Let’s Chat – Real Housewives Of New York

RHONY S6 cast

“Model Behavior”

Carole and Aviva’s  explosive fight at Aviva’s housewarming spills out into the party, shocking all in attendance. Kristen gets pressure from her husband and Heather to run in a brutally physical mud run. Will she make it to the finish line with her body — and marriage — still intact?

Ramona Singer and Bethenny Frankel are guest on Watch What Happens Live.

Let’s Chat!

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  1. Powell says:

    Hello everyone. I wanted to say hey again. I’m still not in the HWs mood I’ll catch the reruns this weekend.
    MTH, T-Rex and PrincessP I hope you’re all doing well.
    Have fun tonight & I’ll talk to you all tomorrow.

  2. vilzvet says:

    Since some CA names have already been leaked I can feel free to add: Johnny Damon (for all your baseball fans). Loved when he was one of our Yankees, he looked so good all cleanshaven.

  3. Mene Seela says:

    Me and my gravatar are all ready for Aviva!

  4. chismosa™ says:

    Only thing I don’t understand is Carole touching Aviva’s face – I don’t get that? 

    I’m watching Aviva on Bethenny – she has on RAMONAS FAVORITE COLOR 
    To the average person , who cares – but I know with this chick she has motives.

  5. Mene Seela says:

    Did you know Ramona has a brother? Me neither! He has written a “tell all” about his drug dealing.

    No word of which village of ghost writers he employed…..


  6. chismosa™ says:

    I agree with the “rules” women …. Just their delivery and looks are off.

  7. I am ready with my Gravatar too! But my stream is breaking up so I don’t know….I may have to wait another 3 hours.

  8. Eastbayca says:

    It takes a village to write a book…Adiva is clueless.

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      Completely and totally clueless!!

    • Rebecca can't understand why people don't appreciate the importance of dragons. says:

      “Nobody writes their own book.” That takes the cake.

  9. If this fight would had happen in RHOA …. Can you imagine Nene and Kenya? They would have gone more than verbal! Haaha! Run for your life Ramona!

  10. LaineyLainey says:

    Hi Jnntjill and Chismosa LaDeb and all my other sweet friends…thanks for asking about LGirl and thinking of her. She will have all four wisdom teeth removed tomorrow 8:45 a.m. PST. If you think about it send a little prayer her way tomorrow morning. One of Her roommates will be staying with her (whew! That’s what had me worried) during the procedure. The doc she found has amazing reviews on yelp. She will be fine!!! 😘. Wish I could be with her, but I’m not gonna go all Kim Richards and blather on and be a worry wart. SHE’s GONNA BE FINE!!!! (Right? Right!)

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Oh and Princess Pindy, it helped to hear that the Beanie Boo had an easy time with hers…thanks!

    • Sending Angels her way! Everything will be ok, sure! I had mine (a thousand years ago) the four at one session ONE month before my wedding! I was 20. I will be thinking in her!

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Absolutely. Sorry you can’t be with your baby.

    • NJBev says:

      Yes, she will be fine. But it’s
      normal to worry. You wouldn’t be you if
      you didn’t!

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      I will be sending good vibes all morning long for her Lainey!! (And for you too!!)

    • chismosa™ says:

      Totally will think of her. Hugs.
      You have every right to get all Kim on her!

      And ps- doctors can get reviews on yelp!??? I didn’t know, that’s awesome.

    • ladebra says:

      LaineyGirl will be swathed in good thoughts and prayers 🙂 and glad to hear her roommate is going to be at the dentist office with her.

    • LaineyLainey says:

      Thanks everybody!!! So grateful for y’all!!!! Chismosa says I can go all Kim Richards this time… Here goes…
      I ❤️❤️❤️💜turtles!!!🐢🐢🐢🐢⭐️⭐️🎉🎊🎈
      oh never mind, I like words too much! Haha!

      • chismosa™ says:

        Lol 🙂

      • KTinCT says:

        I’m late to the convo, LaineyLainey but I will keep LaineyGirl in my prayers. My wisdom teeth came in way late (I only grew two top wisdom teeth, no bottoms at all) when I was 25. I had them out and the oral surgeon I had was awesome, actually had headphones at hand so I could listen to an array of music he had (I chose Dave Matthews Band’s “Under the Table and Dreaming”) so I wouldn’t have to hear any of the sounds of pulling the teeth out. I had not one complication – the only thing that bothered me was I got queasy with the pain meds he prescribed – it was either percoset or Vicodin so only took half of the pill at a time. I remember eating elbow noodles with butter to counteract the queasiness. I hope LaineyGirl has a positive experience with little pain and much relief with any pain meds prescribed 🙂

        • LaineyLainey says:

          I will remind her to ask for headphones…! Thanks KT!

          Foxymel, I replied to your msg on the previous blog. Thanks!

          • Did LG stock up on easy to eat stuff, pudding, etc????/

            • LaineyLainey says:

              She sure did!!! She called me today to say she bought some pressed juices and soft foods. I was at work, so no details.

              • Oh good! She will get some good pain meds too. Although, seriously LL, I was shocked at how easy my daughter had it…. #icethatface

                • LaineyLainey says:

                  I knew I forgot something! I will call her tonight to remind her to make ice packs.

                  • Oh you poor thing, your baby, baby, baby. I remember it was around my birthday and we went to the Dogders game for my birthday and I was sooo swollen and I looked so awful but I was going to see my boys in blue!!! And I remember eating a hot dog and having to take tiny, tiny bites. I got sooo many looks because I really looked beat up. But since I was paying for it myself it was only Novocain. I even drove myself, lol! #hardcore #noinsurance

        • chismosa™ says:

          What a great album! You make me want to get that out.
          Glad it went well for you.

  11. chismosa™ says:

    Is Andy promoting an event where animal abuse runs rampant!?????

  12. OMG, Sonja looks so beautiful when she entered with her dog… like an Italian beauty from the 60’s

  13. chismosa™ says:

    Hope this didn’t post already

    “Charity fundraiser” -LOL

    Andy will have to show support to both HWs

  14. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    Tyler looks like he has no time for Sonja!! He needs to smile more!!

  15. lillybee says:

    I enjoyed the scene of Carole and her publisher.

  16. Eastbayca says:

    If you majored in English and went to Law school….you are a writer. wisdom by Adiva

    • Eastbayca says:

      and also had an essay published.

    • chismosa™ says:

      I haven’t watched yet but that’s so funny when I was in college I was an English lit major and we all either 1/ went to law school or 2/ went into publishing

      Don’t know what it’s like now.
      Such a useless but enjoyable major

  17. VV™ says:

    It was only a matter of time.

    Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin announce their separation http://usat.ly/Qdc6Wq via @USATODAY

  18. ladebra says:

    It’s not on here, but I can just hear this!

  19. California35 says:

    Powell feel better soon.
    Poor Laney girl 😦
    And interrsting hearing of Ramona’s brothet now, after so long. I wont judge her over this stuff. His past and she knowing of it.

    Enjoy NY and i will catch up later, 🙂

  20. NJBev says:

    Does anyone know where Avery went for College?

  21. Eastbayca says:

    Sonja in that pink dress going to the baby shower at Carole’s looks great.

  22. chismosa™ says:

    I just tweeted Andy from that Chismosa acct. a ring Bethenny had on today looks EXACTLY like the wedding bands Andy has on all the time

  23. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    Anyone here ever do one of those Spartan races? Or a Tough Mudder?? I of course HAVE NOT and most likely never will-my nephew did a Tough Mudder-he is 29 and in great shape-really great shape. When he got home from the race he was ready to cry-it kicked his ass!! Heather must really be one tough mudder cause she seems excited about the whole thing…HOLLA at that girl!!!

  24. lillybee says:

    I just realized that the “word on the streets” that Aviva referred to about Carole using a ghostwriter has to be JillZ. After all JillZ does have publishing knowledge.

    • chismosa™ says:

      This looks like a READ

      AVIVA DRESCHER: I’ve read Carole’s. I liked it very much and I think it’s completely different from her first book. It doesn’t have anything to do with her first book at all and I think it’s really courageous that she took a stab at writing a novel. I think it’s great.

      I think a big joke is Aviva changing her age around this season.
      And she yells at Carole “at least I’m not 50” what!!??? So dumb!

      “Ladies n gentleman, my name is Sally O’Malley. I’m proud to say i’m fifty years old. I’m not one of those gals who’s afraid to hide her age, unlike some other gals and I like to KICK, STRETCH, AND KICK! I’m FIFTY! Fifty years old! Fifty years old….fifty….fifty….fifty.”

    • chismosa™ says:

      This is a great article. She’s so FULL OF IT!

      “Well, I think that Carole’s book is more of a beach read, whereas I think my book can really touch everybody. It’s not just for Housewives viewers. I think it can touch everybody because it shows by various examples how you can get through life’s trials and tribulations.”

      • Mene Seela says:

        Aviva, Please don’t TOUCH ME!

      • Rebecca can't understand why people don't appreciate the importance of dragons. says:

        How does Aviva deal with her various trials and tribulation? By being a sociopathetic, narcissistic bitch!

  25. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    Pretty’s husband is soooooo gonna leave her in the dust!!!

    • chismosa™ says:

      Haven’t watched yet. Maybe they married during ⏬⏬⏬

      Awwww I like her. 😦

      Though what UP with kissing on the lips yo! Heather and him.

  26. chismosa™ says:

    Holy crap I was looking up if Kanye and Kim Trash’s wedding will be while mercury is in retrograde (bc that’s a TERRIBLE time to marry and you never should then) and this frenemy/exish friend of mine is getting married during it! And we all hate the husband to be. Yikes!!!! 😬😬😬

  27. NJBev says:

    Sonja has been looking STUNNINGly beautiful in every
    scene she’s been in so far- absolutely drop dead gorgeous!
    do we know if she knows yet that her case was being reviewed
    by the judge again b/c the plaintiffs lied about their movie company?
    Last I heard, Sonja wasn’t going to have to give up any of her money
    after all!!!

  28. Eastbayca says:

    That Spartan race is crazy.

  29. Racine Thyme says:

    To Jan (Texas Tart) – Sorry I threw out that comment the other day about blogging the real housewives of Melbourne and then sort of disappearing. Here is a link to where I watch it.
    I have no real interest in blogging it myself, but they are an interesting group of ladies that look like they have just caught up to the 90’s. I enjoy reading the other blogs, so was just sort of hoping that someone would come along and blog about the Melbourne women.

  30. NJBev says:

    Kristen should be pissed at her A-hole husband

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      Right Bev? What a jerk!! She should have crossed the finish line and kicked him in the ….

  31. Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

    I officially love Kristen -LOVE!! She told her husband to get the F off of her after he left her in the race!! Good for her-he’s a jerk!! I love her-I don’t love him!!!

  32. chismosa™ says:

    Here’s what I sent to dandy who I PRAY is not supporting a g*ddamned circus
    Why is he not catching flack for that on twitter ?

    • Eastbayca says:

      He is supporting a charity (Friends In Deed – The Crisis Center for Life-Threatening Illness) which is auctioning various artwork.

      • chismosa™ says:

        Ok I just don’t like any support given to any animal-using circus.
        Since he’s now an “animal person” he should be aware.

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:

      Chismosa, that ring is not like Andy’s. His has diamonds laid in the entire band. Very sparkly. You can see it real good om WWHL tonight when he’s asked about it.

      • chismosa™ says:

        Ooh he’s asked about it ?? Interesting …..

        I swear they looked alike. I’ve studied both.

        • Jan (TexasTart) says:

          Yes, he said it’s a “promise” ring. (Except there are three alike, of course.)

  33. OMGosh, I do NOT like the dbag husband of I’mPretty!!!! I am laughing thinking of my husband even saying to me, “Man Up!”, he would be talking like a soprano for a very long time because his balls would be so far up his patootee!!!! What an asshole!!!!!!! In fact my husband wouldn’t even think of asking me to do something like that, but then to promise to stay and then to leave, like HOW DID SHE NOT KNOW, WE ALL KNEW HE WOULD LEAVE HER IN THE MUD!!!!!! and then to say “man up”… I felt hurt for her!!!!! #manyfeelings #rage #whatadbag #hesdownheresheisuphere

  34. Dwight Schrute says:

    Best part of the night was next week’s previews.

    Sonja: “Oh, is the drag queen coming?”
    Next shot, LuAnn getting out of the car.
    Gotta love those bravo editors!

  35. NJBev says:

    JillNNTJ(you gotta shorten that name)
    your gravatar is the cutest little cutie patootie!!

  36. chismosa™ says:

    Jill you are one tough MUDDER TUCKER


  37. NJBev says:

    Oh God, I’m watching “the Little couple”
    and Zoey is getting her first view of Santa-
    That kid has some pair of lungs……………………..

  38. NJBev says:

    Man, they got so lucky with their kid
    Little Will is a JOY, always smiling,
    and Zoey is, well all little girl!

    • looneylucy says:

      Thank you for mentioning the show. I just flipped over from the Bravo Online Dating show which was making me sick. Bill is such a jewel.

    • lillybee says:

      Such a great family.

      • mrs peabody says:

        I think it is one of the best shows on TV. I am so happy for them and their kids. I just hope Jen can stay well so she can see her kids grow up.

  39. VV™ says:

    6500+ people have signed the petition to remove Brandi from RHOBH.

    https://t.co/P6Op8E9xkq #RHOBH

  40. I watched The Real Housewives of Melbourne this morning and I am going to watch it all. These women have some serious money or at least seem to. It was good, everything that BH was supposed to be. A lawyer, she wears and robe and a wig, lol and a ton of makeup! A woman married to a plastic surgeon who has opened a med spa…. A developer…. A woman married to an Australian Rock Star…..and she is a psychic. I think there is another…I can’t remember but it was good!!

    • chismosa™ says:

      Are there any Greeks on it? Melbourne is the 2nd largest greek populated city in the world

      • None of them said, they don’t look Greek. The one is from, Eastern Europe, I don’t remember where she said she was from. I am going to watch some more tonight cuz I already saw NY and the days of watching it 3 or 4 times is over for me. Once was enough. I am going to have to check with my friend from Aust. and see about this “Rock Star” hubby. He will know, and I will have my daughter check with her 2 gfs, we will get the scoop, lol!

        • chismosa™ says:

          Thanks Princess.
          I went on this monthlong tour in Europe -London>>>> Athens years ago and it had a lot of greek Aussies (greek-Australian) – I did not care for them. They seemed to have a chip on their shoulder towards Americans. Kind of snotty
          And BIGGGGGGGG drinkers. (And I drink!)

          Just a theory but I think Aussies have an inferiority complex with us! They were a place started by convicts and jail goers – :/

          • lol, and we “Good Americans” were looking for somewhere to be free to pray!! haha, I never thought about it like that. We speak “Aussie” in my house all the time, our fav saying is “yea, but nah” and sometimes we all just yell out “STRA~YA”, we even got my hubs doing it, he is not as dramatic as me and the kids, so when we can get him to do stuff it is really funny!!!

            • chismosa™ says:

              I don’t even know those sayings. But yes in our entire group the Aussies didn’t want to branch out and hang with the other nationalities. Not a fan.

              We were all very nice and (to use Aviva’s word) – GRACIOUS- to them. Lol

      • Rebecca can't understand why people don't appreciate the importance of dragons. says:

        More importantly… are there any dragons? Or are the Aussies racist too?

    • Racine Thyme says:

      Let’s encourage someone to blog it. They really are interesting women. I think the one you left out is the woman who not too long ago, married a really rich man, and she is the once causing the ruckus between the lawyer and the psychic.

      • Well after The Voice I am going to watch episode 2. I don’t remember her so she probably needs to step up her game and cause this drama, lol. #forgettable

  41. chismosa™ says:

    Ramona has 2nd chair
    Not fair

    • Jill...no not THAT Jill says:

      Did you see the Vine?? “Turtle time”…it’s awesome!!!

      • chismosa™ says:

        I’m more pissed that it’s not Ramona alone to really enjoy it 😦
        She deserves that. Go away Bethenny.

        Ramona looks better than Barf. Beth’s implants look huge.

  42. chismosa™ says:

    TARTS— my song!

    Step off Andy

    • Jan (TexasTart) says:


      This is one of the BEST WWHL’s !

      • chismosa™ says:

        Haven’t watched yet.

      • looneylucy says:

        I agree! Ramona looked amazing. I didn’t care for Bethenny’s dress tho. Will be curious what Chismosa has to say about it. After watching the last of the Little Couple and this WWHL, I’m going to bed soon feeling good.

        • chismosa™ says:

          Oh thanks — ! ???

          Haha ….. I’m firmly anti Bethenny and I was happy to see some tweeters badmouth her saying she was so “diluted” – (wtf?) and whatever else she was – on her sad, sad, sad, tragic talkshow that Ellen graciously gifted her.

          • LaineyLainey says:

            I haven’t watched. She bad mouthed her experience on her show??? I wonder how that makes Ellen feel?

            • chismosa™ says:

              Pobrecita 😭
              She said something similar in her “official” statement after cancellation

              • Jan (TexasTart) says:

                I respect that she came clean and said it wasn’t a good fit for her. Too many restraints, etc. I could relate to how she said it (talk show) sounded like it would be great, but actually doing it was a whole different experience. In other words; she was glad it didn’t renew.

                I loved when R & B laughed at old clips of when they were on the show.

    • California35 says:

      Im excited to watch WWHL tonight 🙂
      I do wonder why the two went on the same episode…but i like it 🙂

  43. LaineyLainey says:

    I’m not good at bringing tweets over here…giving it a try….did anyone see this?

    @MediumAllison: I’m not sure why Camille’s being unkind after I was there for her. Unless she wants to get back on the show. Kyle’s the gatekeeper. I get it

  44. VV™ says:

    Let’s hope it’s true.

    • lillybee says:

      Thank you, Jesus…..

    • chismosa™ says:

      That’s intriguing to me because usually it’s the Dina Manzo ploy of “who knows 😉 wink wink wink WINK!”
      to leave it ambiguous and have “fans” beg! Them to be on.

      So this was shut down — meaning Andy would have likely said something if she said maybe or NOT no.

  45. VV™ says:

    Did you know Kyle Richards follows Scheana Marie on Twitter?

  46. LaineyLainey says:

    Here is another one: @MediumAllison: Camille, I was on an episode for u. What should I talk to them about college? Football? I tolerated those women for 4 hours. You’re welcome

    • VV™ says:

      Click on the tweet itself. You will see three dots to the left bottom side of the screen. Click on the dots and select Copy Tweet link.
      (I’m going by memory here)

  47. Constance says:

    Carole’s quote about Aviva is a total lie. Carole told Aviva she was ‘nothing” because she is a stay at home mother. Own up to what you said Carole, You said you are not a liar or a phony, well now is the time to admit you made a nasty comment and acknowledge what you said. Here is Carole’s attempt to cover up what she said to Aviva….”I have the utmost respect for the life choices she’s made, I think she’s raised a beautiful family. I have never spoken negatively about her life’s work”

  48. lillybee says:

    I can’t believe that I am watching WWHL.

  49. Jan (TexasTart) says:

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