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Real Housewives Of Atlanta S6E17 Cast Blogs

by Ramonacoaster

Nene:  Krayonce’s Just Thirsty

Misery loves company! Manlow and Krayonce seem to be keeping each other company very well. They are back at their ol’ tricks. Krayonce wants this to be about her so badly! She has thirsty written all over her face. It’s way better for them to sit and talk about me than me talking about them, because I am very busy, hunni!

I think it is about Krayonce.  Why else would you be so mad at Manlow?  It seems like Manlow hanging out with Krayonce looked like she defected from your team and you got mad.

As I said before, I am never having anything to do with these two fools, so no need for me to comment. When I write you off, I write you off! They are doing all for nothing, so let them keep talking about me.

You are commenting and giving them new names which sound like you are more bothered than you let on. 

I’m so sad and angry about The New Normal going away, as if I have anything to do with NBC decision making! The New Normal was an amazing series with talented writers, actors, and creators. If you were in this business, then you would know that as an African American actress not many of us can say that we have worked on two major networks at the same damn time as working on a cable network. That’s amazing within itself! I love how these chicks try to diminish what is clearly a major accomplishment. Let’s see them get a series to lose, then holla back at me. By the way, what do they do again? My point exactly!

I don’t think they tried to diminish your accomplishments.  I think they are trying to figure out your behavior.  Being part of an audience, I know it is heartbreaking when a tv series you are interested in gets cancelled.  You become invested in the characters and the storylines.  I am sure it is worse for the actor or actress that has put in the time to develop their characters.  It is a good thing that you kept your housewives gig because it keeps you in the spotlight and the audience’s thoughts. 

Just so you know, if I’m seen for one second or one hour on Glee, I get paid exactly the same — it’s called a contract!

Money symbolizes a lot for you.  It seems like you like to wave how much bank you have in people’s faces when you feel they have insulted you but no one really reacts to it.  

Thanks for tuning in! P.S. My clothing line is coming in July and I’m currently on DWTS Season 18, which begins March 17th on ABC! I have another amazing announcement coming soon! When one door closes another one opens!

Hopefully the new announcement will put you in a better mood.

Kenya:  “Porsha Can’t Keep Up with Her Own Statements”

What grown woman threatens her friend to discontinue being friends with them because they don’t like him or her? I felt bad for Marlo, because she was always a good friend of NeNe’s and her biggest supporter and she really hurt her feelings. And the way she cursed out Cynthia who simply tried talking to her about Marlo… I thought her stripper days were behind her, but she is really showing her ass. They are both better off without her.

Okay, it worked.  You made Nene look like a butt.  That’s enough already.

When a woman states she married a man to “erase” his “tainted” celebrity, I hear “I was his beard.” I’ve heard half a dozen accounts on what her marriage was, and it’s clear Porsha can’t keep up with her own statements. I don’t care about Kordell’s sexuality any more than I care about their marriage.  But I do care about the truth.  I’m not sure how one “slays mud” as Porsha said, but that damage was already done in the beginning of her divorce by calling Kordell 50 different gay queens. They were married less than 2 years and have both moved on. Now that she has to make a way for herself, I wish her well. Whether it’s a short-term marriage as theirs was, or a serious relationship, all teach us how to choose better partners. Hopefully, for the right reasons next time around.

I have to admit when I heard Porsha say “tainted celebrity” I thought the same thing but she may have meant something else.  I would have like to hear what she meant but she might even make things worse the more she opens her mouth.  I don’t blame you for cutting her off. I love it when people criticize me for inquiring or commenting on someone’s marriage when I’m not married. Well, I don’t have to smoke crack to know that crack kills; I don’t have to jump off a bridge to know that I can drown; and I don’t have to marry someone for the sake of being in a bad marriage so that I can say I’m someone’s wife. A ring doesn’t define me. Call me a hopeless romantic, but I’d rather be unmarried or in a loving relationship than be in an arranged marriage or with someone who acts as though they can’t stand me half the time. 

As crazy as you act, what you write makes sense.  Go figure.  Phaedra’s immature name-calling is as tired as her blaming me for Apollo’s whorish ways. She has unjustly targeted me for her miserable marriage and unfaithful husband often calling me “manless.”  Taking a page from her playbook, any woman can get a man, all they have to do is visit a prison yard and get pregnant. I’m not the other woman for her to hate. In fact, she should be thanking me for not being interested in Apollo. I never was and I never will be. We know his eyes are never on her and that’s painful for any woman to experience. We have all been there and we all see who Apollo really is. Unfortunately, I don’t think she is capable of the truth or interested in facts, just slander.

Maybe you should introduce the lawyer to Brandi (the other housewife that is slamming you) so they can get together to hate on all the women their husbands slept with. 

In next week’s episode I try to get the truth out of Apollo once and for all, and the apology I deserve for the hateful lies. Wait for it…

Wow, really?  How much tequila did it take to get that confession?

Cynthia: “The Men Have Their Own Relationships”

Peter has always maintained a friendly relationship with all the men that he has been introduced to through the ladies. He is cool with all of them. He calls them whenever he feels like it and is happy to answer the phone when they call him — Apollo, Gregg, Todd, Kordell, and of course Walter. The men have their own relationships, and I think it’s great that they all get along. It’s seems pretty ridiculous to assume that the guys would stop being cool just because they are no longer in a relationship with one of the ladies or are having issues with them.

It is good for business that Peter keeps in touch with the guys.  People might think these guys hang out at his business.  When NeNe and Gregg went through their divorce, Peter always made himself available to talk to Gregg if he wanted to talk. I loved when Peter had Phaedra’s back and got Apollo together about texting Kenya. When Kordell was not there to support Porsha at the reunion, Peter was the first (and the only one) to express his disappointment. He supported Porsha and was mad as hell at Kordell for not showing up to hold her down. Unfortunately (shortly after the reunion) it became public knowledge that Kordell filed for divorce from Porsha on Twitter. Now I was also mad as hell at him and my heart completely went out to Porsha. Clearly, none of this is really anybody’s business, but I think at that point everyone was a little upset and we all felt bad for Porsha.

I guess Peter put himself in the perfect position to get the other side of the story to insert more drama into the situation.  I hope Bravo keeps you on as a housewife for that reason. 

With that said, I didn’t see anything wrong with Peter talking or going to visit Kordell. If for no other reason than to find out if he had lost his damn mind! Who files for divorce on Twitter? It just all seemed so crazy and out of character. I knew Peter wanted to talk to Kordell but wasn’t sure Kordell wanted to talk to him after defending Porsha at the reunion. In time (long story short), they did eventually sit down and talk. After hearing both sides, it sounded like it was a win-win for both of them. I can’t speak for Kordell, but Porsha definitely seems to be very happy and is moving on with her new life!

They both seemed to tell stories that would garner support from others.  Really during times of duress, people need support no matter what their situation was.

FYI: Why did I not tell Porsha that Peter and Kordell talked? The same reason why I don’t call NeNe, Phaedra, Kenya, or Kandi when Peter talks to or gets together with their men. The guys talk outside of us, and since we are all grown, I’m OK with that. My relationships are with the ladies, not the men. I don’t have any relationships with their men outside of them. Posha and I are still getting to know each other and don’t really talk much outside of when we’re together with the group. I may get an occasional text or phone call from her every now and then about a question she may have or some information she may need. I did reach out after I heard about the divorce to let her know that I was only a phone call away if she wanted to grab a cocktail and talk. I always enjoy all the ladies when I talk to them or see them, however the only one I talk and spend time with consistently is NeNe.

Maybe you should take a page from Peter’s book and really extend yourself to the other women other than Nene.  Of course that could backfire when Nene thinks your in flagrante with the other women she thinks are she-devils like Marlo.


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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills S4E19 Cast Blogs

by Stars99

Brandi Glanville

Brandi starts by blaming not writing a blog last week on her “whirl wind book tour.” She’s a New York Times best seller, you know.  Yeah, I know – I threw up a little in my mouth, too.

Brandi writes, “Watching this week’s episode was very hard for me as it took me back to a place of sadness and angst. Kyle knows the truth about the tabloids — case closed. I still don’t quite understand why Kyle doesn’t acknowledge the fact that I warned her in advance about the stories coming out in Star magazine because I had a friend that worked there. I myself have gone through a similar situation and I would have loved a warning or a heads up.”

Wait, Kyle said that no one knew about the tabloids until Lisa brought up the subject.  Which is it?  I hope Brandi’s friend isn’t still working at Star magazine – because he/she probably won’t be for long once Star magazine finds out they have a direct leak leading right into Brandi’s big blabbermouth.  [I always appreciate alliteration!]

Brandi then tells us about why she broke up with JR.  She had invited him to Puerto Rico but he declined because he said he had to work.  After she was in Puerto Rico, she found out that he chose to take a last minute trip to Italy where he “met and had an affair with a Spanish woman.”  Not sure why the woman’s nationality had anything to do with anything… but isn’t dating Brandi fun?  It just must be awesome to have every detail of your love life blabbed all over the land, right?  How many of us thought he and Brandi had an agreement to have a monogamous relationship?  They were clearly #datingnotdating… but I think she got mad also because she knew he must have had this trip planned but just didn’t tell her about it.

Brandi then tells us she’s no longer seeing the guy she brought to the Beverly Hills party but they’re still “close friends.”   Is it just me, or does anyone else look at the men that Brandi dates and shiver a little that they most likely are willing to choke her during sex?  I mean that’s the story she told us in the beginning of this season… While I know everyone has their kinky side… this particular proclivity is just wonky to me.

Brandi blogs, “I knew the moment Lisa was home she would run to Carlton because that’s her M.O., and she needed and ally. I really don’t think it was fair for her to involve Carlton in issues that had absolutely nothing to do with her. I am close friends with Carlton, and I have never once spoken to her about my issues with Lisa — because they don’t involve her and I know that she and Lisa are friends and I would never disrupt a friendship. When I saw Carlton at the Beverly Hills party, I instantly knew Lisa had been in her ear. I know how Mrs. Vanderpump rolls.”

Of course Lisa is going to call Carlton to let her know what happened to her in Puerto Rico, duh!  I mean, who else on earth would believe that these women would behave so abominably?  But it cracks me up that Brandi is throwing shade on Lisa for doing it by saying, “I know how Mrs. Vanderpump rolls.”  But Captain Hypocrite, isn’t that kind of like you cozying up to the newbies this season to quickly get them on your side?  Brandi, you made a phone call to Joyce in first two weeks of the season specifically to accomplish the same thing – Although it really backfired on you, didn’t it?  Then you got mad because Joyce was honest and told Lisa about your conversation – and that’s why you’ve been on Joyce’s back all season long.

Brandi blathers on, “On to my issues with Lisa — I truly just want to have an honest conversation with her. As we all know I am not on Vanderpump Rules. I have repeatedly asked Lisa to not bring Scheana around me anymore. She promised she wouldn’t — but she did and without even a warning. It made me start to question our friendship and my role in her life. Was I simply part of her plan???”

Starts to inexplicably sing, “Dizzy, my head is spinning…”  Seriously, Brandi’s mind changes more than she changes her underwear – That is, if she actually ever wore any underwear.  Brandi continues to visit Sur even when they’re not filming, why?  There must be no other restaurants in the greater Los Angeles area… Or perhaps there are just no other restaurants that will give her free food/drink.  And just what plan of Lisa’s is Brandi referring to?  I’m confused… So Lisa had a plan to do what?  Embarrass Brandi?  Brandi’s already got that covered herself.

Scheana is one of the stars of, “Vanderpump Rules” and as such we know that Production mandates the members of the catering team for events that are filmed for RHOBH.  I mean really, for those of you who have watched, “Vanderpump Rules” – Who on earth would want Jax to be one of only 2 bartenders for a special event?  He’s demonstrated he clearly can’t be trusted even to be able to adequately mix the simplest of drinks – Not even a glass of iced water, no?  But it’s because he’s on, “Vanderpump Rules” that we’re all graced with his and the other, “Vanderpump Rules” cast member’s presence at these special functions (Scheana included…).

Previously, we’ve learned from Lisa’s blogs that when Brandi comes into Sur that Lisa frequently moves Scheana to another area of the restaurant so that there aren’t any problems.  The night of Ken/Mauricio’s party, Lisa even hired a couple of additional servers so that Scheana, while probably required by Production to be in attendance at the event, would stay in the kitchen area so that there wouldn’t be any awkwardness in the serving of the meal itself.

I admit I’m still surprised that Lisa had suggested that Brandi talk to Scheana about Scheana’s new news about her engagement… But Brandi didn’t even flinch at Lisa’s request at the time – But instead went to the kitchen and specifically sought out Scheana to talk to her.  I’m sure that this whole conversation was Production’s brilliant idea.  Yet, Brandi is now insisting that Lisa is purposefully putting Scheana into Brandi’s life for Lisa’s own personal gain.  Sorry Brandi, you were irrelevant to “Vanderpump Rules” about 5 episodes into their first season.  I can’t even remember you being mentioned during Season 2 at all – Other than during the night of the RHOBH’s dinner at Sur.  You are inconsequential to, “Vanderpump Rules” so your continued insistence at this point that Lisa is using you for some reason is just so danged laughable.  If anything, it’s Production that’s using you.  But you already know that, don’t you?

Brandi writes, “My issues with Lisa are completely separate then everyone else’s, so although you may think it looked like we were ganging up on her, we absolutely were not. I truly love Lisa and I always will, but she needs to realize it isn’t cool to keep putting Scheana around me.”

Right – It really seems like you “love” Lisa… Puhleeze… It isn’t fair to blame Lisa for Production’s choices in whom they want to have on camera.

Brandi then tries to straighten us out on the facts of the situation, Yippie Ki Yay this should be fun – Brandi blogs, “Here are the facts: Scheana has been BFF with Pandy for five years. The drama of my divorce took place five years ago. Scheana never worked at SUR until the night of our final party. Scheena was a Villa Blanca employee. Why was she at SUR? Lisa is incredibly close to all of her employees, as you see on her show. How on earth did she not know about Scheana and Edddie? Why the f— was Scheana at SUR that night? Also if Lisa didn’t know why would she constantly ask me to interact with this woman that reminded me of the most horrific time in my life. Does Lisa care about me, or am I just part of Vanderpump Rules?”

Yep, I’m sure that Pandy knew about her best friend’s affair and probably even told Lisa at the time about it.  It’s not clear if Scheana was an employee at that time or not.  Even if she was – Now that we’ve seen the swirling sexual cesspool that is the cast of, “Vanderpump Rules” –

We know that the concept of one of the employees having an affair with a married man is just oh, so pedestrian.  Did Lisa remember the affair by the time Brandi joined the cast, if in fact she was ever told in the first place? Who knows… I’m sure Scheana must brought it up to Production during the casting for “Vanderpump Rules” – But it’s unclear how much Lisa was involved in the casting process at that point. She may have been given a list of potential participants – and provided her input from that… who knows?  But remember, the world saw Scheana crying on TV over Eddie’s cheating on her with LeAnn.  Brandi was cranky the TV and print stories seemed to showcase Scheana being jilted and not her – and she had a valid point – After all, she was the wife and not merely a mistress…  However, the focus of most of the stories was about LeAnn’s cheating on her husband because she was way more famous than Eddie was at the time.  Or since… lol…

Yep, Sheana had never permanently worked at Sur until she was transferred there to be part of the cast of, “Vanderpump Rules” when they started filming.  That part is clearly documented.  We also found out from Lisa’s blog that Production had already identified the cast that was going to be part of the pilot for, “Vanderpump Rules” and they were the ones who were there serving on the night that Brandi first ran into Scheana.  Scheana was there because she was part of the cast.  Brandi surely had to have known that, no? It’s ridiculous to think otherwise.  Who thinks Brandi didn’t question Lisa about it at the time?  Of course she did – as anyone would.  If she didn’t find out then – She surely found out since then… Plus, I’m sure Brandi reads everyone’s blogs… Lisa clearly spelled out the whole situation in her previous blogs.  It’s crazy that Brandi is pretending at this point not to know why Scheana was even there that night. Puhleeze!

The real question to me is… Why is Brandi making such a big deal about the Scheana/Vanderpump Rules thing at this point when it’s so far after the fact?  Of course Brandi is sick of seeing her ex-husband’s mistress – Anyone would be.  But this whole playing dumb about this whole thing is wonky.   Clearly, Brandi thinks we’re idiots.  I would be insulted except who cares what Brandi says about anything?  Let’s move on to someone else’s blog, shall we?

Carlton Gebbia

Carlton starts her blog by saying she knew that things were going to be “chilly” for their finale even though the weather here in Southern California was great.

Carlton blogs, “I was pretty sure tonight was going to be difficult for Lisa since this was the first time she was seeing everyone together since Puerto Rico. And here we go again — Kyle demanding that never ending apology from Lisa. When will it bloody end, seriously where is her perception of reality? Blaming Lisa for Puerto Rico, getting ugly, saying that it was in her hands was very unfair. Let’s be honest Kyle could have stepped in at anytime and stopped the asinine madness, but no, she sat back gleefully quiet and enjoyed her stirrings. Not a friend.”

Yeah, crickets were chirping that fateful night in Puerto Rico.  There was no friend in sight for Lisa.  I found myself inexplicably singing, “Winter, spring, summer or fall…all you have to do is call – and I’ll be there, yes, you’ve got a friend.”  Carlton then says that she hopes that Lisa and YoYo can figure things out. Yeah, right… Good luck with that.

Carlton writes, “With regards to Ken and Yolanda, unfortunately because he was already riled up from Puerto Rico’s unpleasant fiasco and knowing how devastated Lisa was feeling, the minute he felt it was about to happen again he stepped in not truly seeing this was not the same situation. Yes, it got blown way out of proportion and unfortunately Ken calling Yolanda stupid was bad judgment. It was a rough night.”

I think the whole “stupid” conversation was stupid.  Imagine if Ken had used some of the colorful phrases Brandi uses so gratuitously these days.  He thought the whole line of interrogation was ludicrous – and no, I don’t mean the rapper.  I can understand how being called, “stupid” would really set YoYo off – It’s probably a hot button for her especially now because of the loss of her brain function with the Lyme disease… However, Ken could not care less about YoYo’s feelings because he perceived his wife was being attacked.  Period.  Ken probably thought that calling YoYo or the situation “stupid” was in fact, being nice.  He could have said much, much worse.

Carlton continues, “As far as Brandi goes, of course I’m going to roll my eyes. If I was Lisa I would have left, too. Why would one stay just to be beaten up verbally and be made to feel completely isolated from women who you thought were your friends. Saying I couldn’t have handled Puerto Rico. Really? I know Brandi knows me better than that now, since this last year we have gotten to know one another pretty well. Then this analogy comes that Lisa is some sort of hypnotic puppet master and her and Kyle were her puppets, and now I’m one of them. Oh, come on. First off, had I been there in Puerto Rico I most certainly would have handled it and I wouldn’t have sat there purposely quiet like Kyle did while Lisa dealt with an onslaught of issues. And then Brandi saying Lisa reminded me of what I remember about certain events or that she’s in my ear. I didn’t see the tabloid that Brandi had in her home and I certainly didn’t hear Lisa say take it. I’m sure it would have been a conversation piece on our ride down to Palm Desert. I don’t know what else to say about this tabloid saga. But please let this poor bloody tabloid die in peace. Let it stay buried already, no more exhuming!”

Oh Carlton, from your lips to God’s ears!   Riddle me this… How is it that Carlton is sounding so sane to me at the moment?  Is it because the rest of them have gone batcrapcrazy?  Seriously, it’s worrying me…lol.  I don’t even particularly want to be snarky towards Carlton… Hopefully that feeling will only be temporary… lol…

Carlton blogs, “Yes, Lisa of course called me when all of this went down, but that’s called being a friend not an ally. Most people that know me, know I’m pretty opinionated and outspoken and not swayed by others.”

Yeah, Carlton doesn’t seem to have a problem having an opinion that’s different than other people’s opinion.  The only exception might be is if she’s interested in the person… And we all know Carlton was too busy leering at Brandi and her children’s nanny to even notice Lisa in that way.  Carlton goes on to say that she, too, is confused at why things have gotten suddenly so hostile between Brandi and Lisa.  She’s not sure if either of them will recover from this.  Then Carlton implies that Kyle is a little, “Single White Female” obsessed with Lisa.  Now that’s gonna go over well with Kyle, no? lol.  You’ll be happy to know that Carlton did appreciate Kyle’s “motorboating” because it’s the first time she’s seen Kyle let her hair down.  Of course Carlton would appreciate it… I mean are we surprised?  However, this was Kyle’s work function – both as a Bravo employee AND as a business owner in Beverly Hills.  I don’t know about you, but I have never had the inclination to motorboat one of my friends…Not ever – Much less at a business type of event.  It was just so danged odd to me.

Carlton concludes, “Unfortunately you didn’t get to see but I also gave that necklace back to Kyle, cleansed and all. A few words were exchanged as I recall. So no loose ends there. Yay.”

Awww, Carlton broke up with Lisa.  I certainly hope she gave Kyle back the “ring,” too!

Joyce Giraud de Ohoven

Joyce starts her blog by telling us that the “evil eye” and the shoes that we’ll see her wear on the reunion shows were gifts from fans.  It’s pretty kewl she wore them, no?  She then plugs her “Queen of the Universe” charity event which is happening today.

Joyce blogs, “I like both Kyle and Lisa. I like Kyle because she was open and kind to me at the very beginning when the other ladies were giving me their backs. I like Lisa because I’ve gotten to know her. She is very supportive and I I look up to her. After the Puerto Rico trip, I advised Kyle to really look at who instigated what. As much as I like Kyle, I do believe she was being influenced by the wrong people.”

I’m starting to think this is all an act on Kyle’s part to create a platform for drama for her and her sister.  Surely Kyle can’t be gullible enough to suddenly believe Brandi?

Joyce is confused, too – as Joyce blogs, “The recap of the lunch was extremely telling: Brandi was the one who brought up the tabloid rumors in front of everybody and Yolanda gave it credence by saying: “There is no smoke without fire.” The only one at the luncheon to squash the tabloid rumors and said it was all nonsense was Lisa. And after all, the thing we should be questioning was who bought the tabloids in the first place and why? And who told Kyle about the rumors before the magazines even came out? That was Brandi! So for Kyle to believe Brandi (considering her track record of lying and creating drama for shock value) over Lisa doesn’t make sense.”

Joyce actually is making some sense… Joyce then tells us how she’s talked to Kyle on multiple occasions about this whole thing.  Joyce doesn’t understand why Kyle believes Brandi now when Brandi tried to talk crap about Kyle and Kim to Joyce “from the beginning.” 

Joyce writes, “I saw Brandi and Scheana talk and agree to move on and get past their differences. I’ve seen Brandi being “nice” to Scheana (or at least “fake-nice,” since I have experienced firsthand that Brandi mastered that art). Brandi was “over” the Scheana issue. For her to now bring this up out of left field simply in order to find another contrived reason to attack Lisa, is vicious and lame at the same time. Lisa has been a great friend to Brandi. She even defended Brandi’s inexcusable behavior to me earlier in the season.”

Yeah, I bet Lisa is Vanderpumping herself on her pink, sparkly dupa for ever defending Brandi, Kyle, Mauricio, Kim or YoYo at the moment.  She may even be Maloof-hoofing herself…

Joyce writes, “Ken is my hero of the episode. A man who defends his lady is a true prince. I personally wouldn’t take it any other way. I understand why he was upset from the beginning of the party. I admire how he stood up for his wife, defended his friendship with Mauricio, and told him flat out that the accusations were false. And, above all, I admire that he was not giving the Hollywood hypocritical kisses to everybody. He let them know what he thought about their behavior.”

Yes, Ken speaks volumes with his words and with his silence.  It totally fried Kim to be summarily dismissed after she apologized… Ken had just had enough of the crap…

Joyce continues, “The most painful to watch was that Ken barely even touched Yolanda when she swatted him away. My husband and I didn’t see the alleged aggression when it occurred. After Ken and Lisa left, Yolanda was shaking like a leaf, almost crying, and saying that she had never had a man put his hands on her. This became a big deal at the party and Carlton, Kyle, and myself were all shocked and felt genuinely sorry for her — to the point where my husband gave Yolanda his jacket. Now that I have seen the “abuse” and it looks much more like Ken just reaching for her hand, I can’t believe she would go to such lengths and try to assassinate his character.”

Joyce, obviously, you haven’t met YoYo.  Joyce concludes by saying that she’s going to be making a big announcement at her charity event today… I wish Joyce was the one that was going to be on Celebrity Apprentice, dagnabit.

Kim Richards

Okay, Kim is just making me laugh now.  Kim really does live in Kimland and is so out of touch with reality and this show it’s actually quite laughable.

After making a heartfelt “life is beautiful” speech for a couple of paragraphs, Kim blogs, “As far as the Final Episode: The 100 Year Anniversary! It seemed like people were having fun. At the same time it also seemed like everyone was trying to discuss their issues at hand. However, it just didn’t seem like anything got resolved. I apologized to Ken and Lisa for Puerto Rico but they dismissed me, as usual.”

Well Kim, let’s just think off the top of our head why Ken and Lisa might be dismissive of you… You are rarely at functions… You were completely irrelevant to this season’s RHOBH… The few times you even appeared this season it was when you were doing your own thing with your daughter, your fans, or your dog.  Sure, you went on both trips… but other than that you didn’t do much.  I do have to say you were funny, but pretty mean in your talking head interviews.  However, somehow you did find time to openly mock Lisa during FaintGate 2013©™®.  You berated Lisa over and over again for not attending your daughter’s graduation party even though they told you they weren’t coming and even sent a gift.  You reprimanded Ken for having the audacity to bring up the fact that you haven’t always shown up to past events.  I mean, how dare he?  Then in Puerto Rico you called Ken, “A big, stubborn, old man – Shut Up!”  Yep, you can almost hear Ken and Lisa thinking, “Who in this Vanderpumpy world is Kim Richards?”

Kim writes, “Hearing Ken say I am strange and from another planet definitely hurts my feelings. I have worked very hard to overcome many things in my life. Today I am just a happy, grateful, person and I have fun every day. I feel sad that he has to put me down for who I am, but it truly does not affect me. The most important thing is that I love me and my children love me, and in the end that’s all that really matters.”

Yeah, I can see how that can be hurtful.  But you really do march to the beat of your own drum – and that’s not a bad thing – Except that you probably could try to relate to more people than just your kids. Until just recently, it was even tough for you to talk or relate to Kyle.  You seem to really isolate yourself and when you’re on a reality TV show – that’s kind of problematic to the rest of the cast.

Kim concludes, “I hope you enjoyed this season as much as I have enjoyed all of you! You have been such an amazing part of my life this last year and a huge support for me while going through some pretty big things. Thank you.”

It looks like we’re not getting any more blogs from Kim this season… lol.

Kyle Richards

Sorry guys, Kyle is just too busy changing her mind over and over again about who to believe to bother writing a blog for us this week.

Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa starts her blog by taking a walk down memory lane.  She remembers the innocence of the show four years ago… She calls this whole thing a “challenging experience.”  She has now viewed, “the vicious conversations between people I had believed to be friends.”  She said she has seen, “the other women over the last five months in interviews, all repeatedly stating that this would be my downfall, has been an experience to say the least. What they are accusing me of in retrospect is trivial. It’s just the ripple effect and what they are trying to achieve is so vindictive. I see that clearly.”

Yeah, Lisa, they’ve been stabbing you in your back with your own pink, sparkly royal scepter.

Lisa blogs, “It is easy to plan an attack when you are in numbers, but not so easy to plan a defense when you have no idea what is coming at you. I compensated by focusing on what was important — my family and my business. I have come to the conclusion, in the aftermath of the hurt and confusion. I was angry — but then I realized the best revenge was to get over it. Nothing pleases your opponents more than to see you suffer.”

Actually Lisa, your best revenge is to be successful, in my opinion.  You might also want to be as dismissive of the rest of the cast as you are towards Kim because it will drive them crazy.  Plus, as I’ve said in previous weeks, identify the castmates you want to see again next year.  If Bravo is lucky enough to lure you back next season… and they have a slim-to-none chance of doing that… Use castmates as a huge bargaining chip.  If they’re smart, Bravo will want to make you happy.  The rumors that newbies Joyce and Carlton are not currently being considered for next season should be very disconcerting to you.  I mean… who would you even WANT to film with if they’re not part of the cast?  Perhaps a new cast member – but that’s not going to be enough.  I would think Bravo would at least want to bring Joyce back just to piss off Brandi.  Cuz it would.  Now THAT would be fun!  Wow… Am I warped or what?

Lisa blogs, “There has been kindness from Joyce and Carlton that is for sure, but I wasn’t as invested in them as our relationship was just developing. But I have so much respect for Joyce repeatedly standing up for what is right and not being afraid to hold her ground. I recall how she looked me in the eyes and told me how she tried to warn me at the beginning, about the nastiness behind my back from people I naively adored.”

Both Joyce and Carlton have grown on me.  It’s actually quite amusing that Joyce is such a thorn in Brandi’s side and Carlton is such a thorn in Kyle’s side.  Since Brandi and Kyle are both thorns in Lisa’s side – it kind of cosmically all balances out.  Oh don’t get me wrong… I still vehemently disagree with much of what Carlton says and how she says it… but she has grown on me.  Now, don’t anyone put a hex on me, please…

After talking a little bit about how Brandi knew that Scheana was part of Vanderpump Rules, Lisa blogs, “I can’t attack. Of course, there are many things on all of them I could call out — secrets that have been shared, scenarios I have witnessed. Some would be an easy target, but that’s not who I am nor who I want to be. So, there we have it.”

I’m fairly confident that Lisa has a lot of dirt on a lot of people.  The evil side of Stars99 wants Lisa to spill the beans… but she won’t.  It’s beneath her to do so.  It would also hurt her reputation and her business.  But it would be fun, wouldn’t it?

Lisa continues, “In reference to Brandi’s comments saying David works for a living — inferring Ken doesn’t is so disrespectful. Regardless of what he has done for her, my husband has diligently worked his whole life, starting with nothing, digging ditches, taking risks with his savings to create a business. He even bought his parents a house before he bought his own. He has loved and cared for us, and I resent that coming from somebody like her. I was a huge supporter as she relayed her story to me — a divorcee, struggling, desperate to join this group for all the opportunities that would accompany it. I was her biggest advocate. That was my first mistake — defending her, often to my detriment. That will never be resolved. That train has well and truly left the station.”

Yeah, Lisa and Ken are done, done, done with Brandi… The meal train is over!  Lol… It cracks me up that Lisa used a “train” analogy regarding Brandi – because just the other day I was challenged on Facebook to identify, “What would Julia Sugarbaker say” to Brandi… Remember her?  She was one of the smart, funny women from the show, “Designing Women.”  So I thought about it and posted the following:

As Julia Sugarbaker would say: “Brandi, get serious, who do you think you’re talking to?  We’ve seen you on TV for the past two seasons now and all I can say is that when God was giving out brains you thought He said, ‘Trains’ and you missed yours.”

As Julia Sugarbaker would say: “Brandi, when God passed out friends, you thought He said, ‘Depends,’ and you said you didn’t need any.”

As Julia Sugarbaker would say: “Brandi, when God passed out common sense, you thought He said ‘Fragrance Scents,’ and you asked for ‘Eau de Clueless.’”

As Julia Sugarbaker would say: “Brandi, when God passed out truth, you thought He said, ‘Baby Ruths’ and you said you’re allergic.” 

As Julia Sugarbaker would say: “Brandi, when God passed out loyalty, you thought He said, ‘Toiletries,’ and you asked for cotton balls.”

Lisa goes on to talk about how her integrity has been attacked.  She says that even if one percent of viewers doubt her integrity, that is, “one percent too many.”

Lisa clues us in, “After an arduous two-and-a-half hours at the final party, half-an-hour of trying to reason with Brandi (much you didn’t see, including her yelling “I checkmated you bitch.”), it was all too much. Yolanda’s relentless pursuance of me, telling Ken how “David would never associate with the likes of you.” It finally came to a climax and we left.”

Yeah, after you left – there wasn’t much for anyone to do and say without you there as a punching bag.  It felt very permanent when you and Ken left the hotel that night.  I hope it isn’t.  Bravo should be shaking in their boots right about now.

Lisa sadly writes, “I then heard how Yolanda was brushing away tears, shaking, saying a man should never put his hands on a woman. I thank god that you can see the innocuous interaction. What actually transpired was the most disappointing of all, as the mean spirited actions tried to incriminate my dear husband. I was there and mystified as to the level that they would stoop to, trying to malign his character. I then understood as I looked at the two of them together, that this dream team — one orchestrated by Yolanda — (one that I had not wanted to be part of) had fulfilled their agenda.”

I would LOVE to have been the fly on the wall when Mohamed talked to YoYo about this season.  He has GOT to be furious with her.  I don’t know that he actually sits down and watches the show – but he really should.  I think Ken is completely over being on this show.  Lisa is not happy with how Ken’s character was maligned by the likes of these women.  Lisa actually loves and adores her husband.  She and Ken are paying a very high price to be on this show.  It’s probably no longer worth it to her.

Lisa blogs, “So there we have it. We can throw accusations out there, bankruptcy, deportation, lying, abuse, and unfortunately because of the cyber world we live in today, some of it sticks. But I know the truth.”

You’re right, unfortunately, some allegations may stick… but they certainly ALL stink.  As the Grinch would say, “You’re both foul ones, Brandi and Yo.  You’re nasty wasty skunks.  Your hearts are full of unwashed socks – Your souls are full of gunk, Brandi and Yo.  The three words that best describe you – Are as follows, and I quote, ‘Stink! Stank! Stunk!’”  (

Lisa concludes, “I thank you for your incredible support through this tough experience. Trust the fact that without it, I would have floundered. It has been distressing– that’s for sure. I am thankful it is over, and I will live to fight another day. I am deeply involved in the many fruitful aspects of my life, work, family, and charities, and am perfectly happy that this experience is behind me. I always remember my mantra — love and laughter supersedes all.”

Pssssst… Lisa… You still have 3 Reunion shows… Sadly, it’s not over yet… By the way, is anyone else sad that Lisa’s mantra doesn’t include at least a casual reference to pink?

Yolanda H. Foster

Oh man, I really need to “CALM DOWN” and “TAKE A XANAX” for recapping this blog – I may or may not make it through it. YoYo starts off her novella of a blog by encouraging us to watch the Reunion show.  I’m not sure how many of us actually still have the stomach to watch it… but YoYo must think she comes out okay on it… I’m telling you that if that’s true, it will really piss me off, lol… YoYo then treats us like Kindergarteners by explaining that our view of the show is as she says, “informed by only seeing the finished episodes. This means that you don’t see or even know about events that aren’t shown, let alone all of the exchanges and interactions that take place beyond when we are around each other.” Yes, YoYo, we all know there’s editing involved, we’re not complete idiots [Insert gratuitous eye roll here…lol – And no offense to idiots is intended…lol].

YoYo blogs, “I’ve always enjoyed this blog because I see it as a chance to share my perception of the journey I’ve taken with these women. Criticism — from the other women or from the audience — isn’t necessarily fun to take, but I always take note, see it in an objective way and respect everyone’s opinion. Nobody likes to be judged, including me, but I am the first to say that I am far from perfect. In certain situations I might not look great. But signing up to do this means making myself vulnerable, showing myself at something less than my best sometimes, and not being in control of the story that’s ultimately told.”

Wow, YoYo, for someone who doesn’t, “like to be judged” you certainly spend enough time sitting on a highly perched judgment seat looking down your nose and passing out judgments at the rest of us.

YoYo writes, “I can sleep fine at night knowing that even though my honesty might not translate very diplomatically, the words I speak have good intent and I live my life with great integrity.”

Really, you can sleep at night? You badmouthed Lisa ALL season long… and over what?  That she didn’t come visit you when you were sick.  Big freakin’ deal.  How often did Kim come see you?  Kyle?  You are coworkers – not friends.  Mohamed got custody of Lisa’s friendship in the divorce.

YoYo blogs, “I’m not speaking about what some audience members think was “ganging up” on Lisa. I’m telling you my own personal truth: I simply wanted to have a heart-to-heart conversation with a friend who wouldn’t even validate my feelings. And others had the same experience with her. And now, our friendship has suffered for it.”

Really, YoYo?  You passive-aggressively blasted Lisa all season long behind her back… And yet, when you had a perfect opportunity to talk to Lisa in Puerto Rico about your own issues with her you instead started talking about Brandi’s issues… What’s up with that?  Be honest, you didn’t simply want to have a, “heart-to-heart conversation” – You were mad at Lisa throughout the entire season and you blasted her every chance you got. Behind her back, of course.  It’s all rather sad and pathetic.

OMG, here it comes, YoYo blogs, “My only issue with Lisa — and again, I can’t stress enough that I only wished the other women could take on their issues on their own — was that she didn’t actively participate in our friendship. I have been in and out of nine different hospitals and clinics in the past year-and-a-half, trying to find a cure for a disease that’s been incredibly debilitating.”

An issue that came up off-camera should have been handled off-camera.  That’s how a “friend” would have handled it, YoYo.  This is why you’re not a “friend.”  Now, as
to the “other women” taking on their issues with Lisa on their own…. HOGWASH!  You’ve stuck your nose into more situations than a hummingbird sticks its beak into honeysuckle flowers. Plus, you and Brandi have managed to suck the fun and joy out of this franchise.  Thanks, oh so much!

YoYo blathers on, “Look, I understand that my sensitivity is heightened while I’ve been sitting on the sideline feeling inadequate because I’m not at my best. But Lisa knows, and supposedly accepted this. And yet, she only visited me once while I was bedridden for nine months. She showed up in the middle of the day to see David get his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but yet didn’t bother to come to see me be sworn in as a U.S. citizen, a major life moment for me.”

As we’ve said on and on, having a chronic illness is really, really tough.  But it really doesn’t give you license to be mean and nasty.  Did anyone else show up to see you be sworn in as a U.S. citizen?  I’m sure that David and your kids were there… But was anyone else from the cast there?  Was Mohamed there?  You don’t mention a thing about anyone being there in your February 10th blog… And it would have been the perfect opportunity to do so at that point.  It seems that yet again, you hold Lisa to a higher standard than everyone else…

YoYo blathers on, “I don’t expect the world from her, but I would hope she would care enough to listen to me when I want to discuss our friendship. I believed our friendship to be more substantial, but unfortunately, in trying to sweep my feelings under the rug, I realized she’s a different kind of friend. . .a Hollywood friend. This doesn’t make her any less fabulous or fun; it just changes our relationship.”

I think YoYo knows Lisa well enough to know that she would take the whole “Hollywood friend” accusation as a complete and personal insult – I know I would.  YoYo is essentially calling Lisa a fake and a phony.   For YoYo to try to tell us that she wasn’t out to get Lisa – Well, that’s just laughable.  She’s been out to get Lisa from the very beginning of the season.  Heck, even YoYo’s tagline that airs at the beginning of each show is a dig at Lisa.  What a nice friend…

YoYo continues to blather on and on about Lisa, “Unfortunately, you did not get to see the one-on-one conversation we had before we entered the restaurant in Puerto Rico. Lisa clearly understood my feelings, and said she was overwhelmed with too big of a workload and too little time left for friendships and family. She promised to make a greater effort in the future. Alas, the future ended right there and then, as she decided after the dinner that we were ganging up against her as a group rather than individuals with separate and specific issues that at least should be heard out of respect.”

Well then, why didn’t you stick up for Lisa during that “stupid” dinner?  If your issue had been resolved… then you should have been fine.  Actually, even if your “issue” hadn’t been fully resolved, you STILL should have stuck up for the truth of the situation.  But no, instead you sat there and said nothing in defense of your “friend.”  Just a couple of paragraphs ago you said that Lisa never validated your feelings. But now you’re saying something else… If your issues were dealt with – Why were you so ugly towards her during that “stupid” dinner and the finale?

YoYo writes, “With absolute respect for who Lisa is and the life she’s created for herself, I can say that there’s nothing Lisa has or is that I’m jealous of, except for maybe her health. I don’t mean this to be arrogant and dismissive. In fact, just the opposite. I’m not in competition with Lisa (or anyone) — but the claim that we’re jealous of her gives an insight into her mindset. I’m just trying to live the best version I can of my life.”

OMG – YoYo you ALREADY said this in your February 24th blog except you added the part about your health.  I’ve noticed some of your other paragraphs in this blog are basically re-writings of previous paragraphs from other blogs.  That really pisses me off.

YoYo writes, “And right now, however annoying I feel for writing this and seeming like I’m playing the victim, my life is defined by trying to improve my health. Belittling my disease and trying to convince people that I am using my struggles as an excuse for my behavior is shameless and despicable.”

I know some people who have had painful, chronic conditions for years and years and they are some of the most upbeat and amazing Super Heroes I’ve ever seen.  They don’t use their condition as an excuse for bad behavior or as permission to criticize someone else’s behavior.  At times we all go to dark places… but it just doesn’t give us license to be meanie weenies.  It just doesn’t.  YoYo continues to blast Lisa… so let’s just skip to what happened during the finale, shall we?  I remind you – that if you want to read YoYo’s blog in its glorious long-winded totality, please feel free to visit the Bravo website.

YoYo blathers on, “Still, though, I was determined to put things past us heading into the final party. Friendship is ultimately strengthened by the incidents that test it, so I thought Lisa and I could have a quick conversation, and based on the positive conversation we had in front of the restaurant in Puerto Rico, have a hug and be done with the nonsense. So then imagine my surprise when Lisa really wouldn’t talk to me, and instead Ken treated me with what amounted to hostility.”

YoYo, you sat there during that “stupid” dinner in Puerto Rico – Right after your lovely make-up chat with Lisa and watched Lisa yet again be grilled and skewered even though you had vital information to the contrary of what was being purported.  Yet you kept silent.  So why on earth would Lisa want to talk to you at the finale?  You’re lucky she didn’t rake you over the coals… I’m sure I would have.

YoYo blogs, “You don’t have to like me or agree with what I am saying but I will never let someone minimize me, suppress me or intimidate me — no matter who you are, and no matter my diminished condition. I have never in my life let a man disrespect me, verbally or physically, and that will never change. I feel very strongly about this because it’s something my mother instilled in me and that I have instilled in my daughters. A man should never minimize or suppress a woman’s opinion by talking over her, calling her stupid, or grabbing her in any way, shape, or form to dominate or control any situation. That behavior is disrespectful and unacceptable.”

Why is it okay for women to disrespect men?  That’s what you were doing to Ken over and over again.  Oh, I guess it must be fine for women to interrupt two men talking (Mauricio and Ken) but when a man walks in on women talking it’s suddenly not okay… YoYo, you live by such a double standard  it’s really crazy.  It’s fine for you to talk over people but it’s a mortal sin when someone does it to you?  Yes, Ken wasn’t being respectful – because you guys were attacking his wife!  Surely you could tell that… Unless of course, you all are really as moronic as it sometimes appears…

YoYo writes, “Once again, a three-minute glimpse doesn’t tell anywhere near the whole story. And let me be completely clear: I’m not claiming Ken was physically abusive. I’m stating that he was very rude in intimidating me in a rude, unnecessary way that shouldn’t be tolerated. I can understand if he wanted to help his wife navigate a difficult situation (even though he helped create this situation back in Puerto Rico); but he was less than a gentleman, and I can assure you that he and Lisa wouldn’t accept (nor should they) anyone else doing this to her. No matter how annoyed Ken was with me, I was shocked about his behavior and it saddens me that Lisa would allow her husband to treat another woman that way. It saddened me that someone who supposedly loves my children and is a family friend would not pick up the phone the next day and apologize for her husband’s behavior.”

Really, and how often has David picked up the phone and called Lisa or Ken to apologize for your behavior?  YoYo, you are the consummate hypocrite.

YoYo writes, “I am happy to share with you that my husband and I are great and still going strong after eight years of a beautiful love story. Yes, we are selling our home, not because we are getting a divorce, but rather due to the fact that my health does not allow me to waste energy on running a big home. I need to stay focused on my recovery. Yes, I know you are sick and tired of hearing about my chronic illness, but by the way — SO AM I!”

I’m sure you are… And I sincerely hope you continue to progressively get better and stronger.

YoYo finally concludes, “It’s been a challenging year for all seven of us, and judging by your comments, it seems like it has been for all of you viewers as well. Thank for you for watching and caring. In a strange way, we’re on this journey together… and for as grateful as I am for a life I truly appreciate (and as comfortable as I am with my integrity), I value having you along for a bit of the ride, too.”

YoYo, it staggers me that you’re okay with your integrity after watching yourself all season long.  Wow…  Just wow.

Okay, everyone reach your arm behind your neck and pat yourselves on the back… WE MADE IT!  Woo hooOOOoooOOOO!  Do a lil happy dance…Shimmy, shimmy to the left; shimmy, shimmy to the right!  Yippie!  I have absolutely no idea who will be writing blogs next week – Sometimes they write them when the reunion shows air – Sometimes they don’t.  So we shall see… So buckle up, Buttercup…These reunion shows are going to be a bumpy ride!  WeeeEEEeeeEEeeee!  Thanks so much for wading through these blogs with me – I really appreciate it!  Happy Trails… Until we meet again…


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123 Responses to Real Housewives of Atlanta & Beverly Hills Cast Blogs

  1. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Good Morning everyone. 😀

  2. BB says:

    Thanks, Ramonacoaster and Stars99 for slogging through the blogs for us. Makes my head hurt just thinking about having to decipher those things. Is anyone looking forward to the RHOBH reunion? Me neither.

    • Powell says:

      Slogging thru BB. I think you’re right. 🙂

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Beautiful sunrise at the OBX?

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Yes thanks Ramona coaster and Stars…great job on the blogs blogged. RC, like you, I find that Kenya’s does make sense in her blogs, she is adept with the written word. Unlike Cynthia who rambles a bit. Her blog has an “I’m sorry about Peter” tone, which is ironic because her words say, “this is what he does, and has nothing to do with me”, but yet she goes on and on explaining about Peter that she unintentionally reveals her true feelings. Wasn’t Peter an actor at one time? He’s no dummy. If his wife wont bringing the drama, then he will. Hey, they are all clawing for this paycheck. Not saying he’s a genius, esp in managing his finances, but he can and will bring the drama for the short term fight for some upfront financial relief (the Bravo paycheck). I hope it works, Cynthia you keep being gorgeous and Peter will do the dirty work. If Bravo brings them back, then his strategy worked! If not, then I guess it was too little too late.

      Stars, yo spends a lot of her energy in a masked defensive stance in her blog. She is very transparent. Lisa is way more straightforward in her writing.

      I don’t know if I will watch the reunion. I watched the first look. When Lisa tried to talk to Brandi about the valley and bankruptcy crap she said on her podcast…Andy turned it into what’s wrong with living in Calabasas? Over and over…passively criticizing Lisa for denying ever having lived there instead of focusing at all on the fact that BRANDI lied about it!!! I don’t know if I want to watch 3 hours of that.

      • Jan (TexasTart) says:

        I don’t know either, Lainey. I seriously doubt I can tolerate 2 or 3 episodes of them rehashing the same stuff when NOTHING INTERESTING HAPPENED.

        How could there possibly be anything to enlighten us at this point?! I’ll take a peek and hope that the people I think need a reality check, get put in the corner. Not sure you can put 13 year olds in a corner though….hard enough to deal with Andy creating something that’s not there!

  3. VV™ says:

    Scheana before SUR aired.

  4. Donna says:

    #tabloidgate LOL, who packs their suitcases in the hallway.

    • Powell says:

      People that aren’t very bright.

      • Great observation Donna! According to Carlton they were outside waiting for lisa (who arrived last) I can imagine that the suitcases were already in the limousines… BUT Brandi was still packing in the hallway, waiting for Lisa so she could close her suitcase!

        • Rebecca can't understand why people don't appreciate the importance of dragons. says:

          And never mentioned a word to anyone (yes, Brandi wants us to think she has an ounce of discretion) until Puerto Rico.

    • VV™ says:

      Brandi lies too much. Remember when on a tweet she made it sound like the Hard Rock Cafe apologized to her for firing her from a gig. She made that up all by herself and HRC had tweet to clarify her lie.

  5. AZGirl says:

    Good morning everyone! Thank you Starzy and Ramonacoaster for the recaps. {{{{{Hugs}}}} to Jeff.

    • Powell says:

      MTH I’m so sorry about Mel. He was so beautiful. I know it’s hard but hope you’re doing as best you can at this time. BIG hugs to.

      • sperraglia says:

        Oh, no – what did I miss? Mel seemed like an awesome dog, so sorry. I lost my cat last month and it just stinks. I am not one of those my pet is my child folks but they are a damn good friend. Very sorry.

      • MelTheHound - Team T-Rex says:

        Thank you both 😀

  6. VV™ says:

    Kyle didn’t write a blog because Kyle is a known COWARD. So, typical of her.

    • Rebecca can't understand why people don't appreciate the importance of dragons. says:

      I like how Kyle tried to blame Lisa for not speaking out about the infidelity rumors until her name was brought into it. Well first off it was none of her business. Here sisters didn’t say a thing. Secondly, Lisa said there were rumors of her doing porn in that same mag a couple of weeks earlier. Did Kyle publicly speak out on Lisa’s behalf?

      • VV™ says:

        It is so transparent Kyle’s goal is/was to become the Queen of BH. That is why her tag lines are so obsessively ridiculous about HER TOWN.
        Kyle ran with Brandi’s story and Brandi played Kyle a fiddle. I might start calling Kyle “Brandi’s fiddle”…..

    • Orson says:

      She’s waiting to make sure which way the wind is blowing before she commits herself. Yep, cowardess.

  7. AZGirl says:

    I am looking forward to Joyce and her “tampon” comment to Brandi. Yolanda has fallen faster than any other HW IMHO. Off to church.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      No that you mention it, I don’t remember anyone falling faster than Yolanda. Maybe Brandi’s tag line could have worked for the both of them.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        I have been wanting to comment on that for awhile…the BH tag lines. Kyle, Yo and Brandi made their tag lines about Lisa. I knew it the minute I heard them based on the weird stuff Brandi was tweeting before the season even aired. How uninteresting of them. Even Kim made hers about herself…it’s the one time it’s ok to make it all about yourself!

  8. VV™ says:

    Okay, everyone reach your arm behind your neck and pat yourselves on the back… WE MADE IT! Woo hooOOOoooOOOO! Do a lil happy dance…Shimmy, shimmy to the left; shimmy, shimmy to the right! Yippie!


  9. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. I hope you’ve had a great weekend. NMD if you’re checking in today. I hope you’re having a great adventure.

  10. Powell says:

    Sue on The People’s Couch when the viewers were watching House of Cards that was sooooo good. I’ve got to watch myself. It looks good. When Kevin Spacey pushed that girl on the train tracks w/the oncoming train the viewers reaction was “DAMN!!!” The girls w/their father cracked me up. “I gotta rewind that”!! LOL 🙂 I also liked the family watching in their parents bed and the dad said “wait. I gotta go to the bathroom”. I’m looking forward to watching TPC again. It made a big impression on me and it was the last 10 minutes.

  11. “Scheana never worked at SUR until the night of our final party. Scheena was a Villa Blanca employee. Why was she at SUR?”

    Nobody worked at SUR before he finale party because it was the grand opening.

    And as I pointed out the obvious on twitter, there is no way in hell Brandi didn’t know where Scheanna worked and who she worked for before she joined RHOBH. She’s a rabid dog when trying to find out dirt and her enemies. She didn’t even have to pay $10 for this info. So enough of the “Lisa knows who her 150+ employees have slept with in the past.” Brandi wanted revenge on Scheanna (misplaced since Scheanna never made any vows to her) and going through Lisa was her stupid plan to get there. She didn’t have a problem with Scheanna after the sit down BRANDI ASKED FOR, according to Brandi’s own blog from January (nothing gets by Faux) until Scheanna got engaged.

    Scheanna got Eddie, got Lisa, got the diamond ring. Scheanna 3, Brandi 0. Checkmate, bitch.

    • sperraglia says:

      True, but I am weary from BH – how many more days to Game of Thrones? And even though the last couple of books kind of stunk I wish that dude would get busy because I need the next book.

      • SJP - NYC says:

        Weird, don’t know what happened to my sign in.

      • ladebra says:

        One would think that HBO secured Martin’s promise to complete in the contract. But Martin is a curmudgeon of sorts. I’ve read the series and enjoyed tremendously, but I’ve always had my doubts Martin would have the final book finished on time. Sadly.

      • Rebecca can't understand why people don't appreciate the importance of dragons. says:

        April 6… Winter has come and left by then. Fire up my dragons!

    • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

      Hello Rebecca. Well, a friend of a friend of a friend of Brandi’s told her so she’s gotta believe that crap. Just so disgusted Brandi keeps getting more exposure, and now we have to endure 3 more episodes and CA? Ugh

    • rabblerouser2010R says:

      It wasn’t the grand opening of SUR, it was the opening of SUR lounge which is attached to the restaurant. So Brandi’s point is still valid, why was Scheanna there.

      There is no fn way, that I beleive Lisa did not know. As it has been established, Schenna went to the press (both print and tv) and gave interviews after Eddie had hooked up with LeeAnn. She was working for Lisa at the time and was friends with Pandora, with that alone, it seems that Lisa would have heard something. Not to mention, especially when Brandi was cast on the show.

      On top of which, Lisa and her employees were trying to pitch their own reality show. It would be remiss not to bring up the Scheena/Eddie/Brandi connection, especially since Brandi was on RHOBH.

      We have seen Lisa put Brandi and Scheena in a room together on more than one occasion, so clearly it’s a boundary issue she has no qualms about crossing.

      • Foxymel11(Mel) says:

        Good evening RR! I understand your points, but why would she bring this up now? Brandi knew, IMO going into this show and going into that dinner. I feel like Brandi was playing it cool until she became and actual cast member and is now using this shit as an excuse to throw Lisa under the bus. I’d like to know what Lisa has personally done to Brandi for her to be such a bitch to her. She truly thought that since she was popular last year(help from Lisa)’ she would use this crap to bring her down. Not working.

    • T-Rex says:

      Hitting the HUGE LIKE BUTTON To Rebecca’s comment, the only thing that would be better is if some Dragons came down and seared off that awful WEAVE of fake hair THE-LIAR-SUPREME-MORONSTFUBrandi has tacked in her tacky hair

    • chismosa™ says:

      LOL at Schaena “winning” —- yessssss

  12. Powell says:

    Y’all turn to Reelz. “Hollywood Scandals” Celebrity Arrests. Peewee Herman, OJ Simpson, so far.

  13. Happy Trails Starzy99!!!!!! You got 99.999999 For your great Job during the WHOLE Season Blogging the Blogs for us and making us laugh with your great comments!

    Thank you RamonaCoaster Girl! Very much appreciated!

    Brandi is surprised/flabbergasted that Lisa would talk to Carlton about what happened in PR… smh… First of all, I don’t think that Lisa does not have more friends to talk, I am pretty sure Productions arranged this meeting so Lisa could talk to a cast mate her side of what transpired in PR… Now, Brandi… really? wasn’t she the one who talked about Adrienne’s surrogacy? Wasn’t her telling Adriana from RHOM about Yolanda’s comment on Johanna? and on, and on, …. Mohamed told me that Johanna Blah, blah, blah… Geeeezzz Her blog seems like it was written by Yolanda and her friendship standards! If it was not so pathetic it could be hilarious… I hope she gets her own show with Yolanda and I don’t have to see them in my favorite HW’s show!

    • Rebecca can't understand why people don't appreciate the importance of dragons. says:

      So Brandi calls Yolanda in New York…. and did they talk about anything other than Lisa?

    • Anne says:

      LOL at the Julia Sugarbaker comments and the Grinch reference. Thank you Stars for pointing out the humor in the RHOBH blogs and the season, because it has been tough to find much humor in the ladies this year. Cusi – I agree that it seems like Brandi and Yo are collaborating on their blogs, especially in their claims that they had individual issues with Lisa and only wanted a “heart to heart” or “one-to- one conversation.” Not planning to watch the reunion epis because I am heartily sick of these women and their made-up problems. On Monday, I’ll be watching the DWTS premiere and the Voice. I’ll rely on the blog to find out what happened and see whether any of the reunion it is worth watching.

      • LaineyLainey says:

        Hi Anne! Thanks for mentioning the Julia Sugarbaker highlights. Stars that was hilarious!

  14. nyc mama says:

    Great rundown!

    The woman has a sense of humor…
    Scott ‏@ksm2002 · 18m
    @LisaVanderpump @AmericanAir I guarantee you, your vibrators, dildos, anal beads, butt plugs and panties are going to end up on eBay!!

    Lisa Vanderpump ‏@LisaVanderpump · 5m
    @ksm2002 @AmericanAir
    No I still have those they were in ..My hand luggage

    • SJP - NYC says:

      I think she is one of the few housewives that has a sense of humor, I like snarky, dry wit.

    • VV™ says:

      Watch the blog that hates Lisa run with a the story about “Lisa’s dildos” as if true. What a pathetic bunch they are…I can almost see it.

  15. Foxymel11(Mel) says:

    I hope everyone’s having a nice Sunday. Thank you for the wonderful recaps. 🙂

  16. ladebra says:

    Thank you Ramonacoaster and Starzy for the blogs. Brilliant as always.

    I’m not looking forward to either reunion. I’m going to watch NY, but I’m done watching the other HW shows. I will be just fine reading the short versions in the blogs. I’m already planning what I can do in that recovered time 🙂 …. Tackle peace on earth, cure for hoof in mouth (yea, I know), foster love your neighbor festivals. The possibilities are endless.

  17. Rebecca can't understand why people don't appreciate the importance of dragons. says:

    How about a Beverly Hills question of the day until the embers are finally put on on this season?

    What statement came out of a cast member’s mouth this season, that made you slap your hand to your forehead? (In surprise of its stupidity)

  18. Lola says:

    Yolanda is angry that Lisa is not her “hollywood friend”. If she were a hollywood friend then Yolanda would have succeeded in many different ways It would show that her friendship is to be valued and considered an honor to have. She would receive more publicity hanging with Lisa in Hollywood hence, making more contacts for her dream lifestyle show. I’m not saying that Lisa has that pull in hollywood but they are more likely to post pics of two housewives rather than just Yolanda on her own. Most of all she wouldn’t have had to hitch her wagon to Brandi’s. Surely its clear to see that her friendship with Brandi has made people question the impression they first had of Yolanda. I believe David was totally disgusted and done with Brandi after her cock comment. Brandi gambled and lost. She seems to do that a lot. It was clear to me what type of person she was when they all went to palm springs. I was amazed at how Brandi was strongly coming on to Carlton in the kitchen and Carlton was trying to change the subject. Brandi threw her leg on the counter and gave Carlton the “look” and Carlton said something like stop being silly. I don’t recall Carlton flirting with her after that. I believe people can learn from their mistakes but Brandi doesn’t want to learn. She believes that is what makes her “gangsta”.

  19. mm in oc says:

    Can someone explain to me why, if yolo resolved her issue with lisa in PR, she would need to again rehash the issue at the finale party? It’s all just drama for dramas sake.

    moreover, I get really annoyed when two women are having a conversation the rest of the group feels the need to jump in. This all comes down to screen time in my opinion. Its why yolo keeps bringing up the hollywood friend issue even when it’s already resolved, It’s why kim gets mad that people dismiss her. It’s why kyle acts like a childish fool with her splits and motorboating and really bad jokes. They are desperate and pathetic. Except for lisa who leaves the party and doesnt give a crap. All the others stare on in disappointment because they know that filming will pretty much stop without lisa there.

  20. Veena (NMD) says:

    We will be taking the Gondola. It has been decided. Tickets have been purchased. There is no changing our minds. Yippee! Miss you guys – don’t miss the housewives!

    New blog post

  21. Great Blogs!!!! Congrats Stars on making it through the season, 3 to go, lol!!

    I love “Brandi writes, “My issues with Lisa are completely separate then everyone else’s,” It is THAN Brandi, THAN, I just had to point that out……it makes me feel superior to Brandi, lolol, not a hard thing I know….at least we know she doesn’t have ” Ghost Writer” or does she??? If she did the sentence would probably sound something like “My issues with Lisa are completely made up and selfish, more selfish THAN Kyle’s”

    • LaineyLainey says:

      She has a Ghost Rider. Or a Ghost ride or (die)

    • T-Rex says:

      Yep and guess what THE-LIAR-SUPREME-MORON-STFUBrandi, you have caused the Rebecca’s dragons to come down and BURN that bridge you had going when you and LISA we Still kind of friendly. Because LisaV is DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE! I love it and if I was LISA I would make sure that going forward anything filmed at Sur, Villa Blana or the new PUMP for the show, that SCHEANA be the head bitch in charge of waiting on the ladies from RHBhills, yep talk about the ultimate CHECKMATE BITCH!!

      • Rebecca can't understand why people don't appreciate the importance of dragons. says:

        My dragons are perched atop Lisa’s fabulous house, waiting to catch any of these old harpies trying to sneak into that closet and make off with a Birkin or Kelly bag. Brandi would go up fast with all that alcohol in her large

  22. HuskerHuny says:

    I have a three pound corned beef brisket in the crock pot who will soon get some company with a head of cabbage and potatoes. Happy St. Patty’s Day a day early!

  23. VV™ says:

    Lisa was interviews by Giuliana’s E! several weeks ago. Have they aired that interview yet? I don’t think they have. I wonder why they are shelving it. Very odd.

  24. SoutheastVA says:

    I saw a story stating that GiGi Hadid has just posed nude for a mag. I hope Yoyo isn’t ok with this.

    • MelTheHound says:

      She probably directed the photoshoot.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Hi SEVA: somebody posted the link yesterday. The photos are pretty tasteful, IMO. I’m sure her mom is more than ok with it, I’m willing to bet she and her daughter discussed the project before agreeing to do it. They seem close and her mom has been very involved, so I’m thinking that has not changed. Just guessing, but based on what we have seen of their relationship, yo knows what her daughter is doing.

      • Mene Seela says:

        Pose is similar as the nude of Yoyo at her & David’s home

        • chismosa™ says:

          Yes but how old was Yo when she did that !!!!???

          I guess I’m in the minority who thinks Gigi is a bit young.

          • Orson says:

            She is 18 now, right? She didn’t expose anything one wouldn’t see in a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue photo spread. I’m sure her mom taught her how to pose topless with her hands, arms, or a sheet covering her areolae.

    • BB says:

      Yolanda would probably, allegedly, maybe say “We take de nude photos all the time in Europe. Dey are very tasteful. Don’t you remember I gave my love, my David a whole book of de nude photos of myself at our last anniversary. Der is nothing wrong wid it.”

  25. T-Rex says:

    Great Blogs from everyone!! Figured VileKyle was going to wait until everyone else blogged to write hers, bet there will be one tomorrow. One thing I wanted to note was that THE-LIAR-SUPREME-MORON-STFU-Brandi was the FIRST one to warn VileKyle, said she had “inside info” it was coming out, she had the magazines, but yet it’s Lisa’s fault, Lisa who stated it wasn’t true, but that’s not what THE-LIAR-SUPREME-MORON-STFU-Brandi . If I were VileKyle I would be more worried about THE-LIAR-SUPREME-MORON-STFU-Brandi selling stories on ALL the ladies to the tabloids, remember she is POOR, she can’t go to a doctor to get a fake broken hand fixed, she only has money for botox, fillers, a car for her parents, her child support will now be sent in the “correct” dollar amount, which is less than she has been getting, etc. Her book is tanking and NOT selling as expected, her podcast is making NO money. She hasn’t gotten her obligatory ugly, non-existant, clothingline to sell, or an alcohol line to sell, or METH cooking pans(allegedly), etc. So selling out her cast to the tabloids, is just easy money, just sayin!!

    • VV™ says:

      Unless Kyle set Lisa up at her kitchen by talling about trash magazines. Let’s not not forget the context of the conversation in which Lisa made the joke about “this is the other woman…”
      I also remember that in that same conversation Lisa brought up that same magazine one said she had done porn or something like that.

      • T-Rex says:

        I have a feeling this convo was COMPLETELY out of context, and I want to see the WHOLE conversation, because I don’t think it went down the way Bravo showed it

      • chismosa™ says:

        VV I already caught editing glitches on the reunion. About 5 minutes in. When Yo was speaking about Lisa being the Hollywood friend and how she was bedridden for 3 years and couldn’t go anywhere (but all the social events she was pictured at)

        ALREADY editing.

    • nyc mama says:

      Kyle tweeted that she hadn’t planned on posting a blog this week because she already stated how she felt last week and she had nothing new to add. People have been prodding her so she was considering changing her mind. Ask Lisa since we now know Lisa conrols everyone’s mind.


  26. T-Rex says:

    Rebecca, a bit OT but they had on HBO today a “primer” for the new season of Game Of Thrones, they waited until the end to give us the Dragon Teaser and it was short, boo, but it was there, the rest of the show was really good though. They interviewed the cast about their characters. I cannot wait for this season to start!!!

  27. LaineyLainey says:

    I am watching blood sweat & heels…some old episodes I had recorded and hadn’t watched til now. There is a woman named Daisy. They showed her having dinner with her dad…the woman was chewing with her mouth wide open!! She was talking with food in her mouth…oh my word. I think I would want to dig a hole and crawl into it if someone videotaped me while eating. I don’t think I chew with my mouth open, I think I wait to swallow before speaking…I hope so!

    • chismosa™ says:

      So GROSS!

      Which one’s Daisy, will have to google

      • LaineyLainey says:

        She’s the one who wears a page boyish/bob-ish hairdo. She is a stylist and author.

        • chismosa™ says:

          Ok I know there’s-

          The one that looks like Noxema from To Wong Foo


          Brie cheese — VERRRRY uppity

          The ex- video star/ now real estate person

          Demetria (a very VERY Greek name! Makes me lol, I don’t think this girl is greek)- she has kind of an Afro, very quiet and kind of shady. She blogs I believe.
          Wants to be a NYT BESTSELLER. No one told her how easy that is?

          Ok does that leave only one more?
          Must be the one in the long silver dress on the NONstop commercial who says
          “When you have friends they can be your family” in like a Spanish accent….. (That commercial KEPT running on demand bravo I wanted to kill myself)
          Has to be her.

          Too many girls on the show.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            I don’t know about the commercial you referenced. But yes, based on your descriptions she is the only one left!!

            So only Greeks can have greek names? It’s a beautiful name, I think as long as the name is pretty, and you like it…use it! I know some black guys named Demetrius. Is that LOL worthy to you, too? I’m so used to that name. It didn’t strike me odd or laughable at all.

  28. BB says:

    I’ve noticed JNNTJ hasn’t been around today. That must have been some St. Paddy’s day party she went to last night. We’ll have to tease her about it.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Yeah, lucky girl!!! I love the tales of her family and their closeness and celebrations!

  29. Jan (TexasTart) says:

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