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nancyandemilyNote:  On Friday, we found out the devastating news that Nancy, our dear “Lynn’s Place” friend had passed away. Many of our eyes remain tear-filled as we fondly remember a woman whom we have never met in person – but who managed to touch so many of our hearts in such big ways. Words seem so woefully inadequate to express the depth of our loss – We already miss her daily presence on our blog.  Over the years, many of us have had way too much fun for words talking to Nancy about some of her favorite subjects which have included: “Real Housewives,” anything related to animals, “Ask Nurse Nancy” medical questions, great music, amazing authors (I just found out last week that C.S. Lewis was one of her favorites), ice skating, gymnastics and a whole bunch of other sports just to name a few.

In honor of our Nancy, I offer the following links:

“The Story of My Life” – Brian Orser (Famous Canadian Ice Skater – 1984 and 1988 Olympic Silver Medalist) –

“Only One Life” – Scott Hamilton – (Famous U.S. Ice Skater – 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist) –

“Amazing Grace” – Ayako Ishikawa (Violinist) at JZ Brat in Tokyo, Japan  –

Here is a video of baby elephants taking a bath in a blow up pool that I wanted to share with Nancy but never had the chance:

Here is an interesting compilation video of various pugs – Since it was just last week while I was watching The Westminster Dog Show when Nancy asked me to look out for the pugs:

C.S. Lewis Quotes

“We meet no ordinary people in our lives.” ― C.S. Lewis, Chronicles of Narnia

“I think that if God forgives us we must forgive ourselves. Otherwise, it is almost like setting up ourselves as a higher tribunal than Him.”  ― Letters of C.S. Lewis, 19 April 1951

“My argument against God was that the universe seemed so cruel and unjust. But how had I got this idea of just and unjust? A man does not call a line crooked unless he has some idea of a straight line. What was I comparing this universe with when I called it unjust?”  ― C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

Mental pain is less dramatic than physical pain, but it is more common and also more hard to bear. The frequent attempt to conceal mental pain increases the burden: it is easier to say “My tooth is aching” than to say “My heart is broken.”  ― C.S. Lewis, The Problem of Pain

And while our hearts are indeed broken at Nancy’s passing, let’s try to press on by doing one of the things Nancy loved to do – and that’s to snark at the housewives and their antics!  Let us snark on, together!

Brandi Glanville

Sorry guys, Brandi is just too busy getting Botox injections in her knuckle to bother to write a blog for us this week.

Carlton Gebbia

Carlton starts her blog with a big, fat infomercial about her husband’s (David) business and a history lesson about his family.  I’m skipping to the good stuff… and when I say “good” I mean “Real Housewives” related stuff…lol…Generally, I would love to hear about people’s backgrounds but frankly, don’t we know the real reason Carlton is on this show in the first place is to promote the family business?  That’s why I’ll ask you to read her Bravo blog in its entirety on the Bravo site if you’re interested in David’s history… lol.

Carlton writes, “I love working with my husband we have such great chemistry. Helping my family orchestrate this huge affair was soooo fun. Eric Tassel who is not our event coordinator but is our corporate service director did a phenomenal job too. We all work really well together and got really silly in the process.”

Okay, raise your hand if you think Carlton had ANYTHING to do with the planning of this event.  Me neither… lol.

Carlton blogs, “I will admit it was really hard to watch myself get emotional and remember my own personal experience with prejudice and hate. Some may not think that being called anti-Semitic is not devastating to hear — but I was fourteen years old when I moved to South Africa. I understand hate. I had friends before I left England who were black so when I moved to this land foreign to me at such a pinnacle age of my life it was a major culture shock. I couldn’t have black friends and it made no sense whatsoever to me. I didn’t understand apartheid and nor did I adhere to it. I was really harassed for that. I was at an all white public school, and when I was 14 and I had to do a paper on Evil World leaders. My paper was on the Holocaust and the evil horrific atrocities, the systematic extermination and ethnic cleansing of millions of Jewish people and the millions who were not Caucasian. I spent days in the library doing the research, and I will never ever forget the gruesome photos of the ovens, the rulers to measure nose size, the trucks with the gas sprinklers, and all the death and pure evil I read about still to this day. That’s pure hate. So to be called such a hateful name by someone who is so reckless with a word that should have meaning to her but who obviously has no respect and understanding for her adopted faith is shocking and gut wrenching. That’s why it affected me so deeply.”

I know I’m a broken record here… but Carlton, you’re right – Kyle was wrong, wrong, WRONG to call you anti-Semitic.  Again, and I only say this because YOU brought it up again – You absolutely recoiled when Kyle asked you about your tattoo.  Also, you are jumping to an unsubstantiated conclusion that Kyle has, “no respect and understanding for her adopted faith.”  Using my best Carlton voice I say to you, “Really, Carlton, really?” You form this highly unjustified conclusion that’s solely based on Kyle asking you about the star on your back…   Yet you claim you never judge anyone’s faith… NooOOOOoooo…. Lol.   Puhleeze.  I’m still cranky at you for making me defend Kyle again THIS week… Carlton, my friend… you need to sit yourself down.  No really, sit down.

It’s also inflammatory to me that you once again use the terminology of “adopted faith” as if it was somehow “less than” a “non-adopted faith.”  What are you saying?  Most of us, including you, live by a belief system that may or may not have been espoused by others in our family.  Technically, most of us converted to our current belief systems – but we really don’t consider ourselves to be any different than someone sitting across from us who grew up in the faith.  Kyle converted to Judaism but you’re implying she’s somehow less than other types of Jewish people.  You use the term “adopted” as a type of jab.  Shame on you!

Carlton blogs, “Speaking with Lisa about the whole Kyle ordeal was painful again, but after explaining I knew she saw my point of view. I definitely think Lisa was absolutely right about Kyle after watching the flashbacks from last year. And now Kyle keeps speaking negatively about Lisa behind her back at every opportunity she has, then smiles to her face. But Lisa consistently defends Kyle to me.  As if I didn’t have enough reasons to dislike her. I personally know Lisa to be a wonderful soul, certainly not mean or manipulating, and she always seems to be the voice of reason. I don’t like watching some of the women starting to talk negatively about her. That has not been my experience with her at all.”

Okay… So… Like is it a good thing if Carlton is on your team?  There doesn’t seem to be many on Lisa’s team right now… She may need all the help she can get…lol.

Carlton writes “Just to be very clear here Kyle you were “never” invited to my husband and family’s business celebration. Reality check.”

Reality check… If Kyle was never invited to the event in the first place, why did you feel the need to send an email/text message that clarified that she was not allowed on site but that her husband was still invited?  Did you dictate who all your invitees could bring as their “Plus 1?”  There is no way that Bravo would agree to film this party of over 750 invitees if you had in any way originally limited Bravo’s housewives from attending.  Puhleeze.   Nice try, though!

Carlton blogs, “I adore Brandi but with all due respect she called it wrong. Brandi wasn’t actually there when she hurled the defamatory anti-Semitic lie. So, no I strongly disagree with that. Also she has had firsthand experience and repercussions with false accusations being called a racist. There has to be consequences for people that just throw out dangerous and baseless lies and then pathetically apologize like it’s no big deal.”

Oh Carlton… how on earth would you know the first thing about an apology?  You’ve never even made the tiniest step towards the word “apologize” on this show – Even though there’s been plenty of reason for you to do so.  However, I am highly confident you ARE very familiar with the word, “pathetic.”

Carlton concludes, “Lisa looked stunning for her magazine cover shoot, and congratulations to Yolanda on becoming an American citizen. It’s the best feeling especially when we do consider America home.”

I gotta love it when someone becomes an American citizen – It just makes me feel all patriotic and stuff.  I took one of those mock citizenship tests a couple of months ago… and while I passed it (It even had math!) – The test asked me the names of the Supreme Court Justices… I also had to identify them by their pictures… While I confess I don’t know all of the Supremes… Fortunately, I was able to identify Diana Ross.

Joyce Giraud de Ohoven

After her initial greeting and telling us what the world needs now, is love, sweet love – Joyce talks about how people think she’s naïve.  Joyce insists she is not naïve – but that she can “read” people.  Joyce says, “But perhaps because of the fact that I always like to see the good in people and because I’m happy and make no apologies for it some might consider me naive. I’d rather be happy and naive than a miserable hypocrite.”   Gee, I wonder who Joyce is talking about? Lolol.

Joyce blogs, “OK…This week we see Yolanda going to Mohamed’s home to plan Gigi’s party.  I frankly do not understand Yolanda’s jabs at Lisa. As she previously said on multiple occasions: Lisa was her great friend and part of her dream team. Now all of a sudden she uses every moment she can to throw some shade at her. I could see even Mohamed was uncomfortable with the way she was talking about Lisa.”

It was hy-ster-i-cal that Mohammed was defending Lisa to Yolanda.  Yo has really miscalculated the effects of most of her actions this year, no?  I’m sure the negative viewer comments have been quite surprising to her.

Joyce blogs, “Kyle, Mauricio, and Alexia were so cute! I love their family dynamic and their girls are the sweetest! I can’t believe Carlton would invite Mauricio to her in laws company party and uninvited Kyle. Really? like her husband is going to go without her!”

Well, Kyle’s husband probably goes to a lot of events without her – because a huge percentage of his time is probably spent networking.  I’m guessing that it would have been in Mauricio’s best interest to attend anyway… but I’ve got to give it to him for supporting his wife and not going.  It’s probably not fair of me to say this – but I kind of wish that Kyle had insisted that he go anyway.  It was a huge party with the potential of lots of clients for Mauricio… That is unless Carlton’s husband’s company already employs realtors for their customers.  Joyce then tells us that she couldn’t attend Ken and Mauricio’s birthday party because she was at a birthday party of a dear friend but that she also got called away from that party and that she had to quickly fly to Puerto Rico.  She has had to fly back and forth a few times to deal with a bad situation that we will find out about soon.  It is why she hasn’t been in these recent episodes much.  I’m glad she explained it because I was starting to wonder if Carlton was holding her captive in her dungeon.

Joyce blogs, “Moving on to Carlton’s party: Seeing Brandi bashing Lisa to Kim was horrible!  Brandi bringing back something she had already discussed and resolved in a previous season was a pathetic attempt to stay relevant and was the beginning of what I saw as a coup against Lisa. Her very own dream team conspiring against her!  I was just as shocked to see this as you all must have been as I had no idea her BFFs would attack her.  I think they are all fighting to be the Queen Bee so they decided to attack Lisa.”

Well, certainly they all want to be the “Queen Bee” because they know they’ll be safe from Carlton’s hexing because after all, we ALL know Carlton wouldn’t hurt a bee.

Joyce writes, “Brandi saying Lisa was having her do her dirty work and having her say things is very contradicting, since she always claims to be honest and says no one can make her do anything she doesn’t want to do. Then Brandi says Lisa is worse than Bobby Fisher and that she’s playing the biggest chess game of all. Excuse me?!?”

It is to laugh… hardee har har har.  This whole cockamamie concept is crazy that anyone or anything could possibly make Brandi do or say something she didn’t want to do or say.  HA HA HA!  For Brandi to imply it at this juncture just makes her look downright silly.  I actually understand why people would say Lisa is strategic and manipulative.  She is in charge of many things unlike most of the rest of the housewives on this show.  Lisa’s using this show to promote her business ventures.   Duh!  She isn’t on this show for her health… but neither is anyone else.  Except for maybe Kim… Who knows why she is still on the show?  Lisa doesn’t have the discretionary time the rest of them do – So yes, everything she does or is involved with has a purpose and meaning.  She doesn’t have time to flit around – especially this particular season.

Joyce blogs, “Brandi is the one who started plotting against Lisa from the get go when she was supposedly “warning” me against her very own BFF. That’s a hypocrite and a desperate girl that will even betray her own BFF just to stay relevant! Simply SAD! I’m actually still mad at myself for believing her apology.”

Yeah, Brandi and Yo were trying to draft you to be part of their team.  You didn’t play by their rules by telling Lisa about their conversations with you about the mind-numbingly trivial Hair Flip Gate 2013©™®… Lisa just couldn’t have understood since she had just met you that you are the uncontested Hair Flip Queen and could have really helped her and her hair out of an awkward situation.

Kim Richards

Sorry guys, Kim is just too busy folding laundry to bother to write a blog for us this week.

Kyle Richards

Kyle opens her blog by warning us that we’re about to see some “real craziness” and that we should “buckle up.”  Rut roh…

Kyle blogs, “Mauricio and I received an invitation to Carlton and David’s event and then after the dinner party received a “disinvite.” I think it was a given I wouldn’t go, but if Carlton felt the need to make sure I wasn’t going to attend, I think the disinviting should have been directed to both Mauricio and myself. I’m not sure if she actually thought my husband would show up without me or she just wanted to add salt to the wound.”

Carlton wants us to believe you were never invited in the first place.  Since Carlton is not currently a very active part of the family business – even though she’d love for us to think she still is – The party really had very little to do with Carlton.  I’m pleasantly surprised that Mauricio didn’t go – even though I think that if it was in his best interest businesswise that he should have gone – or at least made an appearance.  It shocked me that of all the events that this was the one in which Kim decided to attend.  Perhaps it was because she thought there might be some single rich guys there?  I dunno… But in light of how Carlton has been treating Kyle – Kim’s solo attendance just baffled me.

Kyle blogs, “Brandi and I have never been close. This year I started to get to know her better and understand her more. After Lisa and I had our falling out they became close. When Lisa and I planned the party for Ken and Mauricio we were in a better place than last year and had just started talking more frequently. I was still upset about Lisa bringing up the tabloids for everyone to hear — and in front of Portia. I felt she was pretending to be supportive while still trying to cast doubt in people’s minds (like in her conversation with Ken when he defended Mauricio and she clearly didn’t).”

Yeah, you never got to know Brandi because you were too busy hiding her crutches.  OMG… Kyle… must we talk yet again about the tabloids?  You are the one who is bringing it up… We all have moved way past that by now.  Heck, we’re way too preoccupied with the breakup of Ramona and Mario’s marriage from Real Housewives of New York City to remember the rumors that swirled about Mauricio.  We all knew about the tabloid stories long before Lisa said anything but yes, she shouldn’t have said anything in front of Portia.  However, I have seen Lisa defend you over and over again – but this was just one area in which she only defended Mauricio about 90% of the way… I suspect it’s because she has years of experience in operating restaurant/bar establishments and has firsthand knowledge of innumerable infidelities.  Perhaps she has some inside information… Who knows?   Lisa really was only saying she couldn’t know for sure… because of course, how could she?  But Lisa should have defended you in public and questioned it in private, if necessary.  But riddle me this, how many times have you defended Lisa, Kyle?

Kyle goes on to talk about how she didn’t think she could ever be friends with Lisa after last year’s Reunion (When Lisa said Mauricio befriends people in order to get their business – That’s actually pretty common around here and is especially true in Mauricio’s line of business). Kyle describes the effect of the “teams” amongst this season’s housewives as evidenced by Yo’s “Dream Team” faux pas.  There’s just one glitch in her theory… Isn’t it perfectly clear that Lisa is no more on Brandi and Yo’s “Dream Team” than the man on the moon?

Kyle blogs, “I have to say, I had a hard time buying Carlton’s tears and talking about how she can’t understand “hate” when that’s is all she has shown me. It felt very hypocritical, and I felt she seemed more concerned with the anti-Semitic comment hurting business than anything else. I said it before and I will say it again, I regret not choosing my words better while in the heat of the moment. I don’t think she has any regrets for the way she has treated me.”

Of course Carlton was concerned about your comment hurting her husband’s business.  Duh!  You know very well that one whiff of a whisper about Carlton or her family being the least bit anti-Semitic would have grievous outcomes.  In fact, just one little paragraph ago, you described how you didn’t think you could forge a friendship with Lisa again after she said a much less objectionable thing about your own husband’s business.  You need to put on your big girl pants and apologize profusely to Carlton for calling her “anti-Semitic.”  Oh, she owes you big time apologies, too… but don’t hold your breath cuz you’ll turn blue.  You’re right – Carlton has no regrets in how she’s treated you.  You really should be wearing a bee costume.

Kyle blogs, “When Brandi and I met up for our hike I had known she was having issues with Lisa, but didn’t know exactly what was going on. I think Brandi came to me because she thought I could relate. Although our issues have been different, they were with the same person. If Lisa and I were in a different place, perhaps that conversation would have gone differently. But we were still on the mend, and I could understand Brandi’s frustration. We are expected to be honest about our feelings and that’s what I was. I care about Lisa, but have been hurt by her as well. I still wanted to move forward and put the past behind us because we had once had a great friendship.”

Kyle, sit down… put your head between your legs… and kiss your friendship with Lisa goodbye. You and Brandi’s talk nauseated me this week.  You both blatantly threw Lisa under the bus and drove over her… backed up… then drove over her again.  The sad part is that I think I actually saw you both salivating at the opportunity.  Would you like some drool cloths?  The thing is… At the end of this all – Lisa will land on her feet.  However, I wouldn’t be surprised if you and Brandi wound up melting into a smoldering puddle of green goo.  Even if you think you somehow had the upper hand in the reunion by ganging up on Lisa – You’re not going to win… Lisa would have to do several pretty egregious things to lose her sparkly pink throne.  I’m afraid rumors about Lisa and Ken previously declaring bankruptcy or living in Calabasas just won’t do the trick.  I’m sure there’s dirt on Lisa and Ken somewhere… how could there not be?

Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa blogs, “I arrived at Stockcross impressed by what was a wonderful party. There was much of it you didn’t see…I  met Carlton’s family — a father-in-law that adored her, a mother in law to whom she is very close. That speaks volumes about a woman that I don’t think the audience has had a chance to see.”

Giggles that Carlton is on Lisa’s team.  I dunno… it just makes me laugh.

Lisa blogs, “It seemed to me that a situation had escalated rather rapidly between Kyle and Carlton and I understood Carlton being upset at the negative label that was thrown at her, it was totally unwarranted. However, I had to defend Kyle at that moment as I felt Carlton had called it wrong. Carlton is adamant she has Kyle’s number, that she has her reasons for her intense dislike of her. You yourselves will have to decide.”

Nicely played, Lisa… “You yourselves will have to decide.”  Yes, and decide we will!  The Pink Queen is protected while they have exposed their King.  Check.

Lisa writes, “I don’t think Yolanda quite understood the situation. Yes, Kyle and I had words last reunion about our house being sold… but that is the purpose of that day — to hash things out, explore feelings and come to a resolution so that you can move forward.”

Unfortunately, Yo doesn’t understand a lot about what is going on this entire season.  However, this paragraph demonstrates that you’re under the delusion that you and Kyle have moved forward.  Silly, silly you.

Lisa writes, “Ken’s birthday, July 20th, fell on a Saturday. Kyle and I had spoken that week and I relayed that to her. She then mentioned that Mauricio’s birthday had passed without celebration so, as they have always liked each other, we decided to host a joint party. So of course the 20th was the day we wanted to celebrate, not postpone our celebration because David’s daughter (who we really don’t know) was getting married. We weren’t invited, nor should we have been, and had no idea of the timing of the event. However, I of course extended the invitation to Mohamed as he is one of my closest friends. I don’t understand the need for the negative comment… once more.”

Yo was trying to throw you under the bus in front of Mohamed… but little did she know you were the one driving the bus!  Lisa goes on to say that she loved the photo shoot and the resulting pictures.  She implied that Photoshop made her look so good…lol.  As Lisa was getting ready for her photo shoot – We saw that she had invited Stassi (a waitress from Vanderpump Rules) over so she could see what a real stylist’s job entailed.  This was a really great thing since Stassi is interested in that type of career.  Some of you may have been surprised that Lisa didn’t trust Stassi with $500,000 worth of jewelry.  While I don’t think Stassi would have actually done anything – I wouldn’t trust any of Lisa’s restaurant/bar staff to handle that kind of money, either.  Heck, I wouldn’t trust any of her staff to handle my food.  But that’s a whole nuther Oprah.

Lisa blogs, “So when I witness Brandi talking to Kyle I find it so upsetting. I wish Kyle had questioned Brandi’s motive for that conversation or even uttered a word in my defense. It is pretty devastating to view this person that we have loved and trusted trying to malign me.”

Oh Lisa, they both were maligning you. Trust no one.

Lisa concludes, “And on it goes… I give up I really do. It has been devastating and it gets increasingly hard to watch. I have tried to be a friend to all. I thank you for your support and comments until next week.”

Tis okay, Lisa.  Even though they are ganging up on you… You are a strong gazelle.  You are a smart gazelle.  They may win a battle or two… but you will win the war.  It is not easy to dethrone a Pink Sparkly Queen.  Well, unless you have a guillotine.  There’s always that…

Yolanda H. Foster

Yo blogs, “When I watch myself at breakfast with Mohamed and Shiva I feel a great sense of accomplishment, because after all the ups and downs in our 20 year relationship, we were always able to stay united and focused on the most important thing in our lives which is our three children together. At the end of the day, their happiness is our number one priority. Shiva is a good woman who loves my children and she is a great addition to our big unconventional family.”

I gotta hand it to you – For the sake of your kids, you have been able to be more than civil to a man who repeatedly cheated on you.  Plus, you really like Shiva.  You’re a better man than I.

Yo writes, “Due to my profession, I have always been very disciplined about my diet but in the past 18 months even more so due to my battle with Lyme disease. I have learned that the spirochete bacterium feeds off of sugar, carbs, and gluten so unfortunately croissants and all that good stuff is off-limits for me. To be honest, at this point it has become a lifestyle rather than a diet — and a small price to pay for feeling good.”

 Okay, I’ve got to give Yo the benefit of the doubt here… I have no idea what kind of diet you need to have when fighting Lyme disease.  I think we all saw the fruit and wondered why she couldn’t have had some of that at least?  But at least Yo explains why… that she’s not on some weird “an almond a day” diet or something.  She reserves that regimen for her daughter.

Yo writes, “It was nice to finally see another dimension of Carlton in her role as the wife of her successful husband David, who runs his prominent family business in Beverly Hills. It’s obvious to me why she does not want to have Kyle there after what happened last week. The anti-Semitic label was extremely hurtful and could have severe repercussions for their family business. Obviously this incident was strictly between the two women — and neither Mauricio or David and his family had anything to do with this.”

Yeah, this is the kind of real business event wherein you really don’t want any kind of drama to unfold.  It was scary enough that Kim and Brandi were there…  Well, to be honest… it was scary enough that Carlton was there… because she truly IS scary enough… lol.

Yo continues, “I get why Lisa was upset about the blow up at her beautiful party. However, her telling Carlton that she didn’t think leaving the scene with unresolved issues was a good idea was surprising to me — considering the fact that she is pretty good at walking away and leaving issues unresolved herself.”

Oh Yo… Why, why, why?  Why do you insist on slamming Lisa every chance you get?  There are a lot of you who leave issues unresolved, no?  This isn’t the Brady Bunch when every issue is solved in thirty minutes with a big red bow neatly wrapped around it.  The concept of having unresolved issues is supposedly what compels the viewers to watch the next week’s episode.

Yo writes, “I can finally laugh at seeing myself struggle with the citizenship test because I now have a clear diagnosis that I was working with a fifth of my brain function. I can’t even tell you how dumb I felt at that time when studying hundreds of facts about American history would not stick. Thank god for my husband’s extraordinary patience and daily commitment of pounding my brain for two months until I was able to pass the test.”

I cannot even imagine working with only a fifth of my brain function… Heck, I need all the brain cells I can get!  It’s awesome you were able to successfully pass the test!

Yo writes, “Unfortunately, you are not able to see the most important and emotional part of becoming an American citizen. Being sworn in with 4000 fellow immigrants from 58 different countries in the world was one of the most impressive moments of my life that I will cherish forever.  I am proud to be an American and finally call this my home!”

Why didn’t we get to see that… It would have been meaningful and moving.  Oh, see there? I answered my own question…lol.

Yo concludes, “I am going to refrain from commenting on Kyle and Brandi’s conversation because their friendship and history with Lisa goes back way before I even joined this group. Even though the dynamics have changed, I do know at the end of the day they do love each other and walking away for good isn’t really an option any of them are going to choose.”

Starts to inexplicably sing, “These boots are made for walkin’… and that’s just what they’ll do… One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.” (The guys who read this blog will have to thank me later for this particular link…lol:

That’s all they wrote this week… It was with such a sad and heavy heart that we got through the blogs blogged this week… but somehow I think Nancy would truly want us to snark on, no?  But it just won’t be the same without her.  Happy Trails to you, Nancy… Until We Meet Again!


StockCross Lawsuits and  Sanctions by NMD

I really don’t know how usual/unusual this is, but StockCross has been involved in a few things over the last few years.

A 1.6 million dollar judgment in elder-abuse (bilking an elderly client out of his life savings.)

Here’s a fine from 2012

Some more information from a law firm here

And disciplinary action in 2013 


Dance Moms Lawsuit by NMD

It was only a matter of time before it got physical between Kelly and Abby

It was only a matter of time before it got physical between Kelly and Abby

Kelly Hyland has filed a lawsuit against Abby Lee Miller and the producers of the show Dance Moms.  In a long but readable legal document (link is here) Kelly alleges systematic abuse from Abby Lee Miller that has caused her daughter Paige to have anxiety.  Almost everything she describes was seen on the show.  She alleges that the producers encouraged the abuse for drama for the show (I know she didn’t read my blog on Thursday since she filed it that day – but it’s almost as though she did), and that Abby was nurturing before the show began to film.

Kelly explains that she tried to leave the show but they would not let her out of her contract. She also explains that show would tape for 60 hours a week for a 45 minute episode, and the girls worked really long hours that were not consistent with child labor laws.  (She filed in California).  The girls received 1,050 each per episode, so that is 13 dollars an hour or so – wowza that’s low.

As for the fight with Abby that was shown on last week’s episode, she alleges that the producers made her flee the scene (as shown) and leave the state – causing her to leave the scene of a crime – which led to further issues.

At this point Kelly has been told that she’s suspended and no longer films the weekly show, but is still under contract.  She isn’t getting paid.  But she is required to make appearances that may cause her to run into Abby, which would violate a restraining order.

It’s a hot mess.  She can’t leave because of the contract but can’t get paid because she isn’t filming.  Hopefully this will cause the producers to let her out of the contract and she can go on with her life.



About Veena (NMD)

Just a housewife ... who loves this place .... and loves to write ... You can reach me through this email: Lynn's Place is in tribute to Housewives blogger Lynn Hudson, who passed away in August of 2012.
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  1. plainviewsue says:

    Thanks Stars for an great job as always.

    Did anyone watch RHOBH First Look. It was all take down Lisa.

    Brandi truly seems to believe that Lisa has the power to deport someone. What an uneducated twit she is. And she’s afraid of Lisa and afraid that Lisa will deport her??????

    So Kyle has the power to decide who goes on the big trip? Carlton doesn’t go, cos Kyle doesn’t want her there? Give me a break.

    I heard there is only two more episodes. I hope that is true.

    RIP Nancy. I hope you are telling Lynn all of the latest Jill Zarin nonsense. I just imagine the two of you laughing together!!

    • BB says:

      Oh please, please, please let it be true there are only two more episodes. That would make me such a happy camper!

    • Powell says:

      Hi Sue. Yes I saw it. It’s all very ridiculous and funny at the same time. Two more epis huh? I don’t know why but each city’s season seems like it stays on forever.

      RIP Nancy.

      • LavaLady (Mary) says:

        I can’t wait for BH to be over. NY is my favorite; always as been. Can’t wait for it to start in March.

        Watching the skating now; thinking of Nancy.

  2. not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

    Beautiful tribute to Nancy Starzy..she will be forever in our hearts and snark-she loved the HW snarking as much as the rest of !

    Lisa writes, “I don’t think Yolanda quite understood the situation. Yes, Kyle and I had words last reunion about our house being sold… but that is the purpose of that day — to hash things out, explore feelings and come to a resolution so that you can move forward.”
    I’m sure that’s the purpose of the day-As long as no one says anything about Lisa-if they do it’s a take down and an attack-but if the Queen has something to say then it’s the purpose of the day…Lisa thinks she’s cute with her “purpose” talk…but she’s just another back biting HW…you can shine it up however you want but if you walk like HW and talk like HW…chances are you’re a HW

    • MelTheHound - Team T-Rex says:

      Who the hell does TheRainbowFartingPinkQueen think she is kidding? The purpose of the reunion day is to set the scene for the next season, not to ‘hash things out’. Heifer please, Sit Down, pet that bald rat, and STFU.

    • MelTheHound - Team T-Rex says:

      Lisa thinks she’s cute with her “purpose” talk…but she’s just another back biting HW…you can shine it up however you want but if you walk like HW and talk like HW…chances are you’re a HW
      Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s a duck


      Put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig


      Polish a turd, it’s still a turd.

  3. Lulu Team T-Rex!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    Good morning. Does anyone know any details of our Nancy’s memorial service? I’d like to send Dr George a card. I’m still sad about our loss. I admit I had a little too much fun talking about Masters of sex with her. That was funny due to the content of the show we Chismosa, Nancy, Powell and I spiced up the blogs.

    Always the nurse she had a very nuturing side we all saw. She helped me close a chapter on a very difficult time in my life. I’m forever grateful to her for that. My last email to her was Tuesday. I just started a new job and between finishing up unpacking etc. I was too busy to respond. If you had a bad day she would always offer kind words to cheer you up. I’m still in shock. I will miss her.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Hi Lulu. Mookiesmom posted towards the end of comments yesterday tbat she would provide information about a memorial as it becomes available. She also left her e-mail in the body of the blog, if anyone wanted to get personal messages forwarded to George.

  4. trudie says:

    From Carlton’s blog: “Some may not think that being called anti-Semitic is not devastating to hear…”

    And she made fun of Joyce’s mastery of the English language?

  5. Ladebra says:

    Thanks for the blog blog Starzy, love your point of view.

  6. Rebecca says:

    Love the excuses…

    Kim gets to be a miserable bitch because she had a “drinking” problem (quotes because in the show we never see her take a drink – ever, but she disappears into bathrooms with her purse)

    Yolanda gets to be a miserable bitch because she has Lyme disease

    Leann’s husband’s ex-wife gets to be a miserable bitch because Lisa and now Kyle put thoughts into her head and she doesn’t know what she’s supposed to do with them

    Kyle gets to be a miserable bitch because she’s Jewish – no Super-Jew. (she can call Ihate-Jill-Zarin for tips)

    Carlton gets to be a miserable bitch because she’s a misunderstood Wiccan

    My nail polish chipped – can I be a miserable bitch this month?

    • iceNfire says:

      Hi Rebecca – Great observation about Kim Not being seen drinking but shown disappearing into the bathroom .I think Kim mentioned to Kyle on camera that she drank her alcohol out of a coffee cup

  7. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Thanks so much Stars, as always for your magic touch of of wisdom, the ladies if BH could use if they would only pay attention! Thank you for remembering Nancy with your words and links. The pug video was way too cute. The Nancy Sinatra video is way too racy. 😉 When that video ended it shows other videos ‘you might like’ and there it was a favorite that Nancy had posted – pugs riding a snow sled. Oh my gosh. Funny how Nancy is all around us. But who will be my Olympic ice skating commentary now?!

  8. Veena (NMD) says:

    Call me old fashioned, but I don’t think you should change citizenship just to qualify for the Olympics. Something is not quite right with the system.

    • BB says:

      Agree. I heard Johnny Weir talking about countries giving out citizenships to skaters just so they would have someone to send to the Olympics. Something’s wrong with that. The two top ice dancing teams train in the same facility under the same coach, but they represent different countries. Most skaters train here in the US now, don’t they?

      • Veena (NMD) says:

        The top two teams (Canadian and US) train in the US with a Russian Coach. I have less of an issue with that – after all almost all the hockey players play in the NFL so in Canada or US.

        What I have trouble with is all the US and Canadian B-skaters getting citizenship for other countries just so they can go to the Olympics. I know they probably don’t ‘bump’ any other skaters out of a spot because you have to qualify to even go, and many countries can’t get a qualifier – but still …. you should represent YOUR country.

        Says the woman who was born in Britain, raised in Canada and has lived in the US half her life and (as far as I know) claim citizenship in all three.

      • Pghemtchick says:

        I think a lot of sports train in the US now. The Jamaican (I prolly butchered that spelling) bobsled team trains in Wyoming. Go JAM! Man, seeing a Jam bobsled team brings back memories.

    • Pghemtchick says:

      I didn’t enjoy the talk of failing citizenship tests and crying to the President/Prime minister etc. it ruined the dance for me.

  9. Cartwheels says:

    The conversation between Brandi and Kyle was nauseating? Maybe on Brandi’s part , most of Kylie’s remarks happened on her talking heads which were probably filmed after the trip to PR, Kyle during that conversation only asserted to Brandi that she knew how she was feeling because she was there and I do believe Kyle.
    Kyle was there when Lisa was crying and moaning about Brandi joining the show and how close she was to Cedric, Kyle was there when Lisa except for the charity party refused to film any scenes with Brandi , matter of fact there is no scenes of Lisa and Brandi since that charity party until the trip to Hawaii so Kyle goes all nasty against Brandi (Kylie’s own fault) but thinking that this was pleasing to her best friend who was just so against Brandi filming on the show. Once Brandi was isolated by everybody (but Adrienne) then Lisa comes on scene as captain save-a-ho , has a secret meeting with Brandi where they ash out their issues, probably a promise of never speaking about Cedric was in place, and then Lisa and Brandi become best friends, for someone like Lisa who now we know holds so many grudges, it was IMO more of an alliance or pact , Lisa befriended Brandi and in exchange Brandi wil not ever bring Cedric’s name, was it spoken in words? Probably not, but it sure had that intended effect. Same with Kyle, Lisa might not have ever uttered the words “take care of her” but we all know now how Nagy Lisa can be when her so call friends “don’t have her back” meaning when they don’t stick their necks out to defend her.

    Lisa’s main gripe with Kyle has been that she didn’t defend her when it came to her issue with Adrienne , but why would Kyle make the same mistake again after what happened with Brandi, Kyle picked up a fight that was not hers to begin with and then she ended up on the hook while Lisa washed her hands off of her and ended up befriended the same woman that she so much whined about the beginning of the season. Lisa has no friends, she gets allies that accomplish purposes, now that she is done with Brandi, the next one in line seems to be Joyce, the same Joyce that she couldn’t stand at the beginning, the same Joyce that she laughed about, the same Joyce that she giggled when Brandi insulted her and speeded her racial remarks, now Joyce has become a coveted “friend” because Joyce already has an issue with Brandi and will likely be a good allied to Lisa against her.

    Lisa is smarter than all of them but by no means does that mean that she is not petty, it doesn’t mean that in her quest to further her ventures she is using all of them to keep up her image, they all can see it, they can feel it and of course they are going to voice opinions about it, IMO that is not a gang up, if making up a lawsuit with lawyer fees included and nailed that episode after episode even when it was a lie, was not considered a gang up against Adrienne, then surely their issues against Lisa is by no means a gang up.

    • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

      Oh but the Adriennething was fine-ya know cause no one liked Adrienne anyway. So Lisa can lie all season long b/c it was only against stupid mean annoying Adrienne so it doesn’t matter-and now she can cry about Brandi and act like she’s so meek and timid b/c Brandi is not liked anymore..see how Lisa works? She’s goooood…the best we have ever seen. She can say anything she wants about Kyle but since she told Carlton she was wrong Kyle should fall at her feet-news flash Lisa-most oft he people who watch the show think Carlton was wrong so stop acting like you stuck your neck out for Kyle-all you did was say what 90% of the viewers were thinking-she’s playing like she’s a lone wolf-please!! She has time to play and stir it up but man she cries like baby when the tables turn-but Kyle is always called the victim-Lisa took the victim thing to the highest level-she’s acting like they are trying to KILL her…for the love God Lisa knock it off-victimhood doesn’t look good on the Royal Queen of Beverly Hills.

      • MelTheHound - Team T-Rex says:

        I think this is the point PJ was trying to make a couple weeks ago.. I don’t think I cared for her delivery at the time but rarely is mine, much better. I for one have decided that Lisa Vanderdump, is so popular because she farts rainbows and shits peppermint sticks and as such, can do no wrong. With my new stance of #teamnoneofthem, I have to find something nasty to say about each of them, on every franchise 😉

        • PJ says:

          It is difficult to make a good delivery when you have an opinion that you know is going to go down like a ton of bricks and frankly some of the comments people have made to me have been less than kind, but that is in the minority.

          I know Lisa is nearly venerated while Brandi is mostly villanized–and yes I’m exaggerating somewhat. But I just don’t see it like that. I think that in reality it’s probably just the opposite of what we think we see because despite Brandi’s obvious issues I think Lisa probably did play her. I think Lisa is always playing to the cameras and knows just how to play it because she is extremely calculating and very smart. All this mending fences to me is just jockeying for position. Brandi seems to have thought there was something real in her new found friendships, I doubt it but I could be wrong.

          I personally think all the housewives are the same, they have personal agendas and otherwise they would not be on these shows.

          Gotta go work on my delivery now. 🙂

      • kit9 says:

        Good god is Lisa hypocritical and dishonest. Ok, reunions are for hashing things out and resolving things? Um, gee, I don’t remember the reunion last year that way. She and Kyle weren’t hashing anything out because they’d pretty clearly never discussed the issue before that day. It was just a bomb Lisa dropped on Kyle’s head. The only ‘feelings’ Lisa wanted to explore was how much she could piss Kyle off. So, who the ef does Lisa think she’s fooling? And, considering the fact Lisa was still snarking on it at the start of this season, it’s clear she wasn’t remotely interested in resolving anything. And when Adrienne did the same the year before, it wasn’t an exploration of ‘feelings’, it was a brutal attack on Lisa’s character. You, know, like being accused of living in the Valley.

    • R to the E to the B to the E to the C to the C to the A says:

      You’re blaming Lisa for Kyle’s cattiness toward Brandi when she joined the show?

      No. Just no.

      • Cartwheels says:

        I am not, I clearly said it was Kylie’s own fault for doing something so stupid, especially because she didn’t need to, she had no beef with Brandi at all but she said she felt protective of Lisa.
        My issue was with Lisa having this private conversation with Brandi behind cameras , after all Lisa has nailed time and time again that they need to be real, as a viewer I would have liked to hear this conversation.

        I can also understand Kylie’s surprise when suddenly Lisa went from not filming with Brandi to becoming her best friend, Kyle was collateral damage on Lisa’s quest to be well received by the viewers so she decided that from that moment and on she would let Lisa fight her own battles and what is the result of that decision? Lisa has nagged for two seasons now that Kyle didn’t have her back against Adrienne and IMO Kyle didn’t because she had already been burned before when she had Lisa’s back against Brandi only to be left holding the shit bag while Lisa left unscathed and smelling like roses.

        • R to the E to the B to the E to the C to the C to the A says:

          I really don’t know what you’re talking about. Is Lisa not allowed to have conversations with people off camera? She said once she got to know Brandi, that she liked her personality. Why is this so evil?

          • R to the E to the B to the E to the C to the C to the A says:

            However, Brandi got into screaming matches with Kyle and Kim and is now besties with them. But those relationships are pure and true.

          • Cartwheels says:

            There is nothing evil about it at all except when Lisa has declared several times that she is real, that when she signed up for this show she agreed to open her life and be like an open book, it is hypocritical because here it is lisa hashing up issues that concerned her in private while bringing up issues (cheating allegations) that concern her cast mates publicly because they are the elephant in the room.
            Lisa expects her friends to talk to her privately while she brings up their issues on camera, that is what I find hypocritical.
            If Lisa is talking crap about Kyle and her husband it is just putting her feelings out there because she is real, if others are talking about her them they are ganging up on her, slamming her, trying to destroy her reputation.
            My problem with Lisa and her whole dream team has always been that she expects to play with one set of rules for her and another set for her non allies and worst yet she expects them not to complain about it or even try to address the problem because them she non chalantly tells them to let it go, laugh it off, but when it happens to her she cries foul game and whines like a child whose lollipop has been stolen.
            One set of rules for Lisa and another for whoever Lisa is against is what bothers me.

            • R to the E to the B to the E to the C to the C to the A says:

              Wait, no.

              When did she say she would only discuss her issues in private and not on camera? She was very forthright when bringing up Cedric at the first reunion. She was also the one that brought up the dumbass “Lisa sells stories to the press” rumors. She also addressed the BS comment from Camille that she doesn’t own her restaurants.

              Camille and Brandi started the Mauricio cheating rumors and Kyle brought it up repeatedly the first few episodes. Lisa told her to deny it publicly, which Lisa is doing now with the Brandi/Kyle bankruptcy rumors.

              Lisa never had a “dream team,” Yolanda did.

              There’s never been a scene shown with one set of rules for everyone else and one set for Lisa. You’re simply repeating what the jealous harpies are whining about. They can’t believe that there are viewers out there that don’t like them. It has nothing to do with Lisa. Just like the Gorgas can’t believe that viewers wouldn’t like them. It didn’t work for NJU ratings. I can’t believe these producers are getting the green light to ruin another franchise.

              • Cartwheels says:

                Lisa did it again with Yolanda before last season reunion, Lisa gave an interview where she says that Yolanda warned her that Kyle might say something at the reunion and she forgave Yolanda because she gave her the heads up. In that same interview Lisa says that she does have issues with Brandi but what she likes about Brandi is the fact that she comes to her and speaks directly to her , being that we have never been privy to any of these conversation I am assuming that they happens behind cameras.

    • kit9 says:

      And, oh my effing god, Lisa wanted Kyle to defend her to Brandi?! Wtf is she smoking?! Lisa’s upset that Brandi and Kyle are talking about her friendship machinations? Devastated? Maligning? Really? The sheer staggering hypocrisy here! This is the same woman that put tabloid cheating allegations on the show. SAME WOMAN. And, sorry, no, Kyle shouldn’t be over Lisa doing that. It was despicable. Easily the worst thing anyone has done this season. And too suggest it’s something that Kyle should just be over is absurd to me.This is a family and marriage with children involved and Lisa’s cracking jokes in front of Kyle’s kids and throwing serious shade on Mauricio. And, ef her and her, “I don’t know for sure” bs. Nobody is freaking asking Lisa to swear on Mo’s fidelity! She’s answering a question nobody is asking. And, doing so 4x’s over! It’s just her slimy way of saying he could have cheated without having the balls to come right out and say it. And, she even went further than that and hinted she had actual info that he’s guilty. But, she’s “devastated” and expecting Kyle to come to her defense over comparatively piddly comments?

      • MelTheHound - Team T-Rex says:

        Careful KIt9.. We just lost one member. Don’t want to lose another when your head explodes…..

      • R to the E to the B to the E to the C to the C to the A says:

        1 Brandi brought the rumors to the show repeatedly, starting her first season.

        2 the “I don’t know for sure” words are verbatim what Kyle said about Taylor.

      • PJ says:

        But dare anyone put anything negative out there about Lisa and it’s on. A retraction is demanded! What Lisa said on camera is just as bad or worse than what Brandi said about Lisa. I guess it’s good to be Queen, rules are different if you are Queen.

  10. Mene Seela says:

    “Yo writes, “I can finally laugh at seeing myself struggle with the citizenship test because I now have a clear diagnosis that I was working with a fifth of my brain function….”

    We are to believe that YoYo has or had 4x her current brain function? (Or is that 5x? dunno) That must have been prior to her signing a contract for this show.

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      Poor Yo – I will actually give her some slack for the Lyme brain. She’s actually had brain scans that show the extent of the damage to her brain function.

      That said – she and David are long time Reality TV Ho’s. He was the star (with ex Linda) of a show called Princes of Bel-Aire – with Linda’s kids – the ones with Bruce Jenner. One of those kids was also a regular on The Hills (Brody Jenner). Of course Yo’s ex is in a boatload of Bravo shows – Shahs – Beverly Hills – Million Dollar Listing. Yo and David were also on a Dutch version of the Housewives.

      Everyone wants their 15 minutes.

      • Katie (aka kats2) says:

        So true. And can I just say if there was more people who looked like Brody Jenner on any HW or Bravo show none of us would care about the rest of the crap. We’d be glued to the screen (mute or unmute the sound – who cares all good) 🙂

        • iceNfire says:

          I would love to see a group of younger hw’s 20’s – 30’s. Young people can’t all be acting like those idiots on VPR

          • R to the E to the B to the E to the C to the C to the A says:

            I can’t handle a show full of Lisa Hochsteins.

            I just want to see women who are secure enough that they aren’t in la-la land believing they they are more important than their castmates.

            • chismosa™ says:

              Lisa is just ….disturbing in her physical issues ! She ruined a perfectly nice figure and face

  11. mazelnindy says:

    I have thought of you all often especially as I have watched BH and wondered what was being said about Carlton. I think she is an all time HW low……I would take back Lips any day over her.
    My take on StarofDavidGate is that, as a Jewish woman, I have often mistaken a pentagram for a Jewish star at first glance. So, I too, read Carlton’s reaction to Kyle’s question as repulsion. I supported Kyle’s reaction. That’s my 2 cents.

    Still trying to come to terms with Nancy’s loss….but I am so heartened by seeing so many of my buds still here and in Mariareads case, returned. I retired at a time when it seemed so many were splitting up and getting divisive……
    looking forward to the future!!

    • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

      Welcome back Mazel-I hope you stick around!!

    • BB says:

      Great to see you here!

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      Welcome back. Things seems to be humming along without too much conflict – as long as you don’t have strong feelings about any of the housewives – which I don’t.

      • iceNfire says:

        Does anyone remember all the Trolls that were constantly attacking us on the IHJZ blog? They seemed to disappear at the same time Jillzy was fired.

    • Pghemtchick says:

      Wb Mazel!
      I hope you, Doc Mazel, and Mazel Jr are doing well 🙂

    • mrs peabody says:

      I am not Jewish but my take on Carlton’s reaction was that she was insulted for anyone to think she would have a Jewish star on her body. I thought she possibly had a problem with that religion.

      • mariareads says:

        mrs peabody I think Carlton seems to have a problem with everything! She’s always ready to take offense in some way. She’s so tedious. Every scene she’s in I want to take her aside and say …listen up and don’t pull that spell garbage on me because I don’t care. I tried to understand her but I just don’t like her as a person. Too many prickly parts on her. Chill the heck out already! I am so confused as to what religious anything one can say around her or not say that I don’t even know if SHE knows what she believes.

        • iceNfire says:

          “You’re also a follower of the Wiccan faith. Can you talk a little bit about it?
          I’m considered a sole practitioner. I am Celtic as far as my ancestry is concerned. My grandmother was a pagan but she also practiced witchcraft, which is what I do. So, if you’re going to put a word on it, I would be considered a Celtic pagan witch. But I’m a sole practitioner; I don’t belong to a coven, which is a group of people that believe in the same things.”

          • iceNfire says:

            What I’ve always practiced my whole life was from an early, early age. I didn’t do all the studying and reading, I just knew what worked for me and it worked very, very well

          • Cartwheels says:

            So if she labels herself a Celtic pagan witch, why did she acted so offended when Kyle said she was acting like a witch?
            I just think that Carlton thought saying she is Wiccan would sound better and she is making up her own rules as she goes along.

          • chismosa™ says:

            No coven would have her, certainly not Fiona’s down in New Orleans.

      • Cristina (djprincessc) says:

        I ❤ Jews. I always get along really well with them, its insulting that Carlton would have an issue with them. But I agree with you Mrs Peabody. But I also thing Carlton has issues with organized religion in general.

    • Just Wondering In Jersey says:

      Good to see you back Mazel. I hope you stay with us.

    • mariareads says:

      Hi Mazel! Have missed you! I disappeared for pretty much the same reason. Things were getting very hot on the blog and I even discussed it with Lynn via email. Then my email addy got out to someone and I just couldn’t deal with it. I always had so much fun here and I didn’t want to make a casino out of what was happening on the board and in my email box so I just stopped posting. But it’s a new time now and even though I don’t know many of the new people here well at all, it feels safe to post again. I did always read the blog though. My gosh we had fun in those IHJZ days! I used to laugh out loud at the way we carried on. I’m glad it has survived. There are good people in the world! What better place to meet some of them? Hope you will tune in more often!

      • Veena (NMD) says:

        I thought I’d have to deal with trolls when I started LynnFam, but aside from a few things that happened that first month, it’s been easy/breezy.

        But never put your real email addy on the blog. Even if you don’t get troll action – it will pick up robo-spam.

        I wonder how much of Lynn’s troll action was from the actual housewives?

        • mariareads says:

          I never put my email addy on the blog. I think someone shared it with a pathetic soul. With all the things that have happened to us in real life over the last 3 years I am just so much tougher now LOL! But there is a point where you don’t want it to affect other people’s fun and that’s what I felt was best. I agree about the troll bit. Could very easily have been housewife motivated as in sending in pals to disrupt things. It was wild back then.

          • MelTheHound - Team T-Rex says:

            I hate to admit it but I kind of miss the trolls. I Love a good troll-bash with some popcorn. I am glad for the blog’s sake, they don’t come around but, part of me, misses them. What can I say?

        • MelTheHound - Team T-Rex says:

          I have a burner account that I use for all of these blogs AND facebook. I give it out freely to anyone who asks (that I know) and if it somehow gets abused, I trash it. Then setup another one. They all get forwarded to one email address which if any of you have email contact with me, knows, because it is that one I respond from.

          • mariareads says:

            What’s a burner account? Please keep in mind that I am the most pathetic and tech talent-less person you will ever meet.

            • R to the E to the B to the E to the C to the C to the A says:

              Get a freebie account from yahoo or gmail or whoever. Use that for your mandatory sign ups. When it gets compromised, start a new one. When you do need to give out an email publicly, like this blog, don’t type it all out. Say it is “email at msn dot com.” The spiders won’t be able to harvest it for their spam emails.

        • iceNfire says:

          ooops – My comment about Trolls is upthread. I have never used email to communicate with members here. Facebook messages is so much easier Facebook and Farmville chat is what I used to talk to Lynn

        • Kansas Girl says:

          I always suspected it was from one particular HW. But that is past now. 🙂

      • mazelnindy says:


      • chismosa™ says:

        Hi Maria – I’m glad you may “stay” more this time.

    • MelTheHound - Team T-Rex says:

      Nice seeing you here again, Mazelnindy 😀

    • chismosa™ says:

      Mazel, what Jill said. Stick around!

    • trudie says:

      Well, there you are!

  12. mazelnindy says:

    Stars….GREAT recap on the blogs. You’ve got the snark gene:)

  13. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. I hope you’re all doing better today. I know it’s hard. Thank you NMD and Stars for blogging.

  14. Stars you are the bomb! Love your recaps. I had gone to lurk status until recently due to email/gravator issues and am excited to be back. Love RHoBH but find this season to be kind of draining. If Lisa falls off her pedestal it will be unwatchable. Carlton is a new housewives low. I can handle differences of opinion but blatant hypocrisy is draining and she’s the very definition of a very screwed up, insecure, dysfunctional person who should not be exploited on a reality show. Just too much stirring of the pot or in her case the kettle.

  15. Powell says:

    Stars Nancy would have been over the moon with these videos. 🙂

  16. Veena (NMD) says:

    I have a story to tell about our Nancy.

    When Lynn was coming under severe attack, someone started a “I Hate Bethenny Blog”. Nancy would go over there and defend Lynn without really arguing. It drove them all nuts. They thought she was Nancy Kerrigan because of the skating. It was pure Nancy- asking her endless questions and making them think in logic and not emotion – they hated it.

    • MelTheHound - Team T-Rex says:

      I remember that..

    • Pghemtchick says:

      Ahh I remember that. They went at Lynn, OMIB, and Nancy in twitter as well with hateful parody accounts. I think only Lynn’s trolls account is still active. I remember submitting a complaint on the person “pretending to be”/trolling Nancy there as they linked George’s healthgrades page. That was a crazy time. Nancy was strong in her beliefs and convictions-her loyalty to her causes will never be forgotten.

  17. R to the E to the B to the E to the C to the C to the A says:
    • MelTheHound - Team T-Rex says:

      Isn’t it too soon for RHONJ to start? Why would anyone give a shit what that bitch thinks?

    • chismosa™ says:

      I CANT STAND DINA and I’m so sad Jeff was tweeting with her and posing with her ….. Ugh 😠😠😠😠😠

      Hopefully it’s a fake love – like him hanging with Brandi at Sur

      I hope Danielle comes HARD for her on twitter. Yuck!

  18. Veena (NMD) says:

    Nancy liked Johnny Weir – I remember that when we were all mad at him because he was mean to Bethenny on the skating show.

    He’s not bad as a commentator.

    • LavaLady (Mary) says:

      I really wanted to dislike him as a skating commentator, but I have to admit, he is doing a good job. He makes interesting comments, not too talkative, and he does have a lot of knowledge.

  19. Veena (NMD) says:

    All right – here comes Scott Moir. Nancy really disliked him. She said he’d try anything to intimidate other teams, and is all smiles when he’s winning, but is a really cry baby if anything goes wrong. He’s accused his coach of favoring the other team.

  20. Veena (NMD) says:

    Is Tara wearing Johnny’s headpiece – it matches his jacket, and it looks like he’s wearing her tiara. Those two are cute together.

    • Anne says:

      Tara and Johnny were on NBC late last night (I have insomnia sometimes), talking to Meredith Viera. They said that they were very surprised about the focus on their fashion. Apparently, they have adjoining rooms and have started to coordinate their outfits — so I would imagine that they swapped headpieces.

  21. mrs peabody says:

    In regards to Leann’s husband’s ex-wife and Kyle conversation on the walk I’m wondering up to that point what exactly was B’s problem with Lisa exactly? I thought all the problems were what happened on the trip which at that point had not happened. Was it just that Lisa was trying to mother her and stop her from making a fool of herself and of course of inviting Sheena (or whatever her name is) to her house or had something work have happened? Seems to me know of those things were so bad as to try and take Lisa down.

    • Pghemtchick says:

      Thinking about it on the mothering note-you can’t have it both ways.
      We hear Lisa mothers her and she made the strategizing comment when Lisa took away her bottle she was swigging like it was a paper bagged bottle of cheap Boones. Then she interviews in People (iirc) that she was over servered drinks on he trips by producers. So who’s fault is it? Cause we all know it’s not Brandi’s fault because when self awareness and responsibility were handed out she was in line for fillers. So is it Production for having open alcohol or Lisa for realizing her “friend” and “single” mother of 2 boys was making a fool of herself giving production golden footage and ruining her image… Either way, production filmed it.

      • iceNfire says:

        Nobody can refill your glass if you keep it full.

      • mrs peabody says:

        I never understood what Lisa was suppose to have strategized about when she took the bottle away from her. I understand why Yolo wanted to take her down as she has a very HIGH opinion of herself and her lifestyle with the King and most likely thinks she is better than all of them Lisa included so she feels she should be top bee but Brandi has no chance in he!! of ever reaching that level as she is trash all the way through.

    • Agree. The thing that we all like about Lisa is that she is seems to follow the “fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me” philosophy. She doesn’t let them have a second go at her and cleverly keeps her classy self in place by generally taking the high road – at least to what we have been shown. She likes to feel good about herself by helping people, they realize that she basically is reaching down to them and then they resent the implication that they are not on the same level and then boom they try to take her down. I think Lisa is a kind of mirror for them that makes them feel insecure and this of course brings out the worst in people instead of the best and she is stunned when they treat her this way.

      • mrs peabody says:

        I think you are a 100% correct on that. I think it does make Lisa feel good to help people and they grow to resent it. But I say so what if it makes her feel good at least she does it and that’s more than I can say about a lot of people in this world. They seem to like it in the beginning, maybe the polite thing to do when they start to resent it and rather than ruining their friendship is to say thankyou for all your help but I think I can do the rest of it by myself and just be friends. Hopefully she would continue to be friends with them even if they are no longer under her wing. It seemed Kyle was a true friend in the beginning before Lisa’s popularity took off and Kyle grew resentful.

        • chismosa™ says:

          Perfectly said FAB^^^ and I agree mrs P re:Kyle

        • Absolutely correct! It should make a person feel good to be generous and caring but you will find that such a spirit will many times not be rewarded with thanks. I always wonder why people can’t just quietly back off instead of having to throw fire bombs at people for seemingly small offenses – it’s a real reflection on the thrower and in this case Brandi, Kyle and Yo (particularly Yo who presents herself as class incarnated but will cut a bi#ch if she fails to show at a party.)

    • chismosa™ says:

      Hi Mrs Peabody:

      Can’t Brandi NOT BLAME LISA re:SCHAENA because Lisa confirmed producers made her bring her there?

      So that is moot. I don’t get the hatred against Lisa by BBB except for what is said below and also VV’s Vibes that since last season maybe Yo and /or Kyle started the plot with B to try to bring the queen down.

      I don’t know

  22. Eastbayca says:

    I just found out about Nancy…may she rest in peace.
    Animal lover, skating lover, music lover and a very helpful person….these are some of the thing that come to mind when I think of Nancy.

  23. Katie (aka kats2) says:

    I was very consistent on Lynn’s blog pretty much from the beginning. Actually spent way too much time on it but that’s how I got to know so many people. Veena did the best thing ever and created this lovely home to keep things going and I think it’s picked up even more people who are consistently here and posting. I have had pockets of time when I was gone and went into lurk status to try to keep up, been back more consistently recent months. But I think it’s been several years and if you are here with any consistently it’s hard to not to get know the people here.

    How long have we all been at it? How long have all the blogs/sites existed?

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      April / May of 2010

      • boston02127 says:

        My mom passed on Dec 01 of 2010. I was on the blog before then, when she was sick. I was in High School, it was the middle/end of my junior year. I’ll be graduating college in May so it’s been quite a few years.

        You do form a love in your heart for others on the blog. I have. The blog has been like a little home, a soft place to fall.

        Thank all Venna and all of you for keeping the blog together.

      • Katie (aka kats2) says:

        Lynn has been gone for almost 4 years already? Wow!

        The OC HW’s started March 21, 2006 (I had to look that up) I can’t remember when Lynn started the blog but I thought it was around during the start of HW’s.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I don’t know. I read the blog for awhile before I started commenting, I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t know how to comment. It took me some time to figure out how to do that. I loved the blog though because prior to that all I had was the Bravo blogs and my comments weren’t being posted, my point of view was not being expressed there, so out of frustration I googled “If you hate Jill Zarin” or something like that….and voilà…I found Lynn!!! Her honesty just floored me! I laughed and I laughed HARD!! I thought Lynn was so brave to say the things she said, because everything or most of what she said was exactly the way I saw things. I finally figured out how to comment and the rest is my history. But I don’t recall the date. Sometimes I feel like it’s been forever, sometimes I feel like I just got here.

      • I’m so glad you figured out how to comment. I remember when you started and you always crack me up! (((LL)))

      • chismosa™ says:

        Yes Lainey thank god you found out. I couldn’t do without the laughs you provide. Seriously. No joke

        I think television without pity -?- was being run/ taken hostage/ something by the bravo folks and manipulating the comments so then that combined with the Bravo site ridiculousness ====>>>>>led to the Hubpages. That’s when I started. But for the life of me I don’t remember exactly what brought me here —-
        I remember the switcheroos to different domains and places and I remember not being happy but not wanting to say- with that extra blogger – michael whatshisface…. eh

        I may have come due to the one and only Susan Saunders on amazon perhaps? Someone may have mentioned Lynn on a comment?
        It’s so fuzzy. 💭💭💭💭

        Boston I can’t believe you’ve been here so long. I sadly do remember about your mom. She’d be exceedingly proud of you!
        Maybe she and Nancy have chats about you now. 🌺🌺

        • iceNfire says:

          The link to Lynn’s IHJZ blog was posted in the comment section of A. Chandlers book review of Jillzy’s book. A. Chandler gave Jillzy’s book a horrible review and then Jill went crazy/crazier and suggested that someone should steal A.’s cat which was actually a dog … LoL That was funny!

  24. Orson says:

    This auld song strikes me as very appropriate. And I like John McDermott too.

  25. boston02127 says:

    Last night I was thinking about what we could do in honor of Nancy. If we all put together a care package for our local animal shelter, I think that would make Nancy happy. (food, blankets, towels)

  26. plainviewsue says:

    I got a DM from the queen herself, Lisa Vanderpump. She responded to this tweet:

    Sue Cohen ‏@plainviewsue · 3h
    Wow @LisaVanderpump. I had no idea u had the power to have someone deported. Can u use those powers to deport @BrandiGlanville?? #teamLisa

    She DM’d me “She is a piece of work.”

    I think that friendship has no chance of ever coming back.

  27. LaineyLainey says:

    I am watching BH First Look, Kyle and Joyce are coming off as kinda silly and Carlton’s edit is quite nice. Kim and Brandi are on now… Kim is saying she couldn’t be prouder because this is her first daughter to move in with a boy. Hmmm…ok! Not saying she should be ashamed of it, but to go on TV to say she couldn’t be prouder??? It just seems non sequitur. If it were my kids, I might say “I’m happy if he is happy” but “I couldn’t be prouder?” I said that when they graduated high school and then college, when he went his first year after college supporting himself, then when he landed his first professional….I’m coming off as a judgmental bit€h, aren’t I? Sometimes I guess I am one.

    • MelTheHound - Team T-Rex says:

      I think 30 percent of Kim’s brain is gone from all the booze.

    • trudie says:

      My oldest and her boyfriend live together. When people ask how I feel about it I respond pretty much the way you said you would: He makes her happy. And that is truly what I care about.

      My older sister was very pointed in her views of my daughter’s living arrangement. We were raised Catholic and raised our children Catholic. Her disapproval was palpable. So, it was very un-christian of me to get a little giggly when my sister’s son’s girlfriend became pregnant. They did marry a year and a half later and have a beautiful son; and they weren’t living together at the time.

    • Cristina (djprincessc) says:

      I’d get my ass beat if I moved in with a boyfriend before getting married. #truestory

  28. Mookiesmom says:

    Stars99, That was a lovely tribute to Nancy.

    I have not spoken to George yet today but I will call him later to check in on him. As of yesterday there were no formal plans in place. They are going to have a memorial for Nancy. George will let me know once those decisions have been made and I will let you all know the details. I know that Nancy’s family have rallied around him and they have been spending a lot of time with him.

    I know that Nancy absolutely loved the live chats. So much so that I knew not to call her or email her (and expect a response) while the live chat was happening “unless it was a major medical emergency” she would jokingly tell me. She kept trying to get me to join in but unfortunately I can’t see the TV from my computer desk. Plus, I don’t multi-task all that well. So, tonight during the live chat know that Nancy would want you all to snark on!

  29. LaineyLainey says:

    I just read the blog…THANK YOU STARS for the beautiful tribute to Nancy. And your blogs blogged, it feels good to laugh!

    THANK you Veena for the update on Dance Moms. What a nasty business. It was a formula for disaster. I feel bad for Kelly’s little girls, Paige’s anxiety… but I think Kelly contributed to that as much as Abby Lee. Sorry, but that’s how I feel from observing parents as a teacher, being a former dance mom, being a parent, etc. Kelly yearns for the spotlight, she may say she wanted out, but what we saw on the show was Kelly stealing everyone’s else’s thunder by doing whatever it took to make herself or in her words, “Poor Brook” or “Poor Paige” the center of every episode. At any cost. Even if she contributed to her babies’ lack of self esteem, having them take the role of victim on each episode…if your own mom is saying those things, of course, you are going to believe it. The other moms had their moments, but they made sure to build up their own kids…they would say, don’t believe Abby, I’m proud of you, etc, I.e. they act like adults. Whereas Kelly acts like one of the kids, she makes a scene at the drop of a hat without considering how shes embarrassing her kids, and it seems like her kids have to comfort her. That’s what I’ve seen on my t.v.

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      Kelly is the perpetual victim. My kids don’t get the good choreography – costumes – etc. Compare her to Holly – who is the perpetual problem solver and caller of BS in a calm and rational voice so that Abby has no choice but to show her a little respect.

      But- all that said they should let her out of her contract for the kid’s sake. At the same time, she certainly has used the show as a platform for Brooke’s music.

    • Pghemtchick says:

      I can see your point on it as I think they are responsible for protecting their kids. I think she has a pretty decent suit tho. Most of the lawsuit is centered around the production company it seems. Minus what was posted there are claims that they (Collins-the production company) hired a choreographer that was arrested for several counts of child sexual abuse and kiddie porn after he spent time working closely with the girls. There are claims that they bought the kids iPads to make up for Abby going on a racial rant against “a regular African Anerican dancer” aka Nia and grabbing her arm and yelling she didn’t want “any little Tootie’s on the show”. I’m honestly shocked that if that turns out to be true that Holly let Nia stay. Then again, Holly might have turned it into a teachable moment of the ignorance some people have. Still wrong if true.
      This should be interesting if it plays out.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Ewwwwww! How horrible!

      • Veena (NMD) says:

        The Tootie comment – reference to Facts of Life character I assume. I wonder if it’s because Tootie was silly/stupid. I’ve never forgotten when she told Holly Nia was stupid. That was probably one of the worst things I’ve heard her say. Abby seems to think in stereotypes, but she does seem to respect Holly/Nia as people. For the most part she’s nicer to Nia than she is to Chloe, Paige, Brooke, and now Kendall.

        • Pghemtchick says:

          I was wondering if she meant the goofy side as well. Nia can’t win the viewers with her amazing recovery/struggle with her disorder and be funny. I mean-how could Melissa and her kids compete then?

          It’s still a shake my head moment with her. The Producers support her actions so we’ll see how a jury reacts it seems since they checked the jury option.

      • PJ says:

        Abby told Holly that is isn’t always the ones that win all the competitions that become stars, she told Holly to be patient. I think Abby sees stardom for Nia.

    • PJ says:

      I think if Kelly had genuinely wanted out of the contract she could have gotten out. If she had hired an attorney and made the case that it was bad for her kids I doubt any judge would have forced her kids to stay on that program. That is why I find the timing of this lawsuit so interesting, she doesn’t file until she is no longer getting paid. This is the fourth season so did they sign four a year contract–so she waits until the fourth season to bring these problems up? Also perhaps there is some kind clause about physical violence that might invalidate her contract so is she taking the preemptive strike of filing a lawsuit because there is now no way to promote her daughters so called singing career.

      I personally think Kelly did as much harm to her own children as she claims Abby did. Kelly constantly bashes Abby to anyone who will listen including her own children constantly saying how Abby doesn’t care about them and calling Abby names. To me Kelly has been bullying Abby for a long time. Some may disagree with that but that’s what I saw. Kelly is asking for a settlement of no less that five million dollars, is someone looking for a big payday?

      Although Abby should not have stood up Abby never actually touched Kelly. I doubt very much that Abby was seriously trying to bite Kelly or to eat her face as Kelly put it at the time. Abby never got near Kelly’s face so unless she has retractable teeth she could not have reached Kelly’s face to bit it. Kelly even admitted on tape that Abby was pretending to eat her face, so she must have known at the time that Abby did not intend to bite her, if there was no intention then it is not self defense. Kelly was aggressive and even though she claims Abby was trying to prevent her or block her from leaving Kelly did not rush out once Abby left so obviously she was in no hurry to go which shows she was in no real fear of any danger from Abby.

      It will be interesting to see if counter claims are filed and what actually happens in court. One thing I also found interesting is that Kelly is asking for a jury trial. My opinion is that making it a jury trial (although of course it is her right) means they will try to make it a popularity contest of a trial banking on Abby being so unlikeable on the show that the jury will not be on her side. I think however that they may have shot themselves in the foot by admitting that Abby was nurturing to the girls before the show and that the drama was amped up by the producers of the show, interesting.

      • Veena (NMD) says:

        Her contract was an attachment to the lawsuit – I think it was through this season. I didn’t like how she said she was willing to go back to work – but perhaps she has to show that in order to be eligible for compensation. I don’t think this is fake – I think she truly is done with Abby and the producers.

        • PJ says:

          I don’t think the lawsuit itself is fake, I just question how much merit it actually has. I also question who is the one that is really done. My opinion is that the producers and Abby are done with Kelly and Kelly would come back if it would be allowed. Without this show will Kelly have lost her fifteen minutes? I personally don’t think her daughter is destined for superstardom. We don’t know what Abby’s contract says there may be a clause there about physical violence. If you ever watched a trial on TV you always think the first person presenting their case is right until the second person presents their case and then you think they are right.

      • Pghemtchick says:

        I tweeted her the one question I would have as a juror just based off of reading the document. The document states Kelly left at 14 due to “the oppressive time demands Miller made of her students”. Oppressive is a strong word. If she truly felt that way, why subject her daughters to that? That’s my question.

  30. Sus says:

    Hugs to everyone 🙂

  31. chismosa™ says:

    Stars I’m still reading but LOL@ While I confess I don’t know all of the Supremes… Fortunately, I was able to identify Diana Ross.

    Thank you for the blogs in case I comment too late and miss you on chat.
    Lovely video and CSL montage to Nancy. I’m trying to remember why we started talking about CSL last week in the first place. It was to someone else here dealing with something 😦

  32. LaineyLainey says:

    I just realized one of my favorite movies is on “zoolander”…”I can Dera-lique my own balls, thank you very much.” I love that line… Also “Listen to your friend, Billy Zane. He’s a cool dude!” And “put a cork in it Zane!” LOLOLOLOL… Ok, reading’s not so much the writing as it is the delivery. I bet they had fun making this movie.

  33. LaineyLainey says:

    I just sent Jeff (MTH) a couple of photos of our beloved and beautiful Nancy. I’m sorry I didn’t do it yesterday.

  34. luluplus3 says:

    Skinnygirl is in trouble no surprise there. When will the reality people learn you are your “brand” if people hate you they won’t buy. Would have thought bethenny would have learned this lesson by now.

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      I was buying it for a while, but it’s too expensive. It’s easier to make my drinks from scratch at home. But I still like Bethenny – I was just trying to save money.

    • Cartwheels says:

      I don’t think the brand in itself is in trouble, the year before the growth was around the 300% so it would be hard to keep up with that and then grow even more so it was bound to go down. Bethenny took a huge risk when she didn’t take the lump sum but decided to scale her payment on growth bonuses, she has had two excellent years of bonuses payments but she still has probably around 4 more years of commitment to go with Beam. She probably won’t make the last bonuses. David Kanbar took the safe route, one large sum and then moved on to another projects.
      I read somewhere that bethenny’s next project is a restaurant with healthy options? Anyone has heard about this?

      • PJ says:

        Beam doesn’t seem to think the brand is actually in trouble. From what I read they feel it is kind of a seasonal product and because of the economy and weather sales are down a bit. They are going to refocus somewhat by adding new products. The initial growth was so great that it is kind of a no-brainer that it would level off, but there is still tremendous potential. I think Bethenny still has a large fan base and she will land on her feel, I wouldn’t count her out.

  35. Veena (NMD) says:

    Oh my goodness that poor snowboarder.

    • Pghemtchick says:

      Was that the one who broke her back? I think it was a snowboarder I read earlier-might have been skiing. All I remember now from the article was she had a 6&1/2 hour back surgery, was on a vent, and Putin visited her and patted her head. I can’t believe they are expecting athletes to put their lives on the line like this. I get there is an inherent danger, but add 60 degree weather and yeah wow.

  36. lillybee says:

    There was talk the other night that there wasn’t enough time to change the ice from speed skating ice to figure skating ice and that is why the men skated so badly. Poor Jason Brown was the last skater of the night and by the time he skated the ice was very chopped up and soft.

  37. mariareads says:

    Something is nagging at me and bothering me so I’m going to take a leap of faith and post it. Please forgive me ahead of time.

    On the 14th, I checked the blog in the morning and maybe a couple of times during the day. We were busy here. Mike had a bad headache (result of brain tumor surgery) and nothing we did worked and I was staying close to him most of the day. I never read about Nancy here until yesterday’s blog-the 15th. What is nagging me and bothering me is that all day on the 14th I was very worried about heart attacks. I know this sounds insane but the fear of it was almost beyond anything I have thought of in a very long time. I remember asking Mike if he thought that the test I had 2 years ago could have been wrong-a thalium stress test- and he got frustrated with me and asked me why I was worrying about this. It was routine for my age and family history and that the test showed absolutely nothing abnormal. The entire day, including going to bed that night i had the worst feeling of being scared and it was connected to worrying about heart attacks. Now, I have been around this blog for a very long time. Nancy and I were friendly posters-especially when designdiva was around and we would all be acting a little cray cray together but I wouldn’t say that Nancy and I were close like so many of you. We emailed back and forth one time I think. She had asked me a question about something I was going through. But we were cordial on the board and commented to each other through the years. I never knew anything about her illness. Now you can take what you want from this but I have to tell you that I was almost in tears Friday because I was very anxious and it had to do with heart issues that I don’t have. But I was worrying which was really so out of the blue and not something that has basis in anything I have been going through or concerned about lately. We have had a horrible year but mostly that is about my husband’s health, our Godson’s cancer and my mother’s health. This is really bothering me. This has happened to me before; mostly with dreams. But I cannot tell you how irrational this was. I had no reason-none-to be worrying that way.

    I had to unload that because, to be honest, as soon as I opened the blog yesterday and saw the horrible news I almost passed out. I ran and found Mike and told him and he and I talked about it a little bit. He is firmly planted on the ground with both feet. I assure you of that. He didn’t deny that maybe I was picking up on some bad news that was already here on the blog on FRIDAY but I hadn’t read it. I went back to that blog and saw that the time mookie’smom wrote it was after 6 in the evening I think. I promise you I never knew this had happened to Nancy until yesterday morning. By the time I woke up yesterday the fear and anxiety about heart attacks was gone.

    I don’t know if Nancy had a heart attack. I know someone mentioned somewhere they think it was heart related but I can’t tell you how strong my feelings were. And they wouldn’t let me alone and I was mad at myself for worrying about something that was not on my radar at all. I kept trying to push it away over and over again.

    You may think I’m crazy or a liar or whatever. I would understand that. But I had to mention it because it has really upset me and bothered me since it happened. Also things like this have happened to me before. I have been wondering what to do with this all day. It has been sitting on my mind like a little voice arguing with my rational side that this is just some weird coincidence-which it probably is. But I have to tell you that the feeling was so strong that it had me edgy and concerned for any time that I was awake on Friday. I even called my brother who smokes and got yelled at because he gets annoyed when I try to tell him to quit. Please don’t think I am trying to make this about me. Nothing could be more false. However, I am really very bothered by it. It is one of the strangest things I have had happen to me that is related to people I don’t know in face to face life. If it is related at all. I’m so sorry if I offend anyone by writing this but it is so uncomfortable to have had these worries when there was no basis for them. I’m trying very hard to understand this and make some peace with it.

    • ((((Maria)))) I completely understand!!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi MariaReads! I do not think you’re crazy…you had a premonition, I think. On feb 14, I had a very very strong feeling of gratitude and love toward the blog. I was sitting here after I got out of work early on Friday. I was about to go get my nails done, and I kept getting this feeling that I should share with the board that I got so much joy from being here with you all. I typed it out and almost didn’t post it. I felt like,..that doesn’t even sound like me…so I qualified it by saying, “I know this is mushy, but it IS Valentines Day”…and I kept getting this feeling that I HAD TO post it and not to waste the Moment. So I posted it. I don’t want to say more, because, like you, I know it sounds crazy.

      When I returned, my hubby was here and we went out to celebrate Valentines Day. When we got home, i came to check in and I saw Mookiesmoms message.😰

      • mariareads says:

        Thanks for sharing this Lainey. I don’t feel so crazy for posting it. I think sometimes some of us just get “feelings” about things. I don’t know why.

  38. mariareads says:

    Thank you for not thinking me totally crazy for even thinking this way princesspindy. Whatever it was or is…it is. But I do feel better after writing it no matter what people think. Thank you…thank you! Going to chat a little bit…

  39. mariareads says:

    Thank you too mrs peabody. It’s been bothering me so very much.

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