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Did Lisa Really Leave Puerto Rico or Just Duck into a New Hotel?

It hasn’t made sense to most of us that Lisa would tweet photos of being in Puerto Rico the week after the cast trip, yet somehow leave and go home in between.  First look for Beverly Hills shows the rest of the ladies waking up and stating that Lisa left in the middle of the night.  After the appropriate amount of clutching their pearls about how that made her look guilty they continued on with Breakfast.  I was too bored to see if Yolanda ate more than one almond.  I’ll have to watch for that on Monday’s episode.

They all arrived in Puerto Rico on August 1, according to RealityTea and were said to be staying at the at the Waldorf Astoria Collection Las Casitas Resort in Fajardo.  A day later (2-August) Nativiris put this photo on Instagram and wrote: “Yesterday #realhousewives of Beverly Hills #filming at Sting Ray Cafe at El Conquistador #Puerto Rico #bravo#tv #show”

Asked if they were arguing, he explained: ” They were arguing over something. (They are sophisticated, not loud) They were outside for a long time. Yolanda was outside most of the time and after Lisa went inside she was talking to Kim and Kyle. Joyce then went outside and called the group to go inside. Part of the group was celebrating in the restaurant. I was shocked when I saw Brandi, she is a twig.”

from Nativiris Instagram

from Nativiris Instagram

Lisa tweeted this on August 6th.

The two hotels aren’t that far apart.  St. Regis is on the far left, Astoria on the far right.

st regis and astoria

In case you are wondering, a suite at the St. Regis is around 1,140 a night in August on Expedia.  It is described as:

“This room opens to a patio. Slip into the pillowtop bed with Egyptian cotton linens and a down duvet for a good night’s rest. The private bathroom has a deep soaking bathtub and separate shower with a handheld showerhead, as well as bathrobes and slippers. Complimentary wired and wireless Internet access keeps you connected, and the LCD TV is offered for your entertainment. You can request an in-room massage. A minibar and a coffee/tea maker are provided. Air conditioning, a ceiling fan, and a laptop-compatible safe are among the conveniences offered. This room is Non-Smoking.”  Only one bathroom?

A luxury room goes for $890, and a normal room for over $500.

Rooms at Las Castitas are slightly less expensive – in the $350 range for a good room, a little more for one, two or three bedroom suites – up to $829 for a three-bedroom.

All information is from Expedia searching August Rates.


Couples Therapy Let’s Smash Things By Lulu

Opens to Whitney and Sada’s tiff.  Sada is nervous and upset about her father coming to therapy. She’s stressed out and lashing out on Whitney.  I have to give Whitney props she handled it really well.

Dr Jen Sada’s dad is NOT an @sshole!
In this dramatic sit down.  Dr Jen did not succeed in making Sada’s dad look like an evil penis. Her father was young and raged when angry.  He got past it and so did Sad a.

Fakrah’s ex not porno boyfriend is showing up
Daniel who was on teen mom showed up for a paycheck.  Dr jen layed down ground rules basically don’t say anything at all.  What we learned about Fakrah she’s a disrespectful (insert choice word) here.  Summing up her past relationship a lousy lay and fake.  Nothing learned.

Taylor’s one on one
Taylor a people pleaser????? Umm has Dr Jen ever watched rhobh??? Taylor admits losing control when her daughter threw a temper tantrum.  Nothing learned.

Jon and Kate minus Jon
Jon was limited to what he could say about his hellish “marriage.”  So he goes on couples therapy throws caution to the wind and opens up to what Kate 1 was like.  She hates Jon more then she likes her children?????? A scary notion.  Kate 1 refuses to allow Jon to talk to his children.  Omg I feel sad for them!!  He opened up about how Kate is using them to get back on tv!?!?!?!?  We seen that her desperate attempt at anything tv.  The worst was the botched Mady/Cara interview.  I hate to see what they had to deal with.

Let’s break things and call it therapy

Taylor- her words “the absence of growing up without a father set her up for abuse.”
Farrah- her words “her mother loved the house more then she loved her.”
Jon-his words “Jon had to pretend everything was perfect” he goes apes$%&$ destroying everything.  He feels he wasted his entire kate 1 years.


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Blogs Blogged by Stars99

Brandi Glanville

Brandi starts, “I think it is very clear that the issues I have with Lisa come from a place of hurt because I cared so much about her. I wasn’t having a great year this year because of some health issues and my father and I not talking, so I really needed my friends. During this time Lisa distanced herself from me and started cozying back up to Kyle because I wasn’t coming off so well.”

Well, 1) It is NOT clear that your issues “come from a place of hurt” – It appears more likely that they come from a place of stupid jealousy; 2) You’re mad at Lisa and so you’re attacking her – You said on the show that Lisa hadn’t called you in an ENTIRE week!  Off with her head!…; 3) “Cozying back up to Kyle” – See… again, here is evidence of the jealousy; and 4) “Because I wasn’t coming off so well” – Wow… Do you mean to tell me that people actually don’t actually like being around you when you’re out of control and spew off your mouth at anyone within the line of fire?  You say you don’t like Lisa’s mothering and nurturing of you – and yet you’re now trying to tell us that she hasn’t been a good enough friend to you?  Sit yourself down, Brandi.

Brandi continues, ”I wasn’t 100 percent ready to have the conversation with Lisa. I was really hoping to do it one-on-one and not with the guys around. I was hurt because I went from being best friends with Lisa to her not returning my calls and getting close with Kyle again — someone she has always talked trash about.”

Right, because going on a trip with a group of women provides oh, so much alone time with a friend without anyone else around…. Again, I reiterate – You said Lisa hadn’t called you “in a week” – Puhleeze… If I return all my friends calls I get within a week – I feel like I’m doing pretty well – and I’m nowhere near as busy as Lisa.  And Brandi, if your benchmark for friendship eligibility is that you have never talked trash about them – Tell me, how is it that you have any friends at all?

Brandi blogs, “Clearly it was a little bitchy of me to tell Kyle about the tabloids while sitting down the beach from Lisa, but I was hurt. It was wrong, but I was retaliating. I didn’t even get to talk to Lisa about the real issues that were truly the root of my frustration and sadness.”

Brandi, by your own benchmark for friendship eligibility (as referenced above), you are hereby no longer eligible to be friends with Lisa because you talked trash about her.  Brandi, you ARE the weakest link. Good-bye.

Brandi ends her blog after blathering about Lisa and Scheana’s close relationship, how she didn’t like how Ken talked to Yolanda at the table, and that this episode made her sad.  This is a good point for a gratuitous Big Bang Theory Quote:  Sheldon: “Why are you crying?”   Penny: “Because I’m stupid!” Sheldon: “That’s no reason to cry. One cries because one is sad. For example, I cry because others are stupid, and that makes me sad.”

Carlton Gebbia

Carlton starts, “For this week’s episode I was clearly not there, but I was originally invited by Joyce. Then subsequently at Mohamed’s was uninvited by both her and Kyle. Hypocrite much?”

How is that “uninvited” shoe feeling now that it’s on the other foot?  You uninvited Kyle to a single evening’s event – However, Kyle managed to get you uninvited to an ENTIRE Bravo trip.  Checkmate.  Who is the one who is playing games again?

Carlton goes on to explain how her heart went out to Lisa.  She actually quite intelligently explains how that if you have a problem with a friend you, “deal with that person one-on-one without a group.  It’s not OK when there seems to be a line waiting to have a go at you.”  I couldn’t agree with Carlton more.  It scares me just a lil.

Carlton blogs, “It seems Joyce and Kyle should pay heed to their own “labels” calling. Very unfair. And at any time, Kyle, her supposed friend, could have spoken up and stopped the ridiculousness ambush on Lisa about whether she did or did not say take the tabloid. Kyle deliberately focused her misplaced anger at Lisa when shouldn’t she have been mad at Brandi who bought the magazines. I was there that day in Palm Springs, and I saw no magazine nor did I hear her say to take it.”

Okay, I’ve got to die laughing here… because Joyce did NOTHING wrong in this particular episode… but Carlton is once again using this opportunity to dig at Joyce… If it wasn’t so pathetically sad, it would be hysterical.  And here we have Carlton officially going on record saying that she was also at Brandi’s that infamous day and didn’t see magazines or Lisa saying anything about them.  While I agree that we can all picture in our heads how this entire tabloid magazine fiasco might have unfolded – It’s all quite plausible and I bet Bravo wishes they had thought of it first.  I can imagine how Lisa in her dig-fest kind humor teased Brandi about packing the magazines and put them in her suitcase – How Brandi took them out of her suitcase – And How Lisa would have playfully put them back in… We can all see it in our mind’s eye, right?  The thing is… Yo was there – and while she said she saw the magazines, she didn’t see any of this happen… Carlton was there and didn’t even see the magazines… and we have Lisa’s defense that she never actually saw the magazines at Brandi’s before the Palm Springs trip. And then we have the, “truth canon.”

Riddle me this, if this was such a big freakin’ deal at the time – even if the others HADN’T seen it happen for whatever reason – Why, oh why wasn’t it a huge piece of gossipy discussion between all of them before they ever got into the car for the trip to Palm Springs?  After all, this is the kind of thing they all live for, no?  I can picture them all standing around in Brandi’s kitchen waiting to leave and Brandi telling them right there and then in front of Lisa what had just happened.  I can hear Brandi saying, “Do you know what Lisa just did?  She wanted me to actually pack these tabloid magazines!  Can you believe it?  OMG… Can you imagine Kyle’s face when she saw me pull these out? Hahahaha…”  And then they all start laughing and joking about it…  One of the classic ways to figure out truth about whether or not a scenario actually happened – is to find out if anyone involved told anyone else about it RIGHT AFTER it happened.   We have none of that – At all.  If it was such a big freakin’ deal at the time – Why didn’t they all talk about it AT THE TIME.  Instead, we’re forced into a she said/she said…

Carlton writes, “At their dinner what’s very apparent is that Kyle (the consummate victim) never once came to the aid of her friend Lisa. Kim calling Ken a “stupid, old man” was really awful to hear. It seemed the only reason Ken interjected was because more than one woman was having a go at his wife. I would have left too!”

Since Kyle was the one who was unsatisfied with Lisa’s previous answers and kept doggedly going after her on this issue – I’m hard pressed to know how Kyle could have come to Lisa’s “aid”… Except maybe asking if Lisa had done it as a joke or something – like Kyle wondered aloud in her talking head interview.

Joyce Giraud de Ohoven

Joyce starts her blog by thanking everyone for the outpouring of love and messages about the death of her father.  Joyce debated about whether or not to go forward with the trip.  Joyce said the episode was “bittersweet” because it’s hard to relive grief but she was happy we got to meet her “mommy” and see part of her beautiful homeland Puerto Rico.

Joyce blogs, “The reality is I was able to grieve with my family and I was able to see my father before he passed away. His last words to me were “Soy feliz” (“I’m happy”). I know he was ready, and he is in a much better place than all of us right now. I believe he is in heaven watching from above and taking care of me. As difficult as it was, I remained strong. My father hated pity parties, and I think I get that from him. I am a cry baby (I cry even during commercials), but I don’t like to use other people to try to victimize myself. That is why I went along with the trip — as I didn’t want to uninvite the girls. Many have asked me why I chose to uninvite Carlton. . .The truth it wasn’t up to just me — and she was never invited.”

Okay… what’s up with this whole “uninvite” concept.  Kyle used the same phraseology when talking about how Carlton unceremoniously “uninvited” her to Carlton’s husband’s business party.  Carlton, on the other hand, said she didn’t uninvite her but that Kyle had never been invited in the first place (Carlton’s Feb. 11, 2014 blog).  Now we have Joyce doing the same thing about this trip to Puerto Rico – but to Carlton.  I would think that Bravo wouldn’t allow the women to have the power to include or exclude certain cast members from significant events.  I understand that Carlton’s husband’s party wouldn’t necessarily be considered a “significant event”… but a trip to Puerto Rico would be pretty significant to me.  I highly doubt Kyle or Joyce has that kind of power – Unless Bravo has already made a decision about Carlton’s potential ousting for next season…

Joyce blogs, “They say there is no place like home and I agree 100 percent. To me Puerto Rico is the most mesmerizing place in the world. Our island is beautiful, but what really makes it special is our people. Everyone is so welcoming and loving. Everyone wants to have a good time. And everyone loves life. I grew up very humble, but in PR there are no class divisions. We are brought up to feel equal, which is something I absolutely love.”

It’s kind of kewl how proud Joyce is of Puerto Rico.  I love, love, LOVE it!  Joyce then talks about how her parents divorced when she was very young and that she grew up with her mother.  She talks about how her family gatherings have over 100 people in attendance.  Since Joyce was spending time with her family, she organized a trip for her castmates to Palominito.  Since Joyce wasn’t there – she is only going to be able to comment on what she has seen in the actual episode and from what she now knows that transpired.

Joyce blogs, “I feel like Yolanda was waiting to attack Lisa, which makes me think she and Brandi are the ring leaders of the coup against Lisa. The very first time I had a one-on-one with Yolanda she did not speak highly about Lisa. She told me I shouldn’t be afraid of her and I needed to talk about how rude she had been at Carlton’s luncheon. I SO wish you all could’ve seen that one-on-one lunch with Yolanda, as that set a tone for me. I saw how both Yolanda and Brandi were super nice to Lisa’s face and that they were supposedly BFFs — yet they both talked crap about her to me (the new girl). THAT’S A HOLLYWOOD FRIEND TO ME!”

Oh snap!  Way to boomerang Yo’s words back at her.

Joyce blogs, “I always believe that real friends are not the ones who have to talk 10 times a day to prove each other they are friends. Real friends are those who you might not talk to in a while, but when you need them, you call them and you pick up right where you left things. Real friends are the ones who have your back and don’t doubt your friendship to create drama or to stay relevant.”

Gee, who could she be talking about?

Joyce continues, “Yolanda with her whole “Hollywood friendship” and Brandi with her whole jealousy about the fact that Lisa and Kyle were getting closer was quite pathetic.”

Why yes, YES, Joyce it is quite appropriate to “chastise” them both and the word “pathetic” is quite the appropriate word to use in this circumstance.  And please know that I don’t flippantly make that statement.

Joyce writes, “I wish I would’ve seen what happened at the beach because back then I thought Lisa owed Kyle and Mauricio an answer to their question about the tabloids. But they did give them an answer at the beach so I can now understand their frustration when all the others were ganging up on them at the dinner table.”

It’s tough to make an educated conclusion when you don’t have all the facts of the matter.

Joyce blogs, “My 2 cents in this whole tabloid drama is. . .Why now? Why would Brandi bring it up now? After all she is the one who started talking about the tabloids at our first luncheon. Why blame it now on Lisa just because she is jealous? Why bring back the Scheana issue when I remember seeing her and Scheana hugging it out after meeting and discussing the whole infidelity incident over a lunch.”

Brandi is just trying to secure her place in next year’s cast.

Joyce concludes, “Anyhow… after watching this heavily dramatic episode, all I can say is I wish I knew back then what I know now.”

Hindsight is generally 20/20 – Unless of course, you’re farsighted – Or in my case, blind as a bat.

Kim Richards

Kim begins her first blog in a few weeks, “Happy Monday! Let’s get started! I was so excited to go to Puerto Rico. I felt like I hadn’t been on a vacation in years and I was ready to relax and spend time with my friends.”

“In years?”  Are you kidding me?  Is anyone else rolling their eyes?  Doesn’t it seem like all these women do is throw parties, eat out, and go on vacation?  Kim had just gone to Palm Springs a few weeks earlier… And who knows where else when not filming.  It’s hard to muster up any type of “poor Kim – because she never gets to go on vacation” sympathy.  Puhleeze.

Kim talks about her conversation with Brandi on the beach, “One thing led to another and the next thing I know Brandi and I are sitting there and she tells me that when that when she was leaving for Palm Springs, Lisa had put the tabloid in her bag and told her she had to bring it. I was so upset hearing about this! I have watched my sister cry over and over about this, and it has also caused a lot of stress for her kids. It is all mean people and lies! I couldn’t believe that Lisa would do this! If I hadn’t heard it from Brandi I would have never believed it. So I told her, “You need to tell my sister!” However, Brandi wanted to wait until the time was right. But things had escalated and she needed to tell her now, so she did. Once again having to see that hurt look in my sisters face broke my heart. She wants to believe Lisa is her friend so much but it’s just not the case and Lisa continues to let her down. Maurice had no idea what was going on so I filled him in on what I had heard.”

Well, the “truth canon” needed someone to catch her ball of lies, no?

Kim blogs, “I do believe Brandi, she is my friend, and I have no reason not to.”

Okay, so using the Transitive Property of Equality: if a = b and b = c, then a = c…. We conclude:  Kim believes Brandi because “she has no reason not to” (Except of course, that Brandi has said all kinds of outlandish things specifically about Kim to which Kim has repeatedly said were lies); Brandi is Kim’s friend; therefore, Kim and Brandi must both be idiots and lying liars who lie.  Sorry… there’s no other possible conclusion – It’s right there in the math.  Math doesn’t lie.  Neither do Shakira’s hips… but then that’s a gratuitous plug and “The Voice” reference… lolol… By the way… there aren’t many shows on that make me smile all the way through them – Last week’s “The Voice” shows had me rolling on the ground laughing.

Kim writes, “After watching the episode I noticed that Lisa kept saying “Just leave it alone,” and “Let’s drop it.” However, if it were me I would want to get to the bottom of it so everyone knew the truth. It just seems very fishy that she reacted this way.”

Two people know the truth about this subject.  Lisa and Brandi.  They both had already told their side of the story.  Lisa says, “Leave it alone” about a lot of things… She doesn’t want to look for tits on an ant.

Kim writes, “At dinner that night there was tension and it was quite at the beginning. Then when my sister confronted Lisa and Brandi the whole table turned upside down… like a circus! All my sister wanted was a simple yes or no. But at this point Lisa kept talking in circles about who bought them, who saw them, and when she first saw them. I couldn’t handle everyone yelling across at each other so I finally jumped in and said, ‘Just answer the question!’”

SHE DID!  You just didn’t like her answer.

Kim blogs, “Ken was not happy about this and once again I was dismissed — something he and Lisa do so well! It set me off and things escalated even more. I was very frustrated, but I do admit that is no excuse for my name calling. My mother always said, “Two wrongs don’t make a right,” and I have always tried to remember that.”

Ken did call the other women “stupid” seemingly because he thought the four of them conspired together and were saboteurs against his wife about Tabloid-Gate©™®.  Ken has also had to deal with Mauricio’s infidelity rumors that he has gone on record saying were all rubbish… But for some unknown reason, Kim felt the need to provide evidence of her own stupidity… After Ken told Kim to “Get out of the way.” Kim said, “Oh stop, I’m tired of your g’damned mouth, You’re a big, stubborn, old man – Shut Up!”  The hilarious part is that there’s only a 7 year age difference between Kim and Ken…lol  (Kim born Sept. 19, 1964 and Ken born August 24, 1957).   Now there is a 7 year difference in age between Mr. Stars99 and I – and I’m telling you – if he ever said anything even remotely disparaging about my age in an unjoking manner – Let’s just say it wouldn’t be pretty.  Wake up Kim…

Kim writes, “One thing I have learned in sobriety is to make amends. I have no problem admitting when I am wrong, and I regret the name calling which I apologize for.”

Don’t apologize to us – apologize to Ken.  You still have such a huge chip (more like a boulder) on your shoulder from Ken and Lisa not attending your daughter’s graduation.  You just look pitifully small and mind-numbingly petty.  You have such high expectations of them yet you continually bail on events left and right.  Seriously, if we counted how many times you’ve not attended events just because you or one of your kids were “moving” – it would simply be staggering… Not to mention all the other creative excuses you’ve come up with throughout the seasons…

Kim then talks about how Ken accused her of drinking and how it showed his true colors.  I thought it was pretty out of line, too – but then again I hadn’t just been called an “old man” which is doubly harsh in the young-centric land of Beverly Hills.

Kyle Richards

Kyle starts her blog by talking about how difficult it is to relive difficult times like what was shown in this episode.  She and Mauricio were excited to go back to Puerto Rico since they had spent their anniversary there the previous year.  The trip started out well – but then took a bad turn.

Kyle blogs, “I saw Lisa and Yolanda talking and then Brandi so I went to see what was going on. I wish I hadn’t gone over at all. In spite of their conversation, I believe that both Yolanda and Brandi do care about Lisa and their friendship with her. Lisa and I have obviously had our problems and both of us have felt hurt by each other at some point. However, we had been slowly trying to repair our friendship. When Brandi told me that Lisa had put the tabloids with the lies about my husband in her suitcase and told her to bring them to Palm Springs, it stung. A lot.”

Yeah, but why is it just coming out now?  If it’s true, why didn’t it come out in Palm Springs?  Kyle talks about how she and Lisa were rebuilding their relationship after the Reunion last year.  Ever since they held a joint birthday party for their husbands, their communication started to get better.

Kyle blogs, “So when Brandi said that I didn’t know what to think. Although I never knew Brandi well, everyone has always said Brandi isn’t a liar. Brandi is the “truth cannon.” Lisa herself had always said she loved how honest Brandi was. So, here I am hearing this, after months of having the tabloids brought up over and over.”

Brandi is honest about her feelings and how she perceives things – It’s just she has a very loose and casual relationship with actual facts.  Just because you say something often enough and loud enough it doesn’t make it the truth.

Kyle writes, “When I walked back over to Lisa, I asked her because I wanted to hear what she had to say. I adore Ken and think he is an amazing husband but he wasn’t there. So him saying “it didn’t happen,” didn’t mean as much as Lisa saying that. I was thinking that maybe if this had happened she had been joking. Obviously, I wasn’t there so I have no way of knowing what really happened. I was thinking to myself that we are in a good place now, so I wanted to put this behind us either way.”

Yeah, you’re right – Ken would defend Lisa in public no matter what.

Kyle writes, “When Mauricio came up he was clearly upset. My husband rarely gets upset and I knew he was serious. First he was mad that this topic was brought up once again. He was also hurt by what Brandi had told us. When he walked off, I went after him, but he was so upset he didn’t want to be around anyone. When we got back to the hotel he asked me “If this really happened how can you sit there and be nice?” He ended up going for a long walk and said that he didn’t want to be around this group if this was going to keep happening — and I couldn’t blame him. I felt that he didn’t think I was taking it seriously enough and wasn’t being supportive of him. We all went to dinner that night and I felt that the only way to find out the truth was to ask the question while Lisa and Brandi were both there. Well, you know the rest.”

Okay, now it makes sense to me why Kyle brought up this subject yet again at dinner – It seems like it was to prove to her husband that she was taking this matter seriously and that she wanted to support him.  I was originally baffled by it – because I would have thought that it was going to rub even more salt into Mauricio’s oozing wound.

Kyle blogs, “Lisa and Ken didn’t like that I didn’t just take their word for it on the beach. I don’t think It should be expected that I just take her word when she didn’t give me that same respect at the Reunion last year.”

Oh Kyle, they’re tired of having to defend you and Mauricio at every turn.  They’re probably more often in the public eye than the rest of you – and I can only imagine how many hundreds of times they’ve been asked questions about their feelings on Mauricio’s alleged infidelities.  They really didn’t appreciate or anticipate that you would sprinkle salt on them and toss them on the grill like a discardable pawn errr… prawn. (Gotta love those Chess references, no?)  Yo, can you please pass the lemon?  Kyle wishes that she and Mauricio, Lisa and Ken could have sat down and talked about this whole thing.  Gosh Kyle, if only you all lived near each other….[Slowly drums fingers on the table… Deep sigh…] What to do… What to do… hmmm…  However, I’m EXTREMELY confident they did just that it the very moment they were all back in the States, right?  [Throws head back and laughs hysterically…. Lololol]…

Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa starts one of her longest but interesting blogs in history (which can be found in its entirety at: http://www.bravotv.com/the-real-housewives-of-beverly-hills/season-4/blogs/lisa-vanderpump/who-do-you-believe-brandi-or-me) by saying, “Oh what a difficult week. My natural reaction is to plunge myself deep into work and ignore this. To not to blog, as I didn’t want to revisit the pain I felt at that time. But I think you need to understand exactly what has transpired.”

Pops popcorn, grabs a box of Hot Tamales [Don’t laugh – Eating popcorn and Hot Tamales together is a new taste treat that’s sweeping the nation… Tip:  Use a 4:1 ratio of popcorn to HT…lol…] and a Tangerine/Lime carbonated bottle of water and starts to read with bated breath…

Lisa blogs, “First, I have to give you the history of this contentious subject regarding Scheana. So two years ago, at the opening of SUR Lounge, Brandi was there. I knew her a little from her being involved in the show. I was wary of her as she said she was a friend of Cedric’s. We discovered later that was not true, but really, apart from that, had very little knowledge of her and her ex-husband.”

Yeah, actors who cheat on their wives are a dime a dozen in LA… and I must confess that I didn’t have any real knowledge of the situation myself before RHOBH – and my dad was a HUGE fan of LeAnn Rimes.  But I’m guessing most of us wouldn’t have been able to pick out Brandi or Scheana from a lineup before we started watching these shows.

Lisa writes, “The group of staff who wanted to be in the pilot that is now Vanderpump Rules had already been assembled and were working that night of the finale party. They were not mic-ed as they had no connection to that event. But I had to have servers and it seemed logical to put people in who were going to be comfortable in that situation.”

Yeah, it seems logical to me, too.  This really helps in understanding of the timing of everything – So at that original party, they were far enough along in the prep for “Vanderpump Rules” that the cast had been identified.  Hmmm…

Lisa continues, “Scheana had worked for me at that time for about three years. At that point, I had roughly 150 staff. She was also a friend of Pandora’s, as many of the staff are and were all invited to her wedding. Did I know Scheana well? As a waitress, I would say yes, personally not at all. I had heard that she had acted and that is about it. Even today I could not tell you where she lives or where she is from — but I do know her to be a lovely girl and an excellent employee who has rarely let me down in five years.”

Okay… I’ve got to say I find it extremely hard to believe that during the casting process that Scheana’s one claim to fame (Sleeping with an Eddie) didn’t come up.  That would certainly have been a HUGE selling point because it meant lots of potential drama, no?  I mean Scheana even had to be transferred from Villa Blanca to Sur in order to be on “Vanderpump Rules,” right?  They sure made a big deal about it during the first episodes of “Vanderpump Rules.”

Lisa continues, “Scheana approaches me, from what I recall, saying there had been words between her and Brandi. I believe the cameras barely caught it and a subtitle was put up on screen to explain. Nobody at SUR had a clue that there was any connection or knew that several years ago there had been a relationship with Brandi’s ex-husband, whom I had never heard of. So the only plausible thing for me to do was to remove Scheana from the situation as quickly as possible out of consideration for Brandi. Not that Brandi was a friend of mine (In fact I remember her being so inconsiderate at the same party, shouting for me to give Cedric a kiss, obviously not knowing me at all), but more because she was one of my guests. If, as Brandi is suggesting, that any of us knew, trust me in that situation, she would have been asked to stay. No I sent her off ASAP and was enlightened later that she had been involved with Eddie Cibrian, while not knowing he was married, and it had resulted in an affair.”

I’m confused, Lisa… Why would you have asked Scheana to stay if you had known about the situation?  For drama purposes… or what?  Lisa talks about how she really didn’t see Brandi over the next several months.  Lisa got really busy with her daughter’s wedding and with moving to a different house.  Fast forward to the reunion wherein Brandi’s provided a heads-up to Lisa on the original plot to take Lisa down.  Wow, I kind of had forgotten about that particular plot…  lol.

Lisa continues, “Brandi was not friendly with any of the women and desperately wanted to be part of the group. However she knew Scheana was a faithful employee and part of the cast of my new show. She very much understood that. I liked Brandi’s spirit and supported that — so we slowly became friends. She would pop into Villa Blanca and on quite a few occasions, I would change Scheana’s section so they would not meet again.”

Yeah, okay… So far this makes sense…

Lisa blogs, “The next year RHOBH and Vanderpump Rules were almost finished with production and it was suggested that Scheana and Brandi sit down for a heart-to-heart. That was the crossover. Brandi agreed. We all knew it would be emotional and hoped that maybe it would be cathartic and also going forward that they could at least acknowledge one another, as they tended to cross paths quite frequently. I remember for the first time seeing a vulnerability in Brandi that we all warmed to. So the rest is history. Generally if any event is catered or we are at SUR, of course the Vanderpump Rules kids are there.”

I think Brandi seems to be cranky because she allegedly didn’t get paid extra for that little piece of cross-over work.

Lisa is baffled as she writes, “I have no understanding of why after all this time Brandi would think we knew from the beginning. It’s ridiculous and she knows it.”

OMG…Lisa – Dontcha know it’s all because a friend of a friend of someone who had heard that a guy had once sat at a lunch table next to Scheana and had heard her talking.  Well, evidently, this person overheard Scheana talking about how she had just boasted to her employer all about her latest married guy conquest and that Scheana had provided said employer with all of the juicy details.  Because you know, that’s what all employers and employees talk about, right?   Heck, I heard Lisa was the one who introduced Eddie to LeAnn in the first place… (Kidding… just kidding… That part was added just for its complete ridiculousness).  Since this information came from such a “credible” source, Brandi obviously had no other option but to believe every single word of it to be true – So she loaded a cannonball into her “truth cannon” and lit the fuse.

Lisa writes, “I understand from her comments and tweets she felt a little jealous at the fact that Kyle and I were on friendly terms. We had enjoyed planning the party together. Any way why shouldn’t we be? So she decided to create a wedge between us — fabricating a story that would question our friendship… Creating a lie that would have severe consequences.”

Sighs… You can’t be friends with Kyle AND Brandi at the same time, duh!

Lisa writes, “On the beach when Kyle asked if I had put the trashy magazine in Brandi’s bag, I told her the truth: No. I had arrived last at Brandi’s house. I knew that there was a nonsensical story coming out, as Brandi had told me, about Mauricio in the same magazine that had stated I had a sex tape, which I also didn’t buy or look at. I preferred to go on that weekend knowing I hadn’t seen it or bought it, so I wouldn’t have to comment on it. Carlton was there and was adamant she didn’t see it either. . .”

Wait… So Lisa is confirming that she was the LAST one to arrive at Brandi’s house… This is a fact that can easily be disputed by the others.  How on earth could all of this back and forth about packing and repacking of the tabloids have been accomplished without any of the others knowing about it?  Lisa wonders why Brandi bought the magazine in the first place.  Lisa talks about how tabloids have to fill their pages with “endless diatribe” to make sales.  Lisa refuses to give them any credence whatsoever and refuses, “to entertain them or even buy them.”

Lisa blogs, “I had been given the message loud and clear that my reprimanding Brandi and looking out for her best interest was redundant. Her resentment at my begging her to see a doctor, knowing her hand was broken. I had defended her when her actions were indefensible… And then she states she is scared of me. But my sin was not calling her for a week. Correct. I was starting to pull away and maybe she felt it. I had been chastised by Yolanda and her, who were very close, and I backed off… But I would never have compromised my loyalty to her, as I stated when I walked into that fateful dinner.”

Bad Lisa, bad Lisa – You didn’t call Brandi for a whole week!

Lisa retorts to Yo, “And yes, Yolanda, I do know where my moral compass points to. Mine is due North and yours is somewhere else. My moral compass has kept my marriage, friendships, and business in good stead. I don’t try to take my friends down and criticize them behind their backs, blogging nasty comments constantly which I have chosen to ignore. I have tried to take the high ground, but now the high ground seems unattainable as the journey there has been too weary. I do not see a feeble woman, who as she says in her own words is “every day fighting for her life.” I see a woman fighting for something — but not that.”

Lol… Lisa is cranky…With good reason… but I find it oddly hysterical… Even so, she’s much nicer than I would be I in the same situation.

Lisa continues about Yo, “It has been difficult witnessing her constant snipes, but I have to disregard it as my love for Mohamed and her children superseded anything she could possibly say. In her first season there were derogatory comments about all of us — now she vociferously focuses on me and I don’t understand it… Doesn’t she have more important issues to focus on?”

No, she can’t help herself because Mohamed has such a high regard for you and it pisses her off!  It’s all quite transparent.

Lisa writes, “The scene at the dinner table was just too much. I had vehemently denied any involvement with the magazine and felt it unnecessary to discuss it again. But maybe that wasn’t good enough. It would be better if i was questioned publicly. Maybe there was safety in numbers? So they all joined together united by a common enemy…”

Well, from what we saw… At times you seemed to be a little wishy washy in your responses – However, I agree, you did say you didn’t do it and this whole inquisition was quite preposterous.

Lisa explains, “Finally Kim being inexplicably rude to Ken and so opinionated about something she had no knowledge of (as she wasn’t there) was just disgusting and that is why we left. Ken did not deserve that and there was no reason for us to stay.”

There is no forgiveness for missing Kim’s daughter’s graduation party.

Lisa writes, “Joyce had warned me at the beginning of this season that Yolanda and Brandi were less than loyal and I had foolishly ignored it. Hindsight is 20/20. It was a painful couple of days, but it is brought into perspective by the loss of Joyce’s father, which was a very sad time for her. She unselfishly carried on with the trip so as not to disappoint us.”

Lol… I used that whole, “hindsight is 20/20” earlier… Yeah, one of the things that chaps my hide is that no one seemed even think about Joyce throughout these staged drama confrontations.  Joyce was sitting at that table, trying to put her best foot forward – Engulfed in grief – And yet everyone just blatantly disrespected her grief.  I was kind of waiting for Joyce to go off on all of you in a loud, decisive way… You all would have deserved it.  Perhaps it’s coming?

Lisa writes, “It has been a difficult week, counteracting the many damaging allegations regarding deportation and bankruptcy, but I have to defend our name and the integrity that we have worked so hard for.”

Yeah, I don’t blame you.  Just because Brandi has a mouth it doesn’t mean she should speak.

Lisa concludes, “So really the essence of this episode is who should you believe? Brandi or me. . .It’s a simple as that. There is definitely a puppeteer in this scenario. and I trust that you will figure it out. Thank you for your comments. My heart was broken but I survived and reevaluated certain relationships…”

Dear Lisa – I highly suggest that you take the time to write out a wish list of what you want out of this year’s contract.  Identify who you want to have stay and who you want to go… go… go… Figure out the best ways to strategically showcase your business endeavors… Consider where you want to go on next season’s trip… Your spin off is doing much better than this shell of a show and Bravo has much to lose if they lose you.  I’m so sorry that sitting on a pink sparkly throne can be quite lonely.

Yolanda H. Foster

At this point, how many of us really care about what Yo has to say?  She has really lost me this year. I have a very bad bias against her at the moment and I fear it’s made me very cranky towards her. You have been warned.

Yo writes, “Hello Bravo lovers! Thank you so very much for all your great support for my Gigi. It has been heart warming to see you all rally and vote for her nomination to become the 2014 Sports Illustrated “Rookie of the Year.” Like I always say, it takes a village to raise a successful child so thank you to those of you wanting to be part of the village…I truly appreciate it.”

You’re lucky you have kids because that’s the only thing that’s making the sight of you palatable at all at the moment.

Yo writes, “So on to business. . . I sadly watched tonight’s show and there is nothing I can say that can make the picture that was painted OK.”

You’re right – it wasn’t okay.  Perhaps the next paragraph we read will contain a complete apology.

Yo writes, “Hearing the news about the death of Joyce’s father was heart breaking for me. Having lost my own father, I know it’s one of the most devastating losses to endure in life. We were all a little hesitant to go on the trip to PR, but Joyce was adamant to stick to the plan and felt her father would have wanted it that way. I personally would have pulled out and not traveled with a group of people I just met, but, to be fair, I do know that everyone deals with grief differently. So I respect her choice and tried to be a source of comfort the best I could.”

Nope…No apology.  Yo, you are acting like a complete jerk.  On one hand you say how heartbreaking it was to hear about Joyce’s loss – then you have the complete audacity and unmitigated gall to criticize her for going on with this trip?  You high and mighty little twerp, “I personally would have pulled out and not traveled with a group of people I just met…” blahditty blah blah blah… Oh yeah? I personally would not have wanted to sully the great island of Puerto Rico with the likes of you and the others!  Every word you write is bathed in subtle disdain for every choice Joyce makes.  You completely disrespected Joyce’s grief every step of the way – First by stirring up dissension in the group by initiating the original discussion with Lisa on the beach – and then by continuing to stir the pot of dissension at the dinner table in front of Joyce.   So is this you trying to be comforting to Joyce?  Ha!

Yo insists, “When I watch this episode, it seems like there was some master plan against Lisa going on, which is absolutely not what happened.”

How stupid do you think we viewers are, Yo?  And yes, I intentionally used the word, “stupid.”  This “stupid” viewer sees you for what you are. I am so disappointed in you.  You had so much positive potential – but you’ve shown yourself to be conniving, mean-spirited and voraciously vicious.

Yo writes, “I initiated a conversation with Lisa on the beach with the intent to discuss my personal issues regarding her not showing up for very important things in my life. I was very hurt and disappointed by that, so I needed to share that with her so that we could put things behind us. Unfortunately our conversation did not get that far. When Brandi and Kyle joined into the conversation it then made Lisa feel like we were attacking her — even though they were three unrelated issues.”

Are you freakin’ kidding me?  Lisa didn’t show up to paint little square canvases for your precious widdle adult daughter?  So for this – you’re sending Lisa to the guillotine?  Off with her head!  Lisa showed up to Gigi’s going away party… she showed up for your dinner party… What filming event hasn’t she shown up for, Yo?  What important events in your life has Lisa been invited to and not been able to attend?  How often did you show up to support Lisa during “Dancing with the Stars?”  How often did you even tweet your support for her during that process?  Oh, never?  Why is it that everyone else is supposed to stop and throw you and your family a parade whenever you sneeze and yet you don’t do the same for others?

Yo writes, “Looking back at the episode, it’s fair to say that I understand how it made her feel. But at the same I wished she had tried to stay and hear us out because the story could have ended right then and there.”

Yeah, it’s too bad Lisa left before you had the chance to completely draw and quarter her.  The story would not have ended right then and there – because you would not be satisfied unless blood was spilled.

Yo writes, “Ken defending Lisa is natural — I just felt it to be unfair for Ken to speak for Lisa. Ken always told Paul, Mauricio, and others not to get involved in the girls’ issues and now he is doing it himself. We, the girls, choose to be in this group and only we should take responsibility for our actions and the friendships between us.”

How else can a husband be expected to react when others are ganging up on his wife?  I don’t particularly like the way Ken reacted but I like THAT he reacted to defend his wife.  He does not have to defend his actions to you or any of your henchmen.  He is hypocritical on this issue, it’s true… but he kind of should be.  It’s better than being a hypocrite of the incredible size and stature that you have proven yourself to be.

Yo writes, “I felt really bad for Mauricio because the whole conversation with Lisa was never intended to be about him or the tabloid — but somehow it went there and he got hurt in the crossfire. The tabloid incident is 10 months old – it was cleared up. He was innocent and this should have never been talked about anymore.”

Yo, you ignorant gooberhead. Of course Mauricio was going to be crazily upset with everyone talking about the tabloids and by association of his alleged infidelities.  You guys even managed to cause Mauricio to get mad at Kyle for not being more supportive of him.  As my dad would say to you, Yo – You, Brandi and Kim are a piece of work.

Yo writes, “It’s hard to see everyone’s point-of-view but we must share for the sake of moving on. Kyle has a five-year relationship with Lisa with many unresolved issues. The magazine was only a small part of that. Brandi and Lisa were best friends way before I joined the group, which I don’t know anything about, but I did witness the overnight change in their friendship. I know Lisa saw the tabloid at Brandi’s house but I did not see her put the tabloid in the suitcase. . .”

You witnessed the “overnight change in their friendship.”  Awww… poor widdle Brandi didn’t get a phone call in a whole week… Waa waaa waaa.

Yo blogs, “This whole conversation has gone off topic for me personally. I can only speak for myself when I say that my issues with Lisa over the past year have nothing to do with anyone in this group. I thought Lisa was my friend, and I believe my friendships with women to be about sharing! Some of you speak about jealousy, but trust me it is not part of this equation at all. There is nothing that Lisa is or has that I want. I cheer for her successes and always compliment her greatness — but that does not mean that I don’t have an opinion.”

Yo you say, “there is nothing that Lisa is or has that I want.”  Talk about a putdown dressed in sheep’s clothing!  So there is no quality that Lisa has that you admire?  Your patronizing and superior attitude is reprehensible and your subtle digs are vile.  Give me Lisa’s obvious witty digs any day of the week over these haughty condescensions.   Yo continues to bloggity blog blog blog on… but really, do we care anymore about what she has to say?  I don’t… At least not at the moment.

Well – that’s it for this week.  I barely got through this week… Hope you guys came through it okay. Happy trails!


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132 Responses to Did Lisa Really Leave Puerto Rico? / Couples Therapy / Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Cast Blogs Blogged

  1. Powell says:

    Good afternoon everyone. I hope you’ve had a great weekend. I can’t wait to read the blog. Enjoy the rest of your day.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi Powellypooh! It’s rainy and cold here again. We welcome the rain. Yayyyyy! Thanks for the blogs Veena, Lulu and Stars.

      I thought I had Lready left a comment but I guess I forgot to post it.
      It seems like Lisa and Ken did change hotels and I don’t blame them.

      Lulu I do not watch CT, but thanks for blogging it. I feel sorry for Jon Gosselin,..he must hate that, that so many people feel sorry for him. But maybe there aren’t many of us,people who feel sorry for him.

      Stars, wow… I love your comments…this was one of my faves about Yolanda “every word you write is bathed in subtle disdain for every choice Joyce makes”. I think SHE THINKS her disses are subtle, but as Zoolander said to Hans….”they AREN’T” You get to the root of the matter and you really pointed out the contradictions with Yolanda. So many. You pointed out Her …how did you say…”haughty condescensions”. right on the money, stars.

  2. Powell says:

    MTH Aviva kick her pass with her own leg? I don’t know how you come up w/them. 😀

    • MelTheHound - Team T-Rex says:

      Heheheeee… Haven’t you ever wanted to rip that leg off and beat the hell out of her with it?

      • Just Wondering In Jersey says:

        Yes and then shove it down her throat 🙂

      • LaineyLainey says:

        No. I don’t generally want to beat people. I used to, but no more. However that was funny!!!! Visualizing “the” leg and seeing the leg trying to kick Aviva. Ok, so I don’t want to beat anyone, but I’m willing to watch.

  3. Lulu plus 3 says:

    Good morning everyone!!! Sorry had a busy crazy week! Will try not to be a stranger!

    A question to ponder.
    Jon Gosselin is broke
    Kate 1 is hell bent on million dollar judgement lawsuits???
    Jon is not allowed to tweet or talk about the children on social media.
    But Kate 1.0 is???

    Was Gretchen and Alexis fired? Sorry if this was discussed.

  4. Powell says:

    Well Lulu it doesn’t seem like we learned very much on this last epi of CT. I am confused about Jon saying Kate doesn’t let him speak to the kids when he’s said he has the kids certain days, he picks them up at the pickup/drop off spot and takes them to school when he has them.

    • luluplus3 says:

      Good morning Powell!!!! Couple’s therapy is two weeks? I’m sure Kate 1.0 is pissed! She is using the children to get at Jon. Which is sick and disgusting.

      • Mene Seela says:

        Jon does the exact same thing. He is just as much a POS as Kate is a raging hyena. They both use their kids for $ and fame then publicly humiliate the other parent.

  5. Powell says:

    Just watched WD. I think Darryl and Beth are going to start a relationship.

  6. MelTheHound - Team T-Rex says:

    Stars, I almost made it through… At least one further than last week.. I skipped the witch’s because she wasn’t even on the episode and as far as I am concerned, had nothing useful to say.

  7. HuskerHuny says:

    It’s Oscar Day! I’m going to stay in my jammies and start watching the pre-show in about 30 minutes.

    I’m currently watching the RHNY last season. I forgot how much I hated (and I don’t use that word lightly) Aviva. She’s a mess and so is Daddy George. I hope I can come to like Heather more this year. I was starting to see a better side of her right at the end of last season. Carole is just a bit too cool (or maybe I should say ‘mellow’) for me. Glad to know that Luann will only be a friend this year. Ramona and Sonja’s friendship is just so funny.

    Everyone is invited to my house for a bar-b-que today. It’s currently 3 degrees but the sun is shining bright! I will start the fire pit to keep all of us warm.

    Now off to the shower and my warm pj’s. Junk food is ready to go. Have a great day everyone!

    • Mene Seela says:

      I’m so jealous! Off to work I go. Don’t get BBQ sauce on your Oscar gown!

    • sparklemuffy says:

      Thank you Stars and Veena for bogs, I am up to date and I don’t even have to watch 🙂
      I love Oscar day– who are you liking for best actress? ( I am leaning for Cate B) — I think Sandra B might win, which is too bad— gravity was such a snooze-fest ZZZZzzzzzzz.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hahahaha! “Mellow” is a good word for her!

  8. mrs peabody says:

    Oh crap I just found out I’m 5 years older than Ken! I thought he was older than me all these BH years. I’ll be, isn’t that funny. LOL I’m older.

    • Anne says:

      Actually, I think Ken is older than you Mrs. P. Last season, when he had surgery,I think that Lisa said he was 16 years older than she is, which surprised me, because I thought he was closer to her age. Later, before the Paris trip, we saw Ken’s son, by his first marriage, who must be in his late forties and is married to one of Lisa’s friends. I think that Ken’s son is actually closer to Lisa’s age than Ken is….

      • Shiny says:

        I, too, freaked out a little at the idea Ken was younger than me, so thank you for the reminder about his married son and that earlier comment by Lisa about him being an older playboy when she met him. Still doesn’t excuse Kim calling him old etc, her outburst had me wondering what was wrong with her this time – but that turned out to be her friendship with Brandi muddling her brain this time.

  9. Veena (NMD) says:
    • Shiny says:


      • Her face looks a bit more round… she looks beautiful, but I wonder if she is eating 3 almonds instead of one. Mom will not be happy!

        • Kansas Girl says:

          I think she may be eating cake (gasp!) now that she’s not got Mom hovering over her.

          Where does that hand with the drink come from? It makes no sense to me.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          That’s what we call “apple cheeks”. I love her apple cheeks. Very cute when you’re little and distinctive when older. She’s a gorgeous girl.

        • Good lord, puhleeze do not mention this girl’s weight. Unless you’re commenting that she is skeletal and looks anorexic, maybe needs to put on 50 lbs. If Yolanda reads otherwise, she’ll lock her in a closet and feed her diluted lemon juice for six months.

      • Powell says:


  10. Veena (NMD) says:

    Would be fantastic to see this #fingerscrossed

  11. VV™ says:

    I coul’ve sworn I saw Bravo flash the name of the hotel in Puerto Rico and it read “El Conquistador”. Last week, Jill asked me the dates for the PR. I remember posting the pic of Lisa at the St. Regis and that’s when we discovered that Lisa had switched hotels and possibly stayed later. The link is below.


  12. Pghemtchick says:

    Great blogging!

    Stars, I don’t know how you do it. I made it down to Lisa’s by skipping Kim’s. lol. I’ll come back to the rest after some chocolate. As for Lisa saying Scheana would have stayed if she knew, I get it. Kinda.
    It’s a tit for tat mean girl move. Brandi “played” the Cedric card by taunting Lisa to go kiss etc so Lisa would have raised her with the “mistress” card to shit her up, ie having Scheana over in front of people and bringing up Eddie. I think Chess is the wrong game, they’re playing some card game. The Pokemon of housewives!

    • mrs peabody says:

      I thought she would have kept her because of her new show and the drama it could have produced for it, which I don’t blame her. And remember at that time she did not really know Brandi and thought her and Cedric were friends so of course she would have kept her there, who wouldn’t? I would have, turn around is fair play.

  13. Shiny says:

    Stars – wonderful annotations of the BH blogs. Makes them all readable.

    You had me at “Brandi, you are the weakest link.”

    I was solidly a Lisa fan even before this blog, and I was glad she wrote out the situation so clearly. It is heartbreaking that she is spending any time with those women, even for the money and exposure for her businesses: it can’t have been worth it this season. I’m glad for her that the reunion is done, and I hope she can drop the entire caboodle of them now.

  14. Hello everyone! Happy Sunday! It is already Spring? Is Spring coming soon? … Looking forward for beautiful Winter to go far away and does not come back in 20 years!!! Lol!

    Lulu, I have a question dear: “Jon-his words “Jon had to pretend everything was perfect” he goes apes$%&$ destroying everything. He feels he wasted his entire kate 1 years.”

    How many years? I love your recap on Couples therapy as always! Thank you!

    Happy Trails Starsy Girl! Thank you! I wait impatient for your Blogs Blogged! It makes my Sunday!!! ;D

  15. iceNfire says:

    Not under Lisa’s spell:

    Lisa claims that for Brandi’s sake she would change Scheana’s section so they would not meet. Nope, You don’t rearrange an entire section to accommodate a customer, you simply seat the customer in a different section.

    Lisa refuses to give the rag mags any credence whatsoever and refuses, “to entertain them or even buy them.” … But she saw them in her own home with Ken.

    Referring to the shared b-day party Lisa says “We had enjoyed planning the party together”
    …but we saw Lisa strike down Kyle’s ideas and in her talking head Kyle said she felt that Lisa wanted to organize the party with the shi shi shi guy and Not Kyle

    It has already been noted that Lisa brought Scheanna to Sur from VB b/c of the drama it would create with Brandi. It’s not lost on me that Lisa also brought Ariana to Sur for the drama it created with the other Sur employees.

    Lisa is smart no denying that but she can’t claim to have no knowledge of things that paint her as a manipulator. As far as Lisa being too busy for phone calls and memory issues. *pfft* She doesn’t cook at her restaurants, she has chefs in charge of inventory, ordering and schedules.. She doesn’t make drinks, again, she has bar managers for inventory, ordering, and schedules . She doesn’t seat or serve customers. She is not a hands on owner and if it wasn’t for VPR I doubt she would even go to Sur unless she was meeting friends.

    • mrs peabody says:

      My husband owns a business too (not a restaurant) and he has people who do a lot of the functions for him as does Lisa but he works harder than anyone I know at his business and puts in long hours each day and on Saturdays. So my point is I do believe Lisa is very busy with her restaurants and unimportant things like whether or not she ever heard Scheanna had an affair with some 2 bit actor who’s wife was named Brandi probably do not stick with her as do other unimportant thing. Sorry don’t mean to sound so rude but I believe her about Scheanna.

      • iceNfire says:

        Hi mrs peabody – You don’t sound rude at all. We have owned 3 different restaurants over the years, not big and grand like Sur or VB but small family types and we put in 13 hours a day. We also have friends that do own restaurants that basically run themselves. I think once a business reaches a high level of success the owner can just sit back

        • LaineyLainey says:

          Wow, that’s some real and valuable experience, Ice. Do you still own a restaurant now?

          • iceNfire says:

            Hell No! Though husband it still looking to buy one. Me, I want to own a parking lot so I can just stand there and take money 😛

            • Perhaps Brandi being a Bravolebrity is seated in the high profile section and thus they had to move the server. My point is there are a million additional details that we aren’t privvy to that have to do with production and other considerations that might give cause to actions not being within the standard of say a restaurant that is not featured in a reality show with servers and customers and friends of the owners who are featured in that show.

        • chismosa™ says:

          Ice I just read this and I’m LOLing away!

          My parents have a business of about 40 yrs that is always in Zagat, NY magazine, well-written of, and excellent high end clientele …..celebs and famous designers included. It’s been “successful” to the naked eye.

          My father can NEVER relax. Even to this day.

          Can’t trust anyone …..

    • MelTheHound - Team T-Rex says:

      I doubt she even cooks in her own home.. Never really liked her. Too Uppity nose stuck in the air for my liking.. I am a little surprised she would let the pea sized brain trust get the better of her though, IF, that is in fact what happened.

      • nyc mama says:

        Mel, they have shown her cooking in her home several times and even had her attempt at giving the Hoof a cooking lesson. Who can forget when she anti-bacterial soaped the chicken.

        The restaurant industry in LA is very competitive and if you don’t stay on your game then someone else is going to come in and take over. Besides her restaurants she also is a partner in a skin care line (Epione), was developing her sangria line that Pandy and Jason are promoting and it seems she has her hands in a few charities as well as supporting animal and gay rights. Sounds like she is busier than most to me.

    • Cartwheels says:

      Lisa is the queen of double talk, when she gets caught in a lie she quickly resorts to the lack of memory due to her busy schedule, she tells every one of them to “sort it out” at the most inappropriate moments but that is not stirring the pot, it is being a peacemaker, now if somebody wants to sort something out with her, it is never the right moment or the right place.
      Lisa tells everybody to “let it go, it is not worth it” when the gossip is about them, their marriage or their reputation, but when the gossip is about her the word “slander” quickly comes out of her TL. She calls Mauricio an opportunist and that is not an slam that she ever needs to apologize for, because who cares whose feelings are hurt, as long as her feelings are to hurt then it is okay. If more than one person confronts her, then is a gang up and they are crucifying her, but when the dream team (Brandi, Yolanda and Lisa) worked as a team and went after Adrienne, Kyle and Joyce with a prep landed strategy then it is not a gang up, it is just being real.
      Lisa is the queen of the double talk but at heart she is a liar and a hypocrite , just like the rest of them. They all lie and they strategize, they all have their own hidden agenda, but if Lisa could have spared me of her dramatic speech about how when you are in reality tv you allow the viewers to scrutinize you and how you are not allowed to have secrets and that you need to be 100% real then I would be more sympathetic to her, but so far all I have seen Lisa is roll in the mud with the members of her ex-team but then try to act like she has clean hands.
      IMO that makes her a liar and a hypocrite, now that is her turn in the hot seat and she obviously got caught strategizing with Brandi to bring up again the allegations, her defense is to act like she lost memory, that she never saw those magazines, but she never calls out Brandi a liar to her face, instead she tells her that she loves her and that she had her back, really? The person who just told everybody that you planned to further embarrassed your so called friend, yet Lisa never once called Brandi a liar to her face, if anybody was called a liar it was Lisa by Brandi, sitting at the table when Lisa said she never saw the magazines at Brandi’s house, Brandi clearly said “that is a lie”
      I figured that Lisa would turn to face Brandi and let her know without a shadow of a doubt that she was lying but instead she stood up and she left, with tears and sobs because they are “so mean” , they were so mean?
      Your best friend of the moment Brandi was evil to Joyce and never once did Joyce left, she confronted Brandi time and time again and her story never changed, even when the dream team tried to bullied her into submission she stood her ground, I believe what Joyce said, when you are telling the truth you are vehement about it and not wispy washy like Lisa was.
      Compare that to Lisa’s reaction when the fake bankruptcy issue was brought up, Lisa was relentless, here her friend just made up a lie about her (if you believe Lisa , I don’t) and her reaction hours later is to hug the liar, tells her she loves her and to remember she had her back?
      I am sorry but that is not the reaction of a person who has been maligned with a terrible lie, that has been maligned with a lie, that is the reaction of a person with a guilty conscience who is trying to appease and reassure her attack dog and trying to get back on good graces with her.

      • mrs peabody says:

        Maybe during PR she was a little in shock that Brandi who she thought was her friend was saying this about her. She was probably was in disbelief that this was happening but by the time the bankruptcy came out she wasn’t anymore. Sometimes when things happen to me I don’t always process at first and by the time I really see what has happened everyone is long gone when I figure out what I should have done or said. Could be what happened here.

        • Cartwheels says:

          Hours have passed between the moment that Brandi told Kim and Kyle about the magazines and the dinner time, hours for Lisa to recover from any initial shock and confront Brandi head on, no need to be loud of rude, a simple “why are you doing this Brandi? You know you are lying , I never touched those magazines, let alone put them in your luggage, you know this is a lie that you are making up, everybody else might believe you but you and I know the truth” and then walk away if needed be, but Lisa never, not once called Brandi a liar to her face, she said it when Brandi was not around, but never to Brandi’s face. Brandi on the other hand got to tell Lisa to her face that she was lying when she said she never saw the magazines in her house and what was Lisa’s reply? Not a word.
          Lisa telling Brandi that she loved her and that she always had her back was completely weird and not coherent with Lisa’s reaction when somebody tells a lie about her at all.
          Lisa leaving PR IMO was not only to play the victim and flip the scrip but also because she knows Brandi has diarrhea of the mouth and could possibly reveal more shenanigans that these two have pulled together against other cast mates

          • iceNfire says:

            Lisa also lied on the bus when she denied that Scheanna attended DWTS but Ken countered with ‘yes, she was’ … I’m so happy Brandi wasn’t drinking & I’m happy to not be the only one here that has jumped from the LoveLisa train …Yes, MTH, I know
            #TeamNoneOfThem 😛

      • kit9 says:

        Excellent post, Carwheels. I have picked apart Lisa’s bs and lies in the last episode and will post it tomorrow. But, after reading her blog, there’s so much more to add because she’s just so completely fos. Good catch about Ken and the mags, Ice. And, lol at Lisa’s duties at SUR. The only hands on thing we have ever seen Lisa do in the day to day operation of her restaurants is tending to the flowers. And, tidying up the bar area

        Her blog is full of so much complete bs, I don’t know where to start. She refers to her denial as vehement? ROFL. Her denial was the exact opposite of vehement. It was SO WEAK.

        • iceNfire says:

          Hi Kit9 – I hope you see this before you post tomorrow:
          Lisa also probably has two dining room managers, one for lunch and one for dinner that oversees the hostesses and reservations and the servers and customers. There may also be a general manager that oversees everything and reports to Lisa and her co-owner WhatsHisName

      • Constance says:

        It is great to see differing opinions on this blog this year. Wish there was more diversity on the front page

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Your comment made me hungry AND thirsty. But aside from that, I love hearing the differing opinions. I,in general, don’t question things that are presented to me until recently (this board, maybe?). Is that “question things” mentality something one is born with? That’s probably more of a philosophical question. It’s the teacher in me, I think. I see that in a few of my students every year…and remember they range in age from 2 yrs to 5 y.o. I like it.

  16. Stars, I love your blog blogs so much more than just reading what the HWs have to say. Brandi and the weakest link reference – omg! Can you imagine Anne Robinson hosting the HWs’ reunions? 😀
    Thanks for all your hard work.

  17. Starsy_ I have not finished reading your Blogs blogged BUT I have something to point out:

    Ken Todd -Vanderpump (lol) was born July 21, 1947, there is another Ken Todd Born on August 23, 1957 but it is not him. It seems it is a Soccer football player. Lisa wrote that Ken’s Birthday was July 21 while Yolanda (mistaken by the other Ken Todd in Wikipedia) said that the dinner birthday for Morriz and Ken was not in anyone’s B-day.

    Laffin’ my a## off!

    • VV™ says:

      Oh, Sra Cusi, I didn’t see your post about Ken’s DOB.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Evidently, I am wrong… I’m sorry… I looked at several different sources to attempt to get at Ken’s real age… There were several sources both from the UK and the US that showed pictures of Ken next to the description of the soccer player. So glad I took the hour plus to try to sort through all of the information from all of the sites.

    • mrs peabody says:

      oh good then he is older than me! lol

  18. Veena (NMD) says:

    Asa looks amazing

    • LaineyLainey says:

      My mom used to look like that.

    • Powell says:

      Very pretty. As a is really the best dressed, makeup and hair out of althe Shahs ladies IMO. She’s had some misses but she mostly knows what looks good on her body and how not to over do it. Lily looks nice but she’s over the top w/her hair and too much makeup and sometimes the dresses are too much. MJ rarely looks good cuz she refuses to dress for her size. GG is half and half. Sometimes she looks good but sometimes she doesn’t put any effort into it.

      • chismosa™ says:

        I think Asa doesn’t dress well for her figure. She should stick to empire cuts or flared skirts.

        Gigi knows her figure the best of those 3

  19. VV™ says:

    Thanks for the great blog! We see it the same for the most part.
    One thing I want to bring up is Ken’s age. He was 37 and Lisa 21 when they married. There is a 16 year difference. Ken was either born on 1945 or 1946. I think you’re referring to another Ken Todd that is a football player.

  20. Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

    Okay.. okay… I’m WRONG! I’M WRONG!! Off with my head! Please forgive this grievous oversight. So glad I worked so hard on this post… I’m feeling just so awesome about it.

  21. Veena (NMD) says:

    Reading my husbands travel notes- he has all the short cuts written down for me for the Alps hike (ie Veena takes a bus – Veena takes a Gondola)

  22. Kansas Girl says:

    Wait, Carlton was uninvited at Mohammed’s by Joyce and Kyle both? When Carlton and Kyle couldn’t bear to sit next to each other, much less speak to each other? What???

  23. ladebra says:

    Great blog Starzy! Love love to read your POV. Always entertaining, and so much better than slogging through the blogs over at Bravo.

  24. Orson says:

    Starzy wrote: “Heck, I heard Lisa was the one who introduced Eddie to LeAnn in the first place… (Kidding… just kidding… That part was added just for its complete ridiculousness). Since this information came from such a “credible” source, ?”
    Ahem, what do you mean by calling ME a “credible” source? Besides, I’m in the clear. I didn’t reveal that secret information until a couple of days ago. Besides, Brandi fired off her “truth cannon” way before then in PR.

    Other than that, you wrote a great blog recap. You deserve a promotion. Maybe Stars101?

  25. azgirl2345 says:

    Good afternoon Lynn’s Fam! Oscar Night! So exciting. Mr. AZGirl and I have been busy catching up on the Best Picture films. There are so many nominated now. My pick is Dallas Buyer’s Club but…12 Years a Slave is also very powerful.

    I do have my favorites. Jared Leto was amazing. I also loved the actress who played Bruce Dern’s wife in Nebraska. She was so hilarious.

    This year’s BH season has brought out a lot of controversy. Between Brandi being…ummmm Brandi, Yolanda’s true self being revealed, I am actually looking forward to the reunion. My only wish is that Kim has a muzzle because she is not with us here once again.
    As for Lisa and Ken leaving the hotel property for another better resort. Good for them. Lisa and Ken work hard and have no need to stay anywhere they don’t want to. They probably paid for their room and good for them. Hell if I had the money I would get as far away from those crazy women too.

    • Powell says:

      I haven’t seen any of the films but am looking forward to the Oscars.

      Kim. Kim’s just trying to make up for lost time since she was mostly missing in action, even when she attended trips and events. She thinks she’s clear headed and can voice her opinions when really she should shut up and be a bystander to it all. She cracked me up parroting to Mo what Brandi said about the rag mags. I don’t blame Mo for being upset and confused as to the truth but Kim and Kyle should be ashamed because they know how Brandi lies.

      Lisa and Ken should’ve packed their bags and moved to the other side of the island when Lisa told Ken how mean the ladies were on the beach. The hell w/the dinner. Plus no matter what Lisa said when they were on the bus Brandi and the rest believed what they wanted to believe. Besides so what if Lisa knew Scheana had an affair w/Eddie before she met Brandi? The only thing I fault Lisa w/was constantly bringing Brandi and Scheana together to “talk”. That was stupid and crazy.

  26. R to the E to the B to the E to the C to the C to the A says:

    I have to point out one HUGE point….

    Brandi Glanville had no name of her own before this show. NONE. Nobody knew her as anything but the wife that the cute Cuban guy from CSI Miami cheated on with Leann Rimes. That’s it. If Lisa was told the Sheanna had an affair with Eddie while he was still married while vetting VPR, nobody would think of Brandi’s name. Nobody would have put that together, much less an extremely busy professional woman, wife, mother.

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

      When they were putting together the cast for VPR Lisa was filming Beverly Hills with Brandi so she would know who Brandi is.

    • Orson says:

      Lisa owns 2 restaurants and has a combined staff of 150 employees. Obviously, there’s some sort of hierarchy in place to run it. I can’t believe someone in Lisa’s position would care, let alone hear, about a waitress’s sexual history. Even when a hiring decision is made. Not that I think Lisa would do the vetting; I presume that’s what managers do and LIsa would go along with her manager’s decisions.

      • Jill...no not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

        Lisa hired Scheana for VPR-after she already knew Brandi so there is a connection-Scheana knew lisa was working with Brandi on BH -there is no way that the producers of VPR did not know Scheana had an affair with Eddie Cibrian -Scheana was in the magazines and on countless entertainment shows-it’ was a well known fact that she was with Eddie-it was not a secret.

        • R to the E to the B to the E to the C to the C to the A says:

          She hired Sheanna long before VPR.

          • MelTheHound says:

            Scheana, according to Lisa, as of the opening, had been working for Lisa for 2 years. 2 years prior to Brandi even being on the show. She said she wasn’t going to fire a good employee, just because of Brandi but would try to keep them separate, and sent Scheana home for the night after Brandi told Lisa who she was…

    • mrs peabody says:

      Agree, Brandi was a nobody then as now!

  27. toodybird says:

    Stars99. Great piece you wrote.

  28. toodybird says:

    Vena and Lulu are also awesome.

  29. Powell says:

    Ok BB. We’re expected to get 4-9 inches from midnight to 6pm tomorrow. My county has already closed schools. Can I cry now ;( ;( ;(

    • Just Wondering In Jersey says:

      Powell they reducce ours from 12-18 to 4-6 and now its 3-5. Yea!!!

      You may sob if it helps cuz I know how you feel.

      • Powell says:

        JWIJ I know my NY, NJ LynnFam know what I’m going thru. I can’t wait for the Summer. It feels like it’s been winter for 18 mths. I’m so thru sista. 😀

        • nyc mama says:

          I am working hard on not killing someone Powell. I understand!!!!

          Thankfully they changed their predictions here and downgraded the level of snow. But I am still not pleased, and then the temps are going drop…again. Shoot me.

    • ramonacoaster says:

      I was just in a room full of people that are so sick of this weather. When someone announced there would be more snow, everyone grunted and groaned.

    • Pghemtchick says:

      Hand in there Powell! Spring is on the way. I think your getting ours 😦 the north wind came in early and shifter our expected 8-12 south. 😦 I was doomsday prepped! Now the weathermen are apologizing. Better to be forewarned IMO

    • SJNYC says:

      The snow is a bust in NYC. I have been to Antarctica twice and it was warmer there than most of the winter here. Also heading to Arctic circle in July it will probably be a balmy 30-40ish – bring it on!

  30. Powell says:

    Stars Kim is right. She hasn’t been on vaca in yrs. Her vessel called a body w/2 legs & feet, 2 arms & hands and a head went to Paris, Colorado, etc etc but Kim wasn’t there.

  31. Powell says:

    So Lisa didn’t come to Yo’s finger painting and Brandi did get her morning phone calls from Lisa. Well give Lisa her last cigarette, blindfold her and stand her before a firing squad. 5th graders are so much better.

  32. iceNfire says:

    Set your dvr’s! Someone in one of the fb groups mentioned that Bravo will be airing Season 1 of RHoNY (2008) beginning at 6 a.m. tomorrow

  33. ladebra says:


  34. Cartwheels says:

    Thanks IcenFire, I am watching RHNY season 1 now that I am snowed in and don’t have to work, this is the franchise that I fell in love with, never liked OC too much but I loved ny since the get go. I loved Jill and now I get to see her with different eyes, what a difference does it make.

  35. keeponrockingme says:

    Stars99, you wrote an amazing recap of those blogs, bravo! (no pun intended)

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Yes!! I agree!! I loved the comments to Yo. How she (yo) out of one side says sorry for your (Joyce’s) loss and then goes on to not very subtly criticize Joyce for remaining on the show/making the trip to PR. She was implying some not so nice things and Starzy let her have it! Go Starzy, go Starzy, tell it like it is, tell it like it is…

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