Orange County Housewives in Bali – Really? plus Brandi Glanville on Hello Ross plus Beverly Hills Cast Blogs Blogged

Orange County Housewives in Bali – Really? by NMD

Goodness, it looks like they’ve picked a real exotic locale for the Real Housewives of Orange County to have their away trip.  Had you forgotten about them?  I certainly had.  But yesterday Heather Paige Kent Dubrow filled up twitter space with numerous tweets documenting their long journey to Bali.  Honestly, the thought of Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Barney in such an exotic place makes me shudder.  Talk about the epitome of ugly
Americans.  I can only hope they’ve put them in some sort of Americanized resort where they can “do no harm”.

Happy at take off:

Heather Dubrow Instagram

Heather Dubrow Instagram

After a 16 hour trip they ended up in Hong Kong:

And then on to Bali:

Heather Dubrow's Instagram

Heather Dubrow’s Instagram

If you are wondering about who all the new ladies are, Vicki, Heather, and Tamra will be joined by Lizzie Rovsek (Elizabeth Rovsek)

Danielle Gregorio – who according to her twitter account is: Wife, Mommy, Interior Designer, Founding Member of Heels2Heal OC… And loving every minute of my life! Her website for her interior design firm lists her as Danielle Kaye:

And Shannon Beador (the other blonde).


Brandi Glanville on Hello Ross by NMD

Brandi Glanville had a few minute segment on talk show Hello Ross this week.  I’ve never seen it before but was channel surfing after the gold medal hockey game (which ended at 7 am on a Sunday – WTH?) and stumbled across it.  Highlights:

  • Ross asked her about the being in the news blogs recently, and she dodged around the “he owes me child support” thing by actually explaining what was happening – that he felt he overpaid support – which could be a combo of child and alimony support.  Their lawyers will work it out.  Hey Brandi – I read the letter – get an accountant to come up with what you think the final figure should be before going straight to lawyers!  #freeadvice
  • Asked about is she really was crazy – she laughed it off
  • Most inappropriate moment – asked about Booty Calls (a chapter in that book of hers) she said to Ross – “You are gay – your entire life is booty calls.”  His mouth dropped open and he exclaimed something like – that is so not right.  She then went on to cover by saying that he used his booty during booty calls – and that’s what she meant.  Is it just me or did she just dodge being called out for calling the entire gay community promiscuous.  Anyway – he laughed it off and said her brain was on a short circuit judging by the way she thinks and what comes out of her mouth.  I’d have to agree.
  • Lady Gaga – apparently all the housewives but Brandi were invited to participate in a Lady Gaga video.  Heh.  She declined to diss Lady Gaga on the air -saying she’s in a feud with too many people right now and doesn’t need one with Gaga.  She says she love Gaga.
  • She also loves Lisa but was hurt by some things Lisa did and felt like she was being treated like and employee at SUR.
  • The reunion was awful, but the worst part was that Joyce came dressed as an ice dancer.

Ross reminded everyone to buy her NY Best Selling Book, and with that it was thankfully over.


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Blogs Blogged by Stars99

Brandi Glanville

“Let me just start by saying after seeing my spray tan, I am definitely getting back into the gym to work on my mommy pooch. At this point Kim and I were getting very close, and I really am happy to have come such a long way with her from when we first met.”

THAT’S what you got out of that scene – That you want to go to the gym to work on your “mommy pooch?”  How about,“Gosh, this naked scene might bring some embarrassment to my kids so perhaps I should wear a bikini instead of going topless.”  NooooOOOOoooo…. Lol… Brandi then talks about her lisp and her under bite and that she thought she was having an allergic reaction to, “a type of aspirin.” Brandi has TMJ and a similar thing happened to her before she got married as a result of stress.  She said that this time, her “jaw was completely slipping off its discs.”  Something is certainly slipping off the edge, but it’s not Brandi’s jaw.  The universe is obviously also tired of Brandi’s constant jaw flapping.  If only there was a way to take Twitter away from Brandi… if only… if only… if only…

Brandi  blogs, “Gigi’s going away party was so beautiful and you could feel the love in that room for her. I arrived with my friend Adrienne relieved that I could barely speak because I promised Yo that I would not cause any drama at her daughter’s going away party. When I saw Lisa it felt awkward. I could tell she knew I was upset with her. If I didn’t care about Lisa and Ken then I wouldn’t be upset about what was going on.”

Gigi’s party was great – I loved how Mohamed oversaw the cooking of the food.  Gigi really could have asked for the moon – but she wanted her dad to cook the food for her friends.  I think that’s pretty awesome.  Although at one point while watching this episode, I confess that I did yell at Yo, “Let her eat cake, dagnabit!”… Or brioche… lol… (inside joke)…  I wonder if it was an almond cake… hmmm…lol.  I think Brandi really miscalculated this season and as a result made a giant misstep – She threw a friendship under a bus for a storyline.  The Pink Queen is not amused.  Neither am I.  Brandi, it’s unclear to me if you’re upset about the loss of a friendship or by the immense amount of flack you’ve been receiving as a result of your antics.

“As far as the Carlton/Kyle issue, I never saw Kyle gift the necklace to Carlton and had no real idea what was going on. I knew Kyle and Carlton had gotten into it at Lisa’s and because of this I thought I would do Kyle a favor and give Carlton the part of a necklace. Blah blah blah. Like I said, I wasn’t around for the necklace gifting and the thing Kyle gave me looked like a ring. Lisa said twice that the crown didn’t match the blue necklace, but maybe it was a peace offering. . . Contradict yourself much? I just feel like why say it doesn’t even match the necklace at all? I feel like we are all in middle school sometimes still, myself included.”

See?  This is why it’s hard to be your friend.  You were wearing the thingie as a ring… it was gold.  You called it a ring.  There wasn’t gold in the necklace that Kyle gave Carlton.  Lisa’s offhanded comment was just that the gold ring didn’t seem to match the blue necklace – like the way one would think a necklace/ring combo would match… but Lisa defaulted to believe the best about the gesture – that Kyle was making a “peace offering.”  But gooberheads like you – STILL take that to task… I don’t see the contradiction at all.  But I do see people who were acting like middle schoolers that night (No names mentioned Brandi, Kyle, and Carlton – And no offence to middle schoolers).

Brandi concludes, “As far as Lisa and Kyle’s relationship, goes I feel like they love each other, but there is still this underlying competition of who is going to be queen bee of our group. Maybe I am wrong. It’s known to happen but I am very happy being one of the many in the hive.”

You’re just calling yourself a bee because you know that Carlton won’t hurt bees.

Carlton Gebbia

After giving a brief infomercial about the store she and Yo visited, Carlton blogs, “I’ve always used candles, but these are truly on another level. It was a pleasure for me to share this treasured place with Yolanda as I knew she would appreciate its spiritual value. Aside from these candles they have wonderful crystals, which I knew Yolanda would like, since she too has crystals in her own home.”

Carlton then talks about Kyle and Joyce “trashing” her religion.  Carlton talks about Kyle and Joyce having narrow minds as she blogs, “What’s so telling about both of their characters is when Kyle tells Joyce nonchalantly that she called me anti-Semitic and Joyce has no bloody reaction not even a flinch. I appreciate that Yolanda agreed that it was ignorant too.”

I agree that it was surprising there wasn’t more of a reaction from Joyce to that inflammatory accusation.

Carlton blogs, “Anti-Semite is just another word in her arsenal of reckless labels without any accountability. The problem with people like her is that it has become second nature to be rude and dismissive, spewing out hateful remarks means nothing because they’ve gotten away with it for so long.”

I thought Joyce was the labeler… now it’s Kyle?  Carlton, I think you’re the labeler.  Kyle said that she felt badly for calling you “anti-Semitic” in her February 3, 2014 blog.  She also said that she should have chosen her words better – So Kyle actually did feel she needed to take some accountability for what she said.  You, however, have yet to take ANY accountability for anything you do and say.  Even if you weren’t self-aware enough to do so while filming the actual episode – You have now seen yourself as you’ve watched the edited episodes air and yet you still remain oddly silent about your own behavior – While bashing everyone else for what they do and say.  Perhaps you live by the adage, “The best defense is a good offence.”

Carlton blogs, “So telling that Joyce says she doesn’t believe in Wiccan. Really? What is it exactly about the Wicca faith that she doesn’t believe? Did she really just deny its entire existence of which millions of people worldwide are practicing Wiccans. Wicca is a recognized religion in the military! How can she seriously be that ignorant? Do they both understand that I am not the only practicing Wiccan out there, that they desperately feel the constant need to be so offensive about this particular faith. I am quite sure that I’m not the only one insulted by their gross antics. In fact I know this to be only too true.”

Carlton, here is where you really screw up.  First of all, what in the world is Joyce supposed to know about the Wiccan faith from you?  You’ve never taken the opportunity to explain your faith to any extent to any of the women.  Some get glimpses into it – like Yolanda… but mostly you toss around disjointed snippets of a faith in which the women have no real knowledge base.

Carlton, from your words and actions, if you were the only source of information about the Wiccan faith, Joyce would likely think the following of your faith:  It’s never okay to kill bees but you can put hexes on people and their families with no remorse or accountability; It’s okay to put witching balls all around your yard and to talk about their power to trap negative energy but you can react in anger if someone asks you if you have ever dabbled in any type of witchcraft;  It’s okay to desecrate other religion’s sacred symbols but it’s not okay to be unaware of the sacred objects of the Wiccan faith;  It’s never okay to mistake a pentagram (or a pentacle if you really want to a purist) for a Star of David;  It’s not okay to refer to your husband’s penis as a “peepee” but it’s perfectly acceptable to use the word, “F***” and its many derivations as every other word in a sentence;  It’s okay to have a sex dungeon, painted naked women serving food at your party, and pole dancers doing their thing but just don’t mention or clarify a story about three-fourths of a nipple;  It’s not okay to use the word “her” or “she” when referring to Carlton but it’s perfectly acceptable to blatantly call Joyce, “Jacqueline” in a blog… I could go on, but really, what’s the point?  Carlton has really not taken the opportunity to share about her belief system in any meaningful way.  It’s really too bad.

Carlton blogs, “With regards to Puerto Rico, Joyce and I had that lunch whereby we agreed to move on. Sort of the way her and Brandi moved on. They weren’t close either but Brandi was invited by Kyle. The disinviting by Joyce specifically, well only one word comes to mind “hypocrite.” Joyce never had the courtesy to call and let me know that because of Kyle she was withdrawing the invitation. Yolanda was the one who was kind enough to give me the heads up at Gigi’s party. And again Kyle was never invited by myself or my husband to his StockCross party and now suddenly Joyce’s trip became Kyle and Joyce. Laughable, but thank you for that after what I heard what you did to Lisa down there.”

I thought it was disingenuous of Joyce to talk about Puerto Rico and how “everyone was welcome” but then cave into Kyle about not inviting Carlton.  Don’t get me wrong – I don’t blame Joyce about not inviting Carlton – but it seems to me that Joyce has way more of a beef with Brandi than with Carlton at this point.  Carlton badmouths Joyce in her talking heads mostly and doesn’t do much face-to-face confrontation with her – while Brandi shoots her mouth off against Joyce every chance she gets.

Regarding Gigi’s party, Carlton blogs, “What does Kyle expect? Of course, I have a hard time looking at her. I was cordial I said “hello,” but I have no interest in engaging with her whatsoever. I can’t fake liking her after her slanderous accusation. And yet again in her talking head, she makes more negative and mocking digs about my practice. Hardly shocking anymore — just vile.”

Awww… see how cute that Carlton girl is… she used the word, “vile” to describe Kyle… I wonder if she read that somewhere… hmmmm… Carlton describes having to leave the party early because they had people who had flown in from out of town for their business party.

Carlton writes, “This is where it gets odd. I want to explain the bizarreness of this situation and what was going through my mind at that moment. David and I stood up to leave, Kyle and Brandi still sitting there. I turn to kiss Lisa and Ken goodnight, turn back and literally they’ve both disappeared within seconds. That was odd and I thought maybe she was avoiding saying goodbye (thankfully). We walk up the steps and suddenly there’s Brandi’s with this ring and a really confusing explanation. I honestly felt like I was being ambushed in that moment, it was a little surreal.”

“I wasn’t quite sure what was going on. Why would Kyle, who was just there moments ago, run and hide and send in Brandi immediately on our way out with a gold ring that apparently went with the necklace, which was blue. Lisa and I felt the same, completely confused with Brandi’s reason. It didn’t make sense. In that moment all these thoughts are rushing through my mind. I stood there completely at a loss and thank god my incredible husband saw I was struggling and he was there to snap me out of it.”

Yeah, that whole thing was pretty awkward.  Brandi was acting so weird about it – and Kyle was nowhere to be found.  I don’t understand why Kyle didn’t give the “crown” to you directly – but you were pretty cold to her throughout the duration of the party.  Perhaps Kyle was afraid to call it a “crown” because then there would be a royal fight over it or something.

Carlton blogs, “If Kyle was giving it as a peace offering then she should have done it herself and explained the connection between the two pieces rather than having someone else do it for her which seems to be her obvious M.O. But on the other hand if she didn’t want it then throw the bloody thing out. Didn’t she just uninvite me that same night to Puerto Rico which was Joyce’s trip originally? Why would I expect anything else? Just more stupid setups and games.”

Lisa was the one who gave Kyle the benefit of the doubt and called it a “peace offering.”  However, I highly doubt Kyle will be getting any more “benefit of the doubt” treatment from Lisa after tomorrow’s episode.  As for any potential for any type of relationship with Lisa, Kyle should have heard bells clanging loudly in her head – “And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls;  It tolls for thee.”  Ding, dong, the relationship is dead… dead… dead.

Carlton continues, “But as for Kyle and Brandi to blame Lisa for her stating the obvious confusion and for my subsequent actions refusing the ring is bloody ridiculous. I did not want the ring. It was my choice. Lisa had nothing to do with that and she certainly wasn’t acting sneaky or inserting herself into anything that didn’t concern her. It wasn’t Kyle who tried to give me the ring, she had Brandi do it for her. Look I like Brandi, but I didn’t like what was happening. My husband saw exactly what was going on and didn’t like it either and that’s when I woke up to the bulls—.”

Wow… the bells were clanging loud enough in Kyle’s head that even Carlton woke up from their noise.

Carlton astutely concludes, “It seems to me that every chance Kyle can blame Lisa for something even if Lisa isn’t the main focus of a problem Kyle will find a way to do it. However Lisa I feel is completely desensitized to Kyle’s constant setups and jealousy. These relationships are so painfully and unnecessarily complicated.”

Stop the presses…  Carlton and I agree on something!

Joyce Giraud de Ohoven

After her greeting, Joyce begins her blog locked and loaded with guns blazing, “I also want to take advantage of this platform to answer something lots of you have been asking. For those who’ve asked me on social media how I feel about the fact that Brandi uses every chance she can to try to disrespect me, all I can say is that she is a classless person who thinks everything she says is OK and funny. Apparently she has no friends to tell her that making racial remarks, backstabbing all her fellow Housewives, making horrible remarks about other woman (Joanna Krupa and Kenya Moore), and talking crap in all the interviews that are meant to be about her book are not OK… Sorry Brandi!  Your card is overplayed and you have zero comedic timing! You are not funny and since I learned to take things from the source… Knock yourself out and keep proving me right.”

Giggles just a little… I have nothing to add.  Joyce then talks about how Carlton tells Yolanda that she hates it when people“label” and “judge” her and how Joyce thinks it’s very crazy and hypocritical since Carlton does it all the time.  Joyce discusses her and Kyle’s talk about the dinner from hell.

Joyce blogs, “At that point Brandi and I had no problems (or so I thought). That’s why when Kyle told me she had invited her on my Puerto Rico trip I was fine with it. Had I known what she was planning and all the crap she was talking behind my back, I would’ve told her she was NOT invited.”

Kyle had no right to invite Brandi on your trip without first talking with you.  Clearly, Kyle knows it’s a “Bravo” trip and that she would be relatively safe in doing so – but Kyle knew the trouble you were having with Brandi so I feel it was really wrong of Kyle to invite Brandi on your trip. Yet, you let Brandi off the hook so easily while caving into Kyle’s notion that there was no reason to invite Carlton.  You conveniently didn’t talk about that in your blog.

Joyce blogs, “Watching Brandi talk to Kim, yet again, was a bit frustrating. If she had such a strong, negative feelings about Lisa, and if she was so scared of her she should’ve spoken directly to her face instead of telling everyone over and over except the person in question — especially considering the fact that she prides herself in being “honest.” But we all know by now that’s just her perception of herself, but that there is nothing honest about her.”

Yes, poor pitiful Brandi is askeered of Lisa who evidently is faster than a speeding bullet, is powerful enough to have people deported, and is able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.  Look up in the sky… It’s a bird!… It’s a plane… No – It’s SUPER LISA!

Joyce explains that the reason she was so MIA during this part of the season was because her father was ill and she was flying back and forth to Puerto Rico to be with him.  Joyce blogs, “The only person in our group that knew what was going on was Kyle, as she was the one I was closest to. I must say I was very upset and disappointed when she decided to tell the other girls, as I had asked her to not say anything to any of them.”

Rut roh… If you had asked Kyle not to say anything – She should have not said anything to anyone.  It was an aspect of your personal life that you should have had the ability to reveal when you were ready to do so.  However, you are part of a reality show and the production team had to have known what was going on – so it was only a matter of time before the news broke.  Kyle’s discussion of your father’s death with Lisa seemed to be from a place of genuine sympathy didn’t seem exploitive in any way to me.

Joyce explains, “I DID NOT want my father’s death and my grieving to be a topic and I for sure didn’t want a pity party from the other girls.”

That’s completely understandable – but no matter how hard we try, we cannot control how other people respond to us and the situations in our life.  Joyce concludes her blog by telling  us that she was originally going to cancel the trip and that we’ll find out about those details in this next episode.

Kim Richards

Sorry guys, Kim is too busy trying to convince all of us she’s glad her kids are moving out of her house to bother to write a blog for us this week.

Kyle Richards

Kyle begins, “This week I visited Joyce and filled her in on Mauricio and Ken’s birthday dinner and shared with her the strange happenings with my computer. I have no clue why my computer did that. I do know that I don’t believe in “witchcraft” or “putting spells” on people. I just know that it was odd, and, in light of Joyce’s recent experience with Michael getting sick, I shared it. Do I believe that Carlton did that? No. I did think it was strange and one of those things you just can’t explain.”

Oh puhleeze… You’re almost a good enough actress to pull this off.  I smell a rat.  Either someone in production really wanted to freak you out – someone in your family thought it would be funny to do it and to conveniently catch it on film in order to “cast” shade at Carlton – or you were in on it.  But I really don’t think you have the computer acumen to pull it off by yourself.  However, if it had been me – I would have chosen better words to freak you out… Which in and of itself is a telltale sign that it was an inside job.

Kyle blogs, “I was really looking forward to Puerto Rico. We decided not to invite Carlton, for obvious reasons. If I’m planning a trip with Joyce, I would not invite someone that I’m not only not friends with, but someone I have had so many issues with. That would only be asking for trouble.”

Is that the royal “we” Kyle?  “We” decided not to invite Carlton?…lol… So, riddle me this, Kyle… How on earth did you feel it was okay to invite Brandi without first talking to Joyce about it?  You knew how many issues that Joyce was having with Brandi… This whole paragraph is a crock of something… and it’s not cheese or a pot.

Regarding the Necklace-Gate©™® kerfluffle at Gigi’s party, Kyle blogs, “I didn’t feel comfortable walking up to Carlton, since she clearly doesn’t like me and I didn’t want to risk it turning into a fight. Honestly, it probably was part peace offering and part just what it was. . .the other half of the necklace. Every day I would look at it and be reminded that it was the other half of the necklace that I gave Carlton. I would rather her have it than throw it away — and it actually looks really cool together. The fact that Carlton viewed my having Brandi hand her this gift as doing my “dirty work” is exactly why I didn’t feel comfortable handing it to her myself. She so desperately wants to hate me that she even views a gift as an attack.”

Completely dies laffing that you’re now using Lisa’s original explanation that it was a “peace offering” to describe your own intentions.  If you didn’t feel okay giving it to Carlton in person, you should have mailed it to her with a note of explanation.  You really threw Brandi into a situation and she clearly didn’t handle it very well… You did this while managing yet again to throw Lisa under the bus for your own juvenile behavior.  Put on your big girl pants and take responsibility for your own actions, Kyle.

Kyle continues, “Joyce had told me that her father was ill and that she was going to visit him. She asked me not to tell the other women. When he actually did pass away, I didn’t think that she would have still wanted to keep that private — especially since we were all going to Puerto Rico and it was certainly bound to come up. I know when my parents passed away I wanted all the support I could get. I thought by letting them know they could reach out to her and hopefully offer support.”

I don’t know Kyle – Joyce said she specifically asked you not to say anything to the others and yet you took it upon yourself to do so.  However, to be fair, I don’t think you spilled the beans because you were being gossipy… but it seemed like you did it out of a real concern for Joyce’s loss.

Kyle blogs, “Lisa and I met at my store to look for clothes for Puerto Rico. As we started to speak, I realized I really needed to get some things off my chest. When I told Lisa that I wanted to move past our issues once and for all, I meant it. Lisa kept saying “Oh, we’re past that. It’s done.” But clearly there were still some underlying issues.  When I brought up the “accusations,” I wasn’t JUST referring to her bringing up the tabloids — but also the accusations about Mauricio only befriending people for business. That had NEVER been discussed since Lisa said that at the Reunion last year. Not once. In order to start fresh, I wanted to address that so I could personally move past it.”

Okay, Captain Grudge-A-Lot, we are almost at the end of the season and you’re just NOW bringing up crap from last season once again?  Lisa is not the only one who thought we were way past this… We’re tired of this whole tired poor is me storyline, Kyle.  Your husband looks at all your friends and acquaintances with dollar signs over their head. And why wouldn’t he?  If he feels he is the best realtor I the land and could give them the very best deal possible – he should promote that to his friends.   And I’m telling you, if I hear about the tabloids once more I may just burst.  No one but you is still bringing it up – You, Kyle, are the reason people are still discussing your husband in a disparaging way.  We need to hire the architects of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Brooklyn Bridge, and The Tower Bridge so they can build a freakin’ bridge so you can finally get over this.

Kyle blogs, “I care enough about Lisa to move forward but needed to be heard. Last week Lisa questioned why I didn’t defend her… Maybe because I had never had this conversation and was still hurt and upset by these situations that were swept under the carpet. I wanted to have this conversation so we could get back to where we once were. Lisa said that she was the most loyal friend I ever had. I kept quiet as I felt like we were making progress and wanted to stay on the right track. However, my most loyal friends and I haven’t had to have this type of conversation.”

OMG… Puhleeze stop being wishy-washy.  You have been catty about Lisa all season long because you were hurt.  OWN IT!  Don’t couch your weak rationale with “maybe”… The problem is that your attacks against Lisa have predominantly been behind her back when talking with others or in your talking head interviews.  This was the first time you were adult enough to talk to Lisa directly about your residual feelings.   Yes, Lisa should not have been so dismissive of your feelings – because they ARE your feelings.  However, I have seen Lisa defend you and your husband over and over and over again ad nauseam, but I’m really hard pressed to remember the last time you defended Lisa about anything at all – Even about her choice in lipstick color.

Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa begins, “I am of course extremely upset when I see, for example, Brandi bringing up the subject of Cedric. All of you who have followed the story from the beginning will understand Cedric was a precarious subject and one that out of loyalty to Brandi I would never have raised. But now she is saying I had Cedric deported. I will explain, with regard to him being deported. It should have been done, but unfortunately Housewives don’t have that much influence over Homeland Securities… If after he left us he was working in violation of his visa, then I am sure it was a problem. I believe he left to return to England of his own volition and to renter America he would need another sponsor.”

I am dying while laughing at the complete absurdity that Lisa actually has the power to deport people. If she does, I’m hoping she can add the name, “Bieber” to that list… At least for a while until he cleans up his act (Sorry Beliebers, it’s for his own good…)…

Lisa writes, “The most interesting thing that I discovered, which I would never have exposed is the fact that Brandi had never met Cedric. She wasn’t a “friend” of his and they hadn’t modeled together. She had somehow concocted the story with somebody else. She came into my life on a lie. . .that should have spoken volumes.”

I thought they had modeled together or something, no?  I’m not sure where Lisa is now getting this information… but perhaps someone can fill me in on the facts – because I’m lost regarding this issue.

Lisa blogs, “I honestly felt that Kyle initially offering the necklace was some sort of peace offering. But when a ring appeared I didn’t quite understand the connection between a blue skull and a gold ring.”

Well, it was certainly no friendship bracelet, that’s for danged sure.  Lisa tells us that it’s confusing about why Brandi wanted to cause a rift between Lisa and Kyle.  Ummm… Cuz she’s jealous because you and Kyle seem to be getting back together, duh!  Lisa says that she realized how traumatized Carlton was at Kyle’s anti-Semitic remark and that she didn’t think a ring would fix it.  I disagree – I think there are certain rings on certain appendages and certain people that Carlton would probably respond well to – but that’s a whole nuther Nipple Gate©™®.

Lisa blogs, “Now after reading Yolanda’s blogs and having seen endless comments on film, I have realized I called it wrong. Obviously Kim and Kyle had been truthful about what had transpired in Paris, I just had refused to believe it. Joyce had warned me at the beginning of the season, and I chose to ignore her account of Yolanda desperately trying to engage her in a detrimental conversation about me. I didn’t know Joyce at that time and I was hoping that the bond between Yolanda, Mohamed, and our families would supersede the negativity she harvested.”

It is so weird how mean Yo has been to Lisa this season.  I originally thought it was just because Lisa didn’t take the time to visit her or call her while Yo was battling the worst of the Lyme disease… but now I think it really does have more to do with outright jealousy – and her ex-husband Mohamed’s high regard for Lisa.  Lisa then talks about how she knew there was no support from the other women this entire season.  It was especially clear to Lisa when she was on “Dancing with the Stars” because other than a couple of tweets from Brandi and the one appearance they all filmed for RHOBH – there was absolutely no other kind of support from the women.  While I think that’s odd, I wonder what kind of support Lisa offered to Kyle and Kim when they were on that diving show.

Lisa writes, “But I never expected this, and to be honest after seeing all the episodes it has been pretty traumatizing. I thank Carlton and Joyce for being so supportive. In the year I have known them I have grown to adore them. They will testify to the fact that I never talk negatively about the other women. I always believe it says more about them than it does about you.”

Yeah, you’ve been hit by a Mack truck, run over by a Greyhound bus, and crushed by an M4 Sherman tank.  But, like Gloria Gaynor, you will survive no matter how big the disco ball is that lands on your head…lol…

Yolanda H. Foster

After Yo’s greeting she tells us that she’s been working on the wrong episode for her blog – so this week it will be short!  Woo hoo!  Yo blogs, “I enjoyed meeting Carlton at the candle store and learning more about her. We have seen the crazy part of her but I believe there is much more to her then just that. I am open and respect everyone religious and spiritual choices because at the end of the day, in my opinion, I hope that we are all praying to the same God.”

It makes perfect sense to me that Yo is trying anything and everything to make her life better at this point.  However, I also think it is always wise to know and understand the object of your faith.

Yo writes, “I guess nobody liked my orange jump suit with my sneakers because everyone commented on it — but comfort is important at this stage of my life. Thank God my husband liked it.”

Tis okay, Yo – I just saw your orange jumpsuit as a big “shout out” to all the “Real Housewives” and “Real Househusbands” who may soon be spending time behind bars.

The rest of Yo’s blog is all about her family and her daughter’s departure and not much about the episode itself.  Yo blogs,“As I am sitting at my desk today, writing this blog I just balled my eyes out. Seeing Gigi speak about her father and her stepfather the way she did was very emotional and made me very proud. Divorce is not easy for children, and our big unconventional family is complicated at times. But at the end of the day we make it work for us and stand united as one. Shiva has been a great addition to our family for the past year and a half. We are thankful for all her help with this beautiful Arabic party, in great Hadid tradition, and in honor of Teta, Gigi’s grandma, who was looking down on us from heaven.”

Gigi’s speech was awesome.  It was also very kewl that someone who had all kinds of money and party options at her disposal chose to celebrate at home with dad doing the cooking.  It just doesn’t get better than that!

“Being a single mother with all the guilt of failing was a challenge in the early days, but I have always taught my children to use this life experience to their advantage instead of letting these circumstance bring them down. I am so proud to see Gigi draw strength from having two great fathers in her life and being able to express that to both of them.”

Yeah, why let circumstances bring them down when they have you to do that for them?  Yo… for goodness’ sake… LET HER EAT CAKE!  Yo then talks again about how they weren’t born with money and that they’ve worked hard for it.  Yawn.

Well, that’s all they wrote this week.  This week’s show looks like it’s going to be a doosey.  I’m already really upset about it – So I’m already cringing at my potential snark level for next week’s blogs.  You’ve been fairly warned.  Happy Trails!


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270 Responses to Orange County Housewives in Bali – Really? plus Brandi Glanville on Hello Ross plus Beverly Hills Cast Blogs Blogged

  1. not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

    Ross asked Brandi what her ex husband was “suing” for and she replied “money”….at what point of the letter did Brandi believe she was being sued for anything? This girl can take anything and turn it into a lawsuit-I’m happy at least some people from last season who thought Adrienne was suing her are believing the fact that Brandi likes to LIE!!
    Did Lisa just discover that Brandi didn’t know Cedric? Come on Lisa! By now she has to know Brandi is a liar-lawsuit Cedric and God only knows what else-but Lisa knew this from last season-she’s smart enough to know Brandi wasn’t being sued but she helped move that lie along so I don’t really feel sorry for her now that she thinks Brandi came into her life ona lie-she stayed in Lisa’s life with a lie that they both promoted!!

  2. Veena (NMD) says:

    cocfarm says:
    February 23, 2014 at 7:55 am (Edit)
    Hey lynnfam!
    Just wanted to let you all know that Lynn’s cousin, Chicago Blackhawks, Patrick Sharp won a gold medal this morning for team Canada. Lynn would be so happy.

  3. mrs peabody says:

    Hi everyone, my computer shows I am the first one commenting but since I did not refresh it after reading the blog I know I am not. Oh well. I am wondering when did we start seeing a change in how Brandi was treating Lisa this season. We know for sure that by now in the season she did not like Lisa but when did we notice the change? Like I said yesterday I think the Yolanda we saw last year was not the real Yolanda and that this year we are seeing the real b*tch she is. I think her illness threw her off last year and now that she is getting better her real self is coming out. She is a jealous sneaky back stabber and isn’t it funny how Kim and Kyle were right about her. I remember her asking I think it was Brandi at the horse riding place who is Lisa V anyway or something to that effect. Didn’t she also say that in Paris about who is she. I think those comments told us there that she had problems with Lisa and I think she has used Brandi’s feeling with her to make the treatment of Lisa by Brandi even worse than they were. Brandi may have talked to Lisa about them if Yolo hadn’t been in her ear all season egging her on. I think Yolo is the real brains behind this take down. Brandi’s to dumb to do it on her own.

    • SJNYC says:

      Good thoughts.

    • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

      At the horse place she asked Brandi who Adrienne Maloof was not Lisa but I think she wanted to say Lisa!! I think Yolanda is behind the scenes in Brandi’s ear-Kyle wouldn’t use Brandi as a way to get to Lisa-she’s too wimpy for such tactics!!!

      • mrs peabody says:

        Oh I thought it was Lisa she was asking about but it shows a pattern of her asking that then. Wonder if she is jealous of any woman who is rich either by work or inheriting it. After all whatever she has or had mainly came from marrying rich husbands. Not sure how successful she was as a model as I had never heard of her but then I don’t keep up on models.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Good point. She probably did relatively well, but the bulk of her wealth comes from the rich guys she married. Nothing wrong with that, but get off your high horse, lady!

    • Powell says:

      So Yo manipulated Brandi? 😉

    • missusmc says:

      I think of all the women, Yolanda had the potential to be the classiest, most high society, fabulous one of the bunch. She’s worldly, elegant, beautiful, rich, and doesn’t walk around with a tampon string hanging out (ok, so the bar is set pretty low for this series.) she and Lisa absolutely should have been friends and shown the rest of the ladies what it’s like to truly be fabulous. Instead, she’s pretty awful. What a letdown.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Thank you!!! I felt so let down, too! I was all wrapped up in the Disney like quality of the pretty Dutch lady gathering lemons in a pretty basket,the ocean in the background, the seagulls singing with her….

  4. Buttercream says:

    Good Morning everyone! No rain, no snow today..sun is out and the temp is to be over 50 before we have snow on Tues and Wed! Whippee! Congrats to Patrick …watched the gold medal win 3-0 this am … Brandi should get the boot for next season ,,, tired of her over the top drama lies … let’s see what nastiness she brings to the next episode in PR…Have a happy day!

  5. R to the E to the B to the E to the C to the C to the A says:

    Friends is on. It’s the episode where Phoebe is trying to teach Joey to speak French.

    This is Leann’s husband’s ex-wife perfectly. She hears something and repeats something completely different. It’s ridiculous.

    • mrs peabody says:

      Kind of like that circle game we played when I was little, one person whispers something in the ear and then that person says the same thing in the next kids ear and by the time it goes around the circle it’s completely different than when it started. Only difference is Brandi plays the game alone and still comes up with the same result.

      • R to the E to the B to the E to the C to the C to the A says:

        And it was all explained away by Phoebe saying Joey “is a little retarded.”
        I rest my case.

  6. BB says:

    I’m glad the Olympics is over. Never thought I’d say that because I’ve enjoyed watching them my whole life.

    • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

      I didn’t really enjoy the Olympics so much this time-I think b/c they didn’t show medal ceremonies and the results were in so long before the events were shown…maybe I just wasn’t that interested? Idk…I’m happy that Scandal will be back soon!!

    • SJNYC says:

      So many of the events were not part of the Olympics we grew up with so that makes it less enjoyable for me.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      I feel ya’ BB.

    • Powell says:

      I know. I love the Olympics but this yr it was spoiled being in Sochi. It’s very sad. I’ve watched a bit but not nearly what I normally watch. I heard a Russian Olympian is being investigated for using some type of enhancing drug. Terrible if it’s true.

  7. SJNYC says:

    Off topic. Did anybody see BBC this morning on the greatest animal events? I have been lucky enough to see a few of them, but my trip to Antarctica to see the emperor penguin chicks was the best – cutest damn things I have ever seen. I used to enjoy Nancy posting about animals when I lurked so the show made me think about her. Go animals!

  8. R to the E to the B to the E to the C to the C to the A says:


    You have to watch this movie: Singham

    It’s all in Hindi with subtitles. Bollywood at its best. It’s like Baz Luhrman directing Chuck Norris in “Airplane” the musical. It’s on Netflix, but you can also find it in its entirety on youtube. It’s a cult favorite and absolutely absurd. (It’s about as believable as these housewife shows)

    • Powell says:

      I like Bollywood movies. I’ll look for it on YT. I tried to watch a French film w/subtitles w/Ingrid Bergman last week but I started getting a headache trying to follow the subtitles so I turned.

    • Powell says:

      Is it Singham 2011 or Singham M? I saved S2011.

      • R to the E to the B to the E to the C to the C to the A says:

        Singham 2011 – all red cover. Don’t worry about the subtitles. It’s not exactly an Oscar worthy film. They play his theme song every time the shit starts getting real. You’ll be dancing along in no time.;-)

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Thanks, I will watch it!

  9. VV™ says:

    “The rumor wasn’t actually a cheating rumor, it was a flirtatious thing that actually wasn’t even true that but once it got out put on camera it became this big story and it kind of grew into it wasn’t even from the beginning”
    From Kyle and Lisa’s appearance on The View.

    Hmmmm, me thinks Producers and Kyle ran with it.

  10. plainviewsue says:

    Wonderful job guys!! Here here!!

  11. Great Blogs Ladies! Thanks NMD my dear Veena!!!!

    “Look up in the sky… It’s a bird!… It’s a plane… No – It’s SUPER LISA!”

    Dying(sp) laughing! Happy Trails Starsyyyyyyyy!

    Another great comment is Yo-yo and the reminder that some HW’s and Househusbands will be wearing
    Orange jumpsuits soon…. Bwahaaaha!!! Genial!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Today is Sunday…yay!!! We didn’t go to church, but slept in because I took some Advil PM due to my neck pain. So I woke up refreshed and NO ACUTE NECK PAIN! Very happy and thankful. It’s precarious, though…I need to go to doc as this neck stuff comes and goes without warning,

      Thanks to our nice slow morning, i got to read the blogs. Really enjoyed them. A couple of things jumped out at me. Yes “Look up in the sky…” Was too funny and the orange jumpsuit comment was so good. LOL!

      The first thing that jumped out was Lisa saying that she never talks about the other women. She was caught on tape making her joke at that lunch about Mo and Kyle being best friends w/u if ulist your house with him. Yes,it was a joke, but it was catty, and therefore Lisa can’t say NEVER. Also, Kyle keeps harping on how Lisa owes her an apology for tabloid gate and real estate friend gate. She says it bothers her that Lisa tells her we have moved on! But what about Kyle and the montage of all the things she said and did to throw Lisa under the bus…”she preys on the weak” etc….Kyle never apologized for that. Instead she deflected and postured and said she wanted their friendship to survive but never apologized. Perhaps that’s the Kyle way of apologizing. Fair enough. But it wasn’t what Lisa wanted to hear. Lisa told her “this is what I want you to say…”. That was bossy and weird, i admit and Kyle wasn’t gonna say what Lisa wanted her to say…and I think Lisa gave up. BUT NOW, Kyle wants a real apology….interesting… It’s like they are both talking in circles or chasing their tails…not sure which metaphor fits better. Talking in circles while chasing their own tales?

      Stars, I think Carlton’s blog was pretty good (for her) but I do love the way u called her out for being so quick to point out the labeling, but not one sign of admitting her shortcomings in the labeling department. If you’re so easily hurt, then stop hurting other people. I have a friend, whom I really like a lot,…anyway, I noticed that she often says hurtful or insensitive things to others. One day, I decided to turn the tables and guess what, she was so NOT HURT by it…I figured out that unlike Carlton, she is not easily hurt by anything said about her, her family, her kids, etc. therefore she makes these “honest” remarks and it’s perfectly ok to make honest observations back to her. Unique but Kinda refreshing. I used to find her exhausting, but I have a new appreciation for her and her communication style.

      Thanks Veena for the Bali update. Hahahaha! I’m still lampung about, ” i hope they put them in an Americanized resort…” So funny. As Brandi would say,…”fingers crossed!!!!”

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Laughing not lampung

      • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

        Thanks for reading, LaineyLainey so nice we say it twice… These blogs are so convoluted that it’s hard to make sense of of them…. I was just thankful Yo’s was so short…cuz she worked on the wrong blog… But I’m gearing up for next week. I bought an extra box of Wheaties… lol

      • R to the E to the B to the E to the C to the C to the A says:

        I wish Lisa would just say, ” .. but that’s how I FEEEEEL.”

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I know, Riiiiiiiiiight? “I am just being honest. “. She said ” I paid dearly for being honest.” She said To Brandi. No Kyle, you miscalculated Lisa’s popularity when you talked crap about her behind her back, and the public backlash is how you paid dearly. Who else did that? Who miscalculated her castmate’s popularity….oh, yeah Ms. “They cut him from ear to ear!” She was just being ” honest,” too!!!! Funny how those miscalculations can come back and bite them in the butt, HARD,!! but they still won’t admit to any wrongdoing.

      • VV™ says:

        Yes, but we already knew this because Lisa mentioned it S3 reunion. How’s that gossip?

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Smiles at Cusi… Glad you found that amusing… lol… Happy Trails!

  12. trudie says:

    Re: the crown and the necklace: If the two go together so much that she had to make a point of giving it to Carlton, why wasn’t Kyle wearing it with the necklace at the party?

  13. Lulu plus 3 says:

    Good Morning!!! Thank you for all for your comments in yesterdays blog. Its hard to gather interest when imo a singleton ruins the show. …..

    Yesterday I had an incredibly awful day that today I am worried I lost my job. The restaurant I work at has old barely functioning equipment. Despite careful testing an watching I (oven!) Ruined a huge batch of flourless cake. That was a major component of a dessert that was to be served last night. The chef/owner was not happy he sent me a text with a we have to sit down an talk. So now I look like an incompetent @sshole. Not happy about it we are not financially set this will hurt if he decides to fire me. Mr Lulu was very kind and supportive like do you really want to work for someone who treats you this way???? Sigh……. this is the industry you are expected to be perfect one mistake and you are labeled a “#$ck up.” Sigh……..

    I do have some good news though I may have potentially found an investor to fund as small donut shop I’m interested in opening.

    • SJNYC says:

      Hmmm donuts and impressed that after a bad day you are looking at the positive. Good luck and keep the positive energy

      • Oh, Lulu… I hope this seat to talk is just to tell you this can’t happen again… I am sending many prayers your way, dear Lulu! If you can seat in a quiet place and close your eyes and “See” how your conversation goes with the cheff/owner and you both shaking hands in peace and good accord… can you?

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      Oh LuLu, I am so sorry about the mishap at work. I hope that your job is not in jeopardy I will say a prayer for you. .

    • AZGirl says:

      For every ruined flourless cake there is a doughnut shop waiting to be opened. 🙂

    • Mene Seela says:

      LuLu we have ALL been there. You are human and therefore accidents happen. Mr Chef/owner has probably had many disasters happen to him during his career.

      If a door closes and a window opens then fly through it …

      (the window must be donut shaped)

    • Powell says:

      Hey Lulu. I don’t want you to be fired. Everyone makes mistakes but I don’t know if I should be sad or happy for you w/the potential investor. But I just hope it all works to your advantage. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you either way. Whatever happens I’m routing for you. 🙂

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Mr. Lulu is right… I hope you find a work situation that allows you to soar, Lulu!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Try not to worry. Hard,I know. He should have just talked to you instead of saying “we need to talk”..I hate that. Everything will be ok, Lulu!! Good luck with the donut shop!

    • luluplus3 says:

      An update the talk had nothing to do with the cake. He didn’t really care…. I misunderstood him. I’m implementing a new program that’s what he wanted to talk about… pretty sad that a cooment like that sent me over the edge……the weight of an unemployed husband, babies is the constant weight on my shoulders. Guess I’m not as strong as I thought?????

    • chismosa™ says:

      Oh LULU so sorry to read this….. I hope you don’t feel lousy too long.
      Has this manager treated you badly other than this text?

      Baking is so incredibly scientific and precise – I hadn’t realized that’s what you did.
      Big hugs

      So much stress can’t be good for you guys right now 😦

  14. Veena (NMD) says:

    So … SH wrote a blog about Yo tweeting to get people to vote for GiGi in the Sports Illustrated Rookie contest. SH made the point that it gave GiGi an unfair advantage if her famous mom got her fans to vote for her. Yo was pretty mad – and tweeted a few choice things about SH. Backstory – Yo follows/followed SH on twitter, but something has happened and SH keeps asking if Yo is going to delete her DMs / tweets – so I think Yo may be worried.

    Here’s some of Yo’s tweets.

    Question of the day – Do you think it’s okay for Yo to tweet and ask people to support GiGi? And get her housewife friends to tweet as well?

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      Okay – this one funny. If you read SH you know she uses nicknames for all the housewives and their families. When she blogged about Gigi she used a made up name, and it looks like Yo and this person she was tweeting with didn’t quite understand it was a style choice and not a mistake. These housewives crack me up.

    • VV™ says:

      SH calls Gigi “Alana” which is the name of one of Mohamed’s older daughter. Not sure how it got started BUT Yofo and others wanted SH to call Gigi by her name. To this day SH refers to Gigi as Alana.

    • BB says:

      Yes, I think it’s perfectly OK for Yolanda and David and Mohammed and Lisa to try to get people to vote for Gigi. Yolanda has been promoting Gigi’s modeling career for two seasons now on RHOBH. What’s the problem?

      • Powell says:

        Yeah I don’t see a problem w/it. It’s public votes right? The public is on Twitter, blogs, websites. It’s not like it’s a secret voting system that Yo is giving the password to for the public to vote.

    • Veena, I saw some of this convo on twitter and I don’t understand Yolanda at all. SH thought Yo was using her “star” power to unfairly influence the votes. Yo turned it into an attack on a “child” – ignoring the fact that Gigi is exploited by her Mom at every turn and has posed topless in photo shoots. This is the same thing she did to Brandi on WWHL. Her logic is just crazy.

      • I didn’t answer you question, did I. Yes, Yolanda should promote her daughter. All of us would do the same for our kids.

        • I would do the same as a mother… is it fair for the rest of the girls who have to rely in the veracity of the results?
          If Gigi wins, she will never know she won because she deserves it. Because people really liked her. She is beautiful, she can win all by herself. But I understand Yolanda and Mohamed…

      • MelTheHound - Team T-Rex says:

        The Lemondrop is a stagemom. I don’t see anything wrong in particular with her asking people to vote. I would never vote for one of these HoWives in any capacity (but would vote for one of you if you asked). What is wrong, is feuding with a blogger about any of it. YoFo aspires to mediocrity and she should just accept the fact she is there and just STFU. She is making herself look stupid and petty at best.

        • She’s acting a whole lot like Brandi – draw attention to something on twitter, then become offended when it blows up. If you don’t like the blogs, pick up a book – with recipes for lemons or sumpin’.

    • missusmc says:

      Slightly off topic, but SH refers to Aviva as PT housewife… What does that mean? I’m over Beverly Hills and ready to bring on New York! It’s my favorite of them all.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      NMD – I think Gigi is lucky to have this kind of support… However, I feel about it the same way I used to feel when i used to sell Girl Scout cookies. We would always have contests to see who could sell the most – but many of the girls had a mom or a dad or both who would take the order forms to work and get lots of orders that way without the actual Girl Scout having to do much of anything selling-wise. I wasn’t so lucky, I had to go door to door to door… I still won stuff – but I don’t think I ever got the really big prize – because who could compete with that? I’m not sure it taught me anything or not… I just remember feeling that it somehow wasn’t so fair. I buy Girl Scout cookies from EVERYBODY who asks me to buy them to this day…lol

      • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

        I always but Girl Scout cookies too…(because I love cookies)

      • Powell says:

        Speaking of GS cookies. On TMZ on Friday they showed a little girl that I thought was quite entrepreneurial. She sold 127 boxes or some number like that of boxes of cookies in 2 hrs. How did she do it? She sold them outside near a marijuana dispensary. GS made a stmt that they do not allow their GS to sell the cookies outside a M D.

  15. Orson says:

    Re: Brandi on “Hello Ross”
    1. The gay booty call comment? Okay, we may need a new word here; in my mind it’s not exactly homophobic, but she’s certainly painting a whole group of people with a pretty wide brush of a negative stereotype.
    B – Criticising what Joyce wore to the reunion? It doesn’t matter what Joyce wore, Brandi would have found fault with Joyce about something.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Her comment “you’re gay, your whole life is a booty call”. HOW RUDE!!!! Her back peddling was lost on me. We know gay couples who are in long term committed relationships and do not fit that stereotype at allllllll. She makes my blood boil. But supposedly She says homophobic things but isn’t homophobic. She says racist things, but isn’t racist. I don’t understand that reasoning at all. She says the things that anti-gay people spew, she says things that racists say. She is so ignorant, as are so many bigots. Oh, but she’s supposedly not a bigot either. I throw my hands up in the air…and wave them like I just don’t care!

      • Powell says:

        She has sex w/many guys so would she like it if people called her a sl*t? She wouldn’t appreciate that stereotype.

      • missusmc says:

        I actually am not completely sure she was implying promiscuity- I think it’s possible she was referring to a sex act (her defense would suggest this). Which if you think about it, is kind of worse- it’s defining a human being by a stereotypical act, which as others have pointed out, would infuriate her if were done to her. Also, my friends who are gay are horrified whenever someone stereotypes in this way: it’s vulgar, crass, unfair (because no one makes assumptions on the kind of sex straight people have) and not always true. Once again, I stand by my assertion that Brandi is a bigot and the worst kind of person ever.

    • missusmc says:

      The gay booty call comment was beyond offensive. I’m okay with calling Brandi a bigot- she certainly relies on bigoted stereotypes about many people groups. She’s absolutely disgusting.

    • Powell says:

      I was reading the Jan issue of US Weekly and it had two pages of horrible dresses and Brandi’s dress she co-designed and wore when she hosted that red carpet award show was one of the dresses. So Brandi shouldn’t talk about anyone of the other ladies dresses.

      • PowellyPoo_ regarding that dress… I wonder if she “bought” new bigger boobies after the dress was already done! It was just a fashion disaster from the waist up!! I am the fashion police and she deserves life for that one!

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      She is beyond offensive – she’s lucky the host was a good sport.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Chelsea says beyond homophobic things to Ross when he’s on her show all the time. Because she’s a “comedian” cough,cough – she gets a pass.

  16. Veena (NMD) says:

    And here we have Mohamed telling the world Lisa is his best friend. That’s got to make Yolanda irritated.

  17. Great Blog Stars, “LET HER EAT BRIOCHE!!!” Poor kid! Love the Orange Clothes/Prison tie in!!! Funny, funny, funny!

  18. not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

    I think Carlton hears voices in her head and thinks it’s actual reality. She did do one smart thing-she piggy backed on to Lisa-I see her blog comments are mostly Lisa fans who now like Carlton simply b/c Lisa does…weird.

    • BB says:

      I like Lisa. I can’t stand Carlton. I don’t care if Lisa likes her or not. Lisa’s record for trusting people on this show is not great. I’m hoping Carlton is gone after this season. Maybe she won’t have a chance to turn on Lisa too. lol.

    • Powell says:

      She can have Lisa’s back like they say but I still don’t like her.

  19. Powell says:

    Good afternoon everyone. I hope you’ve had a fantastic weekend. It is very nice out. 54 degrees. Ahhhh!!! 🙂 Can you believe it?
    The OC ladies look nice in the pic posted. No Gretchen in the pic. She’s gone right? Let me get to reading.

  20. disgrazia4 says:

    So glad Sochi Drunken Olympics is finally over. I think this last go round may have ruined the games for me entirely

    The finale was, I suppose, self deprecating humor but if they were going to make fun of the gaffe at the opening then why go to such pains to censor it.

  21. Well, we have hit a slip in the schedule…. We are so close to being done but something all the way over in Afghanistan has caused a problem that my hubby has to solve today. He has been on the phone all morning and the sh*t has hit the fan! The GOOD NEWS is that it has nothing to do with our troops per se, it is an equipment problem and no lives are in danger. BUT it needs to be resolved ASAP! The guy that is supposed to fly out is celebrating his young son’s birthday today and will probably have to catch a redeye….Hopefully my hubs won’t have to fly anywhere, but we will see. Sooooo, it looks like our floor will be done next week….which I don’t care because I really wasn’t looking forward to grouting it tomorrow and if the house is a disaster for a week, we can deal…. If I was feeling 100% I would go rent the saw and finish it myself but I am so exhausted, it isn’t even funny…. So close, yet so far away….

  22. Powell says:

    Has anyone watched 90 Day Fiance on TLC? It’s on so I thought I’d check it out. So far it’s interesting. A lady from Russia, one from The Philippines and another lady but I don’t know what country she’s from.

  23. MelTheHound - Team T-Rex says:

    Stars, I have a request to make. I really do enjoy your writing but (there’s always a but), Could you put MzSTFU and the witch’s blogs at the End? By the time I get through them, I’m just done and can’t take anymore..

  24. nyc mama says:

    I know some find Lisa’s humor obnoxious but I find her funny, self-depricating and otherwise.

    Edward Vanderpump ‏@BoswellAffleck · 8m
    @LisaVanderpump Some of us appreciate your jokes – keep ’em coming. You are definitely still our favouite RHoBH XX!

    Lisa Vanderpump ‏@LisaVanderpump · 2m
    @BoswellAffleck of course I am your favourite rhobh…I am your bloody niece!!!
    Jeeeeez …so British!

    11:16 AM – 23 Feb 2014 · Details

    Lisa Vanderpump ‏@LisaVanderpump · 22m
    RT @Gleb_Savchenko Landed, it was actually a quick flight. Now Immigration….

    Ooh apparently I have a lot of power there,so you can enter

  25. Veena (NMD) says:

    I love hockey. That’s all.

    Oh – and I am officially overwhelmed with planning for the trip. OFFICIALLY. OVERWHELMED. So instead of dealing with it I’m watching hockey and commenting on the blog.

  26. BB says:

    Princess Pindy. Thanks for asking about my mom earlier. She’s doing fine.

  27. mazelnindy says:

    Hi ladies since I have not been on prior to last week could someone fill me in on where Dame is?

    • Orson says:

      Ahem. Ladies? :X

      I think Lisa had her deported. She can do that, don’t you know?

    • Veena (NMD) says:

      Dame hasn’t been a regular poster for a while – as in the last year or so. She dropped by a few weeks /months ago to let us know that she had had a heart attack. I’ll email her and let her know about Nancy.

  28. jeang says:

    Weather today in central fla 75 degrees and two sets of people across the lake from me are swimming and another group has their sea doos out and racing and playing around the lake. A/c has been on for the past three days.

    • mm in oc says:

      The OC was about 78 today and clear blue skies with a very slight breeze. I love it but I guess they are bitching that we need some rain – so I guess I should be praying for wet weather. So. Hard. To. Do.!!!!!

      Layoff next week at the company. Wish me luck that I come out unscathed.

  29. Nurse Jackie comes back 2nd week of April!!!! That is all.

  30. chismosa™ says:

    Hi all- haven’t read comments yet—

    BALI for that trashy franchise !???? I’m fuming! I was awaiting BH to go someplace like there or at least NY. but no it’s montana and friggin Caribbean …
    What a bummer ! Ughhhh

    Thanks for the scoop NMD …..

    Happy Sunday all 📺🍹🍕🍟🍪

  31. Jan (TexasTart) says:

  32. I have been reading comments on the RHOBH Blogs…. I am curious: Did Yolanda say that Lisa used her to meet famous people? There are several comments on Yolanda’s Blog calling her out on that… Was that on the preview for tomorrow? I am resting. I have not worked at all all day long!!!!
    (with the exception that I prepared my famous almendrado chicken!)
    P.s. Famous in my mind! Lol

  33. Jan (TexasTart) says:

  34. Jan (TexasTart) says:

  35. iceNfire says:

    I’m trying to watch Teen Mom special on MTV, it repeats many times if anyone wants to try to watch it. Farrah is such a liar and a bitch. She says she would never make another sex tape but we all know she already has. She also has a sex toy line. When a producer asks how this may harm her daughter she replies that nobody would Ever mention it to her child. She doesn’t care, she is making money and that’s all that matters to her

  36. looneylucy says:

    Still freezing here in Mich. Jeff, I saw on the news this a.m. there was a hobby train convention thingy in Novi(?) this a.m. Thought of you and hoped you knew about it. I remember you mentioning a long time ago of your love of trains.

    Been cooking all day. Had a family pack of hamburger meat, so I made a big pot of chili, then made a smaller portion of sloppy joes. What doesn’t get eaten in the next day or so can go in the freezer for a quick weekend meal. Also made german chocolate cupcakes with homemade coconut pecan frosting. Bunch of junk food, I know, but sometimes I just gotta do it!

    Looking forward to regular tv being on after the Olympics! Blacklist, Scandal, NCIS, etc.!

  37. looneylucy says:

    Thanks for replying Lainey and Chismo. The fambly was fed!

  38. Stars, I’m sorry it took me so long but I just read your post. Thank you again for saving me from Bravo’s site and for making the HWs blogs sound more interesting than they really are. Oh, and if some of your best lines go missing, check my place- I just might have “borrowed” a couple… or three.

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