Real Housewives Of New York – Brandi Glanville Podcast 19

Real Housewives Of New York S6E2 Recap by Empress

Please Bravo, don’t make this entire season about whether Carol had a ghostwriter or not.   We viewers barely survived Beverly Hills and the suitcase that didn’t have tabloids in it.  I’m in this until the bitter end, so don’t make me find a ghostwriter for myself.  It’s bad enough that I have to do my own editing, and at around 1AM even that starts to derail.

Carole and Aviva meet for lunch and begin by talking about who is copying whose eyeglasses.   Carole’s a bit defensive as she about her designed friend during last season, but Aviva has found something to go after that’s even closer to Carole’s heart.  Aviva is writing a memoir which she says is a lot like writing emails.  She also tells Carole that she wrote an essay for “Chicken Soup For the Soul” which Carole says was actually a letter Aviva wrote to her mother.  Carole feels that Aviva is undermining the craft she’s honed over the years – the story telling and finding one’s voice.   Aviva amps it up a little and asks her if she had a ghostwriter for “What Remains” or did she write it herself.   Carole says that she did write it herself, that’s what she does – she’s a writer.

Aviva meets Ramona at a liquor store to pick out wine for Aviva’s housewarming party and tells Ramona that she wrote “Be nice to Ramona” 100 times on her way there.  Then they start talking about the lunch conversation and Aviva tells Ramona that she was looking for guidance from Carole.  She also says that Carole shopped her novel to Aviva’s publishing house but they took a pass because it needed major overhauling and that it would take eight months to rework.  She drops the name Bill Whittle (or Whipple or Whitman) as the one who co-wrote Carol’s book.  I rummaged around and found my copy of “What Remains”.   In the acknowledgements,  Carole thanks Bill Whitworth “the ‘Nijinsky’ of editors, whose endless counsel kept me focused and sane; who introduced me to the jazz trumpet, the perfect hard-boiled egg and the power of a well-placed comma. And who made me feel like one of the ‘big boys’, if only for a moment.”  That sounds like the proper tribute to and the correct description of an editor.  Carole acknowledges dozens of other people too but I don’t think they wrote the book for her.  Asking for counsel and bouncing ideas off someone does not mean she didn’t write it.  Truman Capote relied on Harper Lee for all sorts of advice but I wouldn’t dare suggest she was his ghostwriter for “In Cold Blood.”  But every author will readily and gratefully give credit to their editors.

On the other side of town, Carole is meeting with Kristen and Heather to tell her side of the story.  She’s upset that Aviva put her in the position of having to defend her writing career.  She says that Aviva never had one and now she writes a book in a hot minute.  Okay, I get that – it seems as if almost every housewife suddenly finds they have a burning desire, never realized before, to write a book or record a song.  Aviva’s the latest and I’m sure she won’t be the last.   Kristen says that she’s going to wait and see how this all plays out.  Smart move by the new girl. Heather Thomson

Before more of this argument takes place, Kristen and her husband have Heather, her husband and their two children over to their apartment.  The two women talk about what they want for their kids, especially concerning some health issues.  We know about Heather’s son’s problems but Kristen is worried about her daughter’s inability to walk at 17 months,  She’s been fitted with braces to help her out and Heather tells her that she understands.  Heather also tells Kristen how an organ donor saved Jax’s life.   It was nice –  two mothers sharing and worrying, just like any other moms.

It’s moving day for the Dreschers and Harry stops by with Harrison.  He tells his ex-wife that he’s having a dinner date with Sonja hoping to rekindle their romance.  Aviva wants to know if they’re f** buddies.  Sonja is getting ready for her date by getting a spray tan in her bedroom.  Kristen drops by to get one, too and strips down to her panties while Sonja takes inventory of every tattoo and flawless inch of Kristen’s body.   It was a little weird.  Sonja wants to know what happened between Carole and Aviva and Kristen tells her that Carol had always said that she wrote the book at a typewriter over the course of five years.  Sonja thinks that Carole should just congratulate Aviva.

Heather and Aviva meet for mani/pedis and  so that Heather can play Inspector Clouseau.  She’s going to interrogate Aviva about her memoir and get to the bottom of this ghostwriter mystery.    The whole scene was kind of funny and Heather would never make a very good detective  – subtlety is not her forte.   She asks Aviva what her book is about, who her target audience is  and what her “hook” is.  Then she says Aviva must spend a lot of time with her ghostwriter.  Oh, Heather, you’re going to have to do better than that.  Aviva says she can write.  Heather says all she reads are biographies, especially when they’re about rock and roll, and they were all written by ghostwriters.  Stop Heather, you might as well say “Carole sent me, now ‘fess up.”   Aviva then tells her about “ghost Bill” and says that a book takes a village.  That may be Aviva, but, more often than not, only one of the villagers will be breastfeeding.

Sonja and Harry go out for dinner and the first thing Harry wants to know is what Sonja is doing later.  They haven’t even ordered drinks and he’s already planning dessert.  He tells her her boobs look perfect and Sonja, our dear, sweet, aging coquette, explains it’s all about the bra.  She tells Harry about her many projects which, beside the toaster oven and home goods, now includes plans for a line of lingerie.  Harry tells her that she should finish one –  any one, but finish it.  I’m with Harry because I can’t stand watching Sonja using a Sharpie to spruce up her scuffed Chanel bags.  They flirt back and forth and whisper some not so sweet nothings before making their way back to Sonja’s for the night – or at least for a couple of hours.

It’s time for the housewarming party and Heather and Carole are introduced to Amanda Sanders who is a stylist or lifestyle coach or Bravo-paid friend of Aviva’s.  Her exact role is a little confusing if you’ve seen her tweets.  It looks like she’s auditioning for the part of “friend of Housewife.”  Harry and Sonja show up, find themselves in the master bedroom and act as if they want to pick up where they left off the night before.  After all, Harry gave the bed to Aviva as a wedding present when they were married, so he has a lot invested in it.  Aviva interrupts their moment and is soon joined by Ramona and Mario, then Reid.  All they needed was a bowl and sets of keys and this party might have taken a very different direction.  When that group breaks up, Aviva corners Kristen and Ramona and reiterates her position on the Carole lunch conversation.  Kristen says that she 150% certain Carole wrote her book but Aviva says that Carole was condescending.   Ramona says that having your name on a book means nothing.  That’s true, if you’re in the Housewives world of writing.  Aviva delivers her “it takes a village” line again.Aviva Drescher, Carole Radziwill

Carol wants to have a one on one with Aviva and the two go off to talk, away from the party guests.  Carol starts by telling Aviva all of the things she’s heard from the others and wants to know where she’s going with it all.   Aviva says that Carol was condescending.  According to her, the word on the street is that “What Remains” was written by “Bill”.  Carol is getting a little shrill now and says that Aviva doesn’t know what she’s talking about.  Aviva counters with “my publishing house told me they passed on your book.”  She asks her,” Who do you think you are, John Grisham?”   Carole is now past hysteria and tells Aviva that she’s nothing and never did anything outside the home and doesn’t understand.   Aviva tells Carole that it sounds like “You’re up here and I’m down there”.  Carole wonders if maybe Kelly Bensimon is her ghostwriter and then tells Aviva there was a bidding war for her  book.  Those are some low blows from both sides of the argument.

This isn’t going to end well unless they can give each other some credit for what they do.   Carole said, “Imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery.  Flattery is the sincerest form of flattery.”  So these two women should put an end to their competition.   Carole needs to understand that Aviva is a wife and mother, and anyone will tell you that’s hard enough.  Aviva’s book, no matter who wrote it, is going to go the way most Housewives’ books go – with any luck, a week or two on the New York Times bestseller list and then straight to half-price bin.  Aviva has to give Carole her due as a writer who has a talent and a gift and has been at it a lot longer than she has.  Maybe Aviva shouldn’t have attacked Carole’s memoir.  It seems even worse, considering the heartbreaking subject matter.   Last season, Carole gave her new book a baby shower, comparing the process to giving birth, and she makes it very clear that her writing is all she has.  Aviva should give her that much and just drop the stupid ghostwriter thing, once and for all.  Carole has to smooth her own defensive feathers and Aviva has to knock off the passive-aggressive digs, but I don’t think Bravo is going to let that happen.

Ladies, just one more favor.  Stay off Twitter – you look ridiculous.


Sorry, Ladies, I had a brain fart and completely forgot that the NY blog was a shared effort this season. Thank you for writing and sharing it, Empress. – MTH


Brandi Glanville Podcast 19 by Kit9

Guest: Bart Baker, Youtube sensation. He does celeb parody vids. Brandi’s kids are obsessed with them. He hasn’t gotten any flak from the celebs he’s covered. Brandi begs him to be in one of his videos. He writes some of the lyrics in his parodies (ok, I saw the Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball vid and it was pretty damn funny).  Brandi claims she’s the Taylor Swift of books since she’s making bank talking about ex boyfriends (I don’t remember Taylor singing about 3 ways and choke out sex). Brandi talks about receiving Twitter hate and death threats. Brandi says fans have shown up at her house (yeah, sorry, not buying that). Brandi claims only children are most likely to become serial killers.

Guest: Jamie Kennedy, actor, comedian, writer of Hangover Games with Brandi, Kyle and Camille. Jamie gives Brandi crap about canceling an appointment because she said she was sick but then he saw her on TV. She swears she was really ill and almost puked on Billy Bush. Speaking of puke, Jamie sounds really drunk. Jamie mentions David Faustino from Married with Children and Brandi says David got ‘mad pussy’. Brandi wants to know how Jennifer Love Hewitt was in bed but Jamie won’t say. Brandi claims JLH was in love with Eddie. Eddie was in one of her videos (really?). Jamie also worked with Eddie once and says women kept throwing themselves at him during the shoot. Brandi is not amused. Somebody brings Jamie some coffee. Brandi gives him crap for barely being able to open his eyes (it’s like looking in a mirror only with less tampon!).

Brandi wants to know about Jamie’s current love life. Jamie slurs something unintelligible and then starts talking about fish. Apparently he had Koi and they died so he doesn’t think he’d be a good dad (you and me both, Jamie, you and me both). Jamie knows JR, Brandi’s on again off again BF. JR quit as her real estate agent the night before. They talk about how booty calls are like Gremlins–you don’t want to water them or see them in the light.

And, in this week’s segment of Brandi says something about someone that she probably shouldn’t….Brandi tells us how her BFF Jennifer and Jaime went on a date once. Sadly for Jen, Jaime doesn’t remember. At all. Brandi tries to jog his memory by describing Jen. Nothing. Brandi finally shows him a pic of Jennifer and he remembers her. Sort of. Jaime starts interviewing Brandi. Jamie thought Brandi used to be a makeup artist, not a model (lol). Jamie says LA is the home of the model/actress. Jamie refers to such girls as “mattresses”. Brandi calls them “cocktail mattresses”. He says he hates it when girls in LA claim to be models but clearly aren’t. Jamie was going to do a reality show about models-with a guy named Michael Sutton. Brandi says she made out with him once (of course she did. It’s time to replace the Kevin Bacon game with 6 drunken degrees of Brandi Glanville). They discover they were in the club scene at the same time and know many of the same people. Brandi asks Jamie if he can still get a boner since he’s been desensitized after years of partying. Jamie says, ‘wtf?’ to that! He thinks Brandi talks like a guy. Dear god he sounds ef’ed up.

Jamie says it’s sexy if a girl really wants sex and looks like “she can’t live without my weiner” (ok, now I think I’m going to throw up. Last thing I want to think about is Jamie Kennedy’s erection). Jamie asks her about her ex. Brandi says that finding out that Eddie had emotional relationships with other women was more painful than learning about the physical cheating. She says he helped one woman move and even met her mother (Sheena, I’m assuming). Jamie mentions he has a Bentley and Brandi says that makes him an asshole. Jamie tells story of girl he was dating who he let borrow his car and later random guys started coming up to him telling him how much they loved his Bentley. Brandi says he needs to break out the blacklight in the Bentley (ewwwww!).

OMG, Jaime knows some of the housewives. He mentions he knows Taylor and Brandi says they aren’t friends and that she’s crazy. Kyle was on his old show is always nice to him. And, get this– he knows Carlton because he did his first nude scene with her! Brandi says that someone at the reunion accuses Carlton of doing porn and that Carlton claims it was the “love scene” with Jamie (ok, I did some digging and found some soft core porn under the name Carlton Elizabeth, the name she apparently worked under. One is called the Sexperiment. I could only find a it with Spanish dubbing so I couldn’t hear her voice but it’s her. The film with Jamie is rated NC-17 and is produced by Gebbia Entertainment. Classy. Is it too much to ask that Bravo find BH HW’s that haven’t done softcore? First Camille, now this.

Brandi says Carlton got a bad rap on the show and that all we saw was the witch and sex stuff and that there’s more to her (yes, she’s also a creepy SWF Kyle hating obsessed loon). Also that Carlton has a really rough time at the reunion and cries. Jamie asks if there are too many reality shows of annoying crying women. Jamie thinks many of the shows are fake. Brandi says BH is definitely not scripted. Brandi mentions the trouble she’s gotten into on the show and her podcast because she is unscripted (and stupid).

But, she says she won’t stop being who she is, blah blah blah and nobody’s perfect…but thinks Yolanda comes pretty close. Jamie asks about the ‘chick with the restaurant’ who he thinks is like a modern day Joan Collins (lol! Is that a compliment?). Brandi says she belongs on Dynasty. Brandi refers to something
everyone else on the show got to do but she had to miss due to tour commitments.. She says she can’t talk about it right now and she’s really upset about it. Is she talking about the Lady Gaga video? She says she can’t talk about it now. Wtf? Why not?

Kim calls during the interview. Jamie calls her a ‘legend’ actress. He knows her from Hello, Larry. Brandi’s dad is in love with Kim. Brandi says their movie is available on Itunes for 99 cents. That pisses Jamie off! LOL! I get the feeling Brandi knows he’s not going to remember any of this so she’s saying anything she wants (drunky knows drunky).  Jamie wants to make another movie with Brandi. Jamie says acting isn’t hard and that he can make anyone an actor. Jamie sounds likes he’s about to pass out. Jamie is friends with Dr. Drew and he told Jamie he had sex with his wife on their first date (hmm, that’s interesting! Dr. D had skills?). Brandi slept with Eddie on their first date, too.

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432 Responses to Real Housewives Of New York – Brandi Glanville Podcast 19

  1. Exit4 says:

    What? Am I first? Now I get a turn with old George! Sorry ladies.

  2. not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

    This one is a real lunatic!!

    • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

      • MelTheHound - Team T-Rex says:

        She’s really trying hard ain’t she? She ought to talk to some of the other Househusbands.. BTW, Carlton, if you don’t want the +1 HoWives, then keep ANY mention of your hubby’s business off of the show. Nice try witch, I mean, Bitch..

      • Exit4 says:

        The guy has an Oscar…Carlton’s husband is successful too, but a lot of husbands are involved in these shows to varying degrees. She’s an idiot. We never see her husband because he’s chained up in leather tighties with a ball gag and they can’t get it past the censors.

        • Exit4 says:

          I was wrong-Joyce’s husband doesn’t have an oscar. Phillip Seymour Hoffman won for the movie he produced but the film didn’t. Crash did.

          • MelTheHound - Team T-Rex says:

            He isn’t what I would call a househusband. He is only at events that it would be reasonable for him to be at. He doesn’t do TH interviews, like BabyJoey, but he will defend his wife if he feels she is being attacked..

            • I respected that he stood up for his wife…I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. I would hope that if another person was attacking me and my husband was there, that my husband would step in! BUT, I do think the best thing her husband could have done at the dinner from hell at Sur was to take her by the hand and get her the hell out of there! I believe in walking away from crazy asshats! 🙂

              • MelTheHound - Team T-Rex says:

                I believe in walking away from crazy asshats!
                Best way 😉

            • shamrockblonde says:

              *hugs Jeff really hard*

        • Rebecca can't understand why people don't appreciate the importance of dragons. says:

          Exit4, really? Ew for the mental image.

      • kit9 says:

        Holy crap. I wonder if it’s Joyce that levels the soft core card. i assumed it was Kyle.

  3. Kit9, thank you babe! You are a trooper. Funny, funny!!! Brandi is bad enough but Jamie K. and drunk, yikes!! Brandi makes me nuts with that stupid “That’s who I am!” UGH!!! WHO YOU ARE SUCKS YOU STUPID MORON!!! I have this horrible feeling that Brandi will be back next year, I won’t!!!

    • California35 says:


    • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

      Thanks kit!!
      If Brandi comes back I will still watch-I want to see her dumb ass try to navigate this show without Lisa or Yolanda! Left on here own she will be the hottest mess ever and I want a front row seat!!!

    • missusmc says:

      Brandi’s going to crash and burn very soon. She’s starting to call out actual celebrities (and the JLH story is typical Brandi- every woman who ever met Eddie must obviously have been in love with him. Seems like she kind of gives him a bit of a pass here- it’s always the other woman’s fault. I know she’s called him names and been a total B to him publicly, but I am beginning to doubt that she kicked her out. I think he left willingly.) she also mentioned Zooey Deschanel in her latest blog. Granted, these 2 celebrities aren’t going to fight back, but just sit back and wait. She’s going to piss off the wrong celebrity. The problem with Brandi is she doesn’t know her place (and yes, I’m going to go all KKB here). There is a hierarchy in Hollywood, with actors being at the top, has beens in the middle, and reality TV people at the bottom. That’s why Bethenny couldn’t get good guests on her show and Nene will never win an Emmy. And it’s fine to work the place you’re at, especially if you’re not trying to be famous and just want to promote your business, or want to hold on to your glory days, like the Richards sisters. But Brandi doesn’t get that she’s below D list, that the only reason she knew anyone was through Eddie and that she will never be anyone. Like I said, she’s going to piss off the wrong person, and no one will deal with her ever again, and she will wind up alone, plastic, and poor. And I don’t want to say that I will take pleasure in her misery, but really, she’s at the point where she is completely indefensible.

  4. Powell says:

    Good afternoon everyone. I hope you are all well. I’ve got 4 more hrs to go. Yes!!!! And NO i was not the MM winner from MD. Darnit!! ;-). Kit Brandi is still doing the podcasts? I can’t wait to read your take. I’m sure she’s got plenty of excuses from the reunion.
    Well you party people enjoy the rest of your hump day. 😀

  5. catmom1 says:

    I just posted this at the Empress blog, but thought I’d bring it over here as well.

    Empress, thank you so much for writing this. I’m down to my last HW show, and this is it.

    I actually enjoyed last night’s show. From the scene in the liquor store, they showed a bottle of “Bitch” (actual label) wine. I’ve actually had this red wine; don’t remember which varietal but it was really good.

    When Aviva was talking to IIRC Ramona and telling her how disappointed she was that Carole didn’t give her the proper respect, admiration, yada, yada for her book I had an instant flashback to last years vacation. Remember the scene where Aviva was ranting that she thought there would have been a banner congratulating and welcoming Aviva for making it. Seemed like exactly the same thing. I think Aviva is one of those people who feel entitled to adulation for every little thing they do.

    When Carole said Aviva she had never done anything (work related), I wondered if Carole meant Aviva had never worked at a real job of any kind. We know Aviva has at college degrees, but has she ever worked??? Of course being a mother is work, but Aviva didn’t go straight from college to motherhood.

    • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

      I don’t think Aviva has ever practiced law-she has a law degree I believe but I read that she has never actually been a lawyer.

      • catmom1 says:

        That’s what I thought Jill. I don’t know that I’ve ever read that Aviva has held a job.

        • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

          On Wiki (which I know can’t always be trusted) it doesn’t show any sort of employment-it list that she has a law degree and a degree in French? (Something like that!!) she does do a lot of charity work-which is honorable… As a stay at home mom I didn’t take offense to what Carole said to Aviva about never having a job outside the home-however the fact that Aviva is now trying to capitalize on that on twitter pisses me off. I don’t think Carole’s intent was to put down SAHMs…it was just to shut Aviva up!!

          • catmom1 says:

            Sing it sister….

          • laineylainey says:

            “You are nothing.”?? that’s not a put-down? I think it is. But she spoke in anger and I do understand sometimes saying the not nicest things when angered.

            • Anne says:

              I agree, I think that Carole spoke in anger when she said “You are nothing.” I also think that she was probably responding to Aviva’s sudden expertise about publishing ghost writers, etc. Speaking from my own experience, it can be annoying, frustrating and really difficult to listen to someone with minimal experience speak authoritatively about something that they really know nothing about. Aviva provided quite a bit of provacation (from what was shown) and there was probably quite a bit that we didn’t see.

            • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

              I think she wanted to “put down” Aviva-not SAHMs across the country.

              • laineylainey says:

                Yes, I agree with that. Totally. It was directed at only Aviva. Too bad it didn’t come out that way. dang!! Well, C is only human. I’ve said shitty stuff when I’m mad.

            • It is a put down. I know that she is getting a lot of grief for this statement. I personally don’t need a banner to tell me how hard I work or how wonderful I am as a SAHM, lol, RAH RAH!! I never got into the Mommy Wars cuz I had my first child at 31, I had worked since I was 15 and I was thrilled that I was able to stay home. I saw it as an honor and felt sorry for women who had to work full time AND be moms….. But I have a really strong sense of my self worth, (I worked really hard to get there) I am a legend in my own mind!!!

          • Anne says:

            JNNTJ — As a stay at home mom, I suspect that you clean your own house, cook your own meals and do your own laundry, as well as look after your children. I am not a mother — but I have a sister who took a very long sabbatical from teaching while her kids were small, and she did all those things — plus more. I know that Aviva has 4 children, but would expect that she has paid staff to help withrunning her household. Carole strikes me as uncomfortable with confrontation and I’m sure that once she lost her temper, she was not as articulate as she might otherwise be.

            • Shiny says:

              Yes, I sort of heard it as “you are nothing in the world of publishing” (after my first reaction of my back stiffening because I spent time as a stay-at-home mom). Makes more sense in the context of the argument, but Aviva is never going to let her forget either meaning!

              I hear (on THE street?!?) that Carole later on Andy’s show said that Aviva had \ asked for Carole’s opinion of various ghostwriters Aviva was considering…well, then Carole’s end of the entire conversation made more sense. Aviva’s end of the conversation was always going to sound crazy and jealous because that’s who Aviva always ends up being.

              • laineylainey says:

                I didn’t hear “in the world of publishing”…that would have been awesome if she’d said it like that. Oh and I agree, That’s got to be what she meant.

          • I am a SAHM and I took no offense! I think Carole had every right to be pissed! Carole is a writer and journalist for a career not a hobby! And for Aviva to put her writing on the same level as Carole is insulting…just my opinion!

    • Mene Seela says:

      Lol I guess if we bother to read Aviva’s book we’ll discover she received standing ovations for make #2 in the potty.

      She’s actually very sad. Depressed I think.

    • T-Rex says:

      I think FauxLegVIVA has all her life been put on a pedestal by her family and friends for EVERY little thing she has accomplished, including walking through the front door! Her parents overcompensated for her injury, IMO so she thinks that EVERYONE should also treat her like she is the fragile, china doll she portrays, and she make a big ole deal when she deems to walk in a room. FauxLegVIVA had a ghost-writer, she should not compare herself to Carole who is a real writer, JM opinion. Personally, I think FauxLegVIva is in the wrong here, but I completely dislike her, so my opinion is also jaded.

    • NMH says:

      I agree with you about Aviva’s need for adulation. I suspect it’s because of her childhood accident, she was over-compensated by her parents, and it kind of warped her reality. I think she would be an exhausting person to be around. She plays really nasty, reminding me of Brandi when she’s angry at someone. I read Carol’s blog and it explained a lot about Carol’s reactions during that lunch. She apparently had already congratulated her and had been asked to vet a ghostwriter for Aviva. Then at the lunch, Aviva acted as if she had never considered a ghostwriter. And it came off as if Carole was putting her down rather than just picking up the convo from off camera. Going by Aviva’s past behavior, I find Carol much more believable than Aviva. Too bad, as I liked her the beginning of season 1, until she became comfortable enough to be herself.

      Also I know that carol said Aviva had never worked a real job, but I wasn’t offended by this myself, even though I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for over 20 years as well as worked from home for 14. It was clear Carol was fuming by Aviva trying to downgrade a career she had worked hard at for many years. I think others would have been ruder to Aviva if they were in Carol’s shoes. Aviva is trying really hard to sell books in my opinion.

      Also apparently she went on some radio show yesterday or Monday and said “a source” told her both Carol and Heather are getting fired and replaced with Jill and Bethenny. Love that Carol asked Andy on WWHL Tuesday night, and he looked completely confused by that one. It was pretty funny. Something tells me Aviva has been secretly meeting up with Jill for advice.

      • Shiny says:

        Or she’s been meeting with Kelly B…for lines, too.

      • keeponrockingme says:

        I don’t know if anyone remembers this or not from Aviva’s first season (can’t remember which one that was), but she was having a convo with Heather about her son and his issues. She told Heather not to baby/give special treatment to him too much, because that’s what her parents did to her after her accident and that it wasn’t a good thing. It seems as thought she might be aware that she’s a little off thanks to that parenting style, but unaware of how she expects that from everyone else. She’s a nutbag, regardless.

      • Constance says:

        I thought Carole’s “you are nothing” comment was way out of line in any context. Insulting to stay at home moms as well.

        • NMH says:

          As a SAHM for 20yrs and 14 yrs working from home to be able to be a SATHM, it was obvious that Carol had not addressed the audience to insult SAHM, and I find it frustrating that people who use this argument totally ignore Aviva’s prior poking and jabbing and putting down her career. Carole was distinctly addressing Aviva with her remarks because Aviva was going on and on about a business she had only a beginner’s knowledge of, and Carole at this point I would consider an expert at. Whether Aviva has a law degree or not is also another moot point. I think Carol held it together much better to that point than most of us would have. Also this insult to SAHM is world shattering to some, but slander that can affect someone’s livelihood is apparently ok.

          Also to those that keep coming up with “bully mentality” 5 against 1 Argument, again not true from the episode. Ramona and Sonja were clearly repairing their damaged relationship with her and were ok with believing Aviva’s lies as well as passing them on. Aviva is a very manipulating woman who will do anything to get her own way IMO.

          I personally went into this season saying to myself that I was just going to laugh everyone off, but Aviva has really pissed me off with her behavior. That’s it from me on topic…at least until next Tues.

    • Constance says:

      I though Carole’s “you are nothing” comment was way out of line in any context. Insulting to stay at home moms as well.

  6. California35 says:

    Thanks empress and Kit for the blogs!

  7. Powell says:

    LOL Empress. Please don’t find a Ghost Writer. 🙂

  8. Amalfi says:

    “Truman Capote relied on Harper Lee for all sorts of advice but I wouldn’t dare suggest she was his ghostwriter for “In Cold Blood.” But every author will readily and gratefully give credit to their editors.”

    I love that you wrote that. What’s funny is that because Harper Lee only ever wrote ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’, people have been saying for decades that Capote was actually the author.

    Gossipy jealousy is not new. Aviva is such a bonehead. I want to hate her (and I kind of do) but it is kind of like hating a clown. Sure they are scary fools, but in the end they just make me giggle.

    • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

      I feel the same way about Aviva….and she really is a “bonehead”!!!
      Great blog Empress!!

    • keeponrockingme says:

      “Gossipy jealous is not new” – excellent synopsis!

  9. laineylainey says:

    Kit 9, you killed me with this: ” (it’s like looking in a mirror only with less tampon!).”

  10. VV™ says:

    Either Iguana is lying or Brandi is lying. Brandi said it was her Gaygent and Iguana says he’s not.
    From the reptile blog – make no mistake she’s 100% Team Brandi.
    “Joyce says Brandi was kissing a short, fat, ugly man. Brandi says it was her “gaygent”. I would like to clarify that the unfortunate pictures of Brandi are not with her agent. He is not short, fat, or ugly. He is my friend.

    I remember tweets from IA saying she was looking for dirt on Lisa and Ken…. I wonder what she told Tampon String-Brandi.

    • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

      I think it is her book agent and maybe the reptile thinks Brandi is talking about her other agent (Alan Shankman?)

    • T-Rex says:

      The guy THE-LIAR-SUPREME-MORONSTFUBrandi was kissing was NOT GAY! I saw those pics and I know my gay men, that dude thought he was going to get him a free “lay” that night, tampon string and all! Oh, and he probably did! I think at some point in the evening her gaygent was around, but THE-LIAR-SUPREME-MORONSTFUBrandi was SO DRUNK and horny that she picked up the guy she is seen kissing and hanging all over like a tiger on a dying wildebeest!

  11. ladebra says:

    Great blog Empress. I didn’t get to watch the entire episode but I’m going to catch up today. Aviva is now trying to say she was kidding … it didn’t sound like she was kidding.

    You are more committed than I would be about the podcast. Can you say that Brandi is getting better at the interview?

    O.o they are investigating cracking in connection with Monday’s quake. Interesting.

    And then totally OT, I found this interesting about GOT. We were just speaking about the show catching the novels. There is a link to an article from last year also. Anyway, if interested

    • ladebra says:

      Holy cow.

      The podcast comment was to Kit. Sorry

      And they are investigating fracking not cracking Stoopid iPad.

  12. plainviewsue says:

    Kit, you are a saint. How you sit through this and report back to us I cannot fathom!!!!

    Taylor is the voice of sanity compared to this lunatic.

    • Anne says:

      Kit — Count me as another fan of your persistence with the podcast reports. I honestly don’t know how you do it. I have no real comments on the podcast, just lots of sighs and head shaking in disbelief.

      On another Brandi subject, I would like to suggest that one of the twitter users from this blog should tweet Brandi and tell her that her honorary Latina card has been revoked for disrespect to the Virgin of Guadalupe.

      I’m not Latina, but I am a Catholic and it continues to irritate me that she is getting a pass for that part of her bad behavior this season.

    • kit9 says:

      Thanks so much sue and Anne. And, I will harness your support to help power me thru her next podcast with guest…Patti Stanger! lol! Well that and a lot of booze. Ugh. Seriously, these two together could be classified as a form of torture..annoying, botoxed torture!

      • Anne says:

        Oh Kit — my condolences. I would need chocolate in addition to the booze. Maybe ice cream too! You may be onto something. Maybe the podcast could be used by police as part of interrogating suspects or maybe not. Probably violates the prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment.

  13. T-Rex says:

    I want to note to KIT and EMPRESS you guys ROCK THE BLOGS thanks! Now, I saw that THE-LIAR-SUPREME-MORONSTFUBrandi called ShannaTaylorNotFordLyingGrifterHusbandStealinLypsMcgee as crazy. Hmmmmm she has now dissed yet another ally of VileKyle, and pray-tell why is VileKyle staying friendly with THE-LIAR-SUPREME-MORONSTFUBrandi again?? It’s just so very weird.

    • laineylainey says:

      She says in her blog that Kyle told her lots of things…so maybe Kyle is worried B will turn on her and reveal all the stuff Kyle said. Kyle shouldn’t let herself be psychologically blackmailed by Brandi. I may be over-dramatizing things a bit. Maybe Kyle really, really loves Brandi. (Kyle seems eons above the Brandi type in terms of keeping things somewhat classy)

      • Rebecca can't understand why people don't appreciate the importance of dragons. says:

        Yep, after Brandi repeatedly told everyone she had proof that Mauricio was cheating on FatKyle.

        So perhaps, she does have proof and it was one of her friends that slept with him and there are pictures. THAT would keep Kyle in her place, wouldn’t it?

        • Exit4 says:

          Even if she has nothing-if she feels “dropped” by Kim or Kyle-she’ll just make up something that is ambiguous enough that you can’t prove or disprove it. Like cheating-it’s always a he said/she said until someone actually physically gets caught. Like Mario! People will lie for attention. Like the guy who swore up and down he fathered Kourtney Kardashians baby. And the girl who swore Justin Beiber fathered her child. To the point he took a DNA test. So even though someone claims to the tabloids Mauricio cheated or says he cheats doesn’t make it true. But you can’t defend it either-it’s so unprovable either way! Brandi banks on that stuff-And the fact that people will believe bad stuff about people they don’t like pretty easily.

          • Powell says:

            I totally agree w/that Exit. And that’s just why Brandi says stuff like “the producers were there” or “it was filmed”, knowing good and well 99% of the time Bravo won’t show it cuz it doesn’t exist.

        • mm in oc says:

          Watching dragonslayer in your honor. And oldie but a goodie!

          • Rebecca can't understand why people don't appreciate the importance of dragons. says:

            Woo Hoo! Wait…. WTF? We don’t condone slaying dragons!!!!

        • Constance says:

          FatKyle?? Why would you use her weight to denigrate her? Why would you be pleased if Kyle’s husband cheated on her?

      • I think sharing a secret with Brandi is like having it embroidered on a pillow that is going to be blown up into a billboard! When will these ladies learn to say NOTHING to that traitor? She has admitted openly that she fights back and fights dirty! She has no loyalty! I have friends that I have later “dropped” but I did not go and share all their dirty secrets with everyone we knew because that would make me the asshat! Shit on my once, shame on you, shit on me twice, shame on me! So, when these ladies continue to have “friendships” with Brandi and divulge their deepest darkest secrets or catty remarks in front of her, I do not feel bad when Brandi throws them under a SEMI!

        • Exit4 says:

          Because people tend to believe that they will be the only one that friend doesn’t betray. And they’d be wrong! Lisa made that mistake.

      • Exit4 says:

        I’m bringing this over from FB at Jills request. So funny there’s more Brandi love there than here! The Kyle hate is equal.

        I don’t think Kyle is her friend. I think Kim is her friend-they probably have some kind of screwed up people kinship. If I were Kyle I’d keep an eye on Kim with her. I think Kyle simply maintains a superficial relationship with Brandi because she’s such a loose cannon. Even in her blog she basically threatens her “Kyle told me lots of things about Lisa that I haven’t repeated” to which I’ll add-“yet”. I doubt Lisa shares anything damaging about herself to anyone. And anything private she may know is probably common knowledge in the group (but not the public). Like the surrogacy and Jacs sons autism diagnosis in NJ. (Imagine what Brandi would have done in THAT situation.) and as we know Brandi makes stuff up all the time. But she’s wise enough to know her fans believe everything she says and that most if the public is dumb enough to believe everything they read online. Add the illogical (IMHO) Kyle hate into the mix-I don’t blame her for keeping a potential enemy close.

        • VV™ says:

          I’m sure she gets lots of love on FB BUT you can also Delete comments on FB. Brandi has good PR they might be running the FB site. She has dodged some nasty press….

        • T-Rex says:

          THE-LIAR-SUPREME-MORONSTFUBrandi’s people EDIT her Facebook account, that’s been proven! They can’t edit here nor at Bravo nor at a number of websites that she is getting clobbered on! She has got to have something BIG on VileKyle for her to look the other way at the crap she is laying at her feet!

          • Exit4 says:

            Scary thing about Brandi is even if she’s got nothing-she can come up with something out if thin air and people will believe it. Then when her target defends themselves-she just keeps going. I said above to VV I meant the Lynn Fam FB group. Not Brandi’s. I wasn’t clear on that in my comment.

      • Powell says:

        You’re probably right cuz Lisa told her stuff too and look how that turned out.

    • Powell says:

      Very weird. Not just that but her 1st and second seasons too. She said Kim was doing meth and said Kyle wanted Kim to fail at maintaining her sobriety. But Brandi and Kim are BFFs.

  14. Did anyone notice how much Harry was sweating last night? At the apartment and at dinner with Sonja. He is either on blood pressure meds or viagra.
    Aviva is a fool. Really “f##k” buddies in front of your son?
    Off to work.
    p.s Vanity Fair cover…GAME ON! issue is dedicated to Game of Thrones. Can’t wait to read.

    • catmom1 says:

      AZ, I did notice Harry sweating. Aviva is a piece of work. Wonder what her son will think when he see’s this episode. Then again, she’s his mom. He’s probably seen and heard worse around her. I hope someone has a trust fund for therapy set up for the son. He’s going to need it when he gets older.

    • Pghemtchick says:

      Who says that in front of an 11 year old? (I think they said he’s 11). Aviva keeping it classy…

  15. Exit4 says:

    As a stay at home mom-Carole didn’t offend me either! And not just because I like her, but because I get what she’s saying. I worked prior to kids and there are some days when I’m thrilled to be home. And others when I scan the want ads because I need to GET AWAY FROM THESE HELLIONS! lol. Being a SAHM and/or a working mom both have their own unique sets of rewards and challenges-

    As for Aviva-let’s not let her fool us. She has a nanny, maybe more then one. Probably had a baby nurse. Definitely has a housekeeper of some kind. Not unusual in NYC for people with $$$ as out NYC posters can probably confirm. I will cop to having a cleaning lady who comes every other (and there’s a very good reason I got her-it was supposed to be temporary-but she stayed 🙂 ) and believe me it helps. But I do clean FTR! Aviva has full time help. It’s not the same. I’m not knocking her-but she can’t compare herself to 90% of other stay at homers. The only job I remember aviva having was as a model.

    If I were Carole I’d be pissed too. I remember her doing interviews years ago when what remains came out. Looong before housewives. She wrote and produced news series and news documentaries. One of my friends is in TV news. She’s now the White House correspondent at CNN. Writing has always been a main component of her job. Since day one. Carole is a writer. And for aviva to try and downgrade her is rude.

    • laineylainey says:

      I agree with everything you said. Except one thing. You weren’t offended, and that’s great. But Carole wasn’t talking about women who worked and then became SAHMs. I think she was only talking about AVIVA but what she said came out like this. “Who are you. You are nothing. You’ve never even worked outside the home.” What she said is offensive to anyone who has never worked outside the home. That doesn’t include me. I don’t think she meant it against all SAHM’s who have never worked outside the home, but those are the words that came out of her mouth. They are offensive words. My opinion, and Just basing it on her words, not her intent or her reason for being upset or her resume’. I get all of that. She had good reason to be spitting mad!!! She is an impressive woman in her field and I really like her. But, The words that came out of her mouth were offensive, IMO. I know people who have never worked outside the home and they are not NOTHING. Far from it.

      • I concur, if I had never worked outside of my home I would have been hurt because it is an opinion that is held by a lot of people. What do you “do” is a common question and “Oh so you don’t work.” is a common answer. I use to say “I read books and eat bon bons all day long.” and then just smile. I am like Heather, I smile during conflict because I am thinking to myself, “this person doesn’t realize how lucky they are that I am smiling and keeping my mouth shut”, lol!!

      • Exit4 says:

        I get what you’re saying. This may sound weird but I think it’s a generational thing too. My mom always worked (she was a nurse) but some of her sisters and a lot of my friends moms went from dad’s house or college to hubby’s house and never held any job. I can remember in my early teens a lot of those same women hitting the workforce later. Some-not all. And I agree they aren’t nothing.

        People like Carole and a lot of girls now define themselves by their career. Even if their career is mommy. In Carole’s mind, aviva is “nothing” because she has no career label. And now is suddenly fancy-ing herself a writer. And is suddenly an expert on all things writing and publishing. It did come out wrong.

        • laineylainey says:

          🙂 yeah, I’m still pro-Carole. But that just went against the grain a lil bit. It was totally meant for Aviva in regards to who is or isn’t in the publishing world. I do believe that.

    • Anne says:

      Good points Exit. Someone commented a couple weeks ago about housewives deciding they want to do something — like design clothing, become a comedian, etc., without putting any of the necessary work, education and training that is needed to do those things. Some of the housewives have actual real-world experience prior to going on reality TV. Carole has a long career in tv & journalism; Heather has worked in fashion (and has marketing expertise); Lisa ran restaurants/bars; Ramona ran a fashion related buiness. Kandi was a successful singer/songwriter. There is nothing wrong with the other housewives trying new ventures, but it is annoying when they expect success without the necessary hardwork. Very few people are actual overnight successes.

      • shamrockblonde says:

        yes – case in point – She by Sheree – what a joke that was – I have almost always worked full time and I can tell you that I took heat for working and not being home with my daughter back in the day – it was really annoying being judged like that by people who knew nothing about me so I can understand Carole’s annoyance with Aviva – but – it is very clear that while Carole is an experienced writer she is not so experienced with dealing with confrontation – keeping your cool on paper or in a talking head is one thing – having a nut job in your face making wild assumptions about what you do and have been doing for years quite another – I think she got flustered and because most of us are used to “cool Carole” her words struck us as not only wrong, but completely out of character –

        • Exit4 says:

          It’s sucks too when someone is kind of attacking what you do-especially if you’re passionate about it.

          • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

            Aviva was poking the sh*t out of Carole-she wanted a reaction from Carole and Carole delivered that comment to Aviva on a silver platter. What Aviva is doing with that comment -to me-is disgusting. She doesn’t need to try to rile SAHMs with her tweets-it’s annoying and she must think SAHMs with law degrees are stupid! She wants books sales-not respect for SAHMs!

        • laineylainey says:

          “having a nut job in your face…” oh yes. Been there. It’s not easy to be glib with that type of insanity in one’s face.

          • I had a “nut job in my face…” a couple of Christmases ago, OMG. I remember thinking as she was screaming at me, “Damn, her face is like, so pink” I just sat there and I looked at the other leader and he gave me a look like “The crazy is strong in this one” ……then I told her she couldn’t come back to the group, that’s when she lunged at me and her husband had to grab her in a bear hug…..fortunately I had just looked down at my purse and didn’t see her lunge or I would have had that angry pink water buffalo face stuck in my head…..

          • Exit4 says:

            I have never had a nut job in my face. Nuts in general…that’s a whole ‘nother story. Ba dum bum.

            • NJBev says:

              love it, exit..

              sorry I missed this thread, I would’ve had
              a lot to say……..

            • LaineyLainey says:

              OMGOsh, how did I miss that whole nutjob in the face joke opportunity!!!! LOLOLOLOL! Well, it is hard (hard!) to be glib while….oh…nevermind!

  16. Aviva’s strategy is working cuz we are talking about her, lol. Word on the street is that she is loving all the attention!!

    • Anne says:

      Good point. Let’s talk about the positive things that happened in the episode. I really liked the scene with Heather and Josh and their families. I teared up when Heather was talking about her son’s donor and also hearing about Kristin’s daughter’s physical delays in development. I really admire both women for speaking publicly about their children’s health issues in this forum. Although I have some reservations about Kristin because of her relationship with Brandi, it had to be hard to talk about Kingsley’s delays and her therapy. I must say that those pink braces were darn cute! I thought Heather’s pitch for organ donation that was very eloquently made in her blog. I also appreciated the discussion in Kristin’s discussion about her mommy instincts and getting a second opinion. I have a nephen with disabilities and I know how frustrating it has been for my sister to navigate the system with docs and other professionals who don’t want to listen to mom — because she isn’t a healthcare professional. The scene and the blogs were real and the kind of thing that we don’t often see in these shows.

      • Yes, all those things were great. I LOVED Heather’s blog! Kristen is growing on me. In the preview for that Spartan run I kept looking at her arms and thought, “somebody should have warned this poor girl”. I like that they are talking about their struggles with their children. I been through that battle of Drs. and schools and specialists and it is hard and hopefully they will inspire other Moms to keep strong. It’s not just a job, it’s an adventure!!!

      • California35 says:

        I liked Ramona’s dress, i liked that SonJa didnt drink on her date. I liked that Carol didnt let episodes and episodes go by before addresing the issue with Aviva. I liked Aviva’s bed, but not that the party is on the same room.

      • Powell says:

        Anne I’m sorry to hear about your nephew. I hope it gets better for your sis. I’m glad Heather and Kristen are talking about what their kid’s and their families go thru. It’s good they want us to be educated. Not that it’s the same but dumb ass Carlton should have educated us about her religion. Instead she educated us on she and her husband’s sex life.

        • Anne says:

          Thank you Powell. Don’t be sorry. He is a wonderful little boy and brings lots of joy to our lives. He just has some challenges that are more visible to the outside world than other children might have. I’m happy to say that he is learning to ski thru Special Olympics and he won 3 gold medals last weekend. He’s so excited!

          I’ve worked with people with disabilities for a significant part of my career and I’ve seen how difficult it can be for parents to navigate the medical establishment and the school system. It was tougher to see my own sister go through that, even with the support of parent groups. So, I’m always happy to see parents who are willing to share publicly some of the struggles, in hope that it will educate the general public and make people a little more empathetic and less judgmental.

          Sorry to preach…

    • Powell says:

      Mmmm hmmmm. Well if she takes it too far she will get the Jill Zarin treatment. Some of the new HWs like Brandi, Adiva don’t think they will be fired. They just don’t want to recognize that the viewers have the real power.

  17. I really like this season of NY. I “heart” Heather, Kristen and Carole. I loved that scene with Heather and Kristen and their kids. Kristen says her daughter is walking and is better. Loving Carole “like comparing apples with spaceships”. Sonja, Sonja, Sonja….I would like to see her stay with Harry. I think he would be good for her. Sonja looks great. Ramona looks great.
    Now if they would just get rid of the “horndog” George.

  18. Eastbayca says:

    I find it rather strange that Aviva had FUN “writing” her book, which is essentially about losing her leg, her dad sexual addiction and her mother alcoholism.
    PS: Leggy Blonde is not even an original title…the song Leggy Blonde by Flight of the Conchords was first on the scene.

  19. kit9 says:

    Here’s the parody vid of Miley Cyrus

  20. catmom1 says:

    I checked out the extended version of the bookgate argument at Bravo.

    Here’s what I found that put things in “better” context for the “you’re nothing” comment to Aviva.

    Aviva to Carole: “How many books have you written before? You’ve written one book. What do you think, you’re John Grisham? What do you thin, you’re Stephen King?”

    Carole to Aviva: “What are you, you’re nothing, and you’ve never had a job outside the home.”

    • Exit4 says:

      Does anyone remember reading Danielle Steele back in the day? After a while I knew where every plot was going. Fall in love, the love dies, you find new love-they may die, then love again. Same with Stephanie Plum books. Same thing over and over. I get why, not everyone starts on book one, but my point is quantity doesn’t equal quality all of the time. Writing a book is hard. Is Carole the greatest writer of our time? No. But she wrote and sold What Remains as an independent author-of no fame or infamy. Widows Guide was contracted well before Housewives. Aviva got a book deal because she’s on TV and had a story. Polar opposites.

      • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

        I think that’s what Carole wanted to tell Aviva last night-it seemed like she wanted to scream “THE ONLY REASON YOU GOT A BOOK DEAL IS BECAUSE OF THIS STUPID SHOW YOU ANNOYING PAIN IN MY ASS”…..instead she called her a nothing..which maybe worse?

      • catmom1 says:

        Yes! I used to read Danielle Steele and Janet Evanovich, then stopped reading them because of the predictability you mentioned. Excellent point about polar opposites.

      • Anne says:

        LOL about the Stephanie Plum books and their plots. I enjoy those books because I know that at least 1 of Stephanie’s cars will get blown up during the story and there will be at least 1 fast food meal and one big meal at her mom’s house. I would not equate them with Carole’s memoir or even her novel.

        You are right, quantity does not necessarily mean quality. The writing process can take a loooong time too, even for experienced writers or both fiction and non-fiction. I frequent several other author/reader blogs and lots of the authors discuss their writing process, writer’s block, plot holes and related issues. I’ve never seen anyone compare writing a book to writing a long email. To me, that was the most telling proof that Aviva had a ghost writer or co-author (not an editor) who was organizing her thoughts into a coherent narrative and helping her tell the story.

      • Powell says:

        Danielle Steele? YES!! !!!! I haven’t bought any of her books in a few yrs. Love her.

      • Powell says:

        And Carole is a Journalist…. Get it Adiva? A journalist!!!!!

    • kit9 says:

      I really liked the show last night and watched the whole thing again right away in teh repeat something I haven’t done in a long time.

    • catmom1 says:

      Thanks for posting again. I was just heading back to that blog to look for this link. Usually love the vulture recaps.

    • catmom1 says:

      Great recap….also incredibly well written. I love Brian Moylan.

    • Shiny says:

      Thanks – Aviva having a ghostwriter and then wanting to deny it or to claim every writer used a ghostwriter makes a lot more sense than the rest of what Aviva said. Maybe Aviva is delusional enough to think she really wrote the book all by herself.

      If I were Carole and being told by Aviva that her publisher had dumped on my book and passed on when I knew that the publisher was one of six in a bidding war for the manuscript, I would have been shouting at Aviva a lot louder than Carole did. Aviva must have taken Jillzy’s advice about lying and making up drama, but she forgets what happened to Jill.

      • Shiny says:

        oops, meant to post this below the E! interview link below. My screen is completely jumpy today…computer had too much coffee?

    • mariareads says:

      Watching this I just had a feeling that Aviva is simply lying about so many things and has no problem with doing so. What the hell? She’s going a bit nuts. Her parting shot to Carole “At least I’m not 50” made me laugh out loud. Idiot.

      • Powell says:

        And she’s Peter Pan and will never age? 😉

        • mariareads says:

          PPFFFTT!!! She’s terrible at fighting. She couldn’t think of anything else to say LOL!

      • missusmc says:

        It’s job security. Without Aviva there is no villain. They would all get along. It would be more enjoyable to watch for me, but apparently, the people want drama and fights, so Aviva and her dad will provide that. Weird.

  21. Eastbayca says:

    Isn’t bookgate similar to Kelly going after Bethenny “you are a cook not a chef”?

  22. chismosa™ says:

    Pindy hope you’re feeling better today ! 😷

  23. mariareads says:

    Well, I may be in the minority here but I am enjoying RHONY. After BH and ATL looonnnnng seasons I’m having some fun watching Aviva and Carole go at it. All in all I enjoyed it so much last night I watched it twice. I am confined to bed with what my doctor thinks is bursitis in my knees. I’m ready to jump out the window and enjoy the flight! Also reading the book thief and enjoying it. Looking forward to Survivor and Flipping Out. DH is working out of state for 8 weeks on a consulting job and doesn’t get back home until Friday nights. Goes back on Mondays. Not liking that at all but he was just going nuts staying home. Now he says he’s going nuts in PA. ACH!

    • California35 says:

      Sorry about that, i hope you can get u

      • California35 says:

        Can get up and move around soon.

        I enjoying NY also 🙂 So far so good 🙂

        • mariareads says:

          Thank you! Oh good! We can enjoy NY together. I know some don’t care for it but I thought last night was really good. Of course my barometer is skewed by being a prisoner in this house!

    • trudie says:

      Sorry you are confined to bed. I bet if you called Lisa she would bring you a Starbucks.

      Loved the Book Thief.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Maria sorry to hear this, hope you’re ok. Let Jeff keep you nice and warm tonight with his psycho grandma. Ha

      Please take care of yourself and feel better

    • Powell says:

      Oh my maria. You sound like you’re stir crazy. I hope the doc can get you up and out ASAP. I hope your hubby is bringing you some type of gift on Friday’s to lift your spirits. Feel better.

      • mariareads says:

        Thanks Powell. I’m a little scared. I really don’t understand. The shots helped my back and then I get bursitis? I need a priest to come and bless this house. Bad juju from the previous owner who played Peyton Place with the guy across the street. They divorced their spouses and then got married and live all together in the house right across from us. Naughty, naughty.

    • Jules says:

      Just got off the phone with mother and she said the book thief was really good. Then came then came here and read about you being in bed and reading the book enjoying it weird hope you feel better. I am looking forward to survivor and flipping out also are we twins and don’t know it?

    • I am sorry you are in pain! I hope you feel better soon!!!

  24. mariareads says:

    I went and looked for Avivia’s book and found it on Amazon. The reviews are pretty bad. Actually, they are dreadful.

    • chismosa™ says:

      Oh I saw a few days ago some good reviews. Comparable to Carole ….

      I just drove by where i think Carole is signing today? I think it was today.

      Yassou Maria.

    • just wondering in Jersey says:

      Would I be awful if I said good?

      • mariareads says:

        LOL, nope! She doesn’t seem like a nice person at all. Really kind of snarky and mean and she lies. Who lies at her age? Really? Even if I argue with someone I tell the truth. What’s the point otherwise? She’s an idiot. And sooooo tedious. Doesn’t her speech pattern drive you cray cray? “Let me tell you something, Heather!” OY.

  25. VV™ says:

    • chismosa™ says:

      Oh LORD

      The Dina Manzo ploy. Love me say,0 that you love me.

      And morally corrupt also rumored???? Or just put out there by herself?

      • VV™ says:

        How does Camille gets away from insinuating that Mauricio is a womanizer and calling Kyle’s best friend Morally Corrupt? How did she get away with that?
        #wesellhomes #theumanskyway #ourloyaltyistoourpockets

        • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

          Their FAT pockets

        • kit9 says:

          OH, no no! Didn’t you hear? That wasn’t a serious comment, it was just flippant remark.

        • Exit4 says:

          Mauricio worked with them (Camille and Kelsey) well before Housewives-when he was at Hilton and Hyland. Camille also fired AND rehired him on her own-so you can’t pin that one in Kyle! Lol.

          And wasn’t Allison the one who said that? But regardless, she apologized for acting like an ass-she went through some stuff! And was self aware enough to change. So funny at the time she was the most hated housewife-we had not yet the Brandi’s and the Carlton’s of the world!

          • VV™ says:

            Here’s Camille’s comment:

            “He loves more than his nannies. He loves women in general. Let’s be nice, I’m not saying he’s cheating on her… he really loves women.”

            (Insert tone and sarcasm that we all saw)

            • T-Rex says:

              Look Murray has been cheating on VileKyle for years, she is just one of those women that do the ostrich approach, or as I am going to refer to it the DrunkenRamonaSchoolofCheaterhusbands, they both live their lives with their heads in the sand, if they don’t actually SEE it, it’s not happening. UGH! Well DrunkenRamona actually “caught” hers, and I think VileKyle has caught Murray in the past as well, and they both CHOOSE to go back to their lying cheatin louse of a husband. I know VileKyle is stupid and why she is staying, and while I extremely dislike DrunkenRamona I thought she was smarter than she is, and wouldn’t be so damned stupid to take back LetharioMario, but she has IckyVicky syndrome it looks like, she can’t live without a man on her arm, doesn’t matter what kind of man, just a man, UGH

      • Powell says:

        I wouldn’t mind her coming back if she was like she was her last season but I don’t want her hiding in bathrooms not confronting issues.

  26. chismosa™ says:

    Kit thanks for the blog! Jamie Kennedy – Malibu’s most wanted is one of my favorite movies and he is beyond hysterical in that movie so it’s sad to hear how he is now 😦

    I saw that Brandi tweeted that she filmed 3 or 4 podcasts back to back due to her “schedule” IE, THE APPRENTICE.
    I wonder if she and Kristen will be able to post pics of them together because as far as I know when people are on CA, they’re very quiet on social media.

    Empress thanks for blogging I haven’t watched yet and I’m upset because it’s about the books. Can’t wait to see if Andy shows any favoritism to Carole.
    Ok will catch it up later !
    Thanks y’all

    • Powell says:

      Well now we know who Brandi will call for help when the celebs have to raise money. So everyone what will Brandi’s charity be?

      • chismosa™ says:

        Ambiguously Broken wrists of America
        Tampax Across America
        Marbles Mouth of N.America
        Jaw Disorders Int’l., US chapter
        Botox-Fillers Addicts, Los Angeles chapter (The Valley)

  27. VV™ says:

    Don’t try to clarify Kyle because when you do, you confuse.

  28. not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

    Bye Felicia….

  29. Powell says:

    I saw on the news that the family that owns The Mall of America are going to double the size w/shopping, a hotel, biz offices. They said they make loads of dough from the tourists and expect to bring in over a billion in New revenue. Its going to cost them a mint too. I’d love to go there.

    • Eastbayca says:

      They have been planning the expansion for years…first I heard about it was a couple of years back. Twice I have lost my car there…first time was just bloody idiotic and the second time a man confused me 😉

  30. VV™ says:

    Off to the Gym 🏃

  31. Jules says:

    Okay no judging kind of think Harry cute. have always been an older men.

  32. Powell says:

    Watching TMZ. John Schneider’s wife Ellie is trying to be the next BH s HW. They are currently separated.

    • Powell says:

      Oops. They were showing her audition tape and he is in it.

      • Jules says:

        The tape is sooo bad. And her back tatoo that wraps around sholders to front is horrible. This couldn’t be for real. A bw wife that niether lives in bh or is wealthy. Doesn’t brandi have both those covered and yolanda not living in bh.

  33. mariareads says:

    OK, I’m going to say it. I think Brandi looked like crap on the reunion. Her cheeks were huber red and the hair was awful. I didn’t mind the color of her 2 piece outfit but it was very tame for her. Maybe that’s a good thing. But her face looked really creepy to me. Is that mean? Oh well.

    • Jules says:

      Not mean. If youre creeped you are creeped. I think what spoke volumes about her smarts was when Andy said shexwas looking forties and poor tbing thought he was speaking of her age. When we all know it was about her IQ. Silly rabbit should have spent that $9.95 on an online course instead of looking up an investment property of Ken’s.

      • mariareads says:

        LOL! So true! As soon as he said that her look was very 40’s I knew she had no idea that he meant the 1940’s. Kyle trying to explain it to her quickly. I was embarrassed! And that bit about “I paid $9.99 so it’s true” was cringe worthy as well.

  34. Exit4 says:

    Didn’t find which Jennifer love Hewitt video she was talking about. But eddies late 90’s boyband days are quite hysterical. I couldn’t watch anymore. Josh morrow from Y & R is in the group too-3 Deep. They’re not totally awful, just cheesy. I didn’t need to look away like when David silver rapped on 90210. Plus josh morrow and Eddie are HOT! can’t dance, but hot.

  35. Powell says:

    Have you all been watching The Little Couple? I haven’t been watching regularly. I’m watching now. Jen is having chemo. And cute little Zoey and Will were putting Christmas ornaments on the tree.

  36. chismosa™ says:

    So rob is talking about how Aviva called in to his show yesterday and talk of the replacing with Jill and Bethenny. They acknowledge that Aviva was probably joking (sociopath!)
    Rob says Carole brought it up and Andy didn’t say yes or no. 
    Then they asked bravo for a statement. No comment. 

    Ramona is in Aspen with jill??? 

    I don’t know, maybe this was talked about already but I just saw it —

    Then I read both Ramona and Bethenny are on WWH together next week. NOT happy. Give Ramona her OWN DAY! 
    Beth can come another day on her own ! I’m angry about that 

    • mariareads says:

      Didn’t Andy tweet that it wasn’t true? I thought I saw it somewhere. He brushed it off as if it was ridiculous I thought.

      • chismosa™ says:

        I don’t know he just said he did not deny or agree.

        I like when they (or anyone) jab at andy

        • T-Rex says:

          Look at Andy Cohens tweets he said that THELUNATICZarin will not be back, he said that what Rob wrote was “NOT TRUE” which means FALSE which means NO NO NO

          • chismosa™ says:

            Oh sorry didn’t read him today. ….

            Just catching up on the gossip show – thanks !

    • T-Rex says:

      THELUNATICZARIN will NEVER EVER EVER EVER NEVER be a HOwife on Bravo as long as Andy Cohen is involved with Bravo and the HOwives!!! He detests THELUNATICZarin and I have it on good authority she has been “black balled” from anything to do with the HoWives!! Rob Shuter is an idiot and a liar, and is the mouthpiece for THELUNATICZarin who would sell her soul(if she still has one) to be back on the Howives but it is NEVER EVER EVER NEVER going to happen.

      • chismosa™ says:

        Yes I get that but I LOVE ruffling Andy’s feathers.

        Jill sticks in his craw.

        Who knows maybe one day with all dwindling ratings on all shoes except Atlanta- bravo will not have him as exec producer anymore.


    • Eastbayca says:

      Ramona and Jill are in Aspen together…..just a coincident.

      When Carole brought up the replacement rumors, Andy gave her a “are you crazy look” and his reply on twitter was “that is hilarious”

      • T-Rex says:

        Something HUGE went down right around the very last time Andy had her on WWHL where she taped the show WITHOUT his permission, a HUGE NO NO! Remember she was twatting about all these interviews she had out in LA and we should stay “tuned” she had something big coming up, etc. Well from what I heard, she threw around Andy’s name to get an interview, again without asking him, another HUGE NO NO. and Andy washed his hands of that LUNATIC once and for all! Incidentally ALL those interviews got magically cancelled and THELUNATIC never twatted about them a few days after the WWHL debaucle. Andy made it also known that he did not have anything to do with her or her management team, crap this year Bawby couldn’t even BUY HER WAY into the Chris Everett tournament. You see the past few year he has paid BIG BUCKS to get her ass a slot on the celebrity tournament, this year they said THANKS BUT NO THANKS,

        • chismosa™ says:

          Yeah I heard about the “using Andy’s name” for an interview? How does one do that? I don’t get it….

          I wish I was aware when this was happening and I could monitor the tweets ….

          “Hi I’m a former HW, and Andy Cohen says I can do this interview about a/b/c ….. Please book me!”

          • T-Rex says:

            It had to do with her PR team at the time, and someone “supposedly” from Andy’s offices that may or may not(hint it’s may not) have worked for him that said they were from his office, that asked to get the interviews for her, and was pitching her for interviews. Andy knew nothing of this, and neither did his “actual” staff

            • chismosa™ says:

              Wow. So she pretended to be someone or one of her people pretended to be, from Andy’s camp. She is CRAZY!

              Add this to Susan Saunders. So many things.
              Someone should keep a good list and write an unauthorized book about this!

              “The Rise and Fall of a New York Housewife”

  37. chismosa™ says:

    The jamie Kennedy movie is on right now how funny!

    I love Regina Hall. LOL😝

  38. Exit4 says:

    Ok-I whipped out the Visa and did some $9.99 internet searching and discovered something disturbing. Our VV is fooling us all! She’s not a anonymous poster from the lower 48-she’s……

    Vivian Vanderpump! Wife of Len owner of Wiggy and long lost twin sister of Lisa!!!

    Alas-it’s Viv who resides in Calabasas-as Len is the simple owner of a chain of Carwashes called Carra Lava. Vivian is currently working as Lisa’s “double” since she is soooo busy. That’s why Kim’s hairdresser saw her at Sur at the SAME TIME she was in Missouri.

    It’s all so clear now-I’ve cracked the case. It was VIV who asked Brandi to put the tabloids in the suitcases, it was VIV who made the stink about the skull ring and it was VIV who shirked her duties at the painting party! It’s VIV who sleeps with Ken on his birthday!

    Its the crafty and evil VIV-who is supposed to give Lisa detailed reports as to her activities-but she’s not. This is why Lisa is so confused and forgetful.

    You see, VIV has a plan. She poses here as the nice VV-Lisa Superfan and defender of all things Vanderpumpy. But her REAL plan-is to make sure Lisa remains the Queen, so VIV can commit her final act if treachery. Kidnap Lisa! And steal her life! She’s purchased a tract home in Reseda-and filled the closet with imitation Juicy sweatsuits, costume jewelry and makeup from CVS.

    The only person who knows anything about this is Brandi. Her BFF’s BFF’s cousins sister works at Supercuts where VIV got her hair done and told her. That stylist is now missing and presumed dead. Brandi “thinks” she’s heading to NYC for Celeb Apptentice, but VIV has actually sold Brandi to the Sultan of Brunai.

    Somebody go to Twitter and warn Lisa quick! Sue! She’s your buddy-save her from VIV!

    The game is over VV/Vivian! Checkmate Bitch!

    • trudie says:


    • LaineyLainey says:

      LOL…very clever. It’s all starting to make sense now.

    • California35 says:

      Omg Exit!! Lol 😛

    • VV™ says:

      Shhhhh Shhhhhhhh Shhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE A SECRET!

      • Exit4 says:

        It’s over VIV! I told you to stop using that whore Tina-who’s been schtuping Len-as Giggys poop scooper. You must be stopped! #freeLisa

        • VV™ says:

          Just for you! 💣 😝

          • Exit4 says:

            You’ll never be queen VIV! Lisa is the Mary! 😉

            She’s the Joan to your Jackie Collins-the Sly to your Frank Stallone! The Alec to, well, all the other Baldwins.

            But let’s still send brandi to Brunai. She’ll probably never notice….


      • Exit4 says:

        Ghostwriter??? Pindy, you insult me!

        • chismosa™ says:


          And nice story Exit. I knew this about VV because, well I examine evidence as she does. 🏆(I have a trophy)
          I just don’t “tell” other friends’ secrets – to quote the BH ladies.

        • Well, word on the street is that you could use the money, ya know, due to your bankruptcy and all……… I know you’re a journalist!!!!

          • Exit4 says:

            Listen Rhoda-zip that lip!

            • I’M THE MARY DAMN IT, Always and forever!!!

              Loved the “Reseda” reference, lol!!!

              • Exit4 says:

                Pindy-the only reason I chose Reseda for Lisa’s kidnapping lair was because the girlfriends parents in the Karate Kid thought it was low brow. And Tom Petty said it was a long way living there and there’s a freeway running through the yard. I haven’t been to Cali in years-but my dads cousin lived in Rosemead and we always stayed with her. I was so bummed the first time we went-it was a tiny post war home. I thought it would be a mansion like on TV! Or at least a cool apartment like Threes Company! Lol. That first time I was also 8! My dad’s friend lived in la canada (sp?) and if they let me I’d still be there! I loved their house and their pool! And the mountains-the yards were up and down- not level like here!

                • There are really nice places in The Valley and there are some real yit holes!! I am told that now it is not how I remember it, lol! It was a great place to grow up because it was easy to get to a lot of places and we had a pool!!! We lived in the hills too, lol. I miss it but I living in San Diego with a breeze and not having the horrible heat has been wonderful!

                  • Exit4 says:

                    That first trip we went to the Sherman Oaks Galleria and I was so wanna be Val! Like, gag me with a spoon! Grody to the max! I miss the 80’s…

                    • LOL! My friends and I use to get dropped off at the Northridge Mall, I can’t believe our parents let us roam around there alone at age 11. I have to believe there was a mom wandering around somewhere but I don’t really remember. Fun times!!

  39. Thank you Empress for another great Blog… Better than the episode! (Y) Thank you Kit9 for the podcast, it made laugh! Thanks everyone for keeping the Blog! *HugsToJeff

  40. O/T

    Don’t envy my journey today… KILLING bed bugs!!!! Ewww My head and throat hurt! (no I did not kill the b@stards shouting… it was the poison)

  41. Rebecca can't understand why people don't appreciate the importance of dragons. says:
    • Exit4 says:

      I knew before that! She’s always been awful. But thanks to VIV she’ll soon be living in a harem in Brunai with again beauty queens and the rest of the Heidi Fleiss girls.

  42. VV™ says:

  43. HA! Jeff was hired by Barrett Jackson. This guy is filthy rich.

  44. boston02127 says:

    Boston/Shanna has been very busy so she hired me as her ghostwriter. My name is Anita Drink.
    Thanks for the great blogs & posts all week. She’s missed all of the shows shows so it’s nice for her to keep up. Thank you very much.

    Here’s a funny link of a dog who is not allowed to go on the bed.

    Boston/Shanna hopes everyone is well & happy.

  45. chismosa™ says:

    For anyone watching WWH – my fave comedic actress is on- she’s AWESOME

    And Ghouliana Rancic is too, I wonder if Andy will bring up the tweet Reza sent about Giuliana at the oscars. She responded to him!

    Reza criticized how insanely thin she is. And she was this thin before her illness so I’m not knocking her from that.

  46. NJBev says:

    this was a totally awesome re-cap of the podcast.
    I would never have listened to it, but reading your re-cap made
    me really giggle and laugh- I loved it.
    Thank you so much!!

    • MelTheHound - Team T-Rex says:

      Empress wrote the recap for the NY show.. Kit9 does the recaps of the podcasts. You are correct though, nicely done. Both of these women have my admiration, or sympathy, however you want to look at it. I think my brain would have melted and oozed out of my ears by now 😉

      • NJBev says:

        Thanks for the very politically correct, correction!!!!
        I missed the NY re-cap??
        as Bugs Bunny would say “what a Maroon”
        I agree with the brain melting… 100%-

        I will go back and read the NY re-cap which is why I came
        her in the first place!
        (GREAT “Survivor” tonight!!)

    • chismosa™ says:

      Kit is the one who swallows that awful pill and does the podcast …..

      Empress writes the blog for NY.

      I think !

  47. chismosa™ says:

    Uh oh …….

    Rich …..VERRRY rich! :/

    • NJBev says:

      why is she overwhelmed??

      • California35 says:

        Well, her former BFF has a new wine out and now she CAN’T have any 😦 lol

        • NJBev says:

          well, poor her. boo hoo.

          nice to “see” you Cali!

        • chismosa™ says:

          Wait, Lisa has a wine out? The sangria we were talking about above- I thought was out for a while??

          NJBev—->> I am referencing Nene going at Sheree about her checks from Donald trump
          The word on the street is that Brandi is on celeb apprentice.
          Also Kenya !!!!

  48. NJBev says:

    Well. Ok ..
    I read the re-cap for RHNY and I guess today’s blog
    hit the MoFo out of the park……………
    Empress, the re-cap was great, (and I watched the show)
    you caught things that I missed, and I enjoyed the fact that
    (for a housewife show) you added opinion, made suggestions,
    and made for a blog worth talking about- which I would,
    if it weren’t 1am (which you also mentioned, and I appreciated that
    Thanks for your time and effort. please use ear-plugs- brains
    on the keyboard can get very sloppy- I lost the “T” on my last
    computer that way–

    Kit9 – thanks so much for the podcast recap. it was fun and
    I enjoyed it!!

  49. BB says:

    Happy International Happiness Day!. GMA Happy Dance.

  50. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. Spring is in 2 hours. 😀 😀 I hope everyone is well today.

    Watching Wendy Williams. Did y’all know Kate plus 8 will have a 1 hr special on? It’s going to be about what they have been up to. Kate just doesn’t want to keep her kids off of tv. I think she may regret this when they are older. Oh well.

    Everyone have a great first day of Spring on this Friday eve. 😀

    • Orson says:

      She’s missing her celebrity and is trying to extend her 15 minutes. Maybe she’s working on the “stage mom” route? I guess she really doesn’t understand what being an E-lister entails.

      • I watched yesterday on Lifetime “Celebrity wife swap” Kate plus 8 and a GF of hers, trade wives with Kendra (Playmate Girls next door) … Geeezzz , Kate is the disciplinarian # 1… and I don’t blame her… with a house with 8 kids, all of them have chores! While Kendra is “Viva la Vida” … Girls night out, the baby has a nanny and is the first name she calls when she wakes up… It was very interesting how they lived the lives of each other. Kendra’s husband wanted to pull his hair (he does not have, Lol) When the rules changed!

        • Powell says:

          Yes Kate is organized, disciplinarian, kids have chores. That’s what I like about her. I don’t like “my way is the best way” attitude, I don’t like how she can sometimes talk down to people, I don’t like that she thinks she’s always right and I don’t like her constantly trying to make money by having her kids on tv. It’s enough already. They’re growing up and need their privacy. She wants to be on tv to make money good for her but leave the kids out of it. To me it’s clear that she sees she needs the kids cuz no one just wants to see her.

  51. Powell says:

    PrincessP I hope you’re feeling better. I was just laughing from your post upthread ‘re: Lisa drinking til 4am in her mansion. I’m not in a mansion but I’ve knocked back a few late in the eve til the morning at home. That’s the best place to do it than out at a restaurant and people have to hold you up to get you to your car. 🙂

    • I woke up this morning and was scared when I looked in the mirror and I wish I was kidding!! But I ate a little something and had some coffee so I wouldn’t get a headache and we will see how the day goes! Thanks for asking about me!

  52. Powell says:

    Anita Drink?!?!!!!! Too funny Boston. 🙂

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Caller: Is Anita Amanda there?
      Callee: Anita and Amanda who?
      Caller: Anita Amanda Huggenhold!!

  53. Powell says:

    Wow Anne your nephew won 3 gold medals in skiing at the Special Olympics!! That’s fantastic. Every time I’ve been on skis I just fall. 🙂

    • Anne says:

      Well, he is 8 years old, but about the size of a 6 year old boy, so he is pretty compact and does not have far to fall. Apparently, he does not even need to use poles, just skis at his size. These were races for beginners at the mountain where he is learning to ski. I can’t remember the events now — but he was very excited. Last night he told me “I am fast. I won!” He has absolutely no fear, like most little boys he likes to run around and go fast, so this has been a god send. He had a pretty rough start in life and will have ongoing health challenges, so it is amazing to see him active and enjoying himself.

      • HuskerHuny says:

        Congratulations Anne on your son’s success. I work at a place where we hold Special Olympics swimming, basketball, volleyball and tennis. Each and everyone of those ‘kids’ hold a special place in my heart. Yay!!!

      • LaineyLainey says:

        That’s fabulous, Anne! What an uplifting thing yo read about this morning.

  54. VV™ says:

    Is Kyle Egan Richards not writing a blog again? I think Kyle is banking on the reunion to show how Lisa is so evil. This proves once again that KER is not very smart. Yo, Kyle it goes beyond what Bravo choses to air. We viewers know how that works. It’s about interviews, Twitter, FB, IG, Tumblr, Vimeo, reading body language etcetera, etcetera. It’s what you guys do outside the show…and so much more. Bad move Kyle Egan bad move.

    • Orson says:

      She’ll play her “Mom Card” for that, I expect. And she’ll find a way to wave the “Victim Card” too.

    • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

      Why does Kyle need Lisa to be shown as evil? She didn’t make claims that we would see the real Lisa-that was all Brandi-Lisa’s BFF and pet project last season. Kyle hasn’t said anything about Lisa looking bad or inferring that we would see the evil Lisa.

      • VV™ says:

        She was a participant on the lets bash Lisa train. Did you not hear her on THs and the hike with Brandi? That was despicable behavior on her part.

        • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

          What was despicable about it? Should she have said “Brandi don’t speak about Lisa like that!”? Why? Lisa pissed Kyle off with the crap about Mauricio cheating and the crap she said at the reunion-Kyle had reason to not stick up for Lisa on that hike…plus don’t forget Lisa’s little garden lunch when she was way more despicable about Kyle.

          • VV™ says:

            Lisa said on that garden the same thing she had told Mauricio and Kyle to their faces.

            Kyle’s storyline was cheating rumors. She brought that up many more times than Lisa.

            Brandi was the one who brought up the rumors point blank at Carlton’s. If you take away the Crying Head of Kyle after the kitchen comment NOBODY would’ve cared because we viewers knew they were both talking about lies of rags magazines. Ex Lisa had done porn and Kyle pregnant…. Kyle’s THs and CHs made that scene worst and set up her storyline for the season. Kyle ran with it.

            • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

              Lisa brought the rumors to the show-it was her intent. If Lisa didn’t bring the cheating rumor up on the first episode Kyle wouldn’t have “crying heads” about it-Lisa did this-she’s responsible for the rumors being on the show…I wonder why she would do such a thing?
              What Lisa said about Kyle at that lunch was malicious and rude-she said it to hurt Kyle-that’s despicable. And she knows it was wrong-she said so-but of course she was just kidding and being flippant so it’s no big she’s British and Lisa so she can say whatever she wants Darling.

              • VV™ says:

                Then Kyle brought up Nipplegate several times. You didn’t see Lisa crying and whining about it. She knew to ignore. Kyle chose to play victim all season long. Water works and Crying Heads non stop. Sure sunda like a victim to me…
                #backfirecyzkyleisbadactress #kyleisnobobbyfischer

                • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

                  If Lisa didn’t bring it up episode 1 Kyle would have nothing to cry about!! Lisa did this!!
                  What the hell back fired? If this was Kyle’s idea to get the rumors on the show how did she trick Lisa into bringing it up? Nothing backfired b/c it wasn’t Kyle’s plan-it was Lisa’s plan-she executed her plan episode 1…if you don’t like seeing Kyle’s crying heads you need to only blame Lisa-it was her plan to bring the rumors up.
                  Nipple gate is a nonissue-but I’m sure Lisa will be crying about it on twitter if it’s mentioned at the reunion.

                  • VV™ says:

                    Kyle should’ve ignore it like Lisa on the same scene at Kyle’s kitchen ignored the porn movie comment. Kyle’s either dumb as a rock or a willing participant.

                    Brandi also said she was tipped by a friend about it before it hit the news. Brandi actually was much more explicit about spelling out the cheating rumors by her own admission. Yet, Kyle cuts her slack …
                    #kylesneakyvileperson #dumbasarock

                    • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

                      Kyle should ignore the fact that LISA brought the rumors to the show? How?? She told Lisa not to talk about but Lisa went right on and did so-even bringing Kyle’s daughter into it-(which was a shitty thing to do and if it were anyone else I’m sure we would all be sayng that)-how can she ignore something Lisa made part of the season? You don’t think she was asked about in her interviews? Or does Kyle control all of that like Alison the genius implied? Lisa did it -but why? Why would Lisa want these rumors on the show??
                      How is Kyle a willing participant when she asked Lisa not to talk about it? Lisa was a willing participant -ready willing and very able to try to make Kyle look like a fool. I hope she’s proud that in the eyes of some she is a success.
                      How does any of this make Kyle evil or sneaky? She isn’t the one who brought it to the show-did she control Lisa’s words?

    • California35 says:

      Jill and VV.
      Stop stoooop stoooop (Kelly’s voice) 😛 lol

  55. VV™ says:

    • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

      The never ending victim tour continues…poor poor Lisa….

      • VV™ says:

        You just don’t get her humor. That’s how I know you don’t like her. This is an extremely successful woman prior to the show. She doesn’t play victim. That’s what Kyle does.

        • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

          Oh Lord please she has been playing boo hoo cry baby victim since the first episode of this season aired and it’s hysterical that you would bring up Kyle in this comment when it’s clear that Lisa has taken the victim role from every other HW in history…boo hoo Lisa!
          How do you know it’s humor? You defend so much that’s how I know you love her and can not see that she does a thing wrong-she does-she’s not really a Queen-shes a HW-same as her co workers-no better than Brandi Kyle Tamra NeNe…etc.

          • VV™ says:

            See, we Lisa fans don’t see that. We don’t. We see the total opposite. I posted because I too thought it was funny not because I thought she was playing victim.

            • not THAT Jill -Team T-Rex says:

              She is playing the victim-every tweet she posts is “woe is me”…even her luggage posts were “woe is me”…imagine if another HW tweeted so friggen much about a piece of luggage being lost?? On and on and on she went-every day! Her luggage being found is the greatest thing to happen on twitter since someone tweeted Brandi’s tampon pictures!

              • HuskerHuny says:

                For those of you who do not like Lisa, it certainly does sound like she’s being a cry baby and playing the victim card. But really all she’s doing is making fun of the false allegations that have been made against her this year. Too many others on this show play the victim so much better than Lisa. Again, it’s Lisa’s humor, like it or not. I like it, you don’t and that’s O.K.!

  56. Buttercream says:

    Happy First Day of Spring! .. with snow predicted on Tuesday 😦 .. when is this winter ever going to end? For the GOT Fans .. If I was Lisa, this is what I would say to Brandi:

    See Photo of Ned with Sword .. Season One …

  57. I Need A Life! says:

    I don’t know if you have seen this, but it’s REALLY good. Don’t know how to paste it here. Go to the fabulous review of NY by Brian Moylan on Vulture. Someone pasted it last night. Go to the comments section. OMG. Someone with inside info has unleashed the demons on Aviva.

    I refused to watch NY this season because I can’t stand Aviva and her husband. As I read your reviews, I hope it’s not all ghost writer storyline. And honestly, if Bethenny and Jill were smart, they would pool their resources, (Ellen,) and develop their own series away from Bravo. Yes. I would watch.

  58. Mene Seela says:

    Has anyone else wondered if a production team member told Kyle that yes, Lisa put the magazines blah blah….
    Not that production can be trusted but Kyle seems so on the fence about whether it happened…

    Enjoy the sun today!

  59. Sus says:

    I’m watching the OC reunion from last year. I can’t believe how much I can’t stand Briana now. She was always one of my favorite kids.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      I stopped liking her after I saw the way she treated her mother on camera. Pretty awful. No mom deserves that, even Vicky.

  60. Eastbayca says:

    Was Aviva’s phobia of elevators in season 5 fake?
    She’s moved into an apartment with an elevator.

    • Mene Seela says:

      The only real thing about Aviva’s is her fake leg.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Yes, I think it was fake. imo

    • chismosa™ says:

      She was in a HIGHRISE in her everyday real apartment ….
      As far as I read they still have that original apartment.

      The TOWNHOUSE she rented (only 2 floors mind you, not an entire townhouse!) only for this season- is all stairs and very narrow and they all don’t have elevators. She’s an idiot. Why would they have that high rise in Miami also? When the phobia works for her, she uses it.

  61. Jan (TexasTart) says:

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