Real Housewives of Atlanta – NayNay almost makes an Appearance and Amazing Race – They’re Back

Real Housewives of Atlanta – NayNay almost makes an Appearance by NMD

Tonight’s episode gives us interesting insight into NeNe’s relationship with the other women in the cast.  We’ve already learned that she’s up here and they are down there – but she has to fake it until a better gig comes along, so …..

NeNe woke up the morning after Kenya’s charity event with an attitude.  As she rants and raves, Gregg is the voice of reason, trying to explain that he feels bad for all the people that came to the event to support the charity.  NeNe admits she was out of line, and then starts bashing Peter.  Even Gregg agrees that Peter was out of line.   They discuss whether or not to go to Peter’s birthday party.  NeNe explains that she doesn’t want NayNay to come out again.  None of us want NayNay to come out again – she’s not alone in that.

Cynthia is having a parallel conversation with Mallory.  After taking the blame because she forced NeNe to go to Kenya’s event, she begins to bash Peter for saying confronting NeNe.  NeNe is queen bee, and if Peter pisses her off she’ll take it out on Cynthia.  Cynthia would rather confront Peter than NeNe, so she let him have it.    The problem is she’s planning his  “surprise” birthday party and is now afraid that NeNe won’t show up.

Marlo and Kenya are filming together at lunch, and goodness – Marlo looks foolish with a diamond headband.  After Kenya (in a very good impersonation of NeNe) explains what went down at the Charity event, they agree that Marlo will say something to NeNe at Peter’s party – because NeNe takes advice very well and Marlo is one of her besties – or so she thinks.

Moving on to the night of Peter’s birthday party.  Peter calls Cynthia and slurs that he’s not going to be able to make it.  She explains that she’s made plans, and he grudging agrees to take a nap and show up later in the evening.  What a prince!

Fast forward and it’s time for the party.  Kandi is the only one who arrives before Peter – she’s dressed in bright green pants, a bright yellow jacket, and has her red hair.  Someone needs a makeover.  Time passes, it gets dark, and Porsha shows up.  Time for a little gossip.  As Cynthia is filling the girls in on the drama, Marlo and Kenya show up.  Marlo is wearing a swim suit top and she has trouble keeping the girls in check.  Kenya on the other hand is wearing a tight gold gown.  Clearly there isn’t a common theme to this party.

More time passes, and NeNe arrives.  Please note – no one gives her a lecture about being late.  Kandi, in a voice over, points out that Kenya and Marlo being besties is sure to make NeNe mad – because she’s territorial about her friends.  But first, because it’s Peter’s birthday, NeNe storms up and asks for an apology.  He mumbles something and they move on.  Pay your rent Peter!

Kenya asks to speak to NeNe.  Things go surprisingly well.  Did not see that one coming!  NeNe calmly keeps Kenya at bay.  She does so well that Kenya apologizes for her role in things.  NeNe accepts the apology with one eye open.  Then she grabs a seat beside Kandi, and Kandi in a another voice over explains that something is up between NeNe and Marlo if NeNe would rather sit beside HER than Marlo.  Meanwhile Marlo and Kenya are all giggles and girl talk, acting like BFF.  NeNe is on to them, and quietly exits the venue.

Sometime later, Porsha is getting acting advice from NeNe, because NeNe is a Hollywood Actor and Porsha is a nitwit.  The whole point of this scene was to learn that NeNe is very much annoyed at Marlo and thinks that she’s an opportunist.

Kenya is entertaining Miss Lawrence.  She uses this scene to tell him that she’s planning a trip to Mexico.  She starts inviting the girls.  Cynthia agrees to the trip (without asking when or where in Mexico).  Kenya says it’s a couples trip – so of course we’re all left to wonder who she’ll invite to play her boyfriend.  She surprises us all by asking Lawrence to be her plus one.  Has Lawrence been on since Season One?  He’s sure managed to find people to film with over the years.  And he’s on Fashion Queens.  Good for him!  Sidenote – this must be the couples trip where Todd and Kandi tweeted photos that led people to think they got married.  How in the world will this cast get along on an away trip?  This sounds like a disaster.

We are suddenly at another event hosted by Cynthia called the “Bailey Bowl”.  Hey – the referees are Derek J and Funky Dineva.  Take that Sheree – Funky is on the show and you were fired.  That makes me laugh.

Each of the ladies has a team.  Team Twirl (Kenya).  Team BB (Bailey Bowl).  Team Kandi (not too original).  Team Naked (Porsha for her hair line).  Team Rich (NeNe).  Team ? (Phaedra).

This is like field day in elementary school.  And the cast is a bunch of babies, whining about the rules.  Kandi and NeNe are the worst sports.  Kandi does not like to lose (and she loaded her team up with a bunch of Olympians – LOL).

Marlo  – the violent opportunist – has been invited to be on Team Twirl.  She’s come with an attitude, because NeNe didn’t invite her to be on Team Rich.  Now we all know Marlo is a train wreck – a TRAIN WRECK – and she’s in NeNe’s face the entire time.  Finally NeNe has had enough, tosses her water at her, and storms away.  Marlo is yelping and looking for a fight.  Kenya is pretending to be innocent – “all I wanted to do was to get Marlo and NeNe to talk and be friends again.”  Shit stirring.

real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-6-nene-leakes-shuts-down-marlo-hamptonMarlo is chasing NeNe around – yelling and screaming – asking NeNe if the reason she’s not talking to her is because she’s friends with Kenya. Kenya is trying to calm her down. NeNe gets in her car and drives away – and she says something curious – “Donald Trump had better come through and made it right” I think.  What happen?  What does NeNe want Donald Trump to do for her – get her off the show so she doesn’t have to deal with Marlo?

I thought Marlo and NeNe got into a huge fight.  If they did it was edited out.  Porsha said on WWHL that NeNe walked away because her son Brent was right there.  Shame on Marlo of starting this with the child around.  I hope this is the last we see of her.

Previews show everyone goes to Mexico – and Peter and Gregg get in a fight.  Apollo looks like he’s checking on Kenya.  Looks like a fun trip.


The Amazing Race “They’re Back” by MelTheHound

Hello Friends, It’s race time again. This weekend was also the Daytona 500. What do these two events have in common? Absolutely nothing. TAR this season is full of retreads while the replacement tires on the race cars are likely new. It’s time for CBS to get some new people for their reality shows. 11 teams of people we have already seen before, some multiple times, will ‘race’ for $1million around the world. Scratch that. They will race through Asia, again.

Some favorites are back, some not favorites are back. Does anyone give a shit that Brenchel finally got married? Didn’t think so, me neither. A favorite team of everyone’s, Kentucky, Bopper and Mark were also set to be back. Unfortunately, just before the race began, Bopper (the white one) suffered some issue with his pancreas (enlarged) and had to be removed from the race. Mark was given a new partner, Melonie (no clue who she is), and with Bopper’s blessing, the two of them will continue the race as Kentucky.  Some other memorable ones are back… TWINZIES… Gawd these two women disgust me. Mix them up with the Geranimals from last season and you have a show from hell waiting to happen. The brothers from Oklahoma are back as are, the Globetrotters team. There is a mother there with her deaf mute son, who I have never seen before. She’s 58 now. Chuck and Conner, father son, are there as well.

A few teams that as far as I am concerned could have stayed home, Country Singers… Yeah, I don’t remember them much either.. Megan and Joey of YouTube fame have returned. I liked Megan but every time Joey screams like a little girl, it makes my skin crawl. I forget their names already but Surfer dude and his now fiance are also back. This is the dumb shit who was sent packing with an express pass and it’s all he will ever be remembered for, for being a dumb shit. If I missed anyone they must have been really insignificant in the episode and on whatever previous show they were on.

On Go, teams are at a football field where a marching band is performing (UCLA, I think).. The they are to look at the Chinese letters on the caps of the band conductors and fine matching ones within the marching band. Once they do that, they can proceed. They are going to China, on 2 flights so of course, the big bumrush is to get on that first flight. All they have to do is get to LAX. Once in China, they are going to bridal shops in the garment district. There must be 100 dress shops.. I wonder how many people paying for coutour type gowns are really getting a gown that could have been purchased from one of these shops at 2 percent of the price. In fact my money says that 98% of the crap Jodi (Vancouver) sells in her junk store, comes from these very streets in China (Shhh, don’t tell her I suggested that).. Anyway, there are 3 shops that hold clues, a limited number per shop. Teams are to get those clues. Some teams decide to work together, while others go it alone. Do you know what happens when you have a bunch of teams working together? Clusterfuck and circlejerk. You know what happens when teams decide screw everyone else and work on their own? They get the job done and move on. There is no searching for clues here, all they have to do is find the right dress shop and the people working there will hand them their clues.

That clue takes them to China’s tallest building that has a coaster type see the city ride at the top. They are to get into these numbered ‘bubbles’ that will contain their next clue. Think horizontal ferris wheel on a track here. The clues are on the doors of the carts and will be revealed as the ride starts. Each cart has something that could be a clue but half of them say ‘try again’.. If they get one of those they have to wait for this thing to stop and get in another cart and start over. Brothers Okie, who got there first figure out pretty quick that it is the Even numbered carts that have the clue for the next task. Their next destination can be seen from this rooftop and it is a stadium that was used for the 2010 Chinese games opening and closing ceremonies. Of what, I have no idea and don’t really care.

Once at this stadium they collect their next clue, a roadblock. One of each team has to be hoisted WAAAY up there on a tower by wires and while hanging there do 5 backflips before they can continue. I don’t remember who did this for each team, it really doesn’t matter. I’ll note that whoever did it for the geranimals was a complete dick about it and do 8 flips. I think so anyway just because I can’t stand these two asshats. In reality, it was probably have some fun with a once in a lifetime thing but.. you know me, I’m a bit of an asshole to reality people I don’t like 😉 …

The next clue tells them where the pit stop is.. First team to arrive will get the two express passes, last to arrive, BuhBye.. They all do their flips and are then on their way. Brothers Okie get to the mat first, and get the two express passes. One of them must be given away by the end of the 5th leg of the race. While they are celebrating their leg one win, guess which pair of dumbasses is still on top of that building arguing about who screwed up.. Twinzies. They are dead last and I do mean dead. Dead in this race that is because that was their finish number. Last, #11, See Ya.. This season just got a lot more interesting to me. Get rid of those asshat afganimals, I might even commit to watching and recapping the rest of it.

In addition to posting these here, they will also be posted at the facebook groups I belong to, just for maximum coverage. What I am not going to do is sit up all night writing these recaps (or any others) anymore. I hate to bitch about such things but it’s just too much.

See you Thursday with Survivor. Til then, Peace.



The Walking Dead – Where is my one true love?

Empress of Aiken’s Recap

The Walking Dead – Claimed 


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154 Responses to Real Housewives of Atlanta – NayNay almost makes an Appearance and Amazing Race – They’re Back

  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Its bright and shiny but cold out. The sunrise was earlier. I’m so used to driving in the dark I was surprised it was light by the time I got to work. Well its bottom lip Monday but have a great day. And yes NayNay was about to emerge big time on ATL.

    • HuskerHuny says:

      Good morning Miss Powell and to all others. It’s snowing here but won’t amount to much. I took the day off to rest up after my daughter’s baby shower yesterday. She and her fiance’ stayed up her for an extra day and later on, grandpa and I are taking them baby shopping for something special, but it sounds like she’s got about everything she needs plus she is going to have two more showers!

      By the way, my granddaughter is going to be named Tesla Jean Walker. Don’t ask me where those names come from, but it all has meaning to them. And Walker is not the last name either.

      I’m not ready to discuss RHA yet. Nene needs to be locked up and I’ll leave it at that for now.

      • Powell says:

        I’m glad your daughter had a great baby shower. And two more? She’s blessed. I know Tesla is a car, a very expensive one at that. I’d never heard that name before I heard about thr car.
        SNOW. Thems fightin words. 🙂 Unfortunately we are do more Tues or Wed. I just want it gone. But…..

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Wow! So many baby showers, what a lucky baby/mommy!

      • Cristina (djprincessc) says:

        OMG!!!! I love the name Tesla!!!!! Its like the car!!!! I’ve had that name in mind for a while for a girl! Love it!! lol.

        • chismosa™ says:

          I know it’s a famous scientist of some kind and also from the band in the 90s …. I think I have a couple of their songs.

          • Cristina (djprincessc) says:

            I LOVE weird and unique names Chismosa! And I don’t mean weird in a negative way. I will be a Carlton except I won’t be “Bloody Offended” when people look at me weird for my kids names or ask. lol.

        • Powell says:

          DJP Husker’s daughter and SIL Have Trademarked her name so you can’t use it. 😀

      • chismosa™ says:

        Congrats Husker ! Cute.
        My mother had like 4 showers given to her and it’s funny I don’t hear of multiple showers anymore these days so I’m glad it’s back!
        Helps to not have to buy anything

        Good luck to your daughter 💜

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Good morning! Monday, bottom lip for some…but since my hours got cut as of 1/1/14, I am home on Mondays. Today, I’m changing things up a little bit. I bought a massage on living social, so I’m going in for my first massage. Then I’m gonna meet some friends at a local park to walk and then our son is coming over for dinner. Have a great day everyone!

  2. Veena (NMD) says:

    Good morning. Thank you MTH for the Amazing Race blog. I wasn’t expecting that – nice surprise.

    Is anyone else getting tired of The Walking Dead this season? Not enough Darryl or Carol – too much Rick and strangers. It feels drawn out and uninteresting. Plus – why are Darryl and Beth having such a hard time when everyone else is managing to find shelter? Explain that to me.

    • Powell says:

      I was so glad to ser Carol the last epi. I’ll watch last night’s sometime this week. But I guess they have to get a new group together somehow. I want to e all of the regulars, except those that are dead back together

    • BB says:

      I’m not tired of it yet. I like the new twists and turns.

    • MelTheHound - Team T-Rex says:


    • LaineyLainey says:

      Thank you both for the blogs! People were commenting that it’s not like Nene to walk away from a fight, but I am glad she didn’t go crazy this time.

      • chismosa™ says:

        I think watching it she did go crazy. Throwing mike off, complaining to the producers it seemed, throwing the water and or bottle, yelling at the car about Trump. Loved it!

    • chismosa™ says:

      I’m with you NMD!

      too psychological this year. They all said it would be in the early interviews and I’m sad to see it is.

  3. Veena (NMD) says:

    I think Marlo calls NeNe Donald Trump – something about her hair piece – not sure if this is related to NeNe muttering about Trump. Anyway – looks like NeNe called Marlo last night before going off on twitter.

    • Pghemtchick says:

      Hmm and the plot thickens. Could be the I’m rich bitch attitude to. Nene came out of apprentice acting like her poo didn’t stink and she had the Midas touch. Well how’s that pizza franchise going?

      • kendo says:

        Kharma! Nene is getting a taste of her own medicine. The way that she treated Kim, until she finally left the show, it’s her time to be on the receiving end. Maybe Bravo is tired of paying her the big salary. Seems like Porsha and Kenya are becoming favorites of Andy on WWHL.

        • iceNfire says:

          seems to me that Kenya is Andy’s favorite. Letting Marlo return just to give Kenya a friend? And Cynthia plays along??? I guess she will do whatever production wants to keep her place on the show and the pay check coming. I’m beginning to like Porsha and would like to see her return Both Kenya and Marlo can hit the road – imo

        • chismosa™ says:

          Wow I always get that Andy can’t stand Kenya and just tolerates her. I never get “love” from him.

          Bravo seems to be tired of the biggest stars on each franchise and seems the same plot in each show.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I must have heard that 2-3 times on the episode…bridemaid. Instead of bridesmaid. Even Kandi said it.

    • keeponrockingme says:

      Yeah, I think Kandi might’ve hit the nail on the head when she said Nene’s very territorial about her friends. Nene’s been acting untouchable for 2.5 seasons now, especially all the shade she’s thrown at Kandi over the years when Kandi is more successful than Nene will ever be. Her “I’m better than these girls” act is getting really old.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Somewhere in all that, Nene said to Marlo, “Don’t give them this”. Which I took to mean don’t give the producers this fight. I found it curious.

  4. Veena (NMD) says:
  5. Pghemtchick says:

    Morning all!
    Thanks for the blogs, NMD and MTH!
    Yay for Monday! Lol. Here’s to hoping everyone has a good start to the week! Fix is reporting the Polar Vortex is back. Ugh.

  6. Good Morning Everyone!

    Thanks NMD for the Blog on Atlanta… You made it more interesting than it was, it seems to me… I am getting a bit tired of ALL Housewives!

    BUT … I wish Kenya is next HW in Celebrity Apprentice!!! And makes it BIG!!! Nene demonstrated there that she is a quitter! Not a good impression of her in CA! Teresa won my heart since Celebrity Apprentice, btw. Kenya could be an interesting competitor… she has the ego of the size of Mars!!!

    • chismosa™ says:

      I would love Kenya on too! And she won’t dumb herself down and be a quiet little wallflower trying to prove she’s so NICE, ain’t she— like Tre did.

      I’m SO #teamtwirl

  7. That you MelTheHound for blogging the AR! I missed it! I will be watching! Tytytytytyty!

  8. Anne says:

    For some reason, every time that Kenya starts twirling, I think of the Aswirl twins who were on a very old episode of America’s next top model. They taught the models how to aswirl/twirl for a church fashion show. Makes me giggle … even though I don’t always find Kenya particularly funny.

  9. jezzibel says:

    I miss Nancy…I have the current plague going around here, and miss not having her advice on what to do to get over it.

  10. Sus says:

    Mel, I do give a shit that Brenchel got married. That means they might breed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ewwww

  11. Mene Seela says:

    I can’t believe I missed 90% of TAR. I did get to see the twin banshees get kicked off so that was a wonderful few minutes.

    I personally don’t mind All Stars, even with retreads because it usually takes me 5 episodes to get the teams straight and start rooting for one. This way I already have an opinion.

    The only bad thing (to me) is Boston Rob and Amber aren’t on. I think Survivor pays him a lot more and she is pregnant with their 4th child. I loved how they ran the race.
    Rob is a master strategist…. in the Bobby Fischer league. I don’t know if he is powerful enough to deport people but I wouldn’t be surprised.

    Sorry you won’t be blogging about this MTH. Thanks for the kick off.

    • MelTheHound - Team T-Rex says:

      I will probably be blogging it. It just may not be the first thing you see here in the morning 😉

      • iceNfire says:

        Hi Jeff – Did you watch AR on a stream? I tried at 5 p.m. West Coast time but got 60 Minutes … then I forgot to check back at 6 p.m.

        • MelTheHound - Team T-Rex says:

          I actually got it on the DVR. It’s probably at the CBS website by now… Yeah, that POS show 60 minutes delayed it again.

    • chismosa™ says:

      LOL at Rob. He was good on this. Maybe in a few years he’ll come back.

  12. Thank you for blogging MTH, that is a lot both shows!!!! I am SO GLAD the Bickering Twins are gone they were giving me a headache and omg, the way they talk to each other is horrrriblee!!! I just can’t believe how they behave. Who does that??
    Didn’t watch all of ATL, weaning back off, saw the stupid Bailey Bowl and NeNe, she is cray. Walking Dead….I am so over Rick, lol. I think last night with the family in the beds was heartbreaking, really made me think about if this were real, 😦
    Hope everyone has a great day!

  13. Mene Seela says:

    Oh, Nene quit Celebrity Apprentice because she didn’t raise as much as 8 cents for her charity and the pressure was really on. Instead she distracted everyone with a feud and slunk away.

    • mrs peabody says:

      I forgot she quit. Nene needs to get over herself she’s not all that. With the exception of Porsha (who I actually like) the others are way above her on her imaginary scale. They’ve all had more success than her. Give Porsha another 10-15 years and she probably will too. All Nene is is a loudmouth with a high opinion of herself who had a few breaks that haven’t gone anywhere. She’s basically played herself on the 2 shows she’s been on. I don’t think that qualifies her as a true actress.

    • MelTheHound - Team T-Rex says:

      Yep, she took her toys and went home… Then on the next ATL season, all we heard about was her cashing those Trump checks and how she was a Rich Bitch… Naynay, your time is up. BYE and do something with that dead animal on top of your head.

      • NeNe is starting to sound like crazy Kelly with her “I’m up here & you’re down here” attitude. It’s all talk & nothing to back it up.

        • iceNfire says:

          One of the girls on Blood, Sweat, and Heels used that analogy last night. I don’t know all of their names but I don’t like the three that are trying so hard to be better than the others. If you are on a reality show we can see who/what you are

          • chismosa™ says:

            Was it Noxema Jackson? 😆😆

          • Powell says:

            I’ve gotten into the show. I didn’t watch all of it last night. Meca, whatever her name is, the modeling agency owner, has lost her mind if she thinks the ladies owe her an apology from the South Hamptons trip. She went to the girl’s parents house drunk and loud when all the ladies asked her to do was be quite cuz the girl’s parents had guests. I tweeted her and told her she was totally wrong.

        • 2Stupid says:

          Yeah, but KKB may not be that crazy. She is dating John Demsey the president of Estee Lauder. I don’t know how she lands established and connected people. They are kind of an item. Maybe these men like to take a walk on the wild side!!!

  14. Mene Seela says:

    This site claims Phaedra hasn’t bothered to give a deposition for the case she is the plaintiff of. The suit is over a book that describes Phaedra’s part in Apollo’s illegal business. Supposedly there is a motion to sanction her (something about the Bar). Weird.

    I did a search of RHA and found are a bunch of sites devoted to Atlanta locals who comment on the shows. Pretty scathing over all, very funny.

  15. lillybee says:

    I don’t understand why Cynthia uprooted her life to move to Atlanta to be with Peter. He is just so awful.

  16. shamrockblonde says:

    Kandi nailed it when she said that NeNe was territorial about her friends – she is – but she is like that because if her friends starting bonding she knows that she will no longer remain on top of the hill – it has nothing to do with sharing her friends – it has everything to do with sharing her spotlight –

    I do agree though, that there must have been one heck of a fight between Marlow and NeNe –

    JEFF!!!! – the cowboys took the first leg!!!!! – they got the express pass!!!! – WOOHOO!!! – bet you can’t guess who I’m rooting for….and OH YES!!!!! – the twins are gone!!!! – I spent half the episode trying to figure out who I disliked more – the granimals or the twinzies… – twinzies won that dubious award….

    as for the other teams – I don’t like the deaf boy and his Mom – and I will very much miss Bopper – happy to see the father and son team – not so much the internet couple, but I think they are harmless – Brenchel – the whining….ewww – hopefully the granimals are the next to go..

    on the twins’ season, shamrock 1 was heard to remark “those two give twins everywhere a bad name”

    she is quite right – another reason for me to not be a fan!!!

    • iceNfire says:

      I liked the way the twinies annoyed the other teams.

    • MelTheHound - Team T-Rex says:

      I haven’t figured out who you’re rooting for, let me think on that one awhile 😆

    • chismosa™ says:

      I don’t like the deaf guy because of what he said a few seasons back calling someone a B or physically pushing someone or whatever it was. Ughhh 😏

      • iceNfire says:

        no no no! The other racer called him a bitch b/c they were both running and the momentum caused him to collide with her.but being deaf he didn’t hear it. His mother debated about filling him in but decided to tell him. After that he stayed clear of that racer and raised his hands whenever he was in close contact with her

    • Powell says:

      shamrock I think you’ve got it! Your first paragraph makes it clear to me cuz I just didn’t get why if Marlo is now friends w/Kenya, NeNe doesn’t want to be friends w/Marlo. NeNe has to be the big cheese among her friends.

  17. mrs peabody says:

    NENE’S blog is up and it’s 4 pages.

        • mrs peabody says:

          Wow I wouldn’t want to get on Marlo’s bad side, my face may be showing signs of aging and not as beautiful as it once was (ok just in my mind was it that beautiful) but I sure don’t want a big old slash mark across the front of it. I can see why they may not have wanted her around but a better question is why would BRAVO want someone like that on their show. Didn’t they think it would come out. Yea I know this is BRAVO I am asking about. I think I just answered my question.

        • chismosa™ says:

          Did she JUST wake up and realize this? I mean shabang?!! Didn’t you think on this episode showing your crazy — that Bravo would just let you write whatever you want ?
          Chile, please.

          Why is everyone saying Marlo attacked nene? Did she throw something at nene? I have to slow- mo it if I catch it again.
          I only saw Nene walk off in a huff and throw her mike off her the bottle backwards towards Marlo.

          Nene calling someone else Man-low is hysterrrrrrrical

      • iceNfire says:

        iirc Nene first brought Marlo on to mess with Sheree and not b/c she saw the good in Marlo’s heart. Nene is full of herself but I’ll take her over Kenya everytime

  18. not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

    Lisa is not happy with Bravo and WWHL for this!!

  19. California35 says:

    Bethenny is talking about her show not being renewed. I watched ever single episode, and I am sad it will be over. I know it was a dream of hers, and I like that she had a chance to do it.
    I dont know it is ok to post her words here, but maybe a little bit…

    “So to answer how I feel, I am relieved. What I really want right now is to be with my daughter, to do yoga, to focus on Skinnygirl and my writing, and to give myself a break. I have been striving and climbing and white-knuckling for so long that I need a rest from the grind. I’m a little over myself and wouldn’t blame anyone else for being over me as well.”

  20. chismosa™ says:


    The Walking Dead – Where is my one true love?

    Another annoying episode without him! But at least I saw him on the talk show last week – he walked in to “Hot Stuff” hahaha!
    His hair is too dark now and he seemed short compared to tiny kelly Ripa but he’s still hot.

  21. iceNfire says:

    Oh! About the toilet coffee mug. About 20 years ago we would go to a restaurant in the Embassy hotel in Burlingame, CA. For kids they offered an ice cream sundae severed in a toilet mug/bowl. It cost about $15 but they cleaned the cups so the kids could take them home

  22. chismosa™ says:

    Before I lose you all to the chat —-

    Stars – thank you 🌟🌟 I just got around to reading the blog from yesterday about the blogs–
    Can someone clarify something Carlton said?:

    Carlton wrote:
    — And again Kyle was never invited by myself or my husband to his StockCross party and now suddenly Joyce’s trip became Kyle and Joyce. Laughable, but thank you for that after what I heard what you did to Lisa down there.

    Who is “you” that did to lisa ? Joyce or Kyle? I’m confused here. Or both? Who is the witch attacking here ?
    Or commanding ?

    • iceNfire says:

      imo Carlton is addressing Kyle. When Kyle told Morris that she was uninvited to the StockCross event Carlton wrote that Kyle wasn’t invited in the first place.

      • iceNfire says:

        wait – In the preview Ken says something about 4 against 1 at the dinner table. The 4 being Kyle, Brandi, Yo, and Kim?? Joyce stayed out of it?? Joyce is good for nothing, get rid of her

        • chismosa™ says:

          Yes please ! Go dance on some ice or something. Adds nothing, they clearly showed us (close to) nothing of her home so editors don’t think much of her.

          I think hottie German hubby if he’s pragmatic, will tell her to 1 season it and done.

          She said we’ll find out tonight about why she continued with the trip despite such a huge death in her family – that it will be explained — ?
          Is the explanation what she gives to the ladies at the airport on the curb? Still don’t get that as enough of an explanation. Whatevs. Screen time needed. Vacation needed. Not far enough away.

          To quote Lawrence from Atlanta “why not Sardinia ” or some place like that. 🙄 🙄
          That’s what I was watching BH for. 😡

          Thanks ice we’ll see tonight. ✅

      • mrs peabody says:

        Her and her husband probably did not invite them personally but maybe Morris’s company was invited. And if they didn’t invite them why was Kyle sent a disinvite. I’d like to see what exactly she got. Maybe Bravo invited all the ladies to the party because when you think about it why would Brandi and Kim be invited to a party for her husband’s company. I mean really.

        • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

          Carlton is trying to be cute saying she didn’t invite Kyle-maybe personally she didn’t send her an invitation but we all know how bravo works-Carlton thinks we are dumb..(don’t tell her I’m commanding her to stop being sneaky)

    • Exit4 says:

      I think Kyle. In the preview, yo and Brandi day they have to tell Kyle the truth about something. So whatever it is, Kyle gets mad at Lisa for it. Which is probably why Kim goes off the rails at Lisa and ken.

      • mrs peabody says:

        That’s exactly why I thought Kim got madder at him, she’s still mad about the comment about her not showing up to a lot of functions that he said earlier.

  23. chismosa™ says:

    Programming alert: I think BBBB is on access Hollywood today or tomorrow

    The BH first look///first few minutes since I won’t be on chat–

    How unbelievable Brandi and Yo are. Seriously. 

    VV— 📢🔔📣🔊📡I notice Kyle and Brandi both use that expression of 
    “–move forward” in the ‘previously on’ part. (Sorry if someone pointed this out already) 
    Team Jelly jam?

    You were right, who said this- DJ and someone else — that Yo must have planted the seeds in Brandi’s head right? 
    Lisa was the one complaining to Brandi last week that she hadn’t heard from her and that Brandi didn’t say hi, kiss her hello, hang out with her. Now it’s Brandi saying that Lisa is the one avoiding ? And Brandi says tonight “I said to her … I’ve called you and you haven’t called me back, I haven’t heard from you” …..??? 

    Either Brandi is lying (probably right)

    OR Lisa is giving Brandi some space? Because Brandi had been cold to her lately ?
    Id have to consult the VV BH timeline. 📆📇
    SO SO LAME. 

    And bravo with the cutting and flashbacks to Lisa being whatever …. 
    Lisa is SO CUTE with her freakin Louis bag that she must have custom asked for the straps lining to be in pink ! I’ve never seen that before. Adorable 

    • iceNfire says:

      Or Lisa really is sticking her nose in everyone’s business And treating them like employees then cries when they call her out on it. – idk – But Lisa had to be in the wrong somehow, somewhere, someway for Brandi to give up the good relationship she had with The Queen

      • NYC Mama says:

        Why? Brandi doesn’t always do what is right, beneficial to her or her family or what any other “normal” person would and should do. She is self-destructive.. With Brandi’s track record of lying I would lean toward Lisa Vanderpump and not Brandi.

        • iceNfire says:

          Why? b/c Lisa isn’t ‘all good’ like everyone likes to think. Nobody is ‘all good’

          • jezzibel says:

            Lisa is just the lesser of the weevils

          • SJNYC says:

            Of course Lisa is not all good or perfect, she is a player on a “reality” show that is highly edited and managed. I do think she is a hard worker and very smart. I think some of the adoration of Lisa is kind of like politics – we chose the less of the evils at time. Let’s face I don’t think any of us have much in common with any of these ladies (and I use the term ladies loosely) so it is interesting to see people out there say they are team x or y.

            I do admire Lisa’s smarts – just look at what she has done lately. Most of the season she kept a very low profile without bashing castmates – I think that was pretty deliberate because she was waiting for the right time and she know Brandi would eventually say something stupid especially with her book coming out. So I think Lisa really planned when she would fight back and Brandi should take a few lessons, because look at Lisa on twitter lately. Lately Lisa has ramped up twitter action even giving some tweets to fans like plainviewsue (who we were cheering last week bc Lisa acknowledged her) – Lisa is playing it and playing it well. She isn’t perfect, but she is damn smart – seriously if Bobby Fisher were still alive she could give him a few lessons in chess. Considering some of the mindless idiots on these shows at least Lisa interests me.

          • mrs peabody says:

            Well her not being all good is still better than the others being good imo

    • VV™ says:

      Here’s the TL. I shavemt updated in two weeks.

      RHOBH – TL S4
      May 8 – BH Chamber of Comm Party
      at Kyle’s catered by SUR
      April 8 – Lisa faints DWTS
      ? Lunch at Carlton
      ? Circus/Hair gate
      April 21 – Kim Grand Prix (OOS)
      May 23 – Gigi Photo shoot
      May 23 – US citizenship Yofo (OOS)
      May 23 – Lisa calls BS cheating
      rumors to reporter
      May 26 – TMZ video Brandi called
      May 30 – Kim shops with daughter
      May 31 – Kim’s daughter Graduation
      May 31 – David Foster Walk of Fame
      June 6 – Dog missing PS trip
      June 6 – LifeStyles 5th Anniversary
      (Lisa in attendance)
      June 10 – SUR Float Gay Parade
      (included for people
      doubting Lisa was filming
      3 reality shows at the same
      June 11 -Tenor Dinner at Fosters
      June 14 – Brandi trip to SAC (OOS)
      June 15 – Gay Parade (OOS)
      June 26 – Lisa tweets 1st pic of
      Rumpy (OOS)
      June 26 – Kyle Store Hospital benefit
      June 27 – Joyce films at Lisa’s home
      Vidka bottle pic
      June 28 – Lisa Alopecia event/Kim’s
      daughter Grad party
      July 02 – Brunch at Lisa’s/Dresses
      July 08 – Drunk B/tampon
      July 10 – Self Defense class
      July 13 – Kim’s Hollywood Show
      July 13 – Carlton’s party
      July 15 – Yofo’s Paint party
      July 20 – David’s daughter party
      July 20 – Ken&Mauricio’s Bday party
      July 25 – Kyle and Brandi hiking
      July 24 – Gigi’s party (OOS)
      July 25 – Stockcross event
      August 1 – Puerto Rico trip

      ***OOS Means Out of Sequence

      ***Dates are subject to change upon verification.

      • I have a question, do we know when Lisa was at Kyle’s and said the thing about Mauricio and Portia, I don’t remember if she just came to “hang out” or if it was before something….because I would love to know how many times Lisa brought up Maricio and the tabloids vs how many times Kyle brought it up…..because there was also the lunch with Kyle, Maury, Joyce and David that they brought it up…….so those number plus how many times did Kyle bring up nipplegate….Anyone who likes to do this kind of stuff I would love to see the numbers, you don’t have to make a powerpoint presentation, lol, but just thinking…

  24. NYC Mama says:

    I don’t know who thinks that she is “all good”. I certaninly don’t. But imo she has shown that she lies less than Brandi, which isn’t hard.

  25. AZGirl says:

    Good afternoon everyone! Looking forward to BH tonight. I will try and chat.

  26. StaceySuperfly says:

    Thanks for the recap NMD, I chose to go to Bingo last night instead of being pissed off watching the “ladies” of Atlanta. Man I cannot wait for Nene’s high horse to run her ass down, take a seat bitch, you will be having your car repossessed again any day now 🙂 Can’t wait for Mexico and to find out if indeed Kandi and Todd got married while there. Maybe Kenya can roofie Lawrence and tie the knot too LOL

  27. StaceySuperfly says:

    Hey MTH glad you decided to recap TAR. As promised I will start watching it so I can truly enjoy your recaps. Never seen it so they are all new people to me. I will go to the super secret link you gave me to watch it. Cannot wait for Survivor, I didn’t even know it starts this week! Is it too much to hope Probst has his mouth tied shut during tribal council so as not to sway/screw anyone? Thanks for taking one…no make that two!….for the team! 🙂

  28. VV™ says:

    Yolanda predictable as always because we Americans are not as sophisticated as the Dutch. I expected this picture tomorrow because she always plays the same card when she looks bad on the show. She knows she’s gonna look bad tonight.

  29. T-Rex says:

    Good Monday Peeps!! Haven’t been around the blogs, reading but haven’t been posting, spending some quality time with Mr T-REX, got to give the man some quality time and been making him a lot of this favorite meals, he has been SO good to me that one thing I need to make sure is that he is well taken care of. Couple of items I wanted to answer that someone had asked, and if this is redundant or someone answered please disregard. This is how the whole THE-LIAR-SUPREME-MORONSTFUBrandi came to “be” on RHBH and the LIE that got her there. Now first off, this involves the HOOFMALOOF and her husband. Now, The HOOFMALOOF’s are what my producer friend called Star F****ers, they aren’t famous but like to surround themselves with famous folk to make them feel like somebody, it’s why they have tried to be on ANY REALITY show that would have them, and apparently they knew MANCANDY somehow and I believe Dr. Paul did some work on THE-LIAR-SUPREME-MORONSTFUBrandi. Everyone in BHIlls used to joke about them being the StarF****ers. So, TheHoofMaloofs hear that CedricTheIlegalAlienSquatter has been “let go” by the Vpump/Todds, and of course they want the 411, on what all went down, in addition, they know there is DIRT there. This was when the first PLAN to take down LisaVpump was hatched, and the initial meetings were being setup with the Bitchard Sisters, well specifically VileKyle, as this is right about the time she found out they had LOST their spin-off and that LisaVpump’s restaurant had been given one. They also roped in the TwoFacedNeverAFriendCamille, and VileKyle was angling for FayeKR to be a Hwife on the show, so she was invited as well. SO THE-LIAR-SUPREME-MORONSTFUBrandi contacts the HoofMaloof, since she has also heard there may be a spot on the show, and tells EVERYONE that she not only KNOWS CedricTheIlegalAlienSquatter, that she has actually given him a job watching her children as a Manny. This story she re-iterated to several magazines, and these were HER WORDS, not SOURCES. THE-LIAR-SUPREME-MORONSTFUBrandi claimed that CedricTheIllegalAlienSquatter and she had met years ago on the modeling circuit and when that Bitch LisaVpump fired him, he had no where to go but to THE-LIAR-SUPREME-MORONSTFUBrandi, since he didn’t even have a place to live. The HOOFMALOOF brings this information to Bravo, who immediately sign THE-LIAR-SUPREME-MORONSTFUBrandi to a “friend” contract. So, when LIsaV first hears of THE-LIAR-SUPREME-MORONSTFUBrandi, and her connection to CedricTheIlegalAlienSquatter, she of course did NOT want to film with her, and stayed her distance from THE-LIAR-SUPREME-MORONSTFUBrandi, until the Bitchard Sisters went after what Lisa deemed as the “poor girl”, and Lisa took her pity on THE-LIAR-SUPREME-MORONSTFUBrandi. I will also point out that Sheana had been and was working for LIsaV AT THIS VERY TIME and THE-LIAR-SUPREME-MORONSTFUBrandi did NOT bring this fact up EVEN ONCE, to anyone. It wasn’t until THE-LIAR-SUPREME-MORONSTFUBrandi was made a FULL Hwife and not a “friend” of the Hwives, that she reared her Jealousy-Wand, mind you Scheana was probably around #385 on the scale numbers of women that Man-Candy had an affair with, doesn’t make Scheana right in what she did but good grief, she was not the first nor the last and she was many, many, many, girls in a long line of girls. Oh, and mind you THE-LIAR-SUPREME-MORONSTFUBrandi and ManCandy had an open relationship for a better part of their marriage where they both engaged in sex with his mistresses, her words, in her book. BUT the point was THE-LIAR-SUPREME-MORONSTFUBrandi didn’t bring it up until she had been made a Full Hwife, and LisaV didn’t know until then either. So, sorry this was so long and winded, but this was the convoluted story of the THE-LIAR-SUPREME-MORONSTFUBrandi and CedricTheIllegalAlienSquatter, which in the long run turned out to be another BIG OLE HONKIN’ LIE.

  30. iceNfire says:

    Do we have a chat blog tonight?

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