lisa not bring up but that didn’t stop Lisa from doing it. Oh, no!

        Ugh, Carlton! The woman is an insane hypocrite. The only one insulting/making offensive comments about other religions is HER! Having a real Catholic confessional as a decor prop is bad enough, but Carlton brags about having sex in it. See, Carlton is doing naughty things in a the very place where a Catholic priest might be condemning such acts. In your face Catholics, in your face! And, ef you, Christianity, ef you! And, she does it in the art form favored by convicts, the dread tattoo! Ooohh, look how provocative and edgy I am! I said ‘Fu*k U’ on a cross! But she’s offended because Joyce doubts her spell’s power? She’s so juvenile and such a hypocrite.

    • austin1963 says:

      I agree that Carlton is not anti-Semitic, per se, but basically hostile to ALL religions that aren’t hers. She’s projecting her own hostility onto other people, because I’m betting that most people don’t give a rodent’s behind what her religion is as long as she isn’t threatening them with it. So every single thing that is said about her religion, largely because she keeps bringing it up and shoving it in people’s faces, becomes an insult in her cray-cray mind.

    • floridagirl88 says:

      You said women and boys. Did you mean women and MEN?

  14. chismosa™ says:

    Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️thanks for the blogging of the blah blahgs

    I loved how you explained what “fans” we really are now! LOL

  15. Mene Seela says:

    I just read the twitter link above about Phaedra trying to intimidate Lynn over a book review!?! Phaedra and Apollo have been running a full scale organized crime scam! Why the heck was Phaedra on tv? She’s so full of herself.

    Poor Lynn. I didn’t “know” her the way you all do, but obviously this must have been a terrible strain on her health.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Between her and Tre on NJ, I don’t get bravo anymore. I hope it’s a big joke for comedians !

      Very VH1!

  16. TexasTart says:

    Good afternoon 🙂 Wonder where’s my sunshine (aka Powell)?

    Did anyone see Kenya on WWHL? Do tell. I forgot to DVR!

    • TexasTart says:

      Apologies, I overlooked Powell, her bottom lip was blocking the sun 😉 Back to work, let me know if someone saw Kenya, thanks.

  17. TexasTart says:

    I don’t follow Brandi, but I do follow Kristen and if any of you folks are looking forward to her on RHONY I think you’ll be very disappointed. Just look at the company she keeps.

  18. TexasTart says:

    Thanks to Plainviewsue and Jill for the summary of The View. I have B’s article in People magazine, she wasn’t really pushing her book. I’ll try to type so excerpts in a bit.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Oh whoops, I started reading from the bottom…sorry for my weirdo comments about The View below. IGuess I missed it, but now I’m psyched that there’s a recap here. Yay!!

    • chismosa™ says:

      Tarts I just read it — it’s an excerpt of the actual book. I think?
      She looks like she’s wearing a wig on the 1st page.

  19. Nancy says:

    Whoopi Goldberg is sooooooooooooo over Brandi. She can’t even look at her. Too funny!

  20. TexasTart says:

    Brandi in People Magazine February 17 edition (PS Hoffman on the cover).

    “Life After Divorce” is the title. “In an excerpt from her new book Drinking and Dating, the outspoken reality start talks about getting back into the romance game three years after her messy public spilt.”

    First of all; I don’t see an excerpt from the book and Brandi never mentions the book in the article because she’s stupid like that.

    About being single: “I’d spend lonely nights where I’d relapse so bad into my skin-picking addiction that’s I’d wake up with my face looking like pepperoni pizza. But with the help of friends, a whole lot of white and rose` wine, some anti-depressants and the occasional chemical peel, I’ve been able to shed my old skin and begin again.”

    About aging: “Forty year old knees are not the new thirty. I never needed to get fillers in my hands when I was thirty. And in this superficial city, hot young guys want to sleep with cougars, not commit to them.” [I think she implied that she had filler injected in her hands]

    She talks about meeting men at Home Depot – just like on The View. Seriously? Can any of you see her at Home Depot? She says she is a hopeless romantic. Somehow I do not believe that either.

    I don’t think there will be anything “new” that we haven’t already imagined in the dark corners of our minds, but the marketing for it is pathetic. IMO she is not trying very much to market it and seems to just want people to hear her – she’s not trying to get people to listen or like her.

    PS: I think Wendy cancelled her appearance this week – I have not verified that, just what I gathered on Twitter.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi Sexy Texy! Thanks for that People mention of Brandi. I totally forgot to dvr the view. Oh, wait is that Tomorow? Hmmm.. Maybe.I’m not too late,

      I’m at home today, woke up late, made an omelette, having coffee, watching my dvr of Wendy while my laundry dries…she mentions Blandi by comparing her to Charlie Sheen on twitter…someone who can’t let things go. Charlie has been mean tweeting about Ashton, apparently.

    • chismosa™ says:

      I thought mayyyyybe she will try to get on W another time but W hasnt even re-booked Joyce 😜😜😜. I saw that on the twits too.

      I do hope one day to see B on Wendy

      I just got the People mag so I’m going to read it. That’s her publicist at Harper landing that for her. Good work

      Speaking of chemical peel— does anyone notice on the main TH BBB does – where she’s LITHSping a lot— she has a mark on her right cheek that you can tell her makeup didn’t cover up enough for the camera

      Wonder if that’s from her peels

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Or from her picking disorder. There’s a word for it…dermatillomania. It’s a thing. My work mate has it. She’s on meds for it, but still she can never show her arms because of the raw places, scabs and scars. 😦

        • chismosa™ says:

          OMG ……
          I imagine it’s a form of OCD. Like any of my fellow Girls- watchers – Hannah’s issue last season.
          That is sad. I wish for everyone with that to get the help they need.

          And it’s a total greek word. Just like megalokefali- something or other — everything medical translates to greek. I really should have gone to medical school. What a breeze.

          • Nancy says:

            And latin.

            • chismosa™ says:

              Yes of course. But the Greeks came before the Romans. 🙂

              And to quote from My Big Fat G. Wedding:
              “When my people were developing philosophy your people were still swinging from trees. ”


    • VV™ says:

      Meeting guys at Home Depot? LIES LIES AND MORE LIES..

      She befriended Yofo because she thought with David’s connections she could land a high profiled musician ( don’t forget Yofo last season tried to set her up with Chris Botti). She befriended Carlton in the hopes of landing a high profiled athlete. Brandi’s a user….

      Yofo is no dummy she needed Brandi because she needed an allied for the show and it is obvious she despises Lisa, Kyle, and Kim.

  21. Nancy says:

    Canada just won the Gold in men’s moguls. 🙂

  22. Jules says:

    when are the piss ants going to learn all I want to see it Lisa having a good time doing her thing. And everybody knows its all about me. the sooner that is learned the happier everyone will be. Not this ridiculous year after year of how awful Lisa is an has been to them. YES she is smarter than all of you and plays the game better. STOP. sit down. take time to right yourself and play nice with her. She seems like a great one to play in the sandbox with.

    • chismosa™ says:

      👏👏👏👏👏I’m standing and clapping for you. I AGREE

      Jules – how are you— are you the person who watches the World Cup too? I’m forgetting who it was —-

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      I was one of the few that disliked Lisa S1 and S2 along w/ Kyle & Taylor. It was only when she befriended the filthy mouthed ingenue S2, that I started to like her and of course ButtermouthBrandi. Previously, I felt she was crafty and slick w/ the insults and games with her jocularity always at the expense of others. Of course she wasn’t the only one doing it, but the difference was when she did it… it was BRILLIANT and done well.

      After everyone has shown me their arses and bikini wax’s… TWICE… I grew to like the FreckledTitBrit. Lisa2PumpsAndAGenerousRump grew on me. Brandi’s pre-season spoilers actually had me wondering about her loyalty, but when she attacked my fellow patriot MissPuertoRico, it was a done deal and I was gone. While Lisa may be a game player, she is loyal until you show her you’re not worthy.

      Tonight we’ll see Brandi finally pull her power play and turn on Lisa. She’ll ask how Kyle can forgive Lisa for her comments about Mo. If Kyle didn’t have an agenda she’d have said ‘The same way I forgave you for calling me a CuNext, who wanted to see my sister fail at her sobriety and the the same way Kim forgave you calling her a meth head AND you forgave us for calling you a slut pig, trash whore!’

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I am not worthy, I am not worthy. Love this comment and your names…lisa2pumpsandagenerousrump…love it!!! Oh and I was really disappointed by the way she was so dismissive of Joyce, too. She was so snobby!!!!!!

      • ladebra says:


  23. iceNfire says:

    LoL The woman with the fake ‘boyfriend’ claims to know the Real Truth

    • austin1963 says:

      Really? I don’t see what she brings to the show except a bunch of made up stuff (like boyfriends) and uncomfortable drama, so I don’t see her as the future of anything, but who knows? I’ve never claimed to have any insight into how Bravo makes their decisions.

  24. iceNfire says:

    This woman can Not get enough of herself

    • VV™ says:

      She’s letting us know. It was not her choice of dress what she wore at reunion and is posting proof…………………and she also loves pics of herself.
      I’ll cut her some slack because she’s learning the ways of Bravo. She’s getting criticized for her short dress in social media.

      • chismosa™ says:

        WAIT —- why no long dresses ??? only Teresa is allowed a glittery long pageant christmas dress ???


        I just can’t stand her posing. It’s wayyyyyyyyy too pageant.

    • mm in oc says:

      I wish she’d get away from the pageant dresses. I know they are crazy expensive but always come across as garish and tacky.

    • AZGirl says:

      Like I said before…there are not enough mirrors in a room to keep her happy 🙂

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      I love the blue dress. Actually and not for nothing, but I found that this cast looked quite pedestrian to be filming the reunion. ATL ladies had the long gowns last year, and MIA had a mix of short and long but evening wear was the key. Some of these hags, except for Joyce, Kyle, Lisa and Kim, looked like they were going to work in an accounting office.

      • chismosa™ says:

        This is my exact question downthread ….

        I don’t GET IT

        This is the illustrious franchise. Huh???

  25. BB says:

    Cannot believe we are getting snow flurries here today. This is the worst winter we’ve had in a long time. Longest cold spell I can remember. It’s really put me in a bad mood. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

  26. VV™ says:

    Great blog Starzy!!!!

    “You might want to take a look at the ratings – cuz they’re going down… because we are getting really tired of it all. ”

    If only Bravo would listen…

  27. HuskerHuny says:

    Quick question – is Nene’s use of the word queen when referring to Kenya’s friend Brandon, a gay slur? I thought it was – am I alone?

    • chismosa™ says:

      It’s being debated on twitter.

    • mm in oc says:

      All these ladies throw shade at everyone. Nenes been called a transvestite several times over the past seasons so I’m sorry if I don’t find “queen” offensive. Isn’t there a show on Bravo called Fashion queens? I’m giving 1M Ken “who cares”.

  28. shamrockblonde says:

    Kandi apologized for her behavior last night – she was the only one – Pheadra did not utter one word of apology and neither did NeeNee – and neither did Cynthia – sadly Porsha was the only one who made any sense after it was all said and done, and was the only one who had the good sense to walk away – that’s how bad their combined behavior was, that I’m sitting her praising Porsha –

    I am a practicing Catholic – went to Catholic school still attend Mass, still say my prayers at night – I don’t care for Carlton’s debasing of what is obviously Catholic symbols, but her behavior has no impact on my committment to my faith – she is free to attempt to belittle the Catholic faith, or any faith – it does not mean that she is right or that I should give up my faith – she can believe that a dog’s tail is the all knowing all seeing God of us all if she wishes – that means nothing to me – what does matter to me is her refusal to allow discussion of any other religion including her own – to the best of my knowledge – me being a huge Charmed fan – the wiccan faith is mostly about respecting nature and acknowledging the power of nature – I also do not believe in curses – they are kind of like horoscopes you read in the paper – just vague enough that when something happens you think to yourself – see my horoscope was accurate – I don’t know why Joyce thought that what Carlton said had any influence on her husband getting sick – all she did was prove – if only to Carlton – that she could in fact affect someone with words – when you do not allow any discussion of your religion and dismiss all others, it makes you appear as though you believe that only your view is permissible – and that is not how religion works – it is not how faith works –

    Brandi is on a slow slide downhill and appears to not have either the backbone or the support to stop herself – attention seeking behavior for the sole purpose of being current is never cute and in Brandi’s case highly age-inappropriate – a bad example for her children, and quite possibly dangerous to her health, her life, let alone any attempts at anyone taking her seriously

    • chismosa™ says:

      Shamrock — well-put.

      All the crosses in her house – it’s quite I think, offensive. I mean what if I suddenly just like the look of the Star of David and put it all over my house but PLEASE don’t ask if I’m Jewish ! Or the Allah symbol.
      So ridiculous. I mean she literally has them ALL over her house !

      And her hypocrisy – It’s the same issue with liberals being accepting of “all people” EXCEPT CONSERVATIVES
      Very hypocritical.
      Have you studied any CS Lewis?. He was one of the best writers in matters of faith and such ….. (We did his books where I used to work so I learned a lot about him)also the book he wrote and then a movie with Anthony Hopkins starring as him when he marries the Jewish American woman, such a lovely beautiful story. I had to read that in school and it was so tragic and beautiful.

      • Nancy says:

        He’s the one that said…”The amount you love in life will equal the sadness you’ll feel
        when they are gone…that’s the deal.”

      • mm in oc says:

        Shadowlands – always good for cry. Debra Winger

      • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

        One of my favorite C.S. Lewis quotes about love:

        There is no safe investment. To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything, and your heart will certainly be wrung and possibly be broken. If you want to make sure of keeping it intact, you must give your heart to no one, not even to an animal. Wrap it carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries; avoid all entanglements; lock it up safe in the casket or coffin of your selfishness. But in that casket – safe, dark, motionless, airless – it will change. It will not be broken; it will become unbreakable, impenetrable, irredeemable. The alternative to tragedy, or at least to the risk of tragedy, is damnation. The only place outside Heaven where you can be perfectly safe from all the dangers and perturbations of love is Hell.

        Lewis, C.S., The Four Loves. (New York: A Harvest Book. Harcourt, Brace & Company, 1960), p. 121. ISBN 0-15-632930-1.

        • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

          WOW!!! Thanks for posting that Starzy!

        • chismosa™ says:

          Sorry just read this now — so beautiful.

          He wrote a book about the devil and a struggle with him …..
          What a perfect quote. He was a poet

    • Powell says:

      Shame I think Carlton talks a big game. I believe she just dabbles in the religion. I keep going back to what she said about Joyce. “That’s why they had the Salem Witch Trials.” How wrong could she be.

  29. Rebecca says:

    Dear Brandi,

    Quit yer bitchin about being around ONE of Eddie Cibrian’s multiple mistresses. It’s the only reason anyone knows your name. It’s also the ONLY reason you have this job. You’re capitalizing on it, you’re being paid for it, so why shouldn’t your employer.


    Common sense

    PS – STFU already. Your husband cheated on you the entire time you were dating and the entire time you were married. Whose fault was this? One hint – not any one of the mistresses.

  30. ItzAngieDuh says:

    Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a good weekend. I just wanted to say that you would think that Carlton and Kyle would get along since they both have make names.

  31. chismosa™ says:

    Brandi has fillers in her hands !?? and she has a skin-picking condition — ewwwwww OMG!
    Grossed out.

    • Rebecca is seeking drugs for the end of her cold says:

      She officially surpasses KooKoo Kelly, Looney Lynn Curtin and Cock-A-Doodle-Kimmy as the most mentally challenged Housewife.

      • chismosa™ says:

        Well these are more body-dysmorphic and mental issues. I pick at my nails — and all my friends and I do it the same way, it’s kind of creepy.

        Nothing surpasses KKB to me. Nothing

        • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

          I never knew you could get injections in your hand?? She’s crazy!!!

          • Pghemtchick says:

            Gotta deal with thumb wrinkles, yo.

            • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

              She also wanted a knee lift and elbow something or other…she needs serious mental help!!

            • chismosa™ says:



              that’s why I don’t get why madonna just doesn’t do it — she always has the gloves on !
              And SJP needs it. Poor thing.

          • Pghemtchick says:

            Okay so I had to look up pricing.., you can also get fat injected into your hands which costs more. The plastic surgery forums recommended Radiesse injections. “A Radiesse hand lift will cost around $900” (source:
            I can see why this was necessary but medexpress wasn’t. <.<

            • austin1963 says:

              Interesting. I would never spend the money on it, but I think my hands give away my age (at least age range) more quickly than anything else. While I was always careful with sunscreen and hats to protect my face, I unfortunately never took the same care with my hands. Younger women, take note 🙂

              • Pghemtchick says:

                I don’t think I’ve ever sunscreened my hands. I need to remember that and sunscreen on cloudy days. Last baseball season, I’d have to use my toes to count my burns. I use SPF 100 I but the baby one-but yeah gotta find something new and remember it. Lol

              • chismosa™ says:

                Neck and Hands >>>> always give away an age.

          • Powell says:

            Yes to plump up the skin so you don’t see the veins.

        • austin1963 says:

          I gotta agree with you on KKB. Close, but no cigar.

      • Powell says:

        Well Lynn’s was Mary Jane induced Looney right? 😉

    • djprincessc says:

      I think she meant face skin picking Chismosa, like she pimples on her face. Bc didn’t she say her skin is getting back to normal or something? I’m gonna have to reread the quote. Also loved what you said about the liberals and conservatives. I seriously couldn’t agree with you more. 🙂

  32. Nancy says:

    C.S. Lewis

    “Talk to me about the truth of religion and I’ll listen gladly. Talk to me about the duty of religion and I’ll listen submissively. But don’t come talking to me about the consolations of religion or I shall suspect that you don’t understand.” — C.S. Lewis

  33. Pghemtchick says:

    I’m still kinda stuck on last nights WWHL…

    Why would Andy even slip up and confuse Brandi with an OC housewife? I mean he said “Brandi Glanville from the Orange County housewives” without even flinching. Kenya corrected him.
    Simple slip of the tongue? Hmm. I dunno.
    Brandi was hanging out with Tamara at Sur (iirc). That was the Jeff Lewis night I think. I could be wrong… Is she moving franchises?

    • Pghemtchick says:

      Soooo did Alex just confirm PRODUCTION covers medical costs? She said broken noses and NY- that was Heather walking into a door while filming. So, Brandi would have been able to submit her bill too… Nice work Alex. Thanks Ice for posting!

  34. chismosa™ says:

    VV — or ANYONE- can you please confirm for me — when and WHY were the ladies of BH (just BH or all others?) told explicitly no long dresses at the reunion.

    When did this happen? Is it other cities too? 

    I’m dying to know 

    Thanks ……..

    • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

      The BH ladies certainly didn’t “turn up” for this reunion-I’m not loving anyone’s look-Lisa looks frumpy Yolanda looks like she wearing a dress we have seen her in a few times before-Joyce looks like she is going to the prom and the other 4 look like they are going no where!!

      • chismosa™ says:

        I agree with you on most of that. I love lace so I don’t mind Lisa’s dress. But we’ll see how it looks on screen

        But just why the mandate??? Too dramatic? Bad angles to film? I don’t GET IT

      • Powell says:

        JNNTJ you’re right but even though y’all know I can’t stand Herve’ Leger dresses Kyle looked the best and Kim’s dress fit her nicely but I don’t like the print. But they all should have went back home and started all over again. For BH they are supposed to look glamorous. I think NJ looked much better on their reunion.

        • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

          I was going to say that Kyle looked good but I didn’t want to seem like I was playing favorites Powell!! Haha! Kim’s dress is nice but I’m not crazy for the print either-but it fits her nicely. Brandi’s dress is not a style I would pick for her and Carlton -well it doesn’t matter what she wears-she’s mean and I don’t like her!!

    • VV™ says:

      Chismo. I remember reading a couple of years ago ( I think it was during a RHONJ Reunion) that Bravo/Production decides ultimately what the HWs will wear at the reunions as well.

      • chismosa™ says:

        Wow — so they approved that one reunion where all the women in NJ were in short dresses and then TERESA is the lone one in the glitter bomb dress.
        Fishy ….
        Or as you say:

  35. chismosa™ says:

    She’s doing a signing in Brooklyn and then to soho for WWH?

    That is RUSHED

  36. nyc mama says:

    Well, the Realestalker blog is reporting that it is now official after all these months of speculating and the Fosters are selling…without Mauricio. He didn’t have Mohameds listings either.

  37. nyc mama says:

    🙂 or two. That house is beautiful but isn’t worth $27 million imo.

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