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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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Note:  I know there are a lot of housewives who rarely, if ever, write a blog that’s posted on Bravo.  However, Brandi and Yo have been pretty consistent in writing blogs.  That being said, I find the absence of a blog from both Brandi and Yolanda this particular week to be quite revealing.  Lisa received a lot of flak for leaving the dinner from you-know-where in Puerto Rico after yet again being accused of Tabloid-Gate™®© which may or may not have ever even happened.  And yet it seems that Brandi and Yolanda have no problem ducking out of their responsibility to write a blog for us this week.  It seems to me like they just couldn’t stand the heat – So they got out of the kitchen.  Perhaps it was a KFC kitchen because personally, I think KFC is missing a couple of their chickens this week… Baaaaalk…balk balk balk… baaaaaalk!  (Did you flap your wings when you read that?  I sincerely hope so… lol…)

Brandi Glanville

Sorry guys, Brandi’s just too busy auditioning actresses to play Lisa’s part in the upcoming movie, “How to Dethrone a Pink, Sparkly Queen in Three Easy Steps” to bother to write a blog for us this week.  Baaaaalk…balk balk balk… baaaaaalk!

Carlton Gebbia

Carlton starts, “Back to Puerto Rico… Kyle seems so hell bent on an apology from Lisa — for what? Is she seriously demanding this huge, blown-out-of-proportion apology from Lisa for allegedly saying “take the tabloid” regarding Kyle’s husbands alleged affair? Really, are you joking? Did you also demand that same apology from Brandi too? Just curious? Good God, give it a bloody rest.”

Carlton continues to crack me up in her crazily transparent animosity towards Kyle.  If Tabloid-Gate™®©DID happen, for what crime is Brandi supposed to apologize to Kyle?  Is it for buying and having tabloid magazines in her possession?  If so, my hairdresser will be sharing a cell with Teresa Giudice.  Is it for standing up to Lisa about not taking the magazines on the trip to Palm Springs/Desert?  Umm… isn’t that a good thing?  Is it for telling Kyle and the world about what allegedly happened?  Brandi would be guilty of being a tattletale – So perhaps she should go to bed without supper.

However, if Tabloid-Gate™®© DID NOT happen, then it is another confirmation that Brandi is a lying liar who lies and therefore should be sentenced to death by truth cannon.

If Tabloid-Gate™®© did happen, perhaps Lisa would need to explain to Kyle why she did it and to apologize for not only the actions but also for lying about them.  Lisa is many things, but I don’t think she is out to hurt anyone.  Sure, her dry witty comebacks can sting if you’re on the receiving end – but I guess I just don’t see her intent as ever to hurt someone.  Now, if you go against her over and over again – She is not going to go out of her way to be nice to you.  Oh sure, she will be cordial in public, perfectly silent when other people launch arrows at whomever has crossed her, and completely dismissive of the person’s relevance or importance in her royal life.

Carlton writes, “I was at Brandi’s house on the day that Lisa and I drove down to Palm Desert together, and I was waiting outside with Yolanda and Brandi. Lisa was late, but when she arrived she came up and told Brandi to say goodbye to her dogs because Brandi was mad at them and literally was in and out in seconds. Never did I see a magazine. Then we left. Lisa and I drove together for two hours down to Palm Desert, never discussing the tabloid drama. With all due respect to Brandi, never did I see or hear about a tabloid from Lisa that day at her house. I honestly don’t know what else to say. For this stupid crap to end beautiful friendships is beyond ridiculous.”

Carlton hasn’t done much this season to make herself likeable or to make me want to listen to anything she has to say.  Yet, I do have to admit that Carlton does seem to tell the truth – At least her version of “truth” – No matter how screwed up that version seems to be to the rest of us.  As I write this, I’m laughing at myself because I could have easily written that exact same thing about Brandi last season – Which is actually quite ironic.  That being said, and I could be wrong, but I honestly believe Carlton’s version of the story.  Plus, I have to really give it to Carlton because remember up to this point that Brandi was Carlton’s “bestie” on the show – And yet Carlton had the guts to stand up for what she believes is the truth even when it meant going against her “bestie.” That really goes a long way in my book.  Now, if Carlton could just quit leering at Brandi, it would make things way more palatable to me… lol.

Carlton then goes after her second obvious target and chastises Joyce about when Joyce said in her talking head interview at the time that Lisa “looked childish and guilty.”  In her recent blogs, Joyce has written that she would have had a very different perspective about things if she had known then what she knows now.  Of course, blogs are written months after filming took place and after seeing the shows air.  Even though Carlton reads everyone else’s blogs (In her own blog, Carlton has responded to comments made in someone else’s blog so at least as of last week, she knew of Joyce’s change of perspective) but Carlton still chooses to throw stones at Joyce.  I just don’t get it.  She pummels Joyce for not “speaking up on Lisa’s behalf” during the dinner.   I wonder how this is all suddenly Joyce’s fault? Lol.

Regarding Michael and Mauricio’s golfing together – Carlton seems to think they are angling for a “spinoff.”  Okay, now don’t kill me… but I am one of the four people who watched, “Househusbands of Hollywood” and I found it to be mildly entertaining (  I’m trying to think of which househusbands from any of the “Real Housewife” franchises that would be compelling enough to watch in a spinoff.  I’m a little stumped…lol.  I still think that whoever had the idea of using a “Survivor” format for the housewives was a genius… I’d watch that in a heartbeat.  After telling Mauricio to “grow a set” and to “move on” regarding Tabloid-Gate™®©, Carlton continues on talking about the subject…lol.

Carlton blogs, “Wow, so Kyle thinks by Lisa and Ken leaving that it confirms her pathetic attack. You should be ashamed! Who on earth would want you as a friend when you are so quick to orchestrate an attack, then act so shocked by their departure?”

I was just talking about this whole “fight or flight” tendency the other day.  I had a talk with a psychologist friend who told me that people fall into one of the two categories, “fight” or “flight.”  After thinking about it, I told her that I thought I was a little of both categories.  We got into a little bit of a kerfluffle because she seemed to feel you are predominately one or the other.  I told her why I came to my conclusion and provided examples from my life.  When that didn’t suffice, I walked away from this particular discussion thus demonstrating that my conclusion was indeed, accurate…lol… In my opinion, it is absolutely immaterial if someone is a “fight” or “flight” person as it relates to telling the truth in a volatile situation like this.  Extracting yourself when you’re feeling attacked does not demonstrate deception – it just demonstrates the immediate consequences when a personal boundary is crossed in an unhealthy manner.

Carlton continues, ‘Kim. . .It makes me so sad, because I do like her. But to watch her say those things about both Ken and Lisa is difficult for me to hear. I obviously don’t know their personal history, but I know her grievances could have been handled much better.”

This is the understatement of the year.

Carlton writes, “Sorry but this was truly a sad moment for me. . .Lisa had called me from Puerto Rico devastated. I saw her when she got back but what is obviously seen and subsequently told by Lisa is awful. There is nothing else I can add to that. She was distraught and shaken and truly never saw this coming. I cynically think its interesting that I was uninvited, maybe a ploy. Sharks in a bloodied waters, It made my heart hurt for her.”

It’s hysterical that Carlton is stirring the conspiracy theory pot – That this was all a plot to bring down Queen Lisa.  I don’t think Brandi or Kim are smart enough to mastermind such a plot; Kyle may be smart enough but I really just think she wants to be friends with Lisa… but then there’s Yo.  Oh Yo, my perspectives about you have dramatically changed – They go up and then they go down.  I will heretofore call you, “YoYo.”

After talking very briefly about the rest of the episode, Carlton concludes, “At the end of the day, all I truly know and can count on is my amazing gorgeous husband and my three incredible magical children, plus our furballs. That’s all that matters to me emotionally and spiritually when I close my eyes and go to sleep.”

Sleep well, Carlton!

Joyce Giraud de Ohoven

Joyce starts her blog by encouraging us to support the “Queen of the Universe” charity event she’s having on March 16 at the Saban theater in Beverly Hills.  Tickets are available on  (The tickets range from approximately $52 to $84… and there are a lot of seats left… This is probably not a good thing…)…

Then Joyce blogs, “Both my husband and I felt horrible when we watched this week’s episode because we didn’t know Lisa and Ken had already given an answer on the beach regarding Brandi’s accusations about the tabloids. Back then, I thought Lisa should at least give an answer. Personally I’ve always thought it’s best to address problems instead of walking away. This is something I spoke about with Lisa when we got back to LA.”

Well, at least Joyce talked to Lisa directly the moment she got the chance instead of behind her back.

Joyce writes, “Now that I’ve seen the episode, now that I know exactly what transpired at the beach, and now that I’ve seen the ganging up; I can fully understand why Lisa and Ken didn’t want to address the same conversation all over again at dinner — and why they decided to leave. If I was in their position, I probably would have left also. I called Lisa and Ken to make sure they were OK after the dinner fiasco, but it wasn’t until later when we were all back in LA that I was fully able to understand everything that happened.”

Yeah, how many of us have gotten bitten in the dupa when we jumped to conclusions without having all the facts of a situation?  It’s a wonder we have any meat left on our collective dupas at all…lol!  Joyce then apologizes for, “being so MIA in all these episodes.”  I dunno, it sounds like she prioritized the needs of her dying father over being on a reality show.  There is no apology necessary – And in fact, it would be very disturbing if Bravo used this as a reason not to include her on next season’s cast.

Joyce blogs, “I LOVE THAT YOU COULD ALL SEE A LITTLE PIECE OF MY LINDO, PUERTO RICO! And I love hearing lots of you are planning to go visit my island.”

Joyce’s enthusiasm for her “island” is simply infectious.  How many of us are now actually thinking about visiting Puerto Rico?  It has really moved up on the list of places I’d like to visit.  Especially when they showed that iguana… I’m with Kim – I LOVED that iguana.  My brother had a pet iguana named, “Harvey” when we were growing up – because my dad was allergic to fur.  Harvey was over 3 ½ feet long when my bro went into the Navy…lol.  It was fun hand-feeding Harvey lettuce, banana and grapes.  But I digress…  That scene just brought up some great memories…lol.

Joyce continues, “Kimberly and Gigi were leaving home and I know how hard that must have been for their mothers, especially for Kim as we talked and cried about it on multiple occasions. My boys are still very young and I can’t imagine how hard it must be to have your children move out. Now that I am a mother, I appreciate my mother even more. It must have been so hard for her when I packed my two bags and decided to take a leap of faith and moved to LA to pursue my dream.”

I wonder what that “dream” of Joyce’s was…  Was it to act?  To become famous?  To marry a rich guy?  To be an irritating pebble in Brandi’s shoe?  If so, Joyce has fulfilled all of her dreams, no?…

Joyce concludes, “When my husband and I finally got back from Puerto Rico, we went to the Beverly Hills 100th anniversary party, which you will all see next week. To sum it up, all I can say is that these past episodes have been very difficult to watch. Between reliving the pain and seeing how unfair things were, trust me, my opinions have changed.”

Well, stick around long enough, and your opinions probably will continually change… Mine sure do…

Kim Richards

Kim starts her blog off by telling us that none of them felt great about the dinner in Puerto Rico.  Kim blogs,“I myself felt very bad about the confrontation between Ken and I. I like Ken. I know he was protecting his wife, and I was protecting my sister! Either way, I owed him an apology — in person, which he has gotten on more than one occasion.”

Kim you were lashing out because you have felt that Lisa and Ken have been very dismissive of you.  You don’t even register on their radar so you decided you needed to yell loud enough for them to hear you.  Since you seem to relate to animals better than to humans – You remind me of a cross between an annoying Magpie bird that swoops down into a situation and shoots off its mouth just to be heard and a rabid dog with a bone that he continues to pick at long after it’s already been picked clean.  This whole thing about Lisa not attending your daughter’s graduation party is just so annoying.  Pick a different bone, Maggie!

Kim blogs, “The girls and decided to decided put all the negative behind us and not talk about it anymore! Joyce had invited us there to have fun — and that’s what we were all going to do! It was like there was a huge energy shift! From playing with street-side reptiles to climbing into fountains! This is something I have always wanted to do!!! Check off my list of things to do in life! Haha. The day was just full of FUN! Just the way to finish off our trip!”

I find Kim’s use of “The girls” to be hilarious – Because she doesn’t include herself in the group, otherwise she would have said, “We decided,” right?  In addition, “the girls” didn’t actually decide anything… As a matter of fact, it was the Royal YoYo who decreed there shall be no more talk of Lisa for the day… Okay, who died and left YoYo Queen?  Oh, wait…that’s right… I remember – The peasants chopped off the Pink Sparkly Queen’s head the night before.  Queen YoYo was absolutely giddy at being the only remaining royalty on the trip.  She thinks they were successful at dethroning Lisa… Think again, Yoyo.  A fun fact that I learned this week was that France used the guillotine as recently as 1977.  Does that surprise you?  It did me… But then again I’m also watching, “Reign” on the CW and they are talking a lot about the use of the guillotine ( By the way, if you’re not a history purist, you might want to catch up on this show… I have found it to be very interesting and compelling to watch… although a couple of the storylines are a tad farfetched.  It’s a nice respite from the “Real Housewives” nonsense.

Kim writes, “I just love Brandi’s mom and dad. Seeing her Brandi give them their new car was so awesome and made feel so happy! What a great daughter!”

Really, Kim, really?  Brandi is a great daughter?  Right… Wasn’t it Brandi who revealed her dad’s previous drug involvement just to sell books?  Brandi evidently embarrasses her parents so much with her antics that her dad stopped speaking to her for a while over a fashion choice.  It wasn’t so long ago that this “great daughter” complained to the world that she didn’t have insurance and couldn’t afford to get the medical attention she needed when she allegedly broke her arm… Although miraculously, only a few weeks later she is shockingly able to afford to buy her mom a car.  Poor, poor, Brandi.  Puhleeze.  Don’t get me wrong – I think it’s awesome she bought her mom a car.  I just think Brandi was disingenuous to attempt to pull at viewer’s heartstrings by boohooing about not being able to afford medical care for herself.  Then the fact that she turns around and buys a car for her mom is just flabbergasting to me.  Unless of course she didn’t buy it at all – or maybe she bought it at a highly discounted price for some reason… Like perhaps because it would be displayed on a reality show on national TV… A 30 second spot on this show probably costs more than that…

Kim blogs about her only actual storyline of the season – Kimberly, her bouncing baby high school graduate and future collegian… “Well the time arrived. The day was here and John and I were taking Kimberly off to  college! I wish I could tell you all the things that went through my mind the day before and that morning. Everything she touched was now became a very special something! I was so excited! Yet so emotional! These were just the moments where I knew she wasn’t ever going to live at home again! WOW! The realization! Ohmygosh! I was SO happy for her! She was going to start a new life at the beach and get an amazing education! I knew she was nervous. . . I was too! But I also knew this little butterfly was ready to use those beautiful wings and fly!”

I gotta say that it was great that Kim and Kimberly’s father are able to get along well enough to make the 2-3 hour drive to San Diego together – Not to mention the long drive back without Kimberly in the truck.  Kim goes on to talk about how proud they are of Kimberly… and how Kimberly knows she is only a phone call away and that Kim would be there for her “in a heartbeat.”  It’s pretty kewl to know your mom is your biggest cheerleader.  Some people aren’t so lucky.  I did think it was quite sad how Kimberly worried about not being around her mom so that she could “watch out for her.”  I think Kimberly has been taking care of her “mommy” for a long time.

Kim writes, “This was hard for me to watch! I miss Kimberly a lot. I know I am fortunate that I get to see her often, but it never seems like enough! Saying goodbye is the hardest thing ever — each time! I treasure each moment I have with each of my children! I always will! I have been blessed and I am grateful! Watching Yolanda with Gigi, I couldn’t stop crying! What a beautiful girl! I know how proud Yolanda is! It is tough to let go — but it’s part of life! Our babies are growing up! Soon I will be sitting with Kyle while she is going through this with Alexia! I know she is scared! No need! I am here to help her go through this! My daughter Brooke is getting married this year — another big event in my life! My children and I are very close today and for that I most grateful!”

I’m thankful that Kim was able to sober up so she could really enjoy her daughter’s last couple of years at home.  It seems like Kim is grieving over lost years and seasons of time – because so much of it is just missing from her experience.  While that’s completely understandable, I hope she doesn’t keep beating herself up over those lost years – But instead makes the most of every single moment she has with her kids – but in a healthy, boundary appropriate way.

Kyle Richards

Kyle starts her blog by stating she was hoping that she would have been able to talk to Lisa privately the day after the dinner from you know where…  Evidently, Kyle still has many unanswered questions.  Good luck with that…

Kyle blogs, “Lisa kept saying she hadn’t seen the tabloids, but she brought them up way back before the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce party. Why didn’t Lisa go to Brandi in Puerto Rico and confront her if Brandi was lying? And why did Lisa go up to Brandi at the dinner and say “I love you”? If someone had said that I did or said something that I did NOT do, I would have confronted them and certainly not said “I love you.” The Lisa I know would not tolerate someone making up a story about her. Obviously, I know Lisa better than Brandi so I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt.”

OMG Kyle… I have not read the stories in the tabloids… I have not actually seen the magazines themselves – but I’m fully aware of the rumors swirling around about Mauricio’s infidelities.  Lisa is being asked about the allegations whenever she makes public appearances – Of course she knew about their existence – but it doesn’t mean she actually picked up the magazine(s) and read the article(s). It did seem like an odd time for Lisa to tell Brandi that she loved her – but again, there is probably a perfectly reasonable explanation. Many people on this blog had some really interesting ideas about that… In addition to those theories, I think part of it could also be that Lisa is always aware of the reality show that’s being filmed.  Lisa must know that Brandi is fighting for her life to remain on it and as a result Brandi may have needed to do some not so nice things.  While Lisa doesn’t seem to be all that personally intuitive in some areas – she is pretty business savvy.  Kyle says a couple things about Michael and Mauricio’s golf date and reiterated that Puerto Rico and San Juan were beautiful.

Kyle blogs, “Back in LA, Yolanda and Kim prepared to send their daughters off to college. It is SO emotional for me to watch this. It’s my turn to go through this with our daughter Alexia in five months, and I cry just thinking about it. This afternoon I watched the episode with Alexia and she said ‘Mom, please fast forward. It’s too hard for me to see this and I don’t want to cry right now!’”

I can see the, “Empty Nest Dream Team” forming already… YoYo’s dinner Place cards will have pictures of little nests with little birds flying out of them.

Kyle writes, “We laughed out loud watching Portia and Sophia get their ears pierced. What you didn’t see was that this took two-and-a-half hours of negotiating with them. They begged for it, and then acted like I dragged them there to torture them. Poor Sophia! She is terrified of needles just like me.”

It’s understandable that Portia would be a little freaked out… but I’ve got to say that Sophia’s reaction really surprised me.  She completely freaked out… There is absolutely no doubt that Sophia is totally Kyle’s daughter because Kyle has the tendency to freak out, too.  However, the best part about that whole scene was when Kennedy (Taylor’s daughter) was holding Portia’s hands and soothing her as Portia was getting her ears pierced.  I thought that was priceless!

Kyle concludes, “Next week is our season finale, and I will be happy to move forward from this year. I am looking forward to friendships being repaired so that we can all have fun again and enjoy the things in life that really matter.”

Oh Kyle, your relationship with Lisa will never be restored to what it was before all these stupid, petty storylines came to fruition.  Lisa will be cordial – but I think she will always keep you at arm’s length.  You’ve hurt her heart too often – I highly doubt she’s going to risk being your close friend again.  It’s too bad… You guys really can have a lot of fun together.

Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa blogs, “I understand Joyce and Michael’s comment saying that we should have answered. But, as Joyce now says when she sees the footage since she wasn’t there, I answered on the beach — and that for most people would’ve been enough.”

Lol… Oh Lisa, your “No” wasn’t being understood.  Perhaps English is their 2nd language and they don’t know the meaning of “no.” – For your convenience I’ve included how to say “no” in several other languages.  You’re welcome.  (Thanks to the following link:

German:  nein;  Dutch:  nee;  Danish:  nej;  Swedish:  nej;  French: non;  Spanish:  no;   Italian:  no;   Hebrew:  lo;  Swahili:  siyo;  Japanese:  iie;  Esperanto:  ne;  Finnish:  ei;  Indonesian:  tidak;  and, Portuguese:  não.

Lisa writes, “So when I witness Yolanda stating I left because I didn’t want to have that conversation… she was right. I knew what they were looking for. They were looking for blood. It is quite fascinating to see the two-faced conversations, full of animosity from people I believed to be friends, that led up to this. I hope they are proud of themselves and what they see. I wouldn’t be —  that’s a certainty.”

They don’t think they did anything wrong.  Well except maybe for Brandi – because either you’re lying or she’s lying.

Lisa continues, “I do believe that if you state categorically, denying the accusation, as I did to Kyle saying “I did not see the magazines when we were at Brandi’s house.” I was baffled, but still defending myself. To then keep perpetually interrogating me with the same question — well at that point that is tantamount to being called a liar. I should only have to answer it once. When I see Mauricio calling me a “f—ing bitch” on the beach over a rumor from the trustworthy Brandi, that hurts. Kim had only heard it from Brandi too. She wasn’t there. . . but was acting as if she was a viable witness. Then in an interview, for Kim to say she was glad we were gone — that spoke volumes.”

Yep… They were calling you a liar.  Kim was glad you were gone so that she would have a chance to have some undivided attention from Kyle.  It’s all pretty wonky to me.  It’s like Kim has to discredit you so that Kyle will finally stop trying to be your friend.  To be fair, Ken had some pretty choice words for Kim when he wasn’t busy dismissing her or shooing her away.  I know that they say that even negative attention is still attention – Well being ignored or considered irrelevant must be absolutely horrible. (How many times can I use the word “absolutely” in one blog? Lol)…

Lisa writes, “Yolanda now states in her blog that no, she never saw me with the magazine. I wish she had said that at the time.”

Well, she might have – If Ken hadn’t hurled the “stupid” word at her.  She got fixated on that and decided the truth was no longer important because it didn’t serve her purpose.

Lisa writes, “Carlton had been cancelled from the trip, which was a shame as she could have backed me up. The point of this conversation was mystifying. What could possibly result from it? Nobody had mentioned the tabloid all weekend when we had been in Palm Springs. We had given the stories the credence they deserved. The only result that could transpire from this assertion was a wedge between Kyle and I.”

Right… And who stands to benefit from a wedge between you and Kyle?  The most verbal ones… Brandi, Kim and YoYo.

Lisa blogs, “I was confronted by Yolanda and chastised with accusation of not being a supportive friend. It was outside just before I joined the table. She was accusing me of only coming to see her twice — once, for dinner opposite her house with our husbands, and once to sit with her in her bedroom. She lives 45 minutes from BH not around the corner.”

Well, the thing is – When you’re sick, the world as once you knew it just stops – It ceases to exist.  When you have a chronic condition that prevents you from going outside your home as often as you’d like, it really wears on you.  When you’re not well enough to go see your friends there is some expectation that they would come to see you – If you’re even up to it.  Some people bother… Some people don’t.  Some people reach out with phone calls… Some people don’t.  For even the best of friends, it’s difficult to visit someone who is really suffering because it’s hard to know what to say.  The thing that I don’t think is too fair – is that I think YoYo is trying to make viewers think that she and Lisa are much better friends than they actually are.  I wonder how many times Lisa and YoYo have gotten together just to chat – Just the two of them – Without Mohamed in the mix.  My guess is never.  I wonder how many times they pick up the phone to talk to each other just to chat… My guess is seldom.

Lisa continues, “It did not really make sense to me. I had been busy on Dancing With the Stars. She was at many of our group events — in the boxing ring, at the circus event, and I hadn’t seen her as particularly frail. Although I’m sure this Lyme Disease is challenging, in fact I was quite impressed at her strength as she throttled the poor, unsuspecting teacher.”

Completely giggles at the memory of that teacher almost being choked to death by YoYo because she didn’t comprehend he wanted her to stop.  I honestly think that in YoYo and Mohamed’s divorce that Mohamed got custody of Lisa and her friendship.  It happens.  But then YoYo became part of the RHOBH…

Lisa continues by talking about Yo and Brandi’s friendship as she writes, “I had unequivocally been told to back off. They were becoming closer. I was informed I was not going to Sacramento and I understood that and there seemed to be strengthening in their relationship, almost like allies.”

Yeah, I think if Lisa hadn’t been so relieved not to have to go to Sacramento to meet with Brandi’s parents because of the demands of her schedule – That this Sacramento trip snub might have been a much bigger deal to Lisa than it was.  I was shocked that YoYo was picked as the one who was going… It seemed odd to me then and it seems odd to me now.

Lisa blogs, “It all so contradictory. “You mother me too much. ” “You haven’t called me for a week.” I have my own children and businesses and am always there in an hour of need — as I was many a time even in an emergency. That is what a friend does, no questions asked. I know I am thatthree o’clock in the morning phone call to the people I include as friends. I also know in my heart that Ken and I had been incredibly supportive in many ways. I won’t explain that. I don’t need to count. If you count you will always be behind.”

Yeah, scorecards rarely work in friendships.  The reality is that there are seasons when one gives and the other takes and vice-versa.  But in my opinion, overall there should be some semblance of a healthy balance.

Lisa returns to that fateful night in Puerto Rico after she and Ken had left the dinner table as she blogs,“We looked at each other as we were going to bed, saddened by the day’s events and decided to get the hell out of there — to find the most glorious hotel on the island and vanish for a few days, to recover and lick my wounds. So that is what happened.”

Lol… Lisa, I know you were looking for any excuse to get out of that room so you wouldn’t have to share a bathroom with Ken…lol.  Did anyone else think it was odd that the Concierge told YoYo about the exact time Lisa and Ken left the hotel and that they had ordered a taxi?  I’ve got to believe that the Concierge actually told Production that information – Otherwise it would be a HUGE breach of confidentiality.

Lisa fills us in, “Ken had unfortunately developed an infection, potentially septicemia in his arm. We had to find an emergency doctor who came to us at the St Regis. He had his elbow lanced, intravenous antibiotics, and a course of treatment. I am sure when they discovered we weren’t there in the morning, they all rejoiced in Puerto Rico that the witch was dead and some, who had orchestrated this attack, could now have center stage. . . That ultimately is what this is all about.”

Why am I inexplicably singing, “Ding, dong the witch is dead?”  (  Don’t worry Lisa, it’s not you – We can tell because the witch’s shoes were ruby red and not hot pink.  But arguably, they were very sparkly.

Lisa continues, “A week passed. Yolanda tweeted a photo of Kyle and Kim tagged “girl power” so I knew they were united by their common enemy and that it was a subliminal message to me.”

Don’t read too much into YoYo’s tweets – She’s often not all that clear… It could be the effects of the Lyme disease – or maybe she’s just not that adept at Twitter.

Lisa blogs, “Carlton came over and I tried to explain to her how I felt, but I still felt too emotional. You have seen me for a 120 episodes and rarely, if ever, have seen me cry. I don’t like to show that and I hate to watch it now. But I was deeply hurt and had not heard from any of them, which was fascinating by virtue of the fact that this was just an accusation, hurled by someone who had a penchant for vindictive, defamatory statements.”

Well, let’s be honest here, Lisa – Or perhaps you should be clearer in your words.   It would have been helpful to know who “them” is as well as the timeframes about which you’re talking.  From reading her blog this week, we know that Joyce called you when she returned home from Puerto Rico.  We know that Kyle texted you a couple of times right after the dinner because she’s since showed those texts to the world.  I don’t know about the others…  So it’s not exactly true that you “hadn’t heard from any of them” – but I’m sure it felt like no one was reaching out to you.  I’m sure if anyone else had said this same thing, I would be skewering them right now over these little details.  However, I’m actively choosing not to kick someone when they’re down.  Perhaps I’ll be skewered.

Lisa concludes by talking about the girls going off to college and how she raised her own kids, when she says, “The one thing I hope for, is that as our children make their way. We have instilled in them the most fundamental lesson, to be kind to one another and remember honesty is only a virtue when coupled with kindness. . .Thank you for watching.”

I know so many of you disagree with me, but I think Lisa is really broken up by all of this.  I know she’s an actress and all – but if this is all an act – She would have been a much more successful actress.  I suspect that Ken and Lisa supported Brandi in many ways… possibly even in financial ways.  I think generally that Ken and Lisa put their money where their mouth is – and sometimes idiots bite the hands that feed them.  Ken and Lisa seem to keep getting stung… it’s really a shame.  It’s too bad Brandi and Cedric aren’t better friends – They seem to be cut from the same rotten cloth.

Yolanda H. Foster

Sorry guys, YoYo submitted a blog that explained in a couple of sentences that she’s just too busy with a“house full of family guests” to bother to write a blog for us this week.  Baaaaalk…balk balk balk… baaaaaalk!

Well, that’s all they wrote or didn’t write as the case may be… Baaaaalk…balk balk balk… baaaaaalk!  This week is finally the finale… So it should be very interesting to see how the season concluded.  Then we have 3… Count them 3 weeks of Reunion shows.  Part of me feels nauseated just thinking about it – While the other part of me rubs my greedy little blogger’s hands together in gleeful anticipation.  There’s something just not right about that, no?   Until next week, Happy Trails!


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  1. Cartwheels says:

    Good morning everybody, thanks to everybody who is taking over. Venna I am so excited for your trip, I love to travel so I will be vicariously checking your updates.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Good morning, Cartwheels! Oops good afternoon. Veena you will be missed, but we are all so happy for you and looking forward to your travel blog updates!

      Stars, great blog blogged as always…I’m glad you pointed out the contradiction that is Brandi….”I couldn’t fix my broken hand because I had no insurance”,….but then presents her mom with a new car. Which is it Brandi, you don’t have any money? Or you have enough money to buy your mom a car and present it to her on camera? Don’t you guys suspect that many of these cast members do generous things for their family members…without putting it on camera? Lisa Vanderpump even has a day named after her, because of her giving. But we get the treat of watching Brandi’s charitable ways. Ugh. Kim says in her blog she felt badly about how she treated Ken, but she said in her talking head that she was not sorry at all. I like that you, stars, are merciful to her suggesting that she stop beating herself up for the years lost. When she and kimberly were saying goodbye,I felt a little judgmental because their roles were reversed, her daughter looked worried to leave her mom alone and Kim looked so needy and unsure. It made me feel that Kim had robbed Kimberly of the role of being “the kid”…but your words are right, Kim can’t change the past so why should she beat herself up and why should I? Sorry Kim!!! She just has such a mean and self-entitled attitude, it’s hard to have merciful feelings toward her.

      • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

        Hi LaineyLainey so nice we say it twice. Thanks for your kind words… Yeah, I think it’s starting to dawn on Kim just how much she has missed in her kid’s lives and in life in general… And you just can’t get that back – but you can change the future. I find it more palatable to be able to forgive if the person has actually taken accountability and responsibility for their actions. My dad, while a wonderful man, was a recovering alcoholic… and other than a casual “I’m sorry” – I don’t know that he ever fully recognized the effects of his choices on his family… Perhaps he did and he just didn’t want to face it because it was just too hard and overwhelming, I don’t know… I’m not even sure what kind of an apology or actions I would have wanted to see from him… I finally talked to him about it – and expressed some of my feelings – but it was tough. Overall he was kind and generous and never intended to hurt any of us with his alcoholism. I think we all need to build bridges and get over things, no?

        • LaineyLainey says:

          (((Stars))) yes, of course, you’re right. It’s amazing that even in the midst of our snarking, the message of mercy and forgiveness still emerged. I think you are right in your assessment that perhaps it was too hard for your dad to face the effects of what he did. In fact, many of those struggling to recover, often backslide because it is indeed such a hard thing to face. It is so much easier to numb the pain.

          • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

            ((LaineyLainey))… Yeah, I think it’s got to be overwhelming – and thus fuels the vicious cycle of addiction.

      • Dwight Schrute says:

        I believe she bought her parents a car about as much as I believe Slade Smiley bought Gretchen a Rolls!

  2. Cartwheels says:

    I posted this on the previous blog so I am bringing it over

    JNTJ I have always knew that Lisa and Adrienne have accepted to join the cast with the only purpose of promoting their business, while Lisa got them all to do several activities at her restaurant VB, in return she didn’t reciprocate, Pandora and her friends absolutely had every right to have their bachelorette party anywhere they wanted and they should, but Lisa is smart and savvy enough to know that if bravo is filming there is a promotion opportunity, Lisa could have staged a party for her daughter or staged the ladies getting at the Palms while Pandora was having fun with her girlfriends, but in true Lisa fashion as long as it doesn’t benefit her she can care less, not only that but to promote the competition was a bigger slap in the face.
    IMO that is when Adrienne understood that the pact they made to promote their business only applied to Lisa and that was the beginning of the end for those two.
    We know now way too much about how these things work to even believe for a second that anything is coincidental, there is always the bottom line, if Pandora never had her party filmed it wouldn’t have been an issue at all, having it filmed, then it becomes a Bravo event and a promotion opportunity, so I do understand why Adrienne was mad. Adrienne was the first one who saw Lisa for what she really is and the one who saw her stirring ways very early on, for that she needed to go. Nobody will ever convince me that Lisa was innocent in Brandi revealing the surrogacy and then perpetuating the lie of the lawsuit, that was made to destroy Adrienne and Lisa and Brandi were partners in crime.
    Maybe that is the reason why I have no problem believing that Lisa is capable of yet again trying to bring the cheating allegations in PS. After the lunch with Carlton, there are plenty if rumors that Kyle tried to quit and production had to sit with her to calm her down, bringing those allegations on PS again would have potentially been the nail in the coffin and that is exactly what Lisa was going for, unluckily for her Brandi got derailed by Joyce but there is no doubt in my mind that the dream team plan for PS was very different of how it came to be.

    • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

      Yes Cartwheels-that’s the whole point! Lisa COULD have had the party wherever she wanted to-she chose to not film in Adrienne’s hotel-Lisa is smart so I believe she knew she was taking an opportunist away from Adrienne to promote the Palms-the question is why? What did Adrienne do to upset the Queen? Was it b/c of her chef? Who knows? I felt from the time that happened that there was something going on between them-unless like I said yesterday Lisa just didn’t believe in helping out her cast mates-that again-is her choice-a crappy choice maybe but hers to make.

      • SJNYC says:

        Isn’t their the remotest possibility that you could admit that it could have Pandora’s decision and natural for her to have it at her godfather’s hotel where Jason had also had a party the week before? Lisa isn’t perfect and certainly manages situations favorably but I think some of you are going to start giving her credit for manipulating the weather.

        • chismosa™ says:

          SJ— (is that you Sarah Jessica Parker?? LOL!)
          Have been meaning to ask that …. Haha

          Wait until the insipid NJ season starts – I am blaming the polar vortex of 2013/14 on TERESA!
          That’s my move!

          It should be added to the 49 counts or whatever she is pleading to. 😉

          • SJNYC says:

            Ha my initials are actually SJP, but no Sarah, Jessica or Parker in there. I haven’t watched NJ in a while so I will read the recaps and if there is anything interesting. I am down to BH and NY although I occasionally threw in Miami, but I think I may be done with BH and frankly NY doesn’t look promising except I am dying to see the leg throwing seen!

        • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

          Let just say that the guy isnt Pandoras godfather-they met the man when Pandora was past the age of being baptized. And yes maybe I could say it was Pandoras party and she planned the whole thing and whatever-BUT knowing how things work in HWland I have every right to question things-we do it all the time and it’s always acceptable-until it’s not.
          Seriously-no one said anything about Lisa manipulating the weather..except Lisa. (That’s a joke-as I’m sure you were joking about me giving Lisa credit for manipulating the weather)
          Poor poor Lisa getting blamed for everything and the busy woman just has no time for it-please! She’s a damn HW who stirs the crap just like the rest and I will pick her apart just like the rest. I read stuff here about every other HW-some nasty things and some things that question their ability to tell the truth-what’s the difference if I question Lisa? I get that she is the beloved Queen-I just happen to not be part of her adoring audience. I like her and I enjoy her on the show but she’s not above the drama-she’s down in the dirt with the rest of them.

          • SJNYC says:

            Jill – yes it was a joke about the weather. I am glad you question things and are not a blinding following Lisa or HW editing. Lisa is far from perfect and she is smart she is good at managing situations to her benefit. You wrote “maybe you could say” I will take that as a yes and my only issue was the absoluteness of your original statement.

            • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

              I didn’t use absolutes-I stay away from that-I use “I feel” and “I think” and “I believe”as not to be called out for saying I know something absolutely. The only absolute thing I said is “Lisa COULD have” and that’s absolutely true-we all COULD do whatever we want to do.

          • Mel says:

            HOw did Lisa take away the opportunity to promote the Palms? If memory serves me….the Palms was featured very heavily on that particular episode. Adrienne did a tour of the ladies fancy room….featuring a bowling alley. The ladies spent time in various areas of the hotel etc. Pandora’s bacherlorette barely featured planet Hollywood outside of showing the sinage “once”. Most of the party was in chimpendales and dinner. IF anything the Palms was featured 80 percent of the episode. So again I ask…how did Lisa take this opportunity to promote Adrienne’s business…..???? It was still featured……and WAY more than Planet Hollywood.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              That’s how I remember it. It was all about the Palms, which was gorgeous, by the way. How do I know that, never having been there? Because it was heavily featured on the RhoBH!!

          • Rebecca can't understand why people don't appreciate the importance of dragons. says:

            LOL – How in the world do you know what Lisa and Pandora’s relationship is to the owner of the Hard Rock?

            • not That Jill says:

              Because Lisa did an interview and said she met the owner 15 years ago-if pandora was baptized 15 years ago then I suppose her is her godfather.

        • Powell says:

          SJNYC I’m w/you. I don’t think Lisa manipulated Adrienne’s biz opportunity. Pandora’s GF offered and she and Jason excepted. More than likely it was totally comped. Why should Lisa look out for Adrienne? Say to Pandora let’s help Adrienne and forget about your GFs generous gift? Hell no. Adrienne knew Pandora was getting married. Why didn’t she say to Lisa I’d like to host the bachelor and bachelorette? That’s on Adrienne. Sorry Cartwheels. I’m not going w/that manipulation. 😀

      • Cartwheels says:

        I don’t think Adrienne did anything to upset her, Lisa is by nature one of those people that as long as it is not about her she is not interested, the only feelings that can get hurt are hers, if others are hurt she can care less and they need to move on, period, IMO that is who Lisa is.
        Lisa IMO always likes to be top dog and Adrienne and her enormous wealth was a competition to Lisa being the most fabulous and that is all there is to it. she never expected to be called out by Adrienne and in her mind she did nothing wrong because the Godfather offered the other hotel. Lisa OTOH would had been flabbergasted if any of the ladies decided to throw and event at another restaurant but hers. That is who Lisa is, it all evolves around what works for her and the rest be damned.

        • nyc mama says:

          We have seen them eat in many restaurants other than Lisa’s including the Moroccan restaurant last season.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          The Godfather made Pandora an offer she couldn’t refuse.

        • Powell says:

          But Yo know Adrienne could have been top dog but she played stupid competitive games against Lisa. Giggy vs Jackpot. Adrienne’s vs Lisa’s shoe, although I don’t know whose shoe deal was first. Adrienne was playing games thinking she was competing. I’m not saying Adrienne has no biz sense but she’s severely lacking in originality and jumping on a situation that could be lucrative.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Remember the shoe fashion show where Ade had the shoes covered by long dresses? No one could see the shoes? Lisa’s fault. Yeah, That’s a shame.

        • mm in oc says:

          I think its Adrienne that is the one that cant stand not getting her way. Palms was a popular hotel when it opened. But it’s off strip. If I had a choice I’d take planet Hollywood every time. Mothers dont plan bachelorette parties.

          Adrienne was crazy competitive with lisa over stupid things. Adrienne seems like one of those entitled people wherr they think theyve worked for what theey have but in actuality are not good business people.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I asked you this question on the last blog,…Ade and Lisa made a pact!!? In your opinion they made a pact? They didn’t seem to like each other from the start, who makes pacts with folks they don’t like? Well, for all I know they did like each other, but they didn’t seem to when on camera. Their relationship didn’t seem pact worthy to me.

      • Rebecca can't understand why people don't appreciate the importance of dragons. says:

        This is one of the most far-reaching attempts to demonize Lisa EVER.

        For your 100% unfounded GUESS at an argument here that Adrienne’s casino needs to be shown in every trip to Las Vegas – then the CONVERSE is true and EVERY SINGLE DINNER OUT MUST BE SHOWN AT ONE OF LISA’S RESTAURANTS.

        However, as it is not true and as Lisa in not the root of all evil, you never heard her ONCE complain that a dinner was hosted at a competing restaurant. EVER.

        • Cartwheels says:

          There was never an event being host at another restaurant during seasons 1 and 2.

          There are scenes of other cast mates eating lunch at other restaurants but not events being hosted at other restaurants, there is plenty of events being hosted at Villa Blanca.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Is this a bad thing? Proof of Lisa’s supposed evil doing?

          • SJNYC says:

            If one of the other housewives had a restaurant then or now I am sure it would have been featured. Lisa owning a restaurant made it a natural place to host. As soon as Kyle had a store it was been featured multiple times.

  3. T-Rex says:

    Got up early this morning, and was looking at the news, and found a Business Report CNN station and Heather Thompson was one of the guests talking about Building a company and a Brand. She was really good and basically SLAMMED the likes of TheLunaticZarin, TeresaJuicy and their ilk that just “slap” their name to a product they basically have NOTHING to do with, i.e. just having a company use their NAME to sell someone else’s products. This is exactly what MOST not all, of the HO-wives with side businesses are doing, they don’t have an original idea, they just get paid to shill someone else’s ideas. She went into another subject then, and she seems to be a pretty saavy business person, she was with another guest, and they both definitely said that to actually make any money you needed to OWN your OWN brand, not shill for someone else as you are only basically paid by appearance fees. So, TeresaJuicy is not making the kind of money everyone thinks she is.

    • BB says:

      I kind of wonder why Heather is on a housewives show. Perhaps to promote her Yummy Tummy (or is it ie instead of y?) brand, but I hardly ever hear it mentioned or see her doing much to promote it. Plus she has a pretty sick little boy.

      • T-Rex says:

        I think it’s to promote her brand, I would say that she probably got that show this morning due to the fact she IS on RHNY, just my opinion though. BB they took a whole trip to LONDON last year to promote her product, remember her snubbing the DrunkenRamona and not inviting her, because she is usually a drunken, sloppy mess of a woman pretty much after the five oclock happy hour

      • Pghemtchick says:

        She’s doing a lot of organ donation promotion as well.

      • Pghemtchick says:

        Have fun and safe travels, NMD!! I just bookmarked your travel blog, can’t wait to see all your awesome pics and read about the great experiences and adventures!!

        Stars, great blogging of the blogs! 🐓🐓🐓🐓(chicken emoji’s for the win!)

        Since it’s chiller than yesterday, here’re penguins in sweaters!

        • Pghemtchick says:

          Ugh wrong place 😦

        • SJNYC says:

          Adorable! Funny I have been to Antarctica twice and never saw penguins wearing sweaters.

          • Anne says:

            I think that these penguins are recovering from an oil spill — I read about it somewhere — but can’t remember where.

        • chismosa™ says:

          How do they get the sweaters on them ? Yuck

          Our local news is all a flutter over a poor pitbull whose owner had TATTOOED while he was under anesthesia for a health issue. Disgusting.
          Leave the animals alone.

          People suck

          • SJNYC says:

            Tattooed the dog? Why can’t I win the lottery and move to my own island?

          • Pghemtchick says:

            While I don’t condone the tattoo’ing the vet did which strikes me as odd. The only positive out of the dog story is that it was under while it happened. Rabbits are tattoo’d wide awake for showing. ARBA shows require ear tats on all shown bunnies. Some are done when the bun is little and the tattoo prongs completely pierce its ear. There is no sedation. I couldn’t ever imagine doing that to my baby.
            I don’t think animals should be inked/branded etc. I understand the practicality of it, (well not in dogs case that was purely cosmetic and not practical). I just don’t like it. I can handle sweaters. Lol

            • chismosa™ says:

              Ok what are show bunnies? For a show? It’s not enough that bunnies are used by major companies to test products they have to then brand them for shows?

              I’m reading more about the Vet right now. It’s apparently a shady practice.

              People are enamored with pitbulls in certain parts of ny. I don’t know…..
              I’m scared of them and feel bad for them – both together. I can’t make up my mind. And I know, I know it’s humans who made them aggressive.
              It’s always us gross people who mess them up

              • Pghemtchick says:

                A rabbit show in the same regard as dog shows or cat shows, yep. You don’t have to brand for the local fair, but even then I haven’t showed because the bunny barn lacks an AC (it’s open air with fans) and my baby is AC spoiled and wouldn’t take kindly to being in a wire cage.

        • Powell says:

          OMG I love penguins!

          • SJNYC says:

            They are awesome. Seeing emperor penguin chicks is probably my favorite experience of all time, ok maybe tied with trekking gorillas last year. The great thing about the emperor’s is you had to go early in the season so it wasn’t so smelly, in late December/January it can get pretty smelly in most rookeries. Unfortunately you can no longer get to the emperor’s anymore – you need an ice breaker and helicopters and now with the fuel requirements for Antarctica travel the ice breaker they used to use for tourist is now back in Russia.

        • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

          Pghtmtchick – Thanks so much… I love the photo… and don’t think the fact that one of the penguins is actually wearing a Penguins jersey sweater is lost on us…lol… hysterical!

    • chismosa™ says:

      Interesting, thanks. Did she slam Ramona?

      I am watching all last season right now. It was in London where Heather was doing interviews on her brand and such. She’s in the midst of hating Ramona but I think they turn around by the end and now are good friends.

      Sadly, I found the blog online from when these episodes were on and it was just as Lynn had passed. 😦

      • T-Rex says:

        She slammed some folks that put their names on products they have no “interest” or “investment” in, with the exception of athletes, as you are doing all this work for literally NO MONEY. DrunkenRamona has her own line of Jewelry, and had her own business selling second-hand, irregular, knock=off clothing to secondary businesses, she had that before she met LotharioMario her soon to be Ex, so that’s where she makes her money. However, the Wines she promotes she doesn’t make that much money on, They said they have to sell by a HUGE Volume to make even a dime off of it, she went through that, it was amazing . TheLunatic makes basically zero dollars off of her squeezemelo’s, because she hasn’t even sold a fraction what she should have, personally I think she has made absolutely NOTHING. Her line is OWNED by a HUGE conglomerate, TheLunatic is just a “paid” shiller for the prouduct, she isn’t listed as an employee, nor even on the staff of the CONGLOMERATE that owns the line. Where these “shillers” make their money is for “appearance” fees, and if they sell product at the appearance they make a fraction of that, but sales outside appearances are NOT a part of their contracts. This would also explain what TrailerTrashTrampySue was all over IckyVicky to show up to those wine appearances back in OldCronesOFBeverlyHillsadjacent, they weren’t going to make any money unless they ALL showed up at appearances and SOLD product at those appearances.

        • chismosa™ says:

          Ok so Ramona – who I get you don’t like– I don’t ever begrudge (?) or deny what she did before – she was a clothing over stock person- I don’t know the correct word – she handled overstock. I think she did great with that.
          She had high end fashion connections that rivaled stupid Jill.

          I think her jewelry line came right at HWs time – plus PS HOW weird that I just got an email from True Faith jewelry yesterday ! Awwww ….

          So Ramona does NOT make a profit on her wine? I mean I know she isn’t like queen Bethenny who sold to Beam with her partner but ….. I thought she took home something from her wine. Oh well ….

          I need a xannie

          • T-Rex says:

            DrunkenRamona makes “some” monies off her wine, she isn’t a stupid businesswoman like TeresaLyinCriminalJuicy, and TheLunaticZarin. However, her real money is that second-hand/knockoff/irregulars clothes business, I don’t think she makes a whole lot off the jewelry line. In addition, with the divorce pending not sure what will happen with that, since the family of LetharioMario actually OWNS that business.

          • Without the aid of Google, I think the term for what Ramona does with the clothes is “Jobber” now I will go look and see if I am right! My own little version of my favorite show ever…JEOPARDY!!!

    • Powell says:

      Did they ask her about her lawsuit against Sarah, Spanx owner?

  4. BB says:

    Great summary of the blogs, Stars! I especially liked your quip, “I can see the, “Empty Nest Dream Team” forming already… YoYo’s dinner Place cards will have pictures of little nests with little birds flying out of them.”

    • chismosa™ says:

      That was great, I loved that line too.

    • SJNYC says:

      BB just skimmed yesterday’s comments and the one of you talking about cooking for your mom made me very hungry! So glad she is doing better and what a good daughter you are.

    • VV™ says:

      As a matter of fact, it was the Royal YoYo who decreed there shall be no more talk of Lisa for the day…


      😆 😆 😆

      • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

        Smiles sweetly at VV and makes sure not to defy any decree…

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      lol BB… Thanks so much… I wonder if the “Empty Nest Dream Team” will have meetings and stuff?

  5. BB says:

    Have a wonderful, fun-filled, safe trip Veena! I’m gonna miss you.

    • Shiny says:

      definitely going to miss you, also envy you, and wish you a marvelous, memorable time.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Veena piggybacking here – to wish you a MARVELOUS stupendous trip! Be healthy and happy and treasure your time. Nothing beats traveling, ever!

      I bookmarked your blog too. Can’t wait to read up.

      Safe flight, trek,hike, boat ride, trains (not sure if you’re doing trains – yum?), everything !

      • Rebecca can't understand why people don't appreciate the importance of dragons. says:

        Bon Voyage Veena!!!!!!!!!!

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      Buen Viaje Veena!

      Enjoy seeing the world with your husband and have a wonderful time!

    • lillybee says:

      Enjoy your trip, Veena. I am so jelly.

    • trudie says:

      Wishing you fair winds and following seas.

  6. SJNYC says:

    Good morning! Big thank you to Veena, have a fantastic trip and every one who blogs and keeps it going. I have to go back and catch up on yesterday’s comments because I signed off and had a housewives detox – hubby and I got out, went to a museum, got a little something to eat – kind of nice to unplug, but now can’t wait to read what I missed!

    • SJNYC says:

      Stars, just finished a quick read of blog recap – well done and very insightful. I had posted a few days ago that I understood Lisa wanting to leave and avoid confrontation so you “fight or flight” analysis was interesting. I know a lot thought Lisa leaving looked guilty for leaving, but I think we project what we would do instead of having empathy for what the person would do many times. (Just in case Jill is reading I do not think Lisa is perfect.)

      • chismosa™ says:

        LOL @ Jill ….. Haha. 😋

      • VV™ says:

        She left the table S2 episode 1 when Ken and her were being attacked by Kyle and Taylor at Adrienne’s dinner. People have short memory.

        • chismosa™ says:

          That’s what YOU’RE here for 📂📁📒📓📆📇

        • SJNYC says:

          Not quite on point, but she made Ken stay because she didn’t want to be alone with Brandi and Joyce at the dress party, I think that was because she was trying to avoid confrontation by having him there. Of course that kind of backfired with Kim, but she even pulled Vyle away to avoid being part of that confrontation.

        • kit9 says:

          She and Ken were not being attacked by Kyle and Taylor at that dinner. Didn’t happen. If anything, the other way around.

      • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

        No need to tell me how you feel about Lisa-it’s your right to think whatever you think. I require no explanation of your thoughts as I have never questioned them.

        • SJNYC says:

          Jill it was a joke! To be honest I am watching Cosmos on NatGeo and it makes me question why I ever watch reality tv.

      • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

        Thanks SJNYC – I think those of us who are a mix of “fight or flight” should stick together… and either stay and fight together or flight together, no? lol

  7. Shiny says:

    Stars – your recaps and comments cracked me up as you cracked down on the various trouble-making cackling housewives (all chicken/broken egg puns intentional). But calling her YoYo because of your feelings about her was the best! I’ll never see her as anything but a yoyo now.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Up and down, up and down,…and around the worrrrrld

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Smiles at Shiny – Thanks so much… “YoYo” is quite a appropriate visual, isn’t it? I used to be pretty good with my Duncan YoYo… Even had a special butterfly YoYo… Perhaps Kim would want that one? lolol

  8. Constance says:

    “I called Lisa and Ken to make sure they were OK after the dinner fiasco, but it wasn’t until later when we were all back in LA that I was fully able to understand everything that happened.”

    I read this statement from Joyce to mean she called Lisa in PR, since her mention of LA is referenced in the future. Did Lisa lie again about HW’s getting in touch with her after the dinner? We know she lied because Kyle texted her 3 times that night and now it sounds like Joyce called as well.

    • chismosa™ says:

      She may have meant the jelly team – sans Kyle,
      But not sure.

      I’m sure this will be a nice long, skinny GREEN and SUNFLOWER filled thread today. 🎾tennis time.

      • SJNYC says:

        Ha, growing up my neighbor was like a father to me and was a professor. We would debate and if I agreed too much he would switch sides to keep the conversation going. Maybe they just like the debate?

    • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

      Well don’t forget Lisa did says he turned her phone off-I see though that she did call Carlton from PR so maybe she turned her phone on-called Carlton and then quickly turned it off. Lisa must have forgotten how viewers see things-when the little lies pile up it makes viewers question the truth in the bigger lies. People lie-little white lies and sometimes big giant “lawsuit” lies. Once the lie is out it makes me -personally-look at things differently. Some people would say that is parsing words or nit picking-that maybe true but that’s the name of the HW game-we play with the other HWs and now we are playing it with Lisa.
      I believe what Starzy said above “I’m sure if anyone else had said this same thing,I would be skewering them right now over these details” can apply to any given HW-if Kyle said this she hadn’t heard from anyone and then these things came out I might say “oh please what’s the big deal?” But then a Kyle detractor would tell me Kyle is liar. It’s all how we see things….

    • Cartwheels says:

      Kyle tried to contact her and Joyce tried to contact her as well, Lisa has not denied this so Lisa lied on her blog when she said nobody tried to contact her, in her quest to be the victim Lisa doesn’t mind twisting the truth a bit (lying)

    • mrs peabody says:

      I seem to have lost my response so here goes again. I think Lisa was referring to the 3 who caused the problems to begin with when she was referring to not hearing from any of them. I thought she meant Brandi, Queen Yoyo and Kim. Brandi and Queen Yoyo because they started the whole mess on the beach and Kim because of her talking to Ken the way she did. I think Kyle and Joyce were just bystanders in this even though I know Kyle brought it up again at dinner but she was originally brought in because of what Brandi say to her on the beach

  9. VV™ says:

    Camille’s blog – November 19, 2010.

    “Not only had things gone badly in New York, but I had also double checked to see if Kyle had left me any messages prior to the trip to New York which she had claimed when she was apologizing. I was right I had no messages from her. I can only assume she said this to put me on the defense, to make me look like I was putting no effort into smoothing things over before the NYC trip. I want to be clear that I had no messages in my voicemail and no one had taken any personal messages from her at my home. So with all of this on my mind, I said a few things that I wish I could take back.”

    • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

      What’s this about? Is it to prove Kyle is a liar?

      • T-Rex says:

        VileKyle lied quite a bit season one. She had a clear unhealthy reckless disregard for the truth which made me hate her from the outset and she will never win me over, as I do think she has had a clear agenda since coming on the show, worse than anything Lisa could ever do

        • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

          I honestly do not remember Kyle lying-she is spineless and has no back bone but I don’t remember her being accused of lying-except by Camille with the whole 1st season storyline thing. Did she lie? Maybe. But just because I don’t remember doesn’t mean it isn’t so-I have learned that much in life. I know at the reunion last year Lisa implied that Kyle was lying but she seems to have changed her mind about that-well not really changed her mind as she admitted that she knew Kyle was telling the truth all along.

          • T-Rex says:

            When the show started, I wanted to LOVE the Bitchard Sisters, and wanted to HATE LisaV. I already hated CamillaTheTWoFacedBiotch from earlier interviews I had heard, then started watching the shows and watched VileKyle get caught red-handed in two pretty good lies, and that was it for me, even Bravo showed these lies. That and her Fakeass phobias which seem to come and go whenever she wants attention, since she is the uber-attention whore.

            • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

              OMG-you wanted to hate Lisa?? Why? I loved Lisa season 1 and 2 and believed every word out of her mouth-I LOVED HER! And then Brandi happened and my love for Lisa kind of dropped-I couldn’t understand why she kept sticking up for her and why she kept talking about Brandi being sued-and about how much money is was costing Brandi to fight this lawsuit-it pissed me off and made me question Lisa’s motives…but I do love watching Lisa and I think her digs are something to be respected-they are often perfect with just the right amount of humor to mask the is a gift to be able to do that!

              • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

                Oh and I agree that Kyle is an attention whore…what were the big lies? The Camille thing? I think that Kyle probably said something like what Camille told us but not in the way Camille wanted us to believe.

        • kit9 says:

          I remember no such lies. Please give examples.

  10. chismosa™ says:

    stars thank you so much for the breakdown. I never venture onto bravo’s archaic site so this helps so much! Great great job. Kadooz all around. 

    I wonder if because of things that may have happened at the reunion Carlton is after Joyce in some way ?

    I still say that due to VV’s timeline of events and Joyce being in attendance at many events —-(with only the ones right around the Arabic party and PR missing) — I think Joyce was cutting room city.
    I don’t think the death in the family is the reason we don’t see more of her. If you analyze every other event in the timeline she’s there. So…… 

    Stars you are SO ON THE MONEY about Yo being so giddy when Lisa was gone. Nailed it 🌟

    I wonder if Brandi buying the car was really a lease that she would temporarily pay for. Kind of like Oprah giving houses and cars away to her audience but leaving them with insurance, taxes, and other things to handle. Essentially, giving over bills to be paid. Ha
    What does Lisa mean when she says: “Nobody had mentioned the tabloid all weekend when we had been in Palm Springs”.—

    —>I thought this is where Kyle started crying? And Yo had to go hug her ? 
    Kyle complained about “mean girls” 
    The very non-linear lunch time scene where all of a sudden Kyle is up on her feet crying in another room. Huh?

    I suppose it’s production that cut that scene so the storyline the women are supposed to stick to is that no one went AT Kyle in PS. 

    Whereas Tabloidgate2013/14©®™, with no secret footage and only hearsay, never ends ♻️➿💠. 

    • VV™ says:

      Maybe they didn’t mention Tabloids that doesn’t necessarily mean Brandi didn’t bring the rumors. I think Brandi laid it on Kyle that night and caused her to cry. IMO. We can see Brandi can be very cruel and I can only imagine what she told Kyle. Don’t forget Brandi has claimed S2 that she has proof that Mauricio is a cheater.

      • chismosa™ says:

        Boy I wish Brandi would turn against Kyle and provide PROOF ….

        Stop squawking and SHOW YOUR HAND.

        Sidenote VV- I created a twitter acct to put my stupid picture up of the 2 Kyle’s but stupid Photogrid has any pictures it edited/ creates saved as a screenshot of my phone- meaning time on top, phone carrier, battery, etc. I don’t get it!
        I’m determined to figure this out this week 😎

        • VV™ says:

          Oh no. You can give the pic to one if the administrators here to post.

          Chismo, I still think Camille started the throw Lisa under the bus. Taylor as well and them the rest out of envy followed. Camille left the show (smart to do so) and others continued where she left off, very poorly I may add. Keep in mind that only after Camille’s divorce S1, the others warmed up to her. Camille’s is a two face. She only cares about Camille.

          • chismosa™ says:

            Interesting. I remember reading here you all liked (generally speaking) – Camille of season 2

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Thanks Chismosa – Your comment made me “giddy.” lolol

  11. VV™ says:

    Starssssssssss99!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    Your humor is unparalleled. So, many good observation and lines. As RHOBH comes to an end thank for making us laugh this season.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Wow… Those are really kind words, VV – I appreciate them – There’s nothing better than to make someone laugh.

  12. ladebra says:

    Bon Voyage Veena!

    Oh Starzy, I watch Reign, and am loving it! I know Catherine de Medici lived a long life so I don’t think they will take her head off (haven’t watched last episode yet) but I love watching her orchestrate the party, talk about a control freak lol

    Love your blog of the blogs. I know what I believe. I know who I don’t believe 🙂 I know who I enjoy, watching and I know who disappoints me.

    I wasn’t ready to lose an hour 😦 I’m going to ignore the loss until tomorrow and then blame it on Monday.

    • jezzibel says:

      I started to watch Reign, and then I realized I already knew how it was going to end 😦

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Reign…what network is that on?

        • ladebra says:

          CW. It’s sorta like history channel meets Gossip Girl, but I like it 😉

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Interesting description 😊

          • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

            What a perfect description, ladebra… “History Channel meets Gossip Girl”… is it weird that I really like the music? lol

      • lillybee says:

        I watch Reign as a fictional program. The history is so wrong. I think that the costumes are so wrong, it is funny.

        • Shiny says:

          the photo I saw of a wedding dress was white and a sweetheart neckline under lace (a la the new Duchess’ wedding gown?!?

          White dresses didn’t come into weddings until after Queen Victoria when women then imitated her by flaunting wealth by wearing a white dress that was so impractical that they were showing they could afford a dress for a single day’s use.

          And the style is ridiculously inappropriate for the period, other that being long with long sleeves.

          Guess they thought the audience wouldn’t recognize a wedding dress if it didn’t look like one in the magazines.

          • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

            Lol Shiny – Yeah, that is a crack-up about the wedding dresses. When I got married I did all kinds of research into our wedding traditions and their origin – and it was quite eye opening… But from that I decided which ones to include and which ones not to include… The bridesmaids used to wear similar dresses as the bride so as to disorient the evil spirits… Kinda interesting…

        • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

          Oh I totally agree, Lillybee… The details are very wrong – but I still find it interesting to watch. This show is really not for history purists unless they can watch it like you do – as a fictional program.

      • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

        Yeah, Jezzibel – I know what you mean…I know how some it it comes out – but not all of it… So it hasn’t bothered me to watch…

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      LaDebra – My neighbor – I’m glad you’re enjoying “Reign.” It will be interesting to see how the events turn out…

  13. Veena! We will miss you! I hope to read your updates on your blog and your comments here…

    OK, so I have to agree with you, I am a Fight AND Flight. Let me explain. I will fight as long as I believe I can make a person see my reasoning…whether they agree or not, I will fight for a person to understand my side. On the other hand, if I am in a fight/discussion and the “a$$hole shade” goes down (“a$$hole shade” is when you are talking to someone and you suddenly realize this person is beyond capable of understanding and there is no point to talking with them anymore), I will just walk away. I don’t believe in wasting my words.

    I am watching Bravo this morning and they are replaying last season of NJ! Oh it is delicious!

    • ladebra says:

      Totes magoats agree with you. I will answer/explain. But I rarely argue. I used to, in my youth 😀 but now in my dotage I just say FU (mostly in my head) and walk away 😀

  14. VV™ says:

    Have a safe trip Veena!!! ✈️🚢⚓️🇪🇸🇮🇹

  15. mazelnindy says:

    Have a great trip Veena!!

    Hope your back is treating you well Pindy.

  16. SJNYC says:

    Anybody else check out the NY Times best seller list? Seems like Bonzo Botox Barbie only lasted 2 weeks before dropping off.

    • NMH says:

      Thank The Lord.

      • Anne says:

        Ditto. And thanks for posting the link. I meant to check the list, when no one posted one of the tweets from Brandi thanking the world for making her book a best seller for the third week in a row.

    • Cartwheels says:

      Good, I knew that the initial listing was mainly based on her good performance with the previous book. Maybe now she can go back to planet earth and forget her delusions of being the next Chelsea Handler.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        You can forget that. Your last sentence, I mean.

        • Cityside says:

          Remember when Krazy Kelly thought Chelsea Handler’s name was Chelsea Lately, I laughed my butt off when I heard that!

          • LaineyLainey says:

            I do not remember that! But it’s funny. My niece and her friends went to Chelsea’s standup show here in Austin a few years ago, my sister asked me who is that? I have to admit I called her Chelsea Lately…much to the delight of my niece and her friends. But that’s ok, I once called Ludacris, lucrative. My son loved that, because he says I love to correct others when they misspeak. Whatever, LaineyBoy. Hey I couldn’t think of luda’s name!!! Haha!

  17. Mene Seela says:

    Veena, have a very fun and safe trip!

  18. NMH says:

    “It’s too bad Brandi and Cedric aren’t better friends. They seem to be cut from the same rotten cloth.”

    Love this!

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Smiles at NMH… Yeah… I couldn’t figure out what kind of cloth… Thought about using burlap or something… but I guess “rotten” sufficed…lol

  19. SJNYC says:

    RIP Carl Sagan – watching Cosmos on NatGeo they have a marathon today since they have a new Cosmos with Neil Degrassi Tyson tonight. This is helping detox from RHOBH.

    • Powell says:

      The first time I saw it was in college, then on PBS a few times.

      • SJNYC says:

        He is discussing the brain now, it is a shame we give the housewives new brains. I probably only get about 20% of what Sagan was saying but at least it is something.

  20. Mene Seela says:

    Stars99 I love your blog of their blogs. Especially that Lisa can’t be the Wicked Witch because Lisa wouldn’t wear red shoes. LOL.

    Lisa is an interesting & complicated woman. I adore her but I don’t find her to be saint at all – and please, not a crucified martyr.

    Ken said “she’s the perfect woman” which any of us would love to have said about us. But let’s get real, Lisa is not immune to be self centered and controlling. She is a director in life, not a bit player. If she decides that Adrienne, or anyone else needs to be put into their place, Lisa will skillfully administer the discipline using a compliant or unwitting third party.

    • Cartwheels says:

      I give Ken a pass on his blind faith of Lisa, he after all will believe her version of the story and he doesn’t need to justify it, she is his wife and he will believe her no matter what.

      Where I don’t give Ken a pass is in his hypocrisy that men should stay away from ladies issues while he is being a butinsky, his claims that single women need not to be talk harshly because they are alone and have no defense while he does exactly that to Kim.
      I do not care that he thinks Kim deserved it, because Brandi has deserved being talked down and her behaviors have been indefensible , yet Lisa and Ken have defended her time and time again. Ken and Lisa both have a set of standards for their behavior and another her for the rest. Plain and simple.

      • Mene Seela says:

        Agree! Ken & Lisa on their thrones… WE are not amused. Arrogant.

      • kit9 says:

        Oooooh, such an excellent point about Kim. Ken was always going on about single women, without a man to protect them, blah blah. But, then, Ken is going for ultra low blows against poor little manless Kim. She’s a peon that has no business talking back to His Highness. Have you seen the preview for next week? Ken is trying to get in on the women’s convo like a circling shark. It’s pathetic.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Dies laffin’ at Mene – The shoes were sparkly enough… but just not pink…lolol… Plus, Lisa would never wear the striped socks, no?

  21. Mene Seela says:

    Someone please stop me! I realize that I am addicted to downloading music. And to make things worse I noticed that I am daily impulse buying books for my Kindle Fire.

    It’s like having a Starbucks addiction. … “so what’s spending another $3.99 going to hurt?”

    • Anne says:

      I can relate on the Kindle addiction, especially since I don’t have to dust a TBR pile — it just clutters the space in my kindle cloud. This year, I’ve started a wishlist on Amazon and am only buying non-wishlist books when they are on sale (2.99 or less). Saving my gift cards for the ones that written by authors that I really love. So far, I’m spending less — but now that I have an iphone and can read on that too, I’m burning through my Kindle TBR — seem like I wait in line quite a bit.

    • THISSSS is why I keep telling my husband that we can’t afford to buy me a Kindle. He LOVES his!! He wants to buy me one, at least once a month he says it. Then I show him my pile of books from the library and say, “Seriously Babe?” Now I learn from you that you can download music too!! WE WILL END UP IN THE POORHOUSE!!!!

      How would I ever live without EXCLAMATION POINTS!!??!!!!!

      • Mene Seela says:

        LOL. I run around with my iphone … using Shazam (music ID app). Oh, I love that song! One touch to iTunes purchase.

        Must stop that.

        I should get a new car but then I’d be forced to purchase data plans for my car too right? GPS, XM radio ….

  22. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Great Blog Stars. A few thoughts on previews of finale and reunion…


    Yolanda yelling at Ken. She was furious because he punched her King’s card and pointed out that he RARELY shows up to support her. The event has to be in his house or about him or held at Mohammeds. If it’s anywhere else she’s solo or stag w Brandi.

    Brandi badmouthing Lisa to EVERYONE at the event. She’s so filled with hate for Lisa, annoyed w/ Carlton practically calling her a minion and yet she says she loves Lisa and wants the friendship?

    Kyle once AGAIN pleading for Lisa to tell her the truth about the tabloids she didn’t want mentioned but keeps bringing them up AGAIN and AGAIN. Bitch get over it! Believe it or not, be friends or let it go. She’s answered your questions, if you can’t accept her answer…MOVE ON!


    Kyle yelling at Lisa and blaming her for MoReese being the victim of lies spread about him all season…. like Carlton would say R U Effing Kidding Me?! Lisa should say first off I didn’t invent the rumor,wasn’t at the bar and don’t know the women or men involved in the story. I wasn’t the source nor do I have a financial stake in the magazine. Be angry at them. Secondly, you brought up the rags and my nipple quite a few times yourself. Apples and oranges but they’re both fruit. It it’s off-limits for you don’t talk about it for everyone else.

    Kim yelling about her few no-shows being excused due to alcoholism. A few events… whore you barely showed for ANY event! Yet you want blood because Lisa missed your backyard BBQ even though she RSVPd and sent a gift? Sit THE ph#*K down and STFU. Also the reason why Lisa was dismissive of you is because that’s how Kyle treated you and introduced you to her friends S1. The socially bereft albatross around her neck who she had to care for because she promised her dying mother. The leeching alcoholic who made Kyle’s life impossible. Remember?

    Joyce getting jabbed by Yolanda. Joyce better let that self-righteous, hypocritical bitch have it! She needs to call YoFo immature over the hearts and let her know that her husband adores her and represents for her, unlike KingCrass. IOTW …. you need to stop worrying about my husband and worry about yours!

    Brandi posing a fiery Sophie’s Choice to Lisa. Answer. Let both those bitches burn and save yourself! The kids, Ken and Giggy need you. Options. 1. Save Scheana and throw gasoline on the fire. 2. Give them each some rope and they try to save themselves. PC Answer. Well Dah-ling I suppose we’d ALL perish as I would try to save you both.

    Brandi crying to Ken and Lisa about being dumped. Please let Ken tell her off. Go where Lisa won’t and read this foul drunkard to filth. Don’t allow her to step foot in your home due to her betrayal or your establishments. Banned. Let her know since this all started because of Scheana. well she works there so don’t come back!

    • Mene Seela says:

      Yoyo being furious at Ken for pointing out that David doesn’t show up for her. Bingo.

      • Cartwheels says:

        That was a very cheap shot from Ken, he doesn’t have any idea as to why David doesn’t show up and as much as I dislike Yolanda it doesn’t mean that Ken is right on this. If David doesn’t want to film with these ladies it only means that he doesn’t have to do it so he won’t , how is that any excuse to rub in Yolanda’s face.
        Now if Ken would have said that Yolanda is an awful person and a know-it-all who meddles into everybody’s business with an air of superiority and arrogance then by all means it would be fair game.
        It would have been delicious if Ken said that because of the irony of Lisa doing exactly the same but Ken being unable to see it.

        • Mene Seela says:

          You do have a point. And I do hate it when anyone’s marriage is the object of a conflict.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I missed that “cheap shot” did it already happen? Either way, I think it’s fair game. All’s fair in love and war. And this is war.

          Ken is capable of cheap shots as they all are. Why should Ken be held to a higher standard? In one breath some say, Ken and Lisa are no better than anyone else….and in another breath it is implied that Ken and Lisa should be better. I agree with the former, they are no better than anyone else and if everybody else can dish it out, so can they. It’s fair to me.

          • Cartwheels says:

            Absolutely, I am not saying that they should be held to a different standard but when it comes to the sanctification of Ken and Lisa I am not for that at all.
            Lisa and Ken, Yolanda, Brandi, Kyle, Kim, Carlton, they are all awful.
            The only ones that I am exempting are Joyce, Michael and Mauricio because they have reacted like normal people would react when attacked, as far as the rest they are all in the mud with me.
            Kyle too because she has no backbone at all. It was way overdue for Kyle to stop caring about one word that Lisa has to say about her but her insistence that they can mend the friendship is plainly annoying at this point.
            I don’t care how much Lisa grovel on her knees, (which BTW she has never done, Lisa has not once apologized for the things she said about Mauricio during last reunion) but after what she said about her husband last reunion that should have been it for me, i would have refused to film with her at all unless the group was there and even then I would have not cross a word with her at all, just a simple hi and bye, that would have been it. Kyle in her dumb and simple mind has allowed herself to be the target of the dream team, if she would stop caring about the viewers perception about her and would have called each of these women for the awful harpies they are then it would be a different story but as it stands now I don’t like Kyle’s wishy washy ways at all.

            • Powell says:

              Cartwheels didn’t Lisa say to Yo that she apologized to Kyle about the A&P friendship for RE comment? Remember Yo said they all should have been there for the apology cuz they’re apart of the group?

              • Cartwheels says:

                Lisa lied, she never apologized to Kyle or Mauricio, Lisa thought in her arrogant mind that her calling Kyle again meant that all was done and she didn’t even acknowledge that Kyle was still mad about that.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Who sanctified Ken and Lisa?

          • Mene Seela says:

            War! Sadly true. Wished they all laid off the relationships between the spouses though.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              I don’t care. Not about the spouses, they are all adults. When they go after the kids…woah Nelly, that makes me VERY ANGRY. You don’t want to see me get angry…Iike the Hulk.

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          No cheaper than the shots she continually takes on others. I’m sorry even if KingCrass were the busiest composer/musician of all time, he could still find a way to accompany his wife to an event outside of their home. His disdain for the women aside, why won’t he support his wife? How many of use wives don’t wrangle our husbands and FORCE them to come to events? They come because they love us and want us to be happy, even though they’ll be miserable while keeping a stiff upper lip and stiff drink in hand. Marriage is ‘supposed to be’ a Plus 1 for Life.

          • Mene Seela says:

            But The King is soooo busy working! Way busier than Lisa, plus his work is a gift to the world.

            • Cartwheels says:

              LOL, David and Yolanda’s relationship has always given me the creeps but if she wants to believe in that fairy tale that she has made up in her mind more power to her, who is anybody to burst her bubble? Reality will burst her bubble soon enough.
              Ken had many angles to call her out, it is unfortunate that he chose to use the angle of her husband not being at the events, it really makes Ken look petty.

              • Mene Seela says:

                And Ken is basically retired so he can trail behind Lisa all day, everyday. Who is he to criticize?

                Plus he carries around a matching teddy bear with him, so his decision making is questionable.

        • Powell says:

          I do think David just doesn’t want very much to do w/BH except for the extent to what he’s taped. I think he feels this is all Yo’s.

        • Cityside says:

          We assume David is a busy man, we don’t know what he is doing – actually I don’t care what any of the husbands are doing – but we don’t give Lisa a pass when we know she has 2 restaurants, another coming, and two reality shows, & various charities? The cheap shots started with these women ganging up on his wife. I give Ken a pass for everything in PR and so far what I have seen from the previews.

        • kit9 says:

          What Ken said to Yo was nasty and uncalled for. The state of Yo’s marriage, which is what I thiink Ken was taking a shot at, has f**k all to do with what they were talking about

    • LaineyLainey says:

      To Brandi: Furthermore, Scheana has moved on, Brandi, why can’t you? Scheana is engaged to be married and moving forward with her life.

      • jeang says:

        amen sister!! Sheana and Eddie have moved on in their lives and never even think about Brandi. Brandi is still wallowing in her past. Stay away from Lisa and Kens restaurants/club and the freebies.

    • ladebra says:

      Is that a read? I think it is! Totally love this. Bloop!

    • Mene Seela says:

      Kyle wasn’t entirely wrong in bringing up the tabloids again at dinner. She said in her TH that she wanted Brandi and Lisa’s conflicting stories brought out while both were present. If she hadn’t wouldn’t we all be like “why didn’t she ask them at dinner?”

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Not I. I wouldn’t. I say take the whole tabloid issue out of this season. But then Kyle and Mauricio would have no reason to be on the show this season. But then we could erase the last three episodes altogether….So…nevermind.

      • Cartwheels says:

        Kyle had all the right to ask both of these harpies about the story, Brandi was giving one version of the story, Lisa was giving another version but the bottom line was that Lisa never ever, at the beach or at dinner confronted Brandi with her “lies”. Lisa denied it at the beach but not in front of Brandi, when Ken suggested that they confronted Brandi, Lisa stopped him and told him to “let it go” – What ? let it go? your best friend just throw you down the river and said a big whoop lie about you and you are nonchalantly say to let it go? uhmmm that is not the usual reaction of Lisa when somebody lies about her.

        As if that wasn’t suspicious enough , Lisa and Brandi had a full blown conversation in the bus on their way to dinner and not once did Lisa confronted Brandi with these horrible lies she was spreading about her, instead of that she tried to find out why Brandi was upset with her and they spend their time talking about the Scheana BS but at no point did Lisa asked the obvious question, “Brandi why are you making up these lies about me? you know you are lying as I had no way to pack those magazines because I never saw them at your house, you are going to march right now to Kyle and Mauricio and you are going to clear that up, I will not have you defame my name with such a BS lie and I mean it , missy”
        Worse yet, out of the bus and while being alone with her at that table Lisa still doesn’t say a word to Brandi about the lies she is spreading, yet she found the time to let her know that she loves her and she has always had her back? – what? a liar who lies and just made lies about you and has told everybody that you intended to use those magazines against Kyle at PS making you look like an evil woman who machinates these kind of backstabbing deal behind someone who she pretends she is friend with and this is the reaction that Lisa has?
        I am sorry that I don’t have my rose colored glasses anymore when it comes to Lisa but Lisa had ample opportunities to confront Brandi and tell her to her face that she was lying, matter of fact it shouldn’t had been Kyle who had to ask the question, this should have come from Lisa herself at that dinner table, Lisa should be the one who should have said, “Kyle, I am glad we are all present right here because I want to let you and Mauricio know in no uncertain terms that Brandi is lying, why is she doing it? I don’t know, she seems to be punishing me for being close to Scheanna or God knows what tales she has in her mind but I want you to hear from my own mouth that the issue of the magazines never happened, Brandi you are a liar and I am sorry I ever called you my friend”, then Lisa could have stormed out all she wanted and never spoke to anyone again and it would be fine. In the meantime at that dinner Lisa was talking lullabies to Brandi and pleading her eternal love and she thought that it would not be suspicious and that nobody would want further verification of these accusation and that just because she acted like nothing happened that this was going to be the end of it?
        Lisa was obvious too full of herself if she thought that nobody would bring the issue up, she had the upper hand to put a stop to everything and give her version of the story in front of Brandi but she never did.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I love your proposed Lisa response. Or what Lisa should have said! You’re a better writer than the writers for RHOBH. I could have used your awesome response talents many times in my life whenI just sat there stuttering like an idiot.

          • Cartwheels says:

            LOL, I know that Lisa could have muster some kind of response to call Brandi out, the fact that she never did is what makes me believe that she indeed had something to do with it. Gosh know that if anybody tries to pin me on some lie that I never did or say my response would be a very strong one, there would not be wishy washy crap from me. I would let anybody and everybody know that I didn’t have anything else to do with it and have it out there in front of everybody to avoid any confusions. The fact is that between the beach incident and the dinner time many hours have passed, i could understand Lisa’s initial reaction maybe of being surprised and choked up but after a few hours, you have had time to cool down and to think word by word what to say, you either call the person a liar to her face or you don’t.
            The Lisa that I know for the last 4 seasons never stutters and never is short for words unless she is lying.

            • SJNYC says:

              Key words here “I” what you would have done. None of us know Lisa so hard to figure what she was thinking. We could flip a coin but they may be the best we can do.

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Some say she is very smooth and her first reaction is to deftly lie with no problem. Hmmmm… I’m splitting hairs, now. I sputter, stutter SOMETIMES when I feel attacked. Maybe it depends on who is doing it. Half the time, I don’t realize til the next day that someone was throwing shade. Which is weird, because I can the throw it like no other. #shadybutclueless

            • kit9 says:

              It’s so painfully obvious Lisa is lying. She was firmer in her no response to Ken when Ken wanted to talk to Brandi than she was when denying the actual incident. I think Lisa was chitting her pants terrified of antagonizing Brandi into spilling more secrets. Someone is telling nasty lies about you that has someone very upset and you say, no, you don’t want to talk to them about it and “let it go”?! Come on!

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          The problem is that they all have dirty, filthy hands! They ALL talk about each other but the only one willing to admit it is lunatic Brandi! In her haste to throw EVERYONE under the bus she’ll incriminate herself in a half-second. While Lisa ‘MAY NOT’ have told her to bring the rag mags in question she’s guilty of talking smack about Kyle. She’s trying to appease her so that OldFaithfulBrandiGeyserville won’t tell. Which is really silly as we’ve seen ALL of them backstabbing each other and Kyle is CulpritNumero.1

          Also let’s remember that Lisa doesn’t know where all this is coming from. She thinks Brandi is being manipulated by others, mainly Yolanda as YoFo is the instigator and the mouthpiece. Talking to Ken, Lisa says “(sob)… even Brandi….(sob)”. She doesn’t know that Brandi has been working this angle for months.

        • SJNYC says:

          Love the proposed response. The scenes were so chopped and edited to be honest there could have been a lot that we don’t see. What some people view as suspicious could be from editing or could be that is how Lisa responds to conflict. In the end I am ceasing to care.

        • Mene Seela says:

          I heart this response!

      • Pghemtchick says:

        I wonder why Kyle didnt bring it up in the van? Perfect time with NO escape.
        I don’t think dinner was the right place. Joyce was supposed to be the “trip organizer” and was present after mourning her dad. There was no respect to her state of mind by bringing up this. They could have shot a room/pool/bar/late beach scene.

        • Mene Seela says:

          But everything happens at RH dinners! They’re tipsy, mic’d up and facing each other.

      • Shiny says:

        I figured she was afraid the beach scene might get edited, so she had to bring it up again to be sure it was all covered to give her victim status and explain why Lisa was going down, she hoped. I don’t understand why Kyle wasn’t shushing up Yoyo and Brandi if she didn’t want the rumors about Mauricio brought up again. Clearly she didn’t mind talking all about the rumors over and over, as long as she thought the conversation could make Lisa look bad.

        Brandi never did give her version right in front of Lisa, did she. And at dinner Brandi just sat there with a weird smile listening to the attacks and Lisa left the table.

        I don’t care at all about this storyline, but Mauricio should be mad at Kyle for making it a storyline again.

      • jeang says:

        Im sorry but I find it ridic that someone (vile) that doesn’t want this discussed keeps bringing this cheating issue up again and again.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          ITA, but she and Mo would have nothing to do this season were it not for the topic that keeps being brought up, mostly by her.

          • Cartwheels says:

            What exactly is Lisa’s story line of this season?

            • LaineyLainey says:

              Being fabulous, darling! Having lunches, making jokes about Kyle, ” hee hee, it was a joke, darling!” (I love her jokes, I do!) Giggy drinking out of Waterford crystal, Ken selecting outfits for Giggy, the maid dressing Giggy, the maid making tea, Lisa drinking said tea, Lisa calling/texting Yo to back out of painting tiles, Planning parties on days when Yo can’t attend,..oh, darling!…the list goes on and on…

            • nyc mama says:

              Being the plotline for Brandi, Yolanda, Kyle and even Kim.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Thanks… And great points, Amber! Can’t wait for the next few weeks… Gonna be exciting!

  23. Stars! Another fantastic blog!!! I loved the chicken references, sound effects. The “Empty Nest Dream Team”. “…sentenced to death by truth cannon.” LOL And why the nickname YoYo is perfect!

    Okay, here’s my rant on Brandi (again). I found in Carlton’s blog where she speaks of Brandi being “mad at her dogs” before they left for Palm Springs. And it was Lisa who encouraged Brandi to say goodbye to them. I’ve contended that Brandi’s dog “escaped” (run Chica RUN!) This happened just days before the dog disappeared and is more proof why Brandi doesn’t deserve to have pets. She’s horrible! How can you be mad at pets and before you leave town?! Ugh, if you can’t love and manage pets, how can you manage children? I’m just sayin’. Of course, I’m not saying that one must have pets to know how to manage kids!

    I totally agree that Lisa was truly broken up by it all. That is not acting, in my opinion. I have previously contended that she never wanted to cry on camera and that was part of the reason she fled the beach scene…she does bring this up in her blog…about the crying. And that brings me to the Fight of Flight, which was fitting and interesting. Personally, I am flight if it’s not worth it to me and Fight when it’s worth it. Safe to say, this can go 50-50, so I will have to agree with Stars assessment over the professional opinion!

    All this drama, I think this whole season was created by Brandi and some was propagated by YoYo. None of this was warranted – NONE OF IT WAS INTERESTING!!!! Nothing that happened to Lisa was warranted in my opinion, because it’s just utterly ridiculous accusations. Even if true, so what? Brandi said in TH that Lisa is the “most strategic person on the planet.” For what? And if so, that doesn’t bode well for all the bad asses on the planet, does it? I digress, what is the big deal? What in the world would Lisa gain in hauling out tabloids with Kyle and everyone there? WHAT? Honestly, several things don’t add up from all persons involved.

    It just makes no sense whatsoever! It’s like this whole season is a dream formed in Brandi’s pee-sized brain (I’m just waiting for her to step out of the shower and fall on her face, sorry, I can NOT help myself!) and this is why I don’t dish on it much, because I choose Flight over the Fight.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      “NONE OF IT WAS INTERESTING”. Thank you!!!!

      • Powell says:

        I agree Lainey. TexasTart I didn’t think about it like that. Not interesting. Lisa wouldn’t have anything to gain for the mags or for as Yo said, “trying to knock someone down on their way up”. Lisa has continuously helped Brandi on the way up so I don’t get the rational behind Yo saying that.

      • Shiny says:

        agree, Lainey! This has been so maddeningly dull this season. I’d rather watch paint dry in their houses.

      • Jan (TexasTart) says:

        Lainey, we were robbed! You know how when a movie is being promoted and there are one line quotes from reviewers? The “NONE OF IT WAS INTERESTING” should be used for RHOBH. I don’t know how they can squeeze enough out of a lemon to make this reunion interesting.

        • LaineyLainey says:

          So robbed. Someone decided it would be a strong enough storyline to carry the whole season. Not just to give mo and Kyle a reason to be there..but the whole danged cast and the whole danged season!!!

    • Cartwheels says:

      This has never been an issue of believing Brandi over Lisa for me, I despise Brandi and always will.
      For me it has always been an issue of believing that Lisa indeed has known and has sponsored Brandi in some of the awful things she has done against others, Lisa and Brandi at this point are both awful to me. But believing that Lisa has done her share of shenanigans behind cameras doesn’t mean that I believe Brandi to be this innocent wallflower who has been taken advantage of, Brandi and Lisa had a relationship of mutual convenience, unfortunately Lisa withdraw of affection and communication came at the same time of the tampon string incident so it made Brandi skittish and she started to unravel. I do happen to think that Brandi talking crap about Lisa to Joyce was nothing but an attempt to create problems for Joyce because Brandi didn’t like Joyce since the moment she saw her.
      I do believe that if it wasn’t for Brandi being paranoic about Lisa’s loyalty that they will still be besties. It worked for the best for Lisa as I am sure she would be hard press to explain and defense some of Brandi’s behaviors of this season, with them being at odds it works to Lisa’s advantage because she now can play the game that she distance herself from Brandi because of her behavior when it is obvious to me that the only reason why Lisa distance herself is because Brandi became too much of a liability and a burden that could affect the perfect image she prides herself to have with the viewers.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      Someone told Brandi she could be the HBIC if only she took Lisa out. She is told she’s the next BHRealityDiva by YoFo and Kyle who are vying and jockeying for the same position. Vile and YoFo throw Brandi in front using her as a shield as they wait to be the last ones standing. They really didn’t count on Lisa have a super shield power given to her by the fans. While they can threaten the Queen they can’t ever really check her as viewers have the ultimate say.

    • Mene Seela says:

      Andy Cohen: “In your own words, please summarize Lisa’s behavior on the show.”

      Brandi: “Strategery”

      • Jan (TexasTart) says:


      • I am with you Jan (Tartsy)… Me too, I prefer to flight .

        All Season the women have said wait to the trip to Puerto Rico, wait… What I watched was a bunch of clowns (thanks to DF) looking bad.

        Brandi: I will never like Brandi after this Season (PS trip sealed the deal)

        Yolanda was a big disappointment since I really liked and drank her Kool-Aid.

        I liked Kyle and Kim better this Season.

        Lisa: I disliked Lisa A LOT in PS!!! I disliked her after the end of last Season and all the lies about the lawsuit that never existed. Now, I warmed up to her … 50% that she could have joked about taking the (stoopids) magazines or 50% not!

        Carlton: a bore.

        Joyce: could be nice to see her coming back next Season.

        IF Yolanda and Brandi come back for another Season, I will stop watching ALL Bravo programs.

        • Jan (TexasTart) says:

          Brandi – BYE. I wouldn’t watch anything with Brandi Glanville in it beyond this season. I’m not sure I can tolerate the reunion for her trashiness. She is so despicable.

          Yo was a huge disappointment. I keep hearing VV (and there was someone else) that said there was something off about her and they could not put there finger on it. Well, we’ve all seen it with our eyes by now.

          Carlton is the biggest hypocrite to ever appear in Real Housewives. BYE!

          Joyce, I would like back because she has shown thus far that she can stand up for herself on the spot without being conniving behind the scenes. I like that Joyce is happy – just shoot me now that I like some happy people in an ensemble show.

          Kyle & Kim, I believe are a packaged deal and will remain that way. I’m fairly neutral with these two, but I actually respect Kyle for her being a real life housewife. I would not however care for her as a friend.

          Lisa has been and will probably always be my favorite housewife, but somehow part of the cast went after her as if she was Teresa of RHONJ. Lisa has for me, fallen a bit from grace by even acknowledging some of these women exist in real life. I think she makes excellent reality TV and would love to see her on a different network.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            Great comment. So true about Yo. I wanted her to be, well different. It all goes back to Da Don, “it is what it is.” You say you wouldn’t want to be Kyle’s friend. I think she is a good friend if she really likes you, e.g. Faye. She is not a good “friend” if she didn’t like you in the first place e.g. Lisa. I’m glad she’s not my sister. Yes, she got Kim a job, that was nice! but then we have the limo scene…

            • Jan (TexasTart) says:

              Good point, except I would hate to be Kim’s sister! I also think Kyle is naturally fun, even if some of that comes across goofy. I have issue with what I perceive to be a lack of loyalty. But I could be wrong…let’s ask Faye!

              • LaineyLainey says:

                Oh yeah…touché …thanks for that. THAT. Would be hard: to be Kim’s sister. All those years…I would want to steal her house or sunthin. No…I kid, I kid,…

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Awww… Thanks, Tartsy – They are crazy to watch, aren’t they? We all need each other to keep each other sane after watching these shows, I believe…

    • mrs peabody says:

      Another thing since when is Brandi smart enough to come up with the work STRATEGIC on her own? Someone but that in her mind and my bet is wanna be Queen YoYo. Another thing if you listen to Lisa’s voice when she walked away at the beach she was close to tears, you can hear it in her voice when she says to Q-YoYo I don’t want to talk about this or whatever it was she said (I don’t remember)…..listen to her tone. She left because she was about to start crying, when she got to Ken and Maurico she was very upset when she told Ken they were mean girls. I think she is right in her implying this was all Q-Yoyo’s doing, Brandi seems to be easily swayed when she is friends with you and since at that point she was friends with Q/YoYo I have no doubt she had been working on her all season saying mean things about Lisa and telling Brandi Lisa was not her friend. I really don’t think Brandi was that hard to turn to the Blonde Side.

  24. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    BON VOYAGE VEENA!!!! [box] [box] [box]

    There are several suitable emojis, but I know you can’t see them! So pretend there is a plane, a boat, a gondola, confetti, a champagne toast while in hiking boots…okay I made up a few of those up. 😉 Best wishes for good health and good fortune in your travels.

    • Powell says:

      TexasTart thks for saying what the emojis could be. 🙂

      • Jan (TexasTart) says:

        Ha ha, the temptation to use them was great and I got to laughing at wondering if there was a gondola in there!

  25. luluplus3 says:

    Good luck Veena!!!! Enjoy your adventure!!! No worries we will keep things running till you come back!!

  26. Exit4 says:

    Everything Cartwheels said. 🙂

    • Cartwheels says:

      LOL , thanks.

      It just ridiculous that Lisa pretends that she is above all of this and finds any and every excuse for her shenanigans and the other ones just have to take it. This situation that was obvious about Brandi and Lisa plotting against Kyle , Lisa manages to make it about her and poor victim being gang up. Totally ridiculous.
      Gang up? Joyce was gang up in Palm Spring by Brandi, Yolanda and Lisa, they laughed at her face and acted like mean girls all the way. Did Joyce cried? Did she left in a huff ? Of course not, she stayed and she never backed down. Joyce had the conviction of her truth on her side.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        How do you know she is pretending? Maybe she really believes it.

      • kit9 says:

        Yeah, I have to laugh at Lisa’s whining about a 5 on 1 gangup on the beach. First of all, she can’t count. There were only 4 of them and I don’t recall Lisa coming to Joyce’s rescue with the 5 on 1 gang up on her at Sur. There you had Brandi, Lisa, Yo, Mohamed and Ken all either directly going at Joyce or defending Brandi. What did Lisa, she of the antigangupvictim do then? Repeatedly tell Joyce, the target, to stop it, despite the fact Brandi started it.

  27. Just Wondering In Jersey says:

    I don’t say this often enough, thank you to the bloggers, the recappers and the commenters for keeping this blog going. It’s home to me.

    Veena have a fabulous once in a lifetime adventure. Safe travels.

  28. Exit4 says:

    Have a great time Veena! 🙂 I’m a little Jelly! Safe travels.

  29. Stars!!! Great Blog!!! I am going to read it a second time so I make sure I get all the snarky goodness that you infused (it with, into it,) <<===??? Either, or, it is a Yummy <=== gearing up for NY==== Treat!!!!

    Now I could debate both sides of all the HWs of BH, I could do an evil/good rant on any of them…so I don't know if I will watch next season, I am all about NEW YORK, NEW YORK, we will see how long that lasts…………

    Okay, the JUICY (not Joe) stuff….during the clip of YoYo slapping Ken's imaginary touch away….DID YOU SEE HIS FACE????? WHEN he says, "Your Husband" OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!
    Watch his face!!!!!!!! There are a MILLION things he wants to say to YoYo about DaFo, I mean seriously you can see the gears churning and burning as he fights with himself to not say what he REALLY wants to say!!!!! Somebody tell me that I am not making this up!!!! I mean seriously, I know that face and I know that inner fight with what you want to say and what you shouldn't say and what you do say, LOL!!!!
    I really wish he had more to drink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sitting quietly in the Living Room as my husband grouts the Family Room, not checking up on him. Showed him a couple of Youtubes and stepped back and am NOT micro-managing my free labor, lol! He has done enough block walls etc, this is his first and probably last grouting job… I am Ken, biting my tongue, I am SO OVER THIS FLOOR!!!!

    • Powell says:

      Oh want to see a pic of the finished floor PrincessP. I’m sure you’ve both done a great job.

    • Mene Seela says:

      Free labor! No such thing. 🙂

    • Mene Seela says:

      I’m gonna watch Ken’s face! Just as soon as I can find that scene …

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Thanks Tiara – and thanks for the heads up on watching Ken’s face… I’m kind of wincing at this whole finale… but we shall see… we shall see!

      I am proud of you for holding your tongue regarding the floor… It will be done soon, my friend… soon… I see the light at the end of the tunnel and for once it’s not a train…

  30. Powell says:

    Good afternoon everyone. I hope you’ve had a great weekend. NMD you and your husband are going to have such a great trip around the globe. I’ll be reading your adventures for sure. And remember. Take the gondola!! 🙂

    • SJNYC says:

      Powell how are feeling today? Seemed like you were pretty tired out from your tests the other day, so hope you have gotten to enjoy it.

  31. Mene Seela says:

    Just read a story about Charlie Sheen’s twitter antics and the first thing that popped into my head was a picture of Brandi.

  32. Pghemtchick says:

    Aw Brandi’s BFF is defending her and B is retweeting.

    • nyc mama says:

      Two fools. One is trying to make herself relevant by inserting herself into this and the other is trying to remain relevant doing what she does best. In 3 more weeks the HW’s will be off. I can only imagine what she will come up with to get the attention she so desperately seeks.

      It looks like few if any want to see her back on the show next year so even if she does create chaos she hasn’t brought in the ratings this year, on the contrary, so she needs be worrying about job security. Her fans are few so I hope her podcast pays and I don’t see her getting any endorsements so without much to support her return I wouldn’t be surprised if she is gone next year.


    • kit9 says:

      Lisa gave an interview to the magazine that printed the Mo cheating allegations?

  33. Powell says:

    Stars I watched HH of Hollywood and loved it and was sad when the channel was dropped and no other network picked it up. It was a fun show.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Holds hands in solidarity with Powelly-Pooh regarding HH of Hollywood.

  34. O . m. G. Happy trails Starzy!!! Laughing my “eyes” off “Not to mention the long drive back without Kimberly in the truck.” Hahaa! The poor guy had to take Kim back without their daughter to diffuse the pain… You are so funny! Thanks for the Blogs… I don’t know how do you do it, but it is always a must to read!

    Happy for Veena (will miss you a LOT Veenita) Thank you Tartsy, Melcito and Lulita! For taking care of us while Veena has so deserved trip around Europe!

    Thanks as well to RamonaCoaster, BB, Empress, HH, Melcito, Lulu for Blogging for us! Always is very much appreciated!

    This is a great place… I agree!

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Him: Well, what are your plans for the rest of the day?
      Her: I love Turtles!! Vavoom shebang! 🐢🐢🐢🎉🎉🎉💥💥💥🐢🐢
      Him: (rolling his eyes). That’s niiiiiiiiice.

    • Stars99 #TeamT-Rex... All Day, Every Day!! says:

      Aww thanks, Cusi… It’s a very long drive… depending on the traffic – it can take at least 2 hours from here (Orange County)…Sometimes more like 3… then there’s another hour or two from LA… so that could have been a VERY long drive home…lol…

  35. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Powell, this is for you. I feel like Nancy posting something specific and animal related, but I couldn’t resist after you said you love penguins.

  36. VV™ says:

    How can Kyle claim she didn’t speak or text to Lisa from August 2nd to January 11th when we know they spoke at the season finale? Is Kyle Lying? I mean, I saw the scene at the Beverly Hilton shot on August 9th..

  37. Mene Seela says:

    These summer outdoor ideas are so cute and look easy. I’m going to try a few.

  38. Orson says:

    NMD, happy and safe travels. You do understand we’re all going to expect souvenirs when you return, right?

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