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Kenya: “I Did Have an Ulterior Motive…”

I love Miss Lawrence. I can be open and honest and have a good kiki. I enjoyed bringing him on the trip. I wanted the girls to come together and have some quality time bonding and opening up about what our real issues are. That includes my issues I’ve had with Phaedra and Apollo.

Miss Lawrence is a kick. I always enjoy Fashion Queens whenever I stay up late enough to watch it. I like that you found an opportunity to confront Apollo in view of everyone so he can’t accuse you of throwing yourself at him.

 Our first excursion was to a beautiful underground cave with natural springs. There were exotic animals, monkeys, and a giant snake. However, none of the women like snakes, myself included. Well… not that kind. Just jokes people… I’m here all night!

The lawyer has said she like big snakes. Yeah that kind.

You never know how your blessings will come or from whom. The Shamans have been known to bless many women with children after their spiritual cleansing. I brought the women who had been supportive of me in my endeavor to have a family. I excluded Phaedra who coldheartedly remarked about me having “scrambled eggs” and Porsha for consistently taunting me about the men in my life, which leads to a family. With that said, I now see that Nene’s snide remarks made me regret inviting her. I’ve been more than generous with her, but I am too fed up with her to see any good in her. This was my honest attempt at revealing more of who I am and what my real struggles have been. I’m thankful that they all were able to share their stories on motherhood allowing us to understand each other more. It truly inspired me. I can say this, I underwent fibroid surgery early this year and it was very successful. Thanks to my amazing doctor and my many blessings, physically, I’m in amazing condition for pregnancy. I hope to share some great news soon!

I didn’t think Nene was making snide remarks. She was snarky but not negative or rude. She actually made a conscious decision to back off you. I hope the shaman cleansing works and there is a bun in the oven.

All the women were invited to the lounge, but of course they were all late so Lawrence and I joined them. I did have an ulterior motive in hanging out with them and that was to get the truth out of Apollo. You catch a rat with peanut butter not salt. Once they were relaxed, it was my moment. I wanted an admission of guilt, an apology, and a resolution from Apollo and I succeeded. As a result of me being non-threatening, Apollo admitted that he felt he could have slept with me yet I never offered him sex (“I can say how I feel you don’t have to offer.”)

A drunk doesn’t think before they speak, whatever’s on their lungs is on their tongues. He obviously has sex on the mind since he mentioned it.

Apollo’s fictional stories about LA and anything else were retaliation for me making him look bad because I revealed his texts to me (“You took a jab, I took a jab regardless of whose head got knocked off.”)

Apollo really isn’t that smart. This whole thing started at the reunion when Apollo said to Kenya that he didn’t like her and Kenya brought up the texts he sent. Bombshell! Now at the confrontation he tells her he could have had sex with her if he wanted to. He took a jab and hit himself. He pretty much puts his fidelity under question. No wonder the lawyer gets mad at him. He can’t even get out of his own way.

 I wanted closure and to move on. I can’t do that without a conversation. We have never had that and Phaedra deserves to know the truth as well. However, it was Phaedra who decided to go on a national platform and recite Apollo’s lies without ever speaking to me or fact-finding. So not only did he try to hurt me but she willingly participated.

I don’t think the lawyer realized how she may have incriminated her husband when she intimated you had tried to seduce Apollo and called you a whore.

 With that said, I am guilty of one thing and that is responding to Apollo’s friendly texts. I have wholeheartedly apologized as it was inappropriate. Additionally, my poor choice opened the door for these types of people to drag me through the mud outside the prism of RHOA. But liars never win and karma is a bitch. Stay tuned for the conclusion next week. 

This should be interesting. Will there be an apology out of Apollo?

Cynthia: Kenya Will Be the Mother She Never Had

One of the things that I share with most of the women in my circle is the gift of motherhood. Being a mom is one of the most difficult, challenging, and amazing jobs that a woman can have. I love my daughter Noelle. She means the absolute world to me. I never truly understood what unconditional love meant until I gave birth to her. It’s a love like no other. There are no words to describe the eternal bond that I share with my daughter. Everything in my life is more special because she is a part of my life. Noelle motivates me daily to push myself to my highest standard, and to be the best person that I can be. When I look into my daughter’s eyes I am reminded of true love, what’s really important in life, and that I am here for a greater purpose.

That’s really lovely.

I sincerely wish Kenya is able to have the unbelievable fulfillment that I felt when I became a mother. I feel that Kenya has a strong desire for her own family because of her relationship with her mother. I believe that becoming a mother will not only satisfy Kenya, but also fill this void, giving her an overwhelming feeling of completeness. My heart goes out to her and all women who have missed the opportunity of being raised by a loving and present mother. However, life always presents missed opportunities. God willing and when the time is right, Kenya will be the mother that she never had. I am hopeful that Kenya is walking into her time and moment for this precious gift!

Cynthia has always been kind and really doesn’t want to be in the drama all that much. It seems she struggles when people have conflict and when she has conflict. It is nice to have at least one cast member who is like that on a housewife reality show.

The visit to see the Shaman in Mexico was a first for me. Although I was a little skeptical in the beginning, I really enjoyed being there with Nene and Kandi to support Kenya. When all is said and done, women need to support each other and what they stand for. I am glad to have experienced this positive reinforcement. I believe Kenya is destined to be an amazing mother one day to an equally blessed child. Being a mother to Noelle is the one thing I am most proud of. There is nothing like a mother’s love, and the unconditional love of a child.

Kenya should try whatever she can to get pregnant if that’s what she really wants.



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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills S4E20

Blogs Blogged by Stars99

Happy “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” Reunion-time!  Woo hoo!  Congratulations, you’ve now entered, “The Twilight Zone.” It’s a place of perfect hypocrisy where Brandi, with a completely straight face (albeit a highly Botoxed face), has the audacity to demand that Joyce take responsibility for her actions – While Brandi simultaneously spins a web of lies and deceit including allegations that Lisa: 1) Has been bankrupt; 2) Has lived in Calabasas; 3) Didn’t actually faint on DWTS; 4) Wasn’t honest with her about Scheana; 5) Through mind control and manipulation made Brandi do and say things she didn’t want to do and say; 6) Strategically created Brandi’s role on the show to be the object of her “mothering”; 7) Had Cedric deported; and last, but certainly not least, 8) Told Brandi to pack the now infamous magazines during “TabloidGate 2014©™®”.  My, my, my… the “truth canon” has been very, very busy!

Let’s be honest – What we’ve seen this season has very little to do with actual “reality” and more to do with furthering individual agendas – and they all have them.  Yes, even the popular, pink, sparkly, Queen Lisa. Before filming, storylines are sketched out and key players are identified. The tricky part for viewers is figuring out which parts of the plot storylines are fabricated, which parts are true, and which parts are organically unfolding as we watch. We’ve long since known that Bravo screws around with the timelines because things don’t occur in the order that we see them.

In addition, plot twists come along the way and subplots are born when 2 or more members of the cast agree to band together to do something behind someone else’s back.  The very best part of this scheme is that the unsuspecting person has absolutely no idea what’s going on while filming – Because the perpetrators can accomplish their objectives from the safe confines of their private “talking head” interviews that aren’t seen by anyone until the show actually airs. It’s brilliant, really – Because someone can be holy cow blindsided throughout an entire season.

But then the Vanderpump shoe drops… Deep into the season the cast assembles one more time for a grueling day of filming “Reunion” show(s) when all heck breaks loose. The cast is hopping mad at each other because by then they have seen each other’s extremely catty “talking head” interviews, read horrible tweets, and scoured each other’s scathing blogs – So they have witnessed the biting sting of betrayal and felt the vicious claws of mockery…

I rarely blog the blogs during the Reunion shows because the cast is generally far too bored of their own storylines to rehash and to blog about them once again.  This week, four cast members blogged – But for the most part, it was the same old thing… And I, too, am bored of their blogs, aren’t you?  So let’s take a different journey this week, shall we? (Well, except for Lisa’s blog which was really good this week – You may want to read it in its entirety at:

Recently, Bravo closed the voting for categories of awards they wanted to give out to various Bravolebrities – and many of you probably even voted so your opinions could have a voice.  For some inexplicable reason, I neglected to vote – So I think it’s appropriate for me to start to give out my own kind of awards… no?  Perhaps you will have your own awards you can add to the list… I’m sure I’ll have some more next week… lol!

Stupid Greeting Award

This award goes to Andy.  I have several pet peeves about these “Real Housewife” reunion shows – but the one peeve that hits me squarely in the face right off the bat is Andy’s mandated corny individualized greetings wherein the housewives then respond with a cutesy wootsy, “Hi Andy.”  KMN… Just KMN!  At least Andy used to give the women opportunity to showcase the shoes they were wearing… Why doesn’t he do that anymore?  Ahhh… those were the days…

This week, Andy’s greeting to Kim especially killed me when he asked, “Loving turtles today?”  Because Kim got this strange far off look on her face, rolled her eyes back into her head, and with childlike giddiness responded with, “I love turtles every day!”   Giggle giggle giggle… GAG!  Puhleeze!  So we’ve digressed to this?  Kim’s not 12, is she?  This is fabulous Beverly Hills… Surely we have more going on in our lives than just turtles?  Oh and a dog named Kinsgley… and a daughter that went off to college…  Sigh.

Classically Clueless Award

Brandi gets this award because this week in her blog she’s mad at Kyle for not defending her on the “Reunion” show regarding Brandi’s allegation that Lisa had: 1) Lived in Calabasas; and, 2) Declared bankruptcy.  In her blog, Brandi says that Kyle is the one who told her that information. On the “Reunion” Kyle denied that she ever said anything about a bankruptcy.

Okay, once you get past the hilariously funny notion that Kyle would actually jump up and defend anyone but herself or Mauricio about anything – You come to the realization that Brandi is really quite clueless. In her blog, Lisa vehemently denies ever declaring bankruptcy or ever living in Calabasas as she blogs, “We moved here from France to the house you saw in the first couple of seasons. Yes we have bought and sold a few properties in a portfolio.” Lisa calls the bankruptcy allegations, “not true and damaging.” Brandi really needs to learn that just because Kyle or anyone else says something – It doesn’t make it actually true.

Evidently, Brandi paid $9.99 to look up records of some of the people she knows and so she looked up Lisa.  She found a listing for a property in Calabasas – So she cluelessly deduced that Lisa had to have lived there at some point of time. It never occurs to Brandi that it was one of Lisa and Ken’s several investment properties. Brandi reveals her agenda for bringing this whole thing up when she blogs, “My point when bringing this up was that Lisa has given me a lot of flack about where I live [the Valley]. My zip code, my area code, and even the luggage I used to carry, and I don’t think it’s very cool, that’s it.”

Okay, I’m not sure if it’s like this in other parts of the country, but in the greater Los Angeles area – it really, really, really matters where you live.  People identify and categorize you by your zip code or your area code. There could be several reasons for it – but a couple of prominent reasons are to gauge someone’s affluence and to figure out how far away they live from you. Dating choices are often made based upon it and people rightly or wrongly can be tagged as “GU” or “Geographically Undesirable.” Traffic is a very clear and present danger here because it can take hours to travel a very short distance. We often don’t even refer to how many miles away someone lives, but instead we measure the distance by how long it would take to get there.

In addition, people who live in other parts of LA outright laugh at people who live “in the Valley.” Jokes are “like, gag me with a spoon” common because no one in their right mind voluntarily travels to “the Valley.”  Sitting in traffic going negative 4 mph on the Sepulveda Pass can literally suck the life right out of you. Seriously, people’s life expectancy decreases every time they travel that 405 freeway (over 300,000 cars travel it per day, according to a recent article in the LA times:  The classic joke about the 405 Freeway is that it’s called the 405 because it takes 4 or 5 hours to get anywhere.  Brandi needs to get over it…

Blabbering Blabbermouth that Blabbers Award

Of course, once again Brandi gets this award hands down because she obviously believes everything anyone ever says to her and then takes that information and just blabbers it to anyone who will listen.  Brandi readily blurts out dirt on her castmates whenever it suits her purposes while insisting she’s only saying what everyone else is thinking.  Nothing is sacred to her – Throughout her stint on RHOBH, among other things, she’s blabbered about the highly confidential truth about birthrights… A fictitious #lawsuitnotalawsuit… That Kim’s allegedly a drug addict… And now this season, among all the other things we’ve already talked about herein, Brandi blabbered about accusations of Mauricio’s infidelities. According to several articles, Brandi even claimed she had “solid information” of said “infidelities.”

Brandi also blabbered about kissing Carlton – Which is something Carlton got pretty upset about with Brandi because Carlton wanted to be the one to tell her kids about it, if she had wanted to.  But since Brandi blabbered it on national TV – it left Carlton with no choice.  Carlton not only talked about it during the “Reunion” show but she also says in her blog this week, “Brandi, let’s be clear, you honestly still didn’t have the right to say what you said. It was my choice not yours. We have a great relationship, and I consider you a lovely friend — but it wasn’t OK. That’s all.”

All of this doesn’t make Brandi a “truth canon” it makes her a blabbering blabbermouth that blabbers “gossip canon.”

The Emily Post Breach of Etiquette Award

This “Twilight Zone” we find ourselves in is a fun place where YoYo emphatically assures Kyle there are absolutely no teams among this cast – Nope, nope, nope – That’s just so high school.  However, Yo does this whilst she practices drawing cute little hearts for only her “Dream Team’s” placecards during “The Tenors” night at the Foster’s.  This was all quite a severe breach of Emily Post’s Rules of Etiquette and clearly cements YoYo’s as the recipient of this award…

During the “Reunion,” Andy referred to Joyce’s December 23, 2013 blog about the whole situation in which Joyce blogged, “When Yolanda at the dinner table flat out proclaims that she has the “The Dream Team” it was disheartening. Seriously? Weren’t you the same person who is preaching and spreading your wisdom that we are too old for teams and that you are not in high school? This is the behavior of a mean sorority girl. Let me teach you something about being a good host: no matter how beautiful your house and your table is set, if you invite your guest with the clear intention to make them feel second tier, this is classless and it is tasteless. Dream team? They are a NIGHTMARE TEAM!” 

During the “Reunion” Joyce explained she wrote that because she was “getting back” at YoYo for saying Joyce was a bad host while they were in Palm Springs because she wouldn’t get into the water.  Regarding Joyce’s “getting back” at her, YoYo said on the “Reunion,” “Well, that’s what children do…”  Then Joyce immediately says, “No, children devise teams.”  Oh, snap!

The Stupid Use of Stupid Award

I’m really torn on this award… Brandi stupidly called Joyce “stupid” during the dinner from heck at Sur.  However, in Puerto Rico at the dinner from heck (It’s sure hard to keep all these dinners straight, isn’t it? lol) Ken called those who were ganging up on Lisa “Stupid” and he also referred to the situation as being “Stupid.”  That’s like a double barreled “Stupid”… Then, as if that wasn’t enough – Ken again used the word “Stupid” during the Finale episode.  Since, I personally think Ken was right and the whole situation was in fact, stupid… I guess that Brandi is once again winner of a stupid award!  Great job!  I’m sure your parents are so proud.

Pot, Meet Kettle Award

Brandi wins this award because this week in Brandi’s blog she writes, “I really believe Joyce might think if she talks louder and longer than you then she is right and wins the debate.”   Gosh Brandi, projecting much?  Take a look in the mirror, why don’t you?

Joyce blogs about Brandi, “As you all saw… I let her speak and finish what she had to say, but as usual she doesn’t repay me with the same kindness she receives and cut me off every time I was speaking. I guess no matter how many books you sell, you can never buy class.” 

Oh Joyce, it feels somehow appropriate to sing along with our favorite Countess who also happens to be a major (cough cough) pop icon and singing sensation, “Money can’t buy you class – Elegance is learned, my friends…”  C’mon… Everyone sing along… You know you want to!

Best Defense of Lisa’s Humor Thru Humor Award

Carlton gets this award because this is what she blogged regarding Lisa’s sense of humor, “That’s because it doesn’t come from a bad place. So lighten up and take the sticks out your arses ladies. Maybe my broomstick got lodged up one of their derrieres.”  Completely falls on the floor laughing my fool head off…  See… Now I like THIS Carlton…

Lisa also blogs about her own humor when she writes, “Yes I do have a sense of humor. Mostly it is self-deprecating. The women are always mocking my accent, and many times imitating me. I never rise to it because I hope it is in good fun. However I have lost my funny with this group of women, knowing that everything I say will be scrutinized. It was an arduous day, and I didn’t want to be there at all. You could probably tell. So was the chess player revealed?” 

Crime of the Century Award

This award goes to Lisa for missing the finger painting session at YoYo’s house because she had to work.  Lisa also could have just as easily won it for missing Kim’s daughter’s graduation party even though she had RSVP’d that she wouldn’t be there and had sent a gift.

Skating on Thin Ice Award

This week, in Brandi’s blog she writes, “This ice dancer [Joyce] is exhausting and refuses to take responsibility for her own actions. When I mess up (which is often), I say I’m sorry and have genuine remorse. Then it’s over.”  Hardee har har har.  Oh wait… you weren’t joking, Brandi?  You actually THINK you’ve shown genuine remorse?  Wow… just wow.  Other than on the “Reunion” have we ever had a clear, remorseful apology from Brandi about anything?

Time Warp Award

I feel horrible that YoYo has Lyme disease – It’s got to be really, really scary. But YoYo has got to try to be clearer on her time increments – I think she really has hit a “Time Warp.” YoYo has to get a handle on this time increment issue, especially when she’s berating Lisa for not visiting her during the time she was “bedridden.” On the “Reunion” she says she was “bedridden” for 18 months…but two seconds later she refers to herself as “being home” for 2 years.  How is that even possible?  Plus, she’s filmed at least one full season of a reality show during that time… Huh? (Picture Scooby-Doo being all confused, with his ears cocked all funny)…lol…

I’m guessing that one would know generally how long they’ve been bedridden or even housebound.  For most people, “bedridden” means confined to a bed. “Housebound” generally means confined to a house.  It has to be confusing to the cast – because they’ve seen YoYo at various functions over the last 2 seasons and yet YoYo declares that she’s been bedridden/housebound for 2 years. This is especially problematic for Lisa because YoYo is accusing Lisa of not visiting her during her time of illness and so Lisa has been summarily categorized as a “Hollywood” friend.  Except that we find out from Lisa’s March 3, 2014 blog that just before the dinner from heck in Puerto Rico, YoYo had confronted Lisa about this very subject.  Lisa blogs, “She was accusing me of only coming to see her twice — once, for dinner opposite her house with our husbands, and once to sit with her in her bedroom.”  So the truth of the matter is that Lisa actually DID visit YoYo, it just wasn’t as often as YoYo wanted and Lisa could have called more often, it seems.

Just because I was baffled at this whole issue of timing, I took a little trip through YoYo’s blogs and her website:   I found that they reveal some interesting benchmarks – You be the judge of identifying the 2 year “bedridden/housebound” increment of time that YoYo keeps referring to – Keep in mind that sometime during this time period they also filmed all of this season…

(The Reader’s Digest version is that YoYo was stricken with a “brain virus” in September of 2012… And while it might feel to YoYo like it’s been 2 years of being bedridden/homebound – At the very most it’s been one and a half years and she clearly hasn’t been bedridden/homebound this whole time – Unless I’m missing or misunderstanding something – Which is certainly possible)… The following are excerpts from Yo’s blogs:

November 4, 2013 – First blog of this current season (remember they blog in real time) and YoYo was happy she was able to be out of the house on the photo shoot with Gigi.  She describes, “Life in my world has been extremely frustrating for the past year as I have been struggling through my days battling the debilitating symptoms of Lyme Disease.”  So, she wasn’t housebound at this point of time.

April 1, 2013 – The last blog of last season, YoYo blogs, “I completed the six-week program in Florida yesterday. I’m now in NY to visit colleges with Gigi as we are starting to plan her new life in the Big Apple.“  So, from mid-February 2013 to the end of March 2013 YoYo was in Florida getting treatments and then was well enough to travel to New York with Gigi.

February 25, 2013 – YoYo blogs, “Sorry I missed you last week but I had just started my 30-day program at a wellness center in Florida and I wasn’t feeling well enough to focus on writing a sensible blog.”

February 11, 2013 – YoYo blogs, “Thank you so much for all your well wishes, it really means a lot to me. I am on Day 69 of my treatment for Lyme, still struggling through my days as the side effects of the medication are starting to be worse than the disease itself. But with that said, I can see the 90-day finish line and hopefully can start getting back to being the workhorse that I am. There is nothing harder for me than to sit at the sideline, not being able to be productive. I know it shouldn’t, but it’s making me feel like a loser.”

January 28, 2013 – YoYo blogs, “Hello from New York City! I am writing this blog from my bed at the hotel, overlooking Central Park. It’s an incredibly beautiful day and even though I wish I was running up and down 5th Avenue or strolling through that park right now, I am excited to rest up to go and see Andy tomorrow night on Watch What Happens Live!  Thanks again for all your well wishes. I am on Day 54 of my treatment and I continue to see some bright spots in my days.”

January 22, 2013 – YoYo blogs, “I don’t want to bore you, as I am definitely starting to bore myself with my health updates, but I don’t want to ignore those of you asking. I just started my second round of 45-day IV antibiotics and thankfully am starting to see some sparks of brightness in my days. I am hopeful and very excited to get back my energy but most of all, my brain, which I have missed more than anything in these past five months.”

December 11, 2012 – YoYo blogs, “This week has been quite a revelation in my health journey. After struggling for the past year to get an accurate diagnosis, I finally found out that I have had Neuro-Borrelia Lyme Disease. So far I have learned that it is a very misunderstood and hard-to-detect enemy, so I feel a lot of comfort in having something that I can fight head on! It will require many months of intravenous antibiotics and immune therapy but I’m very optimistic and ready to fight the good fight.”

November 26, 2012 – YoYo blogs, “Once I got completely stopped in my tracks with a brain virus this past September, I spent most of my days home in bed without any stimulation, so I had all the time in the world to play with my social media outlets and write a blog, which I really learned to enjoy.”

September, 2012 – YoYo is stricken with “a brain virus.”

Okay, so that’s it for the awards and the blogs this week – Perhaps you have some additional awards based on this week’s show and blogs… I’m sure we’ll have a whole bunch of new awards for next week… Happy Trails!






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  1. Powell says:

    Good morning everyone. I hope you had a great weekend. I’m sorry I wasn’t on yesterday. I wasn’t feeling well and slept most of the day. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  2. jezzibel says:

    Yolo annoys me for the few following reasons I can think of
    1) No one has to bring you starbucks when you’re bedridden/housebound…Starbucks coffee beans are now sold in grocery stores, you could have just as easily sent one of the multitude of servants, working to keep that house tip top, down to the nearest Ralphs(mind blanked on SoCal grocery stores)to buy some for you.
    2) I am willing to bet Lisa called more than once to invite you to stuff or offered to swing by and see you(when she had business in the area and time to kill)and you said no you weren’t up to it(as you were probably hanging out with Brandi at the time).
    3) You married a Grammy winning producer, his mantle of prestige is non transferable.
    4) Your King will ditch you for something new, if he feels your behavior is going to affect him or his reputation negatively.
    Thats all I could think of for the moment

  3. ladebra says:

    Loved the blogs Ramonacoaster and Starzy! Your awards look like a Brandi landslide, Starz. Why do I think Brandi, in her warped world, would be thrilled she must be relevant.

    Hope you are feeling better Powell. I spent a lazy day napping and doing nothing yesterday and I feel marvelous! I didn’t feel bad, I think I just needed a recharge 🙂

    Hope everyone enjoys your Sunday. I’m going to see The Grand Budapest Hotel. Quirky movie that looks likes I would enjoy.

  4. VV™ says:

    WordPress on Twitter is that Brandi was not invited to shoot Gaga video. Joyce was very specific when asked on a tweet, Joyce replied that she was invited but couldn’t go because of previous engagement. Brandi is not specific, she just tweeted she was on book tour.

  5. disgrazia4 says:

    Good blogs ladies and I really enjoyed them though Stars forgot Magical! Lisa is obviously a magical being who can make Brandi do things she doesn’t want to do… even if it’s 20/20 hindsight?? Brandi wins the award for most Stoopid and embarrassing HW… X that, House Girl. At what point should a person own their own actions? As I have stated on Twitter, Brandi should take a few of those Bravo dollars and get herself an education. She really needs one. Badly. Happy Sunday to you all!! Have fun and remember, if you don’t want to do something, say so and don’t blame others. I swear, my teen daughter is more mature than this Brandi!! 😀

  6. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    Lady Gaga – G.U.Y. – An ARTPOP Film

    Video runs about 11 minutes. Includes Lisa Vanderpump, Giggy, Kyle & Kim Richards, Yolanda Foster and Carlton Gebbia. Andy Cohen in a God-like image about ruined the whole thing for me! Outside of that horrendous few seconds, it’s an absolutely outstanding production!

    • mm in oc says:

      Giggys the best

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Try this link:

    • Rebecca can't understand why people don't appreciate the importance of dragons. says:

      Skip to the 10:16 mark and tell me if you see anything…. questionable.

      • MelTheHound - Team T-Rex says:

        You mean Youlandra Hadid?

      • Jan (TexasTart) says:

        The word “accomplice” in credits for Lisa, Kyle and Giggy? That’s for when the three of them went down the hallway.

        Umm, Andy is “Zeus”? I give up, what did you see that was questionable?!

      • You mean Yolanda listing herself as Yolanda Hadid?
        She certainly wasn’t known as Yolanda Hadid when she was modeling, so it’s not her “professional model name.” (She stopped modeling in 1994, when she married Hadid.)
        Maybe she used Hadid when she ran her design business??? I suspect Mohamed doesn’t give a rat’s patooty what she call herself, but what about the king?

        • Anne says:

          Maybe a SAG card?

        • mrs peabody says:

          Maybe the King doesn’t want his name associated with Lady Gaga Maybe only the king can use his last name when it comes to anything music. Maybe she can’t sing and he doesn’t want her lack of talent associated with his name musically. Who knows but kind of interesting she didn’t use it.

    • kit9 says:

      Oh, man, have to ask again if anyone knows what song the part where she sings “I wanna be that g u y” sounds like? It’s still driving me crazy! I can’t come up with it!

  7. ladebra says:


  8. plainviewsue says:

    Brilliant Stars, just brilliant.

  9. Racine Thyme says:

    How come no one is blogging the real housewives of Melbourne?

  10. Mene Seela says:

    “Apollo really isn’t that smart.”
    LOL. He probably didn’t realize that he should have been included in Gaga’s video …. Apollo is Zeus’s son….. icky I knows

  11. VV™ says:

    @TylorDA: Work it @LisaVanderpump @ladygaga @KyleRichards18

  12. MelTheHound - Team T-Rex says:

    Stars Serling.. Nice step into the zone 🙂

  13. Veena (NMD) says:

    I was hoping to ride a camel today and feel like a housewife, but it turns out the camels were probably locked away in some amusement park. I did find the perfect spot for the next housewives trip though ….

    • In Munich they have a “Mike’s Bike Tours” The tour meets and the bottom of the Glockenspiel and you get on bikes and ride through the city to a beer garden in the Englisher (sp?) Garden. One part of the park is nude sun bathing. The old men sun bathing in the nude see the bike tour and jump up and down and wave. They warned us not to look. I should have heeded that warning.

  14. BB says:

    So I started cleaning out my closet this morning thinking it would take an hour, maybe two. I’m still at it 4 plus hours later. Cleaning out the closet led to cleaning out the dresser drawers and chest of drawers and so on and so on. I’m almost done thank goodness. My closet and clothes drawers are so neat and organized. Now I have about 4 bags for the garbage can, a load for the charity place, and a couple of bags of books to donate to the library. It’s spring (even if the weather isn’t exactly cooperating). I didn’t realize I had accumulated so much “stuff.” I am not a pack rat and don’t have trouble letting go of things, once I get around to doing it.

    • Mene Seela says:

      My friend always says “one thing leads to another”! See?! She’s right!

    • Shiny says:

      Good for you!
      You started a project and really attacked in all in one day!!

      Yes – that’s always a full day job…or more…for me. And I don’t have that much, but my size changes a bit and my tolerance of older shirts or skirts changes, and suddenly I’m knee deep in donations.

  15. Jan (TexasTart) says:

  16. Jan (TexasTart) says:

    This is why I don’t care for Kristen…

  17. VV™ says:

    How you still find humor for those blogs I don’t know. My favorite Time Warp Award! 😆 😆 😆

  18. LaineyLainey says:

    Hi there..shouting out to my Californians…Lainey Girl is in a lot of pain due to a suspected impacted wisdom tooth! I found a couple of oral surgeons on yelp…can any of you recommend someone?

    • Shiny says:

      Poor Lainey Girl, and poor you worrying! Good luck

    • ladebra says:

      Oh gosh Lainey. I have a great dentist that could probably handle that. He’s in Thousand Oaks. Dr. Greenman 1-805-496-9555. He’s a conscious sedation dentist. I have a horrible phobia, and he’s gentle. Sorry. Only one I know.

  19. Word on the street is that you did a beautiful job Stars, LOL!!!! I especially love this line……

    “So they have witnessed the biting sting of betrayal and felt the vicious claws of mockery…”

    Pure poetry!!!!

  20. Jan (TexasTart) says:
  21. Happy Holly Daze says:

    Job well done on the blogs ladies!! Well done indeedy…. I will try to comment more often, now that my little grandson has been born….

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